Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. WARNING: This story includes Incest relations as well as Water sports and some minor Scat. A story about a man who finds out spending the weekend at his sister's house will be more interesting then any time before. The Four Hour Drive Timothy Redford put a worn black duffle bag into the back of his aged four-door Honda and prepared for his four hour trip from Kansas City to St Louis.  Although he dreaded driving for any longer then the time it took him to drive to work, he would often make a special exception to see his sisters in St Louis. His sisters Bethany and Jennifer share a house in St Louis, and he would visit with them generally staying only for the weekend. Jennifer, his youngest sister, had just broken off her engagement and was in slump. So Bethany, Tim -(TM)s older sister, called him to arrange a surprise visit in an attempt to cheer her up. Tim reluctantly agreed, as Jennifer -(TM)s moods are forever changing, but not easily swayed. Weary of highway driving, Tim settled into the beginning of the long drive ahead of him. Finally making his way off the highway and into a small suburban town just outside of St Louis, Tim sighed knowing he had only a few minutes before he was finished driving. Pulling into the yard of his sisters two story house, he noticed the grass had not been cut for a week or two. Chances were high that he would have to dredge through their separate garage turned storage unit to find the old mower to see if he could fix it for them again.  Tim got out of his car and went to the back to get his bag. No sooner than when he had closed the door to his car, had the front door opened, and Bethany had come out to greet him. Bethany was 30 years old with long brown hair and blue eyes, about five feet four inches tall and weighed around 120 pounds. She worked as a defense attorney and never had trouble finding a man, but she was always busy at work. -Finally, you show up! I was wondering what took you so long. - said Beth. -I know. I said I was going to call you when I left, - Tim said. -But as usual I forgot. I saw that you called but I don -(TM)t like talking on the phone while I -(TM)m driving. I -(TM)m a bad enough driver as it is, and I certainly don -(TM)t need any more distractions. - -Well, its fine as long as you made it here safe. - -Yeah as far as I can tell I -(TM)ve made it here in one piece. - Tim laughed to himself. Tim never had a knack for telling jokes, but would usually attempt knowing his jokes were terrible. -Uh yeah, come on inside, Jen -(TM)s upstairs as usual. - Beth said. Even though he had come all this way to surprise his sister, she only said a few words to him and stayed in bed the whole day. The day was uneventful. Most often the time he spent with his sisters was. Their time would be spent mostly with watching TV, or playing card games and board games. Other than that, if there wasn -(TM)t something around the house to fix or yard work that needed to be done, Tim often found himself bored. Bored, but spending necessary family time. There was always beer in the house, so they could enjoy a cold one after conducting some home repairs. Their largest project lately was a complete remodeling of the down stairs bathroom. Saturday started of the same as always. Tim, being slightly hung over, made his way from the spare bedroom and into the living room and turned on the TV. Nothing like the DIY channel in the morning, he thought to himself. Beth came out of her room down dressed in a blazer and matching skirt. -Are you going somewhere, Beth? - asked Tim. -Yeah, there -(TM)s been some sort of disaster at the firm, and I need to go in and save the world. - replied Beth. -I see. Well have fun, don -(TM)t work too hard. - -I -(TM)ll probably be gone all day so you -(TM)re going to have to find something to do, - she said peeking out the window into the yard. -Oh and try and get Jen -(TM)s lazy butt up and out of bed. It -(TM)s starting to become unhealthy. - -Yes, ma -(TM)am. - After about an hour of watching people buying and fixing houses, Tim decided he would get up and make some breakfast. He made his way into the kitchen and started rousing up some breakfast food. Eggs, bacon, instant pancakes, and toast were on the menu. He finished what he made and decided to make some for Jennifer. He knew she hated being woken up, and figured breakfast in bed would be an easy way to make up for it. He made his way up the stairs, but didn -(TM)t bother knocking on the door since it was already open a little and his hands were full. He walked into Jennifer -(TM)s bedroom, and immediately noticed his sister -(TM)s awkward sleeping position. Jennifer was a 22 year old college student who worked at a local department store. She was about the same height as Bethany, but weighed a little less. This didn -(TM)t stop them from sharing clothes however. Her hair was a dark blond almost brown and went down to her shoulders. She had the same blue eyes, as it ran in the family. She laid spread eagle in her bed wearing only a pair of lacy boy shorts and a loose fitting spaghetti strap shirt. Her blanket had been thrown to the side, as her bedroom tends to be warmer than the rest of the house. -Jen -- Jen? - Tim asked as he set the plate of food and glass of milk on the night stand next to her bed. He shook her a bit to try to wake her up. Opening her eyes slowly, she finally came around. Her bedroom light was off but the hallway light was on, shining into her bedroom. -Geez Tim, you could at least turn the hallway light off. - Jen said squinting. -Nope. Matter of fact, - Tim said and walked over to her bedroom light switch and switched it on. -It -(TM)s time for you to get up. Look, I brought you breakfast. - -Fine! Fine! I -(TM)m up. - she said completely covering herself with her blanket, hiding from the light. After a few minutes of lying in bed with the light on she finally sat up and starting eating the breakfast Tim had made her. -Some breakfast in bed, its