Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Simplex ( Title: Princess Zowie and the Royal Wedding Summary: Princess Zowie must wed, but not before a great deal of hot sex and high adventure! Keywords: MF (several scenes), MMF, FF, lactation, huge breasts, mature, bbw, beast, blackmail, nc, viol (non sexual), rom Hot Faerie Tales No.3 Princess Zowie and the Royal Wedding by Simplex ( Legal Crud: THIS STORY IS PROTECTED UNDER THE LAWS OF COPYRIGHT. ANY REPRODUCTIONS, ALTERATIONS, AND/OR SALES WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ================================ Table of Contents Chapter 1: The Matchmaker Chapter 2: Lover's Hideaway Chapter 3: Voyeurism and Deep Laid Plans Chapter 4: Zowie's Favorite Chapter 5: Milking Honey Chapter 6: The Announcement Chapter 7: Enter Pia Chapter 8: Dragon Love Chapter 9: Zowie's Ride Chapter 10: Luni's Homecoming Chapter 11: What Zowie Brought Home Chapter 12: Ninjacks and Nookie Chapter 13: Zowie Takes Charge Chapter 14: Down the Isle Chapter 15: The Final Battle Chapter 16: The Royal Wedding Chapter 17: The Wedding Night =============================== Chapter 1: The Matchmaker Ullandra is what most folk called it, the country of the Princess Zowie. It was also the name of the small town outside her castle, Ullandran Village. It was her last name and the name of her house. Unfortunately, she was the end of her line. The last Ullandran as her parents were only able to have one child. Sometimes the princess thought gravely upon this and wished that her parents could have given her a brother. She did not want to marry and give away centuries of her families efforts and labor to some husband who would not know its true value. Still, Zowie was still young and these thoughts didn't trouble her very much. To the rest of Zowie's subjects, peaceful days turned to peaceful months which in turn became peaceful years. Bonalot, Luni and Mart continued to lead Zowie's knights in adventures and misadventures. Winters came and snowed in the city while summers came and dried up the river and baked the mud to a hard clay. Luni and Mart continued to be lovers, making love almost every day in Mart's room in the deserted wing of the castle. Bonalot continued to make love to Zowie as much as he could to keep her satisfied, as if she could ever be sexually satisfied. It was a cold winter's day, however, that found Zowie cooped up in her huge main hall meeting with her advisors. Most of them were elderly men although there were a couple of women, an elf, a woodland dryad and a dwarf with a very bad hangover in attendance. An old man with flaming bright eyes and a long mane of white hair was addressing the Princess. "With all due respect, your highness, time is quickly drawing near for you to take a husband. The empire grows restless about the unincorporated East of Free Kingdoms and alliances have to be made. I fear that this summer will be a summer of battles!" he said in a passionate voice. Zowie simply shrugged and looked disdainfully. "I care not for battles, Mayor Haryon." She said. The rest of the council of advisors were watching the conversation, their heads going back and froth between Haryon and the Princess. Sheila, the dark skinned buxom beauty who was Zowie's alchemist, was watching from the edge of the room and remembered once how she scryed a game on an alternate dimension called 'tennis' where spectators seemed to turn their heads to follow a ball that two players hit toward each other. The council looked as if they were watching such a game. "Exactly! Princess, we must take care in this world, for it can swiftly turn violent. As much as I admire your peaceful pursuits and how you strive to make all your subjects think only of love, others link of war!" followed on Haryon. Sheila noticed that he was gazing fixedly at Zowie's massive bosom. She was wearing a low-cut green and yellow dress that held together her incredibly sized breasts to form a seemingly bottomless and shadowy cleavage. Zowie's long, thick, curly golden brown hair hung down over her shoulders and down her back. Her beautiful freckled face seemed to shine with radiant beauty although she was bored stiff with the meeting at the moment. Her clear bright hazel eyes stared into space. She wasn't even looking at Haryon and was picking at her fingernails. "We accept criticism only when We feel We are in error, and We do not feel We are in error at this time." Growled Zowie pompously. The rest of the council gasped slightly as Zowie switched to her royal 'we', it meant she was getting really pissed off. Even the hung-over dwarf, cradling his head, managed to look up in surprise. Haryon's look of determination melted slightly. "I do not mean to offend, Princess, but we must take measures to protect ourselves, or there will be no nation for You to rule over!" he barked. He sat and folded his arms. Sheila gaped with huge eyes. It amounted to open rebellion! Zowie sat for a long time and thought about her predicament. She didn't want to marry any prince she knew of and certainly didn't want to marry right now. She had a lover, Bonalot, and had affairs with numerous wonderful paramours all the time, what need she of a husband? 'But perhaps they are right' she thought, 'perhaps I should start thinking of the future.' Zowie sighed heavily a few times, her head swinging too and fro in thought. The council sat quietly and expectantly as Haryon dared to turn and gaze upon the perfectly beautiful princess. "Do you have anyone in mind?" She asked. Haryon smirked. "I have a number of suitable candidates, your highness, but I think the best one is Prince Jorgi of Villisenthia." He said happily, passing her a lithograph of a skinny reedy young man atop a horse. If this picture had been improved to show him in a good light, she shuddered to think what he must really look like. "There's Prince Bilhelm of Umerta, but he looks like a bulldog and word is that he only bathes twice a year and that's only by standing out in the rain." Continued Haryon. "And there's Borgon of the Dwarves!" burst out the drunken dwarf, "But he has a wee bit of a drinking problem." He finished with a belch. Zowie looked over and smirked at the hung over figure of her Dwarven ambassador. The elves looked on imperiously and smugly. Everyone knew elves were matriarchal, so they had no need of these political marriages. Zowie secretly wished human convention was the same. "And there's Lord Gullden of Treet, but he's gone through three wives already." Murmured one of the aged ladies at the table. "Four, Beatrice went missing after leaving him a note that she had been captured by bandits." Said the lady next to her, tilting her head back in thought trying to recall the exact circumstances. "Four is it? A letter from Bandits! You'd think she could think of a better..." began the first lady but she was cut off. "Ok, ok." Said Zowie petulantly, "Lets start with this Jorgi guy. You think I should write him a letter first off of should someone send me a letter of introduction?" "Oh no no, my lady." Said Haryon sweetly and humbly, happy that his plans were being implemented. "He should write you first. It is the correct and proper thing to do! Do not fuss, my liege, I will arrange everything" he finished, his voice dripping with sniveling honey. The council broke up and Haryon eyed Zowie lustfully as he left the room with his papers in his hands. Sheila got up and stood behind the princess, massaging her neck. "I don't trust that Haryon guy, Princess." Said Sheila, nuzzling Zowie's neck. Zowie closed her eyes and sighed. "I really wish I could rule alone, or that Bonalot would turn out to be a prince or something." Sighed Zowie. "Sheila, dear, don't tell anyone about this meeting. I will tell them when the time is right." "Yes, Zowie." Cooed Sheila, running her hands over Zowie's fabulously fat and gorgeous breasts. Sheila dipped down inside her low-cut blouse and hauled out one of Zowie's fat round raindrop-shaped breasts. "Sheila!" cooed Zowie. "What are you doing?" Sheila quickly hurried around Zowie, whimpering and moaning. She fell upon the huge pink nipple crowning the fat breast. So huge was her breast that close up, it seemed to Sheila that her face was next to a huge wall of expansive soft breast flesh. She nuzzled into it and began to suckle. "Oh yes suckling, drink my milk." Sighed Zowie, cradling Sheila's head and stroking her jet-black hair. Zowie's thick sweet milk began to flow steadily out of her huge soft tit. Sheila's pixie-like beautiful face pressed urgently against the enormous curved end of Zowie's breast. Her huge black eyes closed in ecstasy as she drank her fill from the Princess' nipple. Zowie loved to suckle her closest subjects and took her other breast out of her dress, letting it fall heavily on her tummy, quaking and quivering all over its huge expanse. Zowie closed her lovely eyes as Sheila suckled. A sweet smile played over her delicately freckled face. "Oh Sheila!" cried out Zowie cumming hard, trembling suddenly. So sensitive were her massive boobs that she had easy orgasms quickly when they were suckled and played with. Sheila switched to Zowie's other breast and began to suckle hard and wildly. Zowie's milk was oozing in streams from both her breasts now, soaking the two women as the breast that Sheila wasn't suckling covered them in a constant stream of sticky white sweet milk. Sheila was hungry for Zowie's milk and the more she drank the more she wanted. Sheila was on her knees and rucked up her skirt so she could finger her pussy. She was fingering her clit and pussy rapidly while she drank. Finally, she arched back, crying out nasally and loud. "AWHGG!" Sheila bellowed in a high quivering voice as she came, quaking from head to foot. Zowie quickly grabbed her and held her to herself, squeezing hard. She stroked Sheila's head as Sheila continued to quake and grunt softly. Sheila fell asleep on Zowie, nuzzling into the princess' long thick golden-brown tresses. Chapter 2: Lover's Hideaway Bonalot was in the Western Forest on the day Zowie decided she needed to take a husband. Bonalot looked like most heroic knights did, even more so now that he was getting older. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. His skin had a darker cast to it and was tanned an earthy brown from all his travels. Today he was visiting Pia, the farmer's daughter, that he had met not long before during and adventure with a horny giant. He had wanted to seduce her, like he wanted to seduce most the buxom women he had ever seen, but, after taking her maidenhead, he had learned she had gotten pregnant. Although Bonalot couldn't see himself marrying Pia at this time, he did take care of her. Her family was a bit upset that she had gotten pregnant from one of Zowie's knights, but Bonalot had bought her a nice two story cottage in the village and made sure she had enough money to take care of herself and her baby. Bonalot was actually quite fond of Pia and was quite glad to take care of her, and Pia herself worshipped Bonalot; he could do no wrong in her eyes. Pia bore Bonalot a daughter the following spring after their adventure with Noobi. A beautiful baby girl with the beginnings of curly golden blond tresses like her mother. Pia had named her Cerise. Pia herself grew somewhat more plump in this time but in all the right places. Her breasts filled out even more plump, now full of warm mother's milk. Her hips flared out even more and her butt became large, firm and round. Her face was round and still slightly ruddy but covered in freckles, as was her shoulders and upper chest. Her hair had grown without control and, when free, now hung down past her waist and could cover her butt with sun-golden tresses of straight flaxen hair. While Zowie was playing hard-ball with Haryon over who was in charge in her realm, Bonalot was sitting in the two story house he had bought for Pia, eating soft-boiled eggs. Pia had made him a huge breakfast of bacon and biscuits with eggs. Pia was sitting in a plushy carpeted and furnished living room feeding her baby from one of her massive ruddy pink breasts. "Now that does look like a good breakfast!" said Bonalot as he came into the room whipping his face. Pia smiled up at him and bared her other breast. "Come and have some, my love." She cooed. Bonalot quickly knelt down and tenderly took Pia's offered right breast in his hand. It was so heavy, he was sure it was more heavy than his largest longsword. He laughed to himself as he thought he'd hate to get beaned over the head by something the size of Pia's breast. He found a large pale pink nipple and licked it He gazed up into Pia's freckly face, into her sky-blue eyes framed by her heavy golden blond bangs, and began to suckle. His baby was suckling from her other breast and he felt very content. Pia sighed and closed her eyes, letting her head fall back slightly. After a few minutes she took the baby and held it over her shoulder to burp it. The baby gurgled and belched up a little milk onto a towel that Pia had previously put over her shoulder. Bonalot's hands began to go up Pia's milky white thigh toward her pussy. "Oh, wait my love, until I've put the baby in her crib!" exclaimed Pia happily. She bounded off, making her gigantic tits and ass jiggle and bounce as she bounded off. Bonalot quickly stripped off his clothes and followed her. He grabbed her as she was coming out of the baby's nursery and began to kiss her, fondling her huge tits with his desperate hands and rubbing her waist and butt hungrily. Pia lay her head against his muscular chest and sighed. They both continued to hold and fondle each other, making their way to Pia's bedroom. Her room had a huge luxuriant canopy bed in it with lots of well made wooden furniture. The lovers collapsed on the bed gazing into each other's eyes feverishly. Bonalot looked down at Pia's tits. They had mushroomed out hugely over her chest, huge domes of billowy soft pink white tit-flesh with scattered freckles crowned with huge pink nipples and areolas. Bonalot's penis was out and throbbing with need, ready to sink into Pia's pussy, covered with a forest of curly golden blond hair. He entered her and they coupled in her big soft bed. "Oh Bonalot, I love you so much!" groaned Pia as Bonalot thrust his huge meaty dick deep inside the buxom blond beauty underneath him. He licked her neck and kissed her round freckly cheeks. Her long blond hair was scattered all around her and under her as Bonalot moved on top of her up and down. Pia lay and thought has her beloved Bonalot made love to her. She figured that maybe if she got the princesses help to release Bonalot, he would marry her. Zowie was horribly jealous of Pia though, perhaps for that very reason. Maybe if she went to the princess and begged her to get Bonalot to marry her, it would happen. "I love you too!" groaned Bonalot as he pumped plump gorgeous Pia, her breasts softly swishing up and down like two massive oceanic bodies of water. Bonalot suddenly rose up and got Pia to turn over on her hands and knees. He entered her pussy from behind, grasping her large meaty butt firmly and pounding inside her with his hard and big dick fiercely. "Oh Bonalot! Oh, yes!" she cried out as he banged her from behind. He spent some time slapping into her with a constant rhythm, his big soft hairy balls swinging forward to slap against Pia's clit. He grabbed some of Pia's long luxuriant straight blond hair and played with it. Pia's humongous hanging breasts wobbled and waved back and forth, to and fro, as Bonalot banged her from behind. Her breasts were heavy with milk and slapped against her, sending sprays of milky mist shooting from her nipples on impact, skidding across the mattress and leaving wet streaks. His dick was beginning to really thump and pulsate now. Bonalot could feel the hot lava of his sperm beginning to boil up. He flung Pia back on her back and quickly scooted between her splayed open legs. "Oh!" cooed Pia in surprise as Bonalot quickly stabbed her sopping wet goldenhaired pussy with his hard dick. He leaned down and begin to lick and drool all over Pia's massive breasts, making them jiggle and move all over her chest. He passionately attacked her big piles of breast flesh. Pia's milk seeped out of her nipples and Bonalot suckled greedily as he took flying thrusts into her hot slit. At last, he gurgled and swallowed the milk he was suckling hard. He flopped down on Pia, grabbing her tight has he exploded deep inside her with a bellowing scream. "OH PIA!" Bonalot bellowed as his forceful cock emptied itself deep inside her with multiple splashes of heavy cum. He shot quite a bit of cum deep inside her. Pia groaned as an orgasm washed over her. She had cum along with him and grabbed Bonalot. She had to find a way to keep him. Pia was thinking feverishly. She vaguely thought of using Cerise as blackmail to get him to marry her but she loved her daughter and Bonalot far too much to stoop to that level. Well, not until the last resort anyway. For now, she planned to take a little trip to Zowie's castle as soon as Bonalot had left and returned to his duties. Chapter 3: Voyeurism and Deep Laid Plans Haryon certainly had his own plans but most of them the Princess would have disapproved of greatly. His current one was his greatest of all, his ultimate master plan. A master plan which would see him becoming governor of Ullandra with help from the Western Empire. The Empire was a massive continental power that rose over a short period of time. Galvanized by a desire to control the entire continent from the central authority of the paranoid Emperors, the empire had spread from small nation to small nation. Only in the end when small nations learned they had to band together against the cancer-like spread of the corporate-like Empire was its growth checked. For many decades now it had been at an uneasy truce with the still-free nations that surrounded it, most of them found in the eastern section of the continent. Ullandra and Villisenthia, where Jorgi was Prince, where but two of these free eastern realms. A few weeks later, Haryon was sitting in Sky's Inn in central Ullandra, not far from his own mansion. He was meeting with a secret Imperial contact who was hiding out as a traveling bookseller. Haryon had placed an order at the busy counter but their drinks hadn't come yet. All around them there was hustle and bustle in the large tavern and restaurant. Sky's Inn was the central social point of all Ullandra and everyone that was anyone was there; rich and poor, high and low, saint and criminal. Haryon could recognize several of Zowie's knights there including Crows and Karol who were loudly arguing about the outcome of a chest match the two aged knights had just finished. The weather had certainly improved from the last winter storms and spring was upon Ullandra, bringing birds, clouds, and quite a bit of rain. Haryon tired of gazing with disapproval and impatience toward the main serving counter and got up to find out where his drinks went. "Why hasn't Sky bought out our drinks yet?" asked Haryon of a homely young lass behind the counter. She fidgeted a bit and blushed. "Um, I don't know Sir. She is receiving a delivery right now by courier in the back, I don't know what's keeping her." Haryon impatiently blew past her and went into the back rooms. "Sir, you cant' go in there!" burst out the serving wench at the counter. Haryon picked through the boxes of supplies and piles of crockery that littered the back rooms. He finally spied Sky getting a delivery from a very young delivery boy. He was barely a teenager in fact. Haryon knew who it was, it was the son of one of his city employees named Geoff. Haryon nodded disapprovingly and prepared to burst forth and complain loudly but something made him hang back and hide between some boxes to watch the couple. Sky was an aging beauty. She was middle-aged by now and her body was becoming flabby and paunchy, but much of her beauty remained. She was now more plump than she had been but tried to keep it in by wearing dresses that were far too tight for her, bunching up her breasts and hips, as well as her love-handles, in tight fabric. She had long very curly jet-black hair and big expressive eyes. She wore quite a bit of makeup, more makeup than Haryon thought necessary. Her breasts were large and plump, although they sagged now than they had in years gone past. All in all, she was still quite attractive looking and Haryon had had quite a few lustful thoughts about her. Sky also had a husband who was a traveling merchant so he was gone most of the time. No one quite knew his real name as he always went by 'Scamp'. He was a somewhat sneaky shifty individual but he had a great sense of humor and was very boisterous, holding forth in long winded monologues to the clientele when he was in town. Haryon started to notice though, watching Sky talking to young Geoff at the back door of her shop, that she wasn't thinking of him. She was running her hands through her hair, giggling at something Geoff had said. Geoff was staring at her and practically drooling. The aging beauty was turning him on, no doubt. The lump in his trousers was unmistakable. Haryon kept watching, absentmindedly touching his own crotch as he gazed upon Sky. Suddenly, he noticed Sky nod her head in agreement to something, smiling broadly. Geoff nervously closed the back door and nervously approached Sky. He was trembling like a leaf as he gently bent forward and kissed her. Haryon was amazed. Geoff's hand trembled as he reached forth and delicately traced the outline of her hanging breast in her blouse. Sky's eyes were closed in passion as Geoff began to kiss her more and more passionately all around the face and neck. Geoff was pulling at her blouse, trying to get it off. Sky quickly and carefully pulled it over her head, now naked from her waist up. Her big breasts flopped down on her belly, jiggling and swinging. Her nipples were pertly pointing up, getting longer from arousal. Geoff was doing a double take, gazing at her curvy body; but especially her magnificent tits hanging fat and low over her belly. Sky grinned and began to undress the young man as he grabbed and fondled her heavy breasts. Haryon was really getting turned on. He was definitely enjoying the show, but even more, he wanted some of the brunette beauty for himself! By this time, both Geoff and Sky were naked. Their desperate hands were roaming all over each other, feeling and touching. Geoff was visibly panting, gazing all over Sky, trying to take her all in. His hand was grabbing her huge tits, trying to take them all in as they oozed squishing through his trembling fingers. Sky's hand drifted down to his penis, taking it in her hands. She began to stroke it slightly as she gazed into the desperate teen's face. She led him by the dick over to a