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One Of Two

By Strickland83

Chapter 2 – Choices

I woke up in the morning feeling as confused as I had been when I fell asleep. No fairy had shown up during the night to plant a solution in my head. I thought maybe it had been just a dream. To check, I smelled my right hand. Nope, it wasn’t a dream. I had really been inside Nancy’s panties.

I got up and took a shower. In spite of my fear, I still managed my morning erection. I was really worked up because I had gotten no relief on the bus when I made Nancy cum. I relieved myself in the shower, making a sizable mess against the glass door. I cleaned it off while I tried to think through the mess I was in.

Usually, the shower is a good place for me to think. I guess it’s because taking a shower is, by itself, a mindless activity – totally routine. There are no distractions so my mind drifts. I come up with a lot of solutions that way, but not this day. I was no closer to a solution when I got out and dried off.

I looked at myself in the mirror and grimaced. Doing what I had done with one girl would have made me proud. Doing it with two girls made me a rat. Carly gave her body up to my touches willingly, believing I was hers alone. Nancy gave herself up to me because she wanted me. I was too weak to resist. I felt pretty low at that moment.

I got to school with my stomach feeling sick. I knew I had to face each girl. Carly was happily oblivious to what had happened the night before. Nancy was exuberant. Fortunately, Carly didn’t get to see the look on Nancy’s face. There was still the risk that someone had figured out what Nancy and I had been doing and might say something to Carly. That fear never left me.

I saw Carly before school. She gave me the promised kiss. She must have really missed me. I wished I had been missing her as much. I accepted the kiss, enjoying the familiar feel of her body. I put my arms around her and instantly the memory of what she felt like when we kissed naked came flooding back. She made a kind of “Hmmm” sound into my mouth as she felt my erection awaken. “We’ll have to find a way to do something about that later,” she promised. I wanted her that way, but I also felt doing that with her would be further betrayal. I really didn’t know who I wanted. I wanted both girls but I knew I couldn’t have both. It would be wrong to continue what we were doing until I had made a choice. Something had to give.

Nancy was waiting for me outside the JROTC building with a big smile on her face. My stomach turned over with fear when I saw her. She looked beautiful and I remembered what she felt like (and smelled like). I wanted to kiss her, too, but restrained myself. I didn’t need anyone seeing us and it getting back to Carly.

“Hi,” Nancy said to me, sounding as cheery as a person possibly could. Whispering, she added, “I dreamed about you last night.”

“Nancy, we have to –,” I started to say but she stopped me.

“Time for class,” she said, pulling me along by my shirt. She wasn’t going to let me apologize for what happened. She didn’t want me to regret what I did to her. Class was no help. She and I never had a moment to talk. We were given a lengthy pep talk on how badly both drill teams had been beaten. Our next meet would have us competing against a crack team from a private school, our old rival St. George Memorial High School. We would be expected to perform a lot better or we would surely face defeat again. I’m sure Nancy also knew I wouldn’t be able to say anything on the walk to our next classes with so many other people around. She had to have planned all this – to win me away from Carly. If I didn’t have such strong feelings for Nancy, I would have been angry with her.

I had lunch with Carly as usual. I knew that if I kept agonizing over my problem, Carly would catch on. Instead, I focused on enjoying my time with her. It was easy to enjoy being with her. She was beautiful. Her personality was sunny. She was delightful. She was everything I wanted in a girlfriend. Unfortunately, Nancy also had those properties. I got through lunch without Carly catching on. When the bell rang, we managed to sneak a kiss. After we set off in different directions for our next classes, I wondered how long I could keep this pretense going. I was sure it wouldn’t be for long. Either Carly would figure it out and kill me, I’d dump Nancy and she’d kill me, or the stress would kill me. Whichever way it went, I would be dead in a week.

The only thing I didn’t like about Nancy was how she was apparently trying to get me away from Carly. If the situation was reversed, would Carly be doing the same thing? That was a thought I pondered for the rest of the school day.

After school, I gave Carly a ride home. When we got there, her parents were gone. Her mother had left a note. The two of them had gone to take care of her grandmother who had taken sick and they wouldn’t be home until late. When Carly finished reading the note, she turned to face me, a smile on her face.

“It looks like we have time to take care of that problem you had earlier,” she told me right before she pulled me to her and kissed me. Kissing Carly was always a delightful experience. Her body was warm and soft, and smelled real nice. I loved putting my arms around her, feeling the curve of her waist as her breasts crushed against my chest. My “problem” quickly reappeared, pressing against her. She ended the kiss and led me by the hand without saying a word. She was heading to her bedroom. She didn’t ask, she didn’t tell, she just knew I wanted to go with her.

It’s not that I didn’t want to go. I was just feeling guilty about what I had done with Nancy. I tried to work that out in my head as we walked to her bedroom. I hadn’t done much with Nancy. If I refused Carly now, she would know something was up. The best thing was to go along and enjoy it. Enjoying doing this with Carly was easy.

She pulled me into her bedroom, pushing me in the direction of the bed as she closed the door behind us. I heard her lock the door. I looked at her and she explained.

“Just in case someone comes home early, we don’t want them walking in on us while we’re not wearing our clothes.”

Her words left no doubt as to what we were about to do. She pulled her shirt over her head. She was wearing a light blue satin bra. Forgetting all the concerns I had in the hall, I grinned and removed my shirt. Before long, I could see that her panties matched her bra, except where they were a darker shade from her wetness. She hugged me again and I took that as a sign that she wanted me to remove her bra. I eagerly complied with her unspoken request. She never let me go, though. When I had her bra unhooked, she looked at me silently. I figured out what she wanted. With our bodies still pressed tightly together, I worked the straps off first one arm then the other. Next I pulled the bra from between us. She sighed as the soft material rubbed hard against her nipples, then sighed again as her nipples met my chest. Now that each of us was wearing only one piece of clothing, she pushed me onto her bed and crawled over me. I delighted in watching her breasts move as she crawled.

