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Tommy wasn’t always the brightest boy in the world. He definitely wasn’t the best looking. The one thing he had going for him, he didn’t even realize he had. At 15, his cock was already 8 inches and growing. He didn’t take P.E. so he couldn’t really compare it with anything. His dad had left when he was 5, so the only other cocks he saw were on the porn that he found on the internet.

He hadn’t had a lot of girlfriends, really just one, and all she’d done was let him feel her up. So, since he was 13, his hand had been his best friend. Lately, though, he had found a new way to amuse himself, one that most guys have only dreamed of.

He was currently sitting on his bed, his back against the wall, bent over licking the head of his own cock. He was completely nude, his hand slowly jacking his cock up and down as he licked the precum off. He didn’t necessarily like the taste, but the thought of what he was doing and feeling a tongue on his cock made it all the better.

Tommy was teasing himself, before finally lowering his mouth on his cock. He could get about an inch and a half down. He started jerking his hand harder as he bobbed his head, swishing his tongue around his cock. Lately, he had started cumming in his own mouth, loving to take himself over the top with his tongue.

He felt his balls churning and he knew he was about to cum. He slowed his hand, and started to bob his head up and down harder and harder. Suddenly, his door flew up, and his sister ran in and stopped. Her mouth went into a giant “O” shape as she stood stunned at the sight of her big brother sucking his own cock. Tommy immediately flew under the covers.

He lay under there, hoping his sister would just go away so he could die. His sister was 12 and a brat. She did everything she could to make his life miserable. To his parents, she was perfect. To him, she was a monster. He prayed she would just leave.

He felt her sit on the edge of his bed. He groaned. “Tommy? Its OK, come out.” She said quietly.

Tommy didn’t move. His dick was shriveled up, still huge by anyone’s definition, but he no longer was turned on. This was the worst thing to ever happen to him.

“Tommy, please come out and talk to me,” She said. It sounded urgent.

Slowly, he poked his head out, and looked at her. She was his little sister, just developing. Her blue eyes started at him intently. “Please don’t tell Suzy!” Tommy begged.

“Tell? What were you doing, Tommy?” She asked.

“I was just playing, Suzy,” Tommy replied.

“Tommy, I’ve seen boys play, and I’ve talked to friends with dads and brothers. None of them play that way.”

Tommy felt himself turning beat red, “Its nothing, Suzy. God, please don’t tell.”

Suzy looked at him, “And your…” Suzy turned red now, “your penis is so big!”

Tommy looked at Suzy and felt the tables turning, “It’s not that big, besides like you’ve seen that many.”

Suzy nodded her head, “I’ve seen a few. And yours is by far the biggest. Can I see it again?”

For once, Suzy wasn’t trying to be mean to him. She was still his sister, and she shouldn’t see him doing that. “Suzy… I’m your brother. You shouldn’t see your brother doing what I was doing.”

Suzy yanked the blankets down. “Tommy, if you don’t show me, I’m going to tell mom and dad.”

Tommy was exposed now from the waist up… He didn’t know what to do now. His sister would probably follow through, but the thought of letting her see him sucking his cock made him blush.

Suzy was staring at him frowning; finally he realized he had no choice. He pulled the sheets all the way off, as Suzy’s eyes got big. “If I’m going to do this, you have to take your top off.”

Suzy shook her head, “No way. That’s embarrassing.”

“Look, your going to see me doing things, so that is the least you can do for me,” Tommy replied, getting frustrated and starting to bring up the sheets.

Finally Suzy sighed, “Okay, okay. I’ll take the top off, but I get to sit next to you.” She stood up and took her top off revealing budding breasts. Tommy felt his cock getting hard again. Her tiny little nipples, barely larger than pencil erasures stood straight up. She sat next to him on the bed, as he scooted up placing the wall against his back.

