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I met my old lover …

by Strickland83

I heard music suddenly start playing. I opened my eyes and it took a moment to focus on the green rectangle. After a moment, I made out 5:30. It was the alarm clock. Time to get up. I wasn’t going to work today. This was the day for the trip. It’s the annual trip for a stockholders’ meeting. Usually, it’s the time for me to get together with my partners. We use the meeting as an excuse to travel together. Usually. This year, they both cancelled at the last minute. My wife had to stay home because the kids were in school. For the first time, I’ll make the trip alone. I would have cancelled, too, but I wanted to speak at this year’s meeting. I probably should have cancelled. What would I do with myself for four days? Originally, I was planning to do some traveling with my partners after the meeting so the return flight was reserved for Friday. Today was Tuesday. Too late to fret over it. I needed to get up and get ready. I had a plane to catch.

I finished waking up, then turned over and kissed my wife. She gave a happy moan as she woke up. She put her arm around me and sleepily said, “Wait. You can waste a few minutes before your shower.” I smiled in the darkness and snuggled up to her. I felt her warm body against mine, that delicious feeling, the softness of her skin. It would be four days (and three nights) without her. Without sex. We both needed something to tide us over. I thought last night was “something to tide us over”. She apparently had different plans. Good. She pulled me closer to her and I slid on top of her. She parted her legs and mine fell between them. I felt her hair brush against my dick. My morning erection got even harder. We kissed. As my tongue caressed hers, I got harder still. She moved her legs farther apart and I pulled back enough to get my hand between us. I guided my dick to her slit, separating her lips. Sliding along her, I felt how wet she already was. This needed to be a quickie, so I slid my dick down, across her clit (eliciting a moan from her), then to her opening. I slid easily into her. The feeling was so familiar, yet still fresh. After all these years. I entered her completely. She was fully wet and I was fully hard. We were both awake now, each intently aware of the other’s body. Before long, the bed was giving forth a slight and rhythmic squeak. That soundproofing in the master bedroom walls sure paid off. She started moaning a little more intently. She was cumming early this time. I can usually last a long time, but I didn’t have that much time this morning. Not like last night. I thrust harder and she tightened her pussy muscles to increase the friction. She was cumming now, trying to moan softly so the children wouldn’t hear. I kissed her so she could moan into my mouth and my tongue stifled her moan. Now it was my turn to cum. I felt the liquid warmth flow from me to her, surrounding me in her warm channel. We caressed each other in the afterglow, enjoying the feel of warm flesh against warm flesh before I have to leave.

All too soon, I felt my dick going soft and I also felt the warmth of our combined fluids start seeping out of her. One final kiss and I got up to head for the shower. She gave a sad moan as I withdrew from her body. I got in the shower as I heard her coming into the bathroom. Before long, she walked to the shower with a grin and a towel

“This is a nice surprise,” I told her.

“We don’t do this enough anymore. I wanted to touch you in the shower. I don’t want you to forget me while you’re gone.”

“No chance of that. I’ll be plenty lonely enough for both of us.” There was a trace of sadness, and a trace of aggravation, in my voice.

“You’ll be fine. Maybe you’ll meet a friend.”

“Yeah. Sure.” I put my arms around her, reveling in the slippery feel of her breasts against my chest. “Here is the friend I want to meet.”

“I’m going to miss you. Especially at night.”

“Think about me when you’re doing that,” I told her.

“Doing what?” she asked, an embarrassed tone in her voice, a shy smile crossing her face.

“You know,” I answered, “what I’ll be doing when I’m missing you.” I was smiling now, too.

“You’re bad,” she said with that playful tone I love so much.

We both knew it was getting later, so we finished with the shower, helping each other out with the best parts.

I had packed the night before, with her suggesting the tie and the shirt to wear and reminding me to pack warm clothes. I got dressed, casual, for the flight. I was ready not long after she went to wake up our children and then followed her downstairs for breakfast.

We all had breakfast together. My son was asking about my trip. I promised to bring them something special, as fathers do when they’re going away.

All too soon, it was time for me to leave. I hugged my son, kissed my daughter, then gave my wife that special hug. The one that tells her how much I will be looking forward to Friday. She told me to make sure I have my notes. To not be nervous. The kiss lingered. It felt like the kiss lasted for hours, it felt like the kiss lasted only seconds. I tried to memorize the feeling of the warmth of her body against mine. Then I got in my car for the hour long drive to the airport.

On the drive, I thought of my wife. My thoughts drifted to when we were dating. I thought of before I knew her. I thought of earlier girlfriends. How my life might have been different if someone else had been the one. Around that time, Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg played on the radio. This song always makes me think of Allison, of that time so long ago. I love my wife totally, but I still ache when I think of Allison. What if….

Before I knew it, I was at the airport. I parked the car and took the shuttle bus, still thinking of old girlfriends. I thought again of Allison. Whenever I thought of old girlfriends, I always thought the longest of Allison. I still got that tight feeling, almost an ache, in the pit of my stomach. I got off the bus, the cool morning air smelling like jet fuel. The whine of a jet taxiing nearby filled the air. A skycap took my bags and helped me check in. My mind wasn’t fully on this—I was still thinking of Allison. I answered the check-in questions on automatic pilot, without fully paying attention, and received my boarding pass. I saw my bags being tagged and taken inside. I walked into the terminal and headed for my gate.

Walking to the gate, I felt aggravated all over again that I was making the trip alone. Both of my partners cancelled at the last minute. It was too late for me to cancel. Well, not too late but I really wanted to make this speech. I reluctantly decided to go alone. The worst part is that we always plan for a few days together at the meeting. We discuss business while we travel together. My return flight is booked for three days from now. When I made the reservation, I expected to be with my partners, seeing Delaware or Pennsylvania. It would be an interesting trip – again. I had made it several times before and always managed to find something new to interest me. I enjoyed exploring the history of that area. This time, it would be a struggle to find ways to fill up the time until I could fly home. I wasn’t looking forward to this trip as much as I usually did. Looking forward? I was already on my way. Being swept along, reluctantly. I wanted to go, yet I didn’t want to go. Destiny was moving me, unrelentingly.

I found the gate, checked that my flight was still on schedule, and found a seat. There was a young couple also waiting for the flight. They were wrapped up in each other, excited about the trip. I wondered where they were going. Their destination could be anywhere north or east of here. From here, most flights going north or east went through Atlanta. I was going through Atlanta, to catch the flight north to Philadelphia. I gathered my thoughts and reviewed my notes. I wouldn’t need them, except maybe to answer questions. I knew the material. I had been researching the production problem since I uncovered it a few months ago. I was a little nervous about the speech, but also a little excited. The fallout could erupt into a major event for the company. All started by my discovery. I was protecting my company’s investment in their company.

Before long, the flight was called. I boarded and found my seat. I had my usual window seat. The middle seat was empty. Another businessman sat on the aisle, reading a newspaper. I took out my palmtop computer and continued reading the novel I had been trying to finish. It helped to take my mind off traveling alone. I was trying not to think about what I would do between tomorrow afternoon and Friday morning, when I was supposed to be traveling with my partners. They were at work today. They would be at home with their families tonight. I would be alone in a city far away. Back to the book.

Somewhere over northern Alabama, I took a break from the book. Allison crept gently back into my thoughts. I smiled. I hadn’t thought of her like this in a long time. I hadn’t seen her in a much longer time. I wondered what she looks like now. I knew what she looks like. I had found a picture of her on the Internet. I had stumbled across that a few months ago. She still looked the same as the last time I saw her, on a spring morning. The announcement to fasten seat belts shook me out of the daydream. We were preparing to land in Atlanta. I listened for my connecting flight and checked the map in the magazine. It would be a hike between planes, like usual. That is why I dressed casually when I flew. Polo shirt, comfortable pants, running shoes.

The plane lands, everyone stands (even though we can’t go anywhere for awhile) and crowds the aisle. The same ritual is repeated countless times everyday. I got off and entered the terminal, experiencing that initial sense of confusion. Then I got my bearings (having been here many times before) and headed off to my new concourse to find my gate. I found the gate easily enough. My flight was on time, no problems. I had 1½ hours. I decided to sit for a few minutes before going to the food court to get lunch because it was still a little early. I pulled out my palmtop to start reading. As I looked across the screen, something a little higher caught my eye – someone was sitting in the seat across from me and smiling broadly. I looked up, smiled automatically and looked back down. I felt a chill. A moment of confusion, disbelief, fear, recognition, more disbelief. I looked up – into her smiling eyes as she confirmed her recognition. After 25 years, 500 miles, a lifetime of growing up, growing apart, it was her. Her. Here. I smiled, no, I grinned—stupidly. She stood up and walked the five steps over to me.

“Hi, Bill.” She said that with a smile in her voice. That smile. Not just on her face, or with her eyes. Her voice smiled. The way she always greeted me. Back then. A lifetime ago. 500 miles away. 25 years ago. It was really her.

“Allison!” I felt my stomach clench as I spoke her name. I had wondered what it would be like if I ever saw her again. I was finding out. Now. “Allison. It’s, it’s, great to see you again.” I was probably grinning like an idiot. I was so struck by the surprise, the nervousness at finally seeing her that I probably sounded like a cat being strangled. Great. Sweep her back onto her feet with your aluminum tongue. I stood up and hugged her. I wouldn’t have had the courage to do that 25 years ago. I relished the feel of her soft body against me. I couldn’t believe that I was finally holding her in my arms. I knew I was hugging her for too long, but I didn’t want to let her go. Not again. Reluctantly, I released her. When I saw the look in her eyes, I felt that funny feeling in my stomach—kind of a tightness, kind of fear and kind of relief. The look on her face spoke volumes. She looked disappointed that I let her go so soon. I must have been mistaken. Maybe she was thinking that I shouldn’t have hugged her. It had been so long and we were married now. To different people.

We sat down together and she was still smiling broadly. That smile was still the same, after all those years. Those blue eyes were still as brilliant. Her soft brown hair, fixed today the way I had always liked it best, straight and short. She was always so sweet. I had thought she was patronizing me. When my wife read my diary from that time, her first reaction was, “How could you not realize that girl was in love with you?” Well, Providence was giving me a second chance, if only for an hour. Think! Say something, anything. Don’t let her walk out of your life again. If she walks away now, there may never be another chance to talk to her again.

The realization hit me. She was sitting in this section. “Are you on the flight to Philadelphia?”

“Yeah, you too?”

I laughed. “I can’t believe that, after all these years, we run into each other this way. I have wanted to talk to you for years.”

“Really? Well, you have a captive audience for a few hours. I’m dying to know what you have been up to. How long has it been?”

“Too long,” I replied without even thinking about it. “Too many years, too many people, too long.” Dead alchemists be praised, my aluminum tongue was turning to silver!

Her reaction to my comment was dramatic. She looked at me quizzically, then her face softened even more as she smiled the loveliest smile I had ever seen. No, I had seen that smile before. A long time ago. At first I thought I might have offended her, or scared her off. Not now. I remembered that smile. As warm as the summer sunshine had been, so many summers ago. For an instant, I was there again in her backyard. I was fifteen again.

I had to keep her here, keep her interested. If I let this chance get away…, well, I’d live the rest of my life regretting it. “Have you had lunch yet?”

“Lunch?” I think she needed a moment to return to reality. She seemed to be as lost in the past as I was. The past? As in “me and her”? No way. “No, uhm, I’d love to get something to eat before the flight. Let’s go.”

I was up as quickly as I could – without tripping over myself. Relax, I told myself. Don’t blow this chance. You haven’t been this close to her in 25 years. I picked up my briefcase, then without thinking about it I reached for her hand. Wait a minute! This isn’t a date. We are both married. To other people. She took my hand. The feel of her hand was so soft and warm – like her smile. I tried to will my hand not to sweat.

I guided her to the Food Court. It took a few minutes to walk through the crowded concourse and my hand was starting to sweat from nerves. Or was it her hand doing the sweating? I wanted to take her to a restaurant where we could talk for hours, but we needed to be on the plane in an hour. The same plane! I told myself.

“The Food Court is not bad here. It’s quick, too. We don’t have a lot of time. What do you like to eat?” I laughed a slight little laugh. “I haven’t seen you in so long. There’s so much I don’t know about you.”

“How about Chinese?” she asked.

“I love Chinese.” I almost said something else. I was on automatic pilot. My thoughts were getting scrambled. I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I had fantasized about it so many times.

We found a stand selling Chinese and got in line. The line was moving fast so we would have plenty of time to eat. We were ahead of the lunch crowd. Like so many others, we were trying to get something halfway decent to eat before boarding a flight to somewhere else.

“Where are you living now?” she was asking.

I told her the name of the city. “Not that far from where we grew up. How do you like Florida?”

Her face looked surprised, but I thought for an instant she was hiding another look—one of concern or fear. I realized my slip. “Sorry, I must sound like a stalker or something. It’s nothing like that. I ran into an old friend at a party about a year ago. She filled me in on what some of the old gang were doing. I asked about you and she told me you had moved to Florida.”

“Oh, yeah.” The look on her face said she believed me. “It’s okay, but it’s not home. You’re so lucky to still be living there.”

“It wasn’t the plan at the time, but that’s the way it happened. As it turned out, it was for the best. I ended up in the right place at the right time a few times and…”

“And what?” she asked.

“Well, I guess I’ve done alright. Business is good, I live comfortably.” Before I got to the part about the wife and kids, it was our turn to order. Once we had our food, I looked for a table. Luckily, I quickly spotted one near the back wall against a glass window. It was a little quieter there. We sat down and started eating.

“So what are you doing now?” I already knew what her answer would be. After years of searching the Internet (and thanks to that mutual friend who unknowingly pointed me in the right direction), I had found her. I’d better not talk about that right now. I think I shocked her about knowing where she lived. I didn’t want her to think I was stalking her. I was still afraid to let her know how I felt about her. I guess I was still afraid of how I still felt about her.

She told me how she was working for a building material manufacturer as director of sales. Her degree was in marketing and she had been with this company for 5 years. She did most of her business traveling in state. This was a rare trip to an industry seminar. She was looking forward to it. “But the best part is running into you, “ she added.

I felt a surge of warmth run through my body. Then I felt nervous. Could she feel the same way about me? Could she have really been in love with me back then? Could she have wanted to see me, too?

“What are you thinking?” she asked. “You look so intense.”

Quick! Think of something else to tell her. “I was just thinking that we need to start heading back to the gate.” She seemed to buy that with a nod. We got up and worked our way out of the crowd that was starting to fill the Food Court.

As we walk back to our gate, a thought hit me. I can’t believe it never occurred to me before. “What is your seat number?” I asked Allison.

She pulled out her boarding pass and checked it. “32A. Why? Oh. What’s yours?” She realized why I was asking.

“I’m in 21F. Let’s see if we can get seats together. If we can’t, we can probably get someone to switch when we get on the plane.”

I led us to the line at the check-in desk. There were only two people in front of us. Before long, we were at the counter and I asked if we could get two seats together.

“No problem,” said the pretty gate agent. “The flight is kind of empty today. Let me see both boarding passes,” she said as she reached for Allison’s ticket. The woman typed on her keyboard for a few minutes, then handed me two new boarding passes. “You are in 25A and C,” she said with a smile. “The middle seat is empty. The flight will start boarding in about ten minutes.”

“Thanks,” I told her with a big smile. Next, we found a place to sit and wait to board.

“So where were we?” Allison asked. The ten minutes flew by as we talked about everything and nothing. We giggled as we talked about what we were doing now, where we lived, our spouses and children. It’s like we were teenagers again. Our section was called for boarding and we got in line. Together. I still couldn’t believe this fantasy was really happening. Feeling her, smelling her perfume, seeing her so close to me. Hearing that sweet voice again. I was traveling through time, back to the past. Only it was really happening. It wasn’t a daydream this time. I felt like my feet didn’t touch the ground when I walked. We boarded and took our seats. As promised, the center seat was empty and Allison took it, next to me. We again lost ourselves in conversation. The world went on around us but we hardly noticed. The announcements (“Our pilot today is Captain Hughes, the first officer is …”), the safety briefing (“Please take out the safety card in the seatback …”), taxiing to the runway, the takeoff run. All that mattered was the two of us. I had never been preoccupied like this before. I love to fly. I always paid attention to what was going on around me. Not today. Not here. Not with her.

We had been in the air a short while when Allison suddenly looked at her watch. “I think we’re over South Carolina,” she said, suddenly preoccupied about something.

I looked out the window. All I saw were trees and low mountains – hills, really. “I’m not sure.”

She unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over me to better see out the window. My breath caught in my throat. She was practically lying in my lap. I remembered a fall afternoon long ago, right before homecoming. Allison was oblivious to all this. I hoped I could keep something else under control so I wouldn’t have to hope she remains oblivious to that. She was looking intently for something out the window. The chivalrous thing would have been to offer to change seats with her, but I liked her leaning across my lap too much to be chivalrous.

“What are you looking for?”

She sounded kind of embarrassed. “I’ve been reading this story. Fiction, really. It takes place at a real place, though. I thought I might be able to see it from the air.”

“What does it look like?” I asked.

“A valley with two lakes. There’s a big building and a lot of smaller cabins. And some roads. It’s all by itself,” she explained absently, still lying across my lap. I’m going to have to start thinking about baseball soon, I thought. And old nuns, like the ones who taught us in elementary school.

I looked out the window, my head over hers. I indulged in the smell of her hair. I was thinking so much of her that I wasn’t looking all that hard for the buildings. “What’s so special about this place?”

“Oh, it’s just a story. A good story. Whenever I fly over South Carolina, I try to find it, but I haven’t seen it yet.”

“What’s the story? Maybe I’ve read it,” I offered.

“I doubt it. It’s probably not your kind of story.”

I let it drop and enjoyed having Allison in close proximity. After a few minutes, she dejectedly gave up and (slowly) straightened up back into her seat. I had managed to keep things under control in my lap.

“Tell me about this story.” I tried to get the conversation going again, as it had died during her search.

“Later. What are you doing in Philadelphia?”

“I’m not going to Philadelphia. I just have to fly there because Delaware doesn’t have scheduled airline service.”

“I didn’t know that. I just assumed Philadelphia was the closest airport.”

I did a double take. “You’re going to Delaware, too?”

She laughed. “Yes. The coincidences continue, huh?”

“Where in Delaware?” I held my breath and muttered a silent prayer.

She said the one word I was hoping for and my heart leapt. “Wilmington.”

“That’s amazing,” I said slowly.

She looked concerned for a moment. “Is that where you’re going?” She seemed to be holding her breath now.

“Yeah. Wilmington, Delaware,” I answered slowly. As amazing as it seemed, we might actually get to spend some more time together. I might not mind having that extra time after all. “How are you getting to Wilmington?”

