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   The Stewardess And Her Daughter

   A Bangkok Slaver Story

   By Marlissa

   PART 1/4

   CandyLand was as crowded as ever at five minutes to eleven.  The hottest
go-go bar in Joy Town, which was Bangkok's most depraved sex-bar complex.
Vopat, the proprietor, gave me that fat, oily grin of his, as he raced
backstage to prepare for the next act.  A minute later, a gorgeous
seventeen year old Thai bar girl appeared.  I thought her name was Chani,
but wasn't sure.  Not that it mattered.  Her marvelously tight and trim
little body was clad only in a red, white and blue bikini and high heels,
slid underneath my table and began to do what she did best.  A gift from
Vopat, in appreciation for my recent services.

   The show didn't begin for a few minutes, so I pulled out the mail I had
picked up from my club a couple of days ago.  Setting the bills aside, I
scanned through the remainder.  After pulling out the junk mail, there was
only one letter of interest, posted some six months or older.  Mail took so
long to reach me, and if it wasn't for the club, I'd be completely
isolated. I opened it, recognizing the return address at once.  Donald
Linsky, Cosmopolitan Fire Surety, Boston, Massachusetts.  A Polaroid fell
from the folded corporate letterhead.

   "Dear Mr.  Jackson,

   As you can see from the enclosed, I am enjoying the 'merchandise' I
purchased from you some time ago.  I am thoroughly satisfied and wished to
thank you again for your services."

   I looked at the photo.  It was a picture of Meganne Ryan, the pretty
blonde newly wed I had transformed into a bar whore/sex act for Vopat and
then sold her back to her husband, for a tidy profit, after enjoying her
myself for six months.  By that time, the 'husband', who had married her
under the false assumption that she was pregnant, had covered up the
elopement.  He was happy to take charge of the young woman now, though she
would not be experiencing the marital bliss that she originally had in
mind. The photograph was evidence of that.

   The former Boston College career gal's blonde hair, formerly smartly cut
and on the short side, was down to her ass and teased to the heavens.  The
expression on her face was one of pure bliss, but I was sure this was for
the camera only.

   How comfortable could she have really been in that pair of latex
panties? They were so tight that you could make out the mounds of the lips
between her legs.  And the matching bra looked fairly unpleasant too, the
thick rubber straps were pulled up as far as the metal buckle would allow.

   "I am also interested in determining if you would be interested in some
referrals.  I have several colleagues who would be interested in your

   I pulled out a pen, made a note at the bottom of the letter.  It was a
name and a number, Dr.  Jaqueline Astor.  I couldn't be sure the number was
right, but I'd give it a shot and fax her the letter tomorrow.  If she
wanted the business, she'd respond herself.  Jackie and I had an
understanding that any State side biz of this nature was her's and I wasn't
anxious to cross her.  The one time we had, wasn't pleasant for any of the
parties concerned, especially me.  The customer, a millionaire with a
hard-on for heavy s&m, wound up with the merchandise that he had requested.
I had delivered, an up and coming singer he had seen on some dip shit TV
talent show called Star Search.  He had developed the hots for her, had her
for all of five minutes.  Until Jackie showed up at the pick-up point,
snagged the doped up singer.  The money man wound up with his little pet
five days later, lobotomized.  The money had to be returned and the damaged
goods disposed of.  It was messy, very messy indeed.  And the message was
clear, stay out of her neighborhood.  You didn't screw with Dr.  Jaqueline
Astor.  Yes I'd fax her the referral.  Maybe one of these days, she'd
exchange the courtesy.

   "Hey Joe!" A thick, calloused hand appeared which I shook.  Strucker
normally wasn't in the bar this early, but I could guess why he was here

   "Showing off a new toy, Hans?" I crooked a thumb at the leashed woman
that trailed behind him.  Hans was German, reputed to be some kind of
Neo-Nazi mercenary with big time ties to the drug boys upcountry.  He
wasn't a bad guy until he drank, which was all the time when he wasn't

   "Ja, look at her.  She is...," after a second, he settled on

   Ja, I nodded.  It was an understatement.  Every time you think you've
seen all the insanity that Bangkok has to offer, another piece of evidence
is exhibited to the contrary.  Strucker yanked the nude woman forward and
she demurely offered herself up for inspection.  She was attractive, if not
pretty, in an angular way, the lips thin and the deep-set eyes half-opened
and resentful.  Her figure was boyish, the chest small and the hips trim
and lean, and her hair a matching spiky cut.  I was surprised at her age,
she was in her late thirties, which was ancient by Bangkok standards, and
at the fact that she was a clearly a Westerner.  But that wasn't the most
surprisingly thing about her.  No, that had the be the fact that she was
red.  I don't mean she was blushing.  She was red.

   "So, how...?"

   Hans smirked.  "Frang Thot," that was his current drug lord employer,
"took possession of her at Phuoc." That was a well known rape camp the Thai
army had set up far north, past Chang Mai.  "Don't ask me how a white woman
wound up there!  Said she was Amanda Cross, a college professor!" He
chuckled cynically and waved his hand.  "Don't ask.  I didn't.  Nor do I
care!  Anyway, Frang took her for a while and decided he wanted a whole
collection of girls in different colors.  This one," he pinched the woman's
ass, "looked red to him, so he had her dyed red in a vat of carnadine
berries for three days!  It is permanent now I think."

   "So how did you...?"

   Hans slapped the woman's ass appreciatively.  "Won her in a poker game!
My three jacks over Frang's two pair, and I won myself Red here!  Can you

   The woman, know known simply as Red now, kept her head bowed.  I
wondered how long she would make it.  Hans was known as a bad actor who
liked his sex rough.  There was a story here, but I was distracted by some
movement near the stage and when I looked back Hans and his 'Red" had
disappeared.  I shook my head and fixed my attention back on the stage.

