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Out Of Air

By Strickland83

This is my defining moment – when I got to do something that other people only dream about. I look back on it (because I doubt it will ever happen again) with fondness. I’ll never forget the excitement, the delight, the bond that was forever forged. I will also never forget what I lost.

It was the fall of my sophomore year of college. One thing I had wanted to do since I was a child was learn to scuba dive. I wanted that so badly I could taste it. I remember thumbing through the college catalog and finding it in the spring, just before I registered for the fall semester. It was a junior level biology class, strangely enough. I was in my advisor’s office that week to ask if I could somehow fit it into my schedule.

His answer made me want to jump for joy. It would substitute for a P.E. but he warned that it was a difficult class. The instructor had a reputation for washing out students just to keep the class size down. He had figured out that he got paid just as much if three students finished the class or thirty – and he’d rather deal with three students.

I was sent to the Biology department to get information about the class. The assistant instructor, an old gentleman I learned was Dr. Finch, handed me a paper. It had the requirements, the physical requirements, for the class. Passing a test was necessary to get into the class. In addition, every other week would be a pool session. The students had to pass the physical test at every pool session just to stay in the class. I was determined to be one of the students who finished the class. I wasn’t going to wash out. I wanted this too badly.

After I left Dr. Finch’s office, I looked over the paper in detail. The requirements were substantial, but I was a good swimmer. First, I had to swim twenty-five yards underwater, without surfacing to breathe. Immediately after that, I had to swim six lengths of the Olympic sized pool. When I completed that, I had to tread water for fifteen minutes. The first and last five minute periods of that were to be done with my arms held over my head. I knew I could do it.

That afternoon, I went over to the pool to practice. On my first attempt, I don’t think I made fifteen yards before I had to surface to take a breath. I was disappointed but I knew I had all summer to get in shape. I practiced several times a week, increasing to daily as the summer semester drew to a close. During the semester break, I planned to run everyday to keep my endurance up. Nothing was going to keep me out of that class.

When school started in the fall, I was back at the pool daily. I was able by then to easily make the twenty-five yard swim underwater. After that, the surface swim and treading water were also easy. I was ready. I was going to become a scuba diver!

Our first session met in the classroom. This was a night class so we met for two and a half hours in the evening. I entered the classroom full of enthusiasm. I had eaten dinner and walked over to the lecture hall as the sun was just starting to set. It was warm and muggy outside, contrasting to the cold air-conditioned classroom. I didn’t notice. I was practically floating as I prepared to realize my dream. I took a seat in the middle and looked around at the other students as they arrived. Many looked eager like me. I don’t think anyone would take a class like this unless they really wanted to.

I remembered my advisor’s warning and wondered who wouldn’t make it. I wasn’t the most athletic in class by any measure. Most had the same look of eagerness and determination on their faces that I wore. A few were, well, relaxed looking.

The class was mostly men, but there were a few women. Some were really cute and I looked forward to seeing them regularly in bathing suits. As the bell rang, three men walked in, an air of bravado surrounding them. The first one I knew as Dr. Finch. The second was younger than him and powerfully built. He assessed us with a level gaze, his eyes fixing on each of us in turn. The third was young, barely older than us, and seemed almost comical by comparison.

Dr. Finch called us to order and introduced our instructor (the second man) as Kurt Wessen. True to his name, Kurt was short with us. His tone was abrupt. He explained that he had been a Navy diver. In the pool and in class he expected our attention and obedience. His rules were there for our safety. If he felt we were not ready to be certified, we would be dropped from the class. If we couldn’t keep up, we should drop on our own. Since he wasn’t a regular instructor and not on campus except for this class, Dr. Finch would be available to sign our drop slips. He also informed us that he expected to lose over half of us before the end of the semester. My confidence faltered.

Kurt went on to explain that we should address him as Mr. Wessen. The third man was introduced as Phil Heinz, Kurt’s assistant. The three men would be with us in the pool sessions. We should be ready to follow the instructions of Dr. Finch or Mr. Heinz as we would his own. Having laid down the rules, Kurt went on to explain how the class would progress. We would alternate meeting in the classroom and the pool. If we showed up for a pool session without our dive gear, we would be out of the class. It was our responsibility to rent equipment and have it ready for the pool sessions. Conveniently, Kurt’s store was the only dive shop in the area. Until we earned our certification cards, we would only be able to rent equipment or get our air tanks filled from Kurt’s shop anyway. The class would conclude, for those who made it, he added, with a weekend trip to Florida. The first day would involve two checkout dives for the basic certification. The second day would be two additional dives to qualify for the slightly more prestigious Open Water Certification. In addition, the last class session would involve a written test. If we passed all parts, we would earn our certification.

After he had laid down his rules, we were shown a movie about scuba diving. After seeing the movie, I was ready to do anything Kurt demanded. I was going to get certified and nothing would stop me. Just before we were dismissed, we were handed a list of equipment we needed to rent or buy and told to meet next week at the pool.

After class let out, I hung around to meet my classmates. A few were adults who were just getting their certification. Most were college students like me, eager to become divers while satisfying a P.E. or biology requirement. Since I didn’t have anything else to do that night, I hung out with a group of my classmates. Roger was a geology major, Ben’s field was accounting and Mike was in biology. Then there was Terri. She was the one I most wanted to see in a bathing suit. She was cute, slender and a redhead. I couldn’t help wondering if she was a true redhead, in all departments. We spent almost an hour that night, talking excitedly about diving. In time, we drifted off. That night I lay in bed thinking about diving. It was going to become a reality for me. I wasn’t going to let anything stand in my way.

I spent every afternoon at the pool over the next week to make sure I would pass the physical test. When Wednesday came around again, I was ready. I had a light dinner before walking over to the pool with my gear. In reality, I had packed the gear the day before. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for the first pool session.

I met Terri as I was walking to the pool complex and we entered together. All that I could see she was wearing was a long t-shirt. I assumed she was already wearing her bathing suit beneath it. I hoped it was a bikini. We talked, mostly about class. It had been a warm day but the sun was starting to set. The street lights weren’t on yet when we got to the pool. A side gate was left open for us; Kurt, Dr. Finch and Phil were already there. I was surprised when Kurt greeted us with a smile. He explained that there were changing rooms open for us if we needed them. We both thanked him. I set down my bag on a bench in front of the pool and pulled off my t-shirt. Terri did the same and I had to stop myself from gasping. She was wearing a bikini, and not much of one. It took a lot of concentration to keep from sporting a hardon in front of her. Her body was even better than I had imagined.

Kurt had noticed her, too. He walked over to us and politely suggested to her that she might want to wear something different in the future. First, the water is colder at the bottom of the pool, and it is certainly colder in open water. Second, he didn’t want her distracting the other students. She blushed when he said that. Not just a little. Being a redhead, she really blushed. He left us alone then as the other students began arriving.

Before long, we were assembled alongside the pool for our first weekly test. At Kurt’s request, Phil demonstrated the underwater swim. It was longer than I had estimated. There was also a rule I hadn’t counted on. We weren’t allowed to push off. A collective groan went up when that was announced. I was still sure I would make it. I would rather drown than get kicked out of the class.

Kurt looked us over and focused his gaze on me, a hard look on his face. “Harris, you first. Get in the water.” My heart pounded as everyone looked at me. I nodded to Kurt and jumped into the waist deep water. Phil was waiting at the mark painted on the bottom of the pool – twenty-five yards away. It looked a lot farther away than it had before. I took a few deep breaths to hyperventilate before slipping under the water.

Underwater, it was quiet. I was in a one man struggle; me against myself. I had to reach the finish line without surfacing. My vision was blurry and the chlorine stung my eyes, but I kept them open to stay on course. In the far distance, I could see the dark form of Phil’s legs, waiting for me. I kicked with my legs and pulled with my arms, making seemingly slow progress. I felt the urge to breathe and suppressed it. Failure was not an option. As I got closer, the need to breathe became an obsession that I was fighting against. To keep under control, I exhaled slowly to trick my body into thinking I was getting ready to take a breath. I fought to reach where Phil was standing. There was a black line painted on the bottom of the pool. When I crossed it, I shot for the surface and sucked in air. I panted a few times, seeing Phil smirk at me out of the corner of my eye. I was getting out of the pool as I heard Kurt telling the other students, “See, it’s not that hard. If he can do it, you all can.” Then he explained how to swim more efficiently and glide to conserve the oxygen in your lungs. I moodily thought how I would have liked to have known that before I swam. I’d certainly remember it next time.

Water dripping off me, I watched from the side of the pool as my classmates took the test one at a time. They all made it but few were not winded when they finished. As soon as the last one finished, Kurt explained that this exercise was to prepare us in case we ever ran out of air and had to make a free ascent. “You can swim a lot farther than you think you can, if you need to,” he assured us. “The Navy had determined that a sailor can escape from a submarine from a depth of eighty feet without an air supply.” Later, we would learn how to make emergency ascents from even greater depths using our buoyancy compensators’ CO2 inflators.

The next test was to swim six lengths of the pool using any stroke we wanted. As we were swimming, Kurt was standing on the side of the pool explaining how we might have to make a long swim back to the boat someday. All divers weren’t necessarily good swimmers on the surface but he would make sure we were. My practice paid off. I was one of the first to finish, followed by Roger, Terri and Mike. We sat on the side and watched the others. As the stragglers finished, Kurt was urging them on, telling them they were holding up the class. He was a hard taskmaster. I made a mental note to never give him a reason to discipline me.

The final part of the test was treading water for fifteen minutes. Kurt timed us with a stopwatch, having us hold our hands above our heads and use just our feet each time he blew his whistle. It was a lot harder to do it that way. I suppose that was to condition our legs. When the test was over, I was tired but the class was just starting.

