Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. "Ok guys. Lets get the fuckathon back on!" Prince said. Stan, Greg and Mike knelt down beside Diane. Diane had arched her body, bending her arms above her head. Her body was glistening with piss, cum, sweat, and spit. Greg and Stan sucked hard on her tight nipples. Their hands rubbing and teasing her body. Their fingers slid down to her hot and wet cunt and they started to frig her. Diane felt their stubby fingers slide in as they started to finger fuck her. She started to grind her hips against their fingers, trying to get them deeper. While Greg and Stan frigged her cunt, Mike was kneeling in front of her and licking her body like a dog. He kissed her deep in the mouth, tasting the filthy piss and cum on her body. His cock was throbbing and he wanted to cum hard in this bitch. He grabbed her ass and pulled her closer as his mates frigged her cunt into a frenzy. Diane's hot cunt was frothing from all the action. Diane kissed him passionately. Sliding and forcing her tongue deep into his mouth as he squeezed her ass. She could feel his hands run up against her spine and back as he massaged her while they kissed. She could feel her nipples being sucked and nibbled and bit and spat on by Greg and Stan. Her nipples were tight and erect and her cunt and ass were aching to be fucked some more. "That's it. Suck those babies. Suck your cum out of my nipples you cunt licking mother fuckers. LICK IT. Lap on my piss drenched titties till you puke. YEAH, spit on them and suck it all up." She grabbed their heads and smothered their faces and mouths by forcing her boobs into their face. She thrust her nasty boobs out and rammed her tits into their faces HARD. "Open her cunt for me guys. Hook your fingers in on the sides and hold it open. I want to fuck this bitch with my hard cock while your fingers are still in there." Mike said. Diane groaned with lust. "DO IT BASTARDS. Gape that cunt", she screamed. Stan and Greg opened her cunt up and Mike thrust his hot throbbing cock deep into her. Diane let go of their heads and lurched forward. Her body bucking from the assault. She could feel the fingers and the cock slide deep inside her hot cunt. She screamed in pleasure. Greg and Stan had their mouths close to her, rasping and cursing close to her face as Mike plundered her cunt. She fucked them back hard. Driving her cunt down hard on the fingers and the cock. The three were in a nasty sexual rhythm. Mike held on to her ass and thrust his cock deep inside her pussy. He could feel her milking his cock and he knew he would cum soon. He spread her ass cheeks and slipped his fingers into her ass. He crammed his fingers in deep inside her hot shit hole and blew his cum deep inside her cunt. As his cock spewed his hot cum, he crammed his fingers deeper into her shit hole. Diane held onto Greg and Stan as she swayed with passion. Mike finished pumping his cum and his cock popped out of her wet and sloppy cunt. He pulled his fingers out of her dirty shithole and licked them clean. Diane laughed and held his face in her hands and asked him to open his mouth. She held it open and spat hard into it. Mike gulped hard. She scooped out his cum from her freshly fucked cunt and put it into her mouth. She forced his mouth open again and spat the dirty cum mix into it again. "Eat your nasty hot cum you bastard. Gulp it down like the pimp you are. Like it? Like that taste motherfucker? Like tasting your own hot cum from your whore's pussy?" she snarled as she spat hard on Mike's face again. "Now get those cocks hard and fuck me some more. This slut needs to get fucked hard. FUCK ME LIKE A CHEAP WHORE NOW!" "Oh just you wait, you cock craving filthy whore... Prince has got a real treat lined up for you ass and cunt", the three of them said in unison! "That's right my princess. You are going to get the whore fucking of your life!" Diane turned around to see Prince standing behind her. He grabbed her by her hair and started to drag her to the other room in the suite. Diane crawled behind her like a dirty street bitch. Her hair was matted from the cum and piss. Her cunt was oozing out Mike's thick cum. She was growling with lust. She knew that she was in for a really nasty fuck and the thought of that made her cunt leak more. Prince led her to the scond room in the suite. The room was large and was had thick transparent glass walls. The walls looked out for a breath taking view of Peru. Kneeling in the room Diane felt as if she was in the open. It felt wonderful. It was like the whole world could see what a hungry slut she was. She loved the feeling of being watched and admired for her nastiness. She looked around in the room and saw a small indoor ceramicwhite pool in the middle of it. It was about 5 meters in diameter