Dirty Little Fuckers

(Incest brother-sister-cousins / preteen / zoo sex girl-dog)

Jason Cavell padded quietly along the carpeted corridor and stopped 
outside his sister’s bedroom door. Their bedrooms backed onto each 
other and he had lain on his bed and listened to the low moans from 
the other side of the wall before deciding to investigate. The door 
was open a few inches and swung noiselessly on its hinges at his touch.

Jason was 14 years old, stood 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighed 128 
pounds. He had short cropped brown hair and was wearing a Nike 
short sleeved tee shirt and a pair of cream shorts with the Nike 
tick logo on one of the legs.

His sister, Jenny, was two years younger, and as her bedroom door 
swung open, she was lying on her bed. Her rock hard nipples were 
clearly outlined beneath her tee shirt and her denim shorts were 
wrapped around one of her ankles. Jenny’s hand was pushed down the 
front of her white cotton panties and from the movements beneath 
the material, it was obvious that her fingers were deep inside her 
cunt. Her eyes were tightly closed as Jason leaned against the open 
doorway and felt his cock stiffen.
Jenny’s breathing was coming in short, sharp gasps as she got close 
to her orgasm, when suddenly her mothers loud shout came from 
downstairs calling both her and Jason down to dinner.
Jenny’s eyes opened and she grinned as they focused on her brother 
watching her. His gaze was riveted onto the young girl’s crotch 
and Jenny used her other hand to pull her panties to the side as 
she filled her lungs with air and shouted back to her 
mother, “I’m cumming, mom.”

No sooner had the words left her mouth, than her body began to 
shudder. Her back arched from the bed and she convulsed wildly 
as her climax ripped through her.

It took a few moments for her to recover and when she eventually 
opened her eyes, Jason was standing at the edge of the bed with 
the front of his shorts pulled down and his hard cock in his hand.
“God that’s made me hot sis,” he said. “I need to fuck you.”

She giggled as she pulled her hand out of her panties. “No time 
Jason,” she said as she bounced from the bed and onto her feet. 

She drew her wet and slippery fingers over his cheek and under 
his nose leaving a trail of her slime behind.
“You can think of what you’re missing while we eat dinner,” she 
said as she hopped about on one leg trying to get her other leg 
back into her shorts.

As she rushed into the bathroom to wash her hands and get downstairs 
before her mother shouted again, Jason thought about how he had 
started to fuck his sister and he couldn’t believe that was only 
about 8 weeks ago.

It was a Saturday afternoon when both his parents were sitting out 
in the sunshine with their neighbours having a few drinks, and Jason 
had sneaked into the garage where he knew that his father had a 
stash of porn magazines.
He had settled on one that showed a teenage girl being well used by 
two older men with thick cocks and he got himself comfortable on a 
pile of old sacks that his father had stored. With his cock in one 
hand and the magazine in the other he jacked himself off.  He had 
seen this magazine before and he knew that it ended with his 
favourite picture of the young girl taking cock up both her holes 
at the same time. As he slowly turned the pages, he worked up to 
bringing himself off when he got to that picture.

He was so engrossed that he never even heard his sister come into 
the garage, and when he looked up, it was to see Jenny looking 
down at him with her gaze glued to his prick that was now leaking 
pre-cum all over his hand.
He was past the point of no return and even if her had stopped 
masturbating, he would still have cum, so he gave his cock a few 
more rubs and spurted his thick spunk into the air and all over 
his hand. 
He had no idea how his young sister would react to his climax and 
stayed silent as the young girl took a hesitant step towards him 
and dropped to her knees. She bent forward and for a crazy moment 
Jason thought that she was about to clean him with her mouth.
He held his breath as her nose came to within an inch of his shaft 
that was still wrapped in his hand. Jenny inhaled the strong smell 
of his semen and a few seconds later, she jumped to her feet and 
ran out of the garage.

Fearing the worst, Jason shouted after her, “You better not tell 
Jenny. If you do I’ll...I’ll.” He couldn’t think of anything to 
say and, when he did, she was already half way through the house.

Jenny ran to her room, closed the door and lent her back on it. Her 
breathing was fast and her heart hammered in her chest. She didn’t 
know what had happened to her, only that the smell of her brother’s 
spunk had affected her strongly. Her young body was trembling and 
the crotch of her cotton briefs was soaked. She crossed unsteadily 
to the full-length mirror on the wardrobe door and raised her skirt. 
Her panties were so wet that she thought she’s peed herself and she 
rubbed her fingers over the wet patch and brought them to her nose. 
A quick sniff revealed that it wasn’t piss that was staining the 
material and she was astounded that her cunt could produce so much 
juice. She had rubbed herself off many times and become wet, but 
never anything like this. Pushing her hand down the front of her 
panties, she immediately felt her hard clit that was much bigger 
than it had ever been before, and as she pressed it, she orgasmed 
and creamed her underwear even more. Her leg muscles quivered and 
shuddered and she sank to the floor with her body convulsing and 
her virgin cunt spurting out her cum.

Dinner that night was a quiet affair and Jenny had had the good 
sense to put on a dry pair of panties. Although their parents made 
the normal small talk, both children spoke only occasionally. Jason 
was afraid that his sister would tell them what she saw in the 
garage and Jenny had been so aroused by the sight and smell of her 
brother masturbating that she was very embarrassed.

