This story may be freely distributed, so long as the following
warning remains attached.

WARNING:  This story is not to some tastes.  Actually, it's
not to most tastes.  It involves bondage, golden showers,
humiliation, kidnapping, murder, rape, scat, slavery, terror,
and torture, all of them nonconsensual.  There's also doubtless
some grammatical errors; for those, my apologies.

This is not by any means a normal bondage story, it does not
represent the practices of the BDSM community, where consent is
required and the safety of all players a key concern.  People
into B&D will find bondage here, but not the safe and loving
sort they crave; people into D&S will find no power exchanges,
nor any loving submission or concern; people into S&M are the
ones most likely to enjoy this story, but it is not an S&M story,
in which people with complementary needs, to give and to receive
pain, come together to consensually satisfy their needs.  This is
a story about sadism w/o masochism, and as such is an evil story,
as much a horror story as it is an erotic story. Please do not read
it unless the most extreme examples of human evil interest you.


DIANE, Part 3
by SD

4. Slave Training: Day Three

Diane lay on her belly on a hard bench.  The bench was about 4'
high and 6' long, with perpendicular bars about 2' long at each
end, from which hung padded leather cuffs.  Her wrists and ankles
had been locked into these cuffs.  She was naked but for the pair
of high heeled pumps her trainer had painfully forced onto her
sore, swollen feet. "Today, slave", her trainer said, "we are
going to work on something that should be perfectly normal to any
natural woman, and that's taking a dick in your various holes.
The male staff has, of course, better things to do than spend all
their time screwing your skinny ass, so we're going use some
substitutes". She opened a box so Diane could see a variety of
dildos.  "Even you have probably heard of a dildo, though it
doesn't appear you've ever seen one.  Time to get better
acquainted".  She pulled out an 8" dildo and passed it back and
forth under Diane's nose.  "Open your mouth".  Diane hesitated.
"Believe me, you want this in your mouth BEFORE it goes anyplace
else".  Diane opened her mouth.  "Wider.  That's better.  Now we
just slide him in.  Raise your head a little.  Just slide him in
and out, a little further in each time.  Don't gag, just relax
and let him in; hell, he isn't near as bad as some of the real
one's you'll have to suck.  Relax, relax, just relax your throat
and we'll slide him down there.  He won't stay there long enough
to choke you.  You're not helping yourself with all this gagging
and resistance, just relax and let him in.  Look, cunt, two things
are certain, one, you ain't goin nowhere, and two, our friend
here is going down your throat.  OK, that's better just let him
in, better, there he goes.  Good, you've got him all the way in.
Let's just leave him in there for a while.  My, slave, what big
eyes you have. I not going to let you die today.  I'm just
waiting for the right shade of purple to bring him out.  No,
that's not right.  Better.  Better.  THAT'S the shade".  The
dildo was extracted.  "Now that we've got you all flushed and
breathing hard, we'll put him in where you're used to him going".
The mistress started pushing the dildo into Diane's dry, tight
vagina. "You'd be better off if you could get in the spirit of
the thing, but it's no skin off my pussy".  The somewhat
moistened dildo made slow progress into Diane, with the mistress
shoving hard, each shove causing Diane to jerk her arms and legs
and twist her head; as it went in, she went from gasps to grunts
to cries and finally to screams.  Once it was all the way in, the
mistress began twisting and churning it as Diane screamed.  The
mistress then pulled it out and shoved it back in repeatedly
while Diane cried.  "If you think that hurt, dear, just wait",
said the trainer, as she plunged it into Diane's virgin asshole,
confined herself to inarticulate groans and screams as the faux
phallus made its way into her and then was cruelly manipulated.

