Author: Uncle Sky
Title: Supermarket Heart Attack
Part: 1
Summary: A man meets the love of his life while shopping.
Keywords: Mf, Rom, Ped, slow

Warning! The following story was written for adults on an adult topic.
It contains descriptions of sexual scenes between an under age female
and an adult male. If you are too young to read this material in your
location or if this type material disturbs you, please read no further
and leave now. All others read on and enjoy this fantasy. Yes I said
fantasy. It is not real and never happened. It is wholly derived from
the dark part of my mind where nothing is real and everything can
happen. Do not try this at home.

Supermarket Heart Attack Chapter 1 (Mf, rom, ped, slow)        
  by Uncle Sky

It all started on a warm day in late May, 1980. I was on my way home
from work. As I drove past the supermarket I realized I needed to buy a
few groceries. I made a quick turn down the side street and then into
the parking lot in front of the market. I got out of the car and locked
it before entering the market. It was not too crowded, for which I was
thankful. Thursday afternoons were rarely big days at this particular

I hated shopping. I lived alone and had no choice, but tended to put it
off until I was out of almost everything. This was one of those days
when I had no choice. I either shopped or ordered pizza. I was not in
the mood for pizza so there I was at the market.

When I walked in that place I had no idea what lay ahead of me. I was
only thinking of getting some food and getting home so I could shower
and relax with my music. It had been a busy and yet boring day at work
and I wanted to relax more than anything. But that would soon change.

Like any shopper, I grabbed a cart and started pushing it down the
aisle. I tended to be in a rut when it came to shopping. I started at
the first aisle and strolled up and down each aisle in order. It didn't
matter what I was after or what that aisle contained. I followed the
same routine every time. I used to say that I was on auto-pilot once I
grabbed my cart. My mind wandered to all sorts of things and only 
barely noticed the items on the shelves. A small part of my brain would 
stop me if one of my favorite items appeared and I'd grab one or two and
continue on. But the major portion of my mind was not on where I was 
and what I was doing.

Then, as I turned to go down the second aisle, I saw her. She was about
half way down the aisle with an older woman. She was facing away from 
me at first but still caught my eye. I thought she must be in her late
teens or early twenties. She was about five feet five inches tall and
slim. Her hair was blonde and in braids down past her shoulders. They
were tied with blue ribbons at the ends. He butt was nicely shaped and
firm in a pair of denim cut-offs. She wore a white short sleeved 

Now, to this day I can't tell you why she made an impression on me so
quickly. Looking at her from the back there really wasn't much to see
yet I felt drawn to her. I tried to ignore her and looked away as if
scanning the shelves for something. When I looked back she had turned
around and was facing me.

I thought for a moment I was having a heart attack. I swear I felt as 
if a hand was around my heart and was squeezing it. My breath caught 
and I just stared at her without moving for what seemed like minutes but 
may have been only seconds.

I'm at a loss for words to describe her. Beautiful does not begin to
tell the story. Nor does gorgeous or ravishing or stunning. All those
words together are only the start of her description. It's like the
preamble is only a hint to what is in the Constitution. There is so 
much more to tell and so few words that seem good enough to say it.

Her skin was lightly tanned, smooth and clear. He nose was small and
tilted up just a bit. Her lips not full and yet seemed inviting. Her
breasts were hardly noticeable. Perhaps an A cup or less. And her 
smile? Well I was convinced that it was what was bringing light to the 
whole market. Her teeth so white it made you think of those tooth paste
commercials where they add a sparkle.

I just stood there staring at her as she and the older lady, who I
suspected was her mother, approached. I knew I should look away but
couldn't. And then her eyes met mine and she faltered. Her eyes were a
deep blue that made you want to dive in. Her mother was looking the
other way and didn't see us staring at each other. Yes, that's right.
She was staring at me just as I was at her. It was as if we were caught
in a snapshot. No movement or any indication of recognition. Just
immobile in the aisle of a supermarket.

