Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Karen and Michelle's Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 23 By Redlegtiger My Blog URL: Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave. Chapter 23, Doggyslut the Punisher Day Two Doggyslut enjoyed eating her lobster with Mistress Tyree. She had never eaten lobster before and found it to be absolutely delicious even though it was a bit messy. By the time they had finished eating, they both had spatters of lobster on their tits and face from when the shells cracked. When they had finished their meal, Mistress Tyree said, "Why don't you crawl up on the bed here and I'll lie down and you crawl over me and let me lick you clean. You can return the favor when I'm done." Doggyslut did as she was told and she crawled over and put her face next to her mistress. Mistress Tyree leaned her head up and started licking doggyslut's face. When she got to doggyslut's mouth, she reached up and grabbed the back of her head and brought her down for a passionate kiss. After a long few minutes, she released the kiss and licked her way down to doggyslut's chest and tits. She spent a lot of extra time on doggyslut's tits, sucking and chewing on her nipples. She quit shortly before doggyslut was about to orgasm. She then said, "Your turn sweetie". Doggyslut moved back and started licking clean Mistress Tyree's Face. She stopped at her lips and gave her an equally passionate kiss. She held it for a few minutes and then moved down to her neck, chest and tits. She licked every inch of her mistress' neck and tits clean and then spent an inordinate amount of time making love to her nipples. Doggyslut soon felt the hands of her mistress gently pushing her downward. She knew what her mistress wanted and began working her way down her stomach and then finally to her cunt. She gently began to lick and suck her mistress' cunt and clit. She felt a tug at her waist and she moved in the direction it pulled. She was soon straddling Mistress Tyree in a classic 69. Mistress Tyree pulled her down so that she didn't have to hold her head up and began to attack doggyslut's cunt. Mistress Tyree had never before orally made love to another woman. She had been on the receiving end numerous times but had never given back. It was something she just couldn't do until now. After what doggyslut had done for her, and the way she had adored Karen, she just felt right about her being her first. They made love to each other for hours, giving each other orgasm after orgasm. Finally they collapsed and fell apart satiated. Mistress Tyree got up and looked out through the two way mirror into the dungeon. There were still a few masters and mistresses out fucking dipshit. One was standing in front of dipshit waiving an ammonia capsule in front of her to wake her up. Mistress Tyree felt a wave of satisfaction that the little slut was getting hers for what she did to her. She almost died at that little cunts hands and she wanted her to experience as much pain as possible. She turned to doggyslut and ordered, "Clean up the dinner mess dear and put it in the hall. Then come back in and turn out the light and join me in bed. We can watch the activities in the dungeon until we fall asleep." Doggyslut did as she was told and was soon lying on the bed with Mistress Tyree spooned against her back. They watched as the remaining few masters and mistresses took turns fucking dipshit's cunt and ass. They fucked her hard enough to move the spikes in her tits around causing her excruciating pain from the barbs on the spikes cutting up the insides of her breasts leaving the outside with little visible indication of the damage being done to her. You could tell from her face that she was screaming in pain but no sound ever came out because of her ruptured vocal chords. Doggyslut was the first to fall asleep. It was about an hour later that Mistress Tyree fell asleep. There were only two masters remaining with dipshit. She had a satisfied smile as she started snoring slightly. They both woke up about the same time in the morning. Mistress Tyree ordered doggyslut, "Doggyslut, I need a little relief here and then you can begin to get ready for this morning's activities." Doggyslut moved up and latched her mouth over her mistress' urethra and drank down her piss. She also relieved her of her shit and had licked Mistress Tyree's ass clean. Only then did they both get up and enter the dungeon. They walked up to dipshit who was hanging down by her tits, her knees about three inches off of the ground. She had finally passed out after the last masters had left at about two in the morning. She would wake up about every fifteen to twenty minutes and stand back up but she had so little strength left that she would end up collapsing after about thirty minutes. This was the cycle she had been in all night long and was at the point of exhaustion. Mistress Tyree said, "Go get the salt. That will help clot the wounds when you take her off. If you need to relieve yourself, go ahead and use dipshit once you've got her down." Doggyslut said, "Yes mistress" and went over to the cabinet where she knew the salt was kept. She returned and handed the salt to Mistress Tyree and turned to dipshit to remove the leather tit bands. As she pulled each one off she grabbed a handful of salt and rubbed it into dipshit's tits where the spikes had been. She repeated the process with the other tit band. As she was getting ready to pull dipshit off of the hooked spikes Mistress Tyree told her to stop and get some needle and thread to sew her tits back up once she was removed. Doggyslut got what she needed and then went to pull dipshit off of the hooked spikes. When she did, dipshit screamed silently and passed out. Doggyslut began to sew up the four sides of her ripped tits to keep them together. The tit bands had compressed the tears enough that they hadn't bled too much but if they weren't sewn up they would tear loose and she would bleed out. That would ruin a day of additional punishment that she was due. When doggyslut had her sewn up she took salt and rubbed it into dipshit's tits to stem the flow of blood and cause as much pain as possible. When she was done administering to dipshit she started slapping her until she woke up. Doggyslut said, "Time for breakfast bitch". Doggyslut proceeded to place herself over dipshit's mouth and ordered, "Drink it down or I'll rip your tits back open bitch." Doggyslut proceeded to piss and dipshit drank it down. When she was done she placed her asshole over her mouth and shit out two days worth of shit. She had been holding it for a while waiting for permission from her master of mistress to relieve herself and it seemed to go on forever. Doggyslut said, "You better eat it all or else". She grabbed her tit and squeezed as she said it relishing in the fact that it was someone else being forced to eat shit other than her. When doggyslut was done she pulled dipshit up on her feet and helped her over to a pair of tables over where there were hoses and a drain under the tables. Doggyslut ordered her up on the table and helped her get up. She made dipshit lie on her stomach on the table and strapped her down. This of coursed caused her a lot of pain as it put her weight on her abused tits. Doggyslut leaned in and whispered in her ear, "If I were you, I would get as much sleep as I could in the next hour or so. You're going to need all of the energy you can muster to get through today. This is the last day of your torture. I promise that you will get a good night sleep tonight. Tomorrow you will receive your freedom from the pain and suffering. The first event will be a four quart enema. I know you