cold you know. - Jen said. -Well it would have been nice and hot if you hadn -(TM)t been lying in bed for almost ten minutes. - Tim retorted. Tim sat in a chair across the room and waited for her to get up. She sat in bed and finished the breakfast, pushed the plate toward the edge of the bed and slumped back, covering herself back up. -You -(TM)re not going to sleep again. Come on, this isn -(TM)t going to be like yesterday, you -(TM)re getting your butt up and coming downstairs. - Tim said. -Why should I? Just go back down stairs and hang out with Beth. - Jen said from under her blanket. -I would but Beth had to go put out some fires at the firm. Damn woman is married to that job. - said Tim. -Married? - Jen said starting to tear up. -Damnit, I -(TM)m sorry Jen. I didn -(TM)t mean to say the -~M -(TM) word -- - said Tim. -It -(TM)s fine, the -~M -(TM) word, that -(TM)s all it was to him, just a word. He never actually considered it and then he broke it off and I -(TM)m left all alone. - She said sitting up hugging her knees, now crying loudly. -Oh Jen, I -(TM)m sorry, - Tim said sitting down on the bed next to her attempting to console her. -You -(TM)re not alone, you -(TM)ve got Beth and I -(TM)m here for you now. - Tim wrapped his arms around his crying sister and hugged her tight. Her body felt warm as they embraced; something he -(TM)d missed for a while. Being busy with work as of late, he hadn -(TM)t had time to seek out companionship. -You -(TM)ll be alright kiddo. - Tim said and went to kiss Jen on the forehead. However, Jen moved her head at just the right moment and Tim accidently kissed her on the mouth. Luckily it was only meant to be a quick peck, so Tim pulled back immediately. -What the hell? Why -(TM)d you move your head? I meant to kiss you on the forehead, but you moved. - He said awkwardly. -I don -(TM)t know, - Jen said wiping away some tears. -I just turned to look at you. I didn -(TM)t expect you to try and kiss me, weirdo. - -What? Why would I kiss you? - -Adam said the same thing to me. He wouldn -(TM)t even kiss me goodbye. I -(TM)m so ugly and useless. No one wants to kiss me. - -What? No, it -(TM)s not that you -(TM)re not attractive; it -(TM)s just that we -(TM)re related. I love you and all, but we -(TM)re relatives. It -(TM)s kinda weird. - -My life is over. No one will love me again; I -(TM)ll only have unconditional love and kisses from family members. -   Tim thought for what seemed like hours. While his sister was crying and in need of comfort, he was actually thinking of that accidental kiss. It was like an electric shock. Even though it was only for a quick second, it felt amazing. Something so taboo and carnal, he had just a taste and he wanted more. What was he thinking? Was he actually considering committing incest? Jen was an attractive girl, but he had never considered doing anything sexual in nature with her. He made up his mind. He was going to try something he never had imagined in his life. -Listen, your life isn -(TM)t over. You are a very attractive young woman. - Tim said to his sister. He then tilted her chin towards him kissed her directly. They stayed that way for a second, than she pulled away. -That time wasn -(TM)t an accident. What are you trying to do? - asked Jen. -Jen, you -(TM)re beautiful. Any man would be lucky to have you. I just wanted to show you, since words seemed to be lost on you. - -You can -(TM)t be serious. You said it yourself, we -(TM)re brother and sister. We can -(TM)t do something like this. -   -Yes, we -(TM)re related, but you mean to tell me you didn -(TM)t feel anything from that last kiss? - -Well, I, uh -- - Jen trailed off. Tim took this opportunity to kiss Jen once again but this time opened his mouth. Jen accepted his passionate kiss. He then started to kiss her on her neck and make his way downward. -Tim, um, maybe we should stop and think about this. - Jen said quietly. -Do you really want me to stop? - Tim said kissing her neck and lightly playing at the bottom of her shirt. -Well, no, but isn -(TM)t this wrong? - -No, I think its right. -  He said as he reached under her top. Jen -(TM)s breasts were full B, possibly a small C. They fit perfectly in Tim -(TM)s hand. Tim played with her nipple and pinched it lightly once it became hard. Jen let out a moan and Tim continued to kiss her neck. He laid her down, and let his hands play about her body. He stopped at the hem of her boy shorts. It -(TM)s now or never, he thought. -Wait, Tim, before we go any further, let me take a shower. - Jen said. -Are you sure? Can -(TM)t say a woman -(TM)s ever stopped me at this point. - he said jokingly. -No please, I just need to clean up and think about this. - she said. Tim wanted to take Jen right then, but the idea of doing it against her will would be rape, and that left him feeling wrong. -Of Course, go ahead and get cleaned up. We can continue this after you -(TM)re done. - Tim said. -Ok, I -(TM)ll be back in a few. - Jennifer made her way downstairs and started up the shower. Tim sat up on her bed and thought. What the hell? What am I doing? Am I Dreaming? Why didn -(TM)t she tell me no and slap me? This is so weird. I don -(TM)t understand this at all. I -(TM)m not a sicko. I -(TM)m not taking advantage of my sister. We -(TM)re both grown adults. She wants this as much as I do. Tim thought about the situation and decided that if Jen wants to stop once she returned that would be it. He would never mention it to her or anyone and pretend it never happened. After a few minutes, Tim heard the shower stop. He waited patiently, but got a bit nervous when he heard her footsteps coming up the stairs. When Jen made her way back into the room, she was wearing only a towel. They looked at one another for about two minutes, before Tim broke the silence. -My god. What a vision. I love the fresh out of the shower look. The wet hair and towel are just sexy. - Jen began to blush. -Well thanks, Tim. No one -(TM)s ever said that to me before. There -(TM)s another towel in