On top of me now, Carly kissed me deeply. Her tongue probed into my mouth as I felt her hair brushing against my face. Coming up for air, she propped herself up on her elbows, her nipples barely touching me.

“I never thought we’d get the chance to do this in my own bed,” she said.

“Me, either,” I agreed.

“After all the nights I spent lying here, touching myself and thinking of you, now I get to touch you here.”

No sooner had she spoken those words than she slid lower until her face was in front of my underwear. She looked at me and smiled but didn’t speak. She put both hands on the waistband of my underwear and pulled it off. My dick popped out as she did and stood stiffly. She worked the garment off my legs before returning to her position lying between my legs. She studied me for a moment, fascinated by the drop of precum appearing at the head. “I missed this part of you so much,” she said, making her point by sticking her tongue out of her mouth and licking off the droplet. The contact of her tongue to the head of my cock made me lurch involuntarily. She giggled.

“I love it when it does that,” she said wistfully. Actually, I think she was speaking directly to my dick. She wasn’t looking at my eyes but at my erection as she spoke. “I missed you so much,” she said with emphasis. Holding the shaft with one hand, she licked from my balls up to the tip. Her wet tongue moving against that sensitive area made me moan. I saw the smile on her face broaden as I sighed. She made one more pass up the front of my dick, then opened her mouth and took my dick inside. Every time she sucked me took my breath away. The feeling of her mouth on my dick was so incredible. I couldn’t imagine anything else feeling better. Her mouth was warm and wet, and her tongue moved over me as she sucked.

As her head moved up and down over my dick, her hair hung down and kept sticking to the now wet shaft. She tried to keep pulling her hair away but it just kept getting in the way. After a few strokes, she stopped. She started to get up and I groaned in frustration.

“Don’t worry, Sam. I’ll be right back.”

She went over to her dresser and dug around for a hair tie. She reached back with both hands to gather her hair and slip the tie around the pony tail. I loved watching her. She was dressed only in her panties and facing the mirror so I had a wonderful view of her body. She arched her back as she reached, emphasizing her flat stomach. I was tempted to start jacking off as I watched her but I made myself wait for her to return. When she did, her pony tail didn’t get in the way. I lay there in her bed watching her as she gave me a blowjob. I was enjoying it so much that it didn’t take long for me to cum.

When she felt my legs tense up, she had enough experience since the summer to know what was coming. She sucked me shallower, not much more than the head in her mouth, and stroked the shaft with her hand. I wondered what she was doing with the other hand but I couldn’t see. The pleasure I was receiving from her mouth built until it almost reached the point of pain. At that point, I felt the contractions start. I could tell she did too because she started sucking really hard on the head and stroking even faster. The spurts from my dick filled her mouth and I could feel her swallowing. I could barely keep my eyes open as I watched her sucking me. She was still watching me intently as I came in her mouth. I finished squirting and she released my dick. She gently licked it to be sure she got all the cum.

“Thank you,” she said as she tried to take a deep breath at the same time.

“No, I should be thanking you. That is always so incredible,” I said as my breathing tried to return to normal.

Carly looked at me and smiled shyly. “Well, if you really want to thank me, there is something you could do for me.”

I knew exactly what she meant. “I thought you’d never ask,” I said as we changed places. Now my face was at her crotch. I could see as well as smell how wet she was. I also noticed that her hand which I couldn’t see before was also wet, now leaving wet traces on her breast, and I figured out what she had been doing with it. I smiled at that as I grabbed the waistband of her blue panties. She lifted her hips up off the mattress so I could pull her panties down. I always felt a thrill as her bush came into view. That patch of brown hair beckoned to me to bury my face in it. I resisted for a minute, sliding her panties down her legs as I slid my cheek along the silkiness of her inner thighs. I could see how wet the white cotton patch inside her panties was just before I tossed them casually aside. She grinned and spread her legs as I slid into position between them. I came to rest with my face at her pussy, her wet fragrant pussy. I took in the sight, feeling a thrill as I realized she was that wet because of me, for me. She wanted me… and I wanted her. I pressed my face into her soft curly hair and my tongue sought out the slit. As she opened up to my probing, my senses were overwhelmed. Taste, sight, smell, touch – all were assaulted by her womanhood.

I felt my dick beginning to react as I enjoyed being immersed in the most feminine part of her body. I tasted her, completely oblivious to the rest of the world. My entire being had shrunken to what lay between her legs. I licked, sucked and probed as I sought only to bring her pleasure. The sounds she made were not the only things telling me I was doing something right. She was humping her pussy up into my face now. It was as if she was anxious for me to press harder. I moved a finger, then two, to her opening as I moved up to suck on her clit. I ran my tongue over its tip as I sucked. That was the right thing to do because her hands finally left her breasts to seek out the back of my head. She was now pressing herself into my face, pulling my head harder to her at the same time. I couldn’t hear very well if she was moaning because her thighs were now pressed tightly against my ears, but I thought I could hear a moan.

A rush of warm fluid and being released by her body told me she had peaked. I looked up, my face wet, and peered over the patch of hair on her mound to see a very satisfied girl.

“Mmm, better than last night’s dream,” she proclaimed. Then, smiling shyly, she added, “and definitely better than what I did to myself in the shower this morning.”