have had larger ones before but yours will be special. Once they remove the butt plugs after the enema is administered, we will see who can hold their enema in the longest. The looser gets to keep the contents of the two enemas in their stomach for the rest of the day. You remember how I was trussed up at my branding party. When you loose, you will have to go through the rest of the punishment with a belly full of shit. Now have a nice nap". Doggyslut patted dipshit on the head as she said the last part and finished preparation. Doggyslut moved some IV stands over next to the two tables. She then proceeded to fill two four quart enema bags with warm soapy water in one and a large bottle of Louisiana Hot sauce in the other. She then attached a five inch butt plug to the one for dipshit and a three inch one for herself. She put down a jar of petroleum jelly on her table and a jar of Atomic Balm on dipshit's. She was now ready for the first event. Doggyslut returned to Mistress Tyree's side and knelt saying, "We are ready for the first event mistress. When will the masters and mistresses arrive?" Mistress Tyree answered, "Soon my pet, soon." As Mistress Tyree finished saying that, Darrell and John Mitchell came in to the dungeon. Doggyslut noticed that Master John was carrying a sack and Master Darrell was carrying a drink carrier that had four drinks in it. John came up and handed the bag to Mistress Tyree and said, "I do believe that your favorite is cinnamon raison is it not Missy?" Mistress Tyree looked in the bag and saw that there were a couple of Cinnamon raison bagels in the bag that had been toasted and had cream cheese between the halves. She took one out of the bag and looked at Darrell who silently shook his head yes. She handed the bagel to doggyslut and said "I hope you like cinnamon raison, they're my favorite." Doggyslut would have said she liked it even if she hated it with all of her heart. But the truth was she loved cinnamon raison bagels and answered, "They're mine too mistress. Thank you for rewarding doggyslut with this. It is very kind of you." She then turned to Darrell and said, "Thank you master for allowing me to have normal food last night and this morning. I am humbly at your service and hope that I will bring you great joy and pleasure at what is planned for this day." Darrell stepped toward doggyslut and without saying anything lifted her face toward him and kissed her deeply. When he broke the kiss he said, "That is just a small example of how pleased I am with you. I am confident that you will perform well today. I brought you a vanilla cappuccino to go with your bagel. You have about twenty minutes to relax and enjoy it before everyone starts arriving. They then talked about the days planned activities as they enjoyed there cappuccinos and bagels until all of the masters and mistresses arrived. Doggyslut pushed Mistress Tyree to the doors to greet the guests as they arrived. When the last of the guests had entered they returned to the area where they congregated and John got everyone's attention. He announced, "Alright everyone, it's time to get started. We all know why we are here, so I'll just turn the proceedings over to doggyslut, the designated punisher for dipshit's last day of punishment before she is set free from her painful existence tomorrow. Doggyslut, the days activities are yours." John had emphasized the words SET FREE saying them loud enough for dipshit to hear as per doggyslut's request, but said the rest in a much lower tone that would have been hard to hear from dipshit's position. He smiled in wonderment at the psychological torture that doggyslut was displaying to go along with the physical torture. The way doggyslut was making it sound to dipshit was that after today's punishment was over, she would be freed. He silently hoped that dipshit would fall for the bait. Doggyslut stood up and announced, "Master's and Mistresses, the first punishment competition for today will consist of each of us receiving a four quart enema. The first one to release the enema will have the shit/enema mixture forced into its stomach and held in with a dildo for the remainder of the day. This will add to whatever pain the slave must go through for the remaining tortures. Mistress Tyree has asked that Master Snake Davis and his wife Mistress Tomcat help with this morning's activities as they are trained to handle the pets that we have chosen to use. They will also be the ones to administer the enemas of the first competition. Please join us around the tables as the enemas are administered. Doggyslut led the group to the area set up for the competition and got up on the table. Master Snake put on a pair of vinyl gloves and picked up the anal plug for dipshit with the enema hose attached and began to cover it with the Atomic Balm. He made sure that the gel was quite thick over the entire surface. Mistress Tomcat used the petroleum jelly to cover the plug for doggyslut and covered it as well. When they were both ready, Mistress Tyree gave the order to insert the butt plugs. They both pushed them in at the same times. Mistress Tyree then counted thirty seconds before she gave the order to open the enema valves. This was to allow for the Atomic Balm to have its full effect. After about ten seconds, dipshit began to squirm from the pain. If she had any voice at all you would have heard a long pitiful groan of pain from the burning. When Mistress Tyree gave the order for the enemas to be administered, dipshit's body flushed and she was in obvious agony for any one who was watching to see. The full bottle of hot sauce was having its effect. When the enema bags were empty, the slaves were given thirty minutes for the enemas to have full effect. This meant that dipshit had to suffer the burning of both the hot sauce in the enema and the Atomic Balm on the plug. She was in unspeakable agony because of it and her abdomen was cramping horribly as well. Doggyslut suffered as well, but not nearly to the same degree. She just had a few painful contractions during the thirty minutes, about the same as if she had a mild case of food poisoning. Finally Mistress Tyree said, "Master Snake, would you please remind dipshit of what is expected?" When he was done, Mistress Tyree ordered, "Remove the slaves from the tables and make them squat over a big bucket." When Master Snake and Mistress Tomcat had dipshit and doggyslut in position, Mistress Tyree said, "Remove the plugs when I say go. On your mark, get set......GO!" Master Snake and Mistress Tomcat yanked the plugs out at the same time. The two slaves began to concentrate on not loosing the enema. Both of the slaves were experiencing severe stomach cramps but dipshit's were much more severe. They both managed to hold it in for ten minutes before dipshit began to show signs of distress. Being made to squat over the bucket was putting strain on her already weakened body. That combined with the pain induced in her asshole by the Atomic Balm and the burning in her stomach caused by the hot sauce enema caused dipshit to finally loose control after about fifteen minutes. The shit and enema mix shot out of her ass and into the bucket with great force. Doggyslut continued to hold it in until dipshit was completely done evacuating her bowels before she let loose into her bucket. The contents of the two buckets were combined together and poured into a big bag that could be sealed up. Master Snake grabbed a harness that was designed to hold either a two inch wide enema hose or a two inch wide dildo. The harness sealed everything off so that nothing could escape going in or coming out. They attached the enema hose and began to administer the eight