mat on the floor. She lie down, pulling Geoff down on her. He fell upon her clumsily, not quite knowing what to expect. Sky's hand guided his cock-head to her pussy, covered thickly with jet-black fuzzy hair which glistened from her pussy's lubricating juices. "UNNGAH!" croaked Geoff so loudly that Haryon heard it where he was hiding some feet away. Geoff was transfixed, his dick embedded in Sky. He stay on his haunches, holding himself up by his hands, staring ahead into space. "AHAH!" he barked throatily again as Sky began to guide his butt up and down, pushing his hard member into her and then pushing him back out again. Quite clearly she was taking the young man's virginity. Haryon burned with jealousy. He remembered the ugly cow of a nanny he lost his virginity too. Good thing it had been dark. Geoff continued to grunt but not for long before he gave out a wailing bark, thrusting into Sky hard. His thumping dick emptied itself deep inside Sky's inviting wet, steamy, sloppy and hairy pussy. He fell down on top of her, motionless as Sky cradled him, caressing his back. They stayed like that for a few long minutes before Sky pushed him back up to his feet. They dressed timidly and kissed sweetly. Geoff was blushing and looking nervous as Sky brushed his face with her hand. Geoff left, leaving Sky to tidy herself up as well as she could. Haryon could take no more. He walked forward boldly. "So, this is why you are late getting refreshments for my very important visitors?" he bellowed. Sky blushed and smiled, expecting some joke. "Well, you know how it is!" she laughed and tried to walk past him but he laid a strong hand on her arm. "I'm not sure this will sit well with the council. A local merchant taking sexual favors in their daily affairs." He said flatly. "Now see here, Mayor Haryon, I will not be blackmailed. My tavern was founded long before your family came to power and I am the personal barkeep to all of Zowie's knights, not to mention the princess always has me cater her birthday parties." She stared fixedly at the aged man before her. He was still quite tall and large, although he now had a long mane of white hair and his skin had really begun to show wrinkles and age-spots. "I wasn't speaking of you. That young lad, his father works for me and owns, or more to the point, used to own the Mercantile Warehouse on the south end of town..." continued Haryon, staring lustfully at Sky. Sky sighed and understood. He was threatening her young lover if she didn't give him some sex. Sky lifted up her hands and put her thumbs into the shoulder straps of her blouse. She pulled down and it came away at once, exposing her large hanging plump breasts. Haryon licked his lips and began to kneed the large pendulous tit-meat before him. Sky stood still as Haryon's attentions to her breasts caused her to move back and forth slightly. He reached down and licked her nipple and began to suckle her breast, lifting up the heavy hanger to his mouth. Sky inhaled deeply. She was still wet and aroused from making love to Geoff, her body quickly reacted to Haryon's attentions. Sky suddenly dropped to her knees and quickly undid Haryon's belt. She removed his pants and took out his penis, covered in snowy white pubes, it was big, gnarled and ruddy. Without a second thought she took it in her mouth and began to suckle on it. Her tongue fluted across the bottom of it as she suckled loudly upon his dick, slurping as she moved her head quickly, moving his penis in and out of her mouth. "Oh yes!" groaned Haryon, staring down at Sky, putting his hands in her thick curly jet-black hair to hold her face on his dick. Sky licked furiously all around his dick, then took his testicles into her mouth one by one for a good sucking. She licked through his pubic hair, licking his nut-sack slowly and deliberately. Haryon was practically hyperventilating by now and he tried to get Sky to stand up so he could enter her pussy with his thumping cock. But Sky's technique was too good. Her teasing tongue and hot breath attacked his male member too expertly. He could feel it begin to tremble and quake, beginning its last few ecstatic pumps that signaled orgasm. He became desperate and tried to pull his penis out of her mouth before he came. But Sky's sucking mouth was too powerful and kept his large meat in her mouth. Haryon groaned desperately, thrusting his hips forward into Sky's mouth without control. His cock thumped as it begin to shoot out stream after stream of white cream into Sky's swallowing mouth. She gulped loudly, slurping and gurgling as she ate his cum. Finally, she licked him clean and put his pants back up. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get you your drinks, Mayor." Said Sky flatly, walking into his restaurant. Sky watched Haryon go back over to a private booth to sit with a paunchy little fat man with a ruddy bald head. He was known to her as Selkius, a traveling book merchant. "So, Mayor, spy on me, will you?" Sky said quietly to herself, "I'll do the same to you!". Sky went into the back room and down a private hall that was adjacent to the back wall of her tavern where the private booths were. She opened a small closet door that opened into a small passageway, directly on the opposite of the wall between her and the private booths. The wall was very thin indeed, and had some very well placed peepholes. She listened in with interest and learned quite a bit. And what she heard filled her with a sense of dread, terror, and outrage. Chapter 4: Zowie's Favorite At that very same moment, Princess Zowie sat on her mahogany, velvet and gold throne feeling sad and melancholy. Tonight she was giving a huge banquet for her closest friends and followers and she would announce to them that she was going to take a husband and would be married in a matter of weeks at the Spring Equinox. She sighed as she looked around her castle. Jorgi would be arriving soon and then they would have a 'courtship' ending with their marriage. She really didn't feel too bad about marrying him. She'd been with lots of men and one more would be like any other fling. She certainly wasn't going to treat him like some cherished lover or something, like she treated her beloved Bonalot. As she thought about him, the gallant swarthy knight entered the hall and stared at her transfixed. She was slumped down in her throne slightly, her legs akimbo and spread so her skirts were slightly pulled up. Her head rested on her arm, a casual finger entering her perfect mouth. Her hazel eyes were soft and tender. She gazed upon Bonalot, remembering a hot summer night that seemed so long ago when she first made love to him. He had come to the castle as a young man to serve her parents when they still lived. The attraction between the young strong man and the young princess who was quickly developing into a goddess-like woman was instant. They finally could keep their hands off each other no more and made hot passionate love in Zowie's chamber all night. It had been the first time for either of them. Afterwards, realizing they were still young, they decided to keep their relationship secret and be free from each other. The relationship wasn't secret too long after Zowie lost her parents as she turned to Bonalot for comfort. Pretense was dropped completely and Bonalot began to sleep with the Princess in her chambers at night. They both continued to take other lovers occasionally and sometimes quite casually, but they never forgot their bond and how they were each other's first love. Perhaps Bonalot was thinking the same thing as he quickly walked up to his Princess and bend over, kissing her hotly on her soft lips, grasping her nearest massive breast with his hand. He played with it, gripping strongly. Milk oozed out of Zowie's nipple, wetting the front of her tight green blouse. Bonalot groaned as he began to kiss Zowie's milky silky smooth neck and shoulders, licking her and kissing her passionately. "Oh my love!" groaned Zowie, arching back and thrusting her massive tits up into the air. Her breasts strained against the tight fabric, quickly getting soaked with her thick tasty sweet milk that oozed out even more when she was aroused. Bonalot quickly pulled Zowie's blouse off, watching in hot passion as her enormous breasts jiggled and spread out free and wild over her chest. He collapsed on the nearest nipple and began to suckle greedily. Streams of Zowie's sweet thick milk poured into his mouth as fast as he could suckle. He drank deeply and fiercely, swallowing and belching as he did his best to keep up with the almost constant stream of delicious white fluid. Zowie's milk dribbled down his chin and onto her tummy from his hungry mouth as he suckled and swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the Princess' milk which warmed his belly. "Oh love, please, the other one!" whined Zowie, getting more and more aroused. Her legs were spread wide. Her pussy was soaking wet already, pouring out lubricating juices to prepare her insides for Bonalot's large and meaty member. Zowie struggled to remove her skirt as Bonalot clung to her, squeezing his arms around her tiny waist, moving to her other breast to suckle that one. Zowie looked down on Bonalot suckling her, her freckled pixie-like face a twisted into a mask of passion and need. Suddenly, Bonalot bounded up Zowie with a look of wild abandon on his face. He kissed her again as he quickly stripped off his trousers and shirt, practically ripping them off his body. He pulled Zowie down off her throne and onto the floor, mounting her with determination. She sank into the thick luxuriant rugs that lay around her throne, the long fur rising up to comfort her sweet soft body. Grabbing her breasts firmly, Bonalot got between Zowie's splayed milky white thighs and lowered himself on her. Zowie whined and moaned, reaching down to guide his big dick into her pussy, covered with a thick layer of curly honey golden-brown hair. "HAHH!" barked Bonalot when penetration was made. He slipped inside her tight wet pussy. Whatever miracle made her have such huge milky tits also seemed to keep her pussy tight and virginal no matter how much punishment and pounding it took from Bonalot and the Princess' other love affairs. Zowie whined, pulling up her legs in heat. "Take me! Take me now! Take me!" she screamed, grabbing at Bonalot's waist with her arms, trying to wrap her hands around him and pull him down into her. Bonalot entered her and pumped her slowly at first, taking no heed to Zowie's desperate pleas. His hands slipped all the way around her impossibly tiny waist; his arms wrapping around her and crushing her to him mercilessly. He slowly slipped in and out of her. Occasionally he took his big throbbing dick all the way out and rubbed his cock-head lightly around the entrance to Zowie's vulva, through her thick pussy fur. This teased the princess no end. "Put it back in me now!" she cried desperately, almost sobbing as Bonalot kept doing this over and over. He would bang her really good, then slow down, taking his cock out and running it teasingly through her pussy hair. Once he rubbed his dick up against Zowie's clit, sending her into an instant orgasm of whining, screaming moans. "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh!" moaned Zowie continuously by now. She was moving, squirming, humping back up against Bonalot, trying to pump back up against him. Her face was contorted in a mask of desperate ecstatic agony. Her legs flapped against Bonalot's thighs and her arms were wrapped tightly around him. Her pussy juices flowed liberally out of her slit, soaking the rugs they were laying on. Her breasts flowed with milk, spreading between Bonalot and Zowie, covering them with a sheen of wetness. Bonalot reached down to suckle some more, gulping down great quantities of Zowie's sweet heady milk. Bonalot suddenly laughed. "Wha? Honey?" said Zowie looking at him through a film of passion as Bonalot stopped suckling her right nipple. "Do you think anyone guessed where you got that special cheese you presented me with for a holiday present last year?" he smirked at her as Zowie's milk dripped off his chin. Zowie actually blushed. "I didn't think Sheila could actually make that work, but she said she could." Giggled Zowie as Bonalot continued to penetrate her with a fierce and constant motion, pumping into her slippery wet pussy. She grabbed Bonalot's head and firmly snuggled it down on her chest as he began to speed up his pumping in her pussy. Zowie began to grunt in time with this staccato thrusts. She could feel his cock get even more plump and expand thickly. Bonalot began to grunt too, this dick was throbbing electrically, pulsating and thumping inside Zowie like a crazy snake with hiccoughs. Their bodies slapped together more and more desperately, their grunts and whines turning into wails of passionate need. Bonalot practically chomped down on Zowie's neck. He was sucking so hard, she reached up to gently move his head lower down her shoulder and right above her breast. She didn't want him to leave a hickey where people could see it. Bonalot was flying by now, totally lifting up off Zowie and then slamming back down into her, only very very rapidly. A low long keening growl built up in his throat. Zowie had been whimpering with occasional orgasms from his violent passion. She was trying not to cum, so she could build up to one grand glorious one when Bonalot filled her with his sperm. And she was glad the time was now so she could let herself go. Zowie reared up off the ground by lifting herself up with her own legs but Bonalot slammed down on her hard. He thrust in her viciously, thudding against her so hard the rug they were lying on jilted with the movement. "OH ZOWIE!" barked Bonalot suddenly, arching his back. His penis emptied itself into the princess with long hard thick blasts of cum. He came for several long seconds as his lust engorged penis took a long time emptying all its load into the sweet pretty princess. Zowie's eyes rolled slightly back into her head as a great orgasmic wash flowed over her. Bonalot fell heavily on the princess, spent. Zowie was spent as well and lay limply, her hands touching Bonalot's shoulders. They were covered in sweat, cum, pussy juice and Zowie's milk; all these fluids seemed to steam off their hot bodies. "Oh my love, I have to get ready for the party!" cooed Zowie finally. Bonalot kissed her hard and deep. "I'll go get ready too." He said smiling. They both got up and went to their chambers to prepare for the big party. Zowie sighed sadly when she reached her chamber. She didn't know how Bonalot would take the news that she would be married to another man in a couple of months, sharing her bed at night instead of Bonalot. She would be expected to be loyal to him, of course, but Zowie had her limits. She might be having to marry because that's what convention said princesses needed to do, but that was all she was going to let the dictates of convention tell her to do. "If only there were a way out of marriage completely!" thought Zowie to herself. Chapter 5: Milking Honey "He said WHAT?" bellowed Mart. He was still the same as always. Prematurely white and somewhat scrawny. He was looking a lot more healthy than he had once. He was much more stocky and his eyes blazed a healthy light blue-gray color. "Shh, dear!" hissed Luni softly, touching Mart lightly on the forearm. Luni was much the same as well; devastatingly beautiful. Elves didn't show their age that much and Luni was still desperately gorgeous. Her long thick jet-black hair hung long over her back. Her melon-sized Mart and Luni were in Sky's tavern in one of Sky's private chambers behind her restaurant. They were sitting in a small dining room like chamber with a large oaken table and comfortable padded wooden chairs. Counters lined the room and were littered with expensive display crockery and artistic figurines that Sky liked to collect. "He said 'I have forced the fact of marriage upon the princess. She is not like her mother or father and is weak before the council.'" Said Sky. She continued "And he went on and on about some plan. 'I have arranged a marriage to Jorgi of Villasenthia.' The other man, that Selkius guy, really chortled at this. 'I know, I know, and when I stop the proceedings with the news of Jorgi, and accuse Villasenthia of treachery, the whole alliance will fall into chaos!'" "So, basically, Zowie's getting married..." begun Mart, counting on his fingers as a dramatic gesture. "You'd think she would tell us!" interrupted Luni softly. "She might not have done that yet, dear!" said Mart petulantly. "Then go on, dear!" replied Luni fiercely. Sky smiled as she watched them banter back and forth. Maybe it was Luni and Mart who should be getting married. "Anyway..." growled Mart, "it seems Zowie is getting married..." "You said that already, dear." Interrupted Luni again softly. "DEAR!" cried out Mart. "Ok, ok, I'll stop tormenting you. Its just so fun!" said Luni in a silky voice full of seductive undertones. She gazed upon Mart with her huge beautiful brown eyes. Mart gazed back into her eyes for a moment, his mouth moving but saying nothing. "So he's trying to make an incident that will cause some benefit for both him and the Empire!" cried out Sky, shaking Mart and Luni out of their star struck gaze. "And we have to find out what that is!" she said. Mart and Luni kept leaning closer and closer together. At last their lips touched with a both of them making a whimpering moan. Luni sat impassively as Mart tumbled out of his chair and began to grab at her slim willowy shapely body. Sky cleared her throat and decided to get up and leave before she saw too much and got horny herself. "Well, look, um, I got to go look after the staff. Make sure they aren't dipping into the till." Stammered Sky as Mart and Luni began to mash their lips together hotly, panting, breathing heavily, slurping loudly as their mouths smack and slurp together. Their heads moved in circlets as they pushed their wanton lips together. "And then later we'll decide how we should go about finding out what Haryon is up to and warn the Princess!" finished Sky, backing out through the door to the small chamber and closing it behind her. Sky was touching herself by the time she left the room from watching the two lovers clawing hotly at each other. Then she remembered, Geoff was due to bring another delivery of milled flower in a few minutes. Sky groaned, reaching under her own skirts to touch her curly thick puss. Geoff was going to have other duties to attend to as well! Mart grabbed Luni and plopped her up on the table, licking and kissing into her neck, under the thick canopy of her raven black hair. Luni cooed seductively, brushing her milky white face against Mart's, one of her elfin hands softly caressing his crotch, filled with his thickly swelling member. Mart fought at Luni's jerkin, his trembling hands desperate to free her bountiful round soft tender breasts. The table creaked and groaned under the shifting weight as Mart pushed Luni against it, stripping her quickly. Luni was panting for her human mate and was fighting with Mart's trousers. She was just as desperate to get Mart's cock out, the cock she had chosen and considered her own private territory. It was her cock, hers to use such as right now when she was getting Mart so hot and worked up he had to take her on the spot. Both the lovers were mostly unclad now, Mart was fondling and grasping at Luni's big jiggly breasts. They jiggled loose and free, round as melons and just as large. Mart fell on a nipple suckling hard. Luni felt some angst as she hadn't had any milk for her lover but suddenly Mart made a squeak. "Luni, love, your breast! There's something leaking out!" he cried as he licked at her nipple happily. Luni looked down surprised and taken aback as she sat on the table, her clothes in a dishelmed pile around her. She took up her other breast as Mart began to suckle at her left mound of soft jiggling tender breast flesh. Sure enough, when she squeezed it, a pearl of white effervescent milk slowly built up on her dark pink nipple. "Mmm!" moaned Mark, "It tastes like milky honey!" he groaned. His big dick joggled and bounced as he stood naked except for his socks between Luni's legs. "I guess I've been suckling enough to make them start to milk, huh?" croaked Mart with a belch, hot and horny. Luni was suddenly glowing. She hadn't felt quite right in the morning lately but she just thought it was all the greasy human food she had to eat on a daily basis. She concentrated on her own body with the deep meditative techniques the elves had. She felt her body as a singular closed organism. Only, there was a difference. Where there should only be an arch, there was a lump in her aura. There was another energy in her, small, barely detectable, but there. Luni cooed and smiled, grabbing Mart around the neck and holding him to her with great force. She would have to wait until Sheila could test her with her alchemy but Luni was quite sure she was pregnant. For a moment she was a little confused. What should she do? Would Mart marry her? Should she go back to the elves and leave the child to be raised as a ward of the community - the elven equivalent of leaving them in an orphanage? All that could wait for a moment. Her chosen mate had impregnated her and she only wanted to give him her body wildly and fully, making love like a sex-crazed wanton elf that had no sexual control. Luni clasped Mart to her suddenly, their mouths were still locked together. Her breasts squished and flattened as she pulled him against her, opening her legs wide and leaning back on the table she was sitting on. Mart put his hands down to lower himself on his gorgeous sylphlike elven beauty. His penis began to rub against the raven black fuzzy pussy hair thickly covering her vagina. His dick rubbed through her snatch, rubbing against her clitoris. Luni groaned and moaned as Mart manipulated her clit with his dick. His big hairy balls slapped against her pussy opening, making her whine with need. "Oh Luni, roll over and I shall take you!" cooed Mart hotly. Luni licked his face. "Oh honey, no, take me like this, human style, today." replied Luni in passion. This wasn't the time and place to explain that taking her from behind in the mating position wasn't supposed to be done by elves were pregnant. Mart rarely wanted lectures of elven philosophy and culture, and Luni figured that this really wasn't the time to start a speech. Plus, she'd have to tell him she was pregnant first. Mart groaned as he could hold out no longer. His cock speared Luni, penetrating quickly, filling her pussy with his thick gnarly member. His back arched back and he groaned. Luni fell softly back on the table, her arms at the sides of her head and her thick long black hair