Then her mother spoke to her and the spell was broken. She looked away
and I did too. I had visions of security being called to collect the
pervert that was staring at a young lady in aisle two. I moved past 
them and on down the aisle. I shook my head trying to get control of my
thoughts. But all I could think of was the vision I'd just passed.

Somehow I managed to get to the end of that aisle and around the corner
to the next one. I took a deep breath and continued shopping the same
way I always did. Up one row and down the next. Then, as I rounded
another corner, I saw her in front of me again and was stopped in my
tracks just as I was the first time. She seemed to have more control
than I and managed to smile as she continued walking past me. I moved
on, still dazed.

I passed her several more times along my route through the store. Each
time I felt that same pull and saw that fabulous smile aimed at me.
Then, in the last aisle I passed her mother pushing the cart alone.
Where was my vision? Had I dreamed the whole thing? I glanced around 
and caught sight of her back as she entered the ladies room at the 
rear of the store. I took a deep breath and went on, thinking I had 
seen the last of her. I pushed my cart to the only check out line that 
was open. Not too many in line so I waited for my turn.

As I stood there waiting I became aware of someone joining the line
behind me. I turned in a reflex and looked to see who it was. It was
them. My vision and her mother. The girl was at the front of her cart
and mom was reading the Enquirer as she waited for her turn. The girl
and I exchanged smiles and I turned back to see it was my turn to load
my items on the belt. I was not thinking clearly and dropped a box of
cookies on the floor. The girl saw them and bent over to retrieve them
for me.

She placed the cookies on the belt behind my other items and smiled. I
thanked her and added the last item from my cart to the belt. Then I
noticed a slip of paper lying on top of the cookies. I picked it up and
read what was printed on it in block letters.


I looked up and saw she was watching me. She glanced over at her mother
and frowned, then looked at the paper in my hand and shook her head
slightly. I got the message. Don't let Mom see it. I made a small nod
and slipped the paper into my pocket. It was my turn to be checked out
and I was done and walking out in just a couple of minutes. I had
avoided looking at her again. I didn't want anyone to notice my 
interest in her and I was also afraid the spell would be broken. I took 
my groceries out to the car and after loading them in the back seat, I 
got in and drove home.

When I pulled into the parking spot next to my mobile home I turned off
the ignition and then just sat there in a daze. Had I really just seen 
a vision of beauty and received her phone number without even asking? It
must have been a dream. Why me? I'm not particularly handsome as far as
I can see. I mean I'm not ugly or anything but I was never aware of any
admiring looks from the female of the species. I was forty-four and at
six feet one inch and one hundred ninety pounds I guess I looked okay.
But I sure wouldn't go past okay. But she looked at me in a different
way than any female ever had before.

I shook my head again as if to clear it of cobwebs and got out of the
car. I took my groceries into the house and put them away. Then I went
into my bedroom to undress for a quick shower. As is my habit, I 
emptied my pockets before taking off my pants. There it was. The note. 
I looked at it again. It still read the same as before. She wanted me 
to call her. Why? There was only one way to find out. I'd have to make 
the call. But it was too early. The note said "between 8 and 9" so I'd 
have to wait. My heart was beating way too fast. I needed to calm down. 
The shower seemed a good idea as a way to relax.

I stayed in the shower until the water got cold. It did the job of
relaxing me and my heart was slowed to a more normal beat. It was only
six o'clock and I couldn't call her yet so I slipped on a pair of 
boxers and went out to make dinner. Yeah sure. Make dinner. What I did 
was open a frozen dinner and pop it into the microwave. Six minutes later 
I was eating my Teriaki Steak and Pasta. I had a glass of wine with it to 
make it seem more like a real meal. Besides, a glass of red always helped 
me relax.

