Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Prince was lying on his back with a smile on his face. He was in the Luxury Suite of Hotel Shangrila in Lima Peru. He never thought that his assignment of taking photographs of the Nazca lines will turn out to be one of the most eventful assignments of his life. He never thought that in Lima, Peru he would find a match for his sexual appetite - Diane. Diane was just the kind of partner that Prince wanted. Nasty, naughty, kinky, dirty, fun, passionate, and with a sexual appetite as large as his own. She was the only one who could fuck him senseless and then beg for some more. Prince had just fucked her horny wet cunt like a dog minutes ago, but he knew she was ready for some more. This slut was craving for Prince's cock and he was only to happy to oblige. And today he had planned a surprise for her. He knew that she would love it. Diane was lying on top of his heaving body, drenched in sweat and cum. Her eyes were full of lust and she looked like an animal who could just devour Prince right now. She was panting and licking her lips. "What's the matter stud? Is that all you got? This whore is hungry for more, you dirty bastard. Get that motherfucking cock hard and give it to your bitch. I am going to fuck that big cock dry today. You are going to get fucked till you foam from the mouth you horny pig. COME ON FUCK ME!" She leaned down and bit hard on his nipple, making him yelp. She slid her hand down to her wet cunt that was oozing his hot cum out. Diane crammed in two of her fingers, scooped out his cum and then shoved them down his mouth roughly. She wanted to provoke him and taunt him to get a real good rough fucking. She wanted it hard and dirty. Prince gagged on her fingers as she swirled them around his mouth. Jabbing and smearing his mouth with the nasty mix of his cum and her cunt juice. She pulled them out and spat hard into his open mouth. She watched him gulp down the nasty mix. Prince grabbed her roughly by the hair and growled at her, "You are going to get it now, you dirty slut." That's exactly what she wanted. She hissed and snarled at him like a cat. Prince held her by the hair and got her of his body. Diane got to her all fours, her hair pulled back roughly in a bunch in Prince's hand. He got behind her and knelt between her legs. He could see her sopping messy cunt still dripping with cum. Her juicy ass was swaying in front. He wanted to fuck that horny ass raw till she screamed. He leaned forward over her back and rasped into her ears, "You want to get fucked like a cheap whore? A cock craving, cum sucking gutter slut? DO YOU, YOU CUNT? Tell me you want to be fucked raw like a dirty piece of shit whore. SAY IT!" "Oh god yes, FUCK ME! Fuck me till I piss on you, you bastard! MAKE ME YOUR FUCK WHORE", Diane screamed. Prince slapped her ass hard making he body jerk. He slapped it again, calling her a dirty fuck whore. Diane spread her legs wider, exposing her throbbing cunt and asshole to Prince. He spat hard on the dirty asshole and lubed it up with his fingers. Diane was whimpering with lust. He could feel her thrust her ass at his fingers, wanting to feel them inside her. He spread her ass cheeks wide and buried his face into her ass. He licked it and smelt it and inhaled it. His hot tongue slid into her asshole making her moan. He was fucking her dirty ass with his tongue. "EAT THAT ASS YOU DIRTY PIG! Eat my ass. Whore my asshole till I come. That's it frig it harder. Urrrgghhh... urrrrgggghhhh... YEAH! Bite and eat that ass motherfucker." She screamed. Prince had his face buried deep into her ass. He rubbed his face hard all over it, eating and fucking and smelling her dirty slut ass. He smacked lips and gurgled and snorted as he ate her slut ass like a filthy pig. He pulled his tongue out and stretched her asshole wider. He spat hard into her gaping asshole and plunged two fingers deep into her ass. Diane screamed, sounding almost like a man. She turned around to look at him, her eyes blazing as she grunted like a wild animal. Prince sank his fingers deeper and leaned over her back. She could smell her cunt and ass on his face. His fingers were buried deep inside her spasming asshole, making her feel so full and oh-so-horny. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face up towards his own. Her tongue slithered across his mouth and face, tasting her nasty ass. He spat into her mouth and kissed her deep. Their juices mixing in a heady cocktail. His fingers were pounding into her ass. Fucking her asshole and stretching it. Making it burn with desire. Diane could feel her tight asshole throbbing and spasming. She wanted it fucked red hot raw. Prince pulled out his fingers and shoved them into her mouth roughly, straight from her ass. Diane grunted and gagged as he jabbed his fingers into her mouth roughly. She was drooling over his hands as he fucked her mouth with his hand brutally. She could taste her dirty ass slime on his fingers and that aroused her even more. He pulled out his fingers and lapped up the mess from her face. Both