Subject: Strange Man: "New Visit"
by SD

<as you enter your house, you're pushed face against the wall
and a gunbarrel pressed into your back>

Don't reach for the purse, Ty.  Drop it to the floor.

Nice to see you again, dear.  Long time no rape.
A lack which must be corrected.

Now, hands on the wall, feet back and spread them.
I think you know the position.

And I trust you understand that you are my prisoner.

<begin searching you, very slowly and very thoroughly>

<repeat search, with special attention to potential
areas of concealment, such as in your bra, or in your panties,
or in your vagina>

<repeat search>

Ah, Ty, dear, I didn't order you to slide down on your knees.
Well, that's OK <placing your hands on your head, placing
handcuffs on right wrist, moving wrists behind back and
locking the cuff around your left wrist>

That's better <placing a hand in the hair behind you head
and pulling your head back, while the other hand goes over
your face>

I'm going to use you, Ty, and you are going to do everything
I tell you to do.  And then, no matter how well you perform,
I'm going to hurt you.  Just because I like to hurt you.

<turning you around, then fondling your chest, then running 
my hands through your hair and my fingers over your face>
It's been a while, Ty, so let's take the edge off a bit.

<unzipping pants>

Open your mouth, dear.  

<taking you by the ears>

Have you see those tee-shirts, the one's that
say "Let go of my ears, I know what I'm doing" ?
Well <grasping your hair> I'm sure you know what to
do, but just now, I don't want you to suck me,
I want to rape your mouth <thrusting in and out 
of your mouth while holding your head tightly>


Swallow, Ty.  Now put your forehead on the ground
<briefly, and lightly, placing foot on the back of your neck>

I know that wasn't long, but now we can get on to
other things.   You look so nice like that, I could
just watch you for hours.  But time is short.

Stand up, Ty.  Turn around  <removing handcuffs,
tapping pistol against your side>

Hands on your head, dear.  Walk back and forth across
the room for me.  Move your hips a little more.
Keep walking.  Nice.  Walk into your bedroom.
take off those shoes and get a pair of high heels
OK.  Now, hands on your head and start walking again.
Work that body, Ty.  Go on, keep walking

OK, stop there.  Turn around.
Turn around again, slowly.
Turn around again.  Again, this time very, very slowly.

Nice.  Now take off your shirt, and turn around again.
Now the bra, and turn again.  Slowly
Now the pants, dear.  Good.  Now put on the high heels.
Good.  Hands behind your head again, and turn, slowly.
Keep turning, very slowly.


Now put your hands behind your head, and start walking.
Keep going.

Nice, Ty.

Come up to me

<running my hand over your breasts and sides and thighs>

Turn partway around, and put your hands behind you
<binding your wrists together>

Take your panties down, Ty.  Yes, of course I know your hands
are tied; you can do it.  

Good girl.  Give me your panties with your left foot.
Good. Bend down <taking your hair, and pushing the
panties into your mouth> Kneel  <stroking your face>  
Now that your mouth is nicely filled
 <stroking your red face>
Very nice
 <wrapping a blidnfold around your eyes> 
<Waiting and watching, watching the unobscured parts of
 your face, watching your breasts move>
<waiting and watching, my hands over your shoulders
and arms and flanks>

<removing the panties from your mouth, and pressing your face 
to my crotch, while stroking your hair and softly running my 
fingertips along the back of your neck>

Very nice, Ty, very nice.

<cuddling for a long moment, then rising before kneeling 
along side you to bind your ankles>

Lets go for a walk, dear <pulling you to your feet, turning 
you around, and pushing you forward, gently>  Move your
feet, dear.  I know you can't move them very far, but move
them <hitting your ass with a crop>  Keep those feet moving
<swat with crop>  Yes, dear, I believe you are moving your 
feet as quickly as you can <swat>  I never said I wouldn't 
hit you if you kept them moving, did I ?  <swat>  But I'll
certainly hit you a lot more if you don't keep moving <swat>

<walking you around your house, liberally swatting your ass 
and thighs and back with the riding crop>

OK, dear, I believe we'll head back to your bedroom now
<turning you> Lets try this at a hop <swat> You bounce nicely, Ty

<picking you up and tossing you unto your bed, then laying down 
on your bed and undressing>

<taking you by the hair and pulling your mouth to my crotch>
Now, show me that you know what to do, Ty

<several minutes in which first you, then I, make a lot
of inarticulate noises>

Good, Ty.  Sit up.  Move your ankles over hear.  <stroking
your calves, then untying your ankles>  Spread your legs
<softly stroking you inner thighs, and then your labia,
and then slowly working a finger into your vagina, thrusting
and turning it for a few moments, then withdrawing it to
glide it across your clit, and then to softly and slowly
rub your clit; then, while softly rubbing your clit sliding
another finger into your vagina, thrusting and gently turning 
it within you>

Getting warm, Ty ?  Well, now, dear, you do the work
<pulling you onto me, letting you slide down over my cock,
reaching for your breasts and cupping and softly squeezing 
them both>  Now, Ty, ride <slapping the crop on your shoulder>
Move, Ty <slapping away with the crop, mainly at not
highly sensitive targets, until it drops from my hand
and you drop onto my chest and I put my arms around you 
and hug you tightly>.

Steven S. Davis  * * *
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