The Brothelkeeper.

(Extreme underage sex / zoo sex child-dog / dog rape)

Vanessa Del Realto was born in Brazil, and even she wasn't sure 
how she had ended up in Thailand. She had always been a free 
spirit and although her original intention had been to travel 
the world and visit every country, she had fallen in love with 
Thailand and settled down there.

Now, some twelve years later, she was a very wealthy woman who 
owned and ran a brothel just outside the main city of Bangkok. 
The brothel was a large two story building, the top floor of 
which was her home. On the ground floor, the large ornate 
doors opened into a plush reception area where her clients 
could relax with a drink and view the whores. In the centre 
of the rear wall of the reception was the only other door. 
This led into a circular room that was decorated in red 
silks and velvets and had plush upholstered chairs around 
the walls. In the centre of the room was a raised stage 
about 6 metres in diameter where Vanessa would occasionally 
put on shows for the entertainment of her clients. She 
called this room The Sanctum. Eight doors then opened of 
The Sanctum that led into the bedrooms of the eight whores    
Before you could pass from the reception area into The Sanctum, 
you also had to pass the large mahogany desk where Vanessa sat 
every night to dictate prices and take money. If you didn't 
like her prices, you simply walked out, but you didn't argue 
or try to haggle. The two men standing behind the desk saw to 
that. Always stripped to the waist, with oiled skin and two 
razor sharp knives strapped to their chest, they would have 
looked imposing enough, but their sheer physical size was 
astounding. They were both 6 foot 4 inches tall with huge 
barrel chests and massive bulging muscles.

While brothels in Bangkok were plentiful, Vanessa's was different 
from all the rest. Her whores were aged from five to eleven and 
they were busy every night of the week. Even in Bangkok, child 
sex is illegal but it helped that the Chief of Police was a 
personal friend as well as a paedophile, and regularly used 
Vanessa's establishment.

Vanessa ran the brothel with the help of her 11-year-old daughter 
Stella. The preteen checked all the children every morning to 
see if they had any cuts and bruises, because some of the men 
liked to play rough and she also checked that they were clean.

This particular night, Vanessa was sitting at her desk finishing 
some paperwork when a very well dressed gentleman came through 
the door. She was surprised at the mans presence because the 
brothel normally operated on an appointment only system and 
all the children were booked.

As he crossed to the desk, he looked from one guard to the other 
before he looked down at the seated woman.

He cleared his throat and said, "Your establishment was recommended 
to me. My friends said that you cater for my particular tastes 

"We offer children for sex," Vanessa replied promptly. "I take it 
that is what you meant?"

"Err, yes, that's what I meant," the man replied hesitantly, as 
he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a wallet. "How 
much will that be?"

"I'm afraid we operate on an appointment only system 
here," Vanessa replied firmly as she flicked through the pages 
of her diary. "You'll understand that our children are very 
popular. The earliest appointment I can offer you is in two 
days time. Will that be suitable?"

"NO!" the man cried so loudly that the two bodyguards took a 
step forward. Realising what he had done, the man took a step 
back and raised both his hands and said quickly, "Oh please, 
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout. It's just that I'm leaving 
Thailand first thing tomorrow morning and I've only just heard 
about your services. Is there nothing you can offer me tonight?"

Vanessa studied him for a moment and drummed her fingers on 
the desk before replying, "Well, I do have one child 
available but I'd need to clean her up first because she's 
recently been used."

"I'll take her," the man said quickly, and then asked, "Is 
she young?"

"She's six," Vanessa informed him, "And her name is Catalina."

As she spoke, she moved her foot and kicked the child who was 
on her knees, under the desk. Catalina pulled her tongue out 
of Vanessa's cunt and scrambled out from beneath the desk as 
she moved to stand beside her owner. 
The man was startled when the child appeared but the look 
quickly changed to one of lust as he gazed at her. Catalina 
was only wearing a pair of white panties that had a wet stain 
in the crotch and although he had been told that she was six 
years old, the child looked even younger to him. His mouth 
became dry and his heart rate increased at the thought of 
fucking the girl but a small doubt was in his mind that he 
had to voice.

"She looks very young," he began. "Can she actually take...? You 
know, is she able to...?"

He left the sentence unfinished and Vanessa shook her head 
at his stupidity. She knew exactly what he was trying to 
ask, but she couldn't imagine how anyone would think that 
she would offer a child in a brothel who couldn't actually 
With a sigh, she gripped Catalina by the arm and pulled the 
waistband of her panties away from her body. As the man 
looked inside the child's underwear, he could see that her 
cunt was open and still swollen from her recent fuck. He 
could now see why her panties had the wet patch because 
there was a large pool of spunk in the crotch of the 
underwear and still more of the slime was oozing out of 
her sex.

"As you can see," Vanessa began, "Catalina can and does take 
full penetration."

The man licked his dry lips as he whispered, "And her other hole?"
With a sigh, Vanessa pulled Catalina across her lap, face down 
and pulled the child's panties down to her knees. Catalina winced 
when Vanessa pulled her little butt cheeks apart and the man's 
mouth dropped open at the horny sight. He loved the way children's 
assholes looked. Tight and still pink around the little opening, 
and the way Vanessa was holding the child open, he also had a 
perfect view of her hairless cunt.

Without even wetting her finger, Vanessa pushed it into the 
little girl's asshole and wriggled it around. Although Catalina 
didn't make a sound of protest, her tiny body stiffened as her 
back hole was penetrated and Vanessa looked up a the man and 
said, "You can use whatever hole you wish. Catalina will take 
full penetration in either one."
"I'll take her," he said nodding enthusiastically. "How much."

Vanessa and the man quickly agreed a price and she said, "If 
you would like to sit and have a drink, I'll get her cleaned 
up for you."

Shaking his head, the man replied, "No. I want her just the 
way she is."

Vanessa nodded once and then said to Catalina, "Use room 4."

The child looked blankly at the woman and obviously had no idea 
what she had said, but she smiled and nodded her head when Vanessa 
held up four fingers.

"She speaks very little English," Vanessa explained as she looked 
at the man," But I'm sure that you'll be able to find sign language 
that she'll understand."

As the preteen led the man through the door, Vanessa went back to 
finishing her paperwork, but this time without anyone sucking 
on her cunt.

The mans heart was hammering in his chest. He had always been a 
paedophile and had dreamed of finding a willing child who would 
let him fuck her. It was so erotic and arousing to him to follow 
Catalina through the Sanctum and into her bedroom.
The bedcovers on the large double bed were still dishevelled and 
wet from her last client and the room smelled of sex, but that 
just aroused him further, and he took his time to carefully 
study the child for a few moments. As he did so, Catalina stood 
patiently waiting for him to instruct her what he wanted. 
Reaching out to the waistband of the child's panties, he began 
to pull them over her hips and at the same time, he crouched 
down on his knees. Most of the spunk had already oozed out of 
the little girls cunt and the crotch of her panties was plastered 
to her sex and remained there even when the waistband was down at 
her knees. Pulling it down further, the stretched material started 
to peel away from Catalina's cunt and it was slowly revealed to 
the man's gaze. She had obviously been well fucked and stretched 
by her previous client because her slit was still open and he 
could see inside her body. The smell coming out of her hole was 
a combination of spunk and also her natural cunt odour and he 
inhaled deeply and savoured it before getting back to his feet 
and leading her over to the bed.
As she lay on her back, Catalina watched the man hurriedly pull 
off his clothes and she held her breath as he pulled down his 
shorts. She preferred the oriental men that used her because 
their cocks were smaller and she was terrified of black men. 
She had only serviced one, but his cock was at least 10 inches 
long and much thicker than her arm. That man had spent over 
30 minutes getting his cock into her cunt and had ripped her 
up so badly that Vanessa had to stop selling her for over a 
month until she'd healed. She still vividly remembered the 
agony of that fuck and she was relieved at the sight of the 
six inch long cock that was now coming towards her. She 
automatically opened her legs as he knelt on the bed, but he 
gripped her hips and flipped her over onto her stomach before 
pulling her legs open again.
His cock was rock solid and already leaking pre-cum as he 
gazed down at the preteen holes.   Shifting position, he 
laid down on the bed with his painfully stiff prick rubbing on 
the covers below and moved forward until his mouth was over her 
smooth prepubescent cunt. Kissing and licking her thin hairless 
cunt lips, and tasting the spunk left the previous client, his 
tongue penetrated her fuck hole and made the little girl groan 
and wriggle her hips in a delightful manner. As they wriggled, 
her butt rose into the air giving him better access to her cunt 
and he tongued her opening, forcing his tongue up her young 
tight cunt as far as he could before withdrawing it to flick 
the end across her tiny little clit.