At last it was done. "That wasn't so bad, was it ?  It was, huh ?
Well, you'd better get used to it, cause what's a cunt like you
for except for cocks to slip into ?  They're going to be in
your mouth and pussy and asshole plenty once we put you in
service, and that's going to be soon, so get used to it.  Loosen
up, stop acting like you've got something to protect.  Taking in
a penis is what your pussy's made for; as for your anus, well,
it's going in anyway, and resistance just makes it hurt more.
Now let's resume the training".  With that she extracted a bigger
dildo, and they repeated the process, with Diane screaming just
as much.  After each plastic prick had made the circuit of her
orifices, the trainer upgraded to a larger dildo.  On the third
dildo's circuit Diane passed out while it was in her ass.  On the
fourth, she passed out when was in her vagina.  The fifth she
passed out at the sight of; revived, she licked it all over to
lubricate it, since it was too big to fit in her mouth.  By
greasing Diane's vagina and pushing hard and continuously, except
when she twice stopped to revive Diane after she had passed out,
the mistress finally got the monster in.  "Now look at that,
slave, you got all that in you and you didn't bust.  So you don't
need to be afraid of any of the pricks you're likely to find
between anyone's legs.  What you should be afraid of is that
someone will try to stick something this huge in your ass.  Why
do you look so scared, slave ?  You don't think I'd try to put
cockzilla here into a novice, especially one with such a little
ass ?  You look relieved.  Stupid bitch, never think anyone is
going to give a damn about what's going to happen to you.  Of
course I'm going to put this in your ass.  Then I'm going to
rotate and twist and churn this sucker inside you till you're
sure you're going to die, but you won't.  The main difference
between training and service is that you won't die during
training".  The trainer began liberally lubricating both the
phallus and Diane, then started the arduous process of getting
it into Diane.  It was a brutal affair; local paralyzing agents
had to be administered to Diane's arms and legs lest her struggles
break her bones, while stimulants were injected to keep her
conscious throughout the agony.  By the time it was over the
woman was completely bathed in sweat, utterly exhausted, sore all
over, and sick from her ordeal.  Diane wasn't doing very well

When the mistress had rested sufficiently, she poured cold water
on Diane, then used smelling salts, then gave her another shot,
and repeated steps one and two and at last awakened her.  The
mistress then put a belt around Diane's waist, then fit a couple
of slightly bigger than life size dildos into the strap that
went between her legs, inserted the dildos into her ass and
cunt, and cinched the strap good and tight, added a dildo gag for
a sense of completion, tied her hands to her neck, and then made
Diane walk.  The high heels, which despite the great effort it had
taken to squeeze them onto Diane's bruised and swollen feet, had
flown off during her struggles, were located at some distance from
the bench and forced back on.  Unfortunately, it proved impossible
for her to walk in them, so she had to walk barefoot, which was itself
excruciating.  Diane limped about the dungeon for the rest of the
day, as the mistress explained the uses and effects of all the
instruments in the dungeon to the increasingly agitated prisoner.
This allowed them to observe her for bleeding and to let the
drugs clear her system before she was laid down.  At last, quite
some time after Diane's peaches and cream complexion had turned
quite pale - whether from fear, pain, or fatigue was unclear -
the belt and gag were removed, and she was placed in a cage to
sleep.  The cage was 18 inches high, 2 feet wide, and 68 inches
long, with padded bars, so that as Diane tossed in her troubled
sleep she would bang into the bars, waking her but not damaging
her. Eventually she would learn to lay still, reducing the chance
she might disturb the rest of whoever she had finished servicing.

5. Slave Training: Day Four

"You look like shit, slave.  Rough day yesterday, huh ?  It looks
like those feet are pretty badly swollen.  We've got to get
some high heels training in soon, so let's keep you off your feet
today.  Sit down against this post".  The mistress chained her by
the neck to the post and left the room briefly, returning with a
set of gloves and kneepads and a leash.  "Some people like doggie
drills.  Since you're on all fours anyway we'll do them today.
We don't want you scraping up your hands and knees in training,
so put on the gloves and pads, and I'll apply the leash.  So what
kind of dog are you ?  Since you're a natural blonde - by the
way, the only reason we've left your little pubic bush is to make
that fact obvious; usually we get rid of them, some by shaving,
some with wax, I personally would like to trim it off and make
you eat it - anyway, since you're a blonde, you'll be a golden
retriever.  OK, fetch this" - she threw the whip across the room -
"go on you dog, fetch".  Diane crawled over to the whip. " DID
BITCH, BITCH, PICK IT UP IN YOUR MOUTH !  There's a good bitch.
When you say that to a dog it normally waves it's tail.  WELL
MOVING !  Better.  Now walkies, slave.  Crawl at my heel and
follow my movements.  You make a fair dog; you make a better dog
than you do a woman.  Crawling like this, gravity becomes your
friend and makes your tits seem almost adequate.  Of course, I
always have thought you were a dog, you skinny little bitch.  But
a lot of people like that look. Now sit up and beg.  Pant", she
said, slapping Diane's face, "pant, you're a dog, remember ?
When you're a bitch or a mare - we'll get to pony training when
your feet recover - you do everything possible to imitate the
animal you're supposed to be. That's better.  Bark.  That's not a
bark" - Diane's face got slapped again - "Bark.  Better.  You beg
OK.  Remember, being able to beg well is very important, even
more important when you're a slave bitch than a dog, some people
really love to hear really pitiful begging.  It may save your life,
but NEVER beg until you are invited to.  Now roll over.  Again.
Now bow.  Bow.  You keep your ass up, legs apart, stretch your arms
out on the floor in front of you as far as they will go, rest the
side of your head on your arms and look up with nice wide eyes
and a little pant.  Oh, shit, call the humane society, gas this
bitch !   You're supposed to look appealing.  Sit up and do it
again.  Better.  That's the same basic position you'll take if they
want to fuck you as a dog, so don't forget it.   Now submit.  You
roll over on your back with your arms and legs up and your throat
exposed.  Dogs do it as a sign of submission.  The other dog
never tears open the exposed throat, but don't count on whoever's
putting you through your paces to have the morals of a dog.  You
might get your throat cut, but it's still worth a try when you
make whoever you're serving mad, sometimes it will get them
laughing and they're spare you.  In any event, it's the only
undirected plea for mercy that won't get you in more trouble than
you were already, so remember it".

