Adapted from the original graphic novel by Noe and Barreiro 

Convent From Hell.

( Sex women-demon / girl-girl / anal / group / zoo sex women-dog)

It was mid autumn of the year 1952 and the full moon rose over the Cloistered 
Convent of the Marionite Sisters. Sitting on the top of Temple Hill, the imposing 
building cast a long shadow over the sleepy hamlet of Milton nestling in the valley 

The Mother Superior was a French woman who had taken the name of Sister Juana and 
she was sitting in her study writing her monthly report, for the Cardinal, when 
there was a knock at the door. Before she could raise her head to answer it, the 
door burst open and Sister Bernadette and Sister Mary half carried and half dragged 
Sister Isa into the room.

Sister Isa was sobbing and struggled to free herself from the tight grip of the 
Sister on either side of her but their combined strength was too much for her.

Sister Juana gently lowered her quill pen into its holder and took a deep breath 
before standing up with her hands clasped in front of her body.

“What is the meaning of this intrusion?” she asked, looking at Sister Bernadette 
who was the oldest.

“We caught Sister Isa in the bath Mother Superior,” Sister Bernadette replied.

“Sister Bernadette,” Juana replied patiently. “I’m sure that you are aware that 
every nun is allowed one warm bath every month and I believe that Sister Isa had 
permission to take hers tonight.”

“Yes Mother Superior, I am aware of that,” the older nun retorted, “But Sister 
Mary and I caught Sister Isa touching herself while she was bathing.”

The Mother Superior looked at Sister Isa for a long moment and noted that she 
had stopped struggling and that she wouldn't lift her head to look at her.

“Go on Sister Bernadette,” Juana said quietly. “Tell me exactly what you saw.”

The nun swallowed and then squared her shoulders as she replied, “Sister Isa 
obviously didn't hear us come into the bathroom and she was lying back in the 
bath with her eyes closed and moaning. One leg was thrown over the side of the 
bath and she had two fingers in her.... Well her...”

“Cunt,” Juana said helpfully.

Sister Bernadette’s face went cherry red but she nodded her agreement.

The Mother Superior stepped forward and placed a finger under Sister Isa’s chin 
and gently lifted the nun’s head until they made eye contact.

“Is this true Sister?” she asked.

Sister began to sob again but she nodded her head.

“My child,” Juana said gently. “I want you to know that I don't blame you for what 
you did. It wasn't your fault.”

Sister looked up hopefully but cringed as the Mother Superior continued, “The devil 
has entered your body and forced these lustful thought onto you. We will remove 
Satan from your body.”

“No. NO!” Sister Isa shouted in anguish as the full horror of what was going to 
happen penetrated her brain. “I promise you that it will never happen again.”

The Mother Superior took a step back and shook her head ruefully. 
“Take her to the cell,” she commanded.

Sister Isa was 21 years old and came to the convent three years ago. When she 
arrived she had long brown hair hanging down her back and a beautiful face. Her 
36B-24-34 figure was fit and tight but was now almost permanently hidden below the 
baggy nun’s tunic dress and wimple that was the only clothing the nun’s were 
allowed to wear.

It was about an hour later when the Mother Superior entered the cell in the basement. 
Sister Isa was sitting on a stout timber chair and her wrists were tied securely onto 
the arms. Juana could see the tracks of her dried tears across her cheeks and fresh 
tears welled up in her eyes as the Mother Superior entered the room.
Sister Bernadette and Sister Mary were standing at the sides of the chair and they 
watched Juana walk over to a cupboard fixed to the wall and unlock it with a key that 
she wore on a chain around her neck.
Reaching inside, she pulled out a huge imitation cock made from leather. She cradled 
it in her arms and Sister Isa screamed when she saw it.

“What are you whining about Satan,” Juana said as the walked over to the struggling 
“It didn't seam to hurt when you were fingering yourself in the bath.”

“Please. Please don’t,” Isa pleaded but Juana cut her off sharply. 
“Don't try to fool me Beelzebub,” she said harshly. “I know is you inside this body.”

She placed the cock in front of Isa’s face and let her study it closely. It was 
over 4 inches in diameter and 24 inches long. It had a two handed grip at the 
end and another two grips flared out from the sides like the blade guard of a 
sword. Thin straps of leather crossed the surface in a diagonal pattern making 
it rough and ridged.

“Look at it Satan,” Juana cried. “Is this what you were thinking about as you were 
playing with yourself. Something the size of a horse inside you?”

Sister Isa was crying uncontrollably as Juana nodded at the other two nuns’ who 
pulled Sister Isa’s tunic up to her waist exposing her cunt. The nun’s weren’t 
allowed to wear any clothes under their habit and Bernadette and Mary took a leg 
each and pulled them apart like a wishbone before tying them to two specially made 
extensions to the chair.

“Have mercy,” Isa pleaded.

“Are you afraid it won’t fit into your little hole Satan?” Juana asked.

Crossing back to the cupboard, she returned with a dirty metal pot and said 
sadistically, “A little axle grease will make it fit.”

As she smeared the grease over the shaft she looked over at the other two nun’s 
and said, “ Sister Mary, rub a little saliva between her legs. I want her cunt 
lips open.”

With a broad grin on her face, Sister Mary spat on her fingers and said 
happily, “Yes Mother Superior.”

Sister Isa was terrified and her fuck hole was dry but Sister Mary rubbed her slippery 
fingers around her outer lips and then slit two into her cunt while Sister Bernadette 
watched with a jealous look on her face. Glancing over to make sure that Juana wasn't 
looking, Mary finger fucked Isa rapidly for a few seconds and then pressed onto her 

Isa moaned loudly enough to attract Juana’s attention and she came over with the 
imitation cock and said, “So you like getting rubbed do you Satan. Damn you for 
turning this poor Sister into a slut.”
She saw that Mary was still rubbing her fingers over Isa’s responding slit and 
snapped, “That’ll be enough Mary.”

The nun snatched her fingers away and moved to stand behind the Mother Superior. Now 
sure that Juana couldn't see her, she smelled her fingers appreciatively and them 
waved them beneath Bernadette’s nose to let her smell them too.

Juana had the greased dildo positioned at the entrance to Isa’s cunt and she paused 
and looked up at the girl.

“Nooooo Pleeeeeeeaseeeee,” Isa wailed, as a sadistic smile lit up Juana’s face and 
she pushed forward with all her might.

“Aaaaggghh,” Isa cried followed by a long piercing scream.

The girl had managed to take almost 12 inches of the thick cock up her cunt and she 
screamed again as Juana started sawing it in and out of her body.

The leather quickly became stained with Isa’s blood as the straps on the surface cut 
into her tender flesh and the size of the dildo tore the entrance to her sex as it 
was forced inside.

Juana’s entire body was covered in sweat beneath her habit as she continued driving 
the cock in and out of Isa’s hole and she only stopped when Bernadette put her hand 
onto her shoulder. Isa had lost consciousness from the pain and as Juana focused her 
eyes between her legs she could see that that the area was just a bloody mess. She 
pulled the cock out and dropped it on the floor as she straightened up and tried to 
control her erratic breathing.
“Take her to the infirmary,” she said quietly.

Juana felt light headed as she walked up the quiet corridor to her room. She closed 
the door behind her and leaned her back on it as her hands circled and then squeezed 
her firm tits beneath her tunic. She moaned softly and pulled the dress over head, 
removing the wimple at the same time, as she walked towards her single bed.

One of the few mirrors in the entire convent was mounted on her wall and she gazed at 
her reflection.
Juana was 35 years old and 5 foot 10 inches tall. Her blonde hair has been cut short 
when she joined the sisterhood but she still managed to look very feminine. Her 34C 
tits were firm and jutted out proudly from her body and her long nipples had 
tightened and hardened while she was dealing with Isa. She was almost frightened 
to look between her legs because she knew what she would find. All of the nuns would 
have been surprised and some would even be shocked to learn that Juana shaved her 
cunt and she kept it baby smooth. She eventually looked down and sighed in dismay 
at the state of her sex. She didn't know why torture had such an arousing effect on 
her, but there could be no doubting that it did. Her cunt was open and dripping its 
juices onto the floor. The insides of both her thighs were soaked and she stared at 
the pink interior of her hole. 

She didn’t even stop to think about the hypocrisy of the fact that she had just 
brutally tortured a young girl for doing exactly what she was about to do.

The difference is, she thought, that the silly little bitch had got herself caught 
and Juana had to maintain discipline among the nuns. 
Her eyes closed and she rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet as her hands 
squeezed her tits and she felt her hard nipples press into the palms of her hand.

“Oh yes,” she said very quietly as she squeezed and pinched her sensitive teats      
She lay down on the bed and stretched out as one finger slipped into her soaking slit.
“Mmmmmm,” she moaned softly.
As she stroked her cunt with one hand, the other roamed over her breasts, pinching 
first one nipple then moving on to the other. 

Her breath was coming quicker with each stroke of her fingers to her now exposed 
clit. She needed her cunt filled and she dropped her hand from her tits and felt 
under the bed. She knew exactly where it was and she smiled as her hand closed around 
the hard surface

What had began life as a 4 inch diameter and 12 inch long, white, alter candle had 
been lovingly carved into a wax cock. She had carved the diameter down to a more 
realistic size but kept the length. She never washed it and she could smell her 
juices on it from the last time it had been crammed inside her hot cunt. There 
was no need to wet the prick with her saliva because her fuck tube was already 
soaking and open.
Juana began to rub the candle over her sex lips and throbbing clit, teasing herself 
and making her hips buck on the bed as if they had a mind of their own. She slowly 
inserted the end into her dripping hole, pushing it in until the tip was against her 
cervix and there was only about an inch remaining outside her body. 
She held it there for a minute while her other hand rubbed and pulled on her clit. 
Her head was tilted back, lips parted and her breathing had quickened with each 
stroke of her fingers. Juana pulled the candle almost all the way out then plunged 
it back into her sopping wet hole with a small cry of pleasure. She worked it into 
a steady pumping rhythm, as her hips lifted to meet each thrust. 