quarts of enema and shit. Of course the heat of the hot sauce began to burn her mouth immediately as it started to be administered. The combination of the retched taste and the hot sauce burning caused her to throw up. The vomit shot up the tube and then back down into her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow it back down. She began to wretch again, but was able to stop it this time. The flow of the enema shit mix continued to flow into her stomach. The flow slowed down after almost four quarts. Master Snake began squeezing the enema bag from the top down to force more and more into her stomach. There was a visible bulge in her stomach beginning to show as more and more fluid was forced into her stomach. By the time that all eight quarts were forced into her stomach, it made her look like she was about five months pregnant. While Mistress Tomcat and Master Snake were feeding the enema to dipshit, doggyslut got a small bowl of water and washed her self off. She then went to dipshit and cleaned her ass with the dirty water. She handed the bowl to Mistress Tomcat and said, "Here's a little more for you to add mistress. We wouldn't want her to leave a mess now would we?" Mistress Tomcat opened the top of the enema bag and poured the bowl of dirty water in to mix with the enema. As soon as the last of the enema mix was forced into her stomach, Mistress Tomcat stood ready to insert the plugging dildo. As Master Snake removed the enema tube, Mistress Tomcat forced the dildo in until it latched tightly to the harness. Dipshit was now ready for the rest of her day of misery. Her stomach was fully distended and painful from the two gallons of enema that was forced in to her. She just hoped that she could get through today so that she could be free tomorrow. She knew she could withstand anything they could throw at her if it meant she would be freed. Doggyslut stood up and explained the next phase of the competition. "Masters and Mistresses, it is time for the next phase of the punishment. During this phase, each of us will have a rat snake stuffed up our cunts. The first one to allow their snake to escape will receive some special attention to their feet. Master Snake and Mistress Tomcat, we are ready for the next phase please." Master Snake and Mistress Tomcat go out the dungeon door and return carrying a snake. Master Snake had a four foot rat snake in his hand and Mistress Tomcat had a three foot rat snake in hers. They came up to the two slaves and took up positions. Mistress Tyree gave the go ahead and they both put the head of the snake inside the entrance of each slaves' cunt. Once the heads were in a few inches, they tickled the tail of the snake so that it would go in. The four foot snake went into dipshit's cunt and the three foot snake went into doggyslut's cunt. After several minutes, they managed to get the snakes completely inside each girl's cunt. Master Snake and Mistress Tyree each held a hand over their respective slave's cunt waiting for the sign to go again. Mistress Tyree finally gave the word and they removed their hands at the same time. Both dipshit and doggyslut felt the strange sensation as the snakes entered their cunts and then started squirming around trying to find a way out again. It felt to doggyslut as if there were a thousand fingers massaging the walls of her cunt. It was by far the wildest and most pleasurable feeling that she had ever felt. Even better than the two foot snake that Krystal and her gang had put in her cunt. Mistress Tyree waited until the first girl, which happened to be doggyslut, had her orgasm and then said go. Doggyslut was holding her cunt as tight as she possibly could. The training with the silver dildo was definitely helping her now. But she could feel the snake trying to force its way out. She just hoped that the one in dipshit's cunt would get out before hers did. Dipshit was trying to hold her cunt closed, but she orgasmed again just after Mistress Tyree said "go", and her cunt was flooded with cum. The snake was just too big and too strong. As it was trying to force its way out of her cunt, its head kept banging against her G-spot. She had been on the edge of a third orgasm, and the stimulation of the head banging on her most erogenous zone in her cunt sent her over the edge again. She screamed her silent scream around the dildo. The contractions caused by her orgasm also caused her distended stomach muscles to cramp causing her extreme pain. The combination of the two caused her to loose her concentration and her cunt relaxed enough that the snake started to emerge its head. It was about three fourths of the way out when Master Snake put his hands under it so that when its tail emerged, he would be able to get a hold on it. He looked over at Mistress Tomcat and noticed that the head of the snake was just emerging. It would seem to get its head about a third of the way out and then it would go back in her cunt. A few moments later and the head would reappear and go back in. If he would have been closer, he would have seen that when the head started to emerge, doggyslut would contract her cunt lips and force the head back in. She kept this up until she started having orgasms. She held it in through the second orgasm, but when the third more massive orgasm hit, she screamed in ecstasy from the utter joy. She couldn't hold it in any longer and her cunt relaxed at the end of the orgasm. The snake started easing out. It was crawling out a lot faster than dipshit's was. She finally recovered from her orgasm and realized what was happening and clamped her cunt muscles down on the snake to slow it down. It was about 10 seconds later that Master Snake held up his snake and Mistress Tyree called time. Doggyslut breathed a sigh of relief that dipshit's snake had fully emerged first. In this instance she realized her decision to give dipshit the bigger snake almost backfired. But all turned out all right. She released the grip she had on the snake in her cunt and it was allowed to escape. Mistress Tyree announced, "I do believe that doggyslut was again the winner by the tail of a snake. She will now have the privilege of decorating dipshit's feet." Doggyslut went over to Mistress Tyree and whispered in her ear. When she was done Mistress Tyree said, "Marta, doggyslut would like you to assist her if you don't mind." Marta came up and doggyslut whispered in her ear what she wanted to do. Marta started laughing and said, "I'd be happy to help". Doggyslut went to the cabinet next to the table dipshit was on and got a large box of thumb tacks. She put them on the table between dipshit's feet where both she and Marta could reach them. They each took one thumbtack and grabbed a big toe on their respective foot. Marta was on the left and dipshit was on the right. They were looking at each other when doggyslut nodded. They both said simultaneously, reciting an old nursery rhyme, "This little piggy went to market". They wiggled the big toe while they said it and when they both said market, they stuck a tack into the big toe. Dipshit tried to scream but was prevented by the dildo and her ruptured vocal chords. Marta and doggyslut continued with the rhyme, "This little piggy stayed home". They wiggled the second toe while they said the rhyme and when they said home, they stuck a tack in that toe. Again dipshit's body stiffened in pain. They continued with "This little piggy had roast beef" and stuck a tack in the next toe on beef. Then continued, "This little piggy had none", sticking a tack in the next to last toe. Finally they said while shaking the little toe, "And this little piggy went wee...wee...wee...all the way home". They sank a tack in