Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Middle School Lesbians ff,Ff My name is Anna and I'm thirteen years old. I wanted to tell my story to other girls who might have the same problems that I do. When I turned eleven I had started to develop quickly. My little boobies sprouted and a few hairs showed up around my tight little pussy. I'm five foot eight and have long flowing blond hair. I'm considered very pretty by everyone I meet. Therein lies my problem. At eleven I started to notice boys and visa-versa. Mostly older boys, thirteen or fourteen were interested in me. Even some older boy like eighteen wanted to be my boyfriend. My parents had forbidden me to be around any boys and made it clear that I would not be dating until I was at least sixteen, maybe older. Just because as kids they weren't allowed to date until they were older, they were going to ruin the best years of my life. Why are parents like that anyway? Five years I would have to wait! That was crazy. My friends were already making out at the movies all the time and giving out hand jobs and blow jobs. I had already started masturbating and was horny a lot. Once, I tried to meet a boy at the movies and my mom found out. Boy, was I in a lot of trouble, I was grounded for weeks. The only thing I was allowed to do was have girlfriends over, so I had a lot of sleepovers with one girl I was close friends with, but she was a big prude who wouldn't even talk about sex. One day, just before I turned twelve, I remember walking by a couple of girls at school who both turned and looked at me walk by in my tight jeans. "Boy she sure has a cute little butt." I heard the one girl say to the other. Later in the day some of my friends were talking about those girls, Ashley and Karen, and about how everyone thought they were lesbians. I had heard about "lesbians" before but didn't pay much attention. I had seen Ashley and Karen around a few times and they seemed nice. They really kept to themselves. Both girls were very attractive but did not seem to chase any of the boys like the other girls. Ashley is blond like me and is one year older than me. She is a little shorter, has bigger tits and a larger ass. However, I always thought she had a sexy figure. Karen is a redhead and has lots of freckles. She is about six months younger than me and has like, no tits, and her ass is small and very tight. She has hips but not very pronounced. I went home that night and did some research about lesbians on the internet. I came across lots of websites showing women doing things to each other. I have been masturbating for a while but never really had a good orgasm. As I looked at the pictures I could feel myself getting wet between my legs. One thing I noticed about all of the women was most of them kept their pussies shaved bare like a baby's. I repeated this adventure almost every day after school for about a week when I came across a website that had pictures of girls my age. I couldn't believe it! Young girls were making out and fingering each other. Then I saw a picture of one young girl licking another girl's pussy! I also came across stories of young girls having sex with women and other young girls. My own pussy was wet and I started rubbing it while reading about a twelve year-old girl who was eating her friend's pussy and made her cum. It felt so good looking at those pictures, reading the stories, and rubbing myself. I took off my pants and panties and started to shove my finger into my pussy as I clicked through the pictures. I was thinking I would like to have those things done to me and to do them to someone else. I started fantasizing about Ashley and Karen when I had a massive orgasm, the best ever. I had an idea. If both girls thought I had a cute butt, then I would invite them over. My parents wouldn't care the least about girlfriends sleeping over and maybe I could talk with them about sex, if they were in fact lesbos like everyone thought, then maybe I had a chance to feel someone else's pussy. The next day in school I talked with Ashley. She was nice to me and was very pleasant to talk to. She seemed excited to be talking with me and I noticed her checking me out every once in a while. I made sure I wore one of my short skirts that showed off my tight ass and long legs. I had lunch with her and Karen that day. I noticed other kids and some of my friends looking at me weird but I didn't care. I liked both girls, they were really nice and sexy. There was nothing strange about them they were just normal preteens. They just didn't have many friends at school and kept to themselves. Over the next few days we all talked a lot. Finally I asked them over for a Friday night sleepover. Ashley's face lit up. "That would great !" She exclaimed. "I'm sure my mom will want to talk with yours first, but I'm sure there would be no problem." "Yea, that would be real cool." Karen added. I asked my mom who called Ashley and Karen's moms and everyone agreed it would be good for us to be together. My mom told me that Karen's mom was real happy that Karen had a new friend. We arranged for the girls to come over next Friday after school. It seemed to take forever for Friday to come. After school both girls rode my bus home with me. When we got to my