Title: The Yacht Club Part 2: Unfamiliar Customs
by Vinnie Tesla

I was sitting on the bed watching Emily unpack her 
suitcase. Lifting the sweatshirts revealed a stack of 
neatly tied ropes, a couple small ascenders, and a strap-on 
dildo. "What about this?" I asked holding the last item up.

"What about it?"

"If you put it on now, you'll be packing and unpacking at 
once," I suggested."

"If you make more puns like that one, you'll be wearing it. 
And not in front."

"Bet you didn't get *this* at L. L. Bean."

"Oh yeah?" she asked. "Take a look at those straps."

I gasped. "That's Bean of Freeport tartan."

"Yup." She leapt onto the bed and snatched it out of my 
hands, straddling my waist.


"Very limited edition," she purred, taking a handful of my 
hair and roughly pulling my head back, "We have some 
connections inside the company. Now open up, Vinnie. I want 
you to suck my cock."


I stood on the pier by the Nantahack Yacht Club building 
wearing a pair of sandals and a shiny wet erection.

In front of me, my girlfriend's little sister was securely 
tied to a wooden um...bench...easel...bondage...thing. Behind me 
were several dozen members of the local community on 
uncomfortable little folding chairs. 

I'd come to the event knowing I was going to see Tina 
perform; I hadn't realized how much audience participation 
was going to be expected of me.

"You look pretty pleased with yourself," I said to Tina. 
"You and Emily really set me up."

"You gonna punish me?" she teased.

"As a matter of fact, I am," I answered, taking hold of one 
of her ankles, and lifting it till her foot was at the 
level of my face.

"Speak up!" someone in the audience called.

"I said, ARE YOU TICKLISH?" I said loudly.

Tina's eyes widened, and she violently shook her head, 
causing a couple of her locks to fly across her face and 
her soft breasts to sway gently.

"Well, then, you won't mind if I do this," I grinned, and 
slowly brought my other hand up to the sole of her foot. 
Before I had even made contact, her entire body was tensed. 
As I ran my fingernail slowly and firmly down the sole, her 
resolve lasted about an inch before she shrieked and tried 
to twitch wildly. I was ready for her, and her foot barely 
moved, though her shoulders heaved and her ass bounced on 
the bench.

I did the same maneuver a few times, and her response only 
intensified, as she tossed her head to side to side, 
gasping for breath, her face beginning to darken. I paused 
for her to draw a couple breaths, then brought my mouth 
down to her foot and took her big toe into my mouth. She 
tensed at first, then cooed at the pleasure as I massaged 
her sole with my thumbs and ran my tongue around the base 
of her toe.

Once she had relaxed, I ran my lower teeth along the flesh 
of her toe, then moved down and grazed her soles, provoking 
another frantic and fruitless escape attempt. Those middies 
apparently knew their stuff--she wasn't moving much. "Well 
your feet seem to be," I said. "What about your thighs?"


Moving carefully out of consideration as much for my tender 
ass as for Emily's rest, I pulled on a pair of shorts, and, 
glancing back to see Emily still curled up under the 
handmade quilt, slipped out of her bedroom. 

Walking as lightly as I could, I walked down the creaky 
stairs to the kitchen of the Uphams' summer house. The 
decoration was airy and a little austere, with simple wood 
furniture and a few nautical prints on the walls. Gauze 
curtains billowed in the open windows. 

In the kitchen, Emily's mom was doing a crossword puzzle. 
"Vinnie!" she said, "how do you like your room?"

"It's beautiful," I said honestly, wishing I had showered 
and put on a shirt before coming downstairs. "Um...I 
thought you guys had gone down to the beach...."

"We did," she said merrily. "Without sunscreen I can't stay 
out too long, though. Where's Emily?"

 I wondered how long she'd been back. "She's taking a nap 

"Wore her out, did you?" The knowing smile was a little 
incongruous on her broad, open face.

"I offered to drive!" I insisted. "But since it was her 
car, and she knew the way..." I trailed off. She was 
cocking an eyebrow skeptically.

"I think most of the damage was done rather more recently 
than that, Vinnie."

Eep. Nantahack culture was taking a little getting used to.  
"I guess so," I admitted.  "We thought you were still 

Pat Upham put down her puzzle and walked over to me. "You 
don't seem too tired though." Her v-neck tee shirt showed a 
discreet quantity of soft, freckled cleavage.

