Story Title:  Family Conflicted

Author: Pavel Nabokov

Keywords: M,F, Mf+, Ff, M,F,f+, slow start, cons, rom, pedo, incest, voy


Family Conflicted

by: Pavel Nabokov


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Major Characters: Bryce(40), Amanda(38), Grayson(42), Mandy(15), Sara(13), Aaron (41), Amara (36), Melody (15), Arden (13), Kasey(14)


From the video: Sally(13), Tawne(13), Michael(14), Angelina(Just 13), Amiko(14), Craig(13), Emma(13), Jamal(13)


Chapter Index

Chapter One – Ooooouch! 2

Chapter Two – The Not so big House. 11

Chapter Three – Confessions. 21

Chapter Four – Unexpected Turn of Events. 25

Chapter Five – Unabashed Animal Sex. 29

Chapter Six –  A Strange Turn of Events. 34

Chapter Seven –  Changing Directions   **** End of JoMo edits. 44

Chapter Eight – Heart to Heart?. 46

Chapter Nine – Confrontation. 49

Chapter Ten – Friday. 51

Chapter Eleven – Bryce & Mandy - Amanda & Sara. 61

Chapter Twelve – More fun and excitement 73

Chapter Thirteen – Afterwards. 77

Chapter Fourteen – The girls get a new sitter 82

Chapter Fifteen –  Parties, Realizations and Great Sex. 86

Chapter Sixteen – Dinner and a Movie?. 101

Chapter Seventeen – Stuff 105

Chapter Eighteen – Mandy sees the secret movie. 108

Chapter Nineteen – Mom calls and they finish the movie. 114

Chapter Twenty – Return of the Mom... 121

Chapter Twenty One – In the Bedroom... 130

Chapter Twenty Two – Preparations. 136

Chapter Twenty Three – Family! 139

Chapter Twenty Four – Alone at Last 148

Chapter Twenty Five –  Amanda’s Relief 153

Chapter Twenty Six –  Are you Nuts?. 159

Chapter Twenty Seven – Sushi?. 169

Chapter Twenty Eight – Fate and Karma. 178

Chapter Twenty Nine – Engage. 184

Chapter Thirty – Afterward. 194

Chapter Thirty One – The Last Day Together 197

Epilogue: 204


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Started: November 2009 - Completed: March 2010

Chapter One – Ooooouch!


Ooooouch… Bryce this really hurts… please take it out,” she said as her face crunched itself together giving her a ghastly expression.  The pain must have been rather harsh as her large baby blue eyes were filled with tears even though none of them were streaming down her face as yet. 


“Just try and relax, this won’t take too long and the hard part is really over,” said Bryce comfortingly as he slowly pushed deeper into her flesh.


“Is it bleeding,” she huffed. She was panting now and trying to distract herself from what felt to her like searing heat.


“Just a little… actually hardly at all,” he said absentmindedly as he finally changed position to try and ease her discomfort.


Putting the needle under the redwood spear and exposing one end of it from the ball of her foot he couldn’t help but notice that Sara was not wearing panties.  The loose legs of her culottes were open wide for his eyes and concentrating on the task at hand was very difficult.  It was so pretty, so puffy and full.  Just inside her slit the flesh changed color to a pretty soft pink.  With her leg bent at the knee and the heel of her foot resting on his knee he could actually see her opened slit revealing all of her treasures.  Even though his erection was growing - first things first.  He reached to his side and picked up the sterilized tweezers and moved it just above where the needle was exposing the very large splinter.


“Grip onto something and for Christ’s sake, don’t wiggle your leg.  I’m going to pull it out and it’s probably going to hurt.  Got it?”


Ooooh… can’t we just leave it alone,” she said with her eyes pleading at him.


“No.  It will fester and swell up causing you a lot more pain later.  It has to come out.  Damn girl, I told you to wear flip-flops or something on your feet when we were out on the new porch.  It’s your fault kiddo, and the acid in the redwood is what’s hurting more than what I’m doing.  Now I’m going to count to 3, and then pull it out.  Ready… 1… 2…,” he said 3 after he pulled it straight out on the 2 count.


A loud piercing scream was heard followed by, “SHIT… THAT REALLY HURT,” Sara yelled as the tears really started flowing down her cheeks. 


Sheesh Sara, you squeal like a little girl,” he said with a smile on his face.


In mock anger because she knew he was teasing her she screamed, “I AM A LITTLE GIRL… you blind or what?”


“Yea, I can tell,” he said as he stared up the leg of her culottes’ right at her now very exposed and very hairless pussy.  She knew he was looking and she could see his face flush too; not that he hadn’t seen it before.  A drop of girl juice was oozing its way down from her glory hole and he really wanted to lap her from butt hole to clit.  He was also now quite rigid and that was getting really uncomfortable for him.


Before she could respond to him, he took a cotton swab doused with alcohol and rubbed it vigorously in to the opening left by the vacated redwood splinter.


After another scream or two and a slew of near profanities - she gave him the evil eye and said, “You really enjoyed that didn’t you?”


Before answering he turned and looked at Sara’s older sister Mandy, and asked her to go to the bathroom and get the tube of Neosporin and a small round Band-Aid.  Mandy had remained quiet during the operation enjoying her younger sisters’ discomfort.  She giggled to herself as she watched Bryce get stimulated looking at her sisters’ pussy.  She really wanted to watch Bryce as he busted her cherry.  He was reluctant, but her sister was one tenacious girl, and in the end she knew he would take her.



Three months ago is when he met Mandy, she seemed shy about some things, or maybe just mostly quiet, and was apparently a very studious kind of girl.  Her face was alive with curiosity and her eyes reflected her nearly always energetic mood.  She would continue high-school in the fall as a sophomore.  It was a chance meeting of sorts.  Bryce had gone to the mall to replace several ragged t-shirts and get some new shorts and business casual clothes for work.  He only shopped twice a year and only if he had to – he hated malls.  After shopping he stopped by the food court.  The place was packed and there were other shoppers waiting for tables when he paid for his three-item Chinese lunch… if it even qualified as Chinese food which he knew it didn’t.  As he eyed the tables he spotted Mandy sitting alone.  She seemed very focused writing in the notebook in front of her and the little remaining food on her plate was pushed behind an open school book.


Bryce started walking toward the table and as he got closer he noticed that she was quite pretty, beautiful in fact.  Well, Bryce did have an eye for pretty, even if it was generally someone who was very underage.  Even though he couldn’t identify her uniform, he guessed it was from a private school.  She was dressed in a white blouse, with a pleated Scottish plaid skirt in blues greens and some red done in large box pleats.  White knee-high stockings and heelless patent leather pumps adorned her feet.  Her vest matched the colors of her skirt and it had the requisite school insignia over the left breast.  She looked way to young to be in high-school, so he thought she was probably still in Junior High.


As he came up to the table he stopped and said, “Excuse me miss… the tables seem to be rather filled up.  Mind if I join you?”


She said nothing and just continued to write away.  He didn’t think she was avoiding his question, rather she was very focused on her school work.  So he bumped the table with his leg.  It startled Mandy who looked up at him immediately; her large wide-set green eyes captivated him.  He repeated himself, “Excuse me miss… the tables seem to be rather filled up.  Mind if we share the table?”


She looked around the food court and noticed that the place was packed, then looked back at him and quietly, shrugged her shoulders said, “I guess so.”  Inside Mandy was thinking, This can’t be happening.  I know it isn’t him.  He doesn’t talk the same way, but this is sooo strange.  She had to disappear into herself just to regain some calm.


Disregarding him completely after her answer she went back immediately to writing, her eyes returning to her notebook.  She made no attempt to move her soiled plate, book or notebook, so Bryce said, “If you’re finished with your plate, can I toss it in the garbage?  I need a little table room for my tray.”


She stopped writing mid sentence, put her pen down, sighed, looked up at him curiously, then looked back at the small table and saw there was little room for his tray.  She pushed her chair back a little picked up the plate and tray with one hand, and used her other one to open enough space for him.  She then walked to the garbage can put her tray away after tossing the plate into the trash then returned empty handed.  She sat down as Bryce did and she waited to see if there was anything else he was going to say to her.  Guessing he was satisfied, wordlessly she picked up her pen, consulted the book and began writing again.  She felt uneasy and curious all at the same time; yet the itch in her crotch was getting way to noticeable.


Bryce stifled a little laugh and proceeded to eat.  He had watched her as she walked away, and then returned to the table.  She was fairly tall for her age.  He guessed her at five-foot three or there about.  She wasn’t skinny, but she was a trim and small boned.  He guessed her weight at about 93 pounds. She had long legs that weren’t knock kneed or bowed and they were nicely shaped.  He was surprised at how short her pleated skirt was.  It fell mid thigh but he also noticed that the top of the skirt was neatly rolled up at the waist.  He bet that was something that if noticed in school would be frowned upon.  As she walked toward the garbage can he noticed her nicely formed bottom, and upon her return he noticed the slight swell of her small breasts under her vest.  But the most amazing thing about her was her bronze-golden-blonde red hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.  She should wear her hair longer, he thought.  As it was it came to just below the collar of her white blouse.  It was quite beautiful and the natural and artificial light in the food court danced off it revealing a multi colored red-bronze-blonde hair palate that was visually stunning.  Her large green eyes, nicely shaped and slightly upturned pug nose, small medium thick lips and flawless complexion and freckles all added up to someone he really desired.  She redefined his archetype of perfect.  And that wasn’t only because of her hair color.  


As he slowly munched down his food he noticed he could smell her.  She was wearing perfume that was flowery, yet earthy, with notes of spring in a forest on a warm day and expensive.  A different smell came from her hair.  Much more subtle, but pleasant.


As he looked down at his plate to get another forkful he realized how much time had gone by.  His plate was nearly empty.  He broke from his reverie just as she stopped writing.  She reread the last few sentences, smiled at her accomplishment, closed her pen and the notebook, put them away then folded her hands on the table, and looked up at Bryce.  It was as if she was waiting for him to speak and that puzzled him.


“What?” he said looking her into those magnificent green eyes.


“Oh nothing really,” she said after thinking for a minute, “I just thought you wanted to say something to me.  You’ve been staring at me since you sat down.  Do I have food on my mouth or something?”


Not having met a girl like her ever, he was sort of at a loss as to how to reply.  He could tell she was very intelligent, and she seemed to be able to multi-task even when deeply concentrating.


“Well, I was looking at your hair color which is very pretty – never saw that color… colors before, but I am curious about what you were writing.  I mean it wasn’t a diary or journal so it has to be some kind of school work.  Just curious I guess.”


With the compliment given; her face blushed almost red and she averted her eyes from his momentarily.  Ignoring the compliment she said, “I was just finishing my last paper on Civil War History for this term.  It’s due late next week, but I’ll turn it in early for a better grade.”


“What school do you go to if you don’t mind me asking?”


“Our Lady of the Sacred Heart – you know, the high school a couple of blocks from here.”


“The Catholic high school – right?”


“That’s the one.”


Catholics were problematic for Bryce, especially for his desires.  Strike one.


Every answer she gave him was just very matter-of-fact.  No embellishments and no emotion.  She was difficult to read.


“So why study in a food court in a noisy mall.  Wouldn’t the library be a better place?”


“Frankly, I don’t like the mall and wish I were in the library, but my mom and little sister are shopping here.  I told them to meet me here when they were done.  She’s probably conning mom into buying her a lot of stuff she won’t wear.”


Aha – a tad of emotion there.  So she isn’t an automaton after all, he thought.


“Jealous of your little sister getting all the new stuff,” Bryce jibed asking her like it had to be true.


“No… we’re really close and I love her a lot.  She’s just a lot different than I am.  I have everything that I need.  I only shop when I need to, and that’s maybe once or twice a year.”


“Everything?  Hell, I don’t have everything that I want and I’m a bit older than you are.”


Mandy thought, A lot older.  He seems nice enough, kinda big though but really handsome like… no, she wouldn’t think about him.  That hurt her way too much.  But why the hell is he talking to ME.  Maybe he’s just a lonely guy… that’s probably it... or maybe…


“Guess I’m lucky then.  But it will be fun to start driving.  In a month I take my drivers test.”  Saying that was just a ploy to judge his reaction.  It was also a way to tell him she was older than she looked, and she knew she and her sister looked much younger than they really were.  Then again, so did her mom.


Well that hit him like a brick.  That meant that she had to be sixteen or older.


“How old are you?  Sorry, but you don’t really look old enough for a drivers license.”


“I’ll be sixteen in a month and I scheduled my drivers test the day after my birthday.”


“Anyplace special you want to drive too?”


“Not really.  Driving is more than getting from one place to another you know.  Having the ability to drive really means freedom.  I won’t have to rely on my mom anymore.  That’s the beauty of driving – freedom, that is.”


“Never looked at it that way.  Changing the subject, do you like hot fudge sundaes?”


“Yes… I like them a lot.”


“I’m going to get myself one – would you like one?”


Want some candy little girl, she said to herself.  “That’s a nice offer and it’s tempting, but I was going to get a Starbucks.  It’s my treat for finishing my paper.  Mom doesn’t want me drinking coffee, but I just love it.  Would you watch my stuff while I get it?”


“Sure… go ahead.  I’ll get my Sundae when you come back.”


That said, she scampered away.  He watched her skirt flit from side to side as she walked.  She was so cute, adorable, and beautiful all wrapped up into one package… hell even her correct posture turned him on. 


So starting from his premise that she was probably around twelve, he had been utterly wrong.  That didn’t usually happen to Bryce. 


Bryce was a very friendly and attractive guy that had a problem.  Sure, in his lifetime he always had the availability of attractive ladies his age to choose from except for those inevitable dry spells that can last for three months or more.  He found a few potential mates that were almost right.  Attractive, bright, small tight bodies and all that, but somehow he just knew his desires would eventually mess up a relationship and hurt the lady, like it did with his first short-lived marriage.  He didn’t want that to happen again.  The pain for all concerned was way too much the first time. So while he did date women his age or a little younger he was hopelessly attracted to younger; less mature ladies.  Today, like most other days, he hadn’t been trolling for someone new, but as luck would have it, he found her. Strange as she was she seemed to have a good home life and was happy – either that, or he had misread that too.


Soon she was back at the table, and not five minutes later they were both sitting facing each other again.


“So, how’s the coffee?”


“Really good.  This Starbucks in the mall is a franchise, not a company store.  They make really luscious whipped cream and pipe it in to the mocha.  That makes it very special.  That’s why I like this Starbucks.  How’s the sundae?


“It’s okay for Mac’s… but it’s not the real thing.  I just needed a taste anyway.  By the way.  My name is Bryce.  Just thought I’d introduce myself.


“Nice to meet you Bryce.” She answered almost with a giggle in her voice.



Amanda and Sara looked around the food court to find Mandy.  When they found her they both were startled.  Sara said, “What’s he doing… no it can’t be him.”  Amanda said, “If it isn’t just who the hell is he?”  They composed themselves and headed to the table where Mandy and Bryce were seated.


As he waited  for her to give him her name, a lady and younger girl approached the table carrying a lot of bags.  Mom was a stone fox and looked like a grown up version of his table mate but with natural long and very light strawberry blonde hair.  The sister was just as pretty in a different way.  She too had on a school uniform, but the colors and styling were different.  She was a real cutie pie.  She had large baby blue eyes and long seemingly thickish strawberry blonde hair hanging down to her waist.   Aside from some remaining baby fat, you could easily see the family resemblance.  Personality wise however, she was very different.  She glowed like the sun and he could tell that she was  a real rascal.  It was all too obvious.  At the time he had no expectation that he’d find that out later.


“So there you are Mandy,” her mom said.  “Sorry we took so long…” then looking at Bryce then back to her daughter then back at Bryce more questioningly again she said, “… excuse me, but who are you?”


Bryce had stood up to meet the mom and hopefully the sister.  The girl that now had a name.


Mandy said, “When Bryce got his food, there was one seat left in the food court, so he joined me and ate while I finished my paper mom.  When we finished I got a Starbucks and he got the sundae.”


“Didn’t mean to intrude ma’am.  If my presence bothers you, I’ll leave,” said Bryce.”


Mandy surprise Bryce and her mom.  She stood up and looked at her mom and said, “Will you please be courteous and relax.  He needed a place to eat his meal and I told him it was okay to sit at this table.  Oh, and I finished my paper as well while he ate quietly.”


Something was going on behind the scene here that Bryce didn’t have a clue about, but the lioness had her guard up, and her claws were out.


Her mom almost glared at her with her eyes, then relaxed and looked at Bryce and said, “Sorry… a mom can’t be too careful these days.”


“I Understand.  No apology needed.”


Bryce saw motion to his right and caught the little sister grinning from ear to ear behind her mom and looking at her sister.  Why, he had absolutely no idea.  This day had been strange from the start, but this was just a bit over the top in his mind.


“Well, it’s time to get going home Mandy,” she said looking straight at her.  “I’ve got to get dinner on and there’s not a lot of time.”


“I’m not finished with my mocha yet and I don’t want to throw it away.”


The mom said, “You can finish it in the car – let’s get going.”


“But we’re not allowed to eat or drink in the car mom,” said the youngest.


“Well today we can, just be careful.”


“Does that mean that I can get a Starbucks too… mom?  After all that shopping I need a pick me up.  I’ll be right back,” she said as she immediately scampered off before her mother could protest.


Mandy giggled at her mom’s frustration and again her mom got angry with her, but she just held it inside.


Bryce just sat down and started to finish his melting sundae ignoring the mom and Mandy.  But he needed to say something to ease the tension and finally said, “I’m glad my kids are grown.  My ex-wife and I had two, like you.  The oldest was a boy, the youngest a girl.  He just started State this year, and she’s in her senior year of high-school.  I miss them because they are older now and have pretty much a life of their own.  The hard part was getting them from puberty to responsible young adults.  For the most part we succeeded.  But it does take patience… a lot of patience and trust.  That’s the hardest to give really.”


The mom seemed to relax and he could see Mandy smile at the corners of her mouth almost telling Bryce that was the best thing he could have said.


“Sorry Bryce, it’s been a long day and a longer week.  School’s almost out and while I can’t wait for that, I also dread it.  Keeping tabs on your kids is a full time job.  Running the house is a full time job, and I already have a full time job.  Frankly, Women’s liberation sucks.  Damn the bitches that made that a reality.”


A surprised Mandy said, “Mom… that’s a very unkind thing to say.”


Before mom could say a word, Bryce said, “You can say that now, but wait until it’s your turn, Mandy.  For all of the great ideas it promoted, there is always the downside – Yin and Yang, and that applies to just about anything.”


The little one came walking back to the table; carrying a Grande.  The mom evil-eyed her youngest and Sara lowered her head as her Mom said, “I don’t like you taking advantage of a situation Sara… and less than that I don’t want you drinking coffee at your age.  But what’s done is done. Okay girls, lets head on out.  Mandy would you help with the bags please?”


Mandy said, “Nice talking with you Bryce.  Take care.”


Sara smiled at Bryce and giggled a little as she looked first at her sister and then at Bryce.


Bryce said his goodbye’s as the little one fiddled with the bags.  Mom got frustrated and said, “Sara, put the damn coffee down first, then pick up the bags and get the coffee after.”


Sara grumbled under her breath as Mandy smiled and soon they were on their way.


Bryce sat back down to finish the remainder of his sundae wondering what was going on with Mandy, her mother and sister.  And what was with Sara and the giggle?  Women… a true mystery of the universe.  He’d probably never know, and though he might be better for it.


Chapter Two – The Not so big House


At work the following Monday, the ‘big meeting’ revealed several new construction jobs that were distributed to the amassed team.  Afterward, Bryce approached his boss and opening the job folder said, “Larry… this is not a job that is going to be terribly difficult – why not give it to one of the junior guys?”


“This job is going to take you longer than most of the projects handed out today.  Besides, it’s worth over 150k to the firm.  The client is extremely specific and fussy.  She is a Realtor and has been reading “The Not So Big House,” and wants to discuss all of the aspects of construction.  This is a prototype for her, and if it works out the way she wants, a lot more full projects will follow, maybe three remodels a year.  I need one of my best architects on this one, and that’s you.  Be careful – she’s smart and she also gets into the specifics.  Not many architects here are as amenable to types like her as you are, so that’s why I picked you.  Bring in the job early and there’s a nice bonus at the end.  How much depends on how short the job is… you know the drill.  Give her a call and go meet her.  Be prepared… take a couple of days to study up – reread the book.”


“Fair enough Larry… it sounds rather challenging now.  Besides the location is close to home for me.”


Bryce was already prepared… he had read and reread the book several times and used its principals in most of his work.  The premise of the book was that money can be spent to make a big impressive house without a lot of extras – with high ceilings and open spaces.  In reality, sociologists had found that people preferred cozy areas more proportioned to human size.  By making the house well appointed but smaller and cozier, the money saved could be used to really enhance the details of the space as well as reduce annual maintenance and utility bills.  This proved to be a richly rewarding living experience for the owners – but the devil was in the details, and details cost a lot of money.  Even though the house ended up being smaller, the space available was thoroughly used by the owners and guests alike. 


The example he always gave was that of a large space with a cathedral ceiling with a sitting room set into the space.  Everyone would be impressed when seeing the space, but nobody really felt comfortable in it, and most people would gather in the kitchen where it was comfortable.  The kitchen today had become the focus of all gatherings, so you surrounded the kitchen with small areas so groups of people could gather and be comfortable and at ease.  If you want someone to be uncomfortable – send them into a large Cathedral.  Cathedrals were built that way to show the power and majesty of the religion.  They were scary places outside of human dimensions.  If you want to speak comfortably to the priest, go to his office.


A day later he called and made an appointment to start the process.  This client was in the business of buying a fixer upper in a great location, moving in, fixing it up and then flipping it.  Her goal was to do at least two houses a year.


Arriving early he looked at the house exterior and property.  The location was stunning, and the house itself looked in reasonably good shape.  On his next visit he would bring his construction foreman to give the place a real good looking over. 


The house sat on the top of a rather flat hillside overlooking a valley and it had an amazing view.  Trees had been planted or left there during the original construction, but were placed deliberately for shade without compromising the view.  The valley ran from the South-East, to the North-West.  A bend of the river tucked into the valley was dead center of the view and from there the river headed due North.  That meant great eastern sun in the mornings and in the late afternoons the sun would set to the North providing shade for the house that faced South-South-East.  The location was perfect.  Even better was that the land was quite flat on the approach to the home, and it was setback from the main road by about eighty feet. 


Answering the door came quickly after he rang the bell and he was startled to look down and see Mandy looking up and staring at him in disbelief.


“Bryce?  Aha, what are you… sorry.  What can I do for you?  Hi again… I guess.”


Smiling and trying to choke back laughter at her expression he said, “I’m here to meet Amanda… your mother I presume.  My watch says it’s four o’clock and that is when we arranged to meet.  I’m the architect?”


Her face looked a little relieved but still in disbelief in seeing him and said, “Mom called awhile back and she said she was going to be a half-hour or so late and to tell the architect that she apologized for her delay.”


Just then Sara came running up to the open door and tripped a little pushing Mandy off balance.  While Mandy tried to catch herself and her sister, Sara landed firmly on her bottom.  Thankfully she landed on a rug instead of the ceramic tile floor adjacent to it.   But she also bounced and blushed for her clumsiness at the same time.  When that happened her skirt flipped back on itself and his eyes had a shot straight to her panties that were now bunched up in her crack showing a very pretty camel toe.  Regrettably, he had to tear my eyes away from this candy.  But when they returned to look at Mandy there was a slight upward curl to the sides of her mouth as she tried and failed to hide a smile: Nonetheless she had caught him cold.  She helped Sara up and straightened her dress.


“Hi,” said Sara.  Then looking at him closely she continued, “Oh you’re the guy from the mall.  You stalking us or what?”  Then she giggled.


These two and her mom were unusual.  But both of the girls were a feast for his eyes.  Mandy was prettier than he had originally thought.  She was wearing a little green sleeveless shirt and no bra.  She just had small swells under the shirt and her nipples were hard.  Much too small he thought for her to be almost sixteen.  Her darker green tight short-shorts that revealed her perfect small bottom and narrow hips with a well defined full pubis.  She looked twelve, maybe younger.  Both girls were barefoot.


As Mandy stood by the door she said, “I want to let you inside, but would you mind waiting here on the porch until mom gets home?” 


“Well, it would save time if I could look around before she got here.  If that‘s alright?” He said.


Sara piped in, “Mom doesn’t want us to be alone with a man inside…” then turning to look at her sister she continued… “just this one time Mandy?”


Immediately Mandy pushed Sara back inside the house - went inside herself, and almost closed the door on Bryce.  Then he heard her rather loud whisper as she said to her sister, “No… this is not the right time.”


Soon the door was open again part way and Mandy asked, “Can I get you something to drink?”


Joking around he said, “Bullet Bourbon neat – water back,” and thinking, not the right time for what?”


Placing one of her hands on her hip to show him her frustration as she shook her head a little from side to side; Sara said, I think we may have some of that… Mandy?”


He laughed and said, “Come on ladies I was just messing with you.  But something wet would be nice.”


Well that came out unintentionally; but to his surprise, Mandy actually snorted and almost blew a loogie right out of her nose when she did it.  Then the little redhead turned fire engine red and bowed her head as she ran back inside to get a tissue.


“You’re funny,” said Sara looking up at Bryce.


“Thank you, that was nice of you to say.”  Could she possible have understood the double meaning in that phrase?


Looking around he saw a table and chairs close by and walked over to sit down and drop his bag.  Sara followed him skipping out of the house.  It looked as if Sara was going to jump on his lap, but just then Mandy came out and just uttered her name in a cautionary way.


Mandy said, “Bryce, how about a Sprite or a Hanson’s?”


“Either is fine,” he said as Mandy called Sara to help her inside the house.


Ignoring her sisters’ request Sara hopped up on an adjacent chair and immediately put her feet on the edges of the seat after sitting down the hem of her dress just crossing her knees.  Her crotch now fully exposed revealed that her panties had turned into a g-string revealing fully both of her hairless labia, and a lot of her bottom.  He could even see that her panties were damp.  That was a sight that was as wonderful as it was troubling.


“So Sara,” he said, “what school do you go to?”


“The same one as Mandy… but I’m in eighth -  junior high… not high school till next semester.”


Bryce was completely taken aback.  She looked like she was nine or ten.   She stood around four-foot ten, and maybe she weighted around 80 pounds.  She was quite lovely though, and her attitude and flirty nature captured Bryce’s heart in a way that was different from Mandy.


He said, “So that makes you how old?”


I just turned thirteen, but I skipped a grade too.  Why?”


“Sorry Sara, I thought you were younger, that’s all.”


“Nothing to be sorry for.  Mandy and I look younger than we really are.  Mom say’s that will be an advantage as we get older and… well more mature.  I wish I was just average.  Sometimes it’s hard, especially with the other girls.  At least II have some close friends.  Trouble is it’s an all-girls’ school.”


Bryce wanted to ask how old her mom was but decided against it.  He just couldn’t handle being told she was thirty-five.  She really looked like she was in her mid twenties, but was getting the notion that she was really much older.  Of course he realized that since Mandy was sixteen, mom would have been pregnant at age nine. That was even a little too young for Bryce, but the thought was enticing nonetheless.


Bryce heard the tinkling of glasses as Mandy walked out on the covered porch and headed their way.  She saw the same view that Bryce had of Sara but said nothing until the glasses were placed on the table.


“Sara,” Mandy said, “You better change out of that dress before mom gets home.  DO IT NOW cause she’s on her way. Then you can have your drink.”


It wasn’t a suggestion the way Mandy said it, so Sara frowned, then grumbled under her breath and stomped her feet as she stood up and headed back into the house.


Mandy sat in the chair previously occupied by her younger sister and acting like nothing out of the ordinary had happened began sipping her drink. 


After a few sips she said, “What are the odds, Bryce?”


Looking confused he questioningly said, “Odds of what?”


“Oh, I was just thinking that winning the lottery would have better odds than someone meeting in a food court and then six days later having them show up at your door to remodel a house.  Those would be pretty long odds don’t you think?”


He smiled at her and said, “When things like that happen, I just chalk it up to fate.  Some things are just meant to be, and maybe meeting you was just one of those life moments… you know, a preview of things to come, and then again maybe not… just fate.  And yes, I was just as surprised as you were when you answered the door.”


Mandy replied, “Well, I’m glad it’s you who’s going to be planning the house.  The guy who did the last one really messed up big time.  He got really frustrated with my mom.  I really hope you and her get along.  It will make it a lot easier on me and Sara.”  Then looking off in the distance as in thought a few moments her eyes returned to look at him and she said, “Sorry about Sara… she tends to be a little flirt.  She thinks you’re cute and she was just showing off.  Please don’t hold it against her… and really please don’t mention that to my mom… okay?”


Knowing he couldn’t feign like he had seen her spread eagled bare little pussy, but putting a twist on his reply, he said, “There are always things that happen that we must keep to ourselves.  I wouldn’t have told your mom even if you had done something like that.  Actually, I thought it was cute.”


Well, the red-head immediately glowed pure red in embarrassment – not just her face, but every square inch of uncovered skin was flaming red.  He could almost feel the heat from her not four feet away.  She was taken aback at his comment, but recovering very quickly she said, “Well thanks… I guess.  You certainly seem to look at things differently than most people.”


“No Mandy, I just look.  I pretty much notice everything.  I mean after all that is my job… to look at details and space and proportions.  I truly enjoy looking at lovely things whether they are animate or inanimate.  And you and your sister and mom are very lovely to look at.”


That said, Mandy drank half the glass of Sprite, blushing some more.  And that was also the moment when a mini-van pulled into the driveway and parked next to Bryce’s SUV.  It was also the moment that Sara bounced out from the house wearing a very skimpy halter top and super tight short-shorts.


As Amanda opened the door to the mini-van she just looked at Sara and shook her head in dismay.  She quickly glanced over to Bryce, but she hadn’t recognized him as yet, then turned back to Sara and said, “I told you not to wear those anymore Sara – they’re too small for you, now go inside and putting something proper on… that fits – Right Now!”


Sara giggled, then smiled and shook her butt at Bryce. Her mom didn’t catch that as she had reached into the mini-van to get some packages.  Then she turned to run back inside.  Bryce really wanted see her in that outfit her close up, but thought that this would happen anyway, just a little later, and probably often.


Without hardly looking at Mandy and Bryce she said, “Let me put these down inside.  I’ll just be a minute.  Mandy, show him into the kitchen.  That’s where I have all my stuff laid out.”


Mandy took Bryce into the kitchen.  The fixtures were good quality but old along with the appliances.  The view was spectacular, but the kitchen – in Bryce’s view – was quite poorly laid out and inconvenient to work in.  The table was organized with piles of stuff Bryce knew he would be looking over shortly.  At least it looked organized.


When Amanda walked into the kitchen and saw Bryce she stopped cold, looked at him oddly and said, “You are the architect aren’t you?  We’ve met before though, haven’t we?”


Bryce answered, “Well yes and yes.  We met last week in the Mall at the food court.  Interesting coincidence don’t you think?  My name is Bryce Handley.


Amanda walked over and said, “Nice to meet you Bryce, I’m Amanda… coincidence indeed.  Well at least you’ve already met Mandy and Sara.  Thank you for waiting outside until I got here.  The girls can be a handful and I hope they acted appropriately.   I do apologize for my tardiness.”


“No problem at all.  They are both very charming and quite polite.  Intelligent too from what I gather.  It all seems a lot different from when I was their age.  Just a question if you don’t mind.  During the process of the remodel, and it will be extensive, there are times when you might not be home and the girls will be.  Should I make arrangements with my team to not be inside the house when they are here?  I’m sure you understand that this question will weigh on costs and time to completion that I didn’t see were estimated in the quote sent you by the firm.”


“I’ve been thinking about that as well.  As you can understand, I’ve very protective of them and do not want any harm to come to them… you know with all the tools and saws and things, but to ask a tradesman to alter their standard schedule will be an inconvenience and costly.  I also assume that you will be here quite often.”


“That’s quite true.  Let me tell you what I’ve arranged for other clients.  Have the girls share a bedroom until we need that room to complete the work.  When they are home, it is off limits to the crew.  If that is still uncomfortable, we can always put a keyed lock set on the door so that it can be locked from the inside.  Of course if they are in the kitchen or other public areas I don’t have a solution for that.  How does that sound?” 


Amanda thought for a moment.  Looking at Bryce with angst and said, “For the first part of the job can we leave them in their own rooms?  Then as the project progresses we can take steps… I’m really sorry about this Bryce.  I’m sure that you see me as an overprotective mother and a bit nuts about this topic, but I assure you that I’m just trying to look out for my girls.  My reasoning is just too personal to share at the moment.  Perhaps as we get to know each other, I’ll relax about this somewhat.”


“Not to worry Amanda.  Let’s add this as an item to resolve as we go through the project plan.  As the project shifts into other areas this will be a topic of discussion at every change.”


Amanda exhaled a long sigh and said, “Thank you for being so thoughtful about this, and I like your plan.  We’ll make a call on each phase of the remodel.  As for you, I’ll let the girls know that you can be in the house when they are here – unless a door is closed.  Then, I’ll just assume that you’ll knock if you need to enter the space.  I’ve wasted enough of your time with this and being late.  What say we go over the plan?”


Four hours later Bryce found her to be intelligent about her decisions and her amenability to changing her way of thinking and accept new ideas.  She was very versed in what her overall goal was.  She really loved his ideas and coincidentally they were just much better designs of what she had sketched and more refined.


She was also ravishingly beautiful. 


As the day had slipped by into evening, Amanda nearly demanded that Bryce to stay for dinner, and he accepted.  She had called some restaurant service and in fairly short order the meal had arrived.  It came on China, with full table settings and accoutrements.


Once the girls were seated, the liveried waiters served a Lobster Bisque soup, and baby spinach salad.  After the entrée was served the waiters removed the lids in unison.  It was a fantastic meal.  Bryce figured that it probably cost her well over a hundred-dollars a plate. The waiters instructed Amanda that dessert was cold, but plated and in the frig.  After the entrée they packed up and left.  The girls seemed to take this as rather normal and their table manners were impeccable.


Dinner went easier that he had thought.  Amanda sat across from Bryce, with the girls to his left and right.  There were three occasions when either girl, who were both barefoot by now, tickled his legs with their toes.   Either it was an accident, or intentional he couldn’t tell.  Not once did the girls blush during dinner, but Mandy’s sly smiles were noticeable, if brief. 


The conversation was easy and during it he learned that both girls were quite accomplished musicians, and also danced in an Irish troupe that performed Irish Step Dancing.   Mandy played Piano, Violin, and Cello, and Sara played flutes of many types and reed instruments.  They both had won several major trophies in competition.  Amanda wanted a place in the new remodel to properly display them.  A space that could be used for other items once they sold to the new owners.


Surprised at even at himself, Bryce said, “Several years back I was in Europe when I learned that the original Dublin Company was performing River Dance at the Edinburgh Playhouse.  I had to bribe a lot of people but I got tickets and flew to see that performance from Italy.  It was amazing and I’ve never forgotten it.  Spending four days in Edinburgh was also well spent.  I’ve always enjoyed the passion of the Irish and the Scotts, and it really runs deep.”


Mandy, with a great amount of respect in her voice and eyes wide open said, “Was Jean Butler performing that night?”


“Yes, and she was one of the reasons I went – she’s amazing.”


Sara said, “I suppose Michael Flatley performed with her too.”


“Not that night Sara  poor, poor Michael was down with a bug of some sort and his understudy performed in his place – which I was very grateful for.  Jean seemed to have a lot more fun and she was also relaxed that night.  It was fantastic.”


As both girls giggled at my statement, Amanda said, “Do I hear sarcasm in your voice regarding poor, poor Michael?”


Mandy immediately followed with, “His ego is so huge I find it difficult to believe he can dance as well as he does with all that weight on him.  He is a good dancer though, but he’s not a nice man to many people – especially Jean.  I think it was jealousy on his part.”


Amanda patted Mandy’s hand and said, “The thing is that you have to take the bad with the good.  Had it not been for Michael’s passion, River Dance might have never happened.”


Mandy replied, “That doesn’t mean I have to like him though.”


Bryce said, “I know what you mean Mandy.  Try it this way.  Respect the talent – you don’t have to respect him to respect that… right?”


Sara said, “Hey Bryce, that’s right on target.  Maybe now I can watch him without getting all upset and wanting to throw up.”


Amanda was surprised by the comment, and further she now understood that Bryce really enjoyed Irish folk music and dance.  That was obvious.  She liked him more and more as the time passed.  He certainly was a handsome and intelligent man.  Too handsome, and all to much of a coincidence;, she thought thinking about past times.


While Sara and Mandy both were very attracted to Bryce, even they saw him as more than just another guy who they thought might like young girls.  Both knew that he was attracted to them, and that excited them both.  But they also knew that they had to be very cautious.  Neither of them wanted to be in a situation like they were before.  That was horribly frightening to Mandy, and to Sara not so much as she was younger when it happened.  When their mom was going through the details of the remodel, Mandy and Sara had a long talk.  Sara agreed to let Mandy take the lead.  She was older and smarter and knew the trouble signs if something was about to go wrong.  Mandy felt very protective of Sara.  But Sara would continue to play an important role.  She wasn’t as shy as Mandy, and really enjoyed the rush of playing exhibitionist.  That feeling that she could get caught heightened her pleasure.  Mandy wasn’t shy per se; she simply wanted to know that her untypical lusts would be welcomed by her target – in this case Bryce.  If, as he had shown in the past, Sara could get a rise out of him by flashing him, she knew she had a sure thing.


Dessert was an unbelievably creamy dark chocolate moose-like; but heavier elegant ganache.  Probably the best Bryce ever had.  As everyone ate, they were speechless.  It was as erotic a moment as he’d had in a long time.  It was an elixir of great joy to him and based on all appearances, the ladies as well.  As much as he enjoyed the treat, he also watched the sensuality it evoked from the three of them.  To Bryce, good Chocolate was a man’s best friend when it came to women.  The great pacifier, an excellent mood changer and enhancer, it could turn a potentially dangerous encounter into a genuine delight if played right.  And Bryce knew how to play it right.


Dinner finished and the day moving into night Bryce said his goodbye’s.  Just as he was leaving both girls looked to their mom.  Finally she smiled back at them and Sara politely asked if he would give her a hug before he left.  He looked to Amanda and she smiled back.  As soon as he said yes, she ran and jumped into his arms tossed her arms around his neck squeezing him tightly.  Of course he caught her which meant that he was holding on to her firm small bottom with her legs wrapped around him.  Very quietly, almost unheard by him she whispered in his ear, “I want lots of hugs from you.”


“Sara,” said Amanda startled, “I said you could hug him, but not strangle him.”


He let her slip from his arms to the floor.  Mandy politely walked over to him and being taller slipped her arms around his waist and hugged him.  Out of view of her mom,  She pushed her left breast into his stomach and laid her head on his chest.  He rubbed her hair, as was his wont to do since the first time he met her in the food court.  It was thick and dreamy soft.  He had to let go before his monster grew to epic proportions. 


When Mandy let go, Amanda offered her hand.  “Sorry Bryce, the girls have a need for male company since their father is no longer with us.  I do apologize for their exuberance.”


Picking up his things, he said his goodbye’s and left.   They waited by the door until he was inside his SUV and had it started.  He thought, This could be my Waterloo, or an answer to all my dreams.  At the moment, either seemed acceptable to him.

Chapter Three – Confessions


In the weeks that followed that first meeting, work had proceeded and was going along quite well.  Bryce and Amanda worked together almost seamlessly, sharing ideas and coming to agreement easily, even on some of the smaller but significant details.  She was designing this remodel as if she intended to live there for a long time – save for those design criteria that would be very specific to her interests which could complicate the future sale of the house.  But in her mind these were small by comparison to the whole project.


The girls came home every day around three o’clock and seemed to busy themselves mostly with school work, but some days enjoyed watching the craftsman and asking them questions. 


No later than four-thirty in the afternoons, the laborers left, and Bryce generally had the house to himself and the girls until Amanda returned just before six.  That hour and a half was used to assess the next days work and plan for the following days and weeks of construction, and he enjoyed spending time with the girls and getting to know them. Lately, he was spending more time with them than working.


One day about a couple of weeks into the project, Bryce was alone in the house with Mandy after the workmen had gone for the day.  Each week on different days, Sara or Mandy would be in dance, or instrument rehearsal, and each week Bryce got some alone time with each of them.


