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This story is total fantasy. It never happened. If there is any
similarity between characters in this story and actual people either
living or dead, it is purely coincidental. This story is not meant to
change your beliefs in any way. It is just for fun. 
Naughty or Nice (Mg, ped)
    by Uncle Sky 

Little Lisa was crouched behind the sofa in her living room. She was
waiting for Santa to come so she could explain about her being naughty.
She was eight years old and most of her friends told her there was no
Santa but her daddy told her there was. He even read her a story about a
little girl named Virginia. Lisa didn't understand the story but it said
there is a Santa and her daddy said so too and that was enough for her. 

Lisa knew she had been a naughty girl and was afraid Santa wouldn't
leave her any gifts if he saw her name on the naughty list. She had to
explain what had happened. But would he even stop at her house? She was
the only child in the house so maybe he would just skip the house since
she had been so naughty. She peeked out around the sofa but there was
nobody there yet. She scrunched down so she wouldn't be seen and waited.
She dozed off after a while because it was getting so late. 

Suddenly there was a noise. Lisa looked around the sofa and there he
was. Santa was standing by the tree looking at a list in his hand and
shaking his head. This was it. This would be her only chance. If only he
would listen to her and not disappear when she came out of her hiding
place. She had to take the chance. 

Lisa moved slowly around the end of the sofa and walked over to where
Santa was standing. She reached up and tugged at the hem of his red
coat. He jumped when he felt the tug and turned to see who it was. 

"My, my little girl. What are you doing up at this hour? Don't you know
you're supposed to be in bed before I get here? I might not leave any
presents if you're awake when I come." 

"I know Santa and I'm very sorry for breaking the rules but I really,
really needed to talk to you. I know my name is on your naughty list and
I'm afraid you won't leave me the dolly I asked for unless I can explain
what happened." 

"Well, it's very unusual but since we're both here now I may as well
listen. But first tell me your name so I can check my list." 

"My name is Lisa McGrew, Santa." 

Lisa looked down at the floor as Santa scanned the list he had in his
hand. She just knew she was in big trouble but she wanted that dolly so
much she just had to try. 

"Oh dear. You're right Lisa. You name is on the naughty list. And there
are several marks next to your name too. You must have been very naughty
indeed. But I'll let you explain what happened and maybe we can find a
way to forgive you. Now you go ahead and tell me what happened." 

"Okay Santa. I was really a good little girl almost all year until just
before school let out for the holidays. That's when I did some naughty
things. I was at school and it was recess. I was out in the yard with
little Johnny playing catch. He said he really liked me and wanted to
play with me so I said okay. After we played for a while I noticed he
had a big lump in his pants right in front. I asked him what it was and
he said it was a secret but it was hurting him. I asked him to tell me
the secret but he said he couldn't. Then he acted like it really hurt so
I reached over and rubbed it through his pants like this." 

Lisa reached over and rubbed the front of Santa's red pants right in
front and sure enough there was a bump there too. 

"Uh, what happened then Lisa?" 

"Well Johnny said it still hurt and it would feel a lot better if I
reached inside his pants and rubbed the lump some more. I thought that
sounded okay and I reached over and unzipped his pants and put my hand
inside just like this." 

Lisa reached over and unzipped the bright red pants Santa was wearing
and reached inside. She felt around and found a big lump even bigger
than Johnny's was. 

"OH dear. That was naughty of you. What happened next?" 

"I could feel a hard thing in his pants and I put my hand around it and
started to rub it. Johnny said I should pull is out so I could see what
I was doing and make him feel better, so I did just like this." 

Her little hand pulled and wiggled and finally came out of Santa's pants
holding his very hard cock. She looked at it with big round eyes as she
began to move her hand. 

"Oooo Santa what a big one you have. It's much bigger than Johnny's was.
Does that mean it hurts more?" 

"Yes it does Lisa. Sometimes it hurts a lot. But you go on and tell me
what else you did that was naughty." 

"Well, Johnny told me it was starting to feel better but it would really
feel good if I rubbed my hand up and down like this." 

Lisa slid her hand slowly up and down on the shaft of Santa's cock. She
moved it all the way from the bottom up to the tip and even rubbed over
the little hole there. Santa groaned and pushed his hips forward to get
more action. 

"Oh yes I can see where that would go on the naughty list. But there are
still more marks next to your name. What else did you do?" 

"That's when Johnny asked me if my daddy ever kissed my boo boo's when I
got hurt to make them better. I told him yes of course he did. That's
what daddy's do for little girls with boo boo's. Then he said that if I
kissed the thing I was rubbing it would make it better just like when my
daddy kissed my boo boo's. So I did, just like this." 

Lisa stopped stroking and leaned over so she could place a soft kiss
right on the tip of Santa's cock. That got another groan from the old

"Is that all you did Lisa? It looks to me like there must have been
more. Tell the truth now." 

"That's when I tasted the drop from the end of his thing Santa. And I
got real warm all over and I really liked the taste of that little drop.
So I asked him if there was more of the stuff I tasted and he said yes
but I'd have to suck on it or it wouldn't come out. So I put the thing
in my mouth and sucked on it like a straw, just like this." 

And before Santa could stop her, if he had meant to, she slipped his
cock into her mouth and began to suck. Santa placed a hand on the back
of her head and pushed her down a little. She slid down and then back up
and then back down. She liked it and so did Santa so she kept bobbing up
and down. 

"That certainly is very naughty Lisa. Did you keep doing that until you
got more of the good tasting stuff?" 

Lisa couldn't speak with her mouth full. Mommy said that wasn't polite,
so she just nodded her head and kept on sucking and bobbing up and down.
It wasn't long before Santa gave her a good dose of the good tasting
stuff she liked. He filled her mouth with his cum and she swallowed
every drop. When he stopped she let his cock slip out of her mouth and
licked her lips clean. 

"Mmmm. That was very good tasting Santa. Even better than the little bit
I got out of Johnny. Do you feel better now?" 

"Yes Lisa I feel a lot better now. Is that all that you did with

Now Lisa was getting nervous. She knew she had to confess all the
naughty things she did but it scared her. She trusted Santa though and
so she continued her story. 

"No Santa. That wasn't all. Johnny told me that he'd tell me his secret
if I went back behind the shed with him. I really wanted to know so I
went with him. When we got back there he said that his thing would
squirt more of that good stuff in my pee pee hole if I wanted and it
would make me feel really, really good. It didn't sound very much like
fun to me but Johnny swore it would make me feel really good so I said

Santa's cock was getting hard again as he listened to her story. 

"Go on Lisa. Tell me what happened next." 

"I lifted up my dress and Johnny pulled my panties down. He made me bend
over and spread my legs apart. Then he slipped his thing into my pee pee
hole real slow. It hurt a little so he spit on his hand and wet his
thing to make it slide in better. Then he pushed it in real hard and it
went all the way inside. It really hurt bad but he told me to hold still
and it would get better. I did and he was right. Pretty soon it felt
really good. Do you want me to show you what we did Santa?" 

"I think maybe you better so I can be sure just how naughty you were." 

Lisa was wearing her PJ's so she pulled down the bottoms revealing her
hairless little slit. She reached over and spit on Santa's cock to get
it slippery and then bent over and spread her legs. Her little pussy was
right there below her ass cheeks looking wet and ready. Santa stepped
forward and slipped his big hard cock into her tiny pussy. He was
surprised at how easily it slipped in and went all the way to the limit.
He groaned and started to stroke in and out slowly. But she was too
tight and he couldn't keep the pace slow. He speeded up and was soon
banging into her pussy with all his might. Lisa was banging her head on
the back cushion of the couch and moaning as he fucked her. 

"Is this what you and Johnny did Lisa?" 

"Oh yes Santa but you're so much bigger than Johnny was. You're filling
me up real full." 

It didn't take long for Santa to cum. Lisa was just too hot and tight
for him. He pounded into her and then pressed all the way in and held
still as he pumped what seemed like gallons of hot cum into her tiny
pussy. When he finished he pulled his cock out and watched as his cum
ran down her plump little thighs. 

"Was that all you did Lisa?" 

"Not quite Santa. He asked me to lick his thing clean before we went
inside, like this." 

Lisa leaned over and sucked Santa's wilted cock into her mouth and
cleaned it of all the cum and juices. When she had it all cleaned she
tucked it back in his pants and zipped them up. 

"That was it Santa. That's all I did. Johnny went inside and I snuck
into the girls bathroom and cleaned up. Then I went back to class and I
never did it again. Now that you know, Santa, does that mean that I was
very, very naughty and won't get my dolly?" 

"No Lisa it doesn't mean you were very naughty. It means you were very,
very nice to Santa and I'll leave you the nicest dolly you ever dreamed
of. But don't you tell anybody that you saw me. It has to be a secret or
all the little girls will want to see me and tell me how naughty they
were. Now off to bed with you. I have work to do." 

Lisa hugged Santa and then ran up to her room. She closed the door and
tip toed over to the phone her daddy gave her for emergencies. She
dialed her best friend's number hoping that Mary was still up and had
the phone on quiet buzz. Mary answered in a sleepy voice. 

"Hello? Is that you Lisa?" 

"Yes it is. Has Santa been to your house yet?" 

"I don't know. Let me look." 

There was a pause as Mary went to look. 

"Nope. Not yet. Why?" 

And that's when Lisa did something very naughty indeed. She told Mary
all about her visit with Santa. Mary listened very carefully and then
said she heard Santa in the other room and had to go. Lisa smiled as she
climbed into her bed and went to sleep. She knew her best friend was
going to get a very special dolly for christmas too. 

The end. 

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