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Look To The Left

By Strickland83


Chapter 1

“It’s not that I don’t want to. I just can’t.”

“Why not, Lacey? Gees, this is getting ridiculous.”

“Why can’t we just wait until we get home?” she asked.

“Okay, sure,” Wayne said with a huff.

They drove on a few minutes, a thick silence between them filling the car. Wayne watched the spot he had selected recede in the rear view mirror. It would have been a great place to go parking, just like back in high school.

“I’m sorry,” Lacey offered, saying it almost like a question, probing for an opening.

Wayne thought about that for a minute before speaking. Then, with a heavy sigh, “I know. It’s just hard to understand sometime. What’s wrong with a little adventure?”

“I wish I could. I really do. I want to. I just…”

“Can’t bring yourself to go through with it?” Wayne tried finishing for her.

“All I can think about is what if we get caught. What if someone sees us?”

“So what? We’re adults. It’s not like we’re teenagers going parking.” Wayne looked over to see Lacey’s face illuminated by the green glow from the dashboard.

“But that’s exactly it, Wayne. We’re not teenagers anymore. We don’t have to do that. We can go home and… do it.”

Wayne turned to face Lacey for just a moment before turning his attention back to the road. “You can’t even say it.”

“Yes, I can,” Lacey said defiantly.

Wayne looked over at her but didn’t say anything. Lacey could feel the weight of his attention. She knew what he wanted her to say. He just couldn’t understand that her background was more conservative, that she couldn’t be as open about sex as he could. He wasn’t going to speak, wasn’t going to let her off. She was going to have to answer him. Lacey felt the butterflies in her stomach growing. Finally, she couldn’t stand it any longer. She caught herself looking to the backseat as if to be sure they were truly alone in the car, and took in a really deep breath. Hearing the sound, Wayne looked over at her.

“Okay, I’ll say it.” She licked her lips, stalling. “We can go home and…”

Wayne’s gaze hardened.

“Have sex,” she whispered.

“What? I’m sorry but I don’t think I could hear that,” Wayne said, trying really hard (and not all that successfully) not to smile. “Could you repeat it a little louder?” He even cupped his right hand around his ear.

Lacey slapped at his hand playfully. “Have sex!” she practically shouted. “Fuck! Screw! There I said it.”

And she had. Wayne probably couldn’t notice it in the dark, but she was blushing mightily. She could feel it, suddenly warm all over but especially her face. She was grateful he couldn’t see how red her face surely must be at that moment.

“Great Greek Gods, she said it! She actually said ‘Fuck!’” Wayne said to the roof of the car, as if really addressing pagan gods.

“Stop it, you!” Lacey said, without any real heat.

“Okay, we can wait until we get home to,” and he turned directly to face her as he said, “fuck.”

Lacey blushed a second time but Wayne was already looking back at the road.

A little later, Lacey added in a small voice, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Wayne said.

“I’m glad you love me enough to put up with me.”

“Of course I love you,” Wayne said, sliding his hand onto her leg. He slid his hand up to the warm spot between her legs. Lacey immediately looked out the window to see if anyone could see where his hand was. She liked it there but, it was there.

“No one can see in,” Wayne said without even looking to see if Lacey was looking around. Then he added in answer to her silent question, “I know. You always do that. It’s okay. We’re living together. We are supposed to be having sex. It’s part of life after all.”

“Yes, it is. A nice part. I just don’t think everyone needs to know that we’re doing that.”

“Oh, they know alright.”

Lacey suddenly turned to him as if to ask.

“Yes, they know alright. They look at us together and they just know. There is no way a guy can be with a woman as beautiful and sexy as you and not be banging her.”

“Stop it.”

“No way. I’m going to keep banging you as long as you keep me around. I can’t help myself.”

“Stop it,” she repeated, laughing now and blushing all over again.

“Tanya knows.” Lacey didn’t say anything to his challenge. Her heart was pounding because she didn’t want him to know how she and Tanya discussed sex when they were alone. “Joe knows, too.”

“He does not!”

“Of course he does. He knows I’m screwing you just as much as I know he’s screwing Tanya. Lacey, everybody is doing it and it’s okay.”

“It’s okay in the privacy of your own bedroom.”

“What about the other night on the sofa?”

“Nobody has to know about that,” she quickly added.

Wayne just grinned. They were almost home and he knew they were soon going to be snuggled up in bed, their naked bodies against each other. He started to rub his hand against her mound. Lacey put her hand over his to conceal what he was doing.

“You know you like it,” he teased.

“So what if I do?”

“So enjoy it. Don’t sit there like you’re reading a book, or looking at flowers, or something. Enjoy it.”

“I am enjoying it,” she said, fighting to keep her breathing under control.

“So let me hear how much you’re enjoying it.”

“You’ll get to hear that in a few minutes, when we’re home and in bed.”

Wayne could detect how the volume of her voice dropped just a little when she said those last two words.

“This is ridiculous. People know we have a bed. They know we don’t sleep on the floor.”

He was pulling into the driveway.

“So stop talking about it and get inside where we can do something about it,” Lacey told him.

As soon as he parked the car, she was out and heading for the door. Smiling, Wayne followed her inside. When he turned around from closing the door, he saw a trail of hurriedly discarded clothing leading to their bedroom. He followed the trail, adding his own clothes as he went. He slipped off his underwear in the bedroom, watched by a coy Lacey.

As he crawled into bed, she held up the sheet so she could wrap herself around Wayne’s body before covering them both.

“It’s about time you got here,” she told him.

“Well, if you’re that anxious, we could have done something about it a long time ago.”

Wayne saw her expression change, but just for an instant.

“This is just fine,” she said and kissed him, moaning into his mouth as he pressed his bare leg against her pussy.

Wayne didn’t want to argue, not when they were about to make love. He rolled her over and moved between the legs she spread with eagerness. Her hands were on his ass, urging him into position. He was so hard that he didn’t need to use his hands to position his dick. He aimed it with his hips and entered her. She was already hot and wet and…oh, so nice.

Lacey reveled in the feel of Wayne’s naked body against hers, and inside hers. This was where she wanted most to be – in bed with him. She enjoyed the experience of being taken by him as he drove her on to greater and greater heights. She ascended to orgasm after orgasm until finally he came with great hot spurts, ending the encounter. Soon after he finished filling her with himself, he relaxed. She could feel his erection ebbing until it slipped free of her slick lips.

Wayne rolled off her to the side, pulling her onto him now. She slid an arm across his chest, half on and half off his body, and put her face against his body so she could listen to his heart beating. Gradually it slowed, declaring its love for her as a thump-thump that she alone could hear.

They fell asleep that way. Though she felt the sheets grow wet beneath her as she leaked his cum, she didn’t want to leave him, even to clean up. In time, they slept the sleep of the satisfied.

Continued in Chapter 2

This story is Copyright © 2007 by Strickland83. All rights reserved.

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