It was in the early hours of the morning that Jason heard a sound 
that disturbed his sleep. He rolled over and slowly opened his 
eyes. He jumped to see someone standing at the end of his bed and 
his wildly beating heart only began to slow to a more normal rate 
when he recognised the silhouette of his sister

“What the fuck are you doing in here?” he demanded in a low voice 
so as not to wake his parents.

Jenny didn’t answer but came over to the bedside table and switched 
on the light.
Thinking that something was very wrong, Jason sat up in his bed 
and said a bit more kindly. “What is it Jenny, are you alright?”

Jason slept in the nude and the bedcovers had fallen into his lap as 
he sat up and his sister stared at his covered crotch as she 
answered, “Do it again Jason. Please do it again.”

The boy’s brow furrowed in confusion as he tried to understand what 
Jenny wanted when her hand reached out to grip the bedclothes and 
slowly draw then down the bed. As his cock was uncovered, he 
suddenly understood her plea and his heart increased as his prick 

“What do you want me to do Jenny?” he asked in a whisper.

When she didn’t respond, he continued, “Do you want to watch me jack 

Jenny’s eyes never left his cock but she nodded enthusiastically.

He gripped his shaft and slowly stroked it as he said, “This isn’t 
fair. If you’re watching my cock, I want to see your cunt.”

He was hoping for some half hearted protest but expecting a flat 
refusal, and was shocked when the preteen girl pulled her nightdress 
over her head and stood naked in front of him.
He gasped and his cock twitched at the sight of her little tits that 
were only just beginning to develop and the outer lips of her little 
fuck hole that were soaked with her juices.
She was so aroused that her cunt lips were slightly parted and he 
could see the red interior of her hole.
He squirmed back down on the bed, kicking the covers onto the floor 
to get a better view of his sisters sex. As he gazed between her 
legs, his hand slid faster and faster up and down his prick. After 
a few minutes, he gasped, “Fuck, I’m going to spurt,” and Jenny 
dropped to her knees at the side if the bed.

He could feel her hot breath over the head of his shaft and he 
suddenly climaxed. The first spurt was so powerful that it hit 
the young girl on the cheek and the rest fell back onto the back 
of his hand.
Without realising what she was doing, Jenny’s finger scraped 
the sperm from her cheek and she sucked it into her mouth. The 
taste was delicious, and without even touching her burning clit, 
she orgasmed and her body trembled and shuddered.

Jason watched her recover and get to her feet. She went to leave 
the room and stopped at the door turning back towards him. She 
obviously wanted to say something but she changed her mind and 
went out of the room and quietly closed the door.

Jason lay awake for hours thinking about what had happened and 
eventually drifted off to sleep.

The next day, he rushed home from school and was first in the 
house. He knew that his parents were going to meet in town and 
get some groceries and that they wouldn’t be back for a couple 
of hours.

He was sitting on the sofa dressed in a tee shirt and shorts 
when Jenny came home.

She muttered a “Hello,” and kept her eyes downcast as she made 
to go into the kitchen.

She didn’t resist when Jason grabbed her by the arm and pulled 
her onto the sofa beside him.

“Jenny,” he began, “We have to talk about last night.”

“No we don’t,” she countered making to get up but her pulled 
her back down.

Before she could protest, Jason pulled down the front of his 
shorts and let his hard cock spring free. Jenny gasped but 
didn’t protest as he took her hand and placed it onto his prick. 
She immediately began jacking him off exactly the same way as 
she had watched him doing it to himself.
Jason lay back on the sofa and let his young sister hive him a 
hand job.

As the girl concentrated on masturbating her brother, Jason 
slid his hand under her school skirt and up to her panties 
covered sex. He could feel the mixture of wetness and heat from 
her cunt, and she didn’t protest when his fingers slipped into 
one of the leg holes and rubbed up and down her hole. She was 
soaking wet and he soon found out by her moans that she liked 
a finger slid up her cunt and also rubbing at the hard bud at 
the top of her slit. This was the first time he had touched the 
female sex and he was thrilled at the warm and wet feeling.

Jenny’s breathing was becoming heavier and her hand got slower 
and slower on Jason’s cock.
Her eyes closed and she lay back in the sofa and opened her 
legs wide. The hot tingle between her thighs was increasing in 
intensity and she knew that she was about to cum. The fact that 
it was someone else’s fingers inside her body added to the 
excitement and her back arched and she gave a short scream as 
she orgasmed. Her thick hot cream flowed out of her hole and 
covered Jason’s fingers as she shuddered and convulsed. As her 
cum subsided, she collapsed back in the seat and closed her eyes.
Jason smiled happily as he drew his fingers out of his sisters 
body and sniffed them. His fingers were covered with the girl’s 
slime and he stuck out his tongue to taste her juices. Discovering 
the delicious sweet taste, he quickly slurped his hand clean.
Jenny was still recovering when he got to his feet and stood 
in front of her. He pushed up her skirt so he could see the 
soaking patch in the crotch and began jacking himself off. He 
was just about to cum when Jenny’s eyes fluttered open and stared 
at his cock.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” he gasped.

