Just a Normal Weekend

(Family incest / anal / Zoo sex young girl-dog / very young sex)

Marty was in the garage trying to fix his daughters push bike. Liz had been 
complaining about the brakes for weeks, and he eventually decided to look at 
them. Liz was 9 years old, with shoulder length brown hair that matched her 
eyes, and a cute little hairless cunt that was currently swallowing her uncle 
Brian’s cock. He was sitting on the bench at the back of the garage as Liz 
squatted on his lap. 
“Have you fixed my bike yet dad?” she asked.
“Never mind your fucking bike,” said Brian squeezing her ass. “You just concentrate 
on riding my cock.”
Liz was dressed in a short summer dress and had her little panties pulled to the 
side to let Brian fuck her. He looked down to where they were joined, and loved 
how her swollen bald pussy lips were stretched around him, and the way her juices 
clung to his shaft. 
“Come on you little bitch,” he urged, jerking his hips upwards. “Ride me.”

Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and slid her wet cunt up and down his prick. She 
closed her eyes and gasped as Brian used his thumb to rub at her erect clit. 
“Oh Brian, keep doing that,” she cried. “I’m getting the feeling, Oh god I feel 
all tingly and I’m going to cum. Aaargh! Fuck I’m cumming.”
Marty sat back with his hand inside his shorts, jacking his cock, and watching 
his brother-in-law fuck his youngest daughter.
Brian felt the warm gush of her cunt cream inside her little cunt, and forced his 
hand inside her underwear, to slip into her asshole. The young slut pushed back 
until his index finger was knuckle deep inside her, and massaging the end of her 
soft shit.
Liz shouted her second orgasm as he continued stimulating both her holes, and 
her body shook and trembled with the force of the waves of pleasure racing 
through her. Just as Brian was thinking about his own cum, there was a shout 
from inside the house. 
“Liz, where are you? It’s time you were in bed,” cried her mother Jill.
Liz was in no condition to reply, and, as Jill stepped into the garage, the young 
girl was still deep in her cum.
“Fuck, I might of known,” Jill lamented. “You little slut,” she continued, as she 
watched her convulse as Brian rammed another finger deep into her bowels.
She turned to her husband and asked, “You’re quite happy watching this and 
jacking off are you?”
“Fuck no,” he replied grinning. “I’m going to fuck her once he’s finished.”
“Come here,” said Jill
As he walked over, she pulled her brothers shitty fingers out of Liz’s asshole, 
and grabbed Marty’s cock. 
“If you two are going to fuck her,” she said, “Do it properly.” 
She placed Marty’s prick at the entrance to the 9-year-olds asshole, just as 
she recovered enough from her orgasm to realise what was happening.
“No, not two cocks at once,” she pleaded trying to squirm away. “It’ll be too 
Her mother laughed as she growled, “Go on Marty. Get your cock in, and fuck the 
shit out of the little bitch.”
Marty eased his cock past the resistance of her anal ring, and, as the young girl 
screamed, he rammed his length deep into her asshole, and felt her warm soft shit 
close around his shaft. Still keeping the girl impaled on their cocks, Brian eased 
off the bench, until they were both standing with Liz sandwiched in the middle. 
Jill grabbed at one of her ankles and pulled her daughters legs wide apart, to allow 
both men that extra inch of penetration.
Jill stuffed her hand inside her panties to massage her dripping cunt, as she 
watched Liz getting double fucked. 
Brian was rubbing his thumb into the young girls throbbing little clit, as Marty 
reached around to the buds that would soon be her tits, and squeezed hard on the 
small erect nipples.
Liz screamed again at this new abuse, and the pain mixed with the stimulation of 
her clit, catapulted her into another orgasm. Brian and Marty were pistoning in 
and out of both her holes, as Liz cried, “Fuck. Oh fuck you’re splitting me in 
two. Hurry up and cum. Please cum.”
Brian and Marty were both nearing their climax. Even with her holes lubricated 
with cunt cream and shit, she was still very tight, and Brian groaned, “Fuck, here 
I cum,” as he emptied his balls into her. 
Her father was only a few seconds behind as he squirted his sperm into her shit 
hole. The feeling of hot spunk blasting into both her holes caused her to cum 
again, and her body sagged into their arms, totally exhausted. 
They eased out of her body and lowered her to her feet. Her panties were already 
flooded with spunk, and Jill said, “Go and see Prince. He’ll clean you up.” 
Liz staggered out of the garage and into the house, as her mother licked the young 
slut’s cunt cream from her brother’s prick, and then licked Liz’s shit from Marty’s 

