Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 08:38:22 -0500 (EST)
To: Deborah Miller <>
From: Vinnie Tesla <>
Subject: Urgent (this would have exclamation points if I weren't scared your spam filter would kill it)

Hi, Debbie--

If you're reading this later than about 10 am, I'm in deep
shit. Please go to my room and untie Liz immediately so she can come
over to Zipware and kick my ass.

If it's just a little after nine or so, all is well, and have I got a
treat for you, hon--giftwrap and all. Yeah, I just ruined the
surprise--I think you're gonna find it in your heart to forgive me in
an hour or so.

Okay, so I haven't checked this exact scenario with her, but she was
definitely pretty psyched about the idea of getting with you
sometime. You'll probably want to take the gag out and make sure,
though, find out if she needs to pee, stuff like that--she went right
before I tied her up this morning, but if you're gonna be using my
sheets, I'd rather you asked before beginning.

Take the opportunity to kiss her a little is my advice. Liz is a
wonderful kisser--that broad mouth just sort of opens and draws you
in. Take a moment to nibble at her lovely plump lips--she digs
that. Grab her hair and pull on it--she'll groan into your mouth and
arch up against you. Then I suggest you put the gag back in. Things'll
get noisy in a little while.

The comforter should still be tucked under her chin, unless she's been
thrashing a lot or you had to let her up. Unwrap your present slowly
(you wouldn't want her to get cold, after all)--fold the blankets down
to her ribcage.  You'll want to spend some time with her
breasts. They'll still be warm from bed when you start, her areolae
broad and soft, only a shade pinker than her creamy skin. You have all
morning, and she won't be completely awake yet; curl up against her
and suckle for a while.  It's a strange and thrilling mixture of
dominance and submission to suckle at a bound woman's breasts, doing
this gentle, childlike act while you're in complete control.

Her nipple will tighten up after a moment, and you'll probably be
tempted to get more aggressive. Take your time, though, relax into the
moment. After a little while, she'll start to squirm against you and
arch her back.  That's when you start biting.

Eventually, you'll want to get at the rest of your present, of
course. You'll be tempted to try to get your hands down to her pussy
while you're still sucking her breasts. Don't. You're lying on top of
the comforter, remember? Even if you manage to get it out from under
you with your mouth still on her nipples, it's gonna be awkward and
distracting.  Go ahead and hop off the bed for a minute to unwrap the
rest of your present.

It's gonna be a treat--those gorgeous curvy legs, that soft little
belly, with the little trail of dark hair from the thick curly fur on
her vulva. With her legs tied open, you'll be able to see the fat rosy
lips of her cunt, as well.

Will you have undressed by this point? I think probably not.  You
won't waste any time removing whatever clothes you threw on to check
your e-mail this morning. You'll feel a little self-conscious with her
gazing at you, managing to smile a little even with the gag in. What's
she thinking? The slow undulation of her hips will suggest she's not
displeased with what she sees.

Leap back in there! It's just gonna feel weirder the longer you stand
there with your arms crossed. Skin against skin will make it all
better, though.  You'll feel the fur of her pubes against your hip as
you straddle one of her legs. I wish I could see it--your lean little
ass flexing as your grind your pussy against her thigh, the muscles of
your back flexing as your turn her head to nibble at the skin of her

Old friend, I know you well. You won't be able to resist the little
tufts of dark hair under her raised arms. You'll nuzzle at them,
drinking in Liz's sweet spicy smell. When she twitches and yelps at
your teeth on her ticklish flesh, you won't stop; you'll just reach
down and cup her cunt, feel the heat oozing from her opening, find her
slick clit and run your fingertips around it.

That'll stop her struggling. Her hips will pump against your hand, her
groans lengthen and deepen as your fingers work.  There'll be a
message for you in the way she's undulating, though-- something more
she wants from you. A finger inside and she'll groan and shudder,
you'll feel her whole body tighten underneath you. Another and she'll
start to fuck her hips up onto your fingers.

You'll play with your breasts some more, biting roughly now, and hold
your wrist still, letting her do the work of fucking herself on your

You won't content yourself with that for long. You'll get back up,
breathing a little hard, licking her juice off your fingers.  You'll
grab the harness you brought with you (aren't you glad you finished
reading this mail before going upstairs? It'd be a pain to have to dig
through your closet at this point in the game), and buckle it on

I recommend you use that kind of skinny purple dildo you talked me
into letting you use on me that time--the one with the the curved
end. Why? I'll get to that in a moment.

Will you untie her legs before you enter her? No? Just the gag? I
guess that makes sense--why would you want to muffle her voice now
that everyone else in the house is at work?

You'll put the rounded head of your toy against her clit before
unbuckling the gag, and let her work out the stiffness before you
speak. Your next word to her won't be your first of the morning of
course, but we can pretend.


 There'll be a moment while she gathers her thoughts (cut the woman
 some slack--you've had your coffee today; she hasn't).

"Fuck me, Debbie," she'll say. "Please."

Doesn't look particularly impressive on the screen, does it? Not
exactly a groundbreaking or ingenious beg.  From her lips, though, in
her voice...oh!  You'll kiss her hard, covering that sweet dirty mouth
with your own.

"Go on," you'll demand, and she'll beg some more. You're not really
listening, counting off a few sentences until it's time to fuck her.

You'll slide inside, and when you watch her succumb--her eyes
fluttering shut, her mouth falling open--it's almost like you can feel
her slick heat on your cock.

For a while you'll watch her gasp and squirm as your pump your hips
slowly against her, the base of the dildo rubbing against your clit.

Then you'll rest your weight on her, your hands reaching down to grip
her soft ass as you pound harder.

When you pull out, you'll be able to feel her internal muscles
resisting, straining to keep your cock inside her. The knots at her
ankles should be pretty easy to undo unless I screwed up. With any
luck, within a minute you'll have her calves against your shoulders as
you press into her once more.

Lie across her, bury your face in her neck. You can get a great grip
on her ass at this angle, feel the muscles tense as she pumps her hips
up at you.

Don't do this for too long, though. Get as vertical as you can while
still fucking her; kneel up if that feels right.  Is the dildo curved
upwards? Take the time to adjust the angle if you have to. Untie one
of her hands. She's left-handed, so that's the one on your right.

Then start fucking hard and fast.  She's gonna start screaming each
time your groins slap together. When her fingertips find her clit,
that'll change to a steady wail.

Now comes the cool part--a few seconds after it goes to a shriek, if
you're hitting her G-spot right she should start ejaculating. Yeah, I
know I said you should be nice to my sheets.  I've come to my
senses--I know what's important and what isn't, and watching Liz
squirt is about as important as it gets.  Clear fluid will be spurting
up to her breasts and neck, running down her ribcage onto the bed.

When you've rested for a couple minutes on your extremely damp new
fuckbuddy, you should probably undo that last wrist. I left a couple
clean towels in the bathroom for you guys. If you want to take Liz out
to breakfast, it's on me, though I may not be able to pay you back
until Friday.

I hope to be able to get home before five. Save a little energy for me
if you can--I'll definitely be thinking of you guys all day at work.

Love, kisses,
1/2 hour late already,