As soon as she heard the words, the young girl sprang forward 
and opened her mouth wide at the tip of his shaft. She was just 
in time as two powerful spurts of spunk went straight into her 
mouth and her tongue snaked out to lick up the rest of his slime. 
He groaned loudly when she sucked the last drops out of him by 
closing her lips around his cock and licking his little piss hole.
By the time their parents came home, they had both showered and 

She came to his room that night as arranged and threw off her 
nightdress. She crawled between his legs to take his hard cock 
into her mouth and shivered as he pulled her legs up the bed 
and buried his face in her sex. Because he was taller than his 
sister, he was able to tongue her from her clit all the way 
around to her little puckered asshole.
She released his cock to gasp ,”Oh yes. That feels so good,” when 
his tongue touched her shitter and then slurped him back into 
her throat.

Her shit hole was covered with his saliva but it was still very 
tight. His finger played around at the entrance to her bowels 
and pushed at her back hole. He was afraid of hurting her but 
the young slut wanted his finger up her ass. She pushed back 
hard and his index finger eventually overcame the resistance 
of her sphincter and slid into her shitter. She gasped loudly 
as her asshole was penetrated and them moaned contentedly as 
Jason’s tongue slipped far up her cunt.
She came only a few seconds before her brother and her hot 
cream was just beginning to flow out of her front hole when 
her brothers thick spunk blasted into the back of her throat 
and flooded her mouth.

This set the scene for the next few nights until she came to 
his room, and instead of crawling between his legs, she held 
out her hand and hauled him off the bed. She immediately took 
his place and used the fingers of both hands to lewdly pull 
her cunt as open as she could, and she hissed, “Fuck me 
Jason. I want to feel your spunk up my cunt.”

Jason’s cock was throbbing as he climbed between his young 
sisters legs and rubbed the head of his shaft up and down her 
slimy sex lips. Her cunt was soaking wet and he pushed a couple 
of inches inside her and then stopped. He loved the feeling of 
her hot flesh surrounding his prick, but her still 
whispered, “Are you sure Jenny?”

By way of an answer, she raised both feet up from the bed and 
wrapped them around his butt. As her heels dug into her ass 
cheeks, she threw her arms around his neck until her mouth was 
only inches away from his ear and said, “Fuck me. Pound my tight 
cunt and make me cum. I want to feel your slime dribble out me 
all night.”

With a firm thrust, Jason gritted his teeth and drove the entire 
length of his cock up her cunt.
To stop herself screaming and waking her parents, Jenny’s mouth 
clamped onto her brothers shoulder and bit down hard. The pain 
from his shoulder mixed with the ecstasy of having his prick 
buried in her fuck hole and almost caused him to cum. He stayed 
absolutely still inside her tight tube until the feeling subsided 
and then started to fuck her with long slow strokes. She collapsed 
back onto the bed leaving a thin trickle of blood running from his 
punctured shoulder and closed her eyes as her cunt walls were 
forced apart and she could feel the head of his shaft batter 
against her cervix. 
His cock was rubbing her hard clit and already she was beginning 
to shudder. A series of small orgasms rippled through her preteen 
body keeping her at the height of her arousal when she felt his 
prick jump inside her body. His loud groan announced his cum and 
as his hot spunk filler her cunt, a massive climax blasted through 
her causing every muscle to contract and her head to thrash about 
on the bed.

He was still thinking about that first fantastic fuck when his 
mothers voice echoed through the upstairs corridor.
“Jason, I won’t tell you again. Come down and have your dinner.”

Shaking his head to clear it of the erotic memories. He pulled the 
front of his shorts back up over his solid cock and ran downstairs.

By the time he took his seat at the table, his parents were already 
deep in conversation.

“But why do you have to go now,” his mother asked. “The kids are 
going to be on vacation from the school for a couple of weeks and 
I thought we could get away somewhere.”

“I sorry,” their father replied, “But it’s not vacation time in 
Singapore and I’ve got to attend the meetings.”
Paula and Garry Cavell had been married for 15 years and Garry 
was a senior manager in a local engineering company that made 
pneumatic tools that were sold all over the world. They had just 
developed a new road breaker and the Chinese were showing a lot 
of interest so Garry had been tasked with travelling to Singapore 
and spending a couple of weeks demonstrating the product.

“But what do you expect me to do for the vacation?” Paula 
said. “I need a break too you know.”

“Why don’t you go and see your sister,” Garry replied 
hopefully. “You’re always complaining that you never get to see 
her. She could probably use some help now that she’s on her own 
with the kids.”
Paula’s sister Claire stayed about 600 miles away and had married 
a complete asshole who knocked her about whenever he got drunk. 
As he was hardly ever sober, this amounted to a lot of injuries 
and she had eventually had enough and threw him out of the house 
with the help of the local Sheriff. They had two kids. An 
11-year-old girl called Mandy and a 13-year-old boy called John.

Paula stared thoughtfully at her husband and slowly nodded her 
head. “That’s not a bad idea,” she said. “If you’re sure you don’t 
mind, I’ll give Claire a phone tomorrow and the kids and I can 
drive up this weekend.”

The following weekend, Garry helped his family load up the 
Chrysler Voyager before a taxi called to take him to the airport. 
An hour later, Paula, Jason and Jenny were on their way to meet a 
part of the family that they hadn’t seen for about two years.

The kids sat in the back of the car and tried to amuse themselves 
on the long journey. Jason was looking out of the side window when 
Jenny nudged him. As he turned towards him, she waved her finger 
under his nose and giggled softly. They were wet and slimy and she 
had obviously had them up her cunt. Watching their mother closely 
in the rear-view mirror to ensure that she wasn’t watching them, 
Jason sucked her fingers into his mouth and licked them clean.