It was still too early to call her so I turned on the stereo and put on
my favorite piece by Mozart, his Clarinet Concerto in A. I sat down in
my recliner, closed my eyes and let my mind follow the music. It was
soothing and took my mind off everything else. It was just what I
needed. The record lasted just under an hour and then would repeat. I
didn't move the whole time it played. I was in heaven when I listened 
to my music. But this time I was interrupted. The phone rang. It was a
tele marketer. I slammed down the receiver and looked at the clock. It
was eight fifteen. I could make the call if I dared. I dared. I picked
up the phone and dialed her number. It rang only once and was picked 

There was no answer at first. Just the quiet sound of breathing into my
ear. Then she spoke. Or was I hearing my music again? Her voice was 
soft and musical. Low for a girl but sweet sounding. I felt a chill run 
down my spine as I heard her speak.


"May I speak to Alice please?"

"This is Alice. Who's calling?"

"My name is Brad and I got your note in the store. You asked me to

"Oh. It's you. I wasn't sure you'd call."

"I had to. It's the only way I'll find out why you wanted me to call.
Will you tell me?"

"Yes. I wanted to ask you a question. Will you answer honestly if I

I hesitated. I still couldn't figure this whole situation out and I was
a little frightened by it. I took a deep breath and answered her.

"Yes I will. Ask me anything and if I can I'll answer you honestly. If 
I can't answer the question I'll say so. No lies between us ever. Okay?"

"Good. I'll be honest too then. I wanted to know why you were staring 
at me in the market."

"The truth is I'm not sure. I was struck by your beauty and suddenly
felt as if a hand was squeezing my heart. I thought you had caused me 
to have a heart attack. I've never reacted that way to anyone before.
That's the truth."

"Oh. I see. Ah, thank you for the complement."

"Now you answer one for me."

"Okay. What do you want to know?"

"I want to know all about you but for now I'll ask the same question 
you asked me. Why were you staring at me?"

"And my answer is very similar to yours. I was struck somehow by your
eyes. They were looking at me as if you could see inside me. It made me
feel warm."

"I'm sure that was just the blush caused by my impolite staring."

Her answer floored me.

"I don't blush down there."

"Wh.. what do you mean?"

"Alright. I said I'd be honest so I will. The way you looked at me made
me hot. Hot and wet. I had to go in the ladies room to dry myself so it
wouldn't show through my shorts."

"I don't know what to say. The idea that I made such a lovely girl hot
and wet is unbelievable. Are you hot now?"

"Yes. And my pussy is itching for some relief. Do you feel that way

I didn't need to feel my crotch to know the answer to her question.

"Yes I do. The sound of your very sexy voice and the image in my mind 
of you in the market has me hard as a rock and about to bust out of my

"I wish I could see it. Take it out and play with it for me. Imagine 
I'm playing with it for you."

Good lord. I'm about to have phone sex with a girl I really don't know.
I was wondering if this was some kind of trick. I half expected her to
laugh at me and hang up.

"I'll do that if you'll tell me what you're wearing."

"I'm wearing a shortie night gown and panties. What are you wearing?"

"Just my boxers. I've done what you asked and I'm holding it in my hand
thinking of you. Now you slide your hand down inside you panties and
feel your pussy as you think of me."

"I'm already doing that. My fingers are going wild as I listen to your
voice. I'm wet and hot and need to cum. Would you help me if you were

"I'd love to help you. I'd cover you with kisses and would suck on your
nipples. I'd lick your pussy and slide my tongue into it so I could
drink all your juices. Then I'd rub your little clit until you came for

As I was telling her what I'd do I could hear her breathing getting
faster and faster. She moaned and groaned and finally yelped.

"Yes. Yes lick me. Don't stop. Please make me cum. Yeeeess."

"Are you cuming for me Alice? Can you feel my tongue on your clit? Is 
it making you cum now?"

I heard more sighs and moans and then she took a deep breath and spoke.

"You did it. You made me cum on the phone. Thank you Brad. That was
great. Can you cum that way too?"

"I might. But right now I just want to listen to your voice. Tell me
about yourself. Tell me about you and your family and your life. I want
to know you."

