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One Of Two

By Strickland83

Chapter 3 – Double Date, Double Trouble

The ringing phone woke me up on Sunday morning. I idly wondered if it might be Carly. When my mother knocked on the door and told me Carly was on the phone, I felt a tightness across my chest. Maybe Nancy had called her and told her everything. It would be the ultimate revenge. If Nancy couldn’t be happy, no one would be happy.

I answered the phone with trepidation. “Hi, Carly,” I said as calmly as I could manage.

“Were you still sleeping?” Carly asked. I tried to gauge her emotional state from the sound of her voice, but her tone was neutral.

“Yes,” I answered warily.

“Oh. OK. Sam, we have a problem.”

I think my heart stopped beating right there. I felt like I had fallen down a flight of stairs. It was a good thing I was still in bed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. I knew I sounded terrified. Carly didn’t seem to notice. She was too preoccupied with whatever the problem was.

“When I got home last night, my mom was still up. She wanted to know where we had been after the movie. I had to lie to her.” Carly was almost whispering now so she wouldn’t be overheard. Was that the problem? I was trying hard not to cheer out loud.

“Does she suspect something?” I asked, trying not to sound too jubilant.

“She sure does. She told me I can’t go to the dance with you unless we double with another couple.”

There was silence for about half a minute.

Carly continued. “This might work out. I’m going to call Nancy and see if she is going. She can double with us.”

“No!” I realized as soon as I said that how guilty it sounded. I tried not to sound like a strangled cat as I continued. “I mean, I don’t think she’s dating anyone.” Yeah, like that reassured Carly.

“I’m going to ask. It’s worth a shot,” Carly told me. “I’ll call you back after I talk to her.”

In her haste, Carly hung up before I could dream up a better excuse. The last thing I wanted was for Carly to talk to Nancy, especially so soon after what happened yesterday. I tried calling back Carly but her line was already busy. I tried a few more times but had no more luck. Carly and Nancy were talking a long time. I knew what they were talking about. I had lost Carly.

I tried doing anything to take my mind off my impending doom but I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. The minutes dragged on as I waited for Carly to call back. Maybe she was too upset to call. Maybe she was coming over to break up with me in person. I wouldn’t blame her if she was coming over to punch me in the face.

It was about twenty minutes before the phone rang. The sound made me jump. I didn’t answer it. I wanted to prolong my relationship with Carly a few seconds longer. My dad answered the phone that time and opened my door to tell me it was for me. I thanked him and picked up the phone as gingerly as if it was a bomb I was trying to defuse.


“Sam, it’s Carly.”

My heart was now beating so hard that I could look down and see my shirt moving.

“I talked to Nancy.”

The seconds were like hours as I waited for the inevitable.

“We had a long talk.”

In my agony, I understood why condemned prisoners looked so calm as they were escorted to their executions. They were ready to just get it over with.

“She said that she is not dating anyone, but she’ll go with us if she can get a date.”

Huh? The blood was pounding so hard in my ears that I didn’t think I heard Carly right. I couldn’t have heard her right.

“Sam, are you there?” Carly asked.

“Yes, I’m here. Nancy said she’d double with us?” I tried not to sound incredulous but I don’t think I succeeded.

“Yes, if she can get a date. Is there anyone you could talk to about asking her?”

It was about then that I remembered to breathe. I exhaled so loudly that Carly asked me if I was OK.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just…, oh, never mind. I’ll ask around.”

“Good. I’m sure you’ll think of someone. Nancy is the only person I think we could go with who would understand if we wanted to go parking after the dance.”

My harried mind was still trying to come to grips with the realization that Nancy hadn’t told Carly about me – about us. I had no idea what she was up to – and that scared me.

Carly could tell I was preoccupied about something, so we hung up soon after that. Now all I had to do was find a date for the girl I was fooling around with yesterday behind my girlfriend’s back, and everything would be fine. No matter how many times I repeated that statement to myself, it never sounded right.

Who was I going to ask? I had to do something. The last thing I wanted to do now was to leave Nancy in the lurch. I didn’t want to give her any further reason to ruin my life. I had already done enough to convince her to do that. I had to find someone who she could have a good time with. It had to be someone who Carly would feel comfortable with if there was to be a point to our double date. I thought over the list of friends from our circle. Most of them were dating. Eventually, I narrowed the choices down to one - Frank. His steady girlfriend had moved away over the summer. I hadn’t heard that he was going to the dance with anyone. He had been with us that day last summer when Carly and I got together. As far as I knew, he wasn’t aware of what Nancy and I had been doing. If I was lucky, no one had figured that out, and things would stay that way. If my luck didn’t hold out, … I didn’t want to go there.

I called Frank and felt him out. He knew Nancy and he was interested in the idea. I passed along her number and he assured me he would call her. After I got off the phone, I sat in my room, catching my breath. I was starting to think that I was going to get away with this.