The smell of his sister's wet cunt had an instant effect on his 
cock and he rubbed it beneath his shorts. Jenny was watching him 
intently but also continually glancing at her mother to make sure 
that she couldn’t see what was going on. The Voyager was a large 
car however and the rear-view mirror was positioned to give a good 
view of the road behind and she couldn’t see the kid’s laps.  

Jason’s cock stiffened in his shorts and he pulled it down until 
the tip was just sticking out of the leg hole. Jenny could see 
the tip and she nodded frantically at her mothers back with the 
obvious silent message that she was afraid that they would be 

He just grinned at her as he began pulling up the leg of his 
shorts revealing more and more of his shaft. As he got to the 
top of his leg, he also eased his balls out of his underwear 
and gently began jacking himself off.

Jenny couldn’t help herself. Even with her fear of being 
discovered, she reached over to her brother and knocked his 
hand away. Replacing it with her own, she expertly fisted his 
rock hard cock and licked her lips as the first drop of pre-cum 
was squeezed out of his piss hole.

She desperately wanted to bend down and take his prick into 
her mouth. She loved the taste of cock and her young cunt 
flooded every time the boy’s spunk splattered into her mouth. 
Jenny sighed in frustration because she knew that there was 
no way she could suck her brother off without her mother 
noticing, so she concentrated her efforts in bringing him 
off by hand and she wondered if he could cum without making 
a sound.

“Ohh,” he groaned gently gritting his teeth and closed his 

Jenny giggled when her mother raised her eyes to the mirror 
and asked, “Did you say something Jason?”

“No” the boy lied. “I didn’t say anything mom.”

Paula nodded her acceptance and turned her attention back to 
the road.

The boy’s eyes were tightly closed as Jenny’s fist slid 
faster and faster over his shaft. The pre cum was running 
out of his cock and she had smeared it all over the outer 
surface as she jacked him to orgasm. His breathing, and 
the way his teeth were tightly clenched told the young 
slut that he was very close and she lifted up a plastic 
cup that she had used to drink some juice and positioned 
it over his piss hole. Her timing was perfect and after only 
another few strokes, Jason shot four powerful spurts of 
semen into the cup.
His teeth were fastened over his bottom lip as she continued 
to jack his prick, milking the last drop out of his body. She 
licked her fingers clean, and Jason watched as she opened a 
carton of orange juice and poured a couple of inches into 
the cup. Their eyes locked as she swirled the mixture around 
for a few seconds before raising it to her lips and swallowing 
the contents. The girl smiled and licked her lips as her 
brother tucked his softening cock back into his shorts.

They spent the night in a motel and much to Jenny’s 
disappointment, her mother had booked a family room and 
there was no chance of her getting to Jason’s cock. She was 
so horny that she masturbated twice during the night.

They had been on the road for about 6 hours the following day 
when Paula announced, “We’re here kids. You’ll see your cousins 
in a few minutes.”

Paula was shocked at the dilapidated state of her sister’s 
house as she pulled into the drive. She knew that there wasn’t 
much money now that there was no man about, but things must be 
worse that she thought.
Although the grass was neatly cut and the yard was reasonably 
tidy, the paint was peeling from the house and windows. The 
screen door was hanging on only one hinge and the car in 
front of the garage was a rust bucket.

She had hardly got the car door open when her sister came 
running around the side of the house. Her face was beaming 
and she pulled Paula from the car and hugged her tightly. 
After their embrace, they both stepped back, still holding 
hands and looked at each other.

“Still looking good Claire,” Paula said.

Claire was 34 years old and two years younger than her sister. 
Bringing up two kids on her own and working two jobs kept her 
trim figure of 36B - 24 - 35. She was 5 foot 8 inches tall with 
long straight dark blonde hair that was up in a high ponytail.

“You always say the nicest things,” Claire replied with a 
smile as she pulled her sister into her arms again. With her 
mouth only a few inches away from her sister’s ear, she 
whispered, “Its good to see you Paula.”

When the women released each other, Paula beckoned the 
children over and Claire hugged both of them. Jason’s cock 
twitched as he felt Claire’s tits press into his chest and 
she had a wonderful smell. 

“Leave the luggage until later,” Claire said as she released 
the boy. “Come inside and meet my two.”

The house was sparsely furnished but clean and Claire led 
them into the living room. A young girl was sitting on the 
sofa reading a pop magazine. She was wearing a loose pink 
top that had been washed too many times and a pair of denims 
that were frayed at the bottom. Her brother was playing a 
racing game on the playstation and had on a short sleeved 
tee shirt and a pair of denims that were in a worse state 
than his sisters. Both had bare feet.

Claire made the introductions and said, “I’m afraid that 
we don’t have much room here so Jenny will share a room 
with Mandy and Jason can share with John.”
As she looked at her sister, she continued, “And you’ll 
have to share with me sis.”

Everyone smiled and nodded their heads but Jenny’s heart 
sank. It had been two days since Jason had last fucked her 
and she was very horny. She needed cock and it didn’t look 
like there was going to be much chance of getting it. There 
was a movement at their side and Claire said, “Oh, and this 
is Prince,” as a large golden retriever came through the door 
with his tail wagging enthusiastically. The dog went to everyone 
in turn and they all petted him.
“Right kids,” Claire said clapping her hands. “Help your 
cousin’s get their stuff out of the car and you can show 
then your rooms.”