When she had first carved the candle, she had left ridges all over the surface and 
she could feel those ridges now as they rubbed her clit with every stroke. It no 
time at all or so it seemed, Juana felt her orgasm building to its peak and then 
her body shuddered with the intense release she was seeking. Her back arched as her 
hips bucked as she pumping the fuck toy in and out of her cunt spraying her cream 
all over it. Her teeth were tightly clamped together to prevent her crying out as 
she shuddered and convulsed.

When at last it ended Juana’s body crashed back down on the bed and she lay still, 
gasping for breath until her heart rate returned to normal.
Her cum had exhausted her and she left the candle embedded in her cunt and pulled 
the blanket over her naked body. Within minutes, she was fast asleep.

Early the next morning, Juana was supervising in the kitchens when Sister Angela 
approached her and told her that they had run out of oil and that the cereal bin 
was almost empty.

“Whose duty is it to keep the kitchen stocked?” the Mother Superior asked.

“Sister Isa,” Angela replied and looked down at the floor as she continued, “She’s 
in the infirmary.

Juana sighed and said, “Then you do it Sister Angela. Go down to the storeroom 
and bring up some oil imediately.”

The storeroom was in the basement beside the torture cell and Angela shivered as 
she walked past. The rumour mill had made sure that everyone knew what had happened 
to Sister Isa and Angela vowed to herself that she would be much more careful in 
future when she masturbated.

She opened the storeroom door and walked inside. The room was filled from floor 
to ceiling with shelving that was stacked with all manner of foodstuffs.

“Oil,” she said quietly. “Where’s the oil?”

She stood in the centre of the room slowly spinning around until her eyes suddenly 
found the oil. 
“Damn,” she said at the sight of all the flagons sitting on a top shelf. 
Angela was 27 years old and 5 foot 8 inches tall and there was no way she was going 
to reach that shelf. She looked around for steps or something to climb on but there 
was nothing in the room. She could have gone back upstairs and found steps but the 
thought of the Mother Superior pacing the kitchen waiting for the oil ruled that 
option out. She studied the shelves and judged that they would take her weight and 
she began climbing them like a ladder. She was standing on the second shelf and 
reaching up for the oil when it happened. She had wrongly assumed that the shelves 
would be fixed to the wall and when she reached upwards, the whole rack toppled and 
crashed to the floor pinning her body beneath the timber frame.
Her scream and the smashing of the glass flagons of oil were heard upstairs and the 
storeroom was soon full of the other nuns.
“Right, “Juana shouted, clapping her hands for attention. “Sister Martha and Sister 
Bernadette, please take Sister Angela to the infirmary and Sister Ann and Sister Paula 
clear this mess up.” As the sisters moved to obey, she added, “And the rest of you get 
back to work. There’s nothing you can do here.”

Juana was returning from the infirmary after making sure that Sister Angela was not 
seriously hurt and she decide to check on the clear-up operation in the storeroom.
The two nuns had done a good job and were nearly finished. Juana nodded her head in 
approval and then her brows furrowed as she noticed a large and very ornate door in 
the stone wall which had been behind the shelves that had collapsed.

“That’s strange,” she said quietly. “I don't remember that door being there before.”

A strange tingle went through her fingers when she crossed the room and touched the 
surface. The door was in stark contrast to every other door in the convent. Whilst 
the normal doors were very plain, this door was heavily and beautifully carved and 
inlaid with timbers from all over the world together with patches of red leather that 
shone like new.

Over the course of that day, Juana made a point of speaking to every nun who had been 
in the convent longer that she had, but no one had every seen or heard of the door. 
She also studied the plans of the building that were stored in her office but none 
of then showed the door.
Finally, she retired to her room after evening prayers and drifted into a restless sleep. 

No one was awake in the convent to see the green mist swirl along the corridor and 
hover outside the Mother Superiors door. After a few seconds, the mist dropped down 
to the floor and slid through the crack between the underside of the door and the 
Without hesitation, the mist settled around Juana’s head and she stirred in her 
sleep. Any dreams she was having were swept from her mind and replaced with a 
strange and almost real vision.

She was naked and sitting on the stone floor of a medium sized room facing an ornate 
door set in the stone wall. The door was locked. She didn’t know how she knew that it 
was locked but she was sure that it was. She suddenly realised that it was the door 
in the storeroom.
Juana was sitting with her legs crossed and tucked beneath her in a Lotus position. 
Her hands rested on her knees but she couldn’t move then, which was a pity because 
she was horny. Very horny. Her nipples were hard and erect, her cunt was dripping 
juice and her clit throbbed. As she looked down, she could see a pentagram had been 
drawn on the floor in red chalk and she was sitting in the centre of it.

Words began to form in her head, in a language she didn’t know but she began to speak 
them out loud.
“Ateerth Shub-Niggurath Yog-Sothoth Azathoth,” she droned and then waited a few 
seconds before repeating her chant.

On the third chant, the thin crack around the door suddenly glowed as if a powerful 
light was behind it. Juana felt no fear as the words continued to flow out of her 
mouth faster and faster and louder and louder.
The door exploded inward and the force of the blast hurled her naked body against 
the opposite wall and out of the pentagram. As she struggled to sit up, she shielded 
her eyes from the intense white light streaming through the door and gasped at the 
being that emerged.
“BELZEBUB!” she exclaimed.
Satan was just under 7 foot tall and his demonic body was covered in shaggy hair. Two 
horns sprouted from the top of his head and his hands had razor sharp claws at the 
tips and his feet were cloven hooves. Everything about him was huge and that included 
his cock. It was 18 inches long and the main shaft was about 3 inches in diameter but 
flared out to a huge purple head with an open slit for a piss hole that was leaking 
pre cum that dripped onto the floor as he walked. 

As he walked towards her, his hooves made a sharp clipping noise on the stone floor 
and Juana’s eyes flicked between his hideous face and his huge cock. His eyes were 
mesmerising and she was unable to resist his power.
He towered over her and said, “ You have set me free! What shall be your reward?”

Juana looked down between her legs at the river of juice flowing out of her cunt 
and then back up at the beast and replied, “Fuck me Master.” 
The very walls of the storeroom seemed to vibrate at the sound of Satan’s laughter 
and he commanded, “Turn over.”
Juana rolled quickly onto her stomach and then got onto her knees but kept her tits 
pressed into the floor. This position opened her ass cheeks and offered her sex to 
Satan’s gaze.
His long fingers gripped her hips and he pushed the head of his prick against her 
“Yea, fuck me in the ass Master,” she begged. “Bugger me with your big cock.”

The Devil smiled at her words and drove his hips forward. Juana screamed as she was 
penetrated. The prick was stretching her shit hole to the limit and Satan’s cock was 
burning hot. The mixture of pain and pleasure was incredible.
“Oh fuck,” she moaned as the demon drove his shaft in and out of her bowels. Juana 
suddenly began to shudder. She wasn't even touching her cunt or clit but she was 
cumming hard. Every thrust seemed to intensify her orgasm and her whole body was 
being consumed and controlled by her sex.
Satan raised his head to the ceiling and howled like a wolf as his white hot spunk 
lanced into her shit hole. The size of his cum was more like a horse and his spurts 
were long and powerful. He kept thrusting and Juana’s asshole was so full of his 
semen that every thrust forced the slime to spray out of her body and matt the hair 
around his crotch.
Eventually he pulled out and Juana sank to the floor still convulsing and shaking. 
It took many long minutes for her to recover and haul herself onto her knees in front 
of the demon. His cock was still semi-hard and she licked gratefully at the drops of 
cum that were still oozing out of his piss hole. His prick felt very hot to touch but 
she lapped up every drop of cum and all the streaks of her shit that covered the surface.
Once she was finished, Satan lifted her from the floor as easily as he would have 
lifted a rag doll. Her feet were dangling in the air as she looked into his face and 
his eyes suddenly lit up with a red glow that slowly died away.
“I have given you a gift my child,” he said to her. “You can now make others do your 
will, but only use it to corrupt them so that they to may become my slaves.”

Juana felt strange for a few seconds and she shook her head to try and clear it as he 
dropped her back to the floor.
He covered her eyes with his hand and said softly, “Sleep.”

Juana woke up with a start and she sat up in her bed with her heart beating wildly.
“Shit,” she said to herself, “It was only a dream.”
As lay back down but she could feel a wetness between her legs and her fingers told 
her that she was soaking wet. She replayed the dream in her head and as she did so she 
had the irresistible to touch her asshole. It was open and slimy and suddenly felt 
very empty. She automatically reached under the bed for the candle dildo and without 
a further thought, she plunger the fuck toy into her shitter.

“God, what’s wrong with me,” she muttered as she drove the wax cock in and out of 
her asshole and her open cunt dripped cream onto her bedcovers.

The next morning, after breakfast, all the nuns were into the Chapel for prayers. The 
Mother Superior squirmed uncomfortably on the front pew. The alter was lined with 
candles and she wanted nothing more than to grab the largest and ram it up her 
asshole. Her legs were tightly pressed together to hold her soaking cunt closed and 
to stop the nuns around her smelling her sex.