With some curiosity in her voice, half genuine, half not, Mandy asked, “So, Bryce… what did you and Sara do last week while I was in rehearsal?”


Leaving a few things unsaid, he said,  “Well after she made sure that no one else was around, she ran into the kitchen where I was sitting at the table and jumped up onto my lap and gave me a really nice hug and kiss.  Then we talked some.  Why do you ask?”


“Isn’t there more to that story?” Mandy inquired looking at him a little suspiciously.


“Well, that was what happened Mandy.”


“But you didn’t mention that she only had on a tank top when she ran and jumped on you… did that slip your mind?”


Bryce looked toward the ceiling put his hand up against his chin and said, “Hummm… let me think.”  Sarcastically he continued, “You know Mandy, that’s been so long ago that I’m really not sure what she was wearing that afternoon.”


Mandy was considering this exchange carefully.  She wanted him to be honest with her about her sister, but she also wanted Bryce to protect her too by not saying what she knew had happened.  How far could she go with this, she questioned herself.


“Well, I guess it was awhile back and I can understand how someone as old as you could start to forget things like that.  But let’s just say hypothetically that she would do something like that.  Would you be surprised?”


Bryce didn’t take the bait at all.  “Well, it certainly would not be common today for a young girl to do something like that, but as you said before Sara is a little flirt.  Actually, I truly can’t imagine any child… say over five running around almost naked, unless it was bedtime or they had just gotten out of the bath or a swimming pool.  If she had done something like that, I’m sure your mom would be very upset with her; maybe even you are.”


“Did she kiss you nicely?”


“All kisses are special,” Bryce replied.


Poor Mandy was getting nowhere with him.  Sara had told Mandy exactly what had happened, but she wanted Bryce to confirm it.  Mostly Sara didn’t embellish her stories.  She really didn’t have too.  She was so much more than a little flirt and loved being touched and kissed.  Fact was that both girls did.  Mandy, was just more circumspect about it.


Mandy got up off her chair and walked over to Bryce and he understood she wanted to sit in his lap.  When she was comfortable, without a word said, she moved her head to kiss Bryce on his lips.  She waited patiently as she wanted him to come to her mouth as well.  And soon, she felt his hand at the back of her neck as he moved closer to her and played with her hair at the same time.


Mandy’s kiss was soft and closed lipped for just a second or two.  Then they opened up and her tongue started to explore his lips.  They both adjusted their positions and the heat started coming on quickly.  Bryce was amazed at her soulful passion and he lost himself in the kiss.  While Sara was quite a good kisser, Mandy was exceptional.  As he pulled her close to his chest he felt her small breasts push up against his chest.  After a minute or so the kiss broke with them both breathing more deeply and just looking into each others eyes.


Finally, Mandy said, “Sara said you were a good kisser, but she was wrong.  You’re way amazing.  That was probably the best kiss I’ve ever had.”


“You know we shouldn’t be doing this, right?  I mean, I could get into a lot of trouble for doing that.”


“Sara and I know how to not say things – ever.  I get it Bryce.  I thought I got it at the mall.  You like little girls.  Well Sara and I like some men – boys are mostly just so well mostly inexperienced, kind of stupid, and klutzy.”


“Well kiddo, they have to learn sometime, why not help them out?”


“That’s simple.  Once you’ve tasted Haagen Dazs,  you just don’t want to go back to the store brand… ever.  When you start with Haagen Dazs, it makes it all the more difficult to even try.”


Bryce laughed out loud at Mandy’s analogy thinking it quite clever; then thinking quickly and understanding what she had really said, he asked, “Oh… so you started your dabbling with a Haagen Dazs, and who may I ask was that?  How did that all work out?”


“I messed up the first time.  That’s when mom caught me and dad doing the big nasty, with Sara in the same bed as us.  We were all naked and messing around.  Mom caught an earlier flight that day and got home way too early.  He’s not in jail, but he’s not in our lives either, and we both love him and miss him so.  It’s been almost three years and Sara and I’ve been looking for someone for a long time.  Mom is so paranoid about it all and she is just as horny as we are.  It’s so it’s frustrating all the way around.  I think we all inherited the horny gene.”


“Well, you were pretty young then, and I assume it wasn’t the first time you’d been together – right?


“We had started messing around two years before and it was so nice… then just touching and licking.  All three of us enjoyed being together.  The day we got caught dad and I were doing it for the seventh time.  It just kept getting better and better.”


“I’m sorry that all had to end… really Mandy.  You’re dad was a lucky man until then.  And how can you be so sure that you had me figured out at the mall?  I’d like to hear about that.”


Mandy giggled and blushed a little, then said, “When you asked to sit down there were at least five other seats available around the food court.  Besides I’d been checking you out since you walked up to the Chinese place.  I was hoping you’d head my way.  When you did and then even after I was surly with you, still you kept staring at me.  I knew, or was pretty much sure that you were interested.


Bryce said, “How old were you got caught with your dad?”


“I was almost thirteen like Sara is now, she was ten, and one horny little mink.  So now you know why mom is so careful.  It’s not like she doesn’t trust all men, she doesn’t trust either of us with any man, cause she knows we are as interested in them in a different way than most girls our age.   We can generally tell that they might are interested in us if you know what body-language to watch for.  There are a lot more of you guys than you know.  Trouble is not many are as handsome, young, and as nice as you are.  Some are really scary and evil.”


As Bryce started to say something, Mandy said, “Shhhh.  Kiss me again,” as she tossed one leg over him so she was sitting right on his cock with her legs spread wide.


The second kiss was better than the first, and lasted longer.  When the kiss was finished, Mandy said, “You can touch me if you want to.  I know your cock is interested cause your really hard now.”


Flipping her skirt up and reaching between her legs she put her hand on Bryce’s engorged penis and felt its length.  She was totally red again and had rested her forehead on his chest and was watching her hand stroke his cock through his pants and underwear.


He lifted up her chin and just kissed her again.  A shorter kiss, but sensuous indeed.  He held her head in his hands and said, “Kissing you is so special, and for the moment that’s more than enough.  Oh, and thanks for telling me the story.  I’m sorry about your dad.  It must have been a real loss loosing him.”


Tears formed in her eyes as she said, “We’d been lovers since I was ten.  He was my dad and my lover and protector… Sara’s too.  Mom misses him still, and I really don’t blame her for what she did.  She was just trying to protect us.  I’ve just never figured out - protect us from what.  He’d have never hurt us, or done something we didn’t want to do.  Besides, we were more than willing… even encouraging him after we got that special feeling.  I hope some day soon mom let’s us be with him again, even if it’s a supervised visit.”


Bryce hugged her to his chest as she sobbed awhile.  When she was finished, he kissed her on the forehead and said, “Time for you to change out of your school uniform, honey.  I have to finish up some work before your mom gets home.  We can talk about this more whenever you want to.”


“But Bryce… when can we really play together… you know… naked?”


“The time will present itself, and when it does I’ll be the happiest guy on earth.  You and your sister are amazing, and I feel fantastic just to have met you both.  Now go on… get changed.”


She kissed Bryce, once more like a young woman as she gently squeezed his cock goodbye.  Then turning red again, she hopped off his lap and ran to her bedroom.

Chapter Four – Unexpected Turn of Events


As Bryce quieted down along with his angry cock, he thought how exciting it was playing tonsil hockey with both girls.  Sara being younger had a better understanding of a kiss than most girls Mandy’s age, and Mandy was better than most women in their twenty’s.  He briefly thought how Amanda’s kisses would be too.  He also recognized that he really liked Amanda as a person, and a woman. 


Dismissing the thought he started his work.  Before Mandy had returned to the Kitchen, Amanda had gotten home early.  That caused a chill to run up his spine.


“You’re working late today,” said Amanda.


“I just wanted to get all the logistics completed today for the week.  We’re making good progress and are now three-weeks ahead of schedule.  But I know after the rough-in is finished we are going to loose some time with the craftsmen.  The remaining walls that are untouched by the remodel are not square and it will take some time to fit all of the woodwork so it looks seamless.”


Amanda looked at him with admiration.  He was very conscientious and had an eye for detail.  As he was single, she was wondering why he didn’t look at her like most men his age.  She was a little unnerved by that.  She didn’t get the vibe that he was gay.


As she chatted with him about the house she changed course in the middle of a sentence and said, “Bryce… you seem so focused on work that I’m hoping that you still take personal time for yourself.  You must be seeing someone, and I’m sure by now she’s probably getting lonely for your company.”


His heart stopped in his chest.  Just by her manner he knew she was flirting with him.  He didn’t want to seem like a hermit, and she probably wouldn’t have believed it anyway.  So he picked a course that while not an outright lie, happened several years back.  Hopefully his explanation would nip her flirting in the bud. 


“Well Amanda, right now and for the past few months I’ve not been seeing anyone.  The last relationship hurt me badly and I’m just not ready to put in the effort at the moment.”


“I’m so sorry Bryce, and I truly didn’t mean to pry, but I understand emotional turmoil that comes when relationships end.  Even for myself, it’s hard to take another chance, but if you don’t take the chance, you just end up being lonely.  I’m not sure I know what’s worse, but I think that being lonely is the most difficult.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could find someone that just wanted to have a good fling without any baggage attached to it?”


Bryce smiled at her as she spoke.  She was very clever and so damn sexy.  Instinctively he knew that she wanted or needed to get jumped.  For a moment he flashed on all three of them in the same bed with him.  Oh… he had to stop daydreaming about that right now. 


So he focused and said, “Amanda, see that’s the problem.  No matter how a relationship starts, even if expectations are set clearly in advance – baggage always creeps in, and therein lies the rub.  Emotions simply don’t understand logic.  And when unilateral expectations change and are not reciprocated, that’s when the problems start.  You just can’t get around that.  Besides, and no offense, I’ve just never seen myself as a typical male one-night-stand.  The few that crept in to my life left me feeling more miserable and empty than had I not even gotten involved to begin with.”


“So who’s not a typical one-night-stand,” said Sara as she walked into the kitchen and looked right at her mom.


Bryce was speechless, and as Amanda flushed and stammered, she got out, “Oh Sara… Bryce and I were having an adult talk.  When did you get home anyway?”


Sara not knowing when to hush said, “Oh… about the time you were starting to flirt with Bryce,” she said with a seedy little smile across her face.


Amanda got angry at her just as Mandy walked into the kitchen.  Amanda swatted Sara lightly on her butt and said, “That was uncalled for Sara and totally inappropriate snooping in on our conversation – now go to your room.  You’re grounded for the rest of the week.  And I want your cell phone too.”


Mandy having no idea what was going on just turned around and headed to her room without saying a word.


Sara handed her cell to Amanda, and still smiling headed to her room.


“Oh Bryce, I’m so sorry about what Sara said to you.  She can be such a little brat sometimes.  Please forgive me?”


“There’s nothing to forgive, Amanda.  She sure is one smart little girl.  I’d guess mentally about three to ten years smarter than most girls her age.  Yes it was inappropriate, but I’m sorry Amanda, it struck me as pretty funny too.”  Then Bryce started to laugh even though he tried very hard to suppress it.”


Amanda almost looked perturbed at Bryce, but his laughter was infectious and then she giggled some as she blushed a bright red.


“You are as bad as she is.  You know that, Bryce?”


“Perhaps, but nonetheless I find both Sara and Mandy smart and perceptive beyond their years and I truly believe they were born that way.  I don’t know that I’ve seen many children their age act and speak as maturely as they both do.  In fact, I almost believe that they have an understanding of emotions and experiences way beyond their years.  It is sometimes difficult for me to see them as kids.  I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad.”


Amanda looked shocked at Bryce’s statement to say the least.  Not really knowing how to respond she sat down at the table holding her head in her hands and started to shake a little.  Shortly after was when a few tears started flowing down her cheeks.


“Bryce, you are very perceptive, but please tell me, have the girls been flirting with you inappropriately?  I wish I knew you better, because their lives and mine have really been troubled since their father left.  It’s been difficult raising them both… Sara especially.”


To try and derail the question, Bryce said, “You know this conversation is going way beyond what I would consider a business relationship Amanda, and while I’m not trying to dismiss your concerns, I believe that this is getting way too personal.  Suffice it to say that your daughters are sometimes flirty, but most young ladies are typically that way anyway.  But with your emotions so close to the surface, it seems that you truly miss your husband a great deal.  I’m very sorry for your loss there.”


Then catching himself in a position he was trying to avoid, he continued by saying, “And that was also inappropriate of me to say as well.  Please forgive me.  That is certainly none of my business at all.  I think it’s time for me to head home.”


As he started to gather his things, Amanda wiped her eyes and looked at Bryce as if to see someone more than just a terrific architect, but a deeply feeling, sensitive, perceptive, handsome and viral man that she knew she was attracted too, and had been for some time.


Bryce stood up from the table and said, “I won’t need to be here tomorrow, so I’ll be here on Wednesday about noon.”


As he started to walk to the door, Amanda followed him, and said, “Bryce?”  As he turned to look at her she kept coming towards him and put her arms around him, pulled him close and looked into his eyes then under her breath said, Oh fuck it, and gently started kissing Bryce on his mouth.


Well if the girls were amazing kissers, it was genetic to their mom’s heritage.  Instinctively, he dropped his case as he pulled her close to him.  It was a very fiery, passionate, and deeply sexual invitation that lasted minutes.  He inhaled her scent and became intoxicated.  Her fine boned body, small breasts and pubic bone ground into him; her agile and flexibility body married her body to his.  She started trembling as he realized he was more physically and emotionally stimulated than he had been in years.


She broke the kiss easily and quietly said, “Don’t move… I’ll be right back.”


Not less than a minute later she smiled as she walked towards Bryce – took his hand and led him straight to her mini-van.  “Get in and don’t say a word.”


Bryce had been stunned many times in his life but never quite like this, so he just dummied down to see what was going to happen.  Amanda backed out of the driveway and headed down the street.


From Mandy’s bedroom window both girls saw them leave together.  Sara giggled as Mandy just smiled at her little sister shaking her head. 


Sara said, “Ooooo, moms going to tear him a new one Mandy… she going to fuck him till he’s raw.”


Mandy said, “I’d rather it be me but Mom needs this really badly.  Lately she’s been going through way too many batteries.”  Then both girls fell back on the bed laughing.

Chapter Five – Unabashed Animal Sex


Amanda pulled into a drive way of a large house not five minutes away.  Bryce followed her as Amanda opened the key lock box by the front door, unlocked it and ushering him in after closing and locking the door behind her, took his hand and led him down a hallway to the master suite. 


Inside the suite, she walked very deliberately over to the bed, threw the duvet cover on the floor and nearly ripped the top sheet and blanket as she tore it from the bed.


As she reached for the side zipper on her dress after kicking off her three-inch heels she looked at Bryce with the most lustful eye he had ever seen from any woman and said, “Just get out of your clothes as quick as you can.  At the moment I’m not into slow at all, I need for you to fuck me brainless for as long as you can.  After that… well we can do anything that you want to me as long as your cock stays hard, and I hope it stays hard for a long time.”


Rather startled by her demand, but not being a senseless jerk he did as instructed. He started to undress quickly as he watched her.  She was possessed, and he for some reason was enjoying this.  The dress flew off over her head leaving her with only panties and a very sexy slip.  That was the next item of clothing to go.  When she pulled that over her head he stared at her braless ‘a’ size magnificently perky titties.  Her nipples were so erect and hard that they looked like they could cut diamonds.  With the slip still covering her eyes it also revealed the sexiest thong he had ever seen.  It was super low-cut white lace where the elastic just made it to her pubic hair line.  Her size 1 body was a masterpiece, tiny and small.  She had a long torso with a flat taught tummy.  Her elliptical navel sported a blue sapphire piercing.  Her hips, what there were of them, flared just a tad from her waist?  As she removed her thong she sat on the bed stretching one long leg upward making her white French lace thigh high Hosiery even sexier than they already were. 


“You’re dawdling Bryce, get those clothes off.  I truly appreciate the amazement I see in your eyes… or is it just lust, but we can’t get started until your…” she chuckled at his South Park patterned boxer shorts. “…boxers are off.”


She left her thigh highs on and started crawling towards him on the bed.  When she got there, he still had his shirt on. 


“Here let me help with that,” she said ripping the remaining buttons completely off as she tore his shirt open and pulled it off his well muscled arms.


“Yummy, you are even better looking without clothes.  Nice bod…. Ooooo I can’t wait to play with you,” she said about as sexily as he had ever heard.


Until now he wisely hadn’t said one word to her since they left her house, but as hot as they both were, he needed a little more eye-candy time before she sat on his cock which was twitching eagerly at the prospect.


With her hands all over him pulling at the short cropped fine sandy hair on his chest he took them and pulled her off the bed.  With the voice of a Marine Drill Sargent he commanded, “Just stop a moment and let me look at you… you are amazingly beautiful but I haven’t had the time to look closely cause you are moving around too fast.  Now just stand still!”


She stopped cold facing him intrigued by his insistence, and what a sight it was.  That long strawberry blond hair half hanging across her left boob and the rest behind her back he scanned her from top to bottom.  Her skin looked and felt like warmly oiled satin.  The distinct ridges and valley’s of her body structure reflected the light from the windows.  Her legs were separated by a couple of feet and the look of her firm slender thighs made his cock twitch.  Her crotch was a first for him.  It looked like it belonged to a girl of thirteen.  Not strawberry blond, but a small patch of long straight shimmery honey blond hair not two inches wide and laying just above her slit.  Her labia looked hairless, and he could see a trace of moisture running down her right inside thigh.  Immediately his view changed to her eyes.  Piercing light blue but her eyelashes and eyebrows were the same honey blond color.  He mistook the eyebrow liner she used as natural because it matched her hair.  Her hips were so narrow… so lovely.  He walked towards her and turned her around.  Oh… now that was an ass to kill for.  Small, well rounded and tight with two dimples.  He couldn’t help himself and he smacked both of her butt cheeks with open palms. 


Flinching and sighing he turned her around again and said, “Now kiss me like before.”


Now too short to kiss him like before she jumped into his arms much like Sara had that day in front of her.  Again, he grabbed her buns and a long passionate kiss began.  She began to grind her pubic bone onto the top of his cock.  The kiss was leaving him breathless.  His hands were busy squeezing her butt cheeks and that was an amazing experience for him. 


She was getting animal on him, her nails started tearing into his back.  He flung her around tossing her nearly to the other side of the California King bed breaking the kiss.   He then lay down near the center.  As he started to roll over closer to her she sprang up and landed on him straddling his hips.  She lifted herself a little grabbing his cock and stroked it a couple of times as she watched her hand manipulate it smiling. 


Releasing his cock she sat on it and started sliding her moisture ridden pussy up and down his turgid cock.  Taking his cock with her right hand by slipping it under it and his stomach she lifted it and herself and ran his purple mushroom head up and down her slit for just a moment.  Then she positioned it at her vagina.


Her animal eyes looked at him intently and her mood was single minded.  “You are going to hurt me cause you’re large.  Let me drive.  Just hold out as long as you can.  I don’t think it will take me all that much time anyway.”


She eased him into her a couple of inches then withdrew a couple of times.  Bryce thought that at this rate it would take all night for him to get fully inside her.  Leaving his cock just inside her vagina she put her hands on his pecs and squeezed his firm muscles.  Then looking intently into his eyes, a savage smile took over her face and with a scream that could wake the dead she dropped her full weight on his cock.


“OH FUCK that was amazing,” she yelled at the top of her lungs.  She didn’t stop bouncing on his either.  She was moving him in and out of her at a rapid rhythm. 


As he split her open on the first full entry, he could feel his urethra open wide and almost tear as it went up her well lubricated tube.  The sensation was unlike anything he had ever felt.  Her passageway was curved upward like some Asian women.  His glans was always in contact with the ridges and valleys of her vaginal wall.  And tight… this was the definition of tight.  That was until she clamped down on him, then his urethra opened wide and actually pained him as she dropped on him.  He was longer than her vagina and he was constantly slamming in to her cervix.  It seemed as if she enjoyed that, and he in no way objected.


Bryce reached for and grabbed her tits squeezing them then taking his index finger and thumb and pinching her nipples. 


After a few minutes, he was tired of her being on top and he just sat up on the bed, hooked his thighs under hers and tossed her on her back so he was now on-top and facing the foot of the bed.  He split her wide and really started slamming her.  He was grinding his teeth, his jaw muscle locked closed and he was starting to sweat.


With one hand holding himself off of her he took his other hand and reached between them both at their crotches.  He felt for her pubes and as they fucked he twisted her pubic hair into a small rope.  On the next thrust, he pulled on that hank of pubic hair – straight up as his cock invaded her.  She screamed, and her face turned bright red.


“DO THAT AGAIN!,” she yelled.


He did, but in this position her hands were free as well and soon he could feel her nails raking against the skin on his back.  He was so far gone he didn’t care.  It felt incredibly erotic.  Then her hands were on his bottom and she was pulling his cheeks apart.  She slid her finger down his crack.  Running out of arms length she scooted down underneath Bryce.  With her face under his mid chest she found his ass hole and plunged two fingers inside him as her lips locked onto his right nipple.  He liked the invasion even when she bent her fingers and started massaging his prostate. 


After a moment the stimulation became too much and he was already feeling the signs of orgasm – little twitches running up and down his spine, his cock hardened to a firmness he doubted he had ever experienced.  He made a decision.  He pulled her hand out of his bottom spun around on her ninety degrees, grabbed her as he continued turning and lifted her off the bed never loosing his beat, then flipped her over as he reversed the turn and ended up gripping her hips. 


Now she was resting on her knees doggie style with him behind and still ramming her.  After readjusting himself and using her hips for leverage, he started slamming her again while at the same time reaching his had under her and grabbing a now moist clump of blond hair.  On the next thrust and several after he pulled on her pubic hair as he slammed into her.  With his other hand he grabbed for her chest.  She was so small he could massage both of her small breasts with one hand.




Her juices were like a fountain seeping out of her pussy.  He could smell her honeyed sex.  She started gripping his cock again on both the in and the out strokes.  It hurt amazingly wonderful to Bryce.  His ass hole was twitching and he could feel the rise of his own fluids working its way up his strained urethra. 


Amanda was flailing around the bed screaming nonsense.  Her body was blotchy red and pink with startling patches of white.


He looked down at her bottom as he fucked her.  God, he thought… what a magnificent ass.  His eyes shifted to see his cock leaving her vag and pulling her vaginal tube out of her nearly two inches on each exit, he hardened more still.  He was ready, and if her pulsing pussy was any indication, she was already in the throes of some precursor orgasm.  He grabbed onto her hips and just watched himself fuck her. 


His swollen purple cock looked like an otherworldly sight he was huge and her pussy was so small by comparison.  His girth opened her hole so wide that her thick labia were laying almost flat against her body or his cock.  It appeared as if she had little inner lips at all.  As he continued watching himself he saw her little pink hairless ass hole winking at him.  Without even thinking he plunged three fingers inside her as far as he could go.


That is when she lost it and her vagina flooded with moisture as she came hard.  She lost the strength to hold herself up and was now laying flat on the bed.  He grabbed her hips and pulled her off the bed as he fucked her fiercely.  She was a rag doll.  Half of her was rigid with orgasm, the other half twitching in ecstasy.  She was incoherent screaming a list of indecipherable nonsense.  

Then the orgasm took him.  His nerves fired electric shocks from his butt and cock upward to his stomach then down his legs to his toes.  His spine discharged like a Telsa coil, and the lightening bursts caused spectacular nerve shattering shards running to explode down his back, arms and hands.


He held his position with all of the strength he had left.  Still gripping her hips he fucked this out of control woman for his pleasure.  His rational mind was long gone and only his lower brain function was available for him to rely on.  Then as all of the energy of his orgasm focused on his scrotum, he exploded into her – each thrust sending bursts of his fluids into her. 


It didn’t stop, it got far worse.  Bryce pulled her so tight against him as her pussy flexed over his cock he shot his hot bullets directly into her womb.  She was screaming at the top of her lungs, encouraging him to pound her more and more.  He was speechless.  She drained all of his manhood just a surely as Delilah had cut all of Sampson’s hair.


Slowing down and coming to his senses again and without leaving her pussy he flipped her around so that they were face to face.  Heavy breathing aside, they came together in passionate kissing that lasted an eternity.  Sooner than he wanted she pushed his now wilted cock out of her along with a huge puddle of spooge. 


After their breathing had returned to near normal he was surprised as he felt her tongue lapping at his arm pit hair.  She bit a few strands and pulled, then giggled.


Quietly he said, “Gross, then laughed.”


“I love your odors – they’re magical Bryce.  Your cock is also amazing, and you are some very special man.  What an amazing time I had. I suppose you want a shower – right?


“No Amanda, we both need a shower – soap, no soap, you’re choice.  And we’d better clean up that puddle before it soaks through the springs. That said; they both laughed.


Chapter Six  A Strange Turn of Events


Bryce was a very tactile man, it was something that he enjoyed almost as much as sex itself.  It was also something that few people knew about him and he wanted to keep it that way.  In the shower, Amanda figured this out very quickly and enjoyed his soft touch.


“You’re reading my body with your fingers… it’s as if you were blind and reading Braille. It is wonderfully pleasant Bryce, but a bit uncommon for a man to be that sensitive.”


Bryce flushed slightly at the complement, not that he hadn’t heard it before from other women, and girls. 


“I draw a lot… always have.  By touching you I’m reverse engineering a drawing that I haven’t drawn yet.  It creates an indelible mental picture that will never be forgotten.  Somehow it completes that special moment we had.  For me it’s foreplay, or in this case post-play.  You truly are beautiful Amanda… proportionally perfect.”


As he spoke she was facing him; her head tilted to look into his eyes as the warm water caressed them.  While watching him speak, she gently took his cock in her hand and started to softly manipulate it.  He was nearly fully hard again anyways, and she loved the feel of his cock. 


She liked that it was arrow straight and nearly seven inches long.  His scrotum and large testicals hung heavy underneath covered only with a light dusting of fine sandy blond hair.  It was one of the larger cocks she had the pleasure to know intimately, and one of the nicest.  Its girth was just right, if on the larger size for her.  But she liked a little pain with her pleasure.


Amanda knew she was attractive, even though as a woman she had so much to criticize about her body;  things that nobody else in the world would ever notice.  It was a woman thing with Caucasian women seeming to be the most judgmental, especially about themselves.


He was a very handsome and tender man who had the capacity to be rough when called for.  That was unusual.  It was his overall confidence in himself that radiated a man who could rise to nearly any situation that was called for.  So for Amanda he had that magic of having a balance of male and female traits that were so difficult to find in any man.


She understood immediately why her girls were so attracted to him.  She knew they were; she had heard the whispers between them both when they thought she was out of ear-shot.  She wondered if Bryce felt the same way about them.  She sensed he did and that frightened and angered her. 

She also knew the girls missed their father.  What she didn’t admit to herself often was that she missed him more than she ever thought she could.  She was still in love with him and missed him every day.  He was very similar to Bryce in appearance as well as essence.  Had she overreacted when she threw him out of the house threatening him with jail time if he didn’t leave? 


The girls were so angry with her back then.  Of course they blamed themselves.  That attitude took a lot of time to correct, but Amanda felt that she succeeded.  They missed his attention, comfort, presence, and yes… sex too.  Why wasn’t she enough for him?  Why would he…. why, why, why? 


The larger issue was that since he left, the girls were always looking for a substitute.  Pandora’s box had been opened… well at least Mandy’s.  She found out later that Sara and Grayson had only gone as far as oral sex.  So Amanda spent most of her time trying to shield her girls from the one pleasure that she had known as a little girl. 


Amanda was very conflicted often ignoring the topic until it was staring her right in the face.  Now she held it in her hand, and offhandedly wondered if Sara or Mandy had ever done to Bryce what she was doing now.  She got angry at herself for having that thought bring her a surge of pleasure.  In the distance, she knew Bryce was speaking to her, but her head was full of other thoughts that had interrupted her from hearing him. 


Her eyes had dropped to watch her hands manipulate his cock.  Without a thought she knelt down in the shower and took his cock into her mouth sighing as she did.  She could feel the veins with her tongue and felt the little involuntary twitches his cock made as she swallowed him.  Long ago she had learned to deep throat a cock and she took him until she could feel his scant pubic hair touch her lips.  She remained where she was and lapped at the underside of his cock for a moment while sucking on his treasure. 


She heard Bryce moan above her, as he gently touched the top of her head.


She stayed in the same position until her body demanded a fresh supply of oxygen and withdrew some taking in a needed breath.  Her medium thick lips and tongue got caught up in the rawness of what she was doing, and she started sucking on him in earnest.   Had Mandy or Sara sucked on his cock?  Had he let them?  A pleasant jolt and a tingle surged through her clit and nipples when the thought hit her. 


She thought herself a horrible mother for thinking this while at the same time trying to picture her daughters lapping on his cock.  She knew the girls pleasured each other.  She had watched them many times, but she never said anything to them.  They were so passionate with each other. 


Generally after watching them together she would lock her bedroom door and masturbate herself to an intense orgasm.  Hell, until she tossed her husband out, she and her sister still did get together sexually some times, and it was wonderful.  Could it be that I’m repressing my need to have sex with my own girls?  The thought caused her clit to harden instantly coming out from its protective cover. 


The water dripping down her slit hit the end of her clit sending great joy through her body.  Oh to hold them both in my arms naked and watch them orgasm to my mouth.  Maybe I should be arrested for these horrid thoughts… but then what of the girls… what would become of them without her to protect them from… well… people like herself?


She now had her thumb and forefinger circling the top of his scrotum.  She squeezed it tight and pulled his scrotum downward as she sucked on his cock.  She compressed his nuts together tightly, almost to the point of pain, but Bryce’s reaction was to harden more.  His now purple mushroom cock head was angry for release. 


She started to rub her slit as she mouthed his cock and applied more tension to Bryce’s scrotum and nuts.  It was a subconscious way to punish him for even considering her daughters as sex partners.  As her arousal grew she fell back in time to her childhood; back to when she was eleven and her father pinned her to the bed and raped her for the first and last time. 


Amanda’s mother herd her screams as he penetrated her.  She ran into the bedroom and saw the terror on Amanda’s face, her husband holding her down and stabbing at her with his massive cock; her blood oozing across the white sheets.  He had torn her.  Her mom picked up a heavy porcelain lamp and cracked her fathers’ skull with it killing him instantly. 


Her dad had always been a cruel monster of a man.  Earlier on the day he died he had witnessed Amanda having sex with her twelve year old brother.  The three children had been intimate with each other since childhood since they shared baths twice a week. 


It started out as curiosity and play and then evolved into comforting each other through sex.  Nice, fun, loving, stimulating sex.  After their unexpected first orgasms the children learned how to pleasure each other as often as they could and being careful not to get caught.  Amanda speculated that their mom knew what they were doing.  She was a very horny lady herself, sneaking off to bed some of the more handsome men in the neighborhood.  She stayed married because that was what was expected back then.  Luckily her father was on the road most of the year selling hardware items throughout his very large territory.


The thoughts of her father’s death came back to her immediately when she caught Mandy and Grayson having intercourse that day.  It was only after he had been gone for several months that Amanda reassessed that day.


As Amanda revisited that day she realized that she had not heard any screams or terror as she came into the house.  Instead as she went to drop her bags in her room she heard love sounds.  Instantly angry that Grayson would be fucking some local bimbo she crept up to the slightly open door only to see Mandy’s eyes closed, a smile across her face and her legs crossing over her husbands back - using them to force his cock deeper into her small vagina.  Sara sat close to them both; her legs wide open frigging herself and smiling from ear-to-ear.


She froze and her anger rose to an intensity she had never felt before or sense.  Her eyes couldn’t believe what they saw.  While her mind wanted to race in and stop this sick travesty, her body refused to move.  She couldn’t understand why that was.  Finally after months of rerunning this event in her mind Amanda came to realize that Grayson, Mandy and Sara we all equal participants – all enjoying each other, just sexually.  It was not at all unlike doing the same things with her sister and brother back then.  There was no horror, no terror, no blood soaked sheets, no little girl pinned to the sheets forcibly.  Mandy was participating and enjoying it.  It angered Amanda that her daughter would dare try to take her husband away from her – but that was just her own insecurities flaring up. 


Over months of contemplation it all came to jell in her mind after meeting Bryce.  He was much like Grayson in temperament and even body style – Christ, they looked alike in so many ways.  She was instantly attracted to him.  While she wasn’t with him and the girls all that often, she could see the flirting going on between them all.  She was sure that the girls were strategizing to get Bryce in the bedroom.  It was Bryce’s reaction to some situations that would cause a typical adult male to protest when the girls displayed themselves inappropriately, or when she recalled Sara jumping up into Bryce’s arms and kissing him that day at the door.  She knew his hands were enjoying the firm tight little ass he was holding on to.  He just took it is stride as if completely unaffected, which she knew he was not.  They were flirting – all of them.  He was old enough to be their father and the girls while teenagers were still very immature physically, but they were all attracted to each other.  And she could tell that Bryce thought Amanda was also someone he would want to bed.  He had those horribly seductive bedroom eyes, that when looking at her always caused a tingle in her groin.  Then again, he looked at her girls the same way.  Damnable men she chuckled to herself they were all just dogs sniffing for a warm pussy.  They were all bastards.


He had spread his legs to steady himself for his orgasm and it was coming soon.  This would be a blow job to go down as the best he had ever had.  She had brought him to the precipice three times already and then backed off to let him stew for a time.  Recently she had put three fingers again into his rectum and was now thoroughly massaging his prostate.   She was a master at that and she knew exactly where to tease him.  He couldn’t help from humping her mouth, though he did try to be careful.  She didn’t seem to mind his hips moving, and also he thought it just might be a turn-on for her.  She was one very nasty girl, and he was contemplating what his next move would be after recovering from this.  Watching her engulf  is large cock with  her small mouth was a wonder behold.  Feeling the sensations as well as watching her was stimulating beyond reason.  She didn’t slowly move her lips to the base of his cock, she used her mouth like a pussy, thrusting him inside her capturing as much of his cock as she possibly could.  No hands, just her delectable mouth consuming his manhood thrilled him.  Her mouth coupled with her hands squeezing his nut sack and her fingers in his bottom balanced the pleasure pain threshold perfectly.


Amanda loved sucking this man, she loved his responses, his little body tremors.  He wasn’t a moaner, and didn’t sigh often, but his breathing was what she used to understand his desires.  As her mouth moved over his cock she thought about the possibility that Mandy or Sara might do the same thing.  She got angry for an instant and raked her teeth across the top of his shaft stopping just short of the corona of his cock head.  Well, that time he moaned she though almost laughing to herself.


She had to admit to herself that her daughters were really no different than she was as a girl.  She had always been curious about sex, and like her daughters she was also sexually immature for her age back then.  The boys always wanted girls that were built, and she was flatter than flat, even at thirteen.  As she aged and until she was nearly nineteen had it not been for her feminine face and body, she could have passed as a boy.  At nearly sixteen, Mandy was far more developed than she was at that age.  Her brother loved her regardless of how built she was; her sister too.  They mostly played together sexually as a family.  Seldom was another guest invited to play with the three of them, but it did happen.  Several months after recovering from her fathers unwanted advances, she and her brother started engaging in intercourse again.  She had always loved it when Aaron made love to her.  They had been having intercourse since she was nine.  But now Aaron’s cock was growing up, and one Saturday afternoon she asked him to make love to her.  They were both frightened, but soon his loving touch got her to relax, and about forty minutes later, Aaron exploded inside her as they both reached a terrific orgasm together.  As soon as he was finished, he went down on her and lapped at her labia with his tongue.  He kissed her down there for several minutes telling her how beautiful her hairless fat lipped little pussy was, how wonderfully beautiful a sister she was, and how he loved her.  Aaron loved her and her pussy and paid them both great respect.  Her dad used it to hurt and mangle it for his pleasure, to show his power over her.  There was a huge difference.  Her mother tried to point this out to her many times, but she was simply not in the head space to see the difference until that day with Aaron.


It was time she thought.  Her mouth and jaw were getting very sore.  But she also loved to have cock in her mouth.  After taking him deep into her mouth she slowly pulled her face away from his cock and then for the first time she opened her mouth just as his glans rested inside her mouth rested his cock on her bottom teeth.  She flicked his glans with her tongue and released his scrotum from her tight grasp.  As she could feel him freeze in-place as she flicked his glans and as his cock hardened even more.  He had stopped breathing.  Just before his eruption she slowly closed her hand tighter against his scrotum and kept flicking just his glans with her tongue. 


He was starting to shake and praying that this time she would let him cum.  The pain was getting intense, and just then she released his scrotum, his balls retracting to press against his body.  Her fingers worked fast inside his rectum and then Bryce delivered an unexpected animal howl so loud it shook the shower stall.  His first shot into her mouth was so intense it caught her by surprise and she grabbed his cock with her hand.  He shot again, but by this time her mouth was covering his cock head again.  She swallowed the thick rich cream eagerly.  It tastes exactly like Grayson’s, she thought or imagined.


Bryce’s orgasm was so intense that he almost fell forward, instead he grabbed on to the top of the shower door trim to steady himself.  His body was racked with surges of pleasure so intense his mind left him again.  He was the orgasm, all of him.


She took her fingers out of his bottom and drank him until he stopped thrusting and shooting huge quantities of cum into her mouth.  As his orgasm subsided she lapped at his still rigid cock with her tongue along its length.  She lapped the top, the sides, and the bottom being careful not to over stimulate his glans.


Bryce was breathing deeply his manly chest rising and falling very quickly.  He was exhausted.  Her mouth and jaw might recover by the next day she figured.  Then Amanda realized that her clit was still awaiting its turn for release.  Sitting on the shower floor, she giggled.  She had forgotten to pleasure herself as her head spun to the past and the present of Bryce’s cock and the selfless pleasure she had given him.


Mostly recovered, Bryce lifted Amanda to kiss her.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and his hot lips pressed to hers.  His tongue deep inside her mouth sought for remnants of his ejaculate mixed with her juices.  He crushed her to him.  After a few more kisses, Bryce turned off the water, grabbed a towel and still carrying her he took her into the bedroom and tossed her on the bed.


All he said was, “Now it’s your turn.  What an amazing woman you are Amanda.”


Standing over her small form he blotted the water from her face chest and hips.  He then used the cloth to quickly dry his hair and body.  He bent over her, gave her a quick kiss and then spread her legs as he rested himself between her thighs looking carefully at her masterpiece.  For a small framed woman she had a very large puffy pussy set atop a reasonably high pubic arch.  That damn honey blond hair all twenty strands of it hid her clit from his sight.  He swiped his tongue from the top of her slit upward plastering the hair against her skin. 


“Magnificent,” he said aloud.


She actually blushed.  Then she said back to him, “Is it because it’s just a nice pussy, or is it because its really bald, or is it because of the blonde hair?”


The question took him by surprise but he answered honestly looking at her straight into her eyes, “Because it’s bald with blonde bling.”  That said he dove into her slit, enjoying her sweet and musky scent, the tip of his nose raking across her clit.


She laughed at that and then inhaled deeply as the tip of his nose slipped inside her folds and she also spread her legs wide at the same time.


She couldn’t resist saying, “So what adjective would you use if my pussy was covered all over with blonde hair?”


Without looking at her this time he said, “No single adjective would work convey the proper thought.  But it would be like covering the Mona Lisa with a shroud.”  Now his tongue was circling her clit and bringing the little appendage back to life.  He flicked the end nib and it sent a huge rush up her spine and stomach.  He followed that by sucking her left labia into his mouth and sucking all of the juices out.


She was really getting into this but decided to ask one more question.  She said, “What if…” and was interrupted immediately by him saying, “Hush up Amanda… I’m fucking busy down here and I love dessert.”


His response was so unexpected she broke up laughing and thrusting her pubic bone into his nose.


He stopped for a moment as she was apologizing to him and laughing at the same time.  When his eyes quit tearing he cleared them, resounded, “Ding… Round Two,” and this time he took her legs in his hand and bent them wider as he moved them back towards her body revealing her beautiful pink pucker.  “Time for a Hot Fudge Sundae,” he quipped as he dove in to her gorgeous ass.


While she couldn’t move unexpectedly in this position, the statement caused her to really get into a fit of laughter.  Through the giggles and his tongue invading her pink little hole she said, “But where’s the whipped cream?”  Then she broke into another fit of laughter, her face was now flush red and her body was convulsing with laughter.


He had never been in a position to laugh as hard as he was with his tongue stuck in an asshole, but he knew it would be memorable later on.