   There was rustling from behind the stage curtain, then, Tam took the
stage, Vopat's right hand and bar girl manager.  I was a bit surprised at
her appearance.  The Joy Town whore trainer was gone.  In her place was a
young professional middle-class Thai woman.  Her hair was combed back into
a bun and was wearing a large over-sized pair of horned rim glasses. 
Instead of her usual black hot pants and bikini bra, she was dressed in a
rather conservative skirt and white blouse.  She took her seat at the large
desk and waited.

   Two girls walked in and seated themselves in the student desks, their
eyes averting Tam and each other.  They were wearing school girl uniforms,
spotless white blouses, plaid skirts, blue knee socks, and black three inch
heels.  The taller of the two had once had short styled parted dirty blonde
hair.  Now she, just like the slightly shorter girl, had long, lank
platinum-dyed hair down to her shoulders.  It suited her better, and it was
general opinion that she look as much like her playmate as possible.  They
looked quite similar, the same china blue eyes, the small, upturned nose,
the high cheekbones, the same stubborn elfin chin.

   There were differences.  The slightly shorter girl's face was a little
longer in proportion, and her eyes not so deep-set, with fuller eyebrows.
The older girl's mouth was bigger, the lips fuller than the other girl's.
The taller girl obviously was older, with a more defined figure.  I guessed
a C cup under her blouse, about 120 pounds, five feet five inches, and a
34-29-35 figure that asked for a man's hands on it.  The shorter girl was
just ripening, with promising pert definable buds still in a training bra.
Her five feet three inch, hundred pound frame was leggy already and, while
more willowy than her fellow student, equally invited male interest.  The
shorter girl also wore braces on her teeth, unnecessary on the perfect
white shining teeth of the older girl.

   But despite the differences, the resemblance was definitely the first
thing that struck you, down to the pained expressions on each of their
pretty, sad faces.  As well it should.  They were mother and daughter.


   I smiled, remembering the abduction of the Bodwell ladies some six
months earlier.  It was one of the most difficult assignments I had ever
faced, far harder than a simple pick-up job at the airport.  Vopat had been
specific and after an earlier incident, with flawed merchandise (a flat
girl who had been wearing falsies), I had no intention of losing face with
him again.  The correct strategy was everything, so when I eventually hit
on the idea of hacking into the Bangkok hotel database I knew that I would
find what I needed.

   Before Bangkok, if there ever was such a time for me, I had been
involved with certain...organizations where hacking was a favored way of
getting things done.  I put that skill to use now, using certain codes I
had picked up over the years.  Scanning the reservation systems of a dozen
hotels, I hit the jackpot, the Bodwells, one room, a mother traveling with
her daughter.  Using the mother's credit card number.  I hacked into the
VISA database and pulled up a customer profile, complete with a scanned
picture used on the card itself.

   The pretty blonde in the id photo was Roxanne Bodwell, thirty-six,
residence London, England.  Her occupation was that of stewardess, with
British Airways, with an income of twenty-five thousand pounds a year. 
From there, I broke into the BA database and within an hour had her
confidential employee evaluation.  No immediate family.  Never been
married, though had a daughter out of wedlock when she was at university
when she was only twenty-one.  Took job as a stewardess to earn money to
send daughter to St.  Agatha's Academy for Girls in Scotland, where said
daughter resided most of the year.  Daughter's name was Sarah and she was
fifteen years old, bingo.  Roxanne's work evaluation was glowing, she was
efficient and volunteered for the longest, toughest flights, those from
Heathrow to Asian destinations, in order to make bonus pay.

   Unlike many of the other pretty, young stewardesses, she refrained from
fraternizing with passengers and the rest of the flight crew, which was to
her favor, the report indicated.  The recent evaluation said she was taking
a much deserved vacation with her daughter, taking advantage of free
mileage to travel to Bangkok.  She was arriving in two days and was now in
the air.

   How touching.  A mother-daughter reunion.

   I cracked back into the Visa database and inserted huge charges against
it, on the order of a hundred thousand pounds, well over her limit.  In
addition, I posted an electronic red flag with British immigration from a
fictitious Interpol official with no return address, notifying them that
she was suspected of drug smuggling and credit card fraud, with a request
to deny her entry back into the UK and cancellation of her passport.  I
appended the altered credit record to it, along with an equally false
criminal record listing numerous charges of drug possession and
prostitution.  I forwarded a copy to her supervisor at British Airways,
recommending immediate termination, timed to be e-mailed in twenty-four
hours.  Finally, I canceled her reservation at the Oriental.  Other than
the cash in her wallet, she would be without resources of any kind.

   I thought of her and her daughter talking excitedly about all the things
they would do and see in Bangkok as I sat there ruining her career, taking
away her nationality and depriving her of her own money.  Unless she was
able to straighten out the tortuous mess I had made of her affairs, it
would be assumed that she had simply disappeared, one step ahead of the law
before they caught up with her.  I could see the friends, superiors,
acquaintances shaking their heads in amazement and then forget.  In three
hours, I had leveled Roxanne Bodwell's life, made her a non-person, and she
hadn't even gotten off the plane yet.

   All I had to do now was pick up my packages.  I threw on my dark suit
and made up a sign that read "Roxanne and Sarah Bodwell, British Airways."
And there I stood at Arrivals, holding the sign, looking bored as the p.

   "Mum, look!  Brilliant, a car for us!" A cute blonde teenager in jeans
and a Hard Rock Caf, t-shirt pointed at me.  Good.  The daughter was pretty
in a thin, waif-like way, a blonde Kate Moss.  Her mother looked up in
surprise, she was also attractive, with a body that must have brought a
smile to many male BA passengers.  It was all coming together.

