Dirty Little Fuckers 2

(Incest brother-sister-cousins / preteen / anal / zoo sex girl-dog)

Paula Cavell's husband Gerry was away for a few weeks on a business 
trip, so she had taken her children, 14 year old Jason and 12 year 
old Jenny, to visit with her sister Claire for a couple of weeks. 
Claire was separated from her husband and was raising her two children 
herself. They were John who was 13 and Mandy who was just 11.

During the first night, Mandy had caught Jenny masturbating and Jenny 
was delighted to find that little Mandy was as big a slut as she was. 
Jenny had been fucking with her brother for months and Mandy pleaded 
with her to let Jason fuck her as well. When Jenny agreed, Mandy 
introduced her cousin to animal sex with her Golden Retriever, Prince.

That same night, in another bedroom, Paula and her sister Claire 
renewed their friendship with the help of a large plastic dildo.

The next morning dawned clear and bright and the daylight was 
streaming in the window when Jenny awoke.
Mandy was already up and dressed and when she saw her cousins 
eyes open she said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

"What time is it?" Jenny asked and was startled when Mandy 
replied, "It's just before six."

"Six," Jenny repeated, "What the hell are you getting up at this 
time of the morning for?"

"I've got a job for a couple of hours each morning at the stables 
down the road," she replied. "You can come with me if you want."

"I think I'll pass," Jenny said pulling the bedcovers tighter around 
her body. "Maybe tomorrow."

It was about an hour and a half later that she woke with a start as 
she heard the bedroom door open.

"Hi sleepyhead," Jason said as he came in and closed the door.

As his sister stretched and yawned, he said, "This family are all 
early risers. John was up at 6 o'clock to do a paper round and he 
told me that Mandy also had a job with an early start. Something 
about horses."

"Yea," Jenny confirmed. "She works at the local stables."

As he waited for Jenny to get up, his eyes fell on the dirty laundry and 
he picked up a pair of panties. There was a small yellow stain of dried 
piss and a much larger stain that made the cotton material feel stiff 
to his fingers. He looked at his sister as he buried his nose in the 
crotch and inhaled deeply.

"Mmmm," he said looking at her. "God you smell good."

"Taste it," she replied quietly.

Jenny chewed on her bottom lip as her brother took the material into 
his mouth and started to suck the stain out of it. She noticed the 
large bulge in the front of his denims and her sex lubricated freely.

"You taste as good as you smell Jenny," he said between sucks. "I 
love the taste of your hot cunt."

"It's not my cunt," she replied with a smile.

It took a few seconds for Jason to realise what she had said and he 
looked at her questioningly.

"Those are Mandy's panties," she explained. "You're sucking on her 

She laughed as he took the panties out of his mouth and looked at 
them. Before he had a chance to say anything, she asked, "Would 
you like to fuck her?"

"Fuck her?" he replied. "God yea. Do you think she'd go for it?"

Jenny patted the bed to indicate that he should sit down and she 
said, "Listen. Your little cousin is a bigger slut than I am. She 
spent last night sucking on my cunt and she even lets the dog fuck 
her." She purposely left out the fact that Prince had also brought 
her off and was pleased when Jason gripped his hard cock inside his 
denims and squeezed it hard.

"The dog," he echoed. "You're kidding?"

Jenny shook her head. "Nope! She lets him lick her out and then takes 
his cock up her cunt."

He groaned loudly as she concluded, "If you come to the room 
tonight, you can fuck us both."

"Shit Jenny, you're making me hot. I want to fuck you now. Are you 
wet?" he asked excitedly.

"I'm soaking," she replied pulling off the bedcovers and pulling up 
her night-shirt to reveal her glistening cunt and the wet stain on 
the covers below her butt. As Jason stood up and began to unfasten 
his trousers, she hissed very reluctantly, "Jason, we can't do it 
here. Mom or Aunt Claire will definitely hear us."

Jason's face fell and then suddenly brightened. "Bathroom," he said 

Jenny thought about it for a few seconds and nodded her head. "You 
first," she said. "And keep quiet."

Once in the bathroom, Jason pulled his tee shirt over his head and 
kicked off his denims. He slipped his sneakers from his feet and 
dropped his underwear to the floor.
He had just finished when there was a soft knock at the door. 
Jenny slipped in as soon as the door was opened and Jason quickly 
closed and locked it behind her. She had put on a clean tee shirt 
and a pair of pale lemon cotton parties.
As soon as he turned around, she was on her knees in front of him 
and her tongue dipped into the drops of pre cum that were already 
leaking out of his piss hole.
Every time Jenny gave head, she seemed to be able to take his 
prick further and further into her throat and he sighed as her 
velvet like flesh closed around his shaft.
Her head began bobbing up and down and he gently gripped the 
back of her head and gasped, "Oh god. That's so fucking good 
Jenny. Take it deep."

He reached out and switched on the shower to mask the loud slurping 
noises coming from his sister's mouth and groaned loudly as his 
spunk began to boil in his balls. He had been so aroused at the 
thought of fucking young Mandy, that Jenny's mouth was proving too 
much for him. He gently eased his shaft out of her mouth and 
said, "I don't want to cum in your mouth Jenny. I want your cunt."

She smiled as she stood up, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand 
and pulled her tee shirt over her head. Skimming off her panties, she 
gave her cunt a couple of rubs with the palm of her hand and then turned 
towards him.

Jason sat on the toilet and his sister looked down at his hard prick 
as she faced him and straddled his lap. Her arms were wrapped around 
his neck and she lowered her tight fuck hole onto the head of his 
shaft. With a slight shudder, she lowered herself further and his 
cock easily slid inside her saturated hole.
She didn't stop until his piss hole was jammed into the bottom of 
her tube and she groaned loudly with pleasure.

"Fuck, I've missed this," she said. She slapped him playfully on 
the cheek and said, "Don't you ever make me wait for three days for 
your cock again you bastard."

"Well, now that you've got it," he replied, "How about bouncing 
your little cunt up and down it so I can fill it with spunk."

"In a minute," she said looking deep into his eyes. Her face 
took on a look of concentration and she suddenly sighed. "That's 
better," she said.

Jason could feel something hot flow out of her cunt and over his 
balls and it took a few seconds for him to realise that she was 
pissing. Her hot waste ran over his balls and splashed into the 
water in the toilet.
"You dirty little bitch," he exclaimed as she started 
laughing. "You sure you don't want to take a shit as well?"

"You tell me," she replied as if daring him to find out.

He sucked the forefinger of his right hand into his mouth covering 
it with spit and drew her tight against him.
She held her breath as his finger slid between her butt cheeks and 
probed at the entrance to her asshole. As she relaxed, he pushed 
past the resistance of her anal ring and entered her bowels to the 
first knuckle. Her shit tube was hot and tight but otherwise empty.

"Guess not," he said looking at her.

"Deeper," the little slut hissed quietly.

He pushed further in and just before her got to the second knuckle, 
he felt the end of her shit. He pressed into it as if trying to push 
it back up and into her stomach and she gasped and shuddered as a 
small orgasm ran through her body.

"Oh god, keep doing that," she moaned. "That feels so fucking good."

