Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Story_codes: ped, incest, pain (cons) w/s Story_intro: What a drag! I was roped in to babysit my nine year old niece, it was my day off, and I had plans. Well I would just have to make the best of it, and thinking of it, ashamed as I was, I did like the look of her in those little shorts and the way the loose legs would give glimpses of her sweet little knickers every now and then. Niece's day out Written by singledad What a drag! I was roped in to babysit my nine year old niece, it was my day off, and I had plans. Well I would just have to make the best of it, and thinking of it, ashamed as I was, I did like the look of her in those little shorts and the way the loose legs would give glimpses of her sweet little knickers every now and then. Well she was dropped off at my place, and I decided to go to the river out in the country, not far from my house, we had been there for and hour or so when she started to complain that she needed to go for a wee, I suggested she went behind a bush, she insisted she wanted to go home, I said not to be a baby, but she whined on and I was getting annoyed, I packed up the towels and things, but it was too late, she stood stock still with a pained expression on her face, and her little shorts started to darken and pee was flooding through them down her legs and drenching her socks and trainers. Was she ever embarrassed, we stood and stared at each other, I saw the tears welling up in her eyes, I think she had a bit of a crush on me, and now she wet herself in front of me, it actually turned me on, I `m ashamed to say. "Hey kiddo, no worries, accidents will happen" nothing I was saying made any difference she seemed frozen with shame. "Hey how about I wash your things out in the river, and we'll hang them on the bush to dry, shouldn't take long" I kneeled in front of her and helped take her shorts down, I was so excited I'm sure she onlyu thought of me as a kindly uncle, rather than a raving pedo!, I breathed deeply the lovely smell of her pee as it dried on her little girl skin, I took off her trainers, and rolled down her socks, (I simply love long knee length white socks) I grasped the waistband of her sweet little white knickers, they had a heart symbol on the front, and as I did she moved her hands to grip the waistband. "Its Ok, we need to get these off too, how `bout you take them off" She turned her back to me, which was OK I got to see her darling ass, as she stripped the knickers off, she handed them to me, even that act was sexy, I took them in trembling hands, and went to the waters edge, I sniffed the knickers as I walked she couldn't see me, even put them to my lips and took a furtive suck, such sweet stuff is little girls pee. I reluctantly rinsed the garments in the river, I was in turmoil as to what to do next, or if to do anything, this was make or break time, I hadn't approached Ellen sexually and I didn't have to...but of course I did have to. I spread the clothes out on a bush in the hot sun, and helped pad her dry with a big beach towel, taking more than a little liberty with the drying, I sat her on my knee and cuddled her as she was feeling a bit chilled, I took the opportunity to breathe deeply her aroma, the great smell of pee, drying on her warm skin, mixed with the exciting smell of little girl. As I cuddled her so my dick rose to the event, it was raging, I loved the feel of what parts of her were naked against me, she seemed totally innocent, not aware of the lustful time I was experiencing, "When will my knickers be ready?" She asked, it even excited me to hear her say that, "Oh real soon honey" I said in my most reassuring tone "don't want to put them on damp, mummy would be cross with me" "I'm sorry I weed myself Uncle," She said, I reassured her that it was perfectly OK and that everyone has accidents now and again. She was getting more relaxed and chatty now, "Is it alright to tell you something?" she asked, "You go right ahead, you can tell me anything... She hesitated for a minute, "Well go on sweetheart" "Well...I er I sometimes do wee in my knickers" She stopped dead as if she'd said something rude, "Well that's OK darling like I said. "No no," She persisted "I do it on purpose...I like it, I like the feeling of warm and the smell coming up through my that awful. I was speechless at first, really horny. "I, er well no, its rather special really" I spluttered "there's a lot of good feeling that go with that part of your body" That seemed to put her at ease, I didn't want the conversation to dry up now, so I asked her if she'd ever had a talk with anyone about those feelings, she said that mummy and daddy, that is my brother and sister in law never talked about `that sort of thing1' "In fact I get a right good caning on my bottom if I wee my knickers, or say anything about those things" I was amazed, but really turned on now, "You get smacked for peeing, yet you pee `cause you like it?" I quizzed her "Oh yes, I have got to really like my canings too, and other things..." she went quiet again, "That's OK sweetheart you can talk to me about anything, in fact I can tell you all about the things you can't ask them, it'll be our secret though" I added for safety. I started to talk about how babies are mad, she listened for a bit then she spoke "Oh Uncle" She half giggled "I know all those things, we do them in school, that's easy, that's biography or something" Biology, I corrected her. "Well what do you want to know?" I was genuinely