“I wish I could have been there to see that,” I told her.

“Me, too,” she answered. She held out her arms to me. I started to move up to kiss her but hesitated. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I taste like you. I’ll go wash my face first,” I offered.

Carly shook her head. “I don’t care. I want you now, just the way you are.”

Shrugging. I crawled up to her. She pulled me into a deep French kiss, our tongues dueling madly. I decided that if she didn’t mind the taste, I certainly didn’t. In a way, I found it exciting that she was tasting herself on me. While we kissed, I was very aware of her hard nipples pressed against my chest. My dick stiffened further, pressing now against her furry slit. Carly stopped kissing me and opened her eyes.

“I feel you,” she said happily.

“I know. I feel you, too.”

“I wish we could do that,” she said pointedly.

“I know. It’s OK. There are lots of other things we can do.”

“Are you ever disappointed that I won’t go all the way?” Carly asked.

I thought about what she was asking. Sure, I’d like to do that. I really wanted to. Inside me, however, I knew that neither of us was willing to take the chance of getting her pregnant. Besides, losing virginity was a lot more emotional for a girl than for a boy. If she wanted to wait, I’d wait for her. We’d give that gift to each other when she was ready. I looked deeply into Carly’s eyes, aware of the feeling of her delicate body pressed against mine.

“I’m not disappointed. How could I be? I get to do this with you. Seeing you, feeling you, tasting you, I’m experiencing your body totally. We’re giving each other such exquisite pleasures. I’m not going to complain about that one thing. We’re both still virgins and that is really special. When we’re ready, both ready, it will happen.”

“Are you ready, Sam?” she asked me. I could detect a note of concern or maybe sadness in her voice.

I knew what my hormones wanted me to say. Fortunately, I listened to my heart instead. “Carly,” I began, feeling a warmth in my chest as I said her name, “I love you. I don’t want to do it just for the sake of doing it. When it’s right, when everything is perfect, we will take that step – together. I don’t want you to rush it because you think you need to in order to keep me. I’m yours. I’m here because I want to be here, in your bed with you. You make me so happy. Don’t worry about that.” Unfortunately, my dick chose that moment to become fully erect and throb against her slit.

Carly laughed a little. “I think another part of your body wants to make a rebuttal statement.”

“He will have to wait his turn,” I said sternly. Then, we both laughed.

Carly reached up and kissed me, thanking me for not demanding what I wanted from her so much. Sure, I wanted it, but I didn’t want to take it. It would be freely given when she was ready. In the meantime, there were other things we could do.

Carly must have been thinking the same things. She looked at me, her eyes lit up, and she spoke. Not words, just a number, a question, a request. “69?”

I grinned and nodded. She turned over and crawled on all fours over me, turning around as she did. She reached down with her tongue to taste the tip of my dick before lowering her bottom to my face. I enjoyed the view of her as much as the feel of her tongue delicately swiping across the head of my dick. As she lowered her body to mine, I penetrated her pussy again. At the same time, my dick fully entered her mouth.

Of all the positions we had tried, all the things we had done, sixty-nine was truly special. We were each giving and receiving pleasure. Pleasure so great that it was almost impossible to concentrate on returning the favor. She lay on top of me, her skin against mine. At the same time, her mouth was doing the most exquisite things to my dick while I probed and explored her depths and folds. My face was immersed in her taste and smell as my hands ran over her ass and back. The challenge was to keep from cumming while trying to bring her to the same point. If she came first, we could continue. If I did, the game was over for awhile. I was trying to learn to make it last as long as possible for me while sending her over the top as many times as I could.

As I ate her pussy, I thought how until a few months ago I hadn’t even seen her naked, or any girl for that matter. I was so lucky to have her. She stopped sucking my dick to lift her head and cry out as I made her cum. I redoubled my efforts, making it as good for her as I could. When her peak was past, she lowered her head to me again.

I didn’t last much longer. She could tell when I was about to cum. I tensed up and my dick throbbed. She played with my balls with one hand, stroked my shaft with the other, and sucked as her tongue did wonderful things to me.

As I squirted into her mouth, I pressed my tongue as deeply into her as I could and held myself rigid. When I was done, she rolled off me, but didn’t turn around. She kept looking at my dick and lightly touching it.

“It looks sad,” she finally said.

“Oh, no. It’s really so very happy,” I assured her.

“Then why is it so soft?”

“Because it is very tired. You made it work so hard that you wore it out.”

“Oh,” she answered, thinking about her next words. “Maybe it needs more exercise?”

She giggled and I joined in. We could have stayed like that for hours, naked on her bed, just being together. Unfortunately, the reality that we really didn’t want to get caught like that crept up on us.

I sighed deeply as I gave her breast a light squeeze. “I need to get home.”

Carly looked sad but nodded. “Yeah, our parents already suspect something between us. It would be best if they didn’t know we were alone here together.”

We got up and sorted through the pile of clothes. I was handing Carly her panties when she said, “The fall dance is coming up in a few weeks. Do you think we’ll get a chance to be alone together after?”

We both knew what she was referring to. Our parents didn’t like us staying out late on dates after they suspected we had gone parking. I was trying to come up with a scheme to get her alone again when she spoke.

“Maybe they won’t mind if we go on a double date. How about if I ask Nancy to double with us?”

I really hoped Carly didn’t catch the sudden look of guilt on my face. I tried to cover it really fast and look down for my pants at the same time. I waited to speak until I felt I could keep my tone under control.

“I don’t know, Carly. A double date? That makes it difficult to do what we really want to do. Besides, I don’t think Nancy is dating anyone right now.”