She had taken a cold bath this morning but nothing eased the itch in her cunt and 
shitter except a good cum.

After prayers and breakfast had ended, she choose six nuns and led them down to the 
Pointing to the door, she said, “I want that open sisters.”

Four of the nuns began moving the adjacent selves away to give them more room whilst 
the other two went to get some equipment from the tool shed in the garden.

The nuns hammered and hacked at the numerous bolts and locks that secured the door 
and Sister Teresa came over the Mother Superior and said, “Excuse me Mother, but 
do you think its right to open that door without knowing what’s on the other side?”

“Only those without Christ n their hearts need to be afraid on anything my child,” Juana 
replied and then turned when a voice behind her said, “Perhaps Sister Teresa is right 
Mother Superior.” 
The elderly nun that spoke was Sister Luisa who was the convent librarian and she was 
walking towards Juana carrying a very heavy and ancient book.
“This is one of the forbidden books. It appears in the Vatican index from four 
centuries ago as The Necromomicon of the Mad Arab Abdul Alazred.” 
As she spoke, she opened the book and pushed it into Juana’s hands.
“Read this,” she said with the finger pointing to a column of text half way down 
the left-hand page.
The text stated that there were four secret entrances to the world of the Elder 
Gods on earth. No locations were given but the book explained that they could all 
be recognised by having the same door. The description of the door was identical 
to the door in the storeroom.

“Surely you don't believe this blasphemy Sister Luisa?” Juana said looking up at 
the old woman.
Just at that moment, one of the nuns working on the door turned and said, “Mother 
Superior, all that’s left is the final bolt.”

Juana’s eyes shone as she commanded, “Open it.”

With a loud screech of rusted hinges, the door opened and the same intense light 
that Juana remembered from her dream flooded into the room. 
Juana held her breath at the sight. “It can’t be,” she whispered. “It was only a dream.”

Sister Paula stepped up to the door and tried to look into the light. She was a thin 
girl of only 18 years and was one of the newest members of the convent. She had grown 
up on the streets of London begging for scraps and handouts and generally living 
rough. Her face bore the scars of childhood smallpox but her body was firm and 
tight. Her tits were small at 32B with a wispy 21 inch waist and 22 inch hips.

She began to make out the dark outline of something moving in the light when a mass 
of writhing tentacles suddenly burst out of the door and grabbed the unfortunate 
girl. Paula screamed and so did every other nun in the room.
“Holy Mary Mother of God,” someone shouted and they all crossed themselves. The 
tentacles were either tipped with a crude three fingered hand or a swollen cock. 
There must have been at least twenty tentacles but no sigh of the body that they 
were attached to, which was still lost in the light.
The hands pulled and ripped at her clothes until she was naked and they held her 
up in mid air as her sisters looked on in shock.
“Help! Help me,” Paula cried but no one dared approach the tentacles. Two of the 
hands encircled her small tits and squeezed at her nipples whilst one of the cocks 
found the entrance to her cunt. Every cock was now leaking pre cum and the slime 
allowed the cock to push deep into her fuck hole. She opened her mouth to scream 
again but another cock dived into her open mouth and down her throat. Another cock 
wormed its way between her as cheeks and pushed past the resistance of her anal 
ring to slide up her shit hole. The remaining hands were all over her body, holding 
her up in the air and exploring every inch of her skin. There were at least another 
10 cocks waving about in the air and one dived between her legs and forced is way 
into her cunt beside the first. 
Poor Paula was still conscious and her eyes were wide and streaming with tears as 
another cock forced its way up her asshole. She now had two cocks up her cunt, two 
in her asshole and one in her throat. Whatever brain was controlling the monster 
must have realised that the girl had no more holes to fuck and its hands grasped 
the remaining cocks and began jacking off. Four hands were still holding her up in 
the air and the room stank of pre cum from all the cocks as the nuns looked on, open 
mouthed in amazement and shock.
When the monster climaxed, all cocks sprayed at once, including the five in Paula’s 
body and they ejaculated enormous quantities of the foul smelling sperm. So much 
spurted into Paula that it was running out of her sex holes, her mouth and even her 

Sister Luisa suddenly ran forward and shouted an ancient incantation. “Vade Retro 
Satanas,” she cried and the monster reacted as if it had been struck. 
The cocks pulled out of Paula’s holes and the hands flung her to the floor and 
writhed about in the air.
“The door,” Sister Luisa shouted. “Shut the door.”
Her words broke the spell that had been holding the nuns motionless and they threw 
themselves against the door slamming it shut. Any tentacles that were caught in the 
door were cut off as it closed and a piercing cry could be heard from whatever body 
it was attached to.

Only now did Juana realise that during the whole event, she had felt no fear and 
that her cunt juice was flowing down the insides of her legs.
Paula was lying on the stone floor with every inch of her body covered in demon 
spunk. The sightless eyes were open and Sister Luisa dropped to her knees and felt 
the girl’s neck for a pulse.
Looking up at her sisters, she shook her head sadly and said, “She’s dead.”

Later that day, the nuns all sat around the table in the dinning room with Juana at 
the head of the table. By now, everyone knew what had happened and Sister Agnes who 
ran the infirmary, had just finished telling them that Paula had died from drowning. 
At the questioning looks from the other nuns she went on to explain that Sister Paula’s 
body was full of sperm. Her stomach and her lungs were full of the slime and that’s 
what had killed her. 
“What a death,” Sister Bernadette said sadly.
“Yes,” Juana said very quietly so no one else could hear. “She was very lucky.”

Sister Teresa banged the table with her fist and said, “We must tell Rome about this 
right away. They’ll know better that us what to do.”
“Sister Teresa is right,” Sister Luisa confirmed. “The Vatican must learn about what’s 
gone on here.”

Juana took a deep breath and said, “I understand your worries Sisters, but we shouldn’t 
make decisions in a hurry. If the Vatican intervenes in this matter, the convent 
could be de-consecrated.”
Whilst she had their complete attention, she added, “Our order could disappear 
forever in a whirlwind of scandal.”

They all sat in silence for a few moments thinking on what the Mother Superior had 
said and then Bernadette said, “In that case, I propose that the door is sealed up.”

“Agreed,” Juana said with reluctance and she supervised as the nuns nailed timber 
across the door.

Juana had been so very horny since Paula was killed. She had slipped back to her 
room just after the event and masturbated to a massive orgasm but that only helped 
for a couple of hours. 
Now she paced her room willing time to pass quicker. All her sisters had retired 
to their beds but she had to wait until she was sure they were all asleep.

It seemed like an eternity before she was able to slip out f her room and down to 
the storeroom in the basement. She tore off her habit and plunged two fingers into 
her cunt as she stared at the door. She masturbated furiously, her fingers flying 
in and out of her fuck hole until she shuttered in climax. Pausing only to lick 
her cunt cream from her fingers, she stooped to pick up a discarded hammer and began 
levering the barricading timber from the door.

As she pulled the first timber off, she cried, “Ateerth Shub-Niggurath Yog-Sothoth 
Azathoth,” and then attached the second.

“Halt” In the name of the Lord,” said a voice behind her.

“Who the ..!?” she demanded as she whirled around with the hammer clutched in her 
hand and held above her head.
Hovering in the air in front of her face was an angel. There was no other word to 
describe what she saw.  
The angel was a little boy who looked about 6 years old with a pair of wings 
sprouting from his back that were flapping slowly and keeping in the air at the 
level of her face. Juana’s eyes took in his perfect face and his naked body. Her 
eyes stopped at his little cock and tight ball sack before returning to his face.

“If you open that door, the demon will eternally have your soul,” the angel warned.

“Shut up,” Juana snapped. “I don't need any advice from you.”

“It is not advice,” the angel replied quickly. “It is an order from the Lord.”

Juana raised the hammer in a threatening manner and hissed, “Leave.”

The angel’s wings beat faster and he retreated backwards and said, “You can’t hurt 
me. I’m protected by the Divine Purity of Holy Innocence.”

“Really,” Juana replied with an evil smile on her face. “ Let’s see about that.”

She reached out and grabbed the child’s arm, pulling him back down to her level and 
pinning him to the wall with her hand.

The hammer was still in her hand and she quickly let go of the angel and stooped 
down to pick up a handful of discarded nails that were on the floor.

“Its useless,” the angel said patiently. “You can’t harm me.”

The smile was still on her face as she put a nail against the angel’s wing and 
hammered it into the door. The angel now started to look nervous but before he 
could move, Juana drove a nail into the other wing.
The child was firmly held against the door and he said again, “You can’t harm me.”

“I’m not going to harm you,”  Juana replied. “I’m going to pleasure you.”

She gripped the angel’s soft cock between her thumb and finger and looked into his 
eyes as she began to jack him off.

“Do you like that?” she asked huskily.

“No. No, please don't,” the angel replied but she just laughed and bent forward 
to suck his prick into her mouth.
Slowly the soft cock began to harden and she went lower and licked his balls as her 
finger slid into his ass crack and massaged the entrance to his little shit hole.

The angel’s cock was now fully erect at 3 inches long but pencil thin. She sucked on 
the shaft and her tongue flicked over his piss hole as she heard him groan.
“Oh please stop, I beg you,” the angel cried as Juana masturbated herself and sucked 
She suddenly felt the child stiffen and thrilled as his warm spunk sprayed into her 
“Yea, give me all your cum,” Juana said as she jacked him into her mouth.

