Phil’s New Family

What a Christmas present. I stood in my doorway watching as a
black van pulled up and the doors opened. The first person to
appear was the social worker I had been talking to for the last
week, Ms. Anderson. She looked fairly slim and severe in a grey
jacket and skirt. The next was the driver, who opened the sliding
door. Then out stepped my brother's last Christmas gift to me,
his five daughters.

Actually only four of them stepped out; the driver helped the
fifth into a wheel chair. She had badly broken her leg 2 weeks
earlier and was still in a full cast.

I say that this was my brother's last gift to me because he,
along with his wife, was dead. He had killed her and her brother
before killing himself.

The story started 15 years before when Bill’s girlfriend came up
pregnant and he married her. I was best man at the wedding, and
when I became an uncle 7 months later I thought that things could
work out pretty well for them.

Bill's wife proceeded to deliver another baby every 10 to 11
months till there were five girls in my brother/s house.
Unfortunately they were the five ugliest girls I had ever seen.
They each had large foreheads, close-set eyes, a too wide mouth,
a short almost piggish nose and a broad chin. They were all also
built like bowling pins. No tits or shoulders and a fat ass and
short bowed legs. It was amazing that they all looked alike, but
looked nothing like Bill, and very little like his wife.

The family did all right for a while, and Bill really seemed to
love his girls and wife. But then the oldest, Sandra, was hit by
a car and her leg was broken. She lost a lot of blood and needed
plasma, so naturally Bill offered to donate. Imagine his surprise
when he found out that he wasn't a match. The blood test showed
that he was not Sandra's biological father. He didn't say
anything to his wife just yet. He had blood work done on the
other girls first.

When he found out that he was not the father of any of them, he
wanted to know who was.

The next weekend, when he was supposed to be out of town, he
caught his wife in bed with her brother. Suddenly it all became
clear, why they all looked alike, and why they were all so ugly.
They were the product of incest, and probably not the first
generation. His wife had only married him so that she could
legally have her brother's children. Bill got out his shotgun and
made a short recording of what he was going to do, and named me
as his sole remaining relative.

That's why I was standing out on my porch the day after Christmas
wondering how I had gotten "so lucky".

My brother and I hadn't really been very close, and I hadn't had
much contact with him or his family since he had moved away from
home years before.

I had stayed at home, and when our parents passed I got the house
and property. Bill hadn't wanted any part of it; he had hated the
chores of a country home.

I had a furniture refinishing business that I operated from the
old barn and had no real money problems. I wasn't rich, but I did
okay. I should be able to care for the girls, but I didn't even
know them and had no idea of how to raise five girls ranging from
15 to 11. I wasn't even sure of their names.

The lady from social services pushed the wheelchair up to the
stairs and I went down to help get the chair up and into the
house. The other four girls followed us in and Mrs. Anderson
introduced them in descending order.
The oldest was Sandra, and then came Debra, Barbara, Rebecca, and
finally 11-year-old Carla.

I had had very little contact with the girls, as my brother moved
away shortly before Sandra was born, and they obviously did not
remember me.

Ms. Anderson told me that she would be available if I needed help
with anything and wishing us all luck she and the driver climbed
back into the black van and left.

When I closed the door behind her the girls all huddled together
and started to cry.

I didn't know what to do, so I just sat down on the couch and
held out my arms, "come here kids, I think I need a hug."

They all looked at me with a very odd expression, somewhere
between fear and wonder.

"Come on now, I won't bite, and Debra, please push Sandra over
here too."

That seemed to break the ice, and pretty soon I was buried in a
group hug with five young girls. As long as I closed my eyes it
felt pretty good.
They were all still teary and then Carla spoke up, "Uncle Phil, I
need to use the restroom. Where is it please?"

"Come on, I'll show you the closest one, and after you are done
I'll show you all around the house and where your rooms are so
you can take your things up." The driver had piled a stack of
bags just inside the front door.

My house was an old country farmhouse with four bedrooms, so I
figured on Sandra having her own room and the others sharing the
other two however they pleased. The problem at the moment was
that Sandra couldn't get upstairs unless I carried her, so I did.
In fact I carried her all around the house as I showed them their
new home.