While he thought about a reply he resisted his urge and just set out to please her.  Soon he was licking her from the beginning of the crack in her bottom to the top of her cleft spending a little extra time at her clit.  Her laughter subsided and she started moaning from the stimulation.  He watched her as her hands found her breasts and she pinched and pulled on her nipples. 


As he started to focus more on her pussy he decided that it was payback time.  He gently stimulated her clit and labia, he started finger fucking her with three fingers.  After they were very wet with her juices, he started to massage her butt hole with them.  To his delight and surprise the little pucker started to wink at him, opening a little then closing.  Each cycle she opened her bottom more.  Soon he just slipped all three fingers inside her. 


He heard her gasp, then say, “Oh you’re such a bad nasty boy… be more bad. You can hurt it a little in awhile… I’d enjoy that.”


He focused on her reactions as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm.  Her juice production was in full swing, her vagina pulsing out her not so thin clear heavenly liquids.  The more she flowed, the more he used his fingers to scoop it into her pink bottom hole.


As he got really into it, he realized that this had been the hottest sex he had ever had with a woman.  He was lost in her and at the moment he wanted to climb into her womb and play with her from the inside out.  These fantasies had never ever played in his mind before.  It was like having an orgasm for the first time because he didn’t know what to expect next.


He covered her whole pussy with his mouth and slurped her fluids into his mouth – drinking her essence and loving it.  He literally started chewing on her labia, mindful of her sensitive clit hiding just a tad below her flesh.


She was nearly screaming now and Bryce was rock hard his cock anticipating the thought that had occurred moments ago. 


The opening salvo of her impending orgasm showed across her body.  Little tremors and ticks in her skin, the sound of her voice, and the feel of her pussy in his mouth.  He removed his fingers from her bottom and laid her legs flat on the bed.  He split her pussy wide open with both hands exposing her rigid clit now completely outside its hood.


He teased it by lightly flicking the little nib then blowing hot and cool air over it.  His tongue lightly ran around her clit hood.  He placed his lips over her pearl and then sucked it and more of her into his mouth.  Once inside, he sucked it harder without touching it.  Then occasionally he would flick the nub with his tongue.  With the lightest pressure possible, almost to the point that he couldn’t feel it he touched and very slowly applied the flat of his tongue to the tip of her clit moving it excruciatingly slowly.


Her breathing was over the top by now, and as he did that she screamed, “Oh my GOD… PLEASE DON’T STOP.”


He wouldn’t torture her the way she did him in the shower.  He had other plans that included a big surprise.


Her breathing was out of control and when she exhaled her stomach flattened to being almost non existent.   Where do her organs go when she does that, he questioned. 


Amanda had reached behind her and stretched to grab a hold of the large brass tubing that made up the headboard.    When she clasped it she stretched her body out until it was as taught as a fully stretched rubber band.  As he peaked over her pubic mound his eyes reveled at the sight of her.  She looked like she was attached to a modern day rack, but this time it wasn’t pain that made her scream, it was desire and wanton abandon.  Her whole body was flush red and blotchy white her arms, body and legs were contorted with involuntarily spasms.


He felt the first wave of her orgasm as her pussy opened wide and pulsed in delight.  He didn’t stop what he was doing, he remained there bringing her even higher into orgasm.  She was totally out of control flailing and screaming and calling him filthy names that he truly enjoyed.  Shit… most of them were true anyway, he thought.  In her state she hadn’t realized that she called him a pedo sicko.  So she had thought about that… very interesting indeed.


As she started to come down, he once again pulled her legs up crunching them half way towards her body.  He dipped his cock into her pussy and stroked three times before removing it from her – taking aim and slamming it into her ass hole never stopping until he bottomed out fully inside her. 


She screamed at him, “You fucking bastard… do it again!”  Then she convulsed to the point he thought she might be close to seizure.  But he did as asked, and received an “Oh GOD THAT’S AMAZING,” response from Amanda.  That was followed shortly by, “DO ME DOGGIE STYLE YOU PRICK!”


Oooo, her colon was tight, but strangely not as tight as he imagined.  A bit more snug than her vagina, but this time there was no pressure pulling his urethra open.


He stopped, removed his cock, flipped her around on her stomach like a kid would flip a rag doll and plunged in to her again.  She didn’t respond with words, but she did push back into him as he stabbed her with is rod.  The nimble little woman had her chest flat on the bed again, her back sloping upward to her ass.  From his view it looked like a great toboggan slide from his youth.   What a fantastic ass she had, and how wonderful and hot it felt to be inside her.


In mere minutes she was cumming again even more intensely he thought than before… could that happen he asked himself.  More than that, he was still rock hard and watching again his cock penetrate her as he used her narrow hips for leverage.  She tightened on him and on the next thrust he thought his urethra was truly splitting this time.  It all came to fast for them both.  The orgasm was not prolonged this time, but it was almost more intense than before.  Amid screaming, heavy breathing, Bryce spanked her ass quite hard they both exploded into a heart stopping orgasm.  Bryce was breathless – totally fatigued beyond anything he had known before.  She was breathing so fast she couldn’t speak.  They both looked a wreck – splotched skin, scratches neither of them felt, some blood oozing from them.  Her hair was matted together and he concluded she would not look good at all in dreads.  As his vision returned he knew he had to lie down.  Instead of just getting his cock out of her ass… which still felt amazing, he flipped them both over so she ended up laying against his chest.  Her head fell to his left, her blue eyes sparkling at him when he could see them through the runny mascara and eye liner.


He kissed her gently and sensuously.  She returned the kiss the same way.  Old friends now, secrets revealed, intimate pleasures never to be forgotten.  A few minutes later Amanda said.  “Can you carry me into the shower with ‘your cock still firmly engaged in my ass?  I don’t want to get that mess on the new sheets, I’d probably have to replace them or die them brown.


He laughed and said, “It wouldn’t go good with the room color sweetie.  Lavender needs something more chic than a dark brown.”


As she started to laugh, he covered her mouth.  “Can’t do that, and sorry for making a joke then.  Your tight little bottom will shoot me out if you do that again.


They lay together for a few moments wondering what they had started that day.  They kissed some and then with only seconds to spare he whisked her into the shower.  In the end, it wasn’t as bad as either suspected it would be.  This time they cleaned up really well, shampooed their hair and dried off before leaving the bath area.


As they went back to tidy the bed, Amanda called the girls and said that Bryce was taking her to dinner and to lock up the house until they returned.  When asked when they would return home, Amanda said, “Bryce and I are starving.  Expect a two or three hour meal.  Behave yourselves… I love you both.”


After Sara hung up, both girls started laughing together speculating on what happened.



Chapter Seven   Changing Directions   **** End of JoMo edits


After two appetizers were inhaled by Amanda, Bryce was wondering how much this woman could eat.  She’d ordered a lot of food.  Remembering dinner at her house she ate like a bird, and the portions that night were smallish to begin with.


In between bites she smiled at Bryce and quietly said, “I may need to ask for a seat cushion… damn I’m sore, thank you very much.”


He started to apologize but Amanda cut him off and said, “We would still be there if I hadn’t needed to eat.  Once more round and I would have died for sure, yet I wouldn’t change a moment of what we shared.  Your instincts are perfect.  Damn you read people so well.  It was an amazing afternoon.  I do feel a tad uncomfortable though. You know more about me than most of my close friends.  Trust me, today’s sport has only happened to me with only one other man and I was married to him.  Not to compare but you are so much like Grayson it’s almost frightening.  That’s a complement in case you hadn’t noticed.  And no… my reactions to this afternoon’s adventure were not fantasies by me thinking about him.  It was all you Bryce, and I loved every moment.”


Bryce smiled at her in appreciation.  It certainly did his ego and libido no harm at all either.  “Amanda today was singularly the most intense encounter of my life.  That aside, I’m trying to figure out how it all started.  Truthfully I can’t remember; and frankly I’m not sure if I really care to.  You are an amazing and beautiful woman, and sharing this afternoon with you was truly a great honor.”


Amanda turned red at his sincerity.


The entrée came to the table and the waiter poured more wine.  They were in a rather private table in the back of the restaurant.  The lights were low and the meal was turning out to be almost as amazing as the afternoon they had just spent together.


They were hungry and ate in mostly silence until there plates were finished.  In between plates, Amanda said, “Bryce, I’d like to ask you a favor.  Without messing up the schedule could you have the workmen leave at lunchtime on Friday?”


Sure Amanda,” he said, “we can be cleared out anytime you wish.  I’ll see to it.”


She put her hands on his and smiled at him.  “No Bryce, you misread my request.  I want the workmen to leave – not you.  Are you okay with that?”


He actually blushed at her, but said, “Are you sure you want me to be alone at your house?  The girls come home pretty early.”


“There is a full play practice on Friday after school for all the grades.  They’ll be there until six and not home until at least seven thirty.  The instructors are taking them out for dinner following practice.  Is that better?”


“Sure… that’s fine.  Can I ask what your plans are?”


“Well I want to talk some things over with you that are very personal, and then I can’t see why we can’t do a partial rerun of today… unless you have other plans.”


“It would be our pleasure I assure you.”


She laughed at his snide comment as the dessert was served.  It was named on the menu as Pot-au-Chocolat.”  When it was placed before them both, they broke up in laughter.  It was the whipped cream swirl on the top that got them in stitches.”

































Chapter Eight – Heart to Heart?



Two days later he was back at the house making sure that the new deck boards matched perfectly around the spa that had been installed the day before.  Amanda insisted on redwood for this part of the deck despite his warnings to the contrary.  Using a new form of plastic decking was perfect for this job, but she wanted not only redwood, but old first growth redwood – the real stuff.  The cost for the small deck was astronomical.


Satisfied the craftsmen were on point he walked into the house just as the girls arrived home from school rather early he thought.


Mandy ran to him her eyes glowing with a wide seedy little smile across her face.  She grabbed his hand as Sara caught up and pulled him into her bedroom with Sara, then thought she closed and locked the door.


What’s this all about you two?”


Mandy started, “Okay… I know it’s none of our business, but I don’t care.  When mom came home the other night she looked like she’d been in a cat fight, and you probably looked about the same.  She’s been as sweet as can be, and she’s more relaxed than I think I’ve ever seen her...”


Sara interrupted, “…You jumped each others’ bones didn’t you?  And afterward she was starving… right?  When she sexes a lot she gets really hungry.  Don’t deny it Bryce, we saw her nail you with a huge kiss in the entry way and then haul your butt out to her mini-van.  Please Bryce… tell us what happened?”


Both of them were staring at Bryce like two dogs waiting for a dog biscuit, and panting too.  They must have run all the way home from the school bus stop.


Looking at them both seriously, and hoping not to betray himself he said, “Well that’s one hell of a story girls.  Actually we went looking for kitchen flooring.  You know how your mom wants that to be perfect.  Whatever gave you the idea…


Mandy interrupted and shouted, “…. Liar, liar pants on fire.  No Bryce, tell us the truth… please?”


“The truth is that your mom and I had a great afternoon and a great evening meal.  That’s what happened.  If you want to know anything else, you’ll have to ask your mom.  I love you both, but real men don’t kiss and tell… even if there was a kiss to begin with.”


“See, I told you,” said Mandy looking at Sara.  You owe me ten bucks.”


Mandy said, “Please Bryce.  Just tell us a little more?”  Mandy was now bending over with her hands folded pleading with Bryce, and Sara’s eyes were wide open waiting for a positive response.”


He pulled both girls toward him and put his arms around them pulling them close to him.  He smelled their sweetness and it took him to a place he knew all to well.  Right now it was a place that he didn’t want to travel to.  As they hugged him back he said, “Ladies.  It’s enough to know that your mom and I had an amazing day together and we got to know more about each other than either of us would have imagined.  Your mom is a wonderful woman who is deeply in love with you both and would do anything for you – that is indisputable.  Oh… that, and the foie gras at dinner was amazing.”


Mandy laid her head on his shoulder as Sara scowled at Bryce where he couldn’t see her. 


Mandy said, “You are pretty amazing too Bryce.  While I really want to know all the details, I’ll take your word that you both had a great time.  At least I can think what I want to about your evening, but I doubt that even someone that knew you both really well could guess at the shenanigans that went on.  Maybe it’s best if we don’t know.”


Oh  M a n d y,” Sara moaned.  “I want to know.”


Mandy let go of Bryce and Bryce pulled Sara towards him.  He gently held the sides of her face and peered into her spectacular eyes.  “Sara, there are some things – private moments - that must be kept between the people that shared the experience.  It comes down to an implicit agreement between two people.  Private moments that are unshared with others promote trust.  Trust is something that is earned and once it is lost can never be fully restored.  No matter how old you were, or anyone else for that matter, I do not break a trust.  It is such a precious gift to be given, and you treat gifts like that with great care and respect.”


Her eyes were filling with tears.  He could tell that she was feeling ashamed of herself for pressuring him.  After wiping her eyes she said, “You mean like you didn’t tell Mandy about that day I walked into the kitchen without my panties on?  I know she asked you, she told me you wouldn’t tell her.”


He smiled at her and said, “Just like I won’t answer you now.  Whatever happened that day; happened between us.  I’ll answer you when we are alone, but not with Mandy here.  That would be almost as bad.  Can you understand that?”


Sara’s tears had dried up as she looked at Mandy and said, “Damn… and I thought mom was strict.”  Then turning back to Bryce she said, “Well… I guess its okay when you say it like that.  I’m going to have to think about this for awhile… it gets a little confusing.  I do know this, of anyone I know I could always tell you a secret and I know you’d never tell.”


“Oh… one more thing Bryce.  What if that day both Mandy and I had walked into the kitchen without panties on… or hell, even totally naked.  Would that mean that only the three of us could talk about that?”


“Yep… that’s right.”


“Now what would you do if we did that?” She said with a smirk in her voice.


“That would probably really turn me on a lot, and it is not something that I would suggest that you ever do.  There are some very mean people in the world that could hurt, or kill you for being so bold.  Be very careful.  You are both beautiful young ladies, and I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to either of you – or your mom for that matter.


Without thinking Sara said, “So did you get all fired up when mom took off her clothes the other day?”


Bryce laughed at her and smiled, then said, “And where did you come up with that preposterous idea?  You certainly have a very active imagination, Sara.”


Sara looked at Mandy and said, “You’re right.  When he doesn’t want to answer a question, he asks a question back.  Where do you go with that?”


Mandy giggled and said, “We’re smart, but he’s a lot smarter and has a lot more experience under his belt.  You’re not going to win this one Sara, no matter how cute your butt is.”


Bryce said, “Enough of this.  It’s time to get back into the main house.  I have no business being in this room with you both and I don’t want to break your mom’s trust in me.  So come on guys… let’s go.”


Amanda had come home early and she heard the bedroom door almost close.  Not hearing Bryce stirring in the kitchen she walked to the girls’ room.  Quietly she eavesdropped on the conversation, and was very surprised at what was said.  She felt strangely comforted by Bryce’s value system even if he did like young girls.  So, she thought, it’s Sara that’s been the primary tease in all this.  Interesting indeed.  


As they entered the kitchen, Amanda came through the front door just as if she had just arrived.


Chapter Nine – Confrontation


Amanda walked into the kitchen carrying some groceries and put them down next to Mandy who was making a snack for Sara and Bryce.  The girls had made some cookies the night before and wanted Bryce’s approval.


Amanda smiled at Bryce and hugged both girls then said, “So what have you guys been up to?”


Mandy said, “Oh Bryce was just explaining that when you two went out suddenly the other night you went looking for Kitchen tile.  We don’t believe that now, do we Sara?”


“Nope,” said Sara with her arms crossed across her chest.


Now both girls were looking at Amanda with that We know what’s going on and nobody’s saying a word and we’re pissed kind of smirk on their faces.


She looked to Bryce and said, “Boy I missed that part of our evening Bryce, I don’t recall looking for kitchen tile, did we really do that?”


Bryce broke into laughter and that startled all three of them.  “Amanda, these two asked me an inappropriate question and I sarcastically replied that we went tile hunting.  They knew it was BS.  But they are very curious about what we did that evening.  Bottom line, I told them to ask you. My explanation to them was simple -  we got to know each other better that evening and had a wonderful meal.  They didn’t find that a good explanation at all… go figure.”


“That’s Interesting Bryce.  You know they asked me the same question… strange don’t you think.  I don’t know what more we could say than what you have told the girls already.  It’s a perfect summary of what happened.”


Sara with her hands on her hips and looking very sternly at her mother said, “Mom… I saw you kiss Bryce big time just before you dragged him out of the house… and you did pull him along to the minivan.  You can’t deny that now can you?”


She smiled at her precocious daughter and put her arms around her.  “No honey, I won’t deny that.  You saw what you saw and that’s my fault.  But Bryce is right the rest of the evening was just the way he described it.”


Mandy was watching the scene unfold with great curiosity and because Sara was so bold, she thought it better to let her mess up and just play spectator.


“But I know there is a lot more to that story than what we were told, and I’m really interested in hearing about the got to know each other better part.”


“I’m sure that you are curious, and my response to that is you will continue to be curious about that for a long time because it happened between Bryce and me, and that’s personal.  You weren’t invited to participate precisely for that reason.  I don’t ask you about the private conversations or interactions you have with your friends, and it’s impolite to push this any further than you have.”


While Sara was getting angry she kept it together and finally looked at Bryce and said, “Well… alright then, I give up.  But I will say that whatever you did to mom made her really happy.  She hasn’t been this bubbly since dad left.  Good job!”


“S A R A,” said Amanda almost giggling.  “You are impossible.  God, what will I have to look forward to when you’re Mandy’s age.


As Sara casually sashayed to the table carrying the cookies and said, “Maybe someday soon I’ll be feeling just as good as you do mom.  I ain’t waiting until I’m as old as Mandy.  Life’s to short.”


Amanda was getting ready to really fly into Sara, but Bryce interrupted her impending torrent by saying, “Amanda… I do believe that kids today are a lot better informed than we were as kids.  I sometimes wonder if the Internet is all that good a thing.” 


Then turning to Sara he said, “You are a bright wonderful little girl Sara.  Stay that way and be very careful.  While you may know a lot more than I did at your age, you have to understand that you can never get an answer to a question you aren’t aware of.  That comes with age and experience.  It’s those questions you have to understand first to protect yourself.  Not let’s try these cookies, they look fantastic, but I need some milk to go with them.”


Mandy was quick, “I’ll get you a glass Bryce.”


A quick knowing glance from Amanda thanked Bryce for giving her a moment for her to think over what she was going to say.  She was glad she didn’t say what she had started to.


It seemed that the conversation was over even if the girls’ curiosity would never stay unsatisfied.


Chapter Ten – Friday


Friday came all too soon.  Bryce had the workmen clean up so they could leave just before lunch.  Amanda had arrived just as Bryce was plating two nice lunches.  The table was set, and the smells filling the house were heavenly.


“And what’s all this?” asked Amanda.


“Oh I just thought a nice quiet lunch would add to the day.  I often don’t cook because cooking for one is nearly impossible and not having someone to share it with makes the whole affair anticlimactic.”


As Bryce set the plates on the table Amanda turned him around and gave him a lovely kiss, and tight hug.  Whispering in his ear she said, “I assume that everyone including my very nasty girls are not here, and it’s just the two of us?”


“Everyone’s gone; but there could be Nargles… with them you can just never tell.”


It took Amanda a few seconds to get the reference then she laughed.  Nargles indeed… but I wouldn’t want them stealing you.


“I’m not too worried,” said Bryce.  There’s no Mistletoe around.


Bryce had made a simple looking meal with a baby spinach salad and two beautiful crab cakes nested on the top of a lemon beurre blanc sauce.  He served it with a very nice crisp Riesling.


“This looks fantastic Bryce.  So, you cook too?”


“I also make one hell of a hamburger,” he laughed.


Amanda was surprised by his capacity to do most things very well, and in some cases beyond any notion of extraordinary.  The meal, and the other evening fell in the later category.


They made small talk as they ate, enjoying their fun at the girls expense the other day.


As they finished and were sipping the wine, Amanda said, “My girls are certainly captivated by you.  I think they both have a crush on you Bryce.”


“I’ve had that feeling myself.  They are both amazing, beautiful and really take after their mom.”


“That’s what I’ve been so concerned with since Grayson left… or tossed his butt out of the house which is the truth of it.  After three years of thinking and what happened the other evening between us, I believe that I may have made a horrible mistake.”


Bryce didn’t take the bait, he just nodded his head.  Women want a good listener and that was his plan.  He was pretty aware that Amanda knew that he and the girls wanted to be very alone together. 


Since the other night he had done a lot of thinking as well.  Amanda was phenomenal, he truly liked her, but for the long term he wasn’t sure.  The girls would complicate the issue so that was a no-go right from the start.  He knew he couldn’t resist their flirting and he knew that someday very soon given the opportunity he would pleasure them sexually.  Of that he had no doubt.


“Horrible mistake how?” He asked her.


Even though he had heard the story from Mandy’s recollection, Amanda spent the next 30 minutes and pretty much elaborated on what had happened between her and her ex.  When she finished she looked to Bryce and then said, “That didn’t seem to shock you.”


“I sensed it was something like that Amanda.  The girls seem to be very sexually knowledgeable for their ages, and they’re both little flirts.  The concerns you had about me sitting with Mandy at the Mall the first time we met raised red flags for you.  That plus the little conversation at the start of the job here as far as they were concerned painted a pretty vivid picture.  So no; this does not come as a shock to me.”


“Does it anger you that their father took advantage of them?”


“Did he?  Based on what I’ve come to know about them I’m not convinced that anybody took advantage of anyone.  Was it wrong…perhaps it was.  Is it illegal and abhorrent to this society that these kinds of situations happen all the time… well yes, sure it is. 


The real question you have to ask yourself is did it harm the girls… physically or emotionally.  If it did, then it was wrong - plain and simple, and as the adult he was to blame for that.  If it didn’t… well that’s something else to consider, and my guess is that you have been reassessing what happened back then.”


“Hold on a minute Bryce, I need to get something.”  She got up from the table but was back quickly and put a photo in front of him. 


He assumed it was Grayson.  He was also taken aback when he saw it.  Amanda enjoyed seeing his surprise. 


“Now that’s something that I didn’t expect Amanda.  My god, he could be my brother.  This is a photo of Grayson isn’t it.


“Yes it is.  When I saw you sitting with Mandy at the mall I thought you were Grayson and I almost panicked.  You even sometimes act and talk a lot like he does.   And don’t think the girls don’t see the similarities, because they do, and they’re both hot for you too.  But you know that… don’t you?”


“Yes but Amanda where is all this leading?  Why are you telling me all this?


She took a deep breath, sighed, and related her own experiences with her brother and sister, of being raped by her father and her father’s death.  As she came to the end of her story she said, “Bryce, when I saw them with their father, all my fears about what my dad did to me came back and I flipped out.  But what you asked before you hit the nail on the head – did it harm them?  Now I don’t believe that it did.  My father was a bastard, and he raped me, but Grayson… that wonderfully sick fuck made love to his own daughter and they both enjoyed it... Sara too, at least indirectly.  They were both giggling as I burst into the room.  You can’t laugh if you’re terrified.  Mandy is still angry with me for taking her dad away, and Sara is potentially worse.  She’s got an itch that she can’t scratch.  I remember being young and having a similar itch, but I was lucky enough to have my brother around to scratch it.  I truly fear that if they both don’t have some intimate time with a man, they’re going to go looking for it on the street, and that terrifies me.” 


With that, she just broke down crying.


Bryce had no idea what was going on here, and he was quite apprehensive about the whole mess.  This was not his idea of a fun time, but Amanda was clearly in distress, and he knew she was smart enough to know that he was attracted to her girls.  She just hadn’t dropped that anvil quite yet.


He scooted his chair over closer to her and just held her.  She put her head on his shoulder and sobbed a while longer.


Thank’s Bryce… you always seem to know the right thing to do.”


He hesitated but finally said, “So Amanda, is there an end to this story, or some conclusion?”


“It’s all your fault really, you know.  If it hadn’t been for you… and the other night… I could have gone my whole life long without even thinking about asking Grayson to come home.  You and he are very similar in the bedroom, not that I’m comparing understand.  I haven’t had that much good sex in three years and in the next half hour I intend to have you again if you don’t mind.  I needed a good fuck the other day.  Today I’m just being greedy.  Besides my body turns you on… a lot, doesn’t it?”


“Sincerely Amanda – all of you turns me on, but when you got naked I thought I was in heaven.  Anytime you need a good friend or a good fuck please, for god sakes, give me a call.  But we got off track here… is there more to this story.”


She stood up and took his hand and led him to her bedroom.  As they walked Bryce was already getting hard, and Amanda said, “I’m starting to sincerely believe that it was my mistake.  I don’t understand why men are drawn to little girls, and even less why little girls want to get it on with grown men.  But the fact is that they do… at least my two.  And I know that there are many others as well.  I’ve heard conversations between Mandy and Sara about some of their friends.  I need and want my husband back, and the girls need him too.  Do you think this is a mistake, Bryce… you know he will end up being sexual with them again.”


“The question you haven’t answered is, Can you handle it?”  If you can and are comfortable with it and you still truly love him, I think you might be on the right track.  The girls can handle it, I’m sure.”


“Bastard.  I guess that you know that some of my rage was because I was jealous of Mandy’s congress with Grayson.  How do you compete with that?”


He couldn’t help himself and almost whispered, “Look in the mirror sweetie.  Why do you think Grayson married you?”


“Oh you truly are a bastard.  Is that why I turn you on too?”


“Just one of many reasons, but oh my yes.”


“When did you know Bryce?”


“I can’t remember not knowing, and trust me it’s a bane.  My first memory was putting my hand inside a girls’ panties during nap recess in kindergarten and playing with her slit with my fingers.  I still remember the amazing feeling that came over me.  She didn’t say a thing, but she smiled at me a lot as I did it.  If I could change it, I would, but I can’t.    I’m just wired that way.”


In the bedroom now Amanda was removing her clothes as was Bryce.  After his pants were off, Amanda cracked up and said, “Oh today we’re wearing Rocky and Bullwinkle.  Are there more cartoon character boxers in your wardrobe?”


“You should see the pair with Jessica Rabbit… not that pair isn’t smoking hot?”


“Isn’t she a bit overly developed for your tastes?”


“Bryce smiled at her as he tossed his shirt onto the floor and said, “There are always exceptions… always.”


Laughing at him, she took off the duvet cover and naked pulled him onto the bed kissing his passionately. 


With Bryce under her, she leaned over and looked him in the eye and said, “Time to come clean Bryce.  How intimate have you and my girls been together?”


At the moment she was sliding her wet pussy up and down his rigid cock.


“Resisting a lot of temptation with a lot of encouragement to go much further I can truly say that I’ve only been kissed by them both.  I’ve never touched them sexually in any way.”


“Really… I would have thought it would have gone further.”


“It easily could have and if I was not your architect it probably would have, but my primary responsibility is to bring this job in to your satisfaction and on time.”


“Have they teased you?”


“Yes… but offered is a more appropriate word.  Sara and Mandy don’t really tease, they just let you know in no uncertain terms that they are available if you want them.”


“How did the kissing start?”


“That doesn’t matter really, but I allowed it to happen and frankly I’m glad that I did.  They are quite remarkable you know.”


She took his cock and placed it against her vagina.  As she slid him in to her she said, “If they could have their way with you what do you suppose would happen?”


Instead of answering he said, “You probably know that they behave a lot like you do.  They go for what they want and expect to get it, so that’s probably a better question to ask them.  I didn’t even want to start that conversation with them.”


“The other night, were you fantasizing about them while fucking me?”


“Christ no… Hell Amanda I had all I could possibly handle just thinking about your animal side.  Together with your scrumptious body I swear I didn’t have one thought of them until I tasted that sweet topping on the dessert.  It seemed to me what Sara would taste like.”


She clamped down on Bryce’s cock so hard he couldn’t move.  Her body shook and as she inhaled deeply her vagina flooded him with her juices.  She chirped and bounced on him through the fastest orgasm he’d ever seen a woman have.  Shit, he thought, she just got off thinking about me eating out Sara… wow this was just too weird.


As her pleasure eased she looked down at him and his startled look.  To her it was comical, and she started laughing. 


“Boy that came as a surprise to us both, but I wish I had a camera.  Your startled look could have won 1st place at photography show.  And yes, somehow what you said sent me into an orgasm.  Do you want to drive or is this position still okay?”


“As long as we’re still having a conversation, this works for me… as long as you keep moving.  I love the hot, slick and tight, but some friction would be a great.”


She bent down and started making out with Bryce and it was deeply passionate.  He caressed her back and bottom feeling every nuance of her smooth flawless skin.  She started moving about five minutes later.


This time Bryce asked a question.  “Hey gorgeous, you said you and your sister were intimate.  How long did that continue?”


“Until Grayson left.  I told her the story looking for sympathy, and she thought I was wrong about sending him away.  We got into a huge fight and haven’t spoken since.  I really miss her, too.”


The slow fucking was great and new for them both.  They both had never had a serious conversation with any partner during sex.  It was erotic and it seemed that the truth was so easy to say and somehow without consequence.  It was natural and comfortable.


Amanda said, “Which of my girls interests you more?”


“How could I choose between them, they’re both incredible and beautiful like their mom.  Way to smart for there ages, and they are both little seductresses.  There are differences between them, but that’s very exciting too.”


“How many other little girls have there been?”


“Just three, and the last time was five years ago.  I suppose you want to know how old they were too… right?


She just smiled at him.


“Thirteen, twelve and ten.”


“Did you have intercourse with all of them?”


“Just two, but the other one and I spent many happy hours together.  Actually all of those relationships lasted at least three years.  I loved them all.


“How old was she… the one you had the happy hours with?”


“Oh that was the thirteen year old.  She loved to sit in my lap with her bottom naked.  I got her off with my fingers while we watched Disney movies together.  She could orgasm many times in a row, and always did.  After the movie and sometimes during, she would blow me or give me a hand job.  And kiss, boy did she like to kiss.  She was also very good at that.”


“So that means that you had intercourse with a ten year old?”


“Many times.  She really was insistent that we do that.  She told me that she had been quite active with her mother’s vibrators since she was seven or maybe a little earlier.  I was concerned but after having a look at and tasted her down there, I was game to let her try.  It was smooth as silk the first time, and she loved it.  Not once did she have any pain at all.  She did complain that we hadn’t started doing it sooner though.”


“Having a look or a lick?”


“Both, but performing oral sex on a girl or frankly a woman is about as good as it gets.  Besides, they and I love it so.  They are so natural about how they are feeling and just let go.  They don’t have any baggage yet, and to them it’s really special.”


Amanda was getting into the fucking again and her skin was getting all blotchy as well. She generally looked that way just before she came.  She was close but not quite there yet.


“So how did they get you off Bryce?”


“Whatever they wanted to do was fine with me.  Sometimes they didn’t play with me much at all… not often but sometimes.  The twelve year old loved performing oral sex.  She was oral everything.  And she was damn good at it.  Oh… just to qualify that statement, you gave me the most exceptional blow job I’ve ever experienced.  That was amazing.  What a magician you are.  You really love sucking cock don’t you?”


“I’ve always had a fantasy that I have a cock and a pussy.  It would be so cool to just play with my own cock as I stimulated my clit.  I can’t imagine…   OOOOooooo Christ!”


She was on the verge of cuming.  Bryce reached for her breasts and pulled and pinched her nipples and was rewarded with a welcome sigh from her.  He grabbed her and pulled her towards him and started to kiss her.  He wanted to kiss her through orgasm.  He loved kissing and cuming together.  He could hold out for a good length of time, but he couldn’t stop himself once a woman started cuming by his cock.   


It was one of those quiet moments just as the stress of orgasm is about to explode  - together with his lips pressed to hers, there was a moment of silence.  But at that same moment; the silence was broken by a small almost inaudible thunk from the outside of the bedroom.  It was like someone lightly bumped against a door or a wall.


Amanda and Bryce’s eyes opened wide and looked at each other, both obviously hearing the same noise. Trouble was, it was just too damn late to do anything about that as the explosion started for real.


Amanda’s vaginal muscles gripped onto Bryce’s cock squeezing him so hard that it was difficult for him to move himself in and out of her pussy… but it was FUN.  Again feeling like his urethra was being torn open they both pounded each other brutally until her flood gates opened and she thrashed around the bed on top of him screaming at the top of her lungs.


That put him over the top and he blew into her like Old-Faithful’s hourly ejaculation, and his cum was almost as hot as the steam spewing out of that geyser.  It was a fast intense orgasm for them both.  As their breathing got under control he sat them both up facing each other and as he leaned in to kiss her he glanced in the direction of the door that was slightly ajar.  He kissed her sweetly and then moved his head to nibble on her ear. 


When he got close he softly whispered, “Don’t freak out, but there are two sets of eyes watching us from the hallway.  So how do you want to handle this?”


Her head moved to his ear and said, “Lay me on the bed sideways to you with your back to the door so I can look.”


He did exactly that, but slowly.


As their faces were obscured from the door after they put their heads on the pillows, she said, “I’ll just assume that you won’t mind what I’m about to do, so I’m not even going to ask.  Here goes nothing.”


She pulled the sheet up to her shoulders and in a very steady voice said, “Girls… don’t run, if I have to catch you will be in trouble for years and years.  STOP!  DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING.  Just walk into this room and stand at the foot of the bed.  NOW!


To say that Bryce was astonished would be an understatement, especially since upon seeing the girls his wilting cock twitched inside Amanda as he looked at them.  Amanda giggled, which to Bryce was almost frightening.


Mandy’s shorts were just snugged up against what he believed would be the top of her pubic hair line, and Sara was of course without panties and two streaks of liquid were making their way down her left thigh.  Her beautiful bald little pussy looked a tad redder than it should have, as well.


Amanda said, “Do you believe that you might just owe Bryce and I an apology for snooping on us… and why aren’t you at practice?


Mandy was so red that a fire engine couldn’t have been prouder.  She said, “I’m really sorry… but it was also kind of irresistible, I mean you did leave the door open some.  Bryce, I hope I didn’t embarrass you.  As to rehearsal, Mrs. Murphy was sick today so it got cancelled.  I’m really sorry.”


Before Bryce could say word, Amanda said, “SARA?


“Mommy, can I ask something first?”


“I guess you can… what?” Said Amanda.


“Was Bryce hurting you, or was he making you feel awesomely fantastic there at the end… I really couldn’t tell?”


Mandy was dumbstruck at her little sisters question and this time Amanda turned very red, but giggled too.  “Well it’s none of your business but he sure as hell didn’t hurt me one whit… Bryce would never do that.” unless I wanted him to, she thought but didn’t say.


“Now don’t get mad, but I’m not really sorry I watched.  It looked really nice.  Okay I shouldn’t have spied on you, but I did.  Sometimes doing the right thing is really hard.  This time it was a lot worse.  Bryce, you’re one of the good guys.  Please tell me you’re not mad at me?”


In a very friendly and measured voice he said, “Well honey, I won’t be angry with you if that’s okay with your mother.  Of course if your mom insists, she might ask me to spank you, but I doubt that she will…but it would be a lot of fun spanking that cute firm little butt of yours.   But you really should respect people’s privacy.  How would you feel if someone watched you when you were doing private things?”


Here eyes lit up and without thinking she said, “You mean like when I masturbate with moms dildos?”


Amanda almost lost it, and Bryce buried his face in the pillow to stifle his laughter.  It was the funniest thing he had ever heard.  The juice from her pussy was now half way down her thigh.


As his head was buried in the soft down pillow Amanda truly yelled, “SARA… when did you start using my… well my… private toys?”


Sara knew she messed up, but she was honest with her reply, “Oh mom… I’ve been playing with them since I was six… sorry.  But I thought if I asked for my own you’d really freak out.  Besides, it’s hard for kids to buy them.  We are so discriminated against.”  Then her face got all sad and she started to tear up.


Amanda poked Bryce in the ribs frustrated at his audible laughter even with his head stuffed in the pillow, and trying to stifle a laugh herself.


“What’s the matter baby?” said Amanda.


“Mommy… can I please clean up my leg.  It’s starting to tickle and I don’t think you’re interested in hearing me giggle just now.”


Bryce lost it completely, as did Mandy.  It was so infectious that Amanda lost it too.  Perhaps forgetting she was naked, she tossed the sheet off her and Bryce then walked around to Sara, took her hand and said, “Come on you horrible child,” while still laughing, and they headed out the door. 


Still in the doorway she looked back at Bryce still in hysterics and said, “Sara and I are going to have a long heart-to-heart.  It could last two hours.  Perhaps it’s time for you and Mandy to… well have a chat… or do something too.  And Mandy, when we leave, please fully close the door.


She spun Sara around but stopped as she started to walk down the hall, and spun around again.  She looked at Bryce and said, “Just don’t hurt her… that’s all I ask.”


Sara quietly sang, “Mandy’s going to get some,” as her mother smacked her cute bottom - turned again and headed down the hall to Sara’s bedroom.  Mandy immediately locked the door, and checked it to be sure.



Chapter Eleven – Bryce & Mandy - Amanda & Sara



“Did my mom say what I think she said, Bryce?”


“Yea honey, I believe that she did.”  As he spoke to her he tossed the sheet off of him and stood up facing her.   “And strange as it may seem, I think that your mom and Sara are going to play too.  God knows your mom’s still horny, and my guess is that Sara’s natural state is… well just horny all the time.  Make yourself comfortable while I take a quick shower.”


By the time he finished talking; Mandy was sitting on the bed scanning Bryce from head to foot her eyes stopping on his deflating but shiny wet cock.  “Bryce… hold-on, please don’t leave just yet.”


He turned to look at her and her face was very red again as she said, “Come here for just a second, please?”  Mandy held out her hand as he walked towards her.


Instinctively Bryce held out his arm as well and his hand took hers.  As she took hold of his hand she pulled him closer to the bed.  Stopping him close to her and eye-level with his cock that was starting to get hard again, she looked up at his face and said, “Can I touch it Bryce?”


Looking down at her he smiled inside.  Even though her redness had faded to a pretty pink he said, “Wouldn’t be better after I take a shower honey?”


Taking that as permission, she lifted his sticky shiny cock and marveled at the similarities of his and her dad’s cock.  They were almost the same size and shaped very similarly.  Both were circumcised, and the color and bulging veins almost in identical positions. Just holding it she was starting to breathe harder.  And then without thinking Mandy leaned forward, opened her mouth and literally sucked half of his cock into her mouth, startling Bryce. 


He sighed and threw his head back as she literally cleaned his cock with her mouth.  As it grew she held it with her hand and licked off the collected juices around the base of his cock and balls, lapping all of the juices she could find.  Finally she put her mouth over his mushroom head and as she sucked it she lapped at his glans with her tongue.


She reached around him and pulled him by his firm bottom closer to her as she started to blow him in earnest.  He put his hand on the top of her head feeling the two little girl barrettes on each side of her head holding up her hair. 


As gracefully as he could, he tried to get her to stop.  He didn’t want to cum just now and it would happen fast if he didn’t stop her.  Holding the sides of her face as she withdrew his cock from her mouth using his hips he pulled the rest of his cock out of her mouth.


“Wow… that feels fantastic Mandy, but can we take this a little slower please?”


She was almost shaking and breathing heavily as he stopped her.  She looked up to him and said, “Thanks for that.  Tasting you and mom at the same time was a real turn on.  She tastes a lot sweeter than I thought a grown woman would… well she’s not as sweet tasting as Sara, but the musk is really stimulating.  I love the feel of your cock in my mouth.  It’s so pretty too.”


That said she lunged back at his cock taking much of him down her throat and then slowly withdrew it her lips pursing at the tip where she sucked his urethra dry.  


Fully hard his cock stayed just about where she had left it and it pointed straight at her.


“Bryce, let’s not take a shower.  Your smell is a real turn-on… and damn do you look so sexy just the way you are… we can shower later… okay?  Lay down on the bed for me please?”


She stood up and moved away from the bed as Bryce laid down dead center of the bed, as he did, Mandy started to blush red again.  When he was situated, she stood up on the bed inside his spread legs and blushed even redder.


Wanna see me… all of me?”





As Amanda took Sara into her bedroom, Sara said, “Gee mom… what’s going on?  This is all a little strange… even for you?”


Amanda laughed a little and said, “Do you think I’m strange?”


Kinda.  I mean leaving Bryce and Mandy alone in your bedroom is really off the charts.  You know what’s going to happen, don’t you?”


“It’s likely that they’ll seduce each other.  I’m certain that Mandy wants that, and so does Bryce if my guess is right.”


