Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. On Golden Lake (Inc, voy, urine, Mm, MF, MFm) By ppcummings ( This is a work of erotic fiction, and is not intended for viewing by anyone under the age of 18. All characters and events portrayed in this story are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental. Comments and helpful criticism are welcome, and may be emailed to ***** The warming rays of the July sun washed over Megan's lithe, outstretched body. Her skin was a glowing bronze color, and her dark brown shoulder-length hair was beginning to lighten after her two weeks at the cottage on the shores of Golden Lake. She had done little else but worship the glorious sunshine since the day of her arrival. Meg rolled over onto her stomach to even out her darkening tan. Peeking over her left shoulder, she saw that once again her bikini bottom had slid down over her buttocks, exposing a portion of her pale rear and the top inch of the crack of her butt. She was annoyed, yet in a way pleased by what the ill-fitting swimsuit represented. 'Damn bikini is getting way too big for me now,' she mused. 'I am losing weight - almost time for a new suit.' She lowered her paperback and reached back to tug at the bikini bottom, covering herself again. A loose swimsuit was a small price to pay, as far as she was concerned. It was nice to feel good about her body again. Meg gave a deep, contented sigh, and pulled her hair off her bare shoulder. She snuggled her tanned body into the oversized beach towel, and continued reading: [Carlos took Alexis in his strong arms and pulled her roughly to him, as she writhed against his rippling body in her hungry passion. She could feel his erect, Latin manhood pressed against her groin. "Oh, Carlos," she moaned breathlessly. "Take me now!" Carlos pushed her back onto the feather down bed. They kissed hungrily, as the burly Latin pressed his muscular chest against her heaving bosom. Alexis felt her lover's throbbing member pressed against her soft womanhood. She flexed her nubile hips upward, beseeching him to enter her...] Megan sighed and smiled ruefully. Sometimes she couldn't understand why she read these trashy romance novels. And at 37 years old! But, she admitted to herself, she was addicted to this stuff - it seemed that she just couldn't stop. She'd read them since she was a young teenager. They just...they just seemed exciting! It was one of her few sources of sexual stimulation these days. Lord knows, she'd only been with one man since the divorce, and that had been unfulfilling. She wrinkled her nose as she mulled over the painful year since her divorce from Bill. The bastard! He had taken everything that mattered to her...including his big paycheck. She was having a difficult time making it on her junior high school teacher's salary. Sure, she was given the house in the divorce settlement, but it was certainly nothing special. Bill got the lake cottage, which she had always preferred over the house, despite the fact that it got uncomfortably toasty in the summer. She supposed that she should be appreciative for him letting her stay at the cottage this summer, but she couldn't bring herself to thank him for anything! But worst of all, though, was the fact that Bill won custody of Justin. Usually, she got Justin only on weekends. At least she would be spending the rest of the summer with him here at the cottage, and she smiled at the thought. It seemed she was missing out on seeing him grow up. Yes, Bill had definitely gotten the better end of the deal. Meg frowned. Why couldn't Bill have been a better husband? Why couldn't he have been more like the strong, virile men she read about in her novels? At least he would have been able to fulfill her sexually, if not emotionally. Sure, she had gained a little weight during their marriage, especially after Justin was born, but so had he. But that really shouldn't have mattered, if he had loved her to begin with. She doubted that he ever had. Oh well, no matter - that phase of her life was over with. Now it was time to spread her wings. The first thing on the agenda was to do something about her faltering sex life. She shook her head bitterly, and turned the page of novel. These books were a poor substitute for the real thing. On the other hand, they were better than nothing. Especially as a young teenager, she would read the books at bedtime and masturbate herself to sleep. Even now, she could feel a little tingle in her groin. She could easily have masturbated right here on the beach, but she didn't dare do that, despite the fact that it was quite secluded. Besides, Bill was due to bring Justin by any minute. She sighed, wiggled her crotch into the cotton beach towel, and continued to read: [Alexis moaned with desperate passion as Carlos urgently searched out the center of her being with his steely manhood. Soon, she felt him slowly enter her. She gasped with pleasure as their passions intertwined...] Meg's reading was interrupted by the loud *whump* of a slamming car door. She shielded her eyes from the bright sun and squinted toward the cottage, half hidden behind the thick shrubs and trees that separated it from the sandy beach. Momentarily, she saw the tall figure of her ex-husband, and the much shorter Justin, strolling down the short wooden stairway toward the beach. She put the book aside, carefully ensuring that the cover was facing downward, and stood to greet her son, doing a quick once-over her body as she did so to make sure that the bikini was properly adjusted. As soon as the youth saw her, he grinned broadly and began to run across the sand toward her. A warm, loving smile danced across Megan's face as her son fell into her welcoming arms. "Hi Mommy!" The boy greeted her enthusiastically. "Hi kiddo!" Megan tightly embraced Justin and kissed him tenderly on the forehead. "Nice to see you honey. And I'm *so* glad you'll be able to stay with me for the rest of the summer." "Me too!" Justin pulled away from his Mother's embrace as his father joined them. "Hello Bill." Meg greeted her ex-husband coolly. "Meg, how are you? Enjoying your stay at the cottage?" "Yeah...especially now that Justin's here." She swallowed hard. "I...I guess I should thank you for letting me stay here this summer." Damn, she hated swallowing her pride like this! "I know that you, um, didn't have to do it." "No problem Meg. It'll be good for you, and good for Justin." She nodded in agreement, and the ex-couple looked at each other awkwardly. Thankfully, Justin broke the silence. "Can I go swimming Mom?" "Of course you can honey. Why don't you go up to the cottage and put on your swim trunks? And you remember," she added, "No swimming unless I'm on the beach here with you." "I know." Justin dashed off toward the cottage, and once again, an uncomfortable silence descended over Meg and her ex-husband. Meg cleared her throat, and motioned toward her beach towel. "Well Bill, would you like to stay awhile? We can share the towel I guess." "Sure you can stand being that close to me Meg?" Bill sneered. Her face reddened, and her pretty brown eyes flashed. "Oh knock it off Bill! Can't we act civilly? For Justin's sake at least?" Her ex-husband shrugged, and sat cross-legged on the beach towel. Meg did the same, trying to suppress her anger. After a few minutes of silence, Bill sighed deeply. "Look Meg, I'm sorry okay?" Meg said nothing at first, and then slowly nodded. "No problem." The former couple sat and gazed out over the serene waters of Golden Lake. It was quiet - the silence was disturbed only by the faint hum of a motorboat putt-putting far across the bay, rounding the point. The seagulls wheeled overhead, and a gentle breeze wafted off the lake. After a few minutes, Meg felt Bill's gaze shift toward her. "You're looking really good Meg. Looks like you've lost a lot of weight." "Yeah." Meg wasn't sure whether to feel flattered or self-conscious. At least the conversation was breaking the tension. "About 25 pounds. I figure I've got 5 or 10 more to go, and I'll be happy." "Well you're making great progress. Are you dieting? Exercising?" "Both. And I've been swimming every day since I got here last week. I plan to keep it up the rest of the summer." She laughed. "The only problem is, I need a new swimsuit. This one is getting way too loose." "Yup," Bill chuckled. "Getting a little baggy on the bottom. Why don't you just go and buy a new one? You can go to the mall in Sharpville." "Yeah, not a bad idea. Maybe I'll go for a drive with Justin tomorrow." The patter of Justin's feet skipping down from the cottage interrupted their conversation. He flashed a happy boyish smile toward his parents as he kicked off his sandals next to them (spraying beach sand all over the towel in the process), and then hopped down to the water's edge, peeling off his cotton tank top as he went. He began to walk out on the weathered wooden dock, as if to dive in. But apparently he thought better of it, and he backtracked and began wading into the warm, shallow water. Meg watched her son proudly. At thirteen years old, he was growing up fast! He had the skinny, narrow shouldered physique of a child, but there were a few signs of his rapidly approaching maturity. For one thing, he was getting so tall - close to 5 feet, Meg estimated. She could have sworn that he was taller than the last time she saw him, if that was possible. After all, it was only a month since he had last come to spend a weekend with her. Meg frowned ruefully. It almost seemed as if she was missing out on seeing him growing up. She wondered if he was showing any signs of puberty yet. Bill hadn't mentioned anything, and there were no obvious signs. No body hair that she could see, and his voice hadn't changed yet. Emotionally, he seemed more mature, but he hadn't taken on any of the bad traits of puberty yet - the inevitable sulkiness and irritability of young teenagers was something she wasn't looking forward to. Bill interrupted her thoughts. "I think this will be good for him. It seems like all he does these days is play computer games on his laptop. He hardly ever goes outside anymore." "I think you're right. He used to love coming here and being outdoors when we were togeth...when he was younger." "I'm hoping it's just his age Meg. I think all boys his age play computer games too much. I agree with you though. Maybe the change in scenery will help. Swimming, fishing...he'll have fun." "I hope so." "You know, I let him bring his laptop with him. But I told him that he could only play with it at night or on rainy days. I want him to be outside otherwise." "That's a good rule - I'll enforce it." As Meg watched, Justin gingerly waded into the lake, rigidly holding his arms outstretched at his sides, as the water covered his groin. As he approached waist-deep water, he paused to screw up his courage, and then dove with a noisy splash. He immediately surfaced and emerged from the water to try his luck diving from the dock. Meg and Bill chatted in relative comfort for another hour as Justin practiced diving from the dock. Soon, the youth tired of the exertion and left the water. He walked up the sandy beach, shaking the water out of his crew-cut hair as he walked. He plunked himself on the big beach towel next to his mother. The reddening sun was beginning to sink toward the treetops across Golden Lake. Bill stretched his arms over his head and yawned. "Gosh, this sun is putting me to sleep. I guess I'd better hit the road. It's a long drive back." "Okay," replied Megan. "I'll help you unload Justin's stuff." The three of them stood and walked to Bill's car. Bill knelt in front of his son to give him a hug. "Now you listen to your Mother while you're here, okay Justin?" "Don't worry Dad. I will." "And you enjoy yourself. Okay? Get some sunshine and fresh air, and don't spend too much time on your computer." "I won't." "That's a good boy. I'll see you in a month then. Now let's bring your things into the cottage." ***** Later that night, with Justin finally tucked into his bed with a loving kiss, Meg grabbed her novel and retired to her own bedroom. The room was stifling - not for the first time, she cursed Bill for not investing in an air conditioner. It had always been like this, from the time they purchased the place early in their marriage. She turned on a small fan to increase the air circulation. 'If I would have got this place in the settlement,' she thought, 'I'd at least invest a little money into it.' Bill always had been a cheapskate. She opened the window, noting with disappointment that the curtains were hanging limp. No cooling breeze - perhaps one would appear during the night. She pulled her tee shirt over her head, and then gratefully yanked her bra over her rounded breasts, tossing it carelessly on the dresser. The bra would take some getting used to - she had been accustomed to going braless these last few weeks at the cottage. But with Justin staying with her, she'd have to be a little more modest. Now clad in only her skimpy blue cotton panties, she turned down the bedcovers. Meg sat on the edge of the bed, reflected on the day, and thought about the weeks ahead. She was overjoyed at being able to spend so much quality time with Justin. The occasional weekend just wasn't enough, and she looked forward to catching up with what was going on in his life - his friends, school... Thankfully, Bill seemed to be a better parent than husband - Justin was turning out to be a good kid, and she had to admit that Bill had a lot to do with it. With a contented sigh, she grabbed her book and reclined on the bed, the old bedsprings squeaking beneath her, and propped her head on the overstuffed pillows. She began reading, knowing that she would soon masturbate herself to sleep, as she had done almost every night in the two weeks since she had arrived at the cottage. She didn't know what had gotten into her. At times, her horniness was unbearable. The sun and exercise must have something to do with it. And her new toned body was certainly helping - she just felt so much better about herself. Meg realized that she would have to be quiet and discreet, now with Justin sharing the cottage with her. Granted, his bedroom was on the other side of the cottage, and the walls of the old, sturdily built cabin were virtually soundproof but still... On the other hand, back in the old days, when she and Bill were together, they thought nothing of fucking lustily (those days seemed so long ago) here in this very room. As far as they knew, Justin never heard them. With a deep sigh, twirling her hair absently in her fingers, Meg began reading her book: [Carlos thrust his turgid penis in and out of Alexis' female wetness. They clung tightly to each other, each desperate for release....] As she read, she unconsciously began caressing herself up and down her ribcage, delighting in the fact that she could feel her ribs. That hadn't been possible until her recent weight loss. The nimble fingertips of her right hand danced lightly over her smooth, supple skin. She loved the sensation - slightly ticklish, and very subtly erotic. She set the book aside on the sheet next to her, and began stroking her body with both hands, first across her tummy, then higher, finally concentrating on her pillowy-soft breasts. She watched as her fingers brushed along the indistinct tan line above her breasts, wishing that she had had a few more days to sunbathe topless before Justin's arrival. She gazed proudly down at herself. She had always thought that her boobs were her best feature. It wasn't that they were overly large, but they had a great shape, still firm...not bad for 37. Now though, her breasts weren't the only part of her body for which she was proud - she was starting to look *good*. Her latest goal was to firm up her butt. Maybe that would become her new best feature. Her breasts felt especially sensitive tonight. She cupped them in her palms and squeezed them gently together. Meg sighed contentedly as she reveled in the sensation. That was one thing about Bill that she could always count on - he really got off on playing with her boobs. She plucked each rubbery nipple with her fingertips, bringing them to attention. She closed her eyes and fantasized about "Carlos" suckling them until they were slippery with his Latin saliva. She imagined him trailing his tongue lower, dancing over her firming stomach, and swirling his insistent tongue around her navel. Her fingers brushed lower and stroked her tummy in lazy circles, tickling the supple skin lightly. Her soft hands eased lower, to her cotton panties. She trailed the tip of an index finger along each leg band, teasing herself deliciously. She dipped her fingertips briefly under the waistband, first stroking her hairy bush, and then probing lower. She briefly rubbed her fingers along her vaginal lips, feeling the growing wetness there. But not so soon! As usual, she wanted the feelings to last. She brought her hands out of her panties, spread her long legs slightly, and began to rub, ever so softly, up and down her crotch through the dampening fabric. She moaned softly - God, she was so horny! ***** But Megan was not alone in her growing lust. Outside her bedroom window, a shadowy figure peered beneath the bottom of the lace curtains. His breathing was quickening as he watched through glazed eyes as the foxy woman masturbated. He had watched her sunbathing for two weeks from his own rustic cabin at the end of the point across the narrow bay. Every day, she had sprawled out on what she thought was a private beach to worship the sun. In the last week, she had taken off her bikini top as she did so. 'Silly woman,' Blake had thought to himself. Yes, she thought her cottage was private and remote, and it was. That is, for one without a powerful telephoto lens. Blake had met her, years before. What was her name...Meg? Yes, that was it. He had talked to her and her husband a few times. He knew that they were divorced. Funny, he hadn't seen either of them at the cabin in recent years. She had appeared so fucking *hot* through the high-powered lens. Blake seemed to recall that she was overweight, but not anymore. The urge to get closer had been irresistible, and he had succumbed to temptation two nights before. As soon as darkness descended, he had stealthily walked up the country lane that encircled the lake and hid in the bushes separating the cabin from the lane. He had quietly looped around the cottage, peering cautiously into each and every window. He watched her for over an hour as she sat in the living room, watching television. Yes, if she kept this up, he was in for an eventful, voyeuristic summer. A child had arrived today, which was disappointing. No more topless sunbathing. He had a vague recollection of the kid - he must be Meg's son. Ah well, the opportunity to watch her frigging herself would make up for spying on her at the beach. He watched, unblinking, mouth slightly agape, as the woman's fingers stroked her lovely tits, pausing occasionally to tweak the brown, erect nipples. When her fingers began dancing over her panty-clad cunt, his prick began to throb inside his shorts. 'Blake, you lucky dog,' he thought to himself. He couldn't believe his good fortune! This was only the second time he had spied into her bedroom, and already he had hit the jackpot. He was actually watching this sweet thing get herself off! A voyeur's wet dream come to life. Blake grinned evilly in the darkness outside the window. He found the fact that she was playing with herself only a couple of walls away from her son so *fucking* hot. If only the kid knew what mama was doing behind closed doors. He had watched through his bedroom window only a few minutes before as she had tucked him into bed and turned off the light. He was a little bit disappointed that he hadn't gotten a better look at him. He vowed to come back though - maybe he'd get to see the kid masturbate just like his horny mother. Blake's cock was tenting the front of his shorts. He hooked a thumb into the waistband and pulled them down his thighs, exposing his prick to the humid night air. He grasped his cock in his right hand, and began to stroke himself slowly. His mouth hung half open as he watched with rapt attention as Meg touched herself through her skimpy panties. Her eyes were closed as she focused on the pleasure she was giving herself. Soon her fingers grew more insistent. She rubbed through her underwear in tight, ever quickening circles, stimulating her clit through the thin fabric. Her stomach muscles flexed seductively. Blake imagined pussy juice seeping from her hot cunt, soaking the panties. Meg paused and pulled off the panties, tossing them on the floor beside the bed. Blake drooled as he gazed lustily at her bush. It was all he had imagined. He just wished he could see her from a better angle. The bed was oriented sideways to the window - if only he could gaze directly upon her scrumptious pussy. The woman spread her legs wide, and dipped her hand back into her exposed pussy. She resumed fondling herself with a tight circular motion, applying pressure directly to her clitoris. The movements were slow at first, but she gradually increased the pace of her strokes. Blake masturbated with her, as he watched her growing lust. Soon, the pace of her strokes quickened. She rubbed herself frenetically, and her thighs began to quiver as her urgency to come increased. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her lips were slightly parted as she gave herself to her rapture. Her body was tensed, and Blake could see a red flush creeping across her chest. Blake knew that she was getting ready to come. He himself could feel the tension building in his balls. Maybe they would come together! Her fingers were a blur as she frigged her cunt. She began thrusting her ass off the mattress, furiously trying to maximize the sensations in her pussy. Blake's fist, too, was a blur in the darkness. Droplets of perspiration formed on his forehead as he jacked himself off to the sight of the horny slut. He wondered if she was moaning, but he couldn't hear anything over the insistent hum of the fan in her bedroom. Finally, after a huge spasm, the woman's body went rigid, her back arched and her quivering ass suspended off the bed. Her legs jerked spasmodically as she stroked her cunt furiously. Yes, she was beginning her orgasm! Blake pumped his cock rapidly, until a huge tremble coursed through his muscular body, and he shot a streamer of sperm onto the wooden clapboard siding below the window. Through his flickering eyelids, he watched as the woman jerked in the throes of her own orgasm, and he spurted jets of sperm again and again. Finally, his orgasm drifted away, and he milked a few last drops of cream out of his softening cock. With a satisfied smile, he licked the residue off his fingers, tucked his prick back into his shorts, and disappeared into the darkness. ***** Megan and Justin walked hand in hand through the mall, picking their way through the throngs of Saturday afternoon shoppers. The crowd seemed almost intimidating after the solitude and safety of the cottage. Megan hadn't been in this mall often, but she *did* remember a store that sold bathing suits. Now she just had to find it. They passed a toy store, and Justin slowed down and gazed wistfully at the window display. Several stacks of brand new computer games were arranged enticingly at a youth's eye level. Meg laughed at her son. "You want to buy something, don't you Justin?" The boy looked up at her hopefully. "Please, Mom. Can I?" Meg frowned. "You know I don't want you playing too much with your computer. Your father feels the same way." But as she said it, she knew she would eventually yield to her boy's wishes. Who could resist those puppy-dog eyes? "I know. I won't play too much. It's just that all of the games that I brought with me to the cabin I've already played. I want something different." Meg smiled and tousled her son's hair playfully. "Very well then." She rifled through her purse and pulled out three $20 bills. "But you can only buy one," she said sternly. "Now go on - I'm going to go and find a swimsuit. I'll be back in half an hour to pick you up. Okay?" Justin grabbed the money. "Sure thing Mom. Thanks." And with that, he darted into the toy store. Megan continued on down the wide central aisle of the mall, finally locating the store she sought. Loud dance music emanated from within. She entered, and wandered through the racks of brightly colored bathing suits, casting a critical eye on the skimpy bikinis. It seemed that everything in the store was more suited for a 15-year old girl - hell, even the clerks were high-school age. On the other hand, she thought to herself, why *couldn't* she have a skimpy suit? She had spent all of her adolescent life jealously eyeing all of the other slim girls dressed in barely-there bikinis, and wishing she could do the same. Then, during her marriage, her weight problem got even worse. Well, she had worked hard at getting herself slim and trim. Maybe it was time to get adventurous. Besides, she was only 37 years old. It wasn't like she was a grandma or anything. Unfortunately, the suits didn't do anything toward appealing to her sense of fashion. They were all so...gaudy. Then she realized what time of year it was - mid-summer. The racks had been picked over months ago, the best suits already taken. But after a few more minutes of browsing, her eyes were drawn toward a fabulous yellow bikini. The color was right, and she liked the shape. She pulled it from the rack and held it up for inspection. 'Damn!' she cursed under her breath. 