The first real difficulty appeared pretty quickly. Sandra needed
to go to the bathroom as well, and she needed help. Debra was
going to help her on the pot after I put her down, but she wasn’t
strong enough and I had to do the deed. I tried hard not to peek,
but as I was helping her back into her panties I couldn’t help
but see more than I should have. I don't know who was more
embarrassed, her or me, but at some point the humor of the
situation became apparent and as she started to giggle, I broke
up. I can tell you that I noticed that however homely she was,
Sandra's pussy was just as pretty as any I had ever seen.

After that things got a little smoother and the six of us settled
into our new life together. The girls were thrilled with their
rooms; they had all bunked together in my brother’s house. I had
been shopping before they showed up and gotten new beds and
linens for them. They each had their own wardrobe and foot locker
as well.

Things weren't always easy, but we managed okay. After intensive
safety training, the girls were allowed into my refinishing shop,
and they took turns helping me after school. The four not with me
would take care of the house and cooking and each other. We
established early on that I was not going to be very useful when
it came to taking care of 5 teenage girls but that I was nice to
have around to pay the bills and provide affection when needed.

Sandra healed well, and after a few months she and Debra took
over the duties of mother to the other three. There were
surprisingly few disagreements or fights between the sisters, and
I never had to enforce any discipline. My biggest job was to hold
them when they started missing their folks.

I found that I quickly got accustomed to their looks and that I
no longer even noticed it. I was also getting very fond of these
girls. They may have looked just alike, but each was her own
person, with her own talents, likes, and dislikes. One thing they
had in common though was a dislike of being out in public. The
kids at their school had a name for them, the ‘fugly family’. Too
ugly to fuck was the meaning. I never told the girls that but I
think Sandra and Debra both figured it out.

Four months after they moved in it was getting very hot in South
Carolina and I suggested that we go to the beach that weekend.
All five girls yelled “NO!!” Debra spoke up and said that the
only time they had tried to go to the beach two years before with
their dad everyone was pointing at them and laughing. They
weren't going to do that again.

"But swimming is so much fun," I said.

"None of us knows how to swim," said Debra.

"Well that is a situation which needs to be taken care of," I
said. "Besides being so much fun, swimming is a skill which you
need to have to be safe near water. I will have to think of a
way, but you will all learn to swim."

The next day I called a company who sold and installed
aboveground pools. I would have preferred an in-ground pool, but
I didn't want to wait that long or spend that much. They told me
they would have their contractor out the next day to evaluate
which pool would be practical and what the costs and timeline
would be. I wanted the largest pool they had, but it had to have
a shallow area the girls could learn in without fear. This was
accomplished with a rather large insert placed in one end of the
pool. The contractor said that if I ever wanted it removed, they
could do it very quickly with a crane. I also wanted a full
surround deck and privacy fence to include a large hot tub and
Jacuzzi. If the girls wouldn't go to the beach, I wanted them to
be able to have as much fun as possible at home.

We were all set the next weekend, and lessons could begin. I
didn't think I would have many problems with teaching them to
swim; I had spent two summers trying to attract girls as a
lifeguard at a local lake and was well qualified to give lessons.
The only fly in the ointment was when I tried to take them to the
mall to buy swimsuits. They adamantly refused. Rebecca spoke for
the group this time saying that buying swimsuits was a waste of
money. There would never be anyone here but us and besides; no
one made suits that would fit any of them. They could just swim
in their underwear.

This is why Saturday morning I was standing in the shallow end of
the new pool looking up on the deck at five teenage girls
standing there in white cotton bras and panties and nothing else.
I had them all enter the pool and showed them that even the
shortest, Carla, could stand without her head being under water.
I then took Sandra and showed her how to float by supporting her
under her back as she stretched out. That is when we realized
that cotton becomes transparent, as it gets wet. I was suddenly
standing there looking at two very prominent nipples sticking out
from the cool water and as I moved my gaze down and there was a
dark patch of hair and two pouty lips showing plainly.

I immediately got very hard and stepped back in shock. Poor
Sandra was suddenly dropped underwater and panicked. She forgot
that all she had to do was stand up; she was trying to swim and
not doing well. I quickly stepped back in and grabbed her and
lifted her up to the edge of the pool. This made it worse as I
was left staring directly into her pussy as she sat on the edge
of the pool trying to catch her breath.