“What you going to do, mom.  Wait until they’re really going at it before you call the cops?”


“No, I wouldn’t do that to either of them.  You know sometimes even adults make mistakes based on the emotions of the moment.”


Still totally naked, Amanda sat on her bed and picked up Sara and sat her on her lap  which was another surprise for Sara.


“Tell me honey, how much do you miss your dad.”


“Are you kidding me?  I miss him all the time… everyday.  I miss you and dad being together too.  You were a lot calmer back when he was around.  Now you’re always paranoid and trying to catch us doing something… well bad.”


“Do you miss being intimate with your father?”


Sara turned bright red and didn’t say anything for a moment.


“Are you going to get mad at me if I tell you the truth?”


Amanda brushed Sara’s hair back with her fingers, turned her head to look at her, then kissed her lightly on the lips.  It wasn’t exactly the kiss a mom would give to her daughter, but it wasn’t over the top.  Amanda noticed Sara’s look when the kiss was over, and she knew from her expression that it confused her, but she also really enjoyed it too.


“No sweetie, I promise I won’t get angry with you.”


“Yes… a whole lot… Mandy too.  She was lucky though, she got to have real sex with him.  You tossed him out before we had a chance, and dad said I wouldn’t have to wait long either.”


“What did you like best when you and dad were intimate?”


“All of it… the hugging, the kissing, the being close to him.  The feel of his body against mine.  The way he…. well that sort of thing.”


“The way he did what honey?”


“The way he licked my pussy… god it was amazing how good I got off.  Mandy’s good, but not nearly as good as dad.”   And I really liked sitting watching TV with dad.  Remember I always wore skirts back then.  I didn’t have panties on.  He would let me rock my crack over his hard cock.  I’d get off three or four times a night that way.”


“But what about dad.  How did he hide his… well cum?”


“Oh that’s easy.  When he’d pat me on the head, I’d angle my pussy so that he could put the end of his penis in my hole.  He could get his head in pretty easily, especially if I was worked up.  Then he’d shoot it inside of me.  I always had a couple of tissues.  After we were finished, I’d stick the tissues up my hole and then go to the bathroom and clean up.”


Amanda was getting very horny listening to her clever daughter.  She started unconsciously rubbing Sara’s naked thighs.  Sara was not ignorant of this, and decided to spread her legs open wider just in case her mom wanted to play with her pussy.  She thought that might be very cool.


“How old were you when you two started doing this?” 


“Just before I was ten.  He started licking me when I was around nine.  Mandy told dad he had to lick me first one night.  Dad was a little concerned that I was too young and wondered if I could keep quiet about it, so in front of Dad, Mandy asked me if I wanted him too.  I just dropped my shorts and panties, jumped up on the bed and spread my legs for him.  I guess that was proof enough.  After that, most times that Mandy and dad played, I was there too.”


In her mind, she hadn’t known how long her husband and daughters had been intimate.  One reason was that Grayson was always eager to bed her.  Anytime, anyplace, he didn’t care.  He was a sex machine, and she was very grateful for that.  So, that the girls were spending intimate time with him didn’t cramp her style at all.


She tipped up Sara’s chin to look into her eyes, then said, “Okay, one more question honey.  Have you ever had sex with any other man or boy?”


“Well,” she said sheepishly, “Just one time.  Last year I was at a party and a new boy was there.  He was fourteen.  I was so horny that day… anyway, I got him alone and he and I messed around.  I stopped after he tried to lick me.  He was absolutely awful.  It would have been better to be frustrated then really horribly frustrated after.  That’s when I swore off boys.  But, it does help that Mandy and I have a lot of girl friends.  Sleepovers can be really fun.  Girls understand… just like men do.”


“Some men… trust me.  Really good sexual partners are really hard to come by?”


“Is Bryce good, mommy?”


Amanda smiled and said, “Oh yes honey, he’s amazing.”  Then Amanda turned red.


“Mommy, you have really pretty boobies.  Can I touch them?”


Just then, Amanda moved her fingers to Sara’s slit.  She kissed her daughter quickly, open lipped as Sara’s tongue met hers.”


When they parted, both were blushing very crimson. 


“That tickled mommy.”


“Why not take off your top Sara and then you can… well do pretty much whatever you want to me.  How’s that?”


“You’re so pretty mommy.  This sounds like fun.  You’re still pretty horny because Mandy and I got caught.  Right?”


“I’ve always secretly wanted to be seen having sex.  You guessed it, but maybe we can finish what Bryce started.  Would you like that?”


Sara’s top was off and thrown onto the floor.  She crawled back up on her mom’s lap facing her and said, “Mommy, give me a real kiss… for a long time.”




“God yes,” he said putting both hands under his head to lift him a little off the pillow for a better view.


“There’s not much to show,” she said.


“That’s perfect…,” he said, “my brain likes that more than you could know.”


She reached around her and started lifting her shirt off slowly; much too slowly for Bryce’s taste.  When the shirt hit the bottom of her small breasts her face was covered and the shirt hung up for just a second.  Then it popped over the small mounds rolling up to her light pink quarter size nipples.  The friction caused her nipples to harden.  Pulling the shirt all the off she tossed it onto the carpet.  Now Mandy was positively glowing bright red.  Besides her perfect and very tiny breasts he noticed her freckles.  There were two stripes of freckles that separated from the larger stripe of freckles on the sides of her neck.  One stripe went down her arms, the other curving around and partially on the outside swell of her breast coming to a curving point near her waist.  They were both almost perfectly symmetrical and his cock pulsed about three times as he saw them.


“Simply magnificent, Mandy.  Love the freckles, they are amazing.” 


She flushed and then turned around to show her back.  Bryce almost lost it as he saw more freckles going down her spine and disappearing under the waist of her shorts.  Her bronze-blonde red hair slightly hid the freckle patch covering her shoulders.


Hooking her thumbs in to the elastic waist band of her shorts she started to lower them as she bent forward a little.  Bryce almost lost it as her spinal freckles ended at a point just at the top of her butt crack.  He’d never seen such a sight.


The shorts dropped to the bed and Mandy kicked them to the floor as well.  Her legs were spread just a little and her narrow waist and narrow hips flowed to a perfect – well muscled small tight nicely rounded butt.  Her legs were amazing too.  He loved that her thighs didn’t come together, but gracefully flowed from her perfect bottom.  He could see the small twitches of her butt and leg muscles as she moved.


“Are you oogling me, Bryce?” Asked Mandy?


“Oh yes, and salivating too.  I can’t wait to taste you.  You are so beautiful Mandy.”


“Guy’s are so visual.  Glad you’re enjoying this.  It’s getting me hot too, you know.  Wanna see the rest?”


“Please don’t tease… at least not just now.”


“I’m going to touch my toes, just to stretch a little,” she said as she put her feet nearly together and then slowly bent herself in half.  As she did, her thick hairless labia came into view.  She touched her toes with her fingers then stood up.  Putting about a foot of room between her feet she bent again.  This time her butt crack opened as her labia protruded again, but now her flawlessly pink bottom hole came into view.  As she dropped a little lower her labia opened up some but not enough to see her insides.  Her labia were just too thick.  But they did form a perfect  ‘UU’ shape.  His cock twitched as he contemplated separating those two juicy halves with his tongue.


Slowly she turned to him so he could see her in profile.  As she turned she put her arms up resting her hands behind her head.


In a heartbeat, Bryce knew his cock couldn’t get any more turgid.  Along with completing his picture of her perfect bottom now being seen from the side, he saw her pubic arch flare from her body, with just a hint of light blonde-red pubic hair visible.  Her tiny breasts formed a French curve from her chest to her upturned now hard nipples and flowed beautifully upward.  They were so perfectly shaped.


Before his mind camera had captured the complete profile, she turned facing him again.


He inhaled sharply as he saw her.  Mandy, seeing the look on his face, knew it was one of her truly being as beautiful and as sexy as her father had told her she was.  She knew that Bryce saw it too and she was delighted.  She watched his eyes scan her.  Sure, she was embarrassed a bit, but his looks at her filled her soul with joy.  She knew he wanted her, and wanted her badly. 


Mandy’s pussy wasn’t narrow, but it looked so because her slit was long.  Her tight inguinal ligament, starting at her diaphragm and ended up at her pubic mound showcased those full labia of hers.  The color and shape of her sparse pubic hair amazed Bryce.  A mixture of super-fine blonde, bronze, gold hair curved in a graceful arch towards her slit.  At the top of her slit the hair was nearly invisible and short.  Two inches above her slit, they fanned no wider than one inch on either side of her labia.  Her labia were hairless – not even peach fuzz was visible.


Her flat tummy sported a elliptical innie-outtie, and her hip bones were covered with a nice layer of skin that molded and finished the taper of her waist to her narrow hips.


His cock was flexing... just kind of bouncing up and down.  Mandy smiled.  Mandy’s redness had quieted to a nice rosy pink.  She looked down at him and said, “There’s more… want to see?”


Bryce was very confused just then.  What more could be seen.  He didn’t have to wait long as she pulled her pussy lips apart with her fingers.  She had to reposition her fingers to open herself wide – pulling on her fat labia - for him to see.


Her hidden clit ridge was huge, just covered with her labia before.  Now open her clit hood ended in a large exposed pearl that was her clit dripping with her juices.  More juice flowed from her vagina and started oozing down her legs.


Bryce inhaled deeply as Mandy squatted over him, took his cock into her mouth and lapped him for a few seconds.  Then she held his cock as she positioned herself over him wiggling his cock head against her vagina.  As Bryce was about to say something she lowered herself quickly onto him consuming all but two inches of his cock as she inhaled deeply.  Her face was scrunched up and a moan escaped her lips as she tossed her head from side to side.


Bryce almost felt his urethra tear as she dropped on him.  Mandy just had a smaller version of her moms vagina.   He didn’t care.  She pulled out a ways and then stretched to kiss Bryce.  He grabbed her and without moving his cock their lips locked in a passionate kiss. 


After the kiss, Bryce started to speak again and Mandy put her index finger over his lips and said, “I need this… this way… right now.  I cum quick and suppose that you will too.  In a minute or so, you on get on top… just not right now.  Shhhhh, lets enjoy this.  There will be a lot more times to play.”


Just like her mom, he thought.  Amazing


She sat up on him and holding on to his hips she started to bounce on his cock very hard and with great timing.  He reached to caress her breasts.  He looked into her green eyes deeply as her love sounds started getting rather loud.   He could feel her clit stroking the top of his cock as he entered and exited her.  It literally dragged over his cock.  He loved that her glorious large naturally curled red hair bounced on her shoulders as she bounced on him.


Her breasts had swollen and her nipples were rock hard as he pinched and pulled on them.  He was in sensory overload and felt his climax coming soon. 


Sometimes Mandy would sit on him and grind her pubic bone on his pubes.  He could almost feel his length hitting her cervix but she was a lot deeper than he imagined. 


Bryce needed to move, so her flipped her on her back, grabbed her legs and spread them wide.  He looked down at his cock.  He rammed it into her at full force.  She yelled and then gritted her teeth breathing heavily. 


“More… just like that,” she yelled.


He wanted to watch his cock penetrate that lovely masterpiece that was her pussy.  Those fat chubby lips curling around his cock as he entered her… her clit, probably the largest clit he’s ever seen and fatter than ever dragging itself over his cock shook his mind with a lust he hadn’t had in years.  


He looked into her eyes and somehow he connected to her mentally.  She was on the verge.  Just as her pussy started pulsating with the onset of her orgasm, he lifted her butt off the bed and rising to his knees he slammed into her harder than he could ever remember doing with another woman, let alone a girl.


His asshole tightened and then tightened more as the fluids rose inside him.  He could feel the heat of it searing his urethra from the inside.  Almost together their muscles locked up.  Holding onto to Mandy’s calves he saw her toes curl and felt her calf muscles tighten.  Her hands were tearing at the sheets, her love sounds were off the charts along with his.  For three, then four seconds he held his cock fully inside her without moving.  Her teary eyes looked at him in disbelief.  Then still fully inside her he launched the first wave shooting it directly against her cervix.  The recoil threw him back six inches.  The heat of his ejaculate was searing and his body was awash in rapidly firing nerves that he had never known he had.


Mandy was flailing all over the bed but not moving her hips at all.  She waited anxiously for the next bolt of semen to fill her and when it came her back froze with orgasm so intense she thought she’d snap her spine.


With her small body underneath his, his sweat dropped onto her, each drop reflecting sparkles of light that came through the window.  For a few moments longer they rode the pleasure of a long intense orgasm.  Out of breath and weary he rolled her to her side and laid beside her holding her close to him his cock still hard and pulsing inside her.  She curled her legs around him and tried to pull them closer together without success.  They were as bonded to each other as they could be.


Wordlessly they kissed and caressed each other as the orgasm diminished.  Finally, Mandy said, “Oh you don’t know how long I’ve waited for this and how much I needed it Bryce.  What an amazing day… what an amazing man you are.”


Bryce choked back the tears that were ready to flow.  He just held her close and smelled her.  Their sex filled the room with wonderful aromas.  Slowly their breathing returned to almost normal.


A few moments later, Mandy kissed Bryce on the forehead – smiled at him with a huge smile and said, “That was very yummy… now let’s take that shower.”





The kiss between Amanda and Sara got very intense, and Amanda was amazed at her daughter’s kissing skills.  Holding her small daughter tickled her in a spot she had never felt before… or at least had politely forgotten.  That recollection came back to her as she remembered when she was ten when her mom held her much like she was holding Sara now. 


Sara’s medium thick lips lovingly lapped at her mom’s lips and tongue snuggling close to her breasts as her mom was running her finger up and down her slit.  Sara pushed away for a moment and then put both of her small hands on her mom’s breasts and kneaded them gently until her nipples sprang to attention.  When they were hard, she broke the kiss and put her mouth over one nipple and started suckling on her like a baby.  Her mother held her close enjoying the thrill of her daughter’s mouth and hand.


Amanda felt the moisture in Sara’s slit growing.  The medium thick juice covered three of her fingers.  Overwhelmed by the sensations Amanda slid two fingers inside Sara’s vagina.  They fit easily to her surprise, and a giggle and hip movement from Sara confirmed she was enjoying the intrusion.  When Sara moved to her mom’s other breast, she started to slowly hump on her moms fingers, her breathing getting irregular and little sighs were escaping her lips as the stimulation increased.


Sara lost in the moment said, “Mom, stick a couple more in my bottom… I’d like that.”


Taken aback, Amanda did exactly that and moved Sara off her lap and laid her on the bed with her fingers still in-place.  She looked down at the smiling face of her daughter as her fingers slipped into her rectum.  Sara ground against her moms hand.


“Thumb on clit,” she said with her eyes closed.


Amanda couldn’t take the sexual smells from herself and Sara, it was all very overwhelming.  She pulled her fingers out, spread her legs wide and put her mouth on top of Sara’s mound, sucking her fat little hairless baby labia into her mouth while spreading her lips wide and gently biting on her clit with her teeth.  She reinserted her fingers into Sara’s two holes as she continued to suck on her.  Sara was already getting twitches from her approaching orgasm and her mom could feel the changes to her vagina as well.  Wanting to taste more, Amanda pulled her fingers away and lifted Sara’s bottom up in the air and spread her wide.  She looked at her pink rose bud and lapped it with her tongue finally easing the tip of it into her daughter.  Amanda got another surprise as Sara’s butt hole started opening to accept more of her tongue.   As she felt the onset of Sara’s orgasm, she used her thumb once again circling her clit as she prodded Sara’s rectum with her tongue.


“Feels so amazing,” she heard Sara say.  “Pinch my nippies too.”


Amanda had her own needs at this time but was so engrossed in Sara, she figured she could wait, her own horniness increasing with every moment.


More sighs and heavy breathing from Sara, Amanda knew it was time to finish her off.  She replaced her tongue with three fingers that were easily accommodated by Sara’s butt hole, then pressed her lips over Sara’s now rigid and thick clit.  She nibbled around the base with her teeth swiping her tongue over the little pearl from time to time.


Sara was taking huge breathes of air as her orgasm rose.  When it hit, her back bent nearly in half as she thrust her pussy hard into her mom’s mouth.  Amanda clamped on to her clit with her teeth and started flicking the tip of her clit as Sara’s orgasm rose to epic proportions.  As she peaked, her hands gripping the sheets ripped them.  Clamping onto what remained of the sheets she flailed around the bed.  She wasn’t that quiet about it, but not screeching loud either.  As her orgasm ebbed, she opened her eyes to look at her mom as she pushed her face away from her pussy.


“Too sensitive… okay?”


Soon Sara sat up in bed and pulled her mom toward her.  She turned Amanda over and laying on top of her started kissing her with the intensity of a twenty year-old nympho.  Not long after, she just looked into her mom’s eyes and said, “That was amazing.  What do you want me to do to you to get you off… hopefully as good as you did me?”


Just then they both heard unmistakable screams of joy or murder coming from Amanda’s bedroom.  Amanda sat up in bed taking Sara with her, her eyes looking like a lioness ready to pounce.


Sara giggled as she looked at her mom.  Using her hands she turned her moms face to look at her own and said, “She’s really liking whatever is going on mom… like a real lot.  I haven’t heard those kinds of sounds that since dad left.”


The shock of hearing Mandy had brought Amanda partially back to reality.  She viewed her surroundings and her naked daughter in her arms.  “What have I started here?” she said weakly as she looked at Sara.


“You’ve accepted the reality that all of us are horny all the time and you’ve finally admitted that to yourself mom.  The hard part for you is that all of us like older guys cause they know what they’re doing and you picked a great guy in Bryce.  He’s really your first since dad left isn’t he?


That jarred Amanda as did the fact that Sara had reached her hand between Amanda’s legs and was gently massaging her slit and clit.


“He’s actually only the second.  The first one was so horrid I stopped mid-fuck got dressed and left.  It’s really all Bryce’s fault looking so much like your dad.”


“I’m glad you met Bryce.  I remember watching you at the mall that day.  The first time you saw Bryce - I swear for a second you saw dad sitting there with Mandy. That really freaked you out didn’t it?” asked Sara.


Amanda was getting quite stimulated by Sara’s machinations.  So much so that she unconsciously moved Sara’s hands a little higher on her slit.


“You noticed… I didn’t think you had.  Yea, I was almost ready to jump across the table at Bryce.”


“To kill him, or take him right there on the floor of the food court, which was it?  was the only question I had?”


Very startled she Looked at Sara, and just smiled and giggled a little and said, “SARA… you are such a nasty little girl.  But to answer your question… probably both.”  Then a faint sigh escaped Amanda’s lips as she closed her eyes to the sensations below.


Sara pushed her mom down on the bed and then started suckling on Amanda’s breast and using her free hand to caress the other one. 


As Amanda started to say something, Sara said, “Shhhh for now. But spread your legs open a little wider for me.”


Amanda closed her blue eyes and let the sensations overtake her.  She needed this cum even if it was by her own thirteen year-old daughter.


Sara had three fingers in her mom’s vagina, her thumb gently massaging around her stiff clit.  She leaned forward stretching her back, wet her lips, and kissed her mom gently.  As Amanda’s arms wrapped around Sara, she opened her mouth to savor her daughter’s kisses.  Sara loved the feel of her mom’s small breasts pressing against hers.


Breaking the kiss with, “I love you sooo much mom,” Sara kissed her way down Amanda’s stomach and finally replacing her thumb with her tongue on Amanda’s clit.


Amanda was breathing hard and love sounds filled the bedroom.  Little Sara was grinding her own slit against her mom’s knee and enjoying the sensations as well.  Her mom’s vagina was flooding with moisture and as Amanda’s passion increased she took Sara’s wrist, placed it palm up and told Sara to curl her fingers until she felt a little shelf inside her vagina.  It didn’t take too long for Sara to find it.  When she did she told Sara to just massage that little ridge.  It’s called the “G-Spot, honey.” 


As Amanda’s orgasm rose, more loud noises were coming from her own bedroom.  While it appalled her to get turned on by this, she did nonetheless.  She finally figured out that she was just a tad jealous that the sounds were coming from Mandy, and Bryce was making her feel that fantastic.  She finally realized that she was being very turned on by her own daughter… daughters.  More dismissed guilt.  She loved this more than she could have imagined.  Sara was a really good lover.  Finally Amanda let go completely.  A minute later after Sara had pushed three fingers into her rectum with one hand, while the other was busy with her G-spot and clit, Amanda screamed her lungs out at her own climax.  Sara also peaked at the same time via her mom’s knee.  The chorus of sounds were sensual and loving… as it should be.



Chapter Twelve – More fun and excitement


Out of the shower and back to the messy bed, Mandy threw the damp towel over the wet spot then jumped into the bed spreading her legs in the process.  Bryce’s cock was already turgid and just looking at her his cock flexed up and down involuntarily.


Mandy giggled, and said, “Okay… what’s next?”


“Whatever you want, wherever you want it...  fair enough?”


Mandy put her hands on her small breasts and started rolling, pinching and pulling on her nipples teasing him.  She said, “Well, I really got what I wanted, and I want that a lot more, but it’s your turn.  I’d love to suck on you until you cum… I really want to taste your stuff, but I’ll leave it up to you.”


Bryce slowly crawled up on the bed between her legs his knees opening her legs as he got higher.  He stopped momentarily and kissed her still hard clit ridge and lapped at the top of her crack a couple of times which gave him the shivers.  Then he looked her in the eye with a haunting ruggedly handsome but wicked smile and said, “Believe it or not, after all these years I’m still unsure whether I prefer intercourse or performing oral sex.  I love them both so much.  In your case -  the lady with the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen - I think it’s edging toward lapping you until you can’t stand it anymore.  I’ve been know to give such good face that multiple orgasms are not uncommon.  But I warn you, after all of that work, I generally finish off with intercourse.  It’s a nice finale.  Right now I just want to touch you all over and lick every part of your fantastically beautiful body… from your nose to your toes.  How does that sound?”


Now Mandy was really working her nipples and sliding her hand to her mons as well.  The sexy talk and Bryce’s eyes were deeply passionate.  As he spoke to her, Mandy was thinking what would really turn her on.


“I’m ready for you to lick me all over… just don’t let me wait too long to cum.  That gets me really frustrated.  But sometime real soon here’s my plan.  With you laying on your back, I want to be fucking you while Sara sits on your face as you bring her to orgasm.  When she cums, I want to be kissing her and tweaking her nips.  Could you handle that?  Or would it be better to have Sara screwing you with me on your face?  That sounds like fun too.


Bryce was directly above Mandy’s face looking at her.  “Both he said.  But I think I’d have to try intercourse with Sara first.  I’m not sure that she’s large enough for me and I’d never ever what to hurt her.”


“Trust me, her puss is bigger than mine.  Maybe not as deep, but she’s getting there.  My guess is that she’s has a vaginal structure like moms, just a shorter version.  They look a lot alike aside from the pubes.  Oh, we’ve watched mom many times playing with her toys… kinda like we watched you both today.  God you were an animal, and boy did she love it.”


By now Bryce was ready to cum.  The thoughts that Mandy put in his head had all been fantasies before.  He tried to figure out how to get Amanda into the scene as well.  What an amazing day it was turning out to be.


Bryce’s lips found Mandy’s and they kissed long and sensually for quite some time.  She curled into him holding him close with her arms around his back.  When he stopped he kissed her on the nose and then lapped his tongue along the ridge of her right ear, blowing soft warm air into her ear at the same time.


Mandy got goose bumps and loosened her grip enough for Bryce to put her arms above her head.  After working on her neck and driving Mandy crazy with little rushes over her body, he looked to see if she had any armpit hair.  There were maybe three strands of fine translucent corn silk, one that was shaded bronze, and the other two were almost invisible platinum blonde.  Without thinking he lapped his tongue across her arm pit lightly and went on to lick the underside of her upper arm as well.


She started giggling and thrashing around the bed.  “Shit Bryce, that sent a bolt of lightening right to my clit.  That was so cool, but don’t do it again… at least now… I mean maybe later would… oh to hell with it.  That was neat.”


After spending a long time with her small breast mounds and nipples he licked his way to her naval giving her another clit jolt.  But he was anxious to get to her mons so he moved on.  He got between her legs and knowing what was coming, Mandy pulled her legs back opening her slit wide enough for her whole bottom to be seen.  It looked like it was glazed with honey.  So moist was her slit he marveled at the pink skin and the wonderful smells it presented to his olfactory senses.  He smelled honey, tangerine, light gardenia and black raspberry with just a touch of musk.  It was too much for him and he lowered his face to sample her nectar.  He started with his nose running it from just below her bottom hole upward over it and then onto her vagina stopping for a moment to inhale deeply.  Onward he went until the tip of his nose was caressing her pulsating pearl.  His tongue dove into her vagina and he curled his tongue as he left that holy place to capture her juices.  The taste was even better then the fragrance he inhaled moments ago.  


He sat up just a little to look at her mons.  He took her legs and closed them together just a little to view the landscape.  He wanted to taste each labia, to feel its firmness and heft.  To trap his tongue in the folds of her slit and he did just that.  He was in heaven and the angels were singing.  Which in fact were the love sounds pouring from Mandy interspersed with the heavy breathing.  He lost himself in her flesh.   Sooner than expected she had her first cum… a sharp fast orgasm that left her gulping for air.  Mandy came quickly, and Bryce concentrated on giving her three orgasms back to back, and then he played with her, bring her to near orgasm three times.  She was getting very frustrated, but loved the feeling of his tongue and teeth tearing her flesh.  For the last time, he concentrated on building her orgasm, letting her hang on the verge for at least two minutes.  Then he sucked her tiny penis size clit ridge into his mouth between her folds.  He sucked very hard exposing her pearl of a clitoris fully.  Then he just laid his tongue on it moving it minimally until she could stand no more.  He bit her, which pushed her over the top.  A scream came from deep inside her as she flailed all over the bed – hips and all as she rode an orgasmic wave for two minutes – maybe more.  As it quieted some, he sat up, pulled her thighs over his, aimed his cock and thrust into her quickly and then started to hammer her.  She maintained her high and that high rose further.  Breathless and bright red she clamped down on Bryce’s cock for one more fast and incredibly intense orgasm so powerful she felt her spine crack as she came.  Bryce was way over the edge and lost in a world of sensation as he exploded inside her.  He scooped her up in his arms and kissed her passionately as they were both still cuming.  Mandy clawed at his back with her nails.  She bit his lips and nibbled on his tongue.  Awash in fluids and in need of much rest he squished into her as fully as he could and then rolled them both over onto their side.  They just held that position for five minutes recovering from the urgency of the moment.




From Sara’s bedroom, the scream startled Amanda and she started to bolt towards the door, again.  Sara stopped her and looking at her mom like a little devil she said, “I can’t wait for my turn with him.  Mandy’s never been that loud before and trust me mom, she’s loving it all.”


Her mom looked back at her and said, “In all my years I doubt that I’ve ever screamed that loud having sex before.  I’m really concerned for her.”


Sara smiled and hugged her mom around her waist.  As she put her head against her mom’s breasts she said, “Maybe you and Bryce should have gotten together when you were my age or Mandy’s.  I bet you were pretty bald down there until you were… how old?”


Amanda smacked Sara on her cute butt and said, “Truthfully, fourteen… actually mid fourteen is the first time I saw any evidence that I was actually going to have pubes.  And as for you young lady, you are a very bad girl thinking the way you do.  I never imagined you to be as knowledgeable as you are.  Tell me, how long have you been practicing and experimenting?  You are really very good you know… too good damn it all.  I’m afraid to ask how many kids and adults you’ve been with messing around.”


Repeating a line from Addams Family the movie which she loved she mimicked Wednesday by saying, “Be afraid… very afraid.  As to how long… actually a really long time, mom, just like you.  I bet we started at about the same age.  This just had to be genetic.  God I love genetics so much.  Other girls my age or younger just don’t know what they’re missing.  Actually sex might just make adolescence tolerable.”


Amanda laughed and returned to the bed.  “I need to get dressed and so do you.  I really want to see Mandy’s face really soon.”


Sara didn’t say. “Screw her face look at her puss.”  She knew a long talk was going to happen that evening after she and Mandy were alone.




Bryce and Mandy were now lying on their backs relaxing and holding each others hands.


“Okay… that’s all I’ve got for today,” said Mandy.  “Wow… what an amazing afternoon.  My guess is that Sara is saying to mom that I’m alright, otherwise she would have come crashing through that door – locked or not.  It’s probably time to leave this room.  Maybe we should even get dressed first.”


Bryce laughed at her prediction as he was thinking about the same.  She was one perceptive young lady, and oh how he loved being with her.  “All I’ve got for today?” Bryce jibbed.  “I’ll be lucky to get hard again for three days thanks to you.  But it was damn well worth it.  Quick shower?”


Chapter Thirteen – Afterwards


Bryce was still getting dressed when Mandy told him she’d meet him in the kitchen.  In a very exaggerated voice she proclaimed that she was starving.  Bryce understood, he was as well.


Mandy and Amanda walked out of their bedroom doors almost together with Sara trailing not far behind.


Amanda looked at Mandy very concerned until she saw her face.  It was lit up like a Christmas tree.  She ran to her mom and said, “What a great afternoon mom… I’m not sure what’s going on with you, but that was some gift.  God I feel amazing.”


Peeking around her mom, Sara said, “Well your voice doesn’t seem wrecked.  God Mandy, I’ve never heard you scream like that before.”


Mandy winked at her and said, “Never had a reason to I guess.  Was it really that loud?”


Amanda said, “Yes it was.  I thought he was killing you.  You sure you’re okay?”


Sara interrupted and said, “Mom, remember when you came home after being with Bryce?  You looked about the same way Mandy does now.  Trust me, she’s fine, and someday soon I want to look the same way that Mandy does.”


Mandy said, “And how are you doing little sister?”


“Mom gives great face… you’ve got to try that sometime.  Face and some of her toys at the same time would be amazing.”


Mandy giggled and looked at her moms face.  She was blushing almost as red as Mandy could blush as Amanda said, “Sara, what we did is private… remember that?”


“I will until Mandy and I are alone.  We share you know.”


They all walked into the kitchen and the fridge was raided.  As stuff was being tossed on to the counter top, Bryce walked in.  Amanda caught him out of the corner of her eye.


“You’re a very bad man, Mr. Architect.”


As Bryce started to speak, Mandy said, “Au contraire mon cher, he’s an excellent very good man as you well know mom!”


Amanda walked over to Bryce and gave him a squeeze.  “Just because you didn’t hurt her is one thing.  But someday I want to scream as loudly as she was.  Maybe I was just a little jealous.”  Then Amanda kissed him.


After the kiss she smacked her lips and said, “Do I detect some remnants of Mandy… maybe orange and… raspberry?”


“Black raspberry.  I guess the honey and gardenia is all gone.  Together it’s an amazing combination.  You’ll just have to try it for yourself sometime soon.  God, if I could mix up a batch of that and put that on ice crème, I could retire.”


All three of the girls really laughed at that.  Amanda said, “You’re just like Grayson – no shame at all.”


They all sat down to a healthy serving of cookies and milk.  Sara found the last of a chocolate moose cake and that went too.  As they were eating, Bryce said, “We all need some real sustenance.  Pick a restaurant, let’s all get dressed properly and get some real good healthy food.  What do you say?”


A half-hour later they all headed out to get a nice meal.  A new Sushi restaurant had opened recently that had been reviewed as the very best ever.  It was named, “Simply Fantastic Sushi.”  They had many other Japanese items on the menu and everything was so fresh and well prepared they went crazy.  Many items that hit their palate were so new tasting and amazing that they all left overfull.


Back at the house, Amanda told the girls she needed some time with Bryce.  The girls kissed Bryce goodnight… and not little girl kisses either, which based on the day didn’t surprise Amanda at all.


After they left the room, Amanda mixed some drinks and they went into the study.


“What a day Bryce.  Had anyone told me two weeks ago what would happen today I would have run off screaming into the night.  Aside from being concerned for Mandy today, it was an amazing day.  I’ve always wanted to touch the girls intimately, but stopped myself thinking that it was so wrong of me to even think that way.  To my surprise, I learned that Sara, and I suspect that Mandy too, have been getting their satisfaction regardless of me, and for a long time.  Sara is not one bit ashamed of what happened between us.  She almost made it seem totally normal, and we both enjoyed pleasing each other.  Sara says it is genetic, and I suppose that does have a lot to do with it.  But I’ve been reassessing a lot of things, especially Grayson and what I did to him.. and yes, even the girls.  Somehow it seems so wrong now.  I still truly love him and miss him every day.”


Looking at Bryce she said, “Time for more honesty.  Were any of the three little girls you loved related to you I’m just curious.


“My niece.  She’s sixteen now, but we got involved when she was ten.  We still get together as often as we can.  We share a very nice love for each other.  For a time I lived at my brothers house when he was separating from his wife.  He traveled a lot internationally and I told him I’d take care of her while he was away.”


“How did it all get started between you two?” 


“I was caring for her for nearly a month.  She and I had always been close since she was born and she was a very loving little girl.  We always kissed and she would let me hug and caress her for hours though I never got sexual with her.  About the tenth day, before bed she asked me why I didn’t take baths with her.  That was a surprise question.    I just told her that I thought that she was old enough to take a bath herself and truthfully – I’d never thought about doing that with her.  She told me that my brother and she always took baths together and she missed that.  She also asked me if I would take a bath with her that evening.  Inside, my immediate reaction was that I couldn’t.  I knew I’d get an erection and I was certain that my brother didn’t have that happen to him.  So to be coy I told her that taking a bath with me would probably be different from taking a bath with her dad, and she might not enjoy it.  That evening I was wearing shorts.  It was in the summer and truthfully I’m not into wearing any more than I need to, I wear just enough clothing to not get arrested.  I was unaware that my cock was getting hard just thinking about taking a bath with her.  She noticed and then giggled and blushed a little.  She said, Oh… don’t worry about getting a stiffy… daddy does all the time.  If he didn’t I couldn’t play with his thing until it squirts.  I like to make daddy squirt. He really likes it too.  I was amazed and excited by this as well, so I asked her what else her daddy did to her.  She was as open as she could be.  She said sometimes daddy uses his finger to make me tingle, and sometimes after the bath after we’re all dry, he kisses my tingle button a long time.  I really like that a lot.  I asked her if my brother had told her never to talk about what they did with anyone.  She said she’d never told anyone else, but since I was family it was okay she thought.  Well I straightened her out on that point.  So that night we had our first of many bath’s together.  She still gives perhaps the best hand job I’ve ever had.  And my brother and I discussed the whole thing after his trip.  He was surprised I liked young girls as well.  So that’s the whole story.”


“Interesting Bryce.  But have you been or are you attracted to other young girls?”


“Not as often as you might think, though it does happen.  There’s a fair percentage of young girls that are or want to be sexual.  Guys like me can feel that energy, or at least my brother and I can.  There are times when I’m out shopping or walking and I feel something.  Generally when I look in the direction of the feeling I see a young girl smiling at me.  Some are more forward than others, but the risk is too great, and I wouldn’t ever want to harm a young girl in any way.  Maybe they’re active, maybe not.  Maybe they would regret it if they did something sexual.   If I did hurt them in any way, I swear I’d turn myself in.  So, yes it happens, but I just smile back and move along.  There are only a few times I’ve been tempted, but my feet are smarter than my cock thank heaven.”


“Why Mandy and Sara?”


“Simple.  I got to know them really well.  Kind of like I did with Tracy, my niece.  Sara is demonstrably putting out signals.  She can be quite overt you know.  She’s selective – I know that too.  Mandy once crawled up on my lap and kissed me.  It was obvious that she was knowledgeable and that she wanted to play.  When Sara walked into the kitchen without panties on… well that pretty much tells the tale.  They were very hard to resist, but seriously I wouldn’t have done a thing unless you had done what you did today or told me it was… well okay with you.  Trust me, it was getting really hard (no pun intended) being around those two.”


“As a woman, I would have never guessed that you were interested in little girls.  You are such the amazing lover.”


“Come on Amanda, you look so sixteen – if that.  You are such a beauty and you give out the horny vibe like a radar signal.  You’re so damn sexy and such a loving woman a guy like me couldn’t say no.  Remember, I didn’t.  I love being intimate with you. Besides you are a truly amazing and sensual woman.”


Amanda blushed.  After recovering she said, “Grayson is so much like you are.  In fact had it not been for you, I’d still be a wreck.  I think because of you I’m feeling loved again, and as far as the girls go… even though it is sometimes difficult to understand, I know why they love you so much.  Are you still okay with us being together sometimes?  I’d really like that.”


Bryce got up and pulled Amanda to her feet.  He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.  “My dear Amanda, I’m yours anytime you want me.  I love loving you.”


She rested her head on his chest and said, “I’m about to make some changes and I might need your help.  Without talking about that now, can I ask if you’d help me out?”


“Whatever you need, I’ll be there for you.  Honestly and from the bottom of my heart.  I just really want to see you and the girls happy again.”


Amanda gave Bryce a thank-you kiss for being there for her. 


“Bryce, I’ve got to get some sleep, and if I asked you to stay here I know I’d never get what I need most.  So can we say our good nights?”


“After today, I can tell you that we both need the same thing.  I’ll be back tomorrow around ten.  I have some project work to finish in the office.”


“How is the schedule going anyway?  When do you think it will be complete?”


“We’re ahead of schedule, so mid-week next we’ll be out of here… or I should say the crew will be finished.  Just a few more days.”


“Do you have your next project yet?”


“No I don’t.  I decided to take some time off after this job is finished.  Two weeks in fact.”


“That might work out well for us both,” said Amanda.


They walked to the door, then Amanda took his hand and walked him down the hall.  They listened on the other side of Mandy’s door and all was quiet.  Amanda opened the door and shook her head.  Both girls were entangled in each others arms, bare butt naked and fast asleep.  She walked into the room and covered them with a sheet, then turned and left the room walking to the front door with Bryce.


“I had no idea just how sexual those two are.  You do seem to bring out the best or worst in all three of us,” said Amanda.


A kiss goodnight and Bryce was off.  The next morning he woke very late but he did have a very wide smile on his face.


Chapter Fourteen – The girls get a new sitter


The next week came and went very fast.  The kitchen and the new deck were almost finished.  At the end of the work day, Jason, a master carpenter, went to Bryce and said, “Just finished the 80 grit sand on the KD Redwood.  Want me to dampen it so I can knock it down on Monday with 120?”


“Mist it twice.  It’s nice and warm out there so it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes for it to dry before the second misting.  With the evening dew it should be just right for Monday.  We can probably seal it on Monday as well, so be sure to bring the spray equipment.  With that complete just a little finish work and we’re done with this job.”


Jason agreed.  The other workmen were cleaning up and packing their stuff and leaving.


Bryce scanned the new kitchen and was very proud of the work and the space efficiency.  It would be a chef’s kitchen, not some unworkable pretty artifact that cooked food.  This kitchen could easily manage four cooks without getting in each other’s way and at the same time make a great gathering spot for a large group of people.


As he admired his handiwork, Sara and Mandy came through the front door.  When they left that morning, the kitchen was in turmoil with equipment and cabinets strewn throughout the house.  They were surprised to see it finished.


Sara was delighted until she opened a cabinet to look for food.  All there was inside the cabinets were post it notes detailing what went where.


“They’re all empty,” said Bryce.  The boxes are in the garage.  Tonight you guys and your mom get to put it all back.


“It’s really pretty, Bryce,” said Mandy.  It looks so much larger than it did, yet there seems to be much more storage room.  How did you manage that?”


Bryce hugged her and said, “Not to be condescending but that would take a long time to explain.  For now, just enjoy it.  Most of the illusion though is in the colors we selected for the cabinets, walls, and floors.  The skylights help too. 


“Mandy,” Sara yelled, “The deck is finished too.  With the new spa that’s going to be a lot of fun.”  For whatever reason, Sara ran out of the kitchen and said, “I’ve got to get out of these stupid clothes.”


“Sara, the deck is not done… please don’t walk on it with bare feet… you can do that on Tuesday.” 


Bryce looked down at Mandy and said, “I hope she heard that.  Better go tell her that there are some workmen still around.  I don’t want her coming out here naked looking to jump into a spa that has no water in it and isn’t even connected yet.”


Mandy looked around then jumped up and gave Bryce a quick kiss and headed off to talk to Sara.


Bryce walked outside to see Jason finishing up.  As soon as he turned off the hose, he picked up his lunch box, turned to say bye to Bryce and headed off to his truck.  Jason was the last to leave.