As her brother continued pressing and stirring the end of her shit, 
she began lifting her fuck hole on and off his cock.
The feeling of having both her holes filled at the same time was 
completely new to her and she loved it. The pressure in her bowels 
from having her shit compacted somehow intensified the feelings in 
her sopping cunt.
"Fuck, I'm nearly there," she gasped as she watched her brother 
close his eyes tightly and clench his teeth. She was bouncing up and 
down his shaft as fast as she could and every time she thought she 
was going to cum, the feelings subsided slightly and she never made 
it. As the waves of ecstasy built again, she was half expecting it to 
happen again but this time the intensity just got higher and higher. 
Her head was thrashing from side to side and her long hair was whipping 
across Jason's face when a massive climax exploded deep inside her 
body. She convulsed and shuddered causing her cunt to clench tightly 
around her brothers cock. Jason was already close to cumming and this 
extra stimulation sent him over the top. Most of Jenny's senses had 
left her but she jumped and groaned as his prick splattered thick 
and hot spunk deep into her front hole.

Jenny's head slumped onto her brothers' shoulder and Jason's breathing 
was fast and heavy as they slowly recovered from their exertions.
She moaned slightly as he pulled his finger out of her asshole and she 
took his wrist and raised his finger to her face. His fingernail and 
end of his finger were covered with her shit and she could smell the 
powerful aroma.
His cock was beginning to soften inside her and Jenny raised her head 
when she suddenly jumped again. Jason burst out laughing at her 
expression as he relaxed his bladder and sprayed his morning piss 
against her cervix.
"Bastard," she said as she punched him on the shoulder and then, to 
his amazement, she sucked his dirty finger into her mouth and licked 
at her shit.

When his finger was clean she stood up, letting his cock pull out of 
her cunt with an audible plop and stepped pack into her panties. As 
she pulled them on, she rubbed the crotch into her hole to mop up the 
mixture of cunt juice, spunk and piss that was leaking out of her.

"If you like sucking dirty panties," she said to her brother. "You're 
going to love these tonight."

During the day, Claire took them all out sightseeing and showed them 
around the town. Alone for a few minutes in a department store, Jenny 
told Mandy that her brother would be coming to their room tonight.

"God, I hope he likes me," Mandy said. "I really want to get his cock 
up me."

"Relax," Jenny replied. "He loves the taste of your cunt and he's 
looking forward to doing you."

"How does he know what my cunt tastes like?" Mandy wondered aloud.
"He came into the room this morning and sucked the stain out of 
your dirty panties," Jenny replied with a grim. "He thought they 
were mine but he didn't stop sucking them when I told him they were 

"Oh shit, you two are so dirty. I love it." Mandy replied, fully 
aware that the panties she had on were also going to be very stained 
as she had just flooded them.

Jenny looked at her watch and said, "Come on. Its time to meet your 
mom back at the car."

As they were travelling down in the elevator to the ground floor, Jenny 
suddenly exclaimed, "Mandy, you are a dirty little bitch.
"What??" her cousin said innocently.

"Don't what me," she replied. "I can smell your cunt from here. You're 
either very wet or you've creamed yourself."

"Oh god, I know," she moaned. "I feel such a slut and I can't stop 
thinking about having Jason's cock inside me.

Jenny would have loved to slip her fingers beneath her cousin's dress 
but she was very aware of the security camera mounted in the ceiling of 
the elevator. She gave a mental shrug and smiled at Mandy to show that 
she understood.

They left the store and walked around the side to the parking lot. As they 
did so, Jenny said, "You better walk slower and let some fresh air in 
about your panties. If your mom smells you when you're in the car, you're 
going to have a lot of explaining to do."

The family met up and, after a visit to another mall, they eventually made 
their way back to the house for some dinner.
After dinner, Jenny and Mandy were sitting out on the porch and Mandy 
asked, "You don't think he'll forget do you?"

Jenny laughed and replied, "There's no way my brother is going to forget 
that he has two tight cunts waiting for him." She thought for a few 
seconds and added mischievously, "Why don't you go and make sure that 
he remembers."
"How do I do that?" Mandy enquired.

"John's still out with his friends isn't he?" she asked.

When Mandy nodded that he was, she continued, "And have you still got 
any candy left?"

When Mandy nodded again, Jenny said, "Right. Here's what you do..."

Jason was lying on his bed reading a comic when there was a gentle 
knock on the door. Before he had time to answer the knock, the 
door opened and Mandy's head poked around it.

"Remember you're coming to our room tonight. Make sure that John's 
asleep though. We don't want anything to screw up our plans," she 

"Relax," Jason replied with a grin. "The only thing getting screwed 
up tonight will be you and my horny little sister."

Mandy grinned and then changed the subject by asking, "Would you 
like some candy?"

"Sure," he replied. "What have you got?"

"Hard gums," she replied. "Although I've only got Strawberry 

"Strawberry's good," the boy confirmed, and his eyes followed her 
with a questioning look as she pushed into the room and walked 
over to the bed.
The puzzled look continued as she hopped up to stand on the bed 
and took a few steps until she had straddled his face. He sucked 
in his breath as he looked up her dress to the pale lemon panties 
that covered her sex. There was a large wet stain on the crotch 
and as she squatted down, she pulled the material to the side 
and he gazed at her hairless slit. 
He couldn't see her cunt muscles working, but just before her 
sex reached his mouth, the lips opened and she pushed a red gum 
sweet out of her hole and it dropped straight into his mouth. It 
was covered with her cunt slime and he could smell her bubbling 
hole. Pushing the sweet into his cheek, he raised his head 
slightly and swiped her cunt with his tongue before she bounced 
back to her feet and jumped down from the bed. She turned back 
towards him when she reached the door and said simply, "Remember."

Jason was chewing the sweet and answered her by pulling down the 
front of his shorts and letting his hard cock spring free.
Mandy muttered, "Fuck," and took a step towards him before she 
heard voices in the corridor. With much regret she mouthed, "Later," 
and left the room, quietly closing the door behind her.

Before it was time to go to bed, Jenny managed to get a few words 
alone with her brother.

"Have you talked to John about us?" she asked.

"No. I wasn't sure about him," Jason replied. "Do you think I 

"Well, I wouldn't mind trying his cock," Jenny replied 
thoughtfully. "But Mandy told me that she'd flashed him recently 
and he didn't seem interested."

"He must be crazy," Jason laughed. "She's got a beautiful 
little cunt."

"Oh, so you've already seen it have you?" she replied raising 
her eyebrows.

"Not only seen it sis," he confirmed, "But tasted it as well."

"Dirty bastard," she growled. "You just make sure that I don't go 
without cock because your fucking her brains out as well."
He laughed in reply and said, "You'll get your share, and when 
we get home, my cock is all yours."

Later that evening, everyone was getting ready for bed and Jason 
came out of the bathroom when he met Jenny in the corridor. She 
looked around quickly to make sure that no one was around, pushed 
her hands beneath her dress and skimmed off her panties.
"Now you can think of me when you're lying in your bed," she said 
pressing the still warm briefs into his hand. She turned to walk 
away but then turned back to him and continued, "But don't you 
dare jerk off in them. Mandy and I want all the spunk you can give 

Jason waited until John had put the light off before her pulled 
his sisters panties from below the bedcovers and draped them over 
his nose. They smelled of stale piss, dried spunk and hot cunt. Mainly 
hot cunt.
He gently played with his cock and hoped that John would fall asleep 

Unfortunately, John tossed and turned in his bed and it was over an 
hour before Jason got quietly out of bed. His sister's dirty panties 
fell unnoticed to the floor as he got up and left the room.

