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RETURN OF THE YOUNG CHERRY CHEERLEADER CHAPTER 1 Jennifer Wilson was just starting her senior year of high school at St. Luke's, and her first few weeks had been unforgettable. She had been introduced to the wonderful world of sex, highlighted by an orgy with her cousin and a room full of men. Little Jenny's cousin had suddenly moved back with her mom just a week before, and Jenny missed Susie terribly. She often looked at a framed photo of the two girls in their cheerleading uniforms, reminiscing about the hotel cheerleader orgy that had brought them closer together than they had ever been. Jenny was the kind of girl every guy at school would like to date. She had grown to 5'10" with a 32-22-28 "B"-cup figure, blonde hair to about the middle of her back, and lovely blue eyes beneath sweet blonde bangs. When she smiled, her cute dimples enhanced an incredibly cute face with a clear complexion. Jenny also had slender, attractive legs, with slightly knobby knees that only accented her schoolgirl cuteness. Unfortunately, Jenny's looks were such that the guys at school all falsely thought that she was unattainable, each thinking that there must be some other guy who was the lucky recipient of her affections. Jenny didn't mind. She had fucked several of the boys at school recently and was not impressed. From her experiences, she preferred sex with adult men by far, because they knew how to satisfy a young lady. Once again, it was football game night, and the squad was again eager to show off the cheers and dance routines they had been working on during the summer. She finished putting on her cheerleading uniform for the evening's game. As the young varsity cheerleader sat on the edge of her bed and tied her cheering shoes, she thought she heard her mom come into the house downstairs. It surprised her, because her mom wasn't supposed to be home from work until later that night. Jenny had wanted to ask her mom about her schedule for the weekend, so she figured this would be a good chance to do so. Jenny didn't have her own car yet, so she either had to borrow her mom's whenever she wanted to get somewhere, or rely on her friend, Angie Walker, to take her. Since she was an 18-year-old senior, she really wanted a car of her own, but she needed more money to make it happen, and she didn't want a regular job. After all, she'd have a hard time being a cheerleader if she did have the standard after-school job. Jenny had made a nice bundle of cash from the hotel room orgy, and she dreamed of parlaying her innocent looks and fresh sexual skills as a good source of income. She opened her bedroom door and walked downstairs. "Hey, mom?" she called out. There wasn't any answer. Jenny turned the corner to the living room, where she saw her mom's brother, Bill, on the couch. He was fumbling with the TV remote control, and it was pretty obvious to Jenny that he had been drinking. "Uncle Bill?" He turned and looked at Jenny. "Oh, hi!" he answered. Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen lived about a mile away, but Bill visited his sister quite often. "I heard somebody come in, and I thought you were mom," Jenny told him. "No, just me," he smiled. "Where's your mom, anyway?" "She was supposed to be working late tonight, so she won't be home until nine or ten," Jenny said. Uncle Bill nodded. "So, what are you up to?" he inquired. "Just getting ready for the game tonight," she answered. He gazed intently at his niece, standing before him in her cheerleading uniform. "I guess so..." he mused, as his fuck-hungry eyes devoured her luscious teen figure. The skinny senior was wearing one of her new uniforms for the year. While the uniforms from the previous year were all red and white, the girls had added new uniforms with black added to the color combination. Jenny wore a shell top that zipped down the back. It was black across the back, with a red/white/black trim that crossed her shoulders and ran down both sides. The front of the shell was white on the top, black on the bottom, with the same red/white/black striped trim separating the color scheme in a "V"-shape. Across the white top of her shell were the letters "SLHS" in a script fashion, for St. Luke's High School. Under the shell top, Jenny wore a tight, thin white long-sleeved turtleneck bodysuit top that ended with an elastic band just below her breasts. Jenny's cheerleading skirt was quite short, hemming out very high on her delicious, shapely thighs. It was black, with twelve alternating red and white box pleats. In addition, the same red/white/black trim pattern ringed the hem of the tiny skirt. Below about eight inches of luscious, teenage thighs, her slightly knobby knees only enhanced her youthful innocence. Her calves were encased in a pair of white knee socks, pulled up smartly to just below her kneecaps. Her white knee socks had a four-inch-wide black band near the top, embroidered with the white initials "SLHS". Two thin red bands circled her socks, one about an inch above and one below the black band. White athletic shoes with black trim completed her uniform for the evening. Jenny hadn't seen her uncle look at her before in the way he was staring at her now. "You know," he reflected, "I hadn't realized what a grown-up woman you've become." Jenny smiled, wondering what her uncle was up to, and how much he'd been drinking. Uncle Bill stood up and approached her slowly, then placed his hands on her sides, tracing his fingertips slowly down the trim on her shell top and onto her pleated skirt. "Uncle Bill, you've been drinking again, haven't you?" Jenny inquired. "Uh