As the children left the room, Paula turned to her sister 
and asked, “So how are you really?”

“I’m alright Paula,” she replied, sitting down and motioning 
for her sister to do the same. “I mean money’s tight and I’ve 
got two jobs to work at, but it’s better than getting 
knocked about all the time.”

Paula nodded her understanding and then smiled as she 
said, “Talking about men. What’s the boyfriend situation 

“Like non existent,” Claire replied with a laugh. “Lately, 
my cunt’s only for pissing through.”

Paula joined in the laughter and as she remembered some of 
the things she’s done with her sister as they were growing 
up and she shook her head and said, “What a waste.”

It had been a long drive and after dinner they all watched 
some television before turning in. On their way upstairs, 
Jason whispered to his sister, “Can I come to your room 
“No chance,” she replied sadly. “I’m sharing a double bed 
with Mandy and I think she’s notice if you got on top of me 
and fucked my brains out.”

She looked around to make sure that no one could hear them 
and continued, “I could come to your room though.”

Jason shook his head. “At least I’ve got my own single 
bed, but its right beside John’s. He’d be sure to wake up."

“Jason, I need fucked,” she hissed in reply. “How are we 
going to get together?”

In reply, the boy could do nothing but helplessly shrug 
his shoulders.
Apart from the fact that it screwed up her sexual activities, 
Jenny had no problem sharing a room with Mandy. The girl was 
friendly to her and gave her some hanging space in her 
wardrobe and an empty drawer for her clothes. 
Mandy began taking her clothes off as soon as the bedroom 
door was closed and so Jenny shrugged and did the same. They 
were both wearing just their panties when there was a noise at 
the door. Jenny’s heart jumped and she hoped it was Jason with 
an excuse for them to spend some time together. Her hopes were 
quickly dashed however when Mandy opened the door slightly to 
let Prince into the room. The dog padded over to what Jenny 
had thought was a pile of dirty clothes and lay down.

“Prince sleeps in here at night,” Mandy said. “You don’t mind 
do you?”

Jenny smiled and replied, “I guess not.”

There was a laundry basket in the corner of the room and 
Mandy skimmed her panties down and threw them inside. As she 
turned around, Jenny caught a glimpse of the 11-year-olds cunt. 
There was no sigh of any pubic hair and the skin surrounding her 
slit looked smooth and inviting. As Jenny also threw her 
panties into the laundry, she was aware of Mandy looking 
between her legs and she made sure that her cousin got a good 
look before she pulled on her night-shirt and Mandy got into an 
old tee shirt.

They both climbed into the double bed. “’Night Jenny,” Mandy 
said as turned off her bedside light.

“’Night Mandy,” she replied turning off her own light.

Paula got into the double bed first. She was wearing a new silk 
negligee, that Garry had brought back for her from one of his 
trips and she regretted putting it on when she had watched 
Claire get undressed down to her panties, and pull on an old 
frayed long tee shirt.
Claire climbed in beside her and they talked for about half 
an hour, mainly about family and friends.
During a lull in the conversation, Paula couldn’t help 
herself, and asked, “So there’s really no boyfriend? How longs 
it been?” 

“How long has what been?” Claire replied innocently and with 
a slight smile.

“Since you had cock,” her sister said pointedly.

“Oh I have cock just about every night Paula,” her sister 

As her brow furrowed with a questioning look on her face, 
Claire rolled onto her side and slid open the drawer of the 
bedside table.
The dildo she brought out was 10 inches long and just 
under 3 inches in diameter. “Its made of some new silicon 
material to hold the heat and feels very realistic,” she said 
handing the fuck toy to her sister.

Paula took the dildo in her hand and studied it. An 
unmistakable smell reached her nostrils and she brought it 
closer to her nose. Sniffing loudly for the benefit of her 
sister, she said, “I can see that you don’t wash it between 

Claire laughed throatily and replied, “Don’t you lecture 
me about washing things. I remember when we were kids and 
shared a room, that just about everything that was even 
remotely shaped like a cock smelled of your cunt. You were 
always sticking something up that hot hole of yours. Christ, 
I even remember the time that mother made up a packed lunch 
for dad because he was going away fishing or something. She 
put in some celery sticks and you masturbated with one and 
then put it back in the lunch pail without washing it.”

Paula joined in the laughter and said, “Yea, I always 
wondered if dad recognised the taste or not.”

When the laughter died away there was an embarrassed silence 
until Paula brought the dildo back to her face and ran her 
tongue over the surface.

“You still taste good sis,” she said quietly.

“Thanks,” Claire said, watching her intently, and then 
asking in an equally quiet voice, “Do you still taste as 

She held her breath as Paula pushed her hand beneath the 
covers and when her fingers reappeared they were covered 
with her cunt juices. There was a small bubble of slime at 
the end of her index finger and Claire’s tongue burst it 
before licking the fingers clean.

“What do you think?” Paula asked.

“I think that’s a very expensive negligee, and that you 
should take it off before I rip it from your body.”

Paula threw the garment onto the floor and her sister’s old 
tee shirt followed. As they turned to each other, they kissed 
passionately. Gradually the pressure between their lips 
increased and they opened their mouths to let their tongues 
explore freely.