house we had a snack and watched some TV. When my parents got home we had dinner. Everything was going great. About nine o'clock the three of us went to my room and changed into pajamas. Ashley took off her jeans and shirt standing there in her bra and a very skimpy thong. As she took out her pajamas she turned towards me as Karen as we took off our clothes. "I don't think I need these." Ashley said, as she took off her bra and panties. She now stood naked in front of me. Her firm young tits standing out with her nipples hard. I looked down and saw her baby-bald pussy for the first time. It was beautiful and I must have been staring when Karen bumped me on the shoulder telling me it wasn't polite to stare. "Oh, Oh I'm sorry." I said, to no one in particular. "It's really ok." Ashley said, reassuringly, as she looked down at her own pussy. "I like looking at it too." Karen also stripped naked before putting on her pajamas. That's when I realized I should probably do the same. As I leaned over and slid my bikini panties down, both girls looked directly at me, exploring my body with their eyes. "Oh, no. We'll have to do something about that." Karen said to Ashley. "Certainly, it's a must." Ashley responded. "What, what's wrong?" I asked, as I stood naked in front of my two new friends fumbling with my pajamas. "You need a trim." Ashley said. "I do?" I asked, looking down. It was then I realized that she must mean the small amount of pubic hair I have. "Oh definitely. No one these days likes hair on the ol' muff." Ashley reported. "Yea, I guess. I'll take care of it tomorrow." I said, as I went to pull on my pajama shorts. "We'll do it." Both girls responded. "Yea, its so hard to do it by yourself." Karen said. "We always do each other's" I felt myself getting moist. God, that would be the last thing I need is these two girls seeing my damp pussy. "Its ok, I'll do it later." I said, trying to put my pajamas on. That's when Ashley came over and took the pajama shorts out of my hand. "You won't need these either." She said as she took me in her arms and kissed me on the lips. Her lips were soft. She kissed me gently and then pushed me toward the bed. Her hand slid down over my young pussy. "Oh baby, you're so wet already. You're so cute and sexy." Ashley moaned into my ear. I started kissing back and my hands roamed over her body feeling her large tits. When I looked over I saw Karen still naked and fingering herself as she watched us make out. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was so horny and now I was making out with a thirteen year-old girl while another preteen girl fingered her pussy watching us. All of this in my bedroom, with my prude parents just downstairs. They were always so worried I might do things with a boy, but here I was about to have my first sexual experience with two hot girls from school. After a few more minutes Ashley got up and took my hand. We went to my bathroom where she laid out a towel on the floor and asked me to lay down. She reached into my shower and took my shaving stuff and knelt down between my legs. Karen watched as Ashley spread my legs and played with my wet pussy. "Oh Anna, you're pussy is so pretty." She said. "Thank you." I responded. "It feels so good when you touch me." "It will feel better after we get rid of these little blond pubes." Karen lathered my pussy with shaving cream and played with my pussy lips. Ashley did an expert shave job. Although I only had a few hairs, when she was done it was as bald and smooth as when as I was eight years old. I got into the shower and quickly washed away all of the hair and soap. When I got out Karen was waiting with a towel to dry me off. Then we all went back to my big bed. We talked for a while about different things. Ashley explained that she and Karen were very close and they both liked girls and have experimented by "dating" a few different girls recently, but really love each other. I explained how I came to be interested in girls and they were very happy I was interested in them because they liked me a lot. As we talked I kept looking at both girl's cute pussies and was imagining what it would be like to finger them or even lick them. Soon Ashley was kissing me again and then Karen joined in. It didn't take long for me to get wet again. It also didn't take Ashley long to notice. "Oh Anna, you're so wet and turned on again." She said, as she pushed my legs apart and started licking my flat tummy. "Have you ever been with a girl before? She asked. "No, no, I haven't." I replied tentatively. "That's ok, just relax and let your feelings take over." Ashley reassured me. She licked down slowly towards my smoldering pussy as Karen kissed me and licked my rock hard nipples. When I felt Ashley's hot tongue on my little clit I almost exploded. "Oh Ashley!!!" I exclaimed. "That feels so fucking good! God your tongue is so hot!" The next thing I knew Karen had straddled my head and was lowering her bald wet pussy onto my face. I could smell her young twelve year-old sex as my tongue responded by licking her wet love hole. The taste of her pussy was sweet and intoxicating. I was licking another girl's pussy while getting my own pussy licked. I was really turned on. I felt Ashley push a finger slowly into