There was still Monday. I knew I would have to face Nancy in class. I couldn’t get around that and it haunted me for the rest of the weekend. My stomach was in knots right up until the time I arrived at my first class. Nancy was already there, sitting in her usual place – right next to mine. I tentatively slipped into my chair, totally unsure of what to expect.

Nancy turned to face me when she heard me sit down. I held my breath.

“Good morning, Sam.” She was smiling.

I had to swallow to wet my mouth enough to answer her. “Hi, Nancy.”

“Thanks for talking to Frank. He called me yesterday and asked me to the dance. We even went to a movie yesterday afternoon. He’s a really nice guy.” Nancy was smiling, maybe a little too much. I couldn’t feel comfortable around her anymore.

“I’m glad. Frank’s a good friend. I hope you two will have fun at the dance.”

“I’m sure we will all have fun together,” she said. Even though she sounded very happy, her words sounded somehow ominous. I found myself thinking over every word before speaking to her. I was so afraid that I would say something to set her off. A few words from her to Carly and my life would go to shit.

I met Carly for lunch. She was all smiles. I let myself relax a little. I realized that if I was always tense around her, she would figure out I was guilty about something.

“I saw Nancy this morning,” she said. My heart skipped a few beats for good measure. “It sounds like she and Frank are really hitting it off well.”

“Yeah, she told me about him this morning, too. I hope it works out for them.”

“She needs someone. She hasn’t dated since she moved here,” Carly added, sounding concerned for her friend.

I knew why she hadn’t dated, of course. I was not about to explain that to Carly. Instead, I said, “It sounds like she likes Frank.”

“Good. We can double with them. My parents won’t be so suspicious when we come in late if we are with them.”

“Carly, how are we going to do anything with them in the car?” I didn’t understand what she was leading up to.

“Come on, Sam. Don’t be shy. They’ll be in the back seat and we’ll be in the front. We’ll have enough privacy.”

“I don’t know about this, Carly. They will still be able to hear us.”

“They won’t be sitting back there taking notes. They will be busy, too. Besides, it isn’t like we’re going to shock Nancy. She knows what we’ve been doing.”

“What?!” Did Carly really mean that? If Carly told Nancy that, what did Nancy tell Carly? I was sweating a little harder now.

“Come on, Sam. She’s my friend. Girls talk. Don’t guys talk about what they do?”

“Apparently not in as much detail as girls. Geeze, Carly. Did you really tell her everything?” Inside, I was hoping and praying that Nancy hadn’t shared anything about me with her.

“Relax, Sam. She won’t tell anyone. It was just between the two of us.”

I was frantically trying to think all this through. If Carly wasn’t upset, then Nancy must not have told her anything about what we had done together.

“I’ll still feel a little self conscious about doing… that… with them in the car with us,” I said.

“You’ll forget all about them once we start taking our clothes off. Trust me.” I could hear the sly smile in her voice.

From then on, whenever I saw Nancy she was all bubbly talking about Frank. They seemed to be getting very close and she was happy about it. That suited me fine. I desperately wanted her to fall in love with someone else and forget all about what she had done with me.

The girls had gotten together and planned what we would do on the night of the dance. I picked up Carly, who was dressed in a beautiful white dress. I had a flower for her, of course, which I nervously offered to her. Her mother pinned it on her dress, saving me the embarrassment of trying to figure out how to do that without looking like I was trying to feel her up in front of her parents. Feeling her up would come later.

We picked up Frank before going to Nancy’s house. I hadn’t seen Doctor Hunter since before that fateful day in Nancy’s bedroom so I didn’t know how he would react to me. I didn’t think he knew about Carly, and he knew Nancy and I were very good friends. I didn’t relish the idea that he might say something to make Carly suspect that Nancy and I had ever been anything more than friends. Fortunately, Frank went to the door to get her while Carly and I waited in the car. Soon we were arriving at the restaurant to eat dinner.

We sat at a table for four. I was enjoying staring at Carly while the four of us chatted. She looked pretty good in blue jeans at school, but seeing her in that dress really took my breath away. The thought of seeing her out of that dress later was getting me hard. The four of us had a good time eating. I managed to get over my nervousness about Nancy being there and relax. For her part, Nancy appeared to be thinking only of Frank. She looked, well, if not in love then at least in lust. They were holding hands and looking at each other. I was relieved.

The dance was fun. Our usual gang was all there. My favorite part had to be the slow dances holding Carly tightly against me. I could feel her body through the dress and imagine what she was going to look like in the moonlight later. Nancy suggested we change partners for one slow dance and I almost choked. Carly thought that would be fun and I found myself holding Nancy on the dance floor. It was the first time we had touched since she had offered herself to me in her bed. I think I was almost trembling. We were dancing so close that we could whisper into each other’s ear and no one would overhear us. Feeling Nancy against me was bringing back memories I had tried to forget and I was getting excited.

“It’s nice to be so close to you again, Sam.”

