The Life of Alicia Spartling
by Scott McDonnell
A Feverotica Novel

Chapter IV.

    The summer was already in progress when she received a letter of
acceptance from Northwestern.  She was very excited and decided
to go out and celebrate, hopefully not alone.
At the dance club, she met a man who seemed to be a few years
older than she was; he may even have been out of college.  They
went to the parking lot and started kissing.  They headed to his
car and she lifted the bottom of her dress before going inside. 
He started giving her head but then started biting her privates,
harder and harder.  She started to complain, but he seemed to
keep on biting.  She reiterated her discomfort.  The man slapped
her cheek.  Alicia realized this man might be trying to rape her.
 She started panicking, and told him to start stroking her, or
she would walk away.  The man surprisingly accepted, and just
after he pulled down his pants, Alicia struck his testicles and
ran out of the car.  She then ran to her own vehicle and drove
away.  This experience had disturbed her a great deal.  She
decided that maybe she should be more selective in her choice of
men, and maybe stick to men her own age.
	That did not mean she would restrain her sexual activity.  Over
the next month, she got her hands on all sorts of young men, from
old classmates to mall store employees.

Alicia came out of the shower in a hurry.  Today was her first
day of attending Northwestern, and she did not want to be late. 
She put on pink panties, a light brown skirt, a beige blouse, and
brown shoes.  She quickly made up her face and ran down to eat
	She arrived at the campus in time for her first class.  She
recognized some friends from her high school.  She also noticed
some handsome men.  She hoped to get to know them soon.
	She made a new friend in her following class.  Her name was
Renee and she was from Cleveland.  She was very attractive and
had long curly brown hair.  She was about the same size and build
as Alicia.  Renee just happened to sit beside Alicia and the two
started talking while waiting for the class to start.  They
quickly made a connection and agreed to have lunch together.
	"So, Alicia, what are you in for?"
	"You mean, what am I going to study?  I'll be studying business,
then work at my father's company."
	"Well, it's good you have your future planned out."
	"No, I'm just lucky to have a great father.  What do you plan to
	"I'm studying art.  Sure, I'd like to become a great painter,
but I'm afraid I might have to settle for commercial design, or
	"Oh.  Well, I hope you get to do what you really want."
	"Thanks, Alicia.  That's nice of you to say."
	As they kept eating, Alicia noticed a young blonde man looking
at her.
	"Is he cute?" asked Renee, whose back was turned to him.
	"Well, he's all right, but I'm not in a picky mood today," she
said.  Renee tried to turn around without being too obvious.
	"Well, I wonder if he'll decide to come over and talk."	
	"I don't know.  I could go talk to him, I suppose."
	"Gee, Alicia.  You don't even know the guy."
	"Come on, Renee.  Have you never wanted to just do it?"
	"Well, okay...  I'll admit there are times I just want to find a
guy and tear his clothes off and just have wild sex with him... 
But how many times is that possible?"
	"As many times as
you want.  Men never mind having sex, Renee.  So I figure I
shouldn't either."
	"Wow!  I never thought I'd ever meet a woman who likes sex as
much as I do.  I thought I was the only one to think I can do
whatever I want with my body."
	"Renee, I think we're going to be great friends...."
	"Alicia, I think you're right."
	They finished eating and threw out their trash.  Renee asked
	"Are you in one of my classes tomorrow?"
	"Well, I have Math at ten thirty and English at twelve fifteen."
	"Apparently not.  I guess I'll see you Wednesday."
	"All right.  See you then."
	Renee went on while Alicia headed toward the young man's table.
His blonde hair was curly, he seemed to be slightly overweight,
and he was wearing a sweater and blue jeans.
	"Hello, there," said Alicia as she sat across from him.
	"Hi.  You look even prettier up close."
	"So you were looking at me!"
	"Sure I was!  Why deny it?  You're pretty, I'm a guy...  Guys
look at pretty girls.  You know that, don't you?"
	"Oh, you're a comedian, aren't you?"
