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                   "Chrissy's First Visit:
      From the Journals of Dr. Leonard Quim, Pediatric
         Gynecologist" (MFg incest pedo fist gyno)

     Dr. Leonard Quim arrived at his office on a warm Monday
morning in April.  He was a few minutes late, for he'd taken
time to drive through one of the new housing developments.
Yesterday the local newspaper once more had editorialized
against "suburban sprawl," but Dr. Quim felt only
satisfaction as he drove past the new tracts and saw new
families moving in. Indeed, these morning inspections were
becoming a habit. He would motor slowly past the new houses,
watching as the husbands hurried off to work, leaving their
families behind. Young mothers. And their young daughters.

     The doctor's first patient of the day was already
waiting for him. Mrs. Muriel H. sat in the waiting room,
clutching her purse. She was thirty-four years old and at
five foot four inches of average height, but heavier than
she would have liked. Her tits and ass were a bit too big
for her body, but not unpleasantly so, and they accounted
for the extra pounds. Quim found her pleasingly fleshy and
had said so very matter-of-factly the first time she'd been
naked in his office, but she was self-conscious about her
body, and had covered her tits. He'd had to pull he hands

     Her daughter was with her, Quim noted with
satisfaction. She was a slender athletic girl with ancient
eyes and blond hair tied back in a pony tail, age eleven.

     Dr. Quim walked passed them into his offices. His
nurse, Miss Viola, showed Mrs. H. in a few minutes later.

     "Please get undressed," he said to her. Viola helped
the woman remove her clothing. He noticed the woman
struggling against the impulse to cover herself.

     Once Mrs. H had settled into the examining table, Viola
had the woman scoot forward. She placed her ankles in the
stirrups. She cinched them in tightly, then swung the
stirrup poles stirrups out, giving the doctor plenty of room
to work. The woman's ample buttocks rested right at the edge
of the examining table.

     "Thank you, Nurse." Viola left the room.

     Quim began at her breasts.

     "Any soreness or tenderness lately?" he asked as he
palpitated first one, then the other, pleased by their

     "No, I don't think so," she said. He squeezed her

     "Any wetness? Leakage?"


     "None during intercourse?"

     Mrs. H. blushed.

     The doctor ran his hand down her belly, then felt her
thighs. Substantial, but not flabby. A man could certainly
lay happily between them. Her pubic hair was damp -- not
from bathing, but from nervousness. A glorious smell.

     "When are you and Walter going to have another child?"

     "I'm not sure."

     "But you're trying?" He squeezed her fleshy mound for

     "We're talking about it, doctor. He's not sure he wants
another one."

     "Rubbish. You were built to make babies, my dear."
Quim's hands encircled the amplitude of her hips and thighs.

     "The sooner he plants another one inside you, the better."

     "Yes doctor."

     Quim pulled up a stool over and took his station
between her legs. He swung the examination light into place
and switched it on.

     "Just relax my dear." He spread her vaginal lips with
his fingers, revealing the pink of her inner labia. He ran
his finger down between them, from the clit to the bottom of
her opening. The flesh parted. Moisture glistened on her

     "You've been overdoing the douche again, Mrs. H.," he
admonished her. "I can't do a proper examination if you wash
everything away."

     "I'm sorry doctor."

     "It's not healthy for your vagina. Too much rain floods
the garden."

     The doctor slipped his middle finger inside her. He
stroked gently, first on the left, then on the right,
feeling the smoothness of the vaginal walls. Her muscles
relaxed, almost with a sigh. He turned his attention to her
vaginal roof. His finger traced and re-traced a line from
her clit back to the soft mass of tissue just past her pubic

     Mrs. H's face trembled.

     "Anything wrong, Mrs. H.?"

     "No doctor," she gasped.

     Withdrawing his finger, he sniffed it, then popped it
into his mouth.

     "Uhm." He removed his finger.

     "You've had intercourse, Mrs. H.," he said, eyeing his
patient. "Yesterday would be my guess."

     The woman gasped.

     "Before or after church my dear?"

     "Oh doctor, please, it wasn't me..."

     "Shush, my dear, the more seed you get inside of you
the better. Doctor's orders."

     "Thank you."

     "Any progress with...."

     "Oh, doctor, I had one, I really did."

     "During intercourse?"

     Mrs. H. looked ashamed.

     "Now don't lie to me. A doctor," he tasted his finger,
"can tell."

     She hesitated, but then the truth came out.