Liz peeled off her sodden panties a stood with her feet apart as Prince lapped her 
sex and shitty asshole. Prince was a black Retriever, and was no stranger to cleaning 
up after people. Liz kept his tongue away from her battered clit, but let him clean 
the shit and spunk from her asshole, and she allowed the sperm from her little cunt 
to drip into his mouth. When she was finished, she looked underneath and wasn’t 
surprised to see 8 inches of red shiny dog cock hanging between his legs. 
“Oh not just now boy,” she said, patting his head. “I’m too sore.”
She left Prince in the kitchen licking his prick, and went upstairs to her room.

Jack, the eldest of the children at 16, was in his room drinking some beer and 
watching one of his many porno tapes. The door opened and his 14 year old 
sister Kate came in.
“What the fuck do you want?” he snapped.
“I heard you had some beer and I thought you might like to share,” she replied.
“Well you thought wrong,” he answered. “Fuck off.”
“Oh don’t be like that,” she replied, walking over to stand in front of him. 
“Guess what that is,” she said putting her fingers under his nose.
He inhaled deeply and replied, “Cunt.”
“Yea, obviously,” said Kate, “But who’s?”
He sniffed again and shrugged his shoulders, “No idea. Whose is it?”
“Pam’s,” replied Kate smiling. “She’s just left, and I know you’d love to get 
inside her hot panties. I think I could arrange something if you like. She 
gets really wet you know.”
“Do you think she’d go for it?” Jack asked.
“Fuck yea, she loves cock, and even although you’re my brother, I’ve got to say 
that your prick isn’t bad. Now, how about sharing that beer?”
“Yea sure,” he said. “By the way, how did you get her cunt juice on your fingers?”
“God, I made her cum so hard,” Kate replied laughing. “If you didn’t have the sound 
up so high on the TV, you’d have heard her scream.”
“I suppose she returned the compliment,” he said, as he shoved his hand up Katy’s 
short skirt and felt the soaking gusset of her panties.
Katy giggled as she replied, “Of course she did.”
Jack handed her a beer and she drained half of it in a single swallow. “What are 
you watching?” she asked.
“Pussy Man,” he replied.
“Oh, I’ve seen that,” she said, “Lots of cunt and not much fucking. Haven’t you got 
anything else with a bit more action?”
“Yea, lots of stuff. What do you fancy?” he asked, handing her another beer.
“Something with some ass fucking, or even better some double penetration,” she 
 “I’ve got just the thing,” he said grinning as he got up to change tapes.
They were well through their second 6 pack and had watched about half an hour 
of the tape. Katy’s hand had been up her skirt most of the time and Jack could 
smell the musky scent of her aroused cunt. He was looking forward to shafting her 
later, but first, his bladder was demanding some attention. He stood up and 
said, “I’ve got to pee.” He took out his semi-hard prick and pissed into one of 
the empty beer cans.
“Hey, neat trick,” said Katy. “Wish I could do that.”
“Why don’t you try,” grinned Jack.
The young girl climbed off the bed and dropped her panties to the floor. 
“Not enough hands,” she complained. “I need both hands to hold my pussy open so 
you’ll need to hold the can.”
They were both giggling as Jack knelt down and held the beer can below his sister’s 
“Here I go,” she said, as her urine burst out of her cunt. Jack quickly positioned 
the can to catch most of her piss as the rest dripped off his hands onto the floor.
Katy finished, and wiped herself with her discarded panties. 
“Here have some more beer,” he said, handing her the can full of his piss. She drank 
down a couple of mouthfuls before realising what was happening. 
“You bastard,” she exclaimed laughing. “Right. Fairs fair,” she said reaching for 
the can of her own piss and handing it to her brother. They were both laughing 
now as they drank down the piss from the old beer cans.
They were still giggling when young Liz came into the room. The little slut was 
naked and her sex lips were swollen and gaping open to show the pink flesh of her 
little hairless cunt
“Katy,” she said. “My assholes sore. Brian and dad fucked me just like those guys 
are going to her,” she said, pointing to the TV screen. Katy and Jack looked and saw 
a large titted whore being double fucked in both holes by two large pricks.
“Oh you poor baby,” Katy said. “Let me see.”
Liz bent over and pulled her ass cheeks apart to show the red entrance to her bowels 
that was still slightly open. Katy moistened her finger and Liz flinched as her sister 
slowly massaged her shit hole. Liz had her back to her sister and couldn’t see her 
grin at Jack, and beckon him over. As she made soothing noises to her abused sister, 
her other hand was jacking Jack’s cock and she mouthed “Fuck her,” at him.