	"I do what I can!  Anyway, my name is Larry.  What's yours?"
	"Alicia.  Where are you from?"
	"Milwaukee.  I'll get to go home fairly often."
	"Good for you.  So you live on campus?"
	"Yes, I sure do."
	"I am flattered you were looking at me.  In fact, it turned me
on.  Would you like to go and have sex in your room?"
	"Excuse me?  Did I just hear you say you wanted to have sex?"
	"With me?"
	"Yes," she pressed.
	"You're not putting me on, are you?"
	"No, I'm not.  But if you don't want to, I'm sure I can find
someone who will," she said, getting up.  She had walked ten feet
when he caught up with her.
	"You're going the wrong way!  My dorm's over there."
She smiled.

 	"My roommate's not here.  Great."
Alicia looked around the room.  It was rather small, and already
on this first day of classes, a smell of alcohol and dirty
clothes was permeating the air.
	Without saying a word, she sat him on the bed.  She leaned down
and kissed him.  She whispered to him to take off his shoes; she
did the same.  She took off her watch and dropped it in her
purse.  All the while, he took off his socks and his sweater. 
She unbuttoned her blouse: Larry's eyes widened at the sight of
her breasts.
	The blouse dropped on the floor, as did the skirt.  Larry was
pulling his jeans and briefs down.  Alicia smiled, seeing his
penis erecting.  She kneeled and sucked on it.  Larry was moaning
happily, while saying: "Oh...  This is great...  So great... 
ooh..."  He came, and Alicia of course said:  "Your turn."
	She stood still while Larry gave her head.  He was not very good
at it.  Nonetheless, Alicia was still turned on.
	Larry redeemed himself by stroking her.  His powerful stroke
gave her a couple of orgasms.  Once he was done, they lay
together.  He was somewhat tired.  Alicia doubted they could do
much more, but she felt fairly satisfied.  He excused himself to
take a shower.
	Alicia lazily stayed in bed.  The door opened, and a handsome
dark-haired man came in.
	"I'm sorry," he said, "I didn't know Larry had company."
	"That's all right.  Come on in.  It's your room."
	"I can let you get dressed."
	"Please, come in," she said.  He came in and put down his books
on his desk.
	"I'm Alicia," she said, sitting up, covering herself with the
sheet.  "I met Larry at lunch."
	"My name's Devon.  Would you like some privacy now?"
	"You can stay.  I can get dressed later."
They small talked for a few minutes.  He started being more
comfortable and Alicia then gave in to her wild side.
	"You want me, don't you?"
	"Uh, well, you are very attractive, but...."
	"Oh, come on," she interrupted him.  "You're jealous a guy like
Larry got to sleep with me, aren't you?"
	"Well, uh," he kept stuttering.
	"You don't have to be jealous, Devon.  You can do me, too," she
said, opening the sheet, showing him her body.  She sat up as he
came to her.  They kissed.  He gave her head.  Alicia felt the
excitement in his tongue.  She was starting to get off when...
	She heard the shower stop.  Devon stopped and sat on his bed. 
Alicia put the sheet on herself and pretended to sleep.  Larry
came in and blushed when he saw Devon.
	"It's okay," said Devon.  "She's asleep."
	"She's hot, isn't she?"
	"Yeah.  You're a lucky man," said Devon.  Alicia pretended to
wake up.
	"Oh.  Here you are, Larry.  Who's this?" she asked.
	"That's my roommate, Devon.  Devon, this is Alicia."
	"How are you?" he asked.
	"Quite fine, really," she said, smiling.
	"Would you like us to get out so you can get dressed?" asked
	"That's not necessary," she said, getting out of the bed and
putting on her clothes, shocking the two men with her lack of
shame.  She smiled at them on her way out, causing their already
erect organs to grow some more.
	"Man, I almost came," said Larry.
	"She's something, all right," said Devon.