     "He went right to sleep! Just a couple more minutes.
Didn't give me a chance, he really didn't."

     "Right away, or later?"

     "No, I had too. I was so close."

     "And where did you touch yourself?" he asked sternly.

     Tears came to her eyes.

     "There is nothing wrong with the occasional clitoral
orgasm, my dear, not in the short term anyway. The vagina,
however, is where we need to concentrate our efforts."

     The doctor produced a speculum. The stainless steel
glinted in his hand as adjusted the instrument He applied a
light coat of lubrication.

     "How can you help your daughter into womanhood if you
yourself haven't experienced what it means to be a woman?"

     Just then there was a knock on the door. The nurse
stuck her head in.

     "Doctor, the girl is asking for her mother."

     "Chrissy? Oh no!" Mrs. H. yelped.

     "Now Muriel, this is exactly what I was talking about.
The young lady is already eleven," the doctor said. "She'll
have her first exam soon. Don't you think it would be better
for her to be prepared? Send her in nurse."

     The nurse swung the door open and the girl stepped into
the examining room. Her eyes widened as she saw her mother
on the table, feet strapped up in the air, the doctor
sitting between her spread legs, preparing the gleaming

     "Hi mommy."

     "Come here Chrissy," the doctor said, waving her over.

     The nurse led the girl by the hand over to the doctor,
who pulls her close, his arm around her slender waist,
nestling her with him between her mother's legs.

     Doctor Quim ran his fingers over the mother's pubic
hair. "You've seen your mother naked before, haven't you

     "Oh yes, many times."

     "Baby you haven't!" the mother cried out.

     "I have mommy. And daddy too."

     "Well," the doctor interrupted, "you know that this is
your mother's vagina, don't you?"

     "She calls it her pussy. But daddy calls it a cunt."

     "Chrissy!" the mother exclaims.

     "Now Mrs. H., you mustn't alarm the child over words.
Dear," he continues, turning back to the girl, "sometimes it
is called a pussy, sometimes a cunt, sometimes other things,
but the medical term is vagina. Can you say that? Va-gin-a"


     "Very good. You know that you also have a vagina"

     "Want to see it?" the girl asked.

     "I would indeed," the doctor said, chuckling.

     The young girl pulled up her dress.

     "I have panties on."

     "Well, let's see what we can do about that!" The doctor
took hold of the waistband of her white panties and gently
pulled them down to her thighs.

     "It's not like mommy's. Is that OK?"

     The doctor caressed the smooth, bare mound bulging
softly between the girl's legs. He could feel the beginnings
of her growth, a light overlay of fuzz and a few sprouting
hairs. The girl opened her legs to accommodate his large

     "Dear, you have a beautiful vagina. One day it will be
just like your mothers."

     Mrs. H. raised herself up on her elbows to see what was
happening. Chrissy held her dress high for the doctor, whose
hand moved between her legs as the girl gazed intently at
what he was doing. The two huddled together between the
mother's legs like father and daughter in a Norman Rockwell
painting conferring on a birthday present for mom. Mrs. H.
felt light-headed at the sight, as if her darkest and most
repressed dreamings had sprung magically to life.

     Quim continued to rub the girl, sliding his fingers in
the folds between her sex and her thighs, and tentatively
running a finger into her little slit.

     She leaned closer to him.

     "Are you going to examine me the way you are mommy?"
The girl pointed to the speculum.

     "I am indeed. As soon as you think you're ready."

     "Oh yes! Pleaassse!" The girl jumped up and down with

     "Doctor! You can't be serious!" Mrs. H. exclaimed.

     "Excuse me for a minute," he said to the girl. He
handed the speculum to the girl. "Don't drop it." She
cradled the instrument curiously in her hands. The doctor
got up and went around to the head of the examining table.

     "Now, who's the doctor?" he said, leaning close to Mrs.

     "I know, but..."

     "Don't worry. I'll let her watch while I examine you.
Most girls lose interest when the see what it's really

     The mother looked down through her legs at her
daughter, engrossed in the speculum. The doctor patted Mrs.
H. on the shoulder.

     "Trust me dear. Young girls are my specialty."

     Mrs. H. nodded uncertainly and settled back on the
table. Doctor Quim returned to his position alongside the
girl, between his patient's spread-eagled legs.

     "You'll need this" she proclaimed, offering him the

     "You're a smart girl. Why don't you stand right here
next to me and be my assistant?"

     "Oh can I?!"

     "Yes, but you must first show me what you know." The
doctor took hold of the mother's fleshy mound.

