Forwarding Comment

My sister sub, Katherine, having read my fiction, had the audacity
to suggest that I couldn't succeed in squicking her.  A judgement
that completely ignored what an utterly evil, cruel, perverted monster
I am.  And which overlooked that I'm a submissive, with some idea how
a submissive may be made to suffer.

Katherine seemed to find my torment quite intolerably cruel (watch
it, sis, or I'll write part 4).  And since, with the CDA bearing down
on us, really horrific sicfic may soon be too much for the net, at
least in the land of the free and the home of the brave, it seemed
best to post this (with Katherine's concurrence) while it could still
be done without subterfuge.

Moonwolf's Torment, parts 1-3

Begin cyberscene

Part 1 

There you are.  I think it's time that you got what was coming to
you.  Be quiet, you'll find out soon enough what will happen, and
why.  Though I hope you know why already.

Remove all your clothes.  Now prop up some pillows and sit on the
bed.  Keep you arms at your sides, and your face up.  You will
not attempt to conceal any part of yourself, nor will you contradict
any statement I make.

We both know how your conduct as a slave has been, and it's caused
me considerable concern.  You've been far too excellent a slave, and
have denied me for far too long the joy of punishing you.  Denying
your master his pleasure is a serious act, and so I've decided not
to wait for you to fail, but to merely exercise my right to torture
you whenever and in any manner I see fit.  And what I have planned
for you will be quite torturous.

For the remainder of this evening, you will be admired and complimented
for your charm, your skills, and your character, and you will accept
all the praise - which will, BTW, all be true.  You will be required
to receive pleasure without the opportunity to return it.  You will
be completely denied one pleasure, however - you may not serve me in
any active way.  You may not, my lovely, thank me for anything
that I say to you.  You will, my bright and charming slave, accept
the praise and rewards that you have earned and richly deserve, without
attempting to return any of it.  You may not do anything active to
give me pleasure - though seeing you this way and touching you all
over and hearing your moans and whimpers will be quite enjoyable.

You are not going to be restrained, except by your obedience.
I will be touching you but you may not touch me, and while it
would be foolish to say I will not be enjoying what I do to you,
tonight I will not be satisfied by you.  You, on the other hand,
will hold nothing back, and accept all as it comes to you.

<bending forward, my face almost touching yours, speaking softly>
Oh, yes, dear heart, there is one time you may participate actively.
When being kissed on the lips you may return the kiss.

<Long, slow kiss on your lips>

And now, my precious, roll over on your stomach, as we're going to
start with a nice slow backrub; no need to rush, I'll going to take
all the time I need to torture you with pleasure.

Part 2 

<my right hand pushes your hair off your shoulders, then grasps
the hair behind your head and pulls your head back so I can kiss you;
still holding your hair the fingertips of my left hand gently slide
over your face and and neck, before I lay your head back on the
pillow, and run my fingers through your dark hair, throughly mussing

I'll comb your hair later, pretty one.

<A fairly hard, rhythmic rubbing of your shoulders and back begins,
followed by a series of kisses on the back of your neck, soon followed
by fingertips gliding over your back in cursive patterns, moving up and
down along your sides. This is followed by a slow caress of bunnyfur
across your back, in turn followed by soft, slow, closely spaced kisses
along the length of your spine, in turn replaced by fingertips gliding
over your back, sliding down to your buttocks, where hands replace
fingertips in gently rubbing, squeezing, and caressing your nether cheeks.
Fingers return to duty when a hand slides off your buttocks and between
your legs, fingers stroking your labia, very lightly at first, then a
little more forcefully, and then there's a quick probe, quickly withdrawn>

More here later, you may be sure, my sweet.

Spread your legs a little, dear.  That's good.  You are such an
excellent slave, dear.  However did I obtain such a wonderful prize ?
However I got you, precious, I'll never let you go.  Never.  You're
mine, and you're too priceless to ever risk losing.

<The fingertips resume their glide, one set on each inner thigh, running
lightly over the soft flesh to the knee, then back up to cheeks, then
down the thighs again, stopping to pay special attention to the backs
of the knees before proceeding slowly down the calves to the heel and
then lightly over the soles of your feet.  Then I place my mouth over
your left Achilles tendon and start kissing my way up your left leg,
slowly, with a plenty of little retrograde circles, till I reach the
top of your leg, and kiss your cheeks, let my tongue make a quick visit
between your legs before starting down your right leg, with same slow,
circling course to your ankle>

<Placing a hand on each leg, I lightly rub and squeeze each leg from
ankle to ass and back again, then, bending again to kiss your calf, I
lightly run my tongue up the back of your left leg, across your crotch,
and down your right leg>.

