The Life of Alicia Spartling
by Scott McDonnell
A Feverotica Novel

Chapter V.

  Renee and Alicia got off the plane and after getting their
luggage, went to rent a car.  Alicia let Renee drive, since she
did not get to do that in Chicago.  They got to the hotel, and
decided to rest for the night, leaving the man hunting for the
next day.  They each went to their room, wishing each other good
  After unpacking, Renee took off her clothes and started a bath.
 She felt pretty tired from the flight, and lay back in the tub
to enjoy the water.  She then heard the shower running in
Alicia's bathroom, next to hers.  Alicia was apparently talking
to someone.
  `Oh, that naughty girl...' she thought to herself, `not
already...' She put her ear to the wall and listened.  The words
were a little hard to figure out, but she did hear:
  "Come on, the water feels good...  Hey, be good...  On second
thought... mmm.... don't be good!" The next sounds were much
louder: moans from Alicia and a man.  Renee sat back in the tub,
smiling about the fact that her best friend obviously did not
leave the man hunting for the next day after all.  Alicia and her
lover kept moaning.  Renee was getting turned on from listening.
She closed her eyes and pictured Alicia and the man taking her
from behind, and started pressing her breasts.  As Alicia came,
Renee moved her hand down to her privates and started caressing
her clitoris.  Alicia came a second time, and Renee was still
masturbating, trying to keep her own moans as soft as possible. 
She came as Alicia felt her third orgasm.  She could not believe
she had gotten so turned on.  `Why am I not grossed out?' she
wondered.  `That's my best friend in there, but hearing her
having sex is just turning me on...'  The moans left the
bathroom, but Renee could still hear them faintly.  Alicia and
her lover had taken their fun to the bed.  She got out of the
tub, dried herself, lay down on the bed naked, and played with
herself for two more orgasms.
  The girls got together after sleeping in, and shared a
continental breakfast.
  "So, what do you want to do today?  Or should I say who?" asked
Alicia, laughing.
  "Well, since we'll have all night to party, why don't we spend
the day at the beach?  We can work on our tans, that'll help for
man chasing when we get back home!"
  "Sounds good.  Besides, the beach is a good place to meet
  "That's true..." After their breakfast, they went back to their
rooms to change into their bathing suits and headed out for the
beach.  Renee wore a solid blue bikini, while Alicia had on a
sexy one-piece that covered her breasts and privates, but not
much else.  They were approached by several men during the day,
and they made sure to get their phone numbers.  They skipped
lunch, but decided to have an early dinner to have more time for
  After dinner, they went back to their rooms to change into very
sexy outfits.  Renee put on a very tight minidress with nothing
underneath, which surprised, even almost shocked Alicia.
  "Whoa!  I've never seen you be so daring!"
  "Maybe you're rubbing off on me!" teased Renee.
  "Mmm, in that case, maybe we should stay down here all year..."
  "Well, look at you!  I can see your butt in that thing!"
  "Good!  I want it to be seen!" replied Alicia. She was wearing
short denim shorts, which indeed let a glimpse of her butt cheeks
for all to see.  Her blouse was tied in a knot showing off her
belly, and she had strategically unbuttoned three buttons on the
top.  Anyone trying to peek would easily see her breasts.
  They headed out of the hotel, and walked down the street,
heading out to what they were hoping would be a fun time.
  They looked around in several places, finally found a bar that
did not look too scary and ordered some drinks, deciding to
patiently see how long it would be before men walked up.
  Exactly two minutes later, they were both approached by two
men, one with blonde hair, and the other brown.  The two men
introduced themselves as John and Neal, and were quite handsome.
The girls conversed with them for a few minutes, sending out all
the signals they possibly could: playing with their hair, light
touches on the arms...  It apparently worked.  John had been
talking to Alicia and whispered in her ear:
  "Would you like to go some place more private?  I would really
like to see more of those beautiful breasts you have..."  Alicia
smiled.  That line had not been very creative, but she liked that
he knew what he wanted.  She nodded, and wished Renee good night,
before leaving with John.
  Renee and Neal talked for a while longer and shared a few
drinks.  Neal was a little less forward than John, but finally
  "Would you like to go back to my hotel room?"
  "I thought you'd never ask...  My hotel's not too far, would
you like to go there instead?"
  "Oh, sure, if you'd like.  Wow...  I'm really looking forward
to this..."
  "Me too," replied Renee, smiling at him. Alicia was necking
John just a few seconds after she closed the door to her room. 
His cologne smelled good to her, and turned her on further.  She
started unbuttoning his shirt and kissed his chest, moving down
as she undid his pants.  She grabbed his penis, and slipped it in
her mouth.  She sucked on it, slowly, wanting John to enjoy the
ride.  His moans assured Alicia that he was.
  She took off her blouse and shorts as he rid himself of his
pants, socks and shoes.  Both naked, they headed to the bed, and
Alicia lay down, as John got on top of her, and inserted his
penis in her.  Alicia closed her eyes, and started enjoying the
sensation of John's member.
  Meanwhile, Renee and Neal arrived at the hotel.  Renee poured
Neal a drink after they entered the room, and smiling, took off
her dress.  Neal watched Renee with lust, getting hard at the
beautiful sight.  Renee approached him and kissed him, moving
down to give him a blowjob.  Renee pulled down on the pants and
briefs, and stroked Neal's dick with her hand, before plunging to
suck him.