flowing, covering the entire table they had been sitting at. Her breasts kept jiggling, rising proudly and round off her milky chest. Mart looked down at his beautiful elf and stared into her dark bottomless eyes as they stared at him, full of silent passion. Mart fell forward on her, pumping and humping himself rapidly. He panted as he gave Luni his dick in rapid staccato movements. Minutes passed and Mart kept pounding Luni's pussy. His shock white hair was messy and waving around, sweat rose off his chest and back. Luni's hands snaked up and down his back softly as she reared up to kiss and lick him from time to time. Mart reached down to suckle at one of her big jiggly breasts. They did seem somewhat bigger to him, especially when she lay on her back. The milk, at first weak and watery, was now thick and in large quantity. Luni's breasts were getting better at making the sweet honey-like nectar that was filling them. And now Mart was drinking it. He suckled greedily, his penis shoved far inside Luni's tight pussy. Luni's hips moved slightly against him, trying to hump her on his big dick. Mart grasped her big breasts fiercely and strongly. He suckled at her nipple for a long time and then moved to the left to catch her other plump breast's nipple. His cock jumped and throbbed inside Luni's tight pussy. She cooed little whines of delight and heat. She arched back once or twice, thrusting her tits up toward Mart and rubbing her crotch against his huge dick as an orgasm washed over her. Her clit throbbed continuously now, making her so sensitive in all her areas, her nipples, her clit, her ass, her mouth. Mart suddenly flung back again. "Oh Luni!" he groaned loudly as his cock could take no more. It throbbed and pulsed, shooting huge wads of cum deep inside the buxom voluptuous elf woman. His sperm filled her vulva and her vagina fully. There wasn't enough space inside her for all the cum that shot out of his engorged and hot penis. He collapsed on her as his penis stayed hard inside her, only slowly softening. They lay together, entwined on the table, for some long minutes before they kissed, rose off the table and got dressed. "What will we do about Haryon?" asked Mart. "We must figure out what this Selkus is up to. He's obviously an Imperial agent posing as a bookseller. Lets try and find out more about him. Perhaps we can find out what they're up to." Said Luni calmly and professionally as she buttoned in her massive bosom into her brown dress. She pulled to fasten the top button but it didn't quite make it. She had been leaving it undone to tease Mart but now she found she couldn't fasten her top button without being very uncomfortable and packing in her boobs too tight. That settled it for her, either she was under control of some weird breast enlargement spell Mart put on her (and she didn't fully discount this knowing him!) or her breasts were becoming engorged with milk to feed a baby. "Alright, lets go!" said Mart happily, putting his hand softly on the small of Luni's back and walking out behind her as they left the room. They suddenly saw Sky standing by the door to her delivery room with a satisfied dreamy look. A young man was in the room beyond, pulling up his trousers and looking thoroughly debauched and worn out. He turned and said a hesitant good-bye to Sky, seeing Mart and Luni standing there, and quickly left the restaurant by the back door blushing. "We hunt Selkius!" announced Mart pompously. "And I hunt a newly cooked batch of apple fritters!" cried out Sky, mocking Mart. "Good, its about time you humans did some real work!" cried Luni with a wink and a grin at both of them as she edged past and left Sky's back rooms. Chapter 6: The Announcement The ballroom in the castle was rocking. The minstrels had started out with a few somber sedate numbers for formal line dancing but had broken down into wild fiddle music. The recorder players were wailing a separate tune from the fiddles altogether. The ale was flowing freely, as well as a local drink called patsmash. Basically, distilled potato wine, it was very powerful and only the most hardy party animals could drink it without serious renal and intestinal damage. Zowie slumped in her chair, her tight dress splattered with food and drink, half dozy from the effects of patsmash. All around her, wild revelers danced and sang, joking and falling over each other. She saw Sir Karol and Sir Crows, her two most elderly knights, fighting over some aging beauties who had come to see if they could pick up some knights for the evening. Or maybe the aged beauties were fighting over the two knights, Zowie couldn't tell from here through the massed throng. Loud music, singing and shouts filled the air and Zowie could hardly hear herself think. She noticed Mart and Luni sitting at a table by themselves at the edge of the ballroom. Luni was drinking some juice and was chatting happily with some friends. Sheila was there, continually looking over at Zowie and drooling. The princess never knew Sheila fancied her so much, not that she minded. The dusky skinned beauty with a pixie like face and large melon-like breasts was one of her favorite followers. The princess finally got up and worked her way through the throng of happy revelers. From time to time a hand would sneak out of the crowd to steal a feel of her round soft butt or even her hanging tightly packed breasts. She didn't want the hands to squeeze her breasts as milk might come out and wet the front of her dress so she tried to avoid the boob-gropers. At last she made her way on the stage and waved for the crowd to be quiet. "Everyone! Can I have your attention?" yelled Zowie. Little by little, with pointed fingers at Zowie on the stage, the crowd settled down enough for her to speak. "I am glad everyone could make it tonight." Screams and pandemonium broke out again as revelers banged their mugs on their tables and yelled their approval of the fare and the drink. Somewhere in the back, a little known knight, tall and thin but very brave, called Sir Zoltyn screamed "Oh My Gods I love You Zowie!" quite loud and hysterically, but the other people at his table tackled him down playfully. "I am glad everyone could come to my party tonight, but I actually brought you all here for a reason." "Ma'am, the murderer, it was Mart!" screamed Sir Grumbi pointing at the prematurely white-haired hero sitting with his elfin beauty, referring to the old joke about being brought together to name a murderer. A peal of hilarity and laughter waved through the crowd. Zowie smiled hugely. Sheila had managed to get the magic lanterns focused on her so she had to shade her eyes from the glare. "No, no, for real. I have something quite serious to say. Yes. Now settle down. I need to say that my council has been reminding me of some of my duties as your princess..." "Haha! We have them to thank for the party!" cried out Sheila suddenly. "Good thing someone thought of it." Murmured Bonalot, heavy into his mug of patsmash and wondering if he was going to be able to stay conscious tonight for his customary night-long bout of wild sex with the princess. Zowie rolled her eyes. "Really, now. They have reminded me that I should settle down and get married. Now, as you all know, I'm very unconventional, but they made me see the wisdom in this. So... I'm going to be married to Prince Jorgi of Villisenthia. He will arrive later this week and we are to marry by the Spring Equinox in five weeks." A sudden silence settled over the crowd. Princess Zowie smiled weakly and descended the stage as the crowd stared in shock. Someone dropped a cup. Bonalot was sitting in shock. It had never occurred to him that there might be a royal wedding and Zowie might marry another man. Every conceivable emotion passed through him at that time and he didn't know whether to try and slay everyone there or bawl like a baby. He took a deep drink at his cup. Zowie kept walking and left the ballroom to go back to her private quarters. She couldn't bear to stay there any longer. She told them to leave whenever they wanted and try not to make too big of a mess. Mart and Luni weren't shocked, now they knew that Sky had heard a genuine plot. They quickly ran over to where Bonalot was sitting, staring into space and paralyzed with the news. Grumbi had already sat next to him as did a recent recruit who was in Bonalot's training... a young man with tan brown skin and cropped light sandy brown hair and round black eyes, the pupils of which seemed to fill the whole eyeball, named Sir Pu. Both the knights were trying to ply Bonalot with more patsmash when Luni and Mart sat down. "No wait!" Mart cried out, stopping Grumbi's hand. "It's a plot!" squeaked out Luni in a low voice. They quickly gave a brief synopses of what they had learned from Sky to Bonalot, Grumbi and Pu. "Sky overheard Haryon talking to this guy who is probably an Imperial agent. He has arranged this marriage with the idea that it won't work out. We don't know why he's doing this or what he thinks it'll do for him, that's what we got to find out!" summarized Mart quickly as Luni corrected him on the details. Bonalot stared groggily up at Mart and Luni and listened intently. He almost suspected they were just trying to get his mind off the fact that Zowie just told him, and everyone else, she was marrying another man. "C'mon Sir, obviously something's amiss. We can handle it!" bubbled young Sir Pu. He mustn't' have been a day over seventeen and was very enthusiastic. "Do you really think you can, Sir Pu?" grumbled Sir Bonalot again, taking long drinks from his seemingly bottomless flagon of patsmash potato wine. "Mart, Luni. You go ahead and try and find out if theirs something behind this story. Sir Pu, you can go with them if they'll have you." Mart and Luni looked at eager young Pu and nodded their agreement. "We'd be glad of the company" said Luni, trying to be friendly to the new knight. Mart just kept nodding, agreeing with his elven lover. Sir Pu was really excited now. He beamed from ear to ear. He had only recently arrived from the lowland fields in the south of Ullandra, a sparsely populated outback where almost nothing happened because almost nobody lived. Everyone else at the table wore expressions of concern, worry, worse in the case of Bonalot. Young Pu smiled and bobbed in his seat, however, like he just won a week on a desert island with nothing but Zowie and ten months worth of the _Ullandran Knights_ comic scrolls. Princess Zowie excused herself early from her party and trudged quietly and lonely up the staircase to her private room. She felt cold and alone, knowing that she would have to give her Bonalot up. She loved him fiercely, and she had no plans at all to be loyal to her new husband, but she knew that she couldn't sleep with Bonalot at night anymore. As she climbed the shady hall, a pair of strong fierce arms slid around her tiny miniature waist and clamped her hard in the dark to an unknown assailant. Zowie knew at once it was Bonalot, but she felt playful. "What! Who are you! Let me go!" squealed Zowie, squirming helplessly in the dark antechamber to her bedroom. Bonalot grasped her tightly, kissing and licking her neck, grabbing at her massive hanging tits and firm buttocks. Zowie turned and pushed helplessly against Bonalot in the dark, her long honey-brown hair flailing around. "No, don't" she cooed silently as Bonalot continued to maul her sweet impossibly curvy body. Bonalot worked at the upper half of her dress and peeled it down, exposing her enormous gargantuan breasts that defied all gravity to stand proudly and raindrop shaped off Zowie's chest. Bonalot began to suckle from her breasts, gouts of warm sweet Zowie milk filled his mouth and belly. Bonalot pushed Zowie up against one wall of the small antechamber and continued to suckle her breasts fiercely. He grabbed one tit after another, squeezing it, mashing his face to the huge pink nipple and drinking deep of her warm sweet hearty goodness. Zowie groaned, the lovers staggering inside her bedroom. Bonalot and Zowie, their bodies entwined, licking and kissing each other, staggered toward the bed. Zowie fell back on her bed, her dress, already down around her tiny waist, billowed up off her thighs. Her glistening pussy covered with golden-brown hair was exposed. "Oh Bonalot, my love..." whined Zowie as he lay fully upon her, suckling at her full and billowing breasts. He had stripped off his clothes quickly and they lay naked together in the dark. Zowie reached down to fondle his huge hard penis. It was very thick and her hot pussy was craving it. Zowie didn't want to be alone this night and was glad that Bonalot had followed her from the party, intent on giving her this penis and all the cum it contained. She considered it her property, after all. Suddenly, Bonalot rolled Zowie over in one huge motion. Zowie grunted and moaned as she raised herself on all fours. She wiggled her round white ass that shone pale in the moonlight darkness of her fancy bedroom chamber. She wiggled it slightly as Bonalot moved behind her, lining up with her ass crack, sliding his huge hard dick along it. Zowie groaned as Bonalot moved his fiercely hard dick up and down her ass crack, it was so hard and erect, Bonalot could hardly stand it. It felt as if his dick was going to rip out of its own skin. He put his large hands firmly on Zowie's tiny waist. So tiny was her waist that he could practically wrap his hands around it, finger tip to finger tip. He pulled the princess back upon his hard dick, entering the eternally wet and horny goddess-like girl from behind. Zowie groaned and yelped, her huge breasts, so massive that they hung down and rested on the bed, waved and jolted with the force of Bonalot's penetration. "Ah, Zowie!" He bellowed through clenched teeth as he slid his painfully hard erection in and out of the soft moist princess. Zowie whined and cooed softly for Bonalot, wiggling her hips slightly, grinding her ass back against Bonalot as she stood on all fours on her soft round bed. The velvet bed spread was getting screwed up from the jolting and pounding of the two bodies on top of it. Bonalot began slapping his body against Zowie's with a calm and deliberate rhythm. Zowie's ass-cheeks trembled and shook as Bonalot's crotch made impact, driving his big cock deep inside her steamy wet bush. Zowie's cunt overflowed with moistness, it was so wet and slippery; so tight and form-fitting around Bonalot's cock. Bonalot panted as he continued to doggie fuck the gorgeous Princess Zowie. Taking her from behind, mating her in the darkness of her bedchamber. The sound of rhythmic slapping of their bodies filled the room and seemed to continue forever. Not that either Zowie or Bonalot wanted it to end. Bonalot looked down at his Princess, seeing her massive breasts bulging on the bed, mushrooming out so that he could see the huge round curvatures of the massive bags of soft tit-flesh ooze from underneath Zowie's back. His hands roamed her firm buttocks and her tiny miniature waist. The bedspread underneath Zowie was soaked with her milk; it streamed out of her as she grunted with one orgasm after another. Zowie tried to look around her to see Bonalot. All she could see under her were her own massive mushrooming tits, billowing out as they squished against the bed. And they were so huge that although she was on all fours, they were squished and constrained between her and the bed. Bonalot was pounding her more fiercely and quickly from behind by now. Zowie had begun to grunt slightly and erotically from the impact of Bonalot's thick penis inside her tight steamy hole. Sometimes a fart of air escaped Zowie's cunt as Bonalot had inadvertently pounded some air inside her as he slammed his needful cock in and out of her slippery insides. Bonalot let out a low keening moan of mad desire as he sped up suddenly. His insides were boiling. He could feel the tightening and constricting of his balls, penis, and valves in between. "Zowie! Zowie!" he roared. "Cum inside me, honey." Cooed Zowie, her head thrown back so her goldenbrown hair covered her silky back; her eyes closed in bliss. Bonalot did just as he was ordered and thick gouts of sticky sperm-laden cum shot out of the swollen head of his cock. He banged the princess madly, slamming his dick inside her, making sure every last drop of sperm-filled jizz was placed inside the wet moist cunt of Princess Zowie. They stay like that for some long moments, their bodies covered in sweat. Zowie rolled over finally, Bonalot laying heavily on top of her, kissing her lips and licking her face. Zowie licked back gently, her dainty hands roaming all over Bonalot's body. He took her enormous pink left nipple in his mouth and began to suckle, waiting to get hard again, which wouldn't be long when you were in Zowie's bed. The lovers made love continuously and repetitively for the rest of the night. They didn't speak about the announcement or what would have to happen once Zowie married. They both knew. Bonalot knew that soon he would not be in Zowie's bed anymore and that he would have to use his own bedchamber - it had been so long since that happened that he couldn't even remember what it looked like! Zowie secretly planned to get plenty of birth-control potion from Sheila to use when sleeping with this new husband of hers. With royal determination, she had decided that, if she had children, they would be Bonalot's children. Chapter 7: Enter Pia Pia held Cerise tightly to her huge voluminous bosom as she dismounted the carriage that she hired to bring her here from the Western Forest. Pia had sent Zowie a letter telling her she would be arriving, she had come to see Zowie about Bonalot. Pia was here for what she thought would be a dramatic showdown. She was wearing a thick traveling dress, a small shawl-like cape around her neck and a big bonnet-like hat over her head. Her sun golden blond hair was tied up and gathered under her hat. The carriage driver helped her unload two large pieces of luggage off the top of the carriage. He then dropped them on the ground and rode off. I guess he wasn't being paid enough to help her any further. Or perhaps it was how she rebuffed all his leering advances on the road here. She grunted and panted as she did her best to drag her big cases of belongings to the front door of Zowie's castle. The ivory, mahogany and granite edifice rose above her, looming, huge and intimidating, just like the Princess herself. Some guards suddenly ran out of the gatehouse before the door and helped Pia with her huge cases. "You must be Lady Pia?" asked one of the guards, a tall sergeant named Fleagle with a huge moustache. He once missed out on a chance to have sex with Zowie when he convinced Sir Crows to watch the gate for him. He had snuck off to make time with Sarah the Maid but couldn't find her. He came back to find Zowie and Crows just dressing after having spectacular sex. It wasn't a good day for him. "Lady? Well, not officially, but I'll never say I'm not a lady!" smiled Pia. "You are expected. We'll take you to a guest chamber the Princess has had prepared." "Expected?" thought Pia. "Prepared a chamber for me?" Pia was puzzled but felt good about that. She hadn't even really expected to be allowed in the castle and expected some scene ending with her sitting on her baggage in the rain outside the castle. The guards, Fleagle, Pia with Cerise in her arms, wound their way through the impressive but still homey castle's interior winding halls. On a second story, they entered a small set of chambers. Sarah the Maid, a plump beauty with huge green eyes that seemed always to be sadly downcast yet always with a huge curved seemingly permanent smile, was already in the room tidying up. The guards placed Pia's baggage in the room and left with small deferential bows, and a few lustful looks at Sarah's curvy big breasts and big butt. "You must be Pia!" said Sarah happily. "Yes, I must." Murmured Pia, making an old tired joke. Still, Sarah laughed. "Let me help you unpack. Can I get something for you and the baby? The kitchens only just finished with lunch. I'm sure there's something warm left in the pot." "Maybe some soup if you have it. I like crusty bread." Said Pia. "Cerise is still on my milk. I haven't started her on solids yet." Sarah looked at Cerise who was just waking up with a yawn. "Aw!" cooed Sarah in that way almost all women did when they saw a baby. "I'll go get you some." Said Sarah. Some time passed and Pia's baggage was unpacked. Her clothes were in the wardrobes, her personal items in the drawers of the large hutch that was in the room. Cerise began to cry and Pia rocked her to sleep in a small rocker, placing her in a cot in one of the small side rooms off the main chamber. She left the door somewhat open so she could hear her. Sarah had been coming in and out helping her with whatever she needed. Sarah and Pia chatted nicely about their lives and everyday things. Sarah had a young child of her own and she spared no time in giving Pia some advice. Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the door. Pia thought it was Sarah coming back with a different blanket or some new piece of baby clothes that she seemed to have coming endlessly out of her pockets. "Its open, Sarah!" she called out as she sat tired on the bed. It had been a long journey and it took some time to get Cerise to go to sleep. "Shh, I just put Cerise down..." began Pia, smoothing the bed. She turned around. Princess Zowie Ullandra was standing in the doorway. She was wearing a regal, high collared green and yellow dress. Her massive bosoms pushed out against the thick fabric. Around her neck was a thick golden chain that weighed down on the even heavier breasts. Pia curtsied. "May I come in?" Zowie said silently. "Yes, Ma'am. Of course." Said Pia silently and reverently. The two women circled each other for a moment. The tension in the air was palpable. They were in love with the same man, a man neither had planned to give up if they could help it. "Sit down." Said Zowie silently finally. Pia sat on the bed and Zowie sat near to her. Pia's long golden hair was down by now. Her face was ruddy and freckly, not as beautiful as Zowie's shining cheeks with their handful of freckles. They sat for a moment just looking at each other. It seemed they were saying volumes with no sound at all. "Why are you here?" asked Zowie at last. Pia's eyes seemed to fill with tears as she looked back at Zowie. After a few minutes, Zowie repeated her question. "Why are you here?" Pia's mouth opened and began mouthing words she couldn't get out. She didn't even have the words. What could she say? 