dipshit's little toe on each foot. They then proceeded to put tacks over every square inch of each of her feet. When they were done, doggyslut thanked Marta and unshackled dipshit from the table. Her eyes reflected the pain from the tacks, but doggyslut didn't show any mercy. She picked up a flogger that she had prepositioned and turned to dipshit and ordered her off of the table and on her feet. When dipshit didn't move, doggyslut whipped her on her left sewn up tit. Dipshit's body went stiff from the pain. She then sat up on the table and started shaking her head no. Again doggyslut hit her hard with the flogger on her other tit. It popped a couple of stitches and started bleeding. Dipshit had tears flowing down her cheeks in streams as she hopped down off of the table and landed on her tacked feet. Doggyslut now ordered, "Alright dipshit put your arms behind your head and grab your elbows with your hands." When dipshit complied, doggyslut grabbed a leather sleeve and laced it up tightly on her arms. She then attached a heavy collar that had a chain in front, back and on either side around her neck. She attached the chain on the back of the collar to a ring that was sewn into the leather sleeve binding dipshit's forearms together. Doggyslut stood in front of dipshit and looked her in the eye and ordered, "You and I are going to run around the room for ten minutes. I want you to lift your knees up high with every step as if you are trying to hit your tits with your knees. If I don't feel you are going fast enough or lifting your knees high enough, I'll flog you with every step until you do. Now get moving." When she said moving she hit dipshit on the stomach with the flogger. Dipshit started slowly and gingerly moving in the direction that doggyslut indicated. She obviously wasn't moving fast enough so doggyslut started flogging her back and ass, yelling "faster" at her. Dipshit was a sight to see with the dildo down her throat, a stomach full of enema that made her look five months pregnant and the tacks in her feet causing her to move in an obviously painful gate. Doggyslut continued to flog her with each step chanting faster, faster with each step. It took about half way around the outer wall of the dungeon before the pain in her back and ass began to hurt more than the tacks. That was when dipshit finally started to run in a stunted gate caused by the tacks. Doggyslut kept up the flogging through the whole ten minutes she kept dipshit running because she didn't ever bring her knees up high enough to satisfy doggyslut. Dipshit also had to suffer through numerous severe stomach cramps while she was running. The pain was excruciating. By the time she had run for ten minutes, there was a trail of blood on the floor where the tacks had ripped and punctured her feet. When they were done doggyslut directed dipshit back to the table where she was strapped down again on her now bloody back and ass. As doggyslut turned to explain the next event to the masters and mistresses she patted dipshit's tacked feet and said, "Now don't go anywhere bitch, the days just starting." Doggyslut went over to a cabinet and pulled a device out of the cabinet. If you looked at the rod it was about two feet long. It was tapered at one end and expanded to about two inches wide. It had a round rubber hand pump at the opposite end of the tapered point. It looked as if it was wrapped in rubber for about the first foot and a half foot of the rod. About half way down there was a thin metal band that looked like a very tightly bound lattice. Doggyslut took it over to dipshit and placed the thin tapered end in to her cunt. She pushed in until she felt resistance. She moved the end around until she felt it was centered and then pushed. The pointed end had been just off center of dipshit's cervix, but when doggyslut pushed with a hard steady pressure it pushed through the center of the cervix causing dipshit quite a bit of pain. When the rod had slipped in about six inches, doggyslut began pumping the hand pump. The rod was designed to inflate on the tapered end first. She pumped it up and the end started inflating about two inches. This expanded dipshit's cervix along with it. When doggyslut felt she had expanded it enough she pushed inward until she felt a sudden reduction in pressure needed to push the rod inward. This she had been told by Mistress Tyree was the sign that the metal ring was at the cervix. She pulled it out until she felt resistance again and then pushed in about a half inch to center the band. When she had the lattice band in place, she began pumping the hand pump again. This caused the air bladder along the entire length of the rod to expand, expanding the band along with it. As the metal band expanded, it pushed metal spikes that were placed at the center of the band around its circumference up into the wall of the cervix. As the band expanded, it continued to push the spikes up. The more the band expanded the more the band bent backward at an angle. The band was designed to stop at about four inches. The air bladder on either side of the band had expanded to about five inches before doggyslut quit. She pushed a button at the base of the rod that released a chemical that paralyzed the local tissue it is injected into. Doggyslut turned to the masters and mistresses and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, while we wait for dipshit to adjust for her next punishment, please join Mistress Tyree for some lunch. I see that the time is now eleven thirty. We will begin again at one. If you need relief, I am available for that as dipshit is otherwise indisposed. I do want to thank those masters and mistresses who participated in this morning's activities. Doggyslut then knelt and waited at the end of dipshit's table. When a master or mistress came to use doggyslut, they would be able to see the black air bladder in dipshit's cunt. Doggyslut hoped that this would excite them. She was feeling quite horny at the moment and wanted to be used. Initially, only a handful of guests used her, but each one made her suck him or her to orgasm after they pissed down her throat. For the first hour, most of the guests came and used her in the same manner. At twelve thirty, Master Darrell came up to her and said, "You have done well slut. You may get up now and have some lunch if you like before you begin this afternoon's activities." Doggyslut said, "Thank you master." And got up and followed him back to the area that the food had been set out. She had a small cup of clam chowder and a couple of glasses of water. While she was eating, many of the guests came up to her and again congratulated her on a good show and how they couldn't wait to see what she had in mind for the afternoon. It seemed all too soon that it was time to begin again. Doggyslut went back to dipshit's table and turned and announced, "Masters and Mistresses, it's time to begin this afternoon's punishment." All of the guests came and surrounded the two tables again. Doggyslut went up to dipshit and opened the air release on the handle of the rod. The air bladder deflated and when it was about halfway done, doggyslut pulled it out rapidly in one quick pull. The spikes that had been imbedded in the wall of dipshit's cervix had not completely retracted. When doggyslut pulled the rod out, the spikes ripped the walls of her cervix which caused dipshit's body to arch up in pain. She would have screamed in agony if she would have been able to scream. When the rod had been removed, doggyslut stuck her fist up dipshit's cunt and on up into her womb. The device had done exactly what Mistress Tyree had told her it would do. It opened up dipshit's cervix so that