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Steven S. Davis is a sometimes author of sicfic, a fulltime sicphux,
a lifelong hardwired sadist and sometime submissive, and a RL practicioner
of BDSM (BDSM = b&d & d&s & s&m).  Most of my storie involve nonconsensual
activities, and some feature extreme cruelty.

SD Story Index

Abbreviations used:

EC - extreme cruelty            NC - nonconsent     NF - nonfiction  

QC - questionable consent       UF - unfinished     VT - Victim 

NS - no sex

M/f - Male controlling female            F/m - female controlling male
F/f - female controlling female          M/m - male controlling male
C/f - couple (M&F) controlling female    ?/f - Unknown controlling female
SM - "Strange Man"                       "SW" - "Strange Woman"

Filename          Title; description                               Size

BURNING.STY     The Lady is for Burning; NC, C/f, cruel           16488
DARK.STY        Helpless in the Dark; NC, M/f, EC                 13083
DAYPARK.STY     A Day in the Park; NC, M/f, EC                    46014 
DEVON.STY       Drilling Devon; NC, M/f, EC, death; Evil          20926
DIANE*.STY      Diane; UF, NC, F/f, M/f, EC, death, EVIL         
  diane1.sty                                                      27473
  diane2.sty                                                      25916
  diane3.sty                                                      15233
  diane4.sty                                                      20203
  diane5.sty                                                      21677
  diane6.sty                                                      12310
  diane7.sty                                                      24990
  diane8.sty                                                       8071
  dianen.sty                                                       6082
  dianeall.sty                                                   153546 
DOWNER.STY      Downer; M/f, NC, EC, NS, imminent death            3818
DRAGGING.STY    Dragging it Out; NC, M/f, EC, EVIL                 8305
DUET.STY        Duet; NC, ?/f, cruelty                             4864
FAMGTHR.STY     Family Gathering; M/f, M/m, NC, EC, Death, Evil   14840
FLATTERY.STY    The Sincerest Flattery, Part 1; NC, F/m, NS       10213    
GIFT.STY        A Slave's Gift; femsub, NS                         5035  
MARYANN.STY     Maryann; NC, M/f, EC, NS                          12583
NEWONE.STY      A New One; F/m, caution, NS                       11114  
NEWTOY.STY      New Toy; M/f, QC, cruel                           24163
NOWORK.STY      No More Work, Part 1; QC, M/f, cruel              24187
OBB.STY         ObBondage stories,  "Mary"; NC, M/f, rape, EC     48423
                                    "Bad cop"; UF, NC, M/f, EC
                                    "Downer"; NC, EC, M/f
                                    "Why"; NC, C/f, EC
                                    "Assorted Femdom Images"
                                    "The Last Days"; NC, UF
                                    "Password"; NC, EC, M/f, UF   
OPTIONS.STY     Options; NC, F/m, EC                              19878
PASSWORD1.STY   Password, Part 1; NC, EC, M/f, UF                 11689
PLAYROOM.STY    Playroom; M/f, QC, cruel                          53591
QUIET.STY       A Quiet Little Town; NC, M/f, cruel, VT           13242
RAIN.STY        Rain; NC, M/f, EC, asphyxiation, death, NS         9933
SERVE.STY       They Also Serve; F/m                               8044
TABLED.STY      Tabled; QC, M/f, Cruel; extreme imagery           24846
WHY.STY         Why ?; NC, C/f, EC, cold, death, NS                5260


"Cyberscenes" are pieces originally written expressly for one
person.  They generally involve the use of the 2nd person as
the top speaks to, or at, the bottom.

The "Strange Man" cyberscenes involve this strange man who keeps
invading this woman's home, binding, raping, and torturing her,
but she never calls the police or changes the locks and after
awhile the dogs don't bark.  Some were, FWIW, deliberately
imitative of a "kinky Bob Newhart" (if you've never heard his 
one sided phone conversations, nevermind).  The "Strange Woman"
cyberscenes use a similar style but involve a femdom who most
commonly has summoned her submissive for some torment.  Some
of them can be found in the later Images compilations.

JINGLEBELLS.STY       "Jingle Bells"; F/m, SW                     24622
KAJIRA.STY            "Captive Kajira"; M/f, F/f, EC, UF          59978
MOONWOLFS.TORMENT.STY "Moonwolf's Torment"; M/f, UF               11971
SM1.STY	              "Strange Man: Fit to be Tyed"; QC, M/f      30449
SM2.STY               "Strange Man: A Visit from ...."; QC, M/f   37428
SM3.STY               "Strange Man: New Visit"; QC, M/f            6079
SM4.STY               "Strange Man: Waxing Lust"; QC, M/f          6777
SM5.STY               "Strange Man: Stop What You're Doing"QC,M/f 16590
SM6.STY               "Strange Man: A Hot Visit"; QC, M/f         27763 
SWSUITE.STY           "A "Strange Woman' Suite"; F/m, EC, UF      34207
2SCNES.STY            "2 Masochistic Cyberscenes"; NC, F/m, EC    10261
VISIT.STY              "The Visit"; SW, F/m, M/m, UF               9376    

FRIDAY13.RPT    Friday the 13th; NF, Scene report                 33507 
HOWICAME.TXT    How I came to wiitwd; NF, personal essay          15238
ASPECTS.TXT     Aspects; NF, personal essay                       13851

"Images"  - The Images (a term I stole from Suki) files are collections of 
images, ideas, stories, sketches, story ideas and beginnings, and general 
sick thoughts that I've written over a few years (originally most were 
written as tribute to and for the entertainment of my then Liege and 
Lady).  The first 20 compilations were reviewed and selected into 
five files of what I regard as the best Images of those stories.
Be warned, this is serious sickphux territory.

The later Images compilations (21-29) are included in their
entirety, partly because they aren't as repetitive as are
Images 1 through Images 20 (which often involve multiple
variations of the same idea), mostly because I was too lazy
to select the best pieces and make a new Selected Images
file.  However, I did later create Selected Images 6 and 7,
which have overlap with Images 21-24.

Images 28 and 29 are much more journal entries (ah, no not
like Elf's; first I'm stealing from Suki, now from Elf ;-> )
than story collections.  If you like my ramblings you might
enjoy them, otherwise you should probably skip them.

I1.STY          Selected Images #1  NC, EC                        20613   
I2.STY          Selected Images #2  NC, EC                        24657
I3.STY          Selected Images #3  NC, EC                        23512   
I4.STY          Selected Images #4  NC, EC                        23417   
I5.STY          Selected Images #5  NC, EC                        31740   
I6.STY          Selected Images #6  NC, EC                        32195
I7.STY          Selected Images #7  NC, EC                        34805