'A thong.' She didn't even wear thong *panties*. She certainly wasn't ready to parade around in a thong swimsuit. With a dejected sigh, she put the suit back. She didn't quite feel ready for that. But try as she might, Meg couldn't find another suit in the entire store. With a frustrated sigh, she found herself drawn back to the yellow thong. She urgently needed a new suit, and there was nothing else. She plucked the suit from the rack again and ran her long fingers over the narrow string that formed the back. "Can I help you find something?" A cheery blond girl with a nose ring, no more than 18 years old, had swooped in next to her. Meg sighed. "Oh, I don't know. I can't find a swimsuit I like." "Well, why not that one?" The girl nodded toward the suit in Meg's hands. "Well...I like the color. But it's a thong." "So? I wear a thong. They're great!" Meg laughed. "And you're half my age. I'm too old to wear a thong." The girl tapped Meg playfully on the arm. "Don't be silly." She stood back from Meg and gave the older woman a quick once over. "You're very pretty, and you've got a great body. Why not show it a little?" Meg blushed. "I dunno..." she began. "Oh, c'mon. Why not just try it on?" She pointed toward the corner of the store. "The dressing room is right over there." Meg smiled. "Okay. Why not?" she asked with a shrug. The girl winked. "That's the spirit!" She followed Meg toward the dressing room. "Let me know if you need any advice okay? I'll be here outside the door." Once inside the dressing room, Meg quickly peeled off her blouse, bra and shorts, then, after some consideration, her panties as well. She eased the thong up her legs and over her hips. It was a little tight, but no big deal - she was planning to take off a few more pounds anyway. She felt the thin strand of material pressed snugly into her butt crack. It felt strange, but sexy in a way. She turned around and cast a critical eye over her shoulder at her image in the full-length mirror. The string was so tiny that it disappeared between her cheeks - only the narrow waistband was visible from behind. But she looked good! Her cheeks were so much firmer than they used to be. They looked strangely pale - no surprise considering the "normal" bathing suit she had been wearing. But still, her butt looked She had to admit, the suit was flattering. Then she remembered. Justin. "Damn...I can't go parading around wearing this the rest of the summer," she muttered to herself. But she couldn't give up quite that easily. She turned around and faced the full-length mirror. Her breasts filled the cups perfectly - no little sags or puckers. She picked and pulled at the edges of the top...a little small, but it definitely fit. Meg frowned at her reflection. If not for the thong, she'd buy the suit in an instant. She heard the sales girl call to her through the closed dressing room door. "How's it look?" "Okay I think." "Come on out if you want a second opinion." "Umm..." "C'mon, there's no one else out here. It's okay." Meg slowly opened the door, and peered out into the brightly lit store. The blond girl was there, smiling at her. She opened the door all the way and stepped gingerly out of the dressing room. The girl's eyes opened wide. "Oh, that suit looks FANTASTIC on you." She reached up and adjusted the straps at Meg's shoulders, then stood back again. "And the color's perfect - it goes good with your tan." "Do you think it's too small? I'm planning to take off a few more pounds." The girl shook her head. "I don't think you need to lose any weight. But if you do, it'll still look great." She put a finger to her pert lips. "I'd kill to have your boobs. Let's see the back." "Thanks." Meg felt her cheeks warming, flattered at this pretty girl's compliment. She took a quick glance around the store to make sure no one was watching. She spun lightly, until she was facing away from the girl. She whistled softly, then giggled merrily. "Looks nice from back here too. You've got a cute butt. Umm, you want to wear the bottom a little higher up your hips though." Meg felt the girl's fingers at the waistband of the suit, pulling gently upward. The string nestled into her butt crack. "There, that's better." Meg held her arms out at her sides and did a little artistic twirl. The blond smiled. "You've GOT to have this suit. It looks great on you." Meg giggled. The girl was being very convincing. But what about Justin? She couldn't wear this in front of him for the rest of the summer, could she? But on the other hand, the thong felt sooo sexy. 'And anyway,' she thought to herself, 'He's my son, and he's only 13 years old. There's nothing to be worried about.' A minute ticked by, and she was due back to pick up Justin. With a resigned sigh, she decided to purchase the suit. She'd worry later about wearing it in front of her son. ***** Blake sat patiently in the shelter of the hydrangea bushes next to the cottage's carport. He had been here for almost an hour. They *must* be gone. There was no car, for one thing, and he had seen no signs of life. Mom and son must be out and about somewhere. He looked around the densely wooded perimeter of the property, thankful that all the lakeside lots were on large parcels, leaving each one isolated from view. He walked slowly around the outside wall of the cottage, alert to any noise, any signs of movement, until he was outside the woman's bedroom window. He had noticed last night that the window didn't have either lock or screen - it would be a simple matter to get inside. Indeed, within seconds he had clambered stealthily through the window, bumping his head hard in the process. Blake crouched below the window for a moment, grimacing and rubbing his scalp, listening intently, but there was nothing. Yes, they were clearly gone. He stood slowly, and then lowered his gaze toward the hardwood floor next to the bed. Fuck! The panties weren't there. He remembered clearly that she had thrown them next to the bed as she was getting herself off the night before. He spotted a closet door along the far wall and quickly strode toward it. He jerked it open and peered into the darkness. Yes, it was a closet, and his eyes were quickly drawn toward a large wicker laundry basket on the floor. He quickly rifled through the top layer of clothes, pushing aside a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. Then he saw them, the object of his search! Yes, it was definitely the same pair of panties she had tossed aside the night before. Hands trembling, he plucked them from the basket. He ran them through his fingers, turned them inside out, and raised the crotch to his nose. Blake inhaled deeply and sighed. Her musky womanly scent was clearly evident - he knew it would be, the way she had rubbed herself through them as he watched. His cock began to stir inside of his jeans. He briefly considered going down the hall to the kid's room, but he didn't dare. He didn't know where they were or when they would return. No, he'd better not risk it. He stuffed the panties inside his shirt, tucked it into his jeans, and clambered out the window. ***** "So, what do you want to do tomorrow kiddo?" Meg was getting bleary-eyed from the drive. It had been a long day. After she retrieved Justin from the video game store, she had cruised several department stores at the mall and bought a couple of sundresses, and some new shorts and tee shirts. Her pocketbook was thinner, but it had been a good day of shopping all around. Now though, she was eager to get home and relax. She slowed the car, and made the left turn into Golden Lake Road, the tires of the Ford crunching into the gravel. "Oh I don't know. Maybe play my new game." "Uh uh." Meg shook her head determinedly. "It's supposed to be a nice day, and you're not spending it in the house okay?" Justin sighed resignedly and rolled his eyes. "'Kay." "You can play your game tonight." She reached over and mussed Justin's hair. "Maybe we could do some fishing off the dock?" Justin nodded. "I suppose so. That would be okay I guess." Meg frowned. Here was yet another sign that Justin was growing up. He used to love fishing. "It'll be fun. You'll see." She slowly eased her car along the narrow lane encircling the lake. As she rounded the final curve before the cottage, she spotted a tall, broad-shouldered man walking along the side of the road. 'Something familiar about him,' she thought to herself. He smiled and waved as she approached, and she returned the wave through her open window. Then she recognized him, and eased the car to a stop. "Who's that Mom?" "A guy named Blake," Meg replied. "He lives in one of the cottages around here. He used to stop by and visit with your father and I." "Oh yeah, I remember him...he used to play catch with me once in awhile." "Yup, that's right...he's a very nice man." Blake ambled up to the driver's side window and bent down to peer into the car. His eyes flickered quickly and casually over Meg's long, tanned legs, and her breasts straining against her blouse. He thought back briefly to the night before, when he watched her masturbating through the window. His cock stirred in his pants. He struggled to put the thought out of his mind, and he flashed a winning smile. "Well, hello Meg! So nice to see's been a long time." "It sure has Blake. What, three or four years? I haven't been up to the cabin much lately. Bill and I are...divorced. He's got the cabin now. Justin and I are staying here for the rest of the summer." "Yeah, Bill told me you guys weren't together anymore. I've seen him up here now and again." He glanced across Meg over at Justin in the passenger seat. "And that must be Justin! My, my, the last time I saw you, you were just a little guy. But you've grown up I see. How old are you now?" Justin smiled shyly under Blake's and his mother's admiring stare. "I just turned thirteen." "I thought you must be about that old! So are you starting high school next year?" Justin shook his head. "Nope. Eighth grade." "So do you have big plans for the rest of the summer?" Justin shrugged, and Meg chirped in. "I think Justin and I are going to relax mostly. Work on our tans, do some swimming and fishing. In fact, we were just talking about dropping a hook in the lake tomorrow to see if we can catch some big ones." As she talked, Meg's eyes unconsciously wandered over Blake's body. He was older than she, maybe in his early 40's, but very attractive. She reminisced back a few years. Blake was attractive then, and he certainly was aging well. He was wearing a green tank top and a pair of tight faded jeans. He was muscular and richly tanned, and his biceps and shoulder muscles rippled enticingly. Her eyes flickered lower, to a subtle, yet definite bulge in his groin. "Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a summer." Meg looked up, and she felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. Blake paused, and he and Meg held each other's eyes. "Um, yes...". Meg cleared her throat. "We're definitely looking forward to it." She felt a thrill course through her body, as Blake's piercing blue eyes gazed at her. She smiled awkwardly. "It's really nice seeing you again. Maybe...if you could come in for a cup of coffee?" Blake smiled broadly. "That sounds great Meg. I'd love to." He suddenly remembered the pair of panties he had stuffed inside his tank top. "Um, tell you what. I need to stop back at my house first, but I'll come by in an hour or so." Meg broke into a wide grin. "Great! See you then." With a wave, she shifted gears and continued down the lane. Blake watched until the car disappeared around the corner. "My, my," he said out loud. "If I play my cards right, I just might get lucky this summer." He thrust his hand inside his jeans to adjust his swelling prick. ***** A loud knock at the front door announced Blake's arrival. Meg paused at the hallway mirror to check her hair and makeup, and then pulled the door open. The site of Blake's friendly smile greeted her. "Come on in Blake! I just put on a fresh pot of coffee." She smiled broadly, flashing her straight, pearly white teeth, and motioned him in. Blake stepped across the threshold, and paused to survey his surroundings. The cabin was just as he had remembered it. Sparsely, but tastefully, furnished. "Gosh, it's been ages since I've been here. But the place still looks the same." "Yeah, it never really changes. Except Bill keeps it messier now than when I was around. I've had to do a lot of cleaning up." Blake smiled awkwardly. "Sorry," said Meg. "I don't suppose you came here to listen to me talk about Bill and I." "No, that's okay. It just...really surprised me that you guys got divorced. You always seemed made for each other." Meg led the way to the kitchenette. "Yeah, I suppose it seemed that way," she said over her shoulder. "But, well...let's talk about something else, okay?" "Sure thing." Blake had hardly heard her. His eyes were focused on her undulating buttocks as she walked ahead of him. She was wearing a loose summer dress, not form-fitting exactly, but it still didn't hide her marvelous ass. Having watched her through her bedroom window made the dress even sexier, knowing the delightful body that lie beneath. He mused that she was slimmer - a LOT slimmer - then when he had last seen her years before. She was still just a tad wider across the hips than a lot of men liked. But Blake didn't like his women skinny. Boys, on the other hand, were a different matter. He sat at the kitchen dinette table and watched as Meg brought over a full pot of coffee and two china cups. "I know it's hot out," she said as she poured. "But I still like a good cup of coffee even on days like this." Blake chuckled. "Yeah, me too." "So," she said as she sat down across from him. "What's new with you? Are you still in sales?" Blake shook his head. "No, I got out of that about two years ago. I do computer consulting for businesses, website development, stuff like that. It's kind of nice, because I get to work from home most of the time." Blake took a sip of the scalding coffee. "How about you? Still a teacher?" Meg nodded. "Yup. Middle school. I like it." She giggled. "I don't work from home, but at least I get the summers off." She reached for the sugar bowl. Blake nodded agreeably. "I'll bet it's nice." His eyes flickered over her chest. As she reached across the table, the top of her dress gaped open, given him a nice view of her cleavage, and the gentle swell of the top of her breasts swinging inside. Meg sat back, and her eyes caught his. Blake looked up quickly, uncertain if she had caught him gawking. He cleared his throat. "So if you teach middle school, is Justin one of your students?" "Nope. I teach in a different school district." "Ah." "I seem to remember you were really into photography." "Yup. Still am...only as a hobby though." He laughed. "Never could make a living at it." As they sat there chatting, sunlight streaming through the window of the kitchen and the birds chirping musically outside, a warm glow came over Meg. She had always liked Blake, but she had never needed companionship like she did now. It was so nice to sit here talking to a man. They gazed out the window in comfortable silence, watching the leaves on the old oaks fluttering in the breeze, and beyond, the gentle ripples on the lake. "You know," said Blake wistfully, "I've always been envious of the great beach in front of your place. Mine is mostly rocks, and it's too muddy to swim." "I know. We were lucky to get this place. I really enjoy the beach. You're welcome to come over anytime, if you want to swim or work on your tan." Her eyes flickered over Blake's golden-brown, muscular arms. "Not that you really need to." Blake's cock stirred inside his jeans at the obvious flirtation. "Well, I think I'll take you up on your offer. Can't let the tan fade you know." Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of Justin bolting into the kitchen, carrying his laptop computer. He stopped short at the sight of Blake. "Hi Blake," he said shyly. "Well, hello there sport! Nice to see you again." Blake discreetly looked the boy up and down. He quickly decided that Justin was a very cute boy, smart but shy. He was wearing little red swim trunks and nothing else. His hairless arms and legs were thin and gangly. "Watcha' got there? A laptop?" "Uh huh." Meg smiled. "Justin carries that thing everywhere - mostly to play computer games." Blake chuckled as he watched Justin roll his eyes. "Nothing wrong with that, hey Justin? Can I see it?" The boy held the slim computer out for Blake's inspection. "That's a nice one." "Yup, except the monitor's kinda small to play games. But it's okay I guess." "Oh, I can see what you mean. Tell you what though. If you'd like to, you could bring it to my house once in awhile. I've got a 19" monitor you can plug into." "Gee, that would be cool!" "Wait a sec' kiddo," said Meg. She turned to Blake. "Are you SURE you want to do that? I mean, it's very nice of you, but his games can be pretty annoying. Guns and bombs and stuff, you know." "Not a problem, as long as I'm not working, which is usually only in the mornings and late at night. I don't mind, really." Meg reflected for a moment. In a way, it didn't seem right to let her little boy go to Blake's house by himself. After all, she hardly knew him. But he was *so* nice. Justin noticed his mother's indecision. "I'll be good Mom...I won't bother Blake at all. I promise." Meg smiled down at her son and poked him playfully in the ribs. "Okay. As long as you promise." Blake flashed a toothy smile. "Good then. It's settled." His mind was racing...this could be good. Justin smiled appreciatively. "Thanks Mom. I'm going to my room and play my new game." He skipped out of the kitchen, leaving his mother and Blake to continue their chat. ***** Meg ran the material of her new swimsuit through her long fingers. She giggled like a little girl. She couldn't believe she was actually going to wear this thing. Still, it had looked good on her in the mirror in the dressing room. Why not? She was still young. Her body was getting lean and mean. Just because she wasn't a teenage bimbo didn't mean she couldn't look sexy. She pulled her fingertips along the thin ribbon of material that formed the thong. Times sure had changed since she was young. In the old days, wearing such a swimsuit would have been too daring to contemplate, if not considered obscene. Back then, showing a little ass cheek was about all that was allowed. Should she wear such a revealing swimsuit in front of Justin? Was it appropriate? She didn't want to stimulate his young hormones. She pursed her lips in frustration. And then she remembered that she had invited Blake to the beach. She was just getting to know the man. She didn't know if there was a relationship in their future or not, but what would he think of her if she flaunted her body in front of him? Would that ruin things? Would she seem slutty? But those thoughts only made her feel sexy. Why *not* wear it? She liked him, and she had enjoyed his lingering stares. 'This is ridiculous', she said to herself determinedly. She was going to wear the thong, and that was that. She stripped off her shorts and tank top, and threw them on the bed. Holding the suit bottom in both hands, she stepped into it, and wriggled it up her long legs and over her hips. 'A little snug,' she thought, 'But it'll be just right when I lose a few pounds.' She hooked a fingertip into the thong behind her, and adjusted it into the crack of her butt, working out the twists until it was lying smoothly between her cheeks. She clenched her butt, and felt the strand of material rub against her. 'Something kind of erotic about that,' she thought. Next, she gingerly adjusted the front. She'd forgotten how little material there was to cover her crotch. No matter what she did, a few curly pubic hairs peeked out from beneath the tight material. Meg made a mental note to trim her bush the next time she took a shower. She then put on the top, tying the strings behind her. She pulled and stretched the cups until they covered her breasts evenly. When she was satisfied, she stood in front of the freestanding mirror in the corner of her bedroom and gave herself a lingering stare. "Damn! I'm looking good!" she whispered to herself. The suit was a bit tight, but otherwise fit her perfectly, and flattered her body. The bra cups were a bit smallish...the creamy skin on the sides of her breasts was spilling out and the tan lines from her old suit were clearly visible around pretty much the entire triangle of fabric, especially on the sides. 'Oh well,' she thought. 'A few days of tanning will take care of that.' She noticed the small bumps of her nipples pressed against the front of the material. She thought again about Blake. Would he come to visit her today? A thrill coursed through her body. The thought of him looking at her was so...exciting. She loved her new body, and thinking of her handsome neighbor watching her in the thong...she felt a pleasant tingle in her crotch. She pulled an oversized tee shirt over her head, and, heart pounding with nervous anticipation, left the bedroom and headed for the beach. ***** Justin was already at the beach, snorkeling in the shallows when Meg arrived. She noted sourly that he was ignoring her prohibition against swimming alone, but decided to drop it. She spread out her striped beach towel and sat down, stretching her tanned legs out in front of her. She watched her son for a while, trying to screw up the courage to remove the tee shirt. After about ten minutes of indecision, she removed the shirt and began slathering suntan lotion over her smooth, golden skin, concentrating on the less-richly tanned areas at the sides of her breasts and the much paler skin along her bikini line. She was thankful that she had sunbathed topless a few times. The tan lines along her breasts were indistinct as a result. The line along her bikini bottom, though, was a different matter. This visual evidence of just how skimpy the suit was took her aback. And that wasn't even taking into account her bare buttocks. She wondered how she was going to find the courage to flip on her stomach in front of Justin. Meg was almost finished with the lotion, massaging it into her the skin of her shapely calves, when Justin splashed ashore, holding several colorful stones that he had found in the lake. He knelt in the sand next to Meg and held them out to her for her inspection. "Look what I found Mom. Aren't they neat?" "Mmm, very pretty." "I'm gonna start a rock collection." The boy paused and his eyes traveled quickly over his mother. "Is that your new suit?" Meg licked her lips nervously, self-conscious over her son's stare. "Yup. What do you think? Does the color look good?" "Uh-huh. I think so. Yellow looks nice on you." "Well, thank you." She smiled at her son's compliment. Justin's eyes flickered over his mother's chest briefly. "Um, I'm gonna go look for more rocks on the beach." "Okay hon." Meg exhaled deeply, and watched her son scout the water's edge. So far so good. Justin had looked at her, that was for sure, but it seemed to be nothing more than harmless curiosity. She sat a few moments longer, eventually deciding to go for her daily swim rather than work on her tan. She stood up and nervously strode past Justin. She waded into the warm water. "Justin, I'm going for my swim now. Be back in half an hour. Don't swim by yourself okay? You can go back in the water when I get back." "Okay." Thankfully, he seemed engrossed in combing the beach for rocks. Meg continued wading, past her knees, until she felt the warm water lapping against her naked butt. She paused a moment, then plunged into the water to begin her swim, unaware that Justin's eyes had been glued to her swaying butt the whole time. ***** Blake brought his binoculars down from his eyes as Meg dove into the water across the cove. "Interesting," he said aloud. "Meg's got a new bikini." He had watched her almost every day these past few weeks, and was used to seeing a different swimsuit. He frowned when he realized he wouldn't have a chance to watch her lying out topless anymore. She could hardly do that with her son around all the time. Then he smiled at his own silliness. What was he complaining about? He had watched her through her bedroom window, masturbating, and here he was disappointed that he wasn't going to be able to peer at her naked tits from 200 yards away. He shook his head in amusement. Still, there was something about the voyeuristic quality of it that he would miss. He thought about Meg's invitation to join her at her beach. Now *that* was something to look forward to. Nothing like laying on the warm sand with a half-nude babe reclining next to you. He relished the thought. God, that woman was hot! He watched for a few more minutes as Meg swam effortlessly up the cove, out toward the open lake, then walked up the rocky path to his cabin. Blake had made up his mind to go over and take Meg up on her offer. Only Justin was there now, but Meg would be back soon. He knew one thing with certainty: He was going to fuck Meg before the summer was out. He chuckled. The son was a little less certain. ***** "Hi Justin...Watcha' doing?" The boy started at the sound - he was engrossed in extracting a reddish cobble from the wet sand. "Hi Blake." He flashed a quick smile. "I'm collecting rocks." "Oh, can I see?" His eyes flickered quickly over Justin's body as he crouched on the beach. Blake was pleased to note that the boy was wearing the same cute little swim trunks that he had on the previous day. "'Kay. But I'm having trouble with this one." He grunted as he prodded at the half-buried rock. "Well, maybe I can help." Blake sat on the sand on the opposite side of the cobble from the boy, legs slightly spread, and began to dig with his fingers on either side of the stone. Justin knelt on the beach and watched as the older man worked. "Hmm, this one's really buried. Maybe it's bigger than you think." Blake formed a six-inch deep trench around the entire circumference of the rock, but it still wouldn't budge. He casually spread his legs further apart and continued digging at the stone buried in the sand between his legs. His eyes flickered up to look at Justin. Damn, he hadn't noticed yet. He inched his legs farther apart as he dug. Blake could feel his cock resting against the inside of his thigh, and knew that the boy should be able to look up the legs of the loose fitting shorts and see it. He leaned back on his hands and pushed on the stone with his foot, exerting all his leg muscles in an effort to free the rock. Hah! Jackpot! He saw Justin's eyes wandering upward, then focus on the leg opening of the man's shorts. His eyes widened slightly, and Blake had to suppress a chuckle. He hunched himself closer to the rock to get better leverage, and could feel his shorts riding further up his leg as he did so. Justin was getting quite a show - his cockhead was almost certainly poking out the bottom of the shorts, and he could feel himself beginning to get erect at the thought. Just then, the cobble sprang free of the sand, and the 10-inch diameter rock rolled up and out of the small excavation he had made. Blake casually pulled the legs of his shorts back down and flipped over onto hands and knees. "Finally!" he laughed. "Quite a boulder you found." Justin blinked, coming out of his reverie, and looked down at the rock. "Wow, I'll say. I'm gonna go wash it off." Blake watched as the boy hoisted the rock and carried it to the water's edge, his eyes glued to the front of the little boy's shorts. The bulge he saw there was a little bigger than he would