She was moaning faster and faster now and she gasped when he 
moved his face upwards and began licking around the entrance 
to her back hole. The skin surrounding the child's shit hole 
was pink and unbelievably smooth, and he savoured the sensation 
of drawing his tongue over it. He made sure that both her cunt 
and asshole were covered with his saliva before he raised his 
head and shuffled forward on his knees.
Feeling him move position, the preteen raised her head and 
looked over her shoulder as he slipped his prick between her 
legs and rubbed it up and down her slit. Catalina held her 
breath as she waited for the inevitable push and her mouth 
opened, and her eyes closed when it came. 
She never made a sound as the man drove his cock into her 
immature cunt. The previous man may have opened her up and got 
her tube well lubricated, but she was still incredibly tight 
and he groaned loudly as the further into her he pushed, the 
tighter she became. 
Catalina's head dropped back onto the bed as the man gripped 
her hips and pulled her butt up and back. He rocked her back 
and forth on his shaft, each time making her take just a 
fraction more, and continued until he was fully inside her.
His brain cried out for him to fuck her hard, and although that 
was exactly what he wanted to do, he also knew that he was so 
aroused that he would cum very quickly. Past experience had 
taught him that after he had climaxed, he wouldn't be able to 
do it again for a while and he wanted to make this fuck last. 
He had no intention of trying to pleasure the child beneath 
him, this fuck was strictly for his own enjoyment. 
He began to fuck her slowly, pulling his cock all the way back 
and then pushing it back in and pausing at the end of every 
stroke. It was extremely erotic for him to see such a young 
child's cunt stretched around his prick and he loved the way 
her thin lips were forced inside her body every time he 
pressed inwards.
No matter how slowly he fucked her however, the spunk in his 
balls was boiling and he eventually had to pull out of her 
body and he jumped off the bed and paced around the room to 
calm down. Catalina watched him intently in case he would command 
her to do something else, but after a few minutes, he got back 
on the bed and resumed his position. This time however, his cock 
pressed against the child's asshole and Catalina had to use 
every ounce of willpower she had to try and keep her back hole 
relaxed as the man pressed harder and harder.
He gritted his teeth as he increased the pressure and although 
Catalina didn't cry out, he could see that he was causing her 
pain. Her hands were curled into fists that gripped the 
bedcovers with such force that her knuckles were white and the 
man was on the verge of giving up, when he suddenly overcame 
her resistance and popped inside.
Catalina couldn't help herself and she cried out and continued 
to moan loudly as he slid all the way up her shitter.

The man was in paedophile heaven. His cock was buried to the hilt 
in a 6 year olds asshole and it felt like he was being gripped by 
a hot vice. He couldn't believe how tight she was and he pumped 
her a few times before he had to stop and let his spunk cool 
down. As he rested, he glanced around the room and his eyes 
fell on the full length mirror attached to the wall. He slid 
both arms under Catalina's body and hugged her tightly to his 
chest as he manoeuvred himself off of the bed and stood up. 
The child's weight was now being taken by his prick that 
slipped another half an inch into her asshole as he walked 
over to the mirror and gazed at his reflection. One arm was 
enough to hold her back against his chest and he looked in 
delight at the sight of his cock inside her shit hole and her 
open little cunt that he had just fucked. He couldn't resist 
dropping his other hand and sliding two fingers unto her cunt 
and he started to juggle her up and down on his cock. He was 
practically cumming already and within a few seconds, he 
groaned loudly and he kept his eyes open to watch the 
refection of his balls tighten and then spasm as he shot 
spurt after spurt of his hot slime deep onto the preteen's 
shit tube.

The child's body jerked with every spurt and he held her in 
that position, studying her every move in the mirror until his 
cock began to soften. Crossing back over to the bed, he let her 
fall forward onto the bed, which pulled his prick out of her 
asshole and left it red, bruised and open.
His spunk had begun to oozed out of her body and she was still 
stirring restlessly on the bed when he had pulled his clothes 
back on and he left the room quietly.
On the way out, he thanked Vanessa for her hospitality and 
promised to be back.

The next morning, Stella made her normal rounds and began at room 

The five year old was called Petra and she was curled into a 
foetal position on the bed, sucking her thumb. The bedcovers had 
been thrown off and her little cunt was bruised and still slightly 
open. When Stella shook the girl awake, Petra looked up at her 
and climbed off the bed as Stella pointed to the shower. Once 
she heard the water running, Stella made a quick check of all 
the hiding places that experience had taught her the children 
would use to hide money that the men would give them. Smiling 
at the 100 baht note she found under the bed, she stuffed it 
into the pocket of her shorts and went to the next room.   

Room two found Achlee lying on top of the bed. The eight year 
olds entire body was covered with the silver sheen of dried 
spunk and some of the white slime was still oozing out of her 
cunt and asshole. The child had been well used the previous 
night by a party of six men who had fucked her repeatedly 
until the preteen had passed out. Once she was unconscious, 
they had jerked off over her motionless body and then left 
her lying on the bed. Stella had to shake her repeatedly 
before she would wake up and stagger unsteadily to the shower. 

After checking for money, Stella made her way next door to room 
three. Sondra was a 6 year old black girl who Stella had taken 
an instant dislike to when they had first met three years ago. 
Even then, Sondra was a strong willed child and didn't like 
being told what to do. She was huddled beneath the bedcovers 
when Stella entered her room and pulled the covers from the bed. 
The child curled herself up into a ball and kept her eyes closed 
as Stella shouted, "Shower!"

Stella raised her foot and kicked the girl in the ass but she 
still wouldn't move. For the next few seconds, Stella looked 
carefully between Sondra's legs and she could see that both her 
cunt and asshole had been recently used. With a sigh of resignation, 
she reached out and grabbed the girl. Her first two fingers slid 
inside Sondra's cunt while her thumb pushed into her shit hole. 
The child cried out as she was gripped like a bowling ball and 
Stella pulled her ass into the air and repeatedly slapped it 
with her other hand. After a few moments, even Sondra's dark 
skin was flushed red and Stella eventually let go and the child 
sprang to her feet. She rubbed her stinging ass with one hand 
while the other hand rubbed at the dull ache in her cunt and 
then walked unsteadily to the shower with a sullen expression 
on her face.

Catalina was already in the shower when Stella entered the next 
room and a quick search found the money that her last client had 
left. Pushing the cash into her pocket, she gave a quick glance 
around the room to make sure that everything was in place and 
moved onto room five.

Inside the room, Nadia lay naked on the bed waiting for Stella to 
arrive. She had already showered to wash away all traces of the 
previous nights fucking and had brushed her hair. Nadia's mother 
was a Russian prostitute who had been glad to sell her newborn 
baby to Vanessa for less than 100 US dollars. Now, she was one 
of the most popular whores that Vanessa had ever had and was 
always smiling and happy, even when her cunt or asshole were 
being stretched by a huge cock that her five-year-old body was 
never designed to accommodate. 
Stella stood outside Nadia's room for a few seconds, smelling her 
fingers that had been up Sondra's cunt, before turning the door 
handle and pushing it open. She smiled when she saw Nadia posing 
for her on her bed and as she looked pointedly at the child's 
crotch, Nadia opened her legs wide to give an unrestricted view 
of her hairless sex.
As she walked into the room and closed the door behind her, Stella 
pulled her tee shirt over her head and tugged her shorts over 
her hips before kicking them off. The untied sneakers followed 
quickly and she got onto the bed and on top of the child.
Grabbing Nadia's curly wet hair with one hand, she pulled the 
child's face up to her own and ground their lips together, 
pushing her tongue into the younger girls mouth.
Nadia didn't struggle as she accepted the tongue, but she groaned 
as Stella's weight pushed her back into the bed and her knee came 
up to rub onto Nadia's cunt. Stella's mouth was like a sucking 
vacuum as her tongue whipped around in Nadia's mouth but the child 
was used to this type of treatment and she knew exactly what the 
older girl wanted. As Stella's small, but firm tits pressed into 
Nadia's flat chest, the child raised one knee up until her foot 
was flat on the bed and her thigh was pushed firmly into Stella's 
wet slit. She could feel the heat radiating out from the older 
girl's cunt and Stella moaned as she began to rub her hole up and 
down Nadia's thigh, leaving ever widening slime trails.

The morning lesbian session had become the normal for the two girls 
and Nadia looked forward to it as much as Stella did. It was so much 
more comfortable for Nadia to take her sexual pleasure without also 
having to endure the pain of having her cunt walls stretched by a cock.
Both girls were rubbing, grinding and rolling against each other as 
Stella moved her hand down to cup Nadia's butt cheek and pull 
her in tighter as her mouth tried to suck the throat slime out of 
the child's mouth.
She could feel Nadia's baby cunt grind over her thigh and she moved 
her leg back and replaced it with her hand. The child gasped as 
Stella jammed her hand between her legs, squeezing her hairless 
cunt so hard that her body reeled in dizziness. She tried to cry 
out but all that came out was a weak gurgling moan in some 
foreign language that Stella didn't understand, and even that was 
silenced quickly as Stella's mouth slipped over hers once more.
Stella rubbed at the child's cunt and then pushed a finger into 
her fuck tube causing the little girl's butt to come up from the 
bed as she pushed her sex into Stella's hand. A second finger was 
thrust up into her body, and both pumped in and out furiously as 
Stella's thumb searched for Nadia's little clit. It was just a 
tiny hardness at the top of the child's slit, but Stella's 
experienced fingers soon found the swelling and her thumb pressed 
onto the bud and moved around in tight circles.
The effect on the child was almost instant and she shouted 
something into the older girl's mouth as she climaxed and shuddered 
After a few seconds her body went limp and she crash back down 
onto the bed as Stella pulled her fingers of her body.

When Nadia's eyes fluttered open again, she found herself 
looking straight up into Stella's cunt as she prepared to 
squat over the child's face. Stella's fuck hole was fully 
developed but still completely hairless. The outer lips were 
red and swollen and slightly open so that the little girl 
could see into the pink tube as it descended towards her mouth.
As she opened her mouth, the smell of hot cunt invaded her 
nostrils and she only managed to take one deep breath before 
Stella's soft cunt was grinding into her face and across her 
mouth and nose.