“I know she isn’t. Maybe it will help her get serious with someone. I’ll talk to her about it.”

Things were getting even more complicated very fast. I was getting more nervous about as fast. When we were dressed, I hugged Carly to me and kissed her. The feeling of her body against mine made me think about going parking with her. The smell of her body only made me want her all over again.

Stop!” she said in a whining kind of way. “You’re just getting me all worked up again.”

“I want you to miss me really bad once I’m gone,” I explained. She laughed and kissed me again.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be thinking of you all night.”

Just before I left, she whispered in my ear, “Tonight, when you’re lying in bed thinking of me, don’t do anything I won’t be doing.”

We both giggled as I hugged her.

On the drive home, I started thinking about Carly but Nancy crept into my thoughts. I really liked what I was doing with Carly. The problem was that I also liked what I had done with Nancy. A lot. If Nancy wanted to do something like that again, would I be able to resist?

That night, Carly and I talked on the phone just before going to sleep. She told me what she was wearing. “Almost nothing,” she explained, then went on to describe what it looked like and what I would be able to see if I was there. Next, she had me describe the state I was in. Usually, we didn’t do anything until after we got off the phone. I must have left her feeling pretty horny because she suggested we masturbate together on the phone. We started touching ourselves and describing it to each other when there was a click.

Luckily, we were between words when Carly’s father said, “Carly, are you still on the phone? It’s time for bed.” I held my breath.

“OK, Dad. I’m getting off now,” Carly answered.

I had to try really hard not to laugh at her words. There was another click.

“That was so close!” Carly exclaimed in a heavy whisper.

“No shit! If he had picked up the phone a few seconds earlier …” I began.

“He’d never let me see you again,” Carly finished. Then she giggled.

I knew what she was laughing about. “Yeah, if he only knew how true your words were,” I said, completing her thought.

“I guess we better go. Goodnight, Sam. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Carly. I’ll be dreaming about you.”

I heard Carly kiss the phone, then a click. I hung up the phone in the dark.

Like Carly, I got off just before going to sleep.

When I met Carly for lunch the next day, she looked really angry.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Miss Tompkins really let us have it in theater today. She says we’re way behind schedule for the play. She’s calling for a dress rehearsal all day on Saturday.”

“All day?” I asked. Carly nodded, her brown hair sliding along the sides of her face.

“Can I come with you to help?” At least it was a way for us to be together.

“No, she said ‘no friends’. She doesn’t want us to have any distractions.” At my questioning look, Carly explained. “Most of the boyfriends or girlfriends wanted to do what you have in mind. We’re going to work, she says. I don’t mind the time at the theater. I love it. I just wanted to see you on Saturday.”

“It’s alright,” I tried to comfort her. “We’ll go see a movie after you’re finished.

“I’d like that,” she said.

I think I made her feel a little better. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to spending the day with her, too.

Saturday came. Carly was at the theater all day so I didn’t have anywhere to be until late in the afternoon. I was thinking about what I’d do when the phone rang. My mom answered it and called out that it was for me.

When I answered the phone, I was surprised to hear Nancy’s voice. She was speaking to me again in class now, but we hadn’t talked on the phone since I called her “Carly”.

“Hi, Sam,” she began, as cheery as sunshine.

“Hi, Nancy” I answered, very cautious.

“What are you doing today?” she asked.

I explained that Carly had a rehearsal all day so I didn’t have plans. Nancy said that was too bad and I explained that I was taking her to the movies when she finished for the day. We talked about the movies that were playing in town for a few minutes.

“Sam,” Nancy began, “since you aren’t busy today, could you come over to help me with some homework?”

An alarm should have gone off in my head, but it didn’t.

“I guess, if I can. What do you need help with?”

Nancy explained what she was having trouble with. I decided that Carly wouldn’t mind if we were doing homework. Besides, it was Saturday. Her parents were home. What could happen?

What could happen indeed? When I arrived at Nancy’s house, I noticed that her father’s truck was not there. Her mother’s car was, however. I suspected her father was making a call to a farm. It wasn’t unusual for him to get called out by a farmer at odd times. Nancy answered the door wearing a long t-shirt that covered her shorts.

“Hi, Sam,” she said cheerily. She looked really happy to see me.

She started to lead me to her room when I asked her if her parents minded us studying there.

“They’re not here,” she explained. “Dad needed to pick up some supplies out of town and Mom went with him. They won’t be back until tonight.”

By that time, we were in her room. I felt a little nervous about us being alone in her house, but I also felt a little excited. Sexually excited. I guess I should have thought about my loyalty to Carly. Instead, I wondered about the possibilities with Nancy.

Nancy sat on her bed and smiled at me. She looked like she was nervous about something and she was trying to come to a decision. She took a deep breath before speaking.

“Sam, I really liked what we did on the bus. I’m glad we did that. I’ve never been touched by someone in that way before and I really liked it. I know you liked it, too.”

I started to speak but she put up her hand to stop me. What happened next sealed my fate.

“I thought maybe we could pick up where we left off,” Nancy said as she got up on her knees. Then she grabbed the hem of her shirt with both hands and lifted it. I quickly noticed that she wasn’t wearing shorts under the shirt when her dark green panties came into view. She pulled the shirt off and tossed it on the floor, revealing a bra that matched her panties. My heart pounded as I realized we were alone in her bedroom and she was wearing only panties and a bra. “You can touch me anywhere you want,” she said slowly and with meaning.