“I’m supposed to take a train, then a shuttle to the hotel. There is supposed to be a train station in the airport. I’ve never been there before,” she answered.

“The train station is next to the airport. There’s an enclosed bridge over the tracks that’s part of the terminal. You have to cross it to get to the shuttle buses.” Then, a light bulb went off in my head. “Hey! I have a car waiting in Philadelphia. Ride with me? It’ll give us more time to visit.”

She looked unsure. “I don’t want to put you out. I don’t even know where my hotel is.”

Before she could say anything else, I reassured her. “I have all afternoon. My meeting isn’t until tomorrow morning. I was wondering what I would do all afternoon. I’d love to spend it with you.”

“Okay,” she said. “That would be very nice.”

I never thought to ask her the name of her hotel. I guess it didn’t matter. I’d drive her all over New England to have a chance to spend more time with her.

I told her about how I had hoped to run into her. When I learned she had moved to Florida, I understood why I never saw her. She said that she thought about me, too. We talked about how we tried to stay in touch with letters after I had moved away. She was sorry she stopped writing. “I guess it was time for both of us to move on,” I said quietly.

“I missed you so much it hurt. The day I found out you were moving, it was like someone had punched me in the stomach,” she said sadly.

“When I found out I was leaving, you were the first thing I thought about,” I said, looking her in those beautiful blue eyes. They moistened at my words.

“What happened to us?” she asked and tried to hug me, an awkward move in the airplane seats. She lifted the armrest and did hug me.

“Me. I messed everything up. I was too shy,” I offered. “I was stupid. I regretted it ever since.”

“No, I stopped writing. I wanted to start up again, but I wasn’t sure you would want to hear from me.”

“I waiting a long time for a response to my last letter,” I said, feeling the sadness in my heart all over again.

It was time to get ready for landing. The sky was overcast and I knew it would be cold on the ground. I wondered if she had a coat. I had stuffed a jacket in my briefcase. The jacket seemed so out of place when I left home, but I knew I’d need it by afternoon.

When we got off the plane, I took the lead. I had been here enough times that I knew the airport well. I remembered my confusion the first time. We walked along the enclosed bridge over the train tracks, then downstairs to baggage claim. My bag stood out, hers took a little longer to find. Maybe we were still preoccupied. We didn’t see it the first time it came around until it had passed us. We laughed about that and waited for the second pass.

Once we had the bags, I led her out the doors onto the sidewalk to wait for the yellow Hertz bus. It was a typical mid-April afternoon in Philadelphia—cold and windy. I couldn’t help noticing her nipples starting to protrude through her blouse.

“Do you have a jacket?” I asked.

“Somewhere in my suitcase. I should have taken it out.”

I opened my briefcase and took out mine. I handed it to her. She started to protest but I pressed a finger to her lips. She smiled and said, simply, “Thanks.”

As usual, we had to wait about ten minutes for the shuttle. Finally, it arrived. As I boarded, I told the driver my last name and “Gold.” He checked his list and nodded. As we sat down, she asked me what that was about.

“The advantage of traveling a lot. Hertz Gold. The bus will drop us off at the car. We don’t have to go to the rental desk to take care of paperwork. My car is ready to go.”

She looked at me skeptically. “Really? That’s cool.”

“You’ll see,” I promised.

It was warm on the bus. The heater was running and she unzipped my jacket, but she didn’t take it off. I liked the way it looked on her. I hoped that she felt the same way.

The bus made the round and turned into the Hertz lot. Before going to the office, the driver drove along a row of rental cars, their trunks open. “Davis,” the driver called at the first stop. A man got off and headed to the car. My name was next. The bus stopped in front of a Mercury Marquis. I guess they were out of Ford Tauruses again, so I got the automatic upgrade. We got off and put our bags in the open trunk. I closed it and told her to get in the car. The keys were in the ignition, the rental papers on the seat. Allison was impressed with how smoothly everything went.

I started the car and turned on the heater. The engine had been warmed up so the car warmed up right away. I turned on the NeverLost and pulled up the screen to enter our destination. “What’s the name of your hotel?” I asked her.

“It’s a French place, I think. The Hotel –“

“duPont?” I finished, dumbfounded.

“Yes, how…? Not again?” she laughed.

I felt a lot happier. “I always stay there when I’m in Wilmington.” I punched in the first few letters and Hotel duPont came up on the screen. I selected it and NeverLost started giving directions. We drove to the gate and I handed in the ticket for the car. The attendant waved us out to the road. I turned left, passing in front of the terminal, then out to the Interstate. We soon found ourselves on I-95 heading south towards Delaware. The traffic was light as it was only about 2:30 in the afternoon on a weekday. I knew we’d make it to the hotel before things got busy. We settled in for the ride.

“It’s about a half hour to Wilmington. You might want to take off the jacket and get comfortable,” I told Allison.

“Yeah, I guess you’ll be wanting your jacket back,” she said. As she took it off, I looked over. Her nipples had adjusted to the warmth of the car. Damn!

On the ride south, we joked about the amazing coincidences – the same flight, same hotel. She was staying there for a different event, in one of the ballrooms on the opposite side of the lobby from the theater where my meeting was being held. I told her about the hotel.

Her next words startled me. That fear in my stomach thing reappeared.

“You know, I’m all alone here. Would you mind if we got adjoining rooms? I’d appreciate being near someone I know. I’ll understand if you want your privacy, of course.”

“No, that’s fine. I don’t know if it will be possible, though. The hotel is usually booked up for these meetings. We can try.” I was silently hoping and praying for two connecting rooms to be available. Could she really be hinting? No, she’s married. So am I. This can’t be happening. It is happening. Take it as it comes, I told myself.

Allison, meanwhile, seemed to be locked in a silent conversation with herself. She was working through the same questions, I hoped.

NeverLost, true to its name, took us right down 11th Street, to the granite faced entry of the Hotel duPont. I noticed that the granite on either side of the covered drop-off was a little more scarred since last year. One of the valet parking guys had explained that the limousines have a lot of trouble going through the narrow passage. It should have been made a little wider. I had been coming here since before the curbside was enclosed. I opened the trunk as we got out. The bellmen, as efficient as usual, were already putting our bags on a brass cart. Allison was visibly impressed by the uniformed staff. The service is always impeccable at the duPont. By the time I had stepped to the curb and joined Allison, the baggage cart had already been taken inside to the check-in desk. I steered Allison in through the big brass revolving door. We stepped into the lobby and I automatically headed for the check-in desk. I had taken about six steps when I realized that Allison was no longer at my side. I looked over my shoulder, then stopped and smiled. She was standing just inside the door, taking in the room. I remembered the first time I had entered this lobby. I guess you kind of get used to the grandeur after a while. The first time, though, is awe-inspiring. I walked back to her and took her by the hand.

“It’s really something the first time, isn’t it?”

She just nodded.

“Come on. Let’s get checked in. After we get our bags up to our rooms, we can look around. The whole place is worth exploring.”

Allison let me lead her by the hand. There were two people behind the desk, a young man and a very attractive young woman, each wearing nametags. The woman gave the standard response I had heard so many times before, “Welcome to the Hôtel du Pont.” The French accent on the name of the hotel was perfect. The woman was probably less French than me. I told her my name and that I was checking in. I also told her Allison’s name and asked if we could get rooms next to each other. “I’ll see what I can do. We are rather full tonight,” she said with the usual Hotel duPont smile. “Would you prefer connecting or adjoining?”

My heart skipped a beat. Might as well go for broke. All Allison can say is no. Or, she can keep her door locked. “Connecting, if you have it.”

Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I felt Allison squeeze my hand a little tighter. Just a little, almost imperceptible. Almost like it was subconscious. My heart beat faster, I felt warm, and got that funny feeling in the bottom of my stomach again.

While the lady behind the counter searched for appropriate rooms on her computer, I looked at the painting on the wall behind the desk. I had stared at it so many times. It was a covered wagon, the wagon used by the duPont family to sell something to pioneers. I had always been fascinated by the details in the painting. Today, however, all I could think about was what might happen if there are two connecting rooms available. Part of me was excited. Part of me was scared.

“Yes, I have connecting rooms on the seventh floor.”

Okay, it is going to happen. What if…?

I handed over my corporate credit card and Allison did the same. We were checked in and received our room keys in the paper folders. A bellman appeared with the luggage cart and led us to the brass elevators.

We got in and headed up. The bellman looked us over. “It’s your first time here, isn’t it, ma’am?” he asked Allison.

“Yes,” she answered. “This hotel is simply beautiful.”

“Yes, ma’am. One of the finest in the country.” He looked at me. “Back for the Coca-Cola meeting, sir?”

“Yes. I’m always amazed how you can remember all the guests who come through here.”

“Well, you’re pretty memorable,” Allison whispered to me.

“I remember each person by when they stay here. Most people come here year after year for the meetings, always at the same time. Such as yourself.”

The elevator opened on the seventh floor. The bellman held the door to let us exit first, then led the way to our rooms. When we each handed him keys he looked startled at first. I guess he thought we were sharing a room. To his credit, he hid his surprise and opened my room first. We both entered. Allison gasped softly when she saw the room. The bellman seized the opportunity to show her around, proudly displaying all the amenities in the enormous room. Pointing down the hall past the bathroom, he indicated the door that connected to her room and opened it. They returned to the sitting room and the luggage cart. The bellman was embarrassed as he was unsure whether to unload all the luggage or just mine.

“The green bags are mine,” I offered. He smiled and took off my bags. I tipped him and then he opened the door to show Allison to her room next door.

As they were walking out the door, I heard Allison ask him, “What are those lights next to the doors?”

“The doorbells, ma’am,” he answered as the door closed. I waited for the door between our rooms to open momentarily.

I waited anxiously for a minute or two. It felt like twenty minutes. I jumped as I heard the door latch click. Allison flung the door open and waltzed into my room. Instead of standing at the door like a puppy, I had managed a slightly more debonair posture, sitting in the peach colored chair in my sitting room (the location afforded me a view of the door). I grinned as she practically skipped across to me.

“Come see my room,” she almost sang. “It’s different from yours, but just as nice. I can’t believe this place. I can’t believe I’m staying here.”

I couldn’t believe it either.

“Oh, I guess you have seen all the room layouts. You’ve been here before.”

“Yeah, but it’s a lot of fun seeing you see it for the first time.”

“The bathroom is heavenly. I think I’ll just sleep in there.”

“All that Corian and marble will be rather hard, and cold,” I teased.

She giggled. “You must think I never get out. I’ve just never stayed at a place this nice.”

“There aren’t many hotels this nice. Maybe the suites at the Empress in Victoria, but that’s about the only place I’ve stayed that compares.”

She sat down on the sofa and just stared at me. “You’ve done so much.”

“Without you,” I answered almost sadly.

“Yes, but I travel. Only, I’ve never been to the kinds of places you’ve been to. Tell me about some more of them.”

“I have a better idea. Let’s go see more of this place,” I said, looking at my watch. “The Lobby Lounge has an excellent buffet right now. I’m a little hungry. You probably want a little something to eat right about now.”

“I am a little hungry. And I have to find a place for dinner.”

“Please have dinner with me. I have reservations at the Brandywine Room downstairs and I hate eating alone in a restaurant.”

“Twist my arm and I’ll say yes.”

I playfully reached for her arm.

She pulled away just as I was about to touch her. “Catch me!” she called as she ran down the hall towards her room.

I ran after her, both of us laughing like children. I caught up with her and gave her a push as she neared her bed. She ended up lying over the side of the bed, with me against her. I hoped she couldn’t feel my erection pressing against her cute ass. I remembered a fall afternoon, a long time ago, when we ended up in a similar position. I wondered if she was remembering it as well. As we are lying there, her stomach growled. Loudly. She started laughing and it was infectious. Over the laughter, she said, “Regardless of whatever else you have… in mind, my stomach won’t let us do anything until it gets food. Where is this lounge you promised me?”

Was she making a veiled reference to my hardon? I reluctantly got up and pulled her to her feet. She did look nice lying face down across the bed. “Put your shoes back on. It’s downstairs.”

We headed back down the hall into my room, then walked out through my door to find the elevator.

“Wait, I left my key,” she said.

“Don’t worry. I have mine.”

That seemed to satisfy her. We took the elevator back down to the lobby, then right and right again to the Lobby Lounge. Someone was playing the baby grand piano softly. Classical music can be so romantic. It was still early in the afternoon, so the place was almost deserted. The buffet table looked inviting. I directed Allison to a sofa in a quiet corner and we sat. A waitress appeared and took our drink orders. Allison headed to the buffet with me in tow. We loaded up on the warm foods first. I hadn’t realized how long it had been since we had eaten. “Remember, dinner is at 8,” I admonished her.

She just smiled back at me. We returned to our sofa where our drinks had appeared. The piano was playing softly in the background and I was sitting there with Allison. The rest of the world didn’t matter. We talked and joked as we tried the different delicacies from the buffet. Later, we went back for the cheeses and fruits. Hunger taken care of for the time being, I called the waitress over and signed the check, putting the drinks on my room bill. We must have stayed there for over an hour, just talking.

Her meeting was, of course, different from mine. She was attending a conference on the opposite side of the hotel. A major supplier paid for representatives from their clients to come up here to learn about “the exciting new advancements in plywood” as she sarcastically told it. Apparently her company was a big buyer of plywood. The supplier spared no expense in holding the meeting here. We finished our drinks and I took her on a walking tour of the hotel. First, we walked past the Brandywine Room (where we would be having dinner) and the theater where my meeting would be held in the morning. The leaded glass doors were locked, but we could just barely see some activity inside as the preparations were being made. Next, we passed the shops towards the back of the hotel. I explained that the building is part of a four building complex that forms the headquarters for the du Pont Corporation. The hotel was built because Wilmington was becoming a financial and corporate center but didn’t have any nice hotels yet. That was almost a hundred years ago. We turned back and headed to the lobby, passing the display on the wall just beyond the Green Room (where I’ll have breakfast before my meeting). The display commemorates the grand opening of the hotel in 1913. Across the fabulous lobby (she did a lot of staring at the intricate ceiling as I kept her from bumping into furniture and people), I showed her the Mt. Cuba Suite, where her meeting will be held. We also passed the other ballrooms and meeting rooms. Having seen most of the hotel, we returned to the elevator. On the way up, I explained that there is a small workout club on the top floor. I usually got up early for workout before breakfast. This always helps me get over the nervousness of giving a speech. She said that she also likes to workout in the morning. “Let’s go together,” she suggested.

“I’d like that.”

“It’s a date, then. What time?”

Her choice of words startled me for a moment. “My breakfast reservation is for 8:00 and I have to shower after my workout, so how about 6:00?”

“So early,” she groaned. “Don’t keep me up too late tonight, okay?”

What did she have in mind? I could only hope.

We were now back on the seventh floor and we entered my room.

“We have to dress for dinner. I’m wearing a suit. The restaurant is rather formal. I hope that’s alright.”

“Sure,” she said. “I packed a long dress. I expected there would be a few formal parties.”

“Mind if I watch the news? I want to see how the market closed today.”

“Go ahead,” she answered as she kicked her shoes off and crawled onto my bed. She sure looked nice, lying there. I knew what I’d be fantasizing about tonight.

I opened the TV cabinet and joined her on the bed. I could hardly pay any attention to CNN. I was too busy trying not to appear to be watching her. She was relaxing and absent mindedly watching the news. Nothing big had happened. The commentator noted that the Coca-Cola Company would be holding its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in Delaware tomorrow. Allison looked at me and asked, “Is that you?”

“That’s my meeting,” I countered.

“My meetings never make the news.”

“Mine usually don’t either, unless there is a big protest. It happens sometimes. That’s why I like to stay at the same hotel. I won’t have to cross a picket line to get into the meeting.”

“Has that happened?” she asked with a small trace of alarm in her voice.

“A few times. Once, Jesse Jackson made an appearance when the Justice Riders showed up to protest labor conditions.”

“I think I remember hearing about that. Were you part of it?”

“I was there. That’s all.”

After a while, CNN got repetitive so I handed the remote to her and told her to find something else. This gave me a better chance to watch her for a few minutes. I once wrote in my diary that I had never realized before that moment how beautiful she was. Today, I saw that those words were still true. Even after all these years, she could still touch my heart. She caught me looking at her.

“What?” she asked with an embarrassed smile.

“Nothing. I was just remembering.”

“Remembering what?” She was not about to let me off the hook this time.

Here goes nothing, I told myself. I took a deep breath. “For about two years before I moved away, I had this huge crush on you.” Her mouth gaped open. “I know – at least, I figured out later – that you felt the same way about me. That made it even harder being away.” With a trace of sadness in my voice, I continued. “Eventually, I had to move on and figure out how to live my life without you.”

Allison was quiet for a long time. The TV played on in the background, unintelligible sounds to our ears. Finally, she spoke. Her voice was so soft that it was barely audible over the drone from the television.

“For years, I wondered if maybe you felt the same way about me. I hoped and fantasized that you did, but I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. Maybe I finally gave up because I convinced myself you didn’t feel that way about me. Maybe I gave up because I was afraid if I found out you did feel that way, it would make being apart too hard to bear. If I had known, I don’t know how our lives may have turned out differently. It’s too late to find out now.”

I thought about that for a moment and swallowed hard. “We have a few days.” My voice was weaker than I intended.

We were both silent after that was said. I don’t know if I was sad, excited or afraid. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, or even if I knew what I really wanted to happen. I just didn’t know.

I looked at the time and realized that we needed to get ready for dinner. “I’m going to take a shower before dinner.” I got up from the bed and unpacked my toiletries. I didn’t look at Allison as I headed for the bathroom. I knew she was still on the bed. The door to the bathroom was a heavy wooden pocket door. As I turned to slide it shut, I saw Allison go by, headed down the hall to her room. I undressed and started the shower.

The bathroom was done in a cream colored marble and Corian. DuPont makes Corian so they use the bathroom to showcase their product. The shower had two glass walls, framed in brass. It stood next to the bathtub, in such a way that there was an unobstructed view from one to the other. The shower was starting to heat up. I never figured out if it was because the room was so big, or because of what they cleaned the mirrors with, but the bathroom mirror didn’t fog up no matter how long you ran the shower. I opened the door and the sound of the water was louder. I entered the shower and relished in the feeling of the warm water drenching me. It felt good to wash off the day’s traveling, to warm up from the spray.

As I stood there, Allison was, of course, on my thoughts. I thought about how I felt about her. The more I thought about her, the more erect I became. I started imagining that she was lying in the bathtub and we were watching each other through the glass. I faced the tub and, in my mind, I could see her naked body. Her legs were spread slightly and her right hand was between them. Her fingertips were starting to caress her pussy. I started stroking my dick as I created the image in my mind. I had a pretty good rhythm going, so much so that what happened next didn’t interrupt me right away.