"Uncle Phil can see your boobs and cunny Sandra,” said Barbara.

Then Debra exclaimed, "He can see all of our boobs and cunnies,
we may as well be naked."

"Okay," said Rebecca as she took off her bra and threw it onto
the deck. Her panties followed along with the clothes of the rest
of the girls’. Sandra removed her bra and threw it with the rest.

"How about you, Uncle Phil?" Debra asked, "Are you going to get
naked too?"

"I don't think that that is such a good idea," I said, knowing
what was still growing in my trunks. I was so hard it was
starting to hurt.

"Uncle Phil," said Sandra as she put her legs together and pulled
her panties down, "if you don't take your trunks off and join us
in the pool in the nude, then we are going into the house and
we'll never come out here again."

I looked up at Sandra "Are you sure you and your sisters are
ready for this?"

"We saw mommy and uncle Bob a lot Uncle Phil, they didn't care
what they did or where. It was almost as if they wanted us to see
them when they had sex. All of us know what a penis looks like
and what to do with it."

"Did he ever touch any of you?"

"No, but I think momma was going to let him soon."

"Well you don't have to worry about that any more."

"I was kind of looking forward to it." Sandra said softly


"Look at us Uncle Phil, how else are any of us going to get

I really didn’t have anything to say to this. I didn’t want to
give false hope, and there was no way to say that they would find
someone to love. The number of men who would be able to look
beyond their exteriors and see the beauty within them was very
small, and most of them were already in a relationship. All I did
do was to reach down and remove my trunks.  I then walked over to
the steps and got out of the pool.

“Okay girls, time for a conference. Everybody grab a chair and
let’s talk.”

They quickly swarmed to the ladder and got out. We arranged six
of the chairs in a circle and sat down.

“First off, Sandra says that you all have seen a penis before. I
hope that you aren’t shocked to see that I have an erection. I
can’t control myself enough to keep that from happening until I
get used to being surrounded by so many naked girls.  It will go
away after a while so please be patient with me.”

“Secondly, you realize that if this is to be a nude swimming pool
that anyone who you invite to play here will also have to be
nude. I won’t have some horny young buck ogling your sisters
without being on display himself.”

“That won’t be a problem Uncle Phil; there aren’t any boys who
would want to come over here with us.” Debra said.

“Maybe not now; but no one knows what the future holds. At least
we don’t have to decide right now. What we do have to do right
now is get the awkwardness over so the swimming lessons can
continue. I still want you all to learn to swim.”

“Do you think our titties and pussies are pretty Uncle Phil?”

Much to my surprise Barbara came up with this statement; she had
always been the quietest of the bunch.

“I think that I have already shown that I do dear. My last
girlfriend wouldn’t even make love in a lit room. I never saw her
naked, now I have all of you out here in the sunshine and I am

There they were in front of me with their legs not crossed or
spread, just casually open, and their tits sitting pretty. From
Carla’s barely protruding nipples to Sandra’s Otis Spunkmeyer
sized muffins they all looked very good to a guy who had only
seen four pair in person before.	

This was all beside the point and I was intent on continuing the
swimming lesson. I stood up and told them that it was time to go
back into the pool. As they were moving away, Sandra came over to
me and asked, “Did you drop me because you couldn’t stand to look
at me Uncle Phil?”

“Not at all dear, I dropped you because I suddenly realized that
I had a naked little girl in my hands and I’m not supposed to
have the kind of feelings toward you that I did at that moment.”

“You mean that I gave you that erection? You got it from looking
at me?”

“Yes, but it’s not right, I am your legal guardian; I’m supposed
to protect you from these kind of situations.”

“Well don’t protect us too much Uncle Phil, or we won’t have any
fun at all.”

The lessons then proceeded apace. The only problem was that the
girls all thought that the most fun thing was to see my hardon
and to try to make it harder. Titties and butts were constantly
nudging me and several times my dick was flagrantly squeezed and
fondled.  The last straw was when I surfaced at the side of the
pool and Debra promptly sat down with her legs on either side of
my head. Her pussy with its very few pubic hairs was no more than
3 inches from my face.

