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Rechargeable Batteries

By Strickland83


Saturday morning promised to be warm and sunny – a perfect day for the usual crowd around the pool. Cierra, however, had other plans. She wasn’t going to lay out with her friends. She was going to spend this day alone. She threw back the covers of her double bed and sat up, shaking her red tresses. The thought of what she was about to do excited her, but also embarrassed her a little.


Cierra was between boyfriends – which meant she was not having sex on a regular basis right now. She missed that a lot. A few months ago, she decided she wanted something more exciting than masturbating with her fingers, so she gathered her courage and went shopping. She wasn’t brave enough to walk into a shop looking for it, so she turned to the Internet. It was easy enough to find. She just had to find the right one. After a little searching, she saw it. An 8-inch vibrating dildo (anatomically correct). Well, correct as far as shape. The color was pink – kind of a shade between hot pink and bright red. She could deal with the color. She wouldn’t be looking at it, after all, just feeling it. She placed the order and waited. When she came home from work one day, there was a note on her mailbox that she had a package at the rental office. Nervously, she went over to the apartment complex office to get her package. She was hoping the promise of “a plain brown wrapper” was correct and that the outside appearance would give no indication of what was inside.


Her fears were unfounded. The box was a brown oblong shape and the return address was innocuous. Breathing an inaudible sigh of relief, she returned to her apartment with the package. Once inside, she put it on the kitchen table and got a knife to cut the tape holding it closed. She opened the brown box, finding another box inside. When she saw it, she was grateful it had been put inside the brown box. The inner box left no doubt as to what was inside. This box was white with a color photograph of the dildo. Bold text described its merits. She almost blushed at seeing the box but she was too horny to blush. She opened the white box with trembling hands. Inside, wrapped in bubble wrap, was the pinkest dick she had ever seen. She picked it up. It felt a little bigger than the real ones she had experienced. The feel was quite realistic. It felt firm, with just a little give when she squeezed it – just like a real one. The jelly-like material was almost translucent. The shape was very lifelike. As she ran her fingers over its surface, she felt herself getting wetter. Only the color (and the ridged black knob at the base) varied from real life. She found the instruction pamphlet and quickly glanced through it. She unscrewed the cap on the base. She got up and took two rechargeable batteries out of the charger on the kitchen cabinet. Inserting the batteries, she screwed the cap back on and twisted the base. She giggled as the dildo started vibrating in her hand. At its lowest setting, it barely moved and made a soft buzz. As she twisted the control, the vibrations increased, as did the sound. At the highest setting, it almost tickled her hand as she held it. Thoughts ran through her head of what this would feel like inside her pussy.


After cleaning the shiny new dildo, she took it to her bedroom and tried it out. She quickly found out that a cold dildo didn’t feel so good entering her pussy. She figured out that plunging it head first into a glass of hot water helped bring it to body temperature. She also started buying KY Liquid to lubricate it. Her own juices were not always quite enough for the initial penetration.


From there, she started researching masturbation techniques on the Internet. She became a regular lurker at sites like femalefirst, jillingforher and jennyspray. She learned about the G Spot and squirting. That convinced Cierra to buy her second vibrator. This one was specifically for stimulating her G Spot. It was thinner than her first one and had a crook at the end, like a bent finger. It was smooth, not shaped like a man at all.


Her first experiences with the G Spot vibrator were not what she expected. She couldn’t seem to find her G Spot. She spent a lot of time in bed with her new vibrator but it just wasn’t as good as what she felt with the first one. As she confirmed on the Internet, some women have problems finding their own G Spot. Their partners have better luck locating it. All was not lost. She thought of using both vibrators at the same time. She would insert the larger one and turn it on, then place the crook of the smaller one against her clit. Vibrations from the inside and outside should (hopefully) get her off in ways she had never experienced.


Today would be the day for the experiment. She got up and put on her silk robe. She went to the kitchen and fixed a light breakfast. She planned to spend the rest of the morning in bed. She took a glass from the cabinet and filled it with hot tap water. As she walked across the living room, she saw through the open curtains around the sliding door that the crowd was picking up at the pool. Her door faced the pool deck and she had a good view of the men in swimsuits. That started her motor running. In the bedroom, she took off the robe, then pulled off the baby doll nightie, her tits bouncing just a little as they were freed. She slid off the tiny panties and ran her hand through the red hair, feeling a dampness. She was horny and she was about to satisfy herself.


