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Still Fresh

By Strickland83



She slipped out of bed in the early morning. I heard my wife lock the bedroom door and pad almost silently back across the carpet. Her clothes hissed as they slid over her smooth skin. She slipped back into bed next to me, smiling. We kissed, nothing at all separating us now. The warmth each felt told of our love. I kissed her lips, her earlobe, her neck, down her chest. In time, we joined. It was done like the stillness of the morning. There were no cries, no shrieks, not even creaks from the bed. Only soft moans and gasps. It was done in gentleness and in near silence. I watched her face and smiled. We lay there after; quiet, until only the very tip was still held captive. I finally sat back on my knees, completing the withdrawal as I did. I leaned forward on my elbows, the smooth insides of my forearms savoring the silky softness of the insides of her thighs. I took delight in the feel, and then admired her inverted triangle in the dim light. It was the color of honey. Not blonde, not brown, but something in between. Soft. Delicate. Like her. The lips glistened where they joined, evidence of what we had done. One spot that glistened was white. The scent of what I had given her hung in the air. I smiled in memory and slid forward a little. My head pressed down to her stomach. Her soft hair tickled my neck as I listened to the gentle gurgles of her stomach. All was right and calm in the world.

In time, I stretched out and shifted to the side until I was half-draped over her. She still lay on her back with her legs parted but her eyes now closed. One of my legs was between hers and I could feel the warmth continuing to radiate from her juncture. One arm lay across her chest, a breast captured in the crook of my arm. My face pressed into her neck and her arm was around my waist, her fingertips pressed to the very top of my butt. We lay there not wanting to disturb the silence,… the encounter… still fresh… in our minds… .

The End


This story is Copyright © 2006 by Strickland83. All rights reserved.

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