Kurt told us to get out of the water and get our equipment. The three instructors circulated and showed us how to hook everything up. We were told to pay attention because we would have to do it on our own from now on. Kurt helped Terri and me. I think he just wanted the chance to talk to Terri. I certainly couldn’t blame him.

The smell of new rubber permeated the air. It was from all the hoses and equipment. If you are a diver, you know what I mean. If not, think of the smell of new automobile tires. When everybody was ready we got back in the pool. We slipped into the unfamiliar gear, standing in the water. We were shown how to test our regulators (main and backup). Then we put on our masks and sat down on the bottom.

It was strange to sit there and breathe, three feet underwater. I looked around at the class and saw everybody was doing the same thing. This was a new experience. The sound of bubbles punctuated the hissing rhythmic sound of the regulator in my mouth. As I drew in a breath, there was a resistance – a suction – until the valve tripped and the cool air rushed into my lungs. Exhaling meant the sound of bubbles as they cascaded upward from each side of my face. After maybe two minutes, Kurt gave us a signal to stand up. I pierced the surface of the water, having to stagger a little as the weight of the tank on my back threw me off balance. Now that we knew what to expect, he explained our next exercises. We spent most of the session at the deep end of the pool, in the diving tank below the diving boards. We practiced procedures underwater.

When class was over, he gave us a little time to just swim around underwater and get more familiar with diving. It was a new experience, a very fun adventure. Eventually, it was time to get out.

It was dark by the time we got out, the lights attracting bugs in the warm muggy air. We dried off and packed our wet gear. I didn’t get much chance to talk to Terri, but I did get to talk to others in the class. We were starting to forge friendships. Most of us stayed outside the pool again and talked after class. We were starting to get to know each other. We were kindred spirits sharing this new adventure and all its hardships.

Over the weeks, I was starting to recognize my classmates around campus. They were all people I didn’t know a few weeks ago. Now we were held by a common bond. Terri, of course, was easy to spot with her red hair and shapely body, but I was coming to know the others as well.

Class alternated between lecture and pool sessions all through the semester. We learned new skills and practiced emergency procedures. We became adept at navigating underwater, handling life threatening emergencies like equipment malfunctions or running out of air. This was the time before dive computers so we learned to work the dive tables and calculate our decompression requirements. The mechanics of diving became second nature until we were completely comfortable with them.

Probably the most difficult exercise we had to perform was an extreme form of buddy breathing. When a diver is out of air, two divers can share one regulator and tank for an emergency ascent. We had to simulate this, combined with navigating around the perimeter of the Olympic size pool with each diver having lost his mask. The buddy breathing wasn’t too difficult, ordinarily. Without our masks, our vision was blurred until we only looked like shapes to each other. Mike and I paired up. I played the part of the diver out of air. Mike had control of his regulator and passed it between us. I held onto his tank valve so I wouldn’t get separated from him and we felt our way around the pool as we swam. The problem was that Mike couldn’t see if I had time to get a breath before he took the regulator back for his breath. I had to figure out when he was holding it out for me, clear it and take a breath before he took it back. I missed one breath and made sure I didn’t miss any more. The urge to breath was almost strong enough to overcome my desire to complete the exercise. I fought the desire to shoot for the surface and fail the test. We made it around the pool but that was the closest I came to failing. I felt that if I could do that, I would be able to do whatever else I had to in order to complete my certification. I never forgot what it felt like to be out of air.

We sought out each other as often as we could, just to talk about diving. The end of the semester was coming. Our class had dwindled, as predicted. One girl got an ear infection and missed a pool session so she had to drop. Two guys couldn’t keep up with the physical tests. One person mixed up the schedule and expected a classroom session when we were having a pool session. Showing up without his equipment, he was handed a drop slip. A few others decided it was just too hard. In the end, only fifteen of the original twenty-eight students remained. The final part of our class would be a written test, followed by underwater sessions in open water. Kurt talked to us about this during one of the last classroom sessions. The final checkout dives would take place over a weekend at the end of October. The weather offshore wasn’t too promising so we would be diving in a freshwater spring in Florida. We had been using rented wetsuits for the last few classes since the fall weather had finally turned cold. We were told to be prepared for even colder water in the spring.

After class, we talked about travel arrangements. I had done most of my diving partnered with Mike. We agreed that we would use his car and I’d pay for the motel room. It was a fair trade. Others made similar arrangements. I was disappointed when I heard that Terri wouldn’t be staying at the motel with the rest of us. She was traveling with Roger who had some family in the area. The two of them would stay with an uncle who lived about an hour from the spring. I had hoped to get to see more of her on the weekend.

We were all excited. After months of preparation and studying, and years of dreaming in many of our cases, we would finally be going down. We would be certified divers by the end of the month. A group of us got together to study for the test, but it wasn’t hard because we were so well prepared. It was things we had been doing all along. In the end, everybody passed.

The Friday that I was waiting for finally arrived. We were going diving! Mike picked me up at my dorm after my last class and we added my gear to his in the trunk. We headed east, following the Interstate as the sun set behind us. It was already very dark when we found the Ramada Inn in DeFuniak Springs. I checked us in and we unloaded the car. We had already eaten dinner on the road but we were too excited to go to sleep. I turned on the TV to check on the next day’s weather while Mike was thumbing through his scuba textbook.

We talked about how we had wanted to do this for so long. We talked about what we thought the spring would be like. We even talked about going diving later, after we had completed the class. If it involved diving, we talked about it, either earlier on the drive or that night. Eventually, we turned off the TV and tried to get some sleep in spite of our excitement.

The alarm woke us at six o’clock. I took the first shower, mainly to wake up. When I got out, Mike had his turn. I dressed in a bathing suit, then added a sweatshirt, jacket and sweat pants. It was cold but that wouldn’t deter me from diving. When we were both ready, we drove around to the restaurant at the front of the motel. The other members of the class were gathering, excitement on all our faces. This is what we had prepared for.

Kurt was the last to arrive, his usual air of bravado in place. Over breakfast, he explained what was in store for us. We would spend the first dive of the morning redoing our usual exercises, only this time not in the safe confines of a swimming pool. There was a platform on the bottom of the spring where we would assemble and have class. We were forbidden from entering the cavern at the bottom of the spring. This was for our safety, and to keep his insurance premiums down, he added with an evil snicker. The second dive would involve safety procedures. We would have to remove our gear at the bottom and surface without it, swim down to our gear and suit up underwater, and practice buddy breathing. We should finish shortly after midday. At that time, we would have completed our basic certification. The requirements for Open Water Diver certification required the rest of the classes take place on a different day. We were expected to stay over for the second session the next morning. The classes would concentrate on underwater navigation and rescue operations. He advised us not to go drinking on Saturday night to celebrate because he wanted us in top physical shape for the Sunday dives.

We all followed Kurt’s truck in caravan fashion from the motel to the spring. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but what we found wasn’t it. Small signs led us from the main road down a winding drive to what a sign in bad need of repainting called “Morrison Springs”. From the surface, the spring wasn’t impressive. It looked like a small lake surrounded by sandy soil and cypress trees. Except for the water not being dark brown, it looked like a Louisiana swamp. There was a small cinder block building a little ways up the sloping walk from the water, and ample places to park. That was it.

We got out of the car and unloaded our dive gear. Kurt told us to leave our gear on the ground near the water and pick up our tanks in the building. We each paid the fee and waited for tanks. I looked around the building at the pictures on the walls. Most were of the cavern (which we wouldn’t be exploring). I didn’t mind. I was going down for the first down. Really going down. I was going scuba diving!

We all lugged the heavy aluminum tanks down to the water and hooked them up to our backpacks, regulators and buoyancy compensators. Next we stripped down to our bathing suits and pulled on wetsuits. It was Florida, but it was still the last weekend of October. A front had come through during the night. The weather had turned cold and overcast but the man in the building promised the water was warmer than the air. In testimony of this fact, there was a mist drifting up from the surface of the water.

Kurt overheard a few people grumbling about the cold and he told us to be glad that we weren’t diving offshore instead. The gulf was much colder this time of year. Of course, he was wearing a dry suit, much more expensive and much warmer than the wetsuits we had. I didn’t mind, though. I was ready for adventure.

Soon we were all ready and the instructors had double checked that we had everything correct. With that, Kurt led the way (in his dry suit) into the water. The sand was soft and felt funny as I stepped into the spring. Once my feet entered the water, I could feel the cold seeping through the thin neoprene suit. When the water was waist deep, I had to sit down and put on my fins. As I did, a seam went below the water level and the water began entering my suit. All that crap about the paper thin layer of water that keeps you warm in a wetsuit was forgotten as the cold spring water met my skin. I didn’t curse out loud like some of the others, but I gasped a few times.

We were now floating in the water (as Kurt smiled at our obvious discomfort). I could see the faces of some of the girls in the class and their lips were literally turning blue. I knew I wasn’t going to dwell on the discomfort. I came here to dive.

Kurt briefed us again on what we were going to be doing. He pointed out the dark square below and ahead of us. We were to meet on the platform about forty feet underwater. I put on my mask, put my regulator in my mouth, took a test breath, and put my head under the icy water. And entered a magical world.

This was nothing like the swimming pool. The water was bluish-green. There were fish and turtles swimming nearby, looking like they were flying. I could see the platform and, beyond, a big hole in the bottom. That was the cavern. Across the opening was a large log, with a rope tied to it that led down. It was everything I had imagined, and much more. I was marveling at the beauty of it when Phil roughly grabbed me. He pointed to the platform and released me as he swam away. I got the message. We were here for class. I swam down, catching up with my classmates. Looking back, I wasn’t the only one taken aback by the spectacle. Phil was rounding up the stragglers. I recognized the red hair of one of the stragglers as belonging to Terri. That was about all that distinguished us underwater. She seemed to recognize me, though, and waved as she caught up to me. I smiled around the regulator in my mouth, wondering if her nipples were erect in the cold. Mine were.