The angel sobbed and hung his head and moaned, “No. No. No.”

A trickle of spunk was running out of the corner of Juana’s mouth and she scraped it 
off with the finger and sucked it into her mouth.
“It seems you’ve just lost the innocence that protected you little one,” she said 
She looked up into the angel’s face and her eyes flashed red just like Satan’s had 
in her dream.
“Now I’ll be able to suck you to death,” she continued.
She glued her mouth back over his little cock and sucked as hard as she could. At 
the same time she emptied her mind of everything except the thought of the angel’s 
life force flowing through his cock and into her mouth.

The child groaned continually as she sucked and his facial features began to 
change. It was as if he was ageing a year for every second that passed and within a 
minute, there was a dry rattle from his chest as he died.
Juana stood up and admired her handiwork before ripping his body from the ground and 
throwing it on the floor. Straddling the body, she laughed as she released the 
contents of her bladder and pissed all over the fallen angel.

She ripped the remaining timber barricade from the door and picked up the child’s 
body that was dripping with her piss. She knelt in front of the door with the angel’s 
body in her outstretched arms and cried, “Beelzebub, Accept this sacrifice that your 
humble servant offers.”
The white light appeared again and she said, “Master, come and possess me.”

The door flew open and Satan strode into the room. “You invoked me,” he 
cried. “And I have come.”

The Mother Superior threw herself backwards and opened her legs as far as she could 
and pleaded, “Take me.”
Satan’s long tongue snaked out as he bent his head and slurped over her saturated 
cunt. As he pulled her juices into her mouth Juana’s hands grabbed his huge cock 
and jacked him until the pre cum was flowing down the shaft and over the back of 
her hands.
Beelzebub suddenly lifted her into the air and pulled her close enough to suck on 
her rock hard nipple before slamming her down onto his cock. The huge shaft forced 
her cunt walls so far apart that she screamed in pain and she almost passed out when 
it battered past her cervix and into her womb. 
She was moaning constantly as he lifted her on and off his prick, driving it into her 
body to the hilt with every thrust.
“Split my fucking cunt open, you bastard,” she cried as the pain gave way to pure 

All through the night they fucked. Juana’s orgasms were uncountable as she willing 
gave her body to Satan in whatever position he wanted. She took all the spunk he could 
give her until every inch of her skin was either sticky with fresh cum or glistening 
with dried sperm.

Upstairs, Sisters Joan and Mary were always the first to rise. It was their job to 
light the fires in the kitchen and they met in the corridor outside Sister Mary’s 
room as normal. The dawn should be breaking but all around the sky was as dark as 
midnight and forked lightening cashed to earth all around the convent.

“What’s happened to the sky?” Sister Mary asked clutching her crucifix.

“Holy Mary Mother of God,” was the only reply Joan could think of making as they 
walked towards the kitchen.

Downstairs, Juana was in her favourite position with her tits pressed into the stone 
floor and her ass high in the air. Her body was covered in scratches from Satan’s 
talons and her tits were covered in bite marks as he knelt between her knees and pushed 
up her shit hole.
“Yes, fuck me in the ass,” Juana moaned and braced herself for the thrust. Even 
although she had been expecting it, she still screamed as 18 inches of thick cock 
stretched her shit tube.

“Holy Mother, what was that,” Joan said as the scream drifted up from the basement. 
Clutching each other’s hands, the two nuns descended the stairs and entered the 
storeroom. Their mouths dropped open at the sight that greeted them. Satan was 
crouched down on his heels and Juana’s back was towards him. She was impaled on his 
cock deep in her asshole with her feet clear of the ground. Her entire weight was 
being taken on his cock and her cunt was open and dripping demon cum.

“Lord save us,” sister Mary cried as Sister Joan gasped, “She’s fornicating with 
the evil one.”
Just at that point Satan spurted another load of sperm into the Mother Superiors 
bowels and then let her shuddering body slid from his shaft with a loud and wet plop.

Joan stupidly ran forward with her crucifix held out in front of her 
shouting, “Be gone evil one.”

Satan hardly spared her a glance as he bellowed, “Idiot.” and grabbed her by the 
throat. He flung her against the wall, and as her limp body slid down the wall it 
left a thick trail of blood from her crushed skull.

He turned towards Sister Mary and snarled, “You! Come here.”

His eyes flashed red and Sister Mary found her feet moving towards him.

She got onto her knees in front of him and by that time she was in his power. Without 
his instruction, she wrapped her hand around his slimy but still hard prick and 
jacked him slowly.  Juana was watching as she recovered from her cum and she crawled 
over to the pair and turned around to let Mary see her sex.

“Look how open and juice your Mother Superiors cunt is,” Satan said to Mary. “You’d 
like to stick your tongue in there, wouldn't you?”

Mary smiled and she also got onto her hands and knees and fastened her mouth over 
Juana’s cunt and tried to suck all of the cum out of her hole.
Satan laughed gleefully as he went behind Mary and lifted her tunic up to her 
waist. His fingers found her cunt already wet and she wriggled her butt around on 
his fingers until hey slid into her body. After fingering her, he positioned his 
cock at her fuck hole and pushed. Mary screamed into Juana’s cunt but she didn't 
stop sucking and when the initial pain had died away, she pushed back her cunt to 
match his every thrust. 
Mary had sucked every last drop of spunk out of the Mother Superior’s front hole and 
she transferred her mouth to Juana’s asshole and continued sucking. It didn't matter 
to her that there was shit mixed into the demon cum, and she eagerly sucked 
everything into her stomach.
Beelzebub’s cock as pounding in her cunt and she could feel her climax approach. As 
Satan pumped his load of cum up her cunt, Mary orgasmed wildly and her whole body 

When both women had recovered, Satan told them to go back upstairs and act normally.
“I’m not ready to take over the convent,” he said, “But I’ll return tomorrow and be 
better prepared.”
Mary looked over at Joan’s body and asked, “What about her? Someone will find her.”
Satan waved his hand casually at the door and both women recoiled from what slithered 
through. The demon had very short legs and its belly scraped over the ground. Its cock 
was huge however even in its soft state and it dragged on the ground behind it. 
Grabbing Joan by the hair, it dragged her through the door. 
“Her body’s still warm,” Satan explained. “They’ll fuck it for hours.”

As Satan made to leave, Juana pleaded, “Master, we cant go a full day without 
cock. Please fuck us again before you go.”
“I have preparations to make,” the demon replied. “But I can leave you a friend 
if you want.”
“If he’s got a cock, I’ll take him, “Mary said
“Very well,” Satan said as he vanished through the door. The light began to dim 
and just before it went out, a huge dog padded through the door. It looked like 
an Irish Wolfhound only bigger and both Juana and Mary looked at each other and 

They managed to get back to Juana’s room without anyone seeing them and the dog 
padded behind them. In the room, Juana pulled on a spare habit and said to 
Mary, “Spread the word that I’ve sent Sister Joan down to the village to attend 
to a child who’s seriously ill.”

“What about him,” Mary said nodding to the dog.

“We’ll take it in turns,” Juana said. “I’m horny enough to take his cock now.”

Mary nodded her head and said, “We’d better bathe. We both smell of cum and cunt..”

They had breakfast with the other sisters as normal and then prayers in the Chapel. 
After they were finished, the Mother Superior complained of a headache and said she 
was going to her room and shouldn’t be disturbed.
She gave Mary a long look as she passed and she hoped that no one saw Mary wink at 

The animal was curled up in the corner and it lifted its head as she came into the 
room and closed the door behind her. 
As she crossed the room, she said, “I don't know how this is meant to work boy, but 
I want cock and you’ve got one.” 
She pulled off her tunic and ran her fingers over her wet cunt lips before offering 
them to the dog. The animal sniffed her slime and then licked her fingers clean 
before it stood up. She could easily see its sheath and as she watched, a pink tip 
appeared followed by a red cock.. She sat on the floor and reached beneath its 
shaggy belly and as she rubbed at its sheath, more and more of the red cock came 
out. Her hands rubbed over the slimy shaft and she could feel it get thicker beneath 
her fingers. Squirming her body beneath the animal, she opened her mouth and caught 
the drips of pre cum that were leaking out of its piss hole.

If it were an normal dog, even one trained for sex, it could never have learned what 
it did next. But this wasn’t a dog, but a demon from hell and it squatted over Juana’s 
face pushing its cock into her mouth and at the same time lowered its face and started 
lapping her cunt. Juana spread her legs wide apart as its long tongue pushed into 
her slit and wormed its way up to her cervix. The feeling of having her cervix 
stimulated directly by the dog’s tongue was indescribable and she had her first 
orgasm and arched her back as she sprayed out her juices.

The animals cock as still in her mouth as she recovered her senses and she sucked 
and teased at the shaft. She took her mouth away and replaced it with her hand to 
jack him of.
“Cum you bastard,” she moaned. “I want to taste your spunk.”
As if the animal understood her words, it began pumping spurt after spurt of its hot 
load into her mouth. It pumped continually for over five minutes and Juana swallowed 
every drop.

When the animals balls eventually emptied, she crawled out from beneath him and knelt 
on the floor with her upper body over her bed. 
The animal knew exactly what to do and he jumped onto her back and positioned his 
cock at the entrance to her cunt. She didn’t even have to move. His prick lined up 
perfectly with her hole and when she turned her head to look at him and 
say, “Fuck me,” the dog drove his length up her fuck tube.
Her cunt had been stretched by Satan’s shaft but the dog’s girth wasn’t much smaller 
and she groaned happily as he began fucking her at a furious rate. Every thrust nudged 
his cock against her cervix and she climaxed very quickly. The animal took no notice 
of her orgasm and kept ramming his prick in and out of her body. She could feel her 
cum trickling down the inside of her thighs and she pushed her butt backwards to 
try and take him deeper.
“Come on boy,” she urged. “Cum up me. I want to feel your hot spunk inside me.”