were groaning with animal intensity. Diane's eyes were streaming with tears as she turned towards him. She slapped him playfully and spat on his face hard. He laughed and pinched her nipples. Diane yelped and cursed him. Spitting at him more and smearing it all over his face. Prince threw her on her back and held her legs up. Her body was heaving and panting and she wanted a cock desperately. She pulled her legs up to her chest and spread her ass wide for him. Prince RAMME his cock into her hot asshole in one hard shove. Diane's body bucked and jumped from the assault. But Prince pushed her down and started to fuck her asshole HARD AND FAST. His cock was thrusting into her tight asshole faster than a machine as he screamed and grunted over her body. "Take that you whore. I am going to fuck this asshole raw. YEAH!! Take it, Take HARDER. Feel that dick in your ass. Its fucking your hot ass like a horny hound. You are not going to shit for a week you slut. COME ON FUCK IT! Fuck that cock slut! Harder. It's going to fill that dirty whore ass with cum. AAARRGGGHHHHH!! Fuck it harder you cum burping gutter slut" Prince was fucking her like an animal. Tearing and busting open her asshole. The intensity was making her body buck and her tits bounce like crazy. Diane was throwing her head around and pinching her nipples as his cock ravaged and raped her asshole. She felt full and fucked like a bitch. Her cunt was spewing out juice all over their bodies. Her clit was on fire and she had lost control of her squirting cunt. Her hands were above her head as she grunted and moaned and screamed from the ass fucking she got. She could feel Prince suck on her tits and lap her armpits like a filthy dog. It made her more horny and hungry for more! Prince was fucking her like a dirty dog. His filthy meat tearing up her asshole as he fucked her like a rag doll. She was his whore. His slut. Her ass was getting used and abused and raped by Prince's filthy cock. And she was loving it. Screaming and begging for more. She wanted her shithole to fucked harder. She wanted him to blow her ass and cunt off. She rubbed his face into her sweating armpit hard and then pulled it out. She pulled it close to her mouth and licked it like crazy. Tasting her juices. She was getting hornier by the second. "Stuff my cunt with your fingers, you bastard. Stuff that slut cunt as you rape my ass. I want you to GIVE IT TO ME! Stuff me like a whore. DO IT" Prince rammed in three of his fingers into her wet cunt and Diane lost control. Her body shook with an orgasm so intense that she thought she will pass out. Her ass was getting rammed by his cock and her cunt was stuffed with his fingers. He was frigging her nasty cunt hard as he fucked her deep inside her gaping ass. Diane's cunt squirted out juice. She was screaming like a banshee, wanting more. Prince was drenched in sweat and cunt juice. He could feel her ass squeezing his cock dry. He pumped it in one last time and then blew his thick creamy cum into her ass. She could feel his cock spurt and spasm over and over again deep inside her ass. Filling her to the brim. Prince pulled his slime-coated cock and sat back. Diane got up on her knees and pushed him on his back. She was holding her ass cheeks firmly together, plugging up the huge amount of cum that he had pumped in. She crossed her leg over his body and squatted over his face. Prince could see her red and gaping asshole inches from his face. He could smell that nasty fucked raw ass as she spread her cheeks wider. "You are going to eat that cum with me mister. This whore is going to give you some more nasty fucking". Diane stretched her asshole and farted out the nasty cum on his face. Her asshole gurgled and farted and sprayed the thick creamy cum over his neck and face. She forced it out, grunting like a pig in the jungle. They were in sick fuck heaven. Her ass sprayed his hot cum from her just fucked asshole all over his mouth and face and Prince was groaning and lapping it up like filthy bastard as she wriggled her ass and smeared it all over. His cock was hard in no time. This nasty display of animal sexuality was getting him more aroused and he knew that he was going to fuck this whore some more. Diane was still heaving with lust and she knew her filthy act had achieved what she wanted. Prince was ready for more and Diane could not get enough. This was going to be a long and nasty fuckathon. They shared this sick fuck heaven that allowed them to cum over and over, without inhibition or explanations. The two of them were just pure filthy fuck beasts overcome with animal lust that left them constantly on the prowl for cock and cunt. They were perfect for each other. He was the only man she could squat her ass over, just above his mouth, while she farted out his seed over his face and into his mouth. She purposely strained to fart as hard as she could, literally able to watch his pig dick twitch and stiffen more and more from the arousal of her animal behavior. And she loved forcing him to look at her raw shithole and the damage his sick meat and his