"Suck me," Stella commanded as she felt her hole make contact 
with the child's tongue. "Suck me hard you little bitch and 
make me cum."

Nadia's command of the English language was almost non-existent, 
but she did understand the words, "Suck me."

The child began licking at the cunt being pushed into her face, 
and then slid her tongue into Stella's tube. She lapped as 
fast as she could at the hot slime inside the hole but her 
little tongue wasn't going to be enough to satisfy the 
aroused girl. Stella reached down and took one of Nadia's 
hands and bent all of her fingers down, except one. As she 
pushed the hand towards her cunt, Nadia understood what she 
wanted and slid the finger into Stella's tight hole. 
Stella sighed happily and them moaned loudly as Nadia pushed 
a second finger in beside the first. As she finger fucked the 
older girl, she searched upwards with her tongue and found the 
hard little button of her clit then began to rasp her tongue 
across it.
She could taste Stella's deliciously creamy slime coating her 
tongue and lips as she continued to lap at the hard pleasure 

"God I'm nearly there," Stella gasped, and although Nadia 
didn't understand the words, she could tell from the older 
girls quivering body that she was close to her climax.
Nadia glued her lips around the Stella's clit and sucked it 
hard as she pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt. 
Stella began grinding her hips against Nadia's face, grunting 
with pleasure as she held the child's face against her sex. 
Then, as Nadia sucked hard on Stella's clit, the older girl 
began humping and groaning and cursing softly in pleasure. 
She let out a sigh and then gripped Nadia's face in both 
hands, pulling her mouth tight against her fuck hole.

"Drink me you bitch," Stella hissed, "Drink my cum."

Even as she was speaking, Stella's cunt began to drool with girl 
cum and Nadia lapped and sucked as fast as she could to drink 
down all the juice.
Her body was shuddering and her head thrashed from side to side 
as she orgasmed. The child continued sucking hard on her clit 
and held her in continual climax until Stella couldn't bear it 
any longer and she jerked her cunt away and collapsed onto the 
It took many minutes for Stella to recover and as she climbed 
slowly off the bed, she looked down at the child, who would now 
need another shower. Her entire face was shining with Stella's 
cunt slime and her little cunt was slightly open and wet. 
Smiling her satisfaction, Stella put her clothes back on and 
left the little girl with a smile of gratitude.

She had little to do in rooms six and seven because the whores 
were in the shower already and she contended herself with 
looking for any hidden money.

In the final room, Tia was already awake and sitting up on 
the bed. She had been having stomach cramps for two days but 
didn't want to tell anyone. Because Vanessa kept the children 
illiterate and uneducated, Tia had no idea what was happening 
to her body and she went meekly to her shower when Stella 
pointed. Searching for money, Stella found something much 
more valuable. As she looked inside the dirty laundry hamper, 
she found a pair of Tia's panties that were streaked with 
what was obviously menstruation blood. Tucking the panties 
into her pocket, Stella left the room and went upstairs to 
her mother's bedroom.

The mornings were Vanessa's time to herself and she was still 
in her silk negligee as she idly flicked through a porn magazine 
and rubbed gently at her wet cunt. She looked up as her daughter 
came through the door but didn't stop playing with herself.

"Tia's bleeding," Stella informed her mother as she pulled the 
girls panties out of her pocket and showed her the stained 

"Good," Vanessa replied with genuine pleasure. "I was getting 
tired of that little bitch anyway. It was time for a change."

"Can I make the arrangements?" Stella asked hopefully and 
them grinned sadistically when her mother nodded her permission.

The child brothel was a very profitable business but it demanded 
a regular supply of preteen girls. When a whore reached the age 
of eight, Vanessa began lacing their food with a supplement of 
female hormones. This accelerated their bodies through puberty 
and it was normal for the children to have their first period 
between the ages of 8 or 9. At this time, they were retired 
from the whorehouse and Vanessa told the remaining girls 
that she had been bought by some rich business man who would 
keep her in the life of luxury.
The truth however was very different.

When a whore began her bleeding, she was no further use to 
Vanessa as a fuck toy, but she became valuable as breeding 
stock. The whore would be made pregnant and kept a prisoner 
until she had given birth. If the baby was a female, she 
would be raised to be a whore and normally broken in at the 
age of three and begin her working life at four. 
Vanessa had found that it was important to break the children 
in at a very early age, because once the reached about five 
or six, it became virtually impossible to turn them into a 
valuable whore. The most important initiation was done 
through the deliberate suppression of the child's self-esteem, 
and keeping them isolated from other more normal children. 
They were also isolated from mainstream television and reading
material. The televisions in the brothel only ever showed 
hardcore pornography and all the magazines and books in the 
building featured the same content.
Their self-esteem was controlled by keeping the children naked 
as much as possible and forcing them to perform menial tasks 
and sex acts.
Hours were spent drumming it into the children that they were 
stupid, and lucky to have beds where they could have sex and 
sell their bodies, and at all times, they were reminded that 
their principal asset was their ability to sexually gratify 
adults by using every hole in their bodies

If the baby was a boy, Vanessa had some contacts that would 
purchase the infant. She had no idea what happened to the male 
child and she didn't care. She did sometimes wonder however, 
if there was any connection with her sale of male babies to 
the rising amount of snuff movies that were being produced 
featuring very young boys.
Once the ex-whore had given birth, she too would be sold, 
normally to the Chinese Triads who loved killing a girl that 
they were actually fucking. They claimed that the most powerful 
orgasm was if you could make the girl die at the exact moment 
of ejaculation.

Stella went to a side room downstairs where she knew that the 
two security men would be. They looked up at her when she 
entered the room and she gave them their instructions.

"Tia's ready to go downstairs now," she said.

Both men got to their feet and Stella added, "Quietly."

The men knew exactly what to do and they made their way 
swiftly to Tia's bedroom and entered without knocking. 
The 9-year-old girl had just come out of the shower and 
was wrapped in a towel as she brushed her wet hair. She 
whirled around when they entered and opened her mouth to 
ask what was going on, but was too late. The first guard 
balled his fist and struck on the point of her chin, 
dropping her like a rock. Lifting her inert body easily 
onto his shoulder, he waited until the other guard made 
sure that none of the other whores were about, before 
walking briskly into the Sanctum. 
Stella was standing beside a cleverly concealed door and 
she opened it with a key she wore on a chain around her 
neck when the guards approached. Noiselessly, she pushed 
the door open to let them through and then followed them, 
locking the door behind her.

None of the other children knew that the brothel had a 
basement and this one consisted of a featureless room, lit
 by a naked bulb and a large double bed. The bed had been 
specially constructed to include restraints at each corner 
and the bottom of the bed was higher than the head. This 
was to let any spunk inside a girls cunt ooze slowly into 
her womb and not to drip out of her body. The walls and 
ceiling of the room were covered with a dense foam material 
that made it soundproof.

The guards dumped Tia's body onto the bed and rolled her onto her 
back before securing her wrists and ankles. Once Stella had made 
sure that the shackles were firmly locked, she nodded her 
satisfaction and left the room. She knew that both guards would 
fuck the unfortunate girl, but that would only be the start or 
her ordeal.
The basement could also be accessed from a door in the alley 
behind the brothel and Vanessa had a lot of regular clients that 
she would let use Tia's body for free. The object now was not to 
make money from Tia but to get her pregnant as quickly as 
She would remain shackled to the bed all day, except for two 
visits to the toilet, and every morning Stella would use a 
pregnancy testing kit on her. The guards who took turns in 
taking her to the toilet were under strict instructions not to 
let her clean the spunk out of her cunt, and every time she was 
tied up again, the guard would fuck her.
Tia was fucked around 20 times a day and it was little surprise 
when the pregnancy test proved to be positive a week and a half 
The following night, under the cover of darkness, Tia was moved 
to a house across the city that Vanessa also owned. The house 
was a nursery where Vanessa raised all her baby whores and Tia 
would be kept there until she had given birth and she would 
then be sold.
Vanessa had spread the word with all her clients that she was 
going to put on one of her shows and that they were all welcome 
to attend. The shows were free, as were the beers that were 
passed out, but Vanessa knew that most of the men would stay 
after the show to fuck the children and they certainly weren't 
One of the most popular types of show was when one of the 
children took a dog's cock up her cunt, and Vanessa had a 
business arrangement with a man know only as Paco who supplied 
her with trained dogs.
Achlee was chosen to be the performer for the night, and 
Vanessa was confident that the 8-year-old would give a good 
show.  The child was a natural whore and would take anything 
up her cunt and her asshole.

On the night of the show, The Sanctum was full with every 
chair taken. Most of the men were smoking and drinking beer 
and although Vanessa walked amongst them and made polite 
conversation, deep inside she was furious and she walked 
over to her daughter and gripped her upper arm in a grip of 

"Where the fuck is Paco?" she demanded. "He should have 
been here half an hour ago. All these bastards are going to 
get drunk on my beer and then they will be too pissed to fuck 
the whores."

"I know," Stella replied, with a grimace of pain as her 
mothers strong fingers pressed into her upper arm. She held 
up her cell phone and said, "I've been trying to phone him 
but the bastard must have his phone switched off."

Vanessa blew out her cheeks in exasperation and asked, "Did 
you confirm this show to him? Did you make sure that he 
remembered about it?"