     "Do you know what this is?" he asked her.

     "You told me already! Mommy's vagina!"

     "I mean just this part here," he said, squeezing the
pad of flesh for emphasis.


     "The veneris mons."


     "And what are these?" pointing to the mother's outer

     "The big flaps. That's what Becky calls them."

     Quim laughed. "They are the labia majora. Feel them."

     The girl touched her mother's outer pussy lips, taking
them between her finger and thumb. The slender caressing
fingers of her daughter on her sent shivers through Mrs. H's

     "See how fleshy and thick they are? and see the hair on
one side, but not inside?"

     "Oh yes."

     Mrs. H. was distressed to discover just how thrilling
her own daughter's touch was. Though delicate and tentative,
the girl's fingering electrified the older woman's entire
body. How could she feel this way? How could she let the
girl continue? But how could she oppose the doctor, who knew
so much more about women -- and girls -- than she did?

     "And here," the doctor continued, "we have...."

     "The little flaps." The girl caressed the inner gates
to her mother's body.

     "Ahhhhh," Mrs. H. moaned.

     "The labia minora," said the doctor. "You've seen them
before, haven't you?"

     "No, I haven't, cross my heart. But Becky has. Her mom
shows them to her all the time, and she tells me."

     "What's this?" the doctor asked, pointing to a spot on
the wet, open pussy in front of them.

     "It's her clit!" Chrissy touched the protruding organ
with her finger. It was hard and smooth and slippery, like a
marble, and she instinctively rubbed it.

     "Ohhhhhhhh!" exclaimed Mrs. H., before she could slap
her hand over her mouth.

     "Mommy! Are you OK?" the girl cried out.

     "She's fine, don't worry," the doctor reassured her.
"It just means she's happy that you're such a smart girl."

     "Does this make you happier, mom?" the girl asked as
she rubbed her mom's clit harder.

     Mrs. H. struggled to control herself. Her pussy, her
belly, her whole being trembled on the edge, brought there
by her own little girl. Her baby! The baby planted in her
by.... oh, if they only knew! The memory of the night Arnie
and she....no, don't she willed herself, the flash of memory
nearly tipping her into a maelstrom of remembered forbidden
pleasure. After that terrible sin she had rushed home, a
belly fully of his cum, and virtually forced herself on
Walter, hoping against hope that if she got pregnant it
would be his. She gripped the sides of the table, steeled
herself against the lust shaking her insides. Doctor,
doctor, please don't make her stop! she found herself crying
out to herself. But she clenched her jaw and refused to let
the words out of her mouth.

     The doctor took the girl's hand and removed it. "That's

     "Now just watch," the doctor said, taking the speculum
from the girl.

     Mrs. gasped for breath, and managed to push back her
climax just in time.

     With one hand Dr. Quim spread Mrs. H.'s labia minora
again; with the other he guided the speculum into her. Mrs.
H. felt the metal probe slip into her, slowly filling her
pussy (no, "vagina" she corrected herself). The cool steel
came as a relief.

     Chrissy leaned in close for a better look as the
stainless steel jaws disappeared inside her mom. She hugged
one of her mother's legs and pressed her head against the
fleshy moist thigh.

     "Don't worry, mom, he's doing a good job."

     "Now you can help," the doctor said to the girl. "Hold
the labia minora apart while I insert the speculum to its
proper depth."

     The girl took her mother's pussy lips, one in each
hand, and pulled them apart, revealing the pink glistening
flesh clasping the steel tube.

     "Put it in more," she whispered to the doctor. He slid
it deeper into the woman's vagina.

     "How's that?" he asked her.

     The girl fingered her mother's vagina again, pulling
the labia, majora and minora, one way then another, and then
felt all around the speculum, as if her eyes weren't enough
to grasp the reality of the instrument embedded in her own

     "Now," the doctor said to the girl, "we need to seat
it. Like this." He rotated the speculum back and forth in
the vaginal canal.

     "You try it." The doctor placed the girl's hands on the
speculum. She pushed.

     "No, like this." He put his hands over hers to show her
the right technique. She twisted it, cautiously at first,
then more boldly.

     The doctor reached under the girl's skirt and patted
her bottom. Each cheek fit perfectly into his hand.

     "That's it. A bit more," he said to Chrissy

     As Chrissy pushed the speculum deeper into her mother,
the doctor slipped a finger between the girl's own legs.
Again she accommodated him ever so slightly. He reached
under until he felt her slit, then pulled his finger back,
dragging it through the tight fold of her ass cheeks,
touching her asshole as he did so.