The animal seemed to thrust even faster and a few seconds later she felt his hot 
semen spray up her cunt and she climaxed in response. Her body shuddered and shook 
and her hands grasped the bedcovers tightly.
It was exactly the same as when he had cum in her mouth, Spurt after spurt gushed 
into her hole and she grabbed a cup from her bedside table and placed it onto the 
floor to catch the slime that was leaking out of her.

She put her head down on the bed and tried to slow her breathing and then she felt 
the dog pull out of her hole.
She struggled up and squatted over the already half full cup. Using her cunt muscles, 
she squeezed out as much demon spunk as she could and then raised the cup to her 
lips and drank it down. She then licked around the rim of the cup and used her 
fingers to scoop out the last remaining drops at the bottom.
As she got unsteadily to her feet, the demon went back to lie down in the corner.

Juana went back to the kitchens and found everyone working normally except that Mary 
was nowhere to be seen.
“I think she went to the toilet,” Sister Angela said in response to the Mother 
Superiors question. 

There was only one stall with the door closed when Juana went into the toilets and 
she knocked on it lightly.

“Mary, its me,” she said, and smiled when the bolt was withdrawn and the door 
opened. Mary grabbed her arm and pulled her inside.

“I an so fucking horny,” Mary said with her fingers under her habit and jammed 
up her cunt.

“I know. I can smell you,” Juana replied bending down to kiss the girl. Mary shivered 
as she tasted the dog cum in Juana’s mouth and she broke the kiss and asked, “Was he 
good? Is he as good as the master?”

Juana shook her head and replied, “No one is as good as the Master, but he is a close 
second. His cum tastes great and he shoots gallons of the stuff.”

Mary was moaning and masturbating as Juana was speaking and she smiled when Juana 
added, “I swear he knows every wore you say to him. Just tell him what to do and he’ll 
do it.”
“Shit if he’s as good as that,” Mary gasped, “I’m going to get some.”

Mary ran along the corridor until she reached Juana’s room. She looked round quickly to 
make sure that no one was about and she slipped inside.
It was as if the animal knew she was coming. It was standing in the middle of the room 
and its huge cock had already dropped and was as hard as iron.

Its long tail wagged as Mary dragged her habit over her head and she got down onto the 
floor for a closer look at the prick.

“Well, lets see if you do understand,” she said as she crawled over the floor and sat 
down with her back against the bed. She was sitting on a wet patch of dog cum and 
Juana’s cunt cream but that didn’t worry her. 
The animal hadn’t moved and she looked directly at his face and said, “I want to suck 
your cock.”
The dog immediately trotted over beside her and reared up to put both front paws on 
the bed, one on either side of her head. This brought the tip of his dripping cock 
within inches of Mary’s mouth and she muttered, “I see what Juana means,” before 
bending forward to slurp it into her mouth.

The animal stood still allowing her to jack him off with her hand and tease his piss 
hole with her tongue. He tasted delicious and she eagerly swallowed all his pre cum as 
her hand jacked faster and faster. Soon it was a blur and she moaned, “Spurt you 
bastard. Let me drink your cum.”

Now hip hips were bucking at the same rate as her hand and she knew he was close. She 
opened her mouth just in time and swallowed as fast as she could to avoid missing a 
single drop. By the time the dog had finished, the puddle she was sitting in had got 
considerably bigger from the amount of juices that were running out of her fuck hole. 
She pushed the demon away and got onto the bed and lay down on her back.
“Fuck me,” she said to the animal. It jumped onto the bed and pushed his cock into her 
cunt causing her to gasp as she raised her legs and wrapped them around his furry body. 
Slowly at first and then with increased speed, the dog started to shaft her.

He humped her for a good ten minutes going deeper and deeper, faster and faster with 
the drool dripping out of his mouth onto her body. She bucked upwards to match his 
thrusts and arched her back high as her orgasm exploded inside her.
When she recovered her senses, the animal was still humping her and she cried, “Lick 
my tits. Lick my tits while you fuck my slutty cunt.”

The dog’s snout bent forward and his long tongue swirled over her sensitive teats 
bringing her to a second crashing climax that was just starting to recede when the hot 
spunk blasted into her sex and rocketed her to another cum.

That evening Juana ordered everyone to be in the Chapel, and when the last nun 
entered she locked the door. She stood with Mary in front of the massive timber 
cross that held the life-size of Christ being crucified and she held out her arms 
and said, “ We are all here master. Here for your pleasure and enjoyment.”

A murmur of voices came from the sisters gathered there as they wondered what the 
Mother Superior was talking about and the murmurs suddenly ceased to be replaced 
with gasps.

The statue of Christ was changing. The lines flowed and blurred before their eyes 
and transformed into Satan holding onto the cross with one hand and jacking his 
massive cock with the other. Most of the nuns were too shocked to move and when 
his eyes flashed red, they were in his power.

He raised his nose in the air and said, “I smell cunt. Show me some cunt.”

The nuns pulled off their habits as they were filled with un-natural lust and Juana 
asked, “Who do you want Master.”

Satan looked around and his eyes fell on the one nun who was still clothed and 
had a terrified look on her face.

“I want her!” he roared.

Sister Angela had her back to Satan when his eyes flashed and was not under his 
power. She screamed when the other naked nuns fell on her and dragged her over to 
the demon.

He looked quickly Juana and the pictures in her mind told her exactly what he 
wanted. She whispered to Mary who unlocked the Chapel door and ran out. She was 
back a few minutes later clutching a hammer and some nails and she stood back as 
Beelzebub ripped the large timber cross from the wall and let it crash to the floor. 
Angela was stripped and forced onto the cross with her arms outstretched. She was 
held in place as Marry hammered the nails through the girl’s hands and Juana tied 
her feet together behind the cross. Her pitiful screams echoed through the Chapel 
giving so much pleasure to the nuns that they were all rubbing either their own or 
someone else’s cunt.
When Angela was secured, Satan lifted the cross upside down and propped it against the 
When Angela opened her mouth to scream again, he rammed his cock into her mouth and 
fucked it like a cunt. Juana watched for a few seconds before she bent her head to 
suck on Angela’s sex. 

Whilst Angela was getting fucked to death, the other nuns began their own orgy.
Old Sister Luisa was on her back on the floor. Agnes was leaning over the top of her 
swapping their spit and licking each other’s tongues. She had no idea who was sucking 
on her tits or sucking out her cunt and she didn’t care. 

Sister Kate was sitting on Bernadette’s face getting her fuck hole sucked at the same 
time as she licked at the cunt of the nun standing in front of her.

Alice was on her knees and Marion was kneeling behind her. Marion had an alter candle 
in her hand and she was rubbing the tapered end over Alice’s asshole as she 
asked, “How do you want it?”

“Deep,” Alice replied. “Put it in deep.”

She slowly slid the candle up the girl’s shitter and Alice groaned and 
gasped, “Yesssssssssss.” 

Satan could feel his spunk rise and he drove his cock further down Angela’s throat. 
It took about 4 minutes for him to cum into her stomach but by that time the girl 
had died of suffocation.

Mary had left the Chapel unnoticed and now came back with the dog. She looked at the 
orgy with a smile and then crouched down beside the dog. She took its massive head 
between her two hands and her eye were only inches from the animals. 
“Okay, now listen to me you big fucker. Lets really find out if you know what I’m 
saying.” She told the dog exactly what she wanted and she then stood up, walked over 
to the wall and put both hands onto the surface. The animal watched her closely and as 
it walked towards her, his cock grew out of his sheath at an astonishing rate. Having 
reached her, he reared up on her back with his front paws over her shoulders and his 
cock sprang out between her legs. With a look of intense pleasure on her face, she 
grasped the prick and stuffed it up her cunt.

“Shit yes,” she sighed as the animal began fucking her with slow but very long strokes.

Satan pulled out of the dead girls throat and lounged on the alter as he watched the 
depravity around him. One nun walked past him with a huge smile on her face and a candle 
buried in her asshole. Another was squatting over the communion cup and pissing in it 
whilst her friend watched and waited until she was finished before drinking it down. 

Sister Isa had been brought up from the infirmary and although her cunt hadn’t yet 
healed, she was in the middle of an orgasm from another girl’s fingers that were inside 
her bloody hole.

The entire Chapel smelled of cunt and Satan was hard again and ready. He saw Sister Faith 
on her knees sucking on Luisa’a cunt and he got off the alter and got behind her. She felt 
the hot cock touch her fuck hole and she turned her head to look up at the demon.
“Yes Master,” she urged. “Fuck my cunt with your demon cock. Ram it up me and fill me with 
your cum.”

Satan did exactly what she asked and the girl was grinning her pleasure at the same time 
as she was screaming with the pain from his massive prick.

Later that night, when they had all fucked themselves to a standstill, they slept on the 
floor of the Chapel and at first light they began fucking again.

It was late the following evening when the bell rang announcing that there was someone 
at the door.
Satan pulled out of the young nun he was fucking and turned to Juana.
“Answer it,” he said.
Juana managed to find some clothes on the floor that weren’t too stained with body 
fluids and went to the door.

“Father Kruger,” Juana said as she opened the door.