I should have told her to put her shirt back on. I should have told her I was in love with Carly. I should have left. Instead, I eagerly took off my clothes. I moved towards the bed – and towards Nancy. It was like I was not in control of my body. Teenage hormones drove me forward. I crawled onto the bed. As I knelt in front of her, Nancy took my hands in hers. She placed my hands on her breasts. I could easily feel her hardening nipples through the satin. She kept her hands on mine as she pressed them hard onto her. I could feel her body give against our combined touch.

I was breathing hard. I noticed she was, too. We were both anticipating what would happen next. Leaving my hands in place, she put her arms around my neck. She pulled on me as she lay back on her bed. We ended up with me on top of her. I was so surprised by the position that I was caught off guard when she pulled my face to hers and kissed me.

That kiss was magical. I was aware of so many things. I felt her lips against mine. Her tits were being squashed by my chest. She spread her legs and wrapped them around mine, not quickly but slowly and sensually. She was caressing my legs with hers and I could feel her smooth legs against me. The softness of her skin mesmerized me. Next I felt her tongue on my lips. I had kissed Carly that way enough that I reacted without even thinking about it. I relaxed my mouth and let her push her tongue in.

The feeling of her tongue touching mine fueled my passion. I didn’t care that I was in bed with Nancy and not Carly. I didn’t even think about Carly at that moment. I only thought about the almost naked female body pressed against me. We kissed with a fury. I could even hear her moaning softly as we kissed. Hearing the sound she made only added to my pleasure.

When we came up for air, we were both panting. I looked into her eyes and didn’t see a smile. I saw a seriousness I wasn’t used to seeing there. Maybe it was determination. She knew she was going to get what she wanted.

“Touch me, please,” she pleaded.

If I would have needed any encouragement at that point, the way she asked would have given it to me. As it was, I didn’t need any. I had been inside her panties before and I wanted to be there again. I sat up slowly in front of her. She looked up at me. I could see her chest rising and falling in time with her rapid and deep breathing. Her nipples were prominently pushing against her bra, raising little hills in the fabric. Her expression was one of need as she relaxed her legs, letting them fall further open. The movement drew my eyes to her panties. I could just barely see a few fine blonde hairs peeking out of the edges of her panties at her crotch.

When my eyes finally looked up to hers, I could see she had been watching me looking at her. It was as if being exposed in that way to me was giving her satisfaction. She wanted me to see her, to want her. When I didn’t make a move, she broke the silence between us.

“It felt really good when you put your hand in my panties before.”

Yes, it did, and I wanted to do it again. And I did. I reached forward to touch her panties. The fabric was smooth and warm. I moved my hand down across the front, from the waistband to between her legs. As I moved my hand, I could feel the shape of her pussy. When I reached the soft place between her legs, I rubbed and probed. I could feel her lips giving way underneath the smooth material. After I rubbed her there, I left that place so I could take off her bra. I noticed that the spot where my hand had been was now dark. Her wetness was soaking through her panties. Her body was lubricating for me.

I moved my attention to her bra. I reached under her for the strap. Finding the clasp, I tried to bunch the fabric together to release the catch but I couldn’t do it, not with her lying on it. She waited patiently as I made several attempts. Finally, she made an embarrassed smile and sat up. She waited there, knowing what I would do, what I wanted to do. I put my arms around her, reveling in the feel of her warm flesh. This time, I easily released her bra. The lack of tension was immediately obvious. I slid my hands up to the straps over her shoulders and pulled them down. As I did, the cups fell from her breasts. I watched wide-eyed as the creamy white skin was revealed. From what she had told me, I was probably the first boy to see this part of her body.

Her breasts were perfect. Each flawless orb was capped by a pink nipple that looked like it was begging to be sucked. I started with her left breast and did just that. I pressed my parted lips to the nipple as I gently sucked in. The hard nub slipped through my lips and met my tongue. Nancy gasped as I ran my tongue over the tip and applied suction at the same time. I smiled around the nipple in my mouth before moving to the other side to give its twin the same treatment.

I left her breasts, pushing her back down to the bed and kissing a path south. I ran my lips down the slope to the smooth skin of her stomach. We both knew my destination but I didn’t let that hurry me any. Instead, I forced myself to make slow progress, drawing out the anticipation. I noticed her starting to squirm a little as I approached the waistband of her panties but I kept to my glacial pace.

In time, my mouth brushed the elastic waistband and kept going. I could just barely feel the puffiness of her hair through the fabric as my cheek now savored the feel of the satin. I kissed my way to where her slit was, over where I knew her opening was. The material was very wet by then. Her excitement had soaked through and was now wetting the outside of her panties. I extended my tongue and swiped up a little, getting just a taste of her tangy juices.

I decided to be really cruel. Instead of removing her panties, I started kissing down the inside of her left leg. When I reached her ankle, I changed legs and licked up the inside of the right one. She was moaning a little, complaining that I wasn’t going fast enough. One hand was playing with a nipple I had sucked earlier. Her right hand was resting on her stomach a little above her panties. It looked like she was trying to decide if she was going to finger herself in front of me. She was still in control, but just barely. If I didn’t get to work on her pussy soon, she just might take matters into her own hands.

That sounded like it might be fun to watch but I was anxious to taste more of her. When the tip of my tongue reached the leg opening of her panties, I used it to reach inside, feeling the curly hairs. There was a large dark patch at the bottom of her panties now. She was wet even on the outside – wet for me. I ran my tongue along the opening of her panties up to her hip, and then kissed across the front. I was kissing over her mound now. I wasn’t sure if I was too high to reach her clit but she didn’t seem to be minding if I wasn’t. I could look into her eyes and read her thoughts. Take my panties off now! I decided I had tortured her enough. She actually breathed a sigh of relief when my fingers reached for the waistband.