interested now "Can I talk about anything?" she asked "Absolutely anything" I replied She then proceeded to tell me some of the fantasy stuff she thought about, I was fascinated, and so aroused, I got her to part her little legs, so I could `check' that everything was in place, I told her that not only was it all there but that it was very beautiful, she thrilled to that and got even more relaxed. I told her to tell me the lot. "Well, I get really strange feelings all sort of itchy in between my legs," she pointed to her puss "when I dream of some people, you usually!" She added "I dream about you with me, and I get excited" I told her that she knew it was wrong that we should feel or talk like this, and that I could get into all sorts of trouble if anyone found out She nodded her agreement, I knew I was safe, but as she talked the conversation exceeded my wildest fantasy. "Well it's when Daddy beats me, I get really my best feelings, I do things on purpose to get beaten, and I hurt myself in other ways, so I can feel good, that's why I was worried when you took my clothes off to dry, see I've got this in my twiddle" with that she grasped something and pulled something out from between her legs, I was astounded, she handed it to me, it looked like a bottle brush, but smaller, she explained that it was a test tube brush that she'd pinched from the school lab, it was apparently just one of an array of small objects that she walked around with up her pussy, I felt it the bristles were really stiff, it would have caused considerable discomfort rubbing around her vagina. Well, I explained that there were people who needed pain to create their pleasure, as there were people who liked inflicting pain, this seemed to make her at ease, poor little thing, she bore all this strange feeling thinking that she must be very odd, and now she knew there were others like her. "Uncle" she asked "Yes darling" "I s'pose you wouldn't like know, hurt me a bit. "But my darling I love you, I wouldn't want to hurt you. She did a bit of a sulk, "No, I s'pose not" she said eventually, "Do you really like it?" I asked, she assured me that it was her best fun, I was near bursting point, my dick was aching, "I could if you really want" I said in the end, "what should I do?" Who was the teacher now, the thought of hurting my little nine year old niece appalled me yet thrilled me, I didn't know what to think. "Well, you could hurt me on parts where no one would see, though I'd really love to get some damage that was visible, that way I could see it and thing of you hurting me, and I could lie about having an accident, would you, please, oh please Uncle!" I just couldn't believe my luck, I would have to be careful, I'd experimented with a bit of mild bondage and sm with a girlfriend once, she wasn't that into it but I got into it too much and she finished with me because I scared her, I couldn't let that happen with little Lauren. Chapter 2 "Let me take your t shirt off" I said as I lifted it over her head she looked at me innocently, I noticed lots of marks, some old others more recent "Oh those" she responded to my unsaid question, she pointed to each one "That's electric cord, those are cigarettes, Mm those are really painful, that's dad's soldering iron, that smarts like crazy." I was again astounded, that old dog of a brother of mine "Are you going to hurt my cunt!" I was shocked, who taught you that word, she started crying, "Don't worry little one, you can tell me" ""Well it was when I was about six or seven and daddy came home from a party, Mum couldn't stand up for some reason and Daddy was falling all about, I think they'd had too much to drink. Well he came into my room and he was stroking my hair, saying you've always been my favourite and stuff like that. He said he needed to see my `honey pot' I didn't know what he was talking about, he was pulling the sheets down and I was trying tom hold them up, he got them down, my nighty had bunched up and he started to stroke my twiddle - that's what I called it - and he kept saying lovely cunt, he told me never to say that word for it, he told me to go to the bathroom with him, I followed him, and he sat me on the loo, he put his hose thing in my mouth and told me to swallow whatever came. He started to wee wee, into my mouth, there was lots and lots, it didn't taste of anything and it was clear as water" "That was all the drink he'd had" I interrupted, she went on "I drank all the wee I could he rambled on about me always weeing my knickers, - this was really before I remember liking to wee myself - he said he thought I weed myself on purpose, I didn't but that's probably where I got the idea from" I was absolutely dumbfounded, I know we were both obsessed by pee when we were kids, but with his own kid, but he must have grown up to like it too. Well I wasn't sure how to play it next, I wanted to hear more of her adventure, but I was getting desperate to have a cum soon. "It's all right you know" I stumbled over the words "Lots of grown ups like each others wee" I got bolder "In fact it's a pity yours was wasted earlier" there was a short pause, while she thought. "I could actually go again" she said hesitatingly "And what if I was to want to drink from you, would it scare you" "Oh Uncle" She said huskily "I would really love that. I kneeled in front of the little nine year old and put my face near her pussy lips, "I'm gonna do it Uncle" She strained a bit and a long thing stream of girl pee started to stream from her dear little pussy, I