“Good evening Mother Superior. May I introduce my protégées Luke and Mark who are 
training for the priesthood.” Father Kruger said.

Juana nodded to the two young men both of whom looked no older that 16 or 17 before 
turning back to Kruger.
“We weren’t expecting you Father is anything wrong?” she asked.
“I’m sure that there isn’t, Mother Superior, but the Church haven’t received your last 
monthly report and they asked me to look in as I was passing on other business.”
He waited for a response for a few seconds before adding, “May we come in? It is rather 
cold out here.”

Juana realised that she had little choice and she forced herself to smile and 
said, “Of course. Please come in.”

She took them into the reception and said, “Please wait here and I’ll get someone 
to take you to your rooms. It is rather late Father, do you wish to talk now or 
in the morning?”

“It has been a tiring journey, Mother Superior,” he replied. “If someone would be 
kind enough to show us our sleeping quarters, I’m sure our discussions can wait 
until after morning prayers.”

Juana nodded her understanding and ran back to the Chapel and got Sister Mary and 
Sister Faith into some clothes and gave them their instructions.

When they went to the Reception, Mary said, “I’ll take you to your room father, 
and Sister Faith will take the boys to theirs.”

They made sure that Father Kruger’s room was far away from the room that Luke and 
Mark were sharing and then went back to the Chapel to report. 

“Give then time to prepare for bed before you entertain them,” Satan said and licked 
his lips as Faith pulled her clothes up to her waist and got on her hands and knees 
in front of the dog. The animal immediately jumped on her back and slid his cock 
up her hole as she gurgled happily.

Luke and Mark were dressed in their long nightshirts and sitting on their beds reading 
the bible before they retired to bed when there was a knock on the door.
“Come in,” Mark said expecting it to be Father Kruger and was surprised when Sister 
Mary stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.
“I just wondered if you boys wanted anything,” she asked innocently.

When they both just stared at her, she pulled down the front of her dress to expose her 
“These perhaps,” she said. “Or maybe this,” she added pulling up the hem to expose 
her cunt.”
The boys didn’t move but she could see that she had their attention from the way 
their cocks were pushing out the nightshirts and she concluded, “Its one of the perks 
of your job boys. You get to fuck nuns.”

Luke and Mark looked at each other, exchanged grins and then pulled Mary onto one of the 
beds and tore off their nightshirts before joining her.

“Shit, this beats the hell out of jerking off,” Mark said as his eyes devoured her body.

“Yea,” Luke agreed. “Let’s get some cunt.”

Mark kissed her deeply whilst squeezing her tits and Luke dived between her open legs 
and sucked on her cunt. 
Luke really knew what he was doing and soon had Mary going nicely. Her clit was stiff 
and proud and as he lashed it with his tongue she had her first cum.
“Oh yes,” she cried as it exploded inside her and arched her back from the bed. 
When she recovered the boys got off the bed and pulled her to her feet. She shrugged 
out of her clothes and Luke began kissing her while Mark stood behind her and lifted 
one of her legs in the air. She could feel his cock nudge at her cunt and she pushed 
back and felt him slip inside. As Mark began shafting her, she continued kissing Luke 
and grasped his cock in her hand.
She was just starting to enjoy this position when Mark drew out of her cunt and pulled 
her round to face him. He pulled her head down and she sucked his prick into her mouth 
tasting her own cunt. This left Luke standing behind her and her gripped her hips and 
sank his shaft into her fuck hole.
Luke was really pounding her hole and rasping his cock over her burning clit. She 
pulled Mark’s prick out of her throat and turned her head to moan, “Fuck me hard and 
make me cum. Shit, I’m so close. Keep doing me and make me cream.”

As soon as she stopped speaking, Mark pulled her head back and stuck his cock back 
down her throat.

Luisa was bent over the alter and almost unconscious. Satan was standing behind her and 
her had been pounding his thick up her asshole for the past 20 minutes. Sister Marion was 
sitting on the floor between the old nuns legs with her back to the alter and her entire 
fist was inside Luisa’s cunt.
The old woman had cum so much that her juices were flowing down Marion’s arm and 
dripping from her elbow.

Juana came back into the Chapel just as the demon raised his head to the roof and 
bellowed his climax. A torrent of his hot white spunk rocked into Luisa’s shit tube 
causing her body to spasm and tremble.
A long moan came from deep in her throat at the satisfaction of having taken her 
Masters seed.

The dog was lying on the floor on the other side of the Chapel with all four paws 
in the air. Janine was squatting over him and taking his cock up her cunt while 
Bernadette lowered her dripping slit onto the animals face and shuddered as its 
long tongue pushed easily up her open hole and pulled out her nectar.

As Satan pulled out, another two nuns pulled the old woman’s ass cheeks apart 
and they began sucking the cum out of her back hole.

“Master,” Juana said, “Mary will take care of the two boys. Once she has taken 
her pleasure, she will kill them.”

The demon nodded his agreement and Juana continued, “What do you want done with 
Father Kruger?”

Satan thought for a moment and replied, “Let’s see if we can turn him to serve 
me. Offer him your cunt.”

Juana smiled and turned to go and do as her Master commanded.

Father Kruger was kneeling beside his bed in prayer when Juana entered the room 
without knocking.
She was naked with her cunt lips glistening with her juices and she struck a 
seductive pose on the open door frame and said, “I thought I might join you on the 
bed and we could pray together Father.”

The shock was evident on Kruger’s face and he jumped to his feet and 
cried, “Get away from me you harlot.”

Juana smiled and took a step towards him trailing her fingers over her fuck 
hole. She brought them to her nose and then offered her slimy fingers to him.

“When’s the last time you tasted ripe cunt Father?” she asked.

Kruger snatched the crucifix from the bedside table and held it out as he 
intoned, “Vade Retro Succubus.”

“Now really Father,” Juana said pleasantly. “That hasn’t worked for years.”

“Then maybe this will,” he said as he reached into his open suitcase and pulled 
out a revolver. 

“Now that’s not a very Christian attitude,” said a voice from the door, and Kruger’s 
mouth dropped open in amazement and shock.

“BEELZEBUB!” he gasped.

Satan ducked his head as he came through the door and the Father tracked his movements 
with the gun gripped in his now shaking hand.

“Back, you beast,” he shouted and then fired. The bullet bounced off the demon 
without any effect and he squeezed off another two rounds before Satan was close 
enough to pluck the gun out of his hand and throw it on the floor.

He stood behind the Father and grabbed him by the upper arms trapping him in his vice 
like grip.
“Now you will witness a black miracle,” Satan said gleefully as Juana ripped his 
nightshirt open and then dropped to her knees. His cock was soft and shrivelled as 
she gently sucked on it but her expert mouth soon had an effect.

Reaching between the Fathers legs she jacked on Satan’s prick and then used both 
her hands to pull Kruger’s ass cheeks apart.

“Nooooooo,” he cried suddenly aware of the demon’s intentions and he then screamed 
loudly as Satan rammed his huge shaft up his asshole.

The Father’s screams were really turning Juana on and she jammed two fingers up her 
fuck hole and masturbated as she continued to suck on Kruger’s cock. It had started 
to soften again due to the agonising pain in his asshole but her tong soon had it 
hard again.

Satan looked down over Kruger’s shoulder and commanded, “Drain him of his cum and 
his life force my daughter.”
Satan’s hips were bucking back and forth, driving his enormous cock into the Father’s 
shitter and causing immense pain as he whispered in his ear, “Can you feel it Kruger? 
Can you feel your life force being sucked out through your cock?”

Juana’s head was bobbing fast and faster over the head of the cock as she could feel 
the pre cum leak out of his piss hole and knew he was close.

“No,” he cried, “Oh sweet Jesus no.”

She suddenly felt his body stiffen and his spunk spurted into her mouth and she 
swallowed every drop of his load. Even when he had emptied his balls, she kept 
sucking and concentrated her mind on his life force. She heard him gasp and Satan 
began to laugh as he ass fucked the dying priest. 

Father Kruger’s face and body began to change. They drained of colour and the skin 
crinkled and became like parchment. 
The last words he heard on this earth were when the demon whispered in his 
ear, “You’re going to meet your momma priest. She fucks my pet animals in Hell.”

The death rattle was loud as the air vented from his lungs and his body shrunk and 
fell to the floor. It fell away from Satan’s cock just as the demon started to cum 
and Juana bent forward and opened her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could but 
her face and hair were covered with thick strands of the slime. The last spurts she 
took on her upturned tits and rubbed the sperm all over her rock hard nipples.

Luke’s cock was doing its work as it rasped over Mary’s clit with every thrust. The 
familiar rush was building up between her legs and she moaned around Mark’s prick 
that was fucking her throat.
She moved her hips fractional to get more pressure on her throbbing clit and within 
seconds her orgasm ripped through her body. She shuddered and grabbed onto Mark’s 
hips for support as her leg muscles spasmed.
Luke slowed down his thrusts at the feeling of her thick cum running down his shaft 
and dripping off his balls and he looked at Mark who grinned and said, “Swap?”

As the boys drew out of her body, Mary recovered and took Mark by the hand and led 
him over to the bed. He lay on his back and Mary straddled his lap and sank her 
soaking fuck hole over his prick. Luke made to move up to her face but she shook 
her head and said, “Fuck me in the ass. I want your cock up my shitter.”