the top shelf of my closet, can you hand it to me? - Tim stood up immediately and grabbed the towel from the closet and handed it to her. She patted dry her hair, and walked over toward Tim. He was about a head taller than her, so when she stopped in front of him she looked up to him. Tim was in heaven. He would have stopped time if he could. This was one amazing moment, having such a beautiful women looking up at him, and imagining what would happened next. -Well? Did you think it over in the shower? Took you long enough -- - Tim asked but was cut off by Jen wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. She then removed Tim -(TM)s shirt and pushed him down on the bed. Jen stood there for a second looking at Tim and then she dropped her towel. It was quite a sight, her body was amazing. She had curvy body, perky breast with soft pink nipples, slender legs and a tight butt. She had a sparse amount of pubic hair. From the looks of it, she normally shaved but was letting it grow out a little. She straddled Tim and leaned forward and began kissing him passionately. Tim wrapped one arm around her and with his other hand played with her breast. Jen felt his penis begin to harden under her naked flesh. The athletic shorts he was wearing made no attempt to hide his arousal. She broke the kiss and smiled as she stuck her hand inside the leg of his shorts and begin touching the length of his shaft. Tim -(TM)s circumcised pe nis was hard and its head was beginning to leak pre-cum. Jen rubbed her finger along the top of the head working the fluids around. Tim leaned forward and continued to play with her breasts. -Jen, will you put it in your mouth? - Tim asked. Jen let out a giggle and pushed Tim back. She pulled his shorts and boxers off completely and took his throbbing member into her hands. She knelt at the foot of the bed and licked the head of his penis lightly, putting it in her mouth a little. Tim sat up so that he could see his sister doing something he never would have imagined. Jen had now begun to bob back and forth on the full length of his penis and was playing with his testicles. Her other hand found its way to her wet vagina and was teasing her clitoris. She was very skilled in fellatio, and effectively utilized her tongue and hands. Tim knew that he couldn -(TM)t last very long at the rate she was going. -Damn Jen, if you keep going like this I -(TM)m going to cum. - Tim said. Jen took his penis out of her mouth and stroked it. -Oh Tim, I want your cum in my mouth. Tell me when! - she said and quickly forced the entirety of his member into her mouth. It wasn -(TM)t much longer until Tim was at his limit. He felt his orgasm coming and put his hand on Jen -(TM)s head. -Oh Jen, I -(TM)m cumming. I -(TM)m cumming! - he said as he shot his hot load into the back of her throat. She kept his penis in her mouth for a few seconds before she sputtered and let it slip out. -Oh god, Tim I -(TM)m so hot. I love giving head, but I don -(TM)t swallow. - she said, letting the cum drip out of her mouth and onto her chin and breasts. Tim could not believe his eyes. His youngest sister was kneeled in front of him naked, pleasuring herself, his own cum dripping out of her mouth, and asking for more. Jen wiped away the cum with her towel and straddled Tim once more. -Tim, I -(TM)m soaking wet, give me what I want. - Jen said and kissed Tim deeply. -One good turn deserves another. Turn around. - Tim said Jen turned around, giving Tim the full view. Her vagina was pink and glistening. It was such a sight to behold he stopped and stared at it for a second taking it all in. Jen, getting impatient, began sucking on his penis once more and pushed her vagina down onto Tim -(TM)s face. Tim took the hint and began to lick and suck without abandon. He used is mouth to stimulate her clitoris and worked his hand up her thighs until his finger found her vagina and probed its depths intensely. -Oh god, Tim, if you keep that up I -(TM)ll cum, I -(TM)ll cum -- - Jen moaned. Tim didn -(TM)t let up, he knew that she deserved the same amount of pleasure he received and he wasn -(TM)t stopping until she was satisfied. Jen was working her hips in motion with Tim -(TM)s fingers and he could tell she was starting to feel it. -Tim, Tim, sometimes when I climax, I pee. I -(TM)ll pee on you if you keep this up. Don -(TM)t stop, Tim. - Jen said breathing heavily. Tim had known this to happen in women, but never thought his own sister be hovering over his face about to pee from the orgasm he -(TM)d given her. Jen sucked his hard penis all the while making sure that after she was done they could continue right away. -Oh, Tim that -(TM)s it. I -(TM)m cumming! - Jen said as her legs gave way and she fell right on top of Tim, spraying pee right into Tim -(TM)s face. -Tim I pissed, I peed on you, it -(TM)s so gross, oh god. - Jen said worried. Tim on the other hand just let the pee come. He kept his mouth open and tasted every drop of his sister -(TM)s sweet nectar. There was about three or four squirts and Tim had caught them all square in the face. After it subsided Jen turned around to see Tim soaked in pee. -I -(TM)m sorry, I warned you. - Jen said. -It -(TM)s fine, dear god that has hot. I -(TM)ve never been pissed on before. Do you do that every time? - Tim asked thrilled. -Not every time, it only happened a few times with Adam and he didn -(TM)t like it much. - Jen said embarrassed. -I loved it! You are such an amazing woman. There isn -(TM)t a thing about you would change. But, for now could you hand me that towel? - Tim dried himself off and kissed Jen. They both knew what was happening next, and they both wanted it. -Jen, I want to be inside you. - Tim said -Then stop talking about it and stick it in! - Jen teased. Tim and Jen switched places and Tim began rubbing the tip of his penis around her vagina. -Wait, do you have any condoms Jen? - -Oh, who cares I want your hot dick inside me right now! - -There -(TM)s a chance -- - Tim started, but was cut off by Jen wrapping her legs around him. -Now. - she said.          