   "Excuse me, we're the Bodwells.  I don't believe I ordered a limo

   Her clipped English accent was pleasant, accommodating.

   I looked slightly annoyed and looked down at my pad.  "Says here a
Connie from BA ordered you a car, compliments of the airline for your
vacation.  Want me to check?" I asked, intentionally a little rude.

   She nodded at the name of her supervisor, the one that would be firing
her tomorrow.  "Oh God, did she?  Wonderful, wonderful!  Come on Sarah,
let's get our bags and get to the hotel!  Isn't it smashing to be here? 
Wait until you tell your friends what you did during your break!"

   I trailed behind them, secured their luggage and then led them out and
around the long length of the airport.  The air was humid and the airport
was teeming with arrivals.  Finally after pointlessly leading them in
circles for half an hour, I brought them out to the stretch limo I had
rented in the far back lot of Central Parking.

   "Sorry about that, the police are strict about towing and I had to go in
to meet you." I apologized.

   Roxanne nodded, her white face misty with perspiration.  "Mum, can we
get a Coke or something?  I'm positively parched!" Sarah asked, whisking
away the beads of sweat on her high forehead.

   "There's sparkling water waiting for both of you in the car, ladies" I
offered, opening the back door for them.  They smiled gratefully as they
got in.  I turned the ignition and listened as they gulped down the two
'mickied' bottles of Perrier I had on ice for them.  Within five minutes,
they were out cold and I was on my way to CandyLand.

   PART 2/4

   Vopat was beyond being merely pleased.  He was in ecstasy at my catch
for him.  Even more amazing, Tam was impressed.  The two subjects were
perfect for the little act she had designed for Vopat's place, the next
"big" thing, she insisted.  I wanted to take my money and get the hell out,
but Vopat asked me to stay, in order to make Roxanne aware of her new legal
and professional complications.

   Sarah was left in a chemical coma, and locked in a small room adjoining
the office.  Tam had me hang Roxanne Bodwell from the manacles, and then
proceeded to slap her lightly, until she came to.  She did, shaking her
short blonde tresses from her blue eyes, in shock and bewilderment.

   "W-what happened?  Please?  Where am I?  Where's Sarah?"

   Vopat pointed to me and she began screaming.  "You bastard!  What have
you done with my daughter!  You, umghh-" Thankfully, Tam gagged her.

   Vopat stepped forward.  "I own you now.  You and your daughter.  My
girls from now on.  You no go back to England anymore.  Live here in
Bangkok, at CandyLand.  Work for me.  Do what Tam says.  She train you. 

   She shook her head, oblivious to what he was saying.  She focused on me
and Vopat whispered that I should explain things to her, to make sure she
understood what had happened.

   I did so, calmly laying out what had befallen she and her daughter. 
Patiently I explained how she couldn't return now, even if she did escape,
which I assumed she was planning on doing as soon as she could.  Which she
could not, since CandyLand was deep in the urban jungle of Bangkok, from
which, unless you knew the neighborhoods and language well, was impossible.
She had no money, no passport, and a criminal record.

   "You don't exist anymore Miss Bodwell, except as a fugitive.  No one
will come looking for you.  You'd do well to listen to Vopat and Tam from
now on and do everything they tell you to do.  Everything.  Or I suspect
things will be rough for little Sarah, understand?  I want you to say you

   Her china blues simply stared dumbly, tears trickling down, and her
mascara running a bit.  Finally she nodded and I nodded to Tam to pull down
the gag.


   Slowly, her luscious lips moved.  "Uh, I, uh, I understand.  I'll...  do
anything you say.  Just please don't touch my d-daughter, O.K.?"

   Tam laughed outright, startling the jittery stewardess.  "Your daughter
get touched plenty.  She virgin?"

   Roxanne twisted her neck towards Tam, then back to me.  "Yes, of course
she is, she's only fifteen!  I thought you said, you said if I did, did
what she said, that, that...  "

   "He say you be good girl, little Sarah not get hurt.  Not hurt not same
as not fucked, bitch!" Tam explained cruelly.

   Vopat stepped forward, nodding.  "You be good girl and I promise, Sarah
not be hurt, my word, but you and she must do everything Tam and I say,
everything.  Otherwise..." He shrugged, such a terrible event would be out
of his hands.

   "What?" Roxanne Bodwell's face drained of color.  "Otherwise what?!?!?"
Her voice had assumed a hysteria born out of the ultimate nightmare.

   Tam arched her eyebrows in a most patronizing manner.  "If you be good
girls, then you be kept protected and apart from other bar girls, used only
for my special acts and by Mr.  Vopat's important patrons.  If bad, and you
or Sarah disobey, then you serve all customers as tapdance girls."

   Roxanne's eyes widened.  "You want to turn Sarah and I into prostitutes?
You want to make my daughter into a whore?!?!?" she asked incredulously. 
"And you want me to help you do it?"

   Vopat looked at me questioningly.  Didn't she understand the opportunity
he was giving her, he seemed to ask me.  I looked into Roxanne's eyes and
spoke with deadly earnest.  "If you don't do what she says, your daughter
will be turning tricks within an hour for ten dollars a pop.  She will do
this maybe twenty times a day for the rest of her life.  If she doesn't
perform satisfactorily, she will be beaten until she does.  At that rate,
she won't make it to sixteen.  Let alone you.  You have to be realistic. 
These are serious fucking people, no pun intended.  Do what they say, and
you and your daughter may survive.  If not, you won't.  If you want to keep
your Sarah alive, you have to make her obey them, and you must obey them

   I stopped and lit a Marlboro.  She just looked at me as if I were an
alien creature she could neither understand or identify.

   "How could you do this to an innocent fifteen year old girl who never
did anything to hurt you, who has her whole life ahead of her?  How could
you?" she asked.  She had missed something, somewhere, this was too
horrible to believe of anyone.

