Babysitter 2.

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Sandra Dunlop considered herself to be a rather over-sexed, but otherwise normal 
34-year-old housewife. She had been married to Richard for twelve years and they 
had a beautiful eight-year-old daughter called Emily. There were however a couple 
of things that Sandra was unaware of and that lifted her entire family out of 
the "normal" category.

The first thing was that the family regularly called on the services of 15-year-old 
Lisa Summers to be their babysitter. There was nothing out of the ordinary about 
the fact that they used a babysitter, but what Sandra didn't know was that Lisa 
was a complete slut and that her husband was fucking the schoolgirl every chance 
he got. Not content with taking Richards cock, Lisa had also started fucking 
with Max, who was the Dunlop's 3 year old German Shepherd.

The second thing that Sandra was blissfully unaware of was even more shocking. 
Lisa, while babysitting, had seduced 8 year old Emily and the preteen was now 
experience in lesbian sex and had recently lost her cherry to her canine pet. 
Richard had no idea that his daughter was sexually active, nor that her 
instructor was his teenage mistress.

With Richard at work and Emily at school, Sandra pretty much had the house to 
herself. It was a beautiful summers day and Max was sleeping contentedly in the 
back yard while Sandra completed her housework. Having tidied up downstairs, her 
next chore was the bedrooms and she opened the door to Emily's room and looked 
around. Just like most young girls, keeping a bedroom tidy just seemed wrong 
somehow, and Sandra shook her head ruefully at the mess strewn around the floor 
and covering the unmade bed.
As she picked up the discarded clothes, she automatically sorted them into 
foldable, which she threw onto the bed, and dirty which she threw into the 
laundry basket in the corner of the room. As she did so, her mind drifted back 
to the previous weekend when she had come in late and checked on her sleeping 
daughter. As she bent down to kiss Emily on the forehead, her nose twitched at 
the unmistakable smell of cunt. It only took a few seconds for her to find the 
long handled hairbrush on the bedside table and when she lifted it to her nose, 
her senses reeled. Thinking that her daughter had discovered masturbation, she 
licked the handle clean and never considered that the delicious tasting cunt 
slime could be Lisa's.
It made her feel so horny that she was nearly cumming in her panties and she 
couldn't resist pulling her underwear to the side and sliding the hairbrush 
into her own sticky hole. As she gazed down at the sleeping form of her innocent 
faced daughter, she moved the makeshift dildo in and out of her juicy fuck hole 
unitl she climaxed over it. Shaking and shuddering, she crammed her fist into her 
mouth to stiffle any sound as a powerful climax ripped through her body. 
As she replaced the brush on the bedside table, she couldn't have guessed that 
Emily was wide awake answatching everything her mother was doing through 
eyes that were no more than slits.

Giving herself a mental shake, Sandra resumed her sorting of Emily's discarded 
clothes, but her eyes were drawn to the bedside table and to the hairbrush 
sitting on top. As she stared, her sex began to moisten at the thought of 
the plastic handle sliding in and out of her daughter's cunt. She groaned at 
the erotic thought, and then groaned again, but this time it was in disgust 
at her body's reaction. Mentally chastising herself for being such a pervert, 
she returned her attention to her hands and found that the only item of 
clothing that she was holding was a pair of Emily's cotton panties. Her 
hands were shaking as she turned them inside out and studied the crotch. A 
small yellow stain of dried piss was surrounded by a larger stain that was 
much lighter in colour, and Sandra's cunt and mouth watered at the same time.

She had already worked out that her preteen daughter had started masturbating, 
but this stain was the first actual proof, and she couldn't help but raise 
the panties to her nose and inhale deeply. The scent of dried girl cum exploded 
in her head and her senses reeled. Her eyes closed and for the next few minutes, 
she stood motionless except for the movement of her mouth and throat as she 
sucked the stain out of the material.

When she has finished, she was shaking with a combination of lust and fear at 
her reaction, and she sat down heavily on the edge of the bed and buried her 
face in her hands.

"Jesus, what's wrong with me," she whispered quietly. "How can my daughter arouse 
me so much. She's only a child!"

Making her mind up to ignore her feelings, and also ignore her wet cunt that was 
begging for attention, she stood and threw the now damp panties into the laundry 
basket. Determined to finish her chores, she folded up the clothes on the bed and 
put them away and then decided to change the bedcovers. She had to lift up the 
corner of the mattress to free the sheet and her eyes fell on a small pile of 
photographs that had been hidden beneath. She really didn't want to pry into 
Emily's private things, but she couldn't stop her fingers from picking them up. 
Her breath caught in her throat at the image on the top photo. A girl, on her 
hands and knees, was getting fucked by a large dog
She couldn't believe that her child was into bestiality and she assumed that 
the image came from the internet and that Emily had downloaded it and printed 
it out. The quality of the picture was very good, but it was the next photograph 
that made her cry out in shock. This showed a very similar pose to the fist image, 
except that the girl getting fucked was looking over her shoulder and straight 
into the camera.
"LISA!" Sandra exclaimed. "Oh my God, that's Lisa!"  
Her hands were shaking so much that it was hard to focus on the next image she 
came to, and this revealed another surprise. Taken more from the side than the 
back, Sandra realised that she not only recognised her babysitter, but also the 
animal. "Max!" she said in a whisper. "Lisa's letting Max fuck her."

As she flicked through the photographs, it took her brain a few seconds to grasp 
that the female in the image had changed. It wasn't Lisa any more and this new 
girl looked to be smaller than the babysitter. When the shocking truth hit her, 
she gasped loudly and the stack of photographs fell from her nerveless fingers 
and scattered on the floor.

"No, " she said softly. No. No, it can't be!"

When she reached down to lift a photograph off the floor, she couldn't deny it 
any more. Emily's grinning and lust filed face stared back at her as her little 
cunt was stretched wide with Max's thick cock.
She just sat on the bed and stared and stared at the photograph until she couldn't 
take it any longer. Grabbing up all the photographs, she stuffed them back under 
the mattress and almost ran down the stairs, frantically trying to decide what to 
do. Should she call her husband at the office? Should she confront Lisa? Or, 
perhaps most frightening, should she confront her daughter?

While she tried to decide, she poured herself a large malt whisky from Richard's 
favourite bottle and gulped down the fiery liquid. Pouring herself a second shot, 
she sat down on the sofa and tried to control her wildly beating heart. As she 
calmed, she became aware of the powerful smell of aroused cunt. She looked 
around the room before realising that the smell was coming from her. Pushing 
her hand beneath her skirt, her panties were soaked and slime covered the inside 
of her legs. She hadn't even been aware that she had orgasmed, but it was 
undeniable. As she thought back, her mind whirled with images of hairbrushes, 
Emily's cum filled panties and the pornographic images she'd found. Without 
thinking about what she was doing, her fingers rubbed at her rock hard clit, 
and within a few seconds, she was thrashing about of the sofa and spurting 
another load of girl cum into her already flooded underwear.

By the time Emily was due home from school, Sandra was still undecided what to 
do, but she had masturbated another four times. She just couldn't help touching 
herself every time she thought about her preteen daughter with a thick dog cock 
slamming into her body.

"Hi mom," Emily said brightly as she came into the kitchen and helped herself to 
some milk from the refrigerator.

"Hi honey," Sandra replied as she carefully studied the young girl.

Emily's mind was fully on gulping down the milk and she was unaware of her 
mother's scrutiny, but she glanced over when she heard Sandra making a soft 
"Is something wrong mommy?" Emily asked.

Sandra couldn't tell her daughter that she had just been picturing her naked and 
getting down on all fours with her little butt in the air, so she just 
replied, "No, everything's fine baby. Go upstairs now and get your homework done."

The next couple of hours were busy with dinner preparation before Richard came 
home, and Sandra still was undecided what to do when he announced that the next 
morning, he had to fly East on business and would be away overnight. Thinking 
that she couldn't burden him with the revelation about his daughter and the 
babysitter the night before he was due to fly, Sandra decided to keep the 
secret to herself.
As she sat at the dinner table however, she could help staring at Emily, who 
was happily chatting with her father whilst shovelling heaps of food into her 
mouth. She seemed such a carefree and normal little girl, but every time her 
mother looked at her, all she could see was the thick red dog cock stretching 
her hairless little cunt.
Sandra squeezed her thighs together under the table as she felt another trickle 
of fuck juice run out of her hole into the already soaked crotch of her panties. 
She just couldn't understand why this situation aroused her so much and her 
nose twitched as the powerful scent of her bubbling cunt reached her nose. 
Excusing herself from the table, she rushed upstairs to the bathroom and 
pulled down her underwear. The material was so wet that it was transparent 
and she was shaking as she put it into her mouth and sucked. Her taste buds 
were immediately flooded with the flavour of her tangy slime and she moaned 
happily as her fingers rubbed over her slit. Two fingers slipped very easily 
into her well-lubricated hole and she stared at her reflection in the mirror 
as she stimulated herself. She looked such a slut as she sucked on her dirty 
panties and thrust her cunt forwards and onto her fingers. Very soon, her 
breathing became ragged and she shuddered as her orgasm exploded inside her.

After she had recovered, she threw her panties into the laundry and used a face 
cloth to clean herself up. She also had to mop up the drops of her girl cum that 
had dripped out of her hole onto the tiled floor. Stopping into her bedroom to 
pull on a clean pair of panties, she went back downstairs and found that Richard 
and Emily were still deep in conversation. 
Sitting back down at the table, she placed her napkin back across her lap. Before 
she had finished chewing her first mouthful of food, she realised that she was 
horny again and that her clean, white panties were already stained with her juices.

After dinner Emily went upstairs to finish her homework and Richard concentrated 
on the paperwork that he was going to need for tomorrows meeting. Sandra had 
nothing else to do but clear up and wash the dirty dishes. As she stood at the 
sink, she watched Max outside in the yard and her heart fluttered as he trotted 
happily over to a tree and cocked his leg. She could just see the tip of his cock 
as the dog piss spurted from it and she wondered what it would feel like inside 
her cunt. The new underwear that she had put on was soaking and she gave a groan 
of frustration at the same time as a mental shake and turned her back on the 
window. Crossing to the refrigerator to put some food away, she opened the door 
and the first thing she saw was a thick cucumber. Moaning again, she firmly 
shut the door and began to panic that there was something seriously wrong with 
her. Everything reminded her of sex, and every time she thought about sex, all 
she saw in her mind was Max's red shaft penetrating her preteen daughter.

Later that night, she lay naked in bed, with the covers drawn up and waited for 
Richard to finish in the bathroom. As soon as he slid beneath the sheets, Sandra 
slithered her body over his chest and threw her leg across his hips.
"What's got you so horny?" he asked innocently as his arms went around her back 
and hugged her tightly.
"You have," she lied easily and then giggled when she felt his soft cock start to 
stiffen against her stomach. Lifting her hips up to free the shaft, she wriggled 
her hips and lowered her body again. Her crotch was so wet and slimy that Richard's 
cock slid effortless up her cunt and she groaned loudly as her fuck tube was 
stretched open.

"Jesus, you're soaking," Richard whispered as he felt her hot wetness engulf his 
prick. "Have you been playing with yourself?"

"Lying here, thinking about your cock has got me like this," she lied again. "Fuck, 
I need to cum baby. I really need to cum."

As she spoke, her hips bobbed up and down and they could both here the sloshing of 
her juice inside her cunt, even with the bedcovers over them. Sitting up straight 
on his lap and throwing the covers back, she took every millimetre of his shaft 
into her hot hole and slithered her feet forward until they were flat on the bed, 
on either side of her hips. Opening her knees wide to show him that his cock was 
fully inside her sloppy tube, Sandra began bouncing up and down like a porn star. 
As she got closer to her orgasm, her moans and groan got louder and louder and she 
started crying out, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard, I'm going to cum."

Richard was a completely helpless participant in this fuck and he could do nothing 
but lie still as his wife became more and more vocal. She knew that Emily was in 
her bedroom next door but that did nothing to keep Sandra any quieter. She wanted 
her daughter to hear her getting fucked. She wanted the child to know that her 
mother had a cock inside her and was loving every second of it. As she thought about 
her daughter, she immediately thought of the animal's prick pounding her tight little 
hole and she actually screamed as she climaxed. Sitting solidly on Richard's shaft 
as she orgasmed, he watched as her cunt spasmed around his cock as she suddenly 
spurted girl cum all over his stomach. Richard was astounded at the sight because 
although they both loved fucking and had a very active sex live, this was the first 
time that he had ever seen his wife ejaculate, and after shuddering for another 
few moments, she collapsed on top of him to recover.  

She was still breathing heavily as she raised her head and smiled at him. Before he 
could say anything, she whispered, "Did you cum?"

When he shook his head, the smile widened to a grin and she kissed him deeply before 
she pulled back and said, "Fuck me up the ass baby. I want to feel your cock up 
my asshole."

Richards heart lurched and so did his cock. He didn't know what was making his wife 
so horny, and he didn't really care. Only twice in their whole relationship had she 
let him fuck her back hole, even although it was one of his ultimate fantasies. 
Normally, her complaint was that it hurt, and that she couldn't cum when he was 
in her ass.
Pulling her cunt off his cock with a loud slurping noise, she quickly got on her 
hands and knees and wriggled her butt at him. As he climbed to his knees, he could 
see her tightly closed little shit hole and, in complete contrast, her open cunt 
that was still dripping with her cum. Thin strands of slime lazily spiralled out of 
her hole and down towards the bedcovers and he reached out and scooped some onto his 
finger. Spreading the lubricant over her asshole, he rubbed with steadily increasing 
pressure until his finger popped into her bowels. Normally Sandra would tense up at 
this point, but tonight she relaxed and pushed back to help drive his finger all the 
way up her back tube to the knuckle. He fingered her for a few seconds before he 
pulled out and scooped up more slime from her cunt. Repeating his action a few times, 
Sandra got looser and more lubricated until he figured she was ready. Shuffling 
forward on his knees, he nudged his prick against her asshole and started to push. 
Biting her bottom lip, Sandra pushed back and started to gasp softly. She knew that 
the initial penetration would be painful, but now the pain mixed beautifully with 
her sexual arousal and she desperately wanted the shaft in her dirty back hole.
When the head of Richard's swollen cock overcame the resistance of her anal ring and 
popped inside, Sandra cried out and he stopped moving, thinking that was in pain. 
Looking back over her shoulder with her face contorted with pure lust, she 
snarled, "Bury it. Push it right up my fucking asshole."