As we reached the platform, I was beginning to feel a little warmer. Just a little. We went through our exercises, demonstrating that we knew all we had learned in class. This was our checkout dive. After this, we would be certified divers. I paid attention to the instructors and did all I was asked to do.

The time underwater passed quickly. All too soon, our first dive was over and we were led back to the surface. We climbed out of the water, mist now rising from our wetsuits. We had to lug our tanks up the sandy slope to exchange them for full ones for our second dive. On the walk, we talked excitedly about the dive, our first real dive. I caught Kurt smiling a little as he listened to us. On the outside he was gruff, but on the inside I think he still remembered his own first dive.

While we waited out the remainder of our surface interval, we had to work the dive tables to calculate our residual nitrogen. It was minimal after one dive that was only barely deeper than the magical thirty-three foot level, the point where the bloodstream could begin to absorb enough nitrogen to eventually require decompression. We did the calculations, though clumsily. We had done this in class before but it was just a math problem. Today it was real. Our safety depended on the accuracy of our calculations. By the time we had checked our answers and were sure we were correct, it was time to go back in the water.

Again, the precious little time underwater passed in a flash and we surfaced for the last time that day. We could have made another dive before decompression became an issue, but the requirements of the Open Water Checkout were that they took place on two separate days. We would spend the rest of the day on the surface decompressing and dive again in the morning.

Once more, we trudged up the hill with our empty tanks and deposited them in the little building. Heading back down to the water, we carried our gear back to the cars. Kurt came over and I assumed he was just going to remind us to be ready to dive in the morning. He had a concerned look on his face and he headed straight for Roger’s car, where Roger and Terri were putting their things in the trunk. Roger was parked next to Mike’s car so we could hear what was going on.

“Roger,” Kurt began, and I could hear an odd concern in his voice. “There was a phone call for you while we were diving. It seems your father had a heart attack this morning. Your mother wants you to come home right away.”

The look of panic in Roger’s face quickly washed away the elation of our first day of diving. “My father?” he asked.

Kurt nodded. “If you leave right now, I can still certify you. You won’t get your Open Water Certification, but you can still get your dive card.”

Roger nodded, obviously overwhelmed by all the news he had received. I wanted to offer to help, but I had no idea what I could do to ease his burden. Roger already had something in mind, though.


“Roger, I’m sorry. Anything I can do, just ask.”

His eyes darted to Terri, then back to me. “I’m going home to be with my family. Would you let Terri stay over with you, and give her a ride back home tomorrow?”

Mike and I studied Terri’s face. When the news had come, she obviously was concerned for Roger, as we all were. There was also disappointment. She wanted to complete the class as much as any of us.

Terri spoke next. “Roger, if you need me to ride back with you, I –“

“No, I’ll be alright. Really, I will. I want you to stay. I don’t want to make you miss the rest of the checkout.”

She was thinking it over. I didn’t want to sound lecherous (though those kinds of thoughts had crossed my mind before when thinking about Terri) but I wanted to be helpful. I also realized that, while I had a motel room, it was Mike’s car. I looked him in the eye. Mike never said a word. He wanted to help as much as I did. He just gave me a nod.

“Terri, you’re welcome to stay with us, if you want to.”

She looked at me. I could see through the concern for Roger. I could see the gratitude in her expression. She wanted to stay. She started to say something to Roger again, but he cut her off.

“Terri, stay. I know how much it means to me. We all want to finish the class. I don’t want to be the reason you don’t finish. Stay. Don’t even think about feeling guilty over it.”

She smiled. “Thanks, Roger.”

Roger dug around in his trunk and started taking out bags. “These are Terri’s things. We had packed everything in the car this morning, in case the weather kept us here overnight.”

I reached for her bags. Mike and I transferred her luggage and gear to Mike’s trunk. It was a tight fit, but we made it. Next we changed out of our bathing suits and into dry clothes in the restrooms. We gave Roger our best wishes and he left for home. Kurt reminded us again to meet at the restaurant at the motel in the morning and he drove off.

We all went to a pizza place in town for lunch. The cold and gloomy weather combined with the diving made us ravenous. We all ate well. After lunch, we headed back to our rooms to finally get cleaned up and rest. A cold rain was just starting to fall. By the look of things, we were in for rain the rest of the day.

When we got the motel, I helped Terri carry her bags inside. Fortunately, I had been given a room with two beds. She could take one and I could share the other one with Mike. I turned on the heat while Mike and Terri plopped on the beds. We were all tired out by the diving. Terri asked if she could use the shower and I told her to go ahead. Mike and I watched TV while she showered. I kept thinking about how she was naked on the other side of the wall. I hoped Mike couldn’t notice my erection. When Terri came out of the bathroom, she was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. “I’m going to take a shower, unless you want to go next,” I said to Mike. He waved me to the bathroom without taking his eyes off the TV.

I dug some clean clothes out of my luggage as Terri sat on the bed I had just vacated. The bathroom was still steamy from Terri’s shower. I enjoyed the soothing hot water. While I was in the shower, my thoughts drifted to Terri. I had hoped to spend some time with her. I was sorry that it took a crisis for Roger to put Terri here. Still, I couldn’t help thinking that I was sharing a motel room with Terri. Sure, Mike was there. I didn’t expect anything sexual to happen. I was happy just to be with her. In spite of this logic, I got an erection thinking about her. I couldn’t help thinking that she had just been standing naked in this very spot only minutes before.

I drove those thoughts out of my head and finished my shower before I got carried away. I dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans to ward off the chill of the afternoon. When I came out of the bathroom, Terri and Mike were sitting together on the same bed and talking while the TV droned on in the background. Mike saw me and got up to take his shower. Terri smiled at me. I heard Mike close the bathroom door as I sat on the empty bed. I noticed the room felt warmer than when I went into the bathroom.

Terri got up and sat cross-legged on my bed, facing me. Something looked different about her but I couldn’t place it at first. She smiled warmly, broadly. I cleared my throat.

“It’s warmer in here,” I said.

“Yeah, I turned up the heat. I hope you don’t mind,” she offered.

“No, that’s fine. I just think I’m dressed too warm now.”

Then it hit me. When Terri came out of the bathroom, she was wearing a sweatshirt and long pants. Now she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I had been in the bathroom so she must have changed out here. Only, Mike was out here. Had she changed in front of him?

“I thought it would be more comfortable to turn up the heat instead.”

“Whatever,” I said, still occupied by thoughts of Terri changing in front of Mike. I wished I had let Mike take his shower first so I could have watched Terri change.

“Mike and I were talking…,” Terri began.

When I caught on to what she was leading up to, I felt embarrassed. Embarrassed and disappointed. “Oh! Oh, you two want to be alone?” I couldn’t believe I was going to get kicked out of my own room so they could have sex.

“Nooo,” she said with a big smile. She leaned forward, putting a hand on my arm. The touch was electric. When I felt her hand on my arm, she had my full attention. By the look in her eyes, that was what she intended. “I don’t know how to put this.” Terri started to look embarrassed. She took a deep breath; I could hear the air rushing in through her nostrils. I could see her chest rise, her nipples now prominent through her t-shirt. Was she wearing a bra? She started again. “I’m no virgin, but I’ve never done the group thing before.”

I was sitting there like an idiot, giving her my full attention. I was nodding to indicate I understood what she was telling me, but I had no idea what she was trying to ask. The pieces were starting to fit, but I couldn’t possibly be putting things together correctly. She said “group thing”. Surely she couldn’t mean ‘group sex’, could she? Those kinds of things were something you read about in Penthouse. They didn’t really happen, not to guys like me.

Terri was looking deeply into my eyes, desperate for me to understand, to catch on to her meaning, so she wouldn’t have to keep trying to explain. The thought of sex with her, group sex even, was exciting me. I wanted to ask her if that is what she meant, but I was afraid that I had misunderstood. If that is not what she was implying, I’d look like some kind of pervert. I offer to let her stay in room, and then expect her to have sex with both of us as payment. I’m not like that.

Terri sighed and tried again. “You know, group. Like, you… and me… and Mike?” I must have looked incredulous because she continued. “A threesome?”

OK, now there was no doubt. That is what she meant. “Terri, you don’t have to –“

She pressed one delicate finger to my lips to stop me in mid-sentence. “I know I don’t have to do this. I want to do this. I’m not doing it to pay the rent. This is not something I’ve ever done before. I’m curious about what it would be like, though. The time seems right. With the weather, there’s nothing else for us to do until tomorrow morning. I think I can trust you two to not talk about it, I’m on the pill, we won’t get interrupted, so how about it? Do you want to do this?” She had all the details worked out.

I sat there in shock, unable to respond. My wildest fantasies were about to come true. Well, one part of my body was responding, trying to answer her request. I saw her look down at my lap and smile. She could see what my answer was going to be. I just had to work it out in my head and make my mouth function.

I didn’t have to worry about my mouth. Terri put her other hand against my cheek, the warm softness of her touch making me feel like I was going to melt. Then she kissed me. After all those fantasies, I was finally kissing Terri – right after she asked me to take part in a threesome with her.

As we kissed, she leaned against me and I let us fall back to the bed. I was very conscious of her slight weight on top of me. I could feel her firm breasts pressing down against my chest and her tongue dueling with mine. There was no way I was going to deny her request. I slid my own hands over her back, and from there down to her ass. She made a slight moan into my mouth as my hands caressed her luscious body. I felt her pressing her crotch harder against mine and the pressure against my erection was noticed. She opened her legs and they fell against mine. She was rubbing her legs against the outsides of mine. I was only barely aware of the sound of the bathroom door opening in the background.

“Did you two start without me?”