  Alicia was on her second orgasm when John pulled out, on the
verge of an orgasm himself.  They both took a break.  Alicia went
to the bathroom while John sat down on the couch in the room. 
When she came out, she asked:
  "Ready for more?"
  "Oh yes, baby," he answered.
  "Come take me," she asked, climbing on the bed, wiggling her
behind at him.  He joined her on the bed, grabbed his hard-again
member, and stuck it in her vagina to take her `doggy-style.' 
Alicia moaned as he grabbed her hips and stroked her harder and
harder.  This man ranked about average for her taste: she had had
better, but she had also had much worse.
  Renee and Neal were on the bed by that time, rolling around and
taking turns stroking each other.  Renee sat on top of him,
pushing her breasts together and rubbing her nipples while
grinding her hips onto his organ.  Then they rolled again, and
she spread her legs even more to allow him to stroke deeper.  She
pressed him to take her harder and faster.  Renee felt her first
orgasm and moaned really loud, losing herself in the pleasure
Neal was giving her.
  Alicia reached her climax and then told John:
  "Stick it in my butt!  I like it there too..."
  "Wow!  Really?" asked John.
  "Uh uh..." sighed Alicia. He pulled out of her vagina, his
penis covered with her cum juice, and slid in Alicia's asshole. 
Alicia still felt a little pain at the onset of anal sex, but the
pleasure that would follow made that first sting worth it all. 
They were both moaning now, and John lost himself in an orgasm
that Alicia judged to last long for a man.
  Neal was now pounding Renee from behind, a position she enjoyed
very much, to the point of two orgasms.  Neal felt close to his
own orgasm and pulled out, letting his sperm squirt out over
Renee's back.  Fortunately for him, Renee did not mind such
accidents, assuring him it was okay and that she was not upset. 
She went in the shower to rinse herself.  Coming out of the
bathroom, she was surprised to find that Neal had disappeared.
  "Gee," she thought out loud, "he wasn't that bad...  I wouldn't
have minded more...  Oh well, it's just Spring Break anyhow!"
  In the next room, John was getting dressed, thanking Alicia for
a great evening.
  "No problem, stud...  It was fun for me too...  Sure you don't
want to stick around for more?"
  "Sorry, babe, you wore me out!  But we can hang later this week
if you want..."
  "Mmm, maybe...  To tell you the truth, I was planning to have
as many different guys as possible this week..."
  "Yeah?  Well, good luck then...  Thanks for tonight," he said,
before leaving. Alicia drew the blanket on her and went to sleep.
 Renee had gone to bed as well.

  The next morning, the two girlfriends shared the details of
their evenings, both noticing how they were in a hurry to go
after they were done.
  "Ah, men...  Even on vacation, they don't want to take more
time..." sighed Renee.
  "Oh, well, maybe we'll have better luck tonight," said Alicia.
  They returned to the beach and worked on their tans some more.
That evening, they both put on minidresses and cruised for dance
  After a few hours of dancing and drinking, the girls picked out
partners for themselves and took them back to the hotel in the
car.  They did not even ask their names.  Renee drove, and Alicia
wasted no time making out with her man in the backseat.  Renee's
soon-to-be lover put his hand on her thigh, and she smiled at him
for doing so.  Renee peeked in the rearview mirror when she
could, to watch Alicia, getting turned on by her as she had been
the first night in the hotel.  Alicia's partner was kissing her
neck and rubbing her breasts through her dress.  Renee peeked one
more time and by then, Alicia had slid her dress straps down so
her lover could kiss her breasts.  Renee opened her eyes wider,
but tried to keep an eye on the road.  She had seen Alicia's
breasts before, but this time was different, more exciting.  She
felt her privates get wet with desire and started looking forward
to taking the man in her bedroom.
  The two couples wished each other good night jokingly, and went
into the rooms.  Alicia grabbed her lover and kissed him, letting
him take off her dress.  Renee took off her dress on her own, and
watched her lover take off his clothes.  She smiled at him and
got turned on even more.  She lay down on the bed and waved at
him to come over.  He lay on top of her and kissed her, making
his way down to her privates.  `Yes!' she thought to herself,
`tonight's definitely gonna be better...'  His tongue flicked her
clitoris and Renee was immediately sent to Heaven.  She started
moaning and grinding her hips in his face.
  Alicia was enjoying a similar treatment, although her man did
not only suck her clit, but also slid his tongue in her pussy. 
She came twice thanks to his variety.  She let him stroke her for
a while after that, cuming once more.  Renee was still getting
oral sex, and her lover was now spreading his licking to her
butt, which actually excited her.
  "Do me in the ass..." she moaned, surprising even herself that
she already wanted anal sex.  The man turned Renee on all fours
and entered her ass delicately.  Renee was so turned on that she
did not feel any pain.  Within seconds, he was stroking her hard
and fast, and she moaned with excitement.
  Alicia was still under her lover and did not want him to go
anywhere else.  His strokes were powerful and reached deep in her
vagina.  He slowed down and teased her, then stroked her very
hard again, increasing her pleasure, and making her cum three
more times.
  Renee was now on top of her man, pinching her nipples as she
stroked him, sometimes leaning down to rub her breasts in his
face.  She stroked faster and faster, and had two quick
successive orgasms.
  Alicia was lying down with her lover, taking a break, but then
decided to plunge under the sheets and give him a blow job.  He
came in her mouth, and she swallowed every drop.  Renee was
getting stroked by her partner, reaping another orgasm.