'I'm here to steal your knight commander and lover from you because he's been doing me anyway?' "I'm here to steal your knight commander and lover from you because he's been doing me anyway!" barked out Pia suddenly fierce. "He's given me a baby and he's been with me for a long time. I demand you see that he's cheated on you and give him up!" Zowie suddenly smirked. Then she laughed. Zowie really laughed, a belly laugh. She doubled over giggling, glancing over at Pia, her eyes watering in hilarity. Pia looked at her in amazement. The air seemed to clear the more Zowie laughed. Suddenly Pia barked out further, "And my baby is sleeping in the next room so I will thank you if you can keep your voice down!" Pia could hear some murmuring sounds come from Cerise's cot but her baby seemed to go back to sleep. Zowie continued to hiccough little laughs. "Well. I must say Pia, you have backbone. I knew that from your adventure with Noobi and how you seduced my Bonalot..." "He asked me into the room first!" Pia said, feeling a little more at ease. It seemed Zowie wasn't angry. Pia felt her ears burning and turning pink though, all she did was laugh at her when she made her demand. "So, I guess we have an impasse, huh? Well, we could fight. That's what I think one of my men would do." Said Zowie thoughtfully. Pia looked at Zowie, trying to figure out what was going on. "But, you see Pia, the situation is moot. My council has forced my hand into marriage..." Pia gasped. "Oh no, not to Bonalot." Continued Zowie reading Pia's mind. "I have to marry a prince. They found me some guy from Villisenthia who sounds like he's never even been with a women before, let alone someone like me." Suddenly, Zowie looked very sad as a wave of emotion passed over her face. "I have decided to give Bonalot up. I have to. I might not be loyal to my new husband, but it will be too much to keep my relationship with Bonalot and not be married to him." Zowie suddenly sobbed. "I, too, love him so much!" Zowie cried out. Pia kept watching Zowie as the Princess brought her soft silken hands up and wiped away some tears. She put her face in her hands and began to sob lightly. Pia scooted closer to the Princess, finally putting her arm around her. She comforted Zowie as she cried softly. Zowie's face reached up and nuzzled into Pia's neck, into her long flaxen gold hair that hung down thickly from her hair. "You are very beautiful though, I'm glad I didn't need to be your enemy." Said Zowie softly. Pia nuzzled against the top of Zowie's head. Zowie looked down from Pia's shoulder and over her huge mountainous cleavage. Her Bonalot had no doubt suckled from those large milk-filled breasts, drinking his fill from Pia's wet teats. Zowie suddenly wondered what Pia tasted like. She had to make sure she was nourishing for her Bonalot. One of Zowie's hands came up and cupped the swelling front curve of Pia's right bosom, the giant tit filled her hand. "Princess?" gasped Pia suddenly as Zowie began to weight the breast in her hand softly, moving her hand in little circles over the soft material of Pia's blouse. She could feel Pia's hardening nipple through her dress. "You have such large breasts, Pia. They're so nice looking." "Thank you, Princess." Panted Pia softly, enjoying the feel of Zowie's hand on her massive boob. "Do you have milk?" asked Zowie softly. Pia was silent for a second. She had never had another woman so interested in her tits before. "Yes, yes I do." Cooed Pia in a whisper. "I want to suckle you." Whispered Zowie, reaching up her face and kissing Pia on her freckly cheek. Pia moaned a little and turned, kissing Zowie back. Their lips touched lightly and tentatively as Pia kissed Zowie back softly. Their lips explored each other gently, kissing as Pia reached back and undid the ties of her blouse. The brown blouse fell forward, falling gently and provocatively from Pia's massive bosom. Zowie looked down and saw Pia's huge hanging pinkish white tits, topped with massive dark pink nipples. "No wonder Bonalot wanted you. He likes women with really really huge boobs." Said Zowie as she backed off a bit from Pia and suddenly took her arms out of her sleeves. Zowie pulled her dress off her own enormous gigantic hanging tits. Where Pia's tits sagged fully under the effect of gravity, Zowie's massive breasts shot proudly off her small chest like great hot air balloons. They were raindrop shaped and snowy ivory, with only the smallest hint of freckles at the bases of them; they were crowned with bright pink nipples and huge areola. Pia swallowed hard in a dry throat while gazing at the princess. Zowie was the very definition of femininity; she had flaring full hips, rounded firm buttocks, a waist that pinched in impossibly tiny, and then a chest that flared out to house her massive huge tits. Somehow, she had the blood of a goddess in her, and no one, man or woman, was free of lusting for her. Compared to Zowie, all other things were male - she was that much of a woman. And the sight of Zowie naked was enough to make anyone want her, no matter how long they'd been alive or dead! "You can touch them if you like" sighed Zowie softly as she brought her arms together and presented her breasts to Pia. Pia did the only thing anyone could do. She fell straight to a nipple and began to suck. Something about Zowie's massive soft breastflesh just took over the senses and told the mind only to suckle on her milk-giving breasts. Pia didn't even think about it, she didn't pause, she just leaned over and took a nipple in her mouth and began to suckle deep. Zowie's rich sweet milk began to squirt out her breast and fill Pia's mouth. Pia swallowed desperately. Her mind had gone and all she knew was that she had to swallow as much of Zowie's milk as she could; she had to feed on the Princess' bountiful breasts all day long. Pia would secretly think that Zowie's milk was the most sweet and tasty thing she'd ever tasted until the end of her days. Zowie stood to finish removing her dress as Pia's mind sang with lust, fogged from all logical thought. Zowie stood there for a moment, smiling her huge bay-window smile at Pia full of huge white teeth. Pia's hands trembled as she reached out to touch Zowie's thighs. Suddenly Pia lunged forward burying her face in the Princess' crotch. She was groaning, inhaling deeply, licking at Zowie's heavily furry pussy with her wanton tongue. "Oh Pia!" cooed Zowie in surprise. Pia spun Zowie around and placed her on the bed, still licking and lapping at Zowie's delicate dewy and moist snatch. Pia was licking and lapping between Zowie's legs as Zowie leaned back on the bed, spreading her legs wide and closing her eyes in passion. "Yes, yes, I love being eaten out!" the Princess groaned. Pia's tongue was licking between Zowie's thick labia, quickly swelling with blood as Zowie's arousal climbed. Pia licked deep in her slit, licking up to Zowie's clit and down to the deep hole of her vagina. Zowie began to moan long trembling moans and cries of desire. "Oh Pia!" she cried out in a warbling deep cry. Zowie's dainty hands reached down to touch the head of her new golden blond admirer. Pia's pink freckly face was buried deep in Zowie's golden-brown haired snatch. Her eyes closed in passion as she licked away at Zowie's pussy. "Oh shit!" barked out Zowie suddenly as an orgasm broke over her like a wave on the coast. Pia kept licking, teasing with her tongue, lapping at Zowie's clit. One of Pia's hands came up, two of her fingers dipping deeply into Zowie's open hole. "Pia! My Gods!" barked out Zowie, leaning up to look down at Pia. She saw her buried between her milky white thighs, a plump flaxen haired beauty lapping away as if that was all that mattered in the world, lapping at the Princesses hot pussy. "My Gods I want you!" growled Zowie suddenly, getting up. She grabbed Pia and flung her on the bed. Pia's huge tits and ass wobbled seductively as she fell upon the bed. Zowie shot between Pia's legs and began to rub her pussy against Pia's pussy. She didn't even take time to admirer Pia's golden snatch, the thick pink folds of her slit opening, the bright pinkish tones of her strawberry white thighs. Zowie just wanted to rub herself to orgasm atop her new lover, claim her and take her as her possession. "OooOoo!" began Pia, moaning a warbling cry as the friction of their pussies being rubbed and slapped together began to drive her insane. "Yes, take me Zowie!" squealed Pia, bucking her hips forward rhythmically in time to Zowie's hips, bending backward, presenting her huge moving breasts which were slopping around every which way on her chest. Zowie looked down and quickly took one of her huge hanging breasts in her dainty hands. Pia's tits hung hugely off the sides of her body, like enormous saddlebags. They didn't stay pert and firm atop Pia's chest like Zowie's did but she didn't have Zowie's special magic. Zowie kept rubbing against Pia as she bent down to suckle. The first squirt of Pia's milk shot into Zowie's mouth and the princess moaned; her milk was thick and tasty. Pia's mother's milk seemed to be thicker and more rich than Zowie's own and tasted almost like buttermilk about to turn. It wasn't a bad taste, just a very rich and almost overpowering taste, or more of a smell. Zowie began to suckle in earnest, drinking her fill from Pia's breasts. Pia gazed down at her feeding princess. "Oh Zowie, yes, drink your fill from me too!" she cooed. Zowie's tits were dripping milk onto Pia as they lay together. Pia's breasts didn't squirt as much as Zowie's but they were full and bountiful, with plenty of milk for Zowie and Cerise. Zowie grunted and belched as she drank from Pia's milky monsters. Her beautiful heavenly face had a look of complete bliss as she sucked from Pia's right breast. Her eyes didn't even open as she licked her way to Pia's left teat with little licks and kisses. Zowie suckled for some time, she wanted to suckle Pia's breasts dry and leave no milk in them whatsoever, but Pia's powerful breasts were almost a match for the princess' own boobs and they made more hardy milk before Zowie could suckle it all. At last, Zowie's tummy could hold no more and she kissed her way down Pia's strawberry white belly. Pia's body was alive with freckles and Zowie kissed at them as she went down. Pia lay back, groaning and whimpering in passion as Zowie approached her snatch. This time Zowie took notice of Pia's golden fur and pink labia. She could see all the way through the fur, Pia's pussy hair was light and almost transparent. Zowie put a hand through it. It felt thick, it was just so light colored against her strawberry pink skin that the princess could hardly see it. Zowie lowered her sylphlike face down on Pia. Her tongue darted out and licked at Pia's clitoris. "Oop!" yelped Pia suddenly, thrashing spasmodically as Zowie touched her clit with her tongue. Zowie licked once or twice very delicately up and down Pia's slit, separating her labia with her tongue. Faster and faster Zowie licked up and down Pia's snatch, bringing her toward a mind-shaking orgasm. "AIE!" screamed Pia as she came hard. Pia and Zowie lost track of the number of times they made each other orgasm that afternoon. It was a several hours later when they were interrupted by Cerise's sudden crying that they stopped their lovemaking. "Sounds like someone else is hungry now!" purred Zowie. Pia smiled and ran off to feed her baby. After a few minutes Pia returned to find Zowie standing there holding a sword! Pia shuddered for a moment and smiled weakly. "Zowie?" she squeaked. "Kneel down" said Zowie. Pia was terrified. There was a naked woman standing in front of her with a huge sword. A naked woman who hated her guts a few hours before and seemingly still did! Pia kneeled down. She couldn't believe it, she was in shock. Zowie raised her sword and brought it down on Pia's shoulders. First one, then the other. "Arise Lady Pia of the Western Forest. I dub thee a Lady of the Realm. I would be honored if you stayed on here at my castle as my advisor from the forest.. and because I may wish to lay with you again." Pia looked up, her face momentarily had a wave of anger cross it. "You scared the piss out of me! I thought you were going to kill me!" said Pia. Zowie laughed and gathered Pia up. They lay back down together and made love some more before going to dinner together. Chapter 8: Dragon Love A couple of days later, Mart, Luni and Pu walked south out of Ullandra, skirting the Western Forest into the Challoxin Mountains which formed the southern boarders of their country. Beyond was the Empire. They had been following Selkius around the city, watching what he did and what his movements were. He seemed to have at least two cronies who watched the movements of people in and out of Zowie's castle, and watched movements between the city and Port Llennun, the small port city to the north of Ullandra about twenty miles away which was Ullandra's only large seaport; although it was a small city in itself. Port Llennun was busy getting ready to receive Prince Jorgi as that was where his ship would be arriving in a matter of days. The road south curved into the rolling hills at the edge of the mountains, getting more and more high and curved as it got into the mountains. A high pass lead into the Empire. As they already knew Selkius was an Imperial agent, it wasn't any surprise that his path was taking him on the high road into his own country. And it would do no good to approach him and try and get him to talk as his cover as a traveling bookselling merchant meant he could easily explain all his movements. The two knights and valiant lady were not sure what they would do. They had to prove that some plot or conspiracy was going on, but they weren't sure how to go about it. They needed some break in their case, other than just following Selkius around to the Empire and back over and over again. It was at this time that the dragon spied them. In some worlds, Dragons were always evil, in others they were good. In a few worlds out there, it depended on what type or color the dragon was as to what its disposition to others would be. Dragons in Zowie's world were much like people though. They could be good, they could be bad, or indifferent, or mixtures of all of these. But they were very individual. The dragon that was watching the three travelers picking their way up a stony well-worn path was a sky blue with scales that shone in the sun with a metallic sheen. He had smelled them long before and was considering whether or not to approach them. He could smell that the girl with them was an elf, and a very lovely one at that, with a willowy buxom body and long jet black hair. Dragons in this world, as in others, were not immune to lusting after elves and humans. As the travelers drew closer, the dragon made up his mind and bounded off the high rocks he had been on. For something the size of a medium sized house, he bounded up and flew in complete silence. He landed behind them with less sound than a bird bounding through a forest of dried branches. "Hail, Knights and Lady of Ullandra!" he boomed out Mart, Luni and Pu flung themselves around. Pu drew his weapon as Mart looked at him in shock. "Now, I mean you no harm, let's not be silly." The dragon spoke in a deep gravely rolling voice, gazing at Pu. "Put your weapon away!" hissed Mart. "Hail, Dragon! We are glad to meet you here on this lonely road. Can you tell us your name and what you may wish of us?" he cried out carefully. The dragon was staring at Luni and she could sense his lust as his eyes unperceivably roamed up and down her curvy body, covered in a tight leather jerkin and walking trousers. "My name would matter not to you for it has been many decades since I have last meddled in the affairs of men and elves." Replied the dragon. Mart bowed to acknowledge the fact that the dragon did not care to tell them who it was. "Why is it you stalk the traveling bookseller?" "Oh great, that's all we need, he's got a dragon on his side!" hissed Pu. "Shut up!" squeaked Luni, still glancing sideways at the dragon, feeling its heated glare on her soft curvy form. Her long silken jet-black hair blew in the wind as she moved and she could almost hear the dragon groan in appreciation of her beauty. "He is an Imperial agent and I fear his means harm to our realm and princess!" replied Mart. "Oh, harm to the Princess Zowie, eh? Now there's a fine looking woman. You do realize that she is the most gorgeous woman who's ever lived? There is a reason for that, but I shall let you discover it in your own time." Growled the dragon, "Yes, indeed he is an Imperial agent, and works with the so-called mayor of your city of Ullandra who is, as you suspect, betraying you to the Empire." "I knew it!" cried out Pu, thumping one fist into his other hand. Mart nodded his head. "Will you let Mart do the talking!" hissed Luni at Pu. "I am grateful for the information!" cried out Mart. "Long ago, when Zowie's father lived, he made a generous deal with me. I would watch this pass into the Empire and tell his agents and knights what has gone through it. For a price." Said the dragon, slowly and deliberately, gazing at Luni. Mart and Luni looked at each other. Mart drew a purse of monies from his belt. "I fear that we have very little gold to gift you with, lord Dragon." Said Mart. The dragon did not respond. Luni watched for a moment before she realized that Mart and Pu weren't moving anymore. "I sometimes can be persuaded by ways other than money." The dragon said softly, plodding up toward Luni. It lowered its great head before her and its tongue softly reached out and licked the side of her gorgeous round ivory face. Luni looked up at the dragon impassively, calculating in her mind what would be best to do. She knew that while dragons were given to great lusts and sometimes great violence, they usually kept their word. "If I were to refuse you?" she said silently and sensuously. "I would leave, and give you no help or hints now, or forever. But it is not always that such a beautiful elf walks past my lair. Can you understand how I can be driven to make such a move?" the dragon replied. As the dragon got closer to Luni, it suddenly sensed something in her aura it didn't sense farther away. Her aura was a bright red circle around her of life and vitality, and more than a hint of raw sexuality. However, there was a strange lump in it. Something else was there, something independent but growing on her. "Did you know you are pregnant?" the dragon asked suddenly, in an almost conspiratorial tone of voice. Luni blushed as red as her aura. "Yes." She said simply, beginning to undo her jerkin. She let it fall open off her shoulders, exposing her meaty round heavy breasts topped with huge pink nipples. Her nipples and breasts had swollen even more with rich elvin milk for her baby. The dragon's mouth went dry, much to its own surprise. Luni's breasts and body were superb. Her skin was as white as the moon but yet didn't look unhealthy. Her body was slim and willowy without being sickly skinny. Her belly was full and soft without being paunchy. Her waist narrowed to flaring hips. The dragon licked her front, from her belly button, all over her two huge soft jiggly breasts, and around her neck. The dragon licked her in one long huge movement, covering her face, her head, her arms. His tongue wrapped around her, licking her back. Luni's head fell forward with a groan as the surprisingly smooth and silky dragon tongue worked all over her. The dragon's huge snout drifted to her plump round breasts. It opened and softly took in Luni's left breast and suckled. Luni's milk oozed out into the dragon's large mouth. The dragon suckled her for several long minutes, moving from one breast to the other. Luni's hands snaked over the dragon's snout, softly petting and touching it, stroking his eyelids and cheeks. "Do I please you, dragon?" purred Luni softly, gazing at him with huge round eyes almost as large as the dragon's. The dragon reared up, exposing his belly. Luni saw his penis, extending out of his folds under his body where it was stored when not needed. It was huge and red with blood. Swollen and throbbing, Luni could see it moving in the air. "Were you not with child, elf, I would mate you and put a child of my own inside you. You must be a great lady of the elves for I have seen no better one even in my long days." "Thank you, for both." Purred Luni, gazing upon the dragon with heavily lidded eyes full of sexual heat. "As it is now, I bid you to lie down. I wish to enjoy the soft jiggling meats of those two breasts of yours that you offer to me so freely. Such perfect snow globes, I would be happy to enjoy!" continued the dragon, practically panting. Luni lay back on the ground, her long jet-black hair flowing all around. She held up her two jiggly breasts in her hand. The dragon quickly waddled over her, placing its huge and heavy penis between her soft breasts. They jiggled against the red scaly poker of the dragon, flopping and giggling against it as the dragon began to move his dick up and down. His huge penis slid against the side of Luni's gorgeous round face, bumping against her cheek and into her thick hair. She gathered some of her thick luxuriant hair and covered the dragon's penis with it as he pumped more and more in heat. The dragon turned its neck to gaze down at her as his dick slid over her soft ivory chest and between her two huge round meaty and jiggly breasts. Luni turned to occasionally lick and kiss the dragon's penis. The dragon's hard cock slid along Luni's jiggly breasts, skidding along the super soft tit-flesh of her round breast meats. For some few minutes, the dragon rutted against her soft flesh until, with a mountain shaking roar and tufts of flame coming out of his nostrils, he ejaculated. He came, his huge dick shooting off into the air as it was jammed against Luni's chest and face, the tip of it pointing harmlessly off of her. She rubbed her jiggly tits against his penis as it pumped and emptied itself, leaving streaks and puddles of dragon cum all over the roadside, splattering a nearby bolder wet with his jizz. The dragon rose off Luni gingerly and licked her body all over again as it had earlier. It spent some more time at her teats, suckling her delicate elfin milk that oozed more and more freely from her quickly swelling breasts. The dragon snout rested against her soft jiggly tit, bouncing and jiggling in its perfectly round plumpness as the dragon suckled her. Luni whimpered and moaned, reaching up and holding her tits up for the dragon, stroking its snout as it suckled her for quite some time. The dragon suckled her right tit dry and switched to her left, sending its long dragon tongue roaming all over Luni's snow-white chest. Luni reached down and put her hand between her legs. Her delicate ivory elfin fingers begin to play along her labia, through her jet-black pussy fir. As the dragon suckled her left tit, she brought herself to a grunting groaning orgasm. When the dragon had