   I took the cigarette out of my mouth.  "It's my job." I answered simply.
Then I sat back and listened with curiosity, as Tam painted a picture to
Roxanne of what she and her daughter would be doing to survive at CandyLand
in the coming days and nights.

   "Listen carefully, bitch, and remember everything I tell you, because I
want you to repeat it back to my little Sarah when she wakes up.  If you
miss one, just one item, I use this on her pretty ass." Tam warned sternly,
ominously waving her trademark riding crop.

   Roxanne concentrated now, with all her powers of retention, as Tam began
to explain.  It wasn't long before melancholy tears flowed copiously.  But
she didn't protest, knowing full well how useless it would have been.

   Tam delightedly ticked off the new reality, point by vicious point. 
Sarah was to know that she would not be going back to St.  Agatha's School
for Girls or back to Europe.  She would be living here in Bangkok from now
on.  It was VERY important that she do just what Mistress Tam and Master
Vopat told her to do just like a good little girl, or she would be punished
severely.  They would be, taking care of them from now own here at
CandyLand, which was their new home.  Sarah shouldn't refer to Roxanne as
her mother anymore, Mistress Tam wanted her to simply call her 'Annie,'
which Mistress Tam had decided would be her new name.  As a matter of fact,
Mistress Tam and Mister Vopat wanted them to be more like good, very, very
close girlfriends instead of mother and daughter.  And because they were
going to be like special girlfriends, they would do a lot of things with
and for each other.

   The big thing they would do together, would be to keep each other very
clean, all over.  Annie would be responsible for keeping Sarah clean and
pretty, and Sarah would be responsible for keeping Annie's body tidy. 
That's why they would be taking showers together every morning.  And to
keep themselves extra pretty for Mistress Tam, they would be shaving each
other, in order to be nice and soft and smooth, shaving their legs and
under their arms and, between their legs.

   That's when Roxanne Bodwell fainted.  Ironically, it was far from the
worst thing Tam would later have the Bodwell girls do together, but it was
the detail that drove home the enormity of what was going to happen to them
that sent Roxanne off the edge.  Tam quickly had her conscious again and
went right on explaining.  Roxanne was numb with revulsion by now, but
listened solemnly as Tam continued.

   Sarah and Annie would be sharing a bed as well.  A nice, cozy single bed
where they would have to snuggle tightly to sleep together.  Unless
Mistress Tam said so, they would be sleeping without any pajamas from now
on, since girlfriends don't have any secrets from each other.  And they
would be sleeping head to toe, at opposite ends of their bed.  Wouldn't
that be different and fun?

   Mistress Tam would be teaching them fun, new tricks and games, but both
Sarah and Annie had a few rules to learn right away.  First, they should
never, ever speak without permission, even to each other if they were
alone. Second, they should smile and hold hands, whenever they were
together to show what special girlfriends they were.  Third, they must do
everything that Mistress Tam and and Master Vopat said.  They must behave
just like two pretty little Barbie dolls for them.  Instead of school and
work, that's what Sarah and Annie would be doing from now on.  Or like bad
girls, they would be punished.  It was very important that both Sarah and
Annie follow these rules, they didn't want to disappoint Mistress Tam, did

   Tam's slithery smile curled.  There was one last point Annie needed to
tell Sarah.  Roxanne stiffened, eyes dilated.

   "Has she ever asked you about boys?  Has she ever had a little
boyfriend?" Tam flexed the crop menacingly underneath Roxanne's chin.

   Roxanne nodded hesitantly.  "Y-y-y-yes." She was stammering badly now.
"She w-w-wanted to k-k-know a-b-b- bout how to k-k-kiss a b-b-boy." Her
lank blonde bangs hung over her eyes wildly and she looked like a plane
crash survivor.

   Tam nodded neatly.  "Tell her that Master Vopat and I will be
introducing the two of you to lots of boyfriends, and that you will be
having lots of kissing practice with her, to get her ready for them."

   "M-mum?" It was Sarah, from behind the closet door.  "Mum?!  Mum!!!! 

   Tam unlocked the closet door and the blonde fifteen year old tumbled
out. "Look like Princess awake.  You remember all the things I told you?"
Tam demanded.

   She cracked the crop down on the table top.  The crash echoed in the
dingy room and Roxanne shook her head rapidly.  Tam unlocked the manacles
and Roxanne rubbed her wrists.

   Tam pointed the crop at the frightened blonde teen, who was cringing
before the three adults.  "Annie" reached down and pulled her gently up. 
The blank look was gone.  In it's place was a twitching, pasted-on happy

   "Sarah, I have a few things to tell you.  Listen closely, O.K.?" The
tone was unnaturally calm, but the eyes danced crazily.

   The dazed teenager nodded and listened.  Within a minute, the pretty
elfin face was clouded with a hot, embarrassed blush.  Then the begging
began, followed by uncontrollable sobbing.  I turned and left, the
sniffling of the two Bodwell girls like soft, sorrowful and unbearable
music in my jaded ears.


   Which brought me back to the Bodwell girls, sitting up on stage now,
part of Tam's latest demented stage act.  They sat attentively, staring
respectfully at the oddly normal Tam, in their schoolgirl uniforms looking
like a pair of sisters.  Tam rose, and with a piece of chalk, wrote on the
blackboard, "Today's Slut Lessons." The girls remained completely
motionless.  The audience watched in intrigued silence.

   "Good morning little sluts!" Tam sneered.

   "Good Morning Mistress Tam!" they replied brightly and in unison.

   "To make sure you are learning to act and perform like proper little
sluts, I have decided there will be a pop quiz today." she announced.