She eagerly lifted her ass up off the bed to make it easier for me to finish undressing her. I looked deeply into her eyes and smiled as the material slid down her hips. I looked down to see the top of her bush come into view. It was blonde, like the hair on her head and her eyebrows. I watched with great interest as the patch of hair slowly began to appear from beneath the elastic waistband. Removing her panties was like unveiling a statue. I was seeing a piece of art for the first time.

And art it was. A tuft of the hair made a kind of big curl right above the beginning of her slit. From my experience with Carly, I knew her clit was nearby, waiting for me to discover it. Up to now, it had known the touch of Nancy’s finger, then mine a short while ago. Now, I would expose it to the light of day and introduce it to my mouth. But first, I would get to know the rest of her most special place.

Her panties were now pulling free of the bottom of her pussy. There, a thick strand of clear fluid stubbornly connected the cotton lining of her panties to her lips. As I pulled down, the strand became thinner and longer until it finally released its grip. I pulled her panties the rest of the way down as she lifted her legs for me. I was in front of her legs when I tossed her panties softly to the bed. I gripped her ankles before she could lower her legs.  With an ankle in each hand, I parted her legs, opening her in front of me. I watched the lips part, the blonde hair trying in vain to conceal the lips. I spread her open, her pussy opening like a flower. I lowered each leg to the sheet and leaned forward. I approached the point I had wanted to see and prepared to taste her nectar straight from the source.

Nancy never said a word. She did pile up two pillows beneath her head and lifted herself up on her forearms so she could watch, but she was silent. I wondered if what I was doing had been in her thoughts and fantasies as she played with herself. I saw all this with my peripheral vision. I never took my focus off her pussy.

Lying on my stomach between her legs with my nose maybe three inches from where her lips came together, I used my fingers to pull her rubbery lips apart, smoothing the fine blonde hairs back to the sides. As her lips came apart, I could easily see a prominent clit anxiously erect. I smiled broadly as I extended my tongue and pressed it into her opening. I felt her warmth, tasted her tartness, smelled her womanly scent. I pressed my face into her and I was awash in Nancy.

I pressed my tongue into her hole but I couldn’t penetrate very deeply. Pulling back, I slid my tongue up her lips but stopped before I made contact with her clit. I slid my tongue back and forth over her lips, savoring the tasty slipperiness. On the bus, I had imagined what she looked like. Here, in her bedroom, I was seeing her body open, submissive, as she gave herself over to me.

I had smelled her on my finger before. Here, the taste and smell were stronger as they issued forth from her body. I slid my hands beneath her cheeks to press her pussy more firmly into my face. I felt her muscles tense as she pushed up as well, trying to increase the pressure. I sucked and licked to let her arousal build. I moaned into her pussy to let her know how much I was enjoying this. In the distance, I heard her moan as well. As I finally reached for her clit, I looked up. Her blonde bush was like a golden hedge I was peering over. I saw her hands playing with her breasts. Her head was back on the pillows now so I couldn’t see if her eyes were still open or not.

I felt the hard little nub make contact with my tongue and she immediately tensed up. Not wasting the moment, my mouth attacked her there, bringing her to release after the long wait. I had built her up so much that it took only seconds of sucking and licking to make her cry out. I looked up again to see her fingers pressed hard into the tender flesh of her breasts. When we were done, there might be marks on her and they wouldn’t be my hand prints. Her legs clamped around my head. I kept up the attack on the very center of her pleasure as she peaked and rode the crest of the wave all the way to the beach.

When she fell from the peak, I felt her relax. Her legs fell away, her hands fell away. I gave her one lick, my tongue pressed hard against her clit. That was too much. Her sensitivity was off the scale now. She suddenly threw her hands against my face and roughly pushed me away, closing her legs behind me in protection.

Grinning, I rolled to the side and watched as her breathing returned to normal. Nancy opened her eyes slowly and blinked. Struggling to focus, she looked at me, a distant smile on her face, then a grimace.

“You have me all over your face,” she told me.

I stuck my tongue out the corner of my mouth and licked at my cheek. “Yes, I do. It’s nice.” I moved a little, putting my face down on her stomach just above her patch of hair. I was looking at her pussy from the top now, as she sees it. Nancy put her hand on my hair and stroked me softly.

“I’ve never come like that before,” she said, then sighed deeply and shivered a little. “I didn’t know I could feel like that.”

“Better than on the bus?” I asked, smiling and still looking at her patch of hair.

“Uh-huh,” she agreed softly.

“Better than when you touch yourself?” I asked, a wicked grin creeping onto my face, a grin she couldn’t see.

There was a pause. Silence. Just the faint thud of her heart beating. I started to run my fingers through the tiny hairs, reaching for her slit.

“Better than –“ I started to ask again.

She realized I wasn’t going to let her off the hook so she answered, “Yes,” in an exasperated tone. “Better than when I do it myself.” She huffed.

I turned my head over to look at her. We were both smiling.

“I can’t believe you made me admit that,” Nancy said, to my face now.

I could tell she was embarrassed. I could see it on her face and I could hear it in the tone of her voice.

“Everybody does it,” I said.

“Not girls,” she tried to protest. I shook my head. “OK,” she continued, sounding a little dejected. “Girls do it, but not as much as boys.” I raised an eyebrow. She knew I wasn’t going to let her off easy. She huffed. “Why do you have to always be right?”

I laughed. She smiled.