The deck was magnificent.  It was done with 1st growth kiln dried Redwood in 4” and 2” widths in a herringbone pattern.  Each section around the spa section was trimmed with two inch padauk, an African Vermilion hard wood.  It was a beautiful dark cinnamon colored wood that was beautifully striped in purple.  When it was being sawn, the dust actually smelled like cinnamon. 


As he stood admiring it, Sara having come out of a side door ran out on the deck barefoot and nearly slid to a halt.  That’s when she screamed bloody murder.


Bryce kicked off his shoes and walked out onto the deck in his stocking feet.  “Damn it Sara, I told you it wasn’t finished.”


She was crying some, so he lifted her up and carried her into the kitchen.  Mandy joined them there.


Bryce looked at her big toe seeing the rather large redwood spear under the flesh, then turned and looked seriously at Mandy and said, “Should we amputate?”


Sara’s eyes opened wide and her mouth flew open as Bryce and Mandy cracked up.


“Damn you two… but man this really hurts.”


Five minutes later he carried her to the couch as Amanda walked through the front door.


After hearing the details, Amanda got down on her knees and picked up Sara’s foot, pealed back the Band-Aid and took a peak.  As she was ready to put her foot back down she looked into Sara’s eyes and said, “If you don’t start wearing panties, I’m going to get really angry with you.  Then she lightly pinched her sore toe.  Understand?”


“That really hurt mom… sheesh.  Besides it’s nice and warm outside and I love the breeze blowing up my culottes… it tickles, and its fun.”


Bryce was standing behind Amanda and even though he was semi-hard before, when Amanda exposed Sara, he firmed up some more.  Mandy had this look on her face and was ready to start laughing.  Amanda caught the look and turned her head to see Bryce’s hardness.


As she stood up, she lightly slapped Bryce’s cock and said, “You are all impossible… my god.”  As Bryce flinched, everyone started to laugh, Amanda and Bryce being the last.


“Okay girls, I need to speak to Bryce, so go and finish your homework for Monday right now.”


Mandy helped Sara hobble to her room and Amanda walked Bryce into the kitchen.  After fifteen minutes of Oooh’s and Aaaah’s from Amanda about her new kitchen, they were sitting at the table.


“Bryce, I need a big favor.  Could you handle watching the girls until next Tuesday?  I’m flying out tonight on the red-eye, and my sitter is ill and I… wow this really tells the tail… I don’t trust the girls to be alone and I need someone I can totally trust to look after them.”  Saying that, she shook her head back and forth and sighing like she should know better than to do this, then giggling at the thought.


“Can I ask what’s going on I mean where will you be going?”


“You can ask, but I’m unsure of the outcome, so no, I’m keeping my mouth shut.  You’ll be able to contact me through my cell and I’ll give you the phone number of the hotel I’ll be staying at, but please don’t call me unless it is an emergency… okay?”


“Sounds serious, Amanda, and sure, I’ll take care of the girls.  I hope you don’t mind if they come to my house as well as me staying here.  Oh, and you know that there is a good possibility that I’m not going to be a saint while you’re away.  Is that okay?”


“If Sara doesn’t get you alone soon she’s going to go crazy and do something really stupid.  I can just tell.  The culottes were just another sign that she’s close.  I trust you to be careful, but she has an eager little beaver.  My god, my thirteen year old is hot for one of the best guy’s I’ve ever met, and my sixteen year old can’t get enough of him either.  As for me, I just haven’t had time to get you alone lately.  I’m surprised you’re not dead yet from all of this activity.  Does it ever get tiring?”


“Sorry Amanda it doesn’t.  It’s more invigorating than even I could imagine.  My only fear and fantasy would be to have all three of you in bed at the same time.  It might kill me, but what a way to go.  Oh do the girls know you’re leaving yet?”


“Let’s tell them now.  I leave for the airport right after dinner.”


Inside Bryce knew that she was somehow going to go see Grayson.  She wanted him back knowing full well what would happen, and it seemed okay with her.  She was still very much in love with him.  He could tell just from the short conversations she had with him about their marriage.  Excepting getting caught with both girls in the bedroom, it almost seemed like a storybook romance, unless she was just fantasizing about her experiences with him.


Bryce wasn’t so sure about himself.  Would Grayson accept him, or be really pissed off at him.  He knew that Amanda would bring him up in the conversation.  Well that was just something that Bryce would have to face head on when it happened.  He knew that if it all went wrong, it would all go wrong after he and Sara had a few tumbles.  That, he was not going to deny himself.


When the girls were told, they were not as happy as he thought they would be.  Yes, they were excited that they would be spending a lot of time with Bryce, but what their mom was doing remained a mystery.  That gave them concern, but they trusted their mom and knew it had to be really important.  While Sara was clueless, Bryce could see a glimmer in Mandy’s eyes.  She too suspected that her mom was off to talk to her father.  That excited her, but she remained very quiet about her thought just in case she was wrong.


Chapter Fifteen  Parties, Realizations and Great Sex


Shortly after Amanda left for the airport, Mandy’s cell phone wrung.  All that Sara and Bryce heard after the call completed was, “Shit…. oh my god.”


Bryce ran to Mandy and said, “What’s going on?  You okay?”


“Just embarrassed really.”  She looked at Sara and said, “I forgot tonight is Lisa’s birthday sleepover and she called to see why I was so late.”


“Did you get her a gift?” Asked Sara.


“Yea, its sitting on my dresser all wrapped and ready to go.  Bryce… can I go?  I really have to.  Do you mind taking me?”


“Sure… just leave me Lisa’s home number and address.  I was going to take you both to my place tonight, but I guess I’ll stay here tonight with Sara.  I’ll get you to your party and then stop at my place to pick up some clothes.  If anything happens, call me here on the house phone… promise?”


Sara’s face lit up like the sun.  She had a smile that went clear across her face and her eyes were twinkling like stars as she said, “Oh wow… you mean that I’ll finally have you all to myself… all night long?  What a burden.  I hope you’re not tired Bryce, cause if you are you’re going to feel a lot worse in the morning.”


Mandy cracked up, and said, “Just be careful Sara… don’t over do.  What am I saying?  There’s nothing I could say to you to stop you from throwing caution to the wind is there?


“Not a bit big sister,” Sara said smugly.


Mandy looked up to Bryce and said, “Okay, so you are going to have to at least act like the adult here.  Take care of my sister… I mean… shit you know what I mean.  Right Bryce?”


“Got it.  I promise to keep her as healthy as she is right now.  Maybe a little more tired than normal, but we’ll do just fine.  Now let’s get going.”


When they got to Lisa’s house, Mandy said, “Park the SUV.  All the moms and dads take their kids to the door when they drop them off.  You’ll have to meet Lisa’s parents.  ‘Cause she wouldn’t let me go without my mom picking me up or the person who dropped me off.  That’s the arrangement they have.  You are now officially my Uncle Bryce, and you are dropping me off because mom had to go out of town unexpectedly, and you are taking care of us.  Got that?”


Bryce just nodded his head in agreement.


Mandy rang the bell and a voice inside said, “It’s open.”


Mandy opened the door and Bryce and Sara followed her into the short hallway.  There was a lot of noise coming from the kitchen and the same voice said, “We’re in the back.”


Bryce and Sara followed Mandy into a family room packed full of little girls, and bigger girls who were all very pretty and scampering around in their night clothes.  A quick count gave Bryce a total of twelve young ladies.


When the girls saw Bryce they didn’t get shy or attempt to cover anything.  But some of them did smile at Bryce.  A tallish long haired brunette, with huge mahogany eyes came running over to Mandy.


“Is everything okay Mandy… What’s going on?  I’m really glad I called you.”


“Everything is fine, mom just had to go away for a few days on business unexpectedly…”


Just as Mandy was speaking a lovely woman in her mid thirties who seemed to be the mother of who he assumed to be Lisa popped her head around the corner. 


“… This is my uncle Bryce.  Uncle Bryce, this is Lisa the birthday girl and… Oh hi Sandy… this is Lisa’s mom.”


Sandy was sort of stunned to see Bryce.  Then she said to Bryce’s confusion, “Wow, you and your brother surely do look a lot alike.  I’m surprised I never met you before?”


Mandy immediately said, “Uncle Bryce just moved back in town a couple of months ago.  Before he lived so far away I hardly ever got a chance to see him.  We’re all glad he’s back though.”


Bryce said, “Nice to meet you both.  What time should I pick up Mandy tomorrow?”


Sandy smiled at Bryce and said, “Oh we’ll probably take the girls home around two or three tomorrow.  If plans change Mandy can give you a call.”


Lisa looked at Sara and said, “Hi Sara.  Sorry this is just a sophomore party.  Mom told me I couldn’t have more than ten at the party, and somehow there are more already.  I’d really like you to stay.  Mom is it okay?”


Before Sandy could reply, she said, “It’s really okay… honest.  I go to a lot of parties without Mandy, and besides it’s been a busy week for me.  Uncle Bryce and I are just going to watch a movie and turn in early.  I’m really beat, and Uncle Bryce’s had a really busy week too.  But you guys have a great time.  I’ll probably hear all about it anyway.”


Lisa looked sad, but Sara went up to her and gave her a hug and whispered to her, “It’s really okay… have a great time.”


Sandy looked pleased at Sara’s apparent social skills and maturity.  Bryce said, “Well it’s time to go Mandy.  I’ll see you tomorrow sometime, but call if you need anything.”


Back in the SUV Bryce said, “Turn in early indeed… boy you do have a way with words.”


After she giggled she said, “And what were you thinking about as you scanned that room full of scantily clad little hotties?”


“Truthfully… just you my dear.”


“Oh come on Bryce… tell me what you were really thinking?”


“I did… honest.   Sure, I noticed that Lisa was really cute, and a couple of others too, but there are always a lot of pretty young ladies just about wherever you go.  But you see, it’s more than appearance that is attractive.  While that’s probably the first thing we all notice, it’s truly only a part of an attraction to someone.”


“You’re really serious aren’t you?”


“Sara, I’ll never lie to you, and yes… I’m very serious.  But I have a question for you.  Lisa’s mom looked really surprised when she saw me.  Do I really look that much like your dad?  The photo your mom showed me of him was not great quality so it was hard to tell.”


“Yea, Bryce… you do.  It’s kind of freaky actually.”


“When we get back to the house, I’ll show you a good picture.  That will make it a lot easier.  Okay?”


An hour later, after Bryce collected his things, took a quick shower and changed at his place, he and Sara arrived back at the house..  Bryce grabbed his duffel from the SUV and soon they were in the house.


Sara said, “What bedroom are we sleeping in tonight, Mom’s or mine?  Mom’s bed is longer and that’s probably good for you, but it’s your call.”


“Amanda’s room is fine sweetie.”


“Okay, now sit down, give me a few minutes and I’ll be right back.”


That said, she took his bag and walked towards the hall.  Five minutes later she returned dressed in a thin cotton print nightshirt carrying what looked like a picture frame.


She sat next to Bryce and said, “Have a look and handed him the picture.”


Bryce was really stunned.  The photo could have been of him, but he knew it wasn’t.  Sara noticed the look on his face.  “That’s a picture of my dad just a couple of months before he left.  That’s why Sandy said what she did.”


“I had an idea I resembled your dad, but nothing close to this.  It’s really kind of frightening.  We’re all supposed to have a double somewhere in the world, but… wow.”


Sara cuddled up to him and held onto his arm.  “Remember the day mom and I met you in the food court… well before we came to the table we were looking for Mandy and spotted you two.  Mom and I nearly freaked thinking it was dad.  I’ll tell you my heart skipped three beats before it settled down.  It didn’t take long to see you weren’t dad.  Your mannerisms are different, but the way you speak… I mean the sound is very close to the way dad sounds.  You use words a lot differently though.  You just look, and sound alike…” Then Sara giggled, “… all the way down to your cock.  They’re almost identical, but I think yours is just a little fatter than dads.  I’ll know better when I put my lips around it.”


“Well I can’t wait to hear if you are correct,” he laughed tickling her a bit in her ribs.


“Go change first, I want us to watch a movie.”


“Change into what?”


Your PJs… or whatever you wear to bed.”


“I don’t own any PJ’s, and I sleep naked, so where does that leave us?”


“It’s warm, so put on some sweat shorts and come back, or don’t wear anything – I really don’t care.  Just get comfortable.”


“Okay,” he said, “But while I’m gone, close all of the curtains.  I don’t want anybody seeing anything that we’re going to be doing.”


When Bryce walked back into the TV Room, the drapes were closed, the lights were set to low and Sara was fiddling with the DVD player.  Bryce decided to just wear a pair of Boris and Natasha boxer shorts with a huge fly.


“You look adorable,” said Sara laughing at his underwear.


“So, what’s the movie?”


Sara gave Bryce her evil eye and that mischievous grin of hers and said, “It’s really special, and please don’t tell Mandy I showed it to you.  Okay?”


“It doesn’t look like something you purchased.  I mean the case is just plain black, “ he said. 


“A friend of mine and I made it.  Like I said it’s really special,” she said almost giddy.


“Oh I can’t wait to see this,” he said sarcastically.  “Does Mandy know this DVD exists?”   


“She suspects but she’s never seen it.  She’s not in this one, but I have one that she is in.  She doesn’t know about that one either, but I know she has at least two DVDs with me in them.”


Bryce sat down and Sara came to the large recliner and jumped up on top of Bryce spreading her legs across his and resting her head on his shoulder holding the remote control.


She pushed the play button, sat the remote on the chair’s arm, then took Bryce’s arms and wrapped them around her resting one of his hands on her lightly covered mons.  She pulled up her nightshirt then kept adjusting herself until her butt crack was right on top of Bryce’s cock.


For a few seconds the TV was alternating dark colors and the camera was moving.  Then all of a sudden a small pair of tits that were out of focus appeared on the TV.  The camera was adjusted a little as the tits moved out of frame.  That revealed a bedroom wide shot.  You could see the bed and nearly all of the three walls too.  It was a girl’s bedroom.  Soon the tits and what was attached to it came into focus.  Then he heard, “Come on Sara… have a look?”


Sara and the other girl walked into frame, both were naked.  He wasn’t sure what kind of monitor they were watching but in no time at all Sara playfully reached up and pinched the other girls’ right nipple.


The other girl slapped her hand away and giggled as her nipples hardened. 


“That’s Sally, one of my best friends,” said Sara.


“Cover the camera with some junk,” said Sally, and push it back on the dresser.  Let’s get the other girls in here.  As soon as Mom leaves for work, the boys will show up, I hope.”


He heard Sara off camera say, “The boys will show up… they always show up.”


Before they left the room, they slipped on nightshirts then embraced and kissed each other for the camera as both girls let their hands run all over the other ones body.


“Bryce said, “So is this a typical sleep over party today?”


“Nope, this one is over the top.  Most sleepovers have the girls talking about what they want to do with boys or girls.  This one is for those who really want to do it.  If you look over on the left side of the room by the chest of drawers… see the big Minnie Mouse stuffed animal?”




“Look at Minnie’s left eye.”


“It looks strange, Sara.”


“That’s because that is where the second camera is.  There are three cameras all working in the bedroom.”


“Clever.  How many of the girls know that this is being recorded?”


“Just me and Sally… she has the only other DVD.”


After Sara fast forwarded the DVD awhile, the room was now occupied by six girls.  Their ages, based on appearance alone, were probably eleven to thirteen.  They all were acting just like little girls talking and playing and poking at each other.  Most of them were real lookers too.


The camera’s switched: Then he heard Sally say, “Simmer down… I’m drawing the lottery.”  She held up a large mason jar with pieces of paper inside.  She held it high as Sara pulled one of the strips of paper out.


Sara said, “Who has number eleven?”


A scream was heard and a really cute just pubescent girl with dirty blonde hair said, “ME!”


“Okay, Tawne gets her pick first.  Who will it be?”


“I want Michael,” she said.  There were a lot of sad faces in the room when she said that.


“Take off your nightie… you’re set.”


Blushing, she pulled the nightie up and over her head.  While her hair was dirty blonde, her pubes were virtually bare, and she did have very cute mounds on her chest with tight small aureole’s and hard nipples.  There was still some baby fat on her but her face glowed with anticipation.


“So Sara, has Sally’s mom left yet?”


“Uh huh… she left when I was fast forwarding.  We’re all alone.”


Sara was starting to wiggle against Bryce’s cock and Bryce was also getting quite hard.


“Like what you see, Bryce?” Sara said sarcastically.


“Oh yes… you have some very beautiful girl friends.”


Back to the movie, Sally said, “Okay Tawne, pick your second.”


Four of the girls that were left including Sally all said, “Pick me,” over and over all at the same time.  There was one dejected looking young girl in the back of the bedroom who held her head down and Tawne noticed her.


She said, “Angelina… would you like to be my second?”


When she didn’t respond right away, a girl standing next to her nudged her in her ribs and said something that was inaudible.


Angelina’s eyes lit up really fast and looked toward Tawne and said, “You mean it?  You’ll pick me for your second with Michael?  Really?


“Only if you want me to pick you.”


Angelina ran up to the front to stand by Tawne and was so excited she threw her arms around her and gave her a very big wet kiss.  The cameras switched again as Angelina said, “I never thought anyone would pick me… so thanks a lot.  I owe you.”  Then she started jumping up and down and screaming YES.  The other girls were actually sort of happy for her.  She was the youngest, and it showed when she took off her night shirt.  Angelina was tall for her age and fairly small boned, but muscular.   Tall and thin with very long legs she took her night shirt off.  She had no tits, just starting to develop nipples, but her mons was a different matter entirely.  Angelina was blonde haired and light blue eyed.  Her labia were covered with very light strands of very blonde hair, with hardly any hair at all above her slit.  It looked unusual but it made Bryce’s cock twitch.


“Like that, don’t you Bryce.  She may look young and naïve but she can be a real hottie.”


Bryce took the remote and stopped the movie.  “So…what’s a second?”


“There are six girls and three boys.  Most boys never loose their hard-on so we take advantage of that.  There are three draws.  The girl who wins the draw gets to pick the boy and another girl who gets the same boy after the first girl is finished with him.  If a girl wins second, and her number is drawn on the next pull, she can stay the second, or pick another boy and be first and then name another second.  Get it?”


“Yea in a mad kind of crazy girl way it all makes sense.  But don’t the boys get to choose anything?”


“Nope.  They get something that few boys their age get… a chance to play with girls naked. Its ladies choice what the boy can do to; or with them.  Most of the girls do most all of it anyway, so they have it made if they’re invited to our special parties.  And if they ever tell, they’re dead meat, and they’ll never get anything ever again.” 


Sara put the player into fast forward again, this time running the time up by almost a half hour.  She stopped it after the boys were there and had taken off their clothes.  Then he noticed that the boys were blindfolded.  He thought that was clever.  While they could probably guess who they were with, there was an uncertainty to it that aroused them more it seemed.


In no time Michael was on the bed.  He was about fourteen with a nice medium size package and a good looking kid as well.  Tawne was touching his legs while Angelina was playing with his chest.  She also bent in to kiss Michael.  He didn’t disappoint.  As Angelina was kissing him, Tawne laid between his legs and took his cock into her hand.  She stroked it some and then put her lips around it.  Michael flinched but he started kissing Angelina with more passion.  


Sara was starting to squirm on Bryce’s lap but his boxers were constraining him.  He turned Sara’s head towards him and kissed her.  She turned slightly to her right and kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him close.


“Can I take off my boxers, I’m uncomfortable.  I’d like you to take off your nightie too.  You okay with that?”


Before he finished the sentence, Sara had jumped off the chair pulled the nightie off over her head and grabbed the legs of his boxers and said, “Lift your bottom!”


He did and his boxers flew off him very quickly landing on the carpet.  Sara hit the pause button and jumped up on lap facing him.  She came in for another kiss, then tweaked his nipples.  After kissing him quickly again she said, “Here’s the deal.  I want you to do something for me.  As we watch the movie I want to lay on you like before, but I’m going to play with your cock and rock on it in my slit.  Play with my nips, my clit and do whatever you want.  When I’m about to cum and you are too, I’m going to put just the tip of your cock inside me, and not much more than the head of your cock.  I want you to cum inside me.  Mandy says you cum a lot, and it’s really hot.  Sorry Bryce but it’s something that dad and I used to do, and I want to do it with you.  It’s been a long time.  After the movie, take me into the bedroom and let’s do the real thing as many times as we can all night long.  But only cum in my puss or mouth – please don’t waist any of your stuff.  If you can hold out, cum inside me when Marty cums inside me in the movie.  That was a cool night.


“How long into the movie does that happen?”


I won the number 2 spot, so we come after Michael and Tawne.  I chose Amiko as my second.  You’ll see a lot more of her soon enough.  She’s dynamite and she gives great face.  She also kisses like no one else I’ve met… at least for a girl.  I could mac on her all night long.”


Bryce hugged and kissed this little dynamo for a few minutes before starting the DVD again.  Just before he started he said, “Let me play with you for awhile before you start on me.  Trust me, it will be better for you that way.”


She giggled kissed him on the cheek and said, “Go for it.”  Then she spun around and hit the play button. 


Bryce could feel the baby softness of her skin against his chest, and her firm tiny bottom on his lap.  She spread her legs wide and Bryce started to touch her chest.  She was smaller, and shorter than Mandy but her skin had an amazing feel to it.  His hands found her undeveloped breasts but also noticed the slight swell of them under his hands and her not quite little girl nipples were reacting to his touch.  His hands went to her stomach as he reveled in her body.  With one hand he wet his index finger and started circling her nipple.  She shivered and giggled at the sensations.  His other hand had to sample that beautiful pussy of hers.  And beautiful it was.  Some little girl pussies have a fine layer of fuzz covering them, and others are just bare skin.  Hers was just bare skin.  His hand slowly made its way to the target.  As his fingers glided over her skin, he could feel her mound rising high off her body.  Soon the soft pliant flesh like a luxury pillow touched his fingertips.  His index finger found her keyhole.  While keyhole pussies are rare, some of them are very beautiful, and hers was.  He labia were full but her pussy wasn’t terribly wide.  It was long, very long and he had waited a long time to explore Sara’s pussy.   


His finger followed the key slot as it separated her thick labia.  Soon his finger was on her clit ridge.  Not nearly as large as Mandy’s but it was longer ending in another smaller pearl that was exposed as his finger tip grabbed some moisture from her slit and gently circled her clit touching it lightly occasionally.  Finally he just put his hand across her whole pussy and squeezed the flesh together.  Her breathing was ragged and he had just noticed.  As he stroked her pussy he looked at the TV for a moment to see Tawne mounting Michael’s cock as she faced a very happy Angela who was sitting on Michael’s face getting lapped from ass hole to clit.  His hand held her hips as his mouth worked her over.  Watching Tawne’s vagina stretch to accept Michael’s cock, he watched the folds of her labia surround and consume him.  His cock twitched.


While his eyes focused on the TV, his real excitement was coming from touching Sara.  The video was certainly not professional but it was quite good.  The way they lit the room and edited the movie, was well done and they also kept camera switches to a minimum.  There was all kinds of activity in the room.  Girls with girls, other girls eager to get their turn with the boys.  The boys were unusually quiet.  The ladies were running this show and the boys knew it. 


As Tawne, Michael and Angelina were going for it near the center of the bed, off to the side Sara was taking off the remainder of Craig’s clothes.  He saw little flashes of the Asian girl Amiko, but she was still mostly out of frame.  Craig was a handsome boy.  His hair was thick and sandy blond.   Bodywise he had a well defined very trim but muscular build.  He wasn’t short or tall, but proportionally he was very handsome.  Bryce figured he was around thirteen.  Sara dropped Craig’s tighty whities and let them cling to his knees as she put her hands around his shaft that was already quite hard.  After a few strokes, Sara put her lips around his circumcised cock and took all of him into her mouth.  For his age, Craig had a nice, reasonably thick and straight just under five inch cock.  His pubes were the same light color of his head, but it was limited to just above his cock.  His nut sack looked to be free of hair.


Michael was thrusting his hips from underneath Tawne and it seemed that he was close to orgasm.  Angelina was now kissing him and lying at his side while Michael’s hand was rubbing her pussy.  The sounds in the room were getting loud as Tawne bounced on his shiny wet cock.  Michael let go a huge grown as his hips locked him in-place and he started shaking.  Tawne screamed, “NOT YET… JUST ANOTHER FEW SECONDS.” 


But it was too late.  Michael’s nut sack was tight to his body and after a couple more groans his cock popped out of Tawne and he shot his small load up her butt crack.  But then to everyone’s surprise, Angelina pushed Tawne over on her side and put her mouth on Tawne’s pussy.  In no time, Tawne screamed herself to orgasm.  When she was sure that Tawne was finished, Angelina put her mouth on Michael’s wilting cock and sucked him clean.  By the time she was done, Michael was already hard again. 


Cameras switched and the focus was on Sara, Craig and Amiko.  Now Bryce could really see her.  She was standing at the foot of the bed as Sara and Craig were doing a sixty-nine.  Craig held Sara’s cute bottom and moved her pussy and bottom over his mouth.  The view was from the side of the two of them.  Craig’s legs were hanging off the foot of the bed.  Sara was giving the boy great head and he seemed to be really enjoying it.


Amiko was simply a work of art.  Bryce always had a soft spot for the genetically small boned and tiny Asian females.  Amiko was Amerasian.  Her body and features were Asian, but her coloring was Caucasian.   Bryce couldn’t guess at her height, it was probably around five-foot five inches, but she looked taller because of her small boned frame.  She had a beautiful hour glass figure and a matched pair of strikingly beautiful double ‘a’ size breasts with pink nipples.  She was long wasted with long beautifully tapered legs, and small feet.  Her hair was chestnut brown and hung to just below her waist.  As she turned to face the camera, her hairless pussy came into view.  Her mons rose slightly from her pubic bone and her labia were long and medium thick.  Bryce found himself very attracted to Amiko. 


Coming back to the moment, he also found that he was using both hands to open Sara’s labia and fondle them as he lightly stroked her clit.  Somehow, Sara had found some lube somewhere and had her hands wrapped around Bryce’s very slick cock and was bending his cock upwards to contact her clit and clit ridge as she slowly used her hands to stroke his cock, while her hips moved over his length.  One hand just sort of twisted on his cock head while her finger tips circled his glans just enough.  It felt amazing to him, and strangely enough he liked having his stiff cock bent upward.


Sara turned her head to look at Bryce as she smiled at him.  She said, “You’ve got the hots for Amiko don’t you?


“She’s really beautiful Sara.  How old is she?


Amiko’s the oldest.  She’s fifteen now, and hasn’t changed much at all, but she did recently change her hair style.  We’re really very close.”


Changing the subject she continued, “I really like the way you play with my pussy.  You’ve got me hanging at a really nice place Bryce.  It’s not going to be too much longer.  With Amiko in the picture you’re going to cum faster when you see what happens.  Your cock feels so hot… god it’s been a long time.  Kiss me for awhile.


Sara rolled over on top of Bryce to face him.  Here blue eyes were twinkling and her smiling bright red medium think lips closed over Bryce’s.   As she sucked on Bryce’s tongue and lips she ground her pussy over his pubic bone.  He held onto her bottom pulling her butt cheeks apart – slid his fingers down her crack for moisture and started rimming her butt hole with his finger.


Bryce got overwhelmed by the sensations of this sex kitten.  He couldn’t resist and after some more kisses he turned her upside down and split her legs resting her thighs on his shoulders as he dove his face into her pussy.  He so wanted to taste her.  Sara wasted no time at all either.  She took his cock and lowered her mouth on it.  She almost had him consumed when he heard her choke.  She slowed for a moment and then manipulated his cock slowly as she consumed all of him that she possibly could.  He dove into to her fat labia.  As the flat of his tongue found her clit ridge his nose ended up poking at her butt hole.  She tasted amazing and her fluids were gathering fast.  Lightly viscous, she – like her sister – had a similar taste, but Sara’s scent was almost like strawberries and cream.  The floral scents and light musk were in the background, but there nonetheless.  Her labia were thick filling his mouth.  He sucked the juices out of her as he nipped at her clit.  Now with one hand around his shaft, Sara was concentrating on the head of Bryce’s cock.  Her tongue lapped at the ridge of his mushroomed head as she stroked him with her hand.  Thankfully in the position she was in; his glans received little stimulation.  That was good he thought.  But what she was doing sent chills up and down his spine and he pressed his nose into her receptive bottom.  But it was getting too intense and he had to stop before he lost control.  He could tell that Sara was close as well and the thought of shooting into her and the pressure of her vagina on his cock was just too exciting to miss.  So he stopped and turned her over again coming back to the spot where they started and their lips met as they mixed their juices together in a long protracted kiss.


“Good time to stop that… it was getting really intense.  Oh, you are a little thicker than dad.  I really love your cock.  It’s also hotter than dad’s and I like the little jerks it does all by itself.  It a real tell on what is turning you on.”


As she flipped around and got back into position they both looked at the TV.  The scene had changed and Sara was just easing herself down onto Craig.  Again it was a side view, so some of the action was obscured.  Amiko on the other hand had moved above Craig’s head.  She was facing towards his feet as she lowered her tit to Craig’s lips.  He understood immediately and put his arms around her back bringing her closer to his mouth.  The look on Sara’s face was priceless as she sat on Craig.  When she was sitting on him, she put her hands on his hips and started bouncing on his cock.  Amiko started twisting Craig’s nipples quite hard, and he responded by nibbling on her nipples with his teeth.  The more she twisted, the harder he bit.  Amiko seemed to really enjoy this and not much later, another girl came up behind Amiko – spread her butt cheeks and started lapping at her pussy.  Amiko’s hair fell off her back and slid on to the bed opposite the camera view.  She rested her head on Craig’s chest for a few seconds as she moved her hips to the rhythm of the girl eating her out.


“Cool, huh?” Said Sara.


“Damn sexy… she is a real little hottie Sara.”


“She gives great face too.  How close are you Bryce?”


“Just trying to hang on.”


“Me too.”


“Get ready.  I really want to feel you inside me.  Start pinching me just above my clit.  You know, a snap pinch.”


Bryce smiled getting the picture really fast.  Soon enough his thumb and index finger gripped her clit ridge and as he pinched and rubbed it, he would let her lubrication allow for just enough friction for him to snap his finger and thumb off her clit hood.  Each time he did this she jerked wildly.


Her hands were busy with Bryce’s cock.  At first she avoided rubbing his glans and just bending his cock upward as she slid her slit across the top of his cock.  His hands got in the way sometimes but to her it still felt amazing.


Watching the TV he could tell that Sara was close to orgasm.  He changed his tactics by just using his index finger to run around her clit touching it from time to time. With his other hand he started tweaking her nipples and kissing her on the neck.


Just before the Sara in the video started her orgasm, Amiko started crawling forward to Sara over Craig’s body lapping his chest, biting his nipples and then almost laying on him just below his stomach.  She looked up at Sara, smiled at her, tossed her hair over her back and bent downward and started licking Sara’s clit and Craig’s cock as she lowered her hips to have her pussy land on his mouth.  The other girl behind her followed her and soon Amiko was getting butt licked by the girl and a clit lapping by Craig.


Bryce’s excitement was nearly at an all time high and his Sara was breathing deeply and moaning.  As soon as Amiko started lapping on her slit on the TV, Sara climbed up Bryce’s chest – took his cock and started swiping it up and down her slit.  Bryce just let her do what she wanted.  Bryce’s cock was an angry purple-black as she gripped his shaft an inch below his cock head.  She guided it to her vagina and set the tip of his cock dead center.  As she arched her hips backwards a little she pulled open her labia with one hand while guiding his cock inside her.  He slid inside much more easily than he expected.  When her hand stopped him from going further she started to masturbate him.  It was a feeling unlike any other that Bryce has experienced.  He felt the hot slick and tight tube his cock was in and try as he wanted he had to move.  So as she masturbated him, he let himself slide in and out of her with stroke lengths of about two inches.


Both Bryce and Sara’s eyes were fixed on the TV, watching Sara, Amiko and Craig coming to orgasm.  Everyone else that could be seen in the bedroom was quiet and focused on the three of them.  Some were masturbating, some were actually drooling and others were climaxing along with the three on the bed.


While Sara stroked Bryce with her hand, she also started bobbing up and down on his cock.  As a consequence, he was penetrating her deeper and it felt wonderful. Now about four inches inside her, her tightness was tearing at his urethra, and he could have cared less.  He felt Sara’s body shuttering with little pre-orgasmic nerve twitches.  She was lost in a sea of sensations that were heightening each moment.  He could feel himself just on the verge.  That wonderful sensation of fluids rising in his urethra burned his senses and cock.  Just then, the Sara on the TV lost it.  She fell on top of Amiko and held on to her as she bounced on Craig’s cock.  The poor boys cock was so hard you could actually see the waves of fluids rising in his urethra and his contractions while shooting into her.  Amiko crawled out from underneath Sara, laid her head on Craig’s chest as her body rocked with orgasm.  Amiko stroked and kissed her back as she came.


Sara was trying to steady herself with her feet on Bryce’s thighs, but as she peaked and her orgasm fired off she lost the battle and her legs went rubbery.    Her weight just collapsed on top of him. To both of them it was a real surprise when just as Bryce was peaking; he was thrust fully inside Sara.  That still left more than two inches of his cock outside her.  Immediately he scrunched his hips forward pulling out of her some, but at the same moment his body started involuntarily humping her.  The first shot of his semen exploded from his cock.  Sara was screaming in delight and so was Bryce. His body just took over and his hips guided his cock in and out of her little girl body.


“SO GOOD… SO HOT… so different from dad,” said Sara between gulps of air and her little girl screams of delight.


As he shot his load, he turned her face toward his and kissed her intensely.  Her arms encircled his neck and she pulled him closer to her.  He couldn’t believe the feeling he was having.  Her vaginal walls seemed to be sucking his cock.  Each explosion into her, he went inside her further, but there was only so much depth to her.  Her pussy was dripping with fluids easing the tightness of her tube.  He was bouncing off her cervix and still shooting and his body was wracked in near continuous orgasm.  More surprising to him was that Sara’s vagina started tightening again.  Tighter and tighter she got and then she exploded in orgasm again.  It was a repeat of her first orgasm.  She pulled away from his mouth to breathe - inhaling huge and deep gulps of air.  She alternately flopped around like a rag doll and then her whole body tensed as her nerve endings fired off in her body and extremities.


Bryce stopped shooting but his intense orgasm was still in play.  Not as intense as it was at first but the pleasure was gripping.  He held the little girl in his arms as she started to come back to normal.  He loved holding her in his arms, he loved her smells and the salty taste of her skin as he licked her. 


He started to pull himself out of her.  Her eyes opened wide and simply said, “Don’t… it feels too wonderful.”


She offered her lips to him and they kissed tenderly for some time.  Sara spun on his cock, and rolled over onto him and went limp; her chest against his.  Her head curled under his chin.  He stroked her back and bottom as her breathing slowed and returned to normal. 


While she rested, Bryce started watching the TV again.  The Sara on the screen was now curled behind her Craig with eyes closed much like she was on Bryce’s stomach.  Amiko was facing Craig between his legs and attempting to get him hard again by sucking on his cock.  It didn’t take the boy long to respond either.  Bryce could tell that Craig was peaking at Amiko under his mask.  The smile on his face was confirmation.  After he was hard enough, Amiko put herself parallel to Craig and pulled him on top of her. Somehow as she did that, the knot holding his mask on slipped and the blindfold fell onto her.  She smiled as him as he smiled back at her, tossed the mask to the carpet and said, “Now it’s my turn.”


As he positioned himself he stopped for a few moments and sucked and played with her firm young little breasts.  As he readied himself, Amiko spread her legs wide and as he entered her, she curled those long tapered legs around his back and said, “Do it fast and really hard, or you’ll just have to do it right the next time.”


Just as he started the camera switched to the third boy who was getting blown by a very tall, gangly girl of indeterminate age with “A” size tits but hardly an hourglass figure.  She was pretty enough and would be a stunning beauty in a few years.  He watched for a moment but then hit the stop button on the DVD player.


“How you doing sweetie?” He asked Sara.


Mmmmmm, just really enjoying the warmth of your stomach.  I could really take a nap just now… wish I had a light blanket.


“Are you okay?  I hope I didn’t hurt you.  It seems that circumstances just took over from your original plan.”


She moved her head to look at Bryce and then her eyes batted a few times to focus.  She smiled at him and the red in her cheeks and her pinkish face looked so pretty to him. 


“Oh I’m beyond fine, I feel better than I ever have.  Seems like you really came as hard as I did, and my cums were fantastic.  Your poor cock is just acting as a small plug right now.  Better get some tissue or we’ll be cleaning up the furniture all night long.  They’re in the drawer of the side table.”


He opened the drawer and pulled out a handful.  She took them from him, divided them in half and dealt with them both.  She crawled up a little higher on him and turned his face to hers and said, “Kisses please.”





Chapter Sixteen – Dinner and a Movie?


An hour later after a shower they both sat naked at the kitchen table feasting on chocolate chip cookies and milk.   They’d already finished one bag of Famous Amos cookies and had started on the second bag when Bryce took the bag, closed the top and said, “I think some real food is in order, I’m really hungry and cookies are not going to satisfy me.”


Sara thought a moment and said, “Let’s order a huge pizza… and salads too.  They make some great salads there – how’s that?”


“I’m all for high quality junk food.  Deal!”


While they waited for the pizza, they got dressed… well at least civil.  Sara put on a sleeveless print top and a pair of sexy tight yellow shorts that revealed her hot little camel toe.  They really looked fantastic – slutty but fantastic.  It was still warm this late in the evening and that was very rare anytime of year.  Bryce actually found a pair of sweat shorts and a Lakers t-shirt in his duffel.


“You’re advertising young lady,” said Bryce.


She blushed and said she knew that but the guy from the pizza joint was older and she thought he had bad eyes.


“He won’t be after he sees you.  You could be an instant hit in an ophthalmology office, I guarantee.”


Sara blushed, but thanked Bryce for the complement. 


As they devoured the pizza after the salad, he asked her what she wanted to do for the rest of the evening.  He even suggested going to see a movie.


She thought for a moment and smiled at him and said, “I’ve never had an orgasm like the one you gave me today.  I really thought I was going to just die right there.  I think I came three times, and I think you lost it after I slipped and fell on you.  You really went all animal, but I really liked it a lot.  I’m not really sore at all.  Guess I can thank moms’ vibrators for that.  That was super special, Bryce.  For tonight, I just want to curl up with you and cuddle a lot, kiss a lot, and go to sleep while you are fucking me slowly.  Oh, I want to sixty-nine with you too and I want us to both cum that way first.  I love sucking on your cock, and I love how you lick my pussy.  It’s been so long since I had really great sex.  Later on tomorrow we can go play somewhere.  You okay with that?”


“More than okay, and you have to know that loving you was very special to me too.  It’s really rare that I cum as hard as I did.  And truthfully, I’m really glad your feet slipped.  My cock just wants to be inside you.  The closeness is really special.”


“Will you answer a question honestly for me?”  Asked Sara.


He looked at her with a serious face and said, “Honey, I’ll never ever lie to you about anything.  I promise.”


“When you were watching the TV, was it Amiko who made you so horny?”


“She contributed, but she wasn’t with us honey.  She was on the TV.  Sure she is really exotic, sexy and beautiful, but you were the one that really got me all steamed up.  And watching you on TV while we were messing around was a double whammy.  Being with you, I could feel almost what you were feeling when you were doing it with Amiko and Craig.  He’s a very handsome boy too.”


“Amiko is special, and Craig is a good friend.  He’s still inexperienced, but he’s great fun and he keeps getting better and better.  Amiko was born all hot and sexed up, just like me.  Mom doesn’t know this, but one time when Mandy was at summer camp, Amiko, dad and I had sex together.  Dad was the one who took Amiko’s cherry that afternoon. She really likes my dad.”


Bryce thought for a moment and said, “You know when I was a kid, we didn’t do anything remotely like some of you kids are doing.  How common is it in late Junior High and early High School for the stuff I saw in the movie today?  Oh, and how did you edit the three cameras into one movie.  Whoever it was did a reasonably good job.”