She set the glass of hot water on the nightstand. Walking over to the dresser drawer where she kept her panties, she reached into the back, where she kept the stained ones. In the very back, she felt a bundle wrapped in a washcloth. She grabbed it and returned to the bed. From the drawer in the nightstand, she extracted a bottle of KY. She was using the pink one now. She had tried the self-warming lubricant and liked how it felt on the dildos. Everything was in place. She pushed the covers off the bed and moved her pillow to the middle. She took the two vibrators out of the water and dried them off. They were about as warm as body temperature, not too hot. She scooted over to the middle of the bed, setting the vibrators and bottle of lubricant next to her on the mattress. She took a deep breath and smiled.


She started by putting her hands on her breasts and squeezing her sensitive nipples. Each squeeze sent a thrill shooting down to her pussy. She squeezed further out, now squeezing each firm mound. Next, her hands slid down her flat stomach, caressing the firm flesh. She was thinking about a guy from work, and what he would look like naked. She imagined him kissing her as his erection pressed against her stomach and his balls against her bush. A soft moan escaped her lips and her fingers ran through her pubic hair. The fingertips passed on the outsides of her outer lips and then to her thighs. Now back up, then down a few times to build her desire. At last, she let her fingers part her cunt lips, finding her pussy very wet. She inserted one finger into her hole to gather moisture, then spread it over her clit. The fingers of her other hand now entered her, rubbing in and out. She only did this for a few moments because she didn’t want to cum from just her fingers. She had other plans for her orgasm.


She was ready for the next step. She felt along her left side for the big dildo. She picked it up in her left hand. In her right hand she held the pink-topped plastic bottle. She sat up a little and, holding the dildo flat, she drizzled a stream of the clear lubricant from the head to the base, then back up. She snapped the cover on the bottle and dropped it to the bed so she could use that hand to smear the lubricant all over the shaft. She felt her pulse quicken as her hand moved over the slick shape. It felt so realistic. Every bump and bulge was molded to perfection. When she was sure it was covered, she laid back down. Spreading her legs wider, she held the thing in her right hand and used the fingers of her left hand to spread her lips. She pressed the pink head against her pussy and slid it around until the tip pressed into her hole. She pushed. At first, her rubbery lips resisted the intrusion. Then, as if recognizing an old friend, they happily yielded. Inch by inch, she felt herself being filled and stretched. She moaned as she penetrated herself. She worked it in and out of her pussy a few times to add some of her own lubricant. After several strokes, the pink dildo was buried fully inside her with only the slightly thicker base and black knob protruding from her cunt. She lay there, savoring the sensation of being filled so completely. She took a few deep breaths and fantasized a little about the sexy guy from work. Now she was ready to move to the next step. She reached between her legs with both hands. Holding the soft base of the dildo with one hand, she used the fingertips of her other hand to twist the black knob just a little. Accompanied by a soft “zzzzz”, the dildo started vibrating inside her. The feelings were delicious. No dick ever felt this good. Sure, it wasn’t the same as having a man lying over her, kissing her and thrusting in and out. And, it couldn’t ejaculate inside her. But the vibrating! Oh, how magnificent that felt! She bit her lower lip and savored the feelings. She tweaked her nipples and felt the electricity surge through her young trim body.


The final step. She reached for the other dildo, the G Spot stimulator. She wanted to see if it could also be a clit stimulator. She lubricated it the same way, although her hand wasn’t quite as steady as the first time. The buzzing in her pussy was distracting her. Her aim was off a few times and some of the clear liquid dripped onto the mattress instead of the bent end of the thin pink shaft. She smeared the lubricant over the end (the shaft wouldn’t be used this time), then pressed the end to her clit. She twisted the base and it started vibrating. Instantly, shocks shot through her clit. The feelings were truly incredible. This must be what it felt like to be fucked by one man while another man licked her clit. Two men at once was another of her favorite fantasies. She let out a loud moan of pleasure that quickly turned to a lower pitched moan of frustration.