With a bump, the heavy door slid fully open. Allison was standing there, looking at me. I was so surprised that I didn’t stop stroking myself right away. I also didn’t immediately recognize that she was smiling at me. She had just caught me masturbating – and she seemed to be enjoying watching me. I guess I was so shocked by the realization slowly crossing my brain that it took me a few more seconds to realize that her trademark warm smile was the only thing she was wearing. The body I had been imagining lying in the bathtub was now on display in front of me. When I realized this, I became harder still. For years, I had tried to imagine what she looked like naked. Now, I was seeing her this way for the first time. She slowly walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She glided toward the shower door. Normally, the embarrassment of being caught masturbating would have been enough to make me lose my erection. At least, I would have stopped stroking. Not this time. The situation was unfolding slowly, dreamlike, and I was powerless to change anything I was doing. I continued stroking as she opened the shower door. Her voice was clear and cheery when she spoke.

“That looks like fun. Can I join you?”

I still can’t believe I stood there, holding my erection, in front of Allison, listening to her. I was so stricken by what was unfolding that my eyes were not drawn to her breasts, not to the juncture of her thighs covered in light brown hair, but to her face. It took me a second or two to stammer, “Yes, uh … Yes! Come in. Please.”

Her smile became even brighter as she stepped into the shower. The water started to bead on her breasts (I finally managed to tear my eyes away from her face and sneak a peak) as she closed the door. The sound of the door closing was like a gong. The two of us were in the shower. Together. Naked. I was hard. I was still stroking myself. As this realization flowed across my distracted brain, I abruptly removed my hand.

“Don’t stop. I like watching you. Please continue.” She hugged her naked body to mine. We had hugged before, but there had always been clothes between us. Now, I could feel the warmth of her body, the smoothness of her skin, the hard bumps of her nipples pressing into my chest. My erection was sandwiched between our stomachs. I could feel her pubic hair against the bottom of my shaft and my balls. We were closer than we had ever been before. She put her arms around my neck. I instinctively placed my arms around her shapely waist. Her skin was slick and warm as the water cascaded over our bodies. I was mesmerized by the sight of the water sluicing in a thick channel between her lovely breasts. We looked into each other’s eyes. She leaned up to my face and closed her eyes. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers. The feeling was electric as our lips touched. I was kissing her! Naked, in the shower! My erection was throbbing, as if trying to burrow through her stomach to put my sperm in her uterus. Nervously, I tentatively opened my lips a little, pressing my tongue through them to touch her lips. To my surprise, I found her lips opening and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I was exploring the inside of her mouth, our tongues locked into a wrestling match. She began to slide up and down a little. The effect was to stroke my dick with her slick stomach. A moan escaped her mouth, the sound muffled by my mouth. After a few minutes, our mouths parted. We gazed at each other, smiling, a little out of breath.

“I can feel how hard you are,” she breathed.

I smiled. “I can’t help it. Seeing you, feeling you,…” I meant to say My dick has a mind of its own, but my silver tongue turned back to aluminum with a Freudian slip. What I actually said to her was, “My dick has a plan of its own.” When I realized what I had said, I panicked. She just smiled.

What she did next was yet another surprise (as if standing naked in the shower with Allison only hours after meeting her for the first time in 25 years wasn’t surprise enough). She grasped my right hand with her left and delicately wrapped my hand around my throbbing shaft. She guided my hand in an up-and-down motion as she looked deeply into my eyes and said, “I want to watch you,” with an expression that sounded so desperate it was almost pained. Then she turned us both around so her back was against the corner seat in the shower. She sat down, effortlessly extending her legs so each one was parallel to a shower wall. She was spread in a 90 degree angle, with the apex her dark-haired pussy. Seeing this, I remembered how she had studied gymnastics as a young teenager. She was apparently still quite limber. Next, her left hand folded around her right breast and her right hand descended to her lower lips. She gently caressed her slick breast, squeezing the hard nipple between her fingers. Her other hand was sliding up and down along her slit, pausing at the top ever so often to describe circles over her clit. I think my mouth hung open as I watched the girl of my fantasies masturbate herself in front of me. She brought me back to reality with, “Please, I want to watch you.”

I gripped my dick harder and started stroking myself vigorously. With her seated, her breasts were about at the level of my dick. She had an excellent view of what I was doing and she was obviously enjoying it immensely. I, meanwhile, was torn between watching her one hand manipulate her breast and her other caress her pussy. I must have looked like I was watching a vertical tennis match, as my eyes moved up and down to take in both sights. As my excitement grew, I reached down with my left hand and tried to join her in fondling her right breast. When she realized what I was doing, she moved her hand to her left side. The position was a little more awkward for her, but this way both of her breasts were getting full attention. Her eyes closed a little.

“I’m starting to get close,” I said, almost grunting. The vision before me was making it difficult to last any longer.

“Me, too,” she said, almost whining. Her voice was growing in pitch as her fingers spent more time over her clit, now only straying down to her opening every five or six strokes.

I wanted to be sure she understood what was about to happen. I didn’t want to startle her. “I’m about to shoot off.”

“On my tits. I want to feel your cum, okay?”

I wanted to reply, but my dick spoke for me. Hearing her words was all it took to drive me over the edge. I was pretty worked up after the day we had together. I grunted softly as I felt my body tense up for the explosion. The first spurt leapt from the end of my dick so hard I felt like I was turning inside out. It landed on her lovely body, draping from the right side of her throat across the front to lay in the valley between her tits. I think I jerked with the throes of my orgasm, because the next rope of sperm landed on her face, across her mouth. Her mouth was open, her eyes almost closed as she moaned. The feeling of my sperm shooting onto her body had pushed her over the orgasmic cliff as well. Her tongue darted out and tasted the sperm that had landed on her lower lip. Seeing her tasting me gave renewed strength to the next spurt leaving my body for hers. This one hit from her nose, across her mouth to her left breast and hand. I was still stroking madly, but otherwise out of it. I felt as if I was watching the scene from afar. I don’t know what was more pleasurable – the intense orgasm I was having or watching her orgasmic shudders intensify as each spurt hit her naked body. Finally, the spurting was reduced to a dribble. She seemed to really be enjoying my cum, so I leaned forward and wiped the last from the end of my cock onto her lips. Her tongue came out to claim the gift. She looked up at me, smiling through the lines of cum that were starting to be washed away by what spray wasn’t blocked by my back.

“Wow,” I said, really breathless this time.

“Yeah,” she added.

That was about as coherent as either of us could be at that moment. The hand on her pussy was now moving slowly, as if massaging her lips. I wondered if the puddle on the seat was her cum, my cum or the spray from the showerhead. Probably all three.

I just stood there, taking in the delicious sight of her naked body. The room could have been on fire and I wouldn’t have moved. I just wanted to look at her. She was looking up at me, obviously having a similar experience. It was almost five minutes before either of us spoke.

“Do you want to clean up?” I asked her.

“I guess I should, as long as I’m in the shower,” she said with a small laugh.

I extended my hand to help her up. She took the proffered hand with her right. I almost got hard again right away when I realized how slippery her hand was. I helped her into the spray, then picked up the washcloth and soaped it up. Starting at her neck, I began to clean away what I had deposited on her. Most of it had washed away, but I was taking great delight in washing her body. My right hand held the small towel and scrubbed, my left following along to touch and caress. I worked my way down the outside of each arm, then back up the inside. When I finished, I took a really long time cleaning her breasts. I scrubbed her nipples with the towel. By the sight (and the sounds she made), she liked getting really clean. I washed her stomach, because I know I had leaked a lot of precum all over her there. Next, I held her body tightly against mine as I washed her back. The feeling of her soap-slick tits against my chest was getting me hard again.

“Someone is ready to play again,” she sighed as she felt my dick between her legs, pressing up against her pussy lips.

My hands were now caressing the globes of her ass. After I had thoroughly explored that part of her body, I stepped back and knelt down so I could do a really thorough job on her pussy. This was the first time I had as close a look at her as she had had of me earlier. I was now completely erect as I studied her pussy. I washed over the lips and hair first. When I used my left hand to part her lips, she didn’t jump. She moaned. I opened her, and washed – first with the towel then with my fingers to do a good job. She did jump a little when my fingertip passed over her clit. I reached behind me into the spray and rinsed the soap from my right hand. I ran my extended middle finger up and down her slit. On the third pass, at the bottom, I changed the angle of my finger and entered her. I gasped. She hissed. I couldn’t believe how hot and wet she was. I stroked in and out a few times, then withdrew the finger. As I looked up into her eyes, I stuck the finger in my mouth and got my first taste of her. She grinned.

“Your dick jumped when you did that,” she commented.

“I like the taste. I guess it got me even more excited,” I replied.

“I didn’t think you could get any more excited.” Allison was looking directly at my dick now, not bothering with side glances while she pretended to be looking at my face.

I went back to washing her, enjoying the feel of sliding my hands up and down her shapely legs as my face stayed even with her pussy. I was trying to memorize how she looked there. I knew I probably wouldn’t get another chance to see her like this and I wanted to be able to remember it when I was fantasizing about her in the future. Once I had washed her legs, I had her lift one up so I could delicately wash her foot. Then she shifted position and lifted the other foot. I liked watching her lips as her legs moved.

I stood up, reluctantly, when I finished. I did managed to rub as much of my body as possible against her wet skin on the way up. I could see it in her face when my dick slid along her pussy.

“My turn,” she said slowly and seductively. She took the towel from me and washed my chest. It felt so good to have her hands on me like that. Between the feel of her hands and the sight of her tits bobbing as she worked, I was mesmerized. She took care of one arm, then the other. Next, she hugged me as she bathed my back and ass. As she passed the washcloth between the cheeks of my ass, I held her tighter. “Oh, so you like that. I’ll have to remember that.” Now it was her turn to kneel in front of me. She came face to face with my full erection and softly said, “Oh, wow. Your precum is actually flowing out. I’ve never seen a guy this excited before.”

“What do you expect? I was being fondled by you,” I offered.

“Flattery will get you laid,” she promised.

She took my dick in her hand and sucked on the end, as if drinking my precum. It was a small flow, but enough to form a continuous stream from my tip to the shower floor. She only suckled on it for a few seconds, then took it out of her mouth to bathe me. I wouldn’t have believed anyone could handle me there so gently. It was as if she was cradling a newborn kitten. She was so delicate and my dick was relishing the attention. I thought at one point that I would cum on her again and we would have to start cleaning up all over again. She washed and stroked, then held my dick up as her other hand cleaned my balls. Reaching back further, she scrubbed towards my ass. She again passed the washcloth over my opening, feeling my dick jump in her hand as she did it. After she giggled without looking up, she worked on my legs, then my feet. When she was finished, she put the washcloth on the seat behind me and stood up. Taking a clue from me, she rubbed against my body on the way up, but continued rubbing up and down when she was standing. “Mmmm, this feels even better than using my hands.”

“Yesss,” I agreed.

We rinsed off in the spray of the shower, then I turned it off and opened the door. Even with a shower that long, the mirror hadn’t fogged up. I’d love to know what the hotel does to prevent that. I reached for one of the fluffy white towels and held it up as she stepped out of the shower. I dried her as thoroughly as I had bathed her. She took the towel from me and returned the favor. When we were both clean and dry, I expected to step out of the bathroom and get dressed. She wasn’t finished with me yet. She looked up at me, put her arms around my neck, and began stepping backwards, pulling me with her, until her ass cheeks gently bumped the Corian vanity (I was watching her ass in the mirror from over her shoulder).

“It’s okay. I’m on the pill.”

As the implication of what she had just said sank in, she smiled shyly, took her arms from around my neck and lowered them to the edge of the counter. She lifted herself onto the countertop so she was sitting on the very edge, with her pussy barely hanging over the edge. She leaned back against the mirror and supported herself on her hands. Then she lifted her legs and spread them, one on either side, until she was almost doing a split on the counter. Ah, yes, I remembered, a former gymnast. I moved forward, my dick pointing the way so I wouldn’t get lost. As I took the last step to press the end of my drooling dick against her lips, she reached with her right hand to guide me. She manipulated my dick to pull apart her wet lips, then pointed me a little further down until I felt the wet opening. We both sighed, almost groaned. Her grip relaxed and she only lightly guided as I pressed my hips forward, entering her wet passage. She was tighter than I was used to, but her wetness took care of any problems with the fit. I slid in slowly, relishing in every detail of her vagina. As I approached full insertion, she removed her hand and used both arms to support herself and she pushed her groin towards me. I was fully inside her, our hair mingling.

“You’re so deep,” she almost whispered. “I think I can feel you against my cervix.”

I could feel her getting even wetter. We were definitely going to make a mess on the marble floor when I finally withdrew from her. I started up a slow rhythm, not too fast. I had already cum so the desperate urge had been somewhat sated. This was an interesting position, but she was very tight and I was able to penetrate deeply. My dick, even so recently satisfied, was quickly getting worked up.

“You’re so tight and I’m going in so deep. I don’t know how long I can last like this,” I warned her. I didn’t want to cum right away. I could usually last a long time, especially working on my second orgasm in short order. Here, now, with the excitement of having her for the first time, and in this position, I was on track to disappoint her.

“Don’t worry about it. I want it fast. I want to go to dinner with your cum inside me. Just fill me. Later tonight, you can take your time and make me scream.”

As if her words had not been enough to speed up the inevitable, I looked down and watched my dick sliding in and out of her channel. I liked watching her lips pull against me as I pulled out, then get squashed as I thrust inward. The motions of her soft lips only added to the feelings of fucking her, the excitement of the novelty of what I was doing. With her. I looked up and saw her breasts moving, almost flowing with the back-and-forth motion. Her face was happiness on top of ecstasy. As impossible as I would have thought it, she was enjoying this as much as I was. My arms around her waist, her legs now wrapped around my lower back, being able to watch the scene in the mirror behind her—it was all too much. She let out a groan as I got that feeling. It would only be a matter of a few strokes now. I was going to cum, and it was going to be inside Allison’s pussy. The look on her face told me that, if she wasn’t cumming, she was really enjoying it.

Allison could feel my dick starting to throb inside her body. “Don’t hold back. I want it inside me. I want to feel it shooting. Please...”

With that, my dick made a valiant attempt to impregnate this girl I had fantasized about for a quarter century. I thrust as deep as I could. She cried out. My arms crushed her against me as I felt spurt after spurt let loose inside her. She was moaning now. I’m not sure if she came or not, but she wasn’t exactly quiet about it.

We held each other for two or three minutes, not looking at each other. My head was over her shoulder, hers against my shoulder. I studied our reflection in the mirror. We were both catching our breath. I felt her stir so I shifted, started to pull away.

“Nooo,” she moaned when she realized my dick was slipping out of her. Just as I slipped free, Allison slid back a little. She shifted until her pussy was on the counter. The mixture of our fluids oozed out of her pussy and made a milky white puddle on the countertop. The brown hair around the bottom of her pussy was saturated with the thick liquid. I realized it was the mixture of what both of our bodies had produced. It was something we made together. It was the result of our coupling. “A lot came out, didn’t it? I can feel it on my bottom,” she said.

“Yeah. I like watching it leak out of your pussy.”

“I think I need to clean up again in the shower. At least my bottom.”

“Sorry,” I offered.

“Don’t be. It was worth it,” she replied, grinning. She started to get up. I handed her the thick fluffy towel and she wiped her bottom as she stood up. The puddle was still on the countertop. She turned on the shower and quickly washed her pussy and ass. In two minutes, she was out again, drying herself for the second time. I watched her, feeling myself getting hard again in the process.

“No more, at least until after dinner,” she pleaded.

“I guess I can wait that long,” I answered.

“We need to get dressed, unless we’re going to dinner naked. We’re probably about to miss our reservation.”

I found my watch on the counter and checked. “We still have about 20 minutes.”

“That’s just enough time for me to get presentable. I can’t go down there looking like I was just ravished.”

“Why not?” I asked. “That’s what happened.”

“I don’t mind you knowing. I just don’t want everyone else in the hotel to know.”

“From the noise you made, I think the people in the room next door might know,” I suggested.

“I’m the people in the next room. I already know,” she retorted, but with a smile.

With that, I slid open the bathroom door. The shock of the cold air in the room hit me. I turned around to look at Allison and saw that the shock of the cold air had obviously hit her as well.

“Yes, they’re hard,” she told me, confirming the state of her nipples.

“And beautiful.”

I turned to the closet to retrieve my clothes. Allison went past me to her room to get her clothes.

“Don’t get dressed just yet,” she said. “Come help me pick out what to wear to dinner.”


I followed her to her room, both of us naked. When we got to her bedroom, I was surprised to find her clothes strewn across her bed.

“I thought you were in my room before you joined me in the shower.”

“I came back here. I was so worked up, so I wanted to masturbate before I took a shower. I was lying on my bed, naked, fondling myself, and all I could think about was you in the shower. I decided to take a chance and try to join you.”

While I was listening to her tale and imagining what she must have looked like masturbating, my dick became fully erect.

“What?” she asked. I must have had a confused look on my face because she continued. “What got you all hard so fast?”

“I was imaging that scene, you masturbating on your bed, thinking about me.”

“Well, you were doing the same thing.”

“Yeah, and you caught me.”

“Did you mind?” she inquired.

“Not after I got over the shock and embarrassment,” I answered.

“Your dick didn’t look embarrassed.” With that she laughed and I joined in.

“I’m glad you caught me. And that you joined me.”

“And that we fucked?” she continued.

“And that we fucked,” I agreed. “I fantasized about doing that to you so many times over the years when I masturbated.” I couldn’t believe I was standing in Allison’s room, naked, discussing how I thought about her when I masturbated. A few hours ago, I hadn’t seen her in years.

“You’re one of my favorite fantasies, too. Now even more so.” There was a pause, then she continued. “I need to dry my hair. How about that black dress?” she asked, pointing to one of the dresses laying on one side of the bed, as she reached for the hair dryer. The dress was elegant, but sexy. I would have a hard time keeping my mind on dinner if she wore that.

“Ooh, black—the color of naughtiness. That will be perfect,” I answered.

I watched her naked body as she brushed and dried her hair. A thousand thoughts ran through my head, all of them happy, as I relived the last few hours. The sudden silence when she turned off the blow dryer brought me back to reality.

She looked at me in the mirror, then at her body. “I think I’ll skip the bra. You’ll enjoy that. I better wear panties, though. Otherwise, I might leave a puddle in the seat. I’m still pretty wet.”

I thought about what she just said. She giggled when she saw my dick jump. She had been watching me in the mirror as well.

“Do you mind if your dinner date is braless?”