She started to smile shyly, as Tommy looked at her small breasts. Slowly he started rubbing his cock, feeling it getting stiff. Suzy’s eyes got bigger as she saw it grow to full size. Smiling Tommy leaned over and licked the head. He heard Suzy moan, and finally he couldn’t take it anymore and slid his mouth down around his shaft.

As he bobbed his head faster and faster, he heard Suzy breathing faster. He could taste his own precum, and it made him move faster. Tommy moved his hand on his cock, rubbing it at the bottom knowing he was getting close, but too turned on to stop. Suddenly, he felt a hand pushing his away. He looked up to see Suzy with a strange look on her face. She grabbed his cock and started jacking him off. He couldn’t believe it! His own sister was jacking him off.

He leaned back moaning, thrusting his hips up. Suzy was jerking him faster and faster, “Don’t stop sucking, I want to see you finish in your mouth,” she moaned.

He leaned back over breathing heavily and moaning softly. He started sucking his own cock in earnest. He felt his balls pulling up inside him, and he couldn’t stop. His sister’s hand, for some reason, felt so much better than his own. Suddenly, his mouth was filled with his cum. He moaned and some splashed out of his mouth onto Suzy’s hand. He managed to swallow the rest between moans.

He lay back exhausted. Looking at Suzy and her tiny breasts, hardly more than nipples, with cum on her hand made him shake his head. What just happened? It was wrong, but it felt so good.

Suzy was looking at her hand, examining the cum on it. “I’ve never seen it before.” She brought her hand to her face and smelled it. Making a funny face she poked her tongue out and tasted it.

Her face scrunched up, “Salty, but okay I guess.” She smiled at him. “So that’s masturbating? Wow that was cool. And girls can do that too?”

Tommy would have laughed at her curiosity if he wasn’t so tired, “well, something similar, though I’m sure you know the parts are different.”

“Well, how do I do it?” Suzy asked him.

Tommy really didn’t know. He had never seen a girl’s breasts, much less a girl’s private area to know. But he had seen porn and heard one of his friend’s older sisters talking about it, so he thought he’d act like an expert.

”Well, girls have a pussy. They can put their fingers inside, but most girls rub their clits. This is like a miniature dick. It’s at the top of the pussy. Just rub up your slit till you feel good then rub it. Try it tonight, and then tell me how you liked it.” Tommy replied, puffing up his chest.

Suzy smiled, “I will. Thanks Tom!” She leaned over and gave him a kiss. After grabbing her shirt she left, closing the door after her. She hadn’t called him Tom in forever. He always wanted to be called Tom, so she called him Tommy. He didn’t know what happened, but he felt that their relationship had changed.

Over the next couple of days nothing was said about their little experience, and Tommy figured things would return to normal. He couldn’t get his sister’s breasts out of his mind or the feeling of her hand on his cock. He would be in school thinking about it and get hard. He didn’t want to be the one to make the first move. His sister smiled at him, and did seem to treat him better, but she never made a move. Finally he gave up on the thought of anything happening again, which he felt was probably for the better.

He finally made it through the school week, and went out with his friends. He came home that night exhausted. Even while he was at the local hangout, all he could think about was his sister’s tiny nipples. He wished he had asked if he could touch them. He made it to his bed, and fell fast asleep.

Tommy was awoken to a gentle shake. “Tommy?” he heard his sister whisper.

He sat up, “What’s wrong?” he tried to focus his mind.

“Shhh…” His sister told him. She crawled into the covers with him. “Be quite so you don’t wake dad and mom.”

“What are you doing here?” he whispered.

He noticed his sister was in her nightgown, and that she seemed excited.

“I need your help. Remember when you told me how girls do it?”

He nodded his head sleepily, “Yeah.”

“Well, I tried the first night, and nothing felt right. Then the next night the same thing. Then last night, I was talking on the phone to Rebecca. She was telling me about how she made out with her boyfriend, and he started breathing heavy, then he unzipped his pants and took his… well you know out. He had her rub it, and then made her suck it. She was like, it was awesome, and then he took my panties off and rubbed my cunny.”