She hesitated and then began telling me all about herself. She was an
only child living with her divorced mother. She told me about the music
she liked and the movies and what she liked to do in her spare time. It
was fun to listen to her and build a picture of her in my head. She 
told me what school she went to and I almost fainted. She was in middle
school. That made me stop her with a question.

"Alice stop. How old are you?"

There was no answer as I waited.

"Come on Alice. You promised to be honest with me. How old are you?"

"If I tell you you'll hang up and I'll never hear from you again."

"No. I promise I won't hang up. Tell me please."


For a moment I was speechless. Thirteen? I was going to jail. That's 
it. I'd just called a thirteen year old girl and had phone sex with her. 
I saw my life behind bars flash before my eyes.

"Brad? Brad, are you still there? Are you angry with me? Please answer
me Brad."

"Yes, I'm still here. I was just so shocked I couldn't talk for a
minute. Alice, do you realize how much trouble I would be in if anyone
knew about this? They'd throw me in jail for corrupting a minor at the
very least."

When she answered I could hear the tears in her voice. She was actually
crying because of me.

"I'm sorry Brad. I didn't tell you at first because I thought you'd
think I'm too young and would hang up. I won't tell anyone I promise. 
It can be our secret. You give me your number and I'll call you so you
don't have to worry about the wrong person answering the phone. Please
Brad. Don't leave me alone. I need you to be my friend, and more.

I thought about it for a minute but couldn't let myself end the call. I
was hooked and I knew it.

"I won't leave you alone Alice. I'm not mad at you and don't want our
friendship to end even though it's so new. I'm attracted to you and
there's no way I can forget you now. I'll just have to trust you to be
careful and not tell anyone about me. My life is in your hands now."

I gave her my number and told her I was home on Sunday and Monday. The
rest of the week I worked until three usually and was home by three
thirty. I had been running late that day but that didn't happen

"I'll be very careful Brad. I promise. And I'll call you only when my
mom isn't home. Where do you live?"

I told her where I lived. It was a mobile home on a private lot. The 
lot was next to an open area and had trees around the edges.

"I know where that is. Lots of us take a short cut through there on the
way home from school."

I knew she was right about the kids. I'd seen them many times cutting
through the open space and crossing just a small part of my lot. They
never caused any problems so I didn't say anything to them.

"Yes, that's the place. I see the kids a lot. Do you ever come by 

"Sure. Lots of times. Maybe I could stop in some time."

"I'd love that but you'd have to be careful nobody saw you."

"Oh, I would. But people can't see me if I cut through the trees and
then sneak over to your trailer."

I was about to say more when she swore.

"Oh shit! Mom's home. Gotta go. I'll call I promise. Bye."

She hung up before I could say anything. I was left holding the phone
and hearing the dial tone. I hung up and just sat there stunned. I
couldn't believe the things that had just happened. Thirteen. God was I
in trouble if anyone found out. But I knew that didn't matter. She had
me hooked and there was no way I could stop it. I could only wait for
her to call.

I suddenly realized I was still stroking my hard cock. I got up and 
went into the bathroom where I finished jacking off and came hard, as I
remembered her voice telling me what she was doing to her pussy. I was
exhausted when I finished and went back to my recliner and just sat
there listening to my music and dreaming.

I thought about what she said about stopping to see me. It would be
dangerous but part of me wanted her to anyway. I just hoped she
wouldn't until we talked some more. I needed to be sure what she was
after. There was still part of me that suspected she might be fooling
me. It could be a trap. But if it was I was already caught. I'd just
have to wait and see what developed.

I was worthless at work Friday. All I could think of was Alice
masturbating while I talked to her on the phone. That and her age.
Thirteen. Man was I in trouble. But I didn't care. I wanted more. I
wanted to see her and touch her and yes, fuck her. I was really hooked.