fist did to it. Last time they were together like this, he took pictures of her gaping poop hole, empty, cum filled, oozing...he traveled so much and their opportunities for real time perversion were limited. He even had some of his friends write to her after he showed them her obscene pics. She was thrilled... why couldn't people just admit they were sex pigs and enjoy it? These guys held nothing back. And she always sent Prince their messages so that he knew exactly what they said to her. Prince was slapping her cunt now, swelling and reddening it with every strike and still she strained..."More you fucking pig", and he slapped her inner thighs causing her to jump hard and Prince to pull her down quickly. "Fuck my dirty cock." He had her on her knees with her legs wide apart and she pushed her ass towards him..."Fuck it yourself mister. I'm the whore, remember? do it any way you want, just do it, and now!" He pulled her hard and his ever growing cock just plowed into her shit hole causing her to scream loudly. She felt her flesh tearing and didn't care. She needed to feel her ass being raped over and over. Couldn't explain it. Just craved it rough and hard and overwhelming like this. He pulled out quickly, tearing her more, and she felt his face near her ass. "Oooooooooh Bitch you the filthy pig you are. You reek, that ass of yours is nasty and dirty." She felt him blowing on her hole, stretching her ass cheeks harshly. "You fucking pig, wait till you see the picture of this your filthy poop hole is so stretched out now you could take three cocks into it." And suddenly his tongue was in there swirling around. He was making eating sounds. His fingers entered her cunt roughly and applied pressure on her bladder... "Piss now you street pig. Piss!! I want to see it coming out, hear it spilling onto the bathroom floor" He grabbed her and took her to the bathroom where his video camera was ready. "Piss now!" And she let it go...a river of piss...smelly, warm, stinging like hell as it ran through her bruised snatch and spilled to the floor. "Smile for the camera you slut. And sit down in your piss. Rub it on your dirty tits." Her piss felt like liquid fire on her damaged chute and she screamed momentarily, then frolicked like the deviant she was, wetting her hands from the puddle she sat in, then wiping her wet hands all over her body. "I think you deserve a treat today you nasty cum loving slut. That cunt and ass are begging for more and I will GIVE them more. Come here." Prince grabbed Diane by her piss drenched hair and dragged her back into the bedroom. What she saw made her gasp and make her cunt drip harder. On the sofa were Prince's climbing buddies. They were leaning across the sofa. Stark naked. And holding their ass cheeks apart, exposing their twitching assholes to the hungry eyes of Diane. "Hey guys. This is the dirty slut you were seeing pictures of. Look at her. Piss drenched and leaking from her cunt and ass like a filthy street fuck. Now you can fuck her as much as you want. Her cunt and asshole are yours. Fuck those dirty holes like you fucking OWN them." Prince said. "Oh GOD yes. I am your filthy whore. FUCK ME you bastards. FUCK ME LIKE A PIG!" Diane said. Her cunt was aching to be fucked by the three hot studs. She as swaying with lust as Prince held her hair in a bunch, displaying her naked slut body to the guys. The guys were already stroking their huge cocks. Diane knew that her hungry slut holes are in for a treat! Prince got her to her knees and she started crawling towards the sofa. He still had her hair in his hand in a bunch. He was treating her like a bitch slave. He would shake her head and slap her ass as she crawled towards those hot guys. Her mouth dying to get a taste of those hard cocks. "That's right guys. This bitch is yours. Fuck her, slap her, eat her cunt and ass, spit on her, make her piss, and then dump your cum on her face till she wallows in it like cum hungry pig. Her body is just a cum bucket. FUCK HER DRY! She is a cock hungry whore who wants to get fucked. And we can do that for her right?" The three guys whooped in agreement. They were holding their ass cheeks apart for the dirty whore to eat. Prince held her face close to the ass of the middle guy and rasped, "You see that dirty asshole you cunt? Do you see it? NOW FUCKING EAT IT!" He shoved her face into the spread out ass and rubbed it around. Diane stuck her tongue out and desperately tried to lick and taste that dirty asshole. She could feel the guy press back into her face as her tongue slithered all over his dirty spread out shit hole. She slid her tongue deep inside and French kissed it like a whore. Her face plastered against his sweating dirty ass. The other two guys were amazed. "Oh my god. What a nasty slut. She is eating his ass. Harder bitch. Lick on that shit hole harder. Eat it like the filthy bitch you are. God damn what a filthy whore. Pull her dirty cunt face out. I want to spit on this whore." Prince pulled her face out. It was coated in sweat, ass juice and her own saliva. Diane was gasping for air. Her