  The two men actually cuddled with them and fell asleep with
them.  They both left in the morning, and the girls got together
for breakfast after a shower.
  "Those two were a lot better than Monday night's entries,
weren't they?" asked Renee.
  "Yes, they sure were...  I'm almost sorry we didn't ask their
  "I said almost, Renee..." she said before giggling. That
afternoon, they forewent the beach due to rain and went out
shopping.  The local malls were definitely not up to the ones in
Chicago, but they did find some good bargains.  They also took
the chance to flirt with as many men as they could.  In a t-shirt
store, the two they met there invited them to a bonfire party
that was happening near the girls' hotel.
  That evening, the girls dressed for the occasion.  Renee put on
jean shorts, and her baby blue bikini top.  Alicia put on a
pretty loose minidress, and no panties.  They headed out to the
beach, and found the party pretty quickly.  A boom box provided
the music, and drinks were handed out freely.  Renee and Alicia
each got a beer, and looked around for the guys that had invited
them.  Unable to find them, they decided to mingle with the other
men there. Alicia met a black man named Gabe, while Renee started
talking with a blond-haired man named Karl.  Karl was however
pretty boring, and Renee kept looking around while he talked. 
Alicia and Gabe were getting quite chummy: Renee could see Alicia
was standing closer and closer to him.  They went dancing, and
Renee kept looking at them.  Alicia was dancing very erotically,
sending Gabe definite signals.  She was grinding her hips onto
him, and rubbing her butt on his penis.  Taking advantage of the
relative darkness, Alicia grabbed his hand and set it by her
naked privates.  Gabe felt her wet pussy, and stuck his finger in
her vagina, rubbing her.  Renee could see the whole thing, but
somehow no one else was noticing Alicia's play for Gabe's favors.
 Renee felt herself getting wet, turned on by the scene.  She did
not even notice Karl walking off, who had finally realized he was
being ignored.  Renee then watched Alicia and Gabe walk away, in
the direction of the hotel.
  Renee was still very turned on.  She started looking for a man
of her own, and talked with a few more, but none of them proved
to be interesting or good-looking enough for her.
  In her room, Alicia and Gabe were making out, as Alicia was
taking Gabe's clothes off him.  She slipped her dress and shoes
off, and she was naked as well.  Gabe kissed her all over her
body, along with caressing her hips and belly.  Alicia was
enjoying his caresses, and could not wait for more.  His mouth
found its way to her clitoris, which he sucked on for a while,
bringing Alicia to the edge of pleasure, but teasing her by
stopping and kissing her thighs before she actually came.  Alicia
was getting more and more turned on, and rushed for Gabe's organ,
sucking on it as if it was the last dick she would get to suck. 
Gabe moved on the bed, lay on his back, and let Alicia suck him
for ten minutes.  She then climbed on top of him, and started
stroking him.  She came twice while on top of him, then asked him
to stroke her.  Again, he teased Alicia by taking her to the
brink of an orgasm, then slowing down to increase her pleasure.
  Meanwhile, Renee had no luck finding a man to play with.  She
headed back to the hotel, looking forward to a good night's rest
to be ready for more fun the next day.  She entered her room,
took off her clothes, and went in the bathroom to brush her
teeth.  She could hear the faint moans of Alicia and her lover. 
She climbed in bed, but found that she was not sleepy.
  She was still horny.  She could not stop thinking about what
Alicia had done on the beach.  She got wet again just picturing
it in her head.  Before she realized it, she was masturbating. 
Once she became conscious that she was playing with herself, she
rubbed her clitoris harder and harder.  She wanted sex, she had
gone out looking for sex, and she wanted an orgasm, whether a man
was there or not.  After her first orgasm, she stuck her middle
finger in her vagina and rubbed all over, looking for her
g-spots.  She pictured Alicia and her lover in the bed, in all
sorts of positions, wishing she could be in the room watching. 
She made herself come two more times, and finally fell asleep.
  Gabe was now taking Alicia from behind, giving her two more
orgasms.  Gabe seemed to be insatiable.  When he finally came, he
surprised Alicia by staying hard and stroking her more, giving
her three more orgasms.
  They kept having sex for a few more hours, before finally
falling asleep.  The next morning, Renee knocked on Alicia's
door, so they could go have breakfast.  Alicia opened the door:
she was naked.
  "Hey, how did it go last night?" she asked.
  "Not so good, I didn't find anybody..." answered Renee.
  "Gosh, I'm sorry..."
  "That's okay...  Are you ready for breakfast?"
  "Well, actually...  Oh, Renee, I'm sorry, Gabe's still here...
We were in the middle of it when you knocked."
  "Oh, my, I'm sorry...  I'll see you later, then."
  "Are you sure you don't mind?" asked Alicia.
  "No, of course not, I'd do the same if it were me..." she
laughed before walking away.
  Alicia closed the door and went back to bed to suck on Gabe's
penis.  After getting breakfast, Renee looked in the phone book
for interesting places to go.
  She took the car and drove off to an art gallery.  An
exhibition was apparently taking place.  She walked around and
looked at the paintings, admiring the brushing techniques of the
artist.  A tall, blond-haired man was standing near a painting of
a field; Renee began talking to him.
  "What's the artist's name?"
  "Jerome Robbins," answered the man.  "And yours?"
  "I'm Renee.  And you are?"
  "Jerome Robbins," he repeated.