I broke; I couldn’t take it any more. My hands reached out and
gathered in two delectable ass cheeks and pulled her pretty
little cunt right to my mouth and I licked it. The first thing I
tasted was the chlorine from the pool, but then her juices
started and I drank in nectar. God she tasted good.

I felt someone move up behind me and press into my back. Then a
hand reached around me and grabbed my stiff cock. I lifted my
face from the crotch of a groaning Debra, “Hello Sandra.”

“How did you know it was me Uncle Phil?”

“The size of the tits in the middle of my back told me.”

“What’cha doin’ Uncle Phil?”

“I’m eating your sister’s pussy, do you mind?”

“Not if you’ll do me next.”

Suddenly the rest of the clan erupted into out roar.

“Hey; what about us?” “What is Uncle Phil doing to Debra?” “I
want that!” “Me too.”

I had to speak up, “I can’t do you all; my tongue would fall

“Well what can we do?”	

“Why don’t you do each other, you don’t need to be a guy to lick

“How do we do it, we don’t know what to do.”

“I’ll demonstrate, get down Debra, you’ve had your turn and now
you get to eat Rebecca. Sandra, you get up here in front of me.
Carla, you get up beside her and Barbara will eat you.”

After the girls were all in position I moved between Sandra’s
legs and pointed out the good parts to Debra and Barbara. I
showed them how to lick around the pussy lips and up to the clit.
Pretty soon there was nothing but the sounds of wet sloppy
licking and moans and groans. I got busy showing Sandra just how
good it could feel to be eaten. Her pussy was sweet and
responsive. Every time I licked up to her clit she jumped her
butt a couple of inches off the deck. The hair on her mons
tickled my nose as I sucked on her clit and her juices just kept

 I lifted my head up. “Now if the person licking you seems to
miss the areas you think are important, don’t hesitate to talk to
them and make suggestions. After all, you are going to be doing
them next, and if they want you to do your best, then they will
want to do it too.”

I put my face back between Sandra’s legs and dove into the
sweetest cunt I had ever tasted, with the possible exception of
Debra. I pushed her back a bit so that I could get to her taint
and anus. I licked to her asshole and tried to push my tongue
into it. As I was doing this my nose was pressing against her
clit. Sandra was gasping and shuddering with a nice little orgasm
and every time I pushed into her anus she peaked again. After
what seemed forever but was probably only 30 seconds she pushed
me away from her pussy.

“Enough Uncle Phil, now it’s your turn; I want to give you a blow
job. I’ve heard about it and can’t wait to give it a try. Later
on we can do more; I want you to teach me all about sex and

“What? No way, you are too young for that. I could get in so much
trouble and you would all be orphans again while I was in jail.”

“No one would have to know Uncle Phil, we certainly wouldn’t tell
anyone. I love you and want you to be my first, maybe my only,

“But you are so young, “

“You are repeating yourself Uncle Phil. Most of us could get
married in West Virginia. I am not too young for you to fuck
Uncle Phil.”

I was losing the argument. I wasn’t losing it to Sandra, but to
my dick. It wanted a cherry and it didn’t care how old it was or
that I was supposed to be protecting them from dicks. It also
didn’t help that as we were talking Sandra had slipped back down
into the pool and I was now seated on the edge. She had moved
between my legs and was examining my cock intently. Her hand was
grasping it and holding it up and slowly moving up and down
stroking me. Debra and Barbara were watching intently as Sandra
licked and kissed the end of my cock. I knew that I was going to
lose this argument with Sandra, and I wasn’t too sure that I
minded, but I was going to put in some conditions.

“I can’t do anything until I get some condoms. If you turn up
pregnant I’m on my way to jail. “

“Then go get some, you are going to have sex with me tonight. “

“And what about everyone else?”

“They are going to watch. They would all probably like for you to
make love to them too, but they are going to have to wait, I

Debra spoke up then, “I’m 15 in 2 months Uncle Phil. Will you
take my cherry then?”