She could feel the pressure build up in her bowels as Richard pushed more and more 
of his length into her. When this had happened before, it had caused her discomfort, 
but now it only added to her desire and she drove two fingers up her streaming cunt 
and pushed her butt backwards to encourage Richard to go deeper.

"Fuck me," she cried as her fingers flashed in and out of her slit. "Fuck my dirty 

Gripping her hips, Richard obeyed his wife's command and he started with long 
strokes that compacted her shit back into her body.
Sandra's breathing was rapid and ragged as her forehead hung down until it rested 
on the bedcovers. Her knees were wide apart and her hand was covered in the slime 
that was pouring out of her cunt. Her outer lips were red and very swollen with 
lust and her pink clit was as hard as a cherrystone and fully out of its sheath.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she cried repeatedly, knowing that her young daughter 
would be able to hear every word.

The tingling inside her sex was so intense that she could see bright lights swim 
in front of her tightly closed eyes and she could hear the blood rush through her 
veins. As she plunged her fingers into her open fuck hole, she could feel Richard's 
cock on the other side of the thin membrane and she pressed it and made her shit 
hole even tighter. She heard Richard moan in response, and they had fucked enough 
times for her to know that he was close to climax. She changed her own actions to 
rub at the very sensitive piece of skin around her little piss hole and she 
supported her entire body with her forehead as she moved her other hand to her clit.   
As soon as her fingers made contact with her burning pleasure bud, the tingling 
increased a thousand fold, and less that a second later, she screamed and squealed 
as the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced detonated deep inside her 
stomach and radiated through her cunt.
Her tight asshole had been bringing Richard very close to climax but her shit tube 
clenched even tighter as she shuddered and convulsed, and he couldn't hold back 
any more. As she thrashed about wildly on the bed, Richard held her hips firmly 
and sprayed his spunk deep into her bowels, only releasing her once his balls 
were empty.

Emily was lying in the bed with the covers drawn up to her chin and her little 
fingers sliding in and out of her hairless cunt as she listened to her parents 
fuck. She had heard then do it before, but any words that she'd heard were 
muffled. Tonight however, she could hear her mother's pleasure in her voice and 
it thrilled the young girl to hear Sandra talk dirty. 
Her fingers were nice, but they were only to get her wet. When she could hear her 
juices begin to slurp inside her hole, her eyes fastened on the thick handle of 
her hairbrush and she smiled in anticipation.
Throwing off the covers, she kept her index finger knuckle deep in her slit as she 
reached out with the other hand and gripped the brush. Holding herself open, she 
moved the plastic shaft into position and then slowly, very slowly, pushed it all 
the way into her cunt. She loved the feeling of her fuck tube being opened and 
when the end of the handle touched her cervix, she stopped for a long moment 
and savoured the sensation. Squeezing her cunt muscles together, she forced the 
toy out, controlling it with her slime covered fingers, and then pushed it back 
in again. It felt so good, and she groaned softly at the delicious feeling deep 
in her stomach.
As she started masturbating with a steady rhythm, she groped under the mattress 
with her other hand for her secret photographs and her heart was suddenly gripped 
with an icy fear. The weren't there!

All thoughts of masturbating were forgotten and she pulled the hairbrush out of her 
cunt and jumped to her feet. Lifting up the corner of the mattress, she saw the pile 
of photos, but they weren't where she'd left them. Her worst fears were confirmed 
when she lifted them up and looked through them. She had been very careful to keep 
them in order with all the ones of Lisa on top and then the ones of her. Now they 
were all mixed up and she knew for certain that somebody had been looking through 
them. The only people in the house were her parents and therefore either her 
mother or her father, or maybe both of them, knew her secret. 
She crawled back under the covers and tossed and turned for many hours before she 
fell into a troubled sleep. 

The next morning she woke up and stretched lazily in her bed, until she remembered 
about the photographs and that awful sinking in the pit of her stomach almost 
made her throw-up.  
Breakfast that morning was a subdued affair. Emily was terrified that one, or both, 
of her parents would challenge her, Sandra couldn't get the image of her rutting 
daughter out of her mind and was continually horny, and Richard was preoccupied with 
getting ready to drive to the airport for his business trip.

The preteen breathed a sigh of relief as she left for school without anyone screaming 
at her and, when her lessons were over for the day, she stopped into the drugstore 
on her way home to use the pay phone. When she called Lisa's cell phone and told her 
what had happened, the baby sitter spat the word "SHIT!" down the phone and then 
said, "Jesus Emily, I told you to be careful about those photographs. When you said 
that you had a good hiding place, I expected something a bit better that throwing 
them under your fucking mattress!"      
The young girl didn't reply but Lisa could hear her sniffing and she said, a bit 
more kindly, "Are you sure that somebody has looked at them? Maybe you just didn't 
put them where you though you had."

Lisa couldn't see Emily shake her head, but she heard the regret in her voice as 
she replied, "They were definitely moved and in the wrong order. Either my Mom 
or my Dad knows about us."

Lisa spent the next few minutes trying to calm Emily down, and she agreed to let 
the young girl know if she found out anything. After breaking the connection, 
Lisa stood in deep thought.

"It has to be Richard," she said softly to herself. "Sandra would go ballistic 
if she had found out."
The teenager had already told Richard that she was fucking with Max so the 
only surprise to him would be that his eight-year-old daughter was involved. She 
figured that Richard was so much of a pervert that he would relish the prospect 
of getting his cock into his daughter's young cunt, and wouldn't even dream of 
telling his wife.
Feeling much happier with the situation, Lisa smiled as she continued to walk 
back home.

The next day wasn't any better for Sandra and she thought she was turning into a 
nymphomaniac. With her husband away on business and her daughter at school there 
wasn't much for her to do and by lunch time, she had masturbated five times. She 
had deliberately kept away from Emily's room until she couldn't resist any longer.

Pushing the door open, she could feel her cunt drip into her panties and she 
reached beneath her skirt and pulled her underwear down to her ankles. Kicking 
them off, she could see the damp stain in the crotch as they lay on the floor, but 
that wasn't the stain she wanted. Looking around the floor, her eyes fell on the 
soiled panties that Emily had been wearing yesterday and she eagerly scooped them 
up and pressed them to her nose. Inhaling the daughter's sweet fragrance, she took 
a couple of steps towards the bed and picked up the hairbrush. The handle smelt 
strongly of Emily's cunt and for the next few moments she alternatively licked 
the handle and the crotch of the stained panties. Having tasted all the cunt 
juice that she could get, she dropped both items and with shaking hands, lifted 
up the corner of the mattress and feasted her eyes on the pile of photographs. 
Lifting them up, she spread them all on the bedcovers and her eyes flicked 
through them all as she lifted up the front of her skirt and plunged two fingers 
deep into her fuck hole. The slime was already running down the inside of her 
legs as she began fingering herself and her eyes became riveted on the image 
that showed Emily grinning at the camera as Max pounded her hole. With a loud 
gasp, Sandra orgasmed and she sank to her knees as her body shuddered. Even as 
she was climaxing, she stared at the photograph and continued to masturbate.  

Later that day when Emily came home from school, she greeted her mother with a 
kiss and a hug before telling her that she was going to her room. As she stepped 
through the doorway and threw her school bag in the corner, her eyes fell of a 
pair of her mother's panties that were lying on the floor. The little girl's brow 
wrinkled in confusion as she wondered how they got there and she picked them up. 
The crotch was still wet and when she brought the material to her nose, she 
instantly recognised the smell of cunt juice. She could feel the slime in the 
material and her heart lurched as her eyes travelled to her bed. With a shaking 
hand, she reached under the mattress and pulled out the photographs. The order was 
wrong again and with her father away, she knew that it was her mother who knew her 
secret. What she couldn't work out was why Sandra hadn't confronted her with the 
photographs and her eyes flicked between the pornographic images and the soiled 
panties in her other hand. As hard as she tried to dismiss the thought that had 
popped into her head, it just wouldn't go away. Could it be that the photographs 
excited her mother? Could it be that Sandra actually liked and enjoyed what her 
preteen daughter was doing?
Slowly, she moved the panties to her face and her little tongue licked and sucked 
at the stain as she thought about what she should do.

When Emily went to bed, Sandra stayed up to watch some television before she went 
to her room. A few moments later she was lying naked on the bed with the covers 
thrown back. Her fingers gently rubbed her slit as she thought about the photographs 
for about the thousandth time and she could feel herself getting wet. Opening her 
legs wide, she parted her cunt lips and a small drop of hot juice ran out of her 
hole and disappeared between the cheeks of her ass. Sliding first one finger and 
then a second into her slimy tube, she pushed them in and out and enjoyed the 
sound of her juices sloshing about inside her.
"Mmmm," she moaned softly, as more of her juice ran out of her bubbling hole and
 her hips rose off the bed.
Looking down between her tits and over her flat stomach, she could see that her 
fingers were thickly covered with her juices, and as she sank back down on the 
bed, she could feel the wetness soaking into the bedcovers beneath her. 
She was nowhere near ready to cum yet, but the familiar rush flowed through her 
body and she smiled as she continued to stimulate herself.

Suddenly, there was a knock on her closed bedroom door that jerked her back to 
reality. To her horror, she saw the handle start to turn and she frantically 
grabbed for the covers and managed to pull them over her naked body, just before 
Emily came into the room. The preteen was wearing an old tee-shirt that she 
normally slept in, and clutching a frayed teddy bear to her chest as she stood 
at the foot of the bed and asked, "Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight? I had a 

Sandra bit back her disappointment at not being able to bring herself off and she 
nodded her head and replied, "Of course honey. Get in."

Emily happily skipped up to the side of the bed and Sandra's eyes widened as the 
preteen pulled the tee-shirt over her head and snuggled down under the covers. 
Just for a second, Sandra glimpsed her daughters hairless little cunt and it made 
her shiver with lust, and also made her remember that she was also naked.
She was really horny now and as she slid down the bed and felt the wet stain 
beneath her butt. She was desperate to cum and her only hope was that Emily 
would drift off to sleep quickly because Sandra knew that she would never be 
able to get to sleep until she'd orgasmed.

"Okay," she said. "Mommy is very tired honey. Let's go to sleep, okay?"

"Okay, mommy," the little girl replied as she turned onto her side with her 
back to Sandra. "Will you cuddle me?"

Sandra lay on her side, facing her daughters tight little butt and she edged closer 
until her tits and stomach were pressed into her soft skin. The contact excited her 
like a lovers touch and she pressed herself into the hot, bare skin of her eight year 
old child. Her hand rested on Emily's arm and she wondered what would happen if she 
slid her hand down between the preteen's legs and into her little cunt. Mentally 
chastising herself for being a pervert, Sandra kissed the back of the girl's head 
and willed her to go to sleep. With a long yawn Emily snuggled down and her 
breathing was soon a deep steady rhythm which suggested she was fast asleep. 

She was actually very much awake and she loved the feeling of her mother's hot skin 
against hers. It reminded her of the long hours she had spent in Lisa's arms while 
the older girl taught her everything she knew about lesbian sex. Emily soon found 
out that she loved the taste of cunt juice and nothing gave her more pleasure that 
licking it out of a hot fuck hole. She was hoping that by pretending to be asleep, 
her mother might want to touch her and her tight little cunt was already wet inside. 

Emily was very good at pretending to be asleep and Sandra slowly rolled onto her back 
and was already thinking about getting her fingers back up her cunt, when Emily moaned 
softly and also turned onto her back. As she did so, she opened her legs wide and threw 
her left leg over Sandra's hip where it rested right on top of her cunt. Emily could 
immediately feel the hot wetness of her mother's cunt juice that was spread all around 
her crotch and it took all the willpower the child possessed not to open her eyes and 
reach down with her fingers.
Sandra froze when the back of Emily's leg made contact with her burning cunt and she 
almost stopped breathing. While her numbed brain tried to work out what to do, her 
clit took control of her body. She was frantic for a cum and when Emily's leg pressed 
against her erect clit, her hips automatically rose and fell as she rubbed herself off. 
Emily could feel the hot slime trails that her mother was leaving on her skin and she 
heard her moan softly as the speed of her movements increased. By the time Sandra 
actually realised that she was using her eight-year-old daughter to orgasm, it was 
too late to do anything about it. She was so consumed with lust that nothing would 
prevent her climax and she rubbed harder and faster. 
Emily's breathing was hard and fast and she risked opening her eyes and glancing at 
her mother. Sandra however was in a world of her own with her eyes closed and she 
wouldn't have responded even if Emily had shouted her name.
Raising her knee in the air, Emily pulled up her foot until her heel was pressed 
tightly into her mother's cunt and she lifted the covers and watched Sandra's hips 
buck rapidly against her flesh. Studying her mothers face intently, she smiled at 
the flushed complexion and the way her eyes were closed and her mouth open as she 
dragged air into her lungs. There could be no mistaking the fact that Sandra was 
very close to her orgasm and also no way could deny that she was using her daughter 
to masturbate. With a sudden movement, Emily pulled her heel away and Sandra groaned 
loudly in frustration and then cried, "No. NO!"