have expected, and his breathing quickened. Could the boy have been aroused by the show? He couldn't tell for sure. Justin squatted in the shallow water and began to splash water on the rock. Blake had to settle for the view of the lad's tight little ass pointed invitingly toward him. Just then, he glimpsed the figure of Meg, cutting a path through the water several hundred feet offshore. She was returning from her swim. He was at once excited and disappointed. It would have been nice to play with Justin a bit longer. On the other hand, he knew he shouldn't be greedy and bring things too far, too quickly. Meg approached the shore, and changed her stroke to a slow dog paddle in order to cool down after the vigorous swim. She spied Justin, hardly moved from the water's edge where she had left him, and, crouched next to him...Blake! Her heart, already racing from her exertion, skipped a beat. She had forgotten during her swim that she had invited him over, but she was glad to see him there. Very glad. She glided through the lake, nearing the shallows, and felt the water on her body like fine silk, sliding off her legs, her...rear. She remembered the thong. Her wish from earlier that day was coming true. This handsome man was going to see her practically nude butt. A shiver of nervous anticipation coursed through her body. Meg's long, delicate toes touched the soft sand next to the dock. She took a deep, nervous breath, and stood in the waist-deep water. She waded through the shallows and onto the sandy beach, water cascading off her body. She took her soaking wet hair in her hands to wring out the excess water, and, in the age-old habit of women coming out of the water, she casually glanced down to adjust her bra and ensure that her breasts were properly tucked in. Nothing was hanging out, but it wasn't exactly hidden either. She hadn't realized how thin the fabric was, almost translucent. Her nipples were obviously erect, and the faint shadows of the areolas were visible through the wet fabric. To Blake, Meg emerging from the water next to the dock was like a goddess rising from the sea. Her hair was dark and wet as she wrung it out. Her tanned skin was smooth and golden and covered with water droplets that glinted in the sunlight. She flashed a quick smile. He smiled back and caught her eyes, but only briefly. His gaze flickered lower, to the yellow bikini. It was tiny! Her tits spilled out the sides of the bra, and the bottom was a dainty triangle of fabric. Her tits were jiggling and bouncing seductively as she approached him, and - damn! Her long rubbery nipples were poking against the thin fabric. He gulped and felt a tingle in his crotch. This was going to drive him crazy. Fuck, she was hot, and the bikini was something else! It was almost better than watching her through the bedroom window. His eyes traveled lower. Oh fuck! The shadow of her pubic hair was visible through the shiny wet fabric. The view was so damn erotic. He realized that he was ogling her. By sheer force of will, he tore his eyes away from her crotch, cleared his throat, and smiled awkwardly. "Thought I'd take you up on your offer to come over and catch some rays. Justin here was showing me his rock collection." "I'm glad you came." Meg flashed a quick smile, her white teeth glinting in the sun, then averted her gaze. A shudder of equal parts embarrassment and arousal coursed through her body as she realized what kind of show she was about to give Blake...and her son. "So what have you found kiddo?" She knelt in the wet sand next to them. "A bunch of neat rocks. See?" Blake watched as the boy showed his mother his rock collection. His eyes kept wandering over her firm tits, partially covered under the skimpy bikini. The nipples were still pressed against the material, stiff and erect, even more so now that the cool air was hitting them after her swim. What's more, Justin was clearly interested in what he was seeing also, never mind the fact that it was his own mother. His young eyes were clearly shifting downward as he talked to his mother. "Very nice hon. Um, I'm gonna go and dry off and sit in the sun for awhile okay?" "Okay. Can we go and eat soon though? I'm starved." "Sure thing sweetie." Meg smiled at Blake and got to her feet. "I'm going to dry off. Want to come and sit with me awhile?" This was the moment of truth, when she flaunted her bare butt at her handsome neighbor. She walked through the loose sand up the beach, nervously aware of Blake following her. She bent and reached for her towel. She buried her face in it, pretending to dry her face, but also taking the opportunity to think this out. 'Good lord,' she thought. She felt like such a slut. Blake's cock rose in his shorts as he followed Meg, eyes glued to her seductively swaying ass. A fucking thong! The tiny yellow string of the bikini was completely buried in her butt crack. First Justin, and now this. He figured he better say something, anything, to get his mind working in a different direction. "So. Out for a swim?" Duh! He could've slapped himself. How the hell was he going to get this woman in bed if he couldn't come up with something more intelligent to say than that? Meg rubbed the towel over her lithe arms and firm stomach. "Yeah, my daily workout. Greatest exercise in the world. I've been at it for a few weeks now." "I can shows." He was looking very pointedly at her body. Meg thought she was going to melt under his blue-eyed gaze. She was getting increasingly self-conscious, but it was definitely exciting. She was already warm and flushed from her swim, but she could feel the temperature rise in her cheeks even further. She felt totally exposed, which was silly, but still... Meg lay the towel back down on the hot sand and sat down, tanned legs stretched out in front of her. Blake followed suit, sitting next to her. He was having a hell of time not ogling this hot slut while they made small talk under the blazing sun. He couldn't put his finger on it, but she was so fucking sexy, and much prettier than he had realized. He hadn't noticed watching through the bedroom window but she had a mature beauty that was driving him crazy as he sat here next to her. Her dark hair and eyebrows, easy tinkling laugh... And her body - he had seen it in all of its naked glory of course, but that made the skimpy swimsuit even sexier. Meg's tits were round and full - perfect as far as he was concerned. Her legs were long and well defined, slightly muscular... He had to keep his hands in his lap to hide his partial erection. So he focused for a while on watching Justin, now busily moving his rock pile to a safer place next to he and Meg. But that wasn't much better. Justin's cute little butt flexing beneath his tight swimsuit aroused Blake almost as much. He thought back to the boy's erection, briefly spied through his swimsuit a little earlier. "He seems to be keeping himself occupied," he said, nodding toward the boy as he made his tenth trip with a handful of rocks. Meg smiled. "Yup. I'm glad. I've been hoping he'd be able to keep himself busy this summer. Looks like I didn't have anything to worry about." As Blake and Meg talked, he noticed the boy's frequent glances at his mother, specifically, at his mother's tits. The nipples were no longer visible through the fast-drying fabric of the suit, but they were still visibly poking against the thin material. He wondered what the boy's reaction had been the first time he saw his mother in the thong. This was so fucking erotic! This hot sexy mother, and her cute little son...did Justin get a hardon when he watched her? Probably, Blake decided. After all, the boy got an erection when he saw Blake's cock, at least it looked like he had. Strange, but Meg seemed clueless that she was stimulating the little guy. Meg wasn't noticing because she couldn't keep her eyes from roaming over Blake's body. Darkly tanned and muscular, dark hair with a tinge of gray. Smiling blue eyes...she shivered, knowing that he was looking at her too. Once again, Blake saw Justin's eyes wash over his mom's tits. Despite himself, Blake chuckled merrily at the sight. "What is it?" Meg was looking at him quizzically. ", nothing. Laughing at Justin, that's all." As if on cue, Justin dumped the last load of pebbles next to his mother. "Done," he announced. He had formed a low mound of colorful stones. "They're for you Mom." Meg glanced over at Blake and rolled her eyes, trying to suppress a smile. "Um, that's very nice Justin. You've been working hard." Justin nodded. "Hey Mom, can we go and eat now? I'm starved." "Okay Hon." Meg frowned and looked at Blake with disappointment. "Sorry, gotta go. Have to keep a growing boy fed you know." Blake nodded. Damn! He had been enjoying this. "That's okay. I can come back another day." He snapped his fingers. "Oh, by the way Justin," he said as casually as he could. "When did you want to come over and use my computer?" The boy looked uncertainly at his mother, who nodded. "Um, tomorrow?" Blake smiled. "Sounds good sport. See you then." He helped Meg gather her things, while she convinced Justin that his rock collection would be safe on the beach. All the while, he ogled her flexing ass cheeks. So, he noticed, did Justin. ***** Blake sat in his den at the computer, preparing it for Justin's visit. He called up one of his favorite screensavers, a slideshow of gorgeous young women in varying states of undress. He watched the photos for a while, but his mind wasn't really on the slideshow. No, he was thinking about Justin, and his youthful little body. He licked his lips nervously, and glanced at his watch. It was almost time. He went to each of the two large windows in the room and pulled the blinds closed. Just as he finished this task, he heard a gentle tapping at the front door. He strode down the carpeted hallway and opened the front door. "Hi Blake!" "Hiya sport. Come on in!" He greeted the boy enthusiastically, but at the same time let his eyes drift downward as the boy brushed past him and entered the living room. He was disappointed to see that the boy wasn't wearing the same tight swimsuit that he had on the day before. Instead, Justin was wearing a pair of looser shorts. Blake cleared his throat nervously. "So, I see you've got your laptop. Let's get you plugged in. My computer's down this hallway in the den." Blake licked his lips as he followed the boy down the hall, watching the cute little butt flexing beneath the fabric of his shorts. They entered the den and the boy whistled appreciatively. "Hey - nice computer. And wow, look at the size of that monit...". The boy stopped short. He had noticed the screensaver. It showed a young blond teen reclining on her bed, wearing nothing but a pair of tight lace panties. Her ample tits were tanned and firm, the nipples hard and erect. "Wow, look at her!" The boy's eyes grew even wider when the next photo flashed on the monitor. This one showed an older woman with short blond hair. She was sitting facing the camera, legs spread, pink hairless pussy gaping open. Blake cleared his throat and walked to the computer. "Whoops. Should have turned this off before you came." He reached down to turn off the screensaver. "Wait...I want to see more." Blake paused and grinned to himself. So far, so good. He scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Well, I dunno Justin. I mean, you're old enough to see this kind of stuff, but I don't know if your Mom would like it." "Oh, she won't know," the boy replied absently. "Wow, check her out!" A new slide appeared. This photo showed a thong-clad brunette from behind. She was standing upright, but bent at the waist. The round globes of her gorgeous ass cheeks were tanned and enticing. Blake chuckled. "Yup she's hot alright." He paused. "And maybe you're right. Your Mom doesn't need to know. Our little secret right?" He sat down in front of the keyboard. Justin stood mesmerized next to him, laptop held at his side and forgotten, as the photos flashed across the monitor one by one. At last the cycle began to repeat itself. The thong-wearing brunette appeared on the screen again. "Oh, I like her," said Blake. "I see your Mom has a swimsuit just like that." He looked at Justin, watching for his reaction. "Yeah. She bought that at the mall the other day." "Well, she sure looks good in it. Your Mom has a really nice ass." Justin nodded uncertainly. "Sometimes those suits are so skimpy they barely cover the girl's pussy and asshole. Do you think your Mom's is like that?" The boy's cheeks reddened at the graphic language. "I don't know. I've only seen it once." "Well," said Blake innocently. "If I were you, I'd try to see." He smiled. Justin looked thoughtful. "Um, maybe I can see tomorrow." The youth returned his eyes to the monitor. "Rats. I guess we've seen them all." Blake nodded. "Uh huh. But I've got tons of this stuff on my hard drive." He looked as discreetly as he could out of the corner of his eye at the boy standing next to him. He glanced down at his shorts. Was that a bulge he saw there? "Um, but maybe you want to hook up your laptop now and play your game?" "Heck, I can do that anytime." He looked shyly at Blake. The older man noticed that the boy had shifted the laptop to his other hand, trying to cover his crotch. Justin had become aware that he had a hardon, and was trying to hide it. "I sure would like to see some more of those...I mean, if you don't mind." His little voice was almost pleading. Blake chuckled. "No, Justin, I don't mind. I like to look at these too." With a few mouse clicks he opened an image viewer program, moved the setting to slideshow mode, and selected about twenty jpeg files from his hard drive, photos that he had collected during his years of surfing the web. The first photo flashed on the screen. "Check that out Justin. She's got her finger in her pussy." Justin visibly gulped at the sight. Several similar photos cycled through. "What's she doing?" Justin pointed to the monitor. "She's putting a dildo up her butt." "A dildo?" "Yup. Oh, maybe you don't know what that is. It's kind of artificial cock I guess you'd say. Sometimes women use those if they don't have a man around to make themselves feel good." "But why is she putting it up her bum?" The boy's voice was quavering in his excitement. "Because it feels good. Sometimes men put their cocks in women's...bums too. Have you ever heard of that?" "Maybe...I think so." Blake noted that Justin was still holding the laptop in front of him. "Do you like these photos Justin? Have you ever seen pictures like these before?" "Sort of. I've see Playboys and stuff. But these are a lot better." The older man smiled. "Yup - they sure are." He paused. "Um, why don't you put your computer down? Those get awfully heavy." Justin looked down uncertainly. ", that's okay." Blake flashed a friendly smile at the boy. "It's okay Justin...I think you're trying to hide your hardon. But you don't have to...see? I've got one too." Justin's eyes followed Blake's pointing fingers to the man's lap, and his eyes widened. A distinct bulge was tenting-out the front of the man's gray running shorts. "See? It's exciting looking at this stuff. It's perfectly natural to get a hardon. You don't have to hide it." The boy nodded uncertainly, his eyes still fixed on Blake's obvious erection. But finally, he placed his computer on the desk next to him. Blake's cock throbbed as he gazed at the youth's crotch. Justin's erection was obvious, pushing as it did against the thin cotton fabric. Blake wondered how big it probably wasn't fully grown yet. Still, it tented the front of the shorts impressively. "There, now you can get more comfortable." He pointed to the corner of the den. "If you'd like, you can bring that chair over here and sit down." Blake eyed the bulge in Justin's shorts as the boy hauled the chair over, placed it next to Blake, and sat down gratefully. Blake was encouraged to see that the lad already seemed to have lost any embarrassment about his hardon. He diverted his attention back to the computer screen. "Check that out Justin!" It was the first hardcore photo to appear. This one showed an older brunette woman giving a blowjob to a well-hung black man. The thick cock was buried halfway in the woman's mouth. "Oh wow!" The boy's voice broke with his excitement. "He's got his...cock in her mouth." "Yup. She's giving him a blowjob." "Oh yeah. I've heard of that. My friend Tommy claims he saw a girl do that on the school bus." "Really? Well, maybe he did. That feels really good you know." "Have you ever been blowjobbed?" Blake laughed at the choice of words. "You mean, have I ever received a blowjob. But you're close." He struggled to contain his laughter. "Yes, lots of times. I really like it." Blake decided it was time to bring out heavier artillery. Justin was clearly getting more comfortable. "Say, Justin," he began. "I have more than pictures, you know. I have all kinds of short movies too. Do you want to see some?" Justin nodded vigorously, and Blake closed the image viewer and called up his media player. 'What should I start with?' he asked himself. He had gigabytes worth of every kind of sex act imaginable, but he thought he should take it easy on the hard stuff. This was going well, and he didn't want to screw it up by freaking the little guy out. "Okay, here are a couple of blowjobs. These are good ones." The first clip was about five minutes long, and Blake was grateful for the DSL connection that allowed for downloading long clips. It showed a young, muscular stud lying on his back on a bed, while a cute blond teen licked up and down his hard cock like a lollipop. Blake and Justin watched the movie clip in silence, as the blond progressed from licking to taking the cock in her mouth. Finally, she deep-throated the shaft with ease, while she fondled the lucky guy's wrinkled balls. "Awesome!" "Pretty cool huh? I've been sucked like that, and it feels great!" Blake decided to bring this little game to the next level. Noticing that Justin was focused intently on the movie clip, he leaned back and slouched down in his chair. At the same time he discreetly reached into his shorts and adjusted his swollen prick so that it was pointed toward the leg opening. He tugged at the front of the shorts slightly, pulling the material upward, thus exposing the tip of his prick out the leg opening. His cock was so hard that it was a bit uncomfortable, but thankfully the shorts were loose enough that it wasn't painful. Justin almost immediately noticed. Blake could see the boy's eyes alternate between the movie clip and the tip of his exposed cock. Blake causally shifted in his seat, which had the effect of poking his cock out of the leg of his shorts even more. On the screen, the man was rapidly approaching his climax, as Blake's cock, the top two inches of which were now in plain sight against his inner thigh, twitched and throbbed. "Watch Justin. He's about to come." The blond released the man's swollen cock from her wet mouth. It was bright red and shiny from her saliva as she began jacking him off. Within a few seconds, pearly white tendrils of sperm shot violently into her open mouth. As he watched, Blake brought his left hand down to his cock and began to casually rub the exposed tip with his fingertips. "Wow, look at that!" Justin said excitingly, his voice quavering with excitement over what he was seeing. "It's going right into her mouth!" "Yup, that's pretty fucking hot," Blake agreed. "Some women like it when men come in their mouths." "There sure is a lot of it." "Yeah, quite a bit. I come about that much." "You do?" "Mmm hmm. Sure do." Blake decided to go for it. "When you're young, like you are, you don't usually come so much." He looked at Justin and smiled. "Do you come a lot Justin?" Justin and looked away with embarrassment. "Umm, I dunno...I've never had...never had sex I guess." Blake grinned. "That's okay, but I mean when you jack off." He looked at Justin intently. "You jack off don't you?" Justin turned red. "I...I guess so." "Sure you do. All men do it. I have sex with lots of women, but I still jack off all the time. Why not? It feels good." Justin nodded slowly in agreement, as Blake continued. "Nothing to be ashamed of. If you're horny you should jack off." As he said this, he watched as Justin's eyes lowered to watch Blake stroke the tip of his erection. Blake feigned surprise, and chuckled. "I guess I didn't even notice I was doing it." He shrugged and called up another movie clip with the mouse. This one showed two well hung guys, one black and one white, and an Asian woman. The black guy was on his back while the woman took his cock up her ass, humping up and down. The white guy knelt next to the black, who licked at his erection. "That guy's licking the other man!" "Uh huh. What do you think of that?" "Wow! And look!" Justin pointed excitedly at the screen. "His...cock is in her bum!" "Yup...and he sure is enjoying it. Look how deep it's going!" But Justin didn't hear him. He was looking down into Blake's lap. The man's cock was now fully exposed, over half of it poking through the open leg of his shorts. He was stroking it slowly, as it pulsed and throbbed in his fingers. "Mmm, that feels good," Blake groaned. Justin's attention was now almost fully diverted from the movie. He openly gawked, watching as the older man got himself off. "Your...your cock is big," he said shyly. Blake smiled at that. He'd never been accused of having a big cock before. "Actually, it's only average size. Probably not much bigger than yours." Justin shrugged. "Mine's bigger than it used to be maybe." "You can touch yourself if you want to Justin. Don't be shy." "Oh, I don't know..." the youth's quiet voice trailed off. Blake was nervous. This was the moment of truth. He didn't think he had moved too fast, but... He let Justin take his time, as the boy bit his lip uncertainly. Finally, he stood up, and hesitantly unsnapped his shorts. He sighed audibly, and then let the garment fall down his slim legs to his ankles. He paused, and then shyly pushed his white underwear down his thighs. For the first time, the boy's erect cock was exposed to Blake. It took all of his mental discipline to prevent himself from reaching out to touch the boy's beautiful cock, and he vowed that someday he would have it. Maybe not today, but soon. It was the most gorgeous dick he had ever seen...not as developed as an adult's, but clearly not a child's either. It was about five inches long and slim, sticking up proudly at a 45-degree angle. It was visibly throbbing with the boy's excitement. It was virtually hairless, except for a few wiry hairs sprouting from the base. Justin's voice broke with nervousness and excitement. "It...It's not very big I guess, and I don't have any hair." Blake smiled. "That's okay. It'll grow, and you'll get hair when you get older." He continued to openly stroke his prick as he gazed at the boy's cock. He could barely conceal his lust and desire. "You can touch yourself if you want," he said, in as casual a voice as he could muster. Justin sat down again, slouched in the chair. The little rock-hard prick was now pointed straight up in his lap, and he slowly brought his left hand to his erection, his eyes not meeting Blake's. His slim fingers curled around the smooth shaft and squeezed lightly. Slowly, tentatively, he began to run the fingers up and down his slim cock. He began watching the video clip again through glazed eyes, his mouth half open. On the computer monitor, the white blowjob recipient was coming in the black guy's face, and the woman leaned over to lick it up. Blake clicked the mouse and called up a similar clip, this one featuring three men and a young fox. Blake began to pull harder on his swollen prick. He needed to come desperately, and he didn't know how much longer he could hold out. The combination of the erotic movie clips, and this young boy jacking off next to him, was mind-blowing. Justin followed suit. His eyes were closed as his little fist began to pump back and forth on his rigid cock. Blake watched with smoldering lust as the youth's legs began to tremble. Justin was going to come soon as well. Blake pistoned his fist furiously up and down on his cock as he watched Justin. Suddenly, his orgasm arrived. "Oh, fuck!" he moaned, as a thick stream of sperm shot into the air, falling back on his pumping hand. "UH!" He grunted and shot another streamer of cum, arching his back as he did so. Through his flickering eyelids, he saw Justin watching his orgasm with undisguised lustful curiosity. Blake gasped and shot several progressively smaller streamers of cum over his pumping fist. Just as he was finishing, Justin moaned loudly and bucked his ass up off the chair, his legs held rigidly in front of him. Blake watched as a spray of hot cum squirted from the little boy's cock and rained down on his quivering thighs, marveling at the height and force of the boy's orgasm. "Uh, uh, uh..." grunted Justin. His eyes were tightly closed, his little fist flying up and down his hard cock as it sprayed his sperm on his thin legs. Gradually, the boy's fist slowed, and his breathing calmed down. Blake smiled. "Gosh, you came a lot!" The boy smiled weakly, and looked ruefully down at his legs, covered with pearly globs of cum. Blake grabbed a box of Kleenex from the desk and offered it to Justin. The boy took several tissues and dabbed the cum off his legs, fingers, and cock. Blake did the same, and put the wadded Kleenex on the desk. Normally he would have simply licked it off his fingers, but didn't know what the boy's reaction would have been. He pulled his shorts up and over his softening prick. Justin finished cleaning himself, and, following Blake's lead, put the dripping wads of Kleenex on the desk in front of him. He hastily pulled his shorts back up, and tucked in his shirt. He was silent, and avoiding eye contact with the older man. "Well, that sure was fun," said Blake. "Did you enjoy that?" Justin nodded uncertainly. "Uh huh. It was...neat." "Well, you're welcome to come over and do it again." Blake chuckled. "Or, you can even play with your computer the next time." Blake was relieved to see the boy grin. "I should go now Blake. My mom's probably wondering where I am." "Okay Justin. Um, maybe we should keep what we did our little secret huh?" The boy nodded. "'Course." Blake walked the boy down the hallway to the front entry. "You can't come over for a few days Justin, 'cause I'll be out of town on business." He carefully watched Justin's reaction to this revelation. Did he see a flash of disappointment on the cute little face? "Okay. When will you be back?" Blake tried to hide his relief. "Tuesday." "Maybe I'll come back then?" "Sure thing." He gave the boy a friendly pat on the arm as Justin walked out into the late afternoon sunshine. He closed the door and leaned against it, and a crooked smile crossed his face. "Fuck, that was hot," he said aloud. He let out a long sigh of contentment and relief. He hadn't scared the boy off...Justin had definitely enjoyed their little game, and was even willing to come back. He walked back into the den and delicately picked up the wet Kleenex the boy had put on the desk. It was soaked and literally dripping with Justin's sperm. He put the wadded tissue to his nose and inhaled deeply. The musky smell permeated his nostrils, and despite his recent orgasm, he felt his cock twitch inside his shorts. He opened the kleenex up and flattened it on the desk, gazing longingly on the pearly boy-cum visible there. Blake scooped up a gob of sperm with his fingertips, and put them in his mouth. "Mmm," he said to himself. Yes, he definitely couldn't wait to see Justin again! ***** Meg lifted a small spoonful of chicken soup to her full lips. Steaming hot. "Justin!" she called. "Time for lunch!" She dropped the spoon on the stove, carried the pot of soup to the dinette table, and placed it next to the ham sandwiches that were already there. She whistled tunelessly. Meg was in high spirits. Things were going so well this summer. Blake was so nice, and Justin had raved about his new friend. "JUSTIN!" she called again. Meg sighed. "Where IS that boy," she wondered aloud. She hadn't seen him since early in the morning. She walked down the hallway toward his room, and tapped lightly on the closed door. "Justin! Lunch is ready!" There was no response. Maybe the boy was outside, but then why was the bedroom door closed? Meg turned the knob and pushed the door open slowly. She peered around the opened door, and her eyes widened with shock. Justin was lying nude on his unmade bed, his headphones perched on his head. His hand was wrapped around his erect penis, pumping up and down rapidly. He was masturbating! Meg was frozen, her eyes wide and glued to the sight. Her recent ponderings about her young son's rapid maturing had been fleeting, but here was graphic evidence. There he was, furiously pumping away at his erection. Justin's eyes were tightly closed, his face frozen in a rapturous mask as he moved his hand furiously up and down on his reddened, hard penis. His stomach muscles were flexing, and his legs were quivering at the sensation of what must have been an impending orgasm. Meg tore her eyes from the scene and quickly backed out of the room. She walked unsteadily back to the kitchen, her heart pounding in her chest. She sat down at the table, trying to put what she had just seen out of her mind. Her emotions were tormented. Her son was growing up before her very eyes. Bill had told her that he had a "man to man" talk with him a few months ago. Meg had thought it was too early, but she obviously had been mistaken. She sighed, and watched the steam rising from the soup on the table in front of her. There was something else that she couldn't ignore. The sight of Justin's twitching penis flashed in her brain like a vision. She had felt a stirring in her loins as she watched him for those few moments. Even now, she could sense the familiar tingle in her crotch... Meg closed her eyes tightly with consternation. 