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Dancing In The Rain

By Strickland83


Chapter 1 - Surprise Visit


I walked in from the cold dawn and swiped the card hanging from my lanyard, recording my arrival. Seeing on the clock how late I was, I took off at a fast walk for the department desk. My morning coffee would have to wait until later. I needed to meet with the person I was replacing to get an update on my patients. It was courtesy to do that before the other person’s shift ended. I knew how anxious she was to be going home. I’d be in the same position when my shift ended, eighteen hours from now.

Eileen gave me a tired smile when she saw me walking up. I’d be the one with the tired smile soon enough. No, not soon enough. It was going to be a long shift – another day as usual.

“Hi, Eileen. What do you have for me?” I didn’t bother telling her good morning. It might have been morning to me, but it was definitely evening to her. It was a cycle. Cycles were what my life had become. Never ending cycles.

“Mr. Jenkins isn’t doing any better. Watch for…” and Eileen droned on, one patient’s status after another. While I was getting my update, I caught glimpses of  the others I’d be working the shift with, meeting with their counterparts. We all knew each other. Though our shifts rotated and we didn’t always work the same hours every time, we were either together or replacing each other. We saw each other pretty much daily, one way or the other.

The briefing over, Eileen headed off to her locker. She’d be home soon enough, showered and dropping into bed exhausted, sleeping through the day that was night to her. Looking around, I gave Cathy and Dan a nod. They’d be spending most of the day with me. Cathy walked up with her usual cheery smile.

“I’m going down to get coffee. The usual?”

“Yeah, Cathy. That’d be great. I didn’t have time this morning…”

“What’s new?” She smiled as she said that. As she left, I picked up the papers I had brought in with me.

“Dan, I got the details for the ski trip.”

“Great! When do we go?”

“This weekend,” I excitedly told my friend. “It’s all set. We leave right after work and drive up.” I started spreading out brochures on the counter to show him.

“You gotta be kidding. That’s Christmas.”

“Yeah, but we all have a few days off and the weather is perfect right now in the mountains.”

Dan shook his head. “It’s Christmas. I’m going to be home with my family.”

“Come on, Dan. You can see them anytime.” We argued back and forth about the timing as I tried to convince him.

“What’s going on?” We hadn’t noticed Cathy getting back. She handed us each a cup of coffee. Sitting on the counter facing us, she took the lid off her paper cup and took a sip. She looked expectantly at me over the steaming cup, her sneakers thudding softly against the cabinet door as she swung her feet.

Before I could speak, Dan answered her. “Genius here set up that ski trip for this weekend.”

“But it’s Christmas,” she said with surprise.

“Exactly, I tried to tell him.” Dan said.

“Not you too?” I asked Cathy.

“Be real, Ted. Everyone who’s not working is going to be spending Christmas with family.” Then she paused. “Oh, I forgot. You don’t do family.” Her tone as she said that kind of hurt me a little.

"Yeah, you’re a chicken, man. You’re a chicken man,” Dan said. Dan was always comparing people to animals. Not in a mean way, just noting how something about them resembled an animal. It was not always what you might expect at first, either. Dan had a unique way of seeing things.

“I’m not afraid of my family,” I started to protest but Dan stopped me.

“I mean that you don’t seem to have a family. You must have been hatched or something. Hiding any feathers in there?” He tried looking up my sleeve. Not wanting to laugh at his antics, I pulled away.

“Chicken man,” Cathy called out softly. She wasn’t trying not to laugh.

“You guys’ll be sorry when you hear about all the fun we had skiing.”

Cathy gave me one of her serious looks, like she was trying to be the mother figure in spite of her teenage appearance. She was cute and tiny, and just couldn’t manage to look intimidating. Still, she tried. She couldn’t look it, but sometimes she could make me feel it. “Ted, you’re going to find out that no one wants to give up Christmas to go skiing with you. Face it.” She sighed. “Just give it up and go home for the break. I’ll even take care of Star while you’re gone.”

“Never,” I declared, smiling and trying to look more confident than I felt inside. Christmas with my parents was not something I wanted to do. Not this year. Not any year, I realized. Not in five years.