It was Mike’s voice. Our lips parted and Terri turned to look over her shoulder at him. He smiled back at both of us. He was wearing a towel around his waist and was drying his hair with another.

“I was just asking Jack if he wanted to join us. I think he said ‘yes’.”

“I think he did, too,” Mike replied.

At last, my tongue was freed. “Did you two already …?” I made a stupid vague motion with my hands that made Terri laugh.

“No, we didn’t –“ and Terri made a similar hand motion – “yet. We just talked about it while you were in the shower.”

“And you changed while I was in there.” I continued, finally seeing all the puzzle pieces fit together.

“Yes. Mike didn’t seem to mind.” Terri giggled again when she said that. Mike smiled broadly.

“No, I’m sure he didn’t,” I said, joining in the group smile. My heart was beating faster at the realization of what was about to happen.

“So…” Mike started to say.

“So?” Terri answered.

“So, how do we go about this?” Mike asked.

“Well, I’ve never done it before, either.” Terri said. “I was kind of thinking we’d all take off our clothes and we would start with you two taking turns with me.”

It was a little strange hearing a girl talk about herself that way. Of course, the entire situation was strange.

“And then?” I inquired. I was concerned about what she expected to happen next.

“And then,” Terri said, obviously still nervous about asking us to do this. “I’d like it if the two of you –“

My heart pounded. I was afraid she was going to ask us guys to do stuff to each other. As much as I wanted to get Terri in bed, I wasn’t willing to do that. I held my breath until she finished speaking.

“- would both do me at the same time. You know, one at each end?”

Mike let out his breath in a whoosh. “For a minute, I thought you were going to ask us to do something else,” he said, sounding very relieved. Apparently, he had the same concern I had.

“No, I’m not into that, either. I just want two guys to make love to me. Just this once.” Her eyes met Mike’s when she said that last part. “Just to see what it’s like. So, can you do it and not tell anybody what we did? I really don’t want this to get out.” She turned to look at each of us.

“Not a word,” I assured her.

“Me, too,” Mike concurred.

“Alright, then,” Terri said.

A silence hung in the air for a few moments as we just looked at each other. We were really going to do this. I think we were all a little excited and a little nervous. No one knew what to do first. I stood there, breathing so hard I was almost panting. Tension hung thickly in the air. My heart pounded in my chest as the seconds ticked by.

“If we’re going to do this, let’s get started before someone chickens out,” I announced to no one in particular and pulled my shirt over my head. My voice didn’t sound nearly as strong as I wanted it to. I guess I was as nervous as I was excited. Once my shirt was out of the way and I could see again, I saw that Terri had done the same thing. She hadn’t been wearing a bra after all, and Mike had dropped his towel.

I had never seen another guy hard before. It looked really strange. I knew what I looked like when I had an erection, but I had never seen one from that angle before – nor had I wanted to. For a moment, I was very uncomfortable. I quickly assured myself that I was there for Terri, not for Mike. I had no interest in him and I knew he had no interest in me. We were each going to have sex with Terri. I kept that thought in my head the entire time. I knew we would be seeing each other doing things that we’d never watched another guy do before. This was strange and new territory. I kept foremost in my head the thought that we were doing Terri.

I had paused long enough to think that through that Terri was now ahead of me, pulling her shorts down her legs. She looked up as her shorts passed her knees and fell free. “Come on, Jack,” she urged. The girl of my dreams was encouraging me to take off my clothes.

I smiled and lost my pants just as she kicked her shorts off her feet and stood, wearing only a pair of green panties. Her body was even better than I had imagined – and I had a very good imagination. The realization that I was going to fuck her sent a surge through my cock.

I put my hands on the waistband of my underwear and, with a deep breath, shucked them off. They fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. Terri pushed her panties down and we were naked. All three of us. And my suspicions were confirmed. Terri was, without a doubt, a natural redhead.

We stood there, again silent as we looked at each other. Mike and I had erections that left no doubt we were thinking of Terri’s pussy. She blushed as that thought must have crossed her mind, or maybe she noticed where Mike and I had focused our eyes.

“Yes, it’s red,” she told us.

Terri reached out and moved me over so I was almost beside Mike. Terri stood in front of us. I realized what she was doing. She could see both of us and we could both look at her. She lifted her hands to her breasts and cupped them. The palms of her hands slid down her breasts with a hiss until her fingers squeezed the nipples. She made a little laugh.

“Both of your dicks jumped when I did that,” she explained. Mike and I were mesmerized by the vision of beauty before us.

Terri stepped towards us. She reached for each of our dicks with her hands. She grabbed both of us at the same time and sighed. She gently stroked our cocks as she said, in a dreamlike tone, “Two dicks, both so hard for me.”

She pulled us by our dicks until we were standing side by side. For a moment I panicked when I thought she was trying to get us to touch. She had other plans, much to my relief. She moved between us so our erections touched her stomach. She was rubbing the heads of our dicks against her body, reveling in the sensation. I didn’t know about Mike (and I really didn’t want to know) but there was enough precum leaking out of my dick that I was sliding very easily against her soft skin.

Terri leaned over to Mike and kissed him deeply as she rubbed us against her. Then she pulled away from his face and turned to me. I kissed her for the second time. This time, however, I could feel her hand on my dick and her naked breast brushing against my chest. I tried not to think about what was in her other hand at that moment.

Terri pulled back, looked at both of us, and said something so softly that I could barely hear her. She whispered, “I can’t believe I’m really doing this.” Then she sank to her knees, coming face to face with both erections. “You have no idea how wet it’s making me to see how excited you both are,” she added once she was on her knees. She was eyeing us with delight. I watched her lean a little closer to Mike. Her tongue slowly extended out of her mouth and touched just the very tip of Mike’s cock. I could see it jump slightly as she made contact. It was strange to be watching this, but I couldn’t look away. It was very exciting watching Terri lick his dick. She then turned to me and did the same to my dick. When I felt her tongue make contact, I understood why Mike had reacted that way. Perhaps it was the forbidden atmosphere, perhaps it was my fantasy of sex with Terri finally coming true, but something was making the whole encounter very … special.

When Terri pulled her tongue back from my dick, I saw the wetness she left on me – proof she had licked me. My precum was now flowing. My body was preparing itself to try to impregnate her, a natural reaction to her beauty. Terri looked positively overjoyed to have two dicks pointed at her. She went back and forth, licking us. It was so erotic to feel her tasting me, and it was even exciting watching her do the same to Mike.

After going back and forth between us, just delicately tasting our precum, I noticed that Terri suddenly took a deeper breath through her nose and this time she took Mike’s dick into her mouth. By the movements of her cheeks, I could tell she was sucking him. He moaned in confirmation. I watched jealously, though I knew my turn would be next. Sure enough, after a few strokes, she released him and turned again to me. I barely had time to notice how Mike’s dick was wet almost to the base when I felt the warmth of her mouth engulfing me. I watched her face eagerly. Her green eyes locked with mine as she sucked. Her tongue was working magic on my shaft. I felt my knees get weak and it became a struggle simply to stand. She might not have had two dicks at once before, but she definitely had experience with one at a time.

Having taken this step, she now went back and forth readily. As she sucked one of us, she stroked the other. I was hoping I’d last long enough to cum in her pussy or at least her mouth instead of her hand. Even thinking about that was getting me closer to the point of inevitability. Terri could probably feel our dicks pulsing because she stopped, planted one delicate kiss on the tip of each cock, and stood. I was so hard it was almost painful to watch her nude body arise before me.

“You both taste so good,” she cooed. Then, her tone sounding a little ashamed, “I’m starting to drip.” Without further explanation, she moved between us and crawled onto the bed. She turned over onto her back, her red hair splayed around her smiling face. I admired the view of her lovely body on the bed. Then she slowly parted her legs, which opened her pussy, and I feared I was going to cum on the carpet instead of inside Terri. The hair around her pussy was very red and looked very fine. I was anxious to feel it against my checks as I ate her out. Realizing I was in competition for the honor, I moved onto the bed and between her legs. Seeing I had taken the initiative, Mike crawled on his knees to her side on the bed.

I picked up her left ankle, feeling her soft freckled skin in my hands. I extended my tongue and made delicate contact as I licked up her calf, enjoying how smooth her skin was. She had shaved her legs very recently because I felt absolutely no stubble as I licked. When I reached her knee, I tried nipping lightly at her skin. I looked to see her reaction, but saw instead that she was French kissing Mike. I resumed my journey, now moving up her thigh to that patch of soft red hair.

When my tongue reached the edge where her hair began, I stopped. I could feel the first few stray hairs and they indeed felt very soft and fine. Wanting to tease her some more, I moved to her right ankle and gave that leg the same treatment. This time, when I arrived at her juncture, I took the time to study her pussy. The hair was more orange than red. It grew in a patch on her mound as well as down both outer lips, framing her slit. I could smell her wetness. Her inner lips, just barely peeking out, glistened with excitement. Mimicking her earlier game with my cock, I ran my tongue down her slit, touching her as slightly as absolutely possible. I looked up to her face when I heard her moan.

I was looking through the uppermost branches of the tiny forest of red hair. Mike had moved from her mouth to her nipple. She was pulling a second pillow over to prop up her head so she could watch what we were each doing to her. The look on her face was a cross between pain and pleasure. With my eyes on her face, I extended my tongue at the top of her slit and, using that touch only, I dug through her folds to find her clit. When I made contact, I almost laughed. The reaction in her expression was instantaneous. She was serious and ecstatic at the same time. Poor Mike was trying to get her attention by biting at her nipple, but the stimulation he was providing couldn’t compete with what I was doing to her.