Jack grinned back as he caught on to her plan, and he helped Katy to suddenly grab 
their little sister and throw her face down on the bed. Before she could protest, 
Jack had straddled her body and was pushing his cock into her asshole.
Liz screamed at this new violation, “You fucking bastards. Please don’t hurt my 
asshole again. Aaarhg! No Jack. Please fuck my cunt and I’ll ride you as hard as 
you want, but don’t fuck my asshole.”
“Too late,” said Katy gleefully, as she watched the length of Jack’s shaft slip 
slowly up Liz’s little shitter.
“Go on Jack, fuck the little bitch,” she urged.
Liz buried her head in the covers and bit her bottom lip as she was buggered 
again. She knew there was no point in shouting. Even if one of her parents did 
come to investigate, they would just watch and enjoy the show.
Jack began pounding in and out of his little sister’s asshole as Katy sat on the 
bed with her legs on either side of Liz’s head. She grabbed Liz by the hair and 
jerked her head up. Sliding down the bed, she drew the young girl’s head onto her 
sex and growled, “Suck my cunt, bitch.”
Liz was slowly relaxing as the pain in her ass subsided, and her juices began to 
collect in her hairless pussy. The slut loved cunt juice, and eagerly lapped at the 
cream running out of Katy’s fuck hole.

Downstairs, Prince had his nose up Jill’s skirt yet again, and once again she pushed 
him away. 
“Fuck off,” she snapped. 
The dog was still horny after licking out Liz’s sex and was looking for somewhere 
to stick his hard prick.
Jill’s other daughter, 11 year old Ann, was sitting on the sofa giggling at her 
mothers discomfort.
Jill glared at her. “So you think that’s funny do you? Well since you’re in such a 
good mood, you take care of him. Come on you little bitch. Get your panties off and 
let him fuck you. That’s the only was I going to get any peace.”
Ann screwed up her face and said, “I’m watching the TV. Why don’t you just jack 
him off.”
“Because then I’ll have to clean up all the dog cum from the floor,” she answered, 
standing up and dragging her reluctant daughter to her feet. She led her around the 
back of the sofa and bent her over the back. 
"This way you can still watch the TV,” she laughed as she reached below Ann’s skirt 
to pull down her dirty underwear. Prince immediately sniffed at the discarded panties 
with the blood stained sanitary towel attached and licked at the menstrual blood. 
“Come on Prince,” she shouted, as the dog trotted over. “Up,” she commanded.
Prince wrapped his front legs around Ann’s waist as she bent over the sofa and began 
thrusting the air. Jill grabbed his prick and guided it to the entrance of her 
daughters bloody fuck hole. The dog’s instinct took over and he lunged deep up her 
fuck tube and started pistoning in and out. Ann’s body tensed as Jill rubbed her 
fingers over the girl’s clit that was standing proud if it’s little sheath. 
Prince’s tongue was lolling out the side of its mouth and dropping dog drool onto 
Ann’s dress as his prick flashed in and out of her wet cunt. Jill’s fingers were 
going their work, and Ann was moaning as the intensity of pleasure increased. 
“Keep rubbing me mum,” she gasped. “I’m nearly there.”
The position of the dog’s body prevented Jill’s other hand from gaining entry to 
Ann’s asshole, so she jammed two fingers into her own cunt and thumbed her clit. 
Ann was humping back at the dog and wailed as her orgasm exploded inside her. As 
her shaking began, Jill squeezed the little girl’s clit savagely and sent her into 
orbit. She was screaming, “Yes. Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming.”
Jill dropped to her knees to let Ann recover and watched the red dog prick slide 
and froth into her open cunt. The tennis ball sized knot was battering the girls 
cunt lips with every thrust, and Jill took hold of the thrusting cock just behind 
the knot and added her strength to the thrusts. Just as Ann was coming down from 
her sexual high, an extra powerful thrust, together with the force of Jill’s arm, 
slammed the knot into Ann’s cunt. 
Ann screamed and shouted, “Oh god yea. Knot me you fucking bastard. Make me your 
bitch. Fuck your knot up my cunt.”
Her slut daughter was making Jill so horny. Her cunt juice was running down the 
inside of her leg as she added another finger to her saturated fuck hole.
Ann’s fingers were furiously rubbing at her clit, and, as another cum raced through 
her, she cried, “Fuck, I’m creaming again. Fuck. Fuck.” Her legs were weak and it 
was the sofa that was supporting her, as Prince continued hammering his knot up her 
cunt. His whining told Ann that her pet was about to cum, and she bucked her hips 
back at him to get the knot as far up her as possible. Prince lunged a final time, 
and stood still as Ann orgasmed a third time and her cunt walls were blasted with 
jet after jet of boiling dog cum.
Jill was panting as her own cum blasted through her. “Shit,” she shouted. “Here I 
Her fingers made loud squishing noises in her dripping cunt, as even more fuck 
cream was forced from her convulsing sex to run down her legs. 
As her breathing returned to normal, she felt the dog’s prick that was still firmly 
lodged in Ann’s cunt. She could feel it pulsing as Ann said, “He’s still 
shooting. My cunts so full of cum.”
Jill laughed as she stood up and used her daughter’s dirty panties to wipe the 
cunt juice from her legs and dry her sopping hole.