Cathy was right. When I came up with the idea for this trip, we were a group of six. After talking to everyone about the dates I had booked the trip for, we were down to a group of one. So much for a big holiday ski trip.

When we both had a break, Cathy caught up with me at the desk. “Don’t take it so hard, Ted. It’s not because of you. It’s the holiday. This is a time of year for family. You need to realize that.” She was speaking gently now. She had this soothing tone that usually made me feel better – except when she was lecturing me about seeing my family.

She knew my family was a point of contention with me. I hadn’t been close to them since… well, since college. That was a long time ago.

“Cathy, I know what you’re trying to do. Please just let it go.” I sounded harsher than I intended, but I didn’t apologize.

She sighed. “You just don’t know what you’re missing. I’m not doing this for me, but for you. Someday you’ll realize that.” Then she walked off and left me with my thoughts.

I sulked for awhile, feeling like my friends were abandoning me. If I didn’t have my friends, then what did I have? Yeah, right. Family.

Much later, I went to the room where we napped when things were slow. Cathy was coming out as I was going in. She touched me on the arm and smiled, but didn’t say anything. Neither did I.

I didn’t get much rest either. As soon as I started to drift off, someone came in to get me and I was back out on the floor. That happens a lot in my job.

I was working with this really old patient, a kind woman. Though I never knew my grandparents, she was what I imagined my grandmother would have been like. She was really sweet, always apologizing that I had to take care of her.

“Ma’am, it’s my job to take care of you.”

“That’s sweet, Ted, but it’s so close to Christmas. You should be off with your family this time of year.”

“Someone has to be here taking care of you,” I told her, smiling.

She shook her head as she patted the back of my hand. “I’m old. I’m about all used up. You’re young. You still have your life ahead of you. Don’t let life pass you by. Make time for your family. Don’t ever get too busy for them.”

I wanted to tell her I wouldn’t, but I didn’t like to lie. I just smiled as I finished and slipped away.

When my shift was over, I made my way home to my empty apartment. I was still feeling down because of everyone backing out of the skiing trip. Though I usually worked over the holidays for the extra pay, this year I had scheduled time off to take that trip. Now I was stuck with time off and no way to use it.

I looked around my apartment, realizing how empty it is. Star jumped up on the sofa and sat at the other end, appraising me. I remembered the old lady’s words.

“Star, how would you feel if I left you alone for a few days?

Star didn’t say a word. She did rub her head against my hand and purred, though. She always seemed to know how to react to my mood.

“Don’t worry, girl. Cathy will look in on you and make sure you’re fed. It’s just for a few days.” I thought about what I was planning. “What am I doing? I must be crazy. After all this time, I’m really going home.”

I got up, knowing that if I thought it over anymore, I’d talk myself out of it like I did all the times before. All the years before. The suitcase that I was going to take skiing was still on the foot of my bed. Sighing, shaking my head in disbelief of what I was about to do, I started filling it with clothes.

I should stop on the way and pick up presents for Mom and Dad, I thought. I grinned when I thought about how I would surprise them. I imagined my mother’s stunned expression when I walked in. I knew I would have to endure my father’s berating for not visiting, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Not this time.

I called Cathy and she answered on the fourth ring. “Cathy, it’s Ted. I’m taking you up on your offer.”

“What offer is that?” Tired from the shift, she didn’t catch on at first, Then, “Really? You’re going home? You’re not really going skiing, are you? I won’t take care of Star for that.”

“No, I’m really going to do it this time.”

“I don’t believe you. I think Jeff is right. You are a chicken. You don’t really have parents. You were hatched.” Cathy paused for a moment. “If you’re really going to visit your parents, then I want pictures when you get back. I want proof,” she said, and I could hear the grin in her voice.

“Okay, okay, I’ll bring pictures. Doesn’t anyone trust me?”

“Not when it comes to visiting your parents.”

“But this time I’m really doing it. I’ll be back by the weekend.”

“Don’t rush back. Star will be fine. Spend some time at home.”

“Yes, mother hen,” I told her, but with a smile.

“You’re not going right now, are you? You need some sleep before you try driving that far.”