"Parts of me are more tired than others," I said, and 
instantly regretted it.

She laughed happily and took my arm in one hand. More 
quietly, she said, "you still smell like sex."

And I, yea, even I, Vinnie Tesla,blushed. "Sorry! I'll go 
take a shower, I should have done it before coming 
downstairs, sorry!"

I made as if to turn around, but Mrs. Upham tightened her 
grip on my arm. "It's okay," she said, "it's sexy."

"Um...Thanks." I shook my head. "Mrs. Upham, I don't quite 
know how to...I mean, is this...?" I wiped the mixture of 
old and new sweat from my forehead. "I've got to go take a 
shower. I'll be back down after that."

I ducked into our room to get a towel, and Emily stirred 
sleepily. "Hey, what's up?" she murmured.

"Your mom's home," I reported.

"She make a pass at you yet?"

"Um, yes. Yes, she did." 

I anxiously awaited Emily's response. 

She poked her head out from beneath the sheet and smiled 
mischievously. "Didja do her?"

"No! No, of course not. More specifically, I fled like a 
little bunny rabbit."

"Oh, I doubt that."

"Hop, hop, hop. Go ahead and ask her, that's what she'll 
tell you."

"Bunny Tesla, huh? I hope you didn't hurt her feelings."

At this point I was getting irritated. I enjoy the 
occasional surprise, but I was a little too out of the loop 
for my tastes at this point. "Er, just out of idle 
curiosity, how should I have responded when my girlfriend's 
mom come on to me?"

Emily rolled on her back, exposing her firm little breasts, 
Strands of sweat-damp hair were strewn across her face. 
"Vinnie, if you manage to make it off Nantahack without 
being seduced by Tina, Mom, Aunt Dorothy, half the yacht 
club, and most of the lady's croquet league, I will be very 
surprised and a little disappointed. "

I digested this for a moment. "Disappointed in me or in 
them?" I asked at last.

Emily chuckled. "Take your shower, Vinnie."

I moved to the base of the bench, and knelt on the sun-
warmed wood. I gave myself a few seconds to drink in the 
sight of Tina's pretty cunt close-up, the fat lips ill 
concealed by the thin, light-brown hair. There'd be time 
for that later. I ran my fingers lightly over her broad, 
soft thighs. Five minutes ago she probably would have found 
the contact pleasant, but now she was in ticklespace, and 
the touch caused her to kick frantically. I switched to 
fingernails again, running them in little scrabbling 
motions along her inner thighs. Her hips rolled wonderfully 
as she gasped for air. 

I ran my mouth along the skin of her inner thigh, and she 
relaxed again as I tongued the exquisitely sensitive skin. 
Then I bit, hard. She yelped, "Hey!" I bit and licked again 
and again, making a line of little nips where her ass met 
her thighs. With each bite she shrieked, and with each lick 
she moaned. 

When I reached her mons, I paused, and blew on her slit. 
She was trembling at the prospect of the next bite, this 
time on her most tender parts.

I parted her lips with my fingers, and admired the delicate 
pale flesh they concealed. I pressed my mouth against 
Tina's pussy and she squealed and bounced her hips. I 
lapped the thick, faintly tart fluid from her cunt as I ran 
my hands up her legs to once again grasp her feet. Our eyes 
met as she lifted her head to watch me work between her 
upraised thighs.

I drummed my tongue against her tiny clitty, eliciting a 
long, low wail. When I ran my nails along her soles, her 
shaking rocked the bench alarmingly and she managed to pull 
one foot from my grasp. Nothing daunted, I took her ankle 
in my free hand, and continued to lash at her clit with my 
tongue as I scraped my fingers along her sole. Her free 
foot flailed wildly, as the rest of her shuddered and 
twitched. Her lung capacity must have been prodigious--she 
alternated shrieks and moans, without a perceptible inhale, 
for a good minute.


After my shower, Emily was asleep again. I pulled on a tee 
shirt and shorts, and sat down at the desk with a paperback 
novel from my luggage. 

After five minutes, I gave up on trying to read. I was 
thirstier than ever and Emily showed no signs of 
wakefulness. I'd have to brave the downstairs once more 
without a chaperone. 

As I came down the stairs this time, I was relieved to hear 
Tina's voice coming from the kitchen.  As I entered, she 
cried, "Hey, Vinnie! I hear you wore Emily out already."