In an instant however, Emily rolled onto her side, facing her mother, and her heel 
was replaced with her fingers and Sandra sighed happily as the preteen's fingers 
slid easily into her dripping cunt. 
Lisa had taught the child well and Emily knew just how to touch her mother and as 
she slid two fingers in and out, her thumb moved in little circles over Sandra's 
clit and rocketed her to new heights. She ground her hips into the child's fingers 
and held her breath. She knew that she was about to cum, and she instinctively 
knew that it was going to be huge.
Her pleasure was so extreme right now she didn't care that she was using her own 
daughter's finger to bring her to climax and she lifted her butt from the covers 
and pushed her cunt harder against Emily's fingers.

"Bring me off baby," she hissed quietly through gritted teeth as the tingling 
intensified. "Please make me cum."

In response to her mother's instructions, Emily's thumb pressed harder on the 
rock hard pleasure bud and Sandra squealed as she orgasmed. The climax that she 
wanted so badly exploded deep inside her body and she shuddered violently as her 
daughter continued to stimulate her. The convulsions made her back arch off the 
bed and a spurt of hot cunt cream covered Emily's hand and stained the already 
wet bed covers. Pulling her hand away to let her mother recover, Emily sat up 
in the bed and sniffed her slimy hand before licking it clean.

Sandra basked in the afterglow of the most wonderful cum and her eyes remained 
closed even when she felt her daughter move in the bed. She was still on her 
back with her legs apart like a wanton whore when her eyes fluttered open and 
she saw the child kneel between her legs and bend her face forward.  A long 
moan escaped Sandra's throat when she felt Emily's hot breath on her cunt and 
she looked down as the preteen's tongue slithered up her slimy hole.

There could now be no pretence between mother and daughter. They both knew that 
they wanted this and that it was right for them.

Sandra opened her legs wider for her little girl's tongue and she moaned softly 
as her cunt responded to Emily's stimulation. As much as she loved what the 
preteen was doing, Sandra desperately wanted to see her body and she 
gasped, "Turn around baby. I want to look at your gorgeous little body."

Knowing exactly what her mother waned, Emily scooted up the bed and turned her back 
towards her mother before throwing one leg over her body. As she bent her head back 
down to Sandra's cunt, she pushed her butt backwards to open up her ass crack and 
display her two fuck holes. Her preteen cunt was just a deep slit between her legs, 
but there was a sheen of slime all around it and her tightly closed asshole was 
pink and wrinkled. The sight was so erotic that Sandra almost climaxed again and 
she couldn't resist reaching down to slowly worm her finger into Emily's cunt. The 
inside of her fuck tube was so hot and tight, but also very wet. As the flesh 
clamped around her finger, she realised how much this little cunt had to stretch 
to take the dog cock and she moaned at the very thought.

Pulling her finger out, she sniffed it and felt her heart rate increase as she 
opened her mouth and sucked it inside. The sweetness of Emily's cunt juice burst 
onto her taste buds and she played with the slime and swirled it around her mouth 
before letting it trickle down her throat. 
Because of the height difference between Sandra and Emily, it wasn't possible to 
indulge in a proper sixty-nine position. When Emily's tongue was inside her mother's 
cunt, her own slit was level with Sandra's tits and she couldn't bend her head up 
enough to get to it. Wanting to taste more of Emily's delicious juice, Sandra took 
hold of the preteen's hips and gently pulled her upwards.

"My turn now baby," she whispered as she felt the cold air go into her now empty 
and open fuck hole. Her nose twitched as Emily's cunt came closer and she could 
smell her daughters arousal. Positioning Emily's slit right over her mouth, she 
stared at it in rapture for a few seconds before she lowered the slimy hole onto 
her mouth.
Emily giggled and moaned at the same time as her mother began working on her and 
when Sandra wormed her tongue into the little girl's tube, a small trickle of 
pure cunt nectar dropped into her throat.

Lisa was an expert cunt lapper, but Emily quickly realised that her mother was 
much better. Sandra's tongue seemed to flick over every inch of the child's fuck 
tube at the same time and easily reached all the way to her immature cervix. 
Within a few moments, the child was bucking her hips up and down and mashing 
her clit against her mother's chin as the tongue worked its magic inside her cunt.

She could feel the familiar rush of her approaching climax and the little girl 
gasped, "I'm going to cum Mommy. I'm going to cum on your face."

Sitting down hard on her mother's face and squeezing her little asshole onto the 
point of Sandra's nose, Emily cried out as she climaxed. As she shuddered, Sandra's 
tongue was firmly lodged up her spasming cunt and was pulling as much slime into 
her mouth as she could.
Eventually, Sandra led her daughter roll away from her body and she licked her 
lips with a huge grin on her face.

Completely exhausted after their exertions, Sandra and Emily fell into a sound 
sleep with their arms wrapped around each other.
The next morning, they woke to the sound of the alarm clock but Sandra snapped 
it off and turned onto her side and cuddled Emily. Their legs intertwined beneath 
the covers but it was more for comfort rather than any serious attempt to stimulate 
each other. In the cold light of day, Emily was pleased that her mother was still 
happy with their situation and she looked deep into Sandra's eyes and said 
quietly, "You saw my pictures, didn't you?"

"Uh huh," Sandra confirmed, and then confessed, "That's what's been making me 
so horny."

They both lay quiet for a few moments and then Sandra asked, "Did Lisa teach you 
to fuck with Max?"

"Yea," Emily replied. "We've been fucking for ages but that was my first time 
with Max, although Lisa said that she's fucked with other dogs."

Her mother nodded her head as she took in the information and then Emily said 
slyly, "Did you like the pictures of me getting fucked by Max?"

Sandra's mouth became dry but she managed to croak, "Yes I did."

Before she could say anything else, Emily stunned her when she asked, "Would 
you like to watch me and Max fucking?"

Now her mouth really did dry up and all the slime that was in her throat seemed 
to race to her cunt. She licked her lips and felt the juices drip out of her 
fuck hole as she replied, "Very much baby. I'd love to see you with Max's 
cock inside you."

"Okay," the preteen replied happily. "When do you want me to do it."

Sandra though for a second and then a smile spread over her face as she 
said, "Why don't you stay off school today. I'll write you a note for your 

Emily laughed and moved her knee up so it was between Sandra's legs. She 
immediately felt the wetness and she continued laughing while she asked, "Are 
you horny again?"
Joining in her daughter's laughter, Sandra pushed the preteen's head below the 
bedcovers and said, "Why don't you go and look."

She then flipped onto her back and sighed happily when she felt Emily's tongue 
slide up her cunt.

It was well past mid-morning when Sandra and Emily eventually got out of bed. They 
both stank of cunt juice and even although Emily said that she loved the smell, 
her mother insisted on her taking a shower. As the young girl soaped her body, 
Sandra stepped into the shower with her and they made each other cum again as 
the hot water cascaded over them.

When they finally made it downstairs to eat a very late breakfast, Sandra thought
 that Emily might be tired out after all their exertions, but as soon as she'd 
finished her cereal, Emily looked at her and said, "Will I go and get Max now?"

This was all happening very, very fast, but despite and reservations that she 
might have, Sandra was desperate to see her daughter fuck with the dog and her 
cunt flooded at the thought.

"Yea baby," she said as her eyes flashed with lust and her nipples tightened 
beneath her tee-shirt. "You go and get Max."

Emily left the table and opened the door to the yard. She shouted on the animal 
and less that five seconds later the large dog almost knocked her off her feet as 
he bounded into the house and cavorted around the table. Max was so excited about 
being inside and having some company that he ran between Emily and Sandra, letting 
them both pat him and his long tail never stopped wagging.
Closing the door, Emily took charge and said, "We should go into the living room. 
That's were we normally do it and Max knows what to expect when we go in there."
With her heart hammering in her chest, Sandra followed her daughter and Max through 
the house and she closed the living room door behind her. Both Sandra and Emily were 
dressed in denims and a tee-shirt and she watched as Emily unfastened the waistband 
and kicked free of the pants. Max had also been siting watching the girl and when 
she straightened up, he padded over and pushed his nose into the crotch of her cotton 
panties. He sniffed nosily at Emily's crotch and she giggled and looked over at 
Sandra as she suggested, "Let him smell you. It gets him hot."

As if in a daze, Sandra pulled her denims off and Emily pulled the dog's nose out 
of her crotch and directed it towards her mother. Sandra's panties had a damp patch 
on them and the animal whined excitedly as he sniffed her and then started licking 
at the material. She opened her legs wider as Emily got down on her knees and 
reached under Max's belly. 
Being allowed in the living room and being allowed to smell and lick cunt meant 
only one thing to the dog and the pink tip of his prick was already out of its 
sheath as the preteens fingers closed around it.
"He's getting hot," the child whispered, looking up at her mother's face, and 
then looking at the dog's tongue swiping over the material of her panties. Sandra's 
eyes were partly closed and Emily continued jacking the dog as she reached out with 
her other hand and pulled her mothers panties to the side. Sandra opened her eyes 
in surprise, but before she could utter a word, Max's long tongue pushed into her 
open cunt and lapped eagerly at her juices.

"Fuck!" Sandra managed to gasp and Emily giggled and said, "He's a good licker."

Sandra had never realised that the dogs tongue was so long and her eyes widened 
when it pushed all the way up her tube and thrashed about inside her cunt. His 
cold nose pressed against her clit and he tilted his head as he tried to find 
the source of the delicious tasting juice that was pouring out of Sandra's slit.

"Fuck," Sandra moaned again as she thrust her hips forward and pushed her 
crotch harder against the dog's mouth, "Oh God, that's nice."

Emily hastily pulled off the rest of her clothes and rubbed herself between her 
legs for a few seconds before she turned her attention back to Max's cock and 
her fingers teased all of the red shaft out of its sheath. As it emerged, it 
stiffened and thickened in her hand, and her preteen little cunt was soaking 
wet inside as she stared at the cock and imagined it pounding her hole. 

Sandra had been desperate to see her young daughter penetrated by Max's prick, 
but her own body was now demanding satisfaction and she lewdly pulled her cunt 
open with her fingers and rammed her sex into the animal's face.

"Lick me out, you big fucker," she cried as her climax built deep inside. "Lick 
me hard and make me cum."

The dog was whimpering as he bucked his hips and tried to fuck Emily's hand with 
his prick, and his tongue thrashed about wildly inside Sandra's tube. It seemed 
to touch everywhere at once and she was having her cervix, her piss hole and her 
clit stimulated constantly. It was too much for Sandra to cope with and the 
tingling inside her crotch intensified rapidly until she screamed her release. 
Even when she sank to the floor and her body was flopping about like a fish 
out of water, Max was using his amazing tongue to scoop every drop of sweet 
girl cum out of her hole and into his mouth. Eventually Sandra just couldn't 
take any more stimulation and she had to push the animal away with her foot. 
She was breathing heavily and still drooling slime out of her fuck hole as her 
eyes focused on her daughter.

"I love it when he makes me cum like that," the child said with a smile. "I feel 
all warm and squishy inside."

Her mother smiled at Emily's description of her orgasm, but she knew exactly 
how the child felt.

In a quieter voice, Emily said, "He's ready to fuck now. Do you want to go first?"

As appealing as that thought was, Sandra shook her head and replied, "You first 
baby. I want to watch you taking all that cock."

Max was watching the conversation between mother and daughter. He had no idea 
what was being said really didn't care. His attention was solely focused of 
the arousing smells that were wafting out of their cunts and his cock was rock 
hard. With Sandra still sitting on the sofa, and Emily sitting on her butt on 
the floor, the animal waited impatiently for one of them to get into position.
When her mother gave her permission to go first, Emily crawled onto her hands 
and knees and waggled her ass invitingly towards the dog. That was the signal 
that Max was waiting on, and the only one he needed. With an excited yip, he 
bounded forward and leaped on her back and she gasped as her young body took 
the beasts weight. The dog wrapped its front legs around her waist and she 
was so small and thin that they went all the way around to her flat stomach 
and the soft hair on his belly rubbed deliciously between the cheeks of her 
firm ass. 

She heard her mother's excited cry, but the child completely ignored her as her 
body was consumed with lust. Lust for the hot and thick cock that would soon 
stretch her little cunt. Lust for the pounding she would receive that would 
ultimately lead to her cum, and lust for the sensation of having her fuck hole 
filled with the animals slimy load.
She was literally trembling in excitement as she expertly tilted her hips to 
line up her hole with Max's cock and then stared straight into her mother's 
face. Despite the intensity of the stare, Sandra was totally unaware of it. She 
only had eyes for the dripping dog prick that was within an inch of her preteen
daughter's cunt.
"Go on, you little slut," Emily heard her mother whisper, more to herself than 
the child. "Go on and take that fucking dog cock up your fucking cunt."

Emily reached back between her legs and grabbed the dog's long hard prick that 
was dripping with pre-cum. Guiding it towards her awaiting slit, she pushed her 
ass backwards and felt the hot dog flesh touch her aching hole. As soon as Max 
felt her sex lips on his shaft, his front paws tightened around her waist and 
he lunged forward and drove his cock up her cunt.

"Ahhhhh, God. Oh God," the young girl cried, in a mixture of pain and pleasure, 
as she was penetrated.
As the animal humped his hips again and buried his prick in the preteen, Sandra 
gasped and shivered with lust.

"Fuck her you big bastard," she moaned softly as she slid two fingers in and out 
of her cunt. "Fuck that little slut as hard as you can."

Max began fucking in earnest now and Emily trembled in perverse pleasure as the dog 
humped her at an astonishing rate. Her entire body shook and rocked back and forth 
with the power of his thrusts and she could feel a steady trickle of his pre-cum, 
and her own slime, run out of her hole and over her clit. Every lunge of the animal's 
cock brought the child closer to the orgasm that she craved and her entire body felt 
like it was charged with an electric current. 