I could feel her clit, erect and prominent now, against my tongue. I could taste her special wetness, smell it even, but it was the stiffness of her clit that I was enjoying. She was so excited. I worked harder against her clit and watched as she climbed the peak. When the pleasure grew enough, her hands involuntarily reached for her tits. The left one squeezed her sensitive flesh but the right hand was blocked by the back of Mike’s head. Not to be deterred, or unable to think coherently enough to adjust, her hand caressed his hair instead. The right nipple was manipulated by Mike’s mouth, the left rubbed and squeezed by her own hand in a manner that looked downright painful. I was surprised she was squeezing and pinching her nipple so roughly. I reached up with my own hands and slid them slowly down her stomach, letting the fingers trail through the edges of her pubic hair and then along the tops of her thighs. I reversed direction and my fingers probed along the hollows at the top of each leg, then pulled at her outer lips. I opened her further to my mouth’s assault and moved my tongue down. I explored each fold and furrow as I moved with agonizing slowness, now pressing tightly to her pussy to maximize the stimulation.

Terri’s hips were now moving, mostly up and down but also a little side to side. The movement was unfocused, like her eyes had become, but the intent was apparent. Her body was responding to a primal urge, an instinctive reaction to sexual stimulation. When I sucked at her opening, juices were flowing out. I drank from her well, my dick throbbing beneath me as I tasted her excitement. I divided my time between her opening and her clit, driving her to that ultimate crest of female pleasure. I could hear when she peaked and roughly thrust three fingers into her slippery confines. At the same time, I sucked on her clit, pulling the nub into my mouth. The tip of my tongue showed her no mercy. I held the clit firmly by suction, passing my tongue over its sensitive end, and her moans turned to soft screams.

I wasn’t surprised when I suddenly felt her hands on the top of my head, pushing me away as she closed her legs to protect her sensitive regions, now stimulated to the point that further contact with me was unbearable. I moved back and sat up on my haunches, grinning. Terri opened her eyes and looked at me through tears. I could see I had done something very special for her. She didn’t speak. She just beckoned me to her. I crawled over her beautiful body, letting my hard dick rest over her furry mound.

Terri took my face in her hands. I could feel how slippery I was when she gripped me. She pulled me to her anyway. I was very surprised when she began to lick her juices from my cheeks. The eroticism of that moment almost made me cum on her red hair, but I managed to save that for when I was positioned a little lower, inside her. After tasting herself on my face, she pulled me to her and pressed our lips together. I felt her tongue push forcefully through my lips and enter my mouth. We kissed as she tasted even more of herself.

When we came up for air, I saw that Mike had moved to the side and was just watching us. I felt Terri’s hands slacken and I slid off to the other side of her body. She looked to Mike and her left leg moved against me. Looking down, I saw she was opening herself up again. Mike took the hint and moved into position. I was proud that he’d have a hard act to follow.

Mike went down on her. It was interesting to watch. I’d never seen this done live by someone else, only in movies. It was a lot different seeing someone else doing it right in front of me. I felt a little weird watching Mike perform, but I reminded myself I was here for Terri, not for him. I liked watching Terri’s reactions to what he was doing between her legs.

Terri asked, “Jack, can I suck you?” She asked so sweetly, like she was asking for a great favor. At that moment, I was incapable of refusing her request. I straddled her chest, my erection bobbing over the valley between her perfect breasts. The two of us adjusted our positions until she could take me into her mouth and she sucked. I almost screamed.

Terri had demonstrated earlier that she had considerable skill in this area. Now, perhaps because of what Mike was doing to her, she pulled out all the stops and was going for broke. I sat there, paralyzed by the blowjob she was giving me. The intensity of it was almost too much to bear. She must have realized this because she suddenly stopped sucking. She was looking up sweetly at me as she slowly let my dick withdraw from her mouth. When her mouth was empty, she gave a shy smile.

“Guys, I have never done this before,” she told us, for the second time. I guess, as a woman, she felt she had to keep making that point clear. I hadn’t done a threesome before either, but I didn’t care if the others remembered that fact or not. “It’s been a fantasy of mine and I’d really like to try it.”

“What do you have in mind?” Mike asked from behind me. I had almost forgotten he was down there.

“I want both of you to fuck me.” Terri looked up to my face. Seeing my quizzical expression, she explained, “I want to get it nonstop. Mike, I want you to do it to me first. Don’t try to hold back. Jack can watch.”

I felt disappointed. It sounded a little like I was going to be left out in the cold. Terri reached out and touched my stomach with the palm of her hand as she continued.

“Mike, tell Jack when you are about to cum so he can get ready. As soon as you finish, move out of the way and let Jack have a turn in me while you watch. Hopefully, you’ll be hard again by the time Jack finishes.” I was beginning to understand what she wanted. I smiled and nodded. “I want you two to do it to me until you can’t get it up anymore.” I liked the sound of that. “OK?” Terri asked.

We both gave our assent and I moved out of the way. I sat on the other bed facing the eager couple. Mike sat up and I watched him rubbing his erection against Terri’s slit. “Do you need me to use a rubber?”

“No, I’m fine,” Terri answered. “I’m on the pill.”

With that assurance, Mike leaned forward. The head of his dick parted her red hair. As he pushed through her lips, my dick throbbed in frustration. He was where I wanted to be. I knew I’d get my turn soon, though. I felt really weird watching Mike fuck Terri. It was exciting, but also kind of perverted. I didn’t mind watching Terri getting fucked. What felt strange was watching Mike. I focused on Terri and tried to mentally block out the image of Mike’s ass moving up and down between her legs.

Terri was moaning now as Mike was on top of her in the missionary position. In between kisses, Terri looked over at me and smiled. She looked pointedly at my hard cock. I reached down and lightly began stroking it, causing her to smile. Then Mike resumed kissing her and I again lost her attention.

The bed was squeaking as they moved. Mike had as much pent up desire as I did and he wasn’t holding back. For my part, I was silently cheering him on, wishing he would hurry up and cum so I could have my turn with her.

In only a few more minutes, I got my wish. Mike’s movements became intense. Even if I hadn’t noticed, I could have told by the increased pitch of Terri’s moans. She hadn’t cum yet, but she was getting close. Unfortunately for her, Mike came first.

“I’m gonna cum!” he announced. I got up and stood at the side of the bed, like I was waiting for an amusement park ride. It was almost comical. Mike’s thrusts pounded into Terri, pressing her body deeply into the mattress. He gave a loud groan and suddenly became very still. There was just a slight shudder as he held himself as deeply inside Terri’s pussy as he could. Terri’s face showed ecstasy as she felt him spurting inside her.

When Mike finished, he didn’t get up right away. Terri had her arms around his back and she used one hand to tap on him. “Get up, honey. It’s Jack’s turn now.”

Mike slowly got up. I watched him move back, his now wilted erection slipping free of Terri’s slippery folds. I eagerly moved into position when he was out of the way (and there was no chance we’d brush against each other) but froze when I looked down between Terri’s legs.

Terri noticed my hesitation. “What’s wrong, Jack?”

What was wrong was that Mike’s sperm was now leaking out of Terri’s pussy. I wasn’t too eager to stick my dick into the big puddle that I knew must be inside Terri at that moment. Terri was holding her legs open and her arms were apart, ready to embrace me. In the end, I wanted to put my dick into Terri more than I was worried about touching Mike’s cum. I leaned forward and made contact, telling myself what I was feeling was only Terri’s ample juices. I slid easily into her pussy. It was probably the combination of her being stretched open by Mike’s dick and the extra lubrication from her excitement. OK, and the extra lubrication provided by Mike’s sperm, but I didn’t want to think about that. I slid inside as I lowered myself onto her. She did feel very warm and slippery inside. If my dick could have sighed, it would have done just that. It felt so very good being inside Terri.

Once I was lying on top of her, feeling her pussy clutching my dick, her tits against my chest, and seeing her face right in front of mine, I forgot all about what was inside her. She put her arms around me and said, “I was just about to cum. Make me cum, Jack.”

I did my best to comply. My ass must have been a blur. I didn’t even think about Mike watching us. I only thought about Terri’s body, about how much I wanted to cum inside her. It was liberating in a way that I didn’t have to make sure she would cum before I did. There would be another train along in a few moments if I failed.

I didn’t fail. We had only been at it a minute or two when her arms tightened around me. I knew what was up and redoubled my efforts. We weren’t kissing. We were watching each other, our faces mere inches apart. I enjoyed seeing ecstasy wash over her face. The red hair that earlier had been framing her lovely face was now sweaty and matted at her temples. She was struggling to keep her eyes open but she lost that battle as a high pitched moan escaped her lips. That is when I lost it. I stopped thrusting and pushed my dick deeply into her body. I held it there and squirted. I had been denied orgasm for so long that I shot what felt like an enormous load of cum into her. I could even feel my cum leaking out of her pussy. She was full at that moment, full of my dick and my cum.

I held on to her as I finished filling her. She had wrapped her legs around mine and she was cumming hard as well. When I returned to my senses, she was panting heavily in my arms. Her hair looked a lot sweatier, too. I kissed her and she eagerly welcomed my tongue into her mouth.

I got up from our embrace. There was a lot more leaking out of her pussy this time, and a wet spot was growing on the mattress around her bottom. I stepped off the bed just as Mike moved in from behind me. I saw that he was hard again. He didn’t hesitate, putting his dick into her sloppy opening. Just before he entered her, I noticed how even her pubic hair was now matted with cum and sweat.

I sat on the bed, my feet on the floor, facing Terri and Mike. The bed was warm beneath me. I realized that Mike had been in this same spot as he watched us. That didn’t bother me now. I watched the two of them making love two feet in front of me. Mike had Terri’s legs over his shoulders. As he thrust, Terri slid her right hand over her pussy, rubbing her clit. I felt more relaxed this time. My pent up desire had been sated. I was still horny, I still wanted another turn with Terri, but I could watch feeling more relaxed this time.