The G Spot dildo slowed its vibrations to a stop. She roughly twisted the base a few times, then tapped it with her hand – all to no avail. Then she remembered. She had spent many sessions trying to find her G Spot. She had worn out the batteries! Damn those rechargeable batteries. They always go dead at the worst possible time. The other dildo was still going strong deep inside her because she had changed those batteries recently. While that felt exquisite, she wanted to feel both at once. She had a backup set of batteries in the charger, but it was in the kitchen. She would have to go get them. She really didn’t want to stop masturbating but she didn’t have a choice. Not if she wanted to feel both of them working on her.


Then, the idea entered her head. A naughty grin spread across her face as the plan was hatched. She didn’t have to stop – at least not entirely. The dildo inside her was set to low. She could go get the batteries with the dildo inside her pussy. Her internal muscles were clenching it enough that it wouldn’t slip out (even with her pussy as wet as it was). When she worked it in and out of her cunt, she still felt resistance from the walls of her channel. The problem was the back door. She had left the curtains open. By now, the pool deck outside would be full of people. She would be in plain view as she walked to the kitchen. She would have to wear a robe. The thought of walking in view of all those people with a dildo vibrating her pussy made her even more excited. She decided to do it. She couldn’t wear the silk robe. It was so thin that her red pubic hair would be plainly visible without panties. She was very self conscious about that. Most girls had dark pubic hair, but she was different with her light red hair. Guys wanted to know if her hair was the same color all over. She always blushed and felt embarrassed when she was with a guy for the first time and he saw her naked. She got up slowly, feeling the stiff dildo bending inside her. She moaned as the vibrations affected a new area. Smiling and raising her eyebrows at the new sensation, she turned and put her feet on the floor. She put her hands on the mattress and pushed, standing up.


The feelings were incredible. She couldn’t close her legs all the way with the base of the dildo protruding from her lips She had to stand with her legs a little apart. It took an effort not to rock her hips back and forth. The sensations washing over her were positively delicious. She turned and caught a view of herself in the full-length mirror. She almost started to cum right then. She was completely naked, her feet apart and the dildo sticking out of her cunt, framed by her brilliant red cunt hair. What a sight! She grinned broadly now. The naughtiness of what she was about to do thrilled her to new levels. She imagined what the men on the pool deck would do if they saw her standing at the glass door like this. There would be a line of naked men, fully erect, stretching from her bed to the patio – all waiting their turn to fuck her.


That image would have to wait for when she returned to her bed with the batteries. She filed that fantasy away in the back of her mind and concentrated on the task at hand. She stepped over to the closet to retrieve her terrycloth robe. With each step, her wet lips slid over the stiff shaft filling her. The thought of walking around with a dildo inside her had never occurred to her before. She might have to try this again. She slipped on the robe and turned, checking her image in the mirror. With the robe on, she looked perfectly normal. She could have anything on underneath the robe. Or, nothing at all except for a vibrator. She squeezed her muscles around the intruding shaft and moaned again, smiling broadly. Buried deep inside her, the buzzing of the vibrator was almost inaudible – not that anyone would be able to hear the buzz from outside.


She walked towards the door. She tried walking with her legs together but the ridged shaft rubbed against her sensitive inner thighs. It was worse than being eaten out by a man who needed a shave. The vibrations of the dildo were also too intense, at least too intense for her to keep a normal expression on her face. She had to walk slightly bow-legged, but it shouldn’t be noticeable to anyone looking in the door from the pool. She stepped through the bedroom door and turned into the living room. She took a deep breath and walked into the room, fully aware that she was now visible to the people around the pool. She walked with her gaze on the kitchen. She was afraid that if she made eye contact with a friend outside, they might come to the door to ask her to join them. A little more than halfway across the living room, she started to really feel the dildo. Not only were the slow vibrations building her towards a peak, each step she took rubbed her pussy against the thick shaft. This was a new sensation. Her pussy lips were moving back and forth against the slippery base. Even the tunnel of her pussy was moving against the intruding object. Her whole pussy was rubbing against the pleasure giving rod that filled her. She kept her eyes focused on the battery charger on the kitchen counter. All she had to do was get the batteries and return to the bedroom. Then she could drop the robe and drive herself to screaming orgasms in her bed for hours. She started taking smaller steps to lessen the friction between her pussy and the dildo. The friction was less with each step, but there were now more steps to take. She focused on keeping her expression neutral in case anyone was watching her.