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" she panted incoherently. Unable to support her weight anymore, she 
gave in and allowed her upper body to drop to the floor while her butt remained in 
the air. The dog paid no attention to her new position however and his cock continued 
to drive in and out of her slippery hole at an even faster rate.
Although her preteen daughter was taking a brutal pounding from the rutting beast, 
Sandra felt no fear, only lust. She didn't want to help the young girl. She wanted to 
see her getting fucked and the more violent it was, the better she liked it. Her eyes 
were glued to the sight of the thick red cock ramming in and out of Emily's cunt, and 
she had all four fingers jammed up her own slit as she masturbated. Her heart was 
hammering in her chest and her skin was flushed as she folded her thumb across her 
palm and forced it into her fuck hole. As she began to shallow fist herself, Emily 
raised her head off the floor and screamed.
As the cry reverberated around the room, the young girl climaxed and some of the most 
powerful and delicious feelings that she had ever felt rocketed throughout her entire 
body, engulfing her from head to toe and causing her mind to spin and sparkling 
lights to dance in front of her eyes 
A bulge had started to form on the dog's shaft and he thrust his hindquarters against 
Emily's ass and drove it into her tight tube. At first it felt like a golf ball had 
been shoved into her cunt and she paid it little attention as she basked in the 
afterglow of her cum. As the bulge continued to swell however, it pushed the walls 
of her fuck tube further apart and Emily groaned loudly. Max began hammering into 
her even faster and her flat chest was pressed hard into the floor and with each 
thrust from the dog, her body was dragged backwards then pushed forward. The pain 
in her ravaged cunt felt so good that it held her in climax and sparks of orgasmic 
bliss shot through her body.
The animal paid no attention to the child and his back paws danced on the floor as 
he worked towards his own release. Emily could no longer groan in pleasure and she 
could only drool and mumble incoherently as the savage rutting continued. The only 
other sounds were the occasional whining of the animal and the slurping of Max's 
cock inside her cunt.
The bulge had grown considerably, and Emily felt as if her fuck tube would burst 
from the pressure of the baseball sized knot. The pain was intense, but so was the 
orgasmic ecstasy, as the cock slammed deep again and again.
Suddenly Max turned his head to the roof and howled like a wolf as his boiling hot 
spunk jetted into the little girl's cunt. Feeling the scalding slime spray into her 
body, Emily also raised her head up and cried out loudly.
Her cunt was completely plugged by the beast's knot and the preteen could feel the 
pressure build inside her tube as Max continued to fill her up. Her flat stomach was 
starting to bulge out with the amount of spunk that was still pumping into her and, 
deep in her fuck tube, her little cervix couldn't stand the pressure and it opened 
just enough to let spurts of dog spunk into her immature womb.

After what seemed like hours, Max's ball were drained and he attempted to pull out of 
the child's cunt. His knot was firmly wedged however and Emily cried out every time 
he tried. It took another ten minutes before the swelling reduced slightly and 
stared to move. During this time, Sandra had climaxed and her butt was sitting in 
a pool of her own slime.

Feeling that the knot was slacker, Max redoubled his efforts to get free and Emily 
cried out loudly as the animal pulled back and continued to do so until there was a 
loud plop of release and a torrent of watery dog cum splattered out of the preteen's 
When Max dismounted her and Emily's exhausted body collapsed to the floor with dog 
cum leaking from between her legs and a stupid grin on her face. 

Sandra watched the animal lie down on the floor and casually lick his cock. She 
remembered Emily telling her that Max would be able to fuck again soon, and she 
prayed that her daughter was correct. Her cunt was aching for cock and her fingers 
weren't enough to satisfy her. She paid little attention to her preteen daughter, 
lying exhausted on the floor with dog cum running out of her open cunt. All Sandra's 
attention was on the dog, and she pulled her fingers out of her fuck hole, and sat up 
on the edge of the sofa with her legs wide apart.

Max had finished cleaning himself and he rested his wide head on his outstretched 
front paws and gave a long sigh.

"Don't you go to sleep on me you bastard," Sandra hissed at the 
animal. "Don't you fucking dare."

At the sound of her voice, Max lifted his head and looked at her uncertainly. His 
tail wagged a couple of times and she patted her leg and said, "Come on boy. 
Come and get some more cunt."

Encouraged by the friendliness in her voice, Max rose to his feet and padded across 
the room. The hand that Sandra held out to the dog was the same one that had been 
inside her cunt and the animal's nose twitched as he got closer. Recognising the 
scent instantly, Max had no hesitation in licking Sandra's fingers and she slowly 
moved her hand closer to her cunt. When the dog's head was between her legs, she 
pulled her hand away and spread her knees wider. "Lick it boy," she 
commanded. "Let me feel your tongue up my cunt."

Seeming to understand every word of her command, Max swiped his long tongue over 
her slit and Sandra almost cried with joy. She needed cock more than at any time 
before and she had been terrified that the dog wouldn't be interested after blowing 
his load into Emily. Glancing down the animals flank, she could see the pink shaft 
was out of its sheath and was thickening right before her eyes.
She watched the animal lower his head again and felt his hot tongue beginning to 
lick at the open pink slit between her splayed thighs. She trembled and groaned 
as he drew it upward over the full length of her hole and then cried out as the 
tongue touched her throbbing clit for the first time. The delicious sensations 
that it produced stabbed inward and stimulated the nerve endings all the way to 
her fluttering stomach. Max's long, thick tongue speared easily through her swollen 
cunt lips like a hot knife through butter and the animal continued to relentlessly 
lick at the sensitive exposed flesh.  
Never had a tongue felt so good on her cunt and she was moaning softly at the 
sensation, when the dog suddenly pushed it into her fuck tube. Her cry of ecstasy 
revived Emily and Sandra could only gasp and spasm convulsively, writhing in 
uncontrollable bodily contortions that she prayed would never stop.

Emily wearily hauled her body into a sitting position and smiled as she watched 
her mother's lewd behaviour. She could see that Max's cock had dropped and she knew 
that the animal was ready to fuck again. Getting onto her hands and knees, she 
crawled closer for a better view and felt a river of slime slide down the inside 
of her legs. 

Sandra's legs were wide open and Max's tongue was producing some serious 
sensations of pure bliss that fired through her body. Her moans and groans 
had changed into a whimper that increased in volume as she gave herself completely 
to the animal. She had no idea how long the dog had been licking her, and she 
had never imagined that Max's tongue could get so far up her cunt. The animal 
was lapping her all the way from her cervix to her piss hole and that searing 
tongue stimulated her until she was moaning and squirming her whole naked body 
in a frenzied dance.

Her climax was only seconds away and she threw back her head and gasped, "God, 
make me cum. Oh God. Please make me cum."

Reaching down with both hands to grip the animal's head, she pulled the beasts 
mouth harder against her flesh and pulled up her legs until her knees were 
touching her tits.
"Lick me you bastard," she cried as the intensity of the tingling between her 
legs increased, and Max's  eager tongue flicked about inside her clenching fuck 

Emily's face was now only inches away from her mothers cunt and she watched 
in fascination at the river of juice and dog slobber that was pouring out of 
her mothers pink gash. As could see from the way Sandra's hips were bucking 
up to meet the dogs tongue and from the trembling of the muscles in her butt, 
that her mother was about to cum.
Suddenly she cried loudly and her eyes rolled back in her head as she 
climaxed. For a few long moments, her body became as rigid as a board and 
then began to shudder. Crawling between Sandra's legs and pushing her head 
against the dog's, Emily managed to get her mouth to her mothers sex and 
both child and animal slurped eagerly at the thick girl cum that Sandra's 
hole was producing.

When Sandra recovered her senses and opened her eyes, Emily was sitting back on 
her heels and holding onto Max's collar. As she did so, her other hand was gently 
jacking on the animal's prick and she smiled at her mother and said 
quietly, "He's ready."

Despite having just climaxed, Sandra was still incredibly horny and she 
replied, " Oh God, so am I," and she sat up on the sofa. Quickly realising that 
that wasn't the right position, she got onto her knees and turned around so 
that the upper part of her body was resting on the couch.

Max was looking hungrily at Sandra's ripe cunt that was framed between the cheeks 
of her ass, and he bounded forward when Emily released his collar. She spread her 
knees wide on the floor and thrust out her butt towards the animal. An instant 
later and his hot panting breath caressed the white cheeks of her ass and his 
long tongue swiped over her quivering flesh, from her clit all the way around 
to her puckered little asshole. She groaned in pure delight at the beast's 
touch and then her body tensed as she felt the animal's muscular body crowded 
hotly in behind her butt and rise up on his hind legs.
"My God, this is it," she thought as her stomach began to do summersaults. "This 
is it. I'm going to get fucked by a dog!"

The woman's desire filled brain whirled with the absolute depravity of her 
situation, and as she looked back, over her shoulder, the dog's weight came 
crashing down on her back and his front paws encircled her waist and gripped 
her tightly. The soft fur of his belly covered the up thrust cheeks of her ass 
and she could feel Max's slimy cock against her thigh. Looking underneath her 
body, she was about to move her hand down to guide the red prick to her dripping 
hole when the dog straightened his back and the tip of his cock rose up until 
it was in line with her hole. Holding her breath as the animal made one, and 
then two thrusts that were just off target, she suddenly cried out when the 
third lunge speared her hole. 
Immediately, the beast humped forward and rammed the full length of his thick 
shaft into her pink slit.

"Fuck. FUCK!" she cried as the burning hot shaft penetrated her, and her little 
preteen daughter clapped her hands excitedly.

She moved her head down so she could look between her legs and she stared in 
fascination at the thick, red dog cock that was buried to the hilt in her 
dripping hole. The animal's huge, bloated balls swayed wildly as Max started 
to fuck her and they were soon swinging up to slap her clit with every inward 
"Oh ... Oh Goddd!" she cried, both in lust, and at the pure depravity of having 
a dog cock inside her hole.

She was panting heavily as Max began to fuck her at a frenzied pace and she 
thrust back her ass and did everything she could to match his thrusts. Furiously, 
his savage muscular body battered hard against her soft ass-cheeks as his huge 
cock sank to its full length deep up her cunt and Sandra loved every second of 
it. She ground her hotly clinging cunt walls back over the full length of his 
hard animal cock and groaned with delight at the delicious sensation, like 
thousands of sharp needles piercing and gently caressing her flesh.

Emily lay down on the floor and looked up at where the animal's cock disappeared 
into her mothers cunt. She licked her lips at the sight of Sandra's swollen cunt 
lips clinging tightly to the thrusting red shaft and watched the hypnotic and 
erotic movement of the gaping pink slit as it was fucked.  

Sandra's brain was reeling from the pounding she was receiving. She had never 
been fucked so fast and so furiously before and her eyes were wide open as she 
moaned and groaned in rapture. The animal's balls were now soaked with the 
juices that were leaking out of her cunt and it made the sound of them slapping 
her flesh even louder. 
Max whimpered as he pounded her and he built up to his second cum. The heat of 
her cunt flesh  clenched tightly around his prick, like a true bitch and his 
tongue lolled out the side of his mouth and dripped drool onto her back. As 
the slime ran down her sides to drip onto the floor, the animal continued to 
hammer his hot cock into her and she moaned and groaned loudly as she  began
to lewdly grind her ass back at the dog's flashing shaft and plead for more.
She was a total slut now and acted like a bitch on heat. As the prick rammed in 
and out of her clenching cunt, she gasped, "Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster!"

A mindless joy filled Sandra's brain as the animal fucked into her inflamed cunt 
from behind and her naked body quivered from the fierce jolts of Max's plunging 
cock hammering rapidly into her. Her firm tits jiggled back and forth and she 
groaned loudly and pushed back against the thrusting shaft. She ground her 
spread butt cheeks back hard against the dog's furry belly and shivered in 
delight at the feeling of the soft hair against her creamy cheeks and sensitive 
little asshole. She could also feel tiny rivers of slime sliding down the inside 
of her thighs and it added to her already fuelled lust.

"Harder. Harder," she hissed as the pressure mounted deep inside her cunt. "Fuck 
me hard you big bastard. Pound my fucking hole."

The normally placid mother was on fire and completely consumed by her passion. She 
had never felt this way before in her life, and nothing in the entire universe 
mattered to her except her impending cum. She moaned and groaned as the dog's 
violently fucking cock hammered up into her sloppy pink cunt and undulated her 
hips back at the dog in a wild, uncontrollable sexual frenzy.
The ecstasy of it was greater than Sandra had even anticipated, and she thrust her 
hips back harder at her panting animal lover. She was so close to her climax and 
she wanted the full sensation of his expanding cock fucking into her cunt. Every 
muscle of her body contracted and jerked as she felt the erotic release of pure 
ecstasy exploding deep down in her body. She wailed like a bitch on heat as her 
soft cunt lips clenched and opened around the pistoning cock and her orgasm 
exploded inside her.
Time seemed to stop and the world in front of her eyes vanished. There was 
nothing in her universe apart from the rapture that the thrusting cock was 
producing. Her whole body was convulsing, but she was aware of nothing except 
the most intense sensations of ecstasy that flowed through her abused flesh. 
Again and again, she was consumed by the spasmodic twitching of every muscle 
and sinew in her pleasure filled cunt and she was shouting and moaning continually, 
but completely unaware of the fact.

Lying on her back on the floor with her fingers buried in her preteen cunt, Emily 
could see the knot beginning to swell at the base of Max's thrusting prick. As 
the little girl masturbated furiously, pushing four fingers into her hole that 
was still stretched open, she could see the same thing starting to happen to 
her mother. Sandra's cunt lips were opening up like a flower as the dog jammed 
his knot into her tube and let it swell. His long rapid thrusts had changed to 
short jabs as the swelling got bigger and bigger, and his back paws were 
dancing on the floor

Max began to hump forward faster and faster as his piss hole opened and his 
boiling hot spunk strayed into her tube. His head turned towards the ceiling 
and he barked and yelped his cum as Sandra's body quivered again as another
orgasmic wave radiated through her flesh.