  "Oh, wow!" exclaimed Renee.  "You painted all those?"
  "Why, yes, it's very exciting to get to be shown at last, even
if it's not in a major metropolitan center.  Got to start
somewhere I guess!" Jerome and Renee talked about the paintings,
and Renee shared that she was an art student.
  "Northwestern, uh?  That's a really good school."
  "The department there is really great.  But I wish I could be
out working like you..."
  "Oh, trust me, it's not fun all the time."
  "Is all your work here?"
  "No, actually I have some more pieces at my house."
  "Oh...  Could I see them?  I am really taken by your work," she
said, before leaning to whisper: "And I could show you some of my
  "Well, that could be very interesting, Renee..."
  "Do you have your own car?"
  "Actually, no."
  "That's okay, I'll give you a ride." Renee and Jerome went in
the car and he gave her directions to his house.  Once there,
Jerome showed her a few paintings.  Renee admired the paintings,
but then moved closer to Jerome and kissed him.
  "Do you have any of your work in your bedroom?" she asked,
  "No, but I do some of my best work in there," he said, trying
for the innuendo.
  "Mmm, let's go to work then..." giggled Renee. They headed to
the bedroom.  They took off their clothes and jumped in bed. 
Renee lay on her back, and prompted Jerome to lick her clit.  He
wrapped his tongue around her clitoris and sucked on it, licked
it, kissed it, and caressed it until Renee screamed as she came.
He then jumped up and thrusted his penis in her.  He stroked her
continuously, as Renee kissed his neck and arms.  He kissed her
neck as he stroked her faster and faster.  Renee came two more
times, then threw him off her on his back so she could stroke
him.  She pulled his hands on her breasts and made him squeeze
them.  She felt her fourth orgasm of the afternoon, and then
decided to suck Jerome's penis.
  Meanwhile at the hotel, Alicia and Gabe were still having sex.
Alicia was actually getting sore, and could not believe there was
a man who could outlast her.  He was stroking her in the ass and
still felt rock hard.  When he finally pulled out, he admitted he
needed rest, and they fell asleep together.
  Renee made Jerome cum in her mouth, and she swallowed every
drop of it.  Renee was not always in the mood to swallow cum, but
this afternoon, she was so turned on that she was game for
anything.  She sucked him again to restore his erection, then
turned around so he could stroke her vagina `doggy-style.'  She
came three more times, and they finally stopped.
  They got out of bed, and walked around naked.  They looked at
more of Jerome's paintings, and Renee found something was missing
from one of them.
  "Do you mind if I try something on this one?" she asked.
  "Well, after the afternoon we've had...  Why not?  I'm kind of
stuck on this one, actually," he answered. She grabbed the
paintbrush, got it wet, took some paint, and stroked a few
brushes on the canvas.  When she was done, Jerome was clapping
his hands.
  "Wonderful, Renee!  You got it!  This is what I was trying to
get at all this time!"
  "Really?  It felt so natural, though, as if I knew exactly what
to do...  Oh, Jerome, I hope this is not sounding too weird, but
I just feel so connected to you...  And not just `cause of the
  "I think I feel that way too.  Is it love?"
  "Mmm, now, now..." said Renee.  "I don't think it's love, but
it certainly feels special."
  "It does, doesn't it?" replied Jerome. She got dressed, and
left after giving him a hug and a deep kiss.  She felt
exhilarated, and looked forward to meeting him again.  She
grabbed a quick dinner at a fast-food restaurant and headed back
to the hotel to check on Alicia.  The latter answered the door,
again naked.
  "Hey, Renee, what ya been doing?"
  "Oh, you'll never believe what happened!  It was sooo cool!"
  "Alicia!" cried Gabe from inside the room.  "Come on back!"
  "Oh my God," said Renee.  "He's still here?"
  "I can't believe it either," said Alicia.  "I have never been
with someone who can last this long.  My pussy's so sore I don't
know if I can take anymore!"
  "I can't believe you're saying that," said Renee.
  "He came like five times, three times in me... and he stayed
hard after!"
  "Alicia!" called Gabe.
  "Oh, Gabe, please!" cried Alicia.  "You still want it?"
  "You better believe it," he said.
  "Well, you know what, I am past done...  Why don't you fuck my
girlfriend here?"
  "Would you mind, Renee?  I'm too tired to go out tonight,
  "Oh, gosh, if he's this good, I definitely want a piece of
  "She's game!  Are you?"
  "Okay," said Gabe, as he got up from the bed, and walked to the
door naked.  He followed Renee in the room.  Alicia locked her
door and crashed on her bed, looking forward to more than three
hours of sleep.
  Renee took her clothes off pretty quickly and threw her mouth
on Gabe's penis.  She was still turned on by the incredible
afternoon she had had, and she sucked him hard.  She felt him
move her hips around until they were in the sixty-nine position.
His tongue felt so good to her.  It seemed to be longer than the
average man's, and quite skilled at pleasuring the female private
parts.  They came at the same time, but did not stop there.  Gabe
stroked Renee for thirty long minutes, during which she came no
less than four times!  Renee wondered how many times Alicia had
come during the fourteen or so hours that she and Gabe had spent
together.  This man was definitely gifted, and she was certainly
happy that Alicia had suggested that he and Renee spend the rest
of the evening together.