I went right home after work. No stops for me. I didn't want to risk
missing a call from Alice. I got home and waited. I made dinner and ate
by the phone. I turned my music on and waited. I was about ready to 
give up when it rang. The phone rang just as I was headed to the 
bathroom to take a shower. I was sure she wouldn't call and then she did.

I picked up the phone and said hello. No reply for a moment and then 
her sexy voice slipped into my ear and made me hot and hard in an instant.

"Hello Brad. I'm sorry I couldn't call sooner but Mom was here. She 
just went out on a date so I can talk for a while. Can you talk now?"

"Yes I can. If I can get my breath back anyway. Your voice makes me 
hot and hard. Talk to me Alice. Tell me about your day or what ever you 
want to talk about. Just keep talking."

She took me up on my suggestion and told me about her day at school. 
She told me about the idiot boys in her class that made rude remarks about
her and tried to cop a feel every chance they got. She talked about the
girls who were jealous of her looks and called her names. She told me
about her mother and how she ignored her except to make her stay at 
home all the time but went out on dates almost every night leaving her 
alone. She told me she was lonely and horny and wanted to see me.

"Can I come over and visit you tomorrow Brad? Please?"

"I know it's a day off for you Alice but I work. I won't be home until
around four. Won't your mother be there and want to know where you're

"Not if I get all my chores done. If I work hard she lets me go out in
the afternoon sometimes. I have to be back by dark but that would give
us time to get to know each other. I'll tell her I'm going to study 
with a friend. She'll probably be going out any way and won't check on me.
Please say yes."

"If your sure it'll be safe then yes you can come over. Come through 
the shortcut so it looks like you're going right through. When you get here
I'll be watching and I'll open the door for you so you can come inside
fast before anyone sees you. Try to get here about four thirty. That'll
give me time to get home and shower before you get here. Can you do

She sounded very excited and agreed to the instructions. I was 
petrified but wanted her to come over more than anything.

"Yes, I can do it. And I promise to be careful. Now will you tell me
what you'd like to do so I can cum again like last night? I'm laying on
my bed with just my panties on, waiting for you to touch me again."

I took her through the same steps as the night before. I told her about
kissing and licking her tits and her pussy and sliding my finger in and
out of her pussy. I told her she was beautiful and sexy and tasted
wonderful. I stroked her with my voice until she came. The sound of her
moans and groans and yip at the end was almost enough to get me off 

"That was delicious Brad. Thank you so much. Now can I help you cum

"I'd like that Alice. Why don't you start by taking my pants off and go
on from there?"

"I'm not sure if I can do this. I've never done it for real so I might
mess up. Tell me what to do if I don't do it right okay?"

"I'm sure you'll do just fine. Just let you imagination go and tell me
what you want to do for me."

"First of all I want you on the bed so I'll take you by the hand and
lead you to it and push you down on your back. Then I'll unfasten your
belt and open the top button of your pants. Then I'll pull down the
zipper real slow until I can see your underpants and the bulge in them.
I'll take hold of the waist of your pants and pull them down nice and
slow until they're off your feet. Next I'll rub that bulge a little to
see if it's hard. It is and I can't wait to see it so I'll grab your
shorts and slide them down over your hips and off your legs. I can see
your penis standing up nice and hard."

"Call it my dick or cock or prick. Talk dirty for me."

"Your dick is nice and hard. I put my hand around it and squeeze a
little. It's hard and hot. I rub it with my palm and it feels so nice."

"Move you hand up and down."

"I'm sliding my hand up and down on it and it's getting bigger. It 
looks so big it's almost frightening to think where you want to put it."

"Use your mouth, please."

"As I slide my hand up and down I can't resist the urge to kiss it. I
lean down and kiss the tip of you prick and then lick it like a
lollipop. Mmm that tastes good. My hand keeps moving and I take the 
head of your cock into my mouth and suck on it. Does that feel good Brad? 
Do you want to cum for me? I'd like you to cum in my mouth so I can taste
your jizz."