     Before she knew what was happening, the heat rose up in
Mrs. H. again.

     "How's that mom?"

     "Oh baby," she moaned, "is that you?"

     "OK. That's fine." He sniffed his finger behind the
girl's back, inhaling the sweet earthy smut of her bottom.

     "Do you see this?" the doctor asked her, pointing to
the adjustment. "When I turn this, your mommy's vagina will
open up. Then we can take a look inside."

     Chrissy leaned in close to see.

     "I can't see anything!" the doctor said to her,
laughing. He positioned the girl on her knees between his
own legs. That way she could look up into her mother's
vagina from below while he could still see to manipulate the
instrument. It also allowed him to squeeze the girl between
his thighs.

     Dr. Quim slowly turned the knob, opening Mrs. H.'s
vaginal cavity wider and wider. As she was pried open, Mrs.
H. felt a strange sensation of being fuller than ever, yet
at the same time of a growing void in her belly. Shocking
visions flooded her mind: a man's thick cock, a great
dane's, red and glistening and dripping with dog cum, and
then a stallion's huge leathery member, all thrusting up
into her belly.

     Chrissy stared in wonder at the landscape unfolding
before her as the doctor pried open her mother's body. She
could see the ribbed flesh of the vagina walls, and in the
back something round and smooth glimmering in the darkness.
Her own pussy tingled, and she clutched herself under her
dress, and rocked back and forth, kneading her mound with an
urgency she'd never felt before. The doctor cupped her
bottom in his broad hand and pulled her even closer to him.

     "There," the doctor said. He adjusted the lamp for
Chrissy, at the same time slipping a finger up between her

     "Is that me too?" she breathed.

     "You'll see for yourself." Again he stroked her little
slit. She was wet, her own pussy flowering open.

     "You see those lines? Like ribs?," the doctor said,
inserting his finger into the open speculum to point. "They
allow the vagina to expand and contract. So it can squeeze a
man's penis tight enough to make him ejaculate, and still
get big enough for the baby to get out."

     His own finger was in the daughter's pussy up to the
first knuckle.

     "And in the back, that hill? That's her cervix. The
man's sperm swims through that little hole and into her
uterus to make the baby."

     The doctor's probing finger found the hymen. Not paper
thin like some young girls, but not overly thick either. She
would cry out at the moment of penetration, but soothing
pleasure would follow immediately.

     Chrissy caressed the gaping steel tube embedded in her
mother's belly. Her fingers traced its curves, tried the
hinges and screws.

     "Doctor, mommy's bleeding."

     "She's getting her period. Has your mother told you
that big girls bleed like that every month, sometimes quite
a bit?"


     The girl extended her fingers inside the metal tunnel
as far as she could reach. If only the doctor would only
stretch her mom a little more, her whole hand would fit

     "OK, this part of the exam is completed. Pet your mom's
vagina as I remove it."

     The girl caressed the trembling moist flesh encircling
the instrument.

     "Ohhhh," Mrs. H. moaned. "Ohhhhhh. I can't....."

     The doctor closed the speculum and withdrew it slowly
from the mother's belly.

     A sudden thirst rose in the girl's mouth. Doctor Quim
caressed the back of her head, gently encouraging her to
satisfy herself. Her tongue touched her mother's open pussy,
at first shyly then more eagerly licking at the silky wet

     Mrs. H raised her self up on her elbows and gasped when
she saw that it was her daughter's mouth on her.

     "No, no, no....." she cried out. The doctor took Mrs.
H's hand and placed it on the girl's head.

     "Oh baby, stop, please stop," the mother moaned,
pressing the girl to her, guiding her mouth to her clit.
Chrissy kissed the erect organ.

     "Take it into your mouth, dear," the doctor whispered
to her. She did so.

     Quim reached under his doctor's smock and fished out
his cock. The tip ran with Cowper's fluid.

     "Roll your tongue all around it." Yes, the girl thought
to herself.

     The doctor pleasured himself with slow deliberate

     "Now lick at it." She did.

     "That's it." Just the way she'd seen the dog lick
himself between the legs. Her mother's juices ran down her
chin like she'd bitten into a ripe peach. The girl opened
her mouth wide, and taking as much of her mother as she
could she sucked, swallowed, then filled her mouth again.

     Mrs. H. pulled on her daughter's head, pressing the
girl's mouth into her.