Tommy sat up straighter; he couldn’t believe little Rebecca had done all that. He had known her since she was six. She was only a little older than Suzy.

“Well, as she was talking, I started felling like I did when I watched you do… your thing. So I started to rub myself over my panties, and next thing I know, I feel butterflies. I pulled my panties off, and started rubbing like you said, then this huge… penis was sticking out between my legs, and I remember what you said. So I rubbed it, and wow! I almost dropped the phone. I had to let her go and I did it for what seemed like forever.”

Tommy was wide awake now. As he listened to his sister, he felt his cock begin to harden. His sister had played with herself!

“Well, I want to do it again, but earlier I couldn’t. Rebecca wasn’t home, so I finally gave up, but now I can’t sleep. So… Could I watch you again? That way I can get that feeling again.” Suzy looked at him, and even in the dark he could see the pleading in her eyes.

“I don’t know, Suzy. We shouldn’t be doing this. We could both get in trouble,” Tommy said, even though he couldn’t think of something he wanted to do more than seeing her play as he played.

“Come on, just this once. If mom and dad wake up, I’ll hide under the bed or something, and if they see I’m missing I’ll say I snuck out to Rebecca’s house. Please!”

Tommy couldn’t argue anymore, he had to touch himself.

“Sure, but I get to watch you rubbing if you get to watch me,” Tommy said.

Suzy shook her head, “No way, I’ll go to my room,”

Tommy started to roll over, “Fine then, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Suzy reached out and stopped him, “Wait, okay. Fine.”

Tommy smiled, and then pulled off his boxers revealing his cock. Suzy had something in her hand and turned it on. It was a flashlight, and it was pointed at his cock. Tommy smiled and gripped his cock. “Okay your turn,” he said.

Suzy frowned, but seeing Tommy rubbing his cock was starting to make her feel tingly again. So she put the flashlight down, and quickly pulled her nightgown over her head. Tommy realized she wasn’t wearing any panties! His cock got even harder. His hand reached out and picked up her flashlight. His hand shaking he shined it on her pussy.

It was smooth and tight, but starting to swell. Tommy’s hand slowed down as he admired his first pussy. He wanted to touch it, but was afraid she would freak out. So instead he sat back and started rubbing his cock more.

Suzy grabbed the flashlight back and sat with her legs spread facing Tommy. She watched him rubbing his cock, and she waited for the feelings to come back. She started to fidget.

Finally Tommy smiled at her and leaned over and licked the head of his cock. He tasted a big drop of precum, and then lowered her head. He heard Suzy moan, and he looked up. Suzy had her head back, eyes half closed. Her hand was rubbing at her pussy, and as Tommy’s eyes trailed down her body, first her nub breasts, then her tight tummy, finally her pussy. When he saw what she was rubbing, his eyes widened. Her “clit”, and he only knew it by reputation, was huge. It really did look like a tiny dick. It was almost half an inch long, and Suzy was rubbing it with ferocity.

Tommy moaned with her, and went back to sucking his dick, trying to keep his eyes on his sexy sister. He wanted her hand on his cock again, but the sight of her rubbing her pussy was almost as good. Before long, he could feel himself ready to cum. Instead of doing it in his mouth, he leaned back and shot his load. The first squirt landed on his face, the rest on his chest, finally oozing down his still hard cock. His tongue sneaked out and tasted the drop that had landed on his face.

Suzy was rubbing for all she was worth; she lay back, unable to keep herself upright. She was moaning louder and louder, but she just couldn’t seem to get over the hump. Tommy got closer to watch, laying between her legs his face inches from her hand and pussy. It was the most beautiful sight in the world.

He saw her clit, and he couldn’t believe how much it really did look like a penis. It was swollen and red and Suzy was rubbing it in circles. Her hips were bucking and she was having a hard time keeping from moaning. She rubbed faster and faster, and she couldn’t seem to get over the hump.