   The Bodwell girls shifted in their seats and looked briefly at each

   Clearly they didn't know what to expect, anymore than we the audience

   "You will be asked a question and given a moment to answer.  If you
fail, your girlfriend will have the chance to answer.  If neither of you
know, there will be a double penalty.  The girl with the most right answers
won't be punished.  But she will punish the other girl, ten strikes with
the punishment paddle for every wrong answer." Tam smiled.  "Understand

   The Bodwell girls answered, less enthusiastically this time.  "Yes
Mistress Tam."

   "Good, we'll start with Sarah.  Sarah, what is a slut's favorite

   Roxanne Bodwell looked at her daughter anxiously.  The younger girl
cocked her head, blushingly.  She looked up with bewilderment, shaking her
head and not answering.

   "Ten strokes already Sarah!  Annie, your turn."

   The older Bodwell girl mumbled something and was told to speak up.  "On
her back, Mistress Tam?" she answered worriedly.

   Tam nodded.  "Good, now Sarah, try a slut's second favorite position. 
Biting down familiar disgust, the teen answered shortly, "On her knees,
Mistress Tam."

   "Very good.  But then you ought to know that answer, you are quite the
little cock sucker, aren't you Sarah?"

   The girl flushed, then nodded.  "Yes, Mistress Tam, I am quite the
little cock sucker." she repeated mechanically.  The crowd liked that and
cheered.  Her mother remained silent, her eyes glazed and fixed on the
stage floor.

   "Let's try Annie.  What is a slut's head filled with, dear?  In other
words, what is YOUR head filled with?"

   The former British Airways stewardess sighed and kept her eyes averted.
"My head is filled with...air, Mistress Tam."

   This really rocked the audience, who pounded the tables.  CandyLand
reverberated with the cruel laughter.  Chani started to raise her head, but
I pushed it firmly back down to its task.  With docile resignation, she
lowered her head back onto to my semi-hard cock and began sucking.

   Tam nodded, then turned to Sarah.  The girl played with the hands in her
lap, squirming in anticipation of the next question.

   "And what is a slut's tummy filled with, Sarah?  What do you have in
YOUR tummy most of the time, little one?"

   The blonde teen's eyes bulged with tears.  "Cum.  My tummy, I mean a
slut's tummy is filled with cum."

   "It's protein, good from growing girls!." someone yelled back in a
friendly heckle.  The room again burst into heartless guffaws.

   "Two last questions." Tam promised, "Annie, what is the number one rule
for big girl cock sucking sluts like you?"

   "The number one rule for big girl cock sucking sluts like me, is to
swallow every drop of cum, Mistress Tam." she answered promptly, eager to
be almost through.

   Tam nodded disappointedly, fingering the punishment paddle.  "And Sarah,
what is the number one rule for little girl cock sucking sluts like you?"

   Sarah's delicate face dropped, then with a relieved smile, answered. 
"The number one rule for little girl cock sucking sluts like me, is to
swallow every drop of cum AND not to get my lover's pubic hair caught in my
braces, Mistress Tam!" She smiled pitifully displaying her shiny metal

   Tam counted on her fingers.  "Well, not too bad at all, girls!  Only one
wrong out of five!  Guess that means only ten strokes for Sarah!  Over your
classmate's lap now, Sarah, time for your punishment!"

   Sarah rose like an automaton and gently laid herself over her mother's
lap, raising her skirt, even without instructions, to reveal her simple
white cotton bikini panties.  Roxanne Bodwell looked down at her daughter's
backside as she was handed a paddle.

   Tam pointed at the pantied ass.  "Bare.  And I want to see real tears,
no faking.  If not, she gets double, and you get ten yourself from me!"

   Roxanne winced and with business-like alacrity, yanked her daughter's
panties down to her knees.  Looking at the paddle and away from Sarah's
face, she began to smash the paddle down.  The teenager wriggled, but
generally accepted the punishment doled out in quivering pain.  After the
second stroke, the tears came.  Aside from the heavier breathing from
CandyLand's patrons, Sarah's thick sobs were the only sound in the room.  I
wondered if she had ever been forced to dole out the punishment, and amazed
myself at the stupidity of the question.  Of course she had.  Finally it
was over.  She rose unsteadily, pulling her panties decorously up before
rising off her mother's lap.

   "What is a slut's favorite position, Sarah?" Tam asked again.

   "A slut's favorite position is on her back, Mistress Tam." came the
answer from her swollen throat.

   Tam nodded, the schoolmarm's grin was genuine.  She walked to the
blackboard again and began writing as the two English females avoided each
other's glances.  The chalk spelled out the next subject, "Lesbian

   "Strip, pretty girls.  The way you've been taught.  You first Annie, get
to work on Sarah."

   The two slave girls diffidently promenaded to the center of the stage,
facing the audience.  After a moment's wait, Sarah stepped forward, hands
at her sides and face downward.  Annie stepped up behind her.  The mother
reached her hands forward around the girl's slim boyish waist and began to
unbutton the white blouse from top to bottom.  She pulled the garment off
to reveal her daughter's white flat tummy and immaturely proportioned
chest, modestly covered by a thin-strapped, snow white training brassiere.
Next her hands pulled back and unzipped the school skirt, letting it fall
to the floor to reveal her previously exposed white cotton bikini panties.
She knelt, removing the high heels, in order to pull off the knee socks. 
Then the small feet were placed back into the heels and Roxanne rose.  Her
fingers found the bra hooks in back and delicately pulled the maidenly
garment forward and off.  The training bra fell to the floor and we all
stared at the fifteen year old's meager tit-mounds.  She wasn't one of
those precocious girls who matured early and so there wasn't much to look
at except that her nipples had been pierced.  Two small gray metal rings
had been inserted in each and hung down, unwanted jewelry for the pretty
young blonde.  At last Roxanne hooked her thumbs in the shorter girl's
panties and pulled them down and off.  The room stared at the girl's
exposed pussy, smooth and bare, without so much as a wisp of downy blonde
pubic floss.  The girl shyly avoided all our eyes as we enjoyed the vision
of the nymphet on stage, so meekly stripping for our drunken amusement.