anyone could have easy access to her womb. Doggyslut pulled her arm out of dipshit and brought it up to her mouth and licked the blood and cum mixture off of her forearm, wrist and hand. When doggyslut was done licking her hand clean, she announced the next phase of punishment. "Masters and Mistresses, this phase of the punishment will involve the help again of Master Snake and Mistress Tomcat. Dipshit will have a rat placed in her cunt and I will have a mouse placed in mine. A boa constrictor will be allowed to hunt there prey and remove the rodents from our bodies. The slave that orgasms first will get to fist the loser in both of her holes for the length of time that it takes between the first slave's orgasm and the loser's snake being removed. If there are no questions, I will get into position and the activities will begin." When no one said anything, doggyslut got up on her table and lay back waiting. No one bound her to the table this time. She had asked to be allowed to go through this punishment without bindings to prove herself to her master. Soon Master Snake and Mistress Tomcat came in. Master Snake wheeled in a large acrylic container that was big enough to hold two boa constrictors. One was fifteen feet long and five inches wide and the other was about ten foot long and about three and a half inches wide. Mistress Tomcat came in carrying two cages. One cage contained a grey rat and the other a field mouse. They placed the container and cages between the two tables. Master Snake reached in the cage and picked up the rat and Mistress Tomcat got the mouse of the other cage. They held their rodents in their right hand and on Mistress Tyree's signal, forced their fist containing the rodent into their appropriate slave's cunt. Mistress Tomcat sank her hand in to the wrist and released the mouse while master Snake pushed his hand in until it reached dipshit's womb and released the rat. They both went and grabbed a boa constrictor from the container. Master Snake had the larger one and Mistress Tomcat had the smaller one. Doggyslut and dipshit started writhing in agony from the rodents trying to find their way out. Their claws were cutting into the tissue and causing quite a bit of pain. The rat in dipshit had not been fed for a few days and when it smelled the blood from the lacerations in her cervix it stopped and started feeding on the walls of her womb and cervix. It was obvious to everyone that dipshit was in agony as she tried to move to get the rat out. All of her squirming and moving just caused the rat to be that much more skittish, causing it to sink its claws in deeper to stay in place so it could feast. When the snakes were held in front of the two slaves' cunts, Mistress Tyree gave the signal to release them. The snakes had not been fed for several days and when their heads were placed up to their cunts they smelled the rat and mouse and started forcing their way in. The snakes pushed in further and further. The mouse and rat sensed the snakes and started scrambling to get away from them. The slaves both writhed and groaned in pain from the combination of the rat or mouse scrambling to get away from the snakes. The snake in doggyslut's cunt got to the mouse fairly quickly. The snake swallowed the mouse, and then started working the mouse down to its stomach with its muscles. This stimulated doggyslut's cunt walls and started bringing her close to orgasm. The remaining body of the snake curled around and started gripping and squeezing doggyslut. Doggyslut felt a heavy pressure, but the snake couldn't get enough of a purchase to really suffocate her. The stimulation of the snake's body inside her cunt, on her clit and on her tits soon brought her to orgasm. Dipshit's rat however was a lot better at avoiding the larger boa constrictor. It of course had her entire womb to get around in. The snake would enter her extended cervix and get its head in her womb, but the rat would move up into the entrance behind its head next to the entrance. The snake was too big to turn its head around to get the rat so it would back out a bit. The rat would go to the end of dipshit's womb out of reach of the snake. The snake would then go back in for the rat which would move forward out of reach again. This went on for about ten minutes sawing in and out of her cunt and womb and rubbing it raw from the roughness of the snake's scales. While this was going on, the snake was curling up around dipshit's body and started squeezing her. The combination of dipshit's smaller size and the snake's longer and stronger body allowed the snake to start squeezing very hard. Dipshit started fighting for breath as the snake continued to saw in and out of her womb after the rat. Her enema filled stomach was cramping severely from the added stimulation caused by the snake as well. Soon the snake was squeezing hard enough that dipshit couldn't breath while at the same time constricted her womb enough that it finally got the rat. Master Snake saw that dipshit was starting to turn pale and was gasping for breath. He knew the signs from experience that if he didn't do something, the snake would kill dipshit. That of course would ruin the rest of the day's activities and the hunt tomorrow. He pulled out his tazer and placed it against the snake and hit the trigger. The jolt shocked the snake and stunned it causing its muscles to relax. Dipshit sucked in a breath and turned back to a normal pink color. Master Snake started to pull the big snake from her cunt. The scales acted like thousands of dull knives. They literally sanded the outer layer of skin from dipshit's cunt as it was pulled from her cunt. Master Snake noticed that there was a swelling about six inches behind its head where the rat was. It expanded the snake's width from five inches to almost eight. The process of pulling the snake out had caused a considerable amount of pain as its expanded circumference went through dipshit's cervix and cunt. Even though dipshit couldn't scream, it was obvious from looking at her face that she was in a lot of pain. Finally the snake was removed just as dipshit passed out. Doggyslut had watched the last five minutes of dipshit's punishment after recovering from her orgasm. She watched with a worried look as the snake almost killed her and then smiled with glee as she saw the pain that removing the snake caused. When the snake was finally removed she noticed that dipshit had passed out. She grabbed an ampoule of smelling salts and held it under her nose to wake her up. When dipshit was alert again, albeit with a pained expression on her face, doggyslut held her hands up in front of her and said, "Time for a little fun slut." She then released the shackles from dipshit's ankles and pulled her ankles up and connected them to the wrist shackles. This made both of dipshit's holes available. Doggyslut took her right hand, made a fist and pushed it into dipshit's cunt as far as she could. When she bottomed out at the end of her womb, doggyslut pulled her pussy juice and blood covered hand out and then pushed her fist into dipshit's ass. She couldn't get it to go in so she tried to pull back and punch it in. Of course this didn't work either, though it did cause dipshit a lot of pain. Finally doggyslut started with a couple of fingers and started sawing in and out. She quickly added another finger and then another, finally tucking her thumb under and forcing her hand in dipshit's asshole. When doggyslut had her hand up dipshit's ass she formed a fist and forced it in until she was almost to her elbow. Doggyslut held her arm there and balled her left hand into a fist and forced it into dipshit's cunt. Once her fist in dipshit's cunt was