Tommy reached out slowly, hoping he wouldn’t scare Suzy. His fingers touched hers, and gently pushed them aside. She jumped and looked up at him, but the moment his finger touched hers, she practically purred, and laid her head back.

He couldn’t believe it! He was touching his first pussy! With one hand he gently rubbed her clit, with the other he started sliding up and down her slit. She was soaking with her own juices, and he easily slide up and down. He considered pushing a finger inside her, but though better of it. Better to take things slowly.

She was really bucking, and started moaning louder. He shushed her, but she couldn’t control it anymore. He took her clit between two fingers, and started jacking it like the miniature cock that it was. She really started thrusting her hips, and the next thing he knew, her back arched, and she froze. Then her body started shaking in huge quakes.

He kept going till she finally kicked him and told him to stop.

“I can’t take anymore,” she whispered exhaustedly.

Tommy sat up, and looked and his fingers. One of his hands glistened, and he stuck one of the fingers in his mouth. “Not bad at all,” he shyly whispered.

Suzy could only smile at him. Finally after five minutes and Tommy almost falling asleep naked, Suzy got up and kissed him. “Thanks, Tommy, you’re the greatest!” With that she put her night gown back on, and went back to her room.

He couldn’t believe that he finally had not only seen a girl naked, but actually gotten to touch her pussy. And what’s more, he had gotten her off! Thinking about it got him hard again, and he leaned over and sucked himself off till he came. With that he put his underwear back on, and went to sleep.

The next day, all Tommy could think about was touching his sister again. He kept smelling his fingers and thinking of her. His cock would get hard, but instead of playing with it, he decided to wait and see if she’d get him to help her. That night, she didn’t show up to his disappointment. The next night though, she showed up ready to play.

Suzy would come visit him two or three times a week. They would masturbate until he came, then he’d get between her legs and help her finish. This continued for a few weeks. Then one night Tommy decided he’d help her get off, then for the first time, let her get him off.

She appeared at his bed, again only in her nightgown. She took it off, revealing her breasts. For the first time, he noticed that they were starting to bud out. His sister was getting tits! As she lay down, he smiled at her and got between her legs. She looked at him funny, but didn’t stop him.

He reached out and spread her lips. Her clit wasn’t out yet, so he gently slid his finger up and down her slit. She wasn’t wet yet, but he could smell her. He stuck his nose close and inhaled. Her scent drove him wild, and he tentatively snaked his tongue out. When it touched her lips, her back arched and she moaned softly. He slowly slid his tongue up and down her slit, as she gripped the covers in her fist.

He pulled backed and looked and her bare pussy, the lips puffy, when suddenly he saw her clit poking out. It did look like a miniature version of his cock, and he couldn’t help but lean over and wrap his teeth around it. Suddenly, Suzy’s almost stood up in shock, “Ooh Tommy, yes. Right there, suck it. Do that.”

Not wanting to disappoint her, he sucked with all his might, rubbing his tongue on her clit sometimes even gently nibbling it. She was moaning so loud now, that she had to put a pillow over her face. Tommy reached his fingers up and slowly rubbed up and down her slit. He could feel where her hole was, put not wanting to freak her out, he didn’t push in, just rub around it and up.

Her hips were really bucking now, and suddenly, her whole body went stiff, and then she started jerking. Tommy continued to suck harder, his fingers wet now with her juices that suddenly were pouring out of her pussy. Suzy finally pushed him away, “it’s too sensitive now.”

Tommy started rubbing his cock. He couldn’t believe how hard it was. Every new experience with Suzy was better than the last. He wanted to feel her lips on his cock. He had heard his friends talk about it, about how great it was.


“Yes?” She asked weakly.

“Will you suck my.. well you know,” He asked meekly. Suzy looked up at him. “I don’t know how.”

“Well, you just put your mouth around it, and lick it as you bob your head. I’ve seen it in porno.”