“Not at all. I think I’ll rise to the occasion.”

“I’m sure you will,” she replied with a smile that had a trace of embarrassment.

Next she put on makeup. “Not too much,” I told her. “You really don’t need it, and you’ll taste better after without it.”

She smiled at my reflection. “That’s sweet, and you’re horny. It’s okay, so am I.” She smiled at me. Finally, she put on some perfume. I almost gasped as I watched her put a dab between her breasts. I realized she did that for me to enjoy later. I was going to start leaking precum if I didn’t get dressed soon. As if reading my thoughts, she grabbed a towel and wiped her pussy. “I’m starting to drip again.”

“You’re going to make me cum, or drive me to masturbate if you keep it up.”

“You’re keeping it up just fine,” she said, pointedly looking at my hard penis.

“We might as well order room service if we don’t stop,” I lamented.

“Oh, no. You have to buy me dinner before you get to take me to bed.” When I started to point out what we had done in my bathroom, she continued with, “That was on a countertop, not in a bed. I’m better in a bed.”

“Oh, wow,” I responded, wondering what I was in for later. I didn’t know if I could take more.

Again, as if reading my mind, she reassured me. “You’ll survive. You won’t get much sleep, but you’ll survive.”

She took a pair of very small panties out of her suitcase and put them on, then pulled the black dress over her head. “Zip me, please?” she requested.

I complied, kissing her back as I moved up her body. When I finished, she turned around. I could tell she was braless. She could tell I was even more excited.

“We need to get you into some clothes before you have an accident.” Then she led me by my dick back to my closet where she watched me get dressed. I thought the teasing was over. I was wrong. She sat on the vanity across from the closet. When she was sure I was looking, she pulled her dress up and put her right hand inside her panties. I could see through the thin fabric that she was sliding her fingers up and down over her slit. I somehow managed to get dressed without having an orgasm. When I finished (and she did, too), she took her hand out of her panties. Her fingers glistened with her juices. She stood and walked up to me. She put her fingers to my lips and I sucked them. As I did, she said in a sultry voice, “A sample of the late night dessert menu.”

“Ohhh,” was all I could answer. When I finished cleaning her fingers, she French kissed me.

“Your mouth tastes just like me,” she said.

“You’re bad,” I told her.

“Not yet. That’s later—after you buy me dinner. Then you’ll see how bad I can be.”

With that, she bent down slightly, reached under her dress and handed me a pair of panties. Wet panties.

“I think I will leave these here. I won’t be needing them again tonight.” Then, she ran her hands along the sides of her dress and said, “Mmm, this feels nice. And it’ll give you something to think about all through dinner. You can take a breath now.” Failing to keep her look of seriousness, she burst out laughing.

I had been holding my breath, fascinated by what she had just done. I imagine that I had a look of astonishment on my face as well. When I realized this and took a deep breath, I joined her in laughing at my condition. Once we were both dressed (and cleaned up), we exited through my room and took the elevator down to the lobby. I led her around to the Brandywine Room. I was walking through this elegant hotel, with Allison on my arm. It was like a dream. I couldn’t feel my feet touching the ground. The hostess greeted us just inside the restaurant. I told her my name and explained that we will only be two for dinner instead of the three I had reserved. She smiled and asked us to follow her. She seated us in the large dining room in the back. The high ceilings and dark paneling were impressive. Allison commented on the paintings on the walls.

“This is nothing. Join me for breakfast tomorrow morning in the Green Room. That will impress you.”

“I thought you said the Green Room isn’t open during the week,” she retorted.

“It opens for breakfast every morning. Dinner is served there only on weekends.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Our waiter appeared and introduced himself. As we have already had cocktails earlier, I ordered a bottle of champagne. Allison approved with her eyes. We went through the routine of examining the menus.

“So the Green Room is more impressive than this?” Allison commented as she read her menu.

“The décor is much more impressive. I’ve never had dinner there. Breakfast is nice, though.”

“From what I have seen so far, I doubt anything in the hotel is only nice.” She smiled at me. “So how do you rate business trips like this? I usually get stuck in a Holiday Inn.”

“That’s one of the advantages of owning the company. I get to choose where I go—and where I stay,” I answered as the waiter returned with our bottle of champagne. I tasted it and approved it. Not very dry. I certainly didn’t want to get her drunk and sleepy. Not tonight. I nodded my approval and he poured a glass for each of us.

I picked up my glass and held it out to Allison. “To 25 years that were lost.”

“And a few days to make up for them,” she answered, smiling, as she delicately touched her glass to mine.

Changing the subject, I asked, “What time is your meeting tomorrow morning?”

“Nine o’clock. I wasn’t going to get up too early, until you invited me to go to the gym.”

“Are you sure you still want to go so early?”

“I’m looking forward to it. You might have to motivate me in the morning.” She paused and lowered her head as she continued in a whisper, “I’m sure you’ll think of something,” She said that last part with a sly smile.

“Well, I usually get up around 6, go up to the club to workout, then shower and dress for breakfast. I skip the workout sometimes, depending on what is going on.”

“I love an early morning workout so don’t skip it. Let’s do it.” Then, lowering her voice again, she continued, “especially the shower part.”

If I had not just swallowed, I would have choked on the champagne. My wildest fantasies were coming true. I guess I won’t be lonely after all.

I tried to concentrate on dinner and the conversation, but I couldn’t help thinking about what she was wearing—or rather, what she wasn’t wearing. I wondered if there would be a wet stain on the chair when she got up. Hopefully, her dress was dark enough to hide any wetness she was now surely depositing there. If she was as wet as I was hard, there was going to be a mess.

We ordered dinner, then chatted some more about what our lives were like. I kept being drawn back to those summers with her. I could lose myself in her eyes, watching her smile and listening to her voice.

“Stop,” she said, laughing.


“You’re not talking. You’re just staring at me.”

“I’m not staring,” I answered defensively. “I’m adoring.”

“Now you’re making me blush.”

“Should I adore you less obviously?” I offered.

She shook her head, as if clearing away cobwebs from the corners of her mind or trying to see through a mist. “All this time, I never imagined you felt the same way I did. I was sure you had forgotten about me.”

“Forgotten? You were always in my thoughts, I hoped to run into you somewhere, I dreamed about seeing you again, I held you in my heart. You never forget a first love.” As I said those words, I felt them. I felt an ache in my heart, and an ache lower in the bottom of my stomach. A loneliness, a need, that was unmet – that could never be met. Not now, not with the turns our lives had taken.

“I know,” she replied softly, the faintest look of sadness crossing her lovely face. “Why did we go different ways?” The sadness had changed from a look to a sound. I could hear how she felt by the way her voice changed. I didn’t like hearing sadness in her voice.

“Fate.” That one word I spoke almost sounded cruel. I meant it to sound cruel. Fate had stolen her from me. Yes, I had found happiness, but with someone else. And so had she.

“If only…” she started to say.

“If only… we could be teenagers again?” I offered.

“Yes, if only,” she said.

“Maybe for a few days?” I asked.

“Definitely for a few days,” she replied.

Salads arrived, momentarily interrupting our exchange. We continued on this way, through soup and dinner, trying to recapture (or at least express) the emotions that fate had stolen from us. It was a wonderful meal, but I hardly tasted it. I was tasting Allison – her words, her beauty, her presence. I loved my wife, but I never stopped loving Allison. By the things she was saying, I was sure she had never stopped loving me, either.

Watching her lean forward to talk to me, I was mesmerized by the tops of her breasts. The view was all the more enticing because I alone knew she wasn’t wearing anything under that dress. Under the dress I helped her get into, when we finally put clothes on. After we made love.

We managed to share a light dessert. I guess we were thinking the same thing. We didn’t want to get so full that we would be sleepy, and not up to a night of sex. There was no more wondering if. Sex between us was a foregone conclusion. In the morning, I would enter my meeting tired. Tired and happy. Delirious.

After signing the check, we left and walked back to the elevator. Waiting for the elevator, she leaned close to my ear and whispered, “I can feel my lips slipping against each other as I walk.” I think my dick grew another inch when I heard that. I was going to pull her to me to kiss her just as the doors closed, but she stopped me. She had other plans. Looking me in the eye (a serious look, with just a trace of mirth touching her own eyes), she reached up under her dress. It was very obvious that she was pumping a finger in and out of her pussy. My eyes widened. She looked into my eyes and said, “It doesn’t matter now if my juices run down my legs. You’ll be the only one seeing.”

I did something crazy then. I knelt down, lifted her dress, and tasted her. Her pussy was more than wet. She was lubricating so much that her juices were oozing out of her opening, matting her light brown hair, and were indeed starting to run down her shapely legs. I was so hard and I wanted her so bad right then. By her body’s reaction, she was wanting me just as badly.

“I hope this elevator doesn’t have a security camera,” she giggled. Then, “Oh! Oh, yes. Don’t stop.”

I had to. The elevator was slowing. In a moment, the door would open and there might be someone standing there. I couldn’t have my face buried between her legs when the door opened. I stood up just in time, because there was a couple waiting to get on the elevator. As we passed them, the woman suddenly looked at me with a surprised expression. Her expression caught my attention and I looked back. As the elevator door was closing on them, she was telling her companion something. I looked back at Allison, confusion coloring my expression.

“Oops,” she said with a laugh.

“What’s going on?” I asked, not understanding.

“You’re face. It’s covered with my juices.” She kissed me. “You smell like me, too. And you taste like me. It would have been hard for anyone to miss.”

“I guess they know what we were doing,” I said, stating the obvious.

“That’s not all that’s hard,” she said, grabbing the erection that was tenting my pants as we walked down the hall to my door.

“Not here!” I exclaimed.

“Why not? People know we were having oral sex in the elevator. The hall is a lot more private than you brushing past that woman with me all over your face.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said, trying to sound calm. Trying, because I suddenly pulled her into a tight embrace. I kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth, one of my hands on her ass. She shrieked into my mouth. We finally broke the kiss, laughing. I wasn’t done. I reached into the top of her dress and caressed one of those breasts I was admiring all through dinner.

“You can have me after you get me inside,” she said.

“Now who’s being modest, Miss No Panties?”


I was opening the door while this exchange was going on. Pushing the door open, I picked Allison up in my arms and carried her inside, pushing the door closed with a foot. We were both giggling; no doubt the bottle of champagne was at least partly responsible. I laid her on the bed, then told her to wait right there. I turned around and walked back to the door. I opened it slightly, put out the Do Not Disturb sign, closed the door and locked it.

“Now,” I stated, “your ass is mine until tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, no. Not my ass. You can have anything else.”

“How about everything else?” I inquired lasciviously.

“Um, okay,” she agreed.

I returned to the bed but stopped before I climbed onto it. While she watched, I removed my suit. When I lowered my pants, my erection (which had been barely concealed by the jacket and pants) proudly made its presence known even though still covered by my underwear. Finally naked, I joined her on the bed. While she had watched me undress, she had kicked off her shoes and raised her dress to her waist. I had watched her rub her pussy while she was watching me. Now, she wrapped herself around me. My right leg was immediately aware of just how wet she really was. We shared a heated kiss, but then she pushed me away as she crawled lower, positioning her mouth over my dick. I looked on with salacity as her warm mouth descended over me, sucking my hardness into her opening. I felt her tongue caressing me, the suction she applied as her head moved up and down, only the slightest grazing of her teeth as they just barely let their presence be known. She was making love to me with her mouth, and by her intensity I knew she would be having her dessert very soon. I wondered if I should warn her when my orgasm approached. I was now lying on my back with Allison on her stomach between my legs. She was looking up at me as she sucked, smiling with her eyes. I could tell she was enjoying this as much as I was. A haze was starting to cloud my mind. I wanted to concentrate on what I was seeing but the feelings she was eliciting in my member were overwhelming my other senses. The outside world faded away. There was only her mouth and my dick. It took an effort to hold my head up enough to watch what she was doing to me. I wanted to watch, but the approaching orgasm was encouraging me to lay back, look up at the ceiling, tense my lower body and moan loudly. That is just what I did, but I managed one effort as ejaculation was imminent. “Allison, I’m going to cum in your mouth,” I groaned as I forced my head off the pillow enough to see her lovely face. Her mouth was stretched around my dick, forming a large O. She never stopped or even slowed her ministrations. I felt the first throb at the base of my dick. A moan started crawling out of my mouth. The moan became a muted scream as the second throb began the pulsing of sperm into her mouth. She made an “Mmmmm” sound as she tasted my cum. I could feel her mouth moving as she swallowed my seed. My head fell bonelessly back to the pillow. All I could do was lie there and cum into her mouth. I was incapable of any other action at that moment. I felt as if I was pouring the very essence of my life out through my dick into her, giving every bit of myself. As if I was turning inside out, my entire body being forced through that tiny opening and then into her mouth.

The next sound I heard was, “Whoa, you really came a lot.”

She had spoken. Now I was aware that she had released my dick from her mouth. My softening erection was in her left hand, shiny with the remains of my cum and her saliva. There was nothing on her lips. She has taken everything in her mouth. The world started to return around me. I was again lying on a bed, with the lovely Allison on her stomach between my legs. She released my dick and crawled up my body to lay on top of me. I put my arms around her and unzipped her dress. She lifted herself up to remove the only clothes she was still wearing and toss it towards the chair. It missed and landed in a pile on the floor. I felt her tits mash against my chest. Her pubic hair pressed against my limp and sensitive dick. She rested her upper body on her elbows, then she laid a French kiss on me. It was a deep, passionate kiss. I could taste my sperm in her mouth. When I realized I was kissing the spot where my dick had just shot off, my dick made a feeble attempt to get hard again. She broke the kiss and lifted her face enough above mine to focus her vision.

“Sorry. I should have asked if you minded kissing me right away. I got carried away by the passion of the moment,” she whispered.

“Why do you have to ask?”

“Well, some guys don’t like tasting their own cum and my mouth probably still tastes a lot like yours right now,” she explained.

“I don’t mind. I mean, it’s mine – it’s part of me, what I gave you. It’s my love for you, poured out in an explosion of passion.”

“That’s quite a statement. I’m glad you didn’t mind. I find that kind of erotic.”

“And I found it unbelievably erotic when you kissed me right after I ate your pussy,” I confessed. “Most women don’t want anything to do with the way their pussies smell or taste.”

“As you said, it’s from me. I like tasting myself on my man. The taste is nothing I would crave, but it’s fun tasting it and thinking about how it got there.”

“Same here,” I agreed. “That was some dessert I had in the elevator. Can I have another serving?”

“You bet,” she enthusiastically said as she sat up. She crawled up my body some more and knelt over my mouth. I could see and smell how excited she was. Extending my tongue, I could taste as well. She moaned when my tongue contacted her, and she settled down further, her trim legs straddling my head. I rolled my head back a little so I could see her face. She was looking down at me, a hand fondling each breast. She wasn’t shy about tasting herself, and she certainly wasn’t shy about touching herself in front of me. I liked that. I liked the way she tasted, too. As I thought about how she was going to taste herself on my face later, my dick started another attempt at recovery. I was getting hard while I ate her pussy, as she was sitting on my face.

I still couldn’t believe this was happening. It was like a wet dream, only it didn’t end when I came. I was going to make her cum on my face, and then I was going to cum again, this time inside her pussy. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, concentrating for a moment on her clit at the top of each stroke. After a few passes, I also started inserting my tongue into her hole at the bottom of the stroke. By the sounds she was making, she liked that a lot. I was enjoying being so close to her pussy. I indulged in the up close view, the smell, the taste and the feel of her. My sense of hearing wasn’t left out as I could hear her moaning while she sat above me and played with her tits. All my senses were engaged in my efforts to please her. She was so wet that her juices started to run down my cheeks and wet the pillow. She was really getting wet. Suddenly, she released her tits and grabbed my head with both hands. She pulled my face hard into her cunt, pressed her body down hard on my face and I felt her tremble. I also heard her moans begin to approach screams. Then she really got wet. I felt, first with my tongue then with my entire face, her juices running out of her pussy. After about a minute of this, the sensations became too much for her and she rolled off to the side to get my mouth away from her pussy. “Stop!” she gasped. “No more… I can’t stand it… Ohhh…” I lay there, my face coated in her juices, my dick fully hard, a smile on my face. As she came back to reality, she rolled back to her right and saw how hard I was. “Someone is feeling left out,” she said as she wriggled around to take my dick in her mouth. My precum had been flowing down the shaft as I was getting turned on by eating her pussy. She licked it up, then opened her mouth and let my dick penetrate her for about half its length. I put my arms behind my head to raise myself up a little so I could watch. I couldn’t find the other pillow but I didn’t want to interrupt what she was doing to me to look for it. She proceeded to bob her head up and down. As she moved up, I could clearly see how much of my dick had been in her mouth by the glistening remains of her saliva. As she moved down, she looked into my eyes. Her expression told me she was enjoying this as much as I was.

“I’m loving this, but I’d love to put my dick in your other opening,” I suggested.

When she was at the top of her next stroke, she paused and withdrew my dick from her mouth long enough to say, “Not just yet. My pussy is still too sensitive. Give me a few minutes more to recover.” Then she resumed sucking me. I wasn’t about to argue. I watched her and she watched me. And we both enjoyed it.

After about ten minutes (and before I was in any danger of cumming), she stopped sucking me and sat up. As I watched, she straddled my dick. Reaching down with her left hand, she opened her wet pussy lips. With her right hand, she guided my dick between her folds and into her opening. We both watched as best we could. I had the better view because of the designs of our bodies. I saw as well as felt contact being made between my dick and her pussy. The feeling was electric, but it was immediately followed by the tight wetness of entering her pussy. She was a little tight (or I was a little big), but she used her weight to force the penetration. It still took a few strokes before the hair around my dick and the hair around her pussy merged. Only then did she release my erection, her fingers sliding up through her slit and touching her clit on the way up. Finally, she straightened fully and rode me. There was something about how erect she sat that reminded me of a woman riding a horse. She closed her eyes and looked to the ceiling, giving a gasp and a shudder, then she opened her eyes and looked at me. I was mesmerized by the sight of her breasts bouncing up and down with the motion. She was clutching my legs so tightly with her own that I couldn’t really do much to add to the motion. All I could do was just lie there and watch her fuck me. This scene would be the fantasy of many jack-off sessions in the future. She was beautiful in the full light of the room, her naked body seeking pleasure in our joining. I memorized every detail, every scent, every sound. I reached up and played with her tits as she rode me. I held them, squeezed them, held out my palms and let her nipples rub against me. I partly sat up enough to suck each nipple in time, keeping the other one busy with my fingers. Her nipples seemed to be quite sensitive, judging from her reactions. I put my arms around her back and rolled over until I was on top, all without letting my dick escape from her pussy. As we settled into a new rhythm, I lifted my upper body on my arms and used my hands to push her tits together. In this position, her nipples were almost touching. I leaned forward and sucked both of her nipples in my mouth at the same time. She really liked that.