finished suckling Luni's left tit dry, Luni pulled back on her jerkin and stood by Pu and behind Mart, where she had been. The dragon suddenly spoke to Mart; "It is a paltry amount, Zowie Knight, but the token of contrition you show in my mountains is appreciated." The dragon said. Mart smiled and placed the small bag of money on the ground as the dragon speared it with one of its horns and let it sit there. Luni gazed upon the dragon as if nothing had happened. She only noticed then that Pu had got caught by the dragon's paralysis with his index finger firmly jammed up his nose. He was still digging. Luni looked away in disgust. "Know then that the traitor Haryon has arranged a marriage for the Princess Zowie to Prince Jorgi of Villisenthia. He will then show in dramatic fashion that Prince Jorgi is horribly unfit to marry the Princess. You know your own customs - in doing so, he will claim betrayal by Villisenthia and other allies and call upon Imperial protection in this time of betrayal and chaos. Imperial forces will have traversed this very road and be on the outskirts of your city. At this time, they will invade and Ullandra will be part of the Empire, with Haryon as new Imperial Magistrate!" said the dragon softly and firmly. "The bastard!" cried out Mart. Luni spit upon the ground in a gesture of disdainful reproach. "And this as well! He does not even desire to take the Princess to his bed afterwards!" said the dragon, almost in a hissing whisper. "Oh, now that's just sick!" said Pu in astonishment. "According to your own rules, the situation can be saved by offering up another prince in Jorgi's stead." Continued the dragon, drawing himself up to full height again. "But of course Haryon has not invited any other princes." Mart, Luni and Pu looked on baffled as the dragon got a sly look and once again shoved its snout down to their eyelevel "But what you don't know is that you do have another prince! He may not even know it either. He came to you as an orphan over this very road more than twenty summers ago. Someone I think the Princess might choose to marry him in a pinch to save an embarrassing incident with her allied nations. Can you not guess who it is?" "Bonalot?" squeaked Luni in surprise. Luni and Bonalot had been occasional lovers before Luni met Mart. She knew that he had been brought to Ullandra very young by a strange old woman who liked axes; really big and sharp axes. She died soon after and he was raised by castle ladies and knights, with the young Princess Zowie to keep him company. No one knew much about him but Zowie's father raised him as his own son and trained him by the best tutors he could find. He rose quickly in the ranks and in Zowie's father's estimation until he had become the highest ranking knight before his twentieth birthday. And in that time, Zowie's first lover. "Yes. Seek his people out. He is a Ninjack." Luni gasped again. "Cool!" cried out Pu. "Well that explains a thing or two" said Mart under his breath, nodding his head. Ninjacks were a wild people. They were the terrifying combination of lumberjacks and ninja-like assassins. They lived in the woods and kept to themselves mostly. They were very emotional, used axes for their weapons and tools almost exclusively, and were most often totally insane. Or at least acted in such an erratic way that anyone who met them thought they were a nation of madmen. They were nomadic people, living in the forests. Although they had national identity, they had no set nation. They did have kings though, who would rule over single tribes in an area, a high king who would unite them in war and other emergencies although in peace, the high king was usually ignored. The dragon continued to expound Bonalot's history to the travelers: "There was a Ninjack High King in this very region until about twenty years ago. The Empire wished to expel all Ninjacks from their realm at the whim of the emperor. They were given no warning. The Imperial forces fell upon the Ninjack village just on the other side of the border. They lost several thousand soldiers trying to eliminate one small Ninjack village. And even then most escaped the ambush to go live in other villages. The man you would know as Bonalot was given into the care of his maternal grandmother and fled into Ullandra. The High King escaped, but they had news that Bonalot and his grandmother did not make it. On their side, the grandmother assumed the worse when no word came and contacted Zowie's father. Both grandmother and Zowie's father kept putting off telling Bonalot of his true origins for too long and their grave took them and their secrets." Mart, Luni and Pu looked on in wonderment, this news flowing over them was almost beyond belief. "Its like something from some crazy story!" cried out Pu. "Stranger things have happened" said the dragon. "So, if you could gather proof of this, you could have Bonalot step into the breach, so to speak, and save the day. My information tells me you have barely more than a week. I would begin the search for the lost Ninjack tribe in the forests of the Challoxin elves to the southeast. I believe you would know the way, Lady." Continued the dragon, addressing Luni at the end. "But what about the Imperial force that will be sitting outside Ullandra, waiting for Haryon's signal?" cried out Pu. "That's your problem! I can't do everything for you!" roared the dragon with a laugh, raising himself into the air. He flew off into the highest craggy peaks where he had his lair. Chapter 9: Zowie's Ride Zowie's personal carriage pulled up in front of the castle. The day had come for her to go meet her future husband. Jorgi's ship had arrived the night before and docked at Port Llennun to await the Princess. Zowie would go there and bring him back to the castle. The marriage was scheduled in seven days time. Zowie bounded out of the castle in high spirits. Although her knights and her had been somewhat sad about her upcoming marriage, they had gotten somewhat used to the idea. Even Bonalot had shaken his depression slightly and spent most of his time with Pia. Bonalot hadn't been avoiding Zowie but he figured that the less he saw of her, the easier it would get to get used to her being married to someone else. Today, the hyper-voluptuous Zowie Princess was wearing an incredibly low cut white dress trimmed in yellow-gold and green. It clung in to her impossibly small waist and flared tight over her full round butt. The tightest area it fit over, of course, were her gigantic boobs. Her enormous breasts burst off her chest, fighting against the constraints of the tight dress; or what there was of it. The white dress was cut so low as to barely cover her nipples. A good jump or jolt most certainly would have sent her monstrous chest toys pouring out of the dress like an avalanche of soft tit-flesh. Her carriage was simple and decorated with her royal crest of green and gold-yellow. Atop it was her old driver, a faithful family retainer named Clem who liked to gaze upon Zowie and drool, remembering his old days when, according to Clem at least, he was quite the lady's man. These days he was a white haired thin man with a wrinkled face and hands wizened from years of hard work. Inside the carriage rode Sir Crows and Sir Karol who were to accompany her to Port Llennun to get Prince Jorgi. They saw Zowie bounding up to the carriage - her enormous floppy tits somehow staying in the dress but shaking from side to side and up and down like two entrapped whales. "Let us help you!" cried out Karol, panting visibly while watching the Princess bounce up to the carriage. He flung open the door for her. Clem watched from above, his eyes riveted to her bottomless cleavage. The low-cut dress showed all her cleavage down to where her breasts began their long slow arc back to her small chest from beneath. Clem even began to involuntarily touch himself while watching the two aged knights fighting to help Zowie into the carriage. "Yes, here!" cried out Crows throatily, gasping for air from seeing so much of Zowie's plump acres of white soft billowing breast meat. He pulled at the step to the carriage. "Thank you!" chirped Zowie happily. She was feeling even more horny than usual and was sopping wet in her nether regions. She was off to meet the man she would marry and she was actually looking forward to it. Her knights and admirers had been even more horny than usual, drooling after her and downright lusting after her in the open - even more so than they usually did, because of her upcoming wedding and this too was making Zowie want sex more than anything. For those she loved and liked, her legs were eager to spread. Zowie sat herself in her carriage, quickly followed by Crows and Karol. Karol was short and wore a bright blue and yellow outfit. He was actually a gnome-like creature Zowie had once met in the forest. His features were stark but not un-human. His most striking feature were a pair of enormously long eyebrows. They were more like antenna, shooting off his face and drooping in front of his eyes. Zowie had met him some years before when she had gotten lost in the Western Forest. Karol had offered to guide her out of the forest, a service for which Zowie rewarded him handsomely, with her own body. Not that Karol insisted on this, he was very prim and proper really, and acted as her tutor. But like everyone else who lived in Ullandra, he was not immune in the slightest to Zowie's charms. He was actually rather cranky usually, but around Zowie, he was in constant good spirits. Crows on the other hand was quite human. He was balding and aged. He, too, had acted has Zowie's tutor when she was younger and watched with rapt attention as her body and breasts filled out as she grew up. By the time she was done with her subjects, she knew all about reading, writing and arithmetic. And Crows knew quite a bit about Zowie as well! Crows had once been a young knight in the court of Zowie's father and turned to the life of a scholar and sage after it was clear he wasn't as young as he used to be. The carriage started off with a jolt and Clem began a leisurely pace to Port Llennun by the main road. Crows and Karol sat opposite of the Princess, gazing upon her with shameless lust. "Well, here we go!" said Zowie brightly, smiling even more brightly at Crows and Karol. She brought her hands up and lightly moved them over her chest, down over her breasts and underneath them, cupping them for a moment. They gave way to her hands like India rubber, soft and supple, seemingly moving away before touch was even made. "How do I look?" cooed Zowie, still smiling her huge smile. "Fine! Great!" coughed Karol. Crows just stared and drooled. "Oh my! Will you look at that!" cried out Zowie looking down. There was a wet spot on the front of her dress. "My breasts are so heavy with milk, it leaked out on my dress!" Zowie pulled the dress down, freeing the offending massive mammary. The enormous tit bounced free of its confines as if it were glad to escape her dress. Zowie looked up at Crows and Karol with a mischievous grin. "So, are you two going to suckle me dry or are you just going to sit there with your eyes wide open?" she said mischievously, freeing her other breast from its confines. Crows and Karol didn't waste a second. In a heartbeat they were sitting on either side of the incredibly voluptuous princess, one of her fat breasts in each of their hands. They hefted the boobs in their hands, grabbing on to them and lifting them to their mouths. They were a heavy load, brimming with warm sweet milk, oozing milk from massive pink nipples ringed by even larger areola. Their mouths fastened on to Zowie's nipples and the sucked like madmen. Crows and Karol sucked and sucked, Crows at Zowie's left teat, Karol at her right one. They gazed up at the princess as they obeyed her and suckled her dry. Zowie sat back, her arms around her two knights, moaning slightly. She could feel their tongues slurping her nipples, flicking them, making her milk shoot from them into their hot mouths. She could feel their drool and her milk running down the massive curved front of her melons. She groaned and lay back even more. Her legs opened and closed on their own volition. Zowie was so hot and turned on. "Oh sucklings!" cooed Zowie as she suddenly yelped, an orgasm shooting trough her body. Her nipples and breasts were incredibly sensitive for their size and she loved to have them suckled and played with. She loved it when her followers fed from her nipples, drinking in deep her endless supply of warm sweet milk. Zowie was so happy she could feed them like babies, suckling at her massive incredibly sized breasts. Zowie groaned as another orgasm moved through her body. She didn't even notice that Crows' hand had slipped up her skirt and was moving against her incredibly wet pussy. Her pussy, covered in thick golden-brown hair, was sopping wet and steamy. Her juices flowed freely, soaking her thighs. Crows rose up and moved between Zowie's legs. Karol kept suckling hard, watching Crows getting ready to mount and enter the Princess. Crows scooted Zowie sideways so she was laying on the back seat. Karol was on his knees, still suckling. Crows was panting hoarsely as he moved between Zowie's legs, scooting them apart, throwing her dress up off of her thighs and pussy and onto her stomach. Zowie gazed down at Crows and saw him burning with desire. Sweat beaded up on his bald forehead and he was a bright shade of red. He had stripped off his pants to free his plump pale cock which bounced in front of him in the air. It was pointed firmly at Zowie's thickly furred pussy. Karol gathered up Zowie's left breast on the other side of her chest and began to lick and suck on her nipple. Zowie let out a yelp of desire. Crows came down into Zowie's pussy, entering her. He was on his knees and pulled tiny Zowie up onto his cock, pushing and thrusting his hard needful dick into her hot steamy inside. He grunted as he pushed inside, mounting her. "Oh! Oh! Crows! Please, yes!" whined Zowie. Karol had stripped off by now and put his penis at Zowie's face. He brushed her lips with it and Zowie turned her head, delicately taking the tip of Karol's short but very plump cock into her mouth. She licked the tip and suckled it, gazing up at Karol and Crows fell forward on Zowie, thrusting and grunting, humping and pumping into her sweet body. Zowie's hand moved up to take Karol's dick in her hand and stroke it as she sucked the tip. She took it all in suddenly and began to suckle in earnest on Karol's stout cock. Crows groaned and arched his back as his dick began to throb inside Zowie's hot pussy. His cock thrashed and throbbed then shot his sperm deep inside her hot wet waiting cunt. Crows' cum squirted out and Zowie yelped in another orgasm from the hot slap of his molten jizz filling her up. Zowie kept sucking on Karol's cock like crazy, slurping and drooling all over it, licking the thick shaft. Her hand lightly fingered his big hairy balls which were massive and covered with soft white downy hair. She let them fill her dainty hand and stroked them carefully. Crows rose off Zowie and sat back on the opposite seat across the carriage to rest, watching Zowie suck off Karol. Karol, seeing that the area between Zowie's sweet perfect thighs was free, quickly moved between her legs. He mounted her swiftly, falling on her, putting his arms around her tiny waist and squeezing hard. He found a teat atop her right bulging breast and began to suckle as his cock slipped effortlessly into her steamy wet snatch. His penis sunk deep into the princess' deep wet warm snatch as his tummy filled with her warm sweet milk. Karol's eyes closed in bliss as he suckled his princess and rammed his needful dick in and out of her steamy bush. Karol's cock was so hot for Zowie that it didn't take long for him to reach his peak. Crows had come up beside Zowie by this time and offered her his flaccid penis. She took it in her mouth and began to lightly lick and suckle it back to life. Karol was bucking wildly into the princess, smacking his penis into her, arching back, trying to climb inside her pussy entirely. Her legs were opened wide and flapped wildly as the lust-crazed old knight bounced himself on Zowie's belly, his long hard prong spearing her flowing wet snatch. "AIE! AIE!" he bellowed out at last, his thick sticky cum spewing into the princess. His sperm filled her snatch and mixed liberally with Crows' cum and Zowie's own flowing juices. He shot load after load of jiszm into her, falling heavily on her tummy and suckling from her right breast with gusto. Crows and Karol kept taking turns with the Princess, fucking her all the way to Port Llennun, filling her sopping wet pussy with their cum until it flowed out of her in a thick rivulet, down her snowy white thigh and onto the soft bench and carriage floor. They took her on her back, they took her on her knees, they took her in every position they could think of as the carriage bobbled along. At last, the Princess told them that enough was enough and that they had to get ready as they were almost there. The carriage pulled up to the main pier in Port Llennun, a medium sized village build where the rocky and cliff lined shore of Ullandra opened and allowed passage to the sea. Crows and Karol burst out and put down the steps and step ladder for the Princess. Many people were already there as the Princess had been expected. Princess Zowie began to get up and looked outside. It was a beautiful day at the seashore. The Princess could see the grand ship of Villisenthia, white-washed with pristine sails decorated with golden suns. She looked up at Clem who looked down at her wistfully. He had no doubt heard the sounds of raucous lovemaking the whole way from Ullandra. The Princess suddenly felt sad for him, sitting up there, hearing her knights humping her like crazy. "Karol, Crows, go and find the Prince's party and let them know I will be along in a moment. I wish to collect my thoughts and prepare myself in the carriage." She said. She looked up and motioned to Clem to follow her very casually. Old Clem bounded down off the carriage, almost falling off from his hurry. Zowie went into the carriage and drew the shades on the window. Clem looked around and saw that no one seemed to be watching and entered the carriage. He looked around and saw the princess reclining on the back padded bench of the carriage, her dress pulled up to expose her glistening moist golden-brown furred pussy. Her huge massive breasts out of her dress, lying over her belly like massive watermelons of pure soft warm playful pleasure. "Clem, you are such a faithful retainer. Come over here and have some reward. You must have been driven insane from hearing Crows and Karol make love to me the whole way here." She cooed, smiling at him softly. Clem swallowed hard, hot beyond words. "Princess. You are... You are so..." "Come and lie upon me." Cooed the princess sensuously. Clem stripped off his pants to expose his hard dick. He had even masturbated on the way, jacking off while listening to the wild sex in his carriage but he was hard again from the thought of his gorgeous princess. "Zowie!" he whined as he climbed up onto her and mounted her. His hands clamped down on her enormous plump ivory tits, bringing forth a fountain of milk from her nipples. "Zowie!" he cried once again as his penis moved through her thick pussy fur. He was incredibly turned on and the Princess didn't expect him to last long inside her warm moist tight tunnel. She was right. No sooner had Clem dipped the huge helmet tip of his swollen cock into her pleasure tunnel than he came, gushing hot sperm into her. He came and came, a huge amount of cum shot out of his penis, squirting again and again into the princess. Zowie yelped at the force and quantity of the sperm that slapped into her like small squirts with waterfall force. Clem lie upon Zowie, moaning and groaning, grabbing at her, rubbing his elderly wrinkled face into the soft skin of her cleavage. Zowie stroked his head and gathered up her massive breasts to rub along the side of his stubbly face. "You had an awful lot of cum!" cooed Zowie. "I'm glad I could help relieve you." Clem looked up at her, a passionate look of relief upon his face. His eyelids were drooping as he was about to pass out asleep from his relief. "Stay here, Clem, and sleep a bit. I'll go meet the prince and we'll be off home again." Cooed Zowie softly, stroking the old man's white haired head. She got up and fixed her dress. It was remarkably clean and free of stains, considering the amount of sex she had had that afternoon, and she wasn't done yet. She fully figured to have great quantities of sex with her future husband on the ride home. She figured she may as well start off on the right foot since they would be married after all. Clem was already snoring when Zowie opened the door and descended her carriage. She walked along a path in front of a several large buildings that formed a busy Marina. People stopped and bowed or curtsied before the gorgeous princess. All gazed upon her, the men in open lust at the sight of her bosoms barely covered by her plunging neckline dress. Zowie approached a huge band of people on the pier remarkably well dressed. Many bowed to her, others looked on with respectful gazes of lust. She drew near to the Villisenthian ship. "Where is the Prince? Where is the Prince who wishes to marry me?" cried out Zowie. An aged gentleman drew out of the crowd. "Your prince and husband is here." He said with a slight bow, gesturing to the ship. Zowie saw a very thin reedy looking young man suddenly appear on the deck. He was dressed in very extravagant red shirts and pantaloons. A big red turban-like hat sat on his head. He smiled demurely as he made eye contact with Zowie and waved an imperceptible little flick of a wave with his right hand. He climbed down off the ship and walked up to Zowie. He had big blue eyes and flaxen blond hair much the same shade of Pia's (thought Zowie). His face was smooth and wrinkleless. His age was hard to guess but he must have been in his mid twenties. "I am Prince Jorgi of Villisenthia. And you must be Princess Zowie." He stammered, looking up and down her in a tentative manner. "I am Zowie Ullandra, Princess of Ullandra and all the realms and cities within." Said Zowie softly, smiling at him. "I invite you to ride with me in my carriage back to my castle where we can prepare for our wedding." As she finished saying this, Jorgi blanched a bit, almost in an embarrassed fashion. It almost seemed to Crows and Karol, who were looking on, that if Jorgi could have had his way, he would have been anywhere else, as long as it was a thousand miles away. Jorgi said nothing but motioned for Zowie to lead on and show him the way. Zowie walked beside him and led him back to her