Prince raised his head and wagged his tail as Jason opened the door 
to the girl's bedroom and entered the room. For a split second, he 
thought the girls had fallen asleep and then his eyes blinked rapidly 
as the bedside light was switched on.

"Prince, be quiet," Mandy hissed before turning to Jason and 
adding, "Where the hell have you been?"

"Blame your insomniac brother," he replied crossing over to the bed.

Both girls' were sitting up in the bed and were naked. The room 
smelled of cunt and he knew that they had been playing with 
themselves or each other as they waited for him.
He was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and the front was bulged 
out as his hard cock pressed against the material.
Jenny jumped onto her knees and rubbed at the bulge as she knelt on 
the bed. Mandy came closer to watch as her cousin slowly pulled down 
the shorts. Mandy's heart was beating wildly and her cunt was soaking 
as the shorts went lower and lower. 
Jason's light pubic hair cane into view and then the root of his 
cock as the tight waistband held his prick downwards. As more and 
more of the shaft became exposed, Mandy licked her lips at the 
thought of it stretching her tight little fuck tube.
She gasped as the shaft came loose and sprang up to stick straight 
out from his body and Jenny pushed the shorts down to her brother's 
With a wide grin to Mandy, Jenny bent her face forward, opened her 
mouth and sucked her brother into her hot mouth. Her tongue teased 
his piss hole as her hand gripped the base of the shaft and began 
jacking him off.
Jenny had described to Mandy how to give good head and the little 
girl bent her face closer to study the technique. She loved the way 
Jenny's cheek bulged out every time Jason pushed his cock into her 
mouth and the loud slurping noised that accompanied it.
Jenny suddenly pulled her head back trailing long strings of her 
throat slime from his prick as she turned to Mandy and asked, "You 
want to try?"

Mandy nodded enthusiastically and Jenny motioned to her brother 
to lie down on the bed.  
As he did so, Mandy crawled between his open legs, and, for the 
first time in her young life, she gazed at the head of a human 
cock that was leaking pre cum from the tip. She could smell Jenny's 
mouth on the shaft as she bent forward. 
The preteen girl had never had a cock in her mouth before and her 
tongue flicked over the head and pulled a drop of pre-cum into her 
mouth. She was so relieved that she liked the taste that she grasped 
the base of the shaft, just like she had seen her cousin do, and 
slurped Jason's prick into her mouth.
Jenny got down beside her and whispered instructions into her ear.

"Don't use your teeth," Jenny said. "Just your lips and your 
tongue. Push your tongue into his piss hole. He likes that."

Jason groaned as Mandy's inexperienced mouthed worked on him and 
his butt cheeks clenched together as her tongue slid over the 
sensitive tip.
Jenny nodded in satisfaction as she watched her young cousin begin 
bobbing her head up and down Jason's shaft and her little fist jacked 
him off. Her hand slid down Mandy's back and over her smooth butt to 
probe between her legs. She found the preteen's slit soaking wet and 
the juice was running down the inside of her legs. Jenny's fingers 
slid very easily into Mandy's slimy hole causing her to moan around 
Jason's cock and push her cunt back onto Jenny's hand.

Her own fuck hole was saturated and Jenny needed to cum badly. She 
pulled her fingers out of Mandy's cunt and got onto the bed. She 
straddled Jason's face and squatted down just above his head. Her 
fingers were thickly coated with Mandy's juices and she pushed her 
fingers into her brother's mouth. Jason sucked the slime from her 
hand and had only a few seconds to savour the taste before she 
pulled her fingers clear and moved her cunt over his mouth. 
"God, yea," she moaned as his tongue pushed past her outer lips and 
into her hot tube. She lowered herself further, mashing her sex onto 
Jason's face. As his tongue penetrated further up her cunt, she started 
to rub her hole over his face forcing her throbbing clit to rasp over 
his chin. She was facing down the bed and she watched as Mandy buried 
her face into Jason's crotch and crammed as much of his cock into her 
mouth as she was able.

Jenny suddenly felt the familiar rush between her legs and she knew 
that she was about to cum. Her eyes closed and she concentrated on 
the tingling between her legs that was rapidly intensifying.
She gasped, "Fuck, I'm going to cum," as she began shuddering. The 
orgasm exploded inside her young body and both of her hands flew to 
her face and clamped tightly over her mouth. Her piercing scream was 
muffled just enough to prevent anyone hearing her and her body 
convulsed and sprayed her thick cream all over her brother's face.

Jenny had to pull her over stimulated cunt away from Jason's mouth 
and she collapsed onto the bed beside him.
Mandy looked up as her friend crashed onto the bed and her face 
broke into a grin. As Jason's cock plopped free of her mouth, 
thin strands of her throat slime still connected her mouth to his 
prick and she got unsteadily to her feet on the bed and straddled 
his hips. Jason watched her closely as she gazed down onto his 
cock. One of her hands rubbed between her legs and she couldn't 
believe how wet she was. As she brought her hand back to her face 
to sniff her cunt smell and lick her fingers, she sank to her knees 
until her fuck hole gently kissed Jason's hard cock. She looked up 
and locked her eyes onto his, as she lowered her soaking slit over 
his cock.
Her breathing was laboured and her heart hammered in her chest as 
her cunt walls were stretched apart.
"Fuck me," she said gazing deeply into his eyes. "Fuck me hard and 
make me cum."

Jason did a sit-up and both of his hands gripped her firm butt 
cheeks and pulled her forwards. She yelped as the last inch of 
his cock slid up her cunt and he started to pull her on and off 
his prick. She was so wet that her fuck hole made a loud slurping 
noise with every thrust and her eyes closed as her head drooped 
and rested on his shoulder. Her little clit was tingling like it 
had never done before and the feeling of hot throbbing cock inside 
her was far better than she had ever imagined. She had once sneaked 
one of her mother's dildos out of her bedroom and tried it out on 
herself, but a real cock was so much better. 
Jason had hardly got into a rhythm, when Mandy's little body began
 shuddering and she gasped, "Fuck, I'm cumming."

He paid no attention and continued to fuck her as she orgasmed.
Jenny had recovered from her climax and was kneeling on the bed 
behind Mandy watching her brother's cock slide in and out of the 
girls wet cunt. Licking her finger to cover it with spit, Jenny 
reached forward and rubbed gently at the entrance to Mandy's shit 
Mandy was so far gone in climax that she didn't even feel the 
finger but her head snapped up when Jenny pushed her hand forward 
and drove her index finger deep into the preteens bowels.
"Oh fuck, fuck," Mandy gasped as Jenny began sawing her finger in 
and out of her asshole at the same speed as her brothers thrusting 
Jenny could feel every ridge of Jason's cock on the other side of 
the thin membrane that separated them and she pushed her finger 
deeper into her cousin's shitter and pressed against his shaft.

Mandy's orgasm had only receded slightly and her body trembled and 
twitched constantly. She threw her arms tightly around Jason's neck 
and drew her body tightly onto his. The rock hard nipples sticking 
out from her almost flat chest scraped over his skin and she wrapped 
her legs tightly around behind him and fucked herself on and off his 
prick as fast as she could. Her climax was building and building. Her 
eyes were screwed shut and her breathing came in short, sharp, gasps.
When another climax ripped through her young body, she didn't even 
have time to cry out. The scream was caught in her throat and came 
out in a strangled gasp as the breath was forced from her lungs. Her 
body contorted and shuddered uncontrollably and her cunt walls opened 
and then clenched tightly around Jason's cock milking him fiercely. 