“No one has ever done that to me before,” she gasped. I was glad there was something I could be the first to do to her, something that she would remember me for. I eagerly sucked her nipples, biting them gently and watching her reaction. Seeing no indication of pain, I bit a little harder and she seemed to enjoy the extra stimulation.

All this was having the desired effect on her, and she reached her orgasm. Again, she was very vocal and I was glad no one in the nearby rooms knew either of us. I enjoyed holding her and watching her face as she descended into the depths of ecstasy. I enjoyed hearing her moans escalate to screams. She would close her eyes tightly for a minute or so, then open them and try to focus on me. It was like she was convincing herself that it was really me making her feel this way. I guess she couldn’t believe it just as I couldn’t. This was really happening, after all those years. As she was coming down from the peak, I realized I wouldn’t be able to hold back any longer. As much as I wanted to last, the excitement and novelty of being with Allison was too much. I warned her that I was cumming. She opened her eyes at that and looked intently at me, a smile replacing the grimace of extreme pleasure. She was trying to watch me cum now. I moaned loudly and arched my back, pushing myself as deeply into her as possible. She wrapped her legs around mine to hold me deeply inside her (as if there was any chance I would want to pull out). Her soft hands cupped my face. I felt the spasms erupting in my loins, shortly followed by that warm wet feeling of my sperm filling her pussy. I wanted to close my eyes and concentrate on the sensations overloading my brain, but I wanted to look at her at the same time. Like her, I wanted to see that it was her making me feel this way. I kept my eyes open, but couldn’t stay focused. Her face became a blur and my vision narrowed as my senses became overwhelmed. There was only her pussy and my dick. Her tightness and my throbbing. Our wetness. I collapsed onto her and pressed my face against her shoulder. I was panting when reality returned. I was feeling sweaty. I was feeling her skin, her entire body, pressed against me. I was inside her and against her. I turned my head to the side and kissed her below her ear. She gave a little shudder. “Ohh, that’s nice,” she encouraged me. As I caught my breath, I kissed the side of her face more intently. My dick was rapidly getting soft, but I tried to resume thrusting. All I managed to do was to slip out of her pussy, flooding the sheets with our combined juices, the result of both our orgasms. She looked sad and groaned as she felt her lips lose possession of my dick.

“No,” she moaned.

“It’s okay. I’ll get hard again soon,” I promised.

“I wanted you to stay inside me for awhile. I like feeling you there.”

“I like it, too. You’re different.”

She thought about that for a moment. “Better or worse?” she inquired. Neither of us wanted to voice who we were comparing her pussy to.

“Just different. I like it. I love it.”

“Mmmm, me too,” she agreed.

I realized I was resting all my weight on her body so I rolled to the side.

“Stay and cuddle,” she urged me.

“I don’t want to crush you. I’m not through using you, yet,” I said with a grin.

“Ooh, use me some more,” she begged.

“I will. I just need to inspire my dick to get hard again.” With that, I slid down until I was between her legs. Her pussy hair was matted with our juices. My sperm was still oozing out of her slit. There was a wet spot, actually a small puddle, below her. I spread her lips with my fingers, enjoying the soft slipperiness of her. I peeled back her lips and touched the tip of her clit with my tongue. Her moaned encouragement spurred me on to caress the shaft and tip with my tongue. My nose was pressed against her hair. I was seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling her pussy. Sensory overload again. I moved my tongue lower. As I reached her opening, I felt the flow oozing out of her. I realized what it was, but I wanted to eat her more than I minded tasting my own sperm. My tongue began exploring, caressing. She gasped from the touch.

“Wait. Let me clean up first,” she offered. Her voice was weakened by how much she was enjoying what my tongue was doing to her.

“No, relax. Enjoy it. I don’t mind. I don’t want to wait. I want to taste you… and I want to make you moan some more,” I explained in between licks. My tongue was roaming all over her pussy. I was beyond being aware that her pussy tasted like my sperm. I was tasting her, tasting us. I looked up from between her lips and saw her watching me. She had lifted herself up on her elbows.

“Do you really like tasting that?” she asked. There was concern and genuine curiosity in her voice.

“It’s not the taste of me. It’s the taste of us,” I explained.

“Oh.” She thought about that for a moment. “I wanna taste.”

How could I ignore a request like that? I made another pass through her pussy, making sure my cheeks got wet, sucking more of the juices in my mouth. I was going to give her the full experience. I didn’t know if she would like it. There had to be more of the smell and taste of her pussy than of my sperm. The idea of her tasting herself excited me and I felt my dick just begin to stiffen. Mission accomplished.

I moved up until I was over her again and leaned forward, aware of what my face must look and smell like. I watched her face for signs of disgust. She had the look of curiosity. I leaned in for a kiss, a French kiss so she could have what I was holding in my mouth. As our lips met and parted, the combined juices flowed from my mouth into hers. Our tongues intertwined in the mixture. She was tasting us now. I pulled away to judge her reaction.

“I taste your sperm, but I taste me, too.” She was thinking about the taste. “I like the mixture. It is us.” She smiled and I did as well.

“It’s like when you’re on top and get up. I don’t mind feeling my sperm leaking out of you onto me, because it’s coming out of you. It is different when we’re together. I don’t know why, but it is. It’s part of what we shared.”

“I guess so. Normally, I don’t care for the smell of my pussy, but it smells good on you. I guess smelling, and tasting, it on you reminds me where your face was a minute ago. How you were making me feel.”

We kissed for a minute or two, and then she suddenly realized my hardon was pressing against her belly.

“You’re hard again! That was fast!”

“I couldn’t help it. Your body has that effect on me. I guess my dick didn’t want my tongue having all the fun.”

She laughed at that. “What’s next on the menu?”

“How about doggy?” I suggested.

“Ooh, good choice. I want to stand up and put my hands on the bed, okay?”

“Sure,” I agreed. We got up from the bed. As we stood, she pulled me to her and we shared another kiss, our naked bodies touching from toes to head. We ran our hands across each other’s ass. She parted and turned around, assuming the doggy style position. There she was, bent over at the waist with her hands on the bed, with her pussy waiting for me. My dick was ready for action.

I walked up to her. I loved that view of her pussy lips, framed by her legs and ass. I bent down and ran my tongue over her lips, tasting her. I straightened up and moved closer to her. My dick made contact with her pussy and she gave a moan. I used my right hand to rub my dick against her lips. I didn’t penetrate her yet. I just used my dick as a tool to open her. I wanted to feel how wet she was. Some of that wetness was the sperm I left in her last time. Most of it was the lubrication her body was making as it prepared itself to be fucked by me. She was lubricating copiously. It was just starting to ooze past the lips and run down her body. I enjoyed moving the excess lubricant around with the end of my dick. Finally, I pushed towards her and my dick entered her cunt. I watched it disappear inside her body. I reached for her hips with my hands. I used her hips as handles to pull myself fully inside her. I slipped easily into full penetration this time. She was wet enough and stretched enough that it only took one stroke this time. She grunted as I hit bottom. I didn’t stay still this time. I immediately pulled myself out until only the head was held captive by her lips, then plunged in again. I pounded into her over and over. She was adding her own rhythm. The bed was squeaking as she pushed against it. I liked fucking her while I stood upright behind her. I couldn’t see her face, but the feeling on my dick was wonderful. I wished the room had a mirror so I could watch her breasts sway. I leaned over her back so I could at least feel them swaying with my hands. I squeezed them and the sounds she was making became a little louder. Her moans were just barely audible. Our bodies were learning how to move together to create pleasure. She started to get tired leaning like that so she bent her arms and laid her upper body on the mattress. I leaned forward. In this position, I could penetrate her a little deeper. Even better, the angle made my dick press down against her G spot with each inward thrust. I put my hands on top of her ass cheeks and pressed down harder with each inward stroke. Her reaction was very favorable. It was obvious from the change in the sounds she was making that she liked the new position. Her moans became more insistent. We hadn’t spoken since standing up. In between moans, she starting speaking.

“Ooh, I can… feel your, uh, … your dick against… Oh!… my cervix… Yes! There!… hit my G, uh, spot… Ohhh…” She became incoherent as another orgasm washed over her. If I had not been able to tell she was cumming by the sounds she was making, the contractions I was feeling in her pussy would have told me. I was enjoying making her cum, and I was enjoying the tight feeling of her pussy from this angle. Standing like this, my dick entered her pussy from above. The top of her lips pulled against the bottom of my dick. Her clit was underneath her body, but it was probably rubbing against the sheet as she moved back and forth. At least the part of her lips surrounding it was, and that was enough to stimulate her. I let her complete her orgasm, then suggested a change. I was a little tired from the standing position, but I really wanted to watch her. I brought a chair into the bathroom and had her kneel on it while resting her arms on the back. I stood behind her and again entered her warm pussy. I looked at the mirror and saw her watching as well.

“I was wondering why you wanted to do it in the bathroom again. Now I understand. I like the view,” she told me as her breathing got heavier.

“These rooms don’t have mirrors in the bedrooms. This is the next best thing. I love watching your body in motion.”

“Thanks. I like watching you. It makes me tingle inside when I see you clench your ass to thrust into my pussy.”

“I love the way your tits sway. I love looking at your face.” I was talking to her as we looked at the mirror. I leaned as far forward as I could. When she realized what I had in mind, she turned her face over her shoulder and our lips could just barely meet in a kiss. It wasn’t a deep probing kiss like the ones we had shared earlier. The deep probing was taking place at the other end. When the kiss ended, we resumed watching ourselves in the mirror.

“I never liked watching myself in a bathroom mirror, but I kind of like the way I look when you’re attached to me,” she observed. I thrusted a little harder. “Oof, I like the way I feel, too. Keep it hard like this. I want to scream. I want to hear it echo in here.”

I was pounding away so hard that the chair was starting to slide across the floor in spite of her weight on it. It was going to get really noisy when she came. Luckily, our rooms were on either side of the bathroom. That should muffle the sound. It was almost comical. Here we were over a chair, in a bathroom, watching ourselves in a mirror. Our moans echoed along with the scraping of the chair. As I predicted, she came loudly. Her moans raised in pitch, then became screams which echoed in the palatial bathroom. Finally, we disentangled. We were both tired and sweaty. And satisfied.

“Let’s rinse off in the shower, then head for bed,” I suggested. She agreed. As Allison got the shower ready, I put the chair back in the bedroom. When I returned, I joined Allison in the shower and we cleaned each other off quickly.

As I left the bathroom, I started to turn right to go to my bedroom. Allison grabbed my hand and turned towards her bedroom. “My sheets are still clean. Let’s sleep in my room tonight.”

I agreed with her reasoning and followed her through the doorway to her room. As in my room, the bed had been turned down and the lighting set to soft while we were at dinner. I turned out all the lights as she climbed into bed. I followed her and we shared the chocolate mints placed on the pillows. We cuddled under the sheet and comforter. The feeling of her naked body against mine was like a dream. The warmth of her body, the smoothness, the softness all encouraged my dick to make a feeble attempt at yet another erection. The attempt would remain feeble. It was late and he had worked hard that day.

Allison giggled softly in the darkness as she felt it. “Down, boy. I’m going to be sore in the morning as it is. I don’t think I could go again tonight.”

“Me either. Not that I’m complaining, of course.”

“This was so wonderful,” Allison sighed in the darkness.

“And to think, a matter of hours ago we hadn’t seen each other in years.”

“I think we just made up for lost time.”

“Yeah. Years worth.”

We were quiet for a long while. I had settled on my back and she was lying partly over me on her stomach. Her left breast was resting on my chest. Her left leg was between my legs. Even though we had jumped in the shower, I could still feel wetness leaking out of her. Her pubic hair was still damp and there was enough leaking out to wet my leg. We were both tired but our bodies still wanted to do more. Or maybe our bodies were tired but our hearts wanted to go on. I pulled my arm around her a little tighter and she made a happy sound. It was kind of like a soft moan.

“This feels so nice. I used to fantasize about us lying in bed like this after making love. This was one of my favorite masturbation fantasies when I was a teenager,” Allison confessed.

I thought about that for awhile. “I liked to fantasize about you as well. I think my fantasies had more action in them, though.”

“I’d like to hear about some of those fantasies sometime.” She sounded really sleepy now.

“Okay, tomorrow. We really should get some sleep now. I don’t want to be the reason you fall asleep in your meeting tomorrow.”

“Yes, you do,” she said with a laugh.

“Yes, I do. Goodnight, my love.”


In a matter of a minute or two, I heard her breathing deepen. I was as tired as her, but I didn’t fall asleep right away. I listened to her breathe. I felt the wet juncture at the top of her legs against my leg. She made that happy moaning sound a few times in her sleep. She must have been dreaming about me. I finally fell asleep holding on to her and smiling.

The alarm clock went off at 6:00. I woke up feeling a naked woman against my body. If my traditional morning erection hadn’t already been there, the feel of her body would have caused one. It took me a moment to remember who the woman was. Then I got even harder. I had just spent the night with Allison. A teenage fantasy come true. She woke up as I moved to turn off the alarm.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“Six. Do you still want to workout?”

“I thought we did that last night.”

I laughed at her joke. “Yeah, we did. Cardiovascular.”

“Let’s go. Then we can have a quickie and take a shower together. I love sex and a shower after a workout.”

“Sounds delicious. So do you.” With that, I ducked under the covers and sought out her pussy. She gave a happy shriek as my tongue found her clit. I tasted her and found her still quite wet. That probably had something to do with what I left inside her last night. After getting a good taste, I climbed up her body and poked my head out of the covers. She immediately kissed me.

“Mm, I do taste good in the morning. I think I taste a trace of you.”

“Are you sure you want to workout in the gym and not here?” I offered.

“To the gym,” she said as she pushed down the covers and sat up. I enjoyed the sight of her soft breasts swaying as she sat up. They were still firm after all these years. I gave one nipple a suck as I got up. “Those are for later,” she said, laughing. She got up and rummaged around for something to wear to the gym. “I guess I need to wear panties or you’ll have me wetting my shorts.”

“I’m going to get dressed. Don’t leave without me,” I said as I walked to my bedroom and dressed. She appeared moments later, wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

“You look great,” I breathed. And she did. Her tanned and toned legs ran up into the shorts that she filled out so nicely. Her t-shirt clung to her waist and chest, her tits stretching the material, capped off by her lovely face. She was as I remembered her, none the worse for wear after the intervening years. I pulled her to me and kissed her. “I don’t know how I’ll keep my mind on my workout with you in the room.”

“I’m keeping my mind on the shower after the workout.” She smiled broadly at that thought.

I released her and, putting my arm around her waist, led her to the door. We were soon at the door to the workout room. The halls were deserted at that hour. I used my room key to open the door and we signed in. It was just the usual regulars, a former member of Congress and another businessman, using the room. We started off on the treadmill. It took everything I had to concentrate on not tripping as I kept stealing glances at her. She knew what I was doing and it amused her. We each did a pretty good workout, finishing with the stair climber. By the time we were halfway finished, we were the only ones there. I managed to grab her a few times. She suppressed her shrieks. I could tell by her face that she didn’t mind. Finally, sweaty and a little tired, we headed back to our rooms. We capped off the workout with a shared shower. My morning erection was put to good use in the shower. Her moans echoed off the walls again. We got dressed for our meetings. I wore a suit and checked my notes for the speech I was planning to give. She wore a conservative dress – and she was lovely in it. This time, she wore panties and a bra under her dress. We then took an elevator down to the lobby and entered the Green Room for breakfast.

The hotel was coming to life now. The dining room was about half full. I gave my name and we were shown to our table. We were sitting near the corner of Market and 11th, with those floor to ceiling windows showcasing the street. Across the street, the “No Coke Diner” van made its annual appearance of protest.

Allison was taken in by the restaurant. “This place is really magnificent!” she exclaimed in a hushed tone, as she turned around to take in everything.

“Yes, it’s nice. I’ve only had breakfast here. It only opens for dinner on the weekends. Judging from the breakfast, dinner must be fantastic.”

There was a lot to look at. The paintings, the dark wood paneling, the organ loft – it all made a very dramatic impression. As she studied the menu, she asked the question I had asked on my first morning there. “What’s Scrapple?”

I laughed. “I always wonder that. I’ve never had the courage to try it. It is a northern breakfast thing. These people would probably say the same thing about grits. I think it is something like meat and mushy cornbread dressing mixed together and fried.” She made a face. “Yeah, it sounds that good to me as well.” We both laughed softly.

“I think I’ll have Eggs Benedict,” she decided.

“One of my favorites here. I’ll have the same.”

The waiter returned to take our order. She had coffee and I had orange juice to drink.

“So what is your speech about?” she asked, bringing me back to earth.

“You know, I was all nervous about it yesterday. When I ran into you, I forgot all about it.” The pangs of nervousness started to reappear in my stomach. “Just some issues with quality control of the product in some other countries. It will probably turn out to be nothing. I just want to bring it up so maybe it will get checked. It’s certainly nothing earth shattering. No one will remember it by next year.”

“You’ll do fine.”

My wife always told me that, with the same reassuring tone in her voice.

Allison continued. “You always did. I was so envious of you. It all seemed to come easy for you.”

“That’s because you couldn’t see me sweat.”

“Don’t worry about it. Sorry I brought it up.”

“Don’t be. I need to start thinking about it. Someone has been keeping my mind off my work.”

“Well, that someone had better get her butt to her meeting also. She is supposed to be doing some work here, too. What are you doing this afternoon?”

“I don’t know. After lunch, I might drive into Philadelphia or down to the coast. I’ve never seen the Atlantic coast from here.”

“Can you have lunch with me?”

“I’d love that. I should get out right before lunch. Where do you want to meet?”

“Let’s meet in the room.” She didn’t say her room or my room. Just the room. I nodded. “What do you suggest for lunch?”

“I don’t know. I always leave before lunch. We’ll find something.” Something we can discover together, I thought.

We finished breakfast and parted at the door to the restaurant. She had to go across the lobby to her meeting room. I was heading down the hall to the theater for mine. We didn’t kiss in the hall. I was concerned about someone she knew seeing her with a man other than her husband. She seemed to indicate with her eyes that she understood. She gave my hand a squeeze just before she headed off.

I turned towards the theater and got in line to go through security. Before long, I was seated in the middle of the theater. People were filing in. It would be a large crowd today. The reporter from The Motley Fool was in the balcony with his hat. Some of the regulars greeted each other. Many people had literally made millions off this stock alone and attended the annual meeting religiously.