carriage. There were many other carriages lined up with hers now, and the reception crowd on the pier followed them at a discrete distance. Karol and Crows were nearby. Clem had recovered by now and was sitting atop his carriage, ready to drive the princess home. He jumped down to open the door for her with a low bow. "I will ride alone with the Prince so we may talk and get to know one another" said Zowie to Karol and Crows. "Yes, my liege" said the two knights in unison. They sighed and thought how lucky Jorgi was because he was obviously going to get the best sex he'd ever had on the way back to the castle. "But Princess Zowie, I would not want to be the cause of these two fine knights having to walk home!" said Jorgi, hesitantly as he moved to get into the carriage. "They'll be fine, my knights are trained to find their way home." Said Zowie firmly as she shooed Karol and Crows away with a few flicks of her dainty hands. Clem quickly got back on top of the carriage and slowly started the ride back home as soon as Zowie and Jorgi were inside the carriage and the door was shut. Clem kept his ears peeled for what he thought would be the inevitable sounds of wild, carriagebusting, full-out sexual shenanigans. The carriage began to go down the long twisting road through the pastoral landscape back to Ullandra. As the carriage trundled along, Zowie gazed upon Prince Jorgi. He was thin and reedy but she thought he had potential in a weird sort of way. He definitely wasn't someone she would usually decide to have sex with unless she was feeling sorry for him. He didn't even look like he was all that interested in her at the moment. Zowie was sure she could take care of that. Pulling her dress down to expose even more of her monstrous cleavage, and even the uppermost parts of her huge areola, she leaned forward toward him. "It's a very nice day to show off my land to you, Prince Jorgi." She cooed seductively. He glanced at her quickly. He was sitting sideways in the seat very uncomfortably, trying to keep his eyes fixed out the window. "Yes, it is, isn't it! I say, look at those cows!" he replied. "Yes, they are very nice animals." Said Zowie with no thought. Obviously Jorgi was shy and needed further encouragement. "Prince Jorgi..." she soften and sat next to him, "You are going to be my prince, aren't you?" Jorgi seemed extremely uncomfortable as he sat next to her, looking at her as if she was a huge diseased rodent. "Um, nice dress you got there, Zowie. Very nice. I think the yellow-gold goes with the white very well, and the stripe of dark green down the sides. And the extreme low cut keeps it from being conventional." Said Jorgi all at once. Zowie sat upright and gazed upon him. "Why thank you." She said flatly. "I mean, if that dress had a choker collar, you would just look completely frumpy. But the neckline just happens to save the whole ensemble." Continued Jorgi, suddenly very animated and gesturing at her dress' features as he talked about it. He looked at her face and saw a strange mixture of astonishment and wonderment. "You're one of those, aren't you." Said Zowie softly. Jorgi's eyes burst out of his head. "What do you mean, 'one of those'?" He said very nervously. "Those!" hissed out Zowie. "And I suppose you're one of those close-minded types that have something against us?" burst out Jorgi defensively. Zowie laughed. "Close minded? I didn't know you abstentionists called us wild heathens 'closedminded'" "Abstentionists?" whispered Jorgi, letting the world roll around in his mouth. "Yeah, one of those that don't believe in sex before marriage. Oh boy, have I got lots to teach you! Could be fun!" said Zowie happily, recovering her good nature from earlier in the day. "Very well," she continued, "We'll play it your way!" Zowie sat next to him, her arm crooked in his, looking out the window. Jorgi looked down at her and mentally wiped his forehead. How much longer he could keep this up and try to go through with this charade, he wasn't sure. Chapter 10: Luni's Homecoming Mart, Luni and Pu left Ullandra and traveled into the elven kingdom of Challoxin, which bordered Ullandra. Thick primeval forests covered the rolling hills of this land that time forgot. They arrived at last at Luni's hometown where her father was a local elven lord. The homecoming was somewhat embarrassing for Luni. She didn't say anything to her parents about her and Mart and her parents could sense something different about her. They just sat at dinner, her parents boring holes in Mart with their glaring eyes. Her father looked especially stern, many long decades had worn his face into a mask of furrows. His ears had grown huge in his old age and the tips of them practically poked over the top of his head, through his jet black hair. They sat at dinner and discussed their trip. "Luni, honey, we love your visits but we sense you have come for some reason" cooed Luni's mother, a plump and dowdy older elven woman with a round and beautiful face and heavy melon-round breasts. Her eyes and hair were light brown and she wore a shapeless one piece dress. "And you bring these humans!" she continued in the elven language. Mart and Pu ate respectfully, trying to do their best not to be seen as they weren't getting the most friendly vibes from Luni's parents. "There are rumors of a band of Ninjacks living in our forests. We seek them out to learn information to save Ullandra." Said Luni softly, trying not to make eye contact with her father who was boring holes in all of them with his fierce dark blue eyes. "Ninjacks?" he said at last, relaxing a little. "What do you want with them?" "We think that Bonalot might be a distant relation to them." Said Luni softly. "Speak up girl and look at me when I talk to you!" said Luni's father swiftly. Luni looked at him at once, her eyes were wide open and almost looked fearful. "You know how I feel about you gallivanting in Ullandra! You could have went to Elf Tech, but no! You had to go to Ullandra U. and link up with that Zowie Princess and her people." "Ellifarsarisos!" cooed Luni's mom, saying the short version of her husband's name (his full name would take a few more sentences of this narrative), "I thought we agreed that it was best in the end to let Luni do her own thing." "And look where its got her!" roared Luni's long-named father, looking down at Luni's middle. Luni blushed, her snow white face turning crimson. Of course he could tell, he was a very powerful man. "Look, Lord Callapaxi" cried out Mart at once. "I don't give a rip about your family squabbles. All I know is that an Imperial Army will fall upon my homeland in a seven days time unless I can prove Bonalot is a prince and gather support from the Ninjacks. And Imperial Army that will no doubt turn south when they've finished with us! So, decide if you will help us or not, I have no time for your domestic disputes." Mart finished his burst of rage and sat down slightly embarrassed. He didn't mean to go off quite so fiercely at Luni's father but once it started coming out, it didn't stop. Luni's father sat looking at Luni for a time. Then he slowly turned to Mart. "You expect me to be bowled over by your boldness? You are a strong human and you impress me with your strength. But I will keep my reservations about you. I tell you this though, human, yes. There are a band of Ninjacks in my lands, about a day's journey to the east. I have given them leave to live in my lands since they fled the Empire some time ago." "Thank you." Said Mart softly. "Also, I will tell you this. You have something to find out yet from Luni, I can tell. Do the right thing and I may think better about you." Mart looked at Luni, puzzled. She was still blushing red as a beat, and still looking at her father, afraid to turn away less she get yelled at again. They finished their meal in strained silence and left Luni's parent's house. Her mother took Luni aside afterwards and they spend some time talking together. When they came out, Luni's mother beamed at Mart. "Don't fear Ellifarsarisos, Sir Mart. He is very stern and strict but I'm sure he'll come to accept Luni and you being together in time. If he knows what's good for him." Mart smiled back at her and bowed low. "I never thought you'd pick the geeky one!" said Luni's mom to Luni in their elvish language. "Mom!" cried out Luni, in common, blushing heavily. The three travelers wandered off into the forests heading east. Hoping they'd find the band of Ninjacks so they could prove Bonalot was a prince and save Ullandra from invasion. Chapter 11: What Zowie Brought Home Pia's blond head bobbed up and down fiercely. Her big blue eyes were shut tightly although she opened them up from time to time to look up at the owner of the massive tanned cock she was sucking on. Her flaxen blond hair waved back and forth in time with her head movements as her lips smacked over the hardened dick. Her saliva dripped from her mouth liberally, soaking her chin, and the huge balls underneath the cock she was working on. Her tongue licked along the firm hard shaft, the skin of Bonalot's dick was pulled tight and taunt from its own hard erection; a fierce huge hard plump erection that Pia wanted to worship with every square inch of her body. Bonalot looked down as Pia continued to suck his hard member. She had been staying in his chamber while Sarah helped look after Cerise. Bonalot's hands stroked Pia's blond head. She was on her knees in front of him, her massive hanging breasts swaying and swinging in time to her hair and head movements. She was a gorgeous plump blond beauty, sucking away on his needful cock. Bonalot groaned and kept watching her licking and sucking the hardness of his big dick. Pia licked and sucked. Her tongue explored the rough veined sides of Bonalot's dick. She lifted it with her hands, licking and sucking the underneath part of it, tonguing rapidly. She took his huge hairy balls into her mouth an sucked gently on them. "Oh Pia!" groaned Bonalot, his head swaying back and his hips beginning to buck forward, jabbing his hard dick into her hot, wet, moist mouth. His cock inflated to the full, thick and full of blood. It was so huge and hard, it was beginning to be painful. Pia could feel it throbbing in her mouth, getting ready to give her the cum she craved. She loved to drink Bonalot's cum. It was the only cum she had ever tasted and she was so happy when it went into her belly. Pia kept grunting and groaning as Bonalot began to reach down and start kneading her shoulders, reaching for her huge hanging breasts and running his hands through her hip length flaxen blond hair. "AH! OH!" screamed Bonalot, grabbing Pia's head and holding her face hard against her crotch. The huge blood-engorged head of his penis pushed against the back of Pia's throat and she gagged a bit as she attempted to swallow his massive member. "YEAH!" bellowed Bonalot as his dick began to throb and cum. He ejaculated in Pia's mouth. Lump after squirting lump of cum shot into Pia's warm, wet, waiting mouth. She groaned and moaned as she swallowed swiftly, her tongue licking and coaxing every bit of cum out of Bonalot's big cock. Bonalot shot a huge amount of cum into Pia, it took some few seconds for all of it to finish squirting out of his needful prick. "Oh, yeah!" groaned Bonalot over and over again as his big dick began to go limp and get soft in Pia's mouth. Pia held his dick in her mouth for a time, stroking it softly with her tongue, licking the droplets of straggling sperm that still oozed out of his dick, swallowing her own spit laced with traces of Bonalot's salty cum. At last, well cleaned and suckled on, Pia pulled back and released Bonalot's still huge and fleshy penis from her soft, loving mouth. "Mmm!" she cooed, fondling Bonalot's balls with her hand and licking at his groin area. She licked and kissed his thighs and crotch with playful light movements. "Well, lets get dressed and see what the Princess is dragging home today." Said Bonalot. A flash of jealousy went through Pia at the mention of the Princess but she remembered that she was marrying another guy, leaving her to sleep in Bonalot's room. "I bet you'll like him a lot!" piped Pia in a high tone. Bonalot laughed and Pia soon joined him. Bonalot and Pia dressed very conservatively, Pia even wore a high collared silken dress, yellow with bright flowers on it. Bonalot just wore his usual everyday work clothes and a large pair of armored pauldrons with his crest on it as Knight Commander of Ullandra. They arranged some well-wishers, castle staff, knights, soldiers, and odd sight-seers into a reception line along the road, waving green and yellow banners and cheering as Princess Zowie's carriage came rambling down the road. Zowie waved from the windows, beaming hugely at all her people, hoping that each and every one of the men that were looking at her had to run off and do something secret with themselves from looking at her beauty. The people were actually trying to look past her, into the shadowy depths of the carriage, to see this prince that Zowie was going to marry. The carriage ambled to a stop at the top of the hill that the castle was built on. The city was arrayed around the hill, as if to gather protection from the marvelous edifice by clustering around it. The carriage stopped and everyone cheered. Bonalot stood, waiting, as Clem jumped down and opened the carriage door and put down the steps. He looked up just in time to be able to get a good peak up Zowie's dress as she began to descend from the carriage. Zowie waved at the crowd again once she had stepped onto the ground. She then turned as Jorgi emerged from the door, blinking heavily in the bright light of the sun. A slight wind blew through his long unkempt hair. Jorgi looked around and then clamped his eyes on Bonalot, dressed roughly and wearing a gaudy piece of armor around his neck. His eyes bulged. "I think I might like this land!" he cooed to Zowie as she helped him down the steps, his hand in hers rather than the other way around. Zowie reached up and gave Jorgi a peck on the cheek which seemed to really embarrass him. Bonalot glared fiercely when she did this, oblivious to the fact that Pia was hanging on to his left arm. Pia knew that Bonalot was glaring with barely controllable jealousy. She knew that Bonalot and Princess Zowie deeply loved each other as much as Pia loved Bonalot; she was glad that Zowie was getting married and would be leaving Bonalot for her own. "Say hello to Jorgi" said Zowie as she led him toward the door; and she saw that Bonalot wasn't really saying anything. "Hello Jorgi" said Bonalot automatically, in a low and reserved tone. "Where's Crows and Karol?" he continued. "They had to walk. There was much to talk about and do and the way here!" chirped Zowie happily. Bonalot's face went crimson and livid but Zowie only smiled back at him with a huge beaming smile. She then nodded a hello to Pia and winked at her, leading Jorgi into the Castle as guards flung the doors open before her. Somewhere, a fanfare of trumpets played. Jorgi continued to glance sideways at Bonalot, even looking up and down him as carefully as he could. "Is that woman by Sir Bonalot his wife?" he whispered to Zowie. For a moment Zowie blanched, suddenly realizing how much she was missing Bonalot's love and big thick dick inside her. A wave of green jealousy passed quickly through her as she turned to look at her blond voluptuous rival. Zowie had made love to Pia herself, but she still felt jealous seeing Pia standing there with her Bonalot. "No, I think they're just friends." She said softly, not wanting to go into that full story right away. Jorgi smiled. Pia noticed Jorgi's glances though and looked on critically as if to be sarcastic, giving Jorgi a sideways glance. "He almost reminds me of my cousin Bert." She said to Bonalot, as the pair followed the Princess and Jorgi into the castle, the huge crowd of people coming in behind them, cheering and singing, hoping for some free food in the great hall. There was to be a large reception there and they did get all the free food they could eat and carry off in their pockets. "Your cousin Bert's a complete milquetoast?" hissed Bonalot. Pia laughed. "Not so much that, but I think he'd like you better than the Princess too!" Bonalot turned and looked at Pia. "Villisenthia wouldn't dare send a 'fancy boy' to marry our princess!" he squealed, more in amusement than shock. Pia and Bonalot laughed and giggled about it for the rest of the reception in the great hall, practically bursting out in laughter every time they looked at Jorgi, standing sheepishly and totally out of place next to the beaming goddess-like Princess Zowie. Chapter 12: Ninjacks and Nookie Mart, Luni and Pu spent most of the next day picking through the thick ancient forest of the Challoxin Elves. At last, they seemed to be drawing near to a hidden dell in a valley. They camped the night under the trees and it took most of the following morning to descend into the bowl-shaped valley. Suddenly, an axe flew in front of their faces and buried itself in a tree on the other side of them. "Halt! Who DARES to approach, the hidden realm, of the Ninjacks!" screamed a voice in an insane, barking style that chilled their blood. Several men wearing long threadbare brown cloaks appeared. Mart remembered his earlier life, wearing a long green cloak and running around in the forests being totally insane. He didn't know what it was about the forests that could drive a man mad, but he was sure these men were just as mad as he was, if not more so. The figures drew near, shining huge silvery axes in their hands. The axe-heads were double-sided and roundly curved, carved with cruel-looking designs. They were mostly men but a few women were with them. They all had very different appearances: Their hair colors were all different. Some were skinny, some were fat. But they all had one thing in common. Their eyes bulged and glared with an insane stare full of vicious energy. "I command YOU to SPEAK!" screeched the figure that first talked to them, he must have been their leader. He brandished his axe wildly, swinging it around and bringing it down with a thud, splitting an old tree trunk clear in half with explosive force. "I am Sir Mart! I have come with my friends to seek you out. I must speak to your High King as we have located his long lost son!" "AIEEE!" screamed the lead Ninjack, smashing his axe against a huge tree. After a few moments of silence, the tree fell, sliced practically in half by the mad Ninjack's hack. Mart looked back at Luni and Pu, not sure of what to do. "So! Mart the Mad-monk visits US at last! Come then, and meet our King. But speak not of his exile. For our Ninjack Axes thirst for BLOOD when we think of the Evil Empire! And the blood we must spill may BE your own!" barked out their guide, the lead Ninjack, as the rest of the group fell in around them and they walked down into the valley. "How is it that you know of me?" asked Mart at last, trying to keep his voice down so Luni and Pu didn't hear. They walked along, practically running to keep up with the Ninjacks' fast pace. The Ninjack leader turned his ruddy face, covered with beard stubble, to Mart. "Of course we know of YOU, Mad-Monk!" he bellowed for all to hear. "You once lived in the Forests of Ullandra and Pursued Truth similar to Ninjack Heroes of Old like Tom McCan and Gortex! Blessed be their BLOOD-soaked axes!" bellowed the leader. Mart was about to say that he had been somewhat out of his head at that time of his life, but decided against it. They finally arrived at the bottom of the hidden valley. The village of the Ninjacks was remarkably well-kept for such an insane people. Very small but very well-built buildings clustered very tightly around each other. They were built very well with thick wooden trimmings around the windows and doorframes. The beams of the roofs were painted a bright red, as were the roofs. Huge motifs of axes were everywhere. All around them, the Ninjacks stopped their daily duties and stared at the visitors. All hands had an axe of some sort in them. Even the children had small single sided axes which no less sharp than those of their elders'. The Ninjack Leader brought them to a huge cottage nestled along a noisy river running off the rugged hills. "Here lives our old High King Mainard. He is of HEAVY heart for long ago... his son vanished." The leader looked around at the gathered axes of the Ninjacks and whispered to Mart, "and if I said out LOUD what happened in any way, my people would doubtless destroy all this town, you, I, and anyone ELSE who could not swing their axes faster than themselves. Many a Ninjack town has self-destructed in such a way!" The Ninjack leader smacked the door to the large cottage with the flat part of his axe's blade. The door flew open and several guards in armor glared out. "I bring VICTIMS! An Elf of this land, a man, and the Mad Monk!" bellowed out the leader. For a moment, the Ullandran traveler's hearts skipped a beat, but they soon realized that the shocking words must have been some form of cultural formula that the insane Ninjacks used. "It is YOUR blood or THEIRS if you LIE!" bellowed out the guards. Another deep voice from inside the cottage cried out: "Bring forth the Mad Monk!" The travelers walked forward into a large room warmed by a bright crackling fire. Some unknown animal was being basted over the flames but was long since charred and burnt beyond all recognition. There was an aged man sitting in a huge mahogany chair in front of the fire. The chair almost looked like Zowie's throne, but it had many marks on it, probably caused by axes. They bowed slightly toward the humped figure. "I am Mainard. High King!" growled the old man slowly. He turned and looked at them. "You would speak to me of our tragedy?" "The old nurse and the boy. They did not die but reached Ullandra City." Said Mart simply. The old man motioned to some women standing at the edge of the room. "Take his companions and feed them well. I will speak to the Mad Monk." Luni and Pu glanced at Mart who nodded at them confidently. They walked off to a side room where the Mainard's servants plied them with food. Pu's eyes fixed at once on a young girl who they found sitting in the dining room. She was largely plump but had a round beautiful face. She was tearing into a huge ham hock, her round gorgeous face covered with grime. Pu spied huge bulbous breasts under a tight shirt. Her long dark brown hair was gathered back into a ponytail. Her silver axe was on the table at her side. She looked up and made eye contact with Pu and a wave of electricity seemed to pass between them. Her eyes were a piercing blue in her ruddy strawberry white face. "I am Kallyn." She said in a musical deep voice. "Sit and eat. Then perhaps we shall slaughter something together