Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Trisha had a fascination with the milky translucent fluid that ejected in spurts from Jerry's cock. She was amazed at the physical mechanism that caused the male cock, with a will of its own, to jerk and pulse, with strong spurts of its payload ejected from its tip, under no conscious control by the male. She was tall, dirty-blonde, and slightly dominant. Her interest in cum showed itself early in their relationship. She always arranged lovemaking so that she got satisfaction from his mouth on her pussy before she let him inside her. About half the time, she gave Jerry free rein, and accepted his length while lying on her back with her legs open. She didn't have as much control as she wanted over the duration and timing of intercourse then, though she definitely enjoyed it. The other times, Jerry was face up on the bed, and Trisha straddled his cock. It was usually after a session of teasing his erection with mouth, lips, tongue, and hand. Jerry, of course, was more than ready to take the session to ejaculation, but Trisha always wanted to prolong the experience. With sexy facial expressions and frequent giggling, she varied her pumping, allowing a few full, quick thrusts followed by several agonizingly slow pumps. She delighted in Jerry's frustrated moans, knowing that when she allowed him to cum, he'd give her a ride like a bucking stallion. At first, Trisha got up after sex and wiped her pussy clean. Her fascination with semen, however, led to more creative use of the afterglow from intercourse. She started out by letting the cum that Jerry pumped into her pussy ooze out onto her rumpled panties. She had him watch, of course. After seeing her do that a few times, Jerry frequently got erect again and gave Trisha a longer session before spurting a weaker payload inside her. Once, Jerry was so aroused after seeing the mixture of their juices ooze from her creamy pussy that he convinced her to straddle his mouth. She had misgivings about it at first, but her stratospheric orgasm from his mouth on her recently sexed pussy was all she needed to let him do that more often - many times letting the cum ooze into his mouth instead of her panties. Jerry loved to use his mouth on Trisha's sloppily wet pussy after blasting forth inside her. Over the next few weeks Trisha's creativity came to the fore and she found a way to get more pleasure while asserting her dominance. She, as usual, required Jerry to pleasure her womanhood with his mouth before sex. Whether she would let him plant his mouth there afterward was up to random chance. The first weekend that she brought her plan into action had several surprises for Jerry. They both had been too busy to get together during the week, and Jerry did his best to avoid interim release, knowing that Trisha liked the profuse servings he gave. She told him to come over on Saturday morning and they'd spend the weekend together. When he came over she made a point of showing him that she wore no panties. She sat spread-legged with her skirt hiked up and let Jerry use his mouth on her pussy until she had two orgasms. He wanted to go to the bedroom, and she delayed. It was like that all day - she opened her legs and had him orally service her womanhood, and then found an excuse not to let the situation progress to the bedroom. After dinner, she led him to her bed, and they both undressed. One more oral climax for her, and she straddled his midsection and accepted his aroused and anxious cock. It was blissful heaven for Jerry. Even when Trisha slowly and tantalizingly pumped, he knew he was near precious relief. More slow tantalizing pumping, and then she rocked her hips rapidly and giggled until he wildly spurted. She kept him inside her as he anticipated putting his mouth on her wet and freshy creamed pussy, and then entering her again after his week of abstinence. Trisha, still on top with Jerry's cock inside her, reached over and picked up a pair of dice. "What - what's that for?" Jerry asked. Trisha giggled. "It's a game of chance. If I roll an odd number, you can suck me clean. Otherwise, you have to leave it in there and wait till morning. Then you can eat my pussy and we'll play again." "Trisha -" "Here goes." She rolled the dice on the bed, and counted the dots. "A five and a three. That's eight. That means your cum stays inside. Better luck in the morning." She leaned down and tenderly pressed her lips on his as she withdrew her hips and he slipped out. Jerry was disappointed, since he had anticipated lapping and sucking on Trisha's freshly sexed pussy, and giving her several more servings during the night. They slept, and Jerry awoke several times with a firm erection pressing against Trisha's legs. In the early morning pre-dawn, Trisha lay back with her legs open while Jerry used his mouth on her light blonde pussy. His erection pressed against the bed as he pressed his mouth on her labia and drove her to orgasm. Other than a touch of skanky scent, her pussy kept the alluring taste that he enjoyed. She welcomed his hardness spreading her insides and took pleasure in his hard thrusting. Because of his arousal, nature soon took its course and he felt the intense pre-ejaculation feeling at the base of his cock. The sensation spread to his entire erection which then took him to the blissful state of being where his cock spewed its seed in forceful pulses into Tricia's enticing womanhood. "Mmmmm, I'll bet you gave me a lot of cum that time," Tricia teased. "I love cum!" "Trish, let me suck you clean!" "Let's see what the dice have to say," she said as she turned on her side and he slipped out. She rolled a six and a two. "Eight. Looks like it stays in again!" "Trish, I thought you liked me to eat your pie," Jerry said with an air of disappointment. "I love it. I also like to carry it inside me, knowing there will be that much more when you do suck me clean. We'll try again tonight," She giggled. She went through the day without panties, and frequently remarked how good that felt. Jerry was aroused (and erect) most of the day, and the time finally came when they finished dinner and they were naked in her bedroom. With an erect and seeping cock, Jerry kissed and licked her pussy. He noticed the skanky scent was a little stronger that time than it was that morning. After her mouth-induced orgasm, she was creamy and ready. She nudged Jerry on his back and mounted his anxious cock. She wiggled and rocked her hips, and brought him to ejaculation quickly. She enjoyed the ride he gave her as he spurted and spurted, and kept him inside as long as she could. The thought of fresh cum mixed with the morning's leftovers got her hotter and more aroused. A roll of the dice, and she exclaimed, "Five!" She quickly straddled Jerry's mouth, and said, "I want you to get every last drop of your cum out of there. Even from this morning!" Jerry, having been denied the pleasure of sucking on Trisha's freshly creamed snatch for over a week, enthusiastically applied his mouth to the task. As he licked, kissed, and probed her pungent milky entrance, he swallowed everything he extracted. Trisha had multiple orgasms from his efforts, and they cuddled afterward. Before he left, Trisha told him that she's willing to get together during the week - but the rule of one time per evening still stands, and the roll of the dice determines whether he gets to eat her pie. In the weeks following, they sometimes got together in bed a few occasions per week. The thought of only once per bedroom session was at the same time frustrating and exciting for Jerry, and he had an almost constant erection from arousal when he was not with Trisha. The game of chance resulted in a corresponding increase in Trisha's overall pleasure, and she could do what Jerry could not - jill herself to several orgasms on nights they were not together. ---- This story is copyright 2008 by (rick_oh at All rights reserved. No reposting without permission. Please see my other stories at