“As far as I know, we are a fairly unique group.  There are maybe another dozen or so girls that are really into sex in my classes, but we don’t hang with them.  They know who we are and we know them but we never talk about it.  Some of us know other girls that want to do what we do, but are really afraid of getting caught so they don’t unless it’s at an all girl sleepover.  Maybe fifteen to twenty percent of us are really into sex and do it.  But most of us have been that way since we were a lot younger.  Most of my group started at around nine or ten.  I think the quantity of girls who are that age now is increasing, and some of the boys are certainly eager, but it’s always been that way.  Strangely, there are a lot of boys that are really shy about sex.  They’re afraid in some way, or maybe they are just uncomfortable and the peer pressure is too much to contemplate.  They want to but are afraid, and that goes for a lot of the girls as well.  As to the movie, Sally’s dad has always taken loads of family videos and Sally learned how to use the software helping her dad edit their movies.  She taught me and Amiko so we help.  We found the program and installed it on her notebook.  It took us a long time to get it all edited the way we wanted to.”


“Aha to be young again,” said Bryce.


Sara harrumphed and said, “I’m glad you are handsome, sexy and experienced and know how to please me.  Age really doesn’t come in to the picture for me and most of my friends.  One of my friend’s favorite partners is her grandpa.  Okay, he’s nearly sixty, but she says he’s the best she’s ever had.  I’ve met him and he is still really quite a hunk and he’s also in great shape.  Laurie messes around with her older brother.  He’s maybe twenty-six, and in the Army.  God is he buff, and they are nearly inseparable when he comes home on leave.”


Bryce reeled with this admission, and was very surprised.


Only two slices of a large pizza remained.  They wrapped them in plastic wrap, put them in the fridge, and cleaned up the rest of the mess.


“What next, honey?”


Sara looked at the time and it was nearly ten o’clock. She said, “I thought we’d watch the rest of the movie from earlier.  There is one scene towards the end with Amiko that would blow your mind.  It blew ours when it happened, but it’s late and I really want to cuddle.  Can we just go to bed now?”


They quickly found themselves cuddled together naked under a very light comforter with Sara spooning against Bryce.  Sara and Bryce talked quietly while Sara pulled Bryce’s cock between her thighs and played with him.


Yawning, Sara said, “I think I’ll wait for morning to suck on you Bryce.  I’m just too sleepy, and this is so comfortable and I’m feeling super nice right now.  You are nice and warm and I love the way you touch me.  I want to feel you inside me again, just go slow.  I want to fall asleep with you inside me all nice and hard and hot.”


Shortly she positioned his cock head at her vaginal entrance, pulled her chubby labia open and backed into him as he pushed himself into her.  She gasped, then said, “That feels so fantastic.”


Wordlessly, Bryce kissed her on her neck as he slowly stroked in and out of her very moist tube.  Both their eyes closed as they felt the wondrous sensations pouring over them.  Soon enough they had a long slow gentle cum almost falling asleep as soon as the sensations diminished.  He held her in his arms and left himself inside her and in no time they were fast asleep.


Bryce was awakened about two in the morning as somehow Sara had decided she wanted to try the same thing again.  Half drowsy they repeated their actions, this time, Bryce stimulated her with his finger as well giving her a stronger orgasm.


Once more at around five Sara started again, this time rolling Bryce over on his back and after he was inside her, she laid down on his stomach.  They both came pretty hard as his cock was nearly in constant contact with her clit, then they slept deeply until the sun was telling them that it was much later than they thought.


Sara awoke first, went to the bathroom for a pee.  While there she got a damp wash cloth and returned the bed to clean up Bryce who was still sleeping.  Returning to the bathroom, she cleaned herself on her mom’s bidet, dried off and went back to join Bryce.


By then she was very awake and surprised to see Bryce sporting quite a woody.  Laying down facing toward his feet, she took his cock in her mouth as he slept and opened her legs putting her mons close enough in his face for him to smell her.


It didn’t take long for Bryce to stir, and when he opened his eyes he thought he had to be in heaven.  Focusing, he looked at a beautifully wet pussy that fragranced the room with stimulating pheromones and wonderful scents.  He opened her legs, pulled her pussy close to him and reveled in his breakfast.  Sara was an amazing cock sucker.  Her deep throat tactics was so over the top for Bryce he came quickly, but stayed with her until she came as well.


Afterwards and in the shower Bryce said, “I’d never get any sleep if we slept together… not that it wasn’t a great night, but being exhausted just after waking up is a pretty rare thing for me.”


She looked up at his face smiling wickedly as she took and started stroking his cock.  As it firmed up she said, “Well you might be tired, but your lovely cock seems to be very energetic.”  Then she got serious as she dropped his cock and hugged him around his waist as she said, “Last night was so amazing.  I’ve never felt so loved as you held me all night long.  I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life.  I feel like a very lucky girl.  You might not believe this, but I feel satisfied for the first time in years.  Heck, I may be able to go to noon without thinking about sex.  For me, that’s almost scary.”


He hugged her back and knew damn well that he’d never forget, and he was grateful for the experience.


Sara said, “Let’s get dressed so you can take me out for breakfast, I can’t tell you how hungry I am. And if I’m starving, you must… that’s the problem, you just need food.  After that, you’ll be good to go another few rounds.  Take me to The Crystal Diner – they make an awesome breakfast.”



Chapter Seventeen – Stuff


Forty minutes later they slid into a booth.  Bryce hadn’t been here before, but if the menu was a preview of what was going to be served, he’d be back many more times.


He couldn’t believe that Sara ate more food than he did, and he ate a lot.  It was so good he couldn’t believe it.  The buckwheat pancakes were amazing and served with warm clarified butter and real maple syrup.  The breakfast sausage tasted like no other sausage he had ever tasted.  While the spices used made the sausage so tasty the links were twice as thick as well.  Nothing he was served was less than spectacular.


As they headed home, it was around one in the afternoon.  When Sara saw the theater marquee at the little four screen artsy theater she yelled at Bryce.  “I missed it when it came out.  Can we go see “Chicken Little”… pleeeeeease?”


The theater received good deals on previously released popular movies six months or later after they hand been in the major theaters.  The movie prices were right and the theater had a great sound system, and some home made inexpensive snacks as well.  So Bryce swerved into the parking lot and off to the movie they went.


To their surprise, for a very nice late spring day outside the theater was pretty packed.






She looked as beautiful as any woman possibly could, and a lot better than many of the Stars walking the red carpet at the Oscar’s or Emmy’s.  Amanda straightened her dress as she stood in front of the oak double doors to the condominium.   She rang the bell and was as nervous as she had been in years.  Too late to turn back now, she thought.


The door opened and a very dapper man looking a lot like Bryce stood in amazement looking at Amanda.


It was one of those no bullshit moments.  Those first words and the delivery had to be exacting.  But all of her rehearsals on the plane fell completely apart when she saw him.  The attraction for them both was instantaneous and unexpected.  After inhaling and fumbling her words for a moment she said, “Grayson, it comes down to this.  I made a horrible mistake with you and the girls and also for myself.  Is it too late to say that I still love you, and miss you so much I nearly cry myself to sleep nearly every night wanting you next to me?  Can you ever forgive me?  We all want you back in our lives… and in our beds as well.”


The amazement turned to utter disbelief.  He had to repeat them in his head at least three times before he understood them.  Adding that to the way she looked and the body language she used to deliver those words it all came together for him.  He knew she was for real, but he truly wondered at what had caused the change.  That thought was fleeting, because his dream girl was standing in front of him.  But there were still the awful pangs of hurt that went so deep inside him he was confused and taken aback at this revelation that seemed to come out of thin air.


His body had no such concern.  The attraction for him was as instant as the first time he had seen Amanda across the room from him at a party in college.   Without saying a word his instincts took over.  He walked towards her; scooped her up in his arms and kissed her… for a very long time. 


Three hours later and with little conversation other than the love sounds they both made into a chorus from the heavens as they were cuddled up in the disheveled bed, he said, “And what brought about this change of heart my love?”




When they pulled into the driveway they were followed shortly by Sandy hauling both Lisa and Mandy in her minivan. 


Mandy jumped out of the minivan and said, “Br… Uncle Bryce, is your cell phone on?”


“I left it in the house when Sara and I went out for breakfast… sorry Mandy.  I hope I didn’t keep you waiting Sandy?”


Lisa, from the window of the minivan said, “Must have been a really good loooong breakfast Sara…”


Sara smiled but her eyes were hissing when she said, “Uncle Bryce took me to see Chicken Little after breakfast.  I’ve been wanting to see that for such a long time, so that’s why we were delayed getting back.”


Sandy said, “No problem Bryce.  Amanda lets us drop off the girls even if she isn’t home… well after we go into the house and make sure someone isn’t hiding in there.  She’s rather particular you know.”


“Well thanks for bringing her home, I really appreciate it.”


“No problem,” said Sandy, “We’ve got shopping to do.  The girls cleaned out the kitchen last night so it’s off to the market.  See you later… I hope,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.


As the minivan pulled out of the driveway, Mandy said, “I swear, just about every woman or girl I meet seems to want to be alone with you.  But I was surprised at Sandy’s little flirt just then… never figured her for messing around.  After you left the house last night, Lisa was asking me all kinds of questions.  She’d drop her panties for you anywhere – that’s for sure.”


Inside Bryce was thinking that somehow lately Mandy’s comment was really true.  For guys it is always feast or famine, but lately the feast had been very bountiful.  Besides, Sandy and Lisa both were very attractive to him.  But his mind was focused on Amiko.  Now she was something extraordinary.  He’d been thinking of her all night long. 


Chapter Eighteen – Mandy sees the secret movie


As they walked into the house, Sara was walking a little funny.  Once they had closed the door, Mandy almost laughing at Sara said, “Okay sweetie, how many times did you do it with Bryce?  You look to be in a little pain my sweet sister.”


Bryce smiled at Mandy and Sara and stopped to hear Sara’s answer – not that he cared what she said. 


Sara said, “Yea it started getting sore in the theater.  I hadn’t really noticed it before.  I think I’m going to take a bath and soak it out.”


“But how many times Sara… I’m really curious?”


“I lost count after LOTS… honest.  But god it was amazing – he was amazing.  Did you ever slow fuck half asleep at night, Mandy? 


“Never had the chance to do that… sounds amazing.  Tell me more?”


We can talk later, my puss needs some TLC.”  With that Sara headed to her bedroom.


After her door closed Mandy looked at Bryce with her twinkling eyes, then walked to him and curled her arm around his and started marching him towards the TV room.  “Well not that I want her to be in a world of hurt, but it looks like tonight I get you all to myself. Ummmm, that sounds great.  Ever think of slow fucking me in the middle of the night?”


Bryce’s cock was already getting erect, and that statement sped up the process.  He answered her by saying, “And kissing you and holding you and sucking on you all over – yeah… I thought about that a lot, not that I care what time it is.”


Mandy flopped own on the sofa and pulled Bryce with her.  She wrapped her arms around him, got almost nose to nose with his; her green eyes lighting up the whole room and said, “Kiss me Bryce...  I really love your kisses.”


And kiss her he did.  Shortly he lowered her back to the sofa and started licking her ears.  She jerked in surprise, but the next thing that happened startled them both.


Ohhh  YES…. FASTER…” Sounded very loudly from the speakers in the room.  Some chirping sounds from Amiko followed by a low moan from Craig, his taught skin glistening with sweat.  Her head was flopping back and forth tossing her thick hair around and it looked so amazingly sexy.  Don’t you dare come before I do, Amiko said as she smiled at him.”


Mandy and Bryce sat up to watch the TV.  She was really startled at what she saw.  Then she wiggled a bit and pulled the DVD remote from under her arm.  Apparently she hit the play button as Bryce was kissing her.


“So she does have that video… I just knew it… I’ve been wanting to see that for the longest time.  It is Sara’s isn’t it?”


Bryce thought it best if he played it close to the vest and said, “Interesting video for sure, but you’d have to ask her, really.”


Mandy’s eyes were fixed on the screen.  Under her breath she said, “God…  Amiko is really hot, and Craig… well that’s a surprise.” 


Then she turned to Bryce and said, “Sara wanted you play with her on the sofa like dad used to do.  And to get things rolling, she put on the video… right?”


“Yes… that’s the way it started, but this is as far as we got before we went into the bedroom.”


Mandy stood up, and dropped her panties from under her skirt, and as she wiggled out of them she told Bryce, “Take off your pants.  We’re going to watch this now.  Just pretend I’m Sara, and do to me what you did to her.”


“I don’t want to pretend anything Mandy.  But I’d love to share this with you if you want.”


She smiled at him as he stood and dropped his pants and underwear.  Mandy giggled as his stiff cock caught in his underwear.  “Is that because of me or Amiko?”


“Yes…both of you.  And just look at Craig going for Amiko.  That boy has been hard through all the video we watched and he came… oh I don’t know at lest two if not three times already.”  Craig, now relieved of his mask and laying on the on the carpet, revealed the emotion in his eyes and he was smoking hot and excited. 


“Amiko is so beautiful.  Sara and her are really close.  We’ve been together a couple of times, and she’s as hot as she looks,” said Mandy as she crawled up onto Bryce. 


Just then the camera switched to the third boy who was getting blown by the very tall, gangly girl.


Mandy gasped and said, “Emma Sloan is blowing Mark,” wow… I would have never expected her to… I think I have to watch this video from the beginning.”


“Why so surprised,” asked Bryce?


“Emma is so shy.  She hardly speaks to the girls let alone even thinking about talking to a guy.  Damn… look at her go Bryce.”


“Well sweetie, she still’s not talking.  After all she’s got her mouth full.  How tall is she anyway?”


“I think around five foot eight.  She’s the second tallest in Sara’s class.  She’s taller than all the boys except one.


The video went funny for about thirty seconds.   The sound was okay, but the picture was indecipherable.  When that happened Mandy flipped herself around and lay on top of Bryce.  She just smiled at him with her twinkling green eyes and said,” Last night was fun… I mean really, a lot of fun, and I got to cum about five times.  But you know what?  While all that was going on I was thinking about how I’d rather be here with you and Sara.   I’m not sure where all of this is headed but I haven’t felt this great since dad left.”


With that, she brushed Bryce’s hair away from his eyes and pressed her lips to his slowly and very erotically.  Soon they were in a warm embrace with warm kisses showering them both.  As Mandy kissed Bryce she repositioned herself moving her leg so she could straddle him.  She slid herself so that her pussy was sliding up and down Bryce’s cock.  Soon, she lifted her hips and Bryce’s cock sprang upwards.  Mandy caught it, rotated her hips and captured it in her slit.  With her face only slight inches away from his, her smile wide and with her eyes twinkling she whispered, “Wanta go for a ride?”


Bryce giggled a little as Mandy lowered herself onto him with a sigh coming from them both.  Mandy started kissing him again as she started to slowly stroke his cock inside her warm wet pussy.


By the time the video started again, they were both too engrossed in each other to care.  After a kiss, Bryce said, “Sit up on me please.  I want to take your blouse off.  I need to touch you Mandy.”


Mandy sat up, and without loosing her slow humping of him she tossed her vest over her head to the floor.  Bryce freed her shirt from the waistband of her skirt and slid his hands up her sides as Mandy unbuttoned her long sleeve cuffs.  Just as soon as she started to pull the shirt over her head unbuttoned, Bryce heard quiet footsteps, and a very naked little Sara came into view.


Almost whispering she said, “Couldn’t wait for me huh?  Mind if I join in?  She was looking directly at Mandy, and not Bryce when she asked. 


As Mandy’s head became visible, Mandy smiled at her little sister and said, “Come here.”


She did and Mandy pulled her close, smiling and then kissing Sara deeply for a moment or two.  When they parted she said, “I think Bryce wants you to sit on his face.  Does that sound good to you?”


Sara then kissed Mandy as she ran her small hand over Mandy’s left breast – tweaked her nipple and said, “Oh yea… that’s the ticket.”


Then Sara heard the video and was a tad startled.  She looked back to Mandy as Mandy said, “I want to see the rest of it, and the others too.”


Sara said, “I want to see the ones you have too.”


Mandy said, “Deal?”


Sara said, “Damn right – Deal!”


Sara finally looked at Bryce whose hand was already lovingly stroking Sara’s beautiful bottom.  She said, “You really like that don’t you?”


Mandy answered, “He sure does.  As soon as his hand hit your ass, his cock started twitching inside me.  Then it happened again when his other hand stroked my tit. Better get going Sara, at this rate he’s not going to last that long, and neither am I.”


Sara giggled and wrapped her legs around and over Bryce’s head.  He held her butt cheeks as he took a long look.


“His cock is twitching something wonderful Sara,” said Mandy.


After they got situated, Bryce lowered Sara’s pussy right onto his mouth as Mandy started humping Bryce a bit faster. The feelings Bryce was having were exquisite – never before had this opportunity presented itself.  As he lapped at Sara he could look between her legs and see Mandy’s expressions and watch her slide up and down his cock.


Soon Sara bent forward.  Mandy had pulled her skirt over her head and she and Sara started making out and fondling each other.  Bryce was looking at Sara’s lovely slit and as he licked her bottom, vagina and slit from back to front and back again, he felt Sara’s heat build up.  She was producing a lot of little girl juices that tasted different than before.  They were somewhat stronger and more lusty.  She was moving her hips back and forth across Bryce’s lips and tongue as his hands massaged her butt cheeks.  Through occasional glances between her legs, he saw Sara sucking on Mandy’s small breasts and kissing her mouth.  At one point Sara bent over and lapped at Mandy’s clit and Bryce’s cock for a time.  This spread her labia wide open for Bryce and he reflexively stuck his tongue right into her vagina as he slid a couple of fingers in her bottom.  Bryce had never felt his tongue squeezed as delightfully as he did at that moment.


Sounds of passion filled the room and though the time had been pretty short, the excitement and thrill of what was happening was so intense, Bryce knew he was going to cum soon.  By the sounds of the girls, they were in the same head space.


“Bite my clit gently Bryce,” said Sara.


He sucked her labia into his mouth at the top of her slit and sucked hard bringing her clit ridge in contact with his tongue exposing the little pearl that was Sara’s clit.  He closed his teeth behind her clit ridge and gently lapped across her pearl with his tongue as he bit her.  She started grinding on him and getting more and more vocal.


In the distance he heard Mandy say, “Sara… pinch my nips hard.”  When Sara did, Mandy tightened up on Bryce’s cock.  Not thirty seconds later he felt Mandy’s vag fill with girl juice.  Then her vagina started contracting very fast on Bryce’s cock as she bounced on him.  He couldn’t take any more and as Mandy began her climax, Bryce’s mouth was filled with angel juice from Sara because when she came her whole body shook in delight and much loud cries of joy.  Aside from Bryce whose mouth was firmly locked on Sara’s pussy, sounds of orgasm filled the room.  Bryce’s cock was rigid and ready to cum as his urethra filled and then shot some seconds later into Mandy.


As he was in total orgasm, he heard Sara say, “Give me a taste please?”


After blowing another shot into Mandy, He felt her pussy replaced by Sara’s mouth.  As she closed her lips over his cock and plunged it into her, Bryce shot again - his nerves twitching in sheer ecstasy. The feelings were amazing and Sara actually got two more shots after the first one.  Sara cleaned Bryce’s cock of all evidence and then bent forward to lap Mandy’s pussy.  That’s when Mandy went off for the second time.  By now Bryce was just laying partially under Sara breathing deeply and grateful for the opportunity.


Not long after, the girls collapsed on Bryce kissing and still touching each other gently and smiling.


“That was so cool, Mandy… next time, I get his cock and you get his face… Okay?”


Mandy laughed and kissed her lightly on the lips.


“Can I get some kisses too?” said Bryce.


Both girls twisted around and each one too a side and looked at Bryce seductively.  They were radiant, their cheeks glowing a light red, their mouths wet and their eyes twinkling up a storm.


“This is heaven… I just know it is,” said Mandy.  “What could get better than this?”


Sara giggled and said, “The three of us and dad’s cock too.”


Mandy said, “What about the rest of dad?” and giggled as she said it.


Sara’s face scrunched up and it turned redder than Mandy had seen in a long time as she said, “Ohhhh, you know what I mean.  Sure I want the rest of him too.”


Just then, the house phone rang.






Chapter Nineteen – Mom calls and they finish the movie


Mandy and Sara were off the sofa in a heartbeat trying to get to the phone first.  Mandy won.  When she picked it up she turned the receiver so her sister could hear too.  When Amanda spoke the girls went crazy.  Together they asked a very fast list of sentences that all ended in a question mark.


“Where are you?  What’s going on?  Are you alright? When are you coming home?  What are you doing?


It must have taken Amanda a couple of minutes to get them to listen to her.  When they did, the first question to the girls was, “Are you both okay?”


After some giggles from both girls and then talking over each other they said, “The best in a long time,” and “Amazingly fantastically happy.”


The second question was, “Is Bryce there?  I need to speak with him before we hang up.”


Sara answered saying, “If he has enough strength to get off the sofa, I’ll put him on.”


After a pause, and a glare at Sara from Mandy, she said, “So you’re sure that you are both okay?”


Mandy knew the question was directed at Sara so she shot a look at her that communicated that she had better choose her words well.


Sara said, “Mom… I’m feeling wonderful, happy and the only thing missing is you.  When you coming home?”


That seemed to relax Amanda.  “I’ll be in late on Monday evening, and everything is much better than I expected it to be.  I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.  Now let me talk to Bryce.”


When he took the phone and said “Hi,” immediately she said, “Are the girls behaving themselves?”


This time Bryce laughed quietly and honestly replied, “Absolutely not, and I love it.”


“You’re a bad man,” said Amanda.


The girls overheard her say that and screamed, “No mom, he’s a fantastic man,” Sara continued by saying, “and you know that he is too, so don’t act so coy.”


He closed the ear piece so the girls could no longer hear the conversation and Amanda said, “It’s been an interesting trip.  Keep this to yourself please.  Grayson can’t wait to see the girls, but don’t worry, he won’t be coming back with me just yet.  I need to speak with them both, and you too.  He is really interested in meeting you, Bryce.  It’s one of those love-hate things you know.  He loves you because I’m here with him and had you not come along that might have never happened.  On the other hand he’s a bit miffed that I left the girls with you.   Frankly I think it’s jealousy more than anything else, and knowing that you’d probably be Sara’s first.  But all is going very well, and the chemistry hasn’t changed between us at all.  It’s been a great two days.”


After a little more conversation he handed the phone to the girls to say their good-byes.


And a minute later the girls just stood there staring at the phone.


When they turned to look at Bryce, they were happy and sad too.  “Where is she Bryce, and what’s going on?” asked Mandy.  Sara just stared at Bryce were eyes wide open waiting for an answer.


He walked over to the two naked beauties put his arm around them and said, “She’s in a place to do some things that in the end will make everyone very happy.  But that’s her story to tell you two.  I don’t know the whole story, honestly.  But trust me that this is a very good thing for everyone.”


“He’ll never talk Mandy… you know Bryce.  Besides he probably gave us more of a story than he really wanted to, or should have.”


Bryce said, “You’re right Sara… I shouldn’t have said that.  Now come on… this has been a great day and it’s time for ice cream – how does that sound.”


It took awhile but after Sara accidentally flicked a gob of hot fudge on Mandy’s chest, an ice cream and topping fight was just barely averted.


An hour later, they were all back in the TV room watching the rest of the movie that had been started hours earlier.  All three of them were just wearing t-shirts and nothing else.


“When this is finished Sara, I want you to put the DVD away and not bring another one out.  All that I need is to have your mom see this and I’m the one who’s going to take the heat.”


As they watched, Bryce started thinking and said, “Girls… I find it interesting that with all the nasty things you said about young boys being clumsy, unknowledgeable, and all the rest, it seems to me that you made a special effort to get close to a few.  So what’s that all about?”


Mandy spoke up first which surprised Bryce as she wasn’t even in this movie.  “It’s like this.  When you have a taste for a hamburger, you think about that great local hamburger joint, or In-N-Out burgers which are amazing.  But if they aren’t around, and you still want a taste… well there’s always Mac’s if you’re really hard up.  It was kind of like your comment at the mall. You wanted a hot fudge sundae, all that was available was Mac’s.  It’s not what you wanted, but it was better than nothing.  Taste buds and sex buds need to be satisfied equally.”


Sara with a smile crossing her lips said, “Yea Mandy… you’re right, but to qualify that, the guys in this movie are way better than anything Mac’s ever dreamed of.  Never could figure out why their food is appealing to so many people, it’s really awful… well except for the breakfasts, and they’re pretty good.”


Sara took the remote control and said, “Let me get to the good part.  I want Bryce to see this.”


She found the spot quickly.  By this time, there seemed to be fewer kids messing around.  Amiko was talking to Michael quietly and when she finished he had this look of near fright on his face.  After a couple of more words, Michael could be heard and he said, “Yea, but I ain’t asking him.  If you want to it’s okay I guess.”  Amiko smiled and gave him a nice kiss and stroked his half-hard cock.


For a moment the scene changed and on the bed the gangly girl was giving Angelina face, and they both seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Just then, there was a glimpse of the third boy, but in no time, the cameras switched again and he was just off to the right of the frame with his back to the camera.  Amiko was still talking quietly with Michael.  The third boys’ skin glistened from the sun coming in the window behind him.  His coloring was a bronze chocolate brown.  He was about as tall as the other boys, but he was built very muscular.  At the moment he was cuddling Sally.  Just then, Amiko left Michael and came over to the third boy and said, “Jamal… can I ask you a favor?”


He nodded his head and Amiko walked him over to an unoccupied part of the room.  The camera switched again.  Now Jamal’s front view could be seen.  He was a very handsome boy, and you could tell that he worked out, probably a lot.  He had a pleasant look to him and he seemed confident in his own skin.  There wasn’t any fat on him, and his muscles were very defined for a boy his age.  He had a small mat of nappy hair above his uncircumcised cock, and he was thicker in girth than the other boys, but at the moment he was flaccid.  It didn’t take long for Jamal to look at Amiko with a surprised look on his face.  He must have agreed to something as Amiko called Michael over to join them.


Michael and Jamal spoke quietly for a moment as Amiko fetched Craig.  As she walked in from of the camera she asked him, “Would you like another blow?”


“Shit yea,” said Craig enthusiastically as they joined the others.


The gangly girl and Angela had finished and the bed was clear.  Michael laid on the bed crosswise with his feet hanging over the edge.  Amiko went down on him for a few minutes as the others watched.  When he was rigid, she crawled up on top of Michael took his cock and aimed it at her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto him taking a few strokes as well.


“Jamal.” Said Amiko.  “Lube me up.”


Instead Sally came into the scene with a tube of KY and slathered it all over Amiko’s butt hole, slid few fingers into her bottom and then lubed up Jamal’s cock.  Sally worked Jamal into a nice hardness.  The boy’s cock grew fast.  After Sally had three fingers inside Amiko and was butt fucking her with them, Jamal said, “I’ve got it.”


Sally walked out of frame and Jamal started teasing Amiko’s bottom with his fingers which were larger.  Soon her butt hole was dilating and contracting.  Jamal removed his fingers and pushed close to her.  The camera view was perfect.  Amiko had about half of Michael’s cock inside her when Jamal started pushing into her bottom.  Amiko flinched after his cock head popped in and she let out a long sigh.  Jamal wiped off his fingers on the side of his thigh, grabbed onto her narrow hips and eased himself into her.  Michael could be heard sighing as well from the added pressure of Jamal’s cock.  Jamal kissed Amiko’s back and asked how she was doing.”


“It hurts a little, but it feels really nice too.  Stroke in and out of me some until you’re all the way in… you too Michael.”


The room was quiet and all eyes were on the bed.  It didn’t take long for both boys to get a rhythm and they started fucking Amiko in earnest. 


In between sighs, Amiko said one word.  “Craig.”


The gangly girl had used her mouth on Craig to get him hard and seemed disappointed when he pulled his cock out of her mouth.  He climbed up on the bed and got on his knees above Michael facing Amiko.


Amiko took his cock and said, “Ok girls,” and in no time Sara and Tawne crawled up besides Amiko and started playing with Amiko’s tits as she started sucking Craig’s cock.


Side and rear camera switches were timed perfectly.  Jamal’s solid bottom was slamming the girls’ bottom at a nice pace.  The side view had Michael with his eyes closed.  It seemed looking up at Craig’s balls was a bit too much for him.  Amiko was deep throating Craig’s cock and steadying herself with her hands at Michael’s side.


The camera view from the back showed Jamal and Michael alternating their strokes and then thrusting in syncopation.  Both boys seemed harder and longer then they had ever been.  The side view camera showed Jamal with his eyes closed his hands gripping Amiko’s hips as he slapped his nuts against her parchment ass.


Bryce was so into the movie and the sexual excitement of seeing this he realized that his body was tingling too.  He looked down to see Sara deep throating him, as Mandy switched her view between watching her sister and the tube.


He patted Sara on the head and said, “That feels amazing, but you don’t have to you know.”


“She stopped for a moment and said, “Remember… I was there, and I’ve seen the movie.  Enjoy yourself… I am.”


Mandy took off her t-shirt and cuddled under Bryce’s right arm as she placed his hand on her breast.  “Play with me while you watch,” she said quietly.


Bryce was now starting to breathe hard himself, and the action on the TV was off the charts.  It seems the gangly girl was masturbating herself and she stood up, still twiddling her slit and got behind Jamal.  She stopped for a moment and reached around his chest.  The camera switched to the side view in time to see her take Jamal’s hard little nipples and start pinching them as she slid her slit up and down Jamal’s ass.


Amiko was using her hips to pace the strokes from Michael and Jamal, and the noises in the room were all heavy breathing, sighing, squeaks from Amiko, and low rumblings from Jamal’s throat.


Bryce, with all of his experience, had never considered this kind of scene with young and pre-adolescents.  It was mind blowing and he was getting ready to explode himself.


Sara’s mouth worked his cock like a pro.  Amanda was the best but Sara was a close second.  She knew when to encircle his nut sack with her fingers and tighten down.  She knew how to slide her flattened tongue over his glans, and then vacuum seal his cock inside her throat when he was fully inside her.


Craig was the first to orgasm.  From his vantage point he could sometimes see both his friends fucking Amiko and see the top of her pubic ridge as they slammed her.  It was too much for the poor boy.  Amiko noticed too as his balls contracted against his body.  The sounds he made as he came were unmistakable, and as he started shooting into her mouth, the look on Jamal’s face was the look of that exquisite pain a man or boy feels just before orgasm.  It didn’t last long though.  The rear camera showed his rather large nut sack close to his body as he started shooting into Amiko’s ass.


While the camera views were all wrong, Michael’s face told the tale.  As he shot, so did Bryce.  Bryce also noticed then that Mandy had been pinching his nipples for awhile as he rolled Mandy’s between his fingers.


Sara and Mandy’s hands were busy too, and everyone seemed to cum pretty close together. 


The noise was too loud to overhear any voices on the TV, but as soon as Jamal had finished, the gangly girl said, “Jamal… hey Jamal.”


Still breathing hard, he finally turned to look at her.  When he opened his eyes she said, “You done?”


In between deep breathes all he could say was, “Uh hu.”


Gangly girl pulled him away and moved Jamal off to the side of Amiko and immediately got on her knees on the floor and started sucking Jamal’s cum out of Amiko’s ass.  Gangly girl’s ass was split wide open for the camera and she was leaking girl juice like mad.  Angelina saw it and knew gangly girl was in need of an orgasm, so she sat of the floor and started lapping at her pussy.


From the side view camera, in no time she pulled Michael’s cock out of Amiko, sucked off his cum for a few strokes and then dove into Amiko’s slot for more.  Craig was off the bed, and Michael looked exhausted and was just laying there panting.  Amiko’s arms were shaking from holding herself up, so she rolled over next to Craig, with gangly girl following her every step of the way.


On her back, gangly girl opened Amiko’s legs wide, and pushed her bottom up off the bed so she could just suck slit from one end to the other.


Amiko managed to say, “Feels great Emma, just avoid my clit… it’s too hypersensitive.”


Just then Emma’s body started shaking.  Angelina held her hips as she shook and screamed her head off, her body wracked in orgasm.


Then without any fanfare at all, the video went to black – it was over.


He looked down to see Sara with a wad of cum on her cheek and still holding his cock, say “Pretty neat Huh?”


Bryce just smiled and said, “Oh yea… that was pretty neat Sara.”


Mandy surprised Bryce.  She took Sara’s hand and pulled her up off the floor and just before she kissed her mouth she lapped Bryce’s cum off her cheek.


Shortly after, she looked at Sara and smiled.  “That was one well done video.  Someday I want to see the rest of it.”


Sara gave Mandy a quick kiss and said, “As soon as you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.  Deal?


“Deal,” Mandy said.


Chapter Twenty – Return of the Mom


After the movie, and Bryce had made sure that the DVD was safely put away; they cleaned the kitchen and TV room.  It was nearing eleven when Bryce said, “I think we should all go to bed… to sleep.  I’m exhausted and you girls are too, whether you know it or not.”


Mandy yawned, which was infectious to the rest and said, “You’re right.  I didn’t get much real sleep last night anyway.”


Sara yawned and at the same time said, “Me either… so who’s sleeping with who?”


Both girls looked at Bryce.


“Let’s at least start with you girls sleeping in your own rooms, and me in your mom’s.  If anyone gets really lonely in the middle of the night, pick a room and… please just try to cuddle and go back to sleep as soon as you can.  I love you both, but I’m really beat.  You guy’s okay with that?”


They walked over to him and each hugged him from the side and said, “Sounds right.”  Mandy followed with, “But when the sun comes up all bets are off – agreed?”


Bryce smiled at them, “Fair enough.”


Well the sun did come up, but they didn’t wake until late morning.  Since everyone was famished and nobody wanted to cook, Bryce took them to a nice Sunday brunch.  After spending some time at the park on the play structures at Sara’s insistence, they went food shopping, then headed back home and tidied up the rest of the place for their moms return.  For dinner, the girls wanted Sushi which was one of Bryce’s favorites as well. 


Amanda pulled up in her mini-van shortly after six o’clock.  Sara heard her come into the driveway and she shot out the front door to great her.  Mandy wasn’t far behind, and soon a very small love-in was happening in the driveway.   Bryce’s surprise came when Amanda upon seeing him ran over threw her arms around him and laid a huge very wet kiss on him in the damn driveway with several neighbors watching.  She was very excited to see her girls, and Bryce as well. One thing was for sure, she was glowing like she had just had marathon sex, which later Bryce found to be true.


Inside the house she begged the girls to give her a few moments to clean up and change after the flight.  She asked Bryce to fix her a Martini… a double Martini.  So he headed off to make two of those.


She was pretty fast getting back into the kitchen where another round of hugs and squeezes took place.  It was a warm day and Amanda just had thrown on a tight fitting pair of shorts and a halter top sans bra.  She looked amazing. 


As I handed her the martini she sat down and took a sip.


“Oh… you do know how to make a fantastic martini.  This is amazing.”


Well you had the proper tools to make one, and I used them,” Bryce said with a smile.  Her tall martini pitcher and stirrer were perfect.  Shaken not stirred is a great movie line, but it doesn’t make a great martini.


The girls huddled in close and they both started tossing questions at her in rapid fire.  The first one from them both was: Where did you go?


“Hold on girls,” she said, “Let me give you a short version and then I’ll answer any question I can, or want too… is that okay?”


Resigned, they sat down and Bryce asked if he should leave.


Amanda reached out and pulled Bryce’s hand towards the table and said, “No, you sit down too.”


“Here goes.  Now this will probably not come as a surprise, but I went - unannounced – to see your dad.  After all of the things that have been going on around here, and reevaluating what happened nearly three years ago, my own history which we will discuss later, I wanted to spend some time with him and apologize for the severity of my actions back then.”


“To say that he was surprised to see me is really a huge understatement.” 


A blushing Amanda continued, “And after delivering my rehearsed opening lines that I really messed up, we found ourselves in the bedroom about fifteen minutes later.  That lasted until we were both so hungry we had to take a break.  We didn’t talk much during our intimate time, but we did do a lot of screaming and yelling at each other.  That was amazing, and oh how I had missed your father.  Now I’m telling you this simply because while I went there to get us back together as a family, I want you to really know that I never stopped loving your dad, and like you two, I have needs as well.  I’ve really missed your fathers love and companionship.  He’s a really special man. Oh, and he had missed me too.  Not that he wasn’t very angry with me and himself… that’s another story for later, but when two souls touch, the magnetism never stops – mad, angry or not.”


The rest of the day we talked about a lot of things, including recent happenings here.  I told him about Bryce, and also about Sara and I.  He found that amusing, and I remember him saying that he would have loved to watch that.  As to Bryce, well that’s interesting too.”


Looking at me she said, “He’s grateful to you in more ways than he can count.  But he’s also a bit jealous about your involvement with the girls and me too.  But when he realized that had it not been for you, I would probably have never gone to him again, his attitude changed.  He still will have to get to know you, but that’s going to be easier than you both think.”


Now before I start painting expectations that all is well – all is really okay.  Dad is not moving back in tomorrow, and may not ever move back with us, but eventually I think he will.  But he is coming to see us next weekend and spend some time with all of us.” 


Her finger pointed to all three of us, and her finger stopped when she was pointing at herself as she smiled.


“He misses you girls something awful, and that is what he most angry at me about.  That he has missed the last years of watching you grow up and being with you.  That will take a lot of TLC to repair, and truthfully girls, I can’t tell you how bad I feel about this.


So dad will be coming to stay mid day Friday, and he won’t leave until Sunday night – he’s on the red eye.  He will be spending Saturday with you girls, alone or together – however you want to do this.”


Sara couldn’t resist and said, “Kinky mom… very kinky.”


“Speaking of kinky young lady, can I assume that you are no longer a virgin?”


Sara’s face brightened up and a smile lit her face as she said, “Mom… happily that is the case, and damn… what I’ve been missing should be illegal.”


While we all started laughing, Amanda said, “But sweetie… it is!  And then Amanda looked at me with just a hint of concern.” 


“Okay, back on topic.  For the time being, Dad will come here once a month and spend the weekend, and all three of us will go to his place once a month.  Dad and I are going to start dating just like we did originally.  One week during the month, Dad and I will spend alone time together somewhere… not here or at his place.   And if I can talk Bryce into it, he can house sit while I’m away and watch out for both of you while I’m away.  God that sounds so bad knowing what I know…. Anyway, that’s pretty much it.  Questions… and let’s start with Sara?”


Mandy said, “Why can’t he just move back mom?  Don’t even bother answering that one… I get it, I think.  But something’s bugging me too.  Tell me is he with someone else?”


That hit Amanda like a truck, and her face turned ashen for a moment.  “Your dad is a very affectionate man, and I would have expected him to be seeing someone else.  And yes he is.  They’re not married or engaged and she doesn’t live with him, but they are very close.”


“Did you meet her?”


“No, I didn’t.”


“Do you know what she looks like?”




“Well come on mom… give!” Said Sara.


“I saw photos, probably some I shouldn’t have seen.  She’s beautiful, twenty-five, very tall and trim, natural honey blonde, sexy as hell.  There, is that enough?”


“And size A titties too right?”


“Mandy…” Amanda said loudly and then giggled.


Sara looked at her mom and Bryce and said, “Are all guys predictable?”


Bryce answered for her, “Some are, some are not.  It seems that some guys, and ladies, are rather flexible when choosing someone. Others who need to keep their fantasies alive are very particular.  Neither is wrong, and I don’t believe that either type gets short changed.  Besides. in some ways I see the guys that are flexible are a lot more fulfilled.  But from what I know about your dad, and what you know about me, it seems that we are the ones that find it really hard to find the right person because we are so fussy.  The other guys are lucky in my opinion.  They’re flexible and have many more options than your dad and I.”


Mandy said, “You just figured that out didn’t you Bryce?”


“Yea, honey… I think I did.  Sorry I rambled.”


Amanda was looking at me with a rye smile, but said, “And my problem is that I’m fussy too, and it’s truly a bane.  I can’t change it either.  It just is.  Your dad likes… well you know, young, or young looking women with a slight build and a lot of fire.


“Sara said, “So mom, how are you feeling about all of this?  And how’s dad.  Was his girlfriend there when you got to his house?”


“Thankfully, she was out of town otherwise she would have been.  The good thing is that she doesn’t know that dad and you two have been intimate.  That has been a problem for him.  As for me, I can’t imagine my trip working out any better.  I didn’t set myself up to falsely set any expectations upon seeing him.  Oh Mandy… bring me my purse please.”


When she returned, Amanda opened it up, pulled out a slip of paper and then looked at the clock.  “One last thing.  I need to speak with Bryce, and you two are to call your dad in five minutes.  Here is his phone number at home and his mobile.  Call him at home.  Talk to him together for awhile and then flip a coin to see who has a private conversation with him first.  Dad knows that Bryce has been with all three of us, and he knows why.  But do me a favor and don’t go into detail about what happened between us and Bryce.  That’s for dad to ask Bryce, if Bryce is willing to meet with dad.  We can talk after your call.”