my tight pussy. I was getting so close to cumming. I was lapping away at Karen's hole wildly as she bucked against my face. I heard Karen moaning. "Oh yes Anna, eat me, oh yes I'm going to cum on your pretty face! Oh I'm cumming I'm cumming!!!" I felt Karen's pussy contract and a flood of her tasty girl cum washed over my face as she experienced her orgasm. That's when my orgasm hit me like a meteor. "I'm cumming too!!!" I screamed into Karen's pussy as my own cum exploded into Ashley's mouth. I couldn't believe how quickly I came. It was like magic, as soon as Ashley licked me I was ready to explode. Karen rolled off me and between Ashley's legs and licked her pussy as she pulled me over to kiss her. I could taste my cum, mixed with Karen's cum, as we sucked each other's tongues. I was getting horny again. Suddenly Ashley exploded. "Oh God I'm cumming!!!!!" As we all came down from our cum, Ashley explained that was one of her most powerful cums ever. She also confided that was the first time her and Karen did a threesome. We all agreed it was so hot. The girls were also jealous that my first lesbian sex experience was a hot underage threesome. Most girls would kill for that she told me. I agreed as I kissed both girls. Ashley, Karen and I became best friends. Over the next few months we were inseparable. We slept over at each other's houses almost every weekend. We got together after school whenever possible. Sometime we had sex, but not always. My parents were still worried about me dating boys and kept a close eye on me. I did speak with some boys at school and once in a while I was asked to a movie or out on a date, but I explained my parents wouldn't let me date. It didn't take long for the rumors about how I was a lesbo to circulate around school. The fact was I didn't care. The sex I was having was great. My relationship with the girls is great, I really love Ashley and Karen and they love me. Ashley called me one Saturday and asked me to go to a babysitting job with her. She explained she sometimes babysat for Megan, a nine year old girl down the street from her. I wasn't doing anything and it was a chance to spend time with Ashley alone so I agreed. After getting the usual interrogation from my mom she took me to Ashley's house to make sure what I was doing. I just shaved my pussy so I was wearing a short skirt and a double tank top t-shirt without ant panties or bra. I just had to be careful around my mother. It didn't take Ashley long to realize I wasn't wearing panties. "You're so bad girl! You're such a tease not wearing any panties!" We walked to Megan's house and arrived just as her parents were leaving. "Thanks Ash." They yelled as they drove off. One thing I noticed about all of our parents. They were really self-absorbed assholes. "Hi Ashley!" Came a shriek from a young girl's voice. Megan walked out to meet us on the porch. "Megan this is my really good friend Anna." Ashley said, as she introduced me to the very cute brunette. Megan had straight shoulder length hair, a flat chest, hips with a slight curve, a cute tight ass, and long lean legs. She was very pretty. These were the things I noticed on all young girls lately. I really have become accustomed to checking out all girls ages nine to fourteen or sometimes a little older. "Hi Megan." I responded. "It's very nice to meet you." "It's nice to meet you too. You're very pretty Anna." "Thank you." I said as I blushed. "You're very pretty too. I bet the boys chase you at school." "Yuck, boys are gross!" She said to me as Ashley smiled. "They always talk about their things and want us girls to feel them and play with them." We all went inside and talked. Megan was very cute and interesting. We watched some TV and played video games for a while. I saw Megan looking at me a lot. Especially looking up my skirt. I'm sure she must have realized I wasn't wearing panties. She leaned over and whispered something to Ashley. Ashley smiled and so did Megan. "Do you like not wearing undies Anna?" Megan asked me. "Sure, I feel great down there." I said. Surprisingly I wasn't embarrassed. "My mom gets mad when I don't wear my panties. I want to be like you big girls, I'm almost ten!" Megan said, demandingly. "My dad bought me some pretty thongs to wear, but mom doesn't think I should wear them. Dad tells her that it's better than not wearing any panties." Megan then pulled her skirt up to show me a pair of pink lace thong panties. She twirled around to show me her cute little ass with the thong string pulled up between her cheeks. "You think Anna would want to play our game?" Ashley asked Megan. "I don't know." Megan responded, blushing slightly as she dropped her skirt back down. "What game is that?" I asked. "Oh, we have a special game we play, but nobody can know about it. Are you sure it's ok?" She asked, looking at Ashley. "It's ok, Anna is a special friend, like I told you about." "Ok, I guess she could play us, I like her `cause she doesn't wear panties." Megan said. That's when Ashley explained the game they liked to play. Megan would go dress like a baby and Ashley played the mommy. I agreed to play the part of the daddy. At this point I did not realize the complexity of the game. Megan jumped up with a big smile and ran off to