"Yes baby that's it. Suck and jerk and lick it. I'm going to cum any
second now."

She continued to tell me how she was sucking and licking and I came all
over the place. I had quite a mess to clean up but it was great. I 
hadn't had that good an orgasm in years.

"Wow! That was great Alice. Thanks. It was almost like you being here
with me."

"Yeah it got me off again too. I wish I had been there. But you know
what Brad?"

"What lover."

"I'm a little scared. I never did anything with a man before. I never
even saw a real man's cock. Only on little boys and babies. You won't
hurt me will you?"

"No Alice. I would never hurt you. When you come to see me we'll only 
do what ever you want to do. Nothing more. If you just want to talk 
that's fine. If you want more I'll let you lead the way. No pressure 
to do anything unless you want it. Don't be scared. I promise it'll be 

"Okay. I have to go now. I'll see you tomorrow at about four thirty.
Good night Brad."

"Good night love. See you soon."

That night I dreamed of Alice doing all the things she talked about. 
I'm surprised I didn't wake up with wet sheets. I did wake up with a 
raging hard-on the next morning. I had to jack off before I could get 
dressed and eat breakfast. Then I got to work. The boss was watching 
me and finally walked over to talk to me.

"I don't know what's bothering you Brad. But if you don't get your shit
together and get some work done, you'll be looking for a job."

That was enough to scare me into paying more attention and I managed to
get a fair amount of work done before quitting time. The boss even
smiled at me as I was leaving so that I knew he was satisfied. I drove
carefully so that I wouldn't get stopped by some cop on the way home. I
got there just about three forty and dove into the shower as fast as I
could get undressed. I was out of the shower and trying to decide what
to wear by ten after four.

I finally settled for a pair of Bermuda shorts and a tee shirt. No 
shoes or socks just slippers. I went out to the kitchen and got some 
ice out and put it in a bowl for drinks. I was ready. The place was neat 
enough and clean too. I put my music on and selected the one I had on the 
first night I called her. I really loved that clarinet music. By four 
thirty I was looking out the window. I was still looking at four 
thirty-five. And four forty. I was getting nervous. Maybe she got scared 
and wasn't coming. I was about to sit down when I saw something moving 
out in the yard.

It was Alice. I grabbed the door and opened it just in time for her to
slip inside. She seemed out of breath. I closed the door as soon as she
was in. I stood back and looked at her. She had worn a tight knit top
and a short skirt. She wore white ankle socks and tennis shoes. She was
dazzling to look at. Yup. I was smitten.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I tried to hurry but I didn't want to attract any
attention. I don't think anyone saw me."

"It's alright. I'm glad you made it. Sit down and I'll get you a drink.
Coke okay?"

"Yeah, that'd be great."

She walked past the chair and went to sit on the couch. I went out and
poured two cokes in glasses with ice. I took them out to the living 
room and handed her one. I wasn't sure where I should sit. I didn't 
want to scare her. I headed for the chair and she patted the seat of 
the couch and said I should sit there. I didn't need to be asked twice.

We sat there sipping our drinks and she told me about her day. Her
mother was late leaving but hadn't made any fuss over Alice's plan to 
go study with a friend. I told her about being so distracted at work I 
got the boss on my case. She asked me about the music and I told her 
what it was. She said she liked it. The conversation wound down and we 
sat looking at each other. Finally she put down her drink and spoke.

"Brad, will you kiss me please?"

I put my drink down and slid over closer to her. I put my arms around
her and drew her close for a kiss. My lips pressed on the softest and
sweetest pair of lips I'd ever had the pleasure of kissing. I made the
kiss soft and kept my mouth closed at first. I wanted her to take the
lead. The kiss was powerful even with no tongue. I pulled back and she
sighed and looked in my eyes.

"Wow that was hot. Kiss me again please."