Tim didn -(TM)t need to respond, and plunged his unprotected penis into her. Jen -(TM)s vagina was so wet and tight, it was like it was sucking him in. She obviously wasn -(TM)t a virgin, but her vagina was the tightest Tim had ever felt. -Damn Jen, you -(TM)re tight, oh god! - Tim said. -It -(TM)s been a while, and Adam wasn -(TM)t as big as you. Oh god deeper! - Jen exclaimed. Tim thrust into his sister time and time again each time her moans grew louder and more in rhythm with him. He leaned down and sucked on Jen -(TM)s breast. He then kissed her passionately while he continued to thrust. -Let -(TM)s change positions. - said Tim. -What did you have in mind? - said Jen. -I love doggy style. - said Tim smiling. -Then give it to me from behind! Ram you hard dick into my pussy! - -Damn you -(TM)ve got a mouth on you! - Tim pulled back and Jen got on all four and stuck her butt in the air, waving it at Tim. -Come get it brother. - Tim couldn -(TM)t take his eyes of Jen -(TM)s delicious looking vagina and dove right in. He grabbed her by the waist and starting pounding his sister from behind. Jen put her face into her pillows and moaned uncontrollably. Tim was close to his orgasm, and he knew he would have to pull out soon. -Oh god Jen you -(TM)re pussy is amazing. I -(TM)m about to come. God, I -(TM)m about to come where do you want it? - asked Tim. -I don -(TM)t care! Come inside, it -(TM)s safe. Just do it, I want to feel your hot cum inside me! - Just hearing the words come out of his younger sister -(TM)s mouth was enough. Two more strokes and Tim was done for. -Jen, Jen! I -(TM)m cumming oh god! - Tim said as he shot his seed deep into her belly. -It -(TM)s so hot Tim, god I love you. - Jen said as she turned around gave him a deep passionate kiss. -I love you too, Jesus I never thought for a million years -- - Tim was saying as he was cut off with another kiss from his sister. Afterwards they both lay there in Jen -(TM)s bed out of breath, holding hands, and contemplating what had just happened. What have I done? Tim thought. Not only did I have sex with my sister, I came inside of her? I know she said it -(TM)s safe, but what if she gets pregnant? -That was amazing Tim. - Jen said. -Yeah it was definitely out of this world. And here I thought this was just going to be another run of the mill weekend. What do we do now? - asked Tim. -Well we definitely can -(TM)t tell anyone about this if that -(TM)s what you -(TM)re asking. Beth cannot find out about this. - Just then, as if she knew we had mentioned her name, Beth called Jen -(TM)s cell phone. Jen answered the phone. -Yeah, what -(TM)s up? Oh really? Hmmm I don -(TM)t know. I guess he -(TM)s here, I don -(TM)t think he went anywhere. Yeah, he probably just fell asleep or something that -(TM)s why he didn -(TM)t answer. Um, I don -(TM)t know, chicken I guess? How long until you get home? Well, don -(TM)t hurry it not like I miss you. Ok, love you, bye. - -So Beth called me and wanted to know why didn -(TM)t pick up the phone?  And I guess we -(TM)re having chicken for dinner tonight? - Tim asked. Jen nodded her head. -How long until she gets back? - Tim asked. -Long enough. - Jen said smiling.  A Few hours later, Beth walks in the front door. She has a sports drink in one hand and grocery bags in the other. Tim and Jen were sitting on the couch watching a shark documentary. -Holy hell! Would you look at that! She finally came out of her cave. You might not want to sit too close to her, Tim. I don -(TM)t think she -(TM)s bathed in a few days. - Beth joked. -I took a shower this morning! Matter of fact I had to take two showers today! - Jen answered quickly. -You HAD to take two showers today? How come? - Beth asked. -Well, that -(TM)s because, we -- uh -- I -- - Jen fumbled with her words but Tim spoke up, -We went out and fixed the lawn mower. - -We? You actually got her to do some work? Besides, if you fixed the mower, how come the grass isn -(TM)t cut? - Beth asked. -Well, that um, I fixed it and it took a lot of time, so I figured I -(TM)d cut it tomorrow. It -(TM)s not like I -(TM)ve anything better to do, right? - Tim said chuckling to himself. -Hmm, well OK I guess, but don -(TM)t go skimping out on it. You said you -(TM)d do it. Now I -(TM)m going in the kitchen to make you lazy bums dinner. And I had a fine day at work, thanks for asking. - Beth said walking into the kitchen. In about an hour there was a delicious spread of chicken and potatoes, vegetables, and rolls. -Gee Beth, you didn -(TM)t have to go to this extent. You could have just made some chicken helper. - said Tim. -Nah, Jen is too picky, she won -(TM)t eat chicken helper. - said Beth. -Yeah, -~cause chicken helper is nasty, most of it anyway. If you -(TM)re going to have chicken it should be fresh. - said Jen. -Whatever, tell your sister thank you for cooking and eat. - said Tim. -Fine, dad. Thank you, Beth. There happy? - said Jen. -I guess that -(TM)ll do. - Tim said eating dinner. After dinner the three siblings played some card games and had a few beers. Jen doesn -(TM)t like beer so they make sure to keep a few bottle of liquor around for her. After a few games, Beth got up from the table. -Ok guys, I think I -(TM)m going to head off to bed. Long day at work and this beer is making me sleepy. Tim, I don -(TM)t want to hear any excuses about cutting the grass tomorrow. - said Beth. -Yes, ma -(TM)am. - said Tim. Beth went back to her room and started getting ready for bed. At this point in the night Jen was drunk, and Tim was feeling a little tipsy himself. -I -(TM)m going to the living room to see if there anything on. - said Jen as she stumbled out of the kitchen. Tim stayed in the kitchen a bit longer putting the cards away and straightening up the kitchen. Afterwards he made his way into the living room. Jen was sitting on the couch flipping through the guide channel trying to find something to watch. -Oh, Original Sin, have you seen that Tim? - Jen