The dog's prick continued to spew his hot load of spunk deep up into her eagerly
clenching tube as she climaxed again, and this time her eyes rolled slowly into 
her head as her brain protected itself from some form of sensory overload by 
shutting down.

It was well into the afternoon before Sandra and Emily had sorted themselves 
out. Poor Max had been put back out in the yard and mother and daughter had 
taken a shower to clean themselves up. While Emily mopped up the various pools 
of slime that covered the floor, Sandra threw open all the windows and made 
good use of the cans of air freshener that she found in the cupboard under the sink.

Richard's business meeting went better, and finished sooner, than he thought 
and he was able to catch an earlier flight home. Whilst in the air, we was 
planning to arrive home early and surprise his wife, and then he began to 
think about Lisa. To be exact, he began thinking about Lisa's firm body and 
after studying his watch, he realised that he would get back just as she was 
getting out of school. As soon as the plane landed, he made his way quickly 
to his car and was glad that he only had hand luggage and didn't have to wait 
at baggage reclaim. Screeching out of the parking lot, he drove like a maniac 
to Lisa's school and made it just as the bell rang. He sat inside the car, 
watching the teenagers stream out of the school building and licked his lips 
and some of the more beautiful girls and their short skirts. About five minutes 
later, he saw Lisa come out with another two girls. He waited until she got 
close to the car and gave a short peep of the horn. When she looked over and 
saw who it was, Lisa turned and said something to her friends and then skipped 
over to the passenger side of the car. Richard lowered the passenger window 
and Lisa leaned inside, chewing her bottom lip nervously.
She would normally have been delighted to see Richard, but after Emily's 
phone call, she was unsure how he would react

"What are you doing here?" she asked, slightly afraid of the answer. 

"What to you think I'm doing here," he countered, as he began to smile.

She was looking at his face and she thought, "Okay. Smiling is good."
"I don't know," Lisa answered. "Maybe you want to talk to me?"

The teenager was still certain that he knew about his daughter, and she was 
equally certain that that was his reason for being here. Her hope was that 
Richard would prove to be enough of a pervert to want to fuck his preteen 
child. She certainly knew that he liked his sluts young.

"Well," Richard began, "We could talk if you want, but I kind of hoped that 
you might want to do something more that talk."

He couldn't disguise the leer on his face as his eyes travelled down to the ripe 
swellings of Lisa's tits that were hidden beneath her school blouse.

"What else did you have in mind?" she said tentatively, because this conversation 
was nothing like she thought it would be.

He glanced around to make sure that no one was watching then and then quickly pulled 
down the zip in his pants. As his hard cock sprang free, he looked at Lisa and 
said, "Guess!"

Lisa's eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open. It wasn't the fact that he had 
exposed his solid prick to her that caused her reaction. She had seen it many times 
before and it had spurted its slimy load into every hole she had in her body. What 
shocked her was the realisation that Richard's sole reason for being here this 
afternoon was for a quick fuck.
Despite her shock, she closed her mouth and licked her lips as she stared at his 
cock. Wriggling her butt slightly, she could feel her juices begin to flow inside 
her fuck tube and she had that lovely feeling in the pit of her stomach that came 
from the anticipation of getting laid.

Giggling, Lisa opened the car door and slid into the passenger seat. By the time 
Richard started up the engine and drove off, the teenager had bent her head over 
his lap and sucked his cock down her throat. 
He faced a 15-minute drive to Corton Woods, where he knew a quiet spot, and Lisa 
nursed on his prick all the way. She brought him close many times but always prevented 
him from spurting his cum into her mouth. The only respite that Richard had was when 
her overtook a trucker who looked down and saw what Lisa was doing. He blasted his 
horn and was grinning widely as Lisa pulled her face away from Richards cock long 
enough to wave cheerfully to the trucker as they passed.
Turning off the main road onto a twisting track, Richard knew exactly where he was 
going. Careful not to damage the paintwork on tree branches, and avoiding the worst 
of the potholes, he manoeuvred the car into a small clearing that was invisible from 
the road. He switched off the engine and for a few seconds they were engulfed by the 
complete absence of sound and stillness of the woods. Lisa leaned with her back 
against the passenger door and smiled at him as she started unbuttoning the front 
of her blouse and his eyes followed every deft movement of her fingers. Shrugging 
it from her shoulders and dropping it onto the floor, the teenager then reached 
behind her back and unclipped her bra. Now unfastened, it still covered her 34C tits 
and she teased him for a few seconds by cupping her firm mounds and kneading then 
gently. Finally, she allowed the bra to fall off her shoulders and Richard licked 
his lips at the sight of her uncovered breasts. He has seen them many times but it 
always excited him, and from the state of the fifteen-year-olds nipples, he wasn't 
the only one who was excited. They were rock hard and pointing proudly out from her 
body and she licked her finger and then spread her saliva over the sensitive bud.
She shivered slightly at her own touch and her eyes dropped to Richard's hand that 
was gently jerking on his hard cock.

Sliding closer, Lisa kissed him and slid her tongue into his mouth as she started 
to unbutton his shirt. Without breaking the kiss, she pulled the shirt out of the 
waistband of his pants and off his shoulders. Richard's hands were stroking and 
kneading her firm tits, but he released his hold to pull his arms out of the shirt 
and then went back to the teenagers firm breasts.
She moaned into his mouth as his fingers rolled her tight nipples and after a few 
seconds, she pulled back and reached around to unfasten the back of her skirt. As 
she lifted her butt from the seat and slid the skirt off, she also kicked off her 
untied sneakers and was now only wearing a pair of salmon coloured cotton panties 
that were beginning to show a wet stain in the crotch. Richard was also busy having 
unfastened the front of his pants and kicked off his shoes. Getting his pants off 
however was proving to be difficult because of the steering wheel and he 
muttered, "Fuck," and then looked at Lisa and nodded his head towards the back 
seat. Giggling, Lisa launched her lithe body over the back of the front seat and 
sprawled on the rear seat. More sedately, Richard opened the car door and got out. 
He took off his pants and underwear and threw them onto the drivers seat before 
closing the door and getting in the back. Lisa pulled her legs up to make room for 
him and she could see that he was staring directly at her panty covered cunt. The 
young girl knew exactly what he wanted and she skimmed off her panties and threw 
them into his hands. As she expected, Richard immediately buried his face in the 
wet stain and inhaled loudly. After a few breaths, Lisa pointed to her glistening 
cunt and spread her legs. "If you want to smell more hot cunt," she said, "Its 
right here."

Richard's mouth was dry as he stared at the wonderful sight of Lisa's dripping and 
shaven cunt. No matter how often he saw it, the teenagers fuck hole always had this 
effect on him and it seemed to pull his mouth towards it like a magnet. Spreading 
her legs as far as she could, in the confines of the car, Lisa watched him get 
closer and she moaned softly at the first touch of his tongue. The teenagers fuck 
hole tasted deliciously sweet and Richard lapped eagerly and pushed his tongue deep 
in her hole. He could see her hard little clit standing proud if its sheath, but he 
deliberately avoided stimulating it just yet.
"Yea, yea," Lisa moaned softly as she pushed her hips up towards his face. "Yes, 
eat me you bastard. Eat my hot cunt."

His tongue was pulling her slime into his mouth but he wasn't able to capture it 
all. Some of her juice ran down into the crack of her ass before dripping on the 
seat and Richard was glad that he had specified the leather option when ordering 
the car. 

Lisa's hips were bucking up and down and she gasped, "I want to suck your cock 
Richard. Let me have it."

Getting into a sixty-nine position in the back seat of a car isn't easy, but 
they eventually managed it. Lisa was still on her back and she swallowed Richard's 
hot shaft that was leaking pre-cum, while his head pushed back between her legs. 
She gave a cry of pure pleasure when his tongue penetrated her again, but the 
cry turned into a strangulated croak as the head of his prick pushed deep into 
her teenage throat.

While she sucked his cock, he lapped at the juices deep in her tube for a few 
moments and then turned his attention to her throbbing clit. Sucking the miniature 
cock into his mouth made her hips buck and squirm violently as the familiar rush 
threatened to take control of her body. Gurgling around his hard cock, it took 
every ounce of her iron willpower to keep her throat open for the thrusting 
shaft as she neared climax. 
Not content with lashing Lisa's clit with his tongue, Richard gripped the hard 
bud between his teeth and bit down hard. The effect on the teenager was like an 
electric shock. Her back arched off the seat and her body became rigid. Grinding 
his teeth together, with the abused clit between them, Lisa's climax erupted deep 
inside her body and the harsh, guttural noise that echoed in the car was the 
result of a piercing scream from a throat that was stuffed with cock. The girl 
collapsed back on the seat and her body shuddered and convulsed as wave after 
wave of pleasure radiated through her flesh. She was aware that Richard had 
pulled his cock out of her throat and was moving about but nothing mattered 
to her except the feelings of ecstasy. 
When she recovered, she could feel the residual pain in her battered clit and 
she loved the sensation. She rubbed herself between the legs, leaving slime 
trails over the palm of her hand as she grinned up at Richard, who was now 
sitting on the edge of the seat watching her. Opening her legs invitingly, she 
looked at his iron hard cock and pulled her cunt open for him. The meaning was 
obvious and he quickly moved between her legs and with a single thrust, sank 
fully into her flooded hole. The teenager was so wet that there was a loud 
rasping noise as his prick forced its way through the slime bubbling inside 
her cunt and Lisa giggled at the obscene sound as she wrapped her legs around 
his waist and drew him deeper into her fuck tube. Richard laughed as well as he 
began moving inside her hole and she immediately moved with him, pushing her 
cunt up to met his thrusts.
Lisa's last climax had subsided but the way Richard's shaft was dragging over 
her clit with every thrust soon had the familiar tingling happening again. The 
sloshing noises from her flooded cunt were getting louder and louder and girl 
cum bubbles were frothing around her outer lips. Richard's balls and pubic 
hair were soaked with the slime and the teenager's face contorted into pure 
lust and the tingling became unbearable. She was panting like a long distance 
runner as she prayed for her cum and she hissed, "Make me cream you bastard. 
Pound my fucking cunt and make me cum."

Richard was also working towards his own release and he mercilessly fucked the 
young girl as hard as he could. His eyes were shut, and even when Lisa screamed 
as a powerful orgasm ripped through her, he continued to pound her like a man 
Lisa was screaming like a crazed whore for him to keep fucking her and Richard 
was only to pleased to oblige. Nothing was going to stop him emptying his balls 
into the teenage slut and he speeded up his thrusts again as her body shook 
through orgasm after orgasm. When he eventually groaned loudly and shot his 
hot spunk deep inside her, Lisa could feel its heat as his juices filled her 
up and the sensation drove her to a new height of bliss. 

She didn't feel him pull out of her fuck hole, and when her senses returned, 
she looked over at the other end of the car seat where Richard was reclining 
with his eyes closed and a stupid smile of satisfaction on his face. Again 
her fears about the photographs surfaced and she had that sinking feeling 
in the pit of her stomach. She wished he's just ask her about them because 
the suspense was killing her. She silently debated with herself whether she 
should bring up the subject, but decided against it.

When he dropped her off near her house, Lisa stood at the kerb and watched 
Richard's disappear into the distance. She couldn't understand why he hadn't 
told her that he had found the photographs. The only reason she could think 
of was that the pervert was going to use them to make Emily let him fuck her. 
It never even entered her head that it was Sandra who knew about her and that 
Richard was completely oblivious as to what was going on. 

The following weekend, Sandra was upstairs getting dressed for going out to 
dinner with Richard. She had showered and dried hair and was only wearing a 
housecoat. She was very organised however and when she looked at her watch, 
she could see that she didn't need to hurry.
She had bought a new dress to wear that was quite daring for her. Bright 
red, the neckline plunged down to reveal her cleavage and the back dropped 
to stop just above her butt cheeks. The hem came to about seven inches 
above her knees and it made her look like the slut she had become. She 
hoped Richard would like it and she thought about his thick cock pistoning 
in and out of her cunt later in the evening as opened the door to her daughter's 
bedroom and went inside. The preteen was sitting on the bed, with her back 
resting on the headboard, and her hand was thrust inside her cotton panties. 
When the door unexpectedly opened, she guiltily pulled her hand out, but 
when she saw it was her mother, she grinned and pushed her fingers back 
inside the waistband of her underwear.

Sandra walked over and sat on the bed as her eyes watched the little girls 
fingers move inside her panties.

"Lisa will be here soon," Sandra said quietly and her daughter nodded her 

The movement of the child's fingers slowed down and then stopped as she l
ooked earnestly at her mother and said, "You know about Lisa and me, don't 
you? You saw her in the pictures with me?"

"Yes honey," Sandra confirmed. "I know that Lisa has made you a slut, and 
now you've made me a slut."

Grinning widely, Emily nodded her head and her fingers started moving again.

Sandra watched her daughter for a few seconds and found it hard to resist the 
temptation to pull her little panties down and bury her face in her daughters 
sweet tasting cunt. She was quite sure that Emily would have been more than 
happy to let her, but there wasn't enough time, and there was also the problem 
of Richard being in the house and he could come looking for her at any time.

Regretfully she sighed and then asked, "What are you and Lisa going to get up 

Emily giggled as she shrugged her shoulders and replied, "I don't know. Maybe 
we'll play with Max, or maybe we'll just play with each other."

Sandra shook her head at Emily's reply, but her eyes were shining with lust as 
she imagined the two on them rolling about in each others arms.
"You make sure that Lisa doesn't rub and lick you until you're sore. When I come 
back from the restaurant, I want some of that lovely little cunt of yours."