and three feet deep. The pool was empty though. Prince got her to her feet and held her face close to his. Diane stuck her tongue out saucily and licked his chin. Her body pressing against his as she rubbed her filth all over his taut body. Prince moved his hands over her back. He held her waist and pulled her close, kissing her deep. Diane could feel his tongue swirl and tease inside. She kissed him back passionately. She wanted to devour the horny stud. She wanted to fuck him silly. Prince broke the kiss and looked at her. "You are going to get your oldest fantasy true tonight. Remember what you told me a year ago? Your nastiest, dirtiest fantasy. It has taken me a year to plan this." Diane's breath left her body. She just moaned and rubbed her cunt against Prince's thighs to atend to the wild horny feeling that was flowing through it. She remembered her fantasy and to hear that it was going to become true was just too over whelming a feeling. "The piss pool", she gasped. "That's right, you horny cunt. You are going to get your fantasy of getting bitch fucked in a pool of piss come true today. And guess what, the whole hotel is going to see it happen. That's right. The whole hotel is going to see what a nasty pissmop you are and how a dirty slut needs to get fucked. COME ON OUT YOU PEOPLE!" Prince waved his hand at the adjoining door. That was the signal. Diane could not beieve her eyes as a crowd of people started entering the door. She recognized some of the faces. She could she the house keeping woman, the guy behind the reception desk, the chef, the two ladies who were talking to her by the pool side yesterday, the newly wed couple she met on her way into the hotel. They were all there! Looking at her naked and caked in cum and piss. Rubbing herself against Prince like a street bitch in heat. Her ass and cunt were tingling. She could not believe how dirty and perverted this whole scene was. "There are 200 people who are going to come in here and fill up that pool with their piss. They have been sitting in the next room for an hour and filling up their stomachs with water and beer. Now its all going to come out for YOU. And then they will watch me fuck the shit out of you in that dirty piss pool. How do you like that you slut? Does that make you hot and sweaty, you dirty whore?", Prince whispered into her ear. Diane was in heaven. She could see the crowd come in and start to piss into the pool right in front of her. 15 to 20 of men and women were standing or sqatting around the pool and pissing into it. Prince had obviously given very clear instructions. They were looking at her and whooping and shouting and groaning as they pissed freely into the pool. She could see the pool filling up fast. Diane went around laughing and encouraging them. "That's right mother fuckers. PISS YOUR GUTS OUT. Fill that dirty pool with your nasty piss. I am going to get my cunt and ass fucked in that like a whore. Wont you want to watch that? COME ON YOU MOTHER FUCKING BASTARDS PISS HARDER!" In 10 mins, 100 people had pissed into the pool and it was already one foot deep. The pool was filled with foaming wrm piss of strangers. Diane was going around the pool, touching people as they pissed. She would fondle balls, slip her finger into their asses or sqeeze the tits of women who were pissing as she walked around. Goading them on, asking them to make itdirtier than ever. When the last 15 people came in to relieve themselves, the pool was already two and half feet deep. All the 15 were women. They were part of coffee shop. They had served snacks and coffee to Diane a number of times over the last 3 days. They never knew what a filthy slut they were servicing. Prince saw an opportunity. He grabbed Diane around the waist from behind and carried her to the pool. He entered the piss pool and set her down. Diane was kneeling inside the pool, covered till her waist in filthy piss. She could not help but gag once. Prince was stnding in front of her. His huge cock bulging and throbbing angrily. They were surrounded by 15 squatting women, ready to add their dirty piss into the pool. "Ok ladies, DO IT!" Prince ordered. Hot streams came and hit Diane from every direction. Diane was soaked in seconds. She pulled her hair back as piss hit her on the face and tits and mouth. The women were groaning and abusing her. "Fuck! Look at that dirty piss whore.She is loving it. She wants to fuck in piss. What a slut. Here piss slut, why don't you taste some? COME HERE YOU PIG" Prince grabbed her head and forced it into a pising cunt. Her mouth was over flowing with hot foaming piss in seconds. He pulled out her face, spat hard into her mouth and thust it into another cunt. Diane was gulping down the piss as fast as possible. Her hair was in a bunch in Prince's hand and he