Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. It was a long round and fat tube with a latex bag at one end. It also had a pump that was used to inflate the interior of the tube and constrict passage of anything travelling though it. It was a crumping tool for collecting horse semen. Rainbow, her hair in a ponytail, tried to put her face into the latex bag on the tube. The stable owner helped secure her in it. He also put her arms along it and secured them by the wrists with the small belts near the other side. Rainbow could barely see through the long tube and stumbled a little as the stable owner lead her naked and still developing body to the first stall. Rainbow knew which pony it was from some intimate encounters with him recently and the pony, as all the equines at the stable, understood the drill with humans and automatically dropped his penis out for mating. It was slipped gently into the tube. Rainbow could see it reach towards her slowly as it filled with his mighty blood. It came within inches of the ends and Rainbow could barely reach it with her tongue fully extended. She heard the hiss as the tube was tightened and that squeezed the cock head a little closer to her waiting mouth. All outside air was cut off and she hoped that the bag would do the trick quickly. Rainbow only went along with this because it was the only way to make her build a tolerance to whatever was making her sick when she mated with any of the horses in the stable. She was in love with these magnificent beasts, as most twelve year olds tended to be and was happy that she found someone who shared them with her. The owner himself was thrilled to find not only another horse lover, but an innocent girl too which was his other fetish. It was he who talked her into this. With the tube tight, the stable owner started to stroke the pony's cock with it and Rainbow could just reach the head with her lips at it's closest. She suddenly sensed a movement inside the cock and was suddenly rewarded with a hot jet of horse cum which bounced of the back of her throat and down her chin to the latex. There, it sat as a couple of more spurts piled themselves on top of it. Rainbow felt a push on her back and leaned forward while kneeling. With no place else to go, all the horse semen poured down her throat and she was forced to swallow repeatedly until it was gone from her mouth. The bag was deflated and the rapidly shrinking cock was pulled free. Rainbow took a big gulp of fresh air which helped ease her now unsettled stomach. She was picked up and helped to the next stall. She knew which stall too from memory and as she kneeled under the larger pony, she caught glimpses of his growing sex organ and then the head appeared and was jiggled down the opening to her. Rainbow took a deep breath this time as the tube was inflated again forcing the cock head flush against her face. It was already wet with pre cum and mashed softly to mold over her. Rainbow licked out and was soon into it. The end became wetter and a hardness inside made it's way to her gums. She opened up and made a slurping noise as she attempted to suck the head into her mouth. She felt the tube give a shove towards her and the cock head suddenly surged forward and completely filled her mouth as it grew more. Rainbow became helpless to do anything other then house the enormous growing cock head forcing her mouth to open ever wider. It was so big by then that it wouldn't have come out even without the tube. Her whole head and body bobbed back and forth as it and the tube were held strongly against the pony's bucking. Her mouth was the most violated she had ever felt as the thickening head rammed more horse flesh into her mouth then she ever thought she could take. pre cum filled the back of her throat but her mouth was open too wide to swallow it. Finally her throat naturally opened up and rather then swallow, horse fluid just poured down unhindered. This was when he came. The torrent was so strong that despite her throat being opened, a good amount flooded up through her sinuses and out her nose. Rainbow's bare feet kicked out from under her and her body twisted helplessly as the tube and her head were held strongly in place. Her struggles became weaker as the last of the stream was pumped out of the pony's balls and into her own body. The stable owner knew that the pony's cock had shrunk enough when Rainbow suddenly started to cough and gasp. He held the tube up again and she was forced to swallow all of the ropey cum that had shot out of her nose as it poured down into her mouth. Rainbow felt like her whole head was filled with the stuff still and could feel it's bite on her soft sinus membranes. She hoped it wouldn't break out into the same rash she had between her legs and down her neck. In the third stall was a full sized horse with an off white coat. The huge horse cock sliding down the tube was pinkish in color and Rainbow knew him as a gentle lover. Her lungs filled with air as it's massive size forced the air down the tube and into her body. He was hard in no time and she was unable to exhale when the tube was pumped up. It didn't take much pumping. Rainbow was in the dark bag with a massive horse cock head pushed against her face and she knew that it would flood the bag soon with all of its semen. Then the horse was excited and started to buck into the tube. His huge cock became fully firm and it started to pound on Rainbow's face. She couldn't pull away even a little with her arms strapped forward to the tube and had to take his increasingly powerful blows to her face one by one. She tried to turn a little so the large animals cock wouldn't break her nose. Rainbow couldn't breathe and was starting to see stars as the massive horse beat his cock into her head. She was too preoccupied with the pounding to her face to realize he was ready to cum. When he did, it was enough to flood the bag up to her nose and the horse kept his hips bucked inward which not only cause it to spray point black from her upper side lip, but also pressure much of the semen the only place left to go. Into her mouth. Rainbow had enough sense to start swallowing before her lungs filled with the thick, tart fluid from the horses balls. Her lungs were starting to burn and it seemed that no matter how much she swallowed, more gushed to take it's place. Rainbow started to panic. Then she felt the pressure relieve from her face and soon fresh, cold air filtered down to her. She wanted to breathe it badly but there was still too much thick semen and Rainbow drank the