Jenny's finger was deep in Mandy's shit hole when she felt her 
brother's cock jump and empty his load of hot spunk up her cousin's 
cunt. The thick slime splattered into her fuck tube causing her to 
convulse and cry out in ecstasy.

As Mandy's senses left her, her body collapsed like a rag doll and 
Jenny eased her finger out of her asshole and Jason let go of her and 
let her slide off his cock and onto the bed. He grinned as his sister 
held her hand up to his face to let him smell Mandy's shit hole and he 
licked it clean for her.

At the other side of the house, Claire and Paula were preparing for 
bed. Paula was looking forward to sucking on her younger sisters cunt 
again and she pulled off her clothes, threw them into the laundry 
basket and slid her naked body between the sheets. She was slightly 
surprised when Claire kept her panties on as she walked over to the 
double bed they shared, but she could see a small wet stain on the 
front of the crotch and she shivered slightly in lust. As soon as 
her sister crawled into the bed, Paula threw back the covers and 
wrapped her arms around her.

"No please don't, "Claire said. "I've got a really sore head and 
I don't feel like it tonight. I'm sorry Paula."

Paula was shocked at her sister's words, "What the hell do you mean 
you don't feel like it. If you're not horny, why are your panties 

As she spoke, she thrust her hand down the front of her sister's 
panties and her fingers slid very easily up her hot cunt. Claire's 
hands tried to grab Paula's arms to stop her going any further, but 
she wasn't quick enough and she gasped as her sister's fingers drove 
deep into her tube.
"You're fucking soaking," Paula cried as she pulled her fingers out 
and waved them in front of Claire's face. "Why are you telling me 
you're not horny when you obviously..."

Paula's voice trailed off as her eyes focused on her slimy 
fingers. They weren't covered with cunt juice as she had expected 
and the thick white slime that covered them was very familiar. She 
sniffed her fingers just to make sure and turned her eyes back 
towards her sister.

Claire wouldn't meet her gaze and she kept her eyes looking down at 
the bedcovers and her face blushed a deep shade of red.

"Spunk!!" Paula said incredulously. "Who the hell have you been 

Claire didn't answer and Paula pushed her hand against her shoulder 
and asked again, "Claire, who are you fucking."

Claire took a deep breath and answered, "Okay, I lied when we spoke 
yesterday," she said. "I do have a boyfriend and he came over earlier 
this evening for a quickie."

Paula thought for a few seconds and then said, "Bullshit! You haven't 
been out of the house since we came back from shopping and that 
spunk is fresh. It can't be more that a few hours old."

She sniffed again at her fingers before continuing, "Come on Claire, 
give. You know I'm not going to let this one go, so you might as well 
tell me."
Claire mumbled something that her sister couldn't hear and Paula 
snapped, "What did you say?"

Drawing strength from somewhere, Claire raised her head and 
said, "John. I've been fucking John."

There was a confused look on Paula's face as she replied, "John!! Who 
the fuck is Jo..." Her eyes bulged and her jaw dropped as she 
suddenly realised what her sister was telling her.

"John," she repeated. "Christ. You mean your son, don't you??!!"

Claire was silent for a while and then she drew breath and 
replied, "Look Paula. You know how crazy I get if I don't get 
cock regularly. Well, when I got rid of that no good husband of 
mine, John took his place."

Paula looked like she was about to interrupt, but Claire 
continued. "God knows that I didn't plan it this way but a couple 
of years ago, John walked into this room without knocking. I was 
naked and lying on the bed with my legs apart and that large 
plastic dildo rammed up my cunt. I thought that he would turn 
around, but he closed the door and came over to the bed and watched 
me masturbate. That was the start of it, and he's been fucking me 
ever since. That bastard husband of mine knocked me about all the 
time, but he was well hung and knew how to use it. Thankfully, that's 
the only way that John takes after his dad."
Paula couldn't believe what she was hearing and she was silent as 
she absorbed the information. She had a visual picture in her mind 
of the young boy sliding his cock into his mother's cunt and her h
and automatically dropped to rub at her clit and spread his spunk 
over her sex lips.

She somehow felt that she had to protest and said, "Fuck 
Claire, that's sick. How could you fuck your own son."

Claire watched her sister for a few seconds before she 
replied, "If it's so sick, why are you rubbing your cunt 
thinking about it?"

Paula suddenly realised what she was doing and pulled her fingers 
away from her sex.
Both women sat on the bed, in silence and looked at each other.

"Do you want to try him?" Claire asked in a low voice.
The indecision was clear in Paula's face as Claire 
continued, "He took me into the toilet and fucked me a couple of 
hours ago. I faced the wall as he pulled my panties to the floor 
and pressed up behind me. As I stepped out of them, his prick slid 
into my hole and he fucked my brains out."

As she listened to her sister, Paula's mind was in a whirl as she 
imagined the scene and her hand dropped back between her legs and 
she rubbed at her hard clit.
"Do you want to try him?" Claire repeated.

Although her brain was screaming NO! her cunt was shouting YES! and 
she found herself nodding.
Claire smiled as she slipped out of the bed and pulled a robe 
around her shoulders.

She opened the door to the boy's bedroom quietly and crossed to her 
son's bed. He woke as soon as she touched him and she placed a 
warning finger over his lips. She knelt down beside the bed so she 
could whisper in his ear and said, "I've told your Auntie Paula all 
about us. Do you think you can satisfy two horny women?"

The sleep left his eyes as the blood flowed into his cock and he grinned 
and nodded enthusiastically.
She helped him to his feet, and as they left the room, he didn't 
even notice that Jason's bed was empty.
Claire did however, and she picked up the panties that were on the 
floor and stuffed them in the pocket of her robe as she thoughtfully 
chewed at the side of her bottom lip and looked at Jason's empty bed 
as she left the room.

Paula was beginning to regret her agreement to bring John to the 
bedroom and she sat in the bed with the covers pulled up over her 
breasts as the door opened.
Claire closed the door behind them and as John stood in just a pair 
of boxer shorts, she shrugged out of her robe and sat on the bed 
beside her sister. John didn't react to his mother's nakedness and 
it was obvious that he had seen it many times before.

"Show your Auntie that you're not a little boy John," Claire said 
almost in a whisper. "Show her how big you are."

Paula brain was screaming at her to protest and resist what was 
happening, but her sex was open and running with lubrication as her 
eyes fastened onto the huge bulge in front of the boy's boxer shorts.

The boy grinned as he gripped the waistband of his shorts. There 
was no attempt to tease the woman with his actions. No attempt to 
pull them down slowly and reveal himself inch by inch. He simply 
drew them over his butt cheeks and let gravity do the rest.
"Fucking hell," Paula gasped as the boy's cock was exposed and 
stuck straight out from his body. If it hadn't been unkind and if 
her wasn't her sister's son, she would have considered him deformed. 
The 13-year-old boy had the face of an angel and the prick of a devil. 
It was just over 10 inches long and Paula estimated its girth at over 
three inches in diameter. The only time she had seen such a size of 
a cock was in one of her husband's porno DVD's.
The foreskin was pulled back over the swollen head and a large drop 
of pre-cum was oozing out of the boys piss hole.
Claire knelt down in front of her son and lovingly ran her fingers 
over his shaft.