all of the way to the end of her womb, she pulled both arms almost all of the way out and then pushed them in simultaneously again until she bottomed out in both. She did this a couple of times trying to maximize the amount of pain she cause dipshit. Then she started alternating punching her hands in. She kept trying to force more and more of her arms into dipshit. She ignored the obvious suffering that dipshit was going through and just kept plunging her arms in one after the other. About halfway through the time she had, she decided to use her fingernails and opened her hands when she pulled out so that she could scrape the inside of her womb, cunt and asshole. She did this repeatedly for the remaining time she had until Mistress Tyree said time. Doggyslut pulled out both arms, digging her fingers in extra hard as she pulled them out. When she finally pulled her arms out, one was covered with a mixture of cunt juice and blood and the other with ass juice and blood. Doggyslut made a big production out of licking both of her arms clean, much to the enjoyment of her masters and mistresses. When she was done she bowed to the guests to much applause. She relished the feeling that the approval of her masters and mistresses gave her. When the applause died down, doggyslut announced, "Masters and mistresses, the final punishment will involve dipshit deep throating a horse cock and myself doing the same to a donkey cock. The one that gets the most cock down her throat before the donkey or horse cums will be the winner. The looser will get the privilege of fucking the horse with her cunt and then the donkey with her ass. After that, dipshit will be readied for all to enjoy on her last night of punishment. Tomorrow she will be freed from her pain and suffering. You are all welcome to join us tomorrow when that happens. I think you all know where the event will take place. Mistress Marta and Mistress Traci, I believe that you two are in charge of the two animals. Will you please bring them in and get them ready while I get dipshit readied for this event." Mistress Marta and Mistress Traci, the librarian, went down the main entryway to get the horse and donkey. When they left, doggyslut turned and went to dipshit and unhooked all of the bindings and helped her off of the table. She took her over to the enema area and made her kneel at the drain. She unbuckled the harness and ordered dipshit to take the dildo out of her mouth. Dipshit quickly ripped at the harness and pulled it over her head and then removed the dildo. She spent the next ten minutes puking up the shit enema mixture that was in her stomach until she was dry heaving. Doggyslut brought the hose over and sprayed her down until she was clean. She then gave her the hose and let her drink a bit of water to clean her mouth. When she had dipshit cleaned up she explained what was going to happen next. When she was about half way through the explanation, dipshit started yelling at doggyslut in her native language. Doggyslut couldn't understand what she was saying but she could tell that it was most likely insulting. She slapped dipshit in the face and ordered her to speak English. Dipshit just shut up and wouldn't say a word. Doggyslut finished explaining what was going to happen next and then grabbed her arm and pulled her over to where the horse and donkey had been brought in. Doggyslut made dipshit kneel under the horse and then went to the donkey and knelt down within reach of its cock. Mistress Marta stepped up to dipshit and Mistress Traci stepped up to doggyslut. Both had a whip in their hand to encourage their appropriate slave to fully participate in the final competition. Mistress Tyree gave the go signal and doggyslut immediately began jacking off the donkey. Its cock began to expand and stiffen. She bent forward and licked the end of the cock and started tonguing and sucking along the shaft until its cock was fully hardened. She then took the cock in her mouth and forced herself to swallow the cock. She kept pushing down and finally had to back off before she was able to get ten inches in. She took another breath and pushed her way down again. This time she repeatedly swallowed as she pushed and that allowed her to get almost eighteen inches of cock down her throat. Mistress Traci marked the spot where the spit had ended when doggyslut pulled back. Doggyslut pushed down again just like she had the last time and before she could get to the previous mark the donkey began cumming. She pulled off of the donkey's cock, swallowing the cum that had erupted down her throat. She allowed the rest of the cum to spray over her face and tits until there were just a few dribbles coming out. She leaned forward and licked the last remaining drops from the donkey's cock. She crawled out from under the donkey and knelt watching dipshit while scrapping the cum off of her body with her fingers and sucking it off. While doggyslut was going to town on the donkey, dipshit had been just kneeling there refusing to do anything. Mistress Marta began whipping her and she still refused to suck off the horse. Dipshit figured that she would have to fuck the horse anyway so she wasn't about to suck it. She knew she would be whipped but to her that was better than sucking the horse. Mistress Marta kept whipping her back while doggyslut was doing her donkey and when it was obvious that she was done, she pulled dipshit out from under the horse and signaled Mistress Tyree over to help her. They hung dipshit by wrist shackles to a cross support beam. They then got a rope and tied one to each ankle and then pulled dipshit's legs out until they were almost parallel to the floor. They tied off the rope and then began to really lay the whip on her focusing on her tits, cunt and ass. They kept this up for about fifteen minutes with the last five spent strictly on her cunt and asshole. By the time that the two mistresses quit whipping dipshit, her tits, cunt and asshole were bloodied. They went over to discuss things with Mistress Tyree and she agreed to their suggestions. Mistress Marta took the donkey's reign and led it out while Mistress Traci called doggyslut over to help her prepare dipshit. They took her down and drug her over to a specially designed plat form. They bent her forward over the bench. They moved her forward until her feet were off of the floor and her tits hung down through two holes placed just in the right place. Under the platform where her tits were hanging down were two planks of wood on the front and back of the hole. There were two turn screws on the ends of the planks that joined them together. Mistress Tyree and doggyslut began turning the screws to clamp dipshit's tits to the platform so she couldn't move. They tightened them until the stitches started popping on her tits and they started bleeding again. When they had the turn screws tightened as much as they could, they stepped back and put a strap over dipshit's back just above her ass. They each grabbed a leg and spread them apart, fully exposing her cunt and asshole. Mistress Traci ordered, "Doggyslut, you need to go take care of Mistress Tyree and see to her for the duration of the punishment. You have done your part. Dipshit refused to suck her horses cock so we have modified her punishment a bit." Doggyslut went and knelt next to Mistress Tyree's wheelchair. Mistress Tyree started petting doggyslut's hair like she was a dog while they watched Mistress Traci lead the horse over to dipshit. She had the horse rear up and put its hooves on the platform on either side of dipshit's head. The fear in dipshit's face was evident as she knew she was about to get fucked by the horse. Mistress Traci picked