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THE YOUNG CHERRY CHEERLEADER: NAUGHTY AGAIN CHAPTER 1 As eighteen-year-old varsity cheerleader Jennifer Wilson rolled out of bed on that Friday morning in early December to get ready for school, she did so with unusual enthusiasm. It was going to be a big day for her. Not only was it a football game - it was also Mr. Walker's birthday. He'd been gone on business quite a bit recently, so she and her friend Angie Walker had quite an event planned for the evening for her friend's dad. Tonight, Jenny would be going to Angie's house for a birthday party and a sleepover after the girls cheered at the school's football game. "But don't expect to get any sleep," Angie had told her, with a smile. As Jenny showered and put on her cheer uniform to wear to school, her mind raced in anticipation of what she might experience that day. The 5'10" sweetie with a 32-22-28 "B"-cup figure, blonde hair to about the middle of her back, and lovely blue eyes, knew she was going to have a lot of fun. She smiled at herself in the mirror before leaving her bedroom, her cute dimples enhancing an incredibly innocent face that masked her sexual experience. She quickly reviewed her appearance in the uniform, giving her own personal approval before starting her school day, as she combed her long blonde hair into pigtails with sweet bangs across her forehead. ******************* When Jenny walked into her history class late that morning, clad in her cheerleading uniform, she couldn't help but notice Mr. Lewis' smile. Her teacher was hot for her every time she walked by him, and their steamy sexual relationship was something she had really enjoyed. She sat in her assigned seat, in the back of the classroom. From here, she would frequently tease the hell out of the poor teacher by flashing her panties at him, whether in one of her school or cheerleading skirts, by spreading her knee socks and revealing her crotch to him. It was her sign to him that she was looking for a little "extra credit" work after class. This was one of those days. She wanted to help celebrate Friday with her teacher's cock in her cheerleader pussy. Jenny slowly parted her knees as she sat at her desk. With Mr. Lewis looking on, trying not to look obvious, she slowly spread her knees outward, stretching the pleats of her cheerleading skirt. Like the petals of a sweet blooming flower opening up, the insides of Jenny's smooth, thin thighs revealed themselves, quickly exposing her tight white cheerleading briefs. The cheerleaders usually wore their red cheer briefs with their uniform, and their black ones sometimes. Their cheer coach thought the white briefs made it look like the girls were showing their underwear, though, and she had told the squad that they would need her permission to wear them for games, which the captain had surprisingly received the previous day. Jenny and Angie had encouraged their captain to ask, since the two girls knew the coach wouldn't listen to them because of their promiscuous reputations. Mr. Lewis' eyes took immediate notice of Jenny's white cheer panties, a special treat, indeed. As Jenny smiled with her naughty display, he had all he could do to suppress an immediate erection in front of the class. When the bell finally rang to end the class, Jenny brushed against her teacher as she walked by. "Can I have a private tutoring session during lunch?" she whispered, teasingly. "Absolutely," he whispered back. "I'll be expecting you." ********************* About than an hour later, when lunch hour came, Jenny headed straight for Mr. Lewis' classroom. Following a fairly-regular routine, she sat down at a desk in the front row, pulled out her textbook, and acted as if she was doing homework. When the traffic in the hallway had died down, Mr. Lewis walked over and closed the door, locking it for their privacy. Jenny stood up and walked over to his desk, where she waited for her teacher. She looked so pristine and innocent in her little cheerleading uniform. She wore just a hint of makeup and had her long blonde hair in two pigtails with red and white hair ribbons. Her bangs draped over her forehead, cut evenly just above her eyebrows and adding to her schoolgirl innocence. She smiled sweetly at Mr. Lewis as he walked toward her, showing off her cute dimples, always excited by the idea that she could give a man an instant erection and that men were regularly jerking off to her photos and videos. Her cheerleading sweater was a tight, ribbed turtleneck style, ending just at her waist, so that when she would lift her arms, her flat tummy would peek out. It was all white except for two thin red stripes running down the sides and down the sleeves. The red letters "SLHS", about four inches high, ran across her chest, thrust outward by her blossoming, firm breasts. The cheerleading skirt was red, with twelve inverted white pleats. It was very short, ending just below her crotch and showing off her long, thin, tanned legs. Her white cheerleading panties were snug on her shapely teen ass and ready to be shown with the slightest wiggle of her little pleated skirt. White knee socks with red and white saddle shoes completed the delightful outfit, accentuating her thin thighs. "I just couldn't wait to see you again, Jenny," he told her. "It's been a few days." "Thanks," she replied with a beaming smile. "Are you gonna be at the Walker house tonight for the big party?" "Absolutely," he said. "But how could I resist my favorite cheerleader when she flashes her cute little panties for me?" Jenny giggled. "I just wanted to get a sneak peek at that cock of yours," she cooed, rubbing the crotch of his trousers with one hand and tracing his bulge with her fingertips. "And you girls are wearing white briefs today?" he asked, rather surprised. "Yep," she nodded with a smile. "Angie and I were hoping that we could give the guys a special tease at the game today, and Mrs. Andrews gave our coach permission for the squad to wear the white ones today. She almost never does that, because she thinks