There wasn’t much controversy in the meeting. It was a quiet year. No protesters or picket lines. When the time for questions arrived, I raised my hand like many others. Most of the questions were mundane. I like the questions the young children asked. They sometimes had interesting insight from their unique point of view. We did, after all, sell a lot of product to children. When my turn came, I made my case. My point was considered, and a few follow up questions related to what I brought up. At the end, I was asked to meet with the President after the meeting concluded.

When the meeting ended, the Board of Directors mingled with the stockholders. Warren Buffet was always popular. I worked my way to the front and managed to speak with the company president. He asked a few questions about how I came by my information. He seemed interested and, while assuring me that there were no quality control problems, offered to look into the problem. He asked for my card and told me I would receive the results of his investigation. I thanked him.

Once I left the theater, the release of the tension was like a spring breeze. I had done what I came here for. Now I could play until my return flight. This time would be different. I would stay and have lunch in town. Someone was waiting for me in my room. Our room. My heart skipped a beat with that thought. I worked my way through the crowd exiting the theater, collecting my attendance gift on the way out.

When I walked into my room, Allison was already there. Her shoes were off and she was lying on my bed. The bed we had “used” last night.

“Sorry I’m late. I had a discussion with management when the meeting ended.”

“Did it go well?” Allison wanted to know.

“I think so. They’re going to investigate it. Of course, there was the usual ‘We don’t expect to find anything’ line. Still, they are going to check it out.”

“I have to be back at 1:30 so we just have time for lunch. Let’s go find a place.” With that, she put her shoes back on and we headed down to ask the concierge about a nearby place for lunch. She suggested a local restaurant in walking distance. We thanked her and left the hotel by the rear entrance. It was a beautiful day, clear and cool. I took Allison’s hand as we walked the few blocks. Lunch was quite good and we made it back in time for her next meeting.

I called for my car as I went back to the room to change into jeans. I spent the afternoon driving out to the coast. I enjoyed the countryside. I also used the time to call my wife. The guilt attack I felt for not calling yesterday (and for everything else I had done) wasn’t enough for me to tell her about meeting “a friend” (or sleeping with that “friend”). I lied about being nervous and spending the evening going over my notes until I realized it was too late to call. She bought it. Everything was fine at home. I told her where I was going and she was glad I wasn’t just sitting alone at the hotel. I told her I planned to spend tomorrow in Philadelphia. She thought that was a good idea. With the call out of the way, I went back to enjoying the drive. I also started to deal with the guilt of what I had been doing with Allison. I finally decided to put that out of my mind until the flight home. I would have a lot of time to decide what to tell my wife. In the meantime, I was going to enjoy everything as it came. The drive was nice. It was a part of the Atlantic coast I had never seen before. I hit some traffic on the way back, but arrived at the hotel around the time Allison was finishing up for the day. I was watching the news when I heard her enter her room. She walked over when she heard the television and flopped on the bed next to me.

“How was your day?” she asked.

“Nice. I enjoyed the drive.” I told her where I had gone. I explained how I planned to spend tomorrow in Philadelphia. “I missed you.”

She leaned over and kissed me. “Same here. I won’t be missing you tonight,” she assured me with a grin. I smiled back.

“Does that mean you will agree to join me for dinner again?”

“Did you really think you could get rid of me?”

“No,” I answered. “And I didn’t want to. I’m looking forward to another evening with you.”

“It has been wonderful.” She paused, lost in thought. “Tomorrow’s session doesn’t really apply to my work that much. How would you feel about me going to Philadelphia with you?”

I sat up. “That would be great!” I was delighted by the prospect of spending the whole day with her.

Allison rolled over on top of me and we kissed for a time. I was enjoying the feel of her soft breasts pressing against my chest. She could feel me getting harder. “Ooh, did you bring me a present?” she asked as she rubbed my erection through my jeans.

“I made it myself,” I answered as we both laughed. My hands were now busy kneading her tits. She sat up and pulled her shirt over her head. I took the hint and before long we were both naked. We pulled the covers down and were soon wrestling on the sheets. I enjoyed the sight of her body as much as the feel. I spent a lot of time with her tits.

“I have a confession,” I said as I played with one nipple.

“Confession?” she asked.

“Yeah. Once a long time ago, I peeked down your bathing suit to see your nipples. We were cleaning your father’s boat. You leaned over and they were in front of me so I looked.”

She laughed. “I think I remember that. I had been trying all afternoon to give you a show without getting caught by anyone else. I’m glad you saw it. I didn’t have all that much to show then.”

“But you do now… and I can do a lot more than just look,” I said as I leaned in to take the nipple into my mouth. She moaned as I softly bit the sensitive flesh. My hand moved over to the other nipple for a few moments, and then slowly slid down her stomach to find a very wet snatch. “You’re wet,” I commented, my voice muffled by the tit in my face.

“What do you expect? Your mouth and hands are driving me crazy. Time for me to get in the act,” she said as she grabbed my dick and started stroking. “You’re as hard as I am wet.”

“I guess you’re right.” After my answer, we didn’t speak for awhile, unless you count moans.

We worked each other over with our hands until she couldn’t wait anymore. Then she rolled me onto my back (I wasn’t putting up any resistance) and knelt over my hardon. I smiled as I watched the sight of her pussy, the hair glistening with drops of her moisture, descend over my throbbing erection. She was warm as well as wet as she made contact with me. She impaled herself fully on me. I groaned as she lowered herself until her pubic hair was pressed against mine. The feeling was exquisite. She was watching me and noticing how much I was enjoying the feel of being inside her. Instead of starting to bounce up and down, she first worked her PC muscles, massaging my dick. I moaned louder and she smiled. Her brow furrowed as she concentrated on making her muscles work. I was enjoying it so much that I realized I might cum just from that.

“Slow down. You’ll make me cum before I have a chance to do anything for you.”

“Oh, you’re doing something for me,” she explained. “I lo-ove the way you feel inside me.” The expression on her face explained why she was having difficulty talking. “You feel so goo-ood inside me,” she managed to get out before redoubling her efforts on my dick. “Can you really cum from just this?”

“Just this? Your pussy is driving my dick nuts. I can barely hold on. I want to roll over and fuck you hard so you can cum with me, but I can’t bring myself to stop you from what you’re doing to me.”

“Good,” she said as a smile crossed her face. “I like knowing you’re enjoying what I’m doing.” She continued for a few more minutes. When my dick started to throb, she stopped. She leaned forward against my chest and said, “Okay, roll me over and fuck me now,” as her face was only inches from mine. I did just that. In a minute or so, the bed was squeaking – and so was she. After what she had done to me, I couldn’t last long. I didn’t need to. She came when she felt me squirting deep inside her body. We held each other and looked deeply into each other’s eyes as we came. It took an effort to keep my eyes open as I filled her with my jism. When I finished, I put my head down on her shoulder and transferred some of my weight to my arms. We lay there for a long time, enjoying the feeling of our bodies touching. Our combined juices flowed out of her pussy as my dick softened. I could feel the wetness on my balls and I knew the sheets were soaking up the fluids. We would be sleeping in her bed again tonight.

I finally got off her and lay down next to her. She got up to lie between my legs. She wanted to suck my softened dick and clean off the result of our lovemaking. I watched her sucking me off as I slowly stiffened in response. It was fun watching my dick start off small and slowly get too large to fully fit inside her mouth. As I grew, she was able to take less and less into her mouth. When I was ready for another romp, she was only able to take about half of the length in her mouth. The diameter was stretching her mouth as far as it could go. I couldn’t say it was uncomfortable for her because the expression on her face was one of ecstasy. When I was fully erect, she took me out of her mouth and smiled. “I think you’re ready.”

“I think I am, too,” I answered her. “Do you have a preference?”

“Let’s do… doggy style this time,” she suggested. She rose onto all fours and turned around, facing the sofa but still on the bed. She was patiently waiting for me. I got up on my knees behind her. She was so wet that I could see her lips and hair glistening. I bent down and gave her lips a lick. A groan escaped her other lips. I knelt upright and moved closer, my dick sticking out and pressing against her pussy. She was so wet that I didn’t have to use my hand to show my dick the way. Her lips slid apart as my dick pressed inward. Her hair parted, her outer lips parted, and my dick slid around her inner lips until it reached her opening. Once there, I pressed and her warm channel yielded to the invasion. I put a hand on each hip. I loved how her narrow waist and her hips made a kind of handle for me hold her with in this position. Using the “handle”, I pushed forward as I pulled her to me. When I was fully inside, I pulled away as I pushed with my hands. We settled into a slow, steady rhythm. We were quiet this time. We were going so slow that the bed barely made a sound. It was nice this way. I could feel her pussy around my dick. I could savor each nuance of the contact. She felt different in some ways from what I was used to. Whenever I looked at the back of her head and realized who I was fucking, I had to fight off the urge to bang her at full speed. I wanted this to be slow and gentle, loving. My dick was excited to be fucking Allison. My head was fighting to maintain control and make tender love instead. This time my head was winning. My heart ached. I moved my hands up and down her sides, reveling in the feel of her warm smooth skin. I let my hands wander underneath, where I could feel her breasts hanging. They were swaying a little from our motion. I leaned forward and my groin pressed a little harder against her butt. I could penetrate a little deeper. What I was trying to do was get a better hold on her tits. I was cupping both of them now, squeezing them. I could feel the hardened nipples in my palms. She made a small soft moan that let me know she liked this. Otherwise, we were still silent. Her head turned to the right. She was looking back for my mouth. Wordlessly, I caught on and (using her tits as handles this time) pulled myself further forward. Our lips made contact and we kissed. She had to be uncomfortable straining to turn her head that far. My neck was stretched to reach her. The kiss was as soft as our quiet coupling. As we gently broke the kiss, she pulled away with a smile. My left hand left her breast and trailed along her stomach. I felt the curly hair first, then I found her wet lips. Her clit was easy to locate and I was very gentle with it. I didn’t want to turn this into a hard fuck. I just wanted to give her a little more stimulation. The position was tight for my dick and I didn’t want to cum before her. I gathered some of the ample lubrication escaping from around my shaft and rubbed around her clit. I avoided her sensitive tip. Instead, I slid a finger along the shaft and inside of the inner lips. I moved slowly, reaching lower for more lubricant as necessary. This was having the desired effect. Her motion was getting more insistent. She was bumping into me more forcefully when I bottomed out. The speed was a little faster, even though she also wanted to keep it gentle.

I felt her pussy clench around my dick as the first spasms of orgasm gripped her. I was so close that I didn’t need much more. I moved my slippery finger to the tip of her clit. On the next inward stroke, I gripped her body as well as I could. I held her by her tit and her clit, keeping my dick buried as deeply as I could. I spasmed next. The first one was just a spasm. The second one was accompanied by that warm liquid feeling as my sperm pumped into her. Squirt after squirt filled her body. We both remained silent as my cum transferred from my body to hers. The only thing moving was my finger over her clit. Even when I finished pulsing, I kept my hold on her. I was intent on keeping my dick inside her as long as I could. I knew my dick would start shrinking and her pussy would spasm again, pushing me from her. Until then, we were sharing the feeling of coupling. We were as close as we could be. I was inside her and I was going to leave part of me in there.

Finally, the spell was broken when my dick was pushed out of her cunt, accompanied by a substantial flow of our combined juices. I released her nipple, running my right hand down her side to her hip. I straightened up and moved into a sitting position behind her. I enjoyed watching the result of our coupling flowing out of her. When Allison realized I was sitting down, she looked over her shoulder at me.

“What are you looking at?” she asked, almost a whisper.

“I’m watching my sperm leak out of you.” The tone in my voice told her I wasn’t being funny or vulgar. I was watching with wonder. She understood. She remained on all fours as her pussy leaked. When the flow started to ebb, she squeezed her pussy muscles and a little more flowed out, forming a slow slender drip onto the sheets. We had left a puddle again, just starting to be absorbed by the sheets. She lifted her leg and rolled onto her back. My eyes followed her, enjoying the sight of her naked body. She kept her eyes on me, enjoying how much I was enjoying looking at her. This spell wasn’t broken nearly so soon. We were together on the bed in this magnificent setting, alone and naked. Satisfied—for the moment. A scene I had fantasized about throughout my adult life. I felt a twinge of excitement when I remembered that she had probably fantasized about the same thing over the years we were apart.

Allison must have seen the look in my eyes, because she finally broke the silence between us. The love and tenderness in her voice made my heart ache. “What are you thinking?” she asked me, quietly.

“How being here with you, like this, is the realization of a fantasy I have had since I last saw you. And—how I think you might have had a similar fantasy.” Fear gripped my stomach as I voiced that last sentence. I wasn’t sure how strong her feelings might be. I hoped I was guessing right. I knew I was about to find out.

What happened next was not one of the scenarios I had imagined. Allison looked quizzical for a moment, then started crying. Soft sobs with large tears running down her cheeks. She cried as she lay there in a wet stain from the aftermath of our lovemaking. I panicked. What had I done? How could I fix it?

“What?” I asked as tenderly as my panicked state allowed me. “What did I do?”

She tried to laugh through the tears, but it didn’t work. She almost smiled, but the pain she was feeling held back most of the smile. “Why didn’t we find each other before—”. She couldn’t finish the sentence. It was the thing we were both avoiding talking about. She tried again. “Why did we have to … to start different lives … without each other?” I knew what she didn’t say—with other people. I didn’t have an answer, at least not a good one.

“Fate,” I tried.

That seemed to help. It didn’t take away her pain but I think it at least kept the pain from growing. I didn’t think I could make things much worse, so I tried continuing. This subject had to come up sooner or later.

“We couldn’t find each other and we had to live our lives. There was no guarantee that we would ever see each other again. We each needed someone to love. We needed to be loved. We found that … just not with each other.” Now I was on the verge of tears. I loved my wife very much, but she would never be Allison. Now what? This was a hell of a time for my mind to draw a blank. I had stopped the tears as she listened to me. She mulled this over. Unfortunately, her expression told me I was getting through to her and she was expecting more. Oh, well. Try the truth.

“I don’t have anything else. That’s all I could come up with.” Did I sound as hopeless as I felt?

Allison crawled over to me. She pushed me down as our lips met and she lay on top of me. We were locked into an intense French kiss. I couldn’t help it. The warm smoothness of her soft skin against mine overcame my concern for her feelings. I got hard. Really hard. Shit! Now she will think I just said all that because I want to fuck her again.

I didn’t give her enough credit. When the kiss ended, I opened my eyes and found her smiling. That wonderful smile again!

“This can only be for a few days. We both knew that. We carefully avoided saying it but it’s true. We are both married. There, it’s said. We love the people we are married to, but we never fell out of love with each other. We can’t help that. Our bodies know what they want, as much as our heads know who we really belong to.” She was obviously referring to the erection now pressing forcefully against her abdomen. “This can only be a few days. A chance to recapture something that should have happened a long time ago. When it is over, we’ll go back to our real lives.” She took a deep breath. I think I was holding mine all through her speech. “But these memories will always be with us. We have to enjoy this time as much as we can. It’s all we will have.” Here, her voice became less forceful, softer. Quieter, even. “I know what I will be thinking about when I masturbate from now on.” Her eyebrows indicated the unspoken next sentence. I took the cue.

“I’ll be thinking about what you feel like, naked and pressed against me. What you feel like, taste like.” My erection managed to grow even more as I relived the last few days. “What you sound like when you cum.”

She sat up and opened her legs, straddling my midsection. Lifting herself up on her knees, she took my dick (which now appeared to be studying a spot on the ceiling) in her soft warm hand and guided it to an even softer, even warmer, place. I lightly moaned when I felt her hair touch the end. Her lips (which were very slippery with the remains of our last encounter) resisted for the shortest of instants, then separated and let me through. Her body stretched to accommodate my dick. The penetration was slow. I watched mesmerized as she lowered her body onto me, impaling herself on my hardness. She was in control. “So you don’t forget, …” she began as she started moving up and down, “this is what I sound like.” With that, she took off full force. She pounded her body against my cock. The bed squeaked. Our bodies made slapping sounds when they met. I could even hear, just barely over the din, the wet squishing sounds her pussy made as my dick moved in and out of her. That wasn’t what she was referring to. I felt her pussy get tighter, wetter even, around my dick. Her expression changed. From love and softness, it changed. Her eyes closed a little. Her lips parted slightly and she started a light moan. The look in her eyes became glassy. Her tits were flopping up and down from her motion. Her hands were trying to squeeze the nipples but her aim wasn’t so good anymore and she kept missing. It didn’t matter. Her head went back, the brown hair swishing. That moan became a shriek, a scream. First just one, then a continuous “Ahhhh—Ungh—Ahhhhhhh… !”

I had just cum, so I was hard but my dick wasn’t ready to join her yet. She rode me—she rode the crest of the wave—for minutes. I can’t be sure how long. It seemed longer than I had ever seen her cum. It was hard to keep track of time when her tits were flopping in front of my face like that. And that is on top of the clenching of her pussy. And the sounds. A final scream, then a softer moan. She collapsed onto me. She was lying on top of me as if we were in the missionary position—only she was on top and I was on the bottom. I put my arms around her back. I could feel her body. She was sweaty and breathing heavily. I knew she hadn’t passed out because her legs were still trying to pump my dick in and out of her cunt. The motion was mostly futile because of the angle. She was trying to catch her breath. I decided that she wasn’t ready to stop, so I decided to take charge. Holding tightly onto her waist, I lunged to the side and rolled us onto her back. We landed hard on her body but I don’t think she minded. Her eyes were still closed, but she smiled when my dick was pushed further into her. I released her waist and slid my arms from under her, caressing her ass cheeks as I did it. I lifted her legs and put them over my shoulders. She opened her eyes. The happy smile told me she was pleased with the change. I leaned forward and put an arm on either side of her chest to support myself, my face about a foot above her tits. Her legs were now pushed back until her thighs almost touched her nipples. Next, I began pounding my dick madly into her, as forcefully as she had ridden me. Again, the bed squeaked. Our bodies made slapping noises. Her moan also reappeared. It took a minute or two until the moan changed to a shriek, but I made her cum again. I had been mostly resting when she was on top so I could do this awhile. When the volume of her screams lowered a little, I straightened up so I could use my hands to maul her voluptuous tits. Watching her face, I stepped up the roughness with which I manipulated her nipples. She was far enough into her orgasm that she could take some serious abuse. I leaned forward a little and began chewing on one nipple. At the same time, I squeezed the other nipple. She looked to be really enjoying the attention her tits were receiving. Then I sucked both nipples into my mouth at the same time. I sucked hard on them. I remembered from the last time that she liked it a lot. I smiled around the mouthful of nipples as I watched her face. It took a minute or so, but my sucking (and fucking) brought on another orgasm. Her final one didn’t bring her to screams but she moaned pretty loud. I managed to hold on to both nipples until I came deep inside her.