  Gabe came in her, noting to Renee that he had to be getting
tired at last, since he usually lasted longer.  Renee nodded in
understanding, but did not want to stop yet.  She sucked him back
to a full erection, after which she made him stroke her in the
butt.  Anal sex was the one thing she had not gotten to do with
Jerome, and she found herself wishing she really had thought
about it then.  She nonetheless enjoyed Gabe's strokes.
  They kept going for another hour, then Gabe finally admitted
that even he had enough.  They cuddled for a while, before
falling asleep.
  The next morning, Alicia and Renee gave him very big kisses for
being the most incredible man to ever have had sex with them. 
They bought him breakfast as a reward.  They went back to their
rooms to nap, then headed out shopping after lunch.
  A souvenir shop's name caught their attention: the place was
named `Come Get Some,' with the word `Souvenirs' in smaller
characters underneath.
  "We gotta check out a place with a name like that," said
Alicia, after giggling.  Renee agreed and the two girls headed
out to the peculiarly named store.
  They entered and found the usual assortment of t-shirts and
postcards, along with other merchandise.  They noticed some
racier items, such as oils and sexy gag toys.  They also noticed
a handsome young man behind the counter.  Much to their surprise,
a similar-looking young man emerged from the back of the store.
  "Oh my!" exclaimed Alicia.  "Twin brothers!  This could be
  "Mmm, I think so too," said Renee. The girls walked to the
counter to talk to the two men.
  "Hi there!" said Alicia.  "Pretty neat store you guys have."
  "Thank you," said the man that had been at the counter.  "Do
you need help finding something?"
  "Maybe, what if my friend and I are looking for a fun time?"
  "Why, we may just be able to provide that too," said the second
man.  "Hi, I'm Tom.  This is my brother Mike.  And you are...?"
  "My name's Alicia."
  "I'm Renee."
  "Beautiful names for beautiful women," said Mike.  "How much
fun are you looking to have?"
  "Lots and lots," said Alicia.
  "We like to have that much fun too!" said Tom.  "Do you like
hot, fun times?"
  "Mmm, yes we do!" said the two girls at once, giggling, and
enjoying the flirty banter with these men.
  "How about you come over to our house for dinner tonight?"
  "That sounds pretty tame," said Alicia.  "What happened to the
hot, fun time?"
  "I think you won't be disappointed," said Tom.
  "Well, I don't know about her, but I'd love to!" said Renee.
  "Mmmph!" exclaimed Alicia.  "I see how you are!"
  "I assure you, we are very good cooks," said Mike.  "Besides,
it's the after-dinner time that will be the most fun."
  "Oooh," said Alicia, "now that sounds more interesting... 
Okay, we'll be there!" Tom and Mike wrote the directions to their
house down for the girls, who left the store giggling.
  Later that evening, the girls showered, shaved, and made up
their face and hair.  Renee put on black jean shorts and a
blouse, while Alicia put on blue jeans and a tank top.  Neither
put on panties or a bra.  They got in the car and drove to Tom
and Mike's house, following the directions the two brothers had
given them.  They found the house, one of several on the beach. 
Renee and Alicia felt very excited, and couldn't wait to play
with Tom and Mike.
  The twins welcomed them after they knocked on the door, and let
them in to the house.  The house was surprisingly well kept, and
the girls complimented them on the shape of the house.  They sat
down for dinner, and again the two young women complimented their
hosts, this time on how good their meals tasted.  After dinner,
Tom put on music, and the two men invited the girls to dance. 
Alicia and Renee giggled, and accepted the invitation.  Alicia
paired up with Tom, and Renee with Mike.
  After a few songs, a sexier number came on, prompting Alicia to
dance closer to Tom.  She gave him a few kisses on the neck,
signaling him she was ready for more than dancing.  Tom responded
by kissing her lips, and French kissing her.  Alicia found his
tongue fun to play with, and rubbed her breasts on his body as
much as possible.  Meanwhile, Renee and Mike were still dancing,
although they started noticing the play of the other two.
  "My brother's the more aggressive one," he whispered to Renee.
  "That's perfect, then," replied Renee.  "Alicia's more
aggressive than I am, too." When they looked again, Tom and
Alicia had disappeared.  Renee and Mike laughed, then sat down to
have a drink.  They smiled at each other, and Renee leaned to
kiss him on the lips.  They looked into each other's eyes, put
the drinks down and started making out.
  In Tom's bedroom, Alicia and Tom were kissing furiously, lying
on the bed together.  Tom then pulled down and off Alicia's
jeans, spread her legs, and started licking her clitoris.  Alicia
started moaning as he flicked his tongue at her privates.
  On the couch, despite the loud music, Renee and Mike could hear
Alicia's moans.  Renee got turned on and moved to straddle Mike,
still kissing him.  She unbuttoned her blouse, and let him play
with her breasts.  He sucked on her nipples, lightly bit them and
the skin around them, and licked around the nipple.  Renee let
out soft moans of her own, but was actively listening for
  Alicia took off her tank top while Tom got naked, then lay him
down on the bed to suck on his penis.  Tom was getting big, very
big in fact, causing Alicia to think this may be the biggest man
she had ever had.  However, he seemed to settle at a certain
length, which made Alicia think of RafaŽl's member.  She kept
sucking and evaluated that he was almost as big as her first
lover, which excited her some more.  She could not wait to have
him in her, and jumped on top of him.
  Renee got naked and let Mike do the same, but then straddled
him some more, putting his penis in her.  She stroked him on the
couch, hoping to hear more from Alicia.  She moved her feet to
set on the couch, and pushed herself on Mike's organ over and
over, making herself cum after a few minutes.
