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SWEET LITTLE SCHOOLGIRL CHAPTER 1 Little Kimmy Johnson heard the Thomases' car pull into the garage. The eighteen-year-old had come to their house after school and had been babysitting for them while the couple went out to dinner. She looked at the clock. It was 10:15 PM, and the two children had been sleeping for over an hour already. Mr. Thomas opened the door and walked into the living room. He could see Kimmy look up over the top of her schoolbook at him as she reclined across the sofa. Kimmy smiled. She had a sweet smile, and her cute little dimpled cheeks and bright blue eyes made her very photogenic. Her shoulder-length light brown hair was parted in the middle, curled under on the ends, with bangs ending just above her eyebrows. Kimmy was dressed in her school uniform from St. Anthony's. Mr. Thomas looked over her young, skinny schoolgirl body lustfully. The frilly collar of her white long-sleeved blouse peeked out above a tight blue-and-white plaid vest. The girl's breasts were quite small, barely noticeable at all through the vest. Kimmy's skirt was blue-and-white plaid. It was shorter than the women teachers at school liked, but it got her a lot of attention from the boys and the male teachers. As Kimmy lied across the couch with her legs up and crossed, it pulled up even higher on her smooth, thin thighs, hemming out only a few inches from revealing her panties. Her white knee socks were pulled up tight around her calves, just below her knobby schoolgirl knees, and blue-and-white saddle shoes completed the school uniform. Mr. Thomas felt his cock twitch at the sight of sweet little Kimmy. Mrs. Thomas joined him, and the couple thanked her for watching the kids for them. "Honey, why don't you go up and relax? I'll drive Kimmy home," Mr. Thomas proposed. "Sounds good to me. I'm very tired," his wife replied. Mrs. Thomas started up the stairs, while Kimmy gathered her school books and stood up to leave. Mr. Thomas walked with Kimmy to the car and opened the door for her. He got in, started the car, and pulled out of the garage. It was about a fifteen-minute trip to Kimmy's house. "Thank you for watching the kids, Kimmy," he told her. "You're welcome sir," Kimmy answered. Mustering up all his courage, he reached over and touched the pleats of her little skirt. "I like your school uniform, Kimmy," he said. Kimmy looked down at his hand, holding the hem of her skirt. "Thanks," she replied. "Some of my teachers think it's too short, though." "Not at all!" he exclaimed, still caressing the fabric in his fingertips. "They think it shows too much of my legs," Kimmy explained. "Your legs are beautiful, Kimmy," Mr. Thomas responded, placing his right hand on her left thigh. "You should be proud of them." The man and the young girl both looked at each other. Mr. Thomas smiled at Kimmy, and she returned the smile. He ran his hand up and down her thigh slowly and softly. "Mr. Thomas, I don't think you should be doing that," Kimmy said. "It feels good to you, doesn't it?" he asked. "Yes, but..." "So why not?" he added. Kimmy didn't say anything, so Mr. Thomas continued caressing the girl's thigh. With each stroke, he slowly pushed her little skirt up higher and higher until his fingertips, on the inside of her thigh, found her white cotton panties. He rubbed Kimmy's little love mound once through the soft material. Kimmy squeezed her legs together, trapping Mr. Thomas' fingers there. He wiggled his fingertips against where he guessed her clit would be. "Sir, this isn't right," she chided him. "Don't you like the way it feels?" he asked. "Yeah, but you really... shouldn't... have... your... hand... there...". Kimmy closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling. She spread her schoolgirl legs wider than before. Mr. Thomas fingered her tenderly through her panties. Kimmy's juices were starting to flow, and soon her crotch was soaked through her soft white cotton panties. "Oh... Mr. Thomas..." she murmured. He smiled as he fingered the young girl while he drove. Kimmy's clit was so tender, and the friction of her panties and his fingertips made her go numb with pleasure. Soon, little Kimmy was breathing loudly, gasping for air. Mr. Thomas continued rubbing little Kimmy there, massaging her soft clit through her wet cotton panties. "Oh, sir! It's wonderful! That feels so wonderful!" she groaned, her eyes squeezed shut. Kimmy felt her young teenage body convulse and spasm with its first orgasm. She felt an incredible tingle