That statement wouldn’t be so dangerous without “again”. Carly and Frank were nearby but (fortunately) not able to hear her words.

“Nancy, that was –“

“A very special time we shared,” Nancy supplied. “I’ll always treasure it. I’m not sorry we did that. Are you?”

How could I answer a question like that? Either way, I was setting myself up for the kill.

“Nancy, you know I love Carly.”

“Yes, I do. She’s a very lucky girl. I hope I’ll get as lucky with Frank.”

How did she mean that?

“Thanks for getting Frank to call me.”

“You’re welcome,” I answered, glad to have dodged her question.

The song ended. As we parted to walk back to our table, I felt in a small way disappointed that I hadn’t taken the chance to enjoy feeling Nancy’s body pressed against me. Again.

I danced with Carly for the next slow song. We were swaying together closely when she innocently asked, “What did you and Nancy talk about?”

I was nervous having to always be on my toes when Carly and Nancy were together. I thought quickly and told her, “Her and Frank.” It was the truth. Mostly.

“Yeah, they seem to be really hitting it off. I’m happy for them.”

“Now I’m thinking about you… and later,” I said, hoping to distract Carly’s thoughts.

“Mmm, me, too. I’ve been getting wet thinking about you.”

We left the dance before it ended. As I drove out of the school parking lot, Carly slid next to me, put her hand on my leg, and suggested that we drive over to the old oak tree in the field. I was still a little uncomfortable about Nancy and Frank being in the back seat, but hormones were doing their best to make me forget about that. As I drove, the sounds from the back seat told me that Nancy and Frank were getting to know each other better. By the time I turned off the highway onto the dark road, they were kissing heavily.

Carly, apparently encouraged by the sounds they were making, was now rubbing my erection through my pants. She took my right hand and put it in her lap. Instinctively I tried to fondle her but it wasn’t working very well through the dress. She pulled her dress up to her waist and put my hand on her pantyhose. I gave her a surprised look but she whispered, “It’s coming off soon, anyway.” I thought I heard a light giggle from the back seat but I wasn’t sure.

I parked alongside the tree where Carly and I had first kissed months before. I turned off the lights and the engine. It was so quiet. There was a full moon so the inside of the car was well illuminated. Carly leaned over and kissed me deeply, our tongues intertwined in the way they had been wanting to all night. Carly broke the kiss and turned to face her door. “Unzip me, please.” She was wasting no time. As I undid her zipper, I hear whispers from the back seat, then the slow sound of another zipper. I couldn’t believe Nancy was going to do this with Frank. Then I thought, Why not? We were doing it.

Carly turned back to me and I helped her slip out of her dress. It was a little awkward undressing each other in the front seat. There was definitely more room for this in the back seat, but we had to make the best of the situation. In a short time, Carly was sitting in the front seat of my car in only her bra and panties, and I was also wearing only my underwear. We kissed again, running our hands over each other’s bodies. Similar sounds of undressing had come from the back seat so I suspected Nancy was probably well on the way to being naked as well. As I touched Carly, I couldn’t stop images of a naked Nancy from creeping into my mind.

Carly was rubbing the front of my underwear, caressing the barely concealed erection. The sounds coming from the backseat were fading into the background as things with Carly in the front seat were heating up. Hormones finally took over and I pushed Carly back, sliding her to a lying position beneath me on the seat. I kissed her deeply, very aware of all the bare flesh touching me. Moving lower, I reached under her back and released her bra. I worked it off her arms and dropped in on top of the pile of clothes on the floor, never taking my eyes off her breasts. I kissed and licked them. The trails of my saliva were glistening in the moonlight. Carly cooed in approval as I sucked her sensitive nipples.

I kissed lower, across her flat stomach until I reached the waistband of her panties. I gripped the waistband in my teeth and managed to pull it low enough to encounter her hair, but no lower. I used my hands to pull on her panties. She obediently lifted her hips off the seat to help me and I removed her last remaining garment. I could smell her arousal as I settled back down between her legs. The position was awkward. My legs were on the floor beneath the steering wheel and my back was almost against the driver’s door, but the discomfort was forgotten as I prepared to eat her pussy.

I used my fingers to delicately pull her lips apart. My tongue softly touched her inner lips before sliding up to look for her clit. The car rocked gently as Nancy and Frank moved about in the backseat and I heard them talking softly but I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying. I pressed my tongue hard against Carly’s pussy and licked as I looked up to her face. I really liked watching her face as I licked her.

I was surprised to see her not looking down at me in ecstasy, but looking above me in surprise. I lifted my head and bumped into something soft. Two somethings soft, actually. Moving upright, I found a topless Nancy leaning over the seat and smiling broadly. She was holding something small and dark in her hand and she held it out to me. It was a rectangular cardboard box.

“Do you guys need any condoms?” Neither of us answered; we were too shocked to speak. When she didn’t get an answer, Nancy continued, “We won’t need the whole box.” She looked over her shoulder, then back to me. “At least, I don’t think we will.” I could hear Frank laughing nervously as she said that. I looked to Carly, who shook her head.