up a spray bottle of urine from a female horse that was in heat and sprayed it on and into dipshit's ass. The horses cock began to grow. When it was fully hardened, Mistress Traci guided it to dipshit's bloody asshole. The blood from the whipping provided the lubricant needed for the horses cock to enter on the first thrust. The first thrust sank about three inches into her ass. The horse lunged in again and sank it even further. The cock went in so far and so fast that her asshole couldn't adjust fast enough and it ripped her open at several places around her rosebud. The horse began to fuck her in earnest now and each thrust in went even deeper. Dipshit was screaming in pain, but hardly any sound was coming out due to her ruptured vocal chords. It was obvious to the guests that the horse's cock was hitting bottom when dipshit's body started to jerk forward whenever the horse lunged inward causing her bound tits to be yanked and the stitches in them to be popped. Dipshit's face was a mask of pain from the fucking. On the last lunge of the horse when he started cumming, its cock sank in to the hilt. His cock was almost six inches wide at the point where his cock was surrounded by dipshit's sphincter and dipshit's asshole ripped a bit more to accommodate it. The horse finished cumming and got down. A combination of cum and blood came gushing out of dipshit's ass hole. Their appeared to be a lot more blood than they expected. Mistress Lynn came up and forced her hand up into dipshit's ass. She kept going in and couldn't feel any damage in the end of the descending colon. She ordered an iron rod to be heated so that they could cauterize the wounds around her asshole so dipshit wouldn't bleed to death. About ten minutes later an iron rod was brought in and a blow torch was brought with it to heat it. They heated it up until it was red hot and handed it to Mistress Lynn. She grabbed it and forced the hot end onto dipshit's ripped asshole. Dipshit had passed out when the rod was forced in her ass so she didn't feel the rod cauterizing the wound. It took three times before all of the bleeding was stopped. She heated up the rod one last time and shoved the rod up her ass until it stopped and then pulled it out. This left her entire rectum and colon one long blistered tube of flesh. It didn't matter anyway as dipshit would never eat another meal and her intestines had been flushed clean with the enema. When she was done cauterizing the wound, she got the smelling salts and pushed it under dipshit's nose. It took three to finally get her to wake up. When she did wake up it was obvious that she was in a tremendous amount of pain. They of course didn't care if she hurt or not as this was punishment for almost killing her mistress. Mistress Marta led a draft horse up to the platform and called doggyslut over to help get him ready. While Marta sprayed the mare urine on dipshit's cunt, doggyslut sucked and jerked the horse's cock until it was rock hard. They led the horse up and made it rear up and put its hooves on the platform on either side of dipshit's head. As Marta held the horse's reigns, doggyslut guided its cock to dipshit's cunt. When the horse felt the end of its huge cock enter her cunt, it lunged forward as if it were fucking a mare. It was a much tighter fit though and it moved inward just a couple of inches. The second time it lunged, doggyslut slapped the horse on the rump and it forced its cock in about ten inches. The horse started fully fucking dipshit. Its cock was sawing in and out quickly. The cock was two and a half inches at the tip and quickly expanded as it got closer to the base. At one foot it was almost four inches wide and at two foot it was at least six inches wide. The horse was quickly able to get almost two feet of his cock up into her cunt and womb. It was obviously bottomed out again as dipshit's body was being pummeled back and forth again with each thrust. Her womb expanded this time but luckily didn't rupture, but the pain was excruciating. The horse finally sank in all the way and started shooting cum in to dipshit's cunt. The cock filled dipshit's cunt and womb so much that the cum shot out almost three feet behind dipshit. When the horse quit coming, it got down and Marta led it out. Mistress Tyree sent doggyslut to clean dipshit up. Doggyslut knelt down and began sucking up the horse cum from her overflowing cunt which was still gaping wide. She put her hand in and began pulling out the cum and licking it up. When no more cum came out she led dipshit over to the hose area and hosed her down. She stuck the nozzle in her cunt and sprayed it in for a couple of minutes and then repeated the process with her ass. The water didn't drain like it was supposed to and her belly started to swell a little so doggyslut quit trying to clean her ass. When she had her cleaned up, she led dipshit in front of the guests and stopped. She said, "Masters and Mistresses, this concludes today's punishment. Dipshit is now available for you to use as you see fit between now and six am tomorrow. We will leave about seven to head to the site where dipshit will be freed from her pain. Mistress Tyree thanks you all for witnessing and participating in dipshit's punishment. Master Darrell, Mistress Tyree would like to speak to you in the master's quarters in a few minutes at your convenience. If any of you wish to speak to Mistress Tyree, she will be available in the master's quarters for the next hour." Mistress Tyree ordered, "Doggyslut, take me to the master's quarters so we can watch the rest of the proceedings from the comfort of the quarters. Go ahead and open the panels covering the viewing window when we enter the room." When they arrived doggyslut opened the panels covering the two way mirror and placed the wheel chair so that her mistress could see. After doggyslut pushed her mistress into place, she took up the slave's position to the right of her chair. Mistress Tyree began stroking her hair with her hand and said, "You were good today slut. I was very impressed with how well you did everything. You did everything just like we discussed with the exception of dipshit's little rebellion with the horse cock. How do you feel about what you did the last two days?" Doggyslut thought for a minute and then said, "Thank you Mistress. A slave always lives for praise for its efforts. As far as how I feel about dipshit's punishment, it doesn't really matter how a slave feels. A slave is expected to honor and serve her masters and mistresses in all things. Dipshit violated that by attacking you. She deserved what happened to her and what will happen to her tomorrow. How I feel doesn't matter." Karen on the other hand was disturbed about what they had done. As much as she had wanted Dipti punished, she didn't think that it would have been that bad. She knew that what she did was torture Dipti to just near death. And the hunt tomorrow bothered her as well. Even though she knew what the hunt was all about she couldn't bear to think that she was going to be the cause of someone else dying. She decided that she needed to fight her doggyslut personality. She started trying to gain dominance over doggyslut for control of her body. Mistress Tyree kept petting her hair as they watched dipshit being fucked in all three holes. Mistress Tyree spoke and said, "Thank you for volunteering to do dipshit's punishment. It was much more entertaining the way you did it. You have a very active imagination that should serve you well as a slave. The reason I wanted to talk to your master, is I wanted to see if I could talk him into selling you to me. If he doesn't agree to that, and I'm quite sure he won't, then I want to