and surge of warmth come over her as she quivered and groaned. "Oh, God! Oh, sir! Oh! Oh!" Kimmy moaned in delight as she shuddered, her young body heaving in ecstasy. Mr. Thomas pulled his hand from Kimmy's crotch. Kimmy pulled her little skirt back down into place, dazed by the last few minutes. "Thank you, sir. I've never felt anything like that before," she told him, a bit embarrassed. "You're very welcome, Kimmy. And now, there's something you can do for me," he added. "What?" Kimmy asked, innocently. Mr. Thomas reached down and unzipped his pants, then fished his half-swollen cock out into the dim light of the car's interior. "Mr. Thomas!" Kimmy exclaimed. "It's okay, Kimmy," he assured her. "What did you want me to do?" she asked, afraid. "Just put your hand around it, Kimmy," he told her. He gently took her wrist and pulled her hand over to him, until her fingertips were touching his prick. Kimmy put her hand around it, softly. "Like this?" she asked, shyly. "Just like that, Kimmy," he answered. He smiled at her, and she smiled back with her sweet dimples. "Now, start stroking your hand back and forth on it," he instructed her. Kimmy started a slow jerk on his cock. It was pretty soft at first, but the longer she stroked it, the longer and harder it got. "Like this?" she asked again, looking for approval. "Yeah, sweetheart, just like that," he answered, looking for a place to pull over for a few minutes. He finally spotted a parking lot with a single light pole. Mr. Thomas pulled the car under the light and turned the ignition off. In the quiet of the night and the single streetlight, he slid forward in the car seat as the young schoolgirl babysitter stroked his prick with her hand. Kimmy kept up a good pace as she jacked him off, innocent to what she was doing. "Does this feel good, sir?" she asked, seeking reassurance. "Oh, yes, Kimmy." "What will this make you do?" Kimmy asked. "It's gonna make me cum, sweetheart." "What do you mean?" she asked, innocently. Mr. Thomas laughed. "It's gonna make white cream squirt out of my dick," he told her. "Really?" she responded, surprised. "Yeah, Kimmy. Would you like to see that?" "Uh huh," she nodded, her hand caressing his warm, thick cock. "It's so hard and long, sir," she murmured. "That's because you make it that way, Kimmy." Kimmy smiled at him, and then looked back down in admiration at the thick cock-stalk in her young hand, amazed that she had the power to do that to a man. "Do it faster, Kimmy," he instructed. The young girl picked up the pace. Mr. Thomas panted as he sat there, getting closer and closer to his release. "Are you gonna do it soon?" Kimmy asked. "Oh yeah! Faster, Kimmy!" Kimmy's hand was almost a blur as she whacked away. Suddenly, Mr. Thomas groaned loudly. As Kimmy continued jerking, thick streams of jizz shot out and splattered on the steering wheel and dashboard. "Ooh, Mr. Thomas, it's squirting that stuff!" she gasped. Kimmy kept up her stroke, as more and more cum splattered all over the inside of the car. "So much white stuff, sir!" she babbled. "What is it?!" "It's my cum, Kimmy. It's all for you." Finally, it slowed to a stop, trickling down over the young girl's hand, as she slowed her hand to a stop. "Thank you, Kimmy," said Mr. Thomas. Kimmy released her grip on him and pulled her sticky, cum-covered hand away. "Your cream is all over my hand, sir," she said. Mr. Thomas laughed. "Taste my cum, Kimmy," he encouraged. "Are you sure, Mr. Thomas?" she asked. "Try it, sweetheart." Kimmy pulled the hand close to her mouth as Mr. Thomas smiled. She stuck her tongue out a little to get some from her fingers, then pulled away, embarrassed. "I don't know, sir..." "Try it. Just once, Kimmy." Kimmy put her hand to her mouth again, and licked a tiny bit of it. She tasted it for a moment, and then licked a little more off. "What do you think, Kimmy?" he asked. "Do you like the taste?" Kimmy nodded and smiled sheepishly. "Yes, sir, it tastes a little salty." Mr. Thomas smiled as he put his cock back in his pants and started the car again. "Well then, Kimmy," he said. "I'll squirt my cum in your mouth next time. That way, we won't waste it." "Okay, sir," Kimmy smiled. "That might be fun. I'll eat more of your cum next time." Mr. Thomas patted her thigh with his hand. Then, Kimmy helped him clean the gooey jizz from his car, and the two started for her house. Mr. Thomas rubbed her little clit through her panties all the way home, and Kimmy enjoyed every minute of it, including another orgasm in front of her home.