  Alicia had rolled over to let Tom take her, and she
increasingly enjoyed his large member.  She came twice while
under him, and was looking forward to his orgasm.
  Renee and Mike went on to his bedroom.  Renee lay on the bed,
and Mike kneeled on the floor to give her oral sex.  Renee moaned
louder, as Mike was doing a very good job, even better than Gabe
the night before.  Once Renee came, he jumped on top of her and
started stroking her.  Renee collected two more orgasms.
  Alicia and Tom were now in the `doggy-style' position.  She
came three times, enjoying his caresses and the way he held her
hips.  Tom asked her he if could cum in her, and she cried to the
affirmative.  Tom let out a scream that turned her on so much she
had another orgasm.
  Renee and Mike had stopped and were cuddling.  They then fell
asleep.  A while later, Renee woke up, thirsty.  She got up, and
headed out to the kitchen.  Although it was pretty dark, she
could see the light of the open refrigerator: Alicia was getting
a drink of her own.  She was still completely naked.  Renee gazed
at her body, which she had seen naked before, but never right
after sex.  She found the way she glowed with perspiration very
beautiful and sexy.  She then headed to the fridge to talk to her
  "Thirsty too, uh?" asked Renee.
  "Hey there!  Yeah, Tom was great.  How was Mike?"
  "Oh, he was fun!  We started on the couch, and then finally
headed to the bedroom..."
  "I noticed your clothes on the floor..."
  "He gave really good head, too."
  "Mmm, we did that first.  But, gosh, his dick is sooo big!  I
haven't had someone that big since RafaŽl!  Well, actually, he's
not quite that big, but oh man!  I'm not sure I want to do anal
with him..."
  The two girls took a drink of water.  Renee then said:
  "I'm glad we came.  How about you?"
  "Oh, I'm very glad we came."
  "A great way to end the week."
  "Actually, we just started to end the week.  Wanna trade?"
  "You mean, you take Mike and I take Tom?"
  "Uh uh," said Alicia.  "You wanna?"
  "I must admit, I'd like to see his dick..."
  "Besides, that way, we'll both have had sex with twin
brothers!" They both giggled and headed the opposite way from
which they had come.  Mike was still sleeping.  Alicia smiled and
climbed under the covers, heading for his organ.  Alicia got
excited, as it was already hard.  She lay down as comfortably as
she could, then started licking the shaft of his penis.  She then
wrapped her mouth around it to suck on it.  Mike started moaning
in his sleep.
  Renee tried to close the door, but the hinges made enough noise
to wake up Tom.  He sat up, and though it was dark, noticed
Renee's brown hair.
  "Well, hello there," he said.  "What are you doing here?"
  "We decided we each had to try the other brother," said Renee,
in a flirty voice.
  "Oh really?  That sounds fun..."
  "Glad you agree..." said Renee before laughing.  She joined him
on the bed and kissed him.  They kept making out while she got
more comfortable, then she reached for his penis with her hand. 
It was getting hard and got much harder when she started
caressing it.  She broke the kiss and headed for his dick to suck
on it.  She marveled at his size, and kept sucking, licking, and
  Mike woke up from Alicia's blowjob, and moaned Renee's name. 
She smiled, looking forward to surprising him.  She kept sucking
his member, until he cried for her to stroke him.  She came out
from under the sheet, straddled him, and started stroking him. 
Mike opened his eyes and realized he had a new partner.
  "Hi there, handsome," she said, between moans.
  "Where's Renee?" he asked.
  "Having fun with your brother...  Mind if I play with you?"
  "Nuh uh..." he moaned.  Alicia put her hands on his chest, and
sped up her stroking.  She came after a few minutes, then lay
down on the bed and let Mike take her.
  Renee got under Tom, and let him enter her with all the length
of his member.  She was stunned at how big he was, and could feel
him deep in her.  His penis was reaching pleasure spots she did
not even know she had.  `Who says size doesn't matter?' she
thought to herself.  Not long after her first orgasm, she had a
quick second one as he stroked her faster and faster.
  After two orgasms of her own, Alicia made Mike pull out so that
she could sit on all fours.  Mike got the message and entered
Alicia's anus.  Alicia felt glad that she could get anal sex
after all.
  Renee ended up on top of Tom after the two rolled around the
bed for a few minutes.  She was still amazed at his size, and
stroked him slowly to enjoy every inch of him.  She came but
once, but that orgasm made her scream.
  The girls came out again for another drink.  They also wanted
to `compare notes' again.  They had been talking for a few
minutes when Tom came out of his room.
  "Well, isn't this a sight for sore eyes...  Two beautiful naked
women standing next to each other..."
  "Hi there," said Alicia.  "Are you missing one of us?"
  "Actually, I came out for a drink of water too, ladies."
  "Don't believe a word he says," said Mike, who was coming out
of his room also.  "He's probably going to try to seduce either
or both of you!"
  "Mmm, you make that sound so wrong..." teased Renee.
  "No, actually I have a better idea, now that we're all up,"
said Tom.  "Would you girls like to go skinny-dipping in the
  "Oooh...  That sounds fun!" exclaimed Renee.
  "Actually, I've already done that before...  Although Renee
deserves a chance to experience that too."
  "Shall we go, then?"
  "Yes!" shouted the girls in unison.  The four young bodies
headed out through the sliding door to the beach.  They ran to
the waves and played together for a while, laughing and giggling.