"You dirty little boy," she said in mock severity. "You haven't 
washed your cock."

She turned to her sister as she gripped the base of her sons 
cock and said in a low throaty voice. "Come and smell my cunt 
hole. His cock stinks of my horny slit."

Paula was in a daze as she dropped the bedcovers from the front 
of her body and crawled down the bed. John couldn't see his Aunt's 
shaven cunt but he stared at her swinging tits with the long hard 
nipples. As her face came close to her nephew's prick, Paula could 
easily smell the scent of her sister's cunt that clung to the shaft. 
Claire's fist was still wrapped around John's cock and she pulled 
it closer to her sister's face.

"Taste my cum," she commanded. "I drenched his cock when I came."

Her mind whirled as she leaned forward and touched the boy's cock 
with her tongue. She pulled the drop of pre-cum into her mouth and 
savoured the taste before closing her lips around John's shaft. The 
head completely filled her mouth and she moaned at the depravity of 
the situation. The boy's prick was bigger than her husband's was 
and she flicked her darting tongue over his piss hole.

Claire pushed her hand between her sister's legs and found her 
soaking sex. She pushed two fingers onto her cunt and then pulled 
them clear.

"Taste your Auntie's hot cunt," she said to her son, raising her 
slimy fingers up to his face. 

For the first time in his life, John tasted the sex of someone 
other that his mother. 

"Oh god, I shouldn't be doing this," Paula thought as she sucked 
strongly on her nephew's prick. Her brain was screaming at her to 
stop but her dripping sex and burning clit were demanding that she 
continue. She groaned as she felt her sister's fingers slide deep 
into her cunt and she pushed her butt back at her.

John licked his lips as his mother pulled her fingers out of his 
"Did you like that?" she asked huskily and smiled as her son 
nodded his head enthusiastically.

"Do you want more?" she continued. 

As he nodded again, she hissed, "Tell me. Tell me what you want."

"I want more cunt juice," the boy replied breathlessly. "I want to
 taste more of Paula's hole."

Claire's heart pounded in her chest and her face was flushed with 
lust as she watched her sister's hot mouth eagerly devour John's 
cock. She pushed two fingers back into Paula's cunt and at the 
same time, drove two fingers of her other hand up her own fuck 
hole. She stood up and pushed both hands towards her son's face. 
The boy's nostrils flared as the odour from her slime covered 
fingers reached him and he licked first one and then the other 
hand. The two sisters tasted different but equally delicious and 
he crammed all four fingers into his mouth and licked them clean.
As she stepped back, Claire could see that John's breathing rate 
had increased and his face was beginning to contort. She dropped 
her hand to her sister's shoulder and gently, but firmly, drew her 
As the massive prick slipped from between her lips, Paula looked 
up to her sisters face and Claire said simply, "Time to fuck."

Paula let her sister take her over to the bed and she lay on her 
back. For the first time, John had a good look at his Aunts cunt 
hole and his breath caught in the back of his throat. Paula's fuck 
hole was completely shaved and the outer sex lips were red and 
swollen with her desire. Her cunt was slightly open and a thin 
trickle of juice leaked out of her hole.

Claire got onto the bed beside her sister and looked up at her son.
"Want to see some pink honey?" she asked softly
John licked his dry lips as he nodded and watched enthralled as 
Claire pulled Paula's cunt lips open and let him gaze into the hot 
pink tube. More cunt juice poured out of her body as she slit was 
held open and Claire looked up at her son and gasped, "Fuck her John. 
Fill your Auntie's wet hole with your cock."

The mattress creaked as John climbed onto the bed and knelt between 
Paula's parted legs. As she looked down her body, Paula could see 
the boy's prick shine with her throat slime and she held her breath 
as the shaft nudged against the entrance to her cunt.

Claire held her sisters sex lips open with the spread fingers of 
one hand as she gripped her son's shaft and rubbed it up and down 
Paula's slit. 
Paula moaned as the hot head of John's cock slid over her throbbing 
clit and she gasped loudly when Claire let the boy push about four 
inches up her cunt.

"Feel good?" she asked her sister breathlessly.

Paula nodded as she savoured the delicious of having her cunt walls 
stretched apart by a hard cock. All of her inhibitions about fucking 
with her nephew had vanished and her body was consumed with her lust. 
She tried to squirm forward to get more of John's prick inside her, 
but Claire giggled as she teased her by gripping his slippery shaft 
tightly to stop him going any further.
"Please Claire," Paula pleaded. "I want more."

Claire smiled and relaxed her grip. Feeling the pressure ease 
slightly, John pushed forward and his thick cock slid up Paula's 
fuck hole.

"Go on baby," Claire said to him. "Stretch the wrinkles out of 
her cunt."

Paula was panting loudly as her cunt walls were pushed apart and she 
heaved her upper body off the bed and supported herself on her elbows 
as she watched the immense thickness and length of his hard cock 
disappear into her tight hole.
"Oh god, that's so fucking big," she moaned, spreading her legs further 
apart. The swollen outer lips of her sex gripped his shaft tightly as 
Claire let go of her son's prick, and he slid the last few inches deep 
into her fuck tube and battered against her cervix.

It had been many years since Paula's cunt had been so full and she 
moaned continually as the young boy began to slowly fuck her. He may 
have only been 13 years old, but his mother had obviously taught him 
well. He pulled back until only the tip of his cock remained inside 
her body before sliding it fully back in. The thick ribbed shaft was 
rasping against her burning clit and she bit her bottom lip as the 
waves of pleasure radiated out from her sex.
Claire stood up on the bed and her feet straddled her sister's face. 
As Paula looked up between Claire's legs, she could see the stale 
spunk ooze out of her hole and cling to her swollen cunt lips. 
Claire bent down and gripped her sister's ankles raising her legs 
straight up in the air. As she held them up and apart, John increased 
the speed of his thrusts slapping his big balls against her firm ass 
with every stroke.

"Fuck her John," Claire cried. "Fuck my horny sister's wet cunt and 
make her cream."

Paula's eyes screwed shut and her head thrashed from side to side as 
she bucked her hips in time with the boy's thrusts. She could feel her 
cunt juices flow out of her overfilled hole and run down between the 
cheeks of her ass and her hands squeezed and kneaded her firm tits. 
The intense pleasure between her legs was building and building as 
she pulled on her rock hard nipples and she gasped for air and 
moaned continually.

"Fuck, I'm so close," she cried, arching her back from the bed and 
pushing her hard clit harder against the pistoning cock.

John gritted his teeth as her fucked his Aunt, and Claire's eyes 
were shining with lust as she watched his thick cock pound on the 
sisters hole.
Claire was suddenly aware that Paula was trying to pull her ankles 
out of her hands and she released her hold. As Paula's feet fell to 
the bed, she drew them up and planted the soles of her feet firmly 
on the bed covers. As she arched her back off the bed, she 
growled, "Bring me off you big cocked bastard. I need to cum."