her room, pulling off her clothes as she went. "I'll be right back." She said in a sing-song voice. "This is really hot. You'll like it a lot." Ashley said to me with a big wink. That's when I realized something sexual was afoot. My slit was getting wet thinking about Megan's sweet young pussy and cute little ass. I wasn't disappointed. Megan came back to the room wearing only a very small t-shirt that came down to just below her nipples and a disposable diaper that fit her almost perfectly. Her hair was done up in two sweet little-girl ponytails tied with pink ribbons. She looked maybe five or six years old, except for her size. She carried a diaper bag with her and was sucking on a baby pacifier and carried a baby-bottle of juice. She looked really sexy dressed like a baby. "Momma, I brought you the diapy bag." Megan said, in a little girl voice as she sucked the nipple on the baby-bottle. "Are you going to be a good girl for our guest Megan?" Ashley asked. "Yes momma, I'll be a good little girl and do everything you tell me." Megan sat down next to us and watched TV as Ashley stroked her smooth body and kissed her on the lips. She kept telling Megan how cute she was and how lucky we were as parents to have such a good baby girl. "Momma, I was a bad baby." Megan sail looking down. Ashley looked down at the diaper. "Megan! You wet your diaper." In fact Megan did wet the diaper that was now swollen and yellow with her pee. "Yes momma, I'm sorry I didn't make it to the potty. I went pee-pee in my diapy." "Well, I guess I should change you." "Yes momma. It feels bad wet and I like when you wipe my pee-pee." Megan lay back on the carpeted floor and spread her legs sexily as Ashley removed Megan's little t-shirt first exposing her flat chest and tiny nipples. Then she undid the disposable diaper revealing Megan's naturally hairless preteen pussy. Her pussy was puffy and the outer lips made a single slit over her love hole. "Look at that pretty girl pee-pee." Ashley said, as she flicked her finger over the immature lips, spreading them, and found the little clit at the top. "Momma will you wipe my pee-pee good." "Of course sweetheart." Ashley took a baby wipe and cleaned up Megan's little pussy. The more she rubbed the puffier the lips would get and finally her little clit peeked out slightly from the hood at the top of her slit. "I think we'll leave your diaper off for a while. Maybe daddy would rub your pee-pee for you." I immediately moved over to Megan and took my finger and slowly rubbed Meagan's preteen pussy. It was so soft and puffy. I found her little clit and rubbed it. Meanwhile Ashley took off her shirt and skirt. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties either. Meagan would you like to rub momma's tits?" "Yes momma, I hope my tits get big like yours." Meagan said, as she played with the older girls stiff young tits. While I rubbed Meagan's pussy I licked her little nipples working my tongue down her flat belly and licked around her sweet hole. "Yes daddy, lick my little pee-pee hole. Momma, tell daddy it's ok to lick my pee-pee hole, I like that a lot." Meagan was a good role player. I licked her from her asshole to her clit. She was now bucking her hips in time with my tongue bath. I didn't think she was old enough but it seemed like she was going to cum. Megan now had two fingers inside Ashley's bald thirteen year-old snatch. "Oh momma, I think daddy's going to make me get off! Oh, my little pee-pee is so hot! I wanna get off!" I started to lick harder and stuffed my tongue as far as possible into Megan's very tight nine year-old vagina. Ashley started to cum as Megan fingered her pussy and she watched me eat the nine year-old girls pussy. "Oh yes baby you're making momma cum on your fingers. Oh, you naughty little girl you're making momma cum hard!" "Oh dada, I'm going off too!" Megan screamed, as I felt her young pussy contract on my tongue and her sweet fluid drip into my mouth. Unfortunately, just as the two girls came down from their cums, we heard Megan's parent's car pull in the driveway. Ashley got dressed quickly as Megan took the baby stuff and ran to her room, her cute naked ass bouncing along. "Wasn't that hot?" Ashley asked. "I'm sorry you didn't get to cum. I'll take care of that later, I promise." Ashley said, as she reached under my skirt to feel my wet pussy. "Oh yea that was hot! You do that a lot?" I asked cautiously, as Ashley put her wet fingers into her mouth and sucked them. "Yum you taste sweet. Yea, for about six months now. It started out innocent playing, but I couldn't help myself. When she plays baby I would get so fucking horny. She would make me change her diaper when we played and it was driving me crazy having that sweet naked pussy in front of me. I started rubbing her pussy and she liked it. She was a very fast learner after I made her cum the first time. Now she fingers herself all the time. I created a monster, and maybe an up and coming lesbo." Ashley continued to explain how it all started and that at first Megan didn't know what to think, but now she loves to play with her young pussy all the time. Good for her and some lucky girls, like Ashley and me. Ashley told me that she hasn't introduced Megan to Karen yet and might not. Karen