I looked down and saw how wet my dick was - wet from being inside Terri. The spectacle before me was having an effect and I was just beginning to get erect, but slowly. That wasn’t a problem. I knew Mike would last longer this time, having also cum so recently. I smiled as I realized that I would also last a lot longer inside Terri on my next turn. She might be in for a long night before Mike and I were both tired out.

I watched them closer this time, seeing little things. It was like watching a porn movie. More accurately, it was like being on the set of a porn movie. Unlike when I was making love to Terri, I could better see how she was reacting. I noticed how Mike’s variations in angle and speed were making her react. I paid attention, trying to memorize what really pushed her buttons. I was taking a class in fucking. I was cramming for my test and Terri would be grading it.

It was really erotic watching them doing it. I was getting desensitized to Mike’s presence. I could watch his dick sliding in and out of Terri’s hole and enjoy it. I liked how her lips were tugged along as he withdrew, and then were pushed back as he reentered. Terri was really wet, with her own wetness supplemented by two loads of our cum. As Mike pounded her body, her pussy was making a kind of slurping noise. The wetness had reached a level I’d never noticed before.

Watching the spectacle unfolding right in front of me was getting me hard. It wasn’t as urgent a need to be satisfied like before. Now, I could wait my turn. As I did, I stroked myself slowly and felt my organ becoming erect. I knew exactly what Mike was feeling as he had sex with her. I had been there, just minutes ago. I knew what she felt like, what she smelled like, that close. It was like I was watching a video replay of our own coupling.

Mike lasted a lot longer the second time. I had been completely hard long before his second orgasm. He announced his pending ejaculation and I eagerly stood next to the bed, watching both of them. When he came, Terri looked up at me and smiled. I knew she was feeling him spurting inside her at that moment. I also knew she would be feeling me inside her in a few moments more. It was strange but interesting at the same time to be there.

Mike finished cumming and moved off Terri. Right behind him, I crawled into position. This time, her pussy was oozing sperm profusely. I was prepared for it so it didn’t cause me to pause. I just noticed how much cum was flowing out. I pressed my dick to her opening and immediately felt the warm flow stemmed. As I pushed into her, my cock filled her and caused more of the whitish fluid to leak out the sides, around my shaft. I ignored the warm feeling, concentrating instead on Terri’s lovely face, now looking tired. She was probably tired, but she also looked very eager to continue. I, of course, was more than ready to go again after my rest.

Terri mostly lay there as I did the work, vigorously thrusting into her. I could feel how sweaty her body was. While I had time to rest, cool down and let the sweat evaporate, she had not. She had been going nonstop. I noted these things (and how warm and wet her pussy was now) but didn’t let them bother me. I was enjoying having sex with her.

For variety, I moved her into a few different positions but purposely selected ones that were passive for her. Terri seemed to really be enjoying herself. She came from time to time, becoming more active as her excitement peaked. Once she had cum, she would rest by becoming almost as limp as a rag doll. When she was limp like that, it felt really weird to be having sex with her. It felt good; there was no doubt I was inside a warm and alive woman. It was just unusual for the woman to be so passive.

At one point, she was on her back with her legs draped over my shoulders and she was looking at the point of our coupling. We both were, watching my shaft repeatedly split her lips. She chuckled and commented, “Black and orange.” I saw that she was referring to where our pubic hair was meeting. Mine was very dark brown, hers was red. I nodded.

“Yes, yours is orange and mine is black.”

“Yes,” she said, timing her words to the impacts of my thrusting. “Black… and… orange... like… today.” When she saw by my expression that I didn’t understand, she continued. “Tonight is Halloween. We’re dressed for the occasion.”

Mike and I both laughed at her comment. We were hardly dressed for the holiday, but she was providing the treats.

I’d like to be able to say that Mike and I kept at it all night, wearing Terri out with our Herculean efforts and finishing only as the morning sunlight peaked through the edges of the curtains. In reality, we were both worn out after three orgasms. I don’t know about Mike, but my third time, though very pleasurable, didn’t exactly spurt into Terri’s pussy. It felt more like a dribble, or maybe it was just two or three big drops. Mike was lying on the other bed, his head turned to watch us. When I finished, I rolled off to the side next to Terri.

“Aw, come on!” she taunted. “Did I wear out both of my studs?” She was joking. I could hear the fatigue in her voice.

“Yes, you win,” Mike answered. “We give up.”

Terri thought about that for a short time. “If I won, what’s my prize?”

“Us,” I told her wearily.

She laughed. “That doesn’t sound like much of a prize just now.”

“Give us a little while to rest. You’ll see,” I promised.

“That’s OK. I’m tired, too. I thought we’d be able to go all afternoon, but I’m done – at least for a while. I need a nap.” She put her hand between her legs, letting the index finger slide along her slit. She raised the hand and I could see sperm coating the finger. “And a shower. And I’ll be sore in the morning.”

“We’ll all be walking funny tomorrow,” Mike predicted. Terri and I nodded in agreement.

“I think everyone will be able to figure out what we’ve been doing,” I said.

Terri’s tone changed. “Guys, you can’t tell anyone what we did. Everyone will be calling me a slut. Honest, this is the only time I’ve ever done this.”

“Relax, Terri,” Mike reassured her. “We’ll keep the secret.”

“Yeah, of course we will,” I told her. “Don’t worry about us.”

“OK,” Terri said, sounding more relaxed. “I don’t do this all the time. You two are the only ones.”

“And we’re grateful for the opportunity,” I said. “This is my first threesome, too.”

“So what did you think about it?” Terri asked.

“It was fantastic! Only, -“ I answered.

“Only?” Terri inquired.

“Well, it was fun, and I really liked the sex. It was interesting watching you two” I began.

Mike caught on to where I was going and finished my thought. “I just wasn’t expecting to see his cum leaking out of you when it was my turn.”

“Exactly,” I agreed. “That kind of took away from the experience.”

“Come on, guys. It’s just a little sperm. It came from your bodies.”

“But it wasn’t only mine,” I explained. “It’s different when it’s another guy’s cum in there.”

Mike nodded in agreement, but Terri pressed on. “So it’s alright for me to have all this cum in my body and leaking out, getting all over me, but you just don’t want to touch it?”

“Don’t you want our cum?” I asked.

“Of course,” she answered warmly. “I love it.” For emphasis, she pressed her legs together, rubbing them against each other. When she parted her legs, she inserted two fingers into her pussy, and then pulled them out and tasted them. “Mmm, you sure taste good together.”

I cringed. I looked across Terri’s body and saw Mike was also making a face. “I’m glad you like it. Just don’t ask me to taste it,” I said.

“So you wouldn’t eat my pussy now if I want you to?” Terri asked. We could both hear the jest in her voice, though.

“Not on your life,” Mike replied with a laugh.

“Sorry, Terri,” I said as I put a hand on her bare flank. “We’ll do a lot of things for you, but eating your pussy will have to wait until you clean up.”

“But you touched it with your dick when you fucked me,” she said.

“I know. It was gross at first,” I said, seeing her eyebrows rise as I said that. “I decided I liked making love to you more than I minded touching his cum,” I finished, defusing her.

We joked around like that, all catching our breath. When I looked at the clock, I saw that we had been back in the room for three hours. It was still only early afternoon.

Terri saw me looking at the clock and asked, “What time is it?” I told her. “Hmm, there’s still time for more.” Mike and I groaned. “What’s the matter? Can’t you get it up anymore?”

Mike sat up and looked at Terri. “If you didn’t have such a hot body, I’d say no. Since you’re so fine, I’ll give it another go.”

“How about one more time, then a shower and we go get some dinner?” I suggested. Everybody agreed with that.

This time, Terri wanted us at the same time. The idea of “one more time” was getting both Mike and I going again. Terri arranged us on the damp sheets. She had me sit against the headboard while she got in the doggy style position and sucked my cock as Mike was kneeling behind her. Grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her to him, penetrating her. She moaned as he filled her. She pulled herself back to me, sinking my dick deeply into her mouth. From there, Mike fucked her. I could feel his thrusts as Terri moved back and forth against me. I liked getting sucked off by her, and I liked watching her getting fucked by Mike.

After a long time without either of us cumming, Terri asked us to change places. While we were moving, she told us how much she was enjoying having two men inside her at the same time. Apparently it was really turning her on. I had enjoyed being in Terri’s mouth, but her pussy was the better end of the deal. A tongue and mouth can do things a pussy can’t, but the feeling of a wet pussy (though not as tight as earlier) can’t be beat. In time, I pulled her hips to me until her ass was pressed tightly against my stomach and I came in her. I managed a little more than a dribble that time.

When I was done cumming, I stayed there and watched her blow Mike. I leaned forward and fondled her breasts while I watched her. Her motions eventually made my softened cock fall free of her lips. She moaned sadly when she felt me fall free. I moved back and saw her pussy, looking very wet and stretched. The lips were no longer tightly closing when I pulled out. They were hanging a little limply, looking tired. I smiled at that.

I sat back and waited for her to finish making Mike cum in her mouth. When they were done, she leaned back against me. I wrapped my arms around her and grabbed her breasts, making her moan warmly.

Terri spoke, in a voice much like a sigh, “This feels sooo nice.”

“Mmmm,” I moaned in agreement. Words didn’t seem necessary. We knelt there, me holding her, Mike on his back in front of her. She had taken all both of us had to offer. She had worn out the two of us and she was proud of that.

“Think all three of us can fit in the shower?” she asked.

While I didn’t relish the idea of taking a shower with Mike, the thought of the three of us crammed in there, our naked bodies all wet and slippery (and with Terri in the middle between us) sounded pretty good. Mike must have been thinking the same thing when he suggested we try.