Her mother gave her a stern look.  "Tina! Don't tease poor 
Vinnie. He's only been on the Island a couple of hours--
he's not used to us yet."

"I'm certainly getting a crash course," I said.

Pat Upham sighed. "Yes, I'm sorry.  I forgot how confusing 
it can be when you first arrive.  Please, don't let anyone 
pressure you into doing anything you're not comfortable 

"Can I still tell him about tomorrow, Mom?" Tina begged.

"Sure," said her mother. "I think he can handle it. Vinnie, 
can I get you some lemonade?"

"Please," I said. "I think I could drink a pitcher."

Pat brought me a glass and took a pitcher out of the 
fridge.  I filled the glass and gulped it down eagerly.

"Tomorrow I join the Yacht Club," Tina declared. "It'll be 
my first public performance!"

"Cool," I said, pouring myself another glass.

Tina leaned in. "You want to know what kind?"

"I get a choice?" I teased.

"Public sex!" she stage-whispered. "I'm gonna get screwed 
in front of an audience for the first time in my life."

I swallowed down my second glass of lemonade.  I was going 
to be cool about this if it killed me, even if the image of 
Tina's curvy little body being plundered onstage was 
quickening my pulse and tightening my throat. "That reminds 
me of an old joke," I mused. "Should a girl be fucked 
before twenty?"

Tina glared at me.

"No, it's too big an audience," I answered myself.

"Listen," she demanded, bouncing with frustration. "Will 
you come watch? I really want you to be there."

I was tempted to say something about how I didn't think I 
had anything else scheduled, so I might as well. But her 
personal appeal touched me.  "I certainly will. I wouldn't 
miss it for anything."

"Thanks," she said, leaping up and hugging me. "I promise 
you won't be bored." And she winked and bounced out of the 


I stood. Tina was gasping for breath, her face darkly 
flushed. She looked lovely. I bent down and french kissed 
her hard, as she sucked air through her nose. Her mouth 
opened eagerly to mine and she sucked hungrily at my 
tongue. It was the first time I'd kissed her. As I pulled 
back a little, Tina licked and sucked eagerly at my lips 
and chin, cleaning off the juice I'd picked up from her 
cunt. My hips humped slowly against her, the shaft of my 
cock grinding against her pubis.

 Leaning back, I pressed the swollen head of my prick 
against her slick labia, and pressed forward a little, 
parting her folds. With my thumb, I slid the head up and 
down over her clit. She jerked against the ropes with each 
pass, her breath still coming fast.  "Put it in, put it 
in," she murmered. 

"Speak up," I reminded her.

"Put it in me," she declared loudly, her eyes fixed on 
mine. "I want to feel you inside me."

I'd planned on teasing her longer, but her urgency was 
contagious. I slid my cock into her slick pussy before she 
had drawn her next breath. Then I bent down and kissed her 
mouth again, her lips opening slackly to mine as I slid 
inside her at last. 

A detailed narrative of the next ten minutes would be dull 
to read, but I think we put on a pretty good show. I fucked 
her hard and fast for a while, watching her soft tits 
shake; then more slowly, while I nibbled at her crinkled 
brown nipples and ran my hands over her ass. 

I tried to coax her to talk dirty but she was too caught up 
in the moment to be very articulate. Eventually, I fumbled 
with the ropes and untied one of her wrists. She rubbed her 
clit with her free hand as I slowly fucked her until she 
shrieked and came, the muscles of her interior clenching 
spasmodically. A minute or so later, I gripped her hips and 
pounded into her with my own climax. 

For a moment I was oblivious to the world around me. 
Eventually I became concious of a warm round of applause. 
Not a standing ovation or anything, mind you. But an 
appreciative audience.  My estimation of how emphatic the 
response was rose when I looked around and realized that 
only about half the audience was doing the clapping. The 
rest were busy bringing themselves off with their hands, or 
kneeling attending to their partners with their mouths. The 
Yacht Club members were a little more restrained, but Emily 
had a hand inside her shorts and a lovely flush on her 
face, and many of the middies were doing likewise.

I pulled my sticky softening dick out of Tina and untied 
her knots (they unraveled easily-those middies knew their 
stuff). I pulled to her feet, my own knees still a little 
unsteady, and hugged her tightly. She grinned and pecked me 
on the lips, and, as one, we bowed deeply to the audience, 
which was applauding once more.