rest up hurriedly so she could suck in the air she so desperately needed. The stable owner heard her gasp and felt some relief. He could sense that she had taken a little pounding and he saw her belly fill from her third feeding round. It was probably enough to do what they hoped it would, but now he was getting quite turned on and really wanted to fuck her while she was force fed from horse cock. The stable owner looked around to the other stalls and tried to determine which horse had the largest load. He finally decided on the black one named "Iron horse". That one was pretty rough and it was risky to let him in you even with safety measures and experience. Still, he had been known to shoot many loads in one sitting, and he hadn't been mated for many weeks. The stable owner dragged Rainbow's now weak body to the stall where Iron Horse was kept. He had a few restraints made for the hooves and bridle and had got Iron to suffer them without too much protest. Iron could smell Rainbow and had dropped his cock before his door even opened. The stable owner propped Rainbow's tube up so the leftover cum would still stay on her face and she couldn't figure how to dislodge it without seeing. The owner was rewarded with the sound of another swallow and he started to fit Iron with the custom cuffs for his hooves. Iron not only didn't fight them, he even lifted each hoove as if he knew that it would help get him laid by the very young human. While Iron was fitted with the last back cuff and rope, he leaned over and sniffed at Rainbow's ass. A few licks and Rainbow struggled to move into a better position for him. He didn't lick though, he nipped her on the back of the leg just below her butt cheek. Rainbow's scream was hollow from the length of tube and the owner came back around to secure Iron's reins to the bar on the stall wall. Iron gave a sound between a grunt and a laugh. It was time for the crumping. The stable owner pulled Rainbow into position under Iron and had to lean her almost past his front hooves to get the cock tip into the tube. Irons cock was fully erect and stood firmly up away from the ground. A long ropey stream was already drooling down from the tip as it went into the tube and made it's way slickly to Rainbows captive face. The owner decided to mount Rainbow from behind after debating which would feel better and lifted her to Irons underbelly before sliding between her legs and lowering her over his own hard cock. He heard noises and mumbling from her but didn't make out anything through the bag. Then he heard a thump and felt the little girls head bump back to his. Iron was all the way in now. The owner pumped up the tube and Iron came right then. The bag filled and he could feel Rainbow's body swallowing hard. Rainbow didn't get a chance to swallow all the cum before Iron started to buck his hips into her wildly. The girls legs were stiff and tried to kick away. The owner held her fast to her forced duty. He heard animal noises and gurgling from in the bag as the child's face was pounded hard by Iron's heavy and hard black cock. A minute into his bucking and he held his hips into her hard for another half a minute as his really large balls shot another huge load into Rainbows body. Rainbow drank as fast as she could which was helped by the pressure Iron applied with his massive body standing over them. With the seal still tight, the load of horse jism increased the PSI in the full bag and semen shot into Rainbow's open throat. Then another round of bucking followed by another huge release of cum. Rainbow was dizzy and it seemed to last forever. She felt the stable owner's hands hold her distended belly as yet another salvo was shot into her violently. She didn't remember when it was over exactly. Didn't remember when Iron Horse stopped banging into her face. Only that after what seemed like the millionth swallow, fresh air hit her lungs. Rainbow gasped and felt glad to finally be breathing again. She didn't mind the cock up her cunt still fucking her. She'd had bigger, though she had to stretch herself out before fucking it. He did seem to be in pretty deep and Rainbow suddenly understood that her stomach was way too full and the hot putrid semen wasn't setting well in there. She threw up and the stable owner grabbed the tube and held it up so everything she threw up came back into her mouth. She was forced to swallow it all again. There wasn't much bile to it since it was diluted with an over abundance of animal cum, which was good. She threw up a second time, though not as much, and again was forced to swallow it all. Rainbow's body got the message and she was able to keep it down. She was still being fucked though and became afraid that he would drag her to another stall and force another session of face banging on her. Her face felt numb in spots. Then she felt the straps to her head come undone and was laid back as her face was freed from the crumping tube. Rainbow tried to look but her eyes stung from the coating of semen. Her hair was soaked too. Her arms were left strapped to the tube and held over her head. The stable owner got on top of her and really fucked into her helpless body. He looked down on Rainbow as he fucked her under Iron Horse who was still out but not erect. The stable owner looked at every detail of rainbows face as he fucked her. Her mouth was open and gasping, Her face was totally covered with a thick white gel of horse semen. Her eyes were shutting and opening despite the burning of the sharp cum in them. But what really made the stable owner hard was Rainbows fat lips and bruised face. A little red was on her teeth from inside bleeding. He kept thinking about hard horse cocks jack hammering her soft and still maturing face. He loved watching horses fuck. He loved watching twelve year old girls getting fucked. This was too much for him and before he came, he gave in and sucked on her still cum filled mouth. Her mouth was heaven and the cum just added to his orgasm. He felt a round hard place just below her ribs and knew it to be her stomach filled to bursting with many rounds of crumping and forced swallowing. It seemed like what he was leaving in her himself was just a drop in the bucket. Rainbow would be sick soon. After he came, he put her on a dolly and brought a few more stallions to her. She was in no condition to struggle and the stable owner made sure she had cum in her ass hole as well as her cunt for the long next few days of fever. She was really going to smell by then. He was going to fuck her every chance he got anyway.