“I’m going to take a nap. I called you first because it will be harder to back out if I’ve already told you I’m going. I’ll leave in a few hours.”

“Good. Now get some sleep. Then go see your parents,” Cathy told me.

I lay down for a quick nap, trying not to think about what I was going to do when I got up. I managed to sleep a few hours before I woke up, refreshed. My bags were packed in minutes. Rubbing Star’s head, I told my cat, “Don’t worry, girl. Cathy will be by to feed you and I’ll be back soon. Take care of things and no parties while I’m gone.”

I went out the door and turned back to lock it, still trying not to think too much about what I was about to do. Down the hall and wait for the elevator. Before long, I was in my car, driving away.

What the hell am I doing? I wondered as I drove out of the city. I haven’t seen my parents in five years. And it’s my fault I haven’t. Fear started in the pit of my stomach and worked its way upwards. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

No, I had made my decision. I’m going home. I am not backing out. I should have done this a long time ago. Yeah, a long time ago. Memories were coming flooding back to keep me company on the drive.

I thought of my mother and my father. They had put me through school. I owed them a lot. I repaid them by burying myself in my work and avoiding them. It wasn’t that I hadn’t gotten along with them. I guess I just wasn’t as close to them as I should have been. Then I did really well in college and got this great job after graduation – far from home.

I didn’t want to think about what took me away from home. Instead I thought about another time. High school. I enjoyed high school. I was a good student, but most importantly I had great friends. One of those great friends was Kirsten.

Kirsten. An image of her trim body came to mind and I felt a smile appear on my face. She used to do that a lot to me. The first time I met her, I wondered if her hair was strawberry blonde everywhere. I would learn the answer to my question only two months later. We met when a group was going to a movie. Kirsten was a friend of a friend. A very cute friend of a friend.

I pushed my way in front of her in line and bought the box of popcorn I knew she was trying to buy. She frowned at my arrogance and rudeness. As soon as I paid for the popcorn, I turned around and gave it to her – my intention all along.

“Is that supposed to make up for your actions?” she asked.

“No, that is the reason for my actions. I wanted to buy it for you.”

“You need to learn how to be polite. It will get you farther,” she said sternly, but I saw her face just as she turned away. The harsh expression had changed to a smile – a smile she probably didn’t want me to see.

She also appeared to not want me to sit next to her but I did. I handed her a Coke as I told her she needed it to go with the popcorn. Her façade broke and she laughed. Shaking her head, those soft red curls bouncing, there was a laugh in her voice. “Arrogance will get you –“

“Sitting next to you?” I asked, standing my ground and looking pointedly at the seat next to her.

Kirsten regarded me for a moment, but then she sighed. “Sit down,” she said resignedly. I grinned and sat.

“Don’t think you’ve gained anything.”

“I’ve already gained all I hoped. Kirsten.”

She was about to bite off a reply when the lights dimmed and the movie started. Before the movie had run half an hour, her hand had drifted next to mine, then touched mine. In the darkness, I smiled as my hand covered hers, and I squeezed lightly. I had won.

Sitting together at the movies was just the beginning. Kirsten really believed that is all I was seeking. Maybe it was at first. Once I had her attention, I didn’t want to let go. We dated all through senior year. Our last date was Prom night. After we left the dance, I drove us to our favorite parking spot. In the quiet darkness, we moved to the backseat of my car. It was cramped, and getting her out of her pantyhose was quite an accomplishment. We made love there, holding each other close for the last time. It was also the last time I had taken my clothes off in my car.

I thought about that as I drove. I relived in my mind each moment of that night as we made love. I was very erect as I recalled how her body had looked in the light of the full moon. Her breasts were perfection itself, her face lovely as she looked at me without shyness. Her virginity had been surrendered to me months before; she had gotten over her initial shyness at being naked with me.