“No, thanks, we’re fine,” I told Nancy.

“OK, whatever,” she said before disappearing over the seatback. Before I moved back into position between Carly’s legs, I snuck a glance over the seat. Frank was sitting at one end of the seat and rolling a condom onto his erection. Nancy was moving onto her back on the rest of the seat and spreading her legs. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen back there. From what she had told me, Nancy had been a virgin when she had offered herself to me.

I tried to concentrate on my girlfriend’s body, but Nancy was speaking louder now. Frank was whispering his replies but her words were loud enough to be hard to ignore.

“Be gentle, Frank. It’s my first time, you know.”

“Yeah, that’s the spot. Right in there.”

“Ooh, I didn’t think it would feel so big in me. You’re so hard.”

“No, it doesn’t hurt yet. I’ll tell you when. It’s just stretching me open a lot more than I’ve ever been stretched before.”

“Ow! That’s it! Stop for a minute.” Nancy’s loud breathing could be clearly heard.

Carly was looking at me, wide-eyed. She was obviously as surprised as I was about what was transpiring two feet away from us. I tried to distract both of us with her pussy, but what came next made that impossible.

“OK! I’m ready now. Push hard and break through.”

“Are you sure?” It was Frank’s voice now, sounding concerned.

“Yes. Make me a woman, Frank.”

Then, “Ahhh!” Nancy screamed. It wasn’t words. It was a high-pitched scream. Carly jumped at the sudden noise. I did, too. There was no doubt that Nancy had just given up her virginity.

The car started to rock softly side to side. Frank must be pumping in and out of Nancy. I could hear Nancy whimpering softly. A few times, she whispered, “It’s OK. It doesn’t really hurt. Don’t stop,” to encourage Frank.

I looked up to Carly. She was looking at the back of the seat. She must have been thinking about what her friend had just done right on the other side, what her friend was doing just then right on the other side.

I was thinking about it as well. I could have been the one to do what Frank was doing right then. It was offered to me and I turned it down. When I refused, she gave it to Frank. She could never offer that to anyone ever again. I could have been her first, but I chose Carly instead. I was thinking of how Nancy had looked that last time in her bed, her legs open, her pussy wet. She had wanted it so badly. The truth is that I wanted it badly also. I almost gave in, but I couldn’t. I loved Carly. I had feelings for Nancy, too, but in the end my loyalty was to Carly.

Nancy and Frank were both moaning now. The pleasure must be finally overcoming the pain for her. The moans were turning to cries – orgasmic cries. I had heard Nancy cry out like that, when my hand was inside her. Now she had a dick inside her, making her cry out, making her cum.

I felt a tear escaping from my eye. I blinked and looked back to Carly. She wasn’t looking at the seat anymore. She was watching me. Had she seen me cry? I put my face down and redoubled my efforts to make her forget about anything she might have seen. I didn’t look up at her face. I concentrated on trying to make her scream like Nancy had.

Before I made Carly cum, everybody in the car heard Nancy cum. She called out for Frank. I was thankful she didn’t have another Freudian slip and say my name instead. I was also sad. I no longer held a place in her heart. I made Carly cry out, but not nearly as loudly as Frank had made Nancy. When Carly was coming down from her peak, I crawled up over her to kiss her. I knew her juices were covering my cheeks, but she didn’t usually mind. Just before I pressed my lips to hers, Carly put her hands on my slippery cheeks. She was looking at my face, trying to see something in the dark. I panicked for an instant, then she pulled me to her and we kissed. I held myself to Carly’s naked body and tried really hard not to cry.

Had I made the right choice? I thought so, but why did I feel such a loss? I was glad I was here in the front seat with Carly, but at the same time I was so sad that I wasn’t in the back seat with Nancy, inside Nancy. I was still on top of Carly when we heard Frank cumming. I knew his sperm was squirting into Nancy’s pussy at that instant, the first sperm to ever be there. A sob escaped but I tried to conceal it by breathing deeply and rubbing my cheek against Carly’s face.

“Hold the condom and pull out, Frank. I don’t want to get pregnant on my first time,” Nancy said. I could feel the car move as Frank shifted. A few moments later, the light came on as the back door opened. He was dropping the used condom outside and the door closed. “Come here, Frank. Cuddle with me. We can do it again when you’re ready.”

Again? She was going to give herself to him again and again, knowing I could hear what was going on. Carly whispered into my ear, “I want to give you a blowjob,” as she pushed. I got up so we could rearrange ourselves. As I did, I tried to casually let my eyes drift to the backseat. What I saw was Frank lying on top of Nancy. In the moonlight, I could tell they were both sweaty. Nancy caught me looking at her. She didn’t give me a smile this time. Her look was hard. The meaning was obvious. You could have had me but you turned me down so I gave it to someone else.