 The water was a little fresh, but not so cold to be
uncomfortable.  Mike and Renee swam together, then went back to
the shore, and kissed each other.  Within seconds, they lay on
the sand and started making out.  Alicia and Tom looked at them,
then at each other, and mutually decided to give them some
privacy, before heading back to the house.
  Mike was nibbling on Renee's neck, while she caressed his back.
 Mike's penis hardened when she squeezed his butt, and she
prompted him to enter her.  He stroked her faster and faster
under the moonlight.  Renee felt so excited to be having sex on
the beach for the first time in her life.  She thought back to
Alicia's stories of her trips to her father's island and got
turned on even more.
  After her orgasm, they stopped and noticed they were alone. 
They got up, and walked back to the house, hand in hand.
  "Gosh, Mike, this was great!  Thanks for making one of my
fantasies come true!"
  "You're welcome.  You really are a great lover yourself."
  "Oh, you're sweet."
  "No, I really mean it.  Tom and I get to have sex quite often,
but girls like you and Alicia are few and far between."
  "Wow, thanks...  I never thought I'd be told something like
that," she said before looking into the house and stopping,
surprised at what she saw.
  Alicia was standing by the side of the kitchen counter facing
the living room, while Tom was taking her from behind.
  "Oh, my," said Renee.  "They look so hot..."  She unconsciously
reached for her clitoris and started rubbing.  She then realized
what she was doing, turned to Mike to apologize but saw he was
also pleasuring himself at the sight.
  "I like to watch, too," he said, before looking at his brother
and Alicia again.
  Renee and Mike kept masturbating while Tom and Alicia kept
going.  Alicia was moaning but the sliding door seemed not to let
enough sound out for Renee and Mike to hear them.
  "Ahh," moaned Renee, "Mike, come take me, please..."  He
stopped stroking his member and walked over to Renee, who got on
all fours on the ground.  He slid in her wet pussy and stroked
her hard.
  "Mmm!" cried Renee.  "Harder!  Take me like he's taking her!"
  Mike looked back in the house and stroked Renee even harder. 
She moaned as she came.  Mike then gave her his full attention,
grabbed her hips, slowed down, but penetrated her deeper.  Renee
pushed herself onto him at the same time, feeling him deep inside
her.  Mike then pulled out and came on Renee's back.  `Twice this
week!' she thought to herself.
  "Are you okay?" she asked him.
  "Yes, thank you.  I haven't cum like that in a long time."
  "Really?" she asked, feeling flattered.
  "Yes, really," answered Mike, still catching his breath.  Renee
looked herself over, covered in cum and sand.
  "Would you mind if I used your shower?  Actually, I'd really
like you to join me, too..."
  "Sure," he answered.  They looked in the house, but Alicia and
Tom had apparently left their spot.  The house was quiet, seeming
to imply they had gone to sleep.  Renee and Mike went into his
bathroom and started the water.
  Mike ran the shower and the two young lovers washed themselves
and each other.  Once they were clean, Renee surprised Mike by
turning off the showerhead but keeping the water in the tub.  She
then prompted him to sit in the water, before straddling him.
  He got hard instantly.  She mounted his organ and started
stroking him once more.  She only stopped to turn off the water,
then resumed the intercourse.  She came twice and made him cum
again.  They dried themselves off, then finally went to bed.
  In Tom's room, Alicia was woken up by Renee's last moan.  She
tried to go back to sleep, but felt too horny to do so.  She then
headed to Tom's dick, sucked on it to wake him up, then jumped on
his organ to stroke him.  Tom then gave her three orgasms while
taking her.  That proved to be enough to help Alicia back to
  The next morning, Alicia and Tom were the first to wake up;
they got dressed and started making breakfast.  Mike joined them,
but said Renee was still asleep.
  "You just wore her out, didn't you?" asked Tom.
  "Oh, I'm pretty tired myself," said Mike.  "She was really
great, though.  Not to take anything from you, Alicia, I enjoyed
you as well."
  "So did I," said Alicia.  "You guys are actually the first twin
brothers I've had sex with."
  "Really?  Well, we've actually had twin sisters before...  But
I must say you and Renee were really exceptional!" said Tom.
  "I agree," said Mike.  "I actually told Renee that last night
  "Speaking of which," said Alicia.  "There's the little hottie
right now!  Oooh!  Look at that!" she teased, as Renee was still
naked, making her way to her clothes, which had remained on the
living-room floor.
  "All right, all right!" said Renee, somehow embarrassed about
being the only naked person in the room.  "Take all the looks you
  "Gee, Renee, you're naked at your apartment all the time!"
joked Alicia.
  "Well, yeah...  But it's different when I'm not at home..."
replied Renee, while putting on her shorts.
  "It didn't seem too different last night..." said Tom.
  "It was darker, though," stuttered Renee, putting on her
blouse.  "Besides, all you guys are dressed."
  "I can fix that," said Alicia, who proceeded to take off her
tank top and jeans.  "There!  Naked again!" she said before
laughing.  Renee laughed as well, and never finished buttoning
her blouse.  She took it and the shorts off again.
  "Gentlemen?  How about you?" asked Alicia to Tom and Mike.
  "Oh, ladies, we'd love to, but we're gonna have to head to the
store in a few minutes," answered Mike.
  "That's too bad," said Renee.  "I wouldn't mind being served
breakfast by two beautiful naked men."