She was now only a few steps from the counter that held the charger. Not only was she determined to get back to the bedroom before she came, she was also anxious to get the batteries so she could put the second vibrator on her clit again. In desperation, she forced herself to quickly take big steps to close the remaining distance as fast as possible. She was at the counter and she grabbed the extra batteries – all four of them. She didn’t want to have to come back here again. That was when it happened.


It must have taken a second or two for the sensations to register in her fogged brain. Those last steps, the big fast ones, had forced her slippery cunt to rub with agonizing friction against the happily vibrating shaft. That did it. She could feel herself slipping into the throes of an orgasm. This was not going to be an ordinary orgasm. The dildo alone would be enough to make her moan loudly. The different sensations of doing this standing up were adding to her pleasure. To top it off, she was now standing with her back to the open curtains – and she would have to walk back past the glass door to get to the bedroom. She was on display as she approached her climax. She didn’t think she could make it back to the bedroom before she came.


A new spasm caused her to drop the four batteries and they clattered to the countertop. She gathered her strength and scooped the batteries into the pocket of her robe. Each second she delayed drove her closer to her peak. She held on to the counter with one hand and tried to reach beneath the robe with her other to turn the vibrator off. That wasn’t going to work. Her level of excitement was causing her juices to ooze out past the shaft, making the ridged knob too slippery to work with just one hand. She was wet and getting wetter. She could maybe ease one hand under her robe without being seen, but she certainly couldn’t plunge both hands into her crotch and yank out the slippery dildo with everyone watching. She was going to have to walk back to the bedroom – and before she came.


Cierra made sure the robe still covered her patch of hair (and what was sticking out of her down there), then turned around to face the door. It was almost impossible to control her facial expressions now. She just wanted to get back to the bedroom before she totally lost control. Falling to the floor and cumming in full view of her friends was simply not an option. She took one step and groaned. The motion was making her cunt explode with pleasure. Another step, another slide of her lips across the shuddering base of the dildo. She looked through partially squinted eyes at the bedroom door on the other side of the room. It seemed to be miles away. She didn’t dare look out the window to see if anyone was watching her. It didn’t matter at this point. She was walking somewhat stiff-legged and bow-legged in a futile attempt to lessen the contact between her inflamed pussy and the pulsating dildo. She almost laughed as she realized she was now wishing that the batteries in the dildo would go dead. Damn! Those batteries go dead when you need them, then keep going and going when you need them to die. Yeah, and I keep cumming and cumming, Cierra thought to herself. She took another step and felt a trickle of her ample juices start to run down her thigh. First, she feared that the people outside would be able to see her wetness running down her legs. Then, the horrifying thought hit her that, if she kept getting wetter, the dildo might become so slick that it might fall out of her cunt, in full view of the people outside. At that thought, she tried to grip it a little tighter with her cunt muscles and almost came right there. Her heart was pounding, from the onrushing orgasm and from the fear of being discovered. One step at a time, she shuffled and struggled towards the door – which didn’t seem to be getting any closer. It was like a dream where the harder you tried to run, the slower you seemed to move. The red-haired girl tried thinking about when she got back to her bed and could surrender to the feelings threatening to collapse her weakening knees, but thinking about her inevitable orgasm only excited her more and brought her closer to climax. She was trying to race an ocean wave. She had to make it to the bedroom before her wave crashed over the beach. Another agonizing throb. She cursed herself for keeping the battery charger in the kitchen. She cursed herself for leaving the drapes open. Step. Ohhh! She cursed herself for wanting to try two vibrators at the same time. Step. Ahhh! She cursed herself for even buying those damned dildos in the first place. Step. Fuuuck! She was sure she wouldn’t make it. Step. She drew in her breath sharply. One more step and she could grab onto the doorframe to steady herself, if her trembling knees didn’t give out first. She remembered how she had tried something she read about on femalefirst. She tried masturbating by holding her showerhead against her clit. She immediately fell to her knees as her legs gave out, almost pulling the showerhead hose out of the wall. She took a deep breath and stepped. The lungful of air was expelled as a really loud moan, but she had her hand on the doorframe. Her fingernails tried to dig into the wood to hold her trembling body up.