'Stop it!' she scolded herself. What was she doing? Getting horny at the sight of her own son? "Hi Mom. Lunch ready?" Meg's eyelids snapped open. Justin had padded quietly into the kitchen. "Yup. I...I was just going to come and find you." Justin stopped, and looked with concern at his mother. "Are you okay?" Meg nodded and tried to smile. "I'm fine...just...a little headache, that's all." Satisfied at the response, Justin sat at the table and began to devour his lunch. Meg, on the other hand, sat in silence, barely touching her food. "Say Justin?" she asked finally. "How about we take the boat out tomorrow and do some fishing? We could go to that spot your dad and I used to take you on the other side of the lake. Remember?" "Sure Mom. Sounds fun." They finished lunch, and Justin dashed outside while Meg cleaned up. It was a cloudy day, which matched her suddenly sour mood. The early afternoon sun didn't have the strength to break through the thin overcast. She finished her kitchen clean-up, and walked down the hallway toward the bathroom to wash up. As she passed Justin's room, she paused and looked in. The bed was still unmade, sheets strewn carelessly, half on the floor. The unwanted image of Justin masturbating intruded into her mind again, and despite herself, she felt a longing ache in her groin. Without thinking, Meg entered the room. Her eyes caught a piece of crumpled kleenex wedged in the gap between the nightstand and the bed. Her heart began pounding in her chest, as she hesitantly bent down and gingerly picked the wad up, holding it delicately in her fingertips. It was soaked with Justin's sperm. She began to bring the wad into the kitchen to discard it, when an odd, musky odor wafted into her senses. It had been so long since she had smelled cum. Heart beating furiously in her chest, she raised the tissue to her nose and inhaled deeply. But then, as if coming out of a fog, her eyes widened as she realized what she was doing. She tossed the kleenex angrily into the bedside wastebasket, and held her face in her hands. 'What am I doing?' she asked herself bitterly. 'Get a hold of yourself Meg.' ***** "Mom, I'm ready!" The closed door of Meg's bedroom muffled Justin's voice. "Okay hon, give me just a minute!" Meg held her new thong in up in front of her nude body and frowned. Initially, she had planned on wearing it on their fishing trip, but sitting in a little boat next to Justin, that, she better not. She was beginning to second-guess herself. Why in the world had she bought this suit anyway? Ah well, she didn't need to worry about it today - she and Justin weren't planning on going swimming - they would be in the boat the whole time. She peeked out the curtains of her bedroom window. It was hot and muggy, like it had been all summer, but it was getting cloudy. Not a very good day for sun tanning either. She sighed and tossed the thong next to its matching bra on her dresser. She pulled her pink cotton panties up her long, lean legs, followed by a pair of faded blue, tattered cut-offs. She rummaged through the dresser drawer, rifling through her bras. She wrinkled her nose. Until these last few days, Meg hadn't worn a bra all summer, and she relished the freedom. She reconsidered, and pulled an old light-blue tee shirt over her naked torso, tucking it into her shorts. Meg paused to inspect herself in the mirror, and whistled softly. "Looking good," she said to herself proudly. Most of her clothes were too big for her nowadays, but this tee shirt had always been undersized. Her breasts pushed against it, and filled it out nicely. Her nipples poked subtly against the cotton fabric. The shorts were also a bit loose, but it was a small price to pay for her weight loss. With a final appreciative glance in the mirror, she left to join Justin. ***** The old outboard motor sputtered and coughed as Meg maneuvered the little boat out the narrow inlet and into the main part of the lake. "I dunno Mom." Justin cast a critical eye on the smoking motor. "That sure doesn't sound good." "This motor *never* sounded good." Meg struggled to make herself heard over the clank of the engine. "But it never failed us. And besides, we've got oars. If something happens, we can always row back." The boat had a top speed of no more then 10 miles per hour, but it was enough to cause a refreshing breeze on Meg's face as they crossed the open lake. It was yet another hot and humid day over Golden Lake. Soon, they reached their destination on the far shore. It was a mass of old stumps protruding above the water in a protected inlet. Bill used to take them here all the time for great bass fishing. Hopefully, they'd have some luck. ***** Meg kicked back in her perch at the stern of the little boat as she sipped from a large thermos of iced tea. It was a great day on the water - the lake was calm and serene, and essentially deserted. They had the whole place to themselves. She watched Justin cast his lure into the lake yet again. He wasn't catching anything, but at least he was having fun. She sighed as she watched him lovingly. Where had all the years gone? It seemed like only yesterday that she was breastfeeding him, struggling to raise a child on what had been at that time Bill's meager income. She reminisced back to his first day of kindergarten. How he had cried! He had been such a shy boy, and those first few years of school had been a struggle. But he had grown up to be a well-adjusted boy and a model student. Grown up. The words reverberated in Meg's mind. Wasn't that the truth? An image of her son lying on his bed, wantonly masturbating, intruded into her reverie. His little fist wrapped around his twitching penis...his eyelids screwed shut, mouth agape, legs flexed and trembling... Justin reeled in his lure and cast again. Meg tried to clear her mind. "No luck huh?" "No," replied Justin, as the lure plunked into the water next to a big stump. "They don't seem to be biting today." "Tough luck kiddo." I guess the fish aren't hungry. She reached behind her and grabbed the thermos. "Want some iced tea?" "Yeah, I'm awfully thirsty." Justin gratefully took several large swigs from the thermos, and then continued fishing. They sat in the boat for another hour, but the fish weren't cooperating. Finally, Meg announced that it was time to head back to the cabin. She noted gratefully that Justin seemed disappointed. He was enjoying himself despite the fact that the fish weren't biting. As Justin stowed his fishing gear under the seat, Meg pulled on the starter cord a few times, but the engine refused to turn over. "Shoot," she muttered under her breath. She continued to crank at the derelict motor, but it simply wouldn't start. She sat down heavily, muttering to herself in her frustration. "Want me to try Mom?" "Well, be my guest, but I don't think you'll have any better luck. I think this old beater finally decided to quit." Meg and Justin carefully changed places as the little boat rocked alarmingly from side to side in the water. Meg got in the middle seat of the boat, next to the oarlocks, while Justin took the stern seat next to the outboard motor. He pulled at the cord again and again, until little droplets of sweat beaded on his forehead, but he had no better luck than his mother. "Well kiddo, I guess we have to row back. It's only about a mile," she added ruefully. And so Meg set the oars into their locks with a metallic clang and began rowing home. She was thankful that the sun wasn't out, but it was still a hot and sultry day. Soon, sweat was pouring down her flushed cheeks and neck, and her tee shirt was beginning to stick to her chest. They had been rowing for about a half hour and were making good progress, but they were still far out in the middle of the lake. Meg brought the boat to a halt. She was winded, and thirsty, and dripping with sweat. "Justin, hand me that iced tea okay?" She accepted the proffered jug and took a long swig. "Want some?" Justin shook his head. "No, I'd better not." "Why not? It's hot and you'll get dehydrated if you don't drink." "No. I...I have to pee," he replied shyly. "I don't think I should have any more to drink." Meg noticed that Justin was hunched over in his seat, and he was rocking back and forth gently. "Oh. I understand. I guess I have to go too." She glanced over her shoulder and made a quick mental calculation. "We should be back in about an hour. Do you think you can hold it that long?" Justin gritted his teeth. "I'll try Mom." "Okay...I'll row as fast as I can." After another 15 minutes, Meg was beginning to sympathize with Justin. Her own bladder felt like it was about to burst from the pressure. Her son had his fists balled in his lap. She panted, trying to catch her breath. The sweat was pouring down her forward, stinging her eyes. Her tee shirt clung to every curve, and was darkened from the moisture of her perspiration. "I'm sorry honey - I'm going as fast as I can." She saw the look of desperation in his eyes. "You really need to go don't you?" Justin nodded vigorously. "I don't think I can hold it anymore Mom. Maybe I could just jump in the lake for a sec and go there." The boy stood up unsteadily, as the boat rocked. "Justin, stop it! You'll tip the boat over! And anyway, you'll never be able to get back in if you go in the water." "Well if I don't pee soon, I'm gonna explode." Meg sighed. "I'm sorry Justin. I have to go too. But you'll capsize us if you go that way." Justin frowned and pressed his fists into his lap. "Tell you what. Just pee over the side into the water. That's the only way." "Oh no! I'm not peeing in front of a girl." "I'm not a girl - I'm your Mother. It's okay honey." The boy bit his lower lip. He sat back down and rocked back and forth in his seat. Meg was sympathetic - after all, she needed to pee desperately. But despite herself, she briefly smirked. "Oh knock it off Justin. I'll keep my eyes closed." The boy sighed forcefully. "Okay, but no peeking!" He carefully got to his feet, and balanced unsteadily, arms extended out at his sides, as the old boat rocked to and fro. He inched as close to the side of the boat as he dared, as the boat tipped beneath him dangerously. "Careful, Justin," Meg warned. She looked around to make sure there were no prying eyes, but the lake was deserted. "Don't worry. I'm okay." The boy hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts, then stopped and looked at his mother. "Okay, close your eyes. I'm gonna go now." Meg complied, and listened as her son grunted softly, willing himself to begin peeing. Finally, she heard the piss stream enter the lake in a brief spurt, accompanied by a more forceful grunt from Justin. There followed a second, then a third spurt, and then Meg heard a continuous loud spatter of urine gushing into the lake. Of course, she had heard men (and Justin) peeing before. That was always behind closed doors however. There was something fascinating about the sound of a man...a boy, she reminded herself...peeing so close to her. She marveled at the duration and volume of Justin's piss. 'Women sure don't pee like that,' she thought to herself. 'How do they hold so much in their bladder?' Half a minute went by, and there was no letup. "Wow, you really did have to go!" she remarked through closed eyes. "Yeah. What a relief!" Another 15 seconds elapsed, and if anything, the volume of Justin's urine stream increased in intensity. Meg giggled, and the sound of Justin's pee was immediately interrupted. "Don't laugh Mom," Justin scolded. "I can't go when you laugh!" "Sorry." Meg listened as Justin grunted. It seemed he was having some difficulty getting the flow going again. Seemingly an eternity went by. 'Good grief,' she thought to herself. 'I guess he can't get started again.' She nearly asked him what was going on, but stopped herself at the last moment. No sense making the boy self-conscious or they'd be there all day. Still, she was curious. Meg had promised, but she was overwhelmed with curiosity. Yes, she had heard men pee hundreds, if not thousands of times, but she had never actually watched a man pee. 'Just a quick peek,' she told herself. 'Justin won't know.' She cautiously opened her right eye. Justin was still standing unsteadily at the stern of the boat, sideways to her. His shorts were pulled down to his thighs, and he was holding his penis in his right hand. His eyes were squeezed tightly shut as he concentrated on getting his urine flowing again, and his smooth white butt clenched and unclenched as he strained to pee. Meg's gaze was drawn to her son's exposed penis. She knew she shouldn't look, but she couldn't help herself. She marveled at how much smaller it was now then when she had seen him masturbating. His penis wasn't as developed as a man's, but it certainly was no longer like a child's either. Wispy pubic hair was clearly evident at the base, where Justin held it in his fingertips. It jerked slightly in his fingertips as Justin willed himself to pee. Finally, a short spurt of urine shot from the peehole over the side of the boat, then another. At last, a steady arch of golden piss was shooting once again into the calm lake water. Meg watched with fascination as the stream slowly subsided into a few intermittent dribbles. The youth shook his penis rapidly several times, and a few drops of urine fell to the floor of the boat at his feet. "Mom!" Meg came out of her reverie with a start. Justin was looking right at her - he had caught her peeking. She felt a warm flush crawl across her cheeks as Justin quickly pulled his shorts up. "You said you wouldn't look," the boy admonished. "I...I know. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you." The boy carefully eased himself back down on the bench seat. "But you promised! You saw me...naked!" "I'm sorry kiddo." Meg licked her dry lips. "But I've seen you naked hundreds of times before, you know." Justin considered this for a moment. "That's different. I'm older now." Meg thought about the man-boy's penis and the wispy pubic hair. 'I'll say,' she thought to herself. 'Where have the years gone?' "Besides," Justin continued, "I've never seen *you* naked." "That's right. And we're going to keep it that way." Justin giggled. "Well I think I should get to see you go pee. Fair's fair." Despite herself, Meg allowed a brief smile to flicker across her pretty face. "Oh, no you don't. No way." But the pressure in her bladder was intense. She squeezed her thighs together. "C'mon Mom." "No!" replied Meg with finality. And to emphasize the point, she resumed rowing the boat. But she desperately had to pee. It would take at least a half hour to get back to shore, and there was no way she could wait that long. She stopped rowing, and the boat drifted to a stop. "Okay, I'm going to go now. Close your eyes." Meg watched as Justin's eyelids closed. But they flickered a bit, and a grin spread across his face. Tighter!" she scolded. "Maybe you should turn around." "Oh alright." Meg carefully scooted toward the side of the boat, delicately balancing her weight as best she could. She unzipped her cutoffs, and pulled them and her panties down to mid-thigh in one motion. She carefully squatted over the gunwale of the rowboat, alarmed at the rocking motion. She scooted backwards as far as she dared, until she was sure her butt was hanging over the edge. She could feel a cool lake breeze washing over her naked rear. It felt weird - but there was something almost erotic about it. Meg didn't know if it was the thought of peeing in front of her son, or in such an exposed area, or what. She desperately had to pee, but the awkwardness of the situation inhibited her. For almost a minute, she strained and grunted softly, but she simply couldn't go. Finally, she had to giggle at the hilarity of the situation. "What's wrong?" asked Justin. "Oh, I can't go. Give me a 'sec." At last, Meg's aching bladder released, and her pee splashed into the water beneath her overhanging butt. Tears came to her eyes, as a tremendous sense of relief washed over her. But the angle wasn't quite right. Most of the yellow stream was getting into the lake, but she could feel a wetness spreading across the underside of her thigh as well. Unfortunately, the awkward position was resulting in some of her urine being directed onto the top edge of the side of the boat, and splashing on to her. She needed to spread her legs a little bit more, but the shorts and panties tangled around her thighs were preventing that. She needed to take them completely off. She looked at Justin uncertainly. "Keep your eyes closed hon. This is going to take a bit longer." She carefully pushed her shorts and underwear down her legs until they were completely removed. Then, holding them in her left hand, she carefully eased her rear back over the side of the boat, mindful of the to and fro rocking of the old boat. Meg spread her legs wide, and with a gentle grunt, her pee stream spurted once, then twice, until finally a steady flow splashed into the lake water beneath her. Tears of relief came to her eyes, and she moaned softly with the welcome release of her urine. She looked up momentarily, to make sure that the lake was still deserted. She caught a quick movement from Justin. He had been peeking! "Justin!" "What?" "Were you watching me?" But before the boy could respond, Meg felt the flow begin to splash and spatter against the boat again. She quickly scooted backwards a bit more, but too far! The slight list of the boat suddenly transformed into an alarming tilt, and Meg felt herself losing her balance. She yelped as she desperately clawed for something to grab onto, but she couldn't reach. Too late, Justin turned around to help his mother, but as he reached for her, Meg fell over backwards into the lake. Meg was submerged only briefly. Within moments she surfaced at the side of the boat and clutched onto it. She sputtered and looked up to see a wide-eyed Justin staring down at her. He reached for her arm and began to try to pull her back into the boat. "Wait Justin. That won't work. Just give me a minute to catch my breath." She hung to the side of the boat, as Justin looked down at her with a concerned expression on his face. But soon, a smile played at the corner of his mouth as he watched his soaking wet mother bobbing up and down. Then, he snickered. "Sorry Mom," he said apologetically. "But it *is* pretty funny." "Hah, hah, very funny," replied Meg sternly. But she too was smiling at the hilarity of the situation. Beneath the water, she reached down to pull her shorts and panties back into place...but they were gone. Then she remembered - she had been holding them in her hand when she fell. She swiveled her head frantically around as she tread water, but they were nowhere in sight. "Damn it!" "What Mom?" "I...I lost my shorts. And underwear." Justin's eyes widened into saucers. "You did? How?" "Never MIND how!" "I...I'm sorry. Just asking," he said with a hurt tone of voice. "I know sweetie. I'm sorry. I just need you to help me find them, that's all." The thought of rowing back to shore naked didn't appeal to her. Justin scanned the water from his vantage point in the boat. After a minute or so, he pointed toward the water off the stern of the boat. "There's your underwear, I think." Meg followed his pointing finger, and spied the pink, waterlogged panties drifting about 15 feet to her left. She quickly dog-paddled over to retrieve them, and, treading water, she quickly slid them up her legs. "Do you see my shorts anywhere?" Justin shook his head. "It doesn't make sense. They should float shouldn't they?" Meg frowned. "Okay, I guess I'm going to have to live with just underwear 'til we get back." "Want me to help you up?" "Give me a 'sec. I need to rest." Actually, Meg wanted the time not to catch her breath. She needed to complete emptying her bladder. 'Might as well do it while I'm in the water,' she thought. She felt the last few spurts of warm water bathing her crotch and upper thighs, until finally her bladder was empty. "Okay, help me up now. Carefully!" It was no small task clambering back in the boat, but with Justin's help, Meg finally tumbled in, winded from the exertion. She sprawled across the bottom of the boat for a moment to catch her breath, and then climbed back into her seat in the middle of the boat, facing Justin, who had reclaimed his seat at the stern. Meg chuckled softly as she reached for the oars. "Quite a little adventure, hey kiddo? Shall we head back now?" Justin didn't reply. Meg looked at him, and saw that his eyes were wide and glued to her...chest. She glanced down and saw that her wet tee shirt was transparent and welded to her boobs. The entirety of her breasts, the nipples...everything was visible. Damn it! A furious red blush splashed across her cheeks, and she flashed another quick glance at her son. He was looking lower, still wide-eyed, lips slightly parted. He was looking between her legs. Meg followed his gaze downward. Her sopping wet panties were much the same as her tee shirt. The shadow of her dark pubic hair was plainly visible. Mortified, Meg clamped her legs tightly shut, and stretched the front of her tee shirt down over her crotch. 'Good lord,' she thought. 