"Yes," Stella said as she eventually pried her arm free. "I 
talked to him last night and confirmed all the arrangements. 
He said he would be here."

"Bastard!" Vanessa spat as she turned and looked around at the 
audience and then looked at the amount of bottles of beer that 
were left on the bar.  They were dwindling rapidly and she was 
going to have a riot if she ran out.

"We have to do something," she said quietly as she glanced around 
the room. Most of the children were standing close to their 
bedroom doors in case one of the men would want to pay to use 
them. All were unoccupied at the moment because the men didn't 
want to miss the animal action and they knew that there would 
be plenty of time for fucking later. If they were still sober 
enough to get a hard-on!!

Walking over to one of the bedrooms, she took Petra by the arm 
and pulled her onto the raised stage. As she took the 
five-year-olds dress off and left her standing in just her 
little white panties, she said to the audience, "There's been 
a slight delay with the entertainment. The main event will 
be starting shortly and until then you can play with her."
As she finished speaking, she picked Petra up and threw her 
into the crowd of men. Dozens of hands reached out to catch 
the little girl and within seconds some lucky man had his 
cock buried down her throat and Petra's hands were pulled 
onto two hard cocks. Other hands soon had her panties down 
at her knees and fingers were up her cunt and in her asshole. 
As Vanessa watched the men ravish the child's body, she raised 
her voice and added, "But if you fuck her, you pay."
As Vanessa walked slowly off the stage, she saw her daughter 
waving her arms at her and came over. Raising her cell phone, 
Stella said, "I got through to Paco. He'll be here in ten 

"Go out and meet him," her mother instructed. "Bring the dog 
in through the back entrance."

Nodding her head Stella went out to stand in front of the 
building sand wait for Paco to deliver the animal.
When the old and battered van drew to a stop, Paco climbed out and 
began a long and complicated story about why he was late. He only 
managed about five words before Stella snapped, "Just shut the 
fuck up and give me the dogs."

His mouth closed and he muttered, "You sound just like your 
mother," but he went around to the back of the van and wrenched 
the door open.

Handing Stella two leads that was little more than an old pieces 
of rope, he said, "They're both ready to go. Those horny bastards 
will fuck anything so you won't have any problems."

With that assurance, he jumped back into the van and sped off.
The girl looked down at the large black mongrel and the even larger 
black and tan Mastiff that both had heavy socks taped to their front 
legs, and she hoped that Paco was right.

Achlee came onto the raised stage wearing nothing but a smile 
and, leading the large black mongrel. The 8-year-old had a very 
supple body, and her tits were just beginning to bud, and 
produce the slightest of swellings on her otherwise flat chest. 
She also had a cute little pear shaped ass and a deep hairless 
slit that was glistening with her juices. She had been masturbating 
before she came on stage to stimulate her natural lubrication 
and also pushed some KY jelly into her hole because she knew that 
some dogs had large cocks. Her copper coloured skin turned a 
shade lighter as Vanessa dimmed the main lights and turned on 
the spotlights that shone onto the stage. As she paraded the 
dog around, so everyone could get a good look, the men cheered 
and clapped and Vanessa stepped into the seated crowd and 
rescued Petra who had been temporarily forgotten.  The child 
still had her panties wrapped around one of her ankles and 
pulled them back on and looked up at Vanessa. Petra had some 
spunk sticking to her face and more in her curly blonde hair 
and Vanessa was about to send her off to get cleaned up, when 
a man at the end of the row put his hand on her arm and 
stopped her. Looking down, she recognised him as Martin, who 
was one of her regular customers, and he pressed a wad of 
money into her hand.

"I'll take her," he said, nodding to Petra, and Vanessa smiled 
as she pushed the child into his arms.

"Do you want her cleaned up?" she asked.

When he shook his head, she continued, "Do you want a bedroom?"

"No way," he said,"I don't want to miss the dog act."

Shrugging her shoulders, Vanessa just gave him a smile and 
walked away.

Standing in her white cotton panties, Martin studied her from 
her big blue eyes and soft pink lips, down over her flat chest 
and her chubby little thighs. Her thin panties were pulled up 
tightly into her crotch and her slit was clearly outlined 
beneath the material. She had no tits at all but her tiny 
brown nipples were erect and one was bruised where someone 
had squeezed too hard. As he looked her over, Martin unzipped 
his pants and pulled out his seven-inch long cock. Rock hard, 
he pointed to it and said, "Suck my cock."

Although Petra understood little English, she knew the works 
cock and suck and also knew what to do when they were used 
She knelt on the floor between his legs and her small hands 
grasped his cock and slowly moved up and down the shaft.  
Lowering her mouth, the child sucked the tip into her hot 
mouth and pushed her face down until she couldn't take any 
more. With the head of his prick surrounded by her soft 
flesh, Petra's tongue caressed it lightly before her head 
started bobbing up and down  while her hand jacked him off. 
With a long sigh and a smile, Martin turned his attention 
back to the stage and watched as Achlee
got on her knees and used her small hands to rub the dog's 
hairy sheath.

Paco was right and the animal was ready and eager to fuck. 
Within a few seconds, the pink tip of his cock appeared and 
the audience cheered as Achlee's hand moved faster and faster 
and coaxed out the rest of the shiny shaft. Fully erect the 
dog's red prick was eight inches long and a good thickness. 
Already leaking pre-cum, the dog looked around, with its 
long tongue lolling out the side of its mouth as it watched 
the child begin to jack him off. After a few moments, 
Achlee lay down on the stage and slithered beneath the 
animal before she greedily sucked the large cock into her 
mouth. The mongrel stood quite still as the girl sucked 
on his cock but she was obviously good at what she was 
doing because the dog gave a whine and started thrusting 
his hindquarters back and forth to fuck her mouth. Not 
wanting the animal to cum so soon, Achlee spat out the 
prick and scrambled to her feet. Opening her legs, she 
shuffled forward until her cunt was directly over the 
dog's snout and then shivered as its long tongue swiped 
across her slit and then pushed up inside her hole.

Petra was bringing Martin very close to climax and he placed 
his hand on the back of her head to stop it moving, as he 
whispered, "Not yet."

Sensing his intentions, the child instantly stopped and gripped 
the base of his shaft as hard as she could to shut down his 
cum. Waiting another few seconds to make sure, the child 
then released her grip and resumed sucking him again.

Achlee's eyes were closed and her head thrown back as she let 
the dog lick her cunt. Its tongue was fully inside her and 
the way it flicked about in her cunt was sending the most 
delicious feelings to the pleasure centre of the child's 
brain. The men around the stage kept their seats but lend 
forward so that they could see the mongrels tongue penetrate 
the child's cunt. All had erect cocks and some had pulled 
down their zips and were jerking off. 
As much as Achlee liked getting her slit filled with thrashing 
dog tongue, it wasn't really what the audience wanted to see, 
and when the girl opened her eyes and looked over at Vanessa, 
she could see the woman motioning for her to get down onto her 
hands and knees.  Taking a step back, the preteen puled her 
cunt away from the animal's mouth and dropped to the floor. As 
soon as she got onto her knees, the mongrel knew exactly what 
to do and he jumped onto her back to mount her
The dog needed no coaxing, or instruction, as it was clear he 
had performed this act many times and he paid no attention to 
the whoops and hollers from the crowd, as he slid his dick, 
into Achlee's tiny hole and, began pounding for all he was worth.  
As the young girls moans filled the room, Martin's cock couldn't 
take any more and he gasped as he fired spurt after spurt of 
spunk into Petra's mouth. The little girl was surprised at his 
climax but she held her mouth tightly sealed around the 
fountaining prick and kept swallowing, pumping his shaft with 
her hand to milk every last drop out of him. After the last 
spurt she removed her mouth but kept jacking him slowly and 
swiping her tongue over his piss hole whenever another drop of 
spunk oozed out. 

Achlee dropped her head to rest it on the floor and kept her butt 
raised high in the air as the dog fucked her at an astonishing 
rate. His red and shiny shaft was a blur as it pistoned in and 
out of her body and the young girl groaned loudly. Despite the 
lubrication provided by the KY jelly and the dog's saliva, its 
cock was as big as she'd ever taken before and the animal was 
pounding her as fast and as hard as he could. 

Martin was cheering along with the other men as he watched Achlee 
getting fucked and he unbuckled his pants and stood up slightly 
to push them down to his knees. When he sat back down, he lifted 
Petra onto his lap so that they were both facing the stage and 
he loved the feel of her thighs and ass cheeks against his naked 
The sight of Achlee performing on stage coupled with the five 
year old child sitting on his lap was so horny that his cock 
quickly hardened again and he reached around to caress her 
nipples and let his hand wander down between her soft thighs 
to touch her panty covered cunt. Petra opened her legs, like 
a good whore and let him feel her up, conscious of the fact that 
his cock was now rock hard again and she could feel it press 
into her ass.  

His hand stroked her soft cunt through her panties, and then 
pushed into the waistband of her underwear and down between 
her legs. She was too young to have developed cunt lips yet and 
her sex was just a deep slit that he ran his fingers over. 
Pulling his fingers out, Petra watched as he raised them to 
his nose and sniffed in her scent. He then moved his fingers 
towards the child's mouth and she opened her lips and sucked 
then inside, flicking her tongue to taste her own cunt. She 
didn't know why so many men wanted her to taste her cunt but 
she liked the taste so she was happy to do it.  She spread 
her legs wider on his lap as his hand went back inside her 
panties and this time his finger slid into her fuck hole and 
felt the heat and the wetness inside.