"Now what is it dogs are always doing ?  They're always licking,
and when you're a dog you'll be licking plenty.  Let's see if you
can reach your own pussy - c'mon, bend - stretch - further.  Umm,
too bad, being able to lick your pussy would be a popular trick.
You'd better be pretty good at licking whatever's in the crotch of
the person whose working you".  She sat down and lowered her
pants.  "Lick me, bitch".  Diane crawled over to the chair and
put her mouth to the trainer's crotch, only to be struck across
the shoulders with a crop.  "You're a dog, DOG, remember.  A dog
sniffs everything first.  Crawl back over there, and crawl up to
me with your tail wagging, panting, and with eyes that are happy
or sad but NOT downcast and ashamed - unless I say you've been a
bad dog, of course.  You're serving your mistress; for either a
dog or a slave, that's not something that you should be ashamed
of.  When your top want's you to act ashamed he or she will make
that obvious; if they don't, act like serving them is what you
live for, which of course, it is. OK, here doggie".  Diane
scurried over, her ass wiggling and her tits swaying, her eyes up
and large, panting attractively, and started sniffing around the
trainer's crotch, poking her nose into it before she started
licking.  "Good bitch", the trainer, said, shifting in her seat,
"get that tongue in there.  Ohh, nice doggie", she said as Diane
inserted her tongue inside the vagina, "find the prize - a little
higher - that's good - THAT'S GOOD - right there - faster tongue
action - use the tip, the tip - all around it, all around - good,
that's good - good doggie - oh, we won't have to water you today,
will we ? - good dog - goood dog - GOOD DOG ! - OHHH - OHHHHH -
Very nice, slave.  You can stop now.  I'd like to keep you
working on this all day, but we've got a lot to do".  The trainer
slid her pants back on.  "Now, you've seen a dog hump a leg. So
hump mine".  Diane straddled the mistress' extended leg and began
rubbing against her calf. "Get further down on it, and rub
harder.  Keep your hands on my thigh.  If the top is wearing
leather or rubber, lick the top's thigh.  What am I wearing,
dummy ?  That's better.  Rub harder.  Toss in an occasional bark
and howl.  Wiggle your ass more as you rub.  Raise the pitch of
your barks - more like yelps - and your howls, and pant more.
You usually won't want to do this very long, since your top won't
want a numb leg, so get to your climax quickly, but not
abruptly".  Diane was pressed hard against her calf, shaking from
side to side and shoving her pussy up and down against the
booted leg.  Her pussy was very sore from the previous day, and
Diane was doing more howling than barking, as that was coming
naturally, but her trainer didn't seem to mind.  The pain was
making it pretty natural for Diane to sweat and contort her
flushed face as if aroused.  As the trainer observed her flushed
sweaty face with her hair bouncing above and her breasts rippling
below, she said "For training purposes, we'll run a little
overtime on this exercise".  Damn, Diane thought. "Yip, Yip".  It
hurts so much it's all I can do to sit up straight and she wants
me to rub it on leather all day.  "Awhooo, Awhoo".  But she
didn't have to go on much longer, as shortly the mistress stopped
her, opened her pants again, and pushed the blonde head inside
them.  Soon she demonstrated the proper way to howl.

END Part 3