arrange to have you come to my home regularly. What do you think?" Doggyslut was glad that Mistress wasn't asking her to do anything at that moment. She found herself fighting for control over Karen's body and couldn't have acted if she wanted to. She finally gained back full control and answered, "Mistress, it is my pleasure to do my master's bidding. If he wants me to serve you, then I will do so." At about that time, Darrell came in to the quarters. Mistress Tyree turned to look when she heard the door open and waved him over. She said, "Wheel me over to the bar so I can fix us both drinks." Doggyslut stayed at the window. She knew that if they wanted her with them, they would have invited her to join them. She could just barely make out some of the conversation, but not all. She heard her ask Master Darrell if she could buy her and as she expected, he refused. The conversations then lowered to a whisper and she only heard a word here and there but not enough to make out what was said. She heard Mistress Tyree say $50,000 dollars, she also heard baby and then two years. She wasn't able to see anything as she was facing the dungeon and they were behind her. Karen heard and tried desperately to figure out what they were talking about. Were they agreeing that she would be sold to Mistress Tyree in two years after the baby was born? Were they just negotiating for Mistress Tyree to have unlimited access to her? Or were they negotiating to sell her baby. She didn't hear enough to be able to tell but she knew that if it was even a remote possibility that her baby was at stake, she had to gain back control of her body and escape. She struggled again to gain dominance over doggyslut but all of the activities of the past few days and the praise that she had gotten had made doggyslut too strong. After a few minutes, Master Darrell pushed Mistress Tyree back to the window. As he turned away to leave, Mistress Tyree grabbed his hand and said, "If you would like, I would appreciate the company of a man tonight in addition to our slut here." Darrell answered, "As much as I would like to join you two tonight, I already have other commitments to prepare. If I don't do it tonight, then it won't get done. Ask doggyslut about it if you want to know more." Darrell turned and left the quarters, leaving doggyslut and mistress Tyree to watch the proceedings in the dungeon. As they were watching, Mistress Tyree asked, "What is going on that your master couldn't stay and spend some time with us tonight?" Doggyslut answered, "My cousin Krystal and some of her friends are coming over for a cherry popping party. My master wanted me to see if I could turn her and her friends into a group like Brittany and her friends were. He felt that her method of entrapping fellow students and turning them into mindless slaves was unique and so successful that he wanted to see if it could be duplicated in another environment. Monday was her birthday and my uncle allowed her over for a slumber party. I introduced them to the pleasures of female to female sex and when we took a break for dinner. I taught them how to give a blow job to the pizza delivery boy." Doggyslut giggled a bit at the memory of the look on the delivery boy's face when the naked girls answered the door and pulled him in. She continued, "To make a long story short. I introduced them to animal sex and BDSM and they loved it so much that they all wanted to have someone to fuck them. So I asked Master Darrell if they could have a cherry popping party at his house tomorrow night. He of course said yes and is making all of the arrangements for the party. The great part is that all of their parents know that is what the party is for and approve. Though they don't know anything about the group or about what Master's plans are. They all belong to a swinger's group and thought that it was time for their kids to learn about sex. My uncle heard about what happened in town and thought I would be perfect to teach them. Two things are going to happen tomorrow. One is the cherry popping party and the other is that Krystal is to bring a girl in that is to be their slave and force her to give up her cherry and do it willingly." Mistress Tyree was amazed at what doggyslut had told her. She had no idea that something like this was going on. If it worked, it would be great, but if it exposed the group to public scrutiny then it could be very bad. She asked, "Who else knows about this little activity?" Doggyslut answered, "No one mistress. My Master didn't want to expose the group to any possibility of reprisals if things don't work out as planned. We have some help from members of the group, but they are isolated and have agreed to take the fall if anything goes wrong. I don't think anything will go wrong mistress. If you knew Krystal like I do, you would know that when she decides to do anything she usually accomplishes it. She is a lot like I was as Karen except that she is more confident in herself than Karen ever was." Karen thought about what doggyslut said about her confidence. She knew that it was her parents that beat any willfulness out of her. They never said anything good to her, only punished her when she didn't do well or made a mistake. Whenever she tried to do anything on her own, good or bad, her parents would beat her down, physically and emotionally. That is why she didn't have any confidence. She had decided to focus all of her energies on her school work and that is how she advanced so quickly in grades. She was smart, yes, but she was always trying to learn everything she could because that seemed to be the only thing that made her parents happy with her. She suddenly realized that what made doggyslut so strong was that all she focused on was pleasing her master and she was confident that she could do that. She put all of her efforts into that effort and that made her strong. Maybe if she started focusing on being more confident and focused, she could gain enough strength to gain control and escape. She realized that what had allowed her to be trapped into this situation was her lack of confidence in her self. That realization started her down a new path. One that would change everything in the future, but it would take time and some serious mental effort on her part. After a while of watching the proceedings in the dungeon as the masters and mistresses took their turns fucking and torturing dipshit to their hearts content, Mistress Tyree yawned and asked, "Doggyslut, take me to the bed so we can get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for us. I want to be fully rested. I should be able to get around with the help of a crutch. The leg is healing nicely." Doggyslut wheeled her over to the bed and helped her up under the covers. She took up a kneeling position beside the bed and watched what was going on in the dungeon. She was getting excited from the activities and asked, "Mistress?" "What is it slut?" Mistress Tyree answered. "Permission to finger fuck my self to orgasm Mistress?" Doggyslut asked. Mistress Tyree chuckled and said, "As many times as you want slut." She turned over and went to sleep. Doggyslut continued to watch the dungeon and finger fuck her self to orgasm after orgasm until almost three in the morning. She then lay on the floor and went to sleep. The carpet wasn't as soft as the bed, but it was much softer than the concrete of the kennel at master's house. This is end of Chapter 23. Please e-mail comments to or visit my blog at My Blog URL: Let me know what you think of my story. I am always looking for ideas and invite suggestions. If you are reading this on Storiesonline or BDSM and like the story please vote and comment. Redlegtiger