   "Now Sarah, do the same for your girlfriend Annie." Tam insisted.

   Now Annie stepped forward, the process the same except this time the
undies consisted of a pretty white cotton bra that closed in the front.  We
all held our breaths, as we watched the daughter unsnap the cups and free
the healthy pert 34C's from them, also pierced and ringed.  As Annie's own
white cotton bikini panties were removed, I now noticed both girls wore
Calvin Klein undies, she revealed that her sex, like her daughter's, was as
smooth as porcelain.  Tam gestured at her curtly, and Sarah stepped
forward, standing next to her mother and slipping her hand into Roxanne's.
The two naked English girls waited with smiles served up for CandyLand's
customers, imitation smiles, that only revealed two things, Sarah's shining
metal braces and the absolute depth of their shameful submission.

   Behind them, Tam removed the box that had bothered me throughout the
performance, but I still couldn't make out what it contained or covered up.
Tam stepped between the girls now and snapped her fingers, pointing to the
unseen focus behind them.

   "Cuddle position." The two girls separated and then met again, face to
face, standing over the hidden objects.  I saw what they were now.  Two
burnished steel poles, perhaps two inches in diameter, were bolted securely
into the base of the stage.  The pair of twin steel rods rose perhaps a
foot and a half into the air and were no farther apart than a foot.  Each
was capped and rounded at the top.

   Tam placed each of her palms into the small of the back of each of the
Bodwells, pushing them forward until they were nipple to nipple.  Reaching
into her pocket, Tam pulled out a pair of quarter-sized steel rings.  Using
her long nails, she unclipped both of Annie's nipple rings and replaced
them with the larger rings.  Then, with a malicious twist, she shoved Sarah
forward, and proceeded to draw the same ring through her little nipples as
well, first removing her other, smaller 'personal' set.

   Mother's and daughter's nipples were now locked together, the fleshy
rose colored tips erect, and poking each other in teasing bondage.  As
daughter was a bit shorter than her mother, Sarah's nipples were tugged
upward to Annie's, giving her trim, slender body an especially lewd profile
for us spectators.

   "Let us begin with today's lesbian lessons.  First, a refresher.  Do
kissy-face for us, girlies."

   The mother opened up her lips and the daughter, a second later, did
likewise.  Soon there lips melded and the heat rose palpably from between
the pair of captive tits as their unnatural passion took flight.

   Tam patted their bare asses with her crop.  "Now kiss HOT, my lezzie
sluts.  Kiss HOT for us.  Show us how much you LOVE one another."

   Lust conquered shame in Annie first, and the overheated woman put her
arms around her daughter's waist obediently.  She closed her eyes and
plunged her tongue into Sarah's mouth.  The teen daughter sighed and
followed suit, parrying her mother's pink tongue with her own.  Breasts
were crushed even tighter, and two pairs of hands began to roam over long
familiar territory.  Annie's hands kneaded the sweet girl flesh of her
daughter's taut, teen ass.  Sarah's fingers caressed her the swell of
mother's pear shaped backside, cooing softly, as she painted upon the pink,
perfect skin.  Soft sighs hovered up and over the onlookers, as we watched
raptly the command performance being put on for us.

   "So precious, so touching." commented Tam sarcastically.  "Now play
nuzzle titties for us, sluts."

   Instantly, the Bodwell girls untangled themselves.  They raised their
hands up to their imprisoned breasts and placing them underneath, they
began to nuzzle for Mistress Tam.  With forced dirty girl smiles, they
stared into each other's eyes and began to twirl their nipples around each
other's.  As Annie pulled her's around her daughter's, Sarah winced in
pain, her own small buds yanked along by her mother's more womanly melons.

   "Aren't they being good little whores for you tonight?" Tam demanded of
the audience.  "Hell, yes!" was her answer from around the floor of

   "So don't they deserve a treat for being such darling little lezzies?"
Again, the answer was, "YES!"

   PART 3/4

   Tam clapped her hands.  "The crowd is pleased with your slutty little
act tonight girls, that means a special treat.  We'll give you something
you can't give each other, something that each of you hot sluts wants very,
very badly.  Know what that is...Annie?"

   The thirty-six year old blonde replied hoarsely in dull heat.  "A
c-c-cock, Mistress Tam?" Her eyes were still resting on her daughter's with
a weird, twisted concentration.

   Tam nodded and tapped the twin metal prongs awaiting each girl between
their legs.  "Yes, bitch.  And these cocks are for you two.  On my count of
three, I want to see you two beauties fuck yourselves silly on these cocks.
And since your titties are still locked together, you'll have to be a team
or you'll get hurt.  Show us what good little playmates you've become since
you came to CandyLand, show us how well you play together, Annie and Sarah!
One ..  Two .." the girls braced themselves as Mistress Tam swung back her


   Simultaneously the pair spread their legs, bent their knees and lowered
their crotches onto the cold, glistening metal rods.  They fought back
tears as Mistress Tam continued to crop them until, in an eternity of
seconds later, they had allowed the metal rod to penetrate their tight,
bare orifices.  Sarah rolled her eyes in agony, as she accepted the
unyielding pole deep within her teen pussy.  Annie took the penetration
with only slightly less discomfort.

   Tam produced a pair of police handcuffs and soon had the pair's hands
bound tightly behind their backs.  "To make it more...challenging for you
girls." the Thai whore trainer explained.  Annie groaned, then bit her lip.