tongue coated with the dirty grime of his ass. The two guys spat hard into her mouth and face. She loved it! These guys were treating her like a nasty cum whore and she loved it. Prince grabbed her face and pushed it into the other guys ass. She licked and kissed it in a frenzy. Then it went to the third guy's stretched out asshole. Her tongue was aching from ass fucking the guy's shit holes. She was groaning and grunting like an animal. Prince finally pulled her face out from the third guy's ass. It was a dirty mess. But she didn't care. She just needed to get fucked like a dirty shit whore. Filled with hot cum till she leaked from all her holes like street tramp. "You dirty bastards. Feeding me your shit holes. Did you like it? Did you like the way I tongue fucked your dirty assholes? Mother fucking bastards! Now come on, fuck my mouth. I need a cock in my mouth you pussies. Come on FUCK this dirty mouth like it's your slut's cunt!" One of the guys grabbed her face and rammed his huge throbbing cock down her throat in one fast and deep shot. Diane felt it rush in and hit the back of her throat. She gagged and her body lurched. But that did not stop him. He held on to her hair in a bunch in his two hands and plundered her mouth. He was fucking her face like a whore's cunt. Diane felt her cheeks stretched out over his huge cock as he thrust it hard and fast inside. "That's right Mike, fuck the whore. Make her froth from the mouth", Prince said. Mike was grunting and cursing and fucking her like a beast man. But Diane was upto the task. She opened up her throat and sucked him back with equal ferocity. It was like watching beasts fuck in the jungle. Greg, Stan and Prince were watching this. Stroking their cocks. Diane had gripped Mike's ass and was pulling him harder into her mouth. Her spit was hanging from her chin mixed with his pre cum, splattering all over their bodies. She felt someone feeling her ass and spread her knees wider, exposing her asshole and dripping cunt. She saw Greg slide in under Mike and her. He grabbed and slapped and pinched her swinging tits making her moan. She lowered her body towards his and felt his cock on her cunt lips. Greg held her piss, sweat and spit drenched body and thrust his cock hard into her cunt. At the same tine she felt someone's cock rip into her asshole. She had three huge cocks plundering her body at the same time. Diane was screaming in pleasure like a wild beast. Her body was stuffed and burning with lust. Her cunt and ass were being fucked hard and her mouth plundered like a cheap cunt. The sensations were indescribable. Her body gave way to the feelings. Her cunt was spewing and spurting piss and cum everywhere. Her ass was pushing hard against the cock and her mouth was drooling from the assault on it. They were fucking her mercilessly like a rag doll. She was a cunt and that's how they were fucking her. Prince was thrusting her head harder and deeper onto Mike's cock. "Fuck her guys COME ON! Fuck this whore harder! Make her piss and squirt like a cheap slut. That's it gag her and fill her up with your cum. Harder bastards. That cunt and ass can take much more. That's it slap it harder and fuck her. Spit roast the cunt till she cums." Diane felt her holes being ravaged by the cocks. Her mind was spinning from the assault. She was hanging in there getting fucked like a whore. Her body spasming and writhing from her orgasm. As she tightened for her third orgasm she felt Mike blow his cum into her mouth. At the same time Greg and Stan blew their cum deep into her cunt and ass. Her body was flooded with hot thick cream. Her pussy was leaking and squirting out cum and piss. She moaned as the pleasure waves wracked her body. She wanted more. Much more. Mike and Greg grabbed her under the arms and made her squat. They held a dog bowl under her. Her cunt and ass was oozing out cum and piss into the bowl. Diane was moaning as she felt her holes ooze out the slimy cum from her holes. "Fuck look at this nasty bitch ooze the cum out. Man, we pumped her good!" Stan said. Prince bent down and frigged her cunt, making the cum ooze out faster. He smeared his cum covered on her lips. Diane licked them hungrily like a nasty slut. She made slurping noises as Prince ran his fingers over her mouth and face. Diane shook her body to drip out the remaining cum into the bowl and then stood up. Greg picked up the bowl and placed it on the table. "We are gong to fill this bowl up by the time we finish with you slut. And then you are going to chug it down like a hard core whore!" he said. Diane's cunt got wet thinking about that. She licked her lips and pinched her nipples, taunting the guys. She wanted more nasty sex. She wanted to be treated like a cheap slut. A free fuck for all cocks. Prince stepped up behind her and cupped her tits and squeezed them. He kissed her making her moan and writhe against his cock. She was pushing her ass against his hard on. "This ass needs some more hard cock in it. Come on slut, spread those ass cheeks for my dick and then hold on for dear life", he