I tore my eyes away from the scene I didn’t want to see and lay down on the seat. Had Carly seen that silent exchange? I saw Carly look to the backseat before moving down between my legs. She took my dick in her hand.

Usually, I was very hard after eating her out. Not this time. The emotions that were running through my head had short circuited my erection. Carly kissed me, licked me and stroked me trying to get me hard again. She was being very patient. Her efforts were in vain. In vain, that is, until I heard Frank and Nancy getting ready for round two. Nancy was giving us a play by play. This time, she asked Frank to sit up on the seat and she mounted him. She whimpered for us as she descended onto Frank’s erection. As I imagined what her pussy must look like, with her lips being spread open by that dick, I became erect in Carly’s hand. She took me into her mouth and sucked.

I wanted to enjoy what Carly was doing to me, I really did, but I was thinking about what Nancy was doing instead. When Nancy approached her first orgasm, she leaned back until her head was against the driver’s headrest, probably so I could see her. I watched as her blonde hair bobbed. She was thrusting her bottom against Frank, against his invading member, and she turned to her left. She turned so I could see her face. I looked into her eyes. The gaze staring back at me was one of pure ecstasy.

I couldn’t hold her stare. I looked down at Carly instead and concentrated on what she was doing to me. I forced myself to think not of Nancy but of Carly. I wanted to cum for Carly. Nancy, noticing that I wasn’t watching her anymore, began moaning loudly. I ignored her and thought only of Carly, of how much I loved her. It worked. I tensed up and exploded in her mouth. Carly moaned sweetly as she felt the warmth squirting out from my dick and filling her mouth. I felt her swallow as I enjoyed the look of pleasure on her face.

When I was finished, I looked again at the headrest but Nancy had moved away. Carly saw me looking and her eyes followed mine, but there wasn’t anything to see. Carly crawled up onto me and we cuddled, the warmth of our bodies warding off the night’s chill that was seeping into the car. As Carly breathed, I could smell myself on her breath but I didn’t mind. It only reminded me of the orgasm she had given me. Besides, I’m sure that to her I smelled like her pussy.

Suddenly, Frank called out from the back seat that he was cumming. Nancy started riding him frantically. We couldn’t see them, of course, but we could hear the sound of their bodies slapping together, Nancy’s wetness squishing between them, and we could feel the car shaking. Frank groaned and we both knew he was spurting into Nancy’s body again. Carly lifted her head a little and looked at me. I could see in the semidarkness that she was smiling. She was smiling for her friend’s pleasure. I did what I had to do. I smiled with her. Outside, I was smiling while inside my heart was ripping apart.  Barely two feet from me, Nancy was giving herself freely and wantonly. Knowing I could hear what was going on, she was giving away what I had turned down. I relived her words to me that night she slipped up on the phone. All this happened in a few seconds. I was sad that it wasn’t me inside her, under her. I was sad that I didn’t receive the gift of her virginity. Then I came to my senses. Carly and I both knew we weren’t going to go any further. I pulled my arms tighter around Carly as I realized I had all I truly wanted right there.

Nancy kept up the rhythm until Frank must have gotten too soft to continue. We heard them shifting as she got off, then the car door opened and closed one more time. The condom was disposed of.

“Carly, do you have any Kleenex? There’s a little blood back here.” It was Nancy’s voice breaking the stillness. Carly looked at me. I nodded.

“I have some in the glove compartment,” I answered. Carly reached for it and sat up to hand it to Nancy. Nancy made a point of leaning over the seat enough that I could tell she was still naked. The sounds of her wiping, first her pussy then the seat, could be heard.

Carly got up and made room for me to get up as well. I realized as she did that her tits were visible to Frank. I had seen that much of his girlfriend tonight, and a lot more than that on other occasions. After that, we all shuffled around trying to sort out our clothes. Getting dressed in the car was more difficult than usual. The girls had to get back into their pantyhose and dresses. I noticed with a tiny smile that Carly was being especially careful to ensure nothing was inside out. It was easier for Nancy and Frank in the back seat, but we managed. I helped Carly as best I could – mostly zipping her dress for her.

When we were ready, I didn’t hear much movement from the backseat, so I dared to turn my head and look. Nancy and Frank were locked in a passionate kiss, but it looked like they were both dressed.

“Are you two ready to go home?” I asked.

Nancy turned from Frank to look at me. She had the most radiant smile on her face. I guess it would be called a ‘just fucked look’. “Oh, yes,” she answered in a dreamy voice. “We’re finished.” She giggled after that and kissed Frank again.

I drove us home in silence, stopping first at Nancy’s house so Frank could walk her to the door. I watched them as I realized that Nancy had left as a virgin but was not returning that way. What would Doctor Hunter do to Frank if he knew what had just happened? I wondered. Probably castrate him like a bull.

After we had dropped Frank off, I took Carly home. I held her tightly as I kissed her goodnight at her door. I didn’t want to let go of her. I wanted to keep this reminder that I had made the right choice close to me, but I had to let her go. Reluctantly, I watched her go inside and I drove away.