'First Justin sees me peeing, and now this. Quite the peep show I'm providing.' She opened her mouth to say something, but what could she say? She could hardly make him close his eyes the whole trip. She began rowing, determined to ignore the situation, until finally they reached home. Only when they beached the boat did they find her cutoffs tangled around the propeller of the outboard motor. ***** Blake was nervous. Four days had passed since he and Justin had jacked off together, and the boy hadn't been over to visit. He didn't know how the youth would react to what they had done, but his absence was a bad sign. Was he scared...embarrassed? Worse, had he told his mother? This wasn't good. He considered walking over to visit them, but thought better of it. He decided to do some web surfing to take his mind off Justin, and had just turned the computer on when he heard a soft knock at the door. Blake peered through the peephole and sighed with relief. It was Justin. "Hi! Come on in," he greeted the boy as he opened to door wide. He noticed the laptop tucked under the boy's arm. "Did you want to play with your computer, or do you...want to do something else?" The boy looked down at his feet. "Well..." "Would you like to see more movies on my computer?" To Blake's joy, Justin looked up and nodded excitedly. "Good." He put his arm around the boy's shoulder and escorted him toward the den. "Let's see...what should we watch? What did you see last time again?" "Um...there were a couple with...blowjobs, and..." his voice was nearly inaudible. "There was one with a man licking another man." "Did you like that one? Which ones did you like best?" Justin shrugged. "I dunno. They were ALL great!" Blake laughed. "I like 'em all too." He pulled his computer chair away from the desk and sat down. "Let's see what I can find here." With a few mouse-clicks he opened the proper directory and scanned the file names. Justin stood next to the chair, eager to watch more movie clips. Blake pondered awhile, finally deciding to elevate their game a bit. "Ah, here's a good one," he said finally. It's two young boys sucking each other. Long too, a couple of minutes I think." He opened the file and the clip flashed on the screen. A fifteen-year-old boy was kneeling in front of a younger boy of about Justin's age, sucking his stiff dick, while the older boy jacked off. The younger boy's eyes were glazed with lust, as he thrust his boy-cock into the sucking mouth. "Oh that's a good one!" said Justin excitedly. "Run it again okay Blake?" As the clip ran the second time, Blake focused on Justin's reaction. The boy's eyes were glued to the screen, and his breath was quickening with excitement. Blake could clearly see a bulge growing in the boy's shorts. Blake called up another clip. This one showed two lesbians lying on a bed, and featured a close-up of a young blond licking an older woman's swollen pussy. The blonde's tongue darted against the woman's erect clitoris. "Oooh," purred Blake. "I like watching lesbians. And that girl's an expert at licking pussy. See Justin? See how she's licking her clit?" Justin nodded absently, but then cocked his eyebrow questioningly. "What's a clit Blake?" Blake pointed to the monitor. "It's that thing that's sticking out at the top of her pussy lips. Women like to have it touched and licked...that's what makes them come." Justin nodded with understanding, and Blake noticed that the boy's hand was drifting to his groin. The camera zoomed out to a perspective just behind the prone blond. Her thonged ass was pointed invitingly toward the camera as she sucked off the other woman. The narrow string of fabric only partially covered her puckered asshole. "That's a sexy thong," observed Blake. The movie ended, and Blake double-clicked his mouse, bringing up a rather tame movie of a woman masturbating on a sofa. She reminded him of Meg - they were about the same age. The man and the boy watched in silence, each of them massaging the bulges in their groins. Blake's excitement was overwhelming. He knew this would lead to another jack-off session, but he wanted more. He hadn't figured out how to bring it to the next level - he desperately wanted to touch Justin's cock, or better yet, suck it. He licked his lips at the prospect. He knew, though, that he had to be patient. One wrong move could scare the boy off, or worse, send him running to his mother. No, better ease into it. After all, he had the rest of the summer to work on getting his mouth around Justin's cute little prick. He smiled to himself. And on Meg's juicy cunt. He squeezed his prick, relishing the thought. Justin was watching with fascination as the woman in the clip frigged her pussy to a wet, juicy froth. Her head was thrown back deep into the cushions of the sofa as her hips writhed sensuously to the caresses of her own hand. To Blake, the resemblance to Meg was striking. He cleared his throat. "So Justin...has your mother worn her thong again?" The boy started at the sound of Blake's voice, his eyes jerking away from the image of the masturbating woman. At the same time, his gaze diverted to Blake's crotch, taking in the sight of the older man massaging the huge bulge. He shook his head slowly. "No, but..." He paused, and a look of indecision came over him. "But what?" The boy's big brown eyes flickered upward, caught Blake's gaze briefly, then looked away. "I don't know if I should say..." Blake's ears perked up. What was the boy hiding? This sounded interesting. He patted Justin on the arm soothingly. "You can tell me can tell me *anything*. You trust me don't you?" Justin nodded almost imperceptibly, gave a deep sigh, and a rush of words came from his mouth. "Well...we were out on the boat, and the motor died. And...and we had to pee, and she fell in...and she was all wet...and I saw she was almost naked...and...". Blake smiled. "Whoa...slow down." This sounded good, and his cock twitched inside his shorts. "Why don't you tell me from the beginning?" Justin gulped, and then began to relate the story. About how he and his mother had peed in front of each other. How she had fallen into the lake. About her wet tee shirt, and the panties glued to her pussy. The boat ride home, with Meg's charms half-exposed to the ogle-eyed Justin. It was the most erotic thing Blake had ever heard, and Justin was obviously aroused by the memory. His hand rubbed against his erection at a faster and faster pace as he told the story, mesmerized by the memory of his mother's exhibitionism. "Wow. You're very lucky Justin. Had you ever seen a girl pee before?" Justin shook his head. "Uh, uh. It was weird. I kind of wanted to see it better, but I couldn't." His cheeks flushed red. "I mean...I guess I shouldn't have looked at her." "Don't be embarrassed. Why shouldn't you have looked?" "Well, because it's my Mom!" "That's okay. It's still a girl. Lots of boys like to look at girls peeing. I do too." "You do?" "Sure. I'd give anything to see your mother pee." Blake licked his lips. "So you could see her pussy pretty well through the panties huh?" "Yup...they were almost see-through. She kept telling me not to look, because she was embarrassed. But I kept peeking." Blake laughed. "I would have too." Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the video clip of the Meg look-a-like still running, and suddenly, an idea leapt into his brain with vivid clarity. Of course! He pointed to the monitor screen. "You know, this woman kind of reminds me of your Mom." Justin swiveled his head to watch, then nodded. "Yeah, kind of," he agreed. "Except her...her pussy is hairier than Mom's." "You know Justin...there's a way you can see your Mom doing what *she's* doing." Justin's eyes grew as wide as saucers. "There is?" "Yup...I can show you if you want." "How?" "Well, right after your Mom goes to bed tonight, call me on the telephone, then meet me outside your cabin." ***** "I'm not sure if I should be doing this," Justin whispered. "Don't be shy. You said you liked looking at her on the lake right? And you're curious about seeing more." Blake could just make out Justin nodding in the moonlight. "Well, then c'mon." They crept slowly up to the side of the cottage, next to Meg's window. "Okay," Blake whispered. "Be very, very quiet. Look under the curtains." He watched as the boy complied, his face glowing in the light filtering softly out of the room within. "Do you see anything?" "She's reading I think." The boy shifted his head lower to get a better angle around the edge of the curtain. "What's she wearing?" "Um...a tee-shirt and her under...oh wow." Blake heard a sharp intake of breath. "What?" "She's rubbing her titty through the shirt." Justin's soft voice was quavering with excitement. Blake edged next to Justin and peered over the boy's head through the narrow gap between the curtain and the window frame. Sure enough, Meg was in what was becoming to Blake a familiar position, lying on her back on the bed, her dark brown hair spilling across the pillow. She was holding her book in her left hand, and massaging her tit through the tee shirt with the other hand. Blake could see the distinct bumps formed by her erect nipples, poking against the tight fabric. But that didn't last long. As they watched, Meg tugged on the shirt, sliding it up and over her tits, exposing them to his (and Justin's) leering stare. She began to pluck softly at one of the erect, brown nipples. Blake knew the routine well by now. He had no doubt that caressing her breasts would soon cause her to begin fingering herself. This time though, he was sharing the magnificent sight with her horny little son. Justin emitted a tiny squeak of excitement, as he gazed with rapt attention at his mother's lolling, heaving breasts. Blake and Justin were standing side by side, squeezed next to each other as they peeked through the window. Blake could hear the boy's quickening breath as the excitement of watching his mother took hold of him. And despite the fact that Blake had seen this sight before, his cock began to twitch and stir beneath his shorts. He and Justin watched as Meg placed her book down on the bed next to her, and she began to slide and caress the fingers of both hands over her tits, and then gradually lower, teasing herself as she caressed and tickled the sensitive skin of her tummy. Blake's cock pulsated in his groin - it was bent uncomfortably inside his shorts, and he reached down to adjust it, letting it poke out the bottom of his shorts. He began to stroke it idly. "Your mom is so fucking sexy," he whispered. "It's making me hard watching her." In the dim light that filtered through the curtain, Blake could see Justin angle his head downward briefly, and he watched the older man's hand caress his prick. But his attention was soon diverted back to the window. "Are you getting a hardon?" Blake asked coyly. Justin nodded in reply. "Then you should take your dick out like me and play with yourself. Make it feel good just like she's doing." Justin hesitantly began to pull the front of his shorts down and over his erection. "Let me help you," said Blake hoarsely. Briefly releasing his own erect cock, he knelt in the soft grass next to Justin and carefully pulled the boy's shorts and underwear down, pulling them outward as he did so to release the boy's erection. Once it was clear of the waistband, Blake pulled the garments down the boy's smooth thighs, allowing them to stop just above the knees. He stared fixedly at Justin's 5-inch erection, faintly visible in the dim light. His own cock pulsated in his fist. "Go ahead," Blake urged. "Play with yourself." Blake remained in his kneeling position as Justin began to slowly slide his little fist along his erect, hairless shaft. The boy turned to peer into the window again. Blake watched with glazed eyes as the boy pulled his thin shaft. Justin inhaled sharply. "What is it?" asked Blake. "She's pushing her underwear down," Justin replied in an excited whisper. I can see her hair." Excited at what he was seeing, the boy began to stroke his thin shaft at a much faster pace. Blake's face was only inches away from the little cock. His excitement grew and he began to jack himself off. He could easily have come, but he didn't want to - not yet. He focused on the boy's cock rather than his own - he could hear the soft whisking sound of the boy's hand sliding along his prick. He could discern the faintest smell of the boy's sweaty groin, and he desperately wanted to touch the little cock, to taste it. He looked up at the boy's face. His mouth was gaped open slightly, his eyes as wide as saucers. "Is she playing with herself?" The boy was too dumbstruck too answer, but he nodded vigorously. Blake was wracked with indecision. He couldn't stand it anymore. The urge to touch the boy was so strong, but he didn't want to scare him away. He hesitantly reached his hand out and placed it softly on Justin's smooth, hairless thigh. The boy gasped, and jerked his leg slightly away from the older man's touch. "Shh," he whispered soothingly. "It's okay. Let yourself feel good." He let his strong hand rest on the front of Justin's thigh, just below the smooth tight balls. "What is she doing now?" Justin's meek voice was shaking with lust and excitement. "She...she's rubbing her...her pussy." "Mmm...I'll bet she's making herself feel good...just like we're doing." Blake turned his body until he was kneeling directly in front of Justin. The boy was uncertain, nervous...he stopped jacking off, but his thin shaft remained erect, poking skyward, only inches in front of Blake's face. Blake cautiously, patiently, slid both strong hands up the boy's slim thighs. "Just relax Justin," he said soothingly. "Keep watching your mom, and let me make you feel good, okay?" His fingertips were now brushing the boy's smooth, hairless balls. Justin jerked his hips at the sensation. "What's your mum doing?" Justin's voice was breathless and shaking. "She's...turned on her stomach. And...and she's got her hands under her...I can't see...her bum's bouncing up and down." 'Hmmm, this is a new twist.' Blake thought. 'Sounds like Meg's found herself a new position.' His fingertips were now brushing at the base of Justin's erect shaft. He could barely feel the few soft, wispy pubic hairs there. The boy stood rigid, reveling in the sensation. "Do you like looking at her bum?" Blake danced the fingers of his right hand along the side of Justin's slim, hard cock. The boy's hips twitched at the man's touch. Blake encircled the prick with thumb and index finger, and slowly rubbed them along the hard shaft. "Ohh," Justin whimpered. Encouraged by the boy's response, he leaned his head forward, and touched the tip of his tongue to Justin's salty cockhead. Justin inhaled sharply, and his prick jerked violently at the touch. Blake licked the boy's pisshole gently, while he continued to jack him off with his encircling fingers. He placed his other hand on Justin's smooth asscheeks, and gently, but firmly pulled the boy toward him. Blake would forever remember that first taste of Justin's sweet little virgin cock. So young and smooth...and sensitive. It twitched inside Blake's sucking mouth, the cockhead rubbing against the back of Blake's throat. The boy was moaning, reveling in the sensation of his first ever blowjob, and he bucked his hips slowly to and fro, fucking the older man's tight lips. Blake began to jack himself off, and wedged the fingers of his other hand in the crack of Justin's ass, caressing and massaging him there. The boy's tight asscheeks flexed, trapping the fingers in the sensitive crevice. Blake's index finger probed the tight little asshole, and he contemplated inserting it in the boy's virgin butt. But suddenly, Justin moaned, and his ass bucked furiously as he fucked Blake's mouth. Blake felt the boy's cock pulsating against his tongue, and then, with a soft gasp, Justin came. The boy's sweet cum shot in hot, molten jets into Blake's throat. The man nearly gagged, but he hung on, sucking furiously at Justin's engorged cock. It spurted again and again inside his mouth, and he swallowed the sperm hungrily, pulling the boy as deeply inside as he could. He furiously jacked himself off, until he too, was coming. A massive tremble shook his body, and his thick sperm shot out in spurt after spurt on the ground at Justin's feet. ***** Blake squinted through the eyepiece of his Nikon, which was perched on a tripod on the railing of his cabin. He scanned the beach in front of Meg's cottage, twisting the lens until the beach was in sharp focus. He saw Justin through the powerful zoom lens first, clad only in his tight little red swim trunks and building an impressively large sand castle at the water's edge. He nudged the camera with his fingertip, up the beach, and was immediately rewarded with the sight of Meg sprawled face down on her beach towel, basking in the already hot rays of the late morning sunshine. He was momentarily disappointed to see that she was lying in profile to him - he had been hoping for a shot of her gorgeous, rounded ass. Ah well, he could be patient. He took a sip from his cold beer, thankful for the shade of the overhanging porch roof. Not for the first time, he mourned the fact that he would no longer be able to ogle her spectacular tits as she lay topless. No, not with Justin around. But you couldn't have everything. Watching her masturbate through her bedroom window, jacking off together with Justin, and especially sucking the boy's tasty little cock, had more than made up for it. He licked his lips as he relished the memory. This was already a summer to remember. He thought back to Justin's description of his and Meg's boat trip out on the lake, and he felt his cock twitch with arousal. The thought of that babe and her son watching each other piss was so fucking erotic! And Justin was obviously aroused by what he had seen. And the thong! He was amazed at her boldness - she apparently had no qualms about parading around in front of Justin half-nude. He allowed himself to briefly fantasize about wicked mom and horny son falling into a perverted sexual relationship, then chuckled at his own folly. That shit only happens in porno stories, he told himself. He squinted through the eyepiece again, and his eyebrows arched with interest. Meg had adjusted her towel to follow the sun's movement across the sky, and was now lying diagonally to him, still on her stomach, and facing slightly away from him. He gazed upon the sculptured beauty of the rounded globes of her ass. Shit, that bathing suit was skimpy! In fact, from this angle, it appeared that she was completely naked. The gentle flare of her hips hid the waistband of the suit, and the narrow string of the thong was completely buried between her ass cheeks. He simply *had* to go over there and sunbathe with her again. He zoomed in as far as the lens would allow, until her prone body completely filled the viewfinder. He snapped off a half-dozen photographs at varying shutter speeds and lens apertures. He wanted to be sure at least one of the photos was a keeper. Man, she was hot! His unblinking eyes traveled up and down her body, beginning with her slim ankles, up her rounded calves, up the tanned shapely thighs, pausing at her round ass. He noted that her cheeks were much paler than the rest of her body, compliments of the new, more revealing suit. He knew a good ass when he saw one, and this one was damn good. A bit wider and fuller than most men liked, but he liked larger butts. Her whole body was covered with a shiny layer of perspiration and suntan oil, and Blake licked his lips with his wet tongue. How could Justin resist this? He eased the camera back to where the boy had been crouching in the sand, and chuckled. Well, it turned out that Justin *couldn't* resist. He was half-heartedly building his sand castle, true, but Blake could clearly see that Justin's eyes were trained elsewhere, watching his mother sunbathe. Blake imagined Justin's erection growing, as he gazed with lust at his sexy mom. But he couldn't tell with certainty if Justin really did have a hardon. He was facing away from him, and besides, that amount of detail was probably beyond the capability of the zoom lens. Blake swiveled the camera on its tripod mount back at Meg. He continued his lusty gaze, starting this time at her ass, then roaming up her tanned, muscular back...wait a minute! He rubbed his eyes and tweaked the focus. "Holy shit," he muttered out loud. "Is she topless?" There definitely wasn't a bra strap interrupting the sleek lines of her back. He squinted into the viewfinder. Yes, she had loosened her straps - he could just barely make them out lying on the towel next to her, and he could see the creamy, smooth sides of her unadorned tits as they pressed into her beach blanket. Blake shook his head in amazement. He couldn't believe she was doing this in front of her horny son. She apparently was clueless about the hormones that rage through the bodies of thirteen-year old boys! His view was briefly obscured, and then the tanned thin form of Justin filled the viewfinder. He had obviously tired of his sand castle construction, and Blake watched as he sat next to his mother, his gangly legs stretched out in front of him. Now *this* was getting interesting. ***** Meg put her book aside and stretched her lithe body facedown along the towel, soaking up the warm rays. She wished she could lie topless, but Justin's presence obviously made that impossible. Maybe, though, she could at least loosen the bra straps? She *hated* tan lines. She glanced over her shoulder at Justin building his sand castle at the water's edge. She noted gratefully that he didn't seem to be paying too much attention to her nearly nude butt...maybe she had been silly to be worried about it. She untied the bra straps, let them fall to her side, and buried her face in the luxurious softness of the beach towel. She was so relaxed, drifting lazily away in the warm sunshine, and more than a little horny. She fantasized about what she had read in the last chapter of her novel. She imagined herself as the heroine of the story, being taken by the Latin stud. Unconsciously, she pushed her hips into the towel beneath her, stimulating herself. Through her semi-sleep state, she gradually became aware of a ticklish sensation on her calf. Thinking a fly had landed on her, she flicked her leg absent-mindedly in her dream-like state. But she felt it again, this time higher up her leg, behind her knee. This time, she lifted her head and looked behind her, squinting into the dazzling sunlight. It was Justin. He was kneeling next to her, grasping a large blade of grass in his little fingers, and sliding it along her bare leg. "Watcha doin' you little stinker?" Justin began to giggle. "Oh nothin'," he said innocently. "Ticklish?" "You *know* I used to tickle me all the time." "I remember." Justin tossed aside the blade of grass and fluttered his fingers along her hip, up toward her waist. Meg jerked away spasmodically and giggled. "Now you stop that!" she reproached him playfully. She was vaguely aware of the fact that she was wearing a skimpy thong, and of how close his hands were to her naked butt cheeks. "NO!" laughed Justin, at the same time playful and defiant. And he more insistently fluttered his fingers along the small of her waist. Meg yelped and scooted her hips sideways, giggling and laughing. Almost too late, she remembered she had loosed her bra straps. She clutched the bathing suit top to her loosely hanging breasts. Justin was half-laying on top of her now, pinning her down on her towel. His insistent fingers were fluttering along her sides, and in her armpits, as she laughed hysterically. "No...NO..." she plead with Justin to stop, but she was out of breath with laughter, and she writhed her body to and fro, trying to escape the tickling fingers. Justin hooted with laughter, and his mother squirmed as he tickled her mercilessly, laughing and gasping for breath. Justin climbed on top of her, pinning her down. He weighed much less than she did, and Meg could have flipped him off if she had really wanted, but she was enjoying the fun and bonding with her adolescent son. But through her and Justin's giggles, she was becoming keenly aware of a new sensation. Justin was stretched out on top of her, pressing almost the full weight of his nearly nude body into her sticky, perspiring skin. His crotch was pressed against her naked buttocks, and she could feel the satiny fabric of his swim trunks, still wet from the lake, against her bare skin. This didn't seem right. "Stop...Stop it Justin!" But her son was insistent as he pushed down against her. He was fully sprawled along her back, and his legs were pinning hers to the beach towel. Meg could only buck half-heartedly. She was out of breath, and suddenly didn't seem to have the strength to push him off of her. He was still tickling her lightly along her sides, but it was almost more of a caress...his hands moved up to the sides of her breasts, touching her... She bucked her hips off of the towel, trying to push him away, but he pressed back against her. She could feel something...something not right...pushing against her buttocks. It was a firmness, a hard...Oh God... A tingle coursed through her groin as Justin humped rapidly against her. But this wasn't right! "STOP IT JUSTIN!" she yelled, and with supreme force of will, she bucked her rear end into the air, and Justin fell away to her side. Mother and son's eyes met briefly, and then he clambered to his feet and ran toward the cabin. ***** Blake snapped the last photo on the roll of film, dumbfounded by what he had watched and photographed. He sat back and exhaled loudly, and realized that he had been holding his breath for probably two minutes. His heart was pounding violently in his chest. He had just watched little innocent Justin humping his mother, poking his little prick against her round full ass. He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. It looked as if it had started innocently enough - a little light-hearted fun between mother and child - tickling and giggling. But with Justin it had started to turn into something much more. What, Blake wondered, did Meg think of what had happened? She had let the game go on a long time - had she been aroused by it? Blake peered through the viewfinder. Meg was hastily tying her swimsuit top behind her. Justin was nowhere to be seen. He couldn't really tell what had happened or, obviously, what was said between them. All he knew for sure was that Justin had made a hasty retreat. Had Meg scolded him, admonished him? He looked carefully at her. She was still on her stomach, but she seemed generally composed and in control of herself. After a few minutes, she sat up, her arms wrapped around her knees, and gazed absently out across the water. Although she almost appeared to be looking directly at him, he knew that was an illusion of the zoom lens. Blake began to settle down after the erotic scene he had just witnessed. His pulse had lessened and his breathing had eased. His cock, though, was still stiffly erect beneath his shorts. He continued to gaze at Meg, but the distance between them was increasingly frustrating him. He wanted to see her up close, see her behavior, talk to her. What he really wanted to do was fuck her senseless but he figured that was out of the question. ***** Meg quickly refastened her swimsuit top, tying it behind her. She laid on her stomach, propped up on her elbows, stunned at what had just happened. She was breathing heavily, whether from shock or excitement or what, she didn't know. Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead and stung her eyes. What had just happened? She had been dreamily lying in the sun, and then Justin was playing a tickling game with her. But before she knew it he was on top of her, pressing his...Was it just a natural extension of the game, or something more? She didn't dare want to think that Justin was sexually aroused by her, and was acting out his fantasy. But she couldn't deny that he was sexually aroused. There was no mistaking the feel of his erection through his shorts, poking against her rear end, her crotch. And where did he learn that from anyway? His adulthood was approaching at great speed, and she seemed so unprepared for it. Her mind wandered over her own physical response to what Justin had done. She had felt his fingers tickling her waist, the side of her breasts. There was a fine line between tickling and sexual touching, and she had a growing feeling of dread that Justin had crossed the line, that she had let him do it. And when he had climbed on top of her and pushed himself against her, had she pushed back? She desperately wanted to believe that she hadn't, but she knew in the dark recesses of her mind that wasn't true. She had flexed her buttocks and pushed back against him. Even now, she was semi-conscious of a tingling feeling in her groin. She knew from long experience that her vagina was probably slick with the juices of arousal. "Oh God," she sighed, and she hung her head. What had she done? But even as she mourned her lost control, and Justin's lost innocence, and told herself that nothing like that would ever happen again, she flexed her thigh muscles together and pushed her twitchy groin into the beach towel beneath her. "Stop it!" she whispered to herself fiercely. And she rolled over and sat up on the towel. ***** With a determined set in his jaw, Blake stowed his camera equipment, locked his front door, and strode briskly down the lane toward Meg's cabin. He had no idea what he was intending to do, but he hoped and prayed that she was still on the beach when he got there. He was uncertain where Justin was, but wasn't concerned about that. He emerged from the thicket demarcating the yard from the lakeshore, and soon spotted Meg, still sitting on her towel. He hummed an aimless tune as he approached her. "Well, Hi Meg!" he said in the friendliest voice he could muster. "I was out for a walk and thought I'd stop by," he lied. "Didn't get an answer when I knocked on your door, and thought you might be on the beach." She smiled half-heartedly, torn between her dark thoughts and the joy at seeing her handsome neighbor again. She squinted into the sunlight, her straight white teeth glinting. "I'm glad you stopped by. How are you?" "Doing fine. Another hot one, huh?" "Yep. Everyday it seems." He crouched in the sand next to her, but not so close as to seem threatening. As he did so, he casually let his eyes wander toward her crotch. She remained in her sitting position, her legs pulled up to her chin, knees together. Blake caught a quick flash of her crotch. The general outline of her pussy lips was clearly evident through the thin tight fabric. Blake wasn't certain, but he thought he caught a fleeting image of a few dark, wiry pussy hairs peeking enticingly out. Lower, the triangle of material narrowed, and the thin strand of her thong disappeared in the crack of her ass. But the view was fleeting; Meg had either seen him looking, or she became self-conscious of her exposed position. She closed her knees and lowered her legs. ***** It took a superhuman effort for Blake not to ogle Meg as he sat there next to her. Her tanned skin was slick and shiny, and the smell of coconut oil and perspiration filled his nostrils. "So, where's Justin?" Blake saw a flash cross Meg's pretty eyes. Was it anger? Fright? "Um, he's...I think maybe he's up in the cabin. He a little while ago." "Oh," Blake paused. "You know, Meg," he said idly, "He sure is a good little kid. I mean, I enjoy having him at the house. It's fun." Meg smiled uncertainly. "I'm...glad you like him. He talks about you all the time it seems." "Oh?" Blake hoped he hadn't said that too eagerly. "Yeah." He says you have a nice computer and tell him funny stories and things." Blake chuckled, a bit too loudly perhaps. 'If only she knew,' he thought. Apparently Justin was covering up their little games nicely, but he didn't like the direction the conversation was taking. But Meg saved the day. "I was just about to take a dip," she announced. "Care to join me?" Blake looked ruefully down at his clothes. "Well, these aren't swim trunks." He was wearing a pair of short faded gray track shorts. "Plus, I don't have a towel." "Shorts are shorts. What does it matter?" Meg teased. "And you can use my towel." And without waiting for an answer, she jumped gracefully to her feet and walked briskly to the water's edge, kicking up little sprays of beach sand as she went. Blake watched admiringly, as her firm ass cheeks flexed gracefully underneath her thong. Soon, both of them were paddling in neck deep water, chatting and laughing about nothing in particular, exhilarated by the cool water. Meg was thankful for the company. Blake took her mind off of Justin and the nasty thoughts that lurked there. Occasionally she glanced toward the cabin as she and Blake splashed in the lake. But she didn't see Justin. A twinge of concern came over her, but Blake diverted her worries. He seemed like an old friend. She had always felt an attraction toward him. But years ago, he had seemed aloof and distant. Now, he seemed friendly, pleasant. But Meg was coming to a growing awareness that it might be something a bit more than friendship burning in their rediscovered relationship. She had felt it the other day when he had visited her in this very spot, and she felt in now, the flirty glances, the easy laugh, and the shared experiences. That, and Blake's handsome features, the somewhat weatherworn, yet still attractive face, the laugh wrinkles around his eyes, the strong jaw. Meg shivered. "I'm getting a little chilled," she stuttered through gently chattering teeth. "Want to go sit on the beach for awhile?" "Sure." Meg waded back through the shallows and onto the sandy beach, water cascading off her body. Blake followed, leering at her seductively flexing ass cheeks, just as he had a few days before. Shiny rivulets of water streamed down her back and ran into the dark, hidden crevice. A shudder of equal parts embarrassment and arousal coursed through Meg's body as she realized what kind of show she was giving Blake. And now, as she reached for her towel to dry off, she realized that he was probably at that very moment ogling her nearly naked ass. Meg rubbed her face with the terry cloth towel, and turned around to face Blake. "Oh, I guess I promised I would share my towel," she giggled. "No problem. I guess I don't really need one. The sun will dry me quickly." He paused. "Um, I *would* like to use a little corner of your beach towel to sit on though." His blue eyes were boring into hers. "Okay...sure," she stammered. The two of them sat down side by side on the towel, and Meg was acutely aware of the fact that she wasn't the only one who was half-naked. Their thighs brushed together briefly and lightly as they settled into position. Meg had her hands clenched in a protective ball over her groin, trying to hide the shadow of her pubic hair through the thin, wet fabric. Blake though, leaned back on his hands. They sat side by side in silence, listening to the sound of the waves gently lapping around the wooden pilings of the dock. Meg glanced at Blake out of the corner of her eye, smitten by his tall muscular body. His thin shorts were plastered to his groin. The outline of his penis was plainly evident - she could see the size, the shape...her eyes widened. She could swear she saw it twitch. "You should maybe put some sun tan lotion on Meg." She started at the sound of his deep voice. "Mmm hmm. In a bit." "You know..." and he turned slightly to look pointedly at her. "I could help you put it on." Meg smiled shyly. " could..." Her eyes were drawn once again to the wet bulge in his groin - she couldn't help herself! When she looked up again, he was staring at her, a funny little smile playing on his lips. Their eyes locked. "Here, hand me the suntan lotion." Meg looked away, in a moment of indecision. She knew where this was heading, but seemed powerless to stop it. She handed him the bottle. "Back or front?" In reply, Meg grinned crookedly, and flipped over on her stomach. Blake paused to revel in the sight of this sexy woman, laying so close to him, nearly naked. He focused momentarily on her beautiful ass, fully exposed to his delighted gaze...the thong hid nothing. It was exactly the kind of butt he loved. It was firm...the butt cheeks strong and smoothly curved, pointed pertly upward toward him. He felt his cock stir in his shorts. Within seconds he was fully erect. He could have mounted her right then and there, just like he had seen Justin do, but he knew he had to proceed carefully. Blake squeezed a dollop of lotion onto his fingertips. He knelt next to Meg, casually readjusting his cock inside his shorts, and then began rubbing the lotion on her back and shoulders. "Mustn't get burned, you know. This sun is very strong." Meg didn't answer...her face was buried in the towel. Blake's strong hands smeared the lotion into the clear, supple skin of her shoulders. As he began to draw his hands downward, toward the small of her back, a movement from the bushes up near the cabin caught his eye. He squinted, and soon spied Justin standing there, about thirty feet away, half-hidden in the dense shrubbery. Blake smiled at him, and put his finger to his lips in warning. Then he winked and continued massaging the lotion into Meg's glowing skin. "You have a tan line here," and his index finger traced along the line at her waist, separating the dark bronze of her back from the lighter tan of her ass cheeks. "Mmm hmm. I just bought this suit." "I think I'd better get a little extra lotion here so you don't get burned." Blake glanced up the beach toward the cabin. He couldn't see Justin, but he knew he was there, watching, and his cock jerked at the thought. He shifted position, straddling Meg's left thigh with his knees, and casually, seemingly accidentally, eased her legs further apart as he did so. He squirted some lotion onto each of her magnificent round butt cheeks, placed his hands on her ass, and began working the lotion into her soft skin. The crack of her ass opened and closed invitingly as he kneaded her with his strong fingers, and he could see the thin yellow string of her thong barely covering her asshole. He desperately wanted to kiss and lick her butt, her asshole, but he grit his teeth and suppressed the urge. But Meg grew suddenly reticent. She tried to close her legs, but Blake's knee prevented it. She lifted her head from the towel and looked at him over her shoulder. "Blake...I shouldn't..." she said softly, shaking her head. "Meg, I want to make you feel good." She closed her eyes and buried her face again in the towel, as Blake ran his fingertip down the crack of her ass. But Meg squirmed forward, pulling away, and flipped over onto her back. "No...not here. What if Justin comes down?" Blake tried a new tactic. He stretched out on his side next to her. "He isn't around...don't worry," he said soothingly. "He won't see." She was looking away from him, uncertain. He didn't wait for a response. He lowered his head to hers, and kissed her softly on the lips. He pulled back to watch her expression, and she opened her eyes...he saw that they were bright and shining with passion. He kissed her again, and tentatively poked his tongue against her lips. To his delight, she opened her mouth to his, and he slid his tongue into her warm, inviting mouth. Meg moaned with desire. It had been so long since she had a man. Warmth coursed through her entire body as Blake kissed her passionately. She encircled his neck with her arms, and pulled him to her. They kissed each other fiercely, their hot tongues probing each other's mouths. Blake cupped her right breast in his strong hand, and began to softly caress it through the thin fabric of her swimsuit. He pushed his groin into her hip, knowing that she could easily feel his erection through his shorts. "Mmm," Meg sighed. Her hands wandered over Blake's strong back as they kissed each other with heated passion. She arched her back, pushing her chest into Blake's caressing hand. She could feel his erect penis against her, and knew where this was going. She thought about Justin, but it was a fleeting thought. She wanted - needed - to be taken by this man. She wriggled her hand downward, between their bodies, and touched her fingertips to the bulge in his groin. Blake yanked roughly on Meg's top, pulling it up and exposing her firm, round breasts. They were richly tanned, a bit paler where her swimsuit covered them, and the dark brown nipples pointed skyward. He had seen these nipples before, but now he was finally going to have his chance at them, and he relished the thought. He plucked at them lightly with his fingertips as he kissed her. Meg moaned into his mouth. Encouraged by her reaction, he lowered his head to her tits, and began to suckle them gently with his lips and tongue. But a flash of uncertainty came over Meg. Despite her molten lust, she felt self-conscious, nude and about to be taken out in the open. And where was Justin? "Blake..." she whispered hoarsely. "Maybe...somewhere else." But at that moment, he took a rubbery nipple into his warm mouth and sucked fiercely. "Ohh God..." she groaned with pleasure, and pushed her heaving breast into his eager mouth. Blake was in heaven, as he suckled Meg's lolling tit until it was shiny with saliva, glowing in the bright sunlight. He had fantasized about this moment for weeks now, and to have his fantasy come true was almost more than he could bear. His prick was swollen and aching with desire. He could feel her fingers dancing lightly over the bulge in his shorts, driving him mad...he pushed his shorts down his thighs with his free hand, exposing his turgid cock, and was instantly rewarded with the sensation of her delicate fingers wrapping around it, stroking him slowly. Meg felt a twinge in her loins at her first direct touch of Blake's powerful penis. She could feel the raw sexual energy of it as it jerked in her fingers. She gave it a gentle squeeze, and was rewarded by a deep moan from her lover. The touch of his manhood added to the feel of his mouth working over her breasts was delicious, and her body was working toward a fever pitch. As if reading her mind, Blake began to slowly dance his strong fingers down her belly, then lower toward her groin. His fingers touched the top of her bikini, sliding partly underneath, brushing the top of her wiry pubic hair. She thought she would go insane from the unbearable teasing. "Oh God Blake! Touch me," she moaned. Blake smiled as he licked the underside of her heaving tit. At that moment, he knew he had conquered her. He watched as she threw her head back, full lips parted. He inserted his fingers beneath her swimsuit and ran them through her cunt hair. With agonizing slowness, he pushed lower, until the tip of his index finger brushed against her soft wet cunt. "Oh yesss," Meg hissed through clenched teeth. "Please touch me there!" She spread her legs in invitation to his probing fingers. As he ran his tongue along the salty cleavage between her lolling tits, and his hand groped her, a slight movement toward Meg's cottage caught his attention. He looked up discreetly, and there, sitting on the topmost of the short flight of wooden steps leading to the beach, was Justin. The boy was staring at them, eyes wide with fascination. Blake could see that his hand was in his crotch, squeezing his hard little prick. Blake smiled slightly and winked, but he couldn't tell if Justin saw him. Blake didn't think he could stand it any longer...the thought of the boy watching him take his mother...he wedged his hand further into her bikini, and slowly brushed the tip of his finger over her protruding clit. "Uhh...yess," sighed Meg. She spread her legs wide, trapping his hand beneath the taut bikini. With some effort, he worked his hand lower, and brushed against her pussy lips. He could feel the heat and slippery wetness there, and he rubbed his finger up and down her cunt, smearing her pussy juice along the lips, then upward, lubricating her swollen clit. Meg groaned and involuntarily bucked her hips sharply upward. She was in heaven, being masturbated by this hot, virile man. His strong fingers stroked her with agonizing slowness. She alternately arched her back, thrusting her breasts into his licking mouth, and humped her groin into his hand. The dual sensation of his warm mouth on her nipples along with his expert hand at her crotch was indescribable. She moaned softly when she felt a new sensation, lower. Blake's finger was wedged into her vaginal opening, swirling around the entrance. Blake hooked his middle finger, and began to slowly insert it into her oozing cunt hole. At the same time, he brushed his thumb back and forth over her clit. "Oh God YES!" she cried out sharply, as she bucked her hips powerfully upward. Blake knew that he could easily bring her to orgasm, but he wanted to make her come by fucking her, if only he could hold out long enough. He stopped fingering her pussy, and slowly pulled his hand out of her now soaking wet swimsuit. Meg whimpered in protest. He lifted his mouth from her shiny tits and brought his lips next to her ear. "I can do more than touch you Meg," he whispered. Would you like me to fuck you?" She looked at him with glazed, lust-filled eyes. " it!" He kissed her lightly on the forehead, tasting the saltiness of the droplets of sweat that had formed there, and then lifted himself to hands and knees. He crawled between her spread legs and paused to admire her body, laid out before him. She was lost in a haze of sexual excitement. Her pretty face was flushed, and her dark hair was strewn carelessly on the beach towel beneath her head. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her sensuous lips were parted. She was breathing heavily, making her gorgeous tits rise and fall seductively, as they peeked beneath the pushed-up top of her yellow bikini top. Her tanned legs were splayed out invitingly on either side of him, and between her legs her tight bikini was pulled tightly over her hot mound. The fabric was darkened from her copious juices, and the indentation between her pussy lips was clearly visible. He grabbed the waistband of the bikini on either side of her hips and roughly pulled it down her hips and past her knees. With an assisting kick from Meg, the garment was off, leaving her hot pussy fully exposed to his delighted gaze. Her swollen clit peeked out from between her pussy lips. Meg opened her eyes, and watched as Blake stared at her exposed womanhood. A fleeting moment of uncertainty crossed her mind - she was totally nude and exposed on the beach, about to be taken. Where was Justin? What if he saw? But before the thought could completely form, Blake lowered himself onto her. Blake took one last look up toward the cabin. Justin was still sitting on the steps, watching them intently. Oh fuck! Blake nearly shot his load when he noticed that the boy had lowered his shorts, and was pumping his erection. He turned his attention to Meg. He lowered himself carefully on top of her sweaty, heaving body. He wedged the tip of his cock against her sopping pussy, and she humped against him. He pulled away slightly, and she looked up at him imploringly through glazed eyes. "Would you like me to fuck you Meg?" "Yes," she panted. "Please." He smiled down at her, and swiveled his hips in a circle, brushing his cock against his clit. "Maybe I should just tease you like this?" "No..." she moaned. "I need it...Please!" She heaved against him. "Need what?" "For you to fuck me...please..." He kissed her, probing his tongue against her lips. Her greedy mouth opened for him, and his tongue danced against hers as he once again wedged his cockhead against her gaping pussy. "Oh yes..." she moaned into his mouth. "Fuck me..." And with that, Blake pushed slowly but steadily into her tight wet cunt. "OH GOD! YES! OH GOD!" Meg cried out in ecstasy as Blake's penis pushed into her clingy wet cunt. His hot manhood filled her completely. He began to piston in and out, and she wrapped her legs around his firm buttocks, pulling him into her. Blake thrust against her groin, swiveling his hips in a circular motion, stimulating her clitoris with the base of his penis. "OH GOD YES!" she moaned. She arched her back and humped against him like a savage beast as their sweaty bodies writhed together, his muscular chest smashing her lolling breasts flat against her. Blake kissed the side of her neck, tasting the salty sweaty skin, and then nuzzled her ear lobe as he thrust back and forth in her vise-like cunt. Meg groaned loudly and threw her head back, offering the side of her neck to his dancing tongue. The world was an upside-down blur through her half-lidded, glazed eyes...but she saw something...something that wasn't right. She blinked the dripping sweat from her eyes, trying to focus as Blake took her with heightened urgency. She opened her eyes wider...Oh God! Justin! He was watching them! "Blake...Justin...Justin is watching us." She turned her head slightly, trying to see more clearly. Yes, it was Justin...and he was... he was masturbating - watching them. Panic consumed her. This was wrong! He shouldn't be watching them! She clutched at Blake's shoulders, trying to push him away. "Blake...stop." But her protest was weak - she didn't have the energy or the desire to put an end to the rapidly building lust flowing through her body, and Blake ignored her. "Oh God...OH...No...," she moaned. "Blake...don't...". Meg's face was contorted, frozen into a mask of molten lust, and Blake knew that she was close to coming. As she clawed his back with her fingernails, he looked up, and stared at Justin, who was feverishly stroking his erection. The excitement of fucking this slut in front of her son was too much, and he knew that he was going to come soon. He picked up the pace of his thrusting to an impossibly fast pace, savagely plunging his swollen cock into her hot pulsating cunt. His cock entered her pussy to the hilt, allowing him to apply pressure to her swollen clit as he did so. "UH...UH...UH" Meg grunted each time he thrust into her. "Oh God...OH GOD...YES! YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" And Meg was coming violently - Blake felt her silky hot pussy clenching and unclenching around his hard cock. She bucked her body powerfully against him, as she cried out with pleasure. Blake felt his orgasm hit him in a violent spasm, and he groaned loudly as the first powerful spurt of his sperm shot deeply into her pulsating cunt. They humped against each other like savage beasts as they came together in a molten frenzy, their climax washing over them. Gradually, the euphoria of their mutual orgasm subsided, and Blake slowed his thrusting, slowly coming to a stop, but leaving his still hard prick buried in her sopping wet pussy. Their sweaty bodies were glued together, and Meg held onto him tightly, legs still wrapped around him in a vice-like grip. Her eyes were tightly closed as she struggled to catch her breath. The emotion of the moment was powerful to Meg. NEVER had she experienced anything like this. The raw sexual energy of their love-making was completely outside her experience, and she gripped Blake tightly, unwilling to let go. Powerful, conflicting emotions filled her mind - the raw passion of the moment...the feeling of Blake's powerful body against hers...and...and Justin. Oh God, she couldn't believe that she had let herself go with wanton abandon in front of her own son. She didn't know what to think - she was lost in her feelings, and tears welled in her eyes. "Oh God, what have I done?" she moaned forlornly. "Shush," whispered Blake. Her tears streaked down her cheeks, and he kissed them away. He knew that this was a critical moment, which he had to play just right. "We shouldn't have...not in front of him." "Don't say that Meg," he replied softly. "It happened, but there's nothing to do about it now." He pushed a dark strand of hair away from her eyes. "This was special for me...let's just enjoy it." She opened her eyes, shiny and filled with tears. Blake smiled down at her, cooing softly to her. He ran his fingers along her cheek. "Okay?" She nodded hesitantly, and then smiled. She grasped the back of his head and pulled him down to her. They exchanged a long, passionate kiss, as Meg ran her fingers up and down his strong back. He was still hard inside her, and the kiss was getting him excited again. He began to slowly thrust inside her pussy. Meg broke the kiss, and giggled softly. "" Blake chuckled softly. "But another time?" Meg smiled. "Absolutely. Like maybe, tomorrow?" Blake chuckled. "Why you little devil! I would if I could, but I've got to go out of town for a few days. Gotta keep the clients happy. But I'll be back Thursday. See you then?" "You can count on it." ***** Meg curled her feet under her as she sat in the old wicker lounge chair on the cabin's porch, watching as the sun began to dip toward the horizon across Golden Lake. The world was deathly quiet as dusk descended. She took a sip from her glass of raspberry iced tea, and brushed a tear from her eye. Justin was inside watching television, still angry with her. These last several days had been agonizing for her. It seemed that her whole world had been turned upside down. Her relationship with Justin seemed changed forever in a way she didn't fully understand. She felt that she had failed miserably at being a mother, unable to deal with her son's race toward young adulthood. She closed her eyes and, for seemingly the hundredth time, mulled over the events of the last couple of weeks, culminating in Justin watching her and Blake having sex on the beach. She had been infuriated by that, and had grounded Justin for a week because of it. But now, Meg was questioning why she had done it. She stared morosely out at the calm water on the lake. Was she angry with him or angry at herself? After all, she was the one that had bought the thong, stimulating his young hormones. She had watched him masturbate on his bed. She had watched him peeing that day on the lake. She had allowed herself to full view on the beach. And she had LET him watch...she had...she had ENJOYED it! Meg rubbed her forehead. "Oh lord," she whispered softly. "What is the matter with me?" She felt like such a slut, but she also felt absolutely powerless to prevent it. Justin was probably doing what came normally and naturally to a young boy, and she was punishing him for it. It was SHE who should be punished. She shook her head angrily. NO! Why was she being so hard on herself? She was simply enjoying her newfound sexual freedom. That day on the beach with Blake was the most fantastic sexual experience of her life, and she wouldn't have given it up for anything. She should be celebrating her sexuality - she simply had to be more careful about keeping it private from her son. Today was Thursday, which meant Blake must be back at home. A shiver ran through her body as she thought about him. She closed her eyes, and imagined him gripping her in his muscular arms, kissing her...FUCKING her! Meg's heart fluttered in her chest. Perhaps she would give him a call tomorrow. Meg decided to go in and tell Justin he was no