Luke had never fucked someone in the ass before and his heart raced as he climbed 
onto the bed. He pulled the girl’s butt cheeks apart and looked at her shit hole 
in excitement. She felt her brown hole being stretched, the walls of her shitter 
popping open from the harsh outward pull of her ass-cheeks.
Her back hole was covered with her cunt juices and was still quite loose after 
taking Satan’s cock up there a few hours ago, so Luke was able to push past her 
anal ring without too much pressure and slide up her shit tube.
Mary loved having both her holes full at the same time and she said, “Come on 
guy’s. Fuck my brains out.”

Both of the boys got into a fast rhythm and pounded into her body, working towards 
their own cum.
Mary’s eyes closed as she was double fucked and she hissed, “Slap my tits.”

Mark looked up at her contorted face uncertain what to do and her eyes flew open 
as she growled, “Slap my fucking tits you bastard. Slap them hard.”

In obedience, Mark drew back his hand and delivered a sharp, stinging slap to one 
of her bouncing breasts. Mary responded with a long moan of pleasure as a delicious 
sensation of masochistic joy raced through her body.

“Again,” she rasped.

This time the blow was harder and right across her nipple. The air shot into her 
lungs with a loud gasp when Marks other hand delivered a slap to her other tit 
that reverberated around the room.
The stinging sensation in both her breasts, added to the delicious sensation of 
two cocks sliding in and out of her holes were enough to push her over the edge 
and she orgasmed wildly. Her head thrashed from side to side and her body shuddered 
as the feelings of ecstasy radiated out from her sex through every nerve in her body.

She recovered her senses a few seconds later to find that the boys were still 
pounding in and out of her body.
Even although she had just climaxed, the insatiable desire inside her cunt became 
a rabid torrent once more, and she began to roll her buttocks high up behind her, 
clasping desperately with her cunt muscles at the hotly pulsing cock inside and at 
the throbbing prick up her asshole.

She punched back wildly at the pistoning shaft in her shit hole and splayed her 
knees as far apart as she could to give the shaft in her cunt an extra half inch of 

Mary could feel the Luke’s cock pushing deep into her back hole and rubbing against 
Marks prick separated by just a thin membrane of skin. She began bouncing her hips, 
fucking both their cocks and cumming constantly as the double penetration satisfied 
her like never before.

She was suddenly aware of Luke gasping, “Fuck, I’m nearly there. I’m going to spurt.”

Her head snapped around and she said, “On my face baby. Treat me like a whore and 
cum on my face. I want to taste your spunk.”

She lifted her cunt off of Mark’s cock as Luke pulled out of her asshole and threw 
herself onto her back on the bed. Her mouth was open and both boys gripped their 
shafts and jacked off onto her face.
Luke was first, spurting five good strings of thick spunk all over her face before 
she raised her mouth up to suck the last drops of slime from his piss hole. She had 
just finished when Mark groaned and also emptied his balls onto her face. His spunk 
made a criss-cross pattern on her face with Luke’s and Mary spent the next few 
moments sucking him clean.

They all lay sprawled in a heap on the bed with their chests heaving and their 
hearts pounding after their exertions and Mary had her hands full of their softening 
cocks as she gently rubbed them.
She was the first to recover and under her expert fingers she could feel their pricks 
begin to stir.

“Do you boys think you could handle some more fun?” she asked huskily.

It was Luke who answered, “It depends what you have in mind.”

“Well,” Mary began. “I have a few girlfriends here and we like to met up downstairs 
when its quiet and eat each others cunts. If you’d like to join us, I bet you’ll find 
lots of hot holes to stick these into.”
As she spoke she gave their pricks a squeeze and laughed as they jumped.
Mark and Luke looked at each other and nodded at the same time. They gathered their 
clothes up and the boys pulled theirs on before Mary opened the door.
“Follow me,” she said.

They crept downstairs and Mary opened the door to the storeroom.
“In there,” she said indicating the blinding light that streamed through the open 
Both boys hesitated and then walked slowly towards the door, shielding their 
eyes. When they reached the threshold, they stopped and looked back at the nun. By 
that time it was too late. The mass of tentacles snapped out of the light and in 
seconds they were hopelessly snared.
Mary laughed loudly at their screams and she rubbed her clit as they were pulled 
through the door. She was still standing there a few seconds later when there was 
a loud squishing noise, and a spry of warm blood came through the door and splashed 
over her body.
When Satan and Juana returned to the Chapel, all the sisters were in the middle of 
an orgy. The dog’s cock was in much demand, as were the alter candles.
They both turned around at the sound of the Chapel door opening and Mary strode 
into the room Her face was still covered in thick strands of spunk and her naked 
body was splattered with blood.

Satan raised his head up and laughed loudly as Mary said, “The boys wont be any 
trouble Master. I showed them the door in the basement and your pets were very 
interested in them.”

Seeing that they had pleased their Master, Juana and Mary spent the next 10 minutes 
liking the dried spunk from each others faces.

“Fuck this thunderstorm,” Martin said as he peered through the windscreen of the car 
and tried to make out the edges of the unlit road ahead. The wipers were on full speed 
and the dim headlights made little impression on the oppressing darkness.

“Fuck you, for trying to take a shortcut,” his bride Sarah snarled as she sat sullenly 
in the passenger seat.

Martin and Sarah had been married earlier that afternoon in the quiet village church 
beside Sarah’s home. They had spent the early part of the night at a reception in the 
village hall before they set out in Martin’s car for London. It was a foul night and 
much to his new wife’s dismay, Martin had decided to cut across country to try and 
save time. They had been on the road for two hours and were now hopelessly lost. They 
were tired and uncomfortable as they were still in the clothes they got married in 
and although Sarah had removed her veil, she was beginning to feel the dress to be 
very hot.

Martin sighed heavily. These were the first words Sarah had spoken to him in the last 
half hour and then she suddenly pointed out of the window and cried, “Look. A light!”

It was the first sign of civilisation they had seen for ages and he turned the car 
onto the dirt road that appeared to point straight at the light. They pulled up outside 
the large building and Martin wound down the window to read the brass plaque.

“The Cloistered Convent of the Marionite Sisters,” he read aloud. “Shit, it’s a 
fucking Convent.”

“Terrific,” Sarah said sarcastically. “I want to spend my honeymoon in a 
hotel, and you bring me to a convent.”

“We’d better backtrack,” Martin said in a tired voice. “I don't fancy spending 
the night here.”

“Well I’m going to ask directions,” Sarah replied getting out of the car. “We’re 
almost out of gas and I’m not getting stranded on some country with no heating in 
the car.”

As Sarah rang the doorbell, Satan drew out of the sister he was fucking and sprayed 
his hot spunk all over her tits as he sniffed the air loudly and said, “I smell fresh 

Turning to Juana he said, “Go and invite her in.”

Juana and Mary both pulled on clothes and as they ran to the door, Mary said, “We 
should have washed. We both stink of cum and cunt.”

“No time,” Juana replied with a smile as they reached the door. “Just try and stand 

Mary laughed and was still giggling when the Mother Superior pulled the door open.

“Come in. Come in,” Juana said after Sarah had told her tale. “You must be frozen.”

As Sarah came into the convent followed meekly by Martin, Mary took a good look at 
the woman’s breasts that were just hidden by the low wedding dress.

“Later,” she said to herself.

As the two nuns led them to the kitchen, Sarah couldn't get it out of her mind that 
she could smell spunk.

“Sister Mary,” Juana said, “Get our visitors some broth to heat them up.”

As Mary busied herself heating up the soup, Juana said to the newly weds, “It seems 
our Lord is sleeping tonight when two believers such as yourselves have suffered so 
much after just taking his holy vows.”

Both Martin and Sarah nodded their heads in agreement and Juana looked pointedly at 
Sarah and continued, “But I’m sure my Master will give you lots of pleasure later.”

Although Sarah thought this to be a strange choice of words, she smiled politely.

Martin raised the wooden bowl of soup up to his lips and took a long swallow. Before 
it reached his stomach, he was coughing and spluttering and his face became red as 
he choked.

“Take you time Martin,” Sarah said in exasperation. “Honestly, you’d think you hadn’t 
seen food for a week.”

Martin managed to smile an apology to his new bride and thought better of telling her 
the reason behind his coughing fit. Just as he had taken a mouthful of the broth, Mary 
had sat down at the table beside him and reached beneath the table to squeeze his 
crotch. His eyes were still watering as he recovered from his choking, and by the 
time he could breath normally, Mary’s hand had brought him to full erection and his 
prick was straining the material of his trousers beneath the bulge.

Martin’s eyes were almost out on stalks as he turned his head to look at Mary. He 
couldn't believe that a nun had her hand wrapped around his bulge and was slowly 
jacking him off as she sat with a small smile on her face.

Juana was standing behind Sarah who was drinking her soup and the Mother Superior 
knew exactly what her horny sister was up to.

Martin’s mouth dropped open when Mary deftly pulled down his zipped and allowed his 
cock to spring free but Sarah noticed the look and enquired, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” Martin managed to squeak as Mary’s hand grasped him tightly and worked 
her fist up and down his shaft. “The soups hot,” he added as an explanation.

Juana bent her head down until her lips were close to Sarah’s ear and she 
said, “Its not the soup that’s got your husband hot honey. Its cunt.”

Before Sara could react, Juana’s hands encircled the woman’s breasts and gripped the 
edges of the wedding dress as it plunged into her cleavage. She savagely pulled the 
dress, ripping it down the front and letting Sarah’s braless tits spill out. Juana 
grabbed a breast tightly with each hand and as Sarah began to struggle Juana 
said, “Show her Mary.”