When I finished shooting and released her nipples, she caught her breath and said, “I love when you do that.”

“What? Your legs against your chest?” I couldn’t help smiling smugly.

“No, what you did with my nipples. Both of them,” she answered exasperatedly.

“Oh, so you like having your nipples sucked. Roughly.”

“That was nice, but when you did both of them together, I thought I would fly off the bed.”

“I managed to hold you down,” I replied. “But only barely.”

“Now I need to rest. You can’t make me cum that hard and that many times too often. I’m not a teenager anymore.”

“Neither am I,” I observed. “But you didn’t do too badly. You must have been really hot when you were a teenager.”

“I wish you could have been there.” She showed a look of sadness for a moment, then remembered the end of our previous conversation and changed her expression. “Do you want to hear about it?”

“You bet,” I told her. Then I noticed the time. “Maybe we should jump in the shower right now, though. Dinner is in half an hour and we really can’t walk into the Brandywine Room looking just fucked.”

“Why not? After our performance, I don’t think there is anyone on this floor who doesn’t know what we just did,” she said with an embarrassed giggle.

With a wide grin, I agreed. “I think you’re right. We are going to get a reputation.”

“We already have one. Let’s go take a shower.”

The shower was tamer than usual. We were both tired. We still managed to play, but it was slower. We didn’t fuck or masturbate, we just touched. It was still nice. There are few things as nice as the feel of a wet naked woman sliding against your body.

We dressed and had a nice leisurely meal. Unlike the past few evenings, we acted like a normal couple. We talked about our lives. We talked about what had happened to each of us after our lives diverged. We talked about what we would be doing tomorrow in Philadelphia. We avoided talking about the day after that, when we would separate and return to our real lives. We talked for hours, through ordering, dinner, dessert and a stroll around the hotel. We weren’t in a hurry to go back to the room. It wasn’t that we weren’t anxious for another session in bed. We were enjoying being together. It wasn’t just sex between us. There was something more. Something that had been there before. Something that we both knew could never be there again. After Friday.

We finally returned to the room. After the marathon sex session earlier in the evening, this would be more relaxing. She changed into a green teddy. It looked stunning against her chestnut hair. The outfit hugged her curves in just the right places. She helped me out of my suit, carefully hanging it up for me.

“Tomorrow will be casual,” I told her. “I’m wearing blue jeans.”

“That sounds good. I’m ready for a change, too.”

We crawled into bed with the lights still on. Both of us were still enjoying being with each other so much that we wanted to see what we were doing. There is a lot to be said for sex in the dark, but sex with a beautiful woman sometimes just needs lighting. She lay partly on top of me for a while as we continued our conversation. She idly played with my penis (which was doing a nice job of hardening for her). My hand fondled her butt through the satin. Eventually, I worked my hand to the inside of one thigh, then started exploring inside the leg opening. She was getting wet for me. She rolled off me and looked into my eyes. Her smoldering look told me it was time to undress her. I started by unsnapping the crotch. With my teeth. She smelled like only a horny woman can smell. The fabric was soaked, her hair was soaked and my cheeks were probably glistening with her ample juices. I explored her lips with my lips and tongue. I love the way a pussy looks up close, the way it smells, the way it tastes, the way it feels against my tongue. My tongue busied itself with her clit while two fingers of my right hand went searching for her G spot. A sudden exclamation from Allison confirmed that I had found it. I gently rubbed there, not enough to build to an orgasm but enough to keep her very hot.

After all this attention between her legs, Allison was ready for more. She sat up and pulled her teddy off over her head. I liked watching her breasts jiggle as they were freed from the fabric. I could hear the material sliding across her skin. Now she lay naked with my face again between her legs. Her expression told me she was enjoying what I was doing but she wanted more. I left her warm pussy to slide slowly up her body. My face and chest slid across her pubic hair, her tits (I stopped to give one nipple a kiss and was rewarded with an “Oooh”) until I was lying on top of her. My face was directly over hers. I was about to kiss her when I remembered what I must smell like. I think she realized what I was thinking because she suddenly put one arm around my neck and pulled my face to hers. She moaned when our tongues met.

After the heated kiss broke, she smiled at me. “That time was different. I only tasted me.”

“Sorry. I tried to stop long enough to wipe off my face, but you didn’t give me a chance.”

“I didn’t want to,” Allison explained. “I don’t mind the taste. It’s not delicious, but I like finding that taste on you. It reminds me where your tongue has been.” She was smiling in a far off way as she added, “I taste good on you.”

“You are amazing. There are so many things you are willing to try.”

“So are you. I did things over the last two days that I haven’t done in years, or ever.”

While we were saying this, I was aligning myself to penetrate her. I could feel her bottom wiggling as she helped with the alignment. She was, by now, so wet and I was so hard that our hands were unnecessary. My erection pushed through her hair and slipped between her lips. I love that kind of rubbery feeling as her pussy feels at first like it’s resisting. Finally, her lips decided to give in and my dick suddenly slipped through her opening. Her tightness gripped me, the flood of her juices lubricating the passageway. I slid fully inside her until I could feel her pubic hair pressing against mine. The entire time, we were looking into each other’s eyes. I could see the pleasure peak in her expression as my dick finally entered her, spreading her insides fully open.

This time, it was more of a romantic coupling, rather than the almost animalistic copulations we had at first. It was as if our sexual relationship was already maturing. The long pent-up need was satisfied. Now we were concentrating on enjoying the closeness of each other. We explored a litany of positions. After our earlier romp, I was able to hold out for a long time. She enjoyed sex this way. Although we didn’t discuss it, I understood from her reaction to my staying power that this was a new experience for her. I actually lasted about 45 minutes. When I finally announced that I was cumming, she replied with, “At last!” Her hair was sweaty and we were both breathing hard. She squeezed her pussy muscles as I filled her with my sperm. She contracted and released her muscles. It was like her pussy was milking my dick. The feeling was luscious. She was on top at the time, so when I was finished, Allison lifted her pussy off me. Immediately, a torrent of her juices and my sperm flowed from her, flooding the base of my dick and my balls. She laid down between my legs, looking into my eyes. Almost as if to reiterate the discussion we had before I entered her, she leaned forward and proceeded to lick me clean. I knew she was tasting herself as much as she was tasting me. As she cleaned up our combined mess, she smiled at me with her eyes. Knowing what she was tasting, the effect was making me hard again. When she was finished, she crawled up my body and lay on top of me. She leaned forward to kiss me. Her face smelled like her pussy and I liked it. Her cheeks glistened with our juices. We shared a deep and lingering French kiss. Her mouth was flavored with a mixture of sperm and pussy juices. My hands roamed over her back and her butt as we kissed.

When she came up for air, she just looked at me and smiled. Her expression said she was waiting for me to speak.

“Yes,” I started, and paused. She cocked her head as she waited for me to finish. I didn’t say anything. She started to giggle as she waited impatiently for me to continue. Her hands were beginning to reach down my sides to tickle me when I finally relented. “You do taste pretty good.”

“You actually like watching me taste myself, don’t you?” Allison asked, half serious.

“What makes you think that,” I tried to ask innocently.

For emphasis, she pressed her abdomen against my erection as she said, “This.”

“Oh, that. Yes, well, I guess he does like watching you taste yourself. In fact, he likes watching you do anything. Especially if he can see it firsthand.”

She laughed at my answer. Another kiss followed. This time, the taste was more subdued.

“Do you always last that long?”

“After an orgasm or two, I’ve gotten pretty good at controlling it. Those first few times though, I don’t have much staying power.”

“Please, don’t try to last any longer. I’m going to be walking funny tomorrow as it is.”

She wiggled her lower body against mine. I could feel the slickness of the remaining juices between us.

“I want to suck you off. Cum in my mouth, okay?” she asked.

“I’m never one to turn down a blowjob, but it might take me a long time to cum, so soon after.”

“I’m in the mood for a good workout,” she said as she moved down to suck me. I grabbed the pillow from the other side of the bed and added it to the one under my head so I could raise my head and watch her. She started by licking the head, then the entire shaft. My cock finished hardening as she licked me. She went slowly enough that by the time she began taking me into her mouth, my dick was so hard it almost hurt. I watched as she impaled her face on my dick. Her mouth stretched to accommodate my girth. She looked so beautiful with my manhood protruding into her face.

After awhile, I suggested we switch to a sixty-nine. It was fun to watch her, but I wanted to give as well as receive pleasure. Besides, I knew this was going to last and some variety would help her neck from getting stiff. She eagerly agreed and turned around. She threw one leg over my stomach, then began backing towards my head. The view of her slit was awesome. She stopped when her pussy was over my face. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her down onto my mouth. She sighed when my tongue touched her slit, then lowered her mouth back to my dick. A sixty-nine is like a race, only you aren’t sure if you want to win or lose. If the man cums first, it’s all over for him. He wants to make the woman cum a few times before he cums. The problem is that the woman is in control of how soon the man cums. The harder the man works, the sooner the woman cums. This also encourages her to work harder at making the man cum. The trick is to make the woman cum fast and hard enough that her concentration is broken and she stops sucking for a little while. This has to happen each time the man gets close to cumming and this is what I tried to do. I had an advantage because I had just had an orgasm. It was going to take a lot to make me cum. I was able to give Allison a few orgasms before I began that final climb to the point of no return. When I knew my orgasm was imminent, I worked as hard as I could at pleasuring her. That is, until I started cumming. Then, I just pushed my face into her wet pussy and came. I love the feel of having my face in a wet pussy. I enjoyed it that night. I tasted her as I filled her mouth with my sperm. I’m proud to say I lasted a long time. I made her cum several times before I surrendered to my own pleasure. When I was finished, I found myself lying underneath Allison, a warm wet woman in my face. She was still lightly sucking on my fading erection. I was sensitive, but not so much that I couldn’t stay in her mouth. She realized I had come back to Earth when I started licking her again.

“That was one for the record books,” she said, breaking the silence.

“I had fun.” She couldn’t see (nor could anyone else who might have happened to be in the room) that I was grinning.

“I don’t know which part of that I enjoy more.”

“That’s why I like it so much,” I answered. “It is giving and taking. Totally and completely. Different from fucking. You can’t watch the other person’s face to see how you are doing. You have to feel what effect you’re having.”

“Yeah, well, I did a lot of feeling,” she said to encourage me.

“You didn’t do so bad yourself. That’s a position we’ll have to do again.”

My dick was out of her mouth now. She was licking it with the tip of her tongue. I was totally soft, spent. “I think I finally tired you out,” she said with a note of accomplishment in her voice.

“I’m done, for tonight. I need at least a nap before I go again.”

“A nap. That has promise. Sex in the middle of the night.” I could hear the grin in her tone.

“Give me a few hours to recharge, then wake me up.”

“Count on it.” She crawled off me, then turned around and laid down on top of me, her face inches from mine. “You’re covered with me.”

“Yes, I am. Do you mind?”

“No, it doesn’t smell bad.” She paused and thought for a moment. Then, she licked my slick cheek. “The taste is not so bad either. Definitely me. I kind of like seeing you covered in my juices. Mind if I kiss you?”

“Of course not. If you don’t mind tasting yourself, I don’t, either.”

With that, she kissed me. It started off soft, with her lips pulling on my lips. Then it heated up, with her tongue entering my mouth. I really didn’t notice that her mouth tasted like sperm. She had swallowed by then. My taste buds were still overwhelmed with her flavor. The kiss lasted a few minutes. I ran my hands down her back and played with her butt. She was short enough that I could reach between her legs and finger her pussy. She was still so wet that her juices were oozing out. My fingers felt her wetness, but my dick was feeling her wetness as well. After a few minutes, she ended the kiss. She got up and walked over to the door to turn out the light. I enjoyed watching her nude body walking across the room. I would remember the way that ass swayed for years to come when I was masturbating.

When Allison turned off the light, the room was almost totally dark. I turned on a lamp next to the bed so she could find her way back to me. She crawled back into bed, pulled the covers over us, and I turned off the light. Then she moved back on top of me. “I like feeling you against me.” She moaned softly in the darkness. “I’m so wet that I think I’m still dripping. Do you want me to go clean up?”

“I like feeling you all wet. It reminds me that I made you this way. I don’t mind sleeping like this if you don’t. It will leave a mess on the sheets for the maid, but I think she’s used to our messes by now.” We both laughed. I could feel her soft breasts move against my chest as she laughed.

We drifted off to sleep like that. It was so pleasant, feeling her slight weight against me. I spent a lot of time enjoying the softness of her skin as I ran my hands over her back and ass. I heard her breathing deepen as she fell asleep before me.

I woke up. It was still dark. Allison had shifted and slipped partly off me. I immediately realized that I was hard—very hard. I wanted her but she was sound asleep. I knew I would never fall asleep, this horny and pressed against her naked body. I thought of jacking off, then I remembered her interest in waking up later to have sex. I gently rolled her over until she was on her back. I pulled the covers down and moved her legs apart. I moved over until I was kneeling between her legs. Her slit was still lubricated from what we had done a few hours before. I pushed my dick down to her opening and shuffled forward. I felt the head of my dick touch her hair. I pulled her lips apart to make the entry gentler. The feeling of my dick touching her wet lips almost caused me to make a sound. I pushed forward, as slowly as I could make myself, entering her silky channel. She was still wet and stretched so I slid into her with almost no resistance at all. I slowly leaned forward until I was lying on her, supporting my upper body with my arms. My chest was against her tits and I could feel her hair against the base of my dick. I was inside her now and she was beneath me, still asleep. I started thrusting slowly out and back in. In her sleep, she softly moaned on the first in stroke. When I entered her the next time, she gave a louder moan accompanied by a flood of warm wetness down her pussy. I moaned as the heat of her flood bathed my cock. In the near darkness, I was barely able to see her eyelids flutter, then open wide. For a moment, I panicked as I feared she might think she was being raped. I didn’t have to worry as she threw her arms around my back and exclaimed, “You remembered!”

“I woke up and I couldn’t resist you. You were all naked and wet.”

“I tried to stay awake so I could wake you up in a few hours, but I must have fallen asleep.”

“You were asleep in minutes,” I told her.

“That’s okay, you woke up.” She held me close as we moved against each other. “Wow! What a way to be woken up!”

“I enjoyed it, too. It felt really naughty getting you ready and entering you while you were sleeping.”

We didn’t talk much more than that, unless you count moans. It was like the darkness was encouraging us to try to do it without making any noise this time. The rest had done me good. I lasted a long time. When I started to tire out, she got on top and rode me hard. She had obviously kept up her athletic training after school. We finished doggy style, with me leaning over her back, holding her by her tits. In that position, I couldn’t go really deep when I came, but it felt nice. I moved one hand down to her clit as I finished cumming and found her hand already there. Our fingers caressed her button together. She stretched her legs out and we slowly sank to the mattress.

“Don’t get up. I want to sleep like this, with you inside me.”

“It might be hard for you to breathe,” I offered.

“I’ll be fine. I like feeling you against me, inside me, mmmm…”

I did the best I could to keep my weight off her, and we finally fell asleep with me spooning her from behind, the tip of my soft dick still barely inside her lips.

When we woke again, it was daylight outside. This time, Allison woke up first. We were still against each other, but she had turned over. When I opened my eyes and focused, she was watching me. And smiling. That smile that could light up a room.

“I like watching you sleep,” she said softly.

“I was hoping you would find other things to like about me besides how I sleep,” I replied with a grin.

She just chuckled. “It feels good to be lazy. No schedule today, right?”

“None,” I assured her. “Today we are tourists.”

We lay together for another 20 minutes or so. Finally, we got up. Taking a robe from the bathroom, I opened the door and retrieved the morning paper. I scanned the front page as I tossed it to the bed. She gave it only a cursory glance.

“Do we have a plan?” she asked.

“I was thinking we’d park near Independence Hall and walk around that area. You know, see the sights. You haven’t been there before, right?”

“No, first time. I’m counting on you to show me around.”

“I’m no expert, but I’ve been there a few times. There is the Liberty Hall, Betsy Ross’ house, the Mint – things like that. For lunch, I know a great little hole-in-the-wall on Market Street.”

“Ohhh,” she groaned, “Food. What about breakfast?”

“How about room service today?” She nodded her agreement. I was still standing so I grabbed the menu from the desk and tossed it to her. “Order two of whatever sounds good. I like orange juice to drink. Meet me in the shower when you’re done ordering.” With that, I headed off to get the shower going. Behind me, I heard her moving in the bed, probably reaching for the phone.

When I removed the thick cotton robe and saw myself in the bathroom mirror, I grimaced. There were dried remains of the stickiness from last night’s activities. It wasn’t that I minded having that on me. It just didn’t look so attractive. Oh, well, I thought, I don’t think Allison minds. She probably looks the same way. I smiled as I thought about her having the dried remains of my sperm on her legs. I set out two of those white fluffy towels and turned on a stream of hot water in the shower. I was stepping under the water when Allison entered. “Breakfast will be here in about 30 minutes,” she said over the sound of the shower as she headed to the toilet. I did notice as she went by that her legs looked like she had been fucked a few times last night. Shortly, she joined me in the shower. Once again, I relished in the warm smoothness of her wet skin against mine. We didn’t get to cleaning right away. We just enjoyed the closeness. A few kisses later, she interrupted with, “I’m hungry. I don’t want to miss breakfast when it arrives.” With that, we started with shampoo and soap, removing the remnants of last night. In short order, we were standing in front of the mirror, watching each other dry off. Only two days ago, we were as strangers. Today, we were comfortable showering together, enjoying the familiar sight of each other’s body. I barely heard the doorbell through the heavy wooden sliding door as I was about to start shaving. I grabbed one of the robes and headed out to the door to let in the room service waiter, leaving Allison to finish drying her hair.

I opened the door and the waiter entered, pushing the table containing our breakfast. He set it up in front of the two chairs, then handed me the ticket. I signed it and he was off. Well, almost. I heard the bathroom door slide open as he was walking through the door. The door was closing behind him when Allison entered the bedroom wearing a smile. Just a smile. If he had turned around, he would have seen the body I had been enjoying for the past two days.

“Push the table next to the bed,” Allison suggested. “It’s more sensual eating breakfast nude in bed.”

That sounded like a good idea so I complied. I dropped my robe on the floor and joined her on the bed. She uncovered the plates and we shared a delightful meal. The view (of her) was wonderful. She was right. The feel of her leg against mine, my arm brushing her breast, or her hand reaching for her napkin and brushing my dick added a lot to the experience. I don’t think I ever enjoyed breakfast so much.

We finished the meal and got ready to leave, planning (at her suggestion) to get dressed just before we headed out the door. My erection was at full staff from brushing against her ass in the bathroom (not to mention watching her tits in the mirror). She was enjoying the view in the mirror as well. I just couldn’t believe she wanted to wait until tonight. I was, of course, wrong.