longer grounded, to apologize. She picked up her empty glass and walked into the house. But the television had been turned off - Justin had already gone to bed. She frowned. She'd have to tell him in the morning. ***** Blake was just finishing brushing his teeth over his bathroom sink when he heard the doorbell, faintly discernible above the running water. "Who the fuck..." he wondered out loud. He rinsed his mouth and strode through the living room, wiping his face with a towel as he walked. He pulled the front door open, and there on the stoop stood Justin. "Well hello there little buddy! This is a surprise." "Hi Blake." "Um, come on in." Blake glanced at his wristwatch. "It's...a little late for you isn't it sport?" The boy nodded. "I guess so. But I...I wanted to come and see you, but I'm grounded. I had to sneak out." "Grounded? Why?" He followed the boy into the living room. Justin shrugged. "Mom's mad at me." "She's mad at you? Why?" He thought he knew the reason. "Um..." he shrugged. "Was it because of that day on the beach when you watched us?" Justin nodded, and looked down at the floor. "Did you like watching?" "Uh huh." "You're not...mad or anything are you? I mean, me being with your mother?" The boy shook his head. "Uh uh. It's okay. And I really liked to watch." He lowered his eyes. "Can I watch again...I mean if you ever do it again?" Blake laughed. "Of course you can buddy. I thought it was...exciting knowing you could see us." "You did?" "Sure. Sometimes it's just as fun knowing someone's watching you as it is to watch other people." Justin looked confused. He didn't really understand. "So, what would you like to do? You could play with my computer...or we could watch some more of my movies..." Justin smiled broadly. "Movies," he said softly. The two of them walked hand in hand to the den. Blake sat down at the computer, and Justin began to pull up the spare chair. "Um, wait a sec' Justin. I've got an idea. Would you like to sit on my lap?" After a moment's hesitation, the boy clambered up into Blake's lap, sitting across his upper thighs. Blake luxuriated in the feel of the boy's cute little butt wriggling into position. He sighed as he grabbed the mouse, considering which video to call up. "Remember the clip we saw of anal sex? The man fucking the woman's ass? Did you know that men do that to each other sometimes?" Justin looked upward, thinking. "Kind of...I think I've heard of that." "Well, watch this." Blake clicked his mouse, and the clip showed a side view of a young man in his early 20s on hands and knees, while an older man fucked his ass from behind. "Oh wow," murmured Justin. He shifted his weight on Blake's thighs, sliding backward to get more comfortable. He was dangerously close to sitting on Blake's erection, which was growing impressively inside his sweats. "Play it again." "Hang on - I've got a better one." He searched through the directory. "That feels really good you know." "Fucking someone in their rear?" Blake smiled. "Well, that too. But I mean, being fucked in the rear feels really good." "It does? It doesn't hurt?" His eyes narrowed. "How do you know that?" "Because I've done it." "You have? A man has put his dick in your bum?" "Yup, many times. I like it. And it doesn't hurt unless the man has a big cock. Even then, it feels nice." Justin fell silent, contemplating this information. "Okay here's the next movie. Now this feels really good. But I've never actually done it." The clip featured two young men and an older woman. One man was lying on his back on the edge of a table, while the other stood in front of him and fucked his ass. Meanwhile, the woman had the recipient's erect prick in her mouth. "This gets me really hot to watch it. How about you?" Blake asked. Justin nodded vigorously. "Tell you what. I've got about ten of those kind. Let me queue them up so they run continuously. That's about 20 minutes worth. Then we can just sit back and watch them." As the clips flashed across the computer monitor, Blake was becoming increasingly aware of the warmth of Justin's legs and rear radiating through the fabric of his sweatpants. His cock was erect and throbbing in his groin, and he was sure that Justin's was doing much the same. He knew that it was only a matter of time until he got another chance at the boy's cock - Justin wouldn't be doing this if he wasn't interesting in continuing their sex games. The movies continued in an endless loop, all of them featuring bi men, and a couple of them with young teenage boys. Blake placed his hand on Justin's hip in invitation, and the boy squirmed into a more comfortable position in Blake's lap. He was now sitting on Blake's erection, and the man was sure that the boy could easily feel his arousal pressed against him. "Are you SURE that it doesn't hurt?" Blake smiled. "Well, if the cock is big, it does a little bit. At first anyway. I like it if the cock is a little smaller." The current clip showed two men lustily fucking. "Do these movies turn you on Justin?" The boy nodded. "Me too. Can you feel how hard I am?" Blake flexed his cock, pushing it against Justin's cute rear. Justin nodded and giggled. "Uh-huh." Blake placed his hands on each of Justin's hips, then tentatively slid them around to his crotch. He could feel the boy's stiff cock through the material of his shorts. "Oh're very hard too." Justin responded by wiggling his butt, stimulating Blake's sensitized cock. Blake slid his hand across Justin's bulge, feeling it jerk at the sensation. "I just don't know if I'd like that. It'd hurt I think." "It might. But I wonder if you'd like it more to fuck a man in the ass, rather than BE fucked?" "Is it different than fucking a girl?" "In her ass, or in her pussy?" "Both." "Well..." Blake slid his hands up and down Justin's bare thighs. "Fucking either a man or a woman in the ass feels about the same I guess. Very tight. It's a little different to fuck a girl in her pussy though." He brought his hands to the waistband of Justin's shorts and began pushing them down. Justin obliged by lifting his butt slightly off Blake's laps, and the older man nudged the shorts down the boy's thighs. Justin leaned back against Blake's chest and closed his eyes, letting the older man fondle him. His cock was steely hard in Blake's hand, and the older man formed his thumb and forefinger into a circle and masturbated him. Justin moaned with pleasure, and Blake's cock jerked at the sound. He flexed his erection, pushing it against Justin's butt cheeks. How he wanted to fuck the boy! But that would be going too far - it was too soon in their relationship. But maybe there was an alternative. He stopped stroking Justin's prick, and whispered softly in the boy's ear. "Would you like to try it?" Justin's eyes opened. "Try what Blake?" "You could fuck me in the ass." Justin inhaled sharply. "Would...would you like me to?" he asked in a trembling voice. Blake smiled. "Yes. Very much." He gently helped the boy off his lap, and they walked to the bedroom. ***** Blake was lying facedown on his bed, completely nude, rubbing his throbbing cock against the pillow that was propped beneath him. He was trembling with excitement, anticipating the feeling of Justin's cock entering him. His ass was suspended in the air, asshole shiny with a thick layer of Vaseline. He felt the mattress depress between his spread legs as the boy climbed on the bed. "I hope I don't hurt you Blake." He sounded both excited and frightened. Blake smiled. "It won't hurt...It'll feel good. Now put your cock against me." Justin scooted forward and knelt behind him. Blake could feel him probing his asshole with his cockhead, very tentatively poking against him. "Don't be shy Justin," he gasped. "Press it into me." He could hear Justin breathing heavily, as he repositioned his cockhead and pushed the tip into Blake's willing asshole. "Oh yeah," Blake moaned. "That's it. Keep going." Justin pushed again, and gasped as the first two inches of his hard prick entered the older man's tight ass. He pushed harder, and the full length of his five-inch cock disappeared into Blake's warm rectum. "Ohh," Justin moaned loudly, reveling in his first ever fuck. Justin fell onto Blake's broad back, fucking the older man lustily. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" he grunted loudly with each stroke. Blake bucked his ass against the boy's thrusting cock, delighting in the feel of Justin's rock-hard prick snaking deeply into his rectum. He swirled his hips, sliding his cock against the pillow beneath him, knowing the boy was going to make him come. He coaxed the boy to fuck him harder. "Oh yeah, Justin. Fuck me! That's it!" Justin humped the older man feverishly, his cock making a liquid slapping sound as it drilled in and out of Blake's clinging asshole. Blake tried to keep pace, in ecstasy over the stimulation. He ground his own throbbing cock into the pillow beneath him, feeling his orgasm rapidly approaching. Justin was fucking Blake at a furious pace, moaning with lust. With a final deep thrust, he began coming inside Blake. "Ohhh!" he cried loudly with pleasure. "Uh! UH! UH!" His cock vibrated inside the man's ass, as he shot his sperm deeply inside Blake's rectum. The older man, excited at Justin's climax, humped furiously against the pillow, until he too was coming in massive waves of erotic pleasure. The wetness of his sperm spread in a pool beneath him, soaking his pubic hair. As his orgasm subsided, Justin collapsed against Blake's sweaty back, gasping for breath, mellowing in the after-glow of his first fuck. His cock began to soften, but he remained wedged in the man's tight asshole, unwilling to give up the warm grip. Blake grinned weakly. "Mmm, you fucked me good." "It sure felt nice Blake. I guess I kind of know what's it's like to fuck a girl." Blake smiled. "Kind of." "Sure wish I could do that someday. Just like you fucking my Mom." "Oh you will." And at that moment, a nasty evil thought began to form in Blake's mind. ***** "Another glass of chardonnay Meg?" Meg was already feeling tipsy, but she nodded and handed him her empty wine glass. She felt safe, and protected, and uninhibited. Why not go all out? She kicked off her sandals, and settled back in Blake's overstuffed couch. A warm glow wrapped around her like a blanket. She demurely pulled the hem of her short sundress over her bare thighs, and gave a long satisfied sigh. This was their first real "date". Justin was left back at the cabin. Blake had cooked a fantastic meal for the two of them, and had entertained her over dinner with stories of his job. She was falling for the man...that was clear to her. But Meg was more than willing to let it happen. And Justin liked him too - a big bonus. Blake returned from the kitchen with two chilled glasses of wine. "M'lady," he said with mock chivalry as he handed one to Meg. He chuckled. "I think that's yours, but I'm not sure." Meg giggled. "That's okay. We've already exchanged each other germs." She blushed - she wasn't used to being so forward. Blake smiled slyly. "And bodily fluids too." He took a sip of his wine and sat next to Meg, their legs touching. Meg's heart skipped a beat as Blake's bare thigh rubbed against hers. She glanced down at his hairy, muscular legs and took a big gulp of her wine. "Why Blake, if I didn't know better, I'd say you're trying to get me drunk." He laughed merrily. "Maybe I am." It was time to make his move. He took her glass from her and set it down on the sturdy oak coffee table in front of them. He placed his hand on her warm thigh and bent to kiss her lightly on her shiny lips. He wondered if Justin was outside the picture window as they had agreed. Meg responded passionately to the kiss. She opened her mouth, and allowed Blake's warm tongue inside. She sucked on it fiercely, and leaned toward him, pressing against his side. "I want to make you feel good Meg." She moaned in response. "Let's go to the bedroom." Blake got up from the couch, and pulled the slightly tipsy Meg up to join him. They kissed again, briefly. Blake squeezed her ass cheeks through the dress, then they separated. "You go on ahead Meg. I'll be right there." She flashed a sultry smile, and then walked unsteadily down the hallway toward Blake's bedroom. He watched her undulating ass until she entered the room at the end of the hall. He then turned toward the large picture window and gave a thumbs-up, assuming Justin was out there, crouching in the darkness. He smiled to himself. Still, he was nervous, uncertain whether his plans would come to fruition. He strode down the hall after Meg, pulling his shirt out of his shorts as he did so. He entered the bedroom, to find Meg sitting on the edge of the bed, looking up at him expectantly with twinkling eyes. He took a moment to take her in. The flowery light blue dress was riding high up her thighs, showing off her tanned legs. They were spread slightly, and Blake caught just a hint of white panties beneath her skirt. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt as he stood in front of her, and watched her eyes as she drank in the view. To Meg, Blake was an Adonis as he stood there smiling down at her. He pulled off his shirt, exposing his firm pecs and rippling abdominal muscles. He tossed the shirt carelessly on the floor, then unbuttoned his shorts. He pushed them slowly down his legs, and Meg watched as his bushy pubic hair came into view. Her eyes widened when she realized he wasn't wearing underwear, and before she knew it, his semi-hard penis sprang free, directly in front of her. She caught a quick whiff of his musky scent, and watched him grow before her very eyes. Blake stepped out of his shorts and edged forward. Meg knew what she wanted him to do, and she was more than willing, if a little intimidated. She took him in her fingers, feeling his penis pulsate and grow. She licked her lips and looked up at him. "I'm not very good at this," she said with a trembling voice. "Hush. I'm sure you're much better than you think." Meg stretched out her pink, wet tongue and touched it very delicately to the rubbery tip of Blake's penis. It jerked violently out of her fingers at the sensation, and she smiled. She took a firmer grasp of the shaft, then flicked her tongue against it again. Blake moaned softly. Encouraged by his response, she swirled her tongue around the mushroom head of the now steel-hard penis, reveling in the taste. When it was slick and shiny with her spit, she opened her mouth and took the head inside, holding it there, feeling the size and texture against her tongue. Blake bucked forward gently, encouraging her, and she slowly began to piston her head back and forth, sucking him lightly as she did so. He grabbed her hair in his hands, holding her tight, and began to slowly, carefully fuck her mouth. Meg could feel him jerk inside of her mouth, and he moaned softly in unison with every stroke. "Oh Meg," he groaned. "You're good at this...VERY good." Meg wrapped her long fingers around his shaft and stroked him as she sucked the penis. She was beginning to wonder if she was going to let him come inside her mouth. She had never done it for her ex-husband, but for Blake she was more than willing. She felt she would do *anything* for him. But just at that moment Blake pulled away, and drew her firmly to her feet. He grasped Meg's arms and pulled her roughly toward him. Their mouths locked, as their tongues pushed roughly against each other. He slid his hands down her back, to the hem of her skirt. He lifted it up, over her ass, slid his fingers under the waistband of her panties, and squeezed her ass cheeks in his strong hands. She moaned loudly and ground her crotch against him. Blake briefly trailed the tip of his index finger up the crack of her ass as he kissed the nape of her neck. He couldn't believe how hot this slut was. He wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her senseless. But it was time to execute his plan, and he would have to be careful to do it just right. He began to unzip the back of the dress. "I want to make you feel good make you scream." He felt a shiver run through her body as he said that. "Yes..." she sighed. "I want you to lie back and let me make love to you." He pulled the sundress off her shoulders, and stroked her back lightly. He could feel her warm breath against his neck as he nibbled her ear lobe. " it!" He pushed the dress down, over her hips, and it fell to the floor in a crumpled heap around her ankles. He ground his bare erection against her panties, and felt her push against him in response. He groaned with pleasure - it was going to be hard to wait. He began working on the clasp of her bra, and after a minute or two of tugging, and a girlish giggle from Meg, the garment fell free. Her soft tits were exposed, and she pressed them against his muscular chest. Blake could feel the hard, rubbery nipples pushing into his skin. He broke away from her, and quickly yanked the bedspread off and onto the floor. He patted the cotton sheet invitingly. "Lay down Meg." With a sly grin, she immediately complied. Blake watched as she clambered onto the bed, nude except for the white panties, and lie down on her back. He drank in her fantastic body, noting the contrast between her golden-tanned skin and the ivory sheets. He winked at her. "Just a 'sec." He walked to the closet and pulled four pre-arranged neckties off the hanger, along with a dark cloth blindfold he had fashioned that afternoon out of an old black tee shirt. Meg watched as he brought them back to the bed, her eyes narrowed into a puzzled frown. "Um...what are those for?" "You'll see," he said with a smile. He put the blindfold on the nightstand and climbed on the bed, kneeling next to Meg's prone form. He tenderly took her left arm and quickly tied a loop around her wrist, then gently raised her arm behind her and over her head. Her eyes widened with understanding. "Blake...Blake, what are you doing?" Her voice was louder, trembling with a hint of fear. Before she knew it, Blake had firmly secured the other end of the tie to the headboard. He bent his face down, and kissed her tenderly on the cheek. "'s okay." He grabbed for her other arm, but she resisted. "I don't know if I like this Blake." The tremor in her voice was stronger. "Meg, it's alright...I don't know if you've done this before, but it's fun...exciting. Just lie back and enjoy it." He smiled down at her, his friendly blue eyes soft and twinkling. It was a look that Meg had seen many times in their short relationship, a look that made her melt. 'Why was he doing this?' she asked herself. But with her trust in him, her lust, the alcohol flowing through her bloodstream...all her inhibitions were removed. Her arm went limp and she allowed Blake to tie it to the bedpost. She watched his nude, muscular form, erect penis bobbing in front of him, with curiosity and a touch of fear, as he crawled between her spread legs and quickly removed the white panties, exposing her glorious cunt to his leering gaze once again. She could smell her strong, womanly musk filling her nostrils, and she thought that her excitement must be obvious to him. Blake tossed her panties aside, and grabbed her right foot gently. He still had two ties draped around his neck. "My legs too? I...I think that's maybe going too far." He smiled in response. "Nonsense." He worked quickly. Within a minute, her ankles were firmly bound to the footboard of the bed. Meg's nude body was outstretched into an "X" shape, legs spread wide. She looked up at him, a dark flash of concern clouding her big brown eyes. He crawled up to her, and kissed her softly on the lips. Meg couldn't resist him. She responded by opening her mouth, and darting her tongue out to meet his. "Okay, one more thing," he announced. He reached toward the nightstand and grabbed the blindfold. "Much more exciting when you don't know what's coming next." Meg couldn't help but smile. "You're nasty," she crooned. "Yup." He wrapped the blindfold around her head, being careful not to cover her nose. "Can you breath okay?" Meg nodded, and Blake tied the black fabric behind her head. "There. Finished," he announced. To Meg in her suddenly dark world, she could understand what Blake was talking about. It was *already* exciting, and he hadn't even touched her yet. To be helpless and exposed like this was tormenting. Her groin was on fire, eager for his touch, but she couldn't even squeeze her thighs together to provide relief. She hoped and begged that Blake would touch her there, to bring her to orgasm quickly. She wiggled her butt, but it was futile. Blake watched as she tested the bonds. Her lolling tits jiggled with the motion. He didn't doubt his knot-tying ability, but it was good to see that she was definitely restrained. He exhaled softly, and wiped the sweat from his brow. The hard part was over. He couldn't believe it...this was actually going to work. It was time to get Justin. "Meg, I'll be right back...I've got to get some water." Meg nodded. Water. She wished he hadn't mentioned that. There was another reason she hoped Blake wouldn't draw this on too long. She had to pee. She should have mentioned something to him, but it was too late now. Hopefully it wouldn't get much worse, but she had a sinking feeling that the two beers she had before the three glasses of wine were going to do her in. How did she get herself in these situations? Just like that day on the lake with Justin - then it was too much iced tea, now it was beer. Well, for one thing, she couldn't have predicted that she'd end up tied to a bed. She smiled despite her discomfort. "Why are you smiling?" Blake asked quizzically. Normally, she'd be too embarrassed to tell him, but her inhibitions were long gone. "Oh...I have to pee." She giggled. "When we're done, I'm going to have to run to the bathroom." Blake's cock jerked. "Hmmm," he said innocently. "I don't know...might be here awhile. You might have to go right there on the bed." Meg's cheeks turned red. "That's not funny Blake. I'm serious." "Me too," he snickered. "Be right back." Meg grimaced. He MUST be joking. Heart thumping in his chest, Blake skipped through the dimly lit house toward the front door. He quietly opened it a crack and whispered into the night. "Justin?" He heard a faint whisper back. "I'm here." Blake stepped out onto the porch, nude but with no prying neighbors able to see him, and closed the door softly behind him. Justin emerged from the bushes, barely visible to Blake in the darkness. "Okay buddy," he whispered. "It's all set...are you sure you still want to do it?" "Uh-huh." "Okay. Remember what I told you. Stay absolutely silent, and follow my directions. Be careful about touching her...she'll be able to tell the difference." "Okay." Blake patted him on the shoulder encouragingly. "Okay, let's go in. Take off your clothes in the living room and follow me." A few minutes later, Blake strode down the hallway toward the bedroom, with Justin tiptoeing behind him. Blake's throat was constricted and he was breathless from nervousness. He had no doubt this would work, but still...he was worried about Justin doing something stupid, like talking. Oh well, they were committed now. The boy was smart, and Blake would have to trust him. Meg was where he had left her. 'Of course,' Blake said silently to himself, and he smiled. "Okay, I'm back," he said aloud. "Sorry it took a little longer than I thought - got sidetracked." "No problem," she smiled. "I'm not going anywhere." Blake turned to look at Justin, and nearly laughed out loud. The boy's eyes were as wide as saucers, and his mouth gaped open at the sight of his mother sprawled out and tightly bound to the bed. His cock began to rise in front of him before Blake's very eyes. He poked the boy on the arm to get his attention, then pressed his finger to his lips, admonishing once again to stay silent. The boy sidled up to the foot of the bed, staring between his mother's splayed legs. He unconsciously brought his trembling fingers to his stiff prick, and fondled it while Blake clambered onto the bed and lay down next to Meg. Her breathing was heavy and erratic with anticipation of what was coming. 'If only she knew,' Blake thought. He propped himself up on his left elbow and gently squeezed her right nipple with his other hand. She yelped, drawing away, but then quickly arched her back, pushing her breast toward his hand. Blake grinned, lowered his face to her quivering breast, and flicked his tongue against the rubbery nipple. "Oooh," Meg moaned. She arched her back again. "Suck it," she breathed. But instead, Blake reached to the left nipple and squeezed it gently. Meg twisted her body, trying to find the source of the stimulation. Blake sucked hard on the other nipple, grinning as Meg twisted in the other direction. "Oh Lord," Meg groaned. "You're going to torture me." Blake grinned. "*Delicious* torture." He spent several minutes stimulating Meg's jiggling tits, licking one while rubbing the other, bringing her to a fever pitch. He surprised her, coming at her from different directions and with a different source of stimulus. Meg twisted her body to and fro at his touch, voicing her pleasure with loud moans and sighs. A thin sheen of perspiration formed on her brow. Blake began to trace his tongue lightly over her firm stomach, leaving a shiny trail of spit as he did so. He swirled his tongue in wide circular patterns over the salty skin. At the same time, he ran a fingernail teasingly up and down the soft skin of her inner thighs. Gradually, he worked lower, and he slid his lips over the upper fringe of her pubic hair. Her musky scent was powerful in his nostrils. Meg moaned loudly, and twisted her hips upward off the bed as she tried to follow his elusive tongue. Out of the corner of his eye, Blake glanced over at Justin. The boy's face was flushed, and he was looking on intently. His cock was rigid, pointing upward toward the ceiling as his slim fingers squeezed and caressed the shaft. 