	The next afternoon, Devon was alone in the room, thinking about
her.  He heard a knock on the door.  As he opened it, there she
was, wearing a black Peter Pan collar shirt and a matching swirl
	"Hi, Devon.  I thought we left things hanging yesterday, so to
speak," she said with a smile.
	"Right," Devon managed to say.  "Come on in."
	"I thought we'd pick up where we left off," she said, walking
into his arms.  She gave him a kiss.  She then walked into the
middle of the room.  Devon locked the door.  She took off her
shirt.  He walked toward her, picked her up in his arms, and
kissed her breasts, while she leaned down and kissed his head.
	He put her on the bed and undressed.  He then slid her skirt off
and could not believe she had no underwear on.  He began licking
her wet vagina as he had the day before.  Alicia was breathing
faster as she neared the orgasm.
	After she came, Devon climbed on top of her started stroking
her.  While it was not as powerful as Larry's, his stroke was
quite pleasant.  He pulled out before he came.  Alicia rushed to
Devon's member and swallowed the sperm.  She also kept sucking to
restore his erection.
	She taught him to "doggy style."  He was slow at first, but
enjoyed it more as he sped up.  She got on top after a while and
noticed the beds were not so comfortable, which made it tougher
for her to push herself down on his organ.
	They talked as they lay beside each other.
	"You're the most incredible girl I've ever met, Alicia."
	"Thanks, Dev.  You were fun, too."
	"It's not just the sex.  I just love how you just got up and
dressed yesterday."
	"I didn't mean to startle you guys."
	"Could I take you to dinner?"
	"Mmm, maybe.  Are you gonna give me sex after?  I don't want to
go out to eat and get no dessert!"
	"Oh, I sure will, Alicia."
	"Okay, then.  Let's do dinner sometime.  Just don't think I'm
gonna be your girlfriend though."
	"No?  Would that be really all that bad?"
	"Devon, you seem to be a sweet guy, but I don't want a
boyfriend.  But if you can handle just having sex with me, then
we can get together every now and then."
	"Let me get this.  You'll have sex with me but I don't have to
have a relationship with you?"
	"Right on, honey.  Can you deal with that?"
	"What man wouldn't?  You're giving me a dream deal here!"
	"As long as you understand that we won't be exclusive..."
She got up and slipped on the skirt and shirt.  She blew him a
kiss goodbye and left.

	The following week, Renee invited Alicia over to her apartment.
The two girls talked, giggled and watched television for a while,
until Renee said:
	"Hey, do you want to go get a tan?  We can get to the roof from
here, I've been up there quite a few times since I moved in... 
It's still pretty warm, even for early fall!"
	"That's why you have this great tan!  I was wondering how you
got it!"
	"I'll be right back," said Renee, before she got up to go to her
bedroom.  She came out in a bright blue bikini, and said:
	"I left a suit out for you in my room, go ahead and change, I'll
wait for you."
Alicia went in the bedroom, and took her clothes off, then almost
gasped when she saw the suit: it was a bikini, too!  `Damn,' she
thought to herself, `what am I gonna do?'  She put on the briefs,
then tried to fit the top around her breasts, but before even
clasping it in her back, she felt that same discomfort she had
felt every time she had tried to put on a bra.  `Oh, well...' she
	"Are you okay?" asked Renee through the door.
	"Yes, I'll be right out," said Alicia while wrapping a towel
around her.  She came out, wondering what Renee would think.
	"Oh, good idea, Alicia!  I'll get a towel, too."
Renee went back into the room, got a towel, then led Alicia out
the door, to the stairwell and then the roof.  Renee put her
towel down and lay on it.  Alicia did the same, shortly
	"Whoa," said Renee.  "You didn't want the top?"
	"Well, it's not a question of not wanting...  Gosh, I hope I'm
not gonna sound weird or anything...  I actually can't wear a
	"Every single one I've tried on is uncomfortable, and it's the
same with bikinis..."
	"Wow...  Well that's not that weird, Alicia.  I don't wear my
bra all the time, especially if I'm out chasing guys..."
