"The Visit"  (A "Strange Woman" Image)

Part 1

Hello, Bruce, Adam

I see you brought the package.  Thank you.  I hope he gave
you no trouble.  No ?  How good for you, toy, that you
accepted the codewords and came along compliantly.  If
you'd given my friends any trouble I'd be very upset with
you.  If you'd hurt one of them I'd had have to punish you
*very* severely.

But you were nicely obedient, so I won't need to punish

Of course [running hand over her captive's hair and down
his neck], I *do* still need to torture you quite severely.
But I know we'd both rather I torture you than punish you.

I like the way you restrained him; the blindfold, bar
between elbows behind his back, hands duct taped into 
fists - what, ah, his thumbs are inside his fists, very
wise - padlocked leather cuffs chained together in front
of him with a chain running to his cuffed and closely 
chained ankles - I did enjoy watching him slowly shuffling 
up the street, it was clever of you to put him out of the 
van so far away, and kind of you to phone me to let me know 
what you would do; it gave to time to ask my husband to get 
in the car and drive up and down the street over and over
while our toy was hobbling along; no, dear, I didn't make 
a public spectacle of you, and no one saw you who isn't 
going to see you behind closed doors; not this time, 
anyway - ah, anyway, the restaints seemed just right for 
keeping him deliciously helpless for a prolonged period, 
such as a drive of several hours.  

How did you two enjoy the drive ? Lovely scenery, isn't it ?  
Yes, toy, you didn't see some magnificent vistas.  Wasn't 
Joe's diner great ? Such a silly thing, that neon light 
saying "Eat at Joe's", but it really is good food - besides 
being the only diner for 150 kilometers in either direction,
so where else would anyone eat - and they do keep the bathrooms 
so clean.  Not that you'd know anything about either the food 
or the bathrooms, toy.  But if I know these two they probably
made certain that you were kept well hydrated, and stopped 
quite often to stand you along the road and take your cock 
out and hold it so you could piss - maybe even stroked it
some, eh guys ?; that's OK, I did tell him that anyone with
the codewords had all my rights and privileges over him, so
if you'd wanted to spend the whole trip taking turns fucking 
him while the other drove, you'd have been within your rights 
- oh, did I mention that Adam and Bruce will be taking you back 
to your hotel when I'm done with you, toy ? BTW, I hope you
didn't find it too uncomfortable - I only paid the innkeepper
to make your room moderately miserable - or the wait too
dreadful; four days waiting for me to call saying that someone
would come get you and another three days waiting for Bruce
and Adam to pull you out of a sound sleep and give you the 
code words; you weren't beginning to wonder if I'd abandoned
you ?, I'd have just *so* hated sitting here imagining you
sitting in a miserable hotel room running out to the hall
every time the phone rang because you had strict orders to
wait for my call, and feeling more and more desperate as
days passed, especially since you couldn't get a decent
night's sleep, between the miserable room which you couldn't
ever leave and the frequent phone calls in the middle of
the night when someone so often hung up on you, or berated
you for answering "I'm your super sex machine", as you always 
had to answer  -  well, anyway, if your bladder had to be full 
to bursting before you could finally piss cause you got an
attitude about men unzipping your pants and handling your cock, 
well, whose fault is that, toy ?

Now, enough chitchat.  Take the restraints off the toy, please.
Well, leave the wrist and ankle cuffs and the leather collar 
on, just take off the chains and leash and the elbow bar,
and untape his hands.

And take off the blindfold so he can see me.

Like what you see ?  Good.  Put the blindfold back on, that's
as much of a view of me as he's earned.

Now, toy, they say that you should make women take their own
clothes off, and strip men.  I'm sure you'd like it if I took
your clothes off.  So, boys, strip him, and don't be gentle
about it, that's right, tear the shirt off and cut the pants
off, take everthing off him.

Good.  Now bring him this way.  Here.  Down [slight pressure on
her captive's shoulders, causing him to kneel]  


[short wait while her hands run over the prisoner's neck and

Keep your eyes front, toy [removing blindfold from behind,
revealing Adam and Bruce laying naked on the bed before him]

The boys deserve a reward for their effort.  So put some of
that lube on your hands, and jerk them off.

