Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Uncle Sky Title: Birthday Girl In Blue Summary: A Man gives his teenage sister the gift she dreams of and more. Keywords: Mf, inc, first WARNING! The following is an adult story written for adults. It contains scenes of graphic sex between an adult male and a teenage female. If you are not allowed or prefer not to read this type of material please leave now. If you continue to read you do so at your own risk. Once again I have looked into that dark place at the back of my mind where I hide my fantasies. Nobody goes there but me because that is where you can find the proof that I am not as nice as some would believe. I bring forth this fantasy to share with you. It is only that. A fantasy. No actual children were harmed nor were any adults gratified during the writing of this story. This story is not just a stroke story and so should probably be coded slow. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome. My Birthday Girl in Blue (Mf, inc, first) By Uncle Sky I am about to tell you about a wonderful evening that I spent with my sister some years ago. It was her birthday and a very special time for her. But before I get to the activities, I should give you some background. Some of this may seem irrelevant but I assure you it bears on the story. At the time of this story I was 24 years old. I was 6'1" and weighed about 185 pounds. I was in fairly good shape as I had been working for six years at the US Post Office in the Parcel Post department. This involved lots of heavy lifting and so kept me in shape. I was single and had an apartment of my own in town. When I first started at the Post Office I met Joe who worked in the same department. We became best friends and could depend on each other for anything we needed. After a few months Joe confessed to me that he was the son of the Don of the local "Family". He was estranged from his family and had no connection to them or the things they did. His name was actually Giuseppi. I will not reveal his last name for both our protections. There came a time when Joe came to me and asked a favor. I did not ask why or anything else. I simply did as he asked. That was the kind of friendship we had. This favor, unlike others we had done for each other, was very big. It had an effect on the rest of Joe's life. I asked no reward or payment or recognition. I simply helped my friend, as I knew he would if the tables were turned. About a week after the favor, I was sitting in my apartment enjoying an evening off when there was a knock on the door. I went to see who it was and found two rather large gentlemen dressed in dark suits. They informed me that "The Don" would be grateful if I would come and meet with him at his home. I was going to decline, but after looking at my two visitors, I decided it might be a good idea to accept the invitation. And so I went and met with Joe's father. It was a short and friendly visit. He wanted to thank me for what I had done for his son. I told him he owed me no thanks since it was not for him but for Joe and it was done because we were friends. He offered me a rather large reward that I declined. He then sat at his desk and took out a business card. The card had only his name on it and nothing else. He wrote something on the back of the card and handed it to me. I could not tell what he wrote as it was in Italian. He told me that I should keep the card and if I ever needed a favor I should show it to anyone in town and I would get what I needed. I almost refused but then thought there was no harm in accepting the card. It did not obligate me in any way and it made him feel he had done something for his son. We shook hands and I was driven back to my apartment. I never saw him again and at his request never mentioned it to Joe. I soon forgot all about the card that was tucked into my wallet with so many others. Time passed and one evening while I was having dinner at my favorite restaurant, Tony's Fine Italian Dining, I noticed two tough looking guys talking to Tony. It looked like trouble to me. I stopped the waiter and asked what was going on. He said "familia" and hurried away. The men were getting a bit rough with Tony and I was worried he might be hurt. I suddenly remembered the card. I called the waiter back over and placed the card face up on his tray. I asked him to go over and ask the two men to please join me for a word. He did as I asked and I watched with interest. One of the men picked up the card angrily and read it. His face paled and he looked in my direction. I smiled at him and gestured for him to come over. He and his friend came over and he returned the card. "How may I be of service sir?" he said respectfully. I informed them that Tony was a friend and asked if they would mind leaving him alone. They looked at the card again and told me that they would do as I asked and would make Tony and his place off limits. It would from that time forward be under my protection. They mumbled something to Tony as they left and were gone. Tony came over and thanked me. It seems I had saved his business and possibly his ass as well. I told him to forget it and went back to eating the great meal he always served. Now, on to the story. My sister Ginny (Virginia) was the youngest of six children and I was the oldest. As I said, I was 24 at the time. Ginny was 13 going on 14. All the other kids were long gone from home and Ginny lived with Mom at the old farmhouse outside of town where we all grew up. Ginny had always been the baby of the family and she hated it. Well, she hated being told that. She was not beyond using it to her advantage at times though. It was August and Ginny was excited. Her 14th birthday was coming up and it had great meaning for her. Mom had been telling Ginny for ages that she would not be allowed to go out on a real date with a boy until she started High School. Well, she was due to start in just one month and she could not wait. She went on and on about it and finally told Mom that all she wanted for her birthday was to be allowed to go out on a real date with a boy. I went out to see them a couple of times a week and it seemed that all I ever heard was her pleading with Mom about that date. Mom didn't answer her. She said neither yes nor no. As the big day approached, I found time to go see Mom when Ginny wasn't home. I had some ideas for a birthday gift but needed Mom's input. When I asked her for an idea she smiled and said nothing at first. I waited. She finally looked me in the eye and said, "Take her on her first real date." Well, I was floored at first. Me? Take my kid sister on a date? No way Jose! But Mom just smiled and went about what she had been doing. "Come on Mom. You must have some other ideas." She didn't answer. She smiled her special smile. We all knew that one. It was her, "I have said all I'm saying," smile. When she did that, it was over for the family. You just did as she "suggested". "OK, Mom. I'll figure something out." "This must be a real date," she said firmly. "No fooling around with a quick movie and a burger. She deserves the best you can come up with on short notice." And so I was hooked. I left her there with that damn smile of hers and went off to have dinner at Tony's. Now I love my sister very much. She and I had always been close even if I did think she was a pest at times. So there I was sitting at Tony's waiting for my dinner and trying to think what the hell I was going to do. I was a million miles away when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Tony. "You seem a little down, my friend. Is there something on your mind?" So I told him about my dilemma. He thought about it for a few minutes and then said, "You enjoy your dinner and I will be back when you finish. Do not worry. Tony will fix things." I tried to tell him it wasn't his problem but he ignored me and went to his office. I enjoyed my dinner as always. I put my problem out of my mind and just ate. The food was so good at Tony's that I just couldn't think of problems. As the waiter was clearing away my dishes I saw Tony headed my way. He had a huge smile on his face. He looked like he had just won the lottery. He sat down at my table and started telling me what he planned. I tried to stop him but he would not hear of it. "This is my chance to repay you for your kindness. I will not take no for an answer." And so he explained what had already been arranged. All I needed to do was give him the date and my Mom's address. He would take care of everything. Well, almost everything. "You must pick out a special gift for your sister," he said. "He handed me a slip of paper. "Go see this man at his shop tomorrow and he will help you choose a nice gift. Leave the rest to me. I will give you all the details in a day or two." I agreed and was about to leave when he stopped me. "One more thing. You must call her on the phone and ask her if she will do you the honor of going out with you to celebrate her birthday. No details just the invitation. Yes?" And with that, I was out of there. It was only about a week to the big day; so when I got home I decided that I had better call Ginny right away and get it settled. I dialed the number feeling strangely nervous. It was almost as if I was asking a girl out on my first date. The phone rang a few times and then Mom answered. "Hi, Mom. I'm calling to ask Ginny out on a date. May I speak to her please?" "Just a moment" I waited patiently; and after what seemed an awfully long time Ginny came to the phone. "Hello?" I could hear the question in her voice. Mom must not have told her who it was. "Good evening Virginia. How are you?" I tried to make it sound like I was not family. "Sky? What are you up to? You never call me by my full name. What's up?" "Well, Virginia, I am calling to ask you out on a special date. I would be honored to spend the evening with you on your birthday to celebrate your reaching dating age. Will you go out with me?" There was a long pause. Then I could hear her talking to Mom. I couldn't hear what was said but she finally came back on. "Thank you Sky. I would be delighted to go out with you. Will it be casual or what? I'll need to know what to wear." "It'll be semi-formal. I'm sure your Mother will be able to help you get ready. May I speak to her again please? And thank you for accepting. I look forward to our date." She said, "Thank you too." After a pause Mom was back on the line. She wanted all the details. I told her I didn't have them yet but would the next day. I promised to call her and fill her in as soon as possible. I went to see the man Tony sent me to and picked out a special gift. It was to be delivered to Ginny on her birthday. I was told to call Toni. I did so, and he gave me more details of the plan. I called Mom and told her what was needed. I told her that she was to take Ginny to certain places for her dress and her hair and makeup. It was all arranged. Mom would be allowed to pay a drastically reduced price for what was needed as her gift to Ginny. She agreed and I said I would see her on Friday evening at 7. She promised to have Ginny ready. That left only one thing: A visit to the men's clothing store with Tony. I didn't own a suit or even a sport coat. And I had no taste in clothes at all. He helped me pick out a nice outfit. It was dark blue slacks with a lighter blue sport coat. I also got a nice white shirt and a conservative tie. Now all I had to do was wait. After what seemed like a month of waiting, it was finally the day. I spent the afternoon getting ready. I shaved and showered and trimmed and polished and then I went back and did it again. Geeze, you'd think I was the 14-year-old on a first date. At 6:30 there was a knock on my door. I opened it and there was a man in a black uniform. "Your car is here sir." I followed him out to the street and there was a big shiny black Limo. He held the door for me and I got in the back. He closed the door and went around to the front and got in. As we pulled out into traffic he glanced at me in the rearview mirror. "The box on the seat is for the lady," he said. I looked at the small white box. It was a wrist corsage. A very small white orchid on a gold elastic band. Perfect. In no time we were at my mother's house. I waited for the driver to let me out and while he waited patiently I walked up to the house and for the first time ever, I rang the doorbell. I heard some scurrying and then Mom opened the door. I played it straight: "Good evening Mrs. Johnson. I have come to pick up Virginia. Is she ready?" Mom went along with it and replied, "Please come in. I'm sure she will be down in a minute." I walked in and stood at the foot of the stairs waiting. I heard a noise at the top of the stairs and looked up. Suddenly, my heart felt like it was going to burst. I couldn't catch my breath for a second. There at the top of the stairs was a vision of loveliness. Some fantastically beautiful woman I had never seen before stood and looked down at me. We both just stood for a moment as I began to realize that it was my little 14 year old sister and not some angel who stood looking down on me. Ginny was about 5'2" tall and weighed about 95 pounds. She had blonde shoulder length hair that was normally pointing in all directions at once. Not tonight. Tonight her hair was swept up neatly and rolled at the back of her head. She was elegant in a light blue dress. It had what I think are called spaghetti straps and it left her shoulders bare. It was a well-fitted sheath that fell to below her knees. She had not yet developed breasts but somehow tonight there was a small swell on her chest that suggested she had suddenly sprouted them. The dress was sleeveless and her arms were bare. As she slowly came down the stairs I could see she was wearing the special gift I had sent. A single small pearl on a gold post in each ear and another single pearl on a very fine gold chain hung from her neck. She was perfect. I was speechless. She stopped at the last step and reached for my hand. When I offered it, she took it and pulled me forward so that I was close to her. "Thank you so much for the gift. The set is exactly what I wanted." And with that she leaned forward and placed a kiss on my cheek. "You are most welcome my dear, and may I say you look fabulous this evening." She thanked me and then looked at the box I had forgotten I was holding. I opened it, took out the flower, and slid it on her left wrist. She smiled and my heart leapt. All was going as planned and we were both acting as if we were not related but were boyfriend and girlfriend. I took her arm and we started to leave. As we went out the door I said goodnight to my mother and she winked at me. "Don't keep her out too late. Have fun." She stood and watched as we walked to the car. The driver was ready and opened the door. "Good evening Miss Johnson." With that we were seated in the back and were off to our planned evening. Over the years I had talked many hours with Tony. He knew more about my family than I did. Or at least it seemed that way. Based on his having listened to me all those times, he knew what to plan for the perfect date. Our first stop was the Community Concert Hall. When we were let out it was to see the big sign announcing the Community Ballet Company's performance of Swan Lake. I looked at Ginny to see her reaction. I thought I saw a tear but she was smiling. She had always wanted to see this ballet. It was only a community production but they had a guest ballerina from San Francisco in the lead. The hall was small and so tickets were not easy to get, but Tony had no trouble. I was a little disappointed at first to see that our seats were in the balcony. But in a small place like this one they turned out to be the best seats in the house. The front row of the balcony was not all that far from the stage and had the benefit of giving us a perfect, slightly raised view of the production. Another advantage was that being a local company meant that they did things a bit differently. Swan Lake is in four acts, with an intermission between act two and three. Just a moment before each act a member of the company came out to the side of the stage and gave a brief explanation of the action to come. We were told what was being presented in dance and it made the whole thing much more enjoyable. During the intermission we went out to the lobby and milled around with the rest of those attending, stretching our legs. Ginny and I were both surprised when a number of people stopped near us now and then and said good evening, and wished her a happy birthday. Ginny was very pleased. We returned to our seats and enjoyed the remainder of the performance. When it was over we started to leave but were stopped by one of the usherettes. "Would you follow me please, Miss Johnson?" We followed her back stage to a room with a star on the door. She tapped on it lightly and when she heard a soft reply, opened the door. There, seated at her dressing table was the Prima Ballerina. The star. She got up and introduced herself, taking Ginny's hand in hers. "I understand it is your birthday, Virginia." "Yes Ma'am," Ginny replied softly. "I hope you enjoyed the performance." "Oh yes, it was wonderful," Ginny managed to say. The lady then reached over to a bouquet of long stemmed roses and withdrew one. She handed it to Ginny and said, "Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy Birthday my dear." Ginny thanked her. "Now you better get going or you'll be late for dinner." The usherette guided us to the stage entrance and let us out. There we found our driver waiting with the Limo. We got in and were soon on our way to the next stop. And where else could we possibly go, but to Tony's? When we arrived he was there to greet us personally. He opened the car door and helped Ginny out. "Good evening Miss Virginia. It is an honor to have you with us this evening. May I wish you a happy birthday?" As Ginny was thanking him, he led us into the dining room. He had chosen a booth over on the side where it was quiet and yes even romantic. The room was dimly lit with candles on each table. There was a small dance floor and at the front was a piano player rendering soft dinner music. Tony looked at Ginny and said, "May I be allowed to choose the menu this evening?" She agreed that that would be fine and so did I. Of course I knew he had it all planned ahead-of-time, but it was a nice touch to give her the choice. With that he was off and running. For the rest of the evening he kept watch on us. As soon as we finished one thing he was there with the next. Everything was timed perfectly. The salad was crisp with his special tangy dressing. The bread was warm and fragrant. For the entree we had the house specialty, Veal Parmesan. Then a small dish of strawberry Sorbet to top it off. It was wonderful. Ginny seemed to like it a lot. I know I did. After the Sorbet we sat for a few minutes just enjoying the atmosphere. The piano soon caught my attention again as a nice slow dance number was played. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a good dancer, but this was special. I stood up and taking Ginny's hand I asked, "May I have this dance?" She smiled and rose to follow me to the dance floor. It was empty and so we had lots of room. I took her right hand in my left and placed my right hand on her waist. She placed her left hand on my shoulder and in that classic old fashioned position we started to dance. It was a bit strange at first. We seemed a little stiff. But this was my sister, in spite of all the play acting this evening, and I felt odd dancing with her. But very soon she started to move in closer. Before I knew what was happening she had her head on my shoulder and was pressed against me in an intimate pose. We now looked the part of a romantic young couple in love. I saw Tony watching and nodding his approval. I smiled back at him. After a couple of dances we headed back to the booth. No sooner were we seated than out came a waiter with a tray held high. As he got closer, I saw what it was, but Ginny couldn't see from her angle. When he reached us, he placed a small cake on the table. It had one small candle on top that was burning brightly. As if on cue, the piano began Happy Birthday and just as suddenly the place was filled with the voices of everyone singing it. Ginny blew out the candle and thanked everyone with a smile and a nod. She then asked Tony if he would be kind enough to put the cake in something as she was simply too full of his wonderful veal to eat another bite. He agreed and took the cake away to be boxed. When he returned he was accompanied by a waiter with a tray on which I could see three glasses of what looked like ginger ale. He placed one glass in front of each of us then took one himself. "You must promise not to tell," he said. "This is just a small taste of my best Champagne. There is only a little bit in the young lady's glass for this special occasion." We each took our glass and waited for Tony. "I have been honored by the presence of a most beautiful lady this evening," he began. "I would like to end this momentous evening with a toast. Miss Virginia, may this be only the first of a long string of special birthdays. May you always find happiness where ever you go and most of all may your life be filled with love." He then drained his glass and we followed his example. Ginny had tears in her eyes as she thanked him for all he had done to make this a birthday she would never forget. I then followed with my thanks as well. He brushed it all off as, "Nothing to speak about." It seemed that was the opportune moment to call it a night. We stood up and led by Tony headed for the exit. As we passed each table that was occupied you could hear soft voices commenting, "Such a pretty girl." "Happy Birthday, Dear." It was a fitting end to our evening. The Limo was waiting. We got in and settled down for the ride home. As we exited the parking lot the driver turned left. Ginny turned to me and said, "He's going the wrong way." "No he isn't sweetheart," I replied. "Mom knew it would be late when we ended the date and has given her permission for you to stay over in town at my apartment. The spare room is ready and waiting for you." Ginny smiled at that news. She liked staying in town when she could. It meant she might get a little shopping in before going home the next day. That would be an added treat. We were soon at my place and got out of the Limo. I tried to tip the driver, but he insisted that it was his pleasure and he was well taken care of by the owner of the Limo. I asked him who that was. His short reply was, "The Don." He got in and was gone before I could say any more. We walked slowly up to the door of my apartment. It was as if we didn't want the evening to end. As I reached with my key to open the door, Ginny held back. "What is it love?" She looked at me and blushed looking down at her shoes. "Come on, what is it?" She took a deep breath and looked into my eyes. "This has been a wonderful date Sky. So far anyway." She had me puzzled. What could she mean? "Tell me what I've forgotten," I said. "Well, this is a real date right?" I looked in her eyes and saw something but could not figure what it was. "Yes." "Isn't it normal for the couple to kiss at the end of the date?" I smiled. "Sure is,' I said as I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "NO!" she said forcefully. "That is a kiss for a sister not a date. I want a real kiss like you would give a girl you had spent all that money on and had a fun evening with." Then, before I could object, she put her arms around my neck and pulled me down close to her face. I could feel her breath on my lips. While I was trying to think what I should do, she placed her lips softly on mine and kissed me in a way that did not make me think of my sister. It was a warm wonderful kiss that made me think of a woman, not the little girl I grew up with. As I held her in my arms and returned her kiss, I felt her body press against mine. I suddenly realized what I was doing and pulled away. "Thank you," she said and pushed open the door and ran into the apartment. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. There was one more surprise for Ginny and if I had expected what had just happened, I would never have gotten it. Ginny had always worn pajamas or one of Mom's old nightgowns. She looked like a little girl most nights when she went to bed. I had thought it would be a nice finish to her grown-up date, if when she came home she found a brand new grown-up nightgown of her own waiting for her. I had left it on her bed in the spare room. I needed to get it quickly before it was too late. I heard a voice from the apartment. "Oh Sky, it's beautiful." Too late. Oh boy. I hoped this wouldn't make trouble. I can't help wondering now, if perhaps I had done it with some hope it would lead to other things. Well, it had been a very successful date. I was sure that Ginny was happy and that made me happy too. I locked up and checked the apartment before heading to my bedroom. As I passed the spare room I saw the light was still on. "Good night love. Sleep tight," I called. There was no reply and I continued into my room. I was tired but felt satisfied with myself. I figured it had all gone well and I must admit I was proud of myself and very thankful to Tony. I undressed and slipped under the sheet on my bed. I normally slept in the nude and didn't think to change my habit. It was warm but I felt more comfortable sleeping with a light sheet over me. I reached for the lamp to turn it off but there was a light knock on the door. I checked to see I was covered and said, "Come on in, Ginny." For the second time in one day I was faced with a vision of loveliness that made my heart stop. I just stared, speechless. There, in the doorway to my bedroom, stood a woman of indescribable beauty. She was wearing the gown I had purchased for my baby sister. It was a shade of blue that matched her eyes. It was sleeveless with wide shoulder straps. The bodice was tucked slightly with a ribbon drawn under where her breasts would be one day. From there the gown fell loosely straight down to her ankles. It was not form fitting but somehow seemed to cling to her body, showing all her curves and valleys. The gown was of some synthetic fiber that looked and felt like silk. Though off the rack, it looked as if it were made for her and her alone. "I thought I should model it for you," she said. She turned slowly around, giving me a chance to see how it showed off her bare back and clung to her firm ass cheeks. "Do you like how it looks on me?" Somehow I managed to answer her. "You look wonderful, sweetheart. You look all grown up." And under the sheet my body was reacting to her as if she were all grown up. She looked so damn sexy I couldn't help myself. Ginny came toward me slowly. She looked as if she was floating. She sat down on the edge of the bed, took my hands in hers and leaning forward, placed a gentle kiss on my cheek. "Thank you so much. It is exactly the right thing to top off my wonderful birthday date, and I love you for it all." I just smiled at her, still unable to speak. My heart was pounding and under the sheet my dick was starting to make its presence known. I slowly pulled my knees up a little to hide the bulge. "I want to ask you some questions. Will you answer me honestly and fully?" In a moment of pure stupidity that I can only blame on what was going on in my crotch, I said, "Of course." We had always been able to talk to each other and I was proud of the fact we were both honest with each other. But this would have been an excellent time to use the, "I'm tired," excuse. Oh well. Twenty-twenty hindsight. Still holding my hands and looking deeply into my eyes she seemed to be gathering her thoughts. I waited, giving her the time she seemed to need. I still had no idea what she wanted to ask. Then she spoke in a soft voice I could barely hear even though she was right next to me. "Tonight was a real date, right?" "Uh, yes." "You made it a real date for me and I had a great time. You treated me like a grown up lady and not a kid." I waited for her to go on. "But was it a real date for you too?" Again I spoke too soon. "Of course." She frowned and shook her head slowly from side to side. "You're lying. I thought we agreed to be honest." I was stunned. "No I'm not," I declared. "Yes you are. Stop and think for a minute. Remember when you took that girl Annie out for a big evening a couple of weeks ago?" She didn't wait for an answer. "How did that date end? Did you take her home or bring her here? Did you kiss her good night at the door, or was there more to it?" She had me there. I remembered the date very well. I had spent a bundle on Annie and she had shown her gratitude by coming back to my place. We relaxed and made out on the couch for a while and then ended up in bed where we spent a wonderful night. "OK the truth," I said. "Without going into personal details I will just say we came here and spent a very romantic night together. Now what has that to do with tonight?" How dumb could I be? "Then you didn't give me a real date! You barely let me kiss you at the door and then you pushed me away. It's not fair! If it was a real date you would have done more and so would I." She looked so sad after looking so happy a moment ago. What could she expect of me? Before I could ask, she answered. "You were supposed to treat me like a real adult girlfriend tonight. I am not your baby sister; I am your date. Now treat me like it." She leaned forward and puckered her lips as if waiting for a kiss. "But you are my sister. I can't treat you like you aren't. It wouldn't be right. Besides, Mom would kill us both." I looked at her as she pulled back a little. She was looking down now, her chin almost on her chest. And then it happened. The clincher: She started to cry. Not loud sobs but silent weeping. Great big tears ran down her cheeks and dripped on her new gown. She knew the chink in my armor and she was using it skillfully. I reached out and put my arms around her, pulling her against my chest. She turned and slid up on the bed, cuddling up next to me. I stroked her hair, which hung down around her shoulders now. She held me tightly and continued to weep. "Please let me finish my real date by showing you how much I love you," she begged. I never could deny my baby sister anything. I gave up. I reached down and put my finger under her chin and raised her head up so I could look into her eyes again. "I am yours to command my love. But command me you must, for I can not take the lead. I will obey you and give you what ever you seek. I only ask that what ever happens, we keep it our secret forever. No one else must ever know what happens tonight. Now lead on my love." She was smiling now. No more tears. She had what she wanted and so did not need them any more. She whispered, "I love you Sky" and pressed her lips gently to mine. I pulled her close and returned the kiss. Her lips parted so I parted mine. Her tongue poked out and ran over my lips. I did the same. Soon our tongues were sliding in and out of each other's mouths as if in a duel. I explored her mouth and she explored mine. I pulled back finally to catch my breath. I reached up to her face and wiped away the tears that lingered there. I caressed her cheek and ran my finger over her nose and mouth in a gentle outline of her features. I moved my lips up to her forehead and began to place little kisses all over her face. Her eyes, her nose, her cheeks. I nibbled on her ear and whispered into it how much I loved her. She moaned low in her throat. Her hand was behind my head, pulling me close for another kiss. I did not resist now. I was lost in a haze of love. This time as we kissed she ran her hand down my cheek. She outlined my features as I had done hers. Slowly her hand moved down my neck and over my chest. Our kiss went on as we showed our passion. She found my nipples and played with first one then the other. She pulled away from my lips and kissed her way down my neck to where her fingers were toying with my nipples. She sucked one into her warm mouth and circled it with her tongue. I was getting hot now but let her move at her own pace while I held her close and caressed her hair. She tired of my chest and moved on. Now I felt her lips on my belly as she moved down more. Then she reached the edge of the sheet that covered me. Looking up at me with a smile she slid her hand under the sheet and down to my now rigid cock. It was like an electric shock and I jumped. She giggled, and flipped the sheet off the bed, exposing my naked form. My cock was standing at attention waiting for relief. Ginny paused to look at what she had uncovered. Her eyes were locked on my dick. "I've never seen one before," she murmured. "It's beautiful, and so big." It wasn't really all that big, but I liked to hear that, so I didn't reply. I felt her hand grasp my cock around the base. She moved down the bed so her head was closer to my groin. She ran her other hand over my bush, playing with it. Her hand moved up pulling the skin up over the head of my dick. She seemed fascinated with it. Her hand moved down and then up again as she started to stroke me. I groaned. She glanced at me and asked, "You like?" I was barely able to reply, "Oh yeah!" By now my eyes were closed, and I was just enjoying the touch of her warm little fingers as they moved over my rod. The hand that had been playing with my pubic hair moved down to my testicles. It rolled them back and forth like marbles in a bag. Then I was suddenly aware of a new sensation and opened my eyes. What I saw and felt was the ultimate fantasy revealed. Ginny had placed her lips on my cock head and kissed it. Next she stuck out the tip of her tongue and barely touched the little slit where there was a drop of pre-cum. She drew it into her mouth and tasted it. I heard a soft "Mmmm" and her tongue was out again. Now she was licking me as if I was her favorite lollipop. Her tongue ran all around the head and then from just under the rim up over the head again capturing a drop from the slit. I was in heaven. I moaned and groaned continually from the sensation of her warm wet tongue as it explored my dick. I didn't think I would last much longer and I told her so. On hearing that she made a large O with her mouth and slipped it over the head of my now throbbing cock. Her hot mouth moved slowly down the shaft as she sucked on it. When she reached the point where I was touching the back of her throat she moved up again. Then a rhythm was set and she was moving steadily up and down. In short order I felt a tightening in my balls. I was nearing orgasm. I warned her but she ignored me and continued sucking and pumping. In a flash I was cumming. I felt surge after surge of hot sperm splash into her mouth. She surprised me again by swallowing rapidly and completely draining me without losing a drop. I had just had the most fantastic blow job of my life and it was from my baby sister. I just lay there trying to recover and absorb what had happened. Ginny cleaned my dick with her tongue and then slid back up next to me. "Did I do it right? Was it good for you?" She looked deep into my eyes as she waited for an answer. "I can honestly say, I have never had better," I replied. That got a huge grin from her and she snuggled tightly against me. As I held her close, I thought that I would be off the hook now. She had shown me her gratitude and love and that would be the end. Or so I thought. "I love you," I whispered. "Then show me, please," she said softly. "Are you sure?" I asked. In answer Ginny took my hand and placed it on her breast then kissed me passionately. I felt the very small mound of her breast with a noticeable peak sticking up. She was obviously aroused and wanted more. I held her close as I rolled over on my back. We were now face to face with her on top of me. She rested her head on my shoulder as I ran my hands down her back over the silky gown. It felt very sexy as it slid over her warm skin. I let my hands rest on the firm mounds of her ass and squeezed gently. She moaned in my ear. I pressed her ass cheeks together and held her against my hips. Slowly I started to slide her gown up. When it reached her butt, I moved my hand under it and felt her soft skin. I let my fingers wander over her cheeks and down to her thighs. She opened her legs a little to allow me more access. I hesitated for a moment then moved my fingers up between her legs to the center of her passion. I could feel the heat as I neared her pussy. Then I was touching the lips and found she was wet. I let my fingers play and dance around the edges of her sex. I noted that she was smooth with no hair I could feel. I slipped one finger between her labia and felt the silky smooth and hot inner folds. She wiggled as if to try and get more but the position was awkward. I pulled my hands back to her hips and grasped the gown again. She raised up off me a little so I might pull the gown up farther. In a moment it was at the level of her breasts, then over them and just under her arms. I pulled it over her head and she lifted her arms one at a time so I could remove the gown completely. I let it slip to the floor. My baby sister now lay naked on top of my naked body. It was electric. She moved around a little so that our bodies rubbed together. I kissed her again and she made noises in her throat that begged for more. She had pleasured me and now it was my turn to pleasure her. My cock had regained its hardness but I ignored it for the present and rolled Ginny off me and onto her back. I started with a deep, passionate kiss and while our lips and tongues were busy I caressed her body from shoulder to hips. I could feel her reaction as my hand passed over her breasts and lingered in her belly button. I continued down and confirmed what I thought previously. She was without any pubic hair. I enjoyed the feel of her smooth and puffy pussy. I broke off the kiss and moved down her body placing kisses and licks where I thought they would do the most good. It seemed to be working as she moved her body around in reaction to the sensations. At last I was there. I had reached my goal. The feast was laid out and ready. Her pussy lips were swollen and hot. They were parted slightly and I could see and smell the juices of her arousal. I placed my tongue flat against the bottom of her pussy and slowly lapped upward to the very top of it. Her legs spread wider apart as I savored the honey of this virgin delight. Ginny rotated her hips so that her hot little pussy pushed up as an offering. I let my tongue slip between the outer lips and prodded her inner lips so that they too opened for me. I ran my tongue slowly up and down over her hooded clit and down the edge between her inner and outer labia. She was delicious. I let my tongue toy with her clit and it started to grow and emerge from its hiding place. Still, it was so small you could barely see it. I poked and prodded and kissed and licked, enjoying my feast as I never had before. This was special. This was an offering of love and not just another lay. I covered her pussy with my mouth and explored every crevice with my tongue. Ginny grabbed my head and pulled me tightly against her. "Oh yes. More please. More." I continued my attack on her petals and clit, ever gentle but at the same time demanding. I dipped into her tunnel and was rewarded with another gush of honey. She was flowing like a stream she was so hot. I could feel her moving all over the place as if she was trying to force me into her body. She was moaning and crying out for more. Then suddenly she wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me even closer as she reached her climax. I could not move anything now but my tongue. It seemed that was all I needed though, as she stiffened and clenched her fists in my hair. It seemed to last such a long time but I'm sure it was only a few moments. Then she relaxed suddenly and was completely spent. Finally able to move, I made my way up to her face and kissed her soft lips. She seemed to be sleeping but in a moment she roused and I realized she had passed out from her orgasm. I held her in my arms as she recovered. I thought about how wonderful it had been. She had given to me and I had given to her. We had shared a very special time. I was elated and she was beaming. I expected her to fall asleep any minute. Wrong again silly boy. Ginny stirred and placed a gentle kiss on my ear. "Please don't stop," she said. Again I was caught off guard. I hesitated, then asked "Are you sure?" "Yes, please. I want to make love. I want you to make me a woman tonight. I have wanted it for a long time and tonight it will make the date complete. It will be a night I can never forget." As I said before, I could never deny my baby sister anything she really wanted. And it seemed that this was something she wanted very badly. I kissed her again as the lover she had become. She responded by pulling me up and over her. I reached down and felt her pussy. It was still very wet and hot. She was ready and so was I. I had not lost my erection since regaining it after the great blowjob. Supporting myself on one arm, I reached down and took hold of my cock. I rubbed it up and down along her pussy to get it lubricated. Ginny was moaning again as she anticipated what was coming. I placed the head of my dick at her entrance and pushed slowly. Nothing happened at first but after a moment it started to slide in. Then with a pop it passed the opening and I was in. I still couldn't believe it. I had my cock in my baby sister's pussy. I tried to concentrate on what I was doing. I pushed gently and slid in farther. I thought it would be easier if I let her get used to it so I moved just a little in and out without going deeper. She was smiling and moaning as she enjoyed this new feeling. I sensed that she was accepting me in her channel and so I tried to go a bit deeper. I found myself pushing against her virgin barrier. I pulled back a little and then pushed in again. I felt the hymen stretch but it didn't break. I could see in her face that Ginny was now feeling the pain. I wanted to stop but I knew she didn't think that was an option, so I pushed hard and suddenly I was through. She flinched at the pain but then smiled. I held still for a minute to let her adapt to having me in her. After only a minute or so she started to move against me; pushing up on my dick and then pulling down off it again. "Are you OK?" I asked. She nodded her head and hugged me close. I began a slow in and out motion going deeper each time. Soon I was all the way in and felt my pubic bone bang against her clit. That got a groan from her and she began to match my strokes. Little by little our speed increased and soon we were going faster than I thought possible. I was grunting with each inward stroke and so was she. I heard moans but was not sure who it was, Ginny or me. I do remember hearing her say, "More, please," several times. I gave her all I had. I was soon feeling the start of my orgasm. I tried everything I could to hold it back. You know the old, "Think of something else," trick? Ha! Good luck when you're pounding away at a hot, tight virgin. But luck was with me. Ginny started on her orgasm at just that moment. She held me tight and matched my every move. She made noises that were not words and I can't duplicate here. I did some pretty loud noise making myself. I felt my balls tighten, my dick seemed to grow bigger, and then I was suddenly pumping my seed into my little sister. I pressed as far in as I could and she pushed back as hard as she could. We both froze in position as my cum spurted and spurted into her tight pussy. I could feel some of it seeping out around my dick as I continued to cum. Then, finally, it was over. We both collapsed in exhaustion. I started to roll off to the side but Ginny had too tight a hold on me and we ended up lying on our sides with my wilting dick still inside her. We kissed again as we came down from a fantastic climax. I could feel my cock slide out of her after a few minutes. I held her close and told her again how much I loved her. She told me she loved me too. And we fell into a deep sleep. We lay there in each other's arms all night. It was wonderful to feel her body next to mine as I dozed off. I woke up in the morning to find myself naked in bed holding my baby sister's naked body next to me. Oh my God! What had I done? I was thinking all sorts of horrible things as I lay there. Then Ginny woke up too. Her eyes opened slowly and she gazed into my eyes. I was almost afraid to hear what she would say. But I need not have feared. "Good morning, Big Brother." "Ah, good morning, Little One," I replied hesitantly. "How do you feel?" Ginny leaned up on one elbow and looked me right in the eye as she smiled from ear to ear. "I feel great!" I was relieved to hear that but was still a bit apprehensive. Then she set my mind to rest. "I guess the date is over now. Thank you, Big Brother, for the best birthday I could ever have. You did everything I wanted and made it a date I will always remember." She gave me a big kiss. But it was closed mouth and not sexy. It was my sister kissing me. She got out of the bed and grabbed her gown off the floor. She ran out of the room and I could hear her close the bathroom door. It was over. For better or worse the night was what she wanted and I was glad I was able to give it to her. I worried for quite a while about the possibility that Ginny might have gotten pregnant from our "date". I asked her about it several times; and after a while she told me it was OK, she had had her period. That was a big relief, let me tell you. Ginny and I stayed close but never had another "date". We were brother and sister again and we liked it that way. But every once in a while Ginny will say something to let me know she still remembers. Things like, "This is the second best date I ever had," or, "This is almost as good as my 14th birthday." When she says things like that, I see a sparkle in her eyes that fills me with joy. I will never forget my Birthday Girl in Blue. The End. Comments to: Uncle_Sky2004 at yahoo dot com Just a note to my readers. Those of us who write the stories you like to read have received and continue to receive a lot of support from ASSTR (Alt.Sex.Stories.Text.Repository). The major thing they do for us is archive our stories and make them available to you the readers. This is a non-profit organization and is staffed by volunteers. The operation is costly and the only income they have is from donations. That being the case, I ask that you consider making a donation if you have enjoyed my stories. It will help to make sure they remain available for all to read free. You can find out about donating at this link: Thank you.