“I just know a little about sex,” I proclaimed, feeling superior. Now she had me cornered. I just didn’t know it yet. She got up off the bed and walked to the dresser. I enjoyed watched her nude body in the mirror over the dresser as she moved. She dug around in a dresser drawer, way in the back, for something.

“Since you know so much about sex, I’m sure you’ll know what to do with these,” she said as she turned around and tossed a sealed cardboard box to me. It was a box of condoms. I froze. “What’s the matter, big guy? Don’t know what to say?” she taunted. “That’s alright. There’s supposed to be instructions inside.”

“Nancy, I don’t… I mean, I haven’t…, we’re saving that…”

Nancy’s expression changed, telling me she knew who the we I was referring to was. I was still a virgin, Carly was still a virgin. We were saving that final step for later, maybe even for marriage. I had already crossed too many more boundaries than I wanted to with Nancy. I didn’t want to take that step as well with her. Then I wondered, was Nancy a virgin? I thought she was, but she seemed to be having no problems with going further.

“I’m offering myself to you. You can be the first. Take me, Sam.”

She crawled back on the bed and put her head on the pillow. She opened her legs. I couldn’t help looking at the patch of blonde hair, the lips that were showing signs of getting even wetter.

I knew what I had to do. I had told myself that many times before lately, but this time I really had to stop. I owed it to Carly. I had cheated on her too many times. I couldn’t give my virginity to Nancy. I just couldn’t do that to Carly.

In a small voice now, I said to Nancy, “I can’t do that.” I hung my head down low.

Nancy spoke up, her legs still spread. “Yes, you can. We’ve come this far. I’m ready. You’re ready. You’ve gotten me ready for this. Take me now.”

It almost worked. I felt guilty for leading her on this far. I also felt guilty for cheating on Carly. That thought saved me. I felt bad turning her down, but I knew I’d feel worse if I didn’t turn her down. I leaned over to kiss her, to apologize. She seized the opportunity to pull me down on top of her. I suddenly found my naked body pressed against hers. The feeling of warmth, softness, smoothness was almost irresistible. My brain knew what I had to choose. My dick, however, hardened fully against her pubic hair. I could feel the shaft getting longer and pushing through those fine curly blonde hairs. Nancy put her arms around my neck and pulled my face to hers, kissing me. She was determined to get her way.

With every ounce of strength, I pushed back and broke her grasp. I got up and got dressed quickly before I could change my mind.

“Nancy, I’m really sorry. You don’t know how sorry I am. I just can’t do that. I shouldn’t have done what we did.” As soon as I spoke those words and saw the anger on her face, I knew I had taken a calculated risk. She might get revenge by telling Carly what we had done, effectively ending that relationship for me as well. I knew in that moment that I loved Carly more and I had to make the choice I was making. As much as I wanted Nancy, I loved Carly.

As I was getting dressed, trying not to look at Nancy, she didn’t get up and she didn’t cover her body. She just lay there watching me. She didn’t even curse at me, much to my surprise. As I was walking out of her room, she said, “I love you, Sam. You know I do.” I walked out of her house and got in my car.

Driving home, I thought about Nancy lying there, wanting me. I wanted her, but I wanted Carly more. If I was going to take that final step, it was going to be with Carly – if Carly still wanted me after she found out what I had been doing with Nancy.

When I got home, I took a good shower. In case I did get intimate with Carly, I didn’t want her to smell Nancy on me. Not her perfume, not her pussy, not the detergent her sheets were washed with. I scrubbed myself, in a way trying to cleanse myself of my sin.

I was scared. I had probably left Nancy mad – mad enough to seek revenge. All it would take was a phone call to Carly and she would have her revenge. I had to go through with the date or Carly would get suspicious. If Nancy reached Carly first, I’d know it right away.

Saturday afternoon dragged on. I think I came to know what a condemned man’s last day is like. After a while you feel like you just want to get it over with, but you’re never really that anxious. I found things to keep busy with. Eventually, it was time to pick up Carly. When I got in the car, my stomach was in a knot. If Nancy had talked to Carly, I could expect a big fight. If not, it might be the last good time I would spend with Carly. I thought the stress of juggling Carly and Nancy was tough. Waiting to see if Nancy would tell Carly was going to be even worse. I knew I couldn’t show it or Carly would suspect something. I had to really act like nothing was wrong. I thought Carly was the actress.

I arrived at Carly’s house not long after she got home. She had barely had time to shower and change. I told her I was taking her out for pizza before the movie. I wanted to make the most of what little time we might have left. Carly was glad to see me. The smile on her face told me she hadn’t talked to Nancy. I tried to cover the relief with excitement over seeing her. We drove to the Pizza Hut for a quick meal. It was light; Carly was tired after the all day rehearsal. We sat next to each other in the booth, laughing and talking about her day. I didn’t offer any details on how I had spent my day. We did silly things like scrunch up the straw wrappers and put a drop of Coke on them to watch them expand. It was so nice being next to her. I enjoyed the warmth of her body, the smell of her hair, the sweet sound of her voice. I hoped I wouldn’t be missing those things anytime soon.

There wasn’t much playing at the movies that we were interested in seeing. We finally decided on a movie, using the time to just be together. In a way, I was relieved to be spending time with just Carly. I was glad I had not gone further with Nancy. I was proud of myself that I hadn’t taken that last step. I couldn’t entirely forget my guilt for what steps I had taken, or for whom I had spent time with that morning, but I did enjoy seeing the movie with Carly. When it was over, we drove home slowly. Carly even suggested that we park somewhere. I felt too guilty to make the suggestion, but I wasn’t going to turn her down. We ended up parked beneath that tree where we had first kissed. When I turned off the engine, it was really quiet.