John could feel his own orgasm build and he ground his teeth together 
as he fucked her even harder. The intensity of the waves of ecstasy 
racing through her body got higher and higher and she was moaning and 
groaning continually. Her throbbing clit controlled her entire body 
and just when she thought that she couldn't take any more, a massive 
climax exploded inside her. Every nerve erupted and shot feelings of 
pleasure into her brain and every muscle convulsed. Her already 
soaking cunt sprayed her thick cum over John's cock and covered his 
crotch as her body shuddered violently.

Seeing his Aunt orgasm wildly, the boy gripped her hips tightly and 
drove his shaft hard up her cunt. As the tip mashed against her 
cervix, his hot spunk shot up his piss hole and splattered into 
the bottom of her fuck tube.
"Fuck, I'm spurting," he gasped as he looked up into his mothers 
smiling face.
As his thick sperm coated her cervix and oozed into her womb, Paula 
shuddered again and her body eventually collapsed back down onto the 
As John pulled his prick out of Paula's sticky hole, Claire got onto 
her knees beside him and started to clean his with her mouth. Her 
tongue licked the length of his shaft avoiding the sensitive tip and 
she relished the taste of spunk and girl cum that flooded her mouth. 
She licked every inch of the cock until it was shiny clean and then 
gently kissed and nuzzled the head. A few drops of late spunk clung 
to the boys piss hole and she eagerly sucked the slime into her mouth. 
Under her expert tongue, the cock was beginning to stiffen again, and 
by the time she had licked John's balls clean, it was standing hard 

Paula was just starting to recover her senses as her sister raised her 
head from her son's crotch and kissed him deeply. As she broke the kiss 
she said, "My turn now baby. My cunts still full of your spunk and I 
want you to fill my asshole as well."

Jason was lying on the bed exhausted. Jenny's mouth had sucked every 
last drop of spunk out of his cock and her tongue had licked the shaft 
clean and Mandy was just recovering from her cum.
She adored the feeling of having human sperm inside her cunt for the 
first time in her young life, and every time the slightest drop leaked 
out of her hole, her fingers would scoop it up and she slurped it into 
her throat.

As Jenny watched her younger cousin lick her fingers clean, she said 
to her, "I want some spunk inside me as well. Do you think we can 
get Prince interested?"

"Prince is always interested," Mandy replied with a smile. "Are you 
really going to let him fuck you?"

When Jenny nodded, Jason sat up on the bed to watch what was going 
on and Mandy called the big dog over to the bed.

"Oh god, I want his hot prick up my cunt," she moaned as she got 
onto her hands and knees and thrust out her butt. Prince immediately 
moved up to Jenny's exposed ass and snuffled her wet hole.
"Oh yea," she gasped, feeling the wet snout nudging her cunt. 

"Make him fuck me!" she said looking up at her cousin. "I want 
to feel him inside me."

"Give him a few minutes," Mandy replied getting down on her knees 
beside her. "Let him smell and taste your cunt and that'll get 
him hot."

After smelling her sex for a few seconds, Prince's long tongue 
swept over her soaked sex lips and pushed into her fuck tube. She 
jumped as the animal's tongue thrashed about inside her and she 
pushed her butt back to encourage the dog to go deeper.

Jason was almost holding his breath as he watched his sister 
being licked out and his cock stiffened again at the sight.

The pink tip of the dog's cock appeared out of its sheath and 
Mandy reached out and started to jack the dog off. She thrilled 
as the pink shaft grew and hardened beneath her fingers, and, 
as more and more of the prick emerged, her hand milked the 
animal faster. Prince's cock swelled in Mandy's fist and his 
hind quarters started humping driving his long red prick in 
and out of Mandy's hot hand.

Jason got off the bed and onto his knees on the other side of 
his sister. Grabbing both her butt cheeks he pulled them apart 
to give the dog better access. Prince took half a step forward 
and his wet nose pressed firmly on the girl's asshole as he 
wormed another inch of his tongue up her front tube. Jenny 
groaned loudly as the dog's tongue reached the bottom of her 
cunt and flicked over her cervix. The feeling was delicious 
and she shuddered as a small orgasm shot through her body. 
She was still panting when Mandy let go of the animal's prick 
and crawled up to Jenny's head. She bent down and whispered 
in her ear, "He's ready now."

Jenny's head came up from the floor and her eyes opened to 
look into Mandy's face.
"Make him fuck me," she said in a low voice. "I want his cock 
inside me."

Mandy turned back to her pet and grasped his collar to haul him 
backwards. Jenny groaned as her cunt was suddenly empty of the 
animal's tongue and she heard Mandy say, "Come on, boy. I've got 
some nice tight cunt for you." 

She helped the horny animal up on to Jenny's young back and his 
front paws immediately encircled her waist and his weight rested 
on her back. His hind legs pranced on the floor as his cock began 
thrusting in the air. He growled with pleasure as Mandy grasped 
the base of his prick and positioned it at the entrance of Jenny's 
soaking cunt. As the tip brushed against her outer lips, the preteen 
groaned and gasped, "I can feel it. Oh fuck, I can feel his cock."

She was so aroused that her butt was moving from side to side and 
Mandy had to hiss to her, "Keep still. I can't get his cock into 
your cunt if you keep moving it around."
Jenny bit her bottom lip as she concentrated on keeping still. The 
cunt juice was dripping out of her hot hole and it was so 
frustrating to feel the dog's cock so close to penetrating her

Mandy guided the animals cock to Jenny's stationary fuck hole and 
Prince did the rest. Once he felt the head of his cock enter her 
hot cunt, he lunged forward with his powerful haunches, and drove 
his entire length up Jenny's saturated hole. 
Jenny's shriek was muffled because her face was pressed into the 
floor when Prince thrust forward and her cunt walls were forced 
wide apart. Mandy had never described the dog's cock to her 
friend and Jenny was shocked at the size. It was over eight 
inches long and about two and a half inches in diameter. To the 
young girl, it felt like someone's fist had been rammed up her 
tube and there was a few moments of stabbing pain as her sex 
adjusted to the size.
Her cunt expanded under the impact of the prick, then clenched 
tightly around the shaft as Prince started fucking her brutally. 
The speed of the dog's thrusts was amazing and she moaned 
continually as the flashing cock stirred up her cunt juice to 
a thick froth that clung around the entrance to her hole.
Her eyes were glazed over and her breaths came in short sharp 
gasps as she surrendered totally to the waves of pure bliss that 
radiated through her young body.

Jason bent down to look at the thick red shaft that was fucking 
his little sister and lay down on his back for a better view. He 
squirmed beneath Jenny's body until his upturned face was almost 
between her legs. He thrilled at the sight of her swollen and 
battered cunt lips clinging tightly around the thrusting dog cock 
and his hand moved to his rigid prick and he began stroking himself. 
Mandy was watching him and she stood up and walked around the 
animals back to where he was lying. Some of the boy's spunk was 
leaking out of her cunt and running down the inside of one of her 
legs as she stood across his body and squatted down. Just before 
her slit made contact with his shaft, she gently pulled his hand 
away and sank onto his cock.
Jason's head came off the floor, but, because of his sister's body, 
he couldn't see Mandy's face. All he could see was the young girl's 
preteen cunt slide down his prick. Her hole was still full of the 
boy's spunk and it squirted out of her hole and ran down to drip 
from his balls as she sat on him.
With his hands now free, Jason reached up and gripped one of his 
sister's nipples. The sensitive flesh was sticking straight out 
from her developing tits and was hard as a cherry stone. 
She gasped loudly at this new assault and her body twisted under 
the rapid thrusts of the dog.