felt more in love with that little girl than with anyone I ever knew. I drank noisily and greedily, when the flow stopped I went right in there and sucked the last drops dry, I travelled back up her body, and what seemed the most natural thing, I kissed her on the mouth, my tongue pushing through her lips and opening her mouth, I rubbed my tongue against hers for a long time, when I broke off she was breathing heavily, I could hardly believe that itr was because she was turned on an a sexual way, but she certainly appeared to be. "Are you going to hurt me now?" she asked as if she was asking if we were going to the swing park "If you would really like me to darling" I said sounding really pathetic. "Get nettles!" I looked in disbelief , "Get a bunch of stinging nettles, they really hurt, and the rash will be gone before we go home" She had amazed me again, I went over to the bank where the really fresh big vigorous green stinging nettles grew, I reached tentatively for a bunch and pulled, they stung my hand and I pulled back, Lauren giggled, "What is it?" I asked "Your going to hit me with them so I hurt all over but you are afraid toi get some stings on your hands, that's funny" I laughed too, we both were in fits of laughter, I ploughed straight in and grasped a bunch of nettles, I stood over the child with them in my hand, she stopped laughing and got a serious look on her face, "Hurt me Uncle, I want to hurt" I was getting really lustful now and I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her to her feet, she let out a gargled sort of Ooh, like I'd never heard before, and I lashed her back and bottom with the nettles, she screeched as they contacted her delicate white skin, I stopped immediately thinking what had I done, "Oh please don't stop" she whined "it was so good" I hit again, two or three times, her back and bottom were a mass of white pimples, I spun her around and slashed at her front, all over her little flat chest, her little pink nipples. "How about your cunt" I said realising how harsh that sounded "Yes do my cunt, do my face" I was worried that the rash would not go by the time we went home, but what the hell, I pushed her back on the sand and she opened her sweet little legs wide, I brought the bunch of stinging nettles down hard on her sex, she screamed, there was no stopping me, the scream made me want to hurt her more. "Close your eyes" I barked at her I pushed the bunch of nettles into her face, I didn't want to slash at her face as that would mark her and that would be difficult to explain, but she was in agony from the gentle strokes of nettles and a huge rash grew all over her, and face was the worst. Little Lauren was in some kind of ecstatic state, between sobs that wracked her little body she said that she often stung herself with nettles but that it wasn'tv the same as she always stopped before it really hurt too much. "I'd like you to whack me with a branch or a stick Uncle, or maybe push things into me, is it possible to put things into my bottom hole, like I do with my finger?" The child was insatiable, "How about I push my dickie into your bottom with some fresh nettles so that we both get stung?" I asked, I didn't know if I'd like that, but I was so lustful I was beyond caring, Lauren got really excited at that, I picked fresh nettles, and got my dick out, she gasped, "Tell me if I go too far" I said "No! You mustn't say that" getting really agitated "You have to be in control, I would ask you to stop then I wouldn't get hurt enough!" I calmed her down and got an old fallen branch and broke off a stick, it was thick and gnarled, I pushed her over and brought the stick down quite hard across her lower back, I repeated it and got some really raw looking marks, she was kind of gurgling in pain and what appeared to be pleasure! I turned little Lauren over and told her to stick out her tongue, she did and I put one of the tips of nettle on it and shut her mouth, tears were squeezing from her screwed shut eyes, as I lay nettle leaves on her tummy and chest smoothing them all over leaving trails of rash. I started to whack her bottom with a whippy willow stick, I must have given her forty cuts, her ass was a mass of welts, she was bleeding and I panicked a bit, she was unconscious, when she came around she found my penis in her mouth, and I started to piss, she gagged and drank down most of what I gave her, I'd layed her bloodied bottom on the sand and I was moving her as much as I could so the sand really irritated the cuts. As I lay by her jacking my dick like crazy, she put a big green stinging nettle leaf into my hand, I grasped it between thumb and finger, I wasn't sure what she wanted, she lifted my hand to her face and directed it to her eyes, she pushed my fingers with the leaf into her eyes, keeping them open!, god it must have stung, she treated both her eyes whimpering as she did. She had what appeared to be an orgasm, and I scooted up her body and came an almighty fountain of cum onto her face. We lay there for what seemed like hours. "Uncle" she said eventually," I thought that was so good, "thank you" I asked her if she wanted to come and stay at my place for the rest of the weekend, she jumped at the suggestion, well, jumped as much as a tired little pain slut could jump. "We could take nettles with us and find all sorts of other interesting things to hurt me" I was going to have to be very careful if Lauren was to survive. Chapter 3 soon...... This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.