{giggling} Been a while, boys ?  Didn't expect to see you
squirming and moaning so soon.    [slapping the back of her
captive's head with her fingers]  You can do better than
that, slut.  Or if not you'll just have to suck them off.
Don't worry, I've plenty of condoms around.  I'll find
a couple lubricated ones for you to use.

Ah, Bruce seems happy.  Adam's being stubborn, eh ?
Holding out on me, eh, Adam ?  Well, ve have vays to 
make you break.  HA !  No, I'm not joining in.  Not
this time anyway.  Take his cock, toy, and run the tip 
of your tongue up and down the underside of his shaft,
{giggling} yes, you pretty boy, Bruce has told me what
you like.  Now gently stroke his head with one finger,
and use your other hand to gently fondle his balls.
You think you can hold out on me, boy ?  You know I
get what I want from men, straight, bi, or gay.  Women
too, of course.  The fact is, I get what I want, bitch,
and I want you to come, NOW !

[handing the prisoner a towel]  Clean them up, toy.

Like I said, boy, I get what I want from men.

[taking the captive by the hair behind his head]
Let's go, toy.  Stand up.  These two won't be much good
for a little while, but we have some catching up to
do when they recover, so I'm going to put you in storage.

 [prisoner is guided down a hallway to a closet]

For the next few hours - or however long it is until I want to
use you - the only person in this house in the closet is going 
to be you, toy.

But as you can see, I'm not unreasonable, you'll be able
to sit [turning on the closet light]  Ah, yes, dear, on that.
Yes, I know you haven't done anal play, but you will.  That is
you will do anal play, and you *will* sit on this chair, with
that plug up your ass.  It's not such a big plug, dear.  It might 
be easier if you lubricate it some.  No, the latex sheath on it
is quite dry, dear.  Suck on it.  Now.  Suck it good.  Hmmm, not 
bad.  Dry mouth, eh ?  Well, OK, dear, I can be chartitable, you 
stand here and watch, toy, while I lubricate it for you.  Yes, 
dear, you can watch, you did do a fair job of jerking of the boys.

As it happens, I'm quite wet, so I'll do this.  First a small
adjustment to the plug - it needs be adjustable to suit
whatever i might want to do to whoever might have to sit here,
and of course it needs to be removable/replaceable.  Now then
hhmmmmm, yes, I think, ahhhhh, this shouldn't take very long...
ahhhh...ohhh...hrrrrrrmmm well if it takes a while it will just 
have to take a while....ohhhhhhhmmmmmmaaaaahhhhh yes yes oh, yes, 
oh, oh, oh ohhhhh....ohhhhhhh OHHHHHHH OHHHH OHHHHHHHH YES YES yes 

hmmmmm hehehehe hmmmmm  you just stay right there, toy, I'll be
with you in a bit.

OK, toy, now your turn.  But first let me readjust the plug
and replace that sheath, and now you rub some of that lubricating 
oil on the plug first.  Well, of course we could have, dear, but 
then I wouldn't have had as much fun watching you suck on it or 
putting my own lube on it while you watched.  Now, sit. SIT, I said.  
Good boy.  Take your time, it's OK, you'll be fine.  Good.  Keeping 
working it in, good, that's good, good. Very good.  Now give me your 
hands, good, I like you with your arms raised and spread and your 
wrist cuffs chained to the wall.  Pull on them all you want, dear, 
this "closet" we built to store our "special toys" in has very sturdy 
walls ceiling, and floor, and a very strong door.  Now I'll just
fasten your ankle cuffs to the legs of the chair, which is also 
quite sturdy so struggle as much as you want or need to, dear.

That will hold you quite well, toy.  You won't do anything
but sit there until I come to get you.

But here's something else to hold you until then
[sitting astride the prisoner's lap, wiggling atop him
then leaning against him and rubbing her body against
his, and giving him a very long kiss].

[getting off him, giving his cock a few strokes, and
flashing him an evil grin while reaching for a blindfold] 

When the light is turned off, which it will be, it's
totally dark in here, so this might not seem necessary,
but I like having you blindfolded when I come to get
you. [applying blindfold]

I'll see you - though you won't see me - when I want to
put you to use, toy.  Till then, dear, they also serve
who only sit and wait.  Especially if they sit in bondage
with a plug up their ass.  I'll enjoy thinking of you
here, and of all the things I'm going to do to you.

Bye, toy.

[sound of door closing, and of several locks being locked]

  This Image is unfinished as of 2 June 2002