was thrusting it hard into the gushing cunts. One of the women, a frizzy haired black beauty, held onto her head and started to fuck her face viciously as her cunt spewed piss all over Diane. Diane was grunting and growling like a jungle cat as her face was fucked hard. Once she finished pissing she spat on Diane's wet face and tits calling her a piss guzzling whore. Then she fish hooked Diane's mouth open and spat a huge load HARD into her mouth. Prince finally pulled her into the middle of the pool again. Diane was dripping with sweat, spit and piss. He was standing in front of her, piss till his knees. Diane was kneeling, the piss just covering her nipples. His big hard dick was swaying in front of her mouth. Prince shoved it roughly into her mouth and the crowd cheered. He gave her slutty mouth a good hard fucking. Her lips were stretched out over his sliding dick as he rammed it into the back of her mouth over and over again. Spit was drooling from her face onto the pool as Diane sucked him off expertly, her fingers squeezing and massaging his balls. Prince felt her hands move onto his ass. She was making him thrust harder and deeper. He grabbed her hair and plunged his cock in hard making her gag and choke. He held her head as her face was mashed against his crotch and his cock was digging into the depths of her throat. He felt her gag nd gargle and cough. He pulled his dick out and Diane gasped for air. Her mouth covered in spit and drool. Prince plunged her head into the piss just as she was breathing in. The crowd went wild. Diane went face first, open mouth into a piss pool of 200 strangers. She gulped a huge belly full of piss and started splashing around, desparate to get back on surface. Prince pulled the dirty sluts face out and kissed her. It was drenched in dirty yellow pee. The crowd was howling and cheering like animals. They wanted to see that again. They were goading Prince to fuck the shit out of the piss drinking whore. "Choke fuck the bitch, you sick mother fucker. Do it. Fuck that whore till she calls you DADDY!", the frizzy haired black girl screamed. Prince could make out that she was dying to get on to the action. He called her in to the edge of the pool. She came across and sat on her haunches. The crowd quietened up. "Whats your name?", he asked. "Jenna", she said. "Well Jenna, WELCOME TO THE FUCKING PISS POOL". Prince roared and pulled her into the nasty pool along with Diane. Jenna fell inside with a splash and the crowd went wild again. They were laughing and cheering. The poor girl struggled to her feet somehow, drenched in piss. Then she puked up and that made everyone laugh harder. Jenna cleaned her face and saw Diane kneeling in front of her and laughing at her. "You think this is funny whore. Here lets see how funny you think this is?", Jenna screamed. She grabbed Diane's head and dunked it into the piss again. "DRINK IT. DRINK IT SLUT", she yelled. She slapped Diane's ass and dunked her head in again and again. She would pull it up and spit on it and dunk it back. Diane's belly was full of dirty piss and her face a mess. Jenna finally pulled her out and shoved four fingers into Diane's mouth and choke fucked her in a frenzy. Diane puked up the piss and lost control of her bladder. She was kneeling in a pool of piss and puking and pissing into it! The crowd could not believe what a filthy whore she was. Jenna was still not done. She wanted to teach this slut a lesson. She looked at Prince and said, "You want to give this slut a filthy fucking? Well I know exactly how WE can do that." Prince smiled. This was going to get better..... --- "You really think you are insatiable don't you, slut?" Jenna asked Diane. "Well Prince and I are going to make sure your horny, hungry cunt gets satiated today whore!" She turned to Prince and said, "Prince, since we have all these people in the hotel already piss on this bitch, why don't we let them FUCK her. Let's get this bitch to fuck all the people in the hotel today." Prince loved the idea. He grabbed Diane's piss soaked hair and pulled her face close to his. "Do you like the sound of that slut? Do you want to get your cunt and ass fucked by every motherfucker in this hotel?" Diane was swaying with lust. She could feel her pussy starting to ooze out juice just at the thought of being fucked by the whole hotel. The nastiness of the orgy was arousing the animal in her. She wanted to get her holes fucked raw. She wanted to know how it feels to get fucked silly. There she was standing in a pool of piss. Her face streaming with spit, piss and puke and she wanted it dirtier and nastier. That's what made her an insatiable slut. Diane got her arms around Prince and moved closer to his face. She looked him straight in the eye and said, "Yes! Round up all the cocks you