The girls started chattering away at each other as they ran down the hall to Mandy’s room.  Amanda and Bryce both drank the rest of their Martini’s and Bryce said, “Refill?”


“You betcha!”


New clean glasses from the freezer were poured and set on the table.  Bryce remained silent.


“So, how long after I was gone did you and Sara get together?”


“Probably about two hours, maybe a little more.  Mandy forgot about her sleepover so Sara and I hauled her over to Lisa and Sandy’s.  Mandy was just about an hour late.”


Amanda looked surprised and her eyes were wide as saucers when she said, “So you spent the night alone with Sara?”


Bryce didn’t get her look but said, “Yes… actually until around five on Saturday.  Is that a problem?”


Amanda relaxed some and then laughed to herself.  “I had completely forgotten about the sleepover.  My assumption was that Mandy would be around if Sara had any problems, but she certainly looks happy enough.  Can I ask you how occupied did you keep each other?”


“She wore me out completely.  On Saturday after I deliberately got her out of the house to feed her lunch.  On the way back here, she saw that Chicken Little was back in that little theater and she wanted to see it really badly.  So I took her.  I slept through most of the movie and boy did I need that.  By the time we got back, Sandy pulled up with Mandy and Lisa.  It was fairly quiet for the rest of the weekend.  On Saturday night I convinced them both for us all to sleep in separate bedrooms.  We didn’t wake up until around ten the next morning, and then I hauled them out to brunch.”


“But you did spend time with them both, didn’t you?”


“Sure I did.  Sara and Mandy are very different.  Mandy is a lover, and Sara is an Adrenalin junkie.   She’s relentless.”


Amanda laughed hard for a few moments and said, “Maybe I should have been more worried about protecting you from Sara.  Poor baby… the little girl pooped out the big strong man.  It’s just too funny.”


“Yea have a laugh, then ask her how many times she did me.  You might be really surprised.”


“Probably not, but I’ll ask her anyway.  I hope you are rested up.  I am and I’m starting to get real horny again.  Oh, and Grayson knows that you and I are quite compatible in many ways.  He figured I was getting some, but when I showed him your photo he was quite stunned.  Someday soon I hope to get you both in the same bed with me, or me and the girls.  That would be interesting.”


“Heady Amanda… I’ve never in my life had sex in the same room with another man present or participating.  It sounds really strange.”


Amanda said, “My guess is that being with two girls and a woman never seemed strange to you at all – right?”


“Christ no… Oh, I see what you mean.  I guess I like being the Lion too much, or maybe I just never thought about it at all.  So tell me, just how pissed of was Grayson at me?”


“Actually mostly he was grateful.  It was because of you I started rethinking everything, and then going to see him.  God he really misses all three of us, and the look he gave me after he opened the door to his condo was amazement.  Then immediately following that was the love and lust we had always had for each other.”


“What really annoyed him, and I was really the target of this, even though he wasn’t all that happy with you was that you were alone with Sara, and he knew… I mean he really knew that you would provide her what she really wanted – intercourse - or in her case probably just a really good and repeated fucking.  He told me that she would probably be sitting on your lap as you watched TV. She would play with your cock between her naked bottom as she rubbed her slit up and down your cock, and then as you were ready to cum, she’d put your cock head inside her for you to ejaculate inside her.   


Then she stopped talking and looked at Bryce and said, “Is that how it happened?”


He couldn’t help but smiling at his remembrance of that sublime moment and as he was about to speak Amanda said, “He was right… damn him.”


Bryce said, “Well that’s mostly right.  But Sara lost her footing and she slipped and fell onto my whole cock… which I must say startled me for fear of hurting her, but she recovered really quickly and then started bouncing up and down.  I have to say it was so very special it’s hard to imagine that it really happened.  She’s quite an amazing girl Amanda, and I do really love her.”


“Did Sara tell you why she wanted to have sex with you that way?”


“Yes she did, so I know the story.  She doesn’t hold back much of anything you know.”


“Only too well.  When I asked him how he knew this is how it would happen, he told me the story.  I had no idea she and Grayson did that, sometimes with me watching TV with them.  That was risky and so naughty of her… well them.  I had no idea they had been sexual since she was that young.”


Amanda continued, “Grayson’s real surprise was how much you resemble each other, and how your needs and desires overlap.  He really wanted to be the first with Sara, but conceded that he owed you one, and now you were even.  I really think that you two will get along very well.  He really wants to meet you, and he’s also really curious to see the house.


“So what happens if you and Grayson make the arrangement permanent?”


Laughing, Amanda said, “You really should ask what happens to you if that should happen.  The answer is, I’m not really sure.  I do know this – the girls really love you too, and I believe that they will insist that you continue to get together.  As for me, I probably will too, but that’s way in the future.  I started with Grayson to make my amends, but now I have to straighten things out with my sister and brother too.  I hope they are as amenable as Grayson was.”


Just then Mandy and Sara bounded into the room with smiling faces and a lot of excitement.  They ran towards Amanda and started smothering her with kisses all over.


Amanda was truly surprised.  As the girls quieted down she asked them what that was all about.


“Talking to my dad,” said Sara, “Oh mom, I’ve missed him so much.”


Mandy said, “He loves you still mom… I can just tell from how he talked about you.   Thanks so much for going to see dad.  I pretty much get that was really difficult for you, risky and also very courageous.  You did super good mom.” 


Amanda started tearing a little and to ease the emotion she said, “Well, I also did it for me too.  I’ve missed your father more than you could know.”


That’s when the girls mobbed Bryce and started kissing him to Amanda’s surprise.  When they had finished, Sara said, “That’s for making mom hot for you and getting her thinking about dad.  You really started this you know.”


Bryce said, “Ladies, I was only a catalyst.  That’s the only role I played.  I’m just really pleased that this all worked out well.  And your mom deserves all the credit for that.


Sara said, “Okay so are we all going to celebrate now?”


Amanda very sincerely said, “Celebrate how?”


Mandy was looking at Sara out of Amanda’s view and shaking her head no at Sara.  But Sara had that twinkle in her eye and said, “Let’s all have sex… I’m really horny and so is Mandy.  Besides mom, you and Mandy have to spend some time together like we did before dad gets home.”


Bryce realized that Sara could still surprise him, but sat quietly as Amanda who was startled beyond reason was still searching for words.


Amanda said, “Oh honey not tonight… I’ve still got to unpack and I have to make a few calls that are going to take some time… and…”


Sara walked slowly over to Amanda as she spoke, put her arms around her neck and as she put her right hand on her mothers breast, she kissed her open mouthed stopping Amanda’s words.  Soon enough, Amanda relented to her daughter and they were mackin on each other.


Mandy went over to Bryce and sat on his lap facing him.  “Looks like the beginning of a fun night.  I need kisses,” she said.


It didn’t last long as Sara stopped Mandy and said, “Mandy… get to know mom.  She’s a great kisser, and she gives excellent face too.”


Mandy blushed and looked over at her mom when she could tell was already worked up.  Mandy got off of Bryce’s lap and as Amanda looked at her girls and Bryce, Mandy and Sara embraced while standing and then kissed each other passionately.


Amanda just watched them with her eyes wide open as well as her mouth.  She didn’t even realize that she was rubbing her own breast as they kissed each other.  Then she looked over at Bryce who was looking at her smiling.


To Bryce she said, “You are a very bad man, but I don’t think we have a choice.  You game?”


“I’m at a huge disadvantage.  It’s three against one.  With all the stimulation, I might not perform to your satisfaction.  Let me suggest that the three of you go have a good time…”


He was interrupted with three voices almost all saying simultaneously No Way!  And three hands took him and pulled him towards Amanda’s room.

Chapter Twenty One – In the Bedroom



Upon entering the bedroom, Amanda had half her clothes off.  The rest came off as she headed for the bathroom.


As the door to the bathroom closed she said, “I’m going to take a quick shower, so you three get things started… but not too much.  I’ll be right back.” 


Bryce was staring at two lovely young girls looking at him like he was water in a desert as they shed their clothes which happened very fast.  Since he wasn’t disrobing, the girls decided to help.  In no time, He was laying flat on the bed with Sara and Amanda alternating kissing him as they slid their young bodies over his with their hands roaming all over his body.


At one point he was lucky enough to have them in a position where each of his hands was stroking both girls’ butts and backs.  Hard as a rock before they even started, his touching their bottoms was overwhelming to his senses.  The girls were licking him on his face and chest as Amanda came out of the bathroom – not that any of them noticed.


She walked quietly over to the bed and crawled up besides Mandy.  When she spoke, all three of them flinched a bit as she said, “This is so wrong and so damn hot I can’t believe it.” 


She curled her arm around Mandy and moved her ever so slightly so she could kiss Bryce too.  It was then that Bryce wished he had three hands. 


After Amanda gave Bryce a few kisses, Mandy turned her mom over and started kissing her as she cupped Amanda’s breast in her hand.  Sara watched, a smile lighting her face as they kissed, and she watched her mom cup Mandy’s breast as she ran her fingers over Mandy’s hard tiny nipples.


Sara moved upwards and put her breast against Bryce’s lips.  Bryce grateful that he could close his eyes to the feast before him, took her nipple as he spread her legs apart with his, now running his fingers down her butt crack.  He got some of the copious moisture from her vagina and slathered it over her rose bud. 

Sara moved to switch her other breast into Bryce’s lips as she ground her pubic mound above his rigid cock.  Bryce slipped in one finger, then two and finally three fingers into her bottom.  Sara moved up a little, her lips glistening with moisture to kiss him.


Amanda had turned Mandy over and was kneeling over her just below her hips just staring at her lovely daughter as she ran her hands over her body.  Amanda’s breasts were swollen from the excitement and the lovely look that Mandy was giving her. 

Amanda opened Mandy’s legs as she ran both hands over her nearly slick mons then pried apart her labia to look at her treasure.  Mandy ran her hand to her mom’s pussy and mimicked as best as she could what her mom was doing to her.  Amanda bent over and started lapping her tongue across Mandy’s breasts, kissing her passionately from time to time.  As she ran her tongue over Mandy’s ear she whispered, “I need to taste you down there sweetie.”


Wordlessly Mandy smiled and held up a finger indicating for her mom to wait.  “Me too,” said Mandy as she turned around and got underneath her mom. 


Amanda understood and positioned herself for Mandy’s tongue to taste her as well.  Soon they both were eating hungrily at each other, although they found it easier if  Mandy was on top of her mom, so they switched positions.  When Bryce finally opened his eyes, he saw Mandy’s amazingly beautiful bottom with Amanda’s hands pulling her buns apart for better access to her thick lipped pussy.


“You taste so amazing mom,” said Mandy.


Amanda breathing hard now replied, “I had no idea how much I’ve wanted to do this with you sweetie.  Your taste is heaven sent.


Bryce sat up to watch and Sara scooted in close to Bryce her pussy directly on top of his cock.


“Mom and Mandy will be cuming in no time I bet.  God this is so cool… I never thought I’d see this.”   She reached her hand over to stroke Mandy’s bottom.


Looking at Bryce Sara said, “I want to try something.  Just go with it okay?”


She pushed Bryce back on the bed then scooted down and started to suck on Bryce’s cock, but just until he was really wet.  Then she sat across his hips and positioned his cock at her vagina.  She lowered herself as Bryce closed his eyes and moaned.


Amanda pulled Mandy’s leg to the side and watched Sara as daughter’s hairless puffy pussy slid down clutching Bryce’s shaft.  The look on Sara’s face was bliss and as this was happening Bryce had his hands on Sara’s forearms lightly stroking them.  Amanda was amazed.  Soon Mandy was watching too. 


Amanda felt Mandy start using her fingers on her mom’s clit and she reciprocated so that they could watch Sara and Bryce.


Sara’s eyes were closed and she was starting to breathe heavily as she slowly moved up and down Bryce’s cock.  Watching Sara’s vagina wrapped around Bryce’s shaft her pussy lips wide open was very exciting to both Amanda and Mandy.


They were just about ready to return to lapping on each other when Sara removed Bryce’s cock from her vag while holding on to it.  Then she repositioned his cock surprisingly at her rose bud.  Before Amanda could say anything, Sara had massaged Bryce’s cock head around her anus and as it opened slightly to the stimulation his cock head began to enter her.  Sara was breathing deeply – her eyes closed and her nipples rigid.  Very soon, her anus consumed his cock head and closed tightly over his shaft.


Amanda quietly said in a very surprised voice, “Sara… that’s amazing... are you sure you want to do this?”


Amanda looked at Bryce who had finally opened his eyes to see his cock head consumed by Sara’s butt hole.


Sara said, “Feels amazing, just let me drive Bryce.”


Bryce said, “You bet honey.  But it is so much more than amazing.” 


Even Bryce’s nipples were like rocks.  As she lowered onto him he stroked her chest and arms lightly.  Once he tweaked Sara’s nipple.  With that her anal muscles clamped tight on to his cock and he thought he would die it felt so amazing.”


For the moment loosing interest in getting off, Mandy turned towards her sister and kissed her.  Then she lapped her tongue over Sara’s chest, and moved lower until she was resting her head on Bryce’s stomach as she started to lap at Sara’s pussy. 


Amanda crawled behind Sara, and while stroking her underdeveloped breasts, turned Sara’s head to kiss her as Sara slowly sank all the way down onto Bryce’s cock.  Soon, Sara was making out with her mom as Mandy lapped at her pussy.  Sara started moving again and started stroking Bryce’s cock – slowly at first and then going faster. 


Bryce was nuts watching the sight before him.  To take his mind off of Sara using her ass to fuck him, he took Mandy’s legs and put her in a position so he could eat her out.


Mandy got the idea quickly and moved to a better position as Bryce sank his face into her pussy.  The sensations of his face covered in Mandy’s girl juice along with the tightness of Sara’s bowels stroking his cock, he knew he couldn’t last long.


Amanda and Sara were still making out as Amanda alternately kissed her lips and then sucked on her nipples as she caressed the small swell of fat underlying them.


There were times when Bryce could feel Mandy’s tongue lap his shaft as he fucked Sara’s ass.


Sara was in a world of her own, her body twitching at the sensations her body was producing.  Sara was indeed in a wonderland of the senses.


At times she would quietly say, so wonderful… so tingly… or something equivalent between deep breaths.


Amanda was holding her daughter to keep her upright as she stroked her body and watched as Sara would get goose bumps at different times.  She was amazed at Sara’s calm and delight and also a bit concerned for her.


Bryce was in a neverland himself.  His head was buried in between Mandy’s wetter than wet thighs, her heady scent was ambrosia to his olfactory senses.  He could feel Sara’s colon massaging his cock, he was riding a wave of pleasure very deep and he felt totally connected to this amazing young girl.  While she was greedy for her own sensations, she shared it all with Bryce.


The moment came slowly but rose in his loins.  Each twinge of pleasure stepped up the ultimate release.  His hands held onto her thighs and he could feel them both reaching for the ultimate.  Then it came in all its wonder.  There was a sadness too.  A sadness that the moment was almost over and the sensations would die away leaving an emptiness of calm yet lost delight.  Her colon was hot, his cock rock hard and getting even harder as the impending orgasm reached release.  With Bryce’s face buried in Mandy’s pussy, hot bolts of ejaculate flooded Sara’s colon.  He didn’t hear it but Mandy came at the same time flooding Bryce’s mouth.  Sara gritted her teeth as she took one final bounce on Bryce’s cock filling her rectum with him and shaking with orgasm as Amanda held her.  Had she not, Sara would have just keeled over. 


When Bryce stopped lapping on Amanda, using her own fingers she finished herself off as she fell to Bryce’s side breathing deeply.  Amanda was bringing herself to orgasm with her own hand and trying to steady Sara at the same time.  Bryce opened his eyes to watch Sara explode gripping his cock tightly to drain him of ever last drop of ejaculate.  The sounds in the room were off the scale with moaning, breathing and even a few screams. 


The orgasm was so intense that Bryce and Sara both were still in its grip long after Bryce delivered to Sara all that he had.  Amanda put Sara down on Bryce’s chest, and Sara crawled up on Bryce still panting with a far away look in her eye.  When she got close enough her lips locked on to his.  His arms wrapped around her as they mutually shared their delight with each other.


The scene was so touching that Amanda cried – in delight and some sense of horror too.  So young she thought, so passionate, and an orgasm as intense as she had ever known.  Could it get even better for Sara, she mused?


Mandy sat up and hugged her mom, pulling her close and kissing her with passion.  Mandy understood her mom’s reaction.  As they held each other they looked at the man and the young girl, still celebrating their awesome high with hugs and kisses and a closeness few people if any ever have.


Soon Amanda saw Mandy smile at the two next to them and smiled.  Quietly she said, “I really want to try that… it looks amazing.”


Amada without thinking said, “Bryce is just damn good, he reamed my ass to one hell of an orgasm… if it doesn’t kill you, you’ll love it probably as much as Sara did.”


Mandy turned her head to look at her mom now smiling with a look that was one huge question mark.  Amanda blushed and said, “Yea honey, I like that too.  I just didn’t suspect that Sara did.”


Mandy said, “I think this was her first, but based on what I saw, it won’t be her last.”


Finally Sara came up for air and Bryce opened his eyes.  Tear streaks showed his face and Sara wiped away the remaining wetness, then kissed his eyes, smiled at him and said, “Wow just doesn’t cover that.  I’m still tingling all over.”


Mandy went to grab some tissues as she was still connected to Bryce, but that connection was failing fast.  She put the tissue under Sara and said, “Okay sis, time to stop playing horsy… time to get off.”


One quick kiss to Bryce and Sara held the tissues as she slid off Bryce.  


“Come on sis, let’s take a quick shower,” said Mandy.  And off they went.  Mandy helped Sara walk with her still unsteady legs.


Amanda looked at Bryce’s groin and said, “You are much tidier than I expected.  But I suppose Sara had this all planned and took precautionary measures.”


She cuddled up closely next to Bryce and draped her arm across his chest, and her leg over him as well.


Amanda nuzzled into Bryce’s neck and said, “What have I started here?  And damn you for looking so pleased with yourself.  I never ever thought I’d ever see a sight like that, and god I must be really sick because that turned me on more than I ever thought possible.  Watching you and Sara with Mandy giving face to Sara… trust me, this is not a mother’s dream.”


“It came as a real surprise to me too, but I’ll never say that I regretted it.  What I will say is this; you and Sara share some uncanny similarities.  She’s just smaller, and that’s about the only difference.”


Amanda rubbed Bryce’s chest and kissed his cheek, then said, “You got enough left to give me a toss before you leave?”


“After a shower and a huge steak… yea, that’s possible,” said Bryce.


“How about a shower and a whole pizza?”


Hummm, let me think… well with just a pizza I might loose my boner about half-way through, but I’ll give it a go?”


“You’re a bad man Bryce.  We’ll make it an oyster pizza, that should take care of that.”


Bryce started tickling Amanda, and then she got revenge. That’s when then the fun and torture escalated.  The giggling, tickling, and pillow fight that ensued was intense as the girls heard the mayhem and watched them from the bathroom door.  Finally, Amanda and Bryce got winded, but they were still laughing when they stopped, embraced and kissed each other very passionately.


Back in the shower Sara smiled and said, “This is so cool and so weird Mandy.”


“If you think this is weird, imaging what mom thinks.  That’s got to be scary,”
 said Mandy.  “I’ve been wondering what will change when dad gets home.”


“That’s easy,” said Sara.  “It’s going to get weirder and much cooler when dad gets home.  I’m thinking one in my butt and the other in my puss.  That sounds like a great adventure.”


Mandy looked at her sister in amazement.  She really wondered who was inside that cute immature body of hers, but it was not a thirteen year old girl.  Of that, she was certain.


Chapter Twenty Two – Preparations


The week that followed was mostly all business for Bryce.  Finishing touches took until Wednesday to complete and Amanda pronounced the job complete.  As a going away gift, she handed each of the workmen a very nice gift.  They were all unique to the individual, and they all were accepted with great thanks.


After the job was complete, Bryce took a two-week vacation.  Amanda had asked for his help as she got ready for Grayson’s arrival.  He was coming early on Friday as he had gotten an earlier flight, and she wanted to give him a surprise on Saturday.  After hearing about it to the extent she revealed, it was likely that it was more for Amanda than about Grayson. 


On Tuesday Bryce had many items to catch up on, like laundry and cleaning out his fridge of spoiled food, and in general tidying up the place.   He had been spending much more time at Amanda’s than his own condo.  Late in the afternoon, Amanda called him very excited.   While she still had an intimate relationship with her brother, they only got together about once a year as he on the other side of the country and he didn’t travel much. It was generally only around holidays that they got to spend time together.  He had agreed to come and was really happy that she had made a start to mend the relationship between her and Grayson.  Her brother remained single for much the same reasons that Bryce did.


She also revealed that she had made up with her sister Amara and that they would be coming to the party as well.  Somehow through the grapevine, her sister had learned that Amanda had gone to Grayson.  When Grayson accepted her invitation she knew Amanda would be calling her soon.   It seemed the whole family was healing, and Amanda was feeling a lot less isolated and a lot more loved.  It had been a long time.


As Bryce was unloading his clothes dryer, the door bell rang.  He opened it to find Amanda standing there all sexy as ever wearing a tank top and white short-shorts with yellow printed flowers on them and woven wedge healed slip-ons.  Her blue eyes twinkled at him and her smile made him sigh inside.


After he closed the door he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.  Afterward, he said, “You are too sexy to be allowed outside in an outfit like that.  God… sometimes you drive me nuts Amanda.”


She patted his cheek and said, “I need to fill you in on the details for Grayson’s arrival.”


As they sat down and he got her a soft drink she said, “I want you to be at the house when Grayson arrives.  I’m certain he will want to meet you.   My sister and brother will be coming over mid afternoon on Saturday.  So Saturday and probably most of Sunday will be family days.  I hope you don’t mind if I ask you not to come over then.  We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.  I hope you understand.”


Bryce smiled at her and shook his head from side to side as he said, “No problem at all, and I hope everything goes as well as expected for you.”


“Great, but I do want you to join us for dinner on Saturday Night.  I haven’t told any of my family anything about us, but Amara found out that you are in the picture somehow; and she called me to tell me she really wanted to meet you.  Now only Grayson knows that we’ve been… well intimate.  I’ve made reservations at Sirocco’s, and I actually managed to get us a private room.” 


“Amazing.  That place is fantastic.  They’ve only been around for a couple of years and they’re generally booked three months in advance.  I’ve been lucky to get a table there three times and each time was better than the other.”


“Bryce… I’m getting nervous.  I think I made a mistake by inviting my brother and sister.  That could complicate the whole reunion.”


“What’s done is done, but it will probably be alright.  Are they staying at your house?”


“No they reserved rooms at the hotel, but I’m sure Aaron, Amara and I will spend some quality time together.  I think I asked them to come because Grayson is going to want to spend time alone with the girls… I really don’t know what I was thinking.”


“Do your best to relax and take it as it comes.  You’ll do just fine, and so will the girls.  With them there it will probably be… Oh, do Aaron and Amara know about Grayson and the girls?”


“Probably, why?”


“It will be a great diversion for you… something else to focus on and also rebuild the relationship with your sister.”


“I guess.  Maybe that‘s why I asked them to be there to act as my support system.  As to them knowing about the girls and Grayson – yes.   Amara thought I way overreacted and has been angry at me since Grayson left, or I tossed him out.  Aaron thought so too, but didn’t react like my sister.  He just thought I was stupid for throwing him out.”


Bryce put his arm around Amanda and pulled her close.  She laid her head on his shoulder and quietly said, “You know, you’ve been my support system much more than you’ll ever know.  For that and everything else, I’m so grateful.”


The conversation went on for another half hour with Bryce reassuring Amanda that all would be well. 


As she left, she said, “Okay, be there at eleven on, and dinner on Saturday is at seven.”  With the door already open to Bryce’s condo she gave him a big hug and kiss just as one of the single female neighbors who looked like she just stepped off the cover of Elle strolled by grinning at Bryce and really looking over Amanda.”



Chapter Twenty Three – Family!


Well, Bryce arrived just as he heard a lot of giggling and yelling inside the house.  Amanda and Sara were doing something as Mandy opened the door looking as if she were ready to go to a party – dress, shoes, her golden red mane looking more beautiful than ever.


“What’s all the fuss?”  He asked as she put her arms around him and squeezed.


As he walked in, Amanda seemed to be chasing Sara around the sofa and just then she caught her.  Sara was laughing very hard and Amanda was trying to look angry.  Sara was holding her skirt tightly around her legs as Amanda finally lifted her skirt above her waist in one motion.


“I just knew it… no panties – now get into your room and put some on… and keep them on for the rest of the day – do you understand me Sara?”


Still giggling Sara said, “Yep, I understand,” in a sarcastic way that said she wouldn’t.


Amanda now very frustrated pleaded with her youngest.  She turned her to face her and said, “Hey kiddo… please give me a break today.  For once, just do what I ask – please?  It will make me feel a lot more relaxed if you do.


Sara saw the look of near anguish on her face and said, “Okay mom… I’m sorry, but I really hate wearing them you know.  So I promise I’ll wear them unless I have to GO, or I get a good offer – fair?  Oh hi Bryce,” she said looking at him as he stared at her puss.


“Pretty dress Sara,” he said.


“Thank heavens you’re here Bryce.  I’m about ready to flip out.  Is it too early to have a drink?”


“Well gorgeous, it’s five o’clock somewhere in the world, so I guess not.  What do you want?”


She walked over to Bryce and said, “A double martini and a 5 milligram valium.”


“That should do it, but the valium I can’t help with, sorry.”


“I’ll get that, you fix the martini’s.”


Soon enough things had settled down.  The place looked fantastic and Amanda had been shopping for new deck furniture and it fit perfectly into the surroundings.


“Can I have a taste Bryce?” asked Mandy.


“Just a taste… a small one.  These are quite strong and I don’t think you’ll like it,” he said.


She held the glass and sniffed it then put her lips to the rim and took a medium size sip, held it in her mouth, then swallowed.


After her face scrunched up and she wheezed a bit she said, “That was pretty awful.  I guess it’s an acquired taste, huh?”


Of course regardless of the bad report from Mandy, Sara was taking a sip of her moms.  As she swallowed she politely pilfered one of the olives from the toothpick, saving the remaining one for her mom.  


“Not horrid, and the soaked olive tasted really good, but I think I’d like something a bit sweeter.  This must be what adults call dry – right?”


Amanda said, “You’re very correct, but I don’t want you starting to drink this stuff at your age.  Please leave a few things for when they are legal, besides a half a drink of this would get you really tipsy, if not worse.  Understood?”


“Sure mom, but the next time you make these – make an extra one and pour it in the jar with the olives.  I’ll just munch on those when I’m in the mood.”


Amanda shook her head and looked at Bryce and said, “Are you up for adopting Sara?  I don’t think I can handle much more of her.”  That was followed quickly by laughter from everyone.


As the laughter died down both girls’ heads turned towards the front door.


“Dad’s here!,” they both squealed as they ran to greet him. 


Amanda yelled at them, “REMEMBER DADDY KISSES ONLY, I DON’T WANT TO GO TO JAIL THIS WEEKEND – DADDY KISSES ONLY – UNDERSTAND?  Whether they heard her or not, the door flew open and soon both girls were out of sight.


Amanda started to walk towards the door and then stopped and said, “Come on Bryce.”


He hesitated but Amanda’s look moved his feet to her.


They stopped at the door to watch Grayson holding on to two beautiful girls who were smooching him all over his face.  


“I don’t believe this in so many ways,” said Amanda.


Bryce was stunned as well.  Not by the behavior of the girls which he fully expected, but from the similarities between Grayson and himself. 


Finally the girls had their feet on the driveway and each girl took one of his hands to drag him into the house.  Grayson finally looked to see Amanda and then Bryce.  Then he was as surprised as Bryce was.


“Love your shirt,” said Grayson to Bryce.


“Yours too,” said Bryce to Grayson.


They were identical.  The girls finally realized that fact and started laughing. 

Sara said, “See dad, I told you that you two were so much alike.”


Grayson looked at her and said, “Well Princess… what are the odds of that?”


Amanda went to Grayson and embraced him giving him a sweet peck on the lips then said, “I’m so glad you’re here, thanks for coming.”


His eyes twinkled at her and he said, “I plan to do a lot of that while I’m here.”


Amanda blushed, Mandy bent her head and smiled at the ground to save herself from laughing, and Sara said, “Way cool dad.”


Inside the house, Grayson freed up a hand to shake with Bryce.  “Amanda told me we resembled each other, but this is a tad strange.  We could damn near be twins.  The shirt thing is still very spooky.  I just bought this one a couple of days ago.”


Bryce said, “Nordstrom’s?”


Grayson nodded his head in agreement, and Bryce said, “Got mine yesterday… same place.  I think you need a drink and I need a refresher.  You up for it?”


“Make it a double, and I hope the glasses are iced.”


Mandy surprised everyone by saying, “Let me get them Bryce, you and dad get to know each other,” as she scampered away.


Grayson looked to Amanda and said, “Since when has she been mixing drinks?”


She replied, “This is a first – honest.”


Everyone walked into the living room as Sara huddled close to her dad never leaving his side.    Grayson sat down as Sara hopped onto his lap and quietly said to him, “I want a real kiss daddy.”


Without agreement from him, she kissed him deeply.  It didn’t last long, but it was sexy as all get out.  By the time they finished Bryce and Amanda could see the crotch of his pants swelling.


Grayson was literally holding back tears, but he said, “Sara, that was wonderful, but I really can’t handle too much of that just yet.  Be my Princess and hold off until we’re alone.  Okay sweetie… I’ve missed you so much.”

To change his mood he yelled, “Hey Rusty, where’s the martini’s?”


“Coming now dad, and before you get settled, I want a real kiss too.  Trade you a kiss for a martini.”


“Deal,” he said.


Bryce was watching Amanda. The kiss came as a surprise to her for some reason.  After a slight flinch, she smiled looking at Bryce and tilted her head as if to say, que sera sera.” 


Mandy put the drinks on the coffee table as Sara politely got off her dads lap.  Mandy smiled at her, sat down, and then holding on to her dad’s face gently, she kissed him much like Sara had.  As she got up, she kissed him quickly on his forehead and said, “You’ve still got it dad… I’m so glad you’re home.”


He was moved again by Mandy’s kiss.  As soon as Mandy got off his lap he reached for one of the glasses.  Mandy handed Bryce one as Sara handed one to her mom, and the third one with martini soaked olives in it was handed to Sara.


As he held up his glass, he said, “Glad to be here… cheers everyone,” and then proceeded to down half the glass.


Amanda sipped and swallowed and her face lit up in amazement.  “Mandy… this is perfect.  Where did you ever learn how to make martinis?”


She shrugged her shoulders and said, “I’ve been watching Bryce.  All I did was what he did.  Glad you like them.”


Grayson said, “Hey Rusty, would you mind making one more batch.  I don’t think mine is going to last all that long.”


As soon as the second tray of drinks was put on the table Bryce looked at the girls and said, “Ladies… it’s time to go open the back seat of the car.  There’s a bunch of stuff in there.”


“What is it?” Asked Sara.


Bryce smiled at them and said, “Belated birthday, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s day,  Fourth of July presents for you two and your mom.  You’re going to have to make more than one trip too.


“REALLY!” said Sara.


“REALLY!” Grayson yelled back.  “Go on Princess… you too Rusty.  Open them if you want, or just stack them in your rooms for later.”


Both girls ran out the door.


As they left, Grayson looked over at Amanda and said, “How are you doing… you okay with all this?”


Amanda got up from her chair and went to sit on his lap.  She proceeded to kiss him deeply for some time.  As she got up she said, “Does that answer your question dear.”


Grayson killed the rest of his drink.


Bryce said, “You know, it’s about time for me to head out and let you all get reacquainted.  But it’s really been a pleasure meeting you Grayson.  I’ve heard a lot of great things about you.”


Amanda looked displeased by his remark but didn’t say anything. 


Grayson said, “Please don’t go Bryce.  Without you, today might never have happened and for that I’m so grateful you have no idea.  The girls will be fussing with their gifts for awhile so stick around.  Besides from what I hear, the girls and Amanda are totally enamored of you.  From what I’ve seen so far, the house looks splendid.  Later I’d like to take a walk around it with you.”


Then looking at Amanda he said, “Are there any plans for lunch?”


She laughed a little and said, “It should be here in fifteen minutes.  I certainly wasn’t cooking today.”


“Great, because I’m starving.  You know they have even cut back on the food in First Class these days. With security, bad schedules, cramped seating and no food, the airlines are on their way to ruin.”


Conversation continued and after two martinis the tension in the room left pretty much entirely.  The girls had returned with their gifts and a nice pile was set next to Amanda.


Bryce understood why the girls didn’t ask which gifts were for them.  Mandy’s gifts all had red ribbon on them.  Sara’s ribbon color was yellow, and Amanda’s were white.  Bryce thought that was very clever.


Lunch came from the caterer and it was fantastic.  More martinis were made and soon everyone settled down.  In the kitchen Grayson and Amanda were having a quiet chat.


Grayson said, “Keep the girls busy for awhile, I want to walk around the house with Bryce and have a chat.  By the way, what are the plans for the rest of the day anyway?”


Hanging her head and shaking it she said, “Frankly, I don’t have any plans for today.  I guess I figured it would be like a normal day like we used to spend together.  I guess I really blew it.  This is not going like I had imagined, and I’m not really sure what that was at this point either.  I do know that both girls have an itch that they want scratched as soon as possible.  And frankly Grayson, I’m kind of a wreck inside.  I’m unsure about my emotions and reactions.  This is all new and I don’t have any framework around it.  Besides, I want some alone time with you too.”


“Are you worried about me being with the girls alone?”


“Yes and really no.  I know that you’ve never hurt them, and that they were doing a lot with you that I never knew about.  Besides, they need you – as a dad, and sexually too I guess.  Damn family genetics.  What I think is happening here is that there is enough sexual tension around here to power a city.  If that doesn’t happen soon, this whole damn thing could explode and I really don’t want that to happen.”


“I agree with everything you said, except I’m not at all concerned about being alone with the girls.  And I want to be with them both – together.  Back before I left that was very common. The real question is, what would make you comfortable?”


Grayson could see and feel Amanda’s confusion and was really caring about her feelings.  There was no doubt that not being with his daughters alone was making him really uncomfortable.  Sara’s knowing looks and her intentional skirt flipping up didn’t help at all from his youngest, and Mandy’s seductive looks at him were nearly paralyzing.  Yes indeed, there was a lot of sexual tension in the house.


Amanda wrapped her arms around Grayson and then kissed him deeply as she felt his erection pushing against her groin.   After a few moments, she said, “How about spending some quality time with them while Bryce and I just hang out.  I actually feel sorry for him too.  He’s as wired as all of us are, and there’s no outlet for him.  How long do you think you will be?”


“This has been a day for me too.  I never expected how I would react to seeing my girls again.  They’ve grown so much and are so much more mature than I thought they would be.  I didn’t come here just to have sex with my girls, I came back to catch up, but the sexual energy coming from them, and you is off the scale.  Would you mind if I spent time alone with the girls while you and Bryce went somewhere for say three hours?  Tonight, if you’re okay with it, we can all be together, for the whole night.”


Amanda smiled at him and saw that he was as confused by the situation as she was.  Somehow that felt reassuring to her.  But to jibe him she said, “You know what the possibilities are if Bryce and I go off together – right?”


“Yes, but it’s not like it hasn’t happened before and you’re throwing signals like a mare in heat. I know that Bryce is feeling the same things that we all are.  He’s ready to burst.  The funny thing is that I can see his love for you three in his face.  He’s here for two reasons today.  The first is that you asked him to be here, the second is he’s here to protect you and the girls.  That’s classy.”


Amanda wrapped her arms around him once more, and said, “Let them set the pace Grayson.  I know it’s been a long time and you… fuck it, just make the experience happy and wonderful for them and you too.  God this is so fucked up - Christ Grayson, tomorrow Amara and her brood plus Aaron will be here too.  I think I should have bought a four-flat and draped the windows in red velvet.  Go get to know Bryce, then we’ll leave – okay?


The kiss lasted a long time and it didn’t go unnoticed by everyone else as well.  Hand in hand Grayson and Amanda walked into the living room.  They smiled at each other and Grayson said, “Come on Bryce, show me around.  Let’s start outside.”


The small talk as they walked around lasted maybe three minutes.  Then Grayson said, “When Amanda told me about your encounter at the mall, I had to laugh really hard.  What you probably aren’t aware of was that Rusty was as intrigued by you and she was also a bit frightened.  She told Amanda later, after you two were… well together, that she got really wet and very excited at the mall.  You know… down there, and that scared her a little.  Sara could tell when she saw Mandy sitting with you.  She thought it was really funny.  I’m babbling, sorry Bryce.”


Bryce stopped walking and looked at Grayson seriously, then said, “This is perhaps the most unusual situation I’ve ever found myself in.  And I have to admit that the sexual tension in that house it really overwhelming.  Those two… make that three ladies in there simply want to get you into bed.  I don’t know what the fuck to say Grayson and I’m feeling really out of place being here.  Where are you with my involvement in all this?”


“Amanda and I are divorced.  She has needs too.  I can tell from just talking to Amanda about you that she really cares for you, and if my guess is right, you really fulfill all of her sexual needs as well.  That means you are very good, and that makes me a bit jealous too, but I’m dealing with that.  Hell, until I told my current girlfriend I was coming to see my Ex, I was having a great time.  She was one sexy young hottie.  But my coming here caused her to get really pissed off and she broke up with me.  Amanda doesn’t know that yet.  And while I was pretty upset about you and my Princess, I’ve gotten over that.  I don’t know Bryce, but I think you come with the package.  The girls really love you, and need you too.  Shit, I love young girls, always have.  You let my girls and Amanda set the rules and were probably stronger in waiting for the inevitable than I would have ever been.   I sense that we think frighteningly alike.  That’s wonderfully bad, but that’s just the way it is.  When Amanda caught me and the girls, I became a problem.  Then you came along did the same things and became the solution to my problem.  It’s a weird fucking world out there.”


Bryce laughed, and soon Grayson was too.  The laughter grew and shed a lot of tension between them.


Bryce finally said, “I believe that it’s going to be a real experience getting to know each other Grayson.  I’m game if you are.  I just don’t ever want to come between you and your family – that, I couldn’t handle.  So if something is uncomfortable for you, let me know right away.”


“Aha… and honorable pedo.  I’ve often put myself in that same class.  What is it about those small bodies, bald pussies, and wide open smiles that turn’s me on so.  Thanks for saying that Bryce.  Better yet, I believe that you are very sincere.”


Bryce said, “You forgot about those small mouths kissing you.  That creates the connection. That sets the stage for a true relationship.  You just know when its right based on that first kiss.  A kiss is like a computer dump of the soul.  It gives you insight to the person that you could never get anywhere else.    Besides they are so damn flexible at the ages we like them.  Then again, and no offence, but Amanda is like a sixteen year old herself.”


Grayson without thinking said, “Maybe someday you and I should do Amanda together.  That might really be an amazing experience.  I think Amanda is secretly hoping it will happen.”


As things got really quiet, Grayson looked to Bryce’s face.  “You okay there buddy?”


Taking a deep breath Bryce said, “But if the girls found out about that….” And just let the phrase hang.


Grayson said, “We’ll discuss this later.  Right now though, Amanda and I came up with a plan.”  He told Bryce what the plan was and to get his agreement.  Bryce said he would do anything to help out the situation, gratefully.  About fifteen minutes more of the conversation they felt like they had known each other for years.  The ladies noticed it too as they walked in to the house via the deck.”


Bryce signaled Amanda that their plan would be okay, and Amanda wasted no time saying, “Girls, I’m really sorry, but Bryce and I need to go shopping for the party tomorrow.  So we’ll be gone for quite awhile.  Do either of you want to join us?”


The collective joy she saw in their faces was priceless, and of course the answer was that they’d rather stay home.  They knew fully well that their mom was going to let them get reacquainted with their dad.  Amanda went and changed, and as she and Bryce headed out the front door, Sara said, “Hey Bryce.”


He stopped and turned around and said, “What sweetie?”


“Come back in here and close the door.”


As Amanda and Bryce walked back in and closed the door, she said, “Don’t I get a good bye kiss anymore, Bryce?”