'This is so fucking erotic!' Blake thought to himself. He wanted nothing more than to throw himself on top of Meg and fuck her senseless while the boy watched. But it was just the beginning, and he knew that drawing it out would lead to greater rewards later. He returned his attention to Meg, kissing and nuzzling her wiry pubic hair. Meg groaned and writhed in her bonds. She could feel Blake's mouth so close, so tantalizingly close. Her entire body felt as if it was on a hair trigger, over-stimulated to a level that she had never experienced before. She desperately needed Blake to lick her vagina, to bring her to orgasm. But his movements were too slow and deliberate. Through it all, the pressure in her bladder was steadily increasing to the bursting point. Her mind was alternately consumed by the powerful sexual tingling in her clitoris and the desperate urge to pee. She didn't know how long she could hold out. She wanted to squeeze her thighs together, to relieve the pressure and provide some much-needed stimulation, but it was futile, and she knew it. Floating in a rapturous haze, she could hear her moans, only vaguely aware that it was her own frustrated passion she was listening to. Blake's warm tongue was sliding slowly along the crease of her inner thigh, while his firm hand softly caressed her other leg. "Oh God Blake," she groaned. "Please..." She grit her teeth and swiveled her hips. If she could only bring her clitoris into contact with his tongue... "What Meg?" "Please lick me!" "Like this?" And he trailed his tongue down her leg toward her knee. "Nooo," she moaned. "The other clit. Oh please..." But her begging fell on deaf ears. Blake's wet tongue ran along the hollow on the inside of her knee. He winked at Justin as he worked his way down Meg's trembling leg. The boy smiled nervously, still fingering his blood-engorged cock, and Blake smiled reassuringly. Meg's head lolled from side to side. She was breathing hard as Blake took her to incredible heights of glorious agony. She could feel the beads of perspiration running down her forehead and soaking the blindfold. Her vagina was on fire, and she could feel her clitoris throbbing, desperate to be touched by Blake's glorious tongue. And through it all, the need to urinate grew more and more intense. She was growing increasingly alarmed that she would pee on the sheets, and the thought mortified her. She had to make Blake understand. Maybe he would release her and allow her to go to the bathroom. "Blake...I...I need to pee." His cock jerked at her words. He glanced knowingly at Justin and crawled on hands and knees and lay on his side next to her, rubbing his prick against her hip. "Please Blake," she whimpered. Her hair was soaked with sweat and matted against her forehead. Blake put his lips to her ear. "Do it, Meg. Let yourself go." He squeezed her tits, rubbing his palm against the firm nipples. "Nooo," she moaned. "I can't. Not like this." He gently bit her ear lobe. "Go ahead Meg. You can do it," he murmured. Meg whimpered with frustration. Why was he doing this to her? She couldn't pee on the bed like this! But the thought of relieving the pressure in her full bladder was overwhelming. She couldn't hold it much longer - if she didn't pee, she felt she would burst. She groaned loudly, only dimly aware of the touch of Blake's lips nuzzling her neck, of his fingers tracing lazy circles on her stomach. She bit her lips, trying to hold in her urine, but she couldn't! With a loud grunt, she flexed her legs rigidly and tensed her stomach muscles, and she suddenly felt a spurt of warm liquid trickling down her vaginal lips. Meg gasped and strained again, and with a sense of unending relief, a hard steady stream of golden pee shot from her. "Oh, God, I'm peeing..." she whispered hoarsely. Blake's head jerked up, and he watched in fascination as a long stream of golden piss arched between Meg's spread legs. His cock throbbed and jerked against Meg's trembling thigh at the sight, and Justin, too, was watching in rapt fascination as his mother peed, no more than three feet away from him. He stared wide-eyed as the amber stream gushed against her thigh, then her knee, until it splashed in a pool between her calves. The sheets darkened in a fan-shaped pattern, spreading rapidly. Tears of relief welled in Meg's eyes beneath the blindfold, and she cried out as her bladder emptied. She felt so...dirty...but she was far beyond embarrassment. All she cared about was easing the aching pressure. Blake watched as the golden stream began to subside to a trickle, and then stopped entirely. Meg sighed loudly with relief. "Feel better?" "Oh God yes...but...I should go and clean up now." "Oh no you don't. We're just getting started." "But I peed all over myself Blake!" she protested. "Doesn't matter to me." Before she could reply, he got up off the bed and walked over to Justin, still standing rigidly and watching the incredible scene unfold before him. He draped his arm around the boy's thin shoulders and leaned in close to whisper in his ear. "Okay Justin," he breathed. "It's almost time." Justin nodded slowly. Blake climbed back on the bed between Meg's spread legs. The sheets were soaking wet from her piss, and the eroticism of the sensation made his cock quiver. He needed relief desperately, wanted nothing more than to plunge his erection into her sopping cunt, but with a supreme effort he resisted the urge. He leaned down, and licked her inner thigh, still wet from her piss. "Mmm...yes!" she hissed, and she jerked her hips sharply upward. "Do you want me to lick you Meg?" "Oh, please Blake...I need it," she murmured. He scooted himself higher, and inspected her beautiful pussy. It was deeply pink and shiny, soaking wet with a mixture of cunt juice and urine. The smell was pungent, and he breathed deeply. Her clit was thick and erect, protruding between her puffy cunt lips. It was begging to be licked. He touched the tip of his tongue to her clit, and pressed hard against it. "OH GOD YES!" she screamed, and her hips jerked violently, pressing her sopping pussy against his face. "LICK ME!" He trailed his tongue down her pussy lips, and wedged it against her pussy hole as she humped against him. He could taste the musky, spicy juices flowing there, and he swirled his tongue against the wet opening while she moaned. Then, to Meg's consternation, he pulled away. "OH GOD, don't stop Blake," she begged. Her head rolled from side to side in frustration. Blake got back up on hands and knees, and looked over his shoulder at Justin. The boy was staring at him intently. Blake nodded, and the boy very slowly and carefully climbed on the bed behind him. He lay flat on him stomach in his Mother's wet spot, and inched his way very slowly and tentatively forward, beneath Blake. Blake smiled to himself. The boy was performing even better than he had hoped. Still, he glanced up nervously at Meg. Her head was rolling from side to side in frustration, lost in a fog of aching desire, and completely unaware of what was happening between her spread legs. Justin slowly worked into position beneath Blake, until his wide-eyed face was inches from his mother's pussy. Blake envied him, about to experience his first taste of a woman's pussy. Blake tapped him on the shoulder, and the two exchanged quick knowing glances. The older man nodded, and Justin extended his pink tongue, touching it to his mother's hot clit. "UHH...Yesss," she sighed. Encouraged by the reaction, Justin licked back and forth against the pulsating clit, just as Blake had instructed, just as he had seen in the videos. "OH GOD! OH GOD! YES! YES! YES!" screamed Meg, and she swiveled her crotch against the probing tongue. The sensation was indescribable. After the torture that Blake had subjected her to, the relief of finally being touched where she so urgently needed it was beyond belief. "LICK ME BLAKE!" she cried. She cried out as a wave of ecstasy coursed through her body, and she jerked her hips upward to meet the probing tongue. "Oh god...oh god..." The sensation was indescribable. She had been an infrequent recipient of oral sex in her life - her ex-husband didn't like it - but this made up for all those barren years. The tongue swirled around her clitoris, and she cried out with ecstasy. Her head flopped from side to side as she moaned her pleasure. Blake's watched with lust and admiration as Justin brought his mother to ever-intensifying waves of ecstasy. The boy's crew-cut head obscured his view, but judging from Meg's reaction, his mouth was pleasuring her skillfully. Blake's prick was rock-hard and at a state of hair-trigger horniness. He lowered his hips and rubbed his erection against Justin's tight ass-cheeks. The boy responded by pushing back against him, which nearly caused Blake to shoot his load right then and there. He was nearly overcome by the desire to seek out the boy's tight little asshole and fuck him while he licked his mother, but that was out of the question. For one thing, his cock was too big for the lad's virgin asshole. For another thing, Justin would probably yell out, thereby revealing himself to his mom. So Blake contented himself with rubbing his cock against the boy's ass cheeks, which provided at least a little stimulation, and watching Meg's lust-crazed and blindfolded face as her son pleasured her. Her mouth was agape, and she was breathing heavily between her moans. Her face was flushed and shiny with perspiration, and she tossed her head from side to side, reveling in the sensation. Almost as an afterthought, he checked the blindfold to make sure it looked secure...and his heart stopped! This was bad. The motion of her head against her outstretched arms was...FUCK!...loosening the blindfold! It was beginning to ride up her forehead. His mind raced. He had to get the blindfold refastened, and he began to extend his arm up toward her face to tug it back into place. But he had to move carefully. After all, he was supposed to be preoccupied with licking her pussy. One wrong move, one brush against her, and she might learn what was happening. He slowly extended his arm. As her vagina throbbed and pulsated at the delicious oral servicing she was receiving, Meg could both feel, and see, the blindfold beginning to loosen. A harsh light was beginning to appear beneath the lower edge. She was relieved, and beginning to feel a bit ridiculous about being blindfolded anyway. She wanted to tear off the covering so she could watch as Blake pleasured her with his tongue. She tugged once again at the bonds constraining her wrists, but she already knew that was futile. So she turned her head toward her upper arm, still stretched upward and behind her. She rubbed her forehead against her arm to help loosen it...there! The bottom edged up about an inch, and her right eye was free. She giggled. "Hah! I can see you now!" Immediately, the delightful tongue paused as it trailed along her swollen pussy lips. "Oh...," she cooed. "Don't stop." She bucked her hips, and thankfully, he began licking again, flicking against her aching clitoris on each upstroke. "Oh yes..." she hissed through clenched teeth. "Lick me there!" The room was dimly lit, but she still had to blink as she came out of her world of darkness. She fluttered her eyelids rapidly, and turned to look down at Blake, to watch him lick her. But something was...wrong...Blake's wide-eyed face was above her...wasn't he licking her? "What...what's happening?" she asked, confusion in her voice. She angled her head down, and she saw...a familiar crew-cut head buried in her pussy. "Who...," she began, and then she knew. "Oh my God...NO!" But the intensity of the licking increased before she could fully voice her confusion. The delightful tongue...Justin's tongue...lapped at her pulsating clitoris. Despite her shock, Meg's body betrayed her, and her hips bucked into her son's face. Blake's eyes were looking intently into hers. "Enjoy it Meg...let yourself go," he whispered softly. He pulled the blindfold up and off her head. "No Blake no..." she protested. "It's wrong...don't do this." "Hush." Blake angled his head and planted his lips on hers, quieting her protests. She could feel his tongue pushing insistently into her mouth. Meg closed her eyes tightly, blinking away the tears, and turned her face away from him. But he was insistent, his tongue probing at her mouth while her son suckled her womanhood. She couldn't believe this was happening, but she was powerless to resist. Her senses were consumed by a raw lust, and finally, she opened her mouth to him, their tongue intertwining. They broke the long kiss, leaving Meg breathless and panting, eyes glazed with passion. He lowered his face to her sensitive breasts, and suckled at her distended nipple. She arched her back, pushing her breast into his mouth. "Ohhh yess," she moaned. Blake knew he had her. He watched Justin, face still buried in his mother's pussy. The boy's eyes were closed as he lapped at her pussy, licking it like an ice cream cone. Meg's hips were humping up and down, riding her son's face. "That's it Justin," he whispered encouragingly. "Lick her clit." The boy nodded, and focused his tongue on his mother's clit. Meg immediately responded to the sensation. "OH GOD!" she gasped. Her legs and arms strained in their bonds, and her face was frozen into a mask of lust, eyebrows arched, lips parted. "Yes...yes...yes...yes...," she intoned, as her head lolled from side to side. Meg writhed on the sweat-soaked sheets, breathing heavily as her body responded to her son's tongue. She could only vaguely comprehend what was happening. Her body was betraying her, but she didn't care. It didn't matter that it was her own son that was the source of the wonderful sensations. Like a slut in heat, she knew only that she needed release, however she could get it. She was aware of Blake whispering to Justin, giving him instructions. She felt movement on the bed, and a new sensation - a pressure being applied to her vaginal opening. She opened her eyes, and saw Justin kneeling between her splayed legs. Blake was next to him...and was...was holding her son's erect penis, guiding it toward the vee between her legs. Meg pulled violently against her bonds. "No...," she protested weakly. "Please...Justin...nooo..." But Blake was massaging her wet vagina with Justin's penis, rubbing it against her, titillating her. Despite her best judgment, she responded to the sensation, pushing against Justin's erection, until Blake finally wedged it against her opening. She caught her son's eye - he was staring intently at her, his young wide eyes glazed with lust. Blake gave a quiet instruction to him. "Okay, Justin, push it in." Meg groaned. "Oh," but it was futile. She knew her boy was about to take her, and there was nothing she could do about it. She lay there, powerless, on the sweat soaked sheets, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. She could only vaguely comprehend what was happening. Her body was betraying her...she was being a slut at the hands of her son. She felt Justin's erection slowly entering her, guided by the sure hands of Blake. Justin closed his eyes, his mouth gaped open, reveling in the joy of losing his virginity to his mother. "Now push hard Justin!" Blake hissed. The boy bit his lower lip, concentrating on the glorious feeling of his mother's tight, clinging pussy wrapped around his virgin prick. He leaned over his mother, supporting his weight on his thin arms, flexed his tight little butt cheeks, and pushed into her. "Oh..." Meg gasped. "Oh yes..." Her son's hard penis was inside her...he began to thrust back and forth, fucking her, moaning in rhythm to his strokes. "Oh Justin..." Meg groaned. She tossed her head back as her boy took her. She squeezed her pelvic muscles, drawing him in as he humped her, reveling in the feel of his penis sliding into her womanhood. She was vaguely aware of Blake's hands deftly untying her ankles, freeing her legs. She could pull away if she wanted to, escape this madness, but she didn't. She wanted it, NEEDED it to continue. She wrapped her legs around her son's clenching buttocks, pulling him in to her as he gasped in pleasure. She whispered to him, encouraging him. "Yes Justin...yes..." Blake was untying her wrists. She could push her son away, end this right now. But she wrapped her arms around her son and pulled him toward her, holding him tightly against her sweaty breasts as he fucked her. Mother and son writhed together, unashamedly using each other to build toward their orgasms. Blake sat back on the bed stroking his cock, eyes wide with the wonder over what he was seeing. Meg and her son ground their bodies against each other, lost in the searing heat of their passion. Meg's hands were lightly clawing Justin's back, her long legs wrapped tightly around his flexing ass cheeks. Justin was moaning, his face buried in his mother's soft tits, his thrusting cock making a liquid slapping sound as he burrowed into his mother's soaking cunt. He wanted to see them come together, but he knew Justin wouldn't be able to last long. He debated snaking his hand beneath Justin to stimulate Meg's clit, but just then, Meg gasped loudly and slid her hands to her boy's ass, pulling him tightly into her. She humped her pelvis against him, seeking the stimulation she needed to come, encouraging him to fuck her. "OH GOD YES JUSTIN!" she cried. "YES...YES...YES...FUCK ME! OH GOD!" Meg's entire body went momentarily rigid, then began bucking furiously. "OH FUCK!" she cried out with lust. "GOD YES! YES! YES!" And she was coming, writhing with passion as her body was wracked by a powerful orgasm. With a loud gasp, Justin was coming as well, and he pistoned rapidly in and out of her slimy cunt while his Mother humped against him. Their groins slapped together loudly, the sound mingling with their cries of passion. Gradually, the pace of their thrusting decreased to a slow grind, and their breathing slowly subsided. Meg stroked and caressed Justin's sweaty back as he collapsed on to her, kissing her soft breast. She closed her eyes tightly, blinking away the tears. Her emotions were raw and confused as she tried to come to grips with what had happened. The primeval lust slowly washed away, leaving her with a warm glow and a deep undying love for her son, for what they had just experienced together. They lay there together, bodies intertwined, until she felt Justin soften inside her. He pulled out of her slowly, and she coaxed him higher up her body, his semi hard penis nestling against her stomach. She looked deeply into his bright eyes, and pulled his face down to hers. Their lips met, and Meg extended her pink tongue, pressing it into his mouth. Blake lay there and watched, consumed by lust, yet nervous and uncertain about what to do next. This had gone better than his wildest dreams, but what would Meg's reaction be now? At worst, she'd go into a hysterical fit of rage, but that certainly didn't seem to be the case. Mother and son were oblivious to his presence, luxuriating in the glow of their orgasms. They were kissing each other, stroking each other's bodies like young lovers. He decided to go for it. He scrambled between Meg's still spread legs, and lay between them on the cool sheets, still damp from her urine. It was a sight he would never forget. Meg's legs were splayed, and Justin was partly laying, partly on hands and knees over his mother while they kissed and caressed each other. His semi-erect cock was shiny with his mother's pussy juice, and as he watched, a pearly drop of his sperm oozed out of the tip and dripped into his mother's dark, matted cunt hair. Her smooth tanned thighs bracketed her dark pink, soaking wet pussy. The cunt lips were swollen and gaping open, and a thick streamer of Justin's cum was oozing out, slowly dripping into her puckered asshole. It was irresistible to Blake. He eased forward, extended his tongue, and lapped at her delicious cunt-hole, scooping up a glob of Justin's musky sperm. Meg jerked at the touch, then opened her legs farther, inviting Blake to continue. He licked and sucked at her pussy hole, coaxing out as much of the boy's sperm as he could. Gradually Meg responded to the sensation, and Blake could hear soft moans as her lust gradually built again. Justin clambered off of his mother and collapsed next to her on the bed, a satisfied smile playing over his boyish face. Blake continued servicing Meg's pussy with his mouth, and she began to gently thrust against him. He probed at her cunt opening, then worked lower, gently laving her sensitive asshole, licking up the sperm that had seeped there. "Mmm," Meg groaned at this exploration of her most private part. This was an entirely new sensation to her. Encouraged, Blake cupped her asscheeks in his hands and lifted her to him, insistently poking his tongue against her anal opening. "Ooh yeah..." Meg sighed. Blake got an idea. "Turn over Meg," he directed. After a momentary hesitation, Meg complied, and her round ass cheeks were pointing toward the ceiling. Blake licked along the crack of her ass, and she spread her legs wide in invitation to his searching tongue. She felt his thick middle finger probing against her vaginal opening, pushing slowly in. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips in response, as Blake's tongue circled around her puckered asshole. Gradually, the finger worked its way in, and Blake began to finger-fuck her, thrusting slowly in and out of her hot opening. She whimpered with passion, imploring him to continue. "OH YES! Mmm, that feels so good." Then she felt a new sensation, higher. Blake had wedged another finger against her anus, and was slowly applying pressure. Meg protested weakly. "No Blake...not...not there...Oh God..." Blake smiled to himself as he pushed his middle finger against her tight asshole. She was going to love this...she just didn't know it yet. He couldn't believe how hot this slut was. His middle finger was jammed up her tight slippery pussy, coated with her hot juice. He interrupted licking her to drizzle some saliva onto her tight asshole and index finger, then began to push it slowly into her hot ass, until it was buried to the second knuckle. "Uhhh...yess," Meg hissed. He began to rapidly finger fuck her, one finger up her clinging pussy, the other buried in her tight asshole. Meg began to buck her pussy and ass savagely. "OH GOD! Yesss," she groaned. But Blake could take it no longer. He had to fuck her! Meg protested as he extracted his wet fingers from her holes, but he climbed on top of her and directed his throbbing cock against her pussy. He pushed against her, as inch by inch his prick disappeared into her. "OH YES! GOD!" Meg moaned. "DO ME BLAKE!" But he had other plans. He pulled his cock, now covered with her pussy juice and Justin's cum, back out of her warm pussy and wedged the cockhead against her asshole. Meg jerked her hips away when she realized what he was doing. "Don't Blake...don''s too big." But he was insistent. "I'll go slow Meg. Relax." He pushed forward gently, and the first inch of his cock was buried in Meg's vice-like rectum. Meg gasped sharply and tried to pull away, but she was pinned to the bed beneath her. It hurt, but it was a delicious, erotic pain. The thought of what he was doing to her made her pussy tingle. "Please be gentle Blake," she whispered hoarsely. "I will." Meg felt him reach underneath her, and he began to fondle her pussy, stimulating her, as he ever so carefully pushed his penis into her ass, slowly, almost imperceptibly. His fingers frigged her, working their magic on her clitoris, exciting her, until she was aching with desire. She pushed her ass against him, encouraging him to continue his anal probing. She could feel his penis push deeper, painfully, but the pain was lessening. She buried her face in the sheet and moaned with passion, lusting over the feel of Blake taking her like this, and through it all, she knew her son was watching them, watching as Blake prepared to fuck her just as he had done. The gloriously hard and throbbing penis burrowed deeper, impaling her, and Blake rubbed her erect clitoris beneath her. "Oh God...Oh Blake...yes," she hissed. She clutched at the sheets and arched her back, pushing back against him. "Fuck my ass..." she groaned. Suddenly, the final inches of his manhood thrust into her rectum in one smooth motion. "OH GOD!" she cried through clenched teeth. "YES! YES! Fuck me!" And his penis was thrusting in and out, the pain subsiding, as Blake worked her clitoris and asshole to a fever pitch. She pushed back against him, wanting him...NEEDING him to fuck her ass. There was no way Blake could hold off on his orgasm, his first of this remarkably erotic night. Meg's asshole was like a vice around his throbbing cock, and she pushed against him like a wanton slut. But he wanted Meg to come one more time. He grit his teeth, trying to delay his climax, and focused his efforts on Meg's soaking-wet clit. He rubbed it furiously, stimulating her, willing her to come with him. All the while, he was dimly aware of Justin lying on the bed next to them, watching them intently, and once again sporting an erection as Blake's cock stretched his Mother's asshole. Meg cried out with pleasure. Blake's expert fingers were bringing her to another orgasm. She felt her clit tingling with pleasure, the sensation spreading to her pussy, her asshole. She bucked her hips feverishly, matching Blake's strokes. Her orgasm was approaching...he was hitting just the right spot. "YES! YES! YES! Right there Blake...YES! OH GOD! FUCK ME BLAKE! OHHHH!" A powerful orgasm washed over Meg as Blake slammed his cock deeply into her, and they were coming together, writhing against one another, as they cried out in ecstasy. Meg screamed with pleasure, her orgasm coursing through her entire body. Blake was pistoning rapidly in and out of her ass, shooting his warm sperm deep into her rectum. "GODDDD! FUCK ME!!!" she cried. She buried her face in the sheets, groaning loudly as her body pulsated and trembled. Finally, Blake collapsed on top of her sweaty body, gasping for air. He lay there for a moment, then rolled to her side, gently taking her with him, his cock still hard and twitching inside her warm asshole. They lay glued together on their sides, luxuriating in the warmth of their climax. Meg sighed contentedly as she slowly came back to earth. Blake had his arm around her, idly caressing her breasts, nuzzling her earlobe. She could feel his penis inside of her rectum, beginning to soften, and his sperm was leaking out of her asshole, tickling her as it ran down her thigh. She felt so slutty, yet so alive! She opened her eyes, and was greeted with the view of her hot and horny young son, lying next to her, his eyes glazed with erotic passion, watching her and Blake in the aftermath of their orgasms. Meg smiled at him lovingly, and he shyly smiled back. She reached out her arms, beckoning him, and he came to her. Mother and son hugged - she pulled him to her in a tight embrace, her hands wandering over his back, caressing his buttocks. He snuggled against her, and she felt his erection poking against her stomach. And as Meg lay between her two lovers, she knew that she would never need to read her romance novels again. THE END July, 2001