	"You really don't think I'm weird?"
	"No, why would I?  Besides, you get less tan lines that way! 
What the hell, I'm game!"
Renee then surprised Alicia by taking off her own top.  Renee's
breasts were not as big as Alicia's.  They were also less perky.
Alicia instantly thought of Lucinda's breasts.
The two girls lay down on their towels and kept talking to each
other.  The conversation quickly turned to sex.
	"So what position do you like best?" asked Renee.
	"Mmm, hard to say.  It's all fun for me," answered Alicia.
	"I know what you mean.  If I had to pick one, it would be
`doggy-style.'  Although I like being on top a lot too!"
	"Yeah, I like being on top myself.  My high school sweetheart
showed me that one...  Actually he showed me a lot of things..."
	"Oooh, tell me more..." said Renee.
	"Well, he was the first I had anal sex with, and doggy-style
	"Wow...  What happened between you too?"
	"After a wonderful night of lovemaking after graduation, he
	"Oh, my God, Alicia, I'm sorry."
	"Don't worry about it, Renee.  I've gotten over it weeks ago. 
In fact, it's just as well, otherwise I wouldn't even be going to
Northwestern now."
	"Yeah, he and I had plans to go to U of I together.  You and I
wouldn't have gotten to know each other if he was still around."
	"Still, it sounds like you had the time of your life with that
	"Yes, Johnny was incredible.  All the things we did..." she
sighed, before telling Renee of the prom night, and other fun
times with her high school lover.
	"Wow!" exclaimed Renee.  "That sure sounds fun!  My boyfriend
wasn't this adventurous!  In fact, that's why I started cheating
on him..."
	"Oh?  How come?"
	"Well, Tony and I lost our virginity together, and that was
really wonderful.  But after a while, we just kinda played
around, and the sex got boring.  And then, I met this guy at a
club, and he just took me...  Gosh, that was so much fun...  That
night I realized how different love and sex were, `cause I still
loved Tony, but my pussy was crying for the kind of attention
that guy at the club gave it.  I never asked his name, but we
went back in his pickup truck and had so much fun..."
	"Mmm, you're just gonna have to tell me more, now..."
	"Oh, you bet!  He pulled my tank top down, and devoured my
breasts...  Then, oh God, the oral sex he gave me...  I was so
glad I hadn't put on any panties...  And then he grabbed me by
the neck and pushed me down on his dick!  I thought he was too
rough for a second, but I got so turned on, I didn't mind
somehow...  I sucked his dick and made him so hard, I begged him
to fuck me...  and he did... so hard...  Oh God, Alicia, I'm
getting wet just remembering that..."
	"Are you kidding, or...?" asked Alicia, noticing Renee had been
caressing the inside of her thighs.
	"Nuh, uh...  I'm really horny now..." she said, caressing her
bikini briefs.  "Anyway, it was a really fun night," she
finished, collecting herself.  "I straddled him and played with
him some more, then we never saw each other again."
	"Wow," said Alicia.  "Did your boyfriend ever find out?"
	"No, we broke up a few weeks later.  I told him that we could
still date and stuff, but I wanted to be able to go out with
other guys too.  He didn't want things that way, so we split."
	"Oh, I'm sorry."
	"I wasn't.  He was a sweet guy and everything, but I
figured--and still think--that I wanna have fun while I'm
	"I agree," said Alicia.
They shared more stories of their sexual adventures, including
how they lost their virginity.  By the time they were done, they
knew more about each other than they had known about anyone else.
 After getting dressed, they gave each other a hug, and decided
to make plans to get together.
	That Friday, Alicia picked up Renee at her apartment, and the
two drove off for a night on the town.  The two young vixens
found men to their liking, and Alicia dropped Renee and her man
off at the apartment, then drove to her own temporary lover's
house.  The two shared stories the next day.
	Renee and Alicia kept going out together, unless either had
advance plans for a date, or was going through her period.  Their
friendship was also growing, as they would get together for going
shopping, or going to movies and concerts.