“What if you don’t like it?” She asked nervously.

Tommy laughed, “You could be the worst in the world, and I’d still love it. Cause you at least tried.”

Suzy smiled, “Yeah right.” But she got up anyway. Her friend Rebecca had told her how to do it, since she did it with her boyfriend all the time. Suzy had told Rebecca how she had met an older boy and wanted to try it. Now was the time. Of course, Rebecca had no idea she was about to do it on her own brother!

She sat up and got on the edge of the bed as Tommy watched. She pulled him off the bed and to her, his cock pointing up at her. As she grabbed it, she noticed a big drop of precum dripping out of the head of his cock. She reach out her other hand and wrapped it around the head of his cock and coated his cock with the drop. She leaned over as she started sucking on the head.

Tommy moaned. He couldn’t believe his sister was sucking his cock. And it felt great. She went down on it more bobbing her head like she’d seen him do. Then her teeth scraped the side of the head of his cock.

“Ouch,” He said as he jerked.

Suzy pulled away, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” She looked like she was ready to cry.

Tommy smiled at her and put his hand on her head, “Its okay, just be careful of the teeth.”

With that she went back to it, licking the sides then taking as much as she could. While it wasn’t much, about 3 inches, it was more than Tommy could take, and he loved it. He started moaning and fucking her face. His eyes closed, Suzy looked up at him. She thought he looked cute as he concentrated on her sucking his cock.

She waswaiting till he was really moaning and thrusting, and then did the one thing that Rebecca said her boyfriend loved: she cupped his balls and gently squeezed them. As she did, she heard Tommy grunt, “Oh my god,” as his cock started jerking in her mouth.

The first squirt of cum filled her mouth, and she almost gagged. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, and the next ones hit her chin, then her breasts and finally onto her lap. Tommy didn’t think he would ever stop cumming. Finally, he did stop though, and as he looked at his sister, he almost laughed. She had streams of cum all over her. She was looking at him funny.

“Thank you, Suzy,” He smiled.

“Ewww, please get it off!” She said.

Tommy laughed, and pushed her down flat. He got between her legs and started to lick the cum off her legs. She giggled, as he lapped at her pussy a few times, before moving up to her chest. His tongue swirled around her nipples as they got hard, then moved to the cum streaks there. He licked up his own cum and felt himself getting hard again.

As he started to move up, suddenly his cock rubbed up against Suzy’s pussy and he froze. Suzy had started to moan but froze as well. Electricity shot up Tommy. As he moved his hand down to his cock, he started to rub it up and down her slit. Every time he brought the head over her clit, her back would arch and she would moan. He would bring it down her slit as he started rubbing up and down on his cock as he moved it.

The cock head moved down and started to slide inside of her pussy. Tommy moaned, and only with an act of will moved it back up Suzy was moaning, and had to cover her face with her pillow. Tommy started stroking faster as he moved his cock up and down. It was slippery from his and hers cum. Every time he bumped her clit she would shiver in ecstasy.

He wanted to shove his cock into her tight pussy more than anything, but he knew if he did that, he would regret it. She was still his sister, and taking things to that point would be wrong. So instead, he kept rubbing his cock up and down as he stroked. Suddenly, he felt wetness flowing down his legs as Suzy started jerking harder. His cock was soaked, and he felt himself go over the age. He started spraying cum all over her pussy. He pointed it right at it.

He couldn’t believe how good it felt and as he looked down at her bare sweet pussy, he suddenly had the urge to clean it. Getting on his knees, he started licking her slit, cleaning his cum off of it, tasting it mingle with her juices. Finally, it was clean and he got up and lay next to her.

He had to shake her to get her to move. She had nearly passed out from pleasure, but somehow managed to stumble to her room. As he watched her go, he knew this was the last time that they’d do anything. If he let it get any further, he would fuck her. And he did not think it was his right to take that from her.

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