I was very aroused by the memory, an uncomfortable tightness in my jeans as I swelled to the memory. I was on a rural section of interstate highway with no other cars in sight. My desire for her left me wanting release. It seemed fitting somehow for it to happen in a car. Looking around again and finding no cars visible on the road either ahead or behind me, I undid my belt, holding the steering wheel with my knees when I needed both hands for the task. Once I had my pants unbuttoned and unzipped, I lifted my ass off the seat and slid both my pants and underwear to my knees. This is crazy I thought but I didn’t stop. My cock was stiff and stuck straight up.

I held the steering wheel with my left hand and felt the warmth as my right hand wrapped around my shaft. I could feel every bump, every ridge of myself. I squeezed a little tighter and stroked up then down. The motion made my arousal grow which brought the memories back with greater clarity. The intensity of my stroking increased.

I realized that I was going to have a problem to deal with in a very short while. I reached over with my right hand and felt inside the fast food bag that had contained my last meal. Sure enough, there were a few napkins left over. That would do in a pinch. I pulled them out and pushed them down between my legs where I could reach them quickly when needed.

I felt her move against me, heard the sounds of our naked bodies sliding against the seat, heard her moan as I pressed deeper. It was prom night all over again and I was reliving it as I stroked. I thought of her lovely face as I felt the contractions begin deep inside me. The head of my cock throbbed and I knew it was time. I again held the steering wheel with my knees and used my left hand to wad up the napkins. I held them against the head as I came, pumping my cum as the pleasure of the orgasm overtook me. Luckily I was on a straight stretch of road because I was lost in the ecstasy for a minute or two.

When I had finished, I was still sitting there, my butt feeling a little sweaty against the seat and holding the damp napkins against the head of my dick. I had just had the first orgasm in a car since that last night I had one inside Kirsten. I used the soggy wad of napkins to wipe up any remaining cum and put them aside. I checked that I was still alone on the road and saw one car coming up behind me. I worked my clothes back up my thighs as quickly as I could while trying to not make it obvious to the other car that I was getting dressed. By the time the car passed me, my pants were up and everything was covered. I waited until the car had gone by before I fiddled with the zipper and belt. I smiled as I thought about what I had just done. Too bad Kirsten wasn’t really here, I thought.

I stopped at the next rest area to pee, carrying the used napkins discreetly in my palm and dropping them into a garbage can. I felt a thrill over what I had done on the road. The risk of getting caught, though slight, had brought back memories of the excitement of going parking with Kirsten. That was the last but not the first time we had made love in a car.

It was late afternoon when I entered town. I compared what I saw to distant memories, trying to figure out what had changed since the last time I had been there. It was like traveling through time. For me, I had just been there right before finishing college. For the town, it had been years. I had no trouble finding the street I had lived on, and pulled into the driveway. The garage was closed. I smiled at the thought of the surprise I would give Mom in a minute or two. Even Dad might be happy to see me, overjoyed that I had finally come home. I got out and strode confidently to the door.

Standing there at the door, I felt regret and fear once again. I had come this far and certainly couldn’t turn back. I should have come sooner but I decided not to worry about that. I was here now. I stretched out my finger and pressed the doorbell. The little light went out as I pressed the warm button and I heard the chimes play out their song. I waited for the sound of footsteps. I waited. No sound came. I pressed again and the chimes faithfully played out their song a second time. Still nothing.

Not to be deterred, I remembered where we kept the emergency key. Sure enough, it was still there, hidden inside the fake rock in the flowerbed. I returned to the door and started to push the key into the lock.

“Can I help you?” a voice said behind me, sounding a little unsure and maybe just a little perturbed. Startled, I turned around and came face to face with… a memory. It was a slightly older version of the face I had imagined in the car a few hours before.

“Kirsten? Kirsten Baker?”

“Yes,” she said. Then her look of confusion changed. At first it was surprise, then delight, they it changed again to maybe suspicion.

“Ted. It’s really you, isn’t it?” I smiled and nodded. Her next remark was not what I was expecting. “What are you doing here?” Her tone carried maybe a hint of disdain.

My smile faded. “What am I doing here? I live here. Or I did. Uhm, what are you doing here?”

She got defensive. “I’m taking care of the house for your parents…  while they’re gone.”

“Gone? Where did they go?”

“They went away for Christmas. It’s not like they were expecting you.”