Their tits pressed together as they kissed and they both 
moved their bodies, back and forth rubbing their hard nipples 
against each other. Paula had been aroused from the first moment 
she had seen the dildo and she was getting wetter all the time.
It had been years since she had touched her younger sisters 
body and her face moved away from Claire’s mouth, down her 
perfect neck, to her nipples. 

“Oh, god,” Claire gasped at the touch of Paula’s 
mouth. “Suck my tits baby. Suck my fucking tits hard.”

She moaned, “Yes, yes.” As her sister flicked her hard nipples 
back and forth with her tongue and nibbled at them gently with 
her teeth.

Paula had the impression that her sister would let her suckle 
on her tits for hours but she really wanted to taste her cunt. 
She left her tits and moved down her body, past her belly button 
to her crotch. The thin cotton briefs she was wearing did 
nothing to mask the odour she was putting out.  
Little blonde hairs stuck out from her panties as Paula 
gently drew her fingers over the outline of her swollen sex 

“Oh god, that feels nice,” Claire groaned quietly as her sisters 
fingers pressed a little harder. There was a thin line of wetness 
on the outside of the panties and the unmistakable smell of a 
woman on heat reached Paula’s nose

As Paula’s hands gripped the waistband of her sister’s panties, 
Claire raised her hips so they could be pulled down and off. 
They quickly joined the rest of the discarded clothing on the 
floor and got to her knees and sat back onto her heels as she 
gazed between Claire’s parted legs.

Paula’s heart hammered in her chest at the sight of her sister’s 
cunt. Because Claire didn’t have a boyfriend, she hadn’t bothered 
much about her bikini line and it was becoming overgrown. The soft 
blonde pubic hairs were soaked with her juice and matted to her 
skin and, as she opened her legs further, her slit opened slightly.

“Do you like what you see,” Clair asked huskily.

“Shit yea,” she replied. “I’d forgotten just how beautiful your 
cunt was.”

“Do you want to see more?” Claire teased.

When Paula nodded, her sister lay back on the bed and used both 
hands to pull her fuck hole wide open. 
Her juices were bubbling inside her tube and leaking out of her 
and her swollen pink lips were plainly visible through the light 
hair. Paula’s could also see the hard pink clit that was pushing 
out of its sheath as she lifted up the dildo from the bed.

“You want some cock,” she asked with a smile. The smile turned 
into a wide grin as Claire shook her head and replied, “I want 
your tongue as far up my cunt as you can push it.”

With a smile of delight on her face, Paula dived for her 
opening. It was delicious and if possible, even better she 

She started with long slow strokes of her tongue from the 
bottom of her sisters fuck hole, all the way up to her throbbing 
clit. Claire gasped every time her tongue came close to her clit 
and Paula loved the feel of the soft pubic hair and the delicious 
taste of her sister’s cunt.
She licked around the entrance to her front hole and then used 
her fingers to open Claire’s slit. She inhaled deeply before burying 
her face in her sex and pushing her tongue into the hot slimy tube.

“Eat me you bitch,” Claire hissed. “Suck my fucking hole hard.”

The whole of Paula’s lower face was soaked with Claire’s juice 
and she fastened her lips over her sister’s burning clit. Driving 
two fingers in and out of Claire’s cunt as fast as she could, 
she sucked on the clit hard, pulling it into her mouth and 
scraping her teeth over the sensitive flesh.

“Fuck, fuck,” Claire gasped. “I’m going to cum.”

As the shuddering began, Her back arched off the bed and her 
hot cunt cream poured out of her hole and washed over her sisters 
face. Paula kept sucking on her sister’s clit for a few moments, 
as when she eventually released it, Claire collapsed back down 
onto the bed. She was convulsing and shaking and the knuckles 
of her hands were white as she tightly clenched her fists.

When the contractions finished and Claire recovered her senses, 
Paula was sitting on her heels on the bed watching her closely 
and Claire said, “Come up here, and let me kiss you.”

Paula slid her way slowly up her sister’s body letting her tits 
rub across her skin.
Claire licked around her mouth, tasting herself on Paula’s face 
before locking her mouth over her sister’s to swap their saliva.

Claire broke the kiss and reached out for the dildo. Waving it in 
front of Paula’s face, she grinned and said, “Your turn.”

As Paula flopped onto the bed, Claire got her knees and crawled 
between her sister’s legs. Paula’s cunt was completely shaven, 
just the way Garry liked it, and Claire slowly rubbed the fuck 
toy up and down her lips.
Paula spread her legs wide apart and gasped, “Get it up me 
sis. Fill my cunt with that big plastic cock.”

 Using the fingers of one hand, Claire opened Paula’s hole 
and pushed a couple of inches of the dildo into her tube. 
Paula’s cunt lips closed tightly around the shaft as her 
sister began sliding it in and out and with every push, it 
went in a little deeper.

“Oh, stretch my cunt wide, “ she moaned. “I love the feeling 
of that toy up my fuck tube.”

“I can see that,” Claire said huskily. “You’re leaking cunt 
juice all over it.”

Paula could feel the wetness trickle out of her soaking cunt 
and run down between the cheeks of her ass. She was moaning 
continually as Claire worked the big dildo into her body until 
if reached the bottom of her tube and rested on her cervix. 
Using one hand to hold it in place, Claire’s other hand easily 
found her sisters erect clit and rubbed it furiously.

“Oh shit, keep doing it,” Paula cried. “ God you’re going to 
make me cum.”