Once we were finished, I reached for my clothes but she stopped me.

“Not so fast. I need to get fucked before we leave.”

I was shocked at her choice of words. Her face told me she wasn’t joking.

“I want to feel your cum inside me today, keeping me warm.”

How could I refuse a request like that? Well, I didn’t. She moved to the bed and spread her legs. I stood next to her and she grabbed my dick, pulling me over her into the missionary position. This was going to be a quickie—no foreplay. She was already wet so I was able to enter her at once. I didn’t need to slowly work my dick into her cunt. I just slid right in. We fucked fast and loud, both of us moaning. I didn’t even try to last. I could tell she didn’t want that—not this time. In a matter of minutes, I felt that I was reaching the point of no return. I tensed up, shoving my dick fully into her body and squirted my sperm into her, all the while looking into her eyes. She didn’t cum, but the look in her eyes was ecstasy. She got what she wanted. When I was finished squirting, I pulled out of her. She immediately tilted her stomach to keep her pussy up and asked me to hand her the panties she had set out. She slipped them on before standing up.

“I can feel your cum inside me,” Allison said. “It’s so hot.”

“Are you really going to stay like that all day?” I asked, somewhat surprised that she was going through with it.

“Uh-huh. I want to carry you inside me.”

“Won’t it leak out and leave a wet spot on your pants?”

“No, I can hold it inside me. My panties will get damp, but it won’t be enough to soak through my jeans,” she explained. “That’s what I did Tuesday night when I didn’t wear panties at dinner.”

“Well, if you’re not going to clean up, then I won’t, either.” With that, I got dressed. My dick was still wet with her juices (and mine). It felt a little strange, but also kind of exciting. Once we were dressed, I called down for my car and we headed for the lobby.

I stopped at the Concierge desk for a map of downtown Philadelphia, then we went out the front of the hotel where my car was waiting. I tipped the driver and we got in. I programmed the NeverLost for the Omni Hotel (it is right down the street from Independence Hall) and we were off. NeverLost took us through a few turns to put us on the Interstate to Philadelphia.

On the drive, I couldn’t help thinking of what was inside Allison’s pussy. She caught me looking at her lap and figured it out.

“Don’t worry. I won’t leak. I’ve done this before.”

“I’ve never seen a woman do that before.”

“I don’t do it often. Today is special. I like the slippery feeling when my lips are soaked with cum.”

After that, we talked about just about everything else on the drive. It was a glorious Spring day. The sky was a clear blue, the temperature was just cold enough to be delightful without being uncomfortable. Before long, I was driving around Philadelphia, looking for the parking garage I had used before. I found it, a few blocks behind the Bourse. We parked and started walking towards the Liberty Bell. The sunlight made her hair glow. Well, maybe that and the just fucked look on her face made her glow. Regardless, she held onto my arm as we walked and I had a happy feeling inside. We were together, just being tourists. And tourists we were. We put our fingers in the crack of The Bell. The National Park Service guide pointed out the construction visible through the window, just to the right of Independence Hall, where the new home for The Bell was being built. We took the tour of Independence Hall. I always get a thrill when I stand in the room where the Declaration of Independence was debated and signed. We took a carriage ride through the historic area, snuggling together under a wool blanket – our hands in each other’s laps. She was right, her pants weren’t soaked. Then it was lunchtime.

“I know a great place for Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches just a few blocks from here. Does that sound good?” I asked Allison.

“Sounds great. I’m getting hungry.”

“It’s a hole in the wall, not very pretty but with great food.”

“That’s the best kind. Lead the way.”

We walked a few blocks down Market Street to the dingy green restaurant that looked like it hadn’t been repainted since the 1930’s. The food was as great as the last time I was there. The hot roast beef really hit the spot.

After lunch, we walked through the Betsy Ross house, then the mint. A street vendor near the mint was selling hot pretzels, a treat we don’t get in the south very often. The pretzels sold in the airport are notoriously bad, but I decided to try these. They looked more like hotdog buns than pretzels, but they tasted very good. I bought two more for us to eat on the ride home. The vendor wrapped them up so they would stay warm until we reached the car. Allison wanted to do some souvenir shopping so we walked through the mall inside the old Stock Exchange. By the time we finished there, we were ready to head back to the car. As the sun started to go behind the buildings, it felt a lot colder. With the heater going inside the car, it was cozy again.

We weren’t in any hurry, and it was our last day together, so I decided to take a different route back to Wilmington. We drove through the Brandywine Valley countryside instead of taking the Interstate. There was almost no traffic and it was a nice relaxing drive. On the ride back, Allison slid next to me and undid her pants. When she looked at me and smiled mischievously, I thought she was going to masturbate while I watched. She took my right hand in hers and slid my hand into her panties. My middle finger easily found the slit and I was soon rubbing her from clit to hole. She was still soaked. I got hard thinking about how a lot of the lubrication I was feeling was my sperm from this morning.

We got back to the hotel just before sunset. The mood that hung over us was somber. We both knew this was our last night together. In the elevator, I suggested we eat dinner in the room. The idea of a romantic dinner with just the two of us seemed to cheer up Allison a little. We looked over the menu, then I called down to place the order. While I was ordering, Allison had gone back to her room. Shortly after she heard me hang up the phone, she appeared in the doorway between our rooms. Appeared as if a vision—a vision of loveliness. She had saved the prettiest outfit for the last night. It was a baby doll nightie, white lace in all the right places. While I couldn’t see everything, it was apparent that she was a natural brunette and that her nipples were as erect as my dick. The sheerness of the fabric and the way it clung to her curves took my breath away. She was so beautiful. She wore a silk robe over the outfit for dinner, but the robe hung open so I could see what was for dessert.

“You can stop staring now and pull your tongue back in your mouth,” she said with a laugh, breaking the silence.

“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I really couldn’t.” I know that sounded like a line, but it was the truth.

“That is the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me. Thank you.”

With that, I stood and opened my arms. She flowed into them. Through the thin material, I could feel the warmth of her body. I could feel the curves, the softness.

The doorbell rang, breaking the spell she had cast. As we separated and I turned towards the door, she closed her robe and tied the sash.

“What? You’re not going to try flashing the waiter this time?” I asked just loud enough for her to hear.

“Oh, no. Tonight I’m just for you,” was her soft reply, the hint of a smile dancing across her lips.

Our little tryst was starting to get noticed by the staff. The waiter pushed the table into the room and there were two candles on the table this time. He set up the table in the middle of the sitting area, arranged two chairs across from each other, lit the candles and dimmed the lights in the room.

“Enjoy your dinner,” he told us as I signed for the meal. As he left, he very discreetly hung the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

I pulled out Allison’s chair. She removed the robe before sitting down. I couldn’t help noticing that, this time, there was a wet stain on her panties. She saw me looking and I thought I could see her blush by the candlelight. That was a first. She sat demurely on the edge of her chair as I pushed it in, then I sat in the other chair. By the light of the flickering candle, I drank in her beauty.

I raised my glass of wine. “To the last three days,” I said.

“And nights,” she added with a pretty smile.

We didn’t talk much during dinner. We simply took in the sight of each other, as if we were trying to memorize each detail so we could relive this moment later in our thoughts. The dinner was excellent, but the view was much better. The exuberant joy we had shared earlier was nowhere to be found. The realization of how few hours we had left dampened the mood. It wasn’t sadness really, more of a tone of seriousness to the romance. This would be a passionate night. We both knew it would have to fuel our fantasies for a long time, maybe forever.

As much as I tried to order her favorites for the meal, I don’t think Allison noticed. She was too distracted, we were both distracted. When the meal was finished, we stood. I took her hand (her grip was sweaty and timid) and we moved across the room to the bed. Leaving the lights on, we crawled into bed and fell into each other’s arms. We held each other, again looking into each other’s eyes, again trying to memorize each other’s face. As if we could ever forget. Then we kissed. It was a warm kiss, a passionate kiss. It was soft and gentle, yet full of heat. I felt the warmth of her body against mine. She rolled us over until she was on top, then she began undressing me. As each piece of clothes was removed, the newly exposed skin was kissed. Before long, I was down to my underwear. My cock was tenting my briefs, a small wet stain of precum was forming on the cotton. Her lips had brushed me from head to toe, a promise of the contact yet to come. She removed my last piece of clothes. My dick sprang free, as if reaching up for the ceiling. The look in her eyes was one of longing, not lust. She slipped off her panties, leaving on her top. The top was so short that her pussy was now exposed to my gaze – a sight I was enjoying. My dick was so hard that it hurt. I was aching to be inside her. She would deny me that pleasure no longer. She knelt atop me, never breaking contact with my eyes. Her right hand reached between her legs and guided my dick to her wet opening. I felt the head of my dick move across her slit a few times, gathering her moisture from her hole and transferring it to her clit. As my dick slid across her clit each time, she sighed. She was as worked up as I was. Finally, on the last trip across her slit, she pushed her body downward as my dick lined up with her slippery passage. She was so wet that my dick slid into her without stopping. I was fully seated inside her. The heat and the wetness were all enveloping. By the look on her face, the feeling of my dick filling her was having a similar effect. We were joined at the hip. We connected as one – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I knew I would remember this joining forever. She stayed like that for a minute or two as we both savored the feeling of our connection. Then she started moving. Her wet pussy slid up and down my shaft, adding more lubrication with each stroke. She was tight but her wetness more than made up for it and the friction was lessened as a result. Were it not for her tightness, she was so wet that it would not have been so stimulating. Except for the visual stimulation. I watched as her cunt engulfed my shaft. She repeatedly impaled herself on my manhood. I was fascinated by the sight as my hard cock emerged from her lips, glistening with her juices. Then I watched as it disappeared into those lips and her soft hair mashed against mine. When I looked up, an equally enticing image caught my attention. Her breasts were bouncing in time with her motion. They were firm, but still able to bounce up and down. I lifted my hands to them and let her nipples slide against my palms, only the sheer silk separating us. She moaned her approval, pulled the nightie over her head and leaned a little further, trying to rub her clit against my pubic bone with every downstroke. In that position, her nipples were easily within reach of my mouth and I captured one. I held onto the hard nipple with just my lips, sucking hard enough to keep it from escaping as she slid upward. Her moans and the expression on her face told me that I was producing the effect I sought to impart. I wanted to feel her cunt muscles contract around my dick as she came. When the contractions started, I used my hands to push her tits together and I was just able to suck on both nipples at the same time. That broke the dam. Her moans became a shriek, her up and down motion changed until she was slamming her bottom against me. The slapping of skin on skin was just barely audible over her screams. She was cumming hard now with her eyes closed. I had wanted to give her several orgasms before I came but there was just no way this would be possible. I reached the point of no return before I realized it and there was nothing I could do but ejaculate inside her. I slammed into her pussy a few times, then arched my back. My instincts took over as my body tried to position the tip of my dick as close as possible to her cervix. I did my part but she continued to ride me. I felt myself spurting. She felt it too. I could tell by a subtle change in the pitch of her scream that she could feel the warm sperm spurting into her. When she came down from her orgasm, her eyes opened and she leaned forward until she was lying on top of me. We were still connected. As my dick shrank within her body, the accumulation of my sperm and her lubrication started to ooze out between us. I could feel the warm, thick flow leaking onto my balls and down the crack of my ass. The sheets beneath me slowly became wet. The product of our joining was now a small puddle beneath me. I could feel our juices beneath me and her hot sweaty body above me, an altogether delightful feeling. Her breathing was now returning to normal and she spoke.

“That was good.”

“That was more than good,” I answered. “That was magnificent.”

“I guess I got carried away. Did I hurt you?” Allison asked.

“No, but you might be sore in the morning,” I replied.

“I don’t mind. The soreness will remind me of you.”

We were silent after that. Her last remark reminded us both of my impending departure. We just lay there, feeling naked skin on skin.

“Did I make a puddle?” she asked.

“Yeah, it feels nice.”

“I wouldn’t call it a nice feeling,” she said with a grimace.

“I would. It’s the result of what we just did. It’s the mixture of our juices. Feeling it reminds me of what we just did.”

“I never thought about it like that. It sounds nice when you say it.” She was silent for a minute or two, thinking over what I had just said. “Yes, a wet spot doesn’t have to be a bad thing.”

“Not until it gets cold. We’re keeping it warm now.” As I thought about her, I felt myself just beginning to harden within her. She felt it, too.

“I like that. You’re getting hard for me again.”

Hearing her voice made me harden further. I was now almost stiff enough to go again. “How about doggy style?”

“Okay.” I could hear the smile in her voice. As she climbed off me, the oozing turned into a flood. “Sorry,” she said with a small laugh.

“I’m not,” I said.

She slid down between my legs and began licking me clean. As she licked, she said, “I never cared much to taste myself. I did it because the guy liked it. After what you said, I like doing it because it’s both of us. It’s the result of our lovemaking.” She sucked and licked me clean, my dick, balls, stomach and the insides of my legs. I was now fully erect. She smiled at me, then got up on all fours and turned around. Looking over her shoulder, she said, “I’m so wet for you.”

How could I resist that? I got up on my knees and mounted her. In spite of the positions we used, the rest of the night was mostly slow and gentle. We were tender. I knew she must be getting sore after the intensity of the first coupling. I also knew that I wanted her to remember our last time as romantic, not frantic. Tender, not harsh. Soft, not tempestuous. Delicate, not violent. Our first encounters were wild. Our last ones were loving. We finally fell asleep, sticky and sweaty. I had gotten up and turned off the light earlier. The last thing I remembered that night was lying under the covers. Allison was on her side at my right, trapping my right leg between hers. I could feel her wet hair and lips against me. She was still barely oozing the results of our latest encounter.

At some point during the night, she must have turned over because I woke up spooning her, my sticky morning hardon pressing against her ass. I reached down and adjusted the angle until my dick was between her legs, against her lips. Reaching across her stomach with my left hand, I opened her lips and positioned my dick between them. I slowly pumped against her, sliding the head against her slit. As I pulled back particularly far one time, the head of my dick aligned with her opening. Realizing what I had done, and that she was still well lubricated by her juices and my sperm from the last time I came inside her, I slowly slid into her pussy. With her legs closed like that, she was even tighter and it took a few strokes to fully enter her. As I hit bottom, I felt her start to lubricate, accompanied by a moan. I couldn’t see her face in that position, but I think that’s when she woke and found her pussy filled by my morning erection. Her left hand moved across her slit and my shaft.

“Yeah, that’s how I like to wake up,” she said softly, almost sleepily. I kissed just below her ear as I began thrusting more intensely, still keeping the encounter gentle. That was our last time and it lasted about twenty tender minutes. I made her cum twice, each time she whimpered softly as she savored the feelings coursing through her body. Finally, I moved between her legs and put my arms beneath her. I held her body against mine and we looked into each other’s eyes as I filled her with my love.

After that, we got up and took a shower together. We each savored the slippery feeling of the other’s skin as we washed. We didn’t use a washcloth, instead soaping our hands and sliding them over each other. We ended up sliding our bodies against each other. The feeling of her soap slick tits against my chest was not something I could soon forget. She ended the shower by giving me one last blowjob.

We were in the shower a long time, so it was a good thing I didn’t order breakfast before getting in the shower. When we got out, I called room service. I knew it would be our last meal together, so I made it special, trying to include every breakfast food I recalled her liking during our stay. When I got off the phone, I went back to the bathroom to get ready. Allison came back from her room (still nude) to finish getting ready with me. When room service rang the doorbell, I grabbed a robe and went to let them in.

Allison joined me as soon as the waiter left. She was also wearing one of the hotel robes—barely. It was on her shoulders, but she hadn’t tied the belt. I had a delicious view of the center of her chest, her flat stomach and her pussy.

Eating breakfast was practically somber. It was now impossible to ignore the fact that I would be leaving within the hour. As delicious as the meal was, I think neither of us really noticed what we were eating. After breakfast, I started packing. Allison got up and let the robe slip from her shoulders. The terry cloth made a puddle on the floor. She walked over to me and started putting clothes in my suitcase.

“I can do that,” I said, trying not to cry.

“I want to. It’s about the last thing I can do for you.” When she looked up at me, tears were starting to form in her eyes, too. I didn’t answer. I just stood back and watched her. I wanted to memorize her every curve, so I could remember.

Soon enough, she was finished. We hugged, and then I saw it was time for me to get dressed. I called for the bellman and requested my car. I knew we only had minutes now. We spent them kissing. Her touch, her smell, her taste—all of these I carefully imprinted in my mind for later.

All too soon, the doorbell rang. Allison held me tighter for a moment, then let go. The last view I had of her was as she closed the door between our rooms. As she looked my way one last time, tears were streaming down her face. I saw one tear drip from her cheek to her right breast, then the door closed. The click of that door was final—deafening.

I let the bellman take my bags and I went down to the lobby in silence. The bellman never said a word. I guess the expression on my face told him I wasn’t in any mood to talk.

I waited at the desk for a moment or two to check out. While I was waiting, I stared again at that painting of the covered wagon. I noticed that there were no couples in the painting. The lady asked me if my stay was alright. I smiled. It was more than alright. I just hated leaving.

I drove back through the Brandywine Valley, taking the long way to Philadelphia. Normally, I loved this route more than the Interstate. Today, I was thinking of how I had shared it with Allison. I cried on the drive to the airport.

Once I was on the plane, I put my head back. The moment of truth was arriving. I was moving toward my destiny at nearly the speed of sound. In a matter of hours, I would have to resolve whether to confess to my wife what I had done. I had put this thought off until today, deciding to enjoy the opportunity while it lasted. I knew Allison would have to be dealing with the same questions. Now, I had to face what I had done. Should I keep the affair a secret? I had never cheated on my wife before. Could I keep it a secret? Could I hide the emotions? I had a few hours to think about it. I must have dozed off on the plane as I was pondering those weighty issues.

I heard music suddenly start playing. I opened my eyes and it took a moment to focus on the green rectangle. After a moment, I made out 5:30. It was the alarm clock. Time to get up.

My wife’s voice called out in the dark. “You have to get going early. You have a plane to catch.”

The disorientation was making me dizzy. Where was I? Of course, I knew. But how did I get here. I was on the plane, thinking about her. No-o-o!

I was grateful for the darkness. My wife couldn’t see the tears streaming down my face, nor the anguish coloring my features. Once inside the shower, the warm water disguised my tears and covered the sounds of my sobs. I was grateful that I didn’t have to explain the emotions I was feeling to my wife. Which was stronger—the relief that I hadn’t really cheated or the agony of realizing that my time with Allison had been only a dream?

The End


This story is Copyright © 2004 by Strickland83. All rights reserved.

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