	One afternoon, Alicia got out of class early after a test, and
decided to drop in on Renee.  She drove to the apartment, and
knocked on the door.  She was quite surprised by what she found.
	"Come on in Alicia, I didn't expect you..." Renee was completely
naked, except for her panties.
	"Well, hello there.  Doing laundry?"
	"Oh, sorry!  I guess I never got to tell you, and the other
times you've been here I was already dressed or you dropped me
off!  I am almost always in the nude."
	"Really?  Why?"
	"I just like to not have any clothes on.  I've always been that
way.  When I was a little girl, I'd get naked all the time too,"
she giggled.  "As I grew up, I found I still liked being naked,
so anytime I was alone in the house, like after school, I'd take
off my clothes and do everything naked, my homework, making my
bed...  Most of the time now, I come home from school, get naked
and take a bath, and I stay naked for the rest of the day, unless
I expect company.  Although I get naughty and invite guys over
sometimes...  They don't really mind what they get to see
though!" she said, laughing.
	"Well, you know, if that's what floats your boat, it's okay with
	"Really?  My friend in high school never understood that.  In
fact, I often wondered why she was friends with me at all."
	"Oh?" asked Alicia.
	"Yeah, she and I hung out together, but I could never really
talk about sex with her or anything.  By the way, that's
something about you that's really cool, Alicia, I really
appreciate that we can talk freely about sex and our fantasies
and stuff..."
	"I like that too.  I always thought it was just me, and that I
was weird or something."
	"I felt that way too!  Man, it's so nice to know there's people
like me out there, like us."
	"I agree," said Alicia, before they hugged.  "You know what, I'm
gonna get naked too," she said, taking off her clothes.  They
spent the rest of the day talking.
Alicia and Renee would occasionally repeat this exercise,
spending days naked together.

Alicia did not limit her sexual outings to the times out with
Renee.  As the quarter went on, other men entered Alicia's life.
Some, campus dwellers, others, commuters.  They were all
students, however.  As much as she enjoyed sex, she refused to
get mixed up with a teacher or a staff person.  The power
struggle that could ensue was just not worth it.  Despite her
sexual activity, her grades came out very well.
	She actually took a break from men during Christmas break,
catching up on sleep and reading, but called Renee in Cleveland a
couple of times.  Renee was still having sex, even during the
break, but did miss having Alicia around to talk to.
	They were especially happy to reunite when the winter quarter
started.  They were taking one of the general interest classes
together to fulfill a school requirement.  They made friends with
a Senior who had been procrastinating about the same requirement,
and was finally taking this class so that he could graduate.  His
name was Andy Jenkins.  The three decided to get together as a
study group, and as their sessions went on, the girls could not
help but be attracted to that smart young man.  He was pretty
easy on their eyes as well.  One evening, while waiting for his
arrival, Alicia and Renee started talking.
	"Okay, I can't wait anymore.  I really want to do him,"
confessed Alicia.
	"No kidding?  I couldn't tell with all the signals you sent him
last week!" said Renee, sarcastically.
	"I'm sorry, you know how horny I get."
	"I do, but we've kept to our regular schedule of men almost
every weekend.  Why do you want to fuck Andy so bad?"
	"Because he's not like those guys we pick up on Fridays,"
explained Alicia.  "He's sweet, funny, cute..."
	"Alicia Spartling!  Are you falling in love?"
	"No, no, no!" exclaimed Alicia.  "But I am seriously attracted
to him.  And since he couldn't even pick up on my signals last
time, I bet he doesn't have a girlfriend...  But he sure deserves
	"You have a heart of gold, Alicia.  What's worse, I agree with
you.  Andy deserves a good fuck."
	"Well, how about you give us some time alone tonight?  I know
it's hard, this being your apartment and all..."
	"Mmm, let me think.  I could run to the store for some errand
and take extra long.  I can read some magazines or something."