have in this hotel and get them to fuck me Prince. I want EACH and EVERY cock to fuck the shit out my cunt and ass. ALL OF THEM. I want their cum all over my body and don't fucking stop till I have milked every cock dry. Make me fuck them, you bastard! I want to be the whore for this entire hotel." Prince kissed her deep. Swirling his tongue around and tasting the nasty mix in her mouth. "Then get ready for the world's biggest gang bang. You are going to be the whore that fucks every cock in the hotel! Let's fill this bitch up with some cum", Prince announced! There was a roar from the crowd. They could not believe what a trashy slut Diane was. "What a shit whore. She wants to fuck the whole hotel. Get that dirty slut. Let's fuck those slutty holes till the whore is caked in cum! Get her to the hotel auditorium. Let's fuck the dirty slut in full view of everyone", someone shouted. Diane was pumping her arms and cheering the crowd along. Jenna moved close to Diane and squeezed her tits and nipples hard. "Get ready for the nastiest fucking of your life bitch. Your cunt and ass is going to get fucked till I can fit both my fists in those holes!" Diane looked at Jenna with eyes drunk with lust and said, "Do you promise?" and laughed. Jenna smiled saucily and said, "I promise". The auditorium in the hotel was a 1000 seater. It was rented out for shows and performances and today they were going to see the nastiest show ever in the history of Peru. Prince lifted Diane out of the piss pool and carried her there. The whole hotel was waiting in the auditorium. There were at least 1200 people squeezed into that place. Everyone wanted to be part of this nasty gang bang. Prince carried the piss soaked whore to the centre of the stage. The crowd was shouting and screaming. Guys were waving there cocks at Diane, asking her to fuck them first. To get coated in their cum. The women were laughing and cheering her on. "Come in slut. Fuck all these dirty bastards. Make them cum you piss drinking whore. FUCK THEM ALL!" There was a huge double bed in the middle of the stage. It was circular in shape and was jet back in color. Prince lowered Diane on the bed. She was on her knees, cheering the crowd and pumping them on. She rubbed her body all over with her hands, feeling her tits and pinching her nipples. She slid her fingers into her wet sloppy cunt and licked them clean. Then she lay on her back and gaped her asshole and cunt for all to see. She was teasing the crowd and loving it. She wanted to make sure that they were horny as hell when they came to fuck her. Prince signaled something to Jenna and she nodded her head and disappeared. She came back five minutes later with ten bottles of Champagne. "Lets clean this dirty bitch up", he said. Jenna and Prince popped open two bottles of champagne and poured it all over Diane. The cold bubbly liquid washed the piss, spit, cum and puke away. Diane was squealing and laughing as the champagne flowed over her body. It was soothing and exciting at the same time. She felt sexy and aroused. Jenna opened two more and started to spray the bottles on Diane. The fizzy, frothy champagne was splashing all over her. Diane went on all fours and spread her ass and cunt out. Jenna started to spray the champagne all over Diane's gaping pussy and asshole. Diane loved the sharp, fizzy feeling. It was getting her really hot.. "Lets get this bitch clean from the inside Jenna. She is really filthy and needs some deep cleaning", Prince said. He opened the next bottle, fizzed it up hard and SHOVED the spurting bottle into her ass. Diane lurched up and screamed as the bottle pushed past her gaping asshole. She felt the bottle almost rip in, stretching her asshole and fill her butt with cold champagne. Prince was pumping the bottle in making the bubbly wine spray all over. Jenna popped another bottle and eased it into her cunt. Now Diane was getting double fucked by two huge bottles of champagne. The bottles were stretching her cunt and asshole out as the cold alcohol purged all the filth from her insides. The crowd was roaring and cheering. Goading Prince and Jenna to shove the bottles in deeper. "Fuck the slut harder. Fill the bitch up. Stretch her nice and good for our cocks." They pulled out the bottles and the champagne came spewing out of her cunt and ass. Prince covered her asshole with his mouth and felt the cold champagne spurt into his open mouth. Diane pushed hard and made all the champagne squirt out. She felt washed and empty. Her body was soaked and dripping from Champagne and her asshole was being sucked at hard by Prince as she squirted out the liquid. Jenna was lapping her cunt clean. Prince smacked his lips and slapped her leaking asshole as he got up. "I think the crowd deserves a treat as well, don you? Let's give