I felt the accusation she was implying. It was true. I had missed many Christmases, many celebrations. Maybe a surprise wasn’t such a good idea after all. My bravado evaporated. “I guess I should have called first.”

Kirsten’s belligerence also seemed to disappear. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t know what to think when I saw you standing there. I mean, before I saw who you were. I was coming over to water the plants.”

This was so stupid. I was standing outside my parents’ house, arguing with the woman I had just fantasized about a short while ago. Seeing her earlier frostiness thaw, I again reached for the door, trying to push the key the rest of the way in and turn it. The old key, after years of sitting outside, refused to go all the way in. It stood in testimony of my absence.

“Here, use mine,” Kirsten offered, and replaced the key with hers. She pushed the door open and stepped back. “Welcome home.”

Her words brought back to me where I really was. Though the house was empty, dark and cold, it still smelled like home. I knew this place. I had grown up here. Kirsten, right behind me, reached for the light switch.

Little had changed over the years. I suppose I had changed but my parents hadn’t. A Christmas tree stood in the corner of the living room, but no packages beneath it. Kirsten came back from down the hall as I heard the gas heater come on.

“It won’t take long to warm up,” she offered.

“I know,” I said.

She laughed. “That’s right. This is your house.”

I finally looked into her eyes, into the eyes I hadn’t seen in so long. They were still as blue as ever. Her hairstyle had changed, but she was still the girl from the backseat of my car. Forcing my libido to the background, I corrected that thought.  She was still the girl I had loved in high school, and probably never gotten over. I was the idiot who left her. What an idiot I was. She was beautiful then and she was still beautiful now.

“You’ve had a long drive. Let me get you something to drink,” Kirsten said as she moved to the kitchen and began rummaging through the cabinets. Before long, she was making hot chocolate in the microwave.

“You seem to know your way around my mother’s kitchen,” I observed.

Kirsten looked at me and smiled as she said, “Your mother and I have become close since I moved next door.”

My brow furrowed as I searched my memory. “Your grandmother lived next door.”

“And when she died, she left me her house.”

“I’m sorry,” I said automatically.

“It’s okay. It’s been two years and she was old. She lived a long life.”

Kirsten handed me a steaming cup and gestured to the stools at the counter as she picked up her own cup. This all seemed so strange as she tried to make me feel at home in my own house. Well, in my parents’ house.

“So I missed my parents,” I said as I sat.

Kirsten nodded. “’Fraid so. They left two days ago. I wish you had told them you were coming. This would have meant so much to them.”

I hadn’t come all this way to apologize to my high school girlfriend, but I was feeling as if I needed to do just that. She was like a surrogate parent, kind of like confessing my sins to a priest. I certainly never thought of her as a mother figure, but I did feel like I was the child and she was the adult at that moment. I decided to go with that. It couldn’t hurt and maybe I’d feel better if I confessed to someone. I took a big sip from my cup.

“I haven’t exactly been a model son these last few years.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Kirsten said.

I wasn’t feeling any better. I tried a lame response. “I guess I’ve been busy.” Kirsten’s expression told me my excuse was as bad as it sounded to me. “Well, I have.”

She put down her cup, on my mother’s counter and looked directly into my eyes. “You made your mother cry.” Her words stung. They stung because I knew they were true. “Ignoring your mother and father, after all they did for you, was really hard on them.”

“I’ve been focusing on my career.”

“Oh, I know. They’re very proud of you.” That only made me hurt more. “They tell me all about you.”

“This is kind of weird, sitting here and talking about how I’ve been such a bad son.”

“Maybe it’s what you need to hear.”

She wasn’t being mean, and I probably needed to hear what she was saying. I wasn’t trying to be mean. Still, I asked the question. “Don’t let me keep you. Don’t you have someone waiting for you? Next door?”

“Nope, I’m still single.” She wasn’t letting me off that easily. Or she was trying to tell me something that I wanted to hear.

“Really?” I said with more eagerness than I wanted her to hear. She smiled.

“I’m glad you’re so happy to hear that.”

“Well, I, uhm, never really got over you.”

“You have a funny way of showing it,” she said. Her accusation was delivered with little heat, however.