Claire was finding it hard to grip the shaft of the dildo 
because it was covered with her sister’s juices. The slime 
coated her fingers and palm of her hand as she tried to 
keep a hold of it.
Paula’s head was thrashing from side to side and her eyes 
were screwed shut as she felt the familiar rush build between 
her legs.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” she just managed to gasp as her 
back arched off the bed and her body shuddered and convulsed.
Claire grinned, and continued rubbing her sisters clit until 
her back crashed down onto the bed when she took her hands 
away and left the fuck toy sticking out of Paula’s sex.
 As Paula slowly recovered, Claire watched as the lessening 
contractions in her sister’s cunt, pushed the dildo out of 
her body.

Claire pulled the bedcovers back over their bodies and 
said, “Fuck, I hope none of the children heard us.”

“Don’t worry,” Paula assured her. “Even if they did hear 
something, they probably wouldn’t know what it was.”

For the first time in many years, the sisters fell asleep 
wrapped in each other’s arms.

Mandy drifted off to sleep quickly but Jenny tossed and 
turned for ages. She couldn’t stop thinking about Jason’s 
cock and how good it felt inside her. Her cunt was wet and 
she turned and lay on her side with her back to Mandy. 
Raising her knee beneath the covers, her fingers slid 
easily into her wet cunt and she sighed in pleasure. She 
used to masturbate with only her forefinger but now she 
needed two fingers up her hole to satisfy her. The familiar 
tingling around her hard clit was just beginning when the 
room was suddenly flooded with light.

She gasped and pulled her fingers away from her sex as Mandy 
sat up in the bed. It had been her who switched on her bedside 
light and she asked quietly, “What are you doing Jenny?”

“Nothing, “ she lied. “I was just trying to get comfortable.”

As she spoke, she turned onto her back to look at her cousin 
and was surprised when Mandy reached beneath the covers and 
drew her arm out. Before she had worked out what the girl was going 
to do, Mandy pulled Jenny’s hand up to her face and sniffed her 
The smell of cunt was overpowering and a coating of her sex slime 
still covered her skin.
Their eyes locked as Mandy moved her preteen face closer to Jenny’s 
stinking fingers and sucked them into her mouth. Jenny was stunned 
at this display from the young girl and once her fingers were 
clean, Mandy pulled them out of her mouth and said, “I love the 
taste of cunt. Don’t you.”

“I’m not sure,” Jenny replied with the shocked expression still 
on her face. “The only one I’ve ever tasted is my own.”

“I’ve got a girlfriend at school and we suck each other off just 
about every day,” Mandy said matter of factly. “Can I suck you 

Jenny didn’t even have time to reply as Mandy threw back the 
bedcovers and pushed Jenny gently until the girl lay back on 
the bed with her body propped up on her elbows. She watched as 
Mandy pushed her night-shirt up her thighs and lifted her butt 
slightly until the material was wrinkled around her waist. She 
gasped lightly as Mandy’s fingers made the first contact with 
her dripping sex by lightly rubbing at the outer lips of her hole.
Mandy watched Jenny’s face as her fingers slipped up and down her 
cunt lips, spreading the juices that were running out of her. 
Increasing the pressure slightly, Mandy’s fingers slipped between 
the swollen lips and played at the entrance to her fuck tube. 
The tube was much wetter and as Mandy’s finger held her open, 
a thin trickle of slime ran out of her hole and slid between 
her ass cheeks.  
The smell of Jenny’s cunt was strong in Mandy’s nose as she 
squirmed onto her knees between her cousin’s open legs and 
removed her soaking finger. Giving Jenny a smile, Mandy dropped 
her face to the girl’s bubbling slit and pushed her tongue inside.
Jenny’s body stiffened at Mandy’s touch and then she sighed and 
relaxed and spread her legs wider. Mandy’s tee shirt that she 
wore to bed had ridden up to her waist and she could feel the 
wetness in her own fuck hole.
She resisted the temptation to rub her burning clit and concentrated 
on bringing Jenny off. 

Jenny’s eyes were half closed as she revelled in her cousin’s 
tongue but they opened fully at an unexpected movement from the 
The retriever had got to his feet and stood for a few seconds 
sniffing the air. Trotting over to the bed he jumped up and 
pushed his nose between Mandy’s legs licking her sopping cunt.
Jenny expected Mandy to stop licking her and chase the big dog 
away but to her surprise she kept sucking and, if anything, 
licking her even faster and harder.

The dog however was having an effect on Mandy and her hips began 
to rotate and thrust in response to the rough lapping of his 
tongue. The sight of Mandy being aroused by her dog caused Jenny’s 
cunt to gush and she shuddered and she orgasmed into her cousin’s 
mouth. Mandy greedily drank down as much of the girl’s cream as she 
could and her lower face was covered in the slime. 