them a drink Diane. Let's give the fuckers a taste of your dirty ass." "Oh yes motherfucker. Fill up my ass with some more champagne. I am going to squirt it out of my shit hole for these bastards. Come on you fuckers line up. Get a taste of some great wine from my shit hole." Diane grabbed Prince by the hair and spat hard on his face and laughed. "Come on pig. Shove in two bottles into my ass so that I can give them a drink. Fizz it up good." She licked his face and kissed him. She lay down on the bed. Her legs in the air. Jenna straddled her face and held her legs in the air very firmly. Her ass and cunt were winking at the crowd who had gathered up near the edge of the bed. They were rooting and howling for action. "Come on slut. Give us a taste of your shit hole. Spray that nasty Champagne on us. Shove it into her Prince. Fill up the dirty bitch with the bubbly. We want to taste it. We want to see that nasty whore squirt it out of her asshole. God what a trashy whore. We love her. Come on SPRAY us bitch. HOSE us down." Prince popped two bottles. Diane was holding her ass cheeks apart. Stretching her asshole to the maximum. Prince moved the bottles close to her asshole and eased both the bottles in slowly. Once he had both the bottle necks into her stretched ass, he RAMMED tem in deep and started to pump the bottles empty. Diane's body was shaking and she wanted to push the bottles out. But her legs were held firmly by Jenna who pressed her cunt into Diane's face to muffle her moans and screams. "Take that you slut, take that champagne in. Ready people? Now TASTE IT!" Prince whipped the bottles out and clear liquid flew out from Diane's asshole onto the crowd. The crowd had their tongues open and desperate for a taste of that nasty mix from her shit hole. Diane's body was bucking and spurting out the champagne all over. Her asshole felt teased and hot from the fizzy action of the champagne. She felt Prince's tongue gliding over her cunt and asshole as it spewed out the wine. She could hear the crowd fight for a taste of that spurting champagne from her nasty dirty slut asshole. Just the thought of that burned her skin with animal lust. She wanted to get fucked HARD. She wanted all the horny mother fuckers to fuck her brains out. Her ass stopped spurting. She was panting from the experience. Jenna moved off her face and smeared the cunt juices all over Diane's face and tits. She bent down and spat on her face and hissed" You ready to get fucked now whore? You ready to get you cunt and ass fucked raw? These animals are going to fuck your shit out!" Diane growled, "OH YEAH BRING THEM ON. Come on everybody FUCK ME. Fuck my cunt and ass till I am full of cum. I want to feel the cum ooze out of my nipples. COME ON!" The biggest and the nastiest gang bang was about to begin...... ---- Diane's mind was in a haze. Her body was aroused sexually to a peak she had never experienced before. She was going to fuck the whole hotel! All the men and women in the hotel were going to use her for pleasure. The thought made her feel sexy and dirty and slutty like never before. She had always fantasized about being used for sex by a group. But this was beyond her fantasy. She was finally going to realize her dream of being totally satiated. Prince could see Diane pant with an animal like lust, her hands running all over her body. She was glistening from the Champagne that had been sprayed on her. She looked so sexy. Like a sexual beast on the prowl. Hungry for cum and cock. Hungry to be fucked hard and have her cunt and ass used and abused by every horny fucker in the room. She got on her knees and bent over at the edge of the bed. Her ass and cunt open to be fucked. Jenna called out to the crowd, "Ok everyone. The slut is ready. Get your cocks out and fuck the shit out of this whore. That's right you horny mother fuckers. Use your cocks, your fingers, your tongue, or anything you can lay your hands on and FUCK this slut hard. I want to see her covered in your cum like the slutty pig that she is. COME ON, FUCK HER! And she is not done till the time I can it both my fucking fists into her wet cunt and ass!" She went and knelt beside Diane. Holding her ass cheeks and spreading them for people to see. Slapping her cunt and asking guys to ram their cocks in. The stage was set. Prince got the people to come in groups of twenty. The guys took turns to pound Diane's cunt and ass. Some would stick their cocks into her mouth and give it a good hard fuck. Jenna ensured that Diane got to experience each and every cock that came up. And once they were ready to cum, she would hold Diane's face up so that they could cum on her face. She ensured that all the cum would show on Diane, making her look more slutty and nasty. Nothing was allowed to be swallowed. Group after group came in and fucked Diane. In about 3 hrs her body was covered with cum from more than 500 men. Her hair was matted and streaked with cum. Her face coated and totally with cum covered. There were dollops of cum hanging from her tits and nipples. Her cunt and ass was a soppy mess. She had taken at least 50 cum shots in each of them. The crowd was amazed at her sexual appetite. Prince could hear the crowd talk: "What a fucking trashy whore! Look at that cum covered slut! I have never seen anything like this. Look at that, she has two cocks in her cunt. Fuck! She is incredible! Come on you fucking cumslut. Fuck those cocks harder!" Diane was fucking each and every cock like a true slut. She could only see cocks and cum around her. Dicks of all sizes were fucking her cunt and asshole and she loved it. She played with every cock. Licking them and sucking them like a hungry slut. The guys were groaning and grunting around her. One of the guys held her shoulders and rammed his thick cock in deep and fast. He made her whole body shake and buck from the fast and furious fucking. Diane loved that. "Oh yeah! Fuck that cunt you bastard. Fuck it harder... Aaaaaaaaannngghhh yes yes yes fuck it. Oh god you fuck my cunt so well. Slam your fucking cock into my filthy slut hole. That's it baby. HARDER. Pull my hair. Treat me like a fuckpig. I am your cunt whore. Your cumslut. FUCK ME HARD", she screamed. The guy pulled her hair tightly in a bunch. Her head was arched back as he drilled his cock in hard and deep. He had incredible stamina as he fucked her cunt hard and fast. Jenna could see the sloppy cunt ooze out the cum that had been dumped in it. She quickly scooped it up and fed her cum coated fingers to Diane. "Eat that cum you filthy slut. EAT IT! That's from your freshly fucked cunt". Diane licked up her fingers hungrily and gulped it. She opened her mouth wide open to show that she had swallowed that filthy mix of cum from her cunt. Jenna spat hard into her open mouth and slapped Diane's ass. "Fucking whore. Fucking filthy pig. Come on milk that cock. Milk it with your bitch cunt. You fucking cock slave. Squeeze your loose whore cunt around that cock. That's it slut. FUCK HIM HARDER! Someone give this trash whore a cock in her mouth. What the hell, give her two. Stretch her lips like her cunt!" Jenna said. Two guys quickly rammed their cocks into her mouth. Diane struggled to fit both of them in. Her cunt was being ploughed at a furious pace by the other guy. She found it difficult to hold her lips around two cocks. The guys slapped her face and spat on her. They got her cum streaked wet hair in a bunch and forced their cocks in. Diane was drooling and gagging on the cocks in her mouth, when the guy came hard in her cunt. She could feel the thick creamy cum spurt into her gaping cunt. By now she had atleast a 500 cum shots in her cunt and ass. Jenna quickly got a beer mug. Prince hooked his hands under Jenna's arms and lifted her. "Come on slut. Squat like a dirty street hooker and push that cum out of your ass and cunt." Diane held her legs up and pushed hard. The cum started flowing out like a thick stream out of her ass and cunt into the beer mug. "Fucking dirty whore" people shouted. "I cant believe what a filthy slut she is. Look at that river of cum coming out of her slutty holes. Oh my god, the dirty whore is farting out cum. Just like a bitch in the street. Cum burping gutterslut. fuckpig whore! Look at her." Diane felt slutty and dirty like never before. She loved putting on an animal display of sexuality in front of so many people. Her cunt and ass were gaped open and squirting cum into a beer mug and she loved it. She had a wild wanton grin on her face as she pushed harder, making all the cum ooze into the large beer mug. As the last cum trickled out, Prince shoved in three fingers roughly into her ass and cunt and scooped the remaining cum out. She had dilled half the beer mug with the cum from her cunt and asshole. Jenna held the mug up and swirled it around for everyone to see. "It's slightly thick, don't you think Prince?" she asked saucily. "Well lets make more juicy", he said. He turned to Diane. "Spread your legs slut. Spread it wide, show your cock eating whore cunt to everyone". Diane leaned back and spread her legs wide. Her cunt was wet and caked with dry cum and pussy juicy. It was red and puffy from the fucking it had got from the 500 or more cocks. Prince slid in four of his fingers, palm up into her wide cunt. He curled his fingers up and rubbed the sensitive spot behind the clit. Diane groaned from the sensations. "Do you like that bitch? Your whore cunt getting frigged in front of these people?" Diane was moaning and thrashing her head around. She could feel Prince's fingers rub and tease her sensitive G spot. She knew that she would cum, and cum hard. "Yessssss.... Fuck me. Fuck my slutty cunt you bastard. Frig my whore pussy with your mother fucking fingers. Aaaaaaaaannnngggghhh. Yes. FUCK ME FUCK ME like a cheap whore. Make my cunt cum. Ohhhhhh god... yessssss!!!" Diane hissed. She could feel an intense feeling build up near her cunt. She was fucking her cunt on his fingers. Pushing against them as he rubbed and frigged her. She was thrashing, and grinding and writhing on his fingers. "I am going to cummmmm... Oh my god! I am going to cummmm... Fuck fuck FFFFUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. She fell back as Prince pulled his wet dripping fingers out. A stream of cum squirted out of her cunt inot the beer mug holding the cum. Diane had lost all sense of dignity. She lay there holding her legs wide open and cumming into the beer mug. Her body was shaking as the waves of orgasm made her spasm and buck. Diane moaned and howled like an animal as her cum streamed out of her cunt into the beer mug. Jenna was there, collecting all of it. As the squirting subsided, Diane saw Jenna mix the cum and squirt well. It was a whitish creamy liquid. "This is from your cunt and asshole you filthy slut. And you are going to take it all back", Jenna said. "You are going to drink this shit like the cum chugging whore you are. Open your mouth. OPEN IT!" Diane opened her mouth wide. Jenna poured a huge portion of the cum into her mouth. Diane gagged and retched. She gulped hard and tried to swallow the mix. The crowd was going wild. They could not believe what a filthy whore Diane was. Everyone was pumping their fists going "Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug..!" The mix proved hard to keep down. Diane gagged again and threw up. She puked up the cum that went into her and all the other cum she had swallowed from the cocks back into the beer mug. Clearly this was difficult even for a nasty slut like her to handle. Jenna laughed and slapped her face. "Dirty mother fucking slut. Filthy whore. Look at you, puking cum like a nasty pig." She spat on Diane face. Diane felt the spit spray across her lips. She could not help but lick it up and swallow it like a debased tramp. Prince grabbed the beer mug full of cum and puke from Jenna and Fug the contents on Diane's face, head and body. Diane squealed and started to laugh as the filthy mix splashed against her face and tits. "Give her a good massage Jenna" Prince laughed. Jenna immediately pounced on Diane and rubbed the mix into her face and hair and tits. Diane looked like a slut pig who has been wallowing in her sty of cum for ages. Her hair was matted and wet with cum. Her body and face completely wet and dripping with the filthy mix. She lay down again and rubbed her pussy. "I need a bath", she laughed. Jenna immediately lifted her leg and started to piss on Diane. "Take that you fucking piss whore. Drink my piss and bathe in it!" The crowd got charged again. The men gathered all around Diane and started to piss on the dirty slut. "Take that you filthy piss chugging whore. Bathe in our piss. Drink my piss slut. DRINK IT. I want to fill your belly wit my piss. Let me piss in your cunt. Open your mouth and gargle my piss bitch. TAKE IT! DRINK IT DOWN LIKE THE SLUT YOU ARE" They all shouted! Diane was lying in the middle, bathed in piss. She could feel the cum and filth getting washed away. The warm piss felt good on her sore cunt and ass. The relief made her piss too. She felt the warm piss flowing out of her cunt. "Look at that. She is pissing on herself. What a nasty whore!" Jenna said. One by one all the 1000 people came and pissed on Diane. She was drenched and dripping with piss. The crowd were amazed at what they had witnessed. She had got fucked by a 1000 people. Drank their cum, bathed in their piss and was now sitting there fingering her cunt. People started to leave. Soon there was only Prince and Jenna left there. Jenna sat behind Diane and cupped her tits from behind. Se was playing with her nipples. Prince was standing in front of Diane watching his nasty fuck slut dripping with piss. Diane slapped her wide cunt and asked Prince, "Won't you fuck me?" Prince held her legs up and spread them wide. "You bet I would". He slammed his cock in hard into her cunt. Diane screamed loudly from the sudden assault. As Prince began to hammer his cock in and out she started to fuck him back with equal gusto. "Fuck me mother fucker. Fuck my cunt. Fuck me... ohhhhh yesssss.... Bastard. Fuck your piss covered slutty tramp. Do you like that.. Did you like seeing me fucked like a shit eating pig? HARDER!" she screamed. She could feel another intense orgasm build up. Jenna moved down near her ass and slapped her cheeks hard. 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