“I know. I was a jerk about that too.”

“So it wasn’t your intention to love me and leave me when you went off to college?”

“No, and I regretted that ever since. You can make me feel like a shit for that too.”

“You’re doing just fine on your own,” she encouraged me.

“Why do I feel that if I keep digging this hole I’m in, I’m going to fall through to China?”

“Maybe it’s time to let someone pull you out of the hole?”

I blinked at her response. “You don’t hate me for what I did?”

She smiled again. “Oh, I still cried. I missed you. But I can’t say that I hated you. Remember, there were two people in love.”

“Yes, I remember.” I took a deep breath and felt like I was melting into her eyes. “I remember all the time.”

“Then it’s about time you came to see me.”

“Yes, it is,” I said. Then I yawned.

“I forgot. You had a long day today.”

“Well, it was a long drive, and I had a long shift yesterday, and it’s getting late.”

“I’ll just water the plants and then I’ll leave.” She got up and filled a watering can at the sink. “What are your plans?”

“Plans? Oh, since my parents aren’t here. I guess I’ll stay at least the night. Then I’ll head back home in the morning.”

“Home to what? Christmas alone in your apartment?”

“The alternative is Christmas alone here.”

Kirsten cleared her throat and she turned off the water. “Uhm, I’m here.”

I don’t think I realized until that moment she was happy I was there.

“Is that an invitation?” I asked hopefully.

She brushed past me and her back was to me as she watered plants. “Well, you shouldn’t be alone at Christmas. I’d love some company. What’s the point of driving right back home just to be alone?”

As I thought about that, I looked beyond her to the floor to ceiling glass windows. I was looking at that quirky outdoor courtyard in the middle of the house. I had never seen another one like it anywhere else. Surrounded on all sides by the house was a garden open to the sky. Kirsten turned back to me, waiting for an answer. She noticed where I was looking.

With a distinct smile in her voice, she spoke. “That’s your mother’s favorite part of this house.” I nodded in agreement. “It has some nice memories for me too.”

“You still remember that?” I asked.

“How could I forget? It was the only time I danced naked in the rain.”

I felt parts of me awaken at the shared memory. “That was the only time I did it too.”

“It’s nice to know I wasn’t just one in a long line of women you brought here for romantic afternoons while your parents were out of town.”

“No, that happened only with you.”

“I’m glad.”  She walked back to the kitchen. “I’m all done here. What are your plans for breakfast?” She put the can in the sink and walked back to where I was still sitting, picking up the empty mugs.

“I don’t really have any plans.”

She gave me an appraising glance. “You could use some fattening up. Come have breakfast with me.”

“That sounds nice. Okay.”

She started heading out of the kitchen. I noticed her eyes dart to a framed photograph on a shelf in the built-in bookcase.

“She still keeps that picture out?” I asked rhetorically.

“Yes, she does. It’s one of your mother’s favorites.”

In that picture, I wore a white tuxedo and stood next to Kirsten. She was wearing her prom dress. I wasn’t quite as thin as now, maybe more athletic. My brown hair was a little longer in the picture but otherwise I looked about the same now as I did in the picture standing next to my date. Kirsten, just a little shorter than me, was even lovelier than now, her hair and makeup carefully done, wearing that special dress.

“I remember that night. It was so romantic.”

“Yes, it was. And I remember what we did after the dance.”

She smiled as she remembered too. “It wasn’t very easy getting back into that dress in the backseat of your car.”

“When girls pick out their prom dresses, why don’t they give thought to how easy it would be to get in and out of it in a car?” I joked.

“Maybe because their mothers help them pick it out. Mothers probably steer them towards one that is purposely not easy to take off.”

“I thought you were going to injure yourself putting on your pantyhose.”

We both laughed.

“It was worth the trouble,” she said softly. “Very worth it.” Then she sighed gently. “I’ll call you in the morning. Sweet dreams.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” I followed her out and got my bags out of the car. I watched her walk next door. She turned and waved before going inside. After the door was closed, I was still standing there, looking to where she had disappeared in the darkness. In a moment, her door opened again.