Katy was about to cum. She knew she was very close as Liz lapped at her burning 
clit. “Yea, right there,” she cried, as her sister lashed at the tip of her clit. 
“Keep sucking there. Yea that’s it. Fuck yes, I’m going to cum. Oh fuck I’m cumming 
Fuck. Oh fuck.” 
Her head was shaking from side to side as her body spasmed to the waves of ecstasy 
that flashed through her young body. 
Jack was still pounding on Liz’s abused asshole as Katy staggered upright. She ran 
her hand below Liz’s body and dipped two fingers into her younger sister’s wet cunt. 
“Have you had enough ass fucking?” she asked sweetly. “Would you like Jack’s prick 
in your little pussy?”
“Oh yes Katy. Please. My shitters getting sore again, but I’m really horny. I want 
my cunt fucked.”
Katy chuckled as she nodded at Jack, who pulled his shit covered cock out of Liz’s 
body and lay down on his bed with his smelly and shitty prick pointing to the ceiling.
Liz squatted her little pussy onto his shaft and sank down until his pubic bone mashed 
against her clit. Liz sighed happily as she bounced up and down his cock and didn’t 
hear Katy leave the room, to return a few seconds later with a large black plastic 
dildo in her hand. 
She stood quietly behind her sister who had her eyes closed and was bent over Jack’s 
prick concentrating on the delicious feelings coming from the clit and pussy. With a 
single lunge, Katy sadistically rammed the whole length of the 8-inch dildo into 
Liz’s open asshole. The young girl screamed and screamed as Katy sawed the plastic 
fuck toy in and out of the poor girl’s bowels. 
She screamed again as Jack wrapped his arms around her back to prevent her 
moving, and Katy stood on the bed and got both hands on the handle of the dildo, 
and slammed it in and out of her baby sisters shit hole. Her hands slapped onto 
Liz’s ass cheeks with every stroke as she made sure that every last inch was driven 
into the little slut.
The tears were running down Liz’s cheeks, and she babbled incoherently as Katy 
violated her. She was still impaled on Jacks prick that was being stimulated by 
the plastic cock that was on the other side of the thin membrane separating them. 
The soft shit was being forced out of the young girls asshole as Katy flashed 
the dildo in and out and Katy’s hands were covered in the stuff.
Jack wrapped his legs around his sister’s almost unconscious body and shafted 
her as he worked to his orgasm. The huge dildo made her cunt even tighter and 
he quietly groaned, “Shit, I’m going to spurt,” as he jetted his spunk into her.
Katy’s arms were getting tired, and she gave a massive push and buried the dildo 
into poor Liz’s shit hole, before collapsing exhausted on the bed.
After a few minutes, Katy helped Jack push Liz onto her feet and they tried to 
rouse her from her half conscious state. Jack held her arms while Katy slapped 
her across the face until she blinked, shook herself, and stared around her. 
She screamed suddenly as Katy jerked out the plastic cock that was lodged in her 
shit hole and handed the dildo to Liz. 
“Now fuck off you little cunt,” said Katy, “And when you give me that dildo back 
tomorrow, it had better be clean.”
With tears running down her face, Liz waddled out the room with her asshole gapping 
open and stretched to an almost impossible size.