<Done with your legs, for now, I rub your buttocks a few times, then
deliver two quick slaps, of medium intensity, to each buttock. Then
your backrub resumes, the fingers pressing hard this time.  The back
rub changes to a backscratch, as my nails begin scraping over your
bare back, softly on their first circuit but harder as the backscratch
continues, until your back has some nice pink patterns across it,
and then I apply the bunnyfur again, rubbing it slowly over your
sensitized skin>

<Lightly stroking your temple>
Turn over, forever mine, and I'll initialize the front of you, too.
Oh, no, dear, the scene hasn't started yet, I'm just getting you

Part 3

That's good.  Arms at your side, head back, legs apart.  <sigh>
So pretty.  So obedient. So precious.  I don't deserve so fine a
slave - no one does - but what we deserve has almost nothing to
do with what we get, and I most certainly am not going to free you
just because I don't deserve you.  I'm not about to question such
a stroke of luck.  Speaking of strokes. <strokes your hair and
cheek and each of your breasts>

<Gazing admiring at your naked and exposed form>  Such a delicious
buffet !  Where to begin <fingers of left hand lightly rubbing your
right nipple, and the right hand starts stroking your left thigh>

<Both hands begin an exploration of your body, quickly moving over
it, gently stroking and squeezing, and on occasion probing it>

I suppose we may as well start at the top <cupping your head in my hands,
then massaging your temples>

<I run my fingertips softyly over your face, then begin to methodically
cover it with gentle kisses, bypassing your lips; when done I sit back
to admire your face, while my right hand plays with your hair and ear
and rubs your temple, and I reach out with my left hand and circle your
mouth with my index finger, and then run my finger softly over and across
your lips many times before bringing my face to yours and brushing my
lips against yours, and then softly kissing you, and then kissing you
again, a little longer, and again a little longer and a little harder,
and then I press my lips to yours and kiss you, holding the kiss, gentle
at first but growing harder and press your head back into the pillow as
I kiss you hard and hungrily and long before slowing, and then pulling
back a little, and smiling at you.  "I think I'll keep you", I say,
smilingly archly, then kiss you some more.>

<Somewhat reluctantly moving on, I stroke then kiss your neck and
shoulders and upper chest, then pull back a bit to better enjoy the
view of your breasts as I softly stroke and fondly fondle them,
then start kissing your right breast (while my right hand moves along
your left side and over your left hip), encircling the base and slowly
spiraling to the nipple.  After kissing your nipple, a stop for a
long moment to finger it, then begin lightly licking it, the tip of
my tongue encircling it, occasionally flicking across it, then
alternately sliding across it horizontally and gliding down in
vertically, repeating this pattern many times (I hope you find this
a positive).  Then I kiss your nipple again, and begin massaging it
with my lips, slowly and gently but with increasing force and frequency,
and then sucking on it for a time>

That was such fun, love.  <smiling> Hey, you've got two of these; let's
do that again ! <moves to your other side and repeats the process>

<Raising myself from you, but with my hands continuing to fondle each
breast, I spend a very long time gazing at your face.  Then, taking
a strong grip on each nipple, I stand up, and pull up on them, pulling
them away from your body and delightfully elongating your breasts,
and hold that position for what seems like forever, then lower them,
and gently lick and kiss your nipples for a long time, stopping only
to repeatedly compliment you on your courage and strength and obedience.
When I think the pain is gone, I rest my head on your chest and turn
it from side to side to alternately kiss and suck on each breast>

<stopping reluctantly, and laying my head on your belly and looking
up at your face along the topography of your body, and smiling.
"*Definitely* keeping you", I say before turning my head and kissing
and tongue tickling your ribs, moving down over your belly, kissing
constantly, slowing when I reach your crotch, carefully kissing it
to assure I don't miss any spot, then licking your (lower) lips, and
quickly stroking your clit with my tongue>.

<Raising myself so I can look in your face, I put my left hand on
your right breast and fondle it, as the finger of my right hand finds
your clit, and begins to softly and slowly stroke it>

Try to keep your eyes open for as long as you can comfortably do so,
forevermine, I like what I see in them - and through them.  But don't
let it interfer with your pleasure: you are ordered to be selfish.

<the activity continues; the right hand moving rhythmicly, the pace
increasing imperceptibly, the pressure even more slowly, the contact
occasionally lost as the surface shifts, but quickly reestablished,
the tempo slowing a bit as these shifts become more frequent, then
slowing more, then slowing even more, and occasionally, briefly,
stopping.   Then my mouth goes to your left nipple and massages it
as the finger makes a continuous contact and the pace of the strokes
increases greatly while the pressure remains light, and then the
surface shifts dramaticly and the contact is lost and might right hand
slides under your hip while my left hand and my lips continue to
fondle your breasts, until the movement stops, and I lay alongside
you and hold you and kiss and nuzzle you and tell you again and again
that you are too wonderful to ever let you go and so precious I could
never bear to lose you.>

<And then, after a long time>

Get back in position, Forevermine.  You've been wonderful so far,
as I knew you would be, but there's much more.  Your torment is
far from over.

<taking a very soft flogger, brand new, I drape the tails over your
face, and draw them slowly across your face, left to right, then move
the handle near your chin, and slowly pull the whole length of the
flogger over the length of your face, and then pull it right to left
across you face, before leaving it drapped down over your face, letting
it sit there for a long time, as I sat alongside you and played some
more with your nipples and clit>

Roll over, pretty and precious, it's time for a long, slow flogging.

Suspend cyberscene (for now)