“You’ll catch cold out there. Go inside,” she called to me. I waved and did go inside, the spell broken.

I dropped my bags near the kitchen and stood with my hands on the window, looking into the dark courtyard. I was reliving our dance in the rain in my mind. It was a beautiful memory, far more than erotic.

I unlocked the sliding glass door and stepped into the courtyard. There was no wind, of course, but it was still cold. It was getting dark, but in my mind that was because of clouds instead of night. It was warm and a rain was beginning to fall. It was early fall of my senior year in high school all over again and I was there with Kirsten. My parents were on one of their long trips. Like any horny teenager, I was taking advantage of the opportunity with my girlfriend. We had shed our clothes inside the house and stepped outside hand in hand as big fat drops began to hit the ground around us. I could see the drops landing on Kirsten’s shoulders and breasts. I felt one hit my hard cock and I almost laughed. There was nothing funny about being there with Kirsten. I had seen her naked before, of course, but there was something special about being outside like that. I remembered to slide the door closed enough that the rain wouldn’t wet the inside of the house, but didn’t close it all the way. I didn’t want to take the chance of us getting locked in the courtyard – especially without any clothes.

Kirsten extended her arms and twirled around, letting the raindrops paint an abstract picture on the canvas of her perfect skin. After a few turns, she opened her eyes, though she kept turning.

“Come on, dance with me,” she said, not even looking at me. She stuck out her tongue and my cock jumped as I remembered how, not an hour ago, she had used that tongue to bring me to an orgasm. She had tasted my cum with that tongue and my dick couldn’t forget it. Not ever.

I walked right up to her, waited until she was facing me, and slipped my arms around her slender waist, enjoying the feel of her smooth warm skin. I pulled her to me, stopped her slow spin as her breasts crushed against my chest, her nipples boring into my bare chest. She finally opened her eyes.

“Hello,” she said with a happy giggle.

I was going to reply but at the moment I was too fascinated with the feeling of her pubic hair brushing against my stiff shaft. She put her arms around my neck. She started swaying, causing me to move with her. It took me just a moment to realize she was trying to slow dance. We moved together, touching in a way more intimate than ever before while dancing. It was romantic, erotic and even a little silly. Silly because we were doing it outside in the rain, in the courtyard garden.

The rain pelted us harder, but it did nothing to deter Kirsten. I was enjoying it too much to want to stop. I did have a momentary concern about how we were on display to the house, though no one else was home. We had each celebrated the all important birthday and were technically adults, but to my mother we were still children. She would have a stroke if she would suddenly return home and catch us dancing naked. I pushed that thought away with the knowledge that my father and mother were far away and we were safely all alone.

The rain fell on us, two souls in love, two bodies joined. The drain in the center of the courtyard that presumably connected to a pipe running beneath the house carried away the water, but not before it turned the earth beneath our feet to mud. When we were too chilled by the rain to stay out there, our dance ended. “I’m cold. Can we go back inside now?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” I said, reluctantly slipping away from her embrace. I led the way to the door. Then I looked down and realized we both had muddy feet. “Wait, we can’t go inside like this. There’ll be mud all over the floor. Come over here first,” I led her to the hose my mother used to water the plants. We rinsed off our feet but then I realized we’d only get them muddy again walking to the door. “Wait,” I said. I walked through the mud again to the door, opened it, and reached inside to grab my discarded jeans. I put them down in the mud and told Kirsten to walk on them to the door.

“Your clothes will be all muddy,” she said.

“I can get clean ones and wash those later. It’s easier than cleaning mud off the carpet.”

So she did as I again rinsed mud off my feet before joining her. We stood inside, still naked.

“Want to get dressed now?” she asked me.

“Nope,” I said with a smile and led the way to my bedroom.

Smiling at the precious memory, I picked up my bag and found my way to my bedroom. It was still as I remembered it. Nothing had changed since the last time I had been in there. Kirsten was still on my mind the entire time I was getting ready for bed. I would have done something about that, but I was tired from the drive and the day before at work. I was asleep almost right after turning out the light.



Continued in Chapter 2 - Just Like Old Times

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