He fingered her for a few moments as he watched Achlee's cunt 
take a severe pounding from the dog who had now speeded up his 
thrusts. The men around him were shouting loudly and urging the 
dog on as they waited for the climax.
Martin removed his finger from Petra's cunt and grasped the back 
of her panties and bunched the material up in his hand. He 
pulled the underwear up into the preteen's ass crack so that 
he could feel her bare butt cheeks against his thighs and then 
pulled the front of her panties to the side and away from her 
hole. Her crotch was puffy and he plunged one finger back up 
her cunt, making her jerk and moan and rotated it inside her 
body, loving the feel of its velvety softness. His other hand 
ran up and down her body, over her chest and nipples, her soft 
flat stomach and waist and over her firm ass cheeks. 

Achlee's head snapped up from the floor when she felt the dog's 
knot begin to form. Her little cunt could stretch to take the 
wildly thrusting cock but there was no way it could stretch to 
take the knot. Because the child could hardly speak English, 
Vanessa had drawn her some diagrams before she came out of her 
bedroom and the woman hoped that Achlee understood that she 
wasn't to try and take the knot, even if the audience wanted her 
to. Vanessa wanted to make a lot more money out of Achlee's cunt 
and the last thing she wanted was for it to get ripped up.

When the young girl felt the dog start to knot, she pulled free 
and squirmed underneath the animal's furry body and gripped the 
thrusting shaft. Wrapping her fist around it, the mongrel fucked 
her hand until he turned his head towards the ceiling and started 
The thin watery dog spunk spurted out of his prick and Achlee 
directed the jets onto her body, over her budding tits and onto 
her face. The men cheered and clapped at her behaviour and she 
continued jacking the shaft until the dog's balls were completely 
empty. Once the dog was totally drained, she stood up and gave 
the cheering group, a sweet little curtsey before skipping off 
the stage and escaping back to her bedroom to clean up.
As the horny men left their seats to get another beer or to feel 
up the unoccupied children, Stella captured the dog and led him 
outside to tie him up for Paco to collect later. When she came 
back into the room with the massive Mastiff, a hushed silence 
fell on the audience as they looked at the size of the animal. 
They couldn't believe that any of the children could hope to 
take on the beast and they waited to see who would come onto 
the stage.
Stella paraded the dog around the stage a few times, taking 
her time and prolonging the suspense until she stopped and 
pointed at Sondra.
The six-year-old black girl actually turned and looked behind 
her to see who Stella was pointing at and her stomach sank 
when she realised that it was her.

Stella had grown tired of Sondra's resistance to her authority and 
she had persuaded her mother to make her the star attraction. She 
was the least popular of the whores because of her attitude and 
the men who used her almost had to rape her. Whilst some of the 
customers actually liked this, most of them didn't, and they 
preferred a willing cunt to fuck.
Stella's finger remained pointing at the preteen and then curled 
twice indicating for her to come onto the stage. There was fear 
in Sondra's eyes and she shook her head defiantly.
Not giving her a second chance, Stella turned to the audience and 
said, "Sondra doesn't want to entertain you. I guess that the 
show finished."

She smiled slightly when the men shouted their displeasure and she 
held up her hand for silence. Eventually they gave her the silence 
she wanted and she cried, "Do you want to see this dog fuck Sondra?"

The chorus of "YES!" was almost deafening.

"Then I'll need your help. Will you help me?" she asked in 
a loud voice.

Again the cry of, "YES!" was just as loud as before and Vanessa 
smiled with pride as she watched her daughter work the audience 
into a frenzy, and a frenzy that would do exactly what she 
wanted them to do.

"Okay," Stella cried. "I need some volunteers."

Every man in the room raised their hand and she pointed at three 
of the biggest men and waved them onto the stage.
The rest of the audience clapped as the three men joined 
Stella and she looked at them and then pointed back to 
Sondra. "Bring her here," she commanded.

The preteen bolted into her bedroom and closed the door, but 
as Vanessa didn't allow the doors to have locks, the three 
men quickly pushed it open and dragged the protesting child 
onto the stage.

"Strip her," Stella said, and while the men pulled the clothes 
off Sondra's body, Stella cut the socks off the Mastiff's 
front paws and smiled when her fingers felt the sharp dew 

Sondra continued to struggle as she stood naked but her strength 
was no match for the two men who held an arm each and the third 
man who stood menacingly behind her. When she tried to kick out 
at the men's legs, Stella sprang to her feet and delivered a 
stinging slap to the girl's face. That stopped her struggles 
and Stella got back down on her knees and rubbed at the 
Mastiff's sheath. The pink tip appeared after a few rubs and 
the shaft just kept on growing. Every time Stella rubbed, the 
shaft grew and thickened and soon the men sitting around 
watching were clapping and cheering. It was normal for a big 
dog to have a big cock, but the Mastiff's was huge. By the time 
Stella had finished, its prick was fully eleven inches long 
and thicker than her wrist. It hung down between the animal's 
legs until it almost touched the ground, and Stella led the 
dog around the stage to make sure that everyone got a good 
look at it. That included Sondra and her eyes almost popped 
out of her head at the sight. She had never even imagined 
that a prick could be that size, and she felt sick at what 
was about to happen to her.
Nodding to the men, they forced Sondra onto her knees and then 
pulled her forward onto her hands. To make sure that she didn't 
move, two of the men stood on her hands and at the same moment, 
Stella let go of the Mastiff's leash.
The animal leaped onto the preteen's back, his sharp dew claws 
raking down her sides and immediately drawing blood. Sondra 
cried out in pain but the animal paid no attention and began 
thrusting between her legs, searching for her cunt. Getting 
onto her knees, Stella grasped the thick shaft and pulled it 
towards the child's body. She rubbed the tip up and down 
Sondra's slit and she could feel the Mastiff's hindquarters 
tense in preparation for a thrust. In that couple of seconds, 
Stella moved the tapering tip of the animal's cock up to 
Sondra's asshole 
The child felt the move and she snapped her head around and 
opened her mouth, but at that moment, the dog lunged forward 
and rammed three inches of his cock up her shit tube. Sondra 
cried out and her body twisted in pain but she was unable to 
move. The two men's weight was still on her hands and the 
animals prick held her ass in place. Feeling her hot flesh 
around his prick, instinct told the dog to drive forward and 
he did so with another powerful lunge. Another three inches 
was forced into the 6-year-olds asshole and the audience went 
wild and cheered so loudly that they almost drowned out 
Sondra's piercing scream.. They were all regular clients of 
the brothel and most of them had had a bad experience with 
Sondra and they considered this to be payback time.
The child's asshole felt like it was being stretched by a 
tree trunk that was also red-hot. Her flesh burned and the 
tears flowed down her cheeks but there was no respite. The 
huge dog had been taught to fuck and he drove forward again 
and this time buried his entire length up Sondra's shit tube. 
The pressure inside her intestines was immense and it added 
to the agony that racked her body. One scream followed another 
and Stella could feel her cunt juices drip into the crotch of 
her panties and she watched the young girl writhe in pain.
Getting to her feet, Stella moved around behind the dog and 
lifted his tail high into the air so that the men sitting behind 
the animal could see that the thick shaft was all the way in 
Sondra's asshole. They clapped loudly at the sight and the 
animal's dew claws drew more blood from the girl's sides as 
he took a tighter grip and began fucking her. This was the 
tightest female the dog had ever fucked but the powerful 
muscles in his hindquarters drove his prick in and out of 
her bruised and bleeding shit hole.

Martin watched enthralled as Sondra was speared but he desperately 
wanted to fuck the little girl sitting on his lap. Eventually he 
couldn't stand it any longer and he pulled his fingers out of her 
body and carried her across the room to her bedroom and closed the door.
Laying her gently on the bed, he eased her panties out of her ass 
crack and pulled them down to her ankles before dropping them onto 
the floor. He stared in rapture at her naked body as he took off 
his clothes. She was everything he imagined she would be and his 
heart was beating wildly at the thought of fucking her.

Although Martin was a regular at the brothel, he had never managed 
to use Petra before. She was very popular, mainly because she was 
the youngest, but also because she acted as if she enjoyed being 
screwed and always gave her clients a satisfying fuck.
Petra smiled at him as he crawled onto the bed between her legs and 
she watched to see what he would do. Her smile turned into a grin 
when Martin lowered his head to her cunt and inhaled her scent 
before kissing her luscious hole. This was what Petra liked best. 
She got genuine pleasure out of getting her cunt sucked and there 
wasn't pain associated with it. Even the smallest cock could make 
her fuck hole send jolts of pain through her five-year-old body 
and the bigger ones were pure agony. She never complained however 
and always grinned and bucked her hips encouragingly at whoever 
was fucking her, just like she'd been taught to.