     The doctor rubbed his cock against the girl's thigh,
leaving a wide streak of Couper's fluid.

     "Slip a finger inside," the doctor whispered to her.
The girl slid a finger inside. "There's a special place
inside your mom, along the top. Just rub, back and forth."

     She did.

     "Ohhhh, doctor," Mrs. H. moaned.

     "Try two," the doctor said, noticing how slim the
girl's fingers were. The girl maneuvered to get two fingers

     "Wait a second." With both hands he reached under the
girl's dress and gripped her slender waist. He lifted her up
into the air and down on his lap, her dress catching on his
erect cock jutting out between her legs. He lifted the dress
over their privates.

     "Oh, that's better!" Chrissy exclaimed. Two, three,
then four fingers disappeared into the mother's vagina in
quick order.

     Chrissy's fingers worked inside her mother, intently
exploring the passage that had brought her into the world.
For Mrs. H. the examining room, the doctor, the table on
which she lay, all had vanished. She was aware of nothing
except her daughter's warm soft hand crawling up inside her.
The mouth of her vagina tingled as the muscles stretched
wider than they had since Edwin had been born, eight years

     Quim felt the girl nestle her pussy and firm round ass
down on his belly at the base of his cock. He reached down
between her legs and pulled his cock tight up against her.
He petted himself, with each stroke pressing his member
against the girl's body, delighted at the sight of the young
girl slowly working on her mother's pussy. Couper's fluid
seeped from his cock and ran down her belly.

     The doctor gently took hold of the girl's hand and
formed the fingers and thumb into a point. Her hand
immediately slide in up to the last knuckles.

     A wonderful fullness crept into Mrs. H., banishing the
aching void that normally accompanied her day and night.

     Mrs. H. gripped Chrissy's wrist, intending to push her
away, but instead she pulled the girl further in.

     "Mommy," the girl urgently called.

     "Yes baby, yes."

     Following her mother's lead, Chrissy continued to push
forward. She felt the muscles that encircled her hand
resist, then ease. Almost with a "pop" she was in.

     "Ohhh baby baby." The mother's vagina closed tight
around the daughter's wrist. Strong, unexpectedly familiar
muscles gripped the small young hand on all sides.

     Suddenly, and for the first time, Chrissy became aware
of the doctor's member between her legs. She put her hand
down to find his own hand already there, stroking. The large
strong hand glided up and down, covering and then uncovering
the warm member. She took hold of him and he ceased his
stroking. She caressed the soft, smooth envelope of his
cock, and then squeezed hard to find a rigid, pulsing core
beneath. She imagined that large member sliding into her,
its head disappearing inside her own pussy, imagined herself
filling up as she now filled her mother.

     The doctor felt under the girl's dress with his free
hand until he found her budding breasts, firm small mounds
each tipped by an urgent virgin nipple. He filled his hand
with each in turn, feeling their heat and the hard nipple
scrapping against his palm.

     "Dear, make a fist inside," he whispered to her. "Move
your hand back and forth. Just a few inches." Mrs. H.'s
hands massaged her inner thighs, willing her body to take
more of her daughter's hand.

     "Twist your hand a little bit each time, dear." He
placed his own hand on her wrist and showed her how.

     "Oh yes, just like that," Mrs. H. cried out. She shoved
her belly forward to meet Chrissy's thrusts.

     "Do you know what this is called, my dear?" the doctor
whispered in her ear.

     "What?" she whispered back.

     "Fucking. It's called fucking, dear."

     "Oh doctor, I'm fucking mom?"

     "Yes you are."

     "I'm fucking you, Mommy," the girl called out, "just
like Daddy fucks you."

     Mrs. H.'s vagina convulsed, squeezing Chrissy's hand so
hard the girl cried out.

     "Babyyyyyy, I'm cominggggg," the woman screamed.
Another spasm and then another, a wave of fierce
contractions. The doctor's cock leaped against Chrissy's
belly, jetting thick hot sperm on to her budding tits and
smooth belly.

     "Mommyyyyyyy," the girl joined her mother's scream,
almost in tears. The doctor's hot juices inundated her at
the same time she was engulfed by her mother's wet fleshy
hole. The two separate organs collided through her, merged
into one and consumed her. She was a cock fucking her
mother, and at the same time she was her dad shooting sperm
into his wife to make a baby, and also the womb flooded with
her beloved's sperm waiting for a baby -- herself? -- to
grow and be born.

     Chrissy collapsed between her mother's legs in a dead

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