"Okay mommy," the little girl replied as she pulled her slimy fingers out of her 
slit and offered them to her mother. "You can lick me any time you want."
Groaning with desire, Sandra sucked Emily's fingers clean and then kissed her 
lightly and left the room before she started something that she couldn't finish.
Going downstairs and into the living room, she found that Richard was already 
dressed and relaxing in front of the television with a whisky.

"What time in a cab due?" she asked, helping herself to a drink.

While the fiery liquid slid down her throat and a warm glow spread through 
her stomach, her husband looked at his watch and replied, "You've still 
got an hour. Lisa will be here soon."

While Sandra nodded her head, the warmth in her stomach seemed to work its 
way down to her cunt and she swayed slightly as she dreamily thought about 
Lisa and Emily fucking each other.
The snap of Richard's fingers in front of her face brought her back to reality 
with a start and he laughed and said, "You were miles away. What were you 
think about?"

Before she could reply, the doorbell rang and Richard said, "That'll be Lisa."

"I'll get it," Sandra replied, "And I'm going to take Lisa upstairs to help 
me decide what to wear tonight!"

As she walked out of the room, Richard called after her, "Why can't I help 
you decide?"

"Because you're a man, my dear," she said sweetly. "And that means that you 
have no taste at all."

She opened the front door and stepped to the side to let Lisa into the house.
"Hi Sandra," the teenager said brightly. "I'm a bit early, I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all Lisa," Sandra replied with a smile. "In fact, you can do me a favour. 
I can't decide what to wear tonight. Can you come upstairs and help me out?"

"Yea, sure," Lisa said a bit uncertainly. "If you think I can be of any help."

Sandra led the teenager upstairs and into the bedroom, shutting the door behind 
her. As she came into the room, Lisa cast her eyes around and noted the red dress 
lying on the bed, the three-quarter-length coat beside it and the matching shoes 
on the floor. Turning to Sandra, she smiled slightly and said, "It looks like you've 
got everything sorted out here. I thought you hadn't decided."

"Oh that was just an excuse for me to get you up here so we could have a little 
talk," Sandra said pleasantly as she walked over to sit on the edge of the bed, 
and then patted the covers to indicate that Lisa should sit beside her.

"Shit," the girl thought. "She's found out about me and Richard."

In less than a second, she thought about bolting out of the room, and dismissed 
it, so she meekly sat down beside Sandra and frantically tried to rack her brains 
for an excuse for fucking the woman's husband. She eventually settled on him 
forcing himself on her and she was too scared to resist when she became aware 
that Sandra was talking to her.

"Sorry Sandra," she whispered. "I didn't hear what you said."

"I asked how long you've been fucking my daughter," the woman repeated helpfully.

Lisa chewed her bottom lip and began, "It really wasn't my fault. It first happened 
one night when......"
She had been about to add "When Richard took me home," when she suddenly realised 
that Sandra hadn't asked her about fucking Richard, but had asked her about fucking 
Emily. Her mind flashed back to the telephone conversation she's had with the preteen, 
and she realised that it was Sandra who had found the photographs.

Lisa's mouth snapped shut as she tried desperately to think of something to say, 
and Sandra made the situation worse by adding, "And when did you find out that you 
liked a dog's cock up your cunt?"

Lisa swallowed hard and then said, "Look Mrs. Dunlop, I ..."

"Sandra," the woman interrupted. "I've told you to call me Sandra."

Nodding her head, Lisa began again, "Look Sandra,...."

Again she was interrupted, and Sandra said, "Let me see your cunt. I want to see 
this slit that my daughter thinks is so wonderful."

"What!?" Lisa said in utter confusion. "What did you say?"

"I said, let me see your cunt," Sandra said a bit more forcefully as she gripped 
Lisa by the elbow and made her stand up.

Lisa's mouth was open in shock as she stood in front of Sandra. The teenager wearing 
a denim skirt and a black tee shirt and her fingers were trembling as she fumbled 
with the button on the waistband.
"Sandra,"  Lisa began. "I don't think..."

"Hush dear," the woman interjected. "Just keep taking your clothes off."

Lisa's skirt was very tight and she had to wriggle her butt as she pushed it down 
over her hips and let it fall to her ankles. Sandra smiled at the sight of her 
light lemon panties and she waited patiently until Lisa had pushed her underwear 
down to her knees.
The teenager kept her slit fully shaved and Sandra nodded her head at the erotic 

"I can see how Emily would like that," she said breathlessly, and leaned forward 
for a closer look.

Straightening up, she smiled up at Lisa and said, "I want to taste you now. Get 
some of your juice on your fingers."

Swallowing hard, Lisa dropped her hands to her slit, but she was so nervous, that 
she was still dry. Opening her cunt with the fingers of one hand, she worked 
the index finger of her other hand into her tube and slowly fingered herself.

"Faster," Sandra breathed.

Lisa's finger was having the desired effect and she could feel that she was 
beginning to moisten up. In response to Sandra's urging, she flashed her finger 
in and out and began to feel the familiar rush deep inside her. Now she was wet 
and her finger slid in and out very easily. Her slime was glistening on her outer 
lips as she pulled her finger out of her fuck hole and offered it to Sandra. 
Sniffing it eagerly, Sandra then sucked it into her mouth and licked it until it 
was clean. Licking her lips after releasing the finger, she looked at Lisa and 
Said, "I can see how you get my little slut daughter excited. You taste gorgeous."

"So does Emily," Lisa managed to say, and was astonished when Sandra replied, "I 
know. We've spent hours sucking on each others cunts, and she even showed me how 
to fuck with Max."

"You and Max!" Lisa exclaimed

"Yes," she confirmed. "Me and Max."

Sandra looked at her watch while Lisa digested this new information and then Sandra 
asked, "Now, do you just like preteen cunt. Or do you also like older cunt?"

Lisa shrugged her shoulders and said, "I think I like all cunt, but the only ones 
I've tasted before are Emily's and my own."

Shrugging out of her housecoat, Sandra lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide. 
She was naked, and she said lustfully, "Then try this one. You've got about ten 
minutes to get me off."

The teenager dropped to her knees on the floor at the side of the bed, and 
without hesitation, she bent her head forward and swiped her tongue over Sandra's 
shaven, and wet, cunt.

"Oh yes," she moaned as she spread her legs wider. "Lick me like you lick 
my little girl."

The woman tasted spicier that her daughter and her cunt smelt stronger, but 
Lisa loved both the taste and the scent. Lapping around the puffy outer 
lips, the teenager made Sandra gasp as she pushed her tongue deep into her cunt.
"Go on," Sandra hissed. "Eat my cunt, you little dog fucking slut. Lick me 
out and make me cum on your face."

Lisa's face was already soaking wet from the juices that were pouring out of 
the woman's hole and she pushed her tongue even deeper and moved her hand 
round until her fingers found Sandra's clit.
The combination of her tongue and her fingers were having the desired effect 
and Sandra hissed, "YES!" as she felt her climax approach. Her back arched off 
the bed and pushed her cunt into the teenager's face as she orgasmed and her 
thick girl cum sprayed out. Drinking down as much of the slime as she could, 
Lisa held Sandra in climax until she eventually crashed back on the bed with 
her chest rising and falling rapidly as she tried to steady her breathing.
When she eventually opened her eyes again, Lisa was wiping her chin with her 
hand and then licking the juices. Before Sandra could say anything, Richard 
bellowed from downstairs, "Hurry up Sandra. The taxi will be here any minute."

Sandra and Richard were both very horny, but for very different reasons. Sandra 
knew that Emily would probably be on her back by now with either Lisa's tongue 
or the dog's cock up her cunt, and she knew that the little slut would still 
be ready to fuck her when she got home. The routine was that Richard would 
drive Lisa home and that would be Sandra's chance to suck on the preteens 
delicious tasting slit.
Richard on the other hand was horny because he knew that when he drove Lisa 
home, she would want him to stop and fuck her. The cheerleader would offer 
him whatever hole he wanted and milk every last drop of cum out of his balls.

They were sitting at the table in the restaurant Richard had booked and their 
starter had just arrived. Sandra took a few bites of her food but just couldn't 
concentrate. Putting down her fork, she leaned across the table and took Richard's 
hand. When he looked at her, she whispered, "I'm horny baby. So fucking horny."

His already hard cock twitched in his pants as she continued, "Take me outside 
and give me one Richard. Tell the waiter that I not feeling well or something, 
but I need you to fuck me."

"In the parking lot?" Richard said, although the idea did appeal to him. He 
really wanted to give Lisa a good pounding tonight and maybe a quick one with 
his wife would settle him down.

"Anywhere," Sandra snarled. "Anywhere you fucking want. I want you to fill me 
up with your spunk and I'll be able to feel it oozing out of my cunt while I 
eat my steak."

"You're becoming a slut you know," he said with a laugh and he looked closely at 
her. She was wearing a new dress that was scarlet and hugged every sensuous curve 
of her body. The plunging neckline advertised the fact that she wasn't wearing a 
bra and her long nipples were rock hard and clearly visible beneath the material.

"I know," Sandra said with a moan. "Are you complaining?"

Richard grinned and shook his head before replying, "No. And neither are all 
the men in the restaurant. They can't take their eyes off you."

Sandra glanced around the room and smiled when she saw that all the men 
quickly averted their eyes and looked down at their dinner plates. The one 
person in the restaurant who held her gaze was a woman two tables away. The 
man she was sitting with had his back to Sandra so he wasn't aware that his 
wife had locked eyes with Sandra. As they stared at each other, the woman 
licked her lips and let the tiny pink tip of her tongue show for a few 
seconds. A shiver went down Sandra's spine and Richard saw it happen.

He leaned over the table and said, "It seems that it's not only the men who 
are interested!"

Sandra turned back to her husband and smiled, but didn't say anything as the 
waiter approached them and cleared away the dishes. They sat in silence while 
the main course was placed in front of them and the waiter went away.

Richard  studied her dress again and asked in a low voice, "Do you think her 
nipples are as hard as yours?"

Sandra looked down at where the twin points of her tits were stretching the thin 
fabric of her dress and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know," she eventually 
said. "Maybe she just thought she knew me."

"No way," her husband said quickly. "That look she gave you was pure lust. She 
wants you."

Sandra didn't reply, because she knew that Richard was right. The look was lust. She 
was still thinking about it when Richard added, "I'll bet her hot mouth would feel 
good on your tits."

It had been many years since Sandra and Richard had played at verbal sex. When they 
had been much younger they had loved to talk dirty to each other and many times 
Richard had made Sandra cum with just his voice. Only once had she been able to 
return the favour and make him cream inside his pants by just talking to him. This 
all flashed through her brain in less that a second and she knew that he was inviting 
her to play again.

"That would feel great," she replied. "Her lips will be soft with her lipstick and 
they would slide over my nipples."

"And her tongue licking them and curling round them," he said

"Yes! Yes," Sandra said hoarsely, picturing the scene in her mind.

Richard was surprised at the change to his wife's behaviour over the last few 
days. She was permanently horny and was very suggestive to anything that he 
wanted. A couple of nights ago, she had practically begged him to fuck her up 
the ass, which wasn't normal for her, and now she was readily participating in 
word sex. He wasn't complaining, but we wondered how far she would go.
Sandra's eyes were almost closed as she dreamily imagined the woman's lips 
sucking on her sensitive tits and Richard whispered, "Are you wet?"

Her eyes opened and she said, "God I'm soaking. I'm sure the waiter could smell 
my cunt when he bent over the table. I can smell it now."

Her husband laughed throatily and asked, "What kind of panties are you wearing?"

"White," she replied. "A very small white thong."

He stared into her eyes and said, "Show me how wet you are."

Pushing her hand beneath the dress, she drew her fingers over the material of 
her panties and could feel that the inside of her legs were also slimy. She 
knew that there must be a wet stain on the back of the dress where she was 
sitting on it, but she was past caring.

She offered her fingers to Richard and although he could see the shine of her 
juices on them, he shook his head and repeated, "I said show me."

Sandra's brow furrowed in confusion and her explained, "I want your panties."

She had a small smile on her face as she licked her juice from her fingers and 
she said, "You want me to go to the toilet and take off my panties?"

"No," he said, shaking his head. "I want you to take them off here."

Sandra's mouth dropped open, but her stomach lurched at the thought and her cunt 
muscles clenched, pushing another squirt of her slime into her already flooded 

"Here!?" she hissed. "In full view of everybody?"

"Do it," Richard commanded. "Do it now."

Sandra looked around her and again found that the woman was staring at her. That 
seemed to make up her mind and she continued to look over at the woman as she 
raised her butt from the chair, moved her hands beneath her dress to grip her 
panties, and smoothly skimmed them down to her ankles. She was surprised that 
no one seemed to have noticed her actions, except for the woman of course, and 
she reached under the table and freed her panties from her ankles.

The woman had been holding her breath as she watched Sandra. She had thought, 
hoped, pleaded and prayed, that Sandra was removing her underwear, but it was 
too much to hope for. She cursed the fact that the tablecloths were so long 
that she couldn't get a clear view below Sandra's table, but her breath caught 
in her throat when Sandra straightened up and handed a small white thong to 
Instead of trying to hide the underwear, Richard held up the garment in full 
view and looked intently at the crotch that was so wet that it was transparent.
Moving it to his mouth, he sucked the material into his mouth, and both Sandra 
and Richard looked over at the woman two tables away.

She was squirming so much in her seat that her husband looked up from his meal 
and asked, "Is everything alright darling. You're not eating."

"I'm fine," she lied, as she stood up and lifted her clutch bag. "I just have 
to visit the restroom."