She was so tempted to shove her other hand under the robe and extract the vibrator. She couldn’t do that yet. She could still be seen from the door. Instead of stepping, she tried dragging one foot across the floor. The texture of the carpet caused her foot to bounce slightly, transmitting the vibration up her leg and directly to the top of her cunt, rubbing her clit. She felt like she needed to pee. Shit! That was the sign that she was going to ejaculate, from what she had read. Great! She was going to have her first female ejaculation – all over the carpet and in full view of the people outside. She tentatively took one more step, moving inside the door and out of view. She was safe now. She wanted to reach the bed, but she was fully prepared to fall to a squat on the floor and cum right there if necessary. She eyed the edge of the mattress. A really deep breath now and she tried to hold it in. She took two quick steps and spun around. She basically collapsed backwards onto the sheets, hitting the mattress with a squeak of the bedsprings, as the wave broke over her.


She was too close to the edge of the bed, and lacked the strength at that point to slide further onto the bed, to put her feet up on the mattress. She struggled to lift her legs and try, but her legs fell back down, hanging off the end of the bed, spread apart. She was cumming now, harder than she ever recalled before. She fumbled with the thick terry tie on the robe but her trembling fingers couldn’t get it undone. Her brain was unable to concentrate. She pulled the front of the robe up. Her right hand gripped the slippery end of the vibrator. She wanted to turn up the vibrations but she couldn’t manage that, so she settled for pumping the whole thing in and out of her cunt. The index finger of her other hand moved to her clit. She intended to rub circles over her nub, but it was too sensitive. She settled for using two fingers to rub circles over the top of her lips. This transmitted through the lips to her clit, providing sufficient stimulation.


Cierra was moaning now, or maybe it was closer to screaming. The sounds coming out of her open mouth were practically continuous. She was unaware of what sound she was making. Her entire being focused on her cunt. The feelings radiating out of there overwhelmed all her other senses. She lay there and came. Her hips were pumping, her hand fucking the dildo in and out of her pussy, her other hand vigorously rubbing the top of her lips.


When it was over, all the tension released at once. She must have moved forward on the bed from all the thrashing because Cierra slid to the floor. She landed on the carpet with a thud. The impact pushed the dildo further into her, making her grunt. She leaned back against the end of the bed and caught her breath.


After about five minutes of sitting there (and reliving the experience in her mind), she pulled out the dildo, turned it off, got up on shaky legs and crawled onto the bed, pulling the sheet with her. She looked at the dildo, covered in her juices and with a few red pubic hairs stuck to it. She was going to take a nap when the phone rang. She answered it. It was her friend, Linda, who lived in the building.


“Cierra, honey, are you alright? I saw you pass by the window and you didn’t look so good,” Linda said.


“Oh, I’ll be alright. I’m just feeling a little under the weather this morning,” Cierra explained.


“Do you want me to come over and bring you anything?” asked Linda.


“No! Uh, I mean, I’ll be OK. I just need to rest. Maybe I’ll be out by the pool later.”


“OK,” Linda said, sounding not fully convinced. “If you need anything, just call. I have my phone with me out by the pool. Bye.”


Cierra hung up the phone. She was breathing hard, realizing she was almost caught. When she thought about it, she broke into a grin. She thought about how she was being watched after all, and how close she came to cumming in full view of everyone. “What a rush,” she said out loud. Then she thought about trying to walk to the kitchen again – and there was still the second dildo to try. “It’s going to be an interesting day,” she said to no one, as she closed her eyes to nap until later.


The End


This story is Copyright © 2004 by Strickland83. All rights reserved.

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