Mary smiled wickedly as she pulled the table to the side to let Sarah see Martin’s hard 
cock with her hand wrapped around it.
“You bastard!” she hissed at her husband and as he made to get up from his chair, Mary 
locked eyes with him and her eyes flashed a deep ruby red.

Martin slowly relaxed back into the seat and let her jack him off. As her hand slid up 
and down his hard shaft the unmistakable smell of cunt juice drifted into her nose and 
Mary bent her face closed and inhaled deeply. She straightened up with a satisfied grin 
on her face as she turned to the struggling bride and said, “I see that you managed to 
stop somewhere for a quick fuck. Was it good? Did you cum all over his cock?”

“We did not!” Sarah cried indignantly. “I wouldn’t fuck in the back seat of a car like 
some cheap whore.”

Mary turned back to Martin and chuckled lustfully as she asked, “So, who have you 
been fucking if it wasn’t your new bride?”

Martin relaxed back into the chair as Mary’s nimble fingers caused his cock to throb 
with lust and he said happily, “I gave the bridesmaid a quick one in the toilets 
before we left the reception.”

“MY SISTER!” Sarah shouted. “You fucking bastard. You fucked my sister.”

Martin, Juana and Mary all laughed loudly at Sarah’s expression of disbelief and the 
poor girl could do nothing but watch in despair as Mary stood up and pulled her dress 
over her head.
The nun was naked and Sarah couldn’t help but notice her hard and erect nipples and 
the way her swollen cunt lips forced her fuck hole open to reveal the pink interior. 
Mary had her back to Martin and she slowly backed up and straddled his lap. She stood 
still for a few minutes as his fingers caressed her butt cheeks and then slid between 
her legs and into her wet cunt.

As he removed his fingers and raised them to his nose, Mary squatted down and sighed 
loudly as Martin’s hard prick spread her cunt walls apart and slid up her hole.

Sarah was so mesmerised at the sight of her husbands cock inside the nun’s cunt that 
she failed to notice Sisters Bernadette and Janine come into the kitchen. She only 
became aware of them when they took hold of an arm each and pinned her to the seat. 
Under Juana’s fingers, Sarah’s nipples had stiffened and hardened and she dropped to 
her knees and said, “Let’s see what else you’ve got beneath this dress.”

She pushed the wedding dress up to reveal a pair of white satin panties that covered 
Sarah’s sex. She ran her fingers over the bulge of her cunt mound, feeling the heat 
beneath and the woman moaned slightly and tried to struggle but the other two nuns 
held her firm.

Juana nodded to the other two nuns who both took a grip of Sarah beneath her arms 
and lifted her ass from the chair as the Mother Superior pulled her panties down to 
her ankles and then pulled then off.

Bernadette and Janine dropped Sarah back down as Juana pulled the girl’s knees apart 
and took her first look at her cunt.

“Mmmmmm, nice cunt,” she said happily bending closer for a better look.
She could smell that Sarah was aroused and she looked up into the woman’s face.

Sarah’s eyes were still glued onto her husband’s cock as Mary bounced her cunt up and 
down on his lap.
“Do you like what you see?” Juana asked.

“No,” Sarah replied with an unconvincing moan, and she gasped quietly as 
Juana’s brushed against her slit.

Juana could feel the wetness beneath her fingers and she smiled to her self as she 
watched Sarah’s hard clit push out of its sheath and poke out between her sex lips.

“I think you do, honey,” Juana replied. “Let’s open you up a bit.”

She slid one and then two fingers into Sarah’s fuck hole, as the girl gasped, “No 
please don't.” 

Juana knew that Sarah’s words were a sham, nothing more than a token resistance.
Neither Bernadette nor Janine were holding her arms any more and she had kept her knees 
wide apart as the Mother Superior fingered her.
“That’s better,” Juana said in satisfaction as she sat back on her heels and stared 
at the girl’s cunt that was soaking wet and open. “That’s just the way he likes his cunt.”

Before the words had even penetrated her befuddled brain, the door to the kitchen burst 
open and Satan swaggered in with his hooves clacking on the stone floor.

“Oh God!” Sarah cried at the sight. Her mouth hung open in shock as the demon came 
closer and grinned down at her saying, “It’s a long time since I’ve been called God.”

Sarah was shaking with fear and her eyes were almost bulging out of her head as the 
devil’s rancid breath washed over her. She had never seen a creature as tall as Satan 
and his evil face leered at her as her wide eyes travelled down his hairy body until 
they reached his cock. Her breath caught in her throat and she gave a strangled cry 
at the size of his shaft. The red prick was as stiff as an iron bar and was the biggest 
she had ever seen. Well over a foot long and as thick as her upper arm, it oozed 
pre cum out of the wide piss hole that ran down the shaft and dripped onto the floor.

Martin was still under Mary’s spell and he smiled happily as she got off his cock with 
an audible plop and sank to her knees.

“It looks like its your wife’s turn now, “Mary said as she bent forward and licked her 
cunt juices from his prick.

“NOOOOOO!” Sarah cried as Satin gripped her thighs with his taloned hands and pulled 
her legs apart.
The scalding hot pre cum dripped onto her fuck hole causing her body to jerk as the 
demon moved his hips to line his cock up with her sex.

“Oh no, please no,” Sarah begged.

“Oh very well child,” Satan replied pleasantly. “If you insist.”

He drove forward, pushing his massive prick deep into Sarah’s fuck hole. As the girl’s 
scream reverberated around the room, Juana smiled sadistically and pushed her hand beneath 
her dress and finger fucked her streaming cunt.

Mary could see the action from the corner of her eye and she raised her head to look at 
Martin and said, “Cum in my mouth while you watched them fuck your wife.”

The demon had about half of his shaft jammed up Sarah’s stretched tube when he bent 
his face close to hers and his eyes flashed a dark ruby red. The effect was dramatic. 
Sarah’s legs came off the floor and locked around his hips as she tried to cram more 
of his cock inside her body.

“Fuck me Master,” she cried. “Stretch my cunt wide with your cock and fuck my brains 

Satan’s body was too large for her to be able to get her legs fully around him and she 
couldn’t get enough purchase to pull him into her.
Reaching up, she grabbed both his shoulders and hauled herself out of the chair. Her 
feet couldn’t tough the ground and her entire weight was being taken on the cock inside 
her body. Gravity helped do what her muscles couldn’t, and very slowly, the demon prick 
slid further and further up her hole.

“Oh YES!” she cried as she jiggled her hips up and down to force more of the shaft into 
her as the devils fingers kneaded and pulled at her tits.

“Give me your tongue,” she suddenly demanded.

The demon’s red and forked tongue flicked out and Sarah slurped it into her mouth and 
sucked the stinking saliva into her throat as he gripped her hips and drove her tight cunt 
on and off his shaft.

Mary was sucking hard on Martin’s cock and she could feel his ball tighten beneath her 
fingers. She knew that he was very close and she jacked him furiously with her hand and 
gasped, “Give me your spunk. I want to drink your cum.”

Martin’s eyes were riveted into the massive cock that was stretching his wife’s cunt 
more that he would ever have believed possible when he groaned loudly and spurted his 
load into Mary’s open mouth.

Four powerful jets blasted into her throat before she closed her lips around the 
spurting shaft and sucked the last drops out of his balls.
Martin moaned in ecstasy but as she continued sucking the pleasure turned to pain. He 
felt like his body was being sucked out of his prick and he tried to push her mouth away 
but was already too weak. Mary kept sucking the life force out of him and didn’t stop 
until she heard the final death rattle from his throat.
His body sagged to the side and fell of the chair to hit the floor with a muffled thump 
as Mary wiper her mouth with the back of her hand and got to her feet.

Sarah was oblivious to the fact that her husband of a few hours had just died. Even if 
she had been aware on the fact, she wouldn’t have cared. Her whole being was centred on 
the cock that was filling her cunt. 
The juices were running out of her and the huge cock was rasping over her burning clit 
driving her deeper and deeper in orgasm. Her body shuddered as the demon shafted her and 
her face was covered in his thick and evil smelling saliva.

More than anything in the world, she wanted to feel her master’s spunk blast into her 
sex and she gasped, “Cum Master. Cum inside me.”

Satan’s semen was boiling inside his balls and he roared as the thick, hot, liquid 
raced up his prick and splattered into Sarah’s cunt. The girl orgasmed wildly at the 
sensation and her head thrashed from side to side and her body convulsed wildly as her 
abused fuck hole was filled.

Once she had recovered, she hauled her cunt off the demon’s cock and dropped to her 
knees to lick at the slime that covered the wilting prick.

The devil laughed throatily as he turned to Juana and said, “Take her to the Chapel 
and introduce her to your sisters. Tell them to loosen her asshole so I can fuck it 

The orgy that ensued continued for three days and nights until Satan stood in the 
centre of the Chapel and clapped his hands for attention. Juana pulled herself out from 
under a tangle of bodies and she stood up beside her master. Her face and fingers were 
covered with cunt juice and both her holes were red and open as she looked expectantly 
at the demon.

“It is time to leave,” Satan said. “The church will have noticed the disappearance of 
the good father and will be drawing plans against us.”

He turned and walked towards the door. As he reached it, her turned his head and 
commanded, “Come.”

The nuns all followed obediently as he lead then downstairs to the doorway.

“Where are we going Master?” Juana asked.

“Hell,” the devil answered simply. “And I promise you that you’ll all get all the 
cock you need.”

Every nun was smiling as she followed the demon through the door and into the blinding 
light. The dog was the last through the door, which slammed closed at its back and 
locked solidly.

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