asked. -No, it -(TM)s got that one actress I don -(TM)t really care for in it. - said Tim. -It -(TM)s not a bad movie, I -(TM)ll put it on. - she said. Tim and Jen start to watch the movie, and right as soon as Tim is about to call it quits, a sex scene come on. Although tired, this caught Tim -(TM)s eye and convinced him to stay a little longer. He then noticed Jen; she had her hand down her pajama pants. She was pleasuring herself while watching the scene. Tim moved a little closer to her and began nibbling on her ear. Jen let out a moan and Tim moved down to her neck, and inserted his own hand into her pajama pants. Jen reached back and begin running her fingers through his hair as he continued to play with her clitoris. It was a thrill to play with his sister -(TM)s vagina in the living room in plain view when Beth was asleep in her room behind them. Jen stuck her hand down the front of Tim -(TM)s athletic short, and started to stroke his penis. -Damn, this is so hot, - Tim said. -We could get caught any moment. Don -(TM)t moan so loud. - -Stop fingering me and if you want me stop moaning so loud. - said Jen. -No way in hell. If I stop, you stop. - -Exactly. - Tim continued playing with Jen until she climaxed, wetting her pants. -Damn, now I have to change pants -- - said Jen. -Well, you -(TM)ll have to go up stairs to get new ones, right? Why don -(TM)t I come with you, and we can finish what we started? - said Tim. The next morning Tim woke up in Jen -(TM)s bed. Jen wasn -(TM)t there, however. He made his way downstairs and saw Beth and Jen up and eating, Jen dressed for work. Beth didn -(TM)t seem to care about Tim coming from up stairs. -I thought you had the whole weekend off? - asked Tim. -Someone called in sick today, so I picked up a double. Not bad if I say so myself. - said Jen. -Yeah, not bad. Pretty lucky. Your Paycheck will be a little fatter this month. - said Tim. -Maybe I ought to start charging you higher rent since you making more this month. - Beth joked. -Anyway can you give me a ride to work? I -(TM)ve already arranged for one back, I just need to get there. - said Jen. -I guess. - said Beth. -Ya know if you don -(TM)t want to, I can always do it. - Tim volunteered. -I don -(TM)t think so mister. You need to get out on that lawn. Now go. - said Beth. -Yeah, yeah, I -(TM)m on it. - said Tim. Tim grabbed the toast Beth had just made and went outside to start working. Great. I have to find the mower, fix it, and cut the grass, Tim thought. Beth and Jen passed by Tim on their way out. -I thought you said you guys already fixed that? - said Beth. -Well, we spent plenty of time inside it but I guess it didn -(TM)t quite finish the job. - said Tim. -Don -(TM)t make that a habit; you need to make sure you always finish the job. - Jen joked -Anyways, I -(TM)ll be on break at nine, I -(TM)ll text you to make sure you -(TM)re done by then. - -Whatever. - said Tim. After a little work Tim got the lawn mower working and had just started mowing the grass when Beth returned home.                    Beth walked into the house as soon as she got home; it was a hot day outside. Tim mowed until late in the afternoon before he came in. When he came in Beth was sitting in the living room, drinking a beer. She was wearing a white wife beater shirt with no bra and some silky pajama pants. -Damn that beer looks good; maybe I -(TM)ll get myself one. -  Tim said as he made his way through to the kitchen. -Can -(TM)t, it -(TM)s the last one. - said Beth talking over the TV. -What? There was a lot more than one left last night. - Tim said. -Well it was a long day, so figured why not. I don -(TM)t have to pick up Jen anyway. If it means that much to you, have what -(TM)s left of this one. - -Fine, I -(TM)ll take it. - Tim said as he grabbed the can. -This one -(TM)s half empty. Man, what a day, mowing all day and all I get is half a beer. - -Well maybe if you tried harder there -(TM)d be a better reward, besides you missed a bunch of spots out there. - Beth said looking out the window. -Whatever, if you don -(TM)t like it that much go fix it yourself. - Tim needed a shower after working all day. After his shower, he sat back out in the living room, but Beth wasn -(TM)t there. She must be off doing something in her room/office, Tim thought. Tim was focused on the TV when all of the sudden he felt someone put their arms around him from behind. Then the person started moaning and nibbling on his ear. It sent chills down his spine. Surprising, but it turned him on none the less. He let it go on for a minute and felt their hands go further down his chest. He figured he -(TM)d dozed off, so he said the first thing that came to mind. -Ah, that -(TM)s it. Keep going baby. - Tim said. -What the hell do you think you -(TM)re saying to your sister, you perv? - He heard Beth say loudly in his ear. Tim jumped up. -What the hell are you doing to you brother -- you perv? - Tim said embarrassed. -Playing a joke on you. God you really take things too far. - said Beth She then made her way around the back of the couch and sat down. -You ought to go get more beer since it was you who drank the last one. - Beth said. -What? You -(TM)re the one who drank them all. Just -~cause I drank the last half of the last one doesn -(TM)t mean I -(TM)m the one at fault here. I -(TM)m not going anywhere. - -Fine me neither. - -Besides, I can just text Jen and tell her to pick some up. - Tim wasn -(TM)t thinking about beer at all. The only thing he had on his mind was the warmth he felt and the moans he heard in what he thought was a dream. The more the thought about it, the more he thought about Beth -(TM)s breast pressing against his back and her nibbling on his ear, her hands caressing his body. His penis was becoming hard just thinking about his sister. Beth started to get up, but didn -(TM)t quite make it and ended falling over on top of Tim. Her hand landed right on the crotch of his athletic shorts. Being thin, she could feel what was beneath them, something hard and