sometimes can't keep a secret, and didn't need for everyone to find out she liked licking nine year-old pussy. Having people know you're a lesbo is one thing, having them know you are licking a nine year old pussy is something else. We went back to Ashley's house and found her parents out. How lucky. We went to Ashley's room where she and I stripped. Ashley came to me and gave me a big hug and kiss. Her hand moved to my wet pussy and massaged my engorged clit. "Oh Ashley, I need to cum so bad. Watching you and Megan, and licking that sweet baby girl pussy made me so fucking horny!" "Well I think I'll tease you a while." She responded, as she shoved a finger into my tight twelve year-old box and sucked my little tits. We made it to the bed where Ashley licked and kissed me all over while slowly fingering my hot pussy. My pussy felt like it would explode. Every time I would get to the top she would stop. "Oh please make me cum!!" I begged her. Ashley finally picked up the pace of her fingering as she sucked nipples. "I bet you want to lick little Megan's pussy again don't you? It's so sweet and tight. Admit it you perv, you want that little bald pussy sitting on your face while I eat you." As Ashley said that and I envisioned exactly that situation I exploded into a massive orgasm. Ashley started licking my clit as she fingered me harder. "Oh, oh, oh I'm cumming Ashley, I'm cumming hard, finger me harder, eat me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I want Megan's pussy!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I came so hard I passed out for a few seconds. When I woke Ashley was looking into my eyes. "Are you ok?" She asked, obviously concerned. "Oh yea, it was great, you sure can make me cum." "I guess so." She replied. "Even the neighbors know you came." She said, sarcastically giving me a hug and a kiss. I could taste my sticky girl cum on her lips and was already getting horny for more hot bald pussy. We continued to have fun together whenever we could. We met a new girl at school. Her name is Tammy and she is twelve. She has long blond hair and bright blue eyes. Her tits are small and she has a round pert ass. Since Karen was away at her grandparents for a few days, Ashley and I decided to invite Tammy to our Friday night sleepover. Tammy was really excited to be invited to come over. Ashley told me that she thought Tammy was definitely a lesbo, and if not, maybe she just needed some really good encouragement. We all arrived at Ashley's house Friday afternoon after school. Her parents would not be home until ten o'clock. We decided to get comfortable and we immediately stripped off all of our clothes and put on t-shirts and wore just panties. Tammy was not shy at all. We looked at her nice young body when she took off her tight low-rise jeans. She was wearing a very tight sheer white thong. You could see right through it and all I saw was pussy slit. No pubic hair, a telltale sign of lesboism. I was getting wet thinking how much I would like to lick it. Ashley then let us in on a surprise. She opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out a yellow small envelope. "I got this from my parents room." She said, opening the envelope and showing us the white powder inside. "Is that cocaine?" Tammy asked excitedly. "Yep, it is. I thought we might try it a little later." I had never done drugs before and Ashley saw the concern on my face. She explained that we could try a little and promised nothing bad would happen. Tammy admitted to trying cocaine once at a party and it felt really good. Ashley said she did try it a couple of times and when she masturbated it felt really good and she came really hard. "Maybe we could do that later." Ashley suggested. "Masturbate together after getting high? That would be way cool!" Tammy replied excitedly. That took us both by surprise, but also excited us. This twelve year-old was definitely into a group masturbation scene. After we had some dinner we watched some TV then went to Ashley's room. We were so excited as Ashley chopped the cocaine on a small mirror making three small lines. She pulled out a piece of straw and we each snorted a line of the potentially addictive white powder. After a few minutes I felt the tingling and euphoria of the drug start to hit me. We sat on Ashley's big bed and talked, having fun for a while before Ashley made the first move on little Tammy. At first when Ashley tried to kiss her she pulled back slightly. But without saying anything she finally let Ashley kiss her lips. After a few minutes they were French kissing and Tammy was feeling up Ashley's ample tits. "Ohhh Tammy, that feels so good." Ashley moaned. Meanwhile I began massaging Tammy's smooth legs and tight round ass. We pushed Tammy onto her back and as I took her panties off Ashley pulled her shirt over Tammy's head. We went back to massaging and fondling the naked twelve year-old. I licked and sucked her small tits as Ashley rubbed Tammy's hairless pussy. I could see Tammy's wetness on Ashley's fingers as she pushed further into the young blond girl's preteen pussy. "Oh yes, that feels so good!" Tammy exclaimed. "Yes, finger me!" Ashley then went Tammy's bald love hole with her hot tongue. Tammy was soon thrashing about as Ashley