I repeated the kiss with no tongue as before. But as I kissed her I 
felt her mouth open slightly and her tongue slipped out and licked my 
lips. I followed her lead and let my tongue out too. She let me into 
her mouth and then pushed her tongue into mine. We swapped tongues for 
a few minutes and then broke for air. I was hot and hard and out of 
breath. She seemed to be very excited as well.

Alice moved in as if to kiss me again but turned her head at the last
minute to whisper in my ear.

"It's okay to touch me if you want to. It's nice kissing you and I want
to do more."

Then she slid back around and kissed me again. It was another hot and
passionate kiss. I went with her suggestion and slipped my hand down
from her neck to her chest. I put my hand over her tiny tit and 
squeezed gently. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and could feel 
her nipple getting hard. I rolled it between my fingers as best I could 
through her top. Her hand came down over mine and I thought she was 
going to stop me. I was wrong.

She moved my hand down to the hem of her top and slipped it under the
fabric onto her bare skin. I took the hint and slid my hand up to her
breast. There wasn't very much there but it felt good. My hand covered
it completely and I got a better feel of her nipple. I pinched it and
rolled it and squeezed her tit. She moaned and pushed her chest out as
if to encourage me to do more.

I thought I'd try to go to the next step. I grasped her top at the edge
and lifted it upwards. There was a slight hesitation and then she 
raised her arms to let me get it off. She was sitting there naked from 
the waist up. Her tiny tits were there for me to see and I wasted no 
time in getting to them. I went back to playing with one with my hand 
and leaned down to take the other nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it 
and nibbled on it and generally played with it for several minutes. I 
alternated between kissing her and sucking on her nipple.

Alice was really getting into it. She continued the kissing and pushed
her chest out to get as much contact as possible from my hand and 
mouth. She was soon moaning into my mouth as we kissed. Her hands were 
behind my head pulling me close and gripping my hair. As we kissed and
I fondled her tits she moved her hips forward toward the edge of the
couch. The move pulled her short skirt up her legs revealing her
luscious, creamy thighs almost to her panties.

I wanted more but was afraid to make any move without her lead. I 
didn't want to scare her and bring the whole thing to a halt so I just 
kept doing what I was. Once more she took the lead. Her head went 
around mine so she could whisper in my ear again. I felt her warm breath 
in my ear as she told me what she wanted.

"Make me cum, Brad. Please make me cum. Touch my pussy so I can

That was what I'd been waiting for and I wasted no time in doing as she
asked. I continued sucking on one of her nipples and moved my hand
slowly down to her thigh. As soon as I touched her warm skin she spread
her legs open so I could reach her pussy. I slid my hand up her thigh
until I felt the slick material of her silky panties. I rubbed my
fingers over her pussy lips through the panties and got a groan from
deep in her throat. She wanted more and wanted it soon.

I slipped my finger under the edge of her panties and ran it over her
labia. She was wet and hot. Her hips moved forward again as if to get more of my hand on her cunt. I decided to take things to the next level. I knew what she wanted from her talk on the phone. I pulled her down on the couch so she was on her back with her legs spread wide. I pulled them together and slid her panties down over her hips and off her legs. Now she only had on her skirt and it wasn't covering anything. The field was open and clear. I dove in.

I placed one of her feet on the back of the couch and the other off the
edge on the floor. That spread her pussy wide and gave me room to bring
my head between her legs and up to her pussy. I kissed her moist lips
and then stuck my tongue out and licked her from the bottom all the way
up to the top of her sweet pussy. Her juices were flowing and I tasted
some sweet young pussy for the very first time. It was like honey and I
wanted as much as I could get.

I slid my tongue between her pussy lips and slid it up through the slit
then back down again. I avoided her clit at first. That would come
later. I concentrated on licking her labia both inner and outer. I 
found her opening and stuck my tongue into it and slurped her juices. 
She moaned and pushed her hips up at me. Her hands were on my head by 
then, pulling me tighter against her pussy. She was wiggling her butt 
all over the couch and pleading with me to make her cum.

That was when I attacked her clit. Lightly at first but more and more
determined, I licked it and sucked on it. It was small but very
sensitive and she reacted as if struck by lightning.

"Oh yes Brad. Yes. More please right there. Pleeaasse. Don't stop. Make
me cum. Yeeesss."

As I continued to suck on her clit I slipped a finger into her channel
and moved it around as her pussy clamped down on it. That did it. She
went off like a firecracker. Loud enough that I was worried the
neighbors might hear her and they weren't even close to my trailer. I
eased off her clit as spasm after spasm clenched my finger. I was
careful not to go too deep. I didn't want to take her cherry. I only
wanted to give her a good orgasm and I succeeded in that. I licked her
pussy a little more as she came down. When she sighed and relaxed I
stopped and looked up at her.

"Are you alright Alice?"

"Am I ever. That was fantastic. Better than I ever had and way better
than I expected. Thank you so much."

I slid up her body kissing as I went until I reached her mouth. I 
kissed her softly and she slipped her tongue out to meet mine. We 
licked and sucked each others tongue for a bit and then she pulled back 
and looked at me with the sweetest expression of love in her eyes.

"I never tasted myself before. It wasn't bad. Did you like it?"

"Yes I did. You're sweet as honey and I could eat you all day."

That reminded her of the time. She looked at my watch and jumped up off
the couch.

"Oh God. I have to go. My mother is going to kill me if I don't get 
home right now. I'm so sorry Brad. I didn't make you cum and that's not 
fair. You were so good to me and I'm leaving you hard and alone."

She was dressing as fast as she could and looked so sad about leaving 
me hanging. I couldn't let her leave like that.

"It's alright love. I can take care of this myself. I'm just glad you
enjoyed yourself. You hurry home so you don't get in trouble. Maybe you
can do something for me next time."

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard and deep. Then as
she headed for the door she made me a promise.

"Next time will be your turn. I promise I'll make it nice for you."

I stopped her at the door and made her wait while I checked to see if
there was anyone outside watching. The coast was clear and she scooted
out and was gone in a flash. I closed the door and went back to sit
down. That's when I saw them. She had left her panties on the floor by
the couch. I wasn't sure if she did it on purpose or by accident in her
hurry but I was glad she did. I picked them up and smelled them. Her
pussy juice had saturated the crotch and I could smell her as if she 
was still there.

I sat back and took my cock out of my pants and started to stroke it. I
took my time and stroked slowly as I smelled her panties. Then I rubbed
the head of my dick with them and the smooth fabric really felt great.
It didn't take long for me to cum. I was pretty worked up when I 
started and I came with a strong and full load. I caught it all in her 
panties. I wiped myself off and zipped up my pants and then just sat 
there and thought about the great time I'd had with Alice. I wondered 
when I'd see or hear from her again. I hoped it would be soon.

As I sat there thinking about the good time and the possible danger, 
the phone rang. I grabbed it and said hello.

"Hi. I just wanted you to know I made it back in time. Mom isn't home
yet so I'm safe."

"That's good. I was a little worried."

"Did you find them?"

"You mean your panties? Yes I did."

"I left them there for you to remember me by."

"Well, I'll have to wash them for you now."


"Because they're full of cum. I used them to jack off after you left me
so hot."

"Oh goody. I was hoping you'd get a chance for some relief. Was it a
good one?"

"Yes it was very good. I thought of you the whole time."

"I can't talk much right now but I'll call you tomorrow. Will you be

"I'll be here all day waiting for your call. It's my day off. Is there
any chance you can come over?"

"No. Mom has plans for us tomorrow. But I will call. I just don't know
when. Maybe I can come over after school Monday."

"That would be great. We can talk about it tomorrow when you call."

"I better go now. Thank you for the great cum. I'll talk to you soon.
Bye, bye."

And just like that she was gone. I sat down and relaxed with my music
and day dreamed about what might happen Monday. It seemed a very long
ways off.

End of chapter 1.

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