warm. -Whoa what is that? Did you get hard because of that joke I played on you earlier? You really are a perv. - joked Beth. Tim looked around embarrassed, like he was caught doing something wrong. -No, it just gets that way. Come on sis, I know you -(TM)re busy but even you have been with enough guys to know that. - Tim joked awkwardly. -Are you saying I don -(TM)t know anything about pleasing men? Just because I don -(TM)t have a boyfriend right now doesn -(TM)t mean I couldn -(TM)t get one you know. - -Sure, I got you sis; you -(TM)re too busy, your job is more important. - -You don -(TM)t believe me? Well how about this? - Beth said as she sat down next to him on the couch and open mouth kissed him. Beth then stuck her hand down his pants and started stroking his penis. -How about this, huh? Are you still saying I don -(TM)t know what I -(TM)m doing? - Beth said. -What are you doing Beth? We can -(TM)t do this, we -(TM)re siblings, incest is wrong! - Tim said reluctantly. -We can -(TM)t do this? Incest is wrong? Really? You think I -(TM)m stupid? You think I don -(TM)t know what you and Jen were doing on the couch last night? Or the reason you came from her room this morning? - -Oh well -- that was -- You saw us last night? Why didn -(TM)t you stop us? Don -(TM)t you think it -(TM)s wrong? - -I didn -(TM)t stop you at first -~cause I wasn -(TM)t sure what to think. But the more I watched you, the hotter I got. I haven -(TM)t had sex for over a year. Then when the two of you were there going at each other I couldn -(TM)t help but touch myself. I came twice. It was amazing. - -Maybe, but that still doesn -(TM)t make it right. Damn, I don -(TM)t even know what to think about what happened between me and Jen and now you too. - -You -(TM)re saying you don -(TM)t want me? Am I not sexy enough for you? Maybe thirty is too old. I -(TM)ll do whatever you want. Please. - Beth said as she pulled down Tim -(TM)s shorts and began sucking on his penis. -Aw, hell. - said Tim. He pulled down Beth -(TM)s pants, pushed her thong aside and started playing with her vagina while she sucked him off. Beth -(TM)s moans intensified as Tim played. She was skill even though she hadn -(TM)t had sex in a while. She was playing with his testicles and working her tongue well. Tim wasn -(TM)t going to last. He was jamming his two fingers inside his sister -(TM)s vagina passionately. -Oh Beth, I -(TM)m about to cum. God here it comes! - he said as he came. Beth didn -(TM)t move; she sucked harder, slightly squeezing his balls. When Tim had finished, Beth swallowed it all. -Damn Beth, did you swallow? - asked Tim. -Yeah, it wasn -(TM)t bad. I bet Jen didn -(TM)t swallow, did she? - -No -- She let me blow in her mouth, but she didn -(TM)t swallow. - Tim was feeling lightheaded. In two days, he had done things he never imagined he would ever do in his life. He had sexual relations with both his sisters. What was happening? Tim -(TM)s concentration was broken when Beth stood up, fixing her pants. -What -(TM)s going on now? - Tim said.  -Now I -(TM)m going to do a little strip dance for you. I -(TM)ll show you how a woman pleases a man. - Beth said as she slowly removed her pants and starting shaking her hips. Beth danced and put one leg on the couch. Tim couldn -(TM)t help himself and reached for her vagina. He felt her through her thong. It was soaked. She turned around and shook her hips more and sat down on Tim and bounced. She then leaned back, and Tim put his hands under her wife beater shirt to feel her amazing breasts. Bigger then Jen -(TM)s, they were high C -(TM)s. Much more than a handful and her nipples were hard from anticipation. Beth then sat up flipped around and began grinding her vagina on his leg. She then stood back up and removed her shirt. Tim could now see her full shape. More curvy then Jen -(TM)s body but none extra in place they need not be. Her breasts hung a little, but maintained a good shape, pointy to a tip with a larger pink nipple. Her Legs were a good size to match her well rounded butt.   -My god Beth your body is amazing. - said Tim. -My legs are fat. - said Beth. -Your legs are beautiful. They -(TM)re you. I wouldn -(TM)t have them any other way. Now, come sit down, it -(TM)s your turn. - Tim wasn -(TM)t much of a dancer but he tried a little to humor his sister. She laughed mostly but that was ok. At the end of his dance, Tim laid Beth down on the couch and got to his real agenda. He wanted to taste his sister -(TM)s sweet vagina ever since he -(TM)d laid eyes upon it. Tim took no time; he spread her legs and pulled away her thong. She had more pubic hair then Jen, but it was very well kept, not visible outside of the front of her thong. He spread open her vagina and begin to lick and finger furiously. She immediately grabbed the back of his head and started moving her hips with him. -Oh Tim, right there that -(TM)s the spot, lick my clit. God, lick it, lick it, Damn, Tim keep going! - Tim didn -(TM)t bother saying anything. His goal was in sight and he wouldn -(TM)t stop for anything. -That -(TM)s it Tim, Tim, Tim! - Beth climaxed grinding her hips and closing Tim -(TM)s head between her legs. When her orgasm subsided Tim was released, allowing him to breath. Both gasping for air, they sat for a minute. Beth was ready for the main event, but Tim sat on the couch for a minute longer. Beth got up and started sucking on Tim -(TM)s member. He was ready now, and Beth straddled him. -Now watch, Tim. Watch as your raw dick slowly goes in my dirty pussy. - Beth said. She sat slowly down until she had the length of him inside of her. She began to move. It was amazing. Tim hadn -(TM)t had sex like this in a while. Most of the time he did the work, but it was nice to just match someone else stroke for a bit. Although Beth -(TM)s vagina was not as tight at Jen -(TM)s she had muscle control. She could easily squeeze him while he was inside her. -Beth your pussy is amazing; it -(TM)s so hot and wet. God when you squeeze me, it -(TM)s like you -(TM)re milking me. - said Tim. Time reached up and fondled his sister breasts while she gyrated over top of him. He sat up a bit and was now in a better position to thrust. He gave her few good thrusts, and Beth -(TM)s moans increased. -That -(TM)s it Tim, give it to me. God, I love your cock. It -(TM)s been so long since I -(TM)ve had some. - Beth said between moans. -Sis, if we keep this up I -(TM)ll cum. I -(TM)ll cum inside you. - said Tim. -Wait, don -(TM)t cum yet. If you want to cum inside me, you -(TM)ll have to do it in my ass. - Beth said with a smile. -Dear god Beth, You are amazing. You -(TM)ll do anything. - Tim took his penis out of his sister. Beth turned around, getting into a reverse cowgirl position. She then positioned Tim -(TM)s penis and slowly pushed him in. -Oh Beth, your ass is tight. It -(TM)s tighter then Jen -(TM)s Pussy, God I won -(TM)t last long here. - Tim said as his sister road him.  Tim played with her breast with one hand and stroked her clitoris with his other. -I love it in my ass, oh god I -(TM)m going cum. Keep touching my clit. - Beth said. It wasn -(TM)t long before her orgasm hit, tightening her grip on Tim. Tim couldn -(TM)t handle the pressure blew his load deep inside his sister bowels. -Damn it Beth, sorry, I wasn -(TM)t expecting that. I -(TM)d have said something at least. I didn -(TM)t know you -(TM)d squeeze me so hard. - Tim said surprised. Beth was leaning back on Tim and breathing hard. Tim slipped out of her and some of his cum slipped out as well. When Beth saw this, she swooped down and licked up the cum and started sucking his member once more. -Christ, now ass to mouth? Is there anything you won -(TM)t do? - Tim said. Beth giggled a bit and open mouth kissed Tim. -Oh that was weird -- - -What, you never tasted your own cum before? - -I suppose. And you, do you like the taste of your ass? - -I was after the cum, even if it came from my ass. - God what a slut, Tim thought. -You think I -(TM)m a slut don -(TM)t you? - said Beth. -What? No, I never said that. You -(TM)re about the dirtiest girl I -(TM)ve been with, that that -(TM)s for sure. - -About the dirtiest? What -(TM)s dirtier than a girl eating her brother -(TM)s cum right out of her own ass? - -Well when you put it that not much, but -- - -But what? - -Jen pissed on me, right in my face. She pees when she climaxes. I thought it was dirtier. - -Hmm you might have a point. I -(TM)ve never peed on anyone before, I wonder how it feels? - Nine o -(TM)clock came quicker than Tim thought; his phone went off right at the end of their discussion. He didn -(TM)t think anything of it, but Beth hoped up and said, -Oh, it must be Jen, maybe I should send her a picture of you! - -No wait, don -(TM)t do anything! - Tim jumped up, but it was too late. Beth had the phone in hand. - -(TM)OMG work is soooo boring. I get so wet thinking about tonight <3 -(TM) - Beth read aloud. -Oh there -(TM)s another one, -~SRSLY I had to dry myself off at least 3 times today. I want your cock so bad <3<3 -(TM). Jesus Tim, what is this girl on? - -I don -(TM)t know -- She never texted me anything like that before. - -Well then how about this, I -(TM)ll send her a little something to keep her busy at work. - Beth said as she took of picture of Tim -(TM)s semi-hard penis. -No no, that won -(TM)t do. Let -(TM)s try this again. - Beth started stroking Tim -(TM)s penis, and she licked the head teasing him. Tim was shaped up for the next photo. -There we go, oh the way the light glistens on the tip -- Hmm, that should make a great photo. - Snap. -Ok, sent. Now she -(TM)ll have something to have fun with at work. In the mean time, I -(TM)ve got you all to myself until 12. - It was a little after midnight when Jen arrived. Tim was passed out on the couch in just his athletic shorts; Beth had retired to her room. -What the hell? It smells like sex in here? - said Jen. She attempted to rouse Tim. -Hey Tim, what the hell? You send me an amazing photo like that while I -(TM)m at work? I damn near came when I saw it. I didn -(TM)t expect that from you. Well honestly I didn -(TM)t expect -~us -(TM) to be happening either. - Tim was half awake listening to his sister blab on. -Tim, are you listening? - she said raising her tone. -Huh, yeah. Sorry, damn, after mowing the lawn I drank all the rest of the beer and kinda passed out, I guess? - Tim said groggily. -Tim, this is bullshit. I was so excited to see you. All day I was waiting to get off work so we could -- well you know, but now I come home and this is what I find? What was I thinking? - -Damn Jen, why are you freaking out? Keep your voice down. Beth is in the next room, you don -(TM)t want her to find out do you? Look, let -(TM)s go up stairs and talk about this, ok? - Tim said attempting to quell his younger sister -(TM)s mood swing. -Fine, but you know what you need to do to make up for this. - -As if I hadn -(TM)t already planned on doing it? - It was Monday morning, the last day Tim could stay in St Louis. He needed to be back in Kansas City Monday night so he could be into work on time Tuesday morning. Once again he woke up in Jen -(TM)s bed, but this time she was sound asleep next to him. He got up quietly, got dressed and made his way down stairs. He needed to shower, so he headed into the bathroom. He started up the shower, and got in. A few minutes later he heard the door open. Someone had come in and sat on the toilet. He could just hear the sounds over the shower. -Hey, what -(TM)s going on here? I -(TM)m showering ya know? - But he didn -(TM)t receive and answer. So he slid the sliding door of the shower open and there was Beth sitting on the toilet half awake. Now, with his head out of the shower he could hear her peeing. It never bothered him before, but since Jen had peed on him so many times, he gotten aroused due to the sound. He stepped out of the shower, and dried off real quick. -Now, I want to know what you -(TM)re doing? - asked Beth. -Beth, don -(TM)t wipe, let me lick you pussy clean. - said