Mandy’s stopped sucking on Jenny’s cunt but stayed in the kneeling 
position as Prince’s long tongue thrashed about inside her body. 
Her head collapsed onto the bed covers and she moaned continually 
as her sex and fuck hole were stimulated.
Jenny’s senses returned quickly and she squirmed off the bed and 
got down onto her knees at the side of the bed for a better view. 
She couldn’t see any of the animals tongue as it was completely 
inside the young girls hole and its nose was pressed firmly 
against her puckered shit hole.
The tee shirt had slit half way up Mandy’s back as Jenny pushed 
her hand underneath. Mandy’s tits had hardly started to develop 
and there was just a very slight bump where they would eventually 
be. Her nipples however were rock hard and sticking straight out 
from her body. Jenny rolled one of the solid teats between her 
thumb and forefinger before squeezing it hard. 
It was a good job that Mandy’s face was pressed into the bed as 
the mattress smothered the scream that was torn from her throat 
as she climaxed violently. Every muscle in her body convulsed and 
she shuddered for a few moments before collapsing face down on the 
bed. Prince’s tongue was pulled out of her hole as she collapsed 
and he stepped forward to continue his assault but Jenny pushed 
him away.
Mandy was breathing hard as Jenny looked between the girl’s legs. 
Mandy’s cunt was open and flooded with a mixture of cum and dog 
saliva that was rapidly soaking into the bed covers. As Jenny 
waited for her cousin to recover, Prince jumped onto the floor 
and trotted behind her. She jumped when his cold wet nose 
contacted her sex and the decision not to push the animal away 
took less than a second. She pushed her soft, round butt cheeks 
into the dog’s face and moved her knees further apart to give 
better access. 
By the time Mandy had recovered, Prince’s tongue was firmly 
lodged up Jenny’s cunt.

“Fuck, it didn’t take you long to get into animals,” Mandy 
grinned sitting up on the bed. “Or maybe I should say, for an 
animal to get into you!”

As Jenny looked up at her, Mandy said, “If you like dog so 
much, suck on this.”

She moved one leg to each side of Jenny’s head and slithered 
down until her butt was on the edge of the bed. Jenny didn’t 
hesitate for a second and her tongue snaked up her open cunt 
and sucked the cum and dog salvia into her mouth.
Prince’s long tongue was deep inside her body and the animal’s 
rough tongue was stimulating her in the most delicious way. She 
dropped her hand to rub at her throbbing clit just as Mandy’s 
fingers pulled her young cunt apart and let her cousin’s tongue 
get deeper in. 
Having got as much cunt cream out of Mandy’s hole as she could, 
Jenny fastened her lips onto the girls little hard clit and her 
tongue flicked over it constantly.
Prince’s tongue and her fingers were bringing her very close to 
climax but she was determined to bring Mandy off first. Sucking 
hard to pull the girl’s clit into her mouth, she caught it with 
her teeth and bit down hard. 
Mandy orgasmed instantly and Jenny’s face was suddenly covered 
in thick white cream that spurted out of the preteen’s cunt. As 
she girl thrashed about on the bed, Jenny released her and rubbed 
hard at her own clit and climaxed over the dog’s tongue.

Recovering slightly, Jenny had to push Prince away and she 
heaved herself onto the bed and lay panting beside Mandy. 
They were completely shattered and they lay back down on the 
bed and pulled the covers over them.

“So who’s this friend of yours who taught you to suck 
cunt?” Jenny asked.

“Silvia Henderson,” Mandy replied promptly. “She’s in my 
class at school. I really wish you could meet her but she’s 
on vacation for two weeks,”

There was silence for a few moments before Mandy asked, “So 
what’s your story. I can’t believe that you’ve never sucked 
cunt before. Are you a virgin?”

The question made Jenny laugh but she eventually 
replied, “Mandy, I’ve had a cock up my cunt just about every 
day for about the last 6 weeks, and some days more that once.”

“Wow,” Mandy said, “And I thought I was a slut. Who’s the lucky 
Jenny studied her cousin’s face and thought for a while before 
taking a deep breath and said, “Jason.”

“Your brother!” Mandy said incredulously. “You’re fucking your 

Jenny just nodded and Mandy continued, “God, you guys are 
hot. Is he a good fuck?”

“God yea,” she replied. “He’s got a great cock that’s about 
8 inches long and really thick. It sure stretches the wrinkles 
out of my cunt.”

“Shit, you’re making me wet again,” Mandy moaned. “Will you 
let him fuck me? I’ve been wanting a cock up me for ages.”

Jenny laughed and retorted, “I wont be able to stop him fucking 
you once he sees that sweet little cunt of yours. What about 
John? Have you two ever done it? I wouldn’t mind trying his 
cock out.”

“I don’t know,” Mandy said thoughtfully, “He’s never tried 
anything on with me although sometimes I wish he would. A couple 
of months ago he came into the bathroom after I had taken a 
shower and I purposely let the towel I had around me fall 
open. He must have seen my body, but he just turned around 
and went back to his room. I guess he’s just not interested.”

“Don’t worry Mandy,” Jenny said huskily, “Jason’s got enough 
cock for us both.”

Just as they were about drop of to sleep, it occurred to Jenny 
to ask, “So have you never had a cock inside you?”

“No,” Mandy responded, “At least, not a human one.”

Jenny suddenly rolled over, switched on her light again and sat 
bolt upright in the bed. “What the fuck do you mean, not human.”

Instead of answering, Mandy looked sheepishly over at Prince 
who was now curled up in the corner with his eyes closed.
Jenny followed her gaze and then gasped, “No way. No fucking 
way. Letting him lick your cunt is one thing but you actually 
let him fuck you?”

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, “Mandy said defensively. 
“He fucks twice as fast as any man could and he shoots a massive 
of cum.”

“Shit, I’d love to see that,” Jenny said lying back on the bed.

“Oh you will Jenny,” replied snuggling down beside her 
cousin. “I guarantee it.” 

					o0o The End o0o

(This story continues in part 2)

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