said. Diane spread her ass cheeks. She could feel the tip of Prince's hard throbbing hot cock against her asshole. She wanted to get the shit fucked out of her by his huge dick. She raised her arms above her head and held on to his neck, facing away from him. Prince grabbed her under the knees and raised her off the ground. And then he rammed his dick into her asshole in one rough thrust. Diane's body shook with from the force of the fucking. Her legs were spread apart exposing her wet cunt while Prince was fucking her asshole raw. Her tits were bouncing as she screamed. "Harder you motherfucker. Fuck your whore's ass. FUCK IT HARDER. Yeah it feels so good. Getting fucked like a street whore. Stretch my ass that's it you bastard. Stretch my asshole with your dick. HARDER MOTHERFUCKER!" Prince was ramming his cock into her asshole deep and fast. His knees were slightly bent as he thrust into her like a wild bull. Her gaping asshole was feeling hot and sexy as his huge cock thrust into it. Her body was sweating and it smelt of sweet sex as it bounced hard on his cock. Stan moved up to the fucking couple and rubbed his hard cock on Diane's exposed wet cunt. They were going to double fuck the slut, just the way she liked it. Stan pushed his body close to hers and guided his cock into her cunt. Diane groaned as the cock entered her cunt. Her body was stuffed again with two huge cocks. Her cunt and ass were on fire. She was sandwiched between the two guys getting fucked. Her whole body was off the ground and it was like getting fucked in space. She held on to Prince's neck more tightly and thrust her body out. She was screaming and cursing like a street hooker. And that made Prince and Stan fuck her even harder. She was throwing her head around as the two guys pounded her mercilessly. Greg moved closer to see her holes get ravaged. "Fuck her guys. Fuck this slut harder. She wants to get her cunt and ass fucked raw. Look at her cunt drip. She loves it. She is the nastiest slut in the world. God she loves getting fucked like a gutter whore." Diane's body was bouncing from the two cocks that were fucking her ass and her cunt. Prince was holding on to her hips as he pile drove his cock deep into her ass. Diane had her arms above her head, hooked onto Prince's necks. Her legs were wrapped around Stan's body, who was standing in front of her and ramming his cock into her cunt. Her body was pressed tightly between the two. She was writhing and rubbing her sweaty body in animal heat. Feeling the two studs fuck her like a gutter whore. She spat hard into Stan's face. Stan opened his mouth for some more and Diane spat hard into it again. "Oh yes you dirty bastards, FUCK ME HARDER. I want my ass and cunt to be fucked raw. Is that all you got? Fuck my slut cunt. Fill me with your hot cum. COME ON! AAAARRRGGGHHH!! Yeah.. yeah... yeah... Urrrrrgh FUUUCCCKKKK YEASSSSS!!!" Diane's body spasmed from the orgasm. Her body and mid felt weightless as her cunt and ass got filled deep with the two hard cocks. She threw her head around in pure ecstasy as the orgasm surged through her body. It was a toe curling, bosom heaving sexual burst of energy. Her grinding writhing body made Prince and Stan blow their hot load up her ass and pussy. They groaned hard like wild animals as their cum spurted deep into the sluts plundered holes. Greg quickly held the bowl filled with their cum under Diane's body. As soon as the cocks popped out, her holes spewed more fresh cum onto the bowl. She pushed hard as her pussy and ass farted and squirted the cum into the bowl. She unhooked her hands from Prince and stood on the floor. Her knees and body was shaking. She was covered in sweat and panting from the fucking she just got. Her orgasm had filled her with animal sexual energy and she wanted more. She was hooked on like a crack head. Wanting ever stronger fixes to keep her high. She snatched the bowl from Greg and squatted over it. Her cunt and ass were still dripping out the last drops of the hot cum. She placed herself over the nasty mix and started to pee. Hot, steaming piss poured out of her pussy as she threw her head back and exhaled, almost growling. The bowl was quickly filling up with her nasty slut piss and the cum. The guys were shocked and horny at the same time. They could not believe what a nasty slut she was. Diane finished pissing and picked up the bowl. She poured that nasty piss and cum mix all over her face, mouth and body. The guys were whooping around her. Calling her a filthy, piss drenched meat, a cum burping shit whore. Her body was drenched from her piss and their cum. Her make up running down her face. Prince, Greg and Stan were rubbing the mix into her face and abusing her. Spitting on her. She was laughing and loving it. She smeared the mess all over her face and body. She looked them in the eyes and said, "So who wants to fuck me now?" Prince had an evil twinkle in his eye. "We are all going to fuck you more bitch. And I think I know just how to make this more nasty". Diane was already leaking wet thinking what was going to happen now.