   "Now, because your fans have decided to let you have this treat THEY
will be the ones who decide how fast you can fuck yourselves." Tam
addressed the audience.  "When you want to let the girls start fucking,
yell as loud as you can, all together, 'Fuck little lezzies!' When you stop
saying it, they have to stop too.  Understand?"

   "Fuckin' A!" yelled back an American.  Assents rumbled up from the small
tables and booths.  I noticed the Thai bar girls giggling and nodding too.
For once, they weren't the subject of the humiliation, it was the stuck up
white sluts on stage.

   Tam gestured for silence.  Then, raising her riding crop, she waved it
over the rowdy men and bar girls.  They responded with gusto.


   The pair was slow in complying and Tam brought the crop down on each of
their asses, then the back of their thighs in quick succession.  "Faster

   Annie humped down too quickly in involuntarily pain and Sarah yelped as
her small tit-lets were yanked down in with an aching jerk.  Together they
began squat fucking the cold, unlubricated, metal poles with as much
simultaneity as they could manage.


   I watched as Annie's head began rolling crazily about like a doll's, the
long blonde hair whipping about in her daughter's face.  Her eyes were
closed now and she was smacking her lips in the throes of building lust. 
Sarah's small elfin face was contorted in pain, having more difficulty
accommodating the metal invader, but she too was trying her best to work
herself up in a hot state for the customers.


   Tam waved the crop over the audience like a sadistic conductor in some
orchestra from Hell, spurring them on.  Chani stirred curiously under the
table and I locked my thighs around her neck.  She went back to lapping at
my dick with a whining yelp.

   Mother and daughter had finally achieved a rhythm and their breasts
bobbed up and down in unison as they squat fucked themselves on the metal
cocks.  Annie's legs were growing slick with love juice, which began to
trickle down the pole.

   She began to lick her daughter's lips in wanton surrender to the


   The teen reciprocated, offering her mouth to her mother.  Her own pretty
little puss was wet now too, more easily sliding up and down the now slick
metal pole.  Both Bodwell ladies were dripping now with sweat and burning
with incestuous desire.  Purring and gossamer sighs emitted from both of
the females' hungry lips.

   Tam looked at the clock off stage and nodded.  She now waved her crop


   The two girls halted their humping immediately.  Unwillingly, they
separated their still yearning lips.  Then they shyly looked away from one
another, aware again of their humiliating situation, as Tam unlocked the
breast rings that held them in tandem.  The Thai mistress quickly replaced
them with the smaller original rings and they remained shakily on their

   "Good girls!  What a nice playtime for you!  But look." she pointed at
the wet poles, "you've made a mess, ladies!  If you want to have more
pleasure, you must clean up after each other, just like loving girlfriends
do.  Now."

   Annie bent her lips down to the pole that her pretty daughter had
mounted.  Quivering, she began to tongue the shaft.  Tam snapped her crop
and Sarah, her nose wrinkling a little, followed suit, tasting her mother's
juices on the other pole.  Soon the two were lapping dutifully like a
couple of puppies in training.  Tam patted them on their blonde heads as
they lapped up the last of the sloppy feminine goo.

   "Now, what would be better than the real thing, huh girlies?  What you
say boys and girls?" she saucily demanded from the CandyLand customers.  We
hotly agreed.  There wasn't anyone who wanted the act to end.

   "Annie, on the table.  Time to show everyone what you like to do most,
get eaten out by little slut daughter!"

   Annie choked and rose shakily.  She rolled onto the teacher's desk and
spread her legs.  Her pink woman puss was still glistening from the squat
fuck and her body shaking.  Though whether from humiliation, shame or sheer
sex craving, no one could say.  Including Annie herself.

   Sarah had begun crying at Tam's reference to her as a slut, but
submissively, the teenager obeyed her Thai mistress and climbed on top of
her mother.  She delicately placed her own slippery slit against her
mother's mouth and took the same position at the opposite end of the table.

   Tam addressed the customers again.  "To make them lick, just repeat
after me: 'Lick little Lezzies!' As loud as you can!"

   Which of course we did.  "LICK LITTLE LEZZIES!  LICK LITTLE LEZZIES! 

   Mother and daughter bucked against each other.  Soon stray blonde
tresses were stuck to their pretty English faces by all the juices smeared
on them.  Still they licked, as we the audience commanded.  Annie must have
been secretly relieved that her daughter was on top, as Tam cropped the
poor fifteen year old's cupcake ass cheeks for the chuckles of the crowd.
Miserable young Sarah sobbed as her small pink tongue lapped at the burning
red sex lips before her and searched out her mommy's clit.  Annie leered,
whorishly happy at her daughter's servicing and no longer able to hide it,
as she too licked at her daughter's trim pink cunt.

   I shuddered as I realized the brilliance of what Tam, the sexual
impresario had achieved with these two.  Six months ago, she had taken
delivery of prim and proper Roxanne Bodwell, a fastidious thirty-six year
old stewardess, and Sarah Bodwell, her pretty precocious fifteen year old
daughter.  Using merciless discipline, she had trained this mother and
daughter into Bangkok's hottest pair of lesbian lovers.  And, judging by
the performance, broke them into accepting their new passion.  As Tam
closed the stage, I kicked Chani down and rose, offering her a standing
ovation.  Other hardcore ones joined me, and soon we were all clapping. 
She winked gratefully as the curtains closed.

   PART 4/4

   "Heel." I commanded to the little bitch under the table.  She barked
softly at my command and slumped to her fours under the table.  I rose and
clapped Vopat on the back.  He beamed, handed me a Kloster's and invited me
back to his office.

   "On the house Joe." he toasted me.  "Like the act?"

   "Jesus, it was fantastic!  When is the next show?"

   He shook his head, wagging a finger.  "These two special, just once a
night!  Don't want to wear them out.  Too good a thing for CandyLand! 
Besides, they have date night tonight...with Colonel Chao."