For a second, Sandra thought the woman was going to come over to her table, but 
she turned and went towards the toilet. Opening the door, she stood in the 
doorway for a few seconds and looked at Sandra before letting the door swing 
closed behind her. 

"That was your invitation," Richard said. "Go get her."
Sandra looked aghast and then did her best John MacEnroe impersonation when 
she hissed, "You cannot be serious! You want me to go into the restroom and 
try to have sex with a woman I've never met before!"
"No," he said quietly, but firmly. "It's you that wants to do that."

It took a few seconds for his words to sink in and then he prompted, "You do, 
don't you?"

Nodding dumbly, she could do nothing but agree and he whispered again, "Go and 
get her."

Moving as if in a dream, Sandra lifted her napkin out of her lap and looked 
into her husband's face as she folded it neatly and placed it on the table. 
Getting to her feet, she gave Richard a moment to stop her, but he just smiled. 
The smile turned into a grin when she turned her back on him and walked to the 
restroom. There was a large wet stain on the seat of her dress, and when he 
looked down to his hand, he found that he was still clutching the thong.

The restroom was well lit and had four stalls against one wall and four wash hand 
basins on the opposite wall. Above the basins, the entire wall was mirrored all 
the way to the ceiling. When Sandra stepped through the door, one stall showed 
as being occupied and the lock immediately snapped open and the woman stepped out. 
The relief, on finding it was Sandra who had entered, was evident on her face and 
her heels made a loud click on the tiles as she walked slowly over.

Feeling like a fool and suppressing the urge to turn and run, Sandra swallowed and 
said, "I've learned to read men's body language, but I've never studied a 
woman's. I could be way out of line here."

By the time she had finished speaking, the woman was standing right in front of 
her and she smiled and pushed her finger under Sandra's nose. The tangy scent of 
her cunt was all over her hand and she whispered, "I haven't had a woman since I 
was a student. I thought that was just an experiment, but you've made me so horny 
and I don't even know your name."

"Sandra," she said helpfully, and her heart lurched into her throat when the woman 
replied, "I'm Emily."

"Emily," Sandra groaned.
How is it that this woman can have the same name as my daughter. My lovely 
daughter, who I've now started fucking, she thought, as she opened her mouth 
and sucked the woman's fingers inside. The taste of cunt juice exploded on 
her taste-buds and all other thoughts were banished from her mind. 

Emily took her by the hand and led her over to a stall. Thankfully they were 
large and she had no trouble in closing and locking the door behind her.

Emily was wearing a white silk blouse and a black skirt that stopped just above the 
waist. Her fingers were trembling as she began unfastening the blouse buttons, but 
Sandra stepped forward and took the woman face in her hands. The kiss began with 
them tenderly brushing their lips together and then their mouths opened and their 
tongues intertwined. Gradually, the pressure of their lips increased until they 
were mashed together and their saliva mixed and slid down their throats. 
Sandra was moaning softly and Emily's arousal was advertised by the shrill whine 
that seemed to come out of her nasal passages. While they kissed, Sandra's hands 
moved to the front of Emily's blouse and she undid a few more buttons to get into 
her bra and rub her firm, round tits. The nipple pressed hard against the palm of 
her hand as she cupped the hot flesh and gently kneaded it 
Emily moaned into Sandra's mouth as she dropped her arms to the hem of Sandra's 
dress and pushed underneath. One hand went around to grip her ass cheek while the 
other stayed at the front and worked its way up her hot thigh. Although Emily knew 
that Sandra wasn't wearing any panties, it nevertheless came as a shock to find 
out how hot and wet her cunt was. She rubbed her palm over the sticky mound a 
couple of times before pushing two fingers into the drooling hole.

Sandra broke their kiss and whispered "Yes," as she was penetrated.
Emily however quickly realised that two fingers weren't enough and when she rammed 
three finger into Sandra's slit, she rose up onto her tiptoes and cried 
out, "Yes! YES!"

Sandra flung her head back in ecstasy at the sensations radiating out of her cunt 
and Emily kissed and nuzzled her neck as she continued to drive her fingers in 
and out of her body. Sandra had been so aroused even before she came into the 
restroom that she knew she wasn't going to last long and the familiar feeling 
deep in her slit was intensifying to an almost unbearable level. Her breathing 
was ragged and shallow as the tingling took her higher and higher until an orgasm 
detonated in her cunt. The flow of cunt juice became a deluge and she cried out 
loudly as her eyes screwed shut and her head thrashed from side to side.
Bright flashing lights danced in front of her closed eyes and although she wasn't 
aware of it, her lips had drawn back, exposing her white teeth and her whole body 
convulsed and shuddered.

To let her recover, Emily pulled her fingers out of Sandra's slit and stepped back 
to lean on the opposite wall of the stall. When Sandra eventually fluttered her 
eyes open, Emily was noisily sucking all the sticky cream from her fingers and she 
looked over at Sandra as she did so and grinned.
Sandra was still breathing heavily but she returned Emily's grin and then watched 
as the woman stepped towards her and dropped to her knees. Looking up and into 
Sandra's face, Emily slowly pushed up the hem of the scarlet dress. When the hem 
reached Sandra's hips, Emily lowered her eyes and got her first look at the cunt 
she had lusted for. It was every bit as perfect as she'd hoped for and she just 
stared at it for a long moment, as if to fix the image permanently in her mind.
Sandra's hole was completely shaved and the outer lips of her slit were red and 
puffy from her arousal. The inner lips were swollen as well and this had opened 
her cunt and was allowing her juices to drip out. The juice was now a mixture of 
her lubrication slime and her cum and Emily watched a thick strand run out of her 
open slit and she scooped it up with her finger before it could fall to the floor 
and sucked it into her mouth.
Even although Sandra had just climaxed, she wanted more and she opened her legs 
wide and tilted her hips to thrust her cunt out towards Emily's face. The 
invitation was clear, and Emily was more than happy to accept. Pushing her head 
forward, she lapped at Sandra's hole and made her gasp as she slid her tongue into 
her fuck tube.

Emily's hand dropped between her own legs and rubbed at her panty covered cunt 
as she sucked and licked at her lovers hole. Within seconds, the lower half of 
Emily's face was covered with the sticky juice that was drooling out of Sandra's 
sex, and she slurped as much as she could into her mouth and let it trickle down 
her throat.

Desperate for another cum, Sandra used both her hands to grip the outer lips of 
her cunt and pull it wide open. Lewdly displaying her pink hole, she ground the 
hot flesh into Emily's face and gasped, "Lick me harder you bitch and I'll cream 
on your face. Suck me. Suck me off."

Still keeping one hand stimulating her own sex, Emily raised her other hand and 
drove three bunched fingers deep into Sandra's fuck tube. She cried out in 
ecstasy as the fingers stretched her hole and as they began flashing in and out 
of her hole, Sandra's hips moved in unison and drove them deeper into her body. 
As she was finger fucked, Emily fastened her mouth around Sandra's rock hard 
clit and sucked the whole thing into her mouth. As she lashed the pleasure bud 
with her tongue, over eight thousand nerve endings shot jolt after jolt of 
electricity directly into the pleasure centre of Sandra's brain and took control 
of her. She was moaning and groaning as her eyes rolled up into her head and the 
muscles in her thighs began to shake just seconds before her orgasm hit. When it 
did, it completely took her breath away and the only sound that came out of her 
throat was a strangulated shriek. Bucking and convulsing with her back to the wall 
of the toilet, Sandra shuddered violently, and surrendered to the powerful cum. 

When she finally recovered, Emily was sitting on the toilet and happily licking 
slime from her fingers as she watched the final ripples of orgasm flow through 
Sandra's cunt.
Realising that Sandra was now aware of her surroundings, she grinned up at her 
and said, "You really know how to cum. That was awesome."

Taking a deep breath and then sighing contentedly, Sandra nodded her head and 
replied, "Way awesome. God I needed that."

As she looked at Emily, her lips held a soft smile and her eyes narrowed. She 
saw that Emily's skirt was up around her waist as she sat on the closed lid of 
the toilet and she whispered, "Your turn."

"I hoped you'd say that," Emily replied quietly as she got to her feet.

The crotch of Emily's panties was soaking wet and she left a slime trail on the 
lid as she stood up. Sandra shivered with lust when she saw just how aroused her 
friend was and she drew her finger through the slime trail and eagerly sucked it 
into her mouth.
Smacking her lips at the delicious flavour, she dropped to her knees and inhaled 
deeply. The entire stall smelt of cunt and it was only now that her nose was a 
few inches away from Emily's sex that she could be sure which horny fuck hole 
she was smelling.

Emily was wearing a pair of high cut black cotton panties that were plastered to 
her skin. Because of the colour, it was difficult to tell if they were wet or 
not, but as soon as Sandra brushed her fingers across the crotch, she could tell 
that they were soaking. Gripping the waistband with both hands, she pulled the 
panties down slowly, savouring the sight of more and more skin being revealed. She 
gazed fondly at the small tuft of hair that Emily had retained on top of her pubic 
mound, and she loved the way the hair was so wet that it was plastered flat against 
Emily's skin. Pulling them down further, Sandra could see the top of Emily's sex 
and she gasped at the erect clit that was standing proud of the folds of skin. Looking 
exactly like a miniature cock, she had to resist the urge to immediately suck it into 
her mouth. Pulling the panties all the way down, she stared at Emily's cunt as she 
held the underwear open at her ankles for her to step out of them.
Emily's fuck hole was shaven, except for the tuft on her mound, and the powerful 
smell that was drifting into Sandra's nose was intoxicating. Reaching out with a 
shaking hand, she drew two fingers over Emily's outer lips, from bottom to just 
before her clit, and she watched the cunt open like a flower and the bubbling 
juices inside began dripping out.
Totally mesmerised at the sight, Sandra bent her head forward and licked Emily for 
the first time.

Even although she had been expecting, and hoping, for the touch, Emily gasped loudly 
when it happened and she opened her legs as wide as she could and hissed, "Make me 
cum Sandra. I really need it."

Emily's cunt juice had a delicious spicy taste and Sandra's tongue pushed between 
the puffy lips and slit as far up the drooling tube as she could reach.

"Yes," Emily said softly. "Just like that baby. Lick me out and make me feel good."

Sandra could feel the heat from Emily's cunt on her face and tongue, and the 
more she licked, the more the juices flowed down the fuck tube and into her 
waiting mouth. As she ate Emily's cunt, her eyes were riveted on the longest 
clit she had ever see and she couldn't wait to get in into her mouth. Before 
she did so however, she wanted to bring Emily very close to climax and she 
raised her hand between Emily's legs and pushed her fingers into the woman's 
ass crack. She didn't know how Emily would react to having her back hole 
stimulated, but she very quickly found out. As soon as her finger touched the 
puckered little shit hole, Emily used both her own hands to pull her ass cheeks 
wide apart and she practically sat down on Sandra's finger. Sensing her 
eagerness, Sandra stiffened her index finger and pushed it inside Emily's asshole.
"YES!" Emily cried loudly. "Do it to me Sandra. Finger fuck my asshole."

Her cry was still echoing around the tiled walls when they heard the restroom 
door open. For one wild second, Sandra imagined that it would be Richard and 
he would get his cock into her while she brought Emily off, but she quickly 
recognised the steady clicking noise to be the heels of a woman's shoes.

The noise indicated that the woman had entered the adjacent cubicle and there 
was a soft rustle of clothing and then the sound for her piss splashing into 
the toilet.

When she first heard the noise, Sandra froze, but Emily was just beginning to 
get the familiar feeling and was in no mood to stop.

"Finger fuck me," she cried again. "Come on you bitch, finger fuck my asshole!"

Sandra desperately wanted to giggle, as she tried to imagine the look on the 
face of the woman using the next stall but she bent her face forward again and 
licked at Emily's dripping cunt while she pushed her finger in and out of her 
back hole.

"Mmmm, that's better," Emily moaned gratefully as the stimulation began again, 
and she tilted her hips forward to give her lover better access.

Emily was much more vocal than Sandra was and she continually moaned and groaned, 
as well as crying out encouragement when Sandra's tongue touched a particularly 
sensitive area of her fuck tube. It could have left no doubt in the mind of the 
woman who had only come into the restroom for a pee as to what was happening in 
the adjacent stall, but both Sandra and Emily were much too concentrated on what 
they were doing to worry about it.

"I'm close baby," Emily moaned. "So close."
That was what Sandra had been waiting for and she moved her sticky face up and 
nuzzled the long clit before sucking it into her mouth.
Emily jumped and then wailed because she knew that this would bring her off. Her 
ass muscled tightened up and she gave a loud cry as the very special feeling of 
wave after wave of muscle contraction and relief coursed through her body. Her 
muscles locked as her cunt rippled with spasms of ecstasy and there was a sudden 
rasping sound as a spray of girl cum jetted out of her hole and hit Sandra just 
below her chin. As Sandra continued to suck on Emily's clit, she could feel 
the slime trickle down her chest and between her tits.

Letting Emily recover, Sandra moved her face back and pulled her finger out of 
Emily's asshole. When she looked up, she could see that Emily's face was covered 
with a sheen of sweat and she smiled at the sight as she licked her lips and then 
sniffed the finger that had been in her lovers bowels. Deciding that she liked the 
smell, she popped it into her mouth and sucked it clean before she got to her feet.

In the quietness, where the only sound was of Emily's laboured breathing, she heard 
the click of heels on the floor tiles again and then the opening and closing of the 
restroom door.

Their uninvited guest had left the room and Sandra and Emily slowly recovered from 
their exertions and Emily said, "Thanks. I'll always remember this night."

"So will I," Sandra agreed, as she scooped Emily's panties off the floor and offered 
them to her.

Emily shook her head and said, "You keep them. I want to feel the cum leak out of 
me and run down my legs.

Grinning, Sandra stepped into the saturated panties and pulled them on.