Jenny's continual moans were turning Mandy on, and she bounced her 
tight cunt up and down her cousin's cock.

"Oh, my God!" Jenny suddenly gasped, shuddering all over. "Oh fuck, 
I'm cumming."
Her entire body shuddered and convulsed in ecstasy. Even her nipple, 
that was still between Jason's fingers, tightened, and a flood of 
cream ran out of her cunt. The dog's cock was continually leaking 
pre-cum and Jenny's fuck hole was spurting out cunt cream in such 
amounts that the inside of both her legs were covered in the slime 
and a large pool was forming on the floor between her knees.
The large animal took no notice of Jenny's orgasm and still fucked 
her brains out.

As she recovered slowly from her climax, she could feel Prince's cock 
swell inside her hole. The feeling thrilled her, as she knew that 
he must be close to spurting. Her senses reeled and her forehead hit 
her arms and she trembled violently all over as the powerful fucking 
cock in her hot cunt excited her further.  She had almost trapped 
Jason's head beneath her body as she flopped down and bit her arm 
and held the salty flesh between her teeth to smother her screams 
of delight. Her cunt creamed wetly, and Prince fucked faster and 
faster. The dog suddenly yelped and Jenny jumped as his knot 
smashed past her cunt lips and wedged itself into her hole. 
"Oh fuck," she moaned, "He's splitting me in two.
Her cunt walls had never been so stretched before and Jason's eyes 
were wide open in astonishment at the sight. The knot was still 
swelling at the entrance to her cunt and she was well plugged.
The dog's hind legs danced on the floor and his big balls swung, 
then tightened up like hot rocks as they swelled up with cum. He 
drooled slime onto Jenny's shaking back and bared his teeth as he 
suddenly stood absolutely still.
"Oh fuck," Jenny gasped, jerking violently on his cock. "He's 

She shuddered uncontrollably as Prince's big, thick cock spurted 
savagely into her young cunt. Jenny was completely overwhelmed as 
blast after blast of hot dog spunk lanced into plugged hole and 
rapidly filled her up. She could hear the squishy sounds as the 
animal's cock moved inside her cum filled hole and deposited 
more and more of his watery semen into her. The pressure on her 
cunt walls increased as she thought Prince would never stop squirting.
"Oh shit, I'm coming again," she groaned as she convulsed into 
another climax. Her cunt creamed and creamed, but this time the 
slime had no place to go and added to the pressure inside her 
fuck tube.

As her senses returned, she realised that Prince had stopped 
cumming and that his front paws were now on top of her back as 
he tried to pull his prick out of her cunt. She gasped every 
time he tried to pull back and she ran one hand over her stomach 
and could clearly feel the bulge where her hole was completely 
full of dog slime.

Seeing her cousin orgasm had brought Mandy very close to her 
own cum and she worked her tight cunt up and down Jason's shaft 
as her fingers rubbed furiously at her throbbing clit. 
She suddenly heard Jason gasp and just as the first jet of his 
spunk splattered against her cervix, she climaxed and flooded 
his cock and balls with her cream.

As Mandy rose unsteadily to her feet with spunk dripping out of 
her red and swollen cunt, Jason squirmed out from under his 
sister's body and also got to his feet. Prince choose that 
moment to pull back hard and his prick came free with a loud 
plop. The pressure that had built up in Jenny's cunt sprayed 
the sticky slime out of her hole and all over the floor.
Jenny screeched as her cunt was emptied and her head collapsed 
onto her arms for a few moments. When she eventually raised her 
head again, she was grinning from ear to ear and she 
said, "Fuck. That was awesome." 

They all sat on the bed and watched as Prince lapped all the 
juices from the floor before he wandered back to his corner 
and flopped down on his bed to lick his cock and balls clean.

Claire was kneeling on the bed with her butt high in the air. 
She was moaning as both Paula and John ran their tongues around 
her puckered little asshole. Paula pressed her index finger 
lightly in the centre on the closed hole and she could feel it 
give. Increasing the pressure slightly and making sure that her 
finger was covered in saliva, she wormed her way into her 
sister's bowels.
"Oh god, that feels nice," Claire moaned wriggling her but to 
encourage them.
Paula and John grinned at each other and when Paula pulled her 
finger out, Claire's hole remained slightly open. John licked 
his finger and slowly eased it up his mothers shitter as Paula 
bend her head down and licked around the loosening opening and 
the boys finger.

As John finger fucked Claire's asshole, Paula figured she was 
loose enough for another finger. Pushing in beside her nephew, 
they both slid their fingers in and out of the woman's shitter 
and gently pulled her open.
"She's ready," Paula said breathlessly and they both pulled 
their fingers out. 
John stood up on the bed gazing down at the slightly open asshole 
and he gasped as Paula bent forward and slurped the head of his 
hard cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down for a few 
seconds before she drew it back and spat on the shaft. Her open 
mouth pulled him inside her throat again and her fist closed over 
the shaft spreading her saliva over the surface.
Releasing him with a loud plop, she then spat between the spread 
cheeks of her sisters ass watching the saliva slowly run down the 
tight flesh and right inside the open hole.
"Fuck her," she said looking up a t the boy.

John shuffled forward and Claire moaned as her son's cock nudged 
against her shitter. She concentrated on keeping her shit hole 
loose, as it was a natural reaction to tighten it up, and she 
groaned again as the head forced her shit tube apart and slipped 
past the resistance of her anal ring and stopped for a moment 
with the head just inside her body.

Paula sat back on her heels and her hand automatically dropped 
between her legs. Her sex lips were still red and swollen and 
they were slick with the spunk that was oozing out of her hole. 
Pushing two fingers into her cunt, she began to finger fuck 
herself slowly as she watched the erotic sight of her sister 
getting buggered. 
Slowly, millimetre by millimetre, John pushed forward again, 
sliding his cock relentlessly up his mother's shit hole.  
"Oh yea, do it slow baby. I want to feel your big cock really 
stretch my asshole," Claire gasped, as she let her head drop onto 
the bed.

John was creeping in as slow as he could and a little more than 
half of his prick was now up her shitter. Her tight hole gripped 
him like a vice and felt hot on his flesh. As he continued to push 
forward, Paula was spitting onto her sisters bulging asshole and 
the lubrication as being forced inside her body by her son's cock

When Claire drew a sharp breath and involuntarily tightened her 
shit tube, John stopped pushing forward and slowly drew back until 
just the tip of her cock was still in her back hole. As his mother 
relaxed, he moved forward again slowly until he reached the previous 
point of maximum penetration and smoothly, minutely, slid past it and
 went deeper.  Claire's fists clenched tightly at the bedcovers and 
she moaned, "Keep going baby. Ram that shit disturber right up my
dirty hole." 
John had got all but an inch up her ass this time before stopping 
and pulling back again.  Claire let out a deep breath that she had 
been holding when the inward pressure eased and he let her pant for
a moment before he drove his shaft all the way into her bowels.

Paula hadn't realised that she had been holding her breath as the l
ast few inches of her young nephew's cock slid into Claire's body 
and she now let it go with long "Wowwwwwww." And gulped more air 
into her lungs.
With one hand still busy in her own sex, her other hand slid under 
Claire's body and between her legs searching for, and immediately 
finding, her stiff clit.