	"Wow, you don't have to go that far.  I was thinking more like
you could just stay in the bathroom extra long, or go to bed
	"What, so he can think I have digestive problems, or that I
can't handle staying up?  Nuh-uh, gorgeous.  What if I want to
have him later?  I don't want to make a bad impression now."
	"Oooh, really?" asked Alicia, curious.  "You have your sights
set on him too?"
	"Maybe," responded Renee, with a smile.
	"Do you want me to back off, then?  I won't mind, for you."
	"No, go ahead and seduce him first.  If he's no good, you can
warn me that way."
	"Oh, I see how you are," said Alicia before the bell rang.  Andy
had arrived, and their discussion had to come to an end.
	"What about `time alone'?" whispered Alicia.
	"We'll see," said Renee.
Renee let Andy in, and the three students went over that week's
class material.  Alicia and Renee loved to listen to Andy explain
things to them.  They would both even pretend to have difficulty
with certain topics just to get him to talk some more.  They
really loved the sound of his gentle, clear voice.
	At about ten o'clock, Renee stood up and walked to her fridge to
get a drink.
	"Oh-oh!" she exclaimed.  "Would you guys mind if I ran to the
grocery store real quick?  I'm really low on milk and I can't
start my day without cereal..."
	"Sure, go ahead," said Andy.  "We still have quite a bit to
With Andy's back to her, Renee winked at Alicia, and mouthed:
`Have fun.'  Alicia smiled, realizing she was stepping out to
give her a chance to seduce Andy.
	Renee headed out to the grocery store on the street corner.  She
was not really out of milk as she had claimed, but she figured
she would have to get it or else she would look suspicious.  She
also had something else in mind.
	Back at the apartment, Alicia and Andy were still going through
their notes, although the only thing Alicia was trying to figure
out was how to seduce him.  She saw him rubbing his shoulder, and
immediately thought of something.  She stood, and walked to sit
behind him.
	"Would you like a backrub?" she asked, before going ahead with
it, without waiting for an answer.
	"Ooh, that does feel good, Alicia," he said.
	"It sure does," she replied, appreciating the feeling of his
skin.  "You really ought to take your shirt off," she said,
trying not to snicker.
	"Ahem, are you sure?" asked Andy.
	"Yes, I'll be able to massage your whole back that way."
He took off his shirt, and Alicia resumed rubbing.  She was
already getting wet.  She then threw caution to the wind: she
started kissing his back.  She made her way back to his neck,
then turned his head, and kissed his lips.  He kissed back, and
she realized that her seduction was going quite well.
	Renee walked over to the dairy section, in the corner of the
store.  She kept looking around, and smiled when she saw what she
came for.
	"Hi there!" she said, waving at one of the store employees.
	"Hey gorgeous," said the man with the name `Roger' on his coat.
"What'cha doin' here so late?"
	"I'm on a study break.  I was hoping to see you actually."
	"You're mighty nice, sweetie.  What's your name again?"
	"Renee, remember?"
	"Ah yeah!  I remember now."
	"You know, I've been thinking about your proposal from the other
day.  Are you still offering?"
	"You bet I am!"
	"Cool!  Let's go!"
He took her by the hand and led her to the office area.  He
opened the door of an office with his key, and closed it after
she went in the room.  He locked the door back, and they started
kissing.  Renee then broke the kiss, stepping back to take off
her jeans and panties.  She then got on all fours, inviting Roger
to take her from behind.  He unzipped his pants, lowered them and
his briefs, and started stroking her.
	Alicia had taken her shirt off, and was letting Andy kiss and
lick her breasts.  His tongue felt good, but she could not wait
to take him in.  She got up, took off the rest of her clothes,
and helped Andy out of his.  She lay back on the couch, and
spread her legs as he inserted himself in her.  She squeezed his
buttocks as he stroked her increasingly faster.  She moaned
louder as the orgasm came over her.  She then pushed him off, and
turned around, sticking his member in her ass.
	"I've never done anal before," said Andy.
	"It's okay, you'll like it," replied Alicia.