Emily's husband was visibly agitated because she had been gone so long. He had put 
down his knife and fork and was continually glancing towards the door of the 
restroom, hoping that she would come out. He was thinking about asking one of the 
waitresses to go in and check when Emily appeared. Her skirt was wrinkled, the 
top three buttons of her blouse were undone and her lipstick was smeared. In 
spite of her appearance, she had a huge grin on her face and she walked proudly 
to her table with her back straight and her tits thrust out. She didn't give a 
shit about what anyone thought about her appearance, and that included her 
husband. She had had one of the dirtiest cums of her life and loved every second of it. 

Her husband had just opened his mouth to ask her what was going on when she fastened 
him with an icy stare and hissed, "Shut the fuck up!"

He was so startled with the venom in her voice that his mouth sprung closed like 
a mousetrap.

A few seconds later, the restroom door opened again and Sandra sauntered out. She 
was wearing the same stupid grin as Emily and she knew that all eyes were on her 
as she walked through the restaurant. The smell of cunt was strong in her nose, 
but most of it was from the cunt cum that was sticking to her chest and between 
her tits. She hadn't bothered to wipe it off and when she sat down beside Richard, 
he reached over and scooped up some of the slime on his fingertip. Sniffing it, 
he looked at his wife who gave a small nod of her head. Sucking the finger into 
his mouth, Sandra leaned across the table and whispered something to him. They 
then both looked over at Emily, who smiled and licked her lips.
Feeling like a real slut, Sandra slipped off the black panties, just like she 
had her own, and offered them to her husband. Knowing that Sandra's white thong 
was in his jacket pocket, it was obvious that the black underwear belonged to 
Emily and Richard looked over at her as he sucked her wetness out of the material.

Sandra was still very horny and watching her husband was making her worse. As much 
as she hungered for his cock, she also hungered for her daughters preteen cunt and 
she said, "Take me home Richard. Take me home and fuck me."

Throwing some dollar bills onto the table, they both stood up and Sandra waved to 
Emily before following Richard out to the parking lot. When he unlocked the car 
door, Sandra dropped to her knees and pulled down the zipper of his pants. Richard 
was so surprised at her move that by the time he had thought of something to say, 
she had pulled his cock out and was slurping it into her mouth.
He glanced around the lot and was glad that he hadn't parked under a floodlight 
as he turned his attention back to his wife. His prick was in her throat by now 
and her head bobbed back and forth, driving the sensitive head against the roof 
on her mouth to provide maximum friction. This wasn't a prelude to sex or any 
kind of foreplay. She just wanted him to spurt his load of spunk into her mouth, 
and he was happy to oblige. Within a few moments he was breathing heavily and 
moaning. A few more moments and the spunk was boiling inside his balls and seconds 
later it was rocketing up his piss hole and jetting into Sandra's mouth. Gripping 
the shaft with her fist, she jacked on it until every last drop was in her mouth 
and then calmly stood up and walked back into the restaurant. Zipping himself back 
up, Richard watched his wife through the windows and she made her way straight to 
Emily. Bending down, she kissed the woman and pushed Richard's spunk into her mouth 
with her tongue. Emily's eyes widened when her mouth was filled with slime but she 
recognised the taste immediately and they continued to kiss and push the spunk back 
and forth between them until they let it trickle down their throats. Sandra stood up 
straight and both women licked their lips as they looked at each other. Their mouths 
remained closed, but their eyes spoke a thousand words before they smiled and Sandra
turned and left the restaurant.

For the second time, Emily's husband opened his mouth to ask what was going on, 
and for the second time, she looked at him and snapped, "Shut the fuck up!" 

Richard and Sandra drove home in silence, but it was a happy silence. Sandra was 
hoping that her daughter would still be awake and would bring her off with her 
hot little mouth. Creaming over Emily's face would be the perfect appetiser before 
the main course of Richard's cock fucking the shit out of her.

Richard on the other hand was thinking about the teenage slut that was their 
babysitter. He wondered what hole Lisa would want filled tonight and despite 
spraying his load into his wife's mouth, he could feel his prick harden again 
inside his pants.

When they arrived home, everything was just as Richard expected it to be, but 
Sandra's senses were now in tune with her horny daughter and babysitter. There was 
just a touch too much air freshener in the living room and when she stood close to 
the teenager, she was sure that she could smell cunt.
Emily was upstairs in bed, just like she was supposed to be, and Lisa was ready to 
go home. Escorting the teenager out to the car, Richard couldn't help but grope her 
firm ass as he closed the door. Lisa rewarded him with a grin and whispered, "Take 
me somewhere quiet. Anywhere quiet and fuck my brains out!"

A few minutes later, they were in the car and speeding towards Corton Woods.

The complete silence of the clearing was shattered by the ratchet of the parking 
brake being applied and Lisa watched with surprise when Richard jumped out of the 
car. It was a balmy summers night with almost a full moon and he pulled a travelling 
rug out of the trunk and spread it on the ground on the passenger side of the car. By 
this time Lisa had the car door open and she grinned when Richard said, "There's 
not enough room in there. Get your horny little butt out here and on this rug."

Lisa had already unfastened the waistband of her skirt and she got out of the car 
and pushed the tight skirt over her hips. Her panties were pulled down with the 
skirt and she kicked them both of her ankles. Richard found the sight of the 
young girl, with the top half fully clothed and the bottom half completely naked, 
even more arousing that normal and he practically ripped off his clothes as Lisa 
pulled her tee shirt over her head and shrugged out of her bra.

The moonlight shone off her skin and seemed to produce a sort of halo around her 
as she raised both arms in the air and pirouetted around to display her body. If 
she was trying to impress Richard, or create some form of romantic mood, it didn't 
work! All Richard wanted was to get his cock into whatever hole she offered and 
he figured that her mouth was the best place to start. Grabbing her by the elbow, 
he pulled her down onto her knees and pressed his prick into her face. Taking a 
deep breath, Lisa opened her mouth and started to lick his hot shaft, covering it 
with her saliva before swallowing him. As the velvet like flesh of her throat 
closed around his cock, Richard groaned loudly and hissed, "Jesus, that's nice 
baby. So fucking nice."
It got even better when the teenager started bobbing her head back and forth, 
driving his prick in and out of her throat with the most obscene slurping 
noise. The sound of their sex echoed around the stillness of the clearing and 
Richard gritted his teeth and looked down at the young slut. The moonlight was 
bright enough to make out every inch of her kneeling form and she was now using 
her throat, tongue and her fist on his throbbing cock. She was completely 
unconcerned that she would make him cum because she knew instinctively that 
Richard wouldn't let that happen. Even so, it was actually very close. The 
feelings that her experienced mouth and tongue were producing were amazing 
and he waited until the very last second before he jerked back with a gasp. 
He took a further step back to haul his prick out of her reach and he gritted 
his teeth as he tried to breath away his climax. For a few seconds he thought 
he was still going to spurt, even without any stimulation, but gradually the 
sensation subsided and he was able to focus on Lisa.

"Fuck, that was close," he said softly. "To fucking close." 

The girl was sitting back on her heels and she flopped onto her back on the rug 
and opened her legs as he approached. When he got onto his knees between her legs, 
she raised her hips up and thrust her cunt out towards him. He could smell her 
arousal and the moonlight glistened on the juice that oozed out of her hole as 
she pleaded, "Get it in me. Fuck me hard."

Moving closer, Richard sighed happily as the hot wetness of the teenager's cunt 
folded around his prick and Lisa flexed her internal muscles to draw him into her 
tube. With deliberate slowness, he slid deeper and deeper into her body, and they 
both savoured every second of the delicious sensation. When he bottomed out against 
her cervix, she gave him only a few more seconds of respite before she thrust her 
hips upwards and snarled, "Fuck me."

Richard found some good support for his hands on the uneven ground beneath the 
rug and he started pistoning his cock into the young girls slit. Every time he 
drove in, Lisa would thrust her cunt up at him and his heavy balls slapped against 
her upturned ass, adding to the sloshing and rasping noises coming from her fuck 
hole. The clearing was filled with the sounds of their fucking and they were both 
breathing hard and fast as they worked towards their release. Lisa's burning clit 
was every bit as hard as Richard's cock and her hips were tilted to get maximum 
stimulation from the thrusting prick. Her climax took her completely by surprise 
because it didn't build up slowly as it normally did. This one seemed to come 
from nowhere and the slight tingling she had felt intensified at an astounding 
rate, and she wailed and screamed as she started to shudder and convulse beneath 
Richard's body. He was also surprised at the speed of the teenagers climax, but 
it didn't stop him thrusting into her. He also wanted to cum but because he had 
nearly spurted a few minutes ago, he was having to work up to his orgasm. 
Lisa's eyes were shining with lust as her senses returned and she realised 
that Richard wasn't ready to spray his load into her just yet and that she might 
be able to get herself another cum before he did. He was still ramming his cock 
mercilessly into the girl when she threw all her body weight to the side and 
rolled him onto his back. He had a look of surprise on his face as she rose up 
to sit astride his lap with his cock still firmly buried in her cunt. Now in 
full control Lisa rode him frantically, his cock sliding deliciously in her tube 
every time she rose or fell on him. Their groins ground together as she twisted 
and rotated her cunt on his cock and Richard's hands rose to cup and grip her 
firm tits. He could feel the hardness of her nipples press into the palm of his 
hands, and she cried out in pain and pleasure as he twisted the sensitive buds 
She felt possessed by her lust, and every other thought was driven out of her 
brain by the wild sensations that raced through her as she bounced her young 
and tight cunt up and down his prick like an experienced slut.
This time she could tell that she was going to cum. Her last climax had never 
disappeared but seemed to bubble along just below her perception level. Now 
however she could feel it intensifying again and she looked down at Richard's 
face. It was contorted as if in agony but she had seen that look before and 
knew that he was about to blow his load. His fingers pulled and twisted at her 
tits as his hips rammed upwards, driving his cock deeper into her dripping fuck 
tube. She no longer knew if she was fucking him, or he was fucking her, but it 
didn't seem to matter. The ecstasy of Richard's cock sliding in her fuck tube 
was all that mattered and she closed her eyes and threw back her head as her body 
shook and convulsed. A few seconds later, Richard gasped loudly as his thick spunk 
jetted up his piss hole and erupted inside Lisa's body. Feeling the hot slime 
splatter against her cervix made the teenager shake uncontrollably and she 
collapsed forward onto Richard's chest.

Lisa and Richard were relaxing on the rug and recovering from their exertions as 
they let the night air dry their sweat covered skin. The wood was silent again 
and both of them jumped at the sudden, and unexpected, sound. 

"Shit, it's my cell." Richard said in surprise.

Jumping to his feet and reaching into the car, he glanced at the phone and saw it 
was his wife calling. Putting the phone to his ear, he said, "Hi honey,"

Lisa could only hear one side of the conversation and she heard him say, "No, 
Lisa's still here. We haven't got to her house yet." He then lied, "There was 
some sort of incident and the police have closed Benford Drive. I've had to 
detour the long way around."

He listened for a moment and then said, "Okay. Hold on."

He looked at Lisa and said, "She says you've forgotten your purse and your 
cell phone. They're in the living room. Do you need them?"

"Shit!" the teenager exclaimed, "Yea, I need them. We'll have to go back."

After relaying the information to Sandra, Richard hung up and the two of 
them re-clothed themselves before they got back into the car and drove out 
of the clearing.

When they walked back into the house, Richard was surprised to find his wife 
talking on the telephone and she looked up when he came into the room and 
said, "Hold on, he's here now."

As he gave her a questioning look, she covered the receiver with her hand and 
said, "Its you office. There's some form of panic."

"Its one o'clock in the bloody morning,!" he exclaimed as he took the receiver 
out of her hand. "This better be important!"

When Richard started talking on the phone, Sandra beckoned to Lisa, who followed 
her up the stairs to the bedroom.
"What did you do to Emily," Sandra asked with a smile as she sat down on the 
edge of the bed. "I wanted to play with her but she's completely fucked 
out. Were you two with Max again?"

"Yea," Lisa grinned, "And all I got was a lick. Emily was so horny that she 
got Max to do her twice. God knows how many times she came."

Sandra laughed throatily and replied, "That explains why she's fast asleep." 
After a few seconds silence she looked up at the teenager and 
continued, "Does that mean that you didn't get your share?"

As she spoke, Sandra ran both her hands up Lisa's legs and under her short 

"Doesn't matter," Lisa replied, as she watched the woman's hands brush her 
flesh. "It'll be my turn next time."

By this time Sandra had wormed her fingers into the leg hole of Lisa's panties 
and they slid very easily into her cunt.

The young girl moaned softly and then suddenly felt like a knife had been 
plunged into her heart. A cold feeling raced through her body and she 
desperately tried to step backward and get Sandra's hand away from her sex. 
The fact that Sandra's wrist was inside her panties prevented the move but 
the woman could see that Lisa had become very agitated and she asked, "What's 
wrong?" as she pulled her hand free.

"N.. N.. Nothing," Lisa managed to stutter, but she knew that the damage had 
been done. There was a heavy and sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as 
she stared in shock at Sandra's fingers. Seeing where the teenagers gaze was 
directed, Sandra looked at her fingers and frowned at the coating of spunk 
that was on them.
"I thought you said that you didn't get to fuck the dog?" she asked as she 
looked up at the girl and raised her hand to her mouth to lick off the slime.
She only needed a second for her taste buds to send their information to her 
brain and she moved her hand slowly down from her face and stared at her 

"This isn't dog cum," she said softly.

She could just hear Richard's agitated voice from downstairs as he talked on 
the telephone and she stared at the bedroom door and then at Lisa's stricken 

"I think you have some explaining to do Lisa," she said quietly, but with 
a hard edge to her voice.

o0o The End o0o

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