You long ago lost track of how long you have been confined, and
time has long since lost all meaning to you.  At any time, anything
can happen, and you can neither anticipate nor influence what occurs.
Were you not blindfolded you would see that the stool on which you were
placed was between two posts.  You are naked, but for the leather on
your wrists and elbows and knees and ankles, and over your eyes and
your mouth.

After another eternity, hands pull you to your feet.  You feel a
tugging on the outside of your ankle cuffs, then the link holding
your ankles together is removed, as is the one at your knees, and
then you feel your feet being pulled apart.  When the force
stops, you test the restraints, but as you do so you know it is
a futile effort, that you have no more control over the placement
of your feet than you do over any other detail of your existence.
In the uncounted days of your captivity it has become clear that
all that is permitted to you is to receive whatever pain or
pleasure your possessors have decided that you should experience.
You feel hands at your wrists, and soon your wrists are moving
upwards, and now you are standing spreadeagled.  You remain so
for another eternity, during which you can hear activity all
around you, but nothing that gives you any clue as to what is to

The blindfold is removed, and you see a woman naked in front of
you, her hands in leather cuffs hanging above her head, her legs
spread apart by spreader bars, her toes brushing the stone floor.
She looks very familiar.  In fact, were it not for the fact that
her hair barely reaches her shoulders, while your's now reaches
your knees, she could easily be mistaken for you.  She's within a
circle of bright light, surrounded by darkness.  From that
darkness a whip suddenly appears and strikes her left buttock,
and she jumps and screams into her gag.  Moments pass, and from
another part of the darkess a cat reaches out, it's leather claws
dragging across her bare breasts.  At almost the same instant
hands reach up from behind you and fingers gently glide across
your breasts.  The single-tail cracks across the other's thigh
while fingers softly stroke yours, then cracks gunshot loud near
her head while lips nibble your ear. The cat wraps round her
breasts and grips them tightly before being yanked away, while
warm hands gently fondle your breasts.  The singletail strikes
her left nipple, sending her into spasms of pain, while a finger
traces gentle circles across your left nipple.  The cat rips
across her buttocks as hands gently squeeze yours, then the whip
encirles her waist while hands slide up your hips to stroke your
flanks, and as the whip is pulled suddenly away, sending the
weeping woman into a spin, one hand squeezes your right breast
while the other moves your hair aside to plant a series of soft
kisses on the back of your neck.  The cat strikes her breasts
again while a hand wanders across yours, and the singletail
cracks oh-so-close to her labia as a hand wanders down your
belly.  You both know what's coming before the the whip strokes
her pussy concurrently with the finger sliding into your vagina,
and while first one, then several, fingers work on your pussy,
the many fingers of the cat work on hers as you both
involuntarily audibilize into your gags.  Now the cords holding
your ankles loosen, and you feel a strong grip on your thighs and
feel yourself being lifted, and then lowered onto a dildo mounted
on a pole between your legs.  The dildo isn't lubricated, but you
are, and it takes little force for it to begin to work it's way
within you.  As it gets deep inside you, the motion of your body
becomes more varied, as you are moved up and down on the erect
intruder, and sometimes turned slowly from side to side. You hear
the crack of the whip across the back of the other woman, each
long stroke of your vagina along your rubber guest being
punctuated with the sharp crack of the whip while each of you
squeal and moan and the cameras recording the scene show two
flushed and twisted faces reacting to the quickening pace as the
rubber thrusts into you - and the leather bites into her - harder
and faster, and she screams, the sound loud and clear and
delicious even through her gag, and it pierces your consciousness
and your scream joins hers.

You come around a little later, blinking against the bright
light.  As you try to turn your face from it, you realize your
hair has been tied to something above your head.  You strain your
widespread legs for a better toehold on the stone floor.  As your
eyes adjust, you look across a patch of darkness at a throughly
striped woman in a standing spreadeagle, and then you know what
is to come.