Carly slid next to me and put her arms around my neck. I turned and put my arms around her waist before kissing her. I loved feeling her boobs against my chest as my tongue explored her mouth. Our hands were roaming over each other’s backs as we kissed. I let my hands stray to her sides a few times, feeling the soft sides of her tits through her shirt. My teenage hormones overrode the guilt.

“Want to move to the back seat?” I asked Carly.

“Yes,” she answered breathily. She kicked off her shoes and I watched her jeans-clad ass disappear over the seat. I did the same, finding her lying on the back seat. I moved on top of her and we continued kissing. I could feel my erection growing against her body. She could feel it also, even through our clothes.

We stopped kissing and looked at each other in the dark interior of the car. We both knew what was next. I sat up and she did the same as we turned to face each other. I ran my hands over her shirt, cupping my palms over her tits and squeezing. I bent down and bit at one nipple through her shirt as she said, “We have to make this quick. My mom already suspects we’re doing this. We can’t be too late.”

I nodded in the darkness as I pulled her shirt out of her jeans and over her head. The shirt was still falling to the floor when my fingers found the clasp to her bra. Carly was pulling my shirt up at the same time. Quickly, we kissed again, only this time her tits were pressed against my bare chest. It only fueled our passion. I pushed her back against the door and started undoing her pants. With the belt unbuckled and the waist unbuttoned, I hastily unzipped her jeans and pulled them down her legs so fast that I pulled her panties with them. She chuckled as she lifted her ass up so I could finish undressing her. I finished with her socks and she was now naked in my back seat.

Carly went to work on my pants and I was soon as naked as she was. I slid her back onto the seat and lay on top of her. We kissed and enjoyed the feel of our bodies touching. She opened her legs as much as she could, her right leg falling off the seat in the process, so my legs could get between her and my dick could press against her mound. She moaned as I ground my erection against her. I got up and moved to suck her nipples.

“Time, Sam,” she reminded me. As much as I wanted this to go on for hours, I knew we had to be quick. She suggested, “Sixty-nine?” I nodded and we got up so I could lie down. The seat was warm from the heat of her body. She deftly moved on top of me, holding my dick in her hand as she settled into position. It was cramped doing this in the car, but we were both willing to overlook this. My hands were on her ass, pulling her down to my face. I smelled her excitement just before I felt the warm wetness on my cheeks. I gripped her by her ass cheeks as my tongue probed. I distantly heard her moan just before I felt her mouth envelop my cock. I licked and probed as she sucked. My dick went in and out of her mouth, my tongue went in and out of her pussy. I enjoyed her wetness, her scent, her taste. I wanted this to go on all night but we both knew it couldn’t. Carly came first. When she did, she stopped sucking and pressed her pussy down hard onto my face. I fucked her hole with my tongue as she came on me.

When Carly was finished, she got up and turned to face me in the darkness. She kissed me lightly on the lips, aware that my face was coated with her juices. “I want to watch your face while you cum in my mouth,” she told me as she sank to her knees on the floor. I swung around so she was between my legs. She leaned forward and opened her lips; the head of my dick slipped through her lips and met her tongue. She sucked and licked, letting me fuck her mouth. I couldn’t imagine a pussy feeling any better than this. As my eyes had adjusted to the darkness, I could see her face a little and I knew she couldn’t see any better in the dark. I sat there, feeling the car seat against my bare ass and back but thinking only of the contact between my cock and Carly’s mouth. For her part, Carly looked up at me with a loving expression on her face. She was enjoying doing this as much as I was enjoying receiving it. When I started to tense up just before I came, it looked like she was smiling with her eyes. I didn’t want to grip the back of her head and force my dick down her throat, so I gripped the edge of the seat. My legs tensed up and stretched forward to the back of the front seat. Carly redoubled her efforts and I rewarded them. In the still quiet of the car, I could hear her swallowing my cum.

When I was finished, Carly knelt between my legs and kissed me. I put my arms around her, pressing her body against mine. I sighed as I felt the contact. I wanted to do more but I knew time was short. Carly knew it as well. When our lips parted, she got up and started shuffling through the discarded clothes on the floor, handing me my things and putting hers into a pile. We got dressed in the semi-darkness. I watched as she put on her underwear and felt disappointment as she covered my favorite parts. I wiped my face on the inside of my shirt so I didn’t smell too much like her when I brought her home. Once we were dressed, I hugged her again. As I ran my hands over her I started laughing.

“What’s so funny,” Carly asked.

“Your shirt. It’s inside out. You might want to fix that before I take you home.” Her shirt was a really soft material and the seams were not very apparent in the dim light.

“Shit! I’m glad you caught that,” she said as she removed the garment and turned it the right way. “If I had gone home like that…”

“I don’t even want to think about it,” I said. “It might give me nightmares.”

She giggled in agreement. Once she was properly dressed, we moved to the front seat and I drove to Carly’s house. I walked her to the front door and kissed her a lot less passionately than I had in the car. I watched her walk inside and close the door before I left.

When I was home and in bed, I lay awake thinking. I was comparing the two encounters. I truly loved Carly and I didn’t regret my choice. I was just wondering who I enjoyed being with more, sexually. With Nancy, it was wilder and she was willing to go further. With Carly, it was all about love. I just couldn’t help thinking that if my choice had been Nancy, it was a sure thing. If Carly found out what I had done with Nancy, I might be left out in the cold. Monday was coming closer all the time and I wasn’t looking forward to it.


To be concluded in Chapter 3 – Double Date, Double Trouble

This story is Copyright © 2005 by Strickland83. All rights reserved.

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