with our axes." She continued, reciting an old Ninjack pleasantry. "I am Sir Pu of the court of Ullandra." Gulped Pu, sitting down and reaching for something to eat. He couldn't take his eyes off the big beautiful young woman sitting beside him, eating her fill of meat and bread. Luni kept glancing back to Mart through the door. He was talking to Mainard energetically. Mainard alternately shaking his head gravely and then listening with great interest. Luni couldn't hear what they were saying over the sound of cooking and talking from the kitchen. She wasn't paying attention to Pu either as he continued to talk to the big beautiful Kallyn. "Lady Elf, here is your food" said a voice. She turned to her plate and looked up. Pu and Kallyn were gone! "Did you see where my companion went to?" she asked one of the wild-eyed Ninjack women in the room. "Yes, and if King Mainard catches him with his daughter, you will all die." She said calmly. Luni got up and moved to a side door leading out of the room. Two of the serving women moved in front of her, huge metallic axes appearing seemingly from nowhere, crossing in front of her like a pair of axes out of a coat of arms. "Kallyn asked us that none are to disturb them." They said simply. Luni looked back and forth from one to the other. She was an Elf Lady and well trained not only in the erotic arts but also in combat. She thought she could probably easily take these two Ninjack women, but that would definitely mean fighting their way out of the village. And she wasn't sure Mart and her could fight a whole city of Ninjacks. They would later witness for themselves that to think of even fighting one Ninjack is full hearty. Luni sat back down at her place but kept her eyes fixed on the door. "Do not worry, Elf Lady. We help to keep Kallyn's assignations discrete. We only tell you that, if caught, you will all die." "Can you please stop saying that." Said Luni softly, picking up a piece of bread and nervously biting into it. Pu had slept with a few girls in his young life. He had done Sarah, of course, since almost all Zowie's Knights had. He had actually lost his virginity to her, so he knew somewhat what he was doing. Kallyn led him with chubby hand along a winding hallway to her bedroom. She turned and threw her heavy arms around him, squeezing her heavy hanging breasts against him. Pu was grabbing at her large waist and massive butt. She had huge round thighs and a massive ass which was big, fleshy and round. Pu groaned as he discovered his ultimate turn-on: a huge assed girl with a plump body, beautiful face, and massive plump breasts. "But, Kallyn, we hardly know each other!" groaned Pu as Kallyn pulled him down on top of her on her bed. "You want me and I would have you." She cooed in her deep melodious voice. Sir Pu groaned again, his hands traveling to Kallyn's wide chest. He began to breathe heavily as he stroked her large breasts through her blouse. He fought to open it, then Kallyn reached down and simply ripped her own blouse open, exposing her massive plump breasts, speckled and dappled with the same rosy patterns as her face. "Oh shit!" groaned Pu as he gathered up her massive breasts and played with them. He jiggled them together and grasped them in his hands. "Take off your clothes, I want to see you!" cooed Kallyn. Pu sat up, straddling Kallyn's full belly, quickly stripping off his clothes. He undid his trousers at last, letting his growing plump dick fall out and lay against Kallyn's tummy. She reached down and stroked it softly. "This is a nice dick." She said musically as she pet it. Her large wild light-brown Ninjack eyes filled with soft lust, seemingly fogging over with a film of passion. Pu bent down and began to kiss her round chubby beautiful face. Their lips smashed together and their tongues wrapped around each other's. Pu's hands went back to massaging her massive tits. They were big, bulbous and fat, laying off her large chest like massive pillows of soft tit-flesh. Kallyn reached down under Sir Pu and slipped her skirt down to expose her pussy. Deep under the encroaching folds of her plump belly, her heavily haired pussy glistened with wetness. Pu reached down and look a handful of her soft fleshy pussy, feeling his way through her thick light-brown pussy fur. Kallyn groaned and lay back, closing her eyes. They were naked and Pu lay down upon Kallyn, his thin body covering the young large beautiful Ninjack woman. He moved on top of her, squirming on her soft belly, kissing her, licking her breasts, sucking on her big fleshy teats. His hands moved around her body, grabbing at the soft folds of her flesh, reaching down to take huge handfuls of her big soft butt. Kallyn spread her meaty thighs and Pu slipped between them, his cock resting against her pussy, nuzzling its head in her pussy fur as Pu kept moving, squirming, atop Kallyn, kissing and grabbing. He was in heaven, their sweat was making it very easy to slip and slide over her plump body. She took her tits in her hands and rubbed them against Pu, who bent up so he could look down at her. As he did so, his hardened cock slipped between Kallyn's pussy lips. It touched her clit and her vagina's opening as it slid back and forth from Pu's movements. "Oh, Pu, please. I think its time to enter me." Kallyn groaned. Pu wasted no time. He jabbed his hard dick inside Kallyn, sending a whimpering cry flying from her lips. He lay upon her fully, wanting to have every inch of his body touching hers. He wrapped his arms around her, squishing her body, holding himself tight against her breasts. He panted into her neck hotly as his butt started to hump up and down, jabbing his needful member into Kallyn's crack. His cock drilled quickly in and out of Kallyn's wet pussy. She moaned, her legs moving continuously, rubbing her meaty thighs against Pu's legs. She squirmed and arched her back, grasping at Pu as he grasped back at her. As he continued to thrust into her, pounding her pussy with his meat, she groaned and cooed in her deep melodious voice. Pu flopped happily atop the plump Ninjack girl, panting with heat and excitement. Her huge floppy fits flapped around and slapped against him as he jabbed her with his penis. He bounced on her belly, enjoying the feel of her wet tight pussy around his throbbing dick. Pu loved the feel of each thrust as he pushed it deep inside her, eliciting moans of passion from Kallyn. The Ninjack girl moaned and had an orgasm, squealing and squeezing Pu to her plump body. Pu licked her happily, licking her milky pale skin, sucking on her nipples. She didn't have milk but Pu tore into her big soft mounds, pushing his face into their softness, sucking hard on her big light brown nipples. Pu jabbed and jammed his cock in Kallyn as hard and mercilessly as he could. Kallyn moaned and groaned, looking up at him in heat as he stared down into her big lightbrown insane Ninjack eyes. He was huffing and puffing, nearing his own orgasm, ready to release his sperm inside this hot chunky girl. "Cum inside me." She cooed. "Cum inside me." She began to repeat it over and over again as Pu began to slap against her madly. He was pummeling her wet pussy with his hard dick so fast it was even coming out of her crack before slamming back home again. Her huge ocean-like tits were slapping against Pu continually, like waves breaking upon the shore. Pu himself was sliding up and down on her belly, acting like a wave himself, smashing against the shore of her plump belly. "Oh Kallyn, I'm going to cum!" whined Pu, his face scrunched up in ecstatic fury. His teeth clenched hard and his brow was covered with sweat. His eyes suddenly popped open and his back arched on its own. "Oh fuck!" he screamed very loudly. His dick throbbed and thrashed inside Kallyn like a huge fierce snake. His cum shot out, one hot squirt after another. Kallyn groaned and moaned as she felt the individual squirts of his cum slapping the surface of her cervix, deep inside her vagina. Pu swore loudly again, his youthful cock emptying itself of highly concentrated cum, filled with as much sperm as his body could make. Pu felt as if his balls were contracting, squeezing themselves to shoot every last possible ounce of cum into Kallyn. His dick fired salvo after salvo of thick sperm-filled cum in a bid to impregnate the large luscious gorgeous beauty he had been bouncing upon for many delightful minutes. He collapsed upon her but the silence after their lovemaking was short-lived. The door burst open. "Who dares to DESPOIL my daughter! Must I kill A man a DAY over this! Not that ISN'T fun, of course." Bellowed Mainard in the doorway. Pu rolled over aghast. Behind him, Ninjacks held Luni and Mart in their strong arms, their struggles pointless as Ninjack hands were like bands of steel, part of their training that they must never let go of their axes involuntarily. Kallyn covered herself quickly with a blanket but Pu was dragged naked, screaming and shouting from the room. The three Ullandrans were tossed out of the cottage, into the small village center. Pu quickly grabbed his clothes that were tossed out of a second story window as Luni and Mart gathered their wits about them. They stood back to back, every Ninjack in the community was facing them with Axes drawn. "BLOOD KILL DIE! BLOOD KILL DIE! BLOOD KILL DIE!" they chanted in unison. "Mart, I have something to tell you!" burst out Luni as her and Mart stood back to back. They weren't paying any attention to Pu who was dressing himself and screaming for them from across the square. "Not now, Luni, we must fight!" "But this is important. I'm carrying your..." "EVIL DOERS!" cried out King Mainard suddenly, interrupting Luni, marching determinately out of his cottage. "As Tom McCan said so MANY years ago... YOU either RUN with an AXE or RUN IN FEAR from an axe!" The Ninjacks gathered in the square shook their axes and bellowed in agreement. Luni and Mart spun around, weapons drawn, to face him. Luni had her coal-black longsword made of magical elven metals that later generations of science would identify as tungsten and depleted uranium. Mart grasped his two-hand great sword, his knuckles white with the force of his grip. "NINJACKS live in honor and freedom. AND we do NOT like evil. NOW your little friend DOES my daughter and I think THAT is evil!" screamed Mainard, now worked up into an insane frenzy. "I will be satisfied WITH single combat. MAD MONK face me! FACE ME NOW!" he screamed madly, pacing back and forth like a wild animal. Mart pushed Luni back, away from him, and stepped forward, saluting the High King with his great sword. "I meet your challenge." Mart said firmly and quietly. In the blink of an eye, Mainard swung around with his axe out. Mart's great sword was sliced in two like a dead brittle swamp reed. In the dead silence, Mart could hear it clang as the topmost foot of the blade fell back to earth somewhere in the distance, having flown high in the air from the force of Mainard's blow. Mainard hefted his axe up over his head. He towered above Mart, his axe ready to come crashing down, probably splitting Mart in two and burying itself several feet in the ground. Suddenly, the axe head of Mainard's axe fell to the ground, narrowly missing his head. Luni had shot an arrow (tipped with the same magical ultra-dense elven metal as her sword) from her ultra powerful elven longbow and it had easily sliced through the oaken handle of Mainard's axe. Both Mart and Mainard looked down at the useless remains of their own weapons in their hands. Mainard looked up and began to laugh. He laughed and laughed, a deep bellowing belly laugh. He fell to his knees in laughter as Mart looked on quizzically. At last, Mainard rose his arms up: "Ninjacks! I call you together to march against the Empire! They will attack Ullandra City where my long lost son fights in righteous defense in seven days time. Inform the tribes, we march to war... and REVENGE!" he bellowed out at the sky, breaking out in laughter again when he looked upon Mart standing there, the broken fragment of his once mighty great sword in his hand. Chapter 13: Zowie Takes Charge The day of the wedding was upon Zowie. She had spent a restless night, mainly because she hadn't had really good sex in a week but also because she was nervous. Sarah and Pia had become her daily companions as she prepared to take a husband. The Archpriest of Ullandra had arrived earlier in the day and had breakfast with her; his name was Ballard Tohm. He was a good-natured silly old man who seemed to live in a world of his own. Zowie wasn't particularly religious so she didn't see him that often. Strangely, he wasn't seemingly effected by Zowie's incredible beauty. Sure, she could tell he stared at her massive tits and tiny waist all the time, but he'd never tried to have sex with her. Zowie was pleased that, while she may not be very religious, her people had a pious man for an Archpriest who took his job seriously without too much of an amount of hypocrisy. Zowie awoke early that day and, after having breakfast with Archpriest Tohm, retired to her chambers. The wedding was scheduled for just before or antevespers (late afternoon) in the Ullandran time reckoning system. Pia and Sarah came in to visit her, seeing to her personal and physical needs. As Pia licked Zowie's pussy and gave her some very relieving orgasms, Sarah suckled from her heavy tits, helping to keep Zowie's breasts from filling with too much milk. "Has anyone seen Jorgi?" asked Zowie at last. She had not seen much of her fiancée since they came back from the seashore. "No, Princess," replied Sara with a belch, her tummy full of warm nourishing Zowie milk. "He seems to spend all his time in the stables talking to the stable staff." "I haven't seen him either" gasped Pia, her face covered with a mask of Zowie's musk and juices. "I heard he went into the village to Sky's Inn, but I haven't heard of what he's been up to there." Zowie frowned. Jorgi was being very strange. She had sent him notes inviting him up to her chambers every night for the last week. She had worn provocative dresses to meals, so much so that several of her knights had to whack their monkeys right there and then, at dinner! "Sounds like this is going to be a really fun marriage!" pouted the Princess. "Well don't start wanting him because he's hard to get!" moaned Sara, kissing her way to Zowie's other breast and suckling deep. Pia stood up suddenly and faced away from the Princess. Pia was naked and Zowie looked up and down her fine healthy back, her huge round butt, her straight and defined backbone, her beautiful firm shoulderblades. "Princess, its time I told you a story. A story about my cousin Bert." Began Pia. "He didn't really seem to be interested in girls either. He lived in the farm next to mine for sometime. One day, I saw him and another guy walking through the woods. I followed them out of curiosity because I kind of liked the guy he was with." Pia turned and looked at Zowie and Sara, her face blushing from the memory playing in her head. Zowie and Sara's faces were fixed on Pia's. "I found them alright. They were being... intimate. I don't think they ever knew I knew, and I certainly didn't tell anyone. But, I think, maybe..." Zowie's eyes grew large. "They wouldn't dare!" she barked. "The insult! The ignominy!" she practically threw Sara off her and began to pace her luxurious royal room, her large breasts waving back and fourth, trembling with her rage. Her feet wore troughs in the thick luxuriant purple carpet at the foot of her bed. "Look," the Princess continued, "I'm a worldly open-minded 13th century kind of girl, but to expect me to marry someone who will make me a laughing stock and a joke. Oh, this had best not be the case, Pia!" "It is the case!" screeched a voice. It was Sky. She had come to the castle to help with the catering and had come up the secret servant's way to the Princess's chamber. She had been standing in the hidden servant's entrance for only a couple of minutes. "I heard Haryon planning with a guy named Selkius!" "Haryon?!?" barked out Zowie. Sky quickly recounted how she had heard Haryon plotting and reported that Bonalot had sent Mart, Luni and Pu off to find out if what she heard could possibly be true. Zowie sat heavily on her bed, Sara and Pia sat next to her. All the women were naked except for Sky and she felt strangely out of place. She did the only thing she could think to do, she peeled off her tight ill-fitting dress to expose her aging but still voluptuous and curvy full body. "No, get dressed, all of you. Get me Bonalot. If this is true, there could be much trouble!" cried out Zowie. Selkius was easy to take. Lord Haryon would be another matter. Bonalot, Grumbi and Zoltyn fell upon Selkius in his warehouse on the edge of town, finding a few books of questionable quality - pornographic and not even good ones at that! But mostly they found poisons, weapons, and materials to make flaming oil bombs and other explosive type devices. "You know I wont talk. Horrible tortures from you are nothing to what I would endure in the Empire if I talked." Sneered Selkius at Bonalot as they led him tied and bound back into town along the long winding dirt road which had led to his warehouse in some hills on the outskirts of Ullandra. "We already know everything!" bluffed Bonalot. "Then you know it is already over. You have no chance against the Fifth Formenian Regiment! It is an elite formation too!" Bonalot blanched. It was true. If the Empire invaded with any sizeable force, there wasn't much they could do. They were not ready for siege and their allies were some days away. The best they could hope for was to drive the Empire back out of the city with their allies after they had sacked and occupied it. Lord Haryon couldn't just be taken in the street, at least that is what Zowie told Bonalot. She wanted to find out exactly how deep the conspiracy was and she felt that letting him spring his trap at the wedding would do just that. Chapter 14: Down the Isle Zowie walked into her great hall to lovely choir music. She was wearing a very low-cut white dress trimmed in her colors of golden-yellow and green. She smiled a huge smile at the enormous throng which packed in, standing room only, to watch her get married. She gazed out over the crowd, momentarily making eye contact with Haryon. She stared to hard at him for a moment, he lost the arrogant sneer that sat on his visage, and it was replaced with curiosity and fear. Her near goddess powers had just told him that she knew, and that, if they survived, she would be greatly displeased. Zowie was at the beginning of a long purple carpet that ran the whole length of the hall. At the other end, where her throne was, stood Archpriest Tohm, looking slightly ruddy in the face. Zowie sighed, she had forgot. Crows and Tohm went to school together, and they were close friends with Karol. She saw those two knights in the crowd and they were ruddy faced and smiling like idiots as well. Obviously the old boys had been taking a pre-celebration nip of patsmash alcohol in the kitchens. She also saw that a large chair had been placed next to her throne, to the right of it too! She had definitely told Tohm not to do that, she was going to rule Ullandra, not some guy she had to marry. Zowie planned to defiantly sit on the right after the vows when they took their chairs. The choir and harpsichord music continued as Zowie walked slowly, smiling hugely and happily at everyone, down the isle toward where Tohm and Jorgi were standing. He was wearing something lacy, with strange huge sleeves and lace cuffs which seemed to hang down to his knees. Zowie tried not to look at him. She had to time this perfect, or all could be lost. In accord with tradition, there were no soldiers in the hall. And tradition defined soldiers as male. This would be very important to remember in a moment. The seconds seemed to become hours as she walked forward. She saw Tohm hiccough slightly. Jorgi was looking at her thoroughly disinterested, almost looking as if he wanted to be a hundred miles away from there. At last Zowie reached where her throne was, where Tohm had set up his altar and pulpit. "Dearly beloved" he hiccoughed in a loud voice. "Wait! May I speak Archpriest Tohm." Snapped Zowie suddenly, looking over at Jorgi and out toward Haryon in the crowd. Haryon had not seen his accomplice Selkius arrive with the other Imperial agents and at last put two and two together. He looked around him, signaling silently to unseen agents in the crowd. "I must ask my fiancée a question before we proceed. It may effect the fitness of his ability to be my true husband." Continued Zowie fiercely. The Villisenthians in the throng looked worried and blanched. They were glad they had placed men at the doors to make sure no armed men had come in to the hall. Half of them were Selkius' Imperial Agents anyway. "You need not ask!" barked out Jorgi, throwing down the ring he was holding. "I tire of this. No! I don't want to marry Zowie." His voice seemed to take on a very annoying lisp as he looked up and down the Princess most non-complimentary. "I won't marry a cheap hussy that dresses like a common street tramp and acts like a public gutter!" he barked. "I mean, really," he continued, "Her dress sense!" He stormed off toward the crowd. Haryon was already moving up the processional isle, dark figures gathering behind him, drawing weapons out of their cloaks and ceremonial garb. Zowie stood, looking sideways at them. "So, its true." She said. "Yes, Zowie, the end of your pathetic reign is at hand. After your parents vanished without a trace, I watched as this already degenerate land slid back further into the filth. Oh, I don't care about all the sex that goes on here. I care about power! And being an Imperial governor will give me more power than I ever could have had as your mayor!" bellowed Haryon. "And what will you do with me?" said Zowie firmly. "Oh, You will die. Here. Now. I will make sure my men here slay you. No getting out of death using your body this time, Zowie!" cackled Haryon. Zowie looked over at her ladies in waiting and nodded. Suddenly, Pia, Sarah and Sheila threw off their huge over cloaks. They were dressed in tight fitting leather armor. Sheila flung a huge flask of unknown liquid into the midst of Haryon's group, a strange blue gas knocked out several of them at once. A few others turned and ran toward the women. Pia had her quarterstaff out in a second. She had grown up in a small farm community. She had been beating boys with sticks all her life. One man, two men, three men ran at Pia as she deftly dodged their crude lunges and placed the blunt end of her quarterstaff heavily into their ribs, or cracking the back of their heads. Pia moved with liquid grace, her long flaxen blond hair flowing like water around her. Her