Author: Uncle Sky
Title: I am Dreaming
Summary: A story of romance inspired by a song.
Keywords: Mf. first, Rom

Warning! This is an adult story written for adults. It contains scenes
of explicit sex. If you are too young in your community or do not like 
this type of story, please stop now. Go away. If you proceed you do so at
your own risk.

I Am Dreaming (M/f, first, rom)
      by Uncle Sky

My darling I am dreaming as I sit here by the stream. The sound of the
water gurgling past lulls me into a dream of the days gone by. The days
when you and I were sweethearts, meeting here beneath the summer sky.

Your hair has turned to silver, the gold has faded too. But even after
all these years I still remember where I first met you.

For many years I had spent my leisure time sitting by the stream,
"drowning worms" as Mom used to say. I made believe I was fishing but 
really I was dreaming. I dreamed of a girl with golden hair who would 
come and fall in love with me. A girl who would be all I could ever want 
and who would only want me.

It was at my favorite spot not far from the old mill that I first met
you. I was dreaming as usual and didn't hear you as you approached. It 
was a shock when I heard your sweet voice.

"May I sit here?"

I glanced at you and found I couldn't speak. I fell into your deep blue
eyes, set in a smiling face surrounded by golden hair. My dream had come
to life. Or was I still dreaming?

"I'm sorry. If I'm bothering you I'll move down stream a ways."

"No! No! Please stay. I welcome the company."

"Thank you. My name is Sandy and I'm new in town. This is a lovely place
to rest and enjoy the day. Do you come here often?"

I was mesmerized by your voice as well as your beauty. I could only
stare as you smoothed your gingham dress out and sat down on the grass 
just a few feet away from me.

"I'm Gary, pleased to meet you. Yes I come here all the time. It's my
favorite place to sit and dream."

I was usually tongue tied with girls but you were somehow different.
Easy to talk to and a delight to see. You made me feel warm and relaxed 
as if we had known each other for years. As we sat there enjoying the sun 
and a cool breeze under the old oak tree, you told me all about you and 
your family.

You were sixteen. A bit young for me but you didn't seem to mind that I
was twenty-one.

As we talked you drew me out and I told you of my own family and my life
and dreams. We spent hours just sitting and talking. And when the time
came to leave we both felt sad at parting. It was summer and I had lots of
free time and so I asked if you might come back the next day.

"I'll try. It's been very nice talking to you. Bye now." And you were
gone as quietly and quickly as you had appeared.

As I walked home I thought about what had happened. After all my
dreaming, I had met her at last. My dream kingdom now had a queen. A real 
person who seemed to like me and wanted to spend time with me.

The next day we met again. We talked and laughed and I was enchanted by
your smile. You had brought some iced tea along and shared it with me.
When you handed it to me our fingers touched and I felt a spark as if we 
had shuffled across a rug. The day flew by and soon it was time to leave

You took my hand in yours and squeezed it gently as you said good-bye.
My heart pounded and I felt the heat as I blushed. I watched you leave and
admired your firm bottom as you walked away.

We met there every day or almost every day. It was plain to me that I
was in love with you from the start. It wasn't long before I knew that you
loved me too. It started slowly at first. We held hands. Later we kissed
as friends might. Then as lovers would. But that took weeks.

Then one day, after several weeks of meeting by the stream, you took my
hand and asked me to show you the old mill. We walked to the mill and I 
pried open the door. It was dark and musty inside. But we went in anyway and
found it was empty except for a pile of straw in the middle of the main

You took my hand and pulled me down onto the straw. Then to my
amazement, you put your arms around me and pressed your lips to mine in a  
deep passionate kiss. The warmth of your sweet lips spread through my whole
body. I felt my heart leap and my cock twitch as it began to grow. Your
tongue slipped between my lips and found mine, stroking it and daring me
to do the same. You laid back on the straw and pulled me with you, holding
me in a firm embrace. You were on your back and I was propped on my elbow
over you. I looked into your eyes and saw something there. What ever it was
pulled me to you and we kissed again. It was longer and deeper this time. I
was unsure of what I dared do next.

You seemed to sense my hesitancy and took my hand placing it on your
breast. Your breast was small and firm under my hand. I could feel your 
bra and under it the heat of the flesh and beating of your heart. I rubbed
my hand over it and gently pinched what felt like your nipple pushing up in
the center. We kissed and kissed some more. Since you had made the first
move I felt free to move on.

I gently kissed your eyes and nose and cheeks. I moved around to your
ear and nibbled on the lobe. You moaned and tilted your head to give me
access to your neck. I kissed my way down your neck and around to the hollow 
at the base of your throat. My hand shook a little as I reached for the top
button on your blouse. You made no move to stop me so I opened it and
kissed the uncovered spot. Slowly I opened each button until all were
undone and I could open your blouse to reveal your chest with a small
bra covering your luscious breasts.

As I covered your chest with kisses and pressed my hand to your breast,
you rolled toward me so that I could reach the clasp of your bra behind you.
In only a moment your bra was pushed up and those beautiful mounds of flesh
were free. I trailed my kisses over and around each breast in circles that
grew smaller and smaller. When I reached the nipple on one side I flicked
it with my tongue and continued to the other one. I flicked that nipple
and saw it grow larger and firmer as you became more and more excited.

I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it while I played with the
other one, pinching it between my fingers. Your hand went to the back of my
head and pulled me tightly against your breast. As I continued to suck and
caress your breasts I moved a hand down over your belly to the top of your
skirt. I hesitated to give you a chance to stop me if you didn't want me
to go further. When you didn't make a move I slid my hand down over your
hip and around to your ass. I squeezed a cheek and rubbed it then slid down
your side to your thigh. When my hand reached the hem of your skirt I
paused again with my hand on your bare knee. You moved your legs apart

I took that as an invitation to go further and so I let my hand travel
up under your skirt along your inner thigh. I felt the heat long before I
reached my goal. As I approached it I could feel the moisture as well as
the heat coming from your pussy. I felt the leg band of your cotton
panties and placed my hand over your pussy and pressed. I began to rotate my
hand so that it moved the fabric of your panties over the swollen lips
beneath it. You were moaning steadily by then. I slipped a finger under the 
leg of your panties and ran it up and down the puffy lips. I could feel the
juices seeping out from between them.

Suddenly you sat up and pushed my hand away. I thought you wanted to stop 
and I groaned in frustration. But you placed a quick kiss on my lips and
stood up.

"Let's undress now."

I stood and tried to get my clothes off as fast as I could. I fumbled at
the buttons, and the zipper on my pants jammed. I was a klutz when all I
wanted was to be smooth and sure. At last I was naked and I saw you
standing there naked as well. So beautiful. You were small of stature,
about 5'2'' and about 100 pounds. Your breasts were about a B cup but
stood out proudly with little pink nipples that seemed to be straining to
reach out for a hand. I let my eyes drift down your body to the junction of
your thighs. I could see your pussy below a small patch of blonde hair. The
lips were swollen and the inner pink labia stuck out in invitation.

I quickly spread our clothes over the straw so we would have a soft
place to lay. Taking you in my arms I sank down to the makeshift bed and 
began kissing you again. I moved a little faster this time but still not too
fast as I kissed my way down to your breasts. I paused there to taste your
wonderful titties and then moved down past your navel, kissing as I went. I
nuzzled your pubic hair when I reached it and then kissed my way down over
the swollen lips of your succulent pussy.

As I licked around the outside of your pussy you placed a hand on the
back of my head and pressed me closer. I licked along the slit between the
lips and then slipped my tongue between them. Slowly I let my tongue slide up
over the opening, between the inner lips and finally to the pulsing clit.
Your clit was small but stood out proud and red, waiting for my attention.
I touched it with the tip of my tongue, just enough to tease a little.
You jumped and pressed my head harder against you. I traced the outline of
your clittie and let my tongue trail down the edge of your labia where they
joined your thigh. Again, I ran my tongue up over the outer lips and
tasted the nectar you were leaking.

I could have kept it up for hours. You tasted like honey to me and I was
feasting at the alter of your sex. But you were too excited. You grabbed
my by the hair and pulled me up over you. We kissed again and then you
whispered in my ear.

"Take me, now please. I need you so much."

I was more than ready. My cock was harder than it had ever been before.
It was pulsing with the beat of my heart. I reached down and grasped it at
the base of the shaft and slid it up and down through the slit of your pussy
to get it wet. When it was covered with your juices I placed the head at
the entrance to your channel. I pressed forward slowly but firmly. At first
there was no movement but then suddenly the head snapped through the
opening and was grasped by the muscles of a very tight pussy. I held it
there to let you get used to it before I slowly started to move.

I pressed forward a little and then pulled back again. I moved in very
small strokes at first wanting you to be comfortable. As I pressed forward
on about the third stroke I met a barrier. It was your virginity. I had
not even thought about you being a virgin. I stopped and looked at your
face. You nodded as you bit your lower lip and placed your hands on my ass.

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

Your answer was to pull me sharply down so that my cock plunged into you
in one long stroke. I felt a snap as I broke through your hymen and then
slid all the way in. You let out a sharp cry of pain but held me tightly. I
waited for you to recover a little. When I felt you push your hips up I
started to move again. I stroked in and out slowly, letting you get used
to the feeling. It didn't take long before you were matching my strokes. It
was slow at first but speeded up a little at a time until we were moving
very fast.

I could feel myself nearing an orgasm and tried to hold back. I wanted
it to last as long as possible. But you were nearing completion as well.
You were moaning and groaning as you clutched me tightly against your body.
I kissed you deeply and then heard you cry out.

"I'm going to cum. Oh God it feels so good. Cum with me please.

At your encouragement I let myself build and soon we were both climaxing
at once. I pressed in as deeply as I could and held it there as we both
stiffened. We were locked in an embrace of bliss. I don't know how long
it lasted. It seemed like a very long time as I pumped load after load of
cum into your tight pussy. I remember feeling it leaking out around my cock
as there was not enough space inside for it.

After the last pulse of cum entered you, we both relaxed. I was drained
and rolled off to the side so as not to crush you. But you held on and
rolled with me so that we were on our sides facing each other, my cock still
buried deeply in your still clasping pussy.

We stayed that way for some time, until my cock slowly got smaller and
smaller and finally slipped out of your pussy. We let go then and lay
side by side breathing hard and coming down from our orgasms. I turned my
head to look at you and you had your eyes closed.

"Are you alright sweetheart?"

"Yes. I'm just enjoying the afterglow. That was wonderful. Thank you so

"No, thank you. You gave me a gift I never expected. To be the first to
make love to you was more than I ever hoped for. You know I love you
very much, don't you?"

"Of course I do. And I love you very much too."

And it was there I knew, that you loved me true. Even as I loved you. My
dream was coming true.

We talked for a long time after that. I asked you then if you would
marry me. You said yes but that we would have to wait a bit. We needed to get
your family prepared and you needed to be a little older too. We decided
to wait until you were eighteen. That gave us plenty of time to get your
family used to seeing me around and let them accept me as your boyfriend.

We talked about children. It was then that I realized I had not asked if
you were on the pill. I breathed a sigh of relief when you said yes. I
didn't want an unexpected pregnancy to spoil our future.

It was a slow process but it worked. Everyone who saw us knew we were in
love. And even with the age difference they accepted me. The week after
your eighteenth birthday we were married.

We made love many times in that old mill during the years we waited. It
was always fantastic and we never doubted that we were meant for each other.

The old mill wheel is silent and has fallen down. The old oak tree is
withered and lies there on the ground. But you and I are sweethearts,
the same as days of yore, although we've been together , forty years or

I love to sit here dreaming by the old mill stream. Here where I first
met you, with your eyes so blue. I remember that gingham dress too. Yes it
was here I knew that you loved me true, as I loved you. You became my queen,
here by the old mill stream. I no longer have to dream because you came
to me and made my dream come true.

It is good to sit here and remember how I used to dream of you, down by
the old mill stream.

The End

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