Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My name is Mike and I'm 14 and dealing with puberty. My cock and balls are growing (7 fat inches so far)and I'm always getting hardons. My mom is old, slutty and kind of ugly but she really turns me on. She seldom wears a bra or panties so I've seen her big saggy boobs and very hairy old pussy a lot. She is 60, 5 ft. 2 inches tall and weighs about 120 lbs. Her hair is short and gray and she wears granny glasses. She has a lot of older men that visit her and they usually bring a bottle and within an hour, I hear them banging her. She doesn't try to be quiet when shes fucking so I just jackoff along with them. Puberty has made me more aware of sex and sexual things that I'd never noticed before. My uncle Dave (moms brother) has always visited my mom a lot, but it never dawned on me that he was fucking her too. Last week, school let out early because of a power failure and when I got home, I noticed my uncles truck parked out front. Since they didn't know I was home, I thought I might snoop around and see what they were doing. I went around to my moms bedroom window and peeked in but her room was empty. I was a little disappointed until I looked in the kitchen window and saw my mom on her knees sucking my uncles big cock. He was standing in front of the kitchen sink with his pants around his ankles and his hands holding moms head as he slowly fucked her mouth. I was veiwing them from the side so I had a clear veiw of everything. My uncles cock was huge, about 9 inces long and as fat as my forearm with a big dark purple mushroom head. His big balls looked like they should be hanging under a bull with long dark pubic hair everywhere. I could tell that my mom had taken out her false teeth but still could only get about half of my uncles big cock in her mouth. Ever so often my uncle would pull moms mouth off his big cock and slap her face with it and she would just smile up at him like she loved being dominated. Finally my uncle pulled her up on her feet and bent her over the sink. He pulled her loose fitting dress up and over her head and her big saggy tits just swung from side to side. My uncle was rubbing his cockhead up and down my moms hairy, old, wet slit as she bent obcenely and thrust her nice fat ass back at him. I could hear my mom moaning even from outside when uncle Dave buried his whole cock in her. He had his hands on her hips as he pulled her back on his horse cock and my poor mom was moaning "God its so big, I love your big cock, fuck me hard Dave, fuck me like the slut I am, Oh God Dave, I'm cuming, split me open with it baby, ram it in there, oh Godddddd fuck me, fuck me, fuck me and I watched as my moms body jerked and twisted on my uncles big cock. 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The next afternoon my uncle came and got me and we went to his house. We set up a card table and some chairs and then he had me open some chips and dip. When everyting was ready, my uncle told me to sit down at the kitchen table. He asked me if I liked the "show" yesterday. I didn't know what to say but he went on. "I know you did, your mom says you jackoff three or four times a day and I saw the lust on your face as you watched your mom fuckin a big cock" he said "I also saw the way you looked at my cock too, do you want to see your old uncles cock up close". I could see his cock growing in his pants and I kept thinking about it stretching out my moms pussy and I was getting horny and then I heard myself say "ok". I just sat there as my uncle undid his pants and when they dropped to the floor, his big cock just stood straight out and he made it jerk a couple of times. He said "go ahead touch it if you want" and I reached out and put my hand on it. It was very hot and heavy and sweaty and it was making precum that was running down the underside toward his big balls. My uncle wiped the precum with his fingertips and brought them to my lips and whispered "taste it". I stuck my tongue out and when I tasted it, my uncle stuck his sticky fingers in my mouth. Automatically I started licking his cum from them. My uncle said "your ready to suck from the fountain" as he removed his fingers and pulled my mouth toward his big cock. I was so turned on that I just opened my mouth and sucked the big mushroom head. It was so fat that it stretched the corners of my mouth. It was hot and salty and delicious so I took both of his big balls, one in each hand and used them to pull more of his big cock in my mouth. My uncle moaned "oh I like that, pull hard on em" as he lovingly held my head and squatted a little as he fucked my mouth. He was becoming very verbal as he fucked my mouth harder. 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My uncle reached under moms dress and started rubbing her hairy pussy right in front of me as he told her I was the best cocksucker he'd ever found. Just as I was doing a final cleaning on my uncles cock, two older men came in the kitchen and one of them said "I'll have what he's havin". My uncle pulled my head off his cock and told my mom to get naked and lay in the floor. He told the two men that I would get them hard for my mom and that I would clean their cocks when they were done. One man walked over to me with a fat soft cock and I just started sucking him and it grew quickly. When it was good and hard he went over and got between my moms legs and just shoved it to the hilt in her. The other guy presented his big semi-hard cock to me and I started sucking him all the while watching my mom get plowed in the floor. She was moaning "fuck me baby, I'm so horny, give it to me good". The guy I was sucking was holding my head as he asked me if she was my mom. I nodded my head yes and he said "thats so fucking hot, a son sucking mens cocks so their good and hard for his mother". About that time the guy fucking mom started pumping his hot cum in her and she started cumming too. She was moaning "I feel your cock cumming in me, God your cum is hot, pump momma full of it". The guy I was sucking ran over to my mom and said "this ain't gonna take long" as he mounted her. The guy she had just fucked brought his messy old soft cock over and I cleaned it for him. My mom started moaning "Roys here, are you ready for some pussy Roy, Mike get Roy ready, he's got a nice cock, get him hard for mommy". When I finally saw Roy, he was naked and I knew why my mom was so happy. He was black, in his forties and hung like a horse. He said "your uncle says you really know how to suck a cock, have you ever sucked a black one". I shook my head no as I stared at his beautiful black cock. It was soft and hanging straight down but even soft it was at least 9 inches long and as thick as a water bottle. I put my hands on his tight ass cheeks and just sucked his hot cock into my mouth. As I sucked him he began to moan and his cock began to grow. Soon it was hard and about a foot long but not much fatter. He said "one of these days I'm gonna let you finish me off, I like having a young white boy suck my cock off as much as I like fuckin your momma better than all these old white guys". Then he walked over to my mom and she took his big cock in her mouth. Roy said "you ready bitch" and my mom laid back and threw her legs wide open. Her hairy old pussy was gaped wide open from her previous fucking and we could all see cum oozing out. Roy lined up his big cock and was just fucking mom with the head. Mom said "please fuck me Roy, I need your big cock, please" and when she said that Roy rammed his whole cock in her and we all heard my mom groan. As Roy pulled all the way out and then rammed it all the way back in, we started hearing moms sloppy pussy making sucking noises and it wasn't long until she was cumming. She was moaning incoherently "momma loves big black cock Mike, do you like watching me fuck his big black cock baby, mommies a slut baby, it makes me hot fucking in front of you baby, are you gonna fuck me too baby. momma wants you to" and then her eyes rolled back in her head and her whole body began to jerk. Roy said "thats how you fuck a bitch" and then he started cumming in my mom. We could all see his cum leaking out all around his big cock. When he pulled out, he looked at me and said "get over here" and held his cock out to me. I licked him clean and basically worshipped his big cock. When I was done, my uncle said "clean your momma up son and be gentle, shes probably sore down there".I began licking mom and it tasted good. Her pussy was full and it was running down her butt cheeks. 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