Katy and Jack went back to their beer and watching the rest of the porno video. As 
they sat on the bed, Katy has one hand on Jack’s soft cock, slowly bringing it back 
to life, whilst her other hand was playing with her cunt. The porno and Katy’s 
skilled hand soon had Jack’s prick standing proud and Katy straddled him and fed 
the solid shaft into her soaking cunt. Abusing her little sister had really excited 
the young slut and she eagerly bounced up and down on her brothers prick. Jack slid 
his hand between their bodies and rubbed his thumb over her burning clit. Her body 
immediately stiffened and she cried, “Yea, that’s it. Rub my clit you bastard. Make 
me cum. I need to cum.”
She could feel the telltale tingling begin deep inside her clit, and, as the 
delicious feelings spread through her body, she began moaning and grinding her 
cunt onto her brothers cock. 
“Fuck I’m going to cum,” she gasped. “Here I cum. Oh fuck, here I cum.” 
She screamed her orgasm as Jack felt the additional lubrication of her cunt cream 
running out of her hole. The young slut rested her head on Jack’s shoulder as her 
body shuddered and trembled in climax. With the weight of her body pushing down on 
his cock, Jack had to sit and wait until her spasms subsided. After she recovered 
for a few minutes, Jack slapped her ass and said, “Right you bitch, my turn now. Get 
onto your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you brains out.”
Katy laughed as she raised her cunt from his prick and knelt on the bed. He drove 
his shaft into her open cunt while his thumb teased her asshole and was soon buried 
in her shitter up to the knuckle. Her recent cum had reduced the friction in her 
front hole and Jack withdrew and forced his slippery cock into her asshole. 
“Oh god, that’s good,” Katy moaned. “Fuck my asshole you bastard. Fuck the shit out 
of me.” 
Her fingers went back to her clit as Jack reamed her tight shit hole. Her ass 
muscles clamped around his shaft like a fist, as Jack flashed his fuck rod in 
and out of her back hole. As the bitch creamed again over her fingers, he 
groaned and blasted his spunk deep in her bowels. Katy’s body was convulsing 
so hard, that she had difficulty remaining in the doggie position, and, as she 
felt her brothers boiling hot cum splatter into her asshole, she came again and 
collapsed onto the bed.
Katy was almost unconscious from both her fucking and the amount of beer she had 
drunk. Jack decided to leave her lying there, and he went to sleep in Katy’s bed.

Ann had been locked on to the dog for about 15 minutes when she felt him start to 
free himself. 
“He’s about to pull out of me,” she said to Jill, who got up and helped her 
daughter step into her panties, as she supported herself from the sofa. As Prince 
eventually released the girl, Jill quickly pulled Ann’s panties up to catch the 
watery dog cum before it flooded onto the floor.