He smiled at her and she ran and jumped up in his arms as his hands came in contact with one very naked little butt.  Now Sara didn’t just kiss him, she really kissed him, and for a long time.


When she let herself down she said, “That makes up for the kiss I didn’t get when you came over this morning.  Just because my dad’s here doesn’t mean that I don’t want your kisses anymore, cause I do… and the rest as well.  I just wanted every one to understand that Bryce.”


Everyone was a bit stunned at her proclamation but the tension eased when Grayson started laughing.  “You haven’t changed a bit Princess, but you certainly have matured.  I feel sorry for the poor boy who you end up with.”


Amanda opened the door, but Mandy closed it.  She didn’t say anything but she put her arms around Bryce and kissed him nicely too. 


“Me too,” was all that she said.


In the driveway, Amanda said, “Well that was something now wasn’t it.  The girls really marked their turf back there with their dad.”


Bryce said, “Strangely, I felt very honored when Sara did that.  She’s truly an amazing young lady Amanda.”




Chapter Twenty Four – Alone at Last


“So,” said Grayson, “what do you girls want to do?”


Mandy looked at Sara and without saying a word took Grayson into the master suite.  Sara started untying his shoe laces, as Mandy started unbuttoning his shirt.  As Sara worked she said, “In a word, get you naked.  Mandy and I are a wreck just like you are.  I suppose mom’s going to nail Bryce back at his place.  They’re a mess too, right dad?”


“Everybody is.  But a warning there Princess, it’s not going to take me long to… you know?”


“Yea dad, we know,” she said as she slipped his shoes off and started working on his belt. 


“Mandy and I have it all figured out.   She’s been teaching me a lot lately, like the differences between love and sex; the difference between real passion and just wanting desperately to get off.  I finally got it, and it’s really helped.  Right now all three of us just really want to get off.  We have to get that out of the way before we can make love.  That’ll come later, maybe tomorrow.  You get that dad?”


Grayson was enjoying the girls tearing his clothes off and laughing at his youngest.  Mandy was quiet as she pushed him onto the bed.  “I get it Princess, but sometimes you can do both at the same time, but I agree with you… maybe more than once.”


Mandy finally said, “It’s been days since we’ve had sex… DAYS.  Gee dad you been working out more, you are really buff.  Lift your butt.”


He did and Mandy pulled off his silk bikini bottoms.  “These are new… who bought them for you… that girl mom said was a stone fox and a twenty something?”


“You guessed it, but she split when she found out I was coming here ‘cause it pissed her off.”


Sara said, “She’ll get over it, and after today you won’t care one whit about her.”


When Grayson was naked both girls told him to roll over on his side facing them.  He did, and then the girls started to strip.  Sara went first, and that didn’t take long ‘cause all she had on was her skirt and blouse.  His eyes opened wide to see the wonderful changes to her.


“You have grown so much, in so many ways.  You were beautiful before, but now…” and his voice just trailed off.


Sara started turning slowly around so he could see it all as his cock got even harder than it had been. 


“Your legs are no longer little girl legs and now you’re getting a sexy hour glass figure… and little puffies too.  Come here and give me a real kiss princess.”


“Not yet dad… you have to wait for Mandy.”


Mandy had removed her shoes and socks while Sara was stripping.  Today she had decided not to wear her bra.  She removed her skirt by wiggling out of it which was very sexy.


As she unbuttoned the front of her blouse, Sara said, “Dad, Mandy has been making something new for you to play with – I hope you like it?”


Mandy opened her blouse as Grayson’s eyes went wide looking at her beautiful small breasts.  Her nipples were already quite hard.  He was ready to say something but his eyes were glued to her as she started to remove her bikini bottoms.  She turned her butt towards him and dropped them over her perfect buns and caught them where they joined the top of her narrow thighs, then she turned to face him again.  The black bikini’s strained against her pubic mound.  Hooking her thumbs into one side she started pulling them down. Ever so slowly they revealed the scant reddish-blond hairs above her slit.  A quick flick on the other side and her whole pussy was in his view with the bikini sliding down her legs to the carpet.


Grayson was speechless.  He had never beheld suck a magnificent sight in his life.  Finally he said, “I am the world’s luckiest man.  Oh Rusty, you are so grown up and then he closed his eyes for a second.  Sara was the first to get it.  She jumped up on the bed, grabbed her dad’s cock and started sucking on him.  Mandy was rather befuddled until She saw her dads back stiffen and she saw Sara holding her lips over his cock head sucking the cum out of him.  The sight was so erotic to her dad, he just came – right then – without really any manipulation at all.  Mandy climbed up on to the bed as Grayson was recovering.  As soon as she was close enough he grabbed her and tossed her onto his chest.  He felt the swells of her chest, and then he felt her lips touch his.  She put her legs to his sides and kissed him with all the ferocity she could muster welcoming her dad back into her life.


A few minutes later, Sara said, “Mandy… he’s not getting soft, he’s getting harder.”


Mandy said, “Good, get him off again,” then looking at her dad she said, “Wanna suck on something dad?”


His eyes answered that question and she moved her pussy to his mouth as she faced towards him.  Before she got there he stopped her and reached up to touch her face and then slowly his hands moved to her breasts.  He delighted in their firmness and her hardening nipples.  He was a little too gentle for Mandy’s tastes so she put her hand over her dads and slid them around her breasts harder. 


She smiled at him and said, “Sometimes they’re tender, but not today.”


He smiled as he put her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and twisted and pinched them gently.


“You are so beautiful Mandy… so tantalizingly sexy I can’t believe it.  Let me see your new red patch.  I really want to taste that too.”


She kneeled and scooted up to him closer.  When she stopped he stroked her pubic mound with the flat of his hand, his eyes glued to her.  He opened her slit and ran a finger down its length tripping over her engorged clit.  She shook with delight as he touched her there.  Then there was moisture, a flood of it.  In amazement he looked at her all over, from her flaming red hair to her precious new breasts to her maturing pussy.  Love was in his eyes and hers.  It felt amazing to have her dads’ hands on her after this long time. 


His cock was in heaven as Sara deep throated him.  She had been really good before, but this was certainly new, and she was giving him head almost as good as her mom used too.


“Sara… that feels terrific.  When did you learn to deep throat?”


Mandy answered for her.  “Gee dad, she has her mouth full.  After you left we had to find some new, but rather inexperienced partners, so we learned on them.  Then Bryce came along.  When that happened the education really took off.  You know we really love him a lot.  But having you back here, and in a bed with us is as good as it gets.  Sorry your girlfriend split.


“Let’s talk later Rusty.  Come up here, let me help you enjoy this as much as I am.”


Needing no more prompting, Mandy put her pussy lips right over her dads mouth and let his hand guide her hips as to where he wanted her.  The first lap of his tongue against the top of her slit and clit sent a chill of excitement through her whole body.  Her dad always did that first, and the memories of times long past filled her with wonderful sensations, tingles and love.


He split her labia and teased her as he smelled his daughter’s scent – that perfect layering of distinct and subtle nuances that brought back memories of time early for him. Then covering her pussy with his mouth he sucked in her juices.  He could feel Mandy’s excitement as he pleasured her.


Sara had been hard at work for some time.  She held her dads cock with her left hand as she sucked on his cock, her right hand was busy stimulating herself.  But her jaw was getting really tired.  All of a sudden a thought of wonder hit her.  She owned her dads cock.  She could do with it what she wanted.  She took him in to her mouth deeply for one last time and as she retreated she lubed him up with her spit.  Still stroking him with her left hand she shifted position over his legs and then lowered herself as she opened her labia as wide as she could with just one hand.  When his cock was positioned correctly, she slid his cock into her sheath pretty quickly.  Her vagina consumed all of him.  The last half-inch was difficult but she managed.  She had guessed right, Bryce was nearly a couple of inches longer.  But her dad’s cock fit her perfectly after a while.


Grayson felt the change and assumed what Sara was doing.  He lifted Mandy up so he could look down her torso to see Sara starting to bounce on his cock.  Her hairless labia were stretching around his engorged cock and as she pulled away from him, her tube distended an inch or so from her labia.  The sight was exhilarating, very stimulating, and amazingly sexy to watch.  He could feel his urinary meatus opening wide and sometimes it got a tad painfully as she thrust his cock inside her small body. 


“Sara,” he said, “That feels so amazing, but I wanted to save that for later.”


“Dad, for me this is later… three years later.  Enjoy it, fill me up, and for god’s sake get me off really good.  God this feels so wonderful.  If you do me good, I’ll let you inside my bottom hole – we can both enjoy that too.”


After his cock flexed from the thought of that, he brought Mandy’s pussy back into his mouth and concentrated to please her.  A few minutes later the sighs and heavy breathing in the room were getting to them all and orgasm was close.  As he bathed Mandy’s inner lips with his tongue, he slowly inserted two, then three fingers into her bottom.  Soon, she was humping on his hand.  Her clit was now huge and her exposed pearl of a clit was yearning for attention.  He didn’t disappoint.  He took that small girl penis into his mouth and sucked it as he lapped his tongue around its base.  With his hand he was caressing Mandy’s chest again.


Down below, Sara was bouncing on her dads cock as she stimulated her clit with her index finger.  She was close and her head was swaying back and forth with her eyes closed. 


Grayson felt himself loosing control.  His body had taken over.  He nipped at Mandy’s small penis of a clit as he flicked the pearl with the tip of his tongue.  She was moaning above him and Sara was making all sorts of sexual sounds below.  His shoulders tightened and his back stiffened involuntarily as his body exploded to the wonder of his daughters pleasuring him.  He shot the first hot bolt of ejaculate into Sara, as Mandy’s vagina flooded with rich viscous juices, her hips jerking on his face overcome in orgasm.  Sara tensed below and clamped down on her dads cock as he sprayed her insides.  Grayson couldn’t breathe until his orgasm was nearly complete.  Then he huffed in huge gulps of air.  As he pumped his remaining spooge into Sara, her vagina flooded easing the tension against his cock.  Their fluids combined to allow Sara to really pound him fast for a few moments.  It was her second and best cum so far that day.  Mandy rolled off of him and lay at his side as Sara collapsed on top of her dads’ stomach and chest.  They were all breathing hard but calming down.  Mandy went to kiss her dad and soon they were locked in embrace.


Moments later Sara opened her eyes and said, “Great orgasm dad... really super.  You held out longer than I thought you would.  Now tell me this, how long do you have to rest before it can get hard again?


Grayson and Mandy busted into laughter.  It was a combination of what she said, and how she looked.  Her blonde hair was tussled and matted with sweat dripping down some strands, her eyes were bloodshot and half closed, and her lips were deep purple and because she sucked on him so long her voice just didn’t sound right.


Grayson looked at his beautiful daughter and said, “Probably a half hour or so.  Can you wait that long?”


“Sure, I just wanted to know if I had time for a shower or not.  Don’t want to miss a thing you know.”


More laughter ensued and as Sara headed for the bathroom she said, “Mandy you coming… you probably look as bad as I do.”

Chapter Twenty Five  Amanda’s Relief


“Stop at Safeway,” said Amanda as they drove.


“Sure, what are we picking up?” asked Bryce.


“I need some anxiety relief,“ she said and they soon pulled into the parking lot.


He was lucky to find a space so close to the front doors.  When the car stopped, she got out rather quickly.  As he was still sitting, she said, “Come with me Bryce, I need your help.”


“Okay,” he said following her inside.


She walked towards the back of the store down the breakfast food isle.


“The medications are a few isles over,” he said to Amanda.


They reached the back of the store and she continued towards a door to the warehouse and entered the public bathroom off to her right.


Bryce stopped.


Amanda turned, took his hand and pulled him along into the bathroom, then locked the door.


“Just do me fast Bryce… I’m as horny as a rabbit in heat.”


As she said that, she put the flat of her hand against his crotch then followed by saying, “Well that just won’t do,” and preceded to pants him, grab his cock, and swallowed him whole.


It didn’t really come as a surprise to Bryce when she pulled him into the bathroom, but it was quite amusing.  Amanda needed this, and hopefully she wouldn’t break any of the porcelain fixtures in the process.


Her skill on his cock was mesmerizing.  He held her head as she worked him rock hard in no time. 


Amanda loved sucking cock, she really didn’t know why but she really did.  She liked holding cocks, she liked the way they felt, the way they tasted and she really loved the taste of cum.  She didn’t like getting her face splattered with cum, she also thought it was dumb.  It belonged in her stomach, her vagina or her ass hole, and occasionally on her hand after she gave her man a hand job.  On occasions, that was really fun for her.  She liked to see it squirt.  She thought it was fun because she remembered doing a lot of that as a little girl.  Right now she just wanted his cock rigid.


Still holding on to his cock as she stood up, she said, “Now just fuck me… I mean really fuck me.” 


As she dropped her panties he could see that she needed no stimulation at all.  Her panties were wet with her juices. 


“Where… I mean how?”


She flipped up her skirt to cover her back then leaned over the sink and held on.  “Not the best of methods but the other options are really bad.


Bryce got behind her and ran a finger down her slit to make sure she was really wet.  She was… of that there was no doubt.


“TODAY!” said Amanda.


For whatever reason Bryce felt playful, so he decided to give her what she wanted.  He aimed and rammed into her with ferocity.  So hard did he impact her that her ass cheeks shook.


“GOD DAMN… THAT FELT TERIFFIC, just pick up the pace.”


Still feeling silly Bryce said, “That’s on isle two I believe.”


She sighed and then giggled about at the same time.


At first his hands were on her hips as he pulled her towards him as he pushed forward;  with her beautiful small ass dead in his sights.  It started feeling really nice so Bryce put his hands under her halter top and went to feel her breasts.  They were already swollen and her nipples were rock hard. 


Yea, Bryce was getting serious now he could feel her desperation and need for this. Amanda was thrusting backwards into him with a lot of force – as much force as Bryce was putting into his thrusts.


Amanda was gripping onto his cock hard as she flexed her vaginal muscles. He could also feel her frigging herself with one hand as occasionally a finger nail would drag across his cock.


“Mind your finger nails Blondie,”


She nodded her head in agreement. 


There was a knock on the bathroom door.  From the outside she heard a woman’s voice say. “Is everyone okay in there?”


Amanda yelled back, “I will be as soon as you leave me alone.  Please go away, I’ll only be a few minutes more.”


Bryce did not dismiss the ‘everyone’ in the question from outside.


Quietly he said, “Quiet down or they might open the door… okay?”


Back to business he could feel Amanda’s vag flooding with more juices, so she was close.  Bryce was a bit behind her.  Soon he heard her straining not to yell as she came, her vag flooding and relaxing its grip on his cock.  Bryce took the opportunity to pound her harder.  He saw her goose bumps and felt her having a strong orgasm.  Soon she was gripping his cock tighter and in just a few seconds Bryce was ready. 


“Here I cum,” he said quietly.


“Hold off for just a few more seconds,” she said huffing and breathing hard.


Just on the brink, he shifted his thoughts like guys do from time to time in a situation like this, and managed to make it another couple of minutes.  Put in context, that’s a lifetime when having sex.  What brought him back to the moment was Amanda relaxing her grip on his cock for the second time. 


He was so hard and so rigid that every time he slammed into her, he bounced off her cervix.  He visualized what was going on inside her hot wet chamber of delights.  That keyed a great orgasm for them both.  Amanda was in the throes of orgasm just a bit ahead of Bryce’s.


Bryce’s ass hole tightened as he spurted a large hot ribbon of ejaculate into her and they kept coming.  No longer was there any control of their voices.  They were loud, both of them.  Amanda shook in ecstasy as Bryce reveled in his nerve endings firing great joy throughout his body.  His legs were a little rubbery towards the end, but he held up well under the circumstances.


As their pace slowed and the breathing came somewhat under control, the same voice was asking another question through the door.  They didn’t hear it the first time. 


“Ma’am… I’m trying really hard to believe that you are okay, but I think I should just open the door to check on you.”


Amanda thought for a moment and then said in a calm but self-assured voice, “Trust me, you come in here, and Safeway will be paying for my retirement after I take you to court.  Want to take that chance… come on in… I’m really tired of working anyway.  Baring that lady, get the fuck away from this public bathroom and I guarantee you in five minutes or less I’ll be out of here.  DID YOU HEAR ME?”


“Yes ma’am,” she said contritely, “I’ll be leaving now.”


In the meantime Bryce had grabbed a handful of toilet tissue and handed it to Amanda as he cleaned himself up.  Then he took her panties from around her high-healed sandals and used more too clean them up as best as he could.


“More tissue,” she quietly said to Bryce.


He gave her another wad.  Soon, she slipped on her panties, pulled her tank top down and looked at Bryce who had just finished putting himself together again.  She threw her arms around him and gave him a huge passionate kiss. 


That completed she said, “That was just what I needed, I got off two big and one little time.” She kissed him again.  “That was just perfect.”


Forgetting their curious store employee, they opened the door to the rest room and walked out.  As they walked there were several eyes on them that thankfully she didn’t know.  That notion was brought to a halt until Sandy (Lisa’s mom) approached her.  There was some salvation in the fact that Sandy hadn’t seen her and Bryce walk out of the bathroom together.


“Hi Amanda,” said Sandy.  Are you okay?”


Amanda blushed as Lisa said, “Hi Bryce… nice to see you again,” with a whole bunch of flirting to boot.


Amanda rather quietly said to her, “It just started happening this afternoon, I just had these horrid gas pains.  Never felt anything like that ever, but I do feel a lot better now, thanks for your concern.”


Sandy said, “Oh, don’t I know.  It’s happened to me before too.  Those jabbing sharp stabbing pains… but it’s only happened a couple of times.”  And yes there was a twinkle in her eye as she said that.


Bryce looked down to see Lisa standing close to him as she bent over to tie her shoe lace which opened her tank top to reveal two beautiful little girl breasts just the way Bryce liked them.  Thank god he had just had a great orgasm or his pants would have tented almost immediately.  Bryce looked away very fast, his eyes on Amanda.


Amanda said, “Well we have to get back, the girls are alone and you know how I am about that.  Nice seeing you too Lisa, I’ll tell Mandy we saw each other.”


As they walked away Amanda said, “Fuck… that will be all over the neighborhood in an hour.  I’m headed to the ice crème isle.”


“Screw that,” said Bryce, “Let’s go get a real sundae or something.”


Awhile later after eating himself through two sundaes, and a four-scoop surprise that Amanda had they were sitting on a park bench close to Amanda’s house.


“How are you feeling now?” asked Bryce.  “You seem in much better spirits.”


“I am.  I just hope the girls are alright.”


“And why wouldn’t they be?  I look at it this way, Grayson and the girls have been together that way for a long time before you knew what was going on.  I sense him as a kind and loving man.  While they are not my kids, I do love them deeply you know.  If I felt one twinge that something, and I mean anything negative would happen to them, I would have expressed my concern to you immediately.  And I felt nothing akin to that.”


“Honestly Bryce… I’m feeling guilty about what I did nearly three years ago.  The girls really missed their dad, and I missed him too.  This is the same ground we’ve been over before.  Yet… shit I don’t know.  But I do know that they were surely happy to see each other again.  I guess I’m wondering how everything might change.  Before Grayson left, I was really just a housewife.  I hadn’t planned it that way.  Hell, I have a Masters degree.  It was really hard getting established into the working world.  I really love what I do now, it keeps me young, and I make a lot of money.  I don’t want something’s to change.  And that’s pretty much on the top of my list.”


“My suggestion is just take it day at a time.  For you that’s a hard thing to do.  You want everything all mapped out – eyes dotted and tees crossed.  Everything discussed down to the tiniest detail.  That means you want to be in control of everything.  Now you may have to share that – I believe that’s the scary part.”


Amanda didn’t reply at one, but not long afterward she looked at him with a smile and said, “Bastard.  I didn’t really want to bring that thought into my conscious mind.  But you’re right.   Now that I know that, I feel strangely… well a lot better.  Tell me this, how can two control freaks like us get along so well?”


Bryce smiled at her and said, “Because we think much the same way… but so does Grayson, I believe.  For me that’s scary.”


There was hardly anyone walking around the park this time of day as Amanda looked around.  She stood up, pulling Bryce with her and gave him a nice close hug and a sweet kiss followed by her saying, “Back when I threw Grayson out, I went to see a shrink.  The bastard charged me a hundred and a quarter an hour.  I haven’t paid you a dime and you are far better at helping me than he ever did.  For that, and a lot of other reasons I genuinely treasure our friendship.  I think it’s time to get back home and see if the bedroom has survived.”


Chapter Twenty Six   Are you Nuts?


Bryce slept in on Saturday, but when he awoke he wondered how everything went the night before with the whole family together.  Half-way through his breakfast the phone rang.  It was Amanda.


After the hello’s and such, Bryce couldn’t resist and said, “Is everything okay, Amanda… I mean last night…”


She interrupted him, “Nothing to worry about.  All my fears vanished after my second orgasm.  Damn and I thought Sara was good, but Mandy blew my mind.  We had a great night together and somewhere around two, we just fell asleep on my bed.  When we woke up, it started all over again.  But that’s not why I called.”


“Go ahead… shoot,” said Bryce.


“I just got a call from Amara, she hooked up with Aaron.  It was kind of funny, the hotel clerk gave them rooms together and they are adjoining.  They met when Amara was going into her room and Aaron was leaving.  What was good is that both rooms had double king-size beds.  Since Amara brought her three kids, sleeping was really comfortable for them too.  Anyway, I just got back from seeing the whole family and they’ll be over here in about two hours.  Here’s the deal.  When I got to the hotel… the girls wanted more time with Grayson… the family reunion went super well.  But… wow this is getting really kinky… Amara and Aaron would like to spend some time alone with Grayson and me.  I mean, not only sex, but just talking.  So the question is, would you mind if my two and her three had a sleepover at your place tonight?”


Bryce sat down, turned white and thought of masses of Police Cars hauling him away.  But to Amanda he said, “Gee Amanda, I’d do just about anything for you, but this sounds very dangerous.  How old are her kids anyway?”


“What’s dangerous about it?  Arden her only son is 13, Kasey is14, and Melody is15.  They’re great kids and I hadn’t seen them in a long time.”


“I only have two bedrooms here Amanda.  That leaves me and Arden together and then all of the girls.  What happens if Sara or Mandy decide to visit me or Arden in my bedroom?”


“Trust me he won’t be sleeping with you.  The girls will keep him very busy, and who cares if one or two of the girls want to be with you.  Amara suggested this, I didn’t but think it was a great idea.”


“Did you tell them about me and Sara and Mandy?”


A long pause ensued then Amanda said, “Well it sort of slipped out, when Amara and Aaron and I were… well having sex together.  God it has been way too long.  So yes, they know, and they are both grateful that you came along.  Besides, Amara has been with her kids all along, Aaron too sometimes.  That’s why the big fight between her and I took place.  I knew about the kids being together, just not with Amara until the whole Grayson thing happened and I confided in her.”


“What about Amara’s husband?”


“She divorced him when the kids were real young and stayed single.  That’s a long story.  As to Aaron, he never got married.”


Bryce thought for a moment and said, “Amanda, since everyone at your house knows the story, why not just keep them all there.  It just could blow the lid off of this whole thing if somehow a bachelor like myself got caught with a bunch of underage kids at my house.  That’s really scary to me.  I hope you understand that.  If it were just Sara and Mandy… well that’s one thing, but with five of them this whole thing could get out of hand.  Besides, I don’t know Amara’s kids and I wouldn’t want to do anything until I was sure they were… Gee Amanda, this is a bit over the top, and way over the top for you.  It must have been a hell of a morning for you to be so comfortable with this, not to mention your sister who I haven’t met yet.  Does Sara and Mandy know about her cousins, uncle, and mom?”


“To your last question, yes.  I just told them though it seems that Kasey and Melody and my two have been together before I stopped seeing Amara, and they’re eager to get to know Arden.  As to being scared, I really hadn’t stopped to think about that, and yes I do understand.  You’re right too.  It’s just to compromising a situation to put you in.  I just got so excited that I didn’t stop to think… maybe I took your talk yesterday a little too literally.  Besides I was feeling like I was leaving you hanging there all by yourself.  If you think about it, with you, the girls and me, we’ve been kind of like a family.  Please forgive me for asking alright?”


“No need to.  And even thought my head told me this was not a good idea, my cock got hard really fast thinking about the possibilities.  But it will really be nice to meet these kinky people tonight at dinner.  That will be something that I’m sure will never happen again in my lifetime.  Is there anything that I can do to help within reason?”


She thought for a moment and then said, “Yes, in fact there is.  Come to the house around three-thirty.  You can get to know everyone for awhile, then we can all go to dinner together.   How’s that?”


“That, my dear, I’d love to do.  My curiosity is at an all time high, and that might satisfy it.  See you then.”




When he got to the house, the driveway was as packed as he’d ever seen it.  Her heard laughter inside as he approached the front door.  Before he got a chance to ring the doorbell, the door flew open and Sara flew into his arms.  Knowing her as he did, he walked inside pushing a couple of other kids out of the way and kicked the door closed.


After jumping into his arms, Sara squeezed him with all of her strength it seemed and then kissed him as she usually did.  He was a bit happy that this time she was wearing shorts instead of a skirt. 


“Gee Bryce, it’s only been a little while but Mandy and I really missed you.”


He heard but couldn’t see Mandy when she said, “Come on Sara, my turn.”


Sara harrumphed, and then smiling at Bryce kissed him on the nose and slid down to the floor, but was immediately replaced by Mandy.  She was a little easier on him standing on her tippy toes and as he bent over she gave him a longer kiss that Sara had. 


“I missed you too, even thought it’s been fantastic seeing everyone again, I just wish you could have been here too.”


Grayson didn’t miss how his daughters reacted to Bryce.  They really adored him and he knew it, not only in actions but in words that they had spoken when they were together.  There might have been a twinge of jealousy on his part, but all-in-all, the family was back together and the girls had enough love in them to go around.


When Mandy let him go, he stood up and was greeted by Grayson who surprisingly gave Bryce a hug.  Standing next to him was a near carbon copy of Mandy but a little older.  She poked Grayson in the ribs and he turned to look at her.  He got it.


“Bryce, this lovely lady standing next to me is Amanda’s sister, Amara.  Amara, promise not to hurt him, but finally I can introduce you to Bryce.”


“Hurt him, oooooh Grayson, that sounds like fun.  Nice to meet you Bryce and excuse me if I’m forward but…”


The but was a warning to Bryce that he didn’t understand.  She walked towards him, embraced him and said, “Thank you for bringing this family back together, it’s been way too long.” 


That said, she kissed him.  Not a high it’s nice to meet you kiss, but a painfully wonderful slow kiss that worked it’s magic almost instantly.  Bryce was at the same time embarrassed and wanting a bedroom.  Amara’s red-bronze-gold hair hung to her mid back and it looked as if it was naturally curly.  Her tiny frame was pressed up against him and her hips saw nothing wrong with grinding herself against his crotch.  But the first thing that turned him on were Amara’s freckles… lots of freckles.  He just didn’t have enough time to see them before she kissed him.  He did fall into the kiss though and they connected immediately.  She was a mature version of Mandy, with Sara’s personality, and taller than Amanda.  That meant trouble… lots of trouble. 


“Mom, let him go and introduce me, please?”


Amara whispered in his ear, She can wait, one more kiss please.  I really, thoroughly enjoyed that.


He did, kissing her again knowing what to expect this time.  She was an amazing kisser, and they really connected.  He felt her inside.  She was a real handful, but she was different from any woman he’d ever kissed before.  Her perfume was some kind of aphrodisiac and his head was spinning before the kiss was finished.




Amara let go and just looked into Bryce’s eyes questioningly, much like he was looking at hers.  Without breaking the eye contact she said, “Yes Kasey I hear you, but let’s let Bryce in the house first.  Then you and Melody can be introduced.”


Out of the corner of his eye he saw Amanda smiling along with Sara and Mandy at her side.  Finally Amara broke contact and said, “I can be so tacky at times… come on inside Bryce.  As she held his hand and pulled him towards the living room he overheard her say Scary yummy quietly to Bryce.


Inside the living room she held Bryce’s hand and stood next to him.  In front of him stood Kasey and Melody.


When seeing them he was very pleased with himself for telling Amanda that the girls couldn’t spend the night at his house.  His cock brain was saying, You stupid, stupid, ungrateful fuck.  DO you see those two… Do you see the look in their eyes…. Sheesh what an ass hole.


Amara was introducing the girls as Arden walked up behind his sisters.  They were all every bit as beautiful as Sara and Mandy.


Kasey lit up when seeing Bryce.  Her smile radiated over the whole room as she blushed and said Hi, then asked it she could give him a hug.


Bryce knelt down indicating a yes to her question and said, “Sorry you had to wait so long.”  Then unexpected even to himself he said to her, “But the wait was worth it.”


Like her mother, Kasey walked to him and hugged him, but unlike her mom pressed her cheek against his and kissed him.  She retreated after giving him another squeeze. 


Bryce was very conscious that he might have trouble standing up straight, but tried to think about mowing the lawn, or fixing a sewer pipe. 


Kasey was a near spitting image of her mom, and about the same build as Mandy.  Her hair went almost below her waist, but today was pulled tight into double high-set pony tails and her bangs crossed her forehead just above her nearly pure bronze eyebrows and eyelashes.  She had on a plaid skirt that was really short, and a little yellow puff sleeve sexy shirt that showed her braless front and two hard nipples set atop nice small firm flesh mounds.  Her green eyes twinkled at him in the most inappropriate of ways he had ever seen.


Bryce held her hand before letting her go and said, “Really nice to meet you Kasey.  I suppose you’d get mad at me if I said you look so much like your mom, but you do, and that’s quite a complement.”


Kasey looked at him, smiled and said, “I’m not mad at you for saying that.  Mom’s a real fox and what’s so bad about that, besides she’s really nice too.”


Amara said, “Brownie points for that one, kid.”


Melody was the oldest.  She looked a lot like a little Amanda.  More filled out than Mandy she had graceful curves and was a couple of inches taller too.  She had long, long legs, with narrow hips and maybe a twenty-two inch waist.  Strawberry blond hair just a tad darker than Amanda’s and light freckles that ran across her cheeks and the ridge of her nose, which was just enough to be really annoying to her, and really cute to Bryce. 


“This is Melody, Bryce.”


“Nice to meet you Bryce.”


Without asking she walked to Bryce who was still kneeling and hugged him very nicely and as she moved away, she came in for a kiss.  It was a sweet kiss and towards the end, she gently slid her tongue across his lips. 


It seemed that his thoughts of the drain pipe helped him as he stood up.


“And for my youngest, this is Arden.”


Arden was a surprise.  He was as close to being albino as you could get, but his eyes were a powder blue, and he did have platinum blond hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.  He was as tall as Melody and was a handsome boy for thirteen.  Based on the girls, he had a thicker more muscular build.  Not rugged, but no tooth pick to be sure. 


“Hey there Bryce… I’ve heard a lot about you today, and everyone’s right, you could be uncle Grayson’s brother… in more ways than one I guess.”


Amara smacked him on the back of his head and said, “Tacky… how many times have I asked you not to be tacky Arden.”


“But mom… sheesh, everybody here knows the score.  It’s cool, I get it.  No… I am really happy to meet you.  Welcome to a really cookie family.  I mean, what are the odds?”


Sara went over to Arden and said, “Okay, you made your point Powder.”


All the other girls said, “Oooooo, and looked at Arden.


He just put his arm around Sara and said, “I’m finished, for now.”


Grayson said, “I think you need a drink.”


Bryce replied, “If you have it, I’d like double bourbon… neat. 


As Grayson walked to the bar, Bryce followed.  Grayson said, “Arden is a really good kid, and what he said to you was sincere.  It’s just he’s always had bad timing or knowing in what company to say what.  It’s kind of a surprise because he is a really smart kid.  He’s already in tenth grade at thirteen.


As they approached the bar another person came into view who was filling his glass.  It had to be Aaron.   As they approached, Aaron stuck out his hand and said, “I’m Aaron, Amanda and Amara’s brother.  Nice to meet you finally.


“It’s nice meeting you too.  You know it just became noticeable to me that you and your sister’s names all start with “A”, is there any reason for that?”


Aaron laughed. “Well it is very unusual, but mom finally talked.  It seems that she decided to do it that way because of her favorite character in a book she read in Junior High.  Suffice it to say the characters name was Hester Prynne.  Mom had hard life as a young woman, and as a testament to Hester’s strength of character she decided to name us that way.  Interesting, isn’t it?”


Bryce couldn’t help but laugh.  If this were still the 17th Century in Boston, not doubt everyone in the room would be led to the gallows he thought.  “Interesting indeed, Aaron.  Thanks for enlightening me.”


Grayson followed with, “Me too, never thought to ask.”  Then he handed Bryce his drink.


Across the room Amara was heading towards the boys at the bar.  Aaron said, “Bryce, be careful… Amara’s tenacious and her smile tells me she’s after you.  I love my sisters beyond measure, but Amanda is so much more in control of her emotions, while Amara just goes with it… Kasey too.  Melody is more like Mandy.  Just a heads up.”


Aaron was as relaxed with Bryce as if he had known him for years.  Bryce was surprised at Aaron’s appearance.  Arden could be his son they looked so much alike.  From build to hair and eye color, nobody would ever question that – it would simply be assumed.


Amara joining the boys hooked her arm inside Bryce’s free arm and said, “So Bryce, are you regretting your decision for the sleepover at your house tonight?”


Bryce smiled at her and said, “Quite frankly, I’m damn proud of myself in more ways than I care to comment on.  Chances are if I had agreed, I’d be dead by morning, so taking the conservative path, I may end up having many more hours to enjoy the beauty all around me – yours included.  This family could make a miserable winter day in the Arctic seem like springtime in Yosemite.”


Aaron and Grayson broke into laughter after hearing Bryce and seeing Amara’s face.


Aaron said, “Sis, this is a smart man.  I think we are going to be good friends.  Trust me, you’ll get your way, just not today.  Patience sweet sister… patience.”


Bryce tried not to laugh but he busted up about the same time that Grayson did.  Grayson said, “Amara, we’re not laughing at you, just the look on your face.  It was priceless.  I know that doesn’t happen to you often, but damn it was fun to watch.”


Amanda walked up just then and said, “What’s so funny… sorry I missed it?”


Before any man could say a word, Amara said, “They’re just being bratty men, that’s all.  You know they’re all bastards,” but she did say that with a smile.


Amanda said, “Oh… sorry sis, looks like you got turned down… now I know why they were laughing.  It’ll be okay I promise,” she said sarcastically yet contritely.


“Fuck you all,” said Amara.  “Grayson, pour me a triple.”


He did and soon Amara was on her way somewhere with Amanda.  Grayson, Bryce and Aaron got into a conversation by the bar. 


Sometime later, the door bell rang and Mandy went to the door.  Bryce was looking at  Grayson as he spoke and then he just stopped and his face froze upon the image he saw.  As Bryce turned around he blinked his eyes about three times, and he was as surprised as Grayson.


Mandy walked up with another girl. 


Grayson’s face lit up as she got close.  Amiko?  he said quietly to himself.


Amiko smiled at him with her whole face and said, “Finally, after all these years.  Gee I missed you Grayson.”


She threw her arms around Grayson and he lifted her for a big squeeze.  As she dangled in his arms, she pressed her lips against his and soon they were lip locked in a deep kiss.


Bryce turned his head to look at the reactions of others in the room.  Amanda was smiling at the two of them just shaking her head as Sara was talking to her.  Earlier that day, Mandy had confessed to Amiko’s and her tryst with her dad.


Amiko stopped kissing Grayson and just looked into his eyes deeply smiling all the time.


“What ever did you do to your hair Amiko?”


“I wanted to cut it to my mid back.  It was getting heavy to walk around with.  Mom didn’t understand and said I couldn’t.  So one day when she was out, I decided to really cut it short.  Well I went a bit overboard and by the time mom got me to the salon they had to balance it out, which meant cutting more of it off.  I almost had a boys’ crew cut for a few months.  Now it’s getting really nice, and I like it short.  You like?”


“Sweetie, I’d like you anyway you came.  I’m so glad you came by. And your hair seems to have very nice waves now too.”


Mandy said, “She’s going to dinner with us too.  She really wanted to see you dad.  I hope you don’t mind.”


“Are you kidding?  I think it’s great.”  Grayson gave Mandy a look that she identified quickly. 


She said back to his look, “It’s okay dad, but later?”


“Really?” Grayson asked again.


“Really,” replied Amiko.  Then she kissed him once more.  Soon she was standing on her own two feet.


“You really got taller Amiko,” said Grayson.


“Yep.  I’m five-six now.”


Mandy said, “Amiko, this handsome man’s name is Bryce.


Amiko lifted her head slightly and when her eyes fixed onto his he almost fell down.  He had heard about asian-persuasion [i] but had never had it directed to him before and it was mesmerizing. Deeply intense this girl was, there was no doubt in his mind about that.  He wilted at her stare and the eroticism of her haunting eyes and was totally overwhelmed.


As best as he could, he said, “I’ve head a lot of great things about you Amiko.  It’s great to finally meet you.”


She beamed a smile and slight blush at him with her light brown eyes and extended her hand.  He went to shake and found her small hand to be smooth and very tactile.  She was delicate, and her long straight fingers held gripped his hand perfectly.  Her fingers were long and straight and every nail was perfect and just coated with very transparent pink nail polish.  He sensed electricity going through him as their hands touched.


As she released his hand, she looked at Amanda and said, “I truly think they are really brothers – twins’ maybe.  I know that everyone is supposed to have a double, but this looks genetic.”


Looking up at Grayson and Bryce she said, “Are you two sure that your mom just didn’t forget one of you at the hospital when she left?”


Grayson said, “Well that might have been the case, but Bryce and I were born in different cities, in different hospitals, almost two years apart, and we both have birth certificates that attest to that.”


Mandy, please come here, Amanda yelled across the room.


“Got to go now, but we’ll get together later I promise,” Said Amiko, and off the two girls went hand in hand.”


“Now that girl is very special,” said Aaron.


“You have no idea,” said Grayson.


“Bet I know more about her than you think, Grayson.”


“Shit,” said Grayson.


“What are you two talking about?” Laughed Aaron.


When neither Grayson or Bryce answered, Aaron said, “Guess it’s just another kink to this wonderfully conservative family.  Shit guys, we should all register as Republican’s, now wouldn’t that be a hoot.”


Grayson looked at him disdainfully and said, “Christ Aaron, you think Democrats could be this kinky?  This kind of shit has been going on in the Republican party along with other more serious kinks since time immemorial. They just know how to keep it in the closet… until it all comes out.  Bastards.  Aaron, fix me another drink please.  Damn Bryce is she awesome or what?”  He said looking at a rear view of Amiko, Mandy and Kasey, and Sara.


Bryce shook his head and said, “Which one Grayson?”


Actually pointing with his finger he waved it at the four girls, and then moved his finger without looking to Melody who was with her mom and Amanda and said, “THEM!”


Aaron said, “Let’s go outside and get some air.  It’s way too hot in here.”


That said, They headed outside carrying two bottles with them.



Chapter Twenty Seven – Sushi?


The afternoon evaporated quickly.  In no time at all everyone was headed out for dinner.  It ended up with Bryce taking Grayson, Arden and Aaron in his vehicle.


As they left the driveway; Grayson sitting next to Bryce up front said, “What a fantastic afternoon.  Truly, this was something I never expected to happen, and what a great day it is turning out to be.”


Reminding himself that Arden was in the back seat, he toned down what he really wanted to say.  Then to his surprise, Arden said, “I hope where we are going has Oysters.  Tonight I’m going to need some stamina.  What a room full of choices, but I guess I’ll just take whatever comes my way.  And that is just about as good as it could possibly get.”


Grayson said, “So Arden, do you have any girlfriends back home?”


“For now two girls, plus I babysit too.  Some of the younger girls are really great and at my age, I can just about get away with anything… well as long as they agree, and most do.  Right now I have two favorites.   Jamie and Carla.  Jamie goes to my school.  She’s really smart and a freshman; she’s twelve and really hot.  I baby sit for Carla.  She’s nine, a tomboy, and feisty as hell.  We get along great.  She says that she gets to act like a boy during the day and turn into a girl at night when we are together.  There are others, but those are my two favorites, along with Kasey.  We’ve been close since I was a little kid.”


Aaron sitting next to him said, “Are there many other boys your age that are as lucky as you are?”


“Just a few really.  The others are so awkward.  They think girls are a total mystery and I think they’re afraid.  When it really comes down to it they try to impress girls with stupