Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: wandrer Title: The Call Keywords: mf, tg, ff, best, humil, furry Summary: A kinky phone sex call goes horribly awry, for a man and his wife. Disclaimer: This story is a work of adult fiction and contains sexually explicit material that some may find offensive. It is meant for persons over the age of 18 and is not suitable for children. All characters contained within are purely fictional, any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental. The author reserves all rights to this work. It may be freely distributed, posted and archived electronically only in its entirety including all header material. It may not be sold in whole or in any part, or as part of an electronic document, printed material, voice recording or any other manner without proper copyright clearances being obtained from the author. NOTE that this work almost certainly contains some odd (and likely completely impossible) fantasies. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SUMMARY LINE ABOVE. It identifies the sorts of things that this story contains. If any of these things seriously bother you, please do not read this story. "The Call" "So...this is your first time calling?" Danny shifted nervously in his chair. The girl, Alexandra, sounded as sexy on the phone as she had from the voice clip on her website. He couldn't decide if that made him more or less nervous, as he started his first phone sex session. He cleared his throat. "Yeah." "And you want to be turned into a girl, huh?" Danny felt the blush creeping up his cheeks. They'd had had a brief discussion of his fantasies, and this was the one he'd settled on to try. He wasn't really sure why - he had a number of fantasies, both submissive and dominant, and plenty strange. But for some reason his being-turned-into-a-girl fantasy was the one he'd felt like trying today. Maybe it was because this was the fantasy he'd never really revealed to anyone, even his wife...somehow it just seemed the most forbidden of them. Still...he'd paid, so why not try something different? All that went through his head, but what he said was: "Uh, yeah." "Mmm-hmmm," Alexandra breathed, sexily, "and what are you wearing right now?" "Umm," Danny said, looking down at his naked body, his hand slowly stroking his cock which was already hard, "nothing, actually." "I see," Danny blushed again as he could hear the good-natured smirk in her voice, "So. Tell me, Danny, why do you want to be a girl?" "Well, I kind of like the idea of being used..." "So, you think that girls should be used?" Danny hesitated. "No, I just...well, I like the idea of being used for someone's pleasure..." "Mmm-hmm," the girl breathed again, " want to be a little slut, huh? You want to be turned into a little cum-slut?" Danny felt his cock jerk in his hand. Something about the way she said that definitely turned him on... "Oh, yeah," he muttered, setting the phone down and putting it on speaker so he could stroke his hard cock. He closed his eyes and listened to her voice, imagining what she was describing. "You do, huh? You want to get started with a nice, big cock?" "Mmmm, yeah..." "Maybe a nice ten-incher?" "Ohhh, uh-huh..." "You are a *naughty* girl, aren't you? You want to feel your mouth filled by a big black cock?" Danny gasped and moved one hand up to rub one of his sensitive nipples while the the other continued to stroke his cock. The image in his head was amazingly clear. "Oh yes..." "You feel that big, thick cock sliding over your lips, over your tongue, filling your little slut mouth..." Suddenly Danny jerked and moaned in protest...he *could* feel the cock sliding over his lips, stretching his mouth wider and wider! He jerked in his chair...and found that he couldn't pull his hand from his cock or nipple...and he couldn't open his eyes! "Nnnnggg!" he moaned, feeling the phantom cock sliding into his mouth, filling it. "Mmm...mmm-hmmm," Alexandra's voice murmured, sensually, "that's right, you're on your knees in front of him, and you can feel his hand on the back of his head, forcing his big cock into your little slut mouth..." "Hrrrggg...grrrllll," Danny struggled, jerking against the phantom cock. "Are you gagging on his cock?" "Grrrrllllggg!" Danny gurgled, as he did just that. He felt the massive cock pressing against the back of his throat, and was frantically breathing through his nose. What was happening!? This was impossible! In his mind's eye, he could see the faceless black man with the huge cock in front of him, thrusting into his mouth, could feel his... "You can fell his balls hitting your chin as his cock fucks your little slut mouth..." Danny sobbed and gurgled around the imaginary cock, tongue stroking the underside desperately as it pushed into his inexpert throat. He wanted a fantasy...not something this real! His fingers went faster and faster on his own cock...he was close, maybe if he came he could break free... " can feel him forcing you down onto all fours..." "Nmmmm!" Danny moaned in frustration as his hands yanked away from his cock...he'd almost been there! He stood, eyes still frozen shut, and shoved his chair away from his desk, then felt the invisible hand on his head forcing him down, first to his knees, then onto all fours, the huge cock still filling his mouth. He felt his hard cock dangling down and throbbing between his legs. "You are all wet, aren't you, you little slut? You can feel your wet cunt, ready to be used..." "Ggg...mmmm!" Danny groaned in shock and horror as a sudden breeze played over the wetness between his legs...he couldn't feel his cock any more! He ached down there, but it was something...different...something he'd never felt before... " feel another thick cock pressing at your cunt from behind, while you're on all fours..." "NGGGGG!!" Danny grunted in protest. Suddenly, something was pressing at...what could only be his pussy! He'd never felt anything like it, he could feel himself being stretched in a place he'd never had before, could feel something soft and yet hard sliding into him wetly... " can feel that huge, hard cock slide deep into your little slut pussy..." "GGGGGGGGGGG!!" Danny yelled around the cock in his mouth as suddenly something huge thrust inside him. The pleasure was...unbelievable. He felt so stretched! Oh god, he couldn't believe how good it felt. Tears ran down his cheeks, both of humiliation and of pleasure. "That's right, slut, you can feel yourself being fucked from both ends...a huge cock in your mouth and another one in your cunt." Danny sobbed as the cock behind him began to thrust in and out, an indescribable sensation. He continued to slurp desperately at the phantom cock in his mouth, the disgust overwhelmed by the sensations he was feeling as his imaginary cunt was pounded from behind. The room began to fill with the odor of sex - the strong, musky scent of his pussy only serving to add to his arousal. "Mmm...mmm-hmmm...faster, now, you can feel him pounding your little slut cunt. And you feel him reach around and start to play with your clit." Danny let out a muffled squeal as she suddenly felt a blast of pleasure as rough fingers played with something between her legs. It was almost like having his cock stroked, but *vastly* more intense. And it just seemed to add to the aching, building pleasure within him. "Mmm-hmm...faster and harder, pounding into you. Your tits bouncing as you feel him fuck your wet cunt. You're getting close to cumming..." "MMMM!" Danny could feel a slight swaying at his chest now as his body bounced back and forth between the two cocks. He sobbed and moaned around the one in his mouth, as he suddenly felt the one inside him swell... "That's right, he's cumming in your cunt while you cum for me!" "MMMMMMMM!!!! MMMMMMMMM!!! MM MMM MMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" Danny shrieked around the cock pressing into his throat as he felt a sudden warm eruption inside him, and exploded into orgasm. He'd come many times as a guy, but this was nothing like that. It seemed to fill his entire body, ripping outward from the cunt being filled with imaginary cum, and rolling through him like wave after wave. He could feel his new cunt throbbing and gripping at the huge cock cumming inside it, milking every last drop from it... Finally the orgasm subsided, though small pleasurable aftershocks rippled through him every few moments. Danny suddenly began to sob, mostly in exhaustion, still slurping at the imaginary cock in his mouth. He collapsed weakly, and yet was held up by the much stronger imaginary men fucking him on either side. "Mmm...did you cum for me, my little slut?" Danny whimpered. "mmm-hmmm..." He moaned as he felt the cock in his mouth slid in and out again. He shuddered as the cock in his cunt slid out...and then shivered as he felt the warm cum dripping out of him and dribbling down the inside of his thighs. " can still feel the hard cock in your mouth though. And you love being used there..." Danny shivered...and realized that he did. The cock sliding in his mouth was actually starting to send little ripples of pleasure through him. His tongue stroked the underside of it as he whimpered again. " like to be used, don't you little slut?" Danny choked out a sob. "Mmm-hmmm." "And now you can feel someone else moving up to use your little ass..." Danny moaned in protest as he suddenly felt hands on his ass, spreading the cheeks apart. This was too much! He couldn't do this! " know you want to be fucked in the ass like the little slut you are." Danny sobbed in dissent, but his body felt otherwise...suddenly he was burning with arousal again, and his ass seemed to throb with need... " can feel his cock pressing against your asshole..." Danny jerked as he felt exactly that, a sensation he'd never thought he'd feel... "That's right, slut, you want him to fuck you in the ass..." Danny groaned...and found himself pressing backwards, trying to get the imaginary cock to thrust into his virgin asshole, even while his mind screamed in rebellion. "While you taste the salty pre-cum from the cock in your mouth slide down your throat..." Danny suddenly moaned as he tasted something for the first time in all of this. Before there had just been sensation, but suddenly, the cock in his mouth pulled out a little, and he felt the warm dribble of salty pre-cum on the back of his tongue. He gagged, it tasted... "You just *love* the taste of that pre-cum, don't you slut." ...wonderful. Danny moaned at the glorious flavor. "The only thing that tastes better to you is cum...and you know you're getting him can't wait for him to cum in your mouth..." Danny shivered again, and began to pant around the cock as he slurped at it, desperately working to coax it to cum in his mouth, to fill his mouth with that glorious flavor. He barely noticed the cock at his asshole, circling the tight opening gently. "While his friend thrusts his hard cock into your ass!" Could Danny's eyes have shot open they would have, but as it was, all he could do was scream in shock at the sudden painful violation. It felt like he was being ripped in half! "You can't believe how good it feels to have your ass fucked, like the slut you are..." Suddenly the pain was joined by unbelievable pleasure, and Danny's screams - hoarse and high-pitched now, around the cock in his mouth - were a mixture of both, as the cock fucked his tight ass, in and out... "Harder and faster, as you suck on the cock in your mouth..." ...slurping at it while his ass was pounded by the invisible man... "...using you like the little whore that you are, reaching around..." ...and playing with his small, no *large*, dangling and bouncing tits, fingering... "...your thick, hard nipples, so.." ...unbelievably sensitive! Danny moaned loudly as he felt himself... "...about to cum from the cock in your dirty whore's ass, as the cock in your mouth jerks..." ...and filled his throat with hot, salty cum. It tasted so good! Oh god, Danny was.. "...cumming, slut! Cumming while they come in your mouth and ass, filling you with their cum!" Danny wailed in pleasure, the second orgasm far outstripping the first. He gulped desperately at the salty cum gushing into his mouth, wanting to swallow every last drop of the glorious gooey liquid, while he felt the warmth of cum spreading into his bowels. His world dissolved into screaming gurgling pleasure as he sobbed and came, the cum overflowing in his mouth dribbling out and down his chin...he was a little slut, a little whore, good only for being fucked by anyone and everyone... Danny lay on the floor, shivering. He realized slowly that he must have passed out. "Mmm...did you like that?" Weakly, Danny sat up, licking the cum off of his lips and shuddering in pleasure at the taste, feeling his large tits shift. His pussy and ass ached, both from being used, and an already building desire to be used again... Danny blinked in horror, and looked up at the mirror on the door of his office. Staring back at him was an adorable girl...the one he usually imagined when he envisioned himself being turned into a girl. Her black hair was cut short, framing her cute, pixieish face, her too-large blue eyes making her look adorable as they blinked in the mirror. She was tiny, probably under five feet tall, and very petite...except for the large, soft breasts dangling from her chest. They were improbable, if not impossible, on her tiny body - soft, natural DDs on a girl who should have A's or B's at best. The large, dark nipples were still erect, and Danny could feel them aching to be touched. Her mouth and chin were slick with cum which had dripped onto her large tits, and a quick glance down between her legs revealed cum pooling as it dribbled from her cunt and ass, her black pubic hair matted with cum and her own pussy juice, the scent of which filled the room. "Oh my god," he said, with a small sob. His new voice was as cute as his body, high and girlish, almost cartoony. The voice sent shivers of arousal through him, as did looking at the girl's body in the mirror...the image he'd fantasized about...he looked away, shuddering. "What, isn't this what you wanted?" Alexandra's sexy voice said over the phone, playfully, with an evil undertone. "I...I din't want to *really* be a little slut! It was just a fantasy!" "Mmmm...mmm-hmmm...and you sure enjoyed becoming your fantasy, didn't you?" "I..." Danny paused, eyes widening as he heard the front door open. "Oh my god," he whimpered, "My wife is home! You have to turn me back!" "Turn you back?" Alexandra giggled sexily, "Sorry,'s a one way trip. But I have a better idea...I'll bet you have some really nasty fantasies for your wife, don't you, you dirty little slut. Tell me one of those..." Danny let out a small sob, then opened his mouth and began to speak... Two Months Later... Dani slurped at Alexandra's cunt, while the sexy woman writhed and moaned on the bed. Dani had always loved licking pussy, but now she was even more focused on slurping the cum from inside the other girl, as she'd had a few friends over to play with the two of them for the last few hours. Dani's own ass and cunt had been heavily used that day, and she'd lost count of the number of times she'd cum. Truth be told, she could no longer really think as herself as "he" these days, try as she might - in some ways "Danny" was like a dream that the little Dani had once had. Her tiny body couldn't be more feminine, and she'd had sex with far more men in just the last month than he'd *ever* had with women before Alexandra had changed him (and he'd been plenty active in his previous life). And that wasn't even counting the number of Alexandra's female friends who'd loved to play with her sexy little body, which was pretty much constantly aching to be used... Dani's mind snapped back back to the present as Alexandra shuddered and moaned as she came under her slurping tongue, gliding over her clit. Finally, she fell back against the pillows, her naked body glistening with sweat. She lifted her head and looked down at Dani. "Mmm...that was great, Dani. You're such a good little pussy-licking slut aren't you?" "Yes, mistress. Thank you, mistress," Dani whispered in her girlish little voice. "You know, you've been so good today...why don't you go play with your wife tonight? I've got some calls to make..." Dani choked out a small sob, mixed emotions rushing through her, as she climbed off the bed. She still wasn't used to how tiny she was - he'd been a big man before, but now she had yet to meet someone who didn't tower over her. Alexandra herself could overpower her easily (and enjoyed holding her down while others played with her), and most of the men she had over could carry Dani around like a doll. And even Beth, that day when she'd walked into his office, shocked to find this pretty, tiny woman kneeling on the floor, crying and naked... And then Alexandra had started talking from the speakerphone. Dani padded down the hallway, naked except for the collar that was now her only clothing unless Alexandra decided to take her out. (When she was allowed to go out, Alexandra always made her wear the sluttiest outfits imaginable - Alexandra's favorite was to dress her in a too-tight pink half t-shirt with "SLUT" written in cartoonish letters across the front, and a black miniskirt that barely came to her thighs, and pink plastic platform heels. No panties, of course, and without a bra, her huge, constantly hard nipples poked through the shirt as if to punctuate the text on the front, her new nipple-rings clearly visible. Alexandra loved taking her out to clubs like that - the last time, Dani had found herself being taken home by two frat guys to their party, after they'd fucked her in the bathroom...after that the night was kind of a blur, as she'd been gang-banged by at least ten or fifteen more once she got to the party...) Her mind wandered back to Beth as she strode softly on bare feet towards the back room...back to the day Danny's new life had started...and Beth's. She remembered watching in horror as his pretty, red-headed wife had stripped off her clothing at Alexandra's instruction, her face frozen in a confused and horrified expression as she found herself obeying the commands of the sexy voice on the phone. She remembered watching his wife's eyes close as one hand went to her red-furred pussy, and the other to one of her large, full breasts, while she whimpered listening to what the girl described. Her tongue lolling out as she began to pant in arousal even as she started to cry in horror...and as her body began to change... Dani opened the door to the back room and stepped inside, closing it behind her as she did. "Beth?" he queried in his high-pitched voice. There was a small whimper from the corner, followed by the sound of movement...and Beth stepped into view. As always, Dani had to suppress a sob as she saw what had become of Danny's lovely, sweet wife thanks to his own depraved fantasies. Beth's pretty face remained exactly the same as before, as did her lovely torso, with her large, soft breasts hanging down, and her white, freckled skin. Her bright green eyes looked up at the tiny woman forlornly, filled with the same look of vague horror and confusion they always held when Dani visited, never quite smart enough to understand what had happened to her, even while she knew something was very, very wrong. His poor wife's arms and legs were gone, replaced by dog's fore- and hind-legs covered in soft fur the same color as her red hair. She padded forward, her long dog's tongue lolling out of her pretty mouth as she