Next morning, Marty woke up alone with a raging hard-on. He had been dreaming 
about screwing that young blonde, Pam, who had befriended Katy. Boy, would he 
like to get his prick into one of her holes.
He got up and stroked his prick as he went in search of cunt. He tried Katy’s 
room first but found Jack asleep in her bed. Next he opened the door to Ann’s 
room.  She was lying on her back, sound asleep, and hadn’t heard the door open. 
Marty eased back the covers. His daughter was naked except for the panties she 
had been wearing last night. The dog cum and her period blood had leaked out of 
her front hole during the night, and formed a large stain on her now very smelly 
“Fuck,” said Marty. He turned her over on her stomach, and, as she woke up, he 
spat on his hand and rubbed it over the head of his cock. 
Ann groaned, “What the fuck….?” as she felt her dirty panties being pulled to the 
She looked over her shoulder just as Marty pulled her ass cheeks apart and rubbed 
the head of his prick in the little pool of liquid shit that had gathered around 
her asshole during the night. 
“Aw fuck dad, it’s too early for an ass fuck. Do me in the cunt. Come on dad, shove 
you cock into my fuck hole.
“Your cunts filthy, you dirty bitch. It’s full of dog cum from last night, and 
anyway, you’ve got your period.”
“Never used to bother you,” she gasped, as his shaft pushed past her anal muscle and 
imbedded itself deep in her shit hole.
“Come on you little cunt,” he said, slapping her hard on the ass. “Get on your knees 
so I can fuck you property.”
 Ann clambered onto her hands and knees as Marty drove in and out of the little 
girls shitter. She reached into her stinking panties and ran her fingers over her 
sex. The outer lips opened and were soon glistening with her juices as she flashed 
two fingers in and out of her cunt. She pulled them out and licked at the globs of 
dog spunk and blood that coated her fingers, before replacing them in her pussy. 
Marty was humping her shit hole faster and Ann’s fingers concentrated on her erect 
clit as her father built up to his cum.
“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “I’m going to cum. Come on you bastard, shoot your spunk into 
my asshole while I’m creaming.”
Marty felt her young body begin to shake and shouted, “Oh you fucking bitch. I’m 
going to blast your tight shit hole. Shit I’m shooting.”
Ann convulsed again as her father’s hot cum jetted into her shitter and she gave 
a final squeeze on her clit before dropping on the bed exhausted.
After a few seconds, Marty pulled his shitty and sticky prick from her bowels 
and wiped himself clean on her direy briefs.

Katy woke up with a hangover. What the fuck am I doing in here she thought as 
she looked around Jack’s bedroom. The empty beer cans on the floor reminded her 
of last nights drinking session. She could vaguely recall doing something with a 
dildo in little Liz’s asshole, but the rest of the evening was just a blur. She 
stuck a couple of fingers into her front hole and smelled them. “Just cunt,” she 
muttered. Repeating the action in her asshole she smelt stale spunk mixed with her 
“Bastard. Someone fucked me in the asshole,” she said to herself, as she went to 
get a shower, and something for her thumping head.

Ann recovered a few minutes later and stood up. Her father had already gone, and 
she peeled off her rancid panties and tossed them in her laundry basket. Her 
asshole was oozing cum and she went into little Liz’s room. The child was lying 
on top of the bed in just her panties. Ann noticed the bulge in the underwear and 
realised that her sister had shit herself. It wasn’t the girls fault. She had been 
ass fucked so much the previous night that her shit hole wouldn’t close and her 
shit had dropped out into her panties.
Ann woke her up by getting on the bed and squatting over her face. The first thing 
Liz saw when she opened her eyes, was her fathers cum leaking out of Ann’s shitter.
“Lick me clean honey,” said Ann.
“Oh let me sleep,” the girl retorted. “I’m tired,”
Ann grabbed the nipples of her yet to develop breasts and pulled them up until they 
looked like two Red Indian tents.  
As Liz squealed, Anne said, “Lick me clean or I’ll pull your fucking nipples off.”
Liz had no option but to glue her mouth to her sisters asshole and suck the spunk 
and shit out of her. She sucked until Ann’s asshole was empty, and only then was she 
was let up to go and shower.

Marty had got dressed and was coming down the stairs when the doorbell rang. It was 
Brian who had come over this morning to help Marty get the damm bike working, and 
he’d brought his wife Irene and their kids.

Marty and Brian were in the garage looking at the bike and drinking beer. Hey, it 
was kind of early for beer, but what the fuck they thought.

Jill and Irene were in the living room talking. Their 4-year-old daughter, Melissa 
was running about playing. Brian and Irene had been married for three years. He 
had managed to knock her up on their first date he boasted, but from what Jill 
had heard, she didn’t think Irene could know exactly who the father was. Their 
10 week old son Mark, who was sitting in his carry chair sucking contentedly on a 
small soothing towel, was definitely Brian’s, or perhaps Marty’s, or perhaps Jack’s 
or perhaps………. 
Jill gave a mental shrug, she didn’t really care and was sure that Irene didn’t 
care either.
Jill was telling Irene how she had made little Liz get double fucked last night 
and how the dog had fucked Ann’s menstruating cunt.