A tongue however was perfect for the child, and as Martin revelled 
in her juvenile taste and smell, Petra relaxed back on the bed and 
spread her little chubby legs wider. He licked her cunt juice from 
the deep, hairless slit and pushed his tongue in and out of her 
hole making the girl moan softly. His tongue probed the top of 
her slit for her clit and eventually found the smallest swelling 
he'd ever encountered. Even although it was tiny, it was rock 
hard and for a few seconds he was unsure that it actually was 
her clit. Any doubts he had however were banished when he pressed 
his tongue firmly against it. Petra bucked her hips and cried 
out as an electric current blasted through her young body and 
she mumbled something in her own language that Martin didn't 
understand but he knew from her tone that she was enjoying what 
he was doing to her.
As he continued to lick her clit, Petra's ass arched off the bed 
and her hips start to move slowly. He gripped both of her smooth 
butt cheeks in his hands and kneaded them as he continued to 
stimulate her clit and also swiped his tongue all over her cunt. 
Her breath was coming in short gasps now and he concentrated on 
the hard little bud and thrashed it with his tongue making her 
cry out repeatedly as the pleasure centre of her brain became 
overwhelmed with stimulation.
Suddenly, she groaned loudly and her ass cheeks became rock hard 
in his hands as her whole body tensed. She remained like that for 
about three seconds before her muscles unclenched and she was able 
to cry out as her flesh shuddered in orgasm. Her climax blasted 
through her small frame and Martin could feel spasm after spasm 
shoot through her body and he was thrilled that he had managed 
to make her cum.  Moving his tongue away from her clit, he pushed 
it back into her cunt and was pleased to find that she was much 
wetter than she had been. He tasted her cum for a few moments to 
let her recover from her climax and then pulled his face back 
and sat on his heels. His cock was as stiff as an iron bar and 
throbbing with desire and he stared down at her slit that was 
glistening with his saliva and her own slime. 
The little girl was drained after her cum, but she forced herself 
to sit up on the bed with her legs still wide apart. While Martin 
admired her suppleness, Petra leaned forward and used both hands 
to caresses and stroke his prick. She could feel how hard it was 
and when she looked up into his face Martin said, "Lets fuck now!"

Again he had used one of the few English phrases she knew, and 
she smiled as she threw herself back on the bed and waited for 
him to get on top of her.

From the other side of the bedroom door, both Martin and Petra 
could hear the general shouting and cheering of the men in the 
audience but in sharp contrast to the background noise, were 
the piercing screams of Sondra as she was fucked. Petra was very 
relieved that she hadn't been chosen to service the dogs, and she 
tried to block out the noise and concentrate on pleasing Martin.
Sondra's throat was sore and raw from all her screaming but she 
was unable to stop. Every time the Mastiff powered his cock into 
her asshole a fresh searing pain lanced through her body. It was 
like a red hot knife being repeatedly stabbed up her shit hole 
and as she looked beneath her body and between her legs, she 
could see the rivers of blood flowing down the inside of both 
her thighs. The dog's fur around his cock sheath and his balls 
was also stained with her blood and she screamed again, both in 
pain and in terror.

The dog was finding it easier to fuck the girl now that her blood 
was acting like a lubricant and it mixed with the animal's pre-cum 
into a thick red froth. Sondra's sides were a mass of bleeding 
scratches and a new one was created every time the Mastiff 
changed its grip. His thrusts had speeded up and he fucked her 
furiously, making her body jerk with the force of his thrusts. 
Getting back down on her knees beside the rutting beast, Stella 
watched his pistoning cock closely and waited impatiently for the 
knot to swell. The Mastiff was fucking the child at a furious rate
 but he was still using the full length of his prick and every 
inward thrust swung his balls up and slapped them into Sondra's 
cunt. Any other time and that might have been pleasurable but 
the pain she was experiencing was far to intense for her to even 
feel the ball sack hitting her flesh. 
The animal's long tongue hung out of his mouth and dripped drool 
onto Sondra's naked back as he panted for breath and Stella saw 
that the animal's thrusts were changing into more of a short stab. 
She knew that the Mastiff was near his climax and she placed the 
flat of her hand over the dog's asshole and pushed with all her 
strength every time he drove into the child's shitter. The knot 
that had just begun to form went into Sondra's asshole and her 
eyes bulged in her head as it swelled even bigger. The mastiff 
stopped the wild lunges and his hindquarters rocked back and 
forth as the knot grew to the size of a tennis ball. Screaming 
insanely, Sondra could do nothing about the intense pain in 
her back hole and by the time it had grown to the size of a 
grapefruit, the child's brain shut down and she slipped into 
Her body became limp and her upper body crashed down onto the 
floor, hitting her head hard enough to bloody her nose, but her 
ass remained high in the air, held there by the dog's prick. 
While one of the men lifted her head by her hair and slapped 
her to bring her around, Stella again pulled up the dog's tail 
and showed the audience that she was fully tied to the Mastiff. 
Her asshole was so full of cock that it had pushed her ass 
cheeks apart until the skin was tightly stretched and the 
outline of the thick shaft was clearly visible beneath the 
skin of her stomach. Although she had been ripped apart 
internally, the knot plugged her so effectively that not a 
single drop of blood now escaped out of her hole.

Panting heavily, the dog whined and its balls twitched as they 
pumped a powerful jet of hot spunk into her shit tube and the 
audience clapped loudly as the animal continued to spurt his 
load into the child. 

Sliding on top of Petra but taking his weight on his hands, Martin 
looked down and watched the preteen take hold of his shaft and 
rub the tip up and down her wet slit. Guiding it into her hole, 
she raised her hips up slightly and slowly impaled herself on 
his prick. The heat from her fuck hole was amazing and he 
watched her cunt expand around his shaft until the head was 
inside. When he looked down at Petra's face, the child nodded 
her head and he began to push forward. Inch after inch of his 
shaft disappeared into her hole, stretching the skin around 
the entrance until he was sure it would burst. Petra chewed 
on her bottom lip as Martin's cock went deeper and deeper into 
her body and she sighed loudly when his balls came to rest on 
her little butt cheeks.

His cock was completely inside the child and he scooped her 
up into his arms and sat back down onto his heels. She laughed 
like a normal little girl at this, but there was nothing normal 
about the way she tightened her cunt muscles and began to move 
on top of him, rotating her hips, moving up and down, and 
fucking him slowly.
Martin bent down and kissed her sweet mouth deeply, tasting 
his cock on her tongue and he caressed her back and tight 
ass, feeling her supple muscles working on his prick. Her 
cunt was so tight and wet, her little body so exciting and 
passionate that Martin was finding it very hard to control 
his orgasm. When she started to move faster and alternatively 
tighten and then relax her cunt muscles, he knew he was past 
the point of no return and he gasped as he squirted his spunk 
into her fuck tube and filled her little girl cunt with his 
cum.  Breathing deeply, he held the child close to his chest 
and moaned with happiness as her cunt milked every last drop 
out of him. 

A minute or two later, he was breathing more normally but Petra 
didn't seem to be finished with him. Her fuck muscles were 
still squeezing him tightly and he couldn't believe that his 
softening prick was beginning to respond and harden again 
inside her tube. 
He had already cum in her mouth and her cunt and would have 
considered that his money had been well spent but he watched 
as the child eased her cunt off his prick with a loud plop and 
stood on the bed. She squatted down slightly to show him her 
cunt that was still gaping open and as she did so, a thick 
strand of spunk began to ooze out. Capturing the strand in 
her hand, she rubbed the slime into her ass crack and massaged 
it into her puckered and pink asshole. When Martin realised 
what she was doing, the blood pumped into his prick and 
stiffened it fully. Once Petra had lubricated her shit hole, 
she turned her back on Martin and squatted down until the tip 
was against her back hole. He wasn't sure that the child 
would be able to take his cock into her asshole and he let her 
control the situation and just watched as she slowly lowered 
herself onto his prick. With practised experience she relaxed 
her anal ring and she pulled his arms around her torso and 
clasped his hands over her non-existent tits, pressing her 
hard nipples into his palms. Lifting her feet slightly from 
the bedcovers until her weight was fully taken on Martin's 
cock, she let gravity do all the work and her body slid slowly 
down his shaft until he was fully inside her shitter.  Her 
tiny ass was even tighter than her cunt was, and she rested 
for a moment before leaning forward and placing her hands 
onto Martin's outstretched legs. Raising her butt up and 
down, she fucked her asshole with his shaft while Martin 
reached between her legs and played with her spunk filled 
cunt.  Her hands on his shoulders she stroked up and down, 
fucking her ass with his cock. As he watched his prick 
penetrate and re-penetrate her back hole, he came for the 
third time.
It was the first time he had managed such a feat and he closed 
his eyes as his thick spunk splattered into her shit tube. 
Totally exhausted, Martin collapsed back on the bed and Petra 
held him inside her asshole until he softened so much that he 
slipped out. While Martin closed his eyes and almost drifted 
to sleep, Petra went into the bathroom and returned with a 
warm and damp cloth. Gently rubbing the cloth over his cock 
and balls, she cleaned him up like a good little whore and 
Martin sighed his satisfaction and pleasure.

Stella led the Mastiff out of the back door and tied it up 
beside the black mongrel. She was thinking that it had been 
a good evening for her as she had taken her revenge on Sondra 
and her mother was also pleased because almost every man had 
paid to fuck the children and every bedroom had a queue 
outside the door. As she stood and waited for Paco, she looked 
around the alleyway to make sure that it was deserted and 
pushed her hand beneath her skirt to rub her panty covered 
slit. Watching the dogs fuck had really aroused her and the 
sight of Sondra in so much pain had made it so much better.

"Come on. Hurry up. Hurry up," she whispered to herself as 
she pictured Paco in her mind. The sooner he returned for 
the dogs, the sooner she could escape to her room to masturbate.

Just as she was thinking about phoning him, the van screeched 
into the alley but it wasn't Paco who jumped out.
The boy looked to be in his mid teens and was only wearing a 
pair of shorts and untied sneakers on his feet. His skin was 
a deep copper colour and his lean frame was well muscled and 

"Who are you?" Stella asked.

"Ramone," the boy replied flashing her a smile and showing his 
perfect white teeth. "I'm Paco's son. Who are you?"

"Stella," she answered. "My mother owns this place."

As she spoke, he led the dogs to the back of the van and shut 
the door when they jumped inside.

"Did the dogs perform to your satisfaction?" the boy asked 
with a smile.

 Stella nodded and then stared at the boy as he 
continued, "Which one of them did you use? Or did you 
fuck with both of them?"

"I didn't fuck any of them," Stella snapped. "I'm not 
a whore."

Ramone just smiled at her and then said, "I'll bet you 
watched though. Didn't you?"

Stella found herself nodding and then the boy added 
quietly, "Did it make you horny?"

The girl was becoming very unsure of this conversation 
and she would have turned on her heel and walked away except 
for two things. Firstly, she was very sexually aroused and 
she could feel the wet crotch of her panties sticking to 
her skin, and secondly, she was attracted to Ramone. His hard 
body was an obvious attraction, but he also had a musky scent 
that she found very pleasant. 

"Did it make you horny," Ramone repeated as he stepped 

"Yea," Stella admitted. "A bit."

"How horny?," he persisted in a low voice that she could only 
hear because his face was almost touching her own.
Stella didn't answer but she jumped when his finger very 
lightly brushed over her tee shirt and touched her rock hard 
nipple beneath. When she didn't protest, Ramone repeated his 
action on her other nipple and he said, "I think you're 
still horny."

Stella had been looking down at her feet and when she raised 
her face to look at him, their lips were only inches apart and 
he quickly closed that gap and kissed her. Throwing caution to 
the wind, Stella eagerly kissed him back and opened her mouth 
to accept his tongue. His hand now cupped her tit and squeezed 
the firm flesh beneath the tee shirt, making her moan into 
his mouth as his finger and thumb rolled her nipple.

Ramone knew that he had the eleven year old girl exactly where he 
wanted her, and he was surprised when he broke their kiss, that 
she refused to be led into the back of the van. Stella really 
didn't want to be fucked in those cramped conditions with two 
large dogs beside her and she took Ramone into the brothel and 
closed the door.
They were in the passageway that led from The Sanctum to the back 
exit and the doors at both ends of the corridor were locked. 
Satisfied, Stella pushed the boy back against the wall and 
dragged his mouth back down onto hers. 
Their tongues danced in each other's mouths and he continued to 
fondle her tit but this time his hand was under her tee shirt 
and he was touching her hot flesh. Removing his hand for a 
moment, he took her arm and moved Stella's hand to the hard 
bulge in the front of his pants. The preteen rubbed at the 
hard shaft beneath the material as Ramone went back to her tit 
and the girls breathing became faster as she became more 

Sensing that she was ready for the next step, Ramone pulled
his face back and gently pushed Stella to her knees in front 
of him. The meaning was crystal clear and Stella reached up 
and pulled down his zipper and pushed her fingers inside. Her 
hand closed around his cock and she eased the stiff shaft out 
of the opening and slid her fingers up and down the surface as 
she studied it. Placing her left hand on the teenager's thigh 
for balance, Stella leaned forward and took just the head of 
Ramone's cock in her mouth. She sighed as the taste on his 
shaft flooded her mouth and she used her right hand to gently 
jack him off and shivered when a drop of pre-cum oozed out of 
his piss hole and onto her tongue. Glancing up at his face, 
her hand went lower to gently cup his balls as she pushed 
her head forward and slurped him fully into her mouth. The 
first three inches slid in easily and then she had to relax 
her throat and suppress her gag reaction to take the rest of 
his prick into her velvet like mouth. Finally her nose was 
pressed into his pubic hair and her tongue danced over the 
underside of his shaft.
Given Stella's young age, Ramone had expected the girl to be 
inexperienced and clumsy with his cock. Within the first few 
seconds however, he realised that the preteen was an expert 
cocksucker and he groaned as her throat and tongue worked on 
Stella pulled back from the boys cock, taking a deep breath 
through her nose as she did so, and running the tip of her tongue 
all the way from the base of his shaft to the tip. Swirling her 
tongue around his piss hole, she then swallowed him again. 
Repeating her action, only faster, her head was soon bobbing 
up and down and her tongue continually licked and probed the 
most sensitive areas.
Ramone was moaning loudly as she sucked him and at the same time 
played with his balls. He would have loved to spray the back of 
the preteen girl's throat with his spunk, but he really wanted to 
fuck her in the cunt and he was sure that she would let him do it. 
He very quickly reached the decision point because her hot mouth 
was about to bring him off. 
He gripped her head and gently, but firmly, pulled his hips back 
until his cock came out of her mouth with a loud plop and trailing 
thin strands of her throat slime.

"Jesus, you're good at that," he gasped, as she came to her feet.

Stella grinned as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed 
him deeply. As their tongues danced together, he could taste his 
prick in her mouth, and the girl finally pulled her face back and 
said, "Now you do me!"

She spun them around until her back was against the corridor wall 
and looked at him expectantly. As soon as he got to his knees, he 
could smell her cunt. Lifting up the front of her short skirt, he 
looked at her high cut, pale lemon panties and at the large wet 
stain in the crotch. It was so wet, that he could almost see her 
fuck hole through the material and he looked up at her as his 
hands gripped both sides of the waistband and pulled them down 
to her ankles. Her skirt fell back down and covered her sex when 
he did this and as she stepped out of her underwear, Ramone 
lifted up her skirt again and this time he was looking straight 
at her shaven cunt.
It was a gorgeous sight and her outer lips were red and puffy 
with desire and the lower part of her slit was slightly open. As 
he stared, a drip of fuck juice ran out of Stella's cunt and very 
slowly began to spiral down towards the floor. For every millimetre 
it fell, the strand of slime that still attached the drop to the 
preteen's fuck hole got narrower and narrower, and Ramone placed 
his finger below the drop. Safely capturing it, he sucked it into 
his mouth, making Stella giggle.
"Mmmmm," he said as he tasted her juice and Stella opened her 
legs further apart, knowing that he would use his tongue to get 
more of her sweet nectar.

As he bent his face forward, Stella pushed out her hips and 
ground her slit into his mouth. She groaned quietly as his 
tongue swiped over her sticky cunt lips and then wormed into 
her hole. Ramone's hands circled her hips and then went behind 
to cup her firm ass cheeks. Pulling them open so that Stella 
could feel the air flow over her exposed asshole, the boy 
stiffened his tongue and pushed it as far up the preteen's 
fuck tube as he could reach. He lapped at the delicious tasting 
slime that was bubbling inside her body and Stella's moans 
became louder and closer together. She wasn't going to be able 
to hold out very long. The dog show, coupled with seeing Sondra 
being raped in the ass, was almost enough to make her cream in 
her panties, and now this unexpected encounter with Ramone 
was arousing her further and she knew that she was going to 
cum. As the boy's hands squeezed and kneaded her butt cheeks, 
one of his long fingers was pressing into, and massaging her 
pink little asshole. She shivered at that touch, but it was 
his thrashing tongue that was giving her the most pleasure. 
The tingling inside her front hole was becoming unbearable 
and she gritted her teeth and hissed through them, "I'm going 
to cum!"

No sooner had she finished speaking than her entire body 
convulsed and shuddered. The only reason that she stayed upright 
was because her back was resting against the wall and Ramone's 
hands were tightly gripping her ass cheeks. The preteen jerked 
as the boys tongue continued to flick inside her and he could 
taste the change in her slime. The thin and sweet juice had 
turned into a much thicker cream with a tangy, syrupy flavour. 
Drinking down as much as he could find inside her cunt, he 
held her in climax for many minutes before finally pulling 
his face away.
By the time Stella had recovered, Ramone was back on his feet 
and the lower half of his face was wet and shining.

"I love the taste of your cum," he said with a smile.

"So do I," the girl responded as she drew him close and licked 
around his mouth before kissing him. As they embraced, Stella 
could feel his hard prick press into her stomach and she dropped 
her hand and pushed it down between her legs. As they maintained 
their kiss, she pushed and pulled her slimy cunt over his cock 
coating it with her lubrication.

She was on her tiptoes, trying to line up his shaft with her 
hole but the difference in their heights was making it very 

Eventually, Ramone broke their kiss and said, "Turn around and 
place your hands on the wall and spread your legs wide."

She did as he instructed and braced herself on the wall, 
thrusting back her hips and opening her legs. He lifted the 
back of her skirt and studied her small little ass, rubbing 
his hand over the smooth skin and then down between her legs.  
Her hairless cunt was wet and open and ready for his cock and 
she pushed it back at his fingers.

He took his hard cock in his hand and pulled the tip through her 
sex lips and over her clit, making her jump and moan at the same 
time. The moan then turned into a gasp of pleasure when he pushed 
forward and eased the head between her tight little cunt lips 
until it was just inside her cunt. She was breathing quickly as 
Ramone's hands went under her tee shirt and then round her front 
to squeeze her tits and caress her sensitive nipples. Throwing 
herself back, Stella stood up straight and pushed back with 
her hips trying to get more of his cock into her cunt. The 
teenager teased her however and he moved his hips back at the 
same time to prevent her doing so.