When I got into bed, I tried to go to sleep but memories of Nancy’s cries kept me awake. I knew she was lying in bed reliving the experience. I couldn’t get the sounds or images out of my head. I wanted to relish my time with Carly, but my memories of Nancy wouldn’t let me.

I was doing my chores around the house right after lunch on Sunday when I heard the phone ring. My mom called out that it was Carly for me. I answered it casually.

“Hi, Carly.”

“Hi, Sam.” Carly’s tone spoke volumes. Something was very wrong. Panic quickly gripped my intestines as I speculated that Nancy had finally gotten her revenge. “Can you get away for a few hours? We need to talk.”

It sounded like the end was here. I was going to be held accountable for what I had done. I knew I deserved it. “Sure, Carly. I’ll pick you up in half an hour.”

“Give me an hour to get ready, OK?”

“Sure.” I hung up the phone and tried not to cry. Another hour for me to be Carly’s boyfriend. I finished up what I was doing and cleaned up. When it was time to pick up Carly, I drove slowly up to her house. I was trying to memorize what everything along the way looked like because I expected that I’d never be going here again. Carly was sitting on the front porch step waiting for me. She wasn’t smiling.

She walked to the car and got in. She was wearing blue shorts and a bright yellow t-shirt. “Can we go to the oak tree? I want to talk there.” I heard sadness in her voice. I expected anger but I heard sadness. I nodded and drove off.

We pulled up to the tree, the spot where we had kissed for the first time. I suppose it was fitting that everything would end where it had begun. I turned off the engine and turned to Carly but she got out of the car. I followed. When she sat on the grass at the base of the tree, I sat in front of her. She turned to face away from me, looking at the fields in the distance. It was sunny and slightly warm, unlike my mood. I could hear insects buzzing in the grass. Otherwise, it was just Carly and I. No one else was in sight.

“I saw you cry last night,” Carly began, “when, you know, Nancy did it.” I started to answer but she cut me off. “Just listen, Sam.” I nodded. “I thought at first that you were sad she was in pain. Then I noticed other things. Little things that started to fit. This morning, I called Nancy. We had a long talk.”

I knew this was the end. I braced myself for her to slap my face. I saw tears start to flow down Carly’s cheeks. I wanted to brush them away but I didn’t think my fingers would be welcome on her face anymore.

“I asked her and she told me, but I want to hear it from you, Sam. What have you been doing with Nancy?” Her voice was hard.

In the second or two before I spoke, I seemed to work through many scenarios in my brain. There wasn’t a good way out. If she had talked to Nancy, there was no point lying. There could be only one outcome. At least she would remember me telling the truth. That might mean something to her – someday.

“I’m sorry, Carly. I didn’t mean it to happen. It just –“

“I just want to hear it from you. What did you do with her, Sam?” Her tone was even, controlled.

I told her everything. I told her about the bus ride, the afternoon at Nancy’s house, even the morning in Nancy’s bed. I told her how I had done everything with Nancy that I had done with her. I told her with emphasis that I stopped there. Nancy had wanted more but I walked away. It tore me up to be hurting Carly this way, but I guess she needed to hear it. She listened, not looking at me the entire time. The tears stopped, wet traces lining her sweet face. When I finished, she turned to me. I looked into her eyes and told her that I couldn’t go any further with Nancy. I had to end it as I should have at the very beginning. I told Carly I loved her and that I was sorry. I told her that I wished she could forgive me but I knew that she couldn’t. My tears had started flowing as I spoke, and I was sobbing now.

“Nancy told me the same thing. You turned her down. She admitted that she had tried to take you away from me but you didn’t let her. She told me I was very lucky to have you. She also told me that last night was meant only to hurt you. She regretted losing her virginity that way but nothing could change that now. She is sorry that she hurt both of us.”

I wondered if that would be the last time I heard Carly say, “both of us” to me.

Carly continued. “Nancy told me how it started, how she slipped up on the phone, what she said to you.” There was a pause. Was this the end? “The whole time, I thought she was my friend. I thought I could trust her.”

I thought I knew how Carly was feeling. She was betrayed by me as well as her friend. I felt really bad. I heard Carly take a really deep breath. She turned to face me. I braced for the slap but it never came. Carly looked right at me and started speaking again.

“I’m not glad you did what you did. It hurt me, but it also made me think. All this time, I know you’ve wanted to go further than I did but you honored my limits. You could have had Nancy but you didn’t. That showed me you really love me – and I really love you.”

I couldn’t believe the direction things were going. Maybe this wasn’t the end for us after all. I waited for her to continue.

“I’m sorry I made you wait. I just wasn’t ready to go all the way.” She took another deep breath. A breeze came up and blew a wisp of her hair away from her face. “When we graduate in the spring, we are both going on to new things, a new stage in our life. I’m not sure if we will stay together when that happens. I hope we do, but it’s not certain.”