All this talk was getting Irene horny. Her hand was up her skirt and rubbing gently 
over the crotch of her knickers. She told Jill how Brian had come home last night 
after blowing his wad of spunk into Liz’s cunt, and had ripped her panties off her 
as soon as he had come into the living room. 
“I wouldn’t have minded,” laughed Irene, “but he didn’t know that my mother had 
dropped in, and had just gone to the toilet.” 
“So there I am, standing with my hands on the chair for support, with his cock 
slamming into my cunt, and mother walks in,” she continued.
“Fucking hell,” said Jill, remembering Irene’s rather prim mother from the wedding. 
“What did you do?”
“I couldn’t do anything,” Irene replied. “Brian just looked at her and laughed, as 
she spluttered and snorted trying to find some words. He pulled his prick out of me 
and walked over to her. Without saying a word, but with an evil look on his face, 
he shoved her over the back of the sofa, bunched up her dress, tore her baggy old 
drawers to the side and slammed his meat into her hole.”
“You’re fucking joking!” gasped Jill, stroking her cunt. “What the fuck did she do?”
“I expected her to start shouting rape or something, but after a couple of thrusts 
she began moaning and saying things like, fuck my cunt. Shaft my slack old hole 
with your cock. Come on, fuck me. If you want my asshole you can fuck that 
too. I couldn’t believe the language she was using, and I certainly couldn’t believe 
that she was enjoying Brian screwing her,” Irene replied.

“God I’m getting so horny,” said Jill, with two fingers jammed in her slit. 
“What happened then.”
“I was in a daze,” said Irene. “I just sat on the floor and masturbated. I’d hardly 
ever seen my mother naked, never mind getting fucked. The cunt cream was running out 
of me as I watched my husband fuck the shit out of my mother. She started to buck 
and shake and I knew the old bitch was deep in her cum, as Brian groaned and emptied 
his balls into her. After a few minutes, Brian pulled out, mother rearranged her 
underwear, kissed me goodnight and Brian drove her home. When he got back, he told 
me that she had been holding on to his cock all the way home in the car. I was so 
horny that I practically raped him as he was telling me the story. It must have 
made him horny too, because I woke up in the middle of the night with him sticking 
his prick into my asshole, and fucking the shit out of me. I’m still can’t believe 
it all happened.”
“Fuck,” Jill muttered. “That is so fucking nasty. I love it.”
They were both laughing and Irene said, “Melissa honey, mummy’s got to go pee pee.”
“Ok mummy,” the little girl replied as she toddled over.
Irene lay down on the sofa and pulled her knees up to her tits as the young child 
pulled her mothers panties to the side and glued her little mouth over Irene’s piss 
hole. As Irene released her bladder, little Melissa struggled to swallow the warm 
offering without spilling any. Jill nodded approvingly as only a few drops escaped 
to be absorbed into Irene’s panties. Once her mother was finished, Melissa dropped 
her mouth to cover her mother’s asshole. 
“No it’s all right baby.” Irene said shaking her head. “Mummy doesn’t need to go 
potty just now.” 
Melissa raised her head and smiled happily at her mother, as she used her sleeve 
to wipe the piss dribbling off her chin, and went back to her toys. 

“God, where are the men when you need them,” Jill complained, with her hand still 
jammed into her soaking cunt. “I need some cock.”
“I’ve got the very thing here,” grinned Irene as she reached into her bag and 
pulled out a flesh coloured strap on dildo that was 8 inches long and as thick as 
her wrist.
She stood up, dropped her panties, and stepped into the fuck toy. 
“Right bitch,” she growled as she wanked the plastic cock. “Get your panties off 
and open your cunt. I’m going to fuck your brains out.”
Jill dropper her panties and showed Irene her saturated cunt. The juices were running 
out of her and her entire crotch was soaking. Irene grabbed the soothing towel from 
her baby, and used it to dry Jill’s cunt, and mop up the cunt cream from her legs. 
As Jill turned around and bent over to offer her cunt, Irene gave the towel back to 
the baby who sucked on it greedily.