I couldn’t say anything for a few minutes because Sandra started
licking and sucking me like a pro. She would take as much as she
could into her mouth then apply suction while moving her hand up
and down what was left out. Her other hand cradled and massaged
my nut sack. It didn’t take long for me to get to the point of no
return. I tried to warn her that I was cumming, but my dick beat
me to it. She had just pulled her face away when the first blast
came out; it hit her right in the forehead. She yelped and moved
her head to the side so that the next blast went over her
shoulder. All the girls sighed and made cooing sounds as the
orgasm died away and my once rampant dick subsided for the first
time since I had seen Sandra’s pussy.

I thanked Sandra profusely, and finally answered Debra. “We’ll
talk about it when the time comes dear, I don’t want to make any
promises this early.” Then I got up and went to get my trunks and
put them on. I went into the house and got dressed to go out and
get some rubbers. I would have to have a knife fight with my
conscience, but I already knew which side would win.

I took longer than I probably should have; partly because I was
having second thoughts and partly because I didn’t want to shop
anywhere that I would be known. Everybody that knew me knew that
I didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment and I didn’t want to
give them any ideas about why I would need such a large amount of
condoms, because I was buying a large box. I knew that once I
started screwing my niece, I wouldn’t want to stop any time soon.

When I got back to the house I found all the girls in the family
room. They had put a mattress on the floor and Sandra was lying
on it covered by a sheet, the others were still naked.

“Come on in Uncle Phil, and take your clothes off,” Debra said.

“What is going on here?”

“We have decided that the first time for each of us will be with
everyone watching. After that it may be private, but we also
don’t want to have locked doors at any time. We share everything
with each other and that includes joy, especially joy. “

I hadn’t expected anything like this and I didn’t know how I was
going to manage. I had always been a very modest and easily
embarrassed individual.  I wasn’t sure if I could perform under
the circumstances. Debra knelt down and undid my zipper, pulling
my cock out and immediately putting me into her mouth. While she
was doing this Carla and Barbara were taking my clothes off and
Rebecca was kneeling between Sandra’s legs licking her pussy to
prepare her for me. Carla was licking one of Sandra’s tits and
massaging the other. Barbara was taking my shirt off while Debra
sucked on my dick.

I reached into the bag and removed one of the rubbers. I opened
if and showed Debra how to put it on me.

Rebecca moved out of the way as I knelt between Sandra’s legs. I
put one hand on each knee and asked “are you sure you want to do

“More than anything else I’ve ever done Uncle Phil. I love you
and want you to make me a woman.”

With that she spread her legs as far as she could and lifted her
knees slightly.

I moved forward and with one hand placed the head of my dick at
the entrance of her vagina. I moved it up and down, getting it
slick enough to penetrate, and pushed. I couldn’t believe how
intense the feeling was as the head of my cock popped into her.
Sandra moaned and moved her head from side to side. The other
girls sighed and seemed to be holding their breath. I kept
pressing in and suddenly felt something give way and I went three
inches further into Sandra.

She yelled “ouch!!” and I stopped to let her get accustomed to
the feelings. In a few moments she nodded her head and I pushed a
few more inches in.

“Oh yes Uncle Phil, put it all in, fuck me Uncle Phil, fuck me.”

I couldn’t believe how tight she was, I had never had a virgin
before and wasn’t sure how to proceed. I was afraid of hurting
her but at the same time I was more excited than I had ever been.
I tried to be gentle but I had to move. I began short, slow,
strokes and as she adapted and loosened up I increased the pace.
Pretty soon I was giving her all I could, slamming my crotch into
hers and grunting with every thrust.

Sandra wrapped her legs around me and started trying to slam back
at me.  Suddenly she got rigid and bowed her back, lifting me off
the mattress. She opened her mouth and howled. Her pussy was
spasming around my dick and I suddenly couldn’t hold back any
more. I felt like my whole being was shooting out of my cock into
Sandra’s cunt. If I had not been wearing a condom I probably
would have made her pregnant just with the sheer volume I came. I
knew that this was a drug that I would not be able to do without.
As long as Sandra wanted me, I would not be able to say no, as
had already been shown.

As I withdrew and rolled off of Sandra, the other girls crowded
close to see the results of our actions. The condom was showing
the red of blood and the tip was full of white liquid. My cock
was back to shrunk and the rubber was falling off. Sandra and I
just lay there gasping for breath.

“Wow Uncle Phil, that was incredible. I can’t wait for my turn.”
Debra said.

	(to be continued)