huh." His hands caressed her pleats until they reached her warm skin. Then, he reached under the hem of her skirt and slid his hands up underneath. Jenny tried to back away, but he had her pressed up against the wall. "Uncle Bill, you shouldn't be doing this," she chided him. He pressed up against the sweet, young cheerleader. Jenny could feel his swollen manhood through the pleats of her skirt. "Why not?" he asked. Young Jenny now felt his hands caressing her ass through her cheerleading panties. She felt so turned on by this unexpected situation, but a bit embarrassed at the same time. "Because it's just not right. What would Aunt Karen say?" Uncle Bill softly pressed his lips to hers and kissed her. She didn't respond. He kissed her again. This time, she tentatively kissed him back. Jenny was confused. She knew this was wrong, yet she was so excited. As Uncle Bill kissed her a third time, she opened her mouth slightly. Her tongue met his. The teen cheerleader was overcome with passion. She eagerly thrust her tongue into her uncle's waiting mouth as his fingertips probed under the elastic legband of her cheer panties. He slowly started to tug on them, when Jenny disengaged their kiss. "No," she admonished. "You can't take my clothes off. We can't do that." "But I want to make love to you," he said. "You can't put yourself inside me," she said. "We can't have sex like that. You're my uncle." "But you're making me so horny with that hot outfit," he said. "How about if I just fuck your panties, then?" "What?"" she asked. "I'll just rub my dick against your panties. You won't have to take your clothes off, and I promise not to put it inside you." Jenny thought about it. She felt sorry for Uncle Bill, and she had returned his kiss, so she was also responsible for getting him so worked up. But perhaps she could get some money out of this toward her car? "Forty dollars," Jenny said. "What?" "Forty dollars. You can do that to me if you give me forty." "Fine," he uncle grumbled. He fished out a pair of twenties from his wallet and stuck them into Jenny's hand. "Okay," Jenny answered. "But just this once." Her uncle lifted her onto a nearby table. Jenny sat there watching, while he quickly unfastened his trousers and tugged off his boxer shorts. They fell to a pile around his ankles. She gazed in astonishment when she saw his hardened, eight-inch cock. She would have never thought he was packing a prick that large. "So what are you gonna do, exactly?" she asked. "Lift your legs, but keep your knees together," he ordered. Grasping the edge of the table for balance, Jenny pulled her knees up to her chin. "Just keep your knees together like that," Uncle Bill reminded. He pulled her feet to the sides of the desktop, her lower legs forming an inverted "V". Uncle Bill smiled at the view before him, as the darling cheerleader niece had the crotch of her tight black cheer panties bulging over her sweet love mound. While Jenny watched with interest, he pushed his cock onto the black fabric of her cheerleading briefs, and up between her tightly closed thighs, which would keep his manhood in place against the panty fabric. Jenny reclined back on her elbows for leverage, as her uncle began to pump his prick against her. Her sweet "B"-cup breasts pressed hard against her shell top. Uncle Bill flipped her little pleated skirt up onto her flat tummy, and then he grasped both of her warm thighs, holding her knees together. He was soon fucking her cheerleading panties as hard as he could. His skin slapped against the backs of her thighs. Jenny closed her eyes and moaned softly. The friction of her uncle's cock against her panties rubbed the fabric back and forth against her tender clit. "Oooh..." she moaned, involuntarily. "You like this, huh?" he asked. Jenny smiled and simply nodded. At that moment, she couldn't care if this man was related to her or not. Uncle Bill squeezed her thighs and bit his lip as the intensity of his excitement built to a crescendo. By now, Jenny's feet were off the desk. Her knee socks waved about wildly as he fucked her little cheer panties. Little Jenny watched as he grimaced, then he pulled her knees apart. Uncle Bill mashed the head of his cock into the crotch of her panties as he came. The young cheerleader watched in delight as thick streams of gooey jizz repeatedly spurted from the tip of his throbbing penis and splattered all over the front of her black cheerleading panties. After ten seconds or so, the last of the creamy white goo had been squeezed out onto her briefs. Contented, Uncle Bill wiped the tip of his drained prick onto her cheer panties, then reached down and pulled up his boxers and trousers. "Uncle Bill, you made a mess out of my cheerleading briefs!" Jenny gasped, staring at the white smears of semen all over the black fabric. He just smiled at her, proud of his accomplishment. "You've got another pair, right?" he asked. "Yeah, I guess I'll have to wear my red ones tonight," she muttered. "I'd better go change." Jenny sat back up and hopped down from the table, careful to hold the front of her skirt up, so that it wouldn't get his semen all over it. "Oh, thanks, by the way," Uncle Bill added. Jenny hadn't had the chance to experience an orgasm from him, but she had still enjoyed it, even though she knew it wasn't a proper thing to do. She smiled at her uncle. "You're welcome. Just don't tell anyone." With that, she turned and bounced up the stairs, still holding the pleats up in the front of her cheerleading skirt with one hand, clutching his forty dollars with the other, while the pleats in the back of her skirt swished delightfully from side to side.