“I love you, Carly. I have no intentions of looking for anything else,” I said. She held up her hand to stop me, to allow her to continue.

“After I got off the phone with Nancy, I cried. When I stopped crying, I did a lot of thinking. I came to a decision. I’m sure of it now. I’ve been thinking of this for a little while now, but I’m really sure now.” Carly reached into the pocket of her shorts and took something small out. She reached for my hand with her right hand. She held my hand palm up and looked deeply into my eyes as her left hand passed over mine. She dropped something into my palm. I didn’t understand.

I looked down at my hand as hers moved aside. I knew what I was looking at. I had seen one before in Health class, but it still took me a few seconds to comprehend what Carly was doing. When Carly was sure I had seen what she put in my hand, she closed my hand around it.

“Sam, whatever happens to us, I want my very first time to be with you. They say you never forget your first time. I want that memory to be of you. I hope we stay together for the rest of our lives, but just in case…”

The realization hit me full on. My hand was trembling in hers. I felt so in love with Carly, yet so unworthy at that moment. Carly saw that in my face and reassured me.

“Let’s share this special time, right now, right here where we first kissed.”

“Are you sure, Carly?” I asked.

She nodded, smiling now. Not a big grin, just a gentle, small smile. "Make love to me, Sam.”

Carly released my hand and grabbed the hem of her shirt. She pulled it over her head and dropped it in the grass. She reached behind her and released the clasp on her bra. When she was topless, she stood and kicked off her shoes. With her hand on the snap of her shorts, she tilted her head, smiled a little broader, and asked, “Well? Don’t you want me?”

I was still a little in shock. I blinked, and then struggled to my feet. Facing Carly, I pulled her to me and kissed her. I felt the softness of her unencumbered breasts mashing against my shirt, the skin of her bare back, the brush of her hair against the side of my face when I hugged her after I kissed her. I drew back so I could look at her. I held her eyes and felt love for her in every part of my body.

“Yes. Oh, yes, Carly. I want you so much. I’ve wanted you since I first met you.”

“Then show me,” she said to me.

I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it. I looked around to be sure we were still alone. It was a typical Sunday afternoon, no one in sight. I dropped to my knees in front of her and carefully removed the last of her clothes. My heart pounded when the pussy I thought I’d never see again came into view. I delicately kissed her there.

Carly pulled me up and traded places with me and finished undressing me. I was fully erect and oozing precum when my dick sprang into view.

“We need to cover that thing before it gets to my pussy,” she said, giggling. She took me in her mouth and gave me a suck, moaning as she tasted me. I could barely maintain my balance. After two sucks, she stopped and pulled back. I looked down at her, not understanding. My hard cock was shiny with her saliva, hanging two inches from her face. Carly held out her hand to me. When I didn’t react, she raised an eyebrow.

“Well?” she asked. Then, realization hit me. Sheepishly, I handed over the condom she had placed in my hand. She took it, tore open the packet, and expertly rolled it onto my erection. “Now, you’re safe.”

She saw me watching her put on the condom. She could see that I was wondering how she knew what to do. “Girls take Health class, too,” she explained.

She took me by the hand and led me to the back door of my car. She put her hand on the door handle, but then stopped.

“No, not in there. Not after last night.” She looked around and led me to a spot in the grass. Still holding my hand, she sat. She released my hand and lay back, stretching out in the warm soft grass in the shade. Looking at me, she slowly spread her legs open. She looked so inviting. She was a vision of loveliness, an angel offering herself to a mere mortal. I wasn’t about to refuse her.

I lowered myself to her and sat on my haunches so my dick was over her pubic hair. I could see it inside the almost transparent condom, hard and anxious. I looked from Carly’s pussy to her face.

“It’s my first time so be gentle. Don’t hold back, but be gentle with me.”

Her words sounded so sweet. She was surrendering herself to me, giving me the gift she could only give once. I blew her a kiss before taking my shaft in my hand to guide it into place. With my left hand, I parted her lips. I could feel her soft curly hair against my fingers. My right hand forced my erection to bend lower and line up with her opening. She was wet in anticipation. She was as wet as I was hard. I knew she was also nervous, especially after hearing all the noise Nancy had made. I pressed the head to her opening to gather some moisture. I could see the wetness sticking to the latex, making it more transparent. When I had wet myself at her spring, I moved upward so I could slide the head of my dick against her clit. She had felt my fingers, lips and tongue there before. This was the first time she felt my dick there. She drew a deep breath.

I moved back to enter her. I pressed the head to the entrance and pushed just a little. I felt the tight opening grip me as I forced just the tip of the mushroom head through. I looked back to her and smiled. She was trying to smile but I could see the stretching was a little uncomfortable.

“It’s OK,” Carly said. “Nancy told me what to expect. It will be very nice… in a few minutes.” I saw her chest rise as she took a deep breath. “Push on.”