that it looks like we're being naughty and showing our underwear." "Very nice..." he said. "And I think a special young lady deserves to have her pussy licked when she's wearing sweet white panties." Jenny giggled as Mr. Lewis slid his hands under her little skirt and tugged her tight white cheer briefs and her cotton panties down her thin thighs. She wiggled her legs and shook the brief/panty combination down to her ankles, stepping out of them as he sat her on the edge of his teaching desk. "Wow, it must be three whole days since the last time we were together like this," Jenny mused. "And I've got a nice big load of cum all saved up for you," he added. She giggled again. "I'm used to that," she teased, as she leaned back, propped on her elbows. "Just don't get all used up so you have nothing left for tonight." Jenny put her red-and-white tennies on the edge of the desk, her feet about shoulder-width apart. Then she spread her knees wide to the sides, fanning out the white pleats as her white knee socks formed a "V". Her shaved snatch begged for a tongue or a stiff cock. "Not a problem," he assured her. "You'll always manage to coax a nice load out of me whenever you want it." Jenny smiled as she watched Mr. Lewis carefully lay her little red cheerleading skirt up high on her tummy, keeping the inverted white pleats smooth so they wouldn't get wrinkled before the game. "Oooh, Mr. Lewis," Jenny purred as he leaned forward and pressed his tongue against her smooth hairless pussy. He started massaging her tender young clitoris with his taste buds, inhaling her essence. Jenny would often use a fruit-scented bodywash, and her teenaged gash smelled like fresh strawberries today. Jenny closed her eyes and just purred softly as her teacher ate her strawberry-scented muffin for several minutes. She could feel her pussy juice flowing out of her young snatch, and her teacher lapping her sweet love nectar as it oozed from within. The teasing friction of Mr. Lewis' tongue, coupled with his hot breath on her tender twat, had driven her to the brink of ecstasy very quickly. "Ooh, Mr. Lewis, almost there..." she coached between gasps. "You're gonna make me cum really hard." Jenny bit her lip as the red chenille letters on her tight white cheerleading sweater heaved outward with each breath. Mr. Lewis relentlessly assaulted her swollen pink clit with his tongue, burying his face deep into the schoolgirl's crotch. Then he heard Jenny groan. The young cheerleader squealed in delight as she hit orgasm. Jenny's knee sock-wrapped legs visibly shook with the intensity of her climax, and her pussy juice flowed freely into her teacher's hungry mouth. "Aw, fuck!" Jenny groaned as she came. Mr. Lewis quickly slowed and stopped his stimulation, allowing Jenny to bask in the warmth. He looked up to see her smiling at him, having obviously enjoyed the tongue-lashing. "God, that was good," she muttered, as she reached out to him and ran a hand through his hair. "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy Friday, sweetheart," he smiled, the bottom half of his face glistening with her wetness. "I want you in me, now," she ordered. "I need you to fuck my little cheerleader pussy," Jenny teased. She watched him unbuckle his pants and whip out his schlong, quickly hand-whacking himself stiff. "Just don't cum inside me," she asked. "I want to be fresh for the party later, so I'll drink you dry." Mr. Lewis smiled and nodded. He enjoyed nothing more than the familiar feeling of tossing his hot spunk down the back of this cheerleader's throat. He leaned forward and fisted himself into the young girl, driving his meat into her warm, wet snatch. Jenny spread her legs even wider, allowing him to thrust the full length into her. The two lovers fucked on the desktop, Jenny smiling as the teacher pounded her cheerleader pussy. She looked so marvelous and naughty in her little uniform, her panties off as he nailed the vixen with a quickie-fuck. "Let me know when you're ready to be sucked off," she reminded him. He continued banging Jenny for at least five more minutes. She was actually surprised he was fucking her this long - he usually only lasted three or four minutes before blowing his wad. Not that she was going to complain; she loved the sensation of his fleshy piston drilling her deep. She realized, though, that she had to get going to her next class in just a few more minutes, so she tightened her pussy muscles around his rod to accelerate his orgasm. "Okay, baby, do me," he said, as he pulled out. He backed up as he pulled her from the desk. Jenny dropped to her knees and clamped her lips around Mr. Lewis, jerking him with one hand. She didn't want her uniform getting stained before the game with his creamy goo, so she kept a tight mouth-seal around his cock and widened her throat to receive his load. It didn't take him long. With her well-honed cock-sucking skills, Jenny's vacuum-cleaner mouth and her dancing fingers quickly worked her teacher to the breaking point. He groaned loudly, and Jenny could feel the first spasm in her fingertips as his prick throbbed with the first squirt, tossing his milky semen across her tongue and into her eager mouth, where it slid down her throat like a creamy milkshake. Jenny kept jerking him as he geysered load after load of warm, sticky jizz into her sucking mouth, where she eagerly swallowed it as fast as it came. When it had finally stopped after five or six salvos, she pressed her thumb against the underside and squeezed the last of his gooey cum as she sucked hard, milking him dry. Then she let go of him and smacked her lips, having not spilled a drop of his precious seed. Mr. Lewis put himself away and fastened his pants as Jenny quickly slipped her panties and white cheerleading briefs back on. "I'll fuck you later," he told her, with a wink. "You can count on it," Jenny answered, smiling with pride at another satisfied blowjob recipient. She grabbed her books and headed out the door, wiggling her ass at him and shaking her little pleats from side to side as she left.