We did fit, but it was tight. No one minded. We all got wet, then Mike and I soaped Terri and got clean by rubbing our bodies against hers. After the larger areas were covered, Mike and I used washcloths on her while she did the same to us. In the end, it could be said about the shower that a good time was had by all.

We dried off much the same way. I opened the door to let the steam out and the mirror cleared. As we finished, Terri pulled Mike and I close to her. We stood facing the mirror and she indicated our naked reflections.

“What a nice portrait – three friends having fun,” she remarked.

I admired her form in the mirror. My dick wasn’t up to another go just yet after all it had put out for her, but I could feel its feeble attempt at another erection. A quick glance told me Mike was in about the same state. Terri gave each of us a kiss on the cheek and a hug, then declared, “Food. I need food.”

I had seen Terri naked but it was still fun watching her get dressed. Now I would look at her and know what she looked like naked, even what her underwear looked like. Once dressed, we went out to get something to eat. The weather was still cold and rainy, miserable to go out in. The only thing warm about it was that I was with Terri.

At the bar-be-que restaurant, we talked not about sex but about diving. The sex was private and we shared that only in the motel room. In public, we were divers, not lovers. We chatted excitedly about the day’s diving and about what the next day would bring. We were divers now. There was no doubt about that.

After eating our fill, we walked back to the car. Once we were in the car, with Terri seated between us, Mike asked, “Where do you want to go now?”

I was feeling horny again, now that my hunger had been satisfied and my body had some time to recover. Terri was thinking the same thing.

“Back to bed. You two are all mine until tomorrow morning.” She said that with a laugh but we were certainly in agreement. There was no other place we wanted to be that evening but in bed with Terri. We drove back to the motel with grins on our faces. We couldn’t hide our glee. Luckily, we didn’t run into anyone else from the class. One look at our three faces and they would have known without a doubt what we were up to.

Mike parked his car and we ran inside. Our clothes were wet from the rain but that didn’t matter. We quickly shed them; they would only have gotten in the way. Once naked, I turned to Terri, only to find her already in the arms of Mike. I waited patiently for them to finish their kiss so I could have a turn.

I watched them embrace. I liked how their bodies fit together. I knew just what Mike was experiencing. I had been that close to Terri’s body, and I would be that close again. Thoughts of her body were bringing my erection to its fullest. When they parted, Terri looked shyly at me, smiled, and flowed into my arms. The warmth of her body against mine warded off any remaining chill from outside. As our lips met, I ran my arms up and down her back, enjoying the smoothness of her skin. I probed her mouth with my tongue and she made a soft moan as we kissed.

When our lips parted, a lingering wetness was felt. Terri smiled at me, announcing loudly, “Who wants to fuck me?” Silly girl. As if there was any doubt about the answer to that question. She didn’t even need to look at us. She had felt the answer pressing against her stomach as she had kissed each of us.

Terri crawled into the bed she had used earlier. The heater had dried the sheets, leaving them a little stiff around where her bottom had been. She opened her legs and her arms, offering her body up to us. We both moved towards the bed at the same time. When we realized this, we both paused, each offering the other the first turn.

“Well, somebody go first,” Terri said, laughing. “I’m all alone over here.”

I took the lead and Mike didn’t seem to mind. I moved between her legs, looking at the triangle of red pubic hair between her legs. I could see that it was already glistening with wetness. She had been having as naughty thoughts, as I had, during dinner. I guided my erection to her opening with my hand, not wasting time with preliminaries. We had taken care of foreplay hours earlier.

When my tip met her wet folds, I sighed. The warmth, the wetness, the softness, it all overwhelmed me. I sank onto her body, pressing through the resistance of her rubbery lips with ease. She was opening up to me, welcoming me back into her depths. I lowered myself heavily onto her breasts, my face to hers. The look on her face showed me the pleasure she was feeling from my penetration.

As I started moving in that ancient rhythm, I noticed Terri looking over my shoulder. She was watching Mike as she made love to me. I still wasn’t used to having someone else in the room while we did it, but I was willing to overlook that in order to have my turn with her. We had only been at it a few minutes and I was nowhere close to ejaculation when she asked me to get up.

“Jack, let Mike have a turn right now.” She saw the look of disappointment on my face and explained what she had in mind. “I want to make you cum right after another, so I can have two loads almost at once. I want to switch off every few minutes, OK?”

It was her ball and glove so I wasn’t complaining as long as I got to play. I didn’t like stopping right then, but I gave Mike his turn. I stood there, erect and wet, watching them doing what I had just been doing with Terri. “Play with yourself,” she urged me. “I want to watch. Just don’t cum yet.”

I obliged her, stroking myself and using the wetness from her pussy as lubrication. True to her words, she asked Mike to get up after only a few minutes. He and I switched places. My dick was back where it had been, where his had been only seconds before. I felt this was more about fucking than about making love. It was just about the orgasms. It was like we were using her pussy to make ourselves cum, but that is what she seemed to want. While I was in her, she was very loving, touching me and kissing me. I just felt rebuffed when I was asked to get up so Mike could have his turn. This went on until everyone approached orgasm. She had us keep her informed of our excitement levels and we traded off more quickly as we reached our peaks. Finally, I was inside her and she could feel my dick starting to throb. I stopped moving to delay the inevitable.

“Don’t stop. Cum in me, Jack. Mike’s right behind you,” she said.

It didn’t take much to convince me. I had been to the very brink several times already. I pressed myself against her, pressed deeply, and pounded. It took maybe three strokes before I came, spurting deeply inside her.

When I had finished cumming, I became aware of Mike moaning. He was still jacking off and trying to hold out. I got up before Terri asked and Mike quickly took my place. I was still getting soft when he announced he was cumming. Terri wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him as he filled her. I watched, stroking my wet cock as it softened.

Mike gave her one final kiss before getting up. Terri’s right hand went to her cunt lips. She smeared what was leaking out into her red hair. “That was great. Thanks, guys. One load right after the other.” She giggled. “I guess I’m all messy again.”

I could hear her lips smacking as her fingers rubbed them. She was using our cum mixed with her own juices as lubricant to rub her clit. We stood there and watched her begin to cum. As she did, Mike joined her on the bed, to one side, and kissed her cheek before moving to her nipple. Her eyes were closed and she was sighing. I followed, going to her other side and doing the same. She seemed to really enjoy having both of her nipples sucked at the same time. The combined stimulation drove her quickly to what appeared to be a very satisfying orgasm.

After she came, Terri rested between us. We lay there for a long time, no one speaking. I was thinking about what we had done. It was a fantasy come true. In some ways, it was more than I expected it would be. In other ways, it was less. I guess I expected there would be more romance, more excitement. I had never thought before about having the other guy there, or about her pussy being full of his cum when it was my turn. Even waiting for my turn was not as expected. Sure, it was fun, but I also had to wait for him to finish even though I was ready. There’s a lot to be said for one on one.

Still, it had been an amazing experience. Seeing Terri having sex nonstop for so long was exciting. She (and perhaps it’s the same for all women) seemed to have a capacity for sex that far exceeds a man’s. She could go from orgasm to orgasm without hesitation, making love continuously for hours. On the other hand, Mike and I needed time to recover after each time that we came. It is every man’s fantasy to do it with two women at once. The practicality of it is that it works better for everyone if it is two men and one woman. The woman, who doesn’t need the breaks, can go without stopping, and the men can take turns performing and resting.

I enjoyed watching as much as actually doing it. Having sex with her while watching her doing something else with Mike at the same time was also exciting. I didn’t regret doing it. It was certainly better than spending the rainy afternoon watching television. Far better. I just felt that I had expected it to be more, somehow.

Terri made love with each of us two more times that evening. Each time was a one on one session while the other guy watched. When we were done for the night, she took a shower with each of us before we settled in the unused bed where the sheets were still clean and dry. With Terri in the middle, it was like each of us was alone in bed with her. We slept as we had played, naked.

Once during the night, I was awoken by motion next to me. Mike was on top of Terri, screwing her in the dark. I tried to pretend to be asleep so they could have their privacy. I wasn’t successful, though. At one point, Terri reached over to touch me and discovered my cock at full mast. She gave it a squeeze before returning her hand to Mike’s ass.

Later, when they had finished, Mike had moved off her to the side and I could hear Mike’s breathing deepen as he quickly fell asleep, Terri’s hand returned to my erection. I was still erect, thinking about Terri’s body. Terri partially rolled over and whispered in my ear, “Sorry we woke you. We were trying to be quiet about it.”

“That’s OK. I didn’t mind. I enjoyed listening to you.”

She gave my dick a squeeze when she heard me say that. “I can tell. Would you like a turn now?”

“How do you feel about it?” I asked.

“Still horny. I’m in bed with two guys. I want to get it from both of you. Let’s move to the floor, though, and let Mike sleep.”

I nodded in the semi-darkness and got up slowly so as to not disturb Mike. Terri moved to the floor and got on all fours in front of the other bed. I realized what she had in mind. We’d make less noise doing that on the floor instead of the other bed. Shag carpet wouldn’t be as soft as a bed, but carpet doesn’t squeak like mattresses.

I knelt behind her and felt for her opening. When I found it, I grimaced. I could feel Mike’s cum seeping out. I guided my cock into her before reaching over to wipe my hand on the sheet hanging off the other bed. I gripped her by the waist and started fucking, not too fast and not too slow. We were in no hurry. We took our time and I enjoyed her tight silkiness around me. I still knew in the back of my mind that her pussy felt so slippery because of Mike’s cum, but I kept that thought buried as I enjoyed her body. I leaned forward over her back and cupped her breasts, resting my chest on her back. I liked the feel of her firm breasts when they hung from her and swayed like that. Her nipples were erect and pressed against my fingers. I remembered to squeeze them harder like I had seen her doing it.