  "Well, if you put it that way," said Tom, before taking off his
clothes, and prompting his brother to follow suit.
  They had breakfast naked, and the conversation went on.  Alicia
elaborated on more of her and Renee's in the nude activities,
which prompted Tom to ask:
  "Oh, so you guys fuck each other too?"
  "Uh, no, Tom," said Alicia, surprised.  "We're not lesbos or
  "You don't have to be a lesbian to play with another girl... 
Many of our girlfriends are bisexual..."
  "Eeew!" said Alicia, disgusted.  "Men are enough for us, thank
you!  Can you imagine, Renee?  Renee?" she asked again as her
friend seemed not to answer.
  "What?  Oh, right!  That sounds too weird anyway," she
answered, breaking out of her deep thought.
  "Okay, then, forget I brought it up," said Tom.
  "So you guys get sex a lot, I'll gather," asked Renee, changing
the subject.
  "Well, we don't like to brag," answered Mike.
  "Actually that's just you, bro," interrupted Tom.  "We have sex
about three to four times a week during the spring break season,
maybe two or three the rest of the year."
  "Gee, guys, we got you beat then, `cause we've been having it
almost every night this week!" said Alicia.
  "Not surprising, the way you put out...  But hey, more power to
you, if you love sex like we do, why not do it all the time?"
  "You bet!" said Alicia, with Renee laughing in agreement. They
finished breakfast, got dressed, and got ready to leave.  They
exchanged hugs and long, deep kisses.  Tom then said:
  "Ladies, this was really wonderful.  If you're ever around here
again, we should get together."
  "Oh, definitely!" said Alicia.  "I would love to hang with you
guys again."
  "Me too!" exclaimed Renee.  "You were both so much fun!"
  "See you next year then?" asked Mike.
  "It's a date!" said the two girls together. They headed back to
the hotel, and decided to nap for the morning before packing up
later.  Alicia stripped and climbed in the bed, falling asleep a
few minutes later.  Renee also climbed in the bed naked, but did
not fall asleep right away.  She was horny again.  She reached
down, felt her wet privates, and started rubbing her clitoris
thinking about the night's events with Tom and Mike.  She came
when she pictured herself and Mike watching Tom and Alicia.  She
fell asleep, but masturbated on and off as she woke up.
  A few hours later, Alicia knocked on Renee's door.  Renee came
at the door still naked.
  "Hey, sleepyhead!" said Alicia, not noticing Renee had been up
to anything but sleeping.
  "Hi Alicia, is it time already?"
  "Well, I have packed up my stuff already.  Do you need help
with yours?"
  "Sure," said Renee.  "Let me shower real quick." Alicia started
gathering Renee's clothes while the latter showered.  They then
worked on the luggage together.
  "Tom and Mike were so much fun.  You weren't just saying we'd
get together with them again, were you?" asked Renee.
  "No, of course not!  I'd love to fuck them again!  I guess
we'll just have to come back here for Spring Break next year!"
  "Cool!  I can't wait!"
  "Actually, I can't either.  Why don't we drop by their store
before going to the airport, for a... let's say, `special'
  "Oooh!  That's even better!" exclaimed Renee. They finished
packing, checked out of the hotel, and headed to `Come Get Some.'
 They went in the store and pleasantly surprised their new sexual
  "Well, hello again!  It's been a short year, I guess," teased
  "Mmm, I wish!" said Alicia.  "We just wanted to say goodbye
again." Alicia went to Mike and gave him a big kiss, while Renee
and Tom embraced in a kiss of their own.  The four then traded
partners and exchanged more deep kisses.  Alicia and Tom then ran
off to the dressing booth, while Renee kneeled down, opened
Mike's pants, and pulled his hard penis out of his underwear to
suck on it.  Mike tried to keep his composure as a few customers
came in and out of the store.  No one could see Renee kneeling
behind the counter.  After his orgasm, Mike asked Renee:
  "Do you want to watch them again?  We have peepholes in the
dressing booth to watch girls.  Sometimes couples come in and do
it in there too!"
  "Oh, you naughty boys!  Sure, let's go!" Mike turned the
`Closed' door sign over, and then led Renee by the hand through
the back of the store to a dark room.  Small holes had been
drilled in the walls, and Renee noticed that the inside of the
booth was also visible through the air conditioning vent.  Renee
took her pants and underwear off, while Mike unbuttoned his
pants.  They watched as Tom was stroking Alicia on the bench in
the booth.  She was moaning softly, but was enjoying Tom's long
penis all over again.  Renee and Mike were pleasuring themselves
watching them, but soon started having sex together, checking on
the other two every few minutes.  Tom was now sitting on the
bench with Alicia on top of him.  She still had her shirt on, but
her jeans had been dropped on the floor the instant she and Tom
had entered the booth.  Tom then did her up the butt, and to her
surprise, it was not as painful as she had feared. Renee and Mike
got dressed and headed back to the store while Tom came in
Alicia's ass.  Mike fixed the door tag, while Alicia and Tom got
dressed.  The four exchanged hugs again and the girls headed out
to the airport.
  In the plane, Alicia and Renee talked about the fun week they
had spent in Florida.  A few days later, they went out together
and resumed the man hunting that they were used to.  However,
after the incredible experiences of their vacation, they felt
much closer to each other than they had before. 

(This story copyright 1995/1997/2010 by Scott McDonnell. Any resemblance with actual persons is
unintended and/or coincidental)