Tim. -That -(TM)s kinda odd, but ok. - Beth said, standing up from the toilet. A droplet of pee dripped from her vagina. Tim buried his face between her thighs. He licked and sucked. Beth was starting to get weak kneed, as she had just woken up and now her brother was sucking her vagina clean. Beth suggested he lay down on the floor and 69. She wanted his penis, as it had been hard since he -(TM)d left the shower. After a few minutes Tim was done cleaning her, and an idea popped into his head; her butthole. He had gone down on women plenty of times but never had he ventured so far. It was right in his face and he figured since he just licked her clean of pee he might try it. He stuck out his tongue and flicked it. Beth took his penis from her mouth and giggled. -Damn, what -(TM)s up with you this morning? I know you have to leave today but this is a little much. - Tim didn -(TM)t respond, only licked again. It had an odd taste, one he couldn -(TM)t quite name. But it turned him on and he loved it. He buried his tongue in her butthole, digging deeper and deeper. -Ok, I think I know what Tim wants! - she said. Beth got on all four and held open her butt cheeks. -Take me, Tim. Shove your hard cock in my ass. Cum inside my ass and make me shit out your cum! - Time grabbed her around the waist and pushed his penis into the depth of her butt. He thrust in and out fiercely. -Damn Beth, I love your ass. It -(TM)s so tight. You -(TM)re such a dirty girl. I -(TM)ll make you eat my cum fresh from your ass. - Tim said as he pounded away at his sister. Beth didn -(TM)t miss a beat; she was squeezing Tim as much as she could.  -God, here it comes Beth. My cum take it. Take all my cum! - said Tim as he shot into her. He kept his penis in her as long as he could, but it slipped out. His cum didn -(TM)t fallow directly, and Beth had to work to get it out. She squatted over hear hand and pushed. Only a little came out at first but she gave one more good push and to their surprise more than cum came out. There was a small piece of poop in her hand. Beth -(TM)s face turned beet red. -Oh god. Well this is bound to happen. I -(TM)ll just flush this away. - She said standing up moving towards the toilet. -Wait, - said Tim, -that cum is still good. I thought you were going to eat it? Your own ass or not? - Beth looked at him to see if he was serious or not. Tim was not joking. -I guess I could just suck the cum from around it right? I don -(TM)t need to put that in my mouth too. - She said as she sucked the cum out of her hand. Once it was all gone, she looked at Tim, the look on her face showed she did not care for the situation. Tim took hold of her hand and dumped the poop into the toilet. -I wouldn -(TM)t expect you to do that. I know that you like pushing the boundaries, but that -(TM)s a little far. I love you. You are an amazing woman and I won -(TM)t make you do anything you don -(TM)t want to. - -I love you too, Tim. Thank you for accepting you dirty sister. Anytime you want to use me I -(TM)m here. - Tim and Beth both got in the shower and cleaned up. Afterwards they made breakfast. The smell drew Jen downstairs. Jen came down and went into the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later. She walked over the stove and put eggs and bacon on her plate and sat down. -So how long is it until you can visit us again, Tim? - she asked. -I don -(TM)t know maybe mid-September? There should be another extended weekend then. -  Tim said. -When are you leaving? - Jen asked. -Well, I -(TM)ll be leaving here an about an hour. - -Oh, well before that can you come up to my room? I need you help with something. I think my laptop got a virus or something. - Tim smiled at Beth. -Yeah I guess I could check it out. But it -(TM)ll have to be quick; I don -(TM)t have a lot of time. I -(TM)ve a got a four hour drive ahead of me you know. - -No I don -(TM)t think it will take long, you -(TM)re pretty good with this kind stuff after all. - Jen said smiling slyly.          Tim finished packing all his things back and took his duffle bag out to his car. He made his way back inside and up stairs. He knocked on Jen -(TM)s door, and she opened it right away. She was wearing nothing but a black thong. Jen grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. He could feel her hard nipples through his t-shirt. She moved him to the bed and quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans. She took his semi hard penis in her mouth and began sucking it. It wasn -(TM)t long until it was hard. -Jen wait, I kinda need to keep these clothes clean, I have to travel in them after all. - -It -(TM)s fine. I -(TM)m just going to blow you, no need to reciprocate. - -Ok, then don -(TM)t stop. - Jen sucked his whole penis into her mouth forcing it deep into her throat, causing her to gag a little. She skillfully massaged his testicles while wrapping her tongue around him. After only a few minutes Tim was ready to go. -Jen, baby, I -(TM)m gonna cum. Oh god, your mouth is amazing. It -(TM)s almost as hot as you tight pussy. God, Jen, here it comes! - Tim said as he shot his load into her awaiting mouth. Jen quickly swallowed his entire load. At first she coughed a little, but she kept it down. -Dear god Jen, you swallowed it? Damn you really know how to make a guy feel special. - -Did you like it? I made promise to myself I would swallow your load before you left, it was a bit rough, though. - -It -(TM)s ok. You -(TM)ll get used to the taste. I can -(TM)t wait to come back in September. - Jen jumped up and kissed Tim, another taste of cum. Odd, but not too bad. Tim made his way down stairs, and met Beth at the front door. She kissed him passionately at their goodbye. -Hmmm, have fun upstairs? - Beth said. -Yeah just a quick problem, nothing I couldn -(TM)t handle. - He waved good bye as he backed out of their yard and into the street, dreading the four hour drive that would take him to get home. He did have a more than a few thoughts he could focus on during his drive home.