And indeed, he did.  Helped by how wet his organ had gotten from
the vaginal intercourse, he stroked her butt easily, and started
enjoying himself.  So much so that he came in her, giving Alicia
an orgasm of her own.  She was so excited that she had not even
needed to rub her clitoris.
	Back at the store, Renee was now on top of Roger, her feet set
on the floor so that she could push against them, and get him
deeper inside of her.  She felt really excited by this naughty
adventure, realizing how liberating Alicia's influence was over
her.  `This is something she would do!' she thought to herself. 
She was looking forward to more such encounters.  She collected
her orgasm, then sucked on him to give him his.  She then got
dressed and left.
	Andy and Alicia were getting dressed when Alicia noticed Renee
down on the street.  She rushed to the bathroom to finish up,
urging Andy to hurry up.  He was finishing his belt as the locks
turned, signaling Renee's return.
	Renee came in, and put the milk that she had indeed bought in
the refrigerator.  She then asked Andy:
	"Where's Alicia?"
	"She's in the bathroom."
Alicia stepped out at that moment.
	"Hey, you're back!" she exclaimed.
	"Is everything okay?" asked Renee.
	"Yes, of course," said Alicia, winking.  Renee smiled.
They studied for a while longer, and then Andy went home.  They
waited to see him walking down the street before hopping on the
	"So, how was he?" asked Renee.
	"Oh, he was so good," answered Alicia.  "Much better than I
thought.  He has a really nice body, actually, you just wouldn't
know it from those baggy clothes."
	"How about his dick?"
	"Nice and hard, baby, nice and hard.  Not overly big, but really
nice.  I can't thank you enough for giving us some privacy.  I
hope you weren't too bored."
	"Oh, I wasn't, trust me.  I found a nice way to occupy
	"Mmm, that sounds like a sexy way to me!  Tell me more?"
	"Okay!  I met this guy at the grocery store a few days ago, and
he pretty much hit on me right off!  But I didn't mind.  Then he
asked if I wanted to `go in the back' with him, and I just wasn't
ready then.  But I was tonight."
	"Wow!  Was he good?"
	"Yeah, he took me back into an office, and we did it on the
floor.  Some doggy, some me on top, and I blew him to finish. 
His cum tasted awful, though, I'll be sure not to do that again."
They laughed and exchanged more details of their newest sexual
adventures.  Alicia finally went home just before midnight.

The winter quarter still going, the two young women would still
get together to chase men.  Renee was a little pickier than
Alicia, which sometimes caused her to find herself empty-handed
while Alicia caught a man to play with.  Alicia would actually
let Renee have him after she was done.  One night, they even
traded lovers, and laughed about it on the way to Renee's
	"Wow!  I never thought I'd get to do something like that!"
exclaimed Renee.
	"Oh, Renee, that was so much fun...  Which one did you like the
best?" asked Alicia.
	"I don't know...  They were both so good...  and so big!"
	"Mmmm, yes, we got so lucky to get such nicely hung guys!"
	"Thanks for introducing them to me, Alicia."
	"It's my pleasure.  Literally," she said, as they laughed.  "You
know what would be even more fun?"
	"No, tell me..."
	"Spring Break is coming up, imagine all the guys we could go
	"All those men, all that time...  Yummy!"
	"Is there a place you'd like to go?"
	"Well, I've never been to the beach."
	"Really?  My dad owns a hotel down in Florida.  We could get a
couple of rooms for free and save up for clubs and parties!"
	"Wow!  That would be really fun.  I'm not sure whether I can
afford the plane trip though."
	"Hey, that's okay, I can help you with that."
	"You would do that?"
	"Renee, you're my best friend.  Of course I would do that."
	"Thanks Alicia.  I don't know what to say.  I really enjoy your
friendship too."
They hugged, and started looking forward to their vacation.

(This story copyright 1995/1997/2008 by Scott McDonnell. Any resemblance with actual persons is
unintended and/or coincidental)