licked and stabbed at her pussy with her expert lesbo tongue. I continued sucking Tammy's neck leaving little hickeys and sucking her small nipples until they were stiff and hard. I squeezed and pinched them as I licked and fondled her tiny tits. "Oh, Oh, god that feels good, I'm going cum!!!!" Tammy was panting as she spoke. Tammy was thrashing about out of control. I could hear the sound of Ashley's fingers sucking in and out of Tammy's very wet pussy as Ashley continued licking the twelve year old's clit. "Oh it's happening!" Tammy screamed. "I'm going to cum!! I'm cumming!! Oh, Oh god, I'm cumming in your sweet mouth!!!!" Tammy's young body went stiff and convulsed in what must have been a super orgasm for the little girl. It took several minutes for Tammy to come back to normal. Her body finally began to relax and her breathing returned somewhat to normal. Ashley and I immediately got into a hot sixty-nine and licked each other to a quick orgasm. The cocaine had exacerbated all of our feelings and sensations so my cum was fantastic. "Oh Anna, Ashley, that was so good. I've never had an orgasm like that. My pussy felt like it was exploding! You guys are so great! I love both of you!" Tammy said, as she hugged us both and started crying. Once we recovered we all masturbated in front of each other cumming several times as we watched each other finger their own pussy. There is just something about an amazing orgasm that bonds lesbo girls together. By the end of the school year Ashley, Karen, Tammy, and I were know throughout the school as "the lesbians". We didn't care at all. What I did like was a lot of so called "straight" girls who would like to "experiment" as they called it. They would come to a party and get high or drink and then come on to one of us. We would have sex and then later most of them would never talk about it, even though they enjoyed it. Some would come back once in a while, mostly because it was the best sex they ever had. Boys our age just couldn't do it for a girl. That was a proven fact. Either you had a much older guy or another girl if you wanted really great sex. I know girls my age that are fucking men forty years old. One of these famous parties happened near the end of the school year. Ashley and I were invited to a party put on by one of the popular girls. Hanna. She is fourteen and one of the most popular girls in our school. She dates older boys and it was rumored she once dated a nineteen year old boy for several months until one of her nosey neighbors caught her getting fucked by him by their pool and threatened to call the police and turn him in for fucking a minor. Apparently Hanna's parents didn't much care. It was strange, but we decided to go this party. Hanna is a five foot seven inch blond who has an outstandingly tight cheerleader body. She always wears the best and sexiest clothes and always has boys around her begging her to go out with them. She has great tits and a perfect ass and long legs. She also keeps a great tan year round. She has a belly button ring she likes to show off on her flat hard tummy. When we got to Hanna's house Friday night we found out that her father was the only adult there and he would be downstairs in the den all night. We had the whole upstairs to ourselves all night, as most of us were sleeping over. When my mom dropped us off Hanna's dad told her there were no boys coming. He was obviously cool because we all knew some boys were coming over later that night. There were about seven girls and four boys at the party. Hanna stayed close to Ashley and me most of the night, but did flirt some with the boys. She was wearing a micro mini skirt that was almost see-through. You could see the little red thong she was wearing underneath when the light hit her just right. She had on a tight t-shirt with no bra so you could see her areolas and hard nipples poking against the light blue fabric. She had "fuck me" written all over her. The strange thing was that Hanna didn't have her boyfriend at the party. He couldn't come for whatever reason. Hanna was making alcoholic drinks for everyone and everyone was pretty tipsy by eleven o'clock. Just to make things more interesting Ashley brought some cocaine that we snorted a few times that night. As the night went on, the other boys and girls paired up leaving Hanna with Ashley and me. Hanna told us we could sleep in her room as she had plenty of room on her king size bed. Ashley looked at me with a smile. This sounded like an experimenting invitation for sure. Ashley, Hanna, and I went to her room about midnight. Hanna was pretty drunk and high and as soon as we got to her room she started hugging me. She was rubbing my butt with her hands telling me how cute I was. The next thing I knew she was kissing my neck and feeling my tits. "Oh Anna, I want you so bad, I'm so horny." She whispered in my ear. "I've been watching you and Ashley all year. You both are so sexy" Hanna took me over to her bed and reached out to Ashley bringing her to the bed with us. We stripped off all of our clothes. Ashley was feeling up Hanna and was playing with her neatly trimmed pussy. Hanna kept a small patch of pubic hair above her obviously well used slit. 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