panted loudly. She stopped and lifted her face up to begin sniffing the air, moving towards Dani's little female form. Beth let out a small, almost human sob as her snuffling nose led her to Dani's wet pussy, what little of Beth that was left in her massively reduced intellect once again struggling against the desires of her new body. Poor Beth had always loathed the idea of being with another woman, sickened at even the thought of licking another girl's pussy...but her new body felt very, very differently. Dani spread her legs, and then moaned loudly as the whimpering Beth's long tongue began to lap at her wet cunt, quickly bringing Dani to a squealing orgasm (something not particularly difficult to do - in her new body, Dani pretty much came if someone looked at her in the right way). "Beth, S-Sit," Dani sobbed out, and watched as her former wife fell back on her haunches even as tears of confused humiliation trickled down her cheeks, and her long tongue licked Dani's glistening juices off her mouth. Beth whined softly, as Dani's eyes drifted downwards. Between Beth's hindlegs were the final elements of her humiliation, all from Dani's own twisted fantasies. Beth's pussy was, ironically, completely hairless - her puffy pussy lips bright red in her all-too-obvious arousal. Of course, while Beth's pussy was used quite often by the men Alexandra had visiting them - often while Dani watched, being fucked herself - Beth was largely indifferent to them. She seemed to enjoy it, but thanks to Dani's fantasies, she no longer had any interest in men. (Though she very much liked the salty taste of cum - Beth routinely brought herself to repeated orgasms afterwards, licking the cum from her own pussy with her long dog tongue.) Though she might be ambivalent towards human men, the dogs that Alexandra kept Beth with were something else entirely. Beth - horrified to the point of madness even with her dog-like intelligence - couldn't stop herself from offering herself to the male dogs several times a day, howling with pleasure as she was humped over and over by them, crying in confusion and horror the whole time, even as she came. Alexandra seemed to particularly enjoy letting Dani be fucked while watching her former wife being mounted in her kennel. Their owner had been musing lately about taking Beth off the pill and seeing if Danny's nasty fantasy for his former wife extended to her having puppies... With a small sob as her wife sat obediently in front of her, Dani slid down, preparing herself for why Alexandra had really sent her here. Beth's last humiliation - as though she could have endured any more. But, as Alexandra knew, it was also the only way Dani still had of being intimate with her former wife, and she seemed to enjoy the cruel irony. As Dani lowered herself to all fours, her huge breasts dangling beneath her, she heard Beth's breath quicken as she let out a low whine. Dani glanced back...and saw his wife's doggy cock, above her clit, hard and throbbing as it emerged from its sheath. Beth spent as much time fucking the female dogs as she did being fucked by the male ones...and unlike with human men, she was just as interested in human girls as she was with the bitches like herself. And Dani knew what she liked best. Dani stuck out her tongue and began to pant, then let out a low "whuf"... With a growl, Beth sprang forward, and Dani gasped as the doggie-girl leapt up onto her back. Dani panted and whined as he felt his former wife desperately scrabbling to find the right position, her heavy breasts dragging across Dani's back erotically, arousing Dani more and more... Dani howled in time with Beth's own howl of pleasure as Beth's cock suddenly found Dani's pussy. Dani was cumming and sobbing as soon Beth pounded her large doggy-cock into her, then again...then again. Finally, after multiple screaming orgasms, Beth let out a sobbing howl of her own and Dani felt warmth bloom inside her as Beth came. Dani grunted then, feeling what was coming next, as Beth's knot grew, and grew...such a painful, pleasurable feeling. Dani knew she'd cum several more times before Beth was able to pull out of her. And most likely, if Alexandra was in her usual mood, the male dogs would be let out soon, to come mount Beth while she was tied to little Dani, and probably one or two to seek pleasure in Dani's mouth...which she could no more resist than she could with anyone or anything else that wanted to use her. But for now, Dani reached back a trembling hand, gently stroking her tied wife's doggy body. Beth whined and began to lick her ear and neck in response. Dani shivered in pleasure, lifting her head back to Dani's loving tongue - the only time she could feel mostly emotional pleasure rather than just physical. Tied to the doggy cock of her former wife, her own pussy painfully stretched but caressing Beth's member inside her. "I love you, Bethie," she whispered.