I pressed further. I could feel the pressure on my cock as I pushed and she yielded. She was gripping me tightly, her ample moisture making it barely possible for me to slip in a little further. I released the pressure a little, and then pushed in a little further. I was making very slow progress.

I could feel the barrier. I even saw it in her eyes when I pressed against it. We both knew this was it, the final step. I lay over her, feeling her hard nipples against my chest, and kissed her. I had put my fingers in there before, even she had put her fingers there, but never anything this large.

“Don’t stop now,” she said. “Break through.”

“Carly, I love you. I don’t want to cause you any pain.”

“It’s just for an instant. After that, we will share such pleasure.” She grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled me against her. I pressed harder against her membrane. “Now. Don’t make me wait. Get it over with.”

I complied. I pressed. I saw her face contort with pain. Not agony, but discomfort. She started to cry out and I kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth to stifle her cries. I put my arms around her waist and pressed really hard. I felt her body start to give way for an instant, then the barrier was gone as I tore it open. Carly gave a little scream into my mouth for just an instant. As the head passed through, I felt her rubbery lips snap shut behind the crown, gripping my shaft and holding me in. I pressed in, feeling her body welcoming the intruder. I was now touching her in a way that no one had ever touched her before.

As the pain subsided, she kissed me deeply and ran her hands over my back. I pulled out a little and pressed in, reaching as deeply as I could. We were joined now in a way we had never joined before. I felt so close to the woman in my arms. We were truly one.

I released her lips and lifted myself up just enough to look at her face. She was smiling broadly now.

“It didn’t hurt much,” she reassured me. Then she sighed. “You feel so good inside me that it was worth that little bit of pain.” I kissed her again and started moving in and out of her. She moaned into my mouth and I could feel her hips moving against mine.

I’m proud to say that I lasted long enough my first time to make her cum. Just barely, though. I was close and trying not to go over the edge. When I recognized that look on her face, I lost it. I pushed myself fully into her and squirted into the condom.

“I can feel you cumming inside me,” Carly gasped. “It’s so warm.” She took a deep breath and sighed. “So hot.”

I just held her and came. The wind was blowing through the grass, I could hear the tree swaying slightly above us, the sun was shining brightly, but all I was aware of was the place where our bodies were joined.

I felt my erection waning. I remembered what I needed to do from the lessons in Health class. I reached down where we were joined, grasped the rubber ring, and withdrew carefully from Carly’s body. I sat up on my haunches as I did. Looking down, I saw a few small streaks of blood on the wet outside of the condom. Carly was looking at it also.

“Proof,” she said. “I was a virgin.”

“Yes, and so was I,” I replied, nodding.

Carly smiled. “Yes, you were.”

I pulled the condom off my soft dick and dropped it in the grass. I returned to Carly and held her in my arms. We were both a little sweaty, but that was drying quickly in the breeze.

“That was worth waiting for,” I said. It was a statement, not necessarily directed to Carly.

“Yes, it was,” was her reply.

“You said earlier that Nancy had told you what to expect,” I said. “Did you really ask her about that?”

“Yes, I did,” Carly told me. She paused for maybe a minute before deciding to continue. “I was ready to do this last night, right after Nancy and Frank did it.” I turned to look at her, surprise on my face. “But I didn’t want to do it there, with them, …”

“You could tell …”

“Not yet, but I wanted my first time to be more special, more private.”

“I was an asshole.”

“No. Well, maybe.” She smiled when she said that, to take the heat out of her words. I still felt bad for what I’d done to her. “I was upset after I got home, when I had time to think. I remembered the way you reacted to Nancy, and then other things started to fit. I cried a lot last night.” I started to tear up when she said that; I was thinking about the hurt I had caused her. “This morning, when I talked to Nancy, she told me that she really regrets what she did last night – what she did to you and what she did to herself.”

I took a deep breath. There was a stutter as I fought a sob, realizing how close I had come to losing Carly. “I thought you wanted to see me to break up with me.”

“I was going to do that, at first. Nancy convinced me not to. She told me how much you loved me, how you were worth keeping.”

“I was really surprised when you handed me that condom.”

Carly laughed. “You should have seen your face. I wanted to laugh so badly, but I didn’t want to spoil the mood.”

“You know I don’t deserve you,” I said.

“You proved yourself. What you did with Nancy was really bad, but you redeemed yourself when you turned Nancy down.”

“I love you, Carly. I truly do.”

“I know that.” She leaned over to me and kissed my cheek. “I love you, too.”

After that, we cleaned up and got dressed. All the way home, we held hands but we were each lost in our own thoughts. I was thinking about how special Carly was. I had really screwed up and she had still seen the best in me. I knew she was really special and I was going to do whatever it took to be worthy of her love. I also knew Nancy had turned out to be a really good friend. A good friend, but nothing more. I knew for sure I had made the right choice.

The End

This story is Copyright © 2005 by Strickland83. All rights reserved.

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