   I nodded.  The Colonel was a CandyLand patron, who protected the bar
from any potential inquiries or accidental fires and the like.  He was one
of the reasons that acts like Annie and Sarah could go on night after night
without interference.  In return, he expected "contributions", as well as
use of the CandyLand girls and tonight he had requested the two white

   "Joe, look, these just come in!  Should be big hit, huh?" He pushed a
stack of video packages at me.

   I looked closely at them.  It was a series of porno tapes, the "Mommy's
My Lover!" series, starring Annie and Sarah.  The tapes had just been
produced, all in sleek packages with four color photographs advertising the
movie subject.

   They were varied but all featured the two blondes in hot action:
"Daughter's First Dildo." "Mommy's Strap-on Love." "Spanking For Slutty
Little Sarah." "Little Lezzie Learns Her Lesson!." "Mommy, Her Vibrator and
Me." "Learning To Lick." and more.

   I shook my head, dubiously.  "You'll get busted, Vopat.  It isn't worth
it.  The kid is just fifteen, you can't sell this in the States."

   He grinned, pointing at the disclaimer.  "All actors eighteen.  Proof on

   "What if someone checks?" I asked.

   He snorted.  "Who ever do that Joe?  Does Sarah look younger than some
of the other girls in porn movies?"

   I had to agree.  Which meant he would make a ton of baht on this side
business.  He was a businessman who had scoped the profit from the

   "I want more girls Joe.  Special kind you get." he began, but I rose.

   "Can't do it.  I'm going legit again, Vopat.  A deal with the Colonel.
Where is he by the way?"

   Sadly he jerked a thumb at a secluded booth at the back.  "You change
mind Joe, we talk.  Tam like girls you get.  Says she do lots with them. 
And don't upset Colonel, he go with his girls soon!" Vopat warned.

   I nodded, and found myself at the Colonel's table.  He sat impressive in
his bulk, his uniform, buzz cut, and the pistol in his thick black leather
belt.  On either knee, sat the two Bodwell girls.  They had prepared
themselves for this honored, important customer.

   Annie's hair was tied into a ponytail with a red lace bow, while Sarah's
hair was braided into two tails on either side of her head.  Annie wore a
red satin push-up half-bra, displaying her pierced erect nipples, a tiny
slutty matching red g-string and five inch heels.  Her newly painted lips
nibbled at the Colonel's earlobe sensuously.  She didn't look at me, even
when I sat down, her attention securely anchored to her master of this
evening.  Chao cupped her tit idly, occasionally twisting the nipple ring.
The horny bar whore.

   Sarah was made up as well, though her lipstick was pink gloss.  Her
panties were girlishly cute, white cotton bikinis with a dainty rose
pattern on them.  Her breasts were concealed by a pretty pink training bra.
Her face was buried in the Colonel's neck as well, lapping at his other
lobe.  She wore a pair of three inch pink heels.  The proper English

   He stared from behind his mirror glass aviators and smiled.  His smile
looked like a scar.  "Like my dates tonight, Joe?"

   I nodded, enviously.  He would have an interesting night.

   "You have the money for our arrangement?"

   "Not yet.  Soon.  Tonight." Chao and I were going into business again,
but this time I was putting up my stake entirely.  It had come up a few
weeks ago, a gun running opportunity to arm the resurgent Khmer Rouge. 
There was a fortune to be made.  With my old connections and his
protection, it was an ideal chance to get out of the slaver business.  Only
thing was, I needed big money and fast.  Not big by Western standards, but
incalculable by Bangkok measures.

   But I would soon be getting it.  Hand delivered.  I had confirmed that
two days ago.  "It takes about an hour to get from the airport." I

   He wasn't listening.  Instead he was whispering something into Sarah's
ear.  Suddenly, the fifteen year old nymphet took her hand and wantonly
stuck it under her panties.  She began finger fucking herself, continuing
to moan and lap at his ear.  "Whatever, Joe, just get it here tonight, the
shipment of AK- 47s arrives from Burma tomorrow morning and I need to make
the buy.  Leave it with Vopat, we meet tomorrow.  If you'll excuse me now,
I think my dates need some special attention!"

   I left to collect my money as Colonel Chao enjoyed his company.  I
looked back and for once, I wish I hadn't.  Chao had pushed both mother and
daughter on their knees in front of him and was instructing them on the
fine points of giving him a double-tongued blow job.

   Roxanne's smile was a put-on job, the phony enthusiasm of a working girl
who knew she had to con her john, the full lips drawn into a clown slut
smile but the eyes were a thousand miles away.  She nodded as the Colonel
directed her face to his crotch with his right hand, her steamy expression
calculated to please him.

   But Sarah was different.  As the Colonel drew her near with his left
hand, her innocent, pretty wan face darkened into unmitigated lust.  The
tip of her pink tongue met that of her mother's, and the teen girl's hips
bucked a bit.  As the blow job progressed, the daughter's eyes focused over
the Colonel's cock and were busy getting dreamily got lost in her mother's
blue eyes, her lover's eyes.

   She looked up at me.  Her eyes were hard now, they were realistic eyes.
The dirty girl smile that she turned and gave me, was too much, the braces
shone briefly before she returned to both she and her mother's task.  Sarah
was still a pretty, blonde, bright teenage girl.  But she was also more
than that.  Now she was also a lesbian sex slave, a trained slut that
pleasured whoever or whatever she was told to.  She should be attending
mixers in England, going to classes, and going on her first date, not on
her knees giving blow jobs to corrupt Thai police officials, in a filthy
go-go bar like CandyLand.  But she was, and it was because of me.

   I shivered, glad to be doing something like legitimate, like
gun-running. I left the Bodwells to their fate, and hurried out the door
into the purple black Thai night.


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