massive bosoms firmly housed in her leather jerkin which showed the tops of the plump massive chest toys she kept. The hideous cracking of bones could be heard throughout the room as the throng watched in stunned silence. One greasy grinning man ran at Zowie with a drawn sword. Zowie whipped out her right breast from her low-cut dress and exposed herself at the man. He staggered, suddenly face to face with the most huge, most beautiful breasts he had ever seen, or ever would see. Zowie gave her tit a squeeze, sending a stream of her milk into his eyes as Sara came up from behind him and pummeled him with a huge mace. "Your men should really feel up women more often to check for weapons, Haryon. Even if tradition dictates otherwise." Growled Zowie, rearranging herself in her dress, putting her massive plump breast back inside it. "You are still beaten, Zowie. An Imperial army is about to fall upon this city. Your girlie bodyguard will be no use then, except as maybe Imperial trophies!" Laughed Haryon as Zowie's castle guards finally broke through the sealed and locked doors and flooded into the hall. Gasps of panic spread through the crowd. "Seal the castle!" cried Zowie, reaching behind her throne to take down a silver chain mail coat that had once belonged to her mother. A piece of parchment fell out of it, Zowie picked it up and read it. "You're doing pretty good, daughter." It said cryptically. Zowie looked at it stunned. She'd often wondered why her memory of her parents was a mere blur when everyone else remembered them so well. For a moment she felt displaced in time and space, unsure and not knowing who she really was and where she had come from. Most folks attributed her lack of memory to shock from her parents strange disappearance. She quickly shook off this strange vertigo and turned to the crowd. "Don't panic! Bonalot has forces in the field at this moment. They will fight the Imperial force sent here. "He won't last long!" cackled Haryon as he was led off to the dungeon by Zowie's bodyguard. Chapter 15: The Final Battle Bonalot stood grimly on the road to Ullandra. He had placed his troops and knights at a defile in the road where it came out of the hills and down into the wide watered plain where Ullandra City was built. He had gathered as many troops as he could in the short time he had. He had all of Zowie's Knights and about five hundred men. An Imperial Regiment numbered at least ten thousand men. "Shouldn't we let the troops flee with their families into the hills?" said Grumbi, coming up beside Bonalot. Grumbi was a huge stocky man of pure muscle with long flaming red hair and even longer red flaming beard. He had once been the leader of a band of rampaging barbarians, so he knew what to expect from the Imperials. Bonalot shook his head. "Its too late to run. They'd barely be two steps ahead of the Imperials if they broke and ran now. They'd be cut down in the city instead of here." He said silently. Suddenly they could hear something. Drums and trumpets. The Imperials were coming. They looked further into the hills and saw squares composed of marching men. Squares after squares. Each square had several crimson banners with circles white as skulls on them. They were coming, unstoppable and endless, to attack. In the lead of each square were men on horseback, officers and generals who soon would be claming most of the share of plunder they could find. They drew near and suddenly, with a fanfare of trumpets, they stopped. An elderly man on horseback rode forth toward Bonalot, not caring of they attacked or not, such was his arrogant power. "I am Princeps Mantorius, peasants. Step out of the road and out of our way, or be killed." He said as the massive column of ten thousand men bore down closer to Bonalot and his tiny part. Suddenly, Sir Mart stumbled out of some underbrush, taking some prickles out of his hair. He had obviously been sneaking around to Bonalot's position. "Princeps! I would take your men and return to the Empire. If you say here, something bad might happen to you all." Slurred Mart, hefting up a huge sliver battleaxe. The Imperial Leader snorted at him and sneered. "I said GO back NOW!" shouted Mart in a strange insane voice. But it was too late. Screaming, yelling, bellowing in their strange speech, five hundred Ninjacks broke out of the brush on either side of the road. It was five-hundred Ninjacks versus ten thousand Imperials. They never stood a chance. The battle that ensued was long talked about afterwards. The Battle of the Axe some called it. Others simply called it a bloodbath. The Ninjacks attacked without mercy, without any consideration for prisoners or even if they were surrounded or not. They hefted their axes, sometimes taking off two or three heads at a time. Mart joined with Bonalot's force to attack, they engaged the forward elements of the Imperial Army, fighting conventionally and well. The first element of the Imperials could only listen to the screams and pleading shouts of their entire army undergoing a full-scale Ninjack assault. The rearward elements of the Imperials, mistaking the handful of Ninjacks for a much larger force, began to break and route, fleeing back the way they came, often dropping arms and equipment to hasten their departure. At one point, Mart saw young Kallyn, her bulging insane eyes closed in bliss, swinging her axe one handed through a huge Imperial footman. In her other hand was a huge bouquet of mountain flowers. It was the most disturbing thing he had ever seen in his life. Luni stood on the top of her cliff, taking her shots carefully with her bow. The Ninjacks were so quick and so insane in their assaults, she didn't want to risk hitting one of them. Luni marveled at the skill of the Ninjacks, she hadn't even seen one fall yet, and doubted she would. It must have been a very large army that forced the small Ninjack band Bonalot was born into out of their lands in the first place. "I see your battle goes well." Growled a deep voice. Luni turned around to see the dragon of the pass sitting next to her. "The Ninjacks joined us" Luni said simply. "If you promise to leave Mart and live with me, I will help you with your battle." Growled the dragon, gazing up and down Luni's willowy curvy body. "I would never do such a thing." Replied Luni. The dragon laughed. "Well, can't blame a dragon for trying. I'll help you anyway, I haven't had a good bit of battle in a hundred years." The dragon flew up into the air and fell upon the Imperial elements that were fleeing the scene. The Imperial soldiers that tried to fight the dragon found that their simple weapons were useless against the dragon. The Ullandrans couldn't take prisoners, where would the put them? "Mart, the Imperials are fleeing and begging for mercy, see if you can get the Ninjacks and your dragon to let them flee!" barked Bonalot at the top of his lungs. "What IS this?!?" bellowed a voice. Mainard, the Ninjack High King came forward out of the throng, covered in the gore of battle, holding his magnificent silver huge battle axe. Bonalot looked at him, he seemed to look familiar. "Have I not seen you before?" asked Bonalot. "Oh, you have. But WHY is my NINJACK son ordering his forces to STOP?" Mainard bellowed, full of insane power. "Because there's no point! They are beaten, there is nothing to be gained from further killing!" screamed Bonalot. "Let them go, do Ninjacks have no honor?" "That is MORE like it!" screamed Mainard. He threw himself back into the throng and little by little brought the Ninjacks under control. Mart tried to reach the dragon. From above, the dragon could sense a change in the battle. More and more of the Fleeing Imperials were escaping with their lives. The dragon landed near Mart. "Sir Mart, what news?" roared the Dragon. "We are going to allow the tormented survivors to flee into the Empire so that they can live with their shame for the rest of their days." Bellowed Sir Mart, trying to make it sound a little more merciless to a fierce dragon. The dragon laughed. "So, we let them escape with their worthless lives! You will see me again soon, Sir Mart. I'm fed up with living in the hills. Perhaps I will come and visit humans and elves more often. I had forgotten how much fun it could be to join your little struggles." Sir Mart watched the dragon fly off and ran across the valley to where Luni was. After some time, they managed to gather together all their forces. There were some injuries but everyone seemed to survive intact. The impact of the Ninjack assault seemed to sap the Imperial appetite for combat right away. Chapter 16: The Royal Wedding The huge crowd stayed in the great hall. Zowie had Gretta and the kitchen staff do their best to keep spirits high with lots of good food. Zowie had the doors to the main gate solidly bared, a precaution she desperately hoped she didn't need. After some time, with no word of the outside world, the huge group of people in the great hall heard a commotion. They heard shouts and cries of men in a state of surprise. The door to the great hall trembled and jolted as huge unworldly blows fell against it from a source the people inside could not see. At last, the door flew open, falling off its hinges and splintering into a thousand pieces with a mighty report. Ninjacks poured in ready for combat. At their head, was Bonalot. "Sir Bonalot!" squealed Zowie, ecstatic with happiness. The old but hearty Mainard stood beside him. "Who dares! Sir?!? This is my long lost son and you will address him as Prince!" he bellowed, burying his axe deep into the stone of the great hall. "Prince?!?" said Zowie. Bonalot looked somewhat embarrassed. "Yes, Princess, it seems I'm a Ninjack or something." Murmured Bonalot. Deep down inside, Bonalot was happy to have found his lost family and looked forward to getting to know them better, but he still hadn't gotten over the initial shock to hear he was the long lost son of a Ninjack High King. "Well, that really saves the day, Bonalot!" chirped Zowie happily. She turned and looked at the Villisenthians, still trying to be as small as possible, wishing they could just disappear. "You see, the Villisenthians got used in this ruse to destroy the Eastern Alliance of our free lands. And it seems that this wedding can't go forth because Jorgi backed out. And, you see..." Zowie smiled her huge freckly smile at Bonalot. "I need a prince to marry." Pia gasped, looking on shocked. "But, but..." stammered Pia. It looked like the Princess had outmaneuvered her after all. "I'm sorry, Pia, but I need to marry a prince, and Bonalot is the only one here." Cooed Zowie at Pia. You could really tell by the way she grabbed a hold of Bonalot's arm and dragged him toward Tohm's waiting altar that she didn't feel very sorry about it at all. Bonalot was once again caught off guard and could only stand there with his mouth open. "Just a minute!" cried out another voice as more and more of the victorious troops from the battle filed into the great hall, helping themselves to the mountains of food that Zowie's staff had served. It was Mart, leading Luni in by the arm. "Do you think Archpriest Tohm could do two at once?" asked Mart suddenly. Luni turned, blushing. Her usually impassive unreadable face was marked with shock and surprise. "I really don't think Lord Callapaxi wants his first grandchild to be illegitimate." Continued Mart to Zowie as both couples walked toward the altars "You knew?!?" cooed Luni seductively at Mart. "Of course! Us guys are very intelligent." Said Mart, puffing his chest out. Sir Pu shot out of nowhere and stuck his head between the two lovers. "Yeah, and he finally found that note from your mom in his pocket just last night!" he laughed, addressing Luni. "It said, 'You'd better marry her or my husband might turn you to chopped liver.'" By this time the watching crowd had recovered. They had suddenly realized they beat the Empire, won the battle, and now were going to have their wedding celebrations after all. Cheers roared up from the gathered throng. Much ale and food began to flow out of Zowie's kitchens, even more now. The choir and musicians stopped playing their solemn marriage dirges and began to play wild happy carefree music as if this was a wild street party. "So, are we having a wedding, or what?" hiccoughed Archpriest Tohm when the two couples arrived at the altar. He suddenly continued, gazing back and forth at the two pairs of people in front of him. "I know I've been sipping a little bit of mild drink this morning, but are there really two couples here, or..." "There are two, Archpriest." Said Zowie happily. "Mart needs to marry Luni or he'll die a horrible death. Bonalot needs to marry me for similar reasons." Zowie smiled her huge magnificent smile at the ancient cleric. "Very well then, gather around." Hiccoughed the drunk cleric. "If anyone knows true just impediment or cause why these two twos should not be joined in holy wedlock, speak now or forever hold your liquor... peace!" Nobody said anything. "That having been said, Sir Mart and Lady Luni, Princess Zowie and Prince Bonalot, I now, by the power invested in me by my office of Archpriest of Ullandra, proclaim you husbands and wives. You may now kiss the wives, brides, or whoever you got there." Mart kissed Luni and Zowie kissed Bonalot. They kissed for some time as the cheers from the crowd threatened to bring down the entire great hall. "Hold it, quiet down! A minute!" cried out Zowie in her happy musical voice. Bonalot kept clinging to her, happy to at last be able to feel her up as much as he wanted to in public or anywhere else he chose. Mart stayed holding Luni, his arms around her slim waist. "I'd like to give out some awards. Just the first of quite a few over the next few days, I'm sure. Sara and Sheila, could you come up here. You too Pia." The three women, still dressed in their fighting leathers and holding their weapons, came forward. Zowie turned to Bonalot and took out his sword. "Let me borrow this for a moment, husband!" said Zowie softly. "First off, I now honor Sara and Sheila. I've already done Lady Pia..." a little laugh spread through the crowd, "I hereby ennoble Sara and Sheila, arise Lady Sara and Lady Sheila!" said Zowie loudly in her sweet voice, tapping the two women on the shoulder with her sword. Pia looked on, tears in her eyes. She knew she would always have a home here at the castle with her new friends, but for a moment, she actually thought she was going to get to marry Bonalot. "Now, if everyone would please follow us into the great ballroom, we can all have a dance!" cried out Princess Zowie, holding her arms above her head and motioning everyone to follow her. Chapter 17: The Wedding Night It must have been well past midnight when Zowie and Bonalot finally retired to Zowie's chamber. Zowie was glad for many reasons she got to marry Bonalot, and Bonalot realized that he wanted Zowie more than anything; now he had her. Years ago, they had lost their virginity to each other, making love to each other when they were mere teens. They had been each other's first. Neither Zowie and Bonalot really expected that they wouldn't ever have anymore lovers on the side or wild affairs, but finally being married just seemed to be the right thing. Zowie not only loved Bonalot deeply, she was also glad because she could get him to give in to her easier. She had made him agree to her keeping her maiden name, her House name. She wanted her castle and lands to stay in House Ullandra. In short, she adopted Bonalot into her family, not the other way around as what usually happened in marriage in Ullandra. Luni understood perfectly, elves were matriarchal and she expected no less from Mart. Zowie and Bonalot walked calmly into what was now both their bedchambers. They had made love there so many times in the past, sometimes staying awake all night making love. Bonalot's hard-on was visible for all to see, although there was only Zowie around to see it. He gathered her up and walked over the threshold with her, her long white dress hanging down off her. "Are you going to be gentle?" cooed Zowie lovingly. "No." laughed Bonalot. He lay Zowie down on the bed, slowly kissing her lips, her neck, kissing down to her shoulder blades. Zowie moaned, turning her head to her nightstand. She saw her bottle of birth control potion from Sheila. She had left it out. Zowie reached up as Bonalot kept kissing her, massaging her massive mammaries through her dress, and grabbed the bottle. With a flick of her finger, she undid the stopper. Then she poured the contents of the bottle on the floor beside her bed. Bonalot was too busy licking and kissing her to hear. She wouldn't need her potion tonight after all. Bonalot was taking his royal time, kissing delicately, slowly, teasingly. Zowie lay back. She thought a moment about Pia. She didn't mean to cut her off so quickly, she would apologize in the morning, make it up to her. There was no replacing Bonalot, she was sure, but at least she would make Pia and Cerise comfortable for the rest of their days. Bonalot was massaging Zowie's huge tits through her tight white dress continuously. He kissed and licked her freckly face, her be-freckled upper chest, her neck. He licked her ears and her ear-lobes, all delicate and beautiful. Zowie groaned. "Husband!" she moaned through clenched teeth, "Husband, take me!" Her hands reached down to tear and pull at Bonalot's pants and shirt. She felt his hard big dick through his pants. Bonalot groaned, thrusting his hips forward to rub his crotch against her hot exploring hands. Bonalot lifted up her skirt and lightly brushed his hands through Zowie's thick golden-brown pussy hair. He nuzzled his face into her thick head of hair, nuzzling into the thick cascades of golden-brown hair around her face. "You're driving me crazy, Husband!" whined Zowie as Bonalot lightly brushed the knuckles of one hand between her blood-engorged vulva. Her pussy lips and clitoris throbbed with heat. Zowie reached up and pulled her huge massive firm but soft breasts out of her dress. Bonalot looked down upon them admiringly, gazing upon their huge rounded softness. How could anything so huge and soft still look so round and firm? It defied all logical thought. "I have milk for you, Husband." Cooed Zowie. Atop Zowie's breasts were huge pink nipples surrounded by massive huge areola. Bonalot lowered down on the left teat and began to suckle. He lowered down on Zowie completely, laying upon her. His hands took in as much of the huge fleshy bags of soft warm tit-flesh as he could has Zowie's legs spread. Bonalot's body scooted between her open thighs. Bonalot suckled as the tip of his huge fleshy spear brushed against Zowie's pussy, poking its head through her dense pussy fur and between the lips of her vulva. Her pussy lips rested on either side of his cock-head, as if to hold it there like a mouth. Bonalot could feel his cock throb and ache as he suckled patiently and quietly from Zowie's magnificent massive breast. He was drinking her warm sweet milk, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of the tasty tummy warming liquid. "Oh Husband!" cried Zowie, thrusting her hips up toward Bonalot. Her hip thrust worked and Bonalot's big dick slid into Zowie's hot wet pussy. "Oh yes!" whined Zowie shrilly. Bonalot grunted and belched. He began to thrust his hips, moving his cock inside his goddess-like wife. "Oh Zowie! Oh Yes!" he grunted, panting as he quickened his pace. He had been trying to make himself go slow, to slowly and completely enjoy each and every inch of Zowie but now that he was inside her, he just wanted to hump her brains out, punish her with his big cock, smack into her as hard and fast as possible to fill her with his sperm. Zowie and Bonalot lay entwined, consummating their marriage. Bonalot moved up and down and back and forth atop the slim and beautiful princess. He groaned and cried out as he felt his balls slapping against Zowie's body every time he thrust his cock inside her as deep as it would go. The pair grunted in time to each other, grunting and panting into each other's mouths as Bonalot's penis speared in and out of Zowie's soaking sloppy wet pussy. "Oh oh oh" they both grunted in unison. Bonalot reared up and looked down at Zowie. "Are you going to give your wife cum?" cooed Zowie up at him, smiling her huge smile as Bonalot's hips trust into her on their own accord. "Nice spermy cum deep inside me? Filling me up? Making me happy, filled with your spermy cum? Maybe giving me a baby?" Zowie chanted up at Bonalot, her sultry voice full of hot sex. "HOOHHHH!" growled Bonalot, "Zowie!" he barked out several times in succession as his cock throbbed and obeyed the princess, filling her wet sloppy insides with huge amounts of cum. He threw himself up, slamming back down hard with his full weight, stabbing Zowie's pussy with his huge plump dick mercilessly. His dick squirted load after load of jizz deep inside her. Bonalot's sperm-laden cum was slapping against Zowie's cervix deep inside her, the sperm off to impregnate her, making her belly swell with a baby. Bonalot fell atop Zowie, immediately returning to suckle from her overflowing breasts which were covered with milk droplets, spray that had spewed out of her nipples when she had a multiple orgasm at the same time as Bonalot had cum. She was still panting. Sweat and milk covered their bodies in a thin sheen of wetness as they lay entwined, panting. That was only the first of a whole night of lovemaking in Zowie's chambers. Off in Mart's room, Luni was similarly making Mart's balls run dry from over use. Sara decided to take several knights to her room, in a scene which should really be spoken of one day just for the sheer unbelievable number of men that took Sara that night. Pia stayed in her room with her baby. She would have no man other than Bonalot. She was so jealous, yet, she couldn't help feeling that she belonged here in Zowie's castle. She was sure Bonalot would do her again and again in the future, and she couldn't wait until the next time he snuck away from the princess. Sir Pu managed to sneak off with Kallyn again, tempting fate with his big beautiful Ninjack. Sir Grumbi jumped Gretta in her kitchen and ravished her, but not before helping her clean up after the party. Sky decided to entertain Sir Karol and Sir Crows back at her place, making love until the next morning when she just opened up her restaurant and went right back to bed, and more lovemaking. All in all, it would appear that everyone in Ullandra would live happily ever after. THE END (C) Copyright 2003. Simplex, All Rights Reserved. All Reproduction for fee or profit forbidden. -- Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated. - You may purchase a soft-cover copy of the entire collection of Princess Zowie stories or download a well-formatted PDF copy at