"Oh God," she moaned in frustration. "Get it in me. Ram it all 
the way up my cunt."

Squeezing her nipples hard and making her whimper, he pressed his 
mouth to her ear and said, "Say please. Beg me to fuck you."
The preteen laughed throatily and then replied, "Please, you 
fucking bastard! Please get your cock up my cunt and fuck me 
hard. I want to feel your spunk fill my fuck hole!"

Pushing her forward as hard as he could, he pressed her body up 
against the wall and then drove his hips forward.
Stella cried out as the full length of Ramone's prick powered up 
her tube and mashed against her cervix. She gasped air into her 
lungs as she was penetrated, but before she could take a second 
breath, the boy was pounding her with long and fast strokes.
She was really turned on by the feel of his cock inside her body 
and Ramone could feel her engorged cunt spasm as waves of pleasure 
shot through her body, causing her to gasp and moan. As he fucked 
her, Stella pushed her body away from the wall with her hands and 
braced herself as she thrust her hips backward at the rutting 
boy. His stomach slapped loudly against her ass with every 
inward stroke and his balls swung up to smack against her throbbing 
clit making her gasp loudly,  "Oh God," she moaned, "That feels 
so good. Keep doing me just like that and I'm going to cum again."

Ramone was also getting close and he speeded up his thrusts, 
plunging his throbbing cock into her wet and swollen cunt as 
far as he could. Suddenly Stella began to throw her head around 
and her legs started to tremble. She cried out as her cunt 
twitched and spasmed as it tried to milk his cock each time he 
rammed it all the way into her cervix and pulled it out again.
"Yes. Yes. YES!" she screamed as she climaxed, and then moaned 
and wailed as her second orgasm shot through her body causing 
her muscles to tense and convulse as wave after wave of pleasure 
shot through her body again and again.

The sound and sight of her moaning in orgasm, coupled with 
the gripping milking effect of her hot tight little girl cunt 
took Ramone over the edge and he blasted shot after shot of 
hot spunk into her grasping little preteen cunt. The fit 
between his cock and her cunt was so tight that it could not 
contain all of the spunk and it began dripping from around the 
edges of her hairless hole and trickling down the inside of 
her legs. 
Finally their orgasms subsided and they both slumped to sit 
on the floor with their backs against the wall. As she 
recovered, Stella opened her knees and pulled open her cunt 
lips to look at the spunk trickling from her hole.

When Ramone eventually drove away with the dogs, Stella 
locked the door and picked her panties up from the floor. 
She used them to mop up some of the cum that was running 
down her legs and them pulled them on to hold the rest of 
the slime up her cunt until she got to her bedroom to take 
a shower.

It was eleven o'clock on the morning after the show and the 
children were still being used. Every bedroom door had had 
a queue outside it after Achlee and Sondra had finished 
their performance and some of the men were coming out of 
one bedroom, having fucked the child and immediately queuing 
to get into another bedroom. Despite the money Vanessa had 
paid for the free beer and to Paco for the dogs, it had 
proved to be a very profitable night and she was well pleased. 
Sondra had been spirited away to a private hospital that 
Vanessa used on occasions. Her asshole was completely 
ruined and Vanessa's instructions to the hospital were just 
to patch her up and stop the bleeding as she was selling 
her the next day to a couple of Taiwanese businessmen who 
specialised in making snuff movies.

Vanessa was sitting at her desk in the reception, waiting for 
the last of the men to leave, when the door opened. She 
instantly recognised the man who entered and she rose smoothly 
to her feet and bowed forward at the waist. As she straightened 
back up, she said, "Mister Smith. How nice to see you again."

The man looked to be in his mid forties and was wearing a 
very expensive dark suit, sparkling white shirt and a silk 
tie. His black leather shoes were shining and they made a 
regular clicking noise as he walked across the marble floor. 
"Madam," he replied, when he reached her desk and returned 
her bow. "It is indeed a pleasure to meet you again."

The man, known to her only as "Mister Smith" was Chinese and 
they had been doing business since Vanessa had first opened 
the brothel. Sometimes he visited her to simply use the 
children, and other times it was in his capacity as a high-ranking 
member of the Triads. Although the group were notorious for the 
violence associated with many of their deals, Vanessa had never 
had a problem with Mister Smith and was anxious to keep it 
that way.
Motioning for him to sit down, Vanessa waited until he had done 
so before retaking her seat.

"I'm sorry to inform you," she began, "That last night we had 
some entertainment that has resulted in the children being 
well used during the night. If you could wait for a short 
time however, I will have the child of your choice cleaned 
up for you."

"That wont be necessary Madam," the man replied holding up a hand.
Vanessa was sure that the Triads would have thoroughly checked 
into her background before they ever started to do business 
with her, but Mister Smith never refereed to her any other 
way than Madam.

"Regretfully, I do not have time to accept your hospitality, 
I am here on a matter of business," he informed her.

Nodding once, Vanessa rose to her feet and said, "Please 
follow me."

Leading him into The Sanctum and then through a private door 
that she always kept locked, they ended up in Vanessa's 
office. While Mister Smith sat down and made himself comfortable, 
Vanessa poured two small glasses of Sake and handed one to her 

Sitting opposite him, Vanessa asked, "How can I help you?"

Sitting back in his chair, Mister Smith steepled his fingers 
and replied, "I have a very important business associate who 
requires a girl."

"A girl," Vanessa echoed.

"Forgive me," the man said, "I should have said a child."

Nodding her head in understanding, Mister Smith 
continued, "She is to be European and not too young. 
Say eight or nine."

"That shouldn't be a problem," Vanessa said, knowing that 
there must be more to come.

Looking straight into Vanessa's eyes, Mister Smith continued, "You 
also have to be aware that you wont get the girl back. He will 
kill her!"

Rather that showing any emotion to this statement, Vanessa 
maintained eye contact with her guest and said, "That will be 

Mister Smith inclined his head in acceptance of the fact, but 
persisted, "Would you be able to supply a suitable child."

Thinking quietly for a few moments, Vanessa remembered a French 
girl called Miree, who had worked in the brothel until she began 
to bleed. She had been successfully breed and presented Vanessa 
with a baby girl two months ago. Getting up from her desk, 
Vanessa crossed to a filing cabinet and rustled through some 
papers before pulling out a buff coloured file. Taking it back 
to her desk, she opened the folder and pulled out a photograph
"That's Miree," she said handing it to the man. "She's French 
and now nine years old. That photograph was taken a year ago."
Mister Smith studied the photo and then asked, "Has she bled 

"Yes," Vanessa replied honestly. "And I bred from her two 
months ago."

The man smiled, and nodded his head. "I'm sure my associate 
would find her most acceptable."

Although Vanessa had intended to sell Miree shortly, she 
wanted to get as much money as possible for her so she looked 
at Mister Smith and lied, "I was hoping to breed from her 
again. If I were to let her go, I would need to be suitably 

"My associate was hoping that you would agree to a trade 
instead of money," the man replied.

"A trade," Vanessa said, sounding unconvinced. "What does he 
have to offer."

Reaching into the inside pocket of his jacket, Mister Smith 
produced a photograph and pushed it across the desk.
Picking it up, Vanessa looked at the image of two young 
Chinese children. The resemblance between them was astonishing 
and she knew that they couldn't be anything else but twins. 
As she studied the photograph, Mister Smith said, "They are 
four years old and have been broken in but have not been 
used much. The trade offered is the twins for your child."

Vanessa very quickly realised that she was getting the better 
end of the deal. Chinese, and Asian children in general, were 
very popular with her customers because they were so tight. 
Even after taking on a number of men, their cunts seemed to 
contract back very quickly.
Misinterpreting her silence as indecision, Mister Smith 
continued, "They were sold to my associate by their family who 
are very poor and live in a remote village. They already have 
three children and it was a shock to the mother to find she 
was pregnant again. It was a bigger shock when she gave birth 
to twins because the family couldn't afford to keep them."

Vanessa nodded her head and replied, "So the police are not 
looking for them?"

"You have my word, Madam," the man said.
"Then you have a deal, Mister Smith," Vanessa replied, lifting 
her glass of Sake in a toast.
Copying her example, the man also raised his glass and they 
both drained them in a single swallow.

"I was confident that you would agree to this trade," Mister 
Smith said, after savouring the taste of the Sake. "I 
therefore took the opportunity of ordering the twins to be 
sent to Thailand. If it is suitable, they will be delivered 
here in a few hours."

Vanessa smiled at him and replied, "That will be acceptable," as 
she wrote down the address where Miree could be picked up 
from, and handed the paper to him.

With a single nod, the man got to his feet, and when Vanessa 
did likewise, they shook hands formally. Before he turned to 
leave, Mister Smith bowed and said, "As usual Madam, it has 
been an honour and pleasure to do business with you."

Sitting back in her chair, Vanessa smiled as she thought 
about the profits that the twins would bring in. She 
studied the photograph that Mister Smith had left her 
and she planned in her mind how the poster advertising her 
two new whores should look.
The one thing that excited Vanessa more than anything was 
money and as she thought about her bank balance would 
shortly look, she opened the top drawer of her desk. Hitching 
her skirt up, she pulled out the thick, black dildo and 
sighed in satisfaction as she pushed it into her cunt.

o0o The End o0o

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