Irene stepped up behind Jill and rubbed the tip of the strap on cock over her soaking 
cunt lips before ramming it fully into the womans fuck hole. Jill’s hand flew to her 
clit as Irene drove the cock in and out. Just as Jill felt the telltale tingling of 
an approaching orgasm, the door opened and Brian walked in from the garage. His face 
split into a huge grin as he watched his wife shaft his sister, and he said, “I’ve got 
to get in on this,” as he pulled out his erect prick. The strap on had a thong 
arrangement that passed between Irene’s butt cheeks. He spat on his prick and spread 
the saliva over his cock, as the moved the thong to the side and pushed deep into her 
asshole. As Irene screwed Jill, she automatically moved her husband’s shaft in and 
out of her shitter.

Marty came in the room to see what the fuck was keeping Brian. 
“Fucking hell,” he breathed as he watched the three of them fuck each other. 
He dropped his shorts and walked over to them stroking his prick. The only hole that 
was available was Brian’s shitter, and he quickly decided against that. Irene saw 
him and said, “Melissa, come over here and get your uncle’s cock into your little 
As Melissa came over, Irene said, “Go on Marty, fuck her. We want to stretch 
her cunt. Screw the little bitch’s brains out. 
Melissa pulled down her little panties as Marty sat on the sofa. As she straddled 
him he slipped a finger into her sweet smelling baby cunt and slowly finger fucked 
her. She held her cunt lips open with both little hands as she lowered her pussy onto 
the tip of her prick, and bit her lip as she slowly pushed down.
“Ram it into her Marty,” shouted Irene. “Go on, fuck her.
Marty gathered her legs into his arms until her whole weight was resting on his 
prick, and then with a powerful thrust, he slammed his length into her body until 
his balls stopped him going any further. Melissa gritted her teeth as Marty bounced 
her young body up and down on his shaft. He had never been in a cunt that was as 
tight as this little girl’s hole.

Irene turned her attention back to shafting her sister in law, as her husband drove 
his prick in and out of her shit hole. Jill’s fingers were furiously rubbing and 
pinching her clit as her juices flowed around the plastic cock in her cunt. She was 
watching Marty’s prick work into little Melissa’s cunt, and on every stroke she 
could see the shape of her husband’s cock on the skin stretched tightly across 
the child’s stomach. Jill was gasping for breath as she felt her orgasm begin. 
She moaned, “God fuck me Irene. Get that dildo right up my cunt. Oh fuck, I’m going to 
Irene rammed the whole length of the fuck toy into Jill’s open sex and held it there 
as she creamed over it.
Brian had picked up his pace and Irene pushed her hand between the dildo strap and 
her body to massage her clit. As Jill’s cunt shuddered and convulsed around the 
dildo, Irene brought herself off with her fingers and Brian blasted his cum deep 
in her shitter. All three were moaning as their bodies spasmed in climax. There were 
wet slurping noises, as Brian pulled his prick from Irene’s shit hole, and she in turn 
pulled the dildo from Jill’s dripping cunt. Irene bent down to suck the last traces of 
cum, mixed with her own shit from Brian’s cock before licking Jill’s cunt cream from 
the plastic prick.

They sat around to watch young Melissa being screwed. The powerful feelings coming 
from her pussy overrode the initial pain and she was smiling as Marty fucked her. Her 
tight cunt was milking his prick and he groaned loudly as he felt his spunk boil up 
his shaft. He moved his hands from the child’s waist and gripped her shoulders. He 
pulled her down firmly and buried the full length of his cock up her little fuck tube 
as his cum blasted into her. Melissa giggled as she felt the warm cum flood into her 
and automatically tightened her cunt muscled and milked every drop out of him. 
Irene eased her daughter from Marty’s cock and laid her on the sofa to suck the cum 
from her red and swollen fuck hole.

As they all sat around to recover from their exertions, they were joined by Ann and 
Liz and, a few minutes later, by Jack and Katy.

As the doorbell rang, Katy got up to answer it. She came back with her friend Pam who 
was wearing a short pink blouse tied below her 36C tits and a black mini skirt. As 
she walked in the living room door she exclaimed, “Fuck, it smells like a brothel in 
Her eyes darted over everyone and she realised that no one was wearing much in the 
way of clothing, and she continued, “Fucking looks like a brothel too.”
She raised up her skirt to reveal a pair of pink cotton panties with a wet stain 
beginning to form on the gusset and asked, “Can I get fucked too?”

As Marty and Jack stood up, Jill groaned, “Shit, here we go again.”

… The End …

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