Claire made a strange new sound, a high pitched whine as her 
sisters fingers closed around her sensitive pleasure bud, and 
she felt her son's hard stomach muscles press into her butt 
cheeks showing her that he couldn't get any further into her asshole. 
"Oh my god," Claire moaned.  "Please don't move. That feels so 
fucking good that I'm nearly cumming."

Paula grinned up at John and winked. The unspoken message was clear 
and he nodded his head.
A hoarse scream was ripped from Claire's throat as Paula suddenly, and 
savagely, squeezed and twisted her throbbing clit and forced her into 
a massive orgasm.

Her body convulsed and her tight shit tube spasmed around John's 
cock squeezing him tighter and tighter. The boy gripped her hips 
firmly and held her butt cheeks against his stomach as her upper 
body thrashed about on the bed.
Paula's hand was covered in the mixture of stale spunk and cunt 
cream that washed out of her sisters fuck hole and decided to let 
go of Claire's clit and let her recover.
It took a few moments for Claire's body to stop shuddering and her 
breathing was ragged and her voice was soft as she said, "God, that 
was fucking awesome. I came so hard."

She hauled her upper body up until her arms were straight and 
looked around at her son.
Claire's tight anal tube still twitched spasmodically every few 
moments, increasing the already strong pressure that surround John's 
shaft in the tightest grip he had ever felt.  
As his mother watched, he spread her ass cheeks with his thumbs and 
pressed forward as far as possible, pushing his prick as far up 
her back hole as possible.

"You bastard," Claire groaned, "You motherfucking bastard!" 
John grinned at her and she slowly began to roll her hips around 
on his cock. Her breathing was still ragged, but she hissed, "Fuck 
me. Fuck me hard."

John started to slip his cock in and out of her back tube. Slowly
at first and no more than an inch or two. Claire held still and 
then gradually joined in, shifting back and forth in harmony with 
her sons movements 
Gradually speeding up his thrusts and lengthening his strokes, John 
began to shove in and out of Claire's shitter until she started to 
pant with passion, and her hip movements became more demanding.
She slipped a hand under her stomach and into her cunt, rubbing 
her clit for several strokes, then reached back further to circle 
a thumb and finger around Johns cock as it slid in and out of her 
She let go after a few moments and moved her hand back to her 
front hole, where she began rubbing her clit again in time to 
his thrusts.

John's hips pistoned backwards forward driving his cock all the 
way up her shit tube, then pulling it back, only to plunge 
forward again. Claire was making almost continuous moaning sounds 
and had begun jamming her hips backward to match her son's thrusts.
Her face was buried into the bedcovers and she turned her head to 
the side to gasp. "Fuck, that's deep baby. Ream me hard."
The cunt juice was running out of Paula's swollen cunt as she flashed 
three fingers in and out of her hole. Her other hand was kneading and 
pulling at her sister's tit as it hung down from her chest and the 
firm flesh rippled every time John's stomach slapped against his 
mother's butt.

Claire's hand was between her legs and rotating rapidly over her 
burning clit. She moaned and whimpered as her asshole was pounded 
and the tingling around her cunt became almost unbearable. 

"Oh god," she moaned. "God, I'm so close." 
The boy gripped her hips even tighter and speeded up his thrusts 
again as Claire's hand became a blur between her legs.
"Oh god John, you're gonna make me come again," she cried, and, 
almost before she got it out, began to buck and jerk as her 
orgasm raced through her body "Fuck, fuck," she cried. "Ram me 
you big cocked bastard.  Ram your cock up my asshole." 

As her body convulsed, John looked down at his cock and jerked his 
hips forward to slam it home until he slapped against her soft butt 
cheeks.  The obscene sight of his huge shaft plunging into her shit 
hole while Claire cried and jerked and shuddered in the throes of 
her second orgasm sent him plummeting over the edge.
He gritted his teeth and groaned loudly as he felt the cum boil 
out of his balls and jet into her spasming ass tube.  

Claire felt the powerful throbs of her son's cock, then the boiling 
wetness of his cum juice as it squirted rapidly along the walls of 
her blistering hot asshole. The feel of her son coming inside her 
ass sent her orgasms into a mindless spasm that clutched her whole 
body. She shook violently as she came, her asshole seeming to 
suck the spunk out of John's tight young balls.

She was still shuddering as he pulled his cock from her asshole. As 
she collapsed onto the bed, John turned expectantly to Paula and 
wasn't disappointed. She immediately fell onto his prick and 
slurped it into her mouth. She savoured the delicious taste of 
his spunk and her sister's asshole that clung to his shaft and 
she didn't stop her hot mouth action until he was completely 
All three then sprawled exhausted on the bed until Claire 
eventually stirred and rolled onto her back. Her eyes opened 
and she smiled at her son and pulled him into her arms. As she 
gave him a very unmotherly like kiss, she squeezed gently at 
his soft cock and whispered, "Thanks baby. You're a great 

As he beamed in pleasure, she continued, "Now, I think you
 should go quietly back to your room."

He nodded and jumped to his feet. Bending down to kiss his mother 
again, he then went round the bed and kissed Paula and couldn't 
resist having a quick squeeze at her tits.

He had a smile on his face as he walked towards the door and it 
widened into a broad grin as Paula said quietly, "You tell Jason 
to help you with your chores tomorrow John. You're going to need 
all your strength for tomorrow night."

As John closed the bedroom quietly behind him, Paula stretched her 
naked body on the bed and had that dreamy and well satisfied look 
on her face that comes from a good fuck.
Claire was lying beside her with her eyes lightly closed when Paula 
suddenly said, "Shit, I hope none of the other kids heard us tonight."

Claire's eyes opened as she replied, "We're too far away from their 
room for them to have heard anything, but I think we may have another 
problem with them."

"What do you mean," Paula asked.

By way of an answer, Claire swung her legs off the bed and stood up. 
Paula could clearly see that her sisters ass crack was soaking with 
spunk that was leaking out of her asshole but she stayed quiet as 
Claire crossed to where her robe was hanging on the back of the 
bedroom door. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the panties 
that she had lifted from beside Jason's bed.
"Recognise these?" she asked.

"Yea, there Jenny's" Paula confirmed, sitting up on the bed. "Where 
did you get them?"

"They were lying on the floor at the side of Jason's bed," Claire 

Paula was silent for a few seconds and then shrugged her 
shoulders, "So he likes to jack of into his sisters panties. You surely 
can't think that that's perverted when you consider what we've just 

Claire crossed back over to the bed and sat down. She turned the panties 
inside out and pushed the crotch into her sister's face.
"Smell," she commanded.

As Paula inhaled, she could smell the mixture of cunt and spunk and she 
fingered the material thoughtfully. She looked up at Claire, who took a 
deep breath and said, "The thing is Paula, is that when I went to get 
John, Jason's bed was empty and if you look again at your daughters 
panties, you'll find that the stain isn't from Jason jacking himself 
off. It's from spunk running out of a cunt."

Paula's jaw dropped as her sister continued, "That means your son is fucking 
your daughter and if that's what they were doing tonight, it also means 
that Mandy is involved."

"Shit," Paula eventually managed to say. "Those dirty little fuckers."

                            o0o The End o0o

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