We didn’t make a sound, keeping our moans and groans silent. I could barely hear the squishing as my dick moved in her wet pussy. I heard her breathing change twice as she came. Then it was my turn. I put my hands back around her waist and moved upright. I pulled her hard against me. She made a soft grunt as my hips hit the cheeks of her ass. She pressed hard back against me and I came in her. It wasn’t an eruption. I had cum too many times already for that. It was a pleasant oozing as I added my cum to Mike’s. Terri squeezed her pussy muscles around me to increase the pleasure and I almost groaned out loud.

I slipped out of her when I softened. I stood and helped her up. When I turned towards the bed, she took my hand. Pressing her lips to my ear, she spoke. The feeling of her warm breath in my ear made goose bums appear on my arms.

“Come with me to clean up in the bathroom.”

I nodded and let her lead me by the hand. When the door closed behind us, enveloping us in total darkness, I heard her hand fumbling along the wall for the light switch. The fluorescent light burst forth suddenly, bringing a pain to my eyes. Terri turned to face me and I enjoyed the view of her body as I blinked in the sudden brighness.

An embarrassed look crossed her face. She reached for the box of Kleenex set in the wall and withdrew two sheets. She held them in her right hand and wiped her pussy lips. I could see the almost transparent trail leading down the inside of one of her legs.

“Sorry,” I offered.

“I don’t mind,” she said warmly. “I really like how it got there.” I smiled.

Terri put her left hand on my arm, her touch warm and soft. I savored the touch. She watched my face and looked different when she saw the expression of enjoyment on my face as she touched me.

“Jack, I need to tell you something.”

Her tone wasn’t as sweet as before. It was maybe pained. I knew I wouldn’t like what she was going to say next, but I had no idea what it would be.

“I really enjoyed last night with you and Mike. It was my first time doing that. I had fantasized about trying that for a long time, but I had no idea it would be so much fun,” she said.

“It was my first time in a threesome, too. I liked it a lot.” I reached out to touch the hair framing her face but she reached for my hand, stopping it.

Terri tried to smile but something was interfering. “I could tell.” She was trying to sound pleasant but it was becoming apparent that something very unpleasant was getting in the way. “Jack, I don’t know how to tell you this.”

“What’s the matter, Terri?” I grew concerned.

“Jack, I’m falling in love with Mike.” I blinked and probably looked confused. “I mean, I’m really falling in love with Mike. I’m sorry it wasn’t with you. With you, it’s fun and all. With him, I don’t know, there is a spark.”

I had harbored fantasies of this weekend happening again when we got back to school. I had hoped to date her. She had just dashed all those hopes. I suddenly felt like I was out of air, like there wasn’t enough air in the entire room for me to breathe. I was reliving that awful blind exercise in buddy breathing all over again. I gulped at the air and Terri held my hand tighter.

“Jack, I’m so sorry.” She started to cry. She was crying. I wanted to cry. “I didn’t want to hurt you, but I wanted you to know. I didn’t want to lead you on. When we get back, I’m hoping Mike and I can keep this going.”

“And now I’m in the way,” I said flatly. The realization came crashing down on me, in all its absurdity. I was standing in the bathroom, naked, alone with Mike’s girlfriend. She was standing there, naked, my cum dripping out of her slit, while Mike slept in the bed we had all been sharing. At that moment, I was sure I had just put my dick inside her for the last time.

Disappointment was not the word. Agony might have fit better right then. I had just accomplished two things I had wanted to for a long time. I had become a diver. I had sex with Terri. Now, I felt beaten down. Any hope for a future with Terri was dashed on the tile floor at my feet. Terri saw all these thoughts on my face.

She moved closer to hug me. The room was so silent that I could hear the light fixture buzzing. Her feet made a shuffling noise on the tile. I should have pushed her away but I didn’t do the honorable thing. I wanted to feel her nude body against mine, one last time. I held her to me… and got hard. I felt it. She felt it.

“I’m so sorry,” Terri said, sadly.

“I’m so sorry, too, Terri.” I let out a sob and the look on Terri’s face told me hearing me sound like that was as if I had plunged a knife through her lovely breast and deeply into her heart. “I really enjoyed our friendship during the class. I had hoped for something more, later. After yesterday, I thought I had a good shot at it. What did I do wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Jack. No, not at all. It was wonderful, it was –“

I put a finger to her lips.

“Terri, don’t. You don’t have to do that. It’s alright that you want Mike and not me,” I told her. I pulled away from that lovely body I knew I was going to miss for a long time. I was very aware of the feeling when her pubic hair was no longer pressed against my shaft.

It was like everything in the room had suddenly come into sharper focus. My senses were heightened, maybe raw now. I felt the cold tile under my feet, saw the bright light, was very aware of the large mirror that was showing me Terri’s bare backside. The silence was deafening.

“I guess we should go back to bed. It isn’t right for us to be here alone. You’re Mike’s girlfriend.” I didn’t like how I said that last word. I didn’t want it to sound like that. A meanness I didn’t care for was surfacing. That word hurt Terri. We both knew it. I regretted saying it but it was already said, hanging there in the space between us.

“Jack, I really enjoyed this time with you. With Mike, it’s …”

“Something more,” I completed without emotion. Terri nodded and looked sad.

“So why didn’t you say something earlier. I could have left you two alone. You didn’t have to include me.”

“I wanted to include you,” Terri explained. I was intently watching her teary eyes as she told me this. “I enjoyed doing it with you, with both of you. I don’t regret anything that we did. I just saw in your eyes how you were feeling about me and I didn’t want you to have the wrong idea, have false hopes.” She took a deep shuddering breath before continuing. “I didn’t want you to think there was a chance for more after this weekend.”

“So you thought breaking my heart now would be better,” I said.

Terri looked at me, her cheeks becoming tear streaked, and nodded. “I’m really sorry.” Then she looked down at the floor. “I didn’t want it to turn out this way. I didn’t want you to fall in love with me.”

“Why not? You fell in love with Mike,” I countered.

“I don’t know.” Those last words were barely a whisper. She couldn’t bring herself to speak them out loud.

I reached out for her and hugged her. She held on to me and sobbed. As hurt as I was, I couldn’t help enjoying the feel of her naked body against mine. Much to my regret, I was still hard. I could feel my erection rising between her legs until it pressed against the bottom of her slit. I could feel the rough hair, still damp from our encounter. Terri looked up at me with a sickly smile. I knew she could feel the effect she had on me.

“Do you regret what we did?” she asked. I could hear the tears in her voice. She didn’t love me, but she did care for me. I could hear the sweetness in her voice.

I thought about my answer. I wanted to hurt her again with my words but I couldn’t do it. “No, I don’t regret it,” I said quietly. I paused a few seconds. “I’m glad I had this chance with you.”

Terri hugged me tighter. As much as I wanted to do the honorable thing and push her away because of her declared love for my friend, I held onto her tightly as well. I was very conscious of her breasts against my chest, her entire body warm against mine. I could smell her hair as it lay against my face. My dick only got harder, now throbbing against her pussy lips.

In time, reality got through my horny thoughts. “I’ll sleep in the other bed. In the morning, I’ll go to breakfast early so you two can be alone.” I was trying to be gallant and it took a great effort on my part. I really wanted to be with her again.

“No.” Terri was firm in her answer. “You will sleep with us, with me. I want to sleep between the two of you. In the morning, I was hoping to have both of you again.”

I pushed her away and looked her in the eye. “Why? What are you doing? You just told me –“

Terri cut me off. “I just told you that I’m not in love with you. I’m in love with Mike. That doesn’t mean I don’t like you, that I don’t want to continue to be with you and Mike. I just meant that I’m not going to be dating you after this weekend. This was just a one time thing, just for fun.”

“Well, it’s kind of hard to separate those feelings.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know it would be so hard for you. When I started to get feelings for Mike, I hoped you and I could just do this as friends. I didn’t come here with the intention of falling in love with anyone. It just happened.”

“Terri, do you really want me to sleep with you?”

“Yes, Jack, I really do.” A pause. “Please?” There was that sweet voice again. How could I refuse her? I didn’t want to refuse. I wanted to be with her in any way I could. I wanted something I knew I’d never have again – after the weekend was over. I caved.

“OK. I’d like that,” I told her.

She took me by the hand and we padded back to bed. With the bathroom light off, we had to stumble around the empty bed to find our way. Mike was sleeping on the other side of the bed we were using, oblivious to what had just transpired. Terri crawled in next to him and turned to me, holding the covers up for me. I lay down, feeling her soft body next to me. My mind was awash with our discussion. My hopes had been dashed. My heart was crushed. After morning, I’d never be this close to her ever again.

I felt Terri leaning over in the dark. I knew she was kissing Mike on the cheek. I could picture the scene in my mind. She settled back to the pillow and I could hear the pillow crush lightly with the weight of her head. I was lying on my back, staring up into the darkness. I felt Terri’s hand reach over to touch my cheek. I knew she felt the tears running down my face. Though I couldn’t see her face, I heard her sigh.

The next morning, I obliged her and we had another brief threesome. After, I went off to take a shower by myself, leaving them in bed together. When I got out, I loaded my gear in the car while they showered together. Terri must have explained our conversation in the bathroom to Mike because he never asked me what was wrong. I’m sure he could see the sadness on my face.

We finished the class and drove home. They dropped me off first at my dorm and I just stood there, watching them drive off together. I stood on the sidewalk with my bags at my feet until the car turned the corner. The weekend had not turned out as expected. I finished the class and got my certification, but the experience with Terri and Mike didn’t turn out as I had wanted.

I avoided Mike and Terri at school. It wasn’t difficult. We didn’t have any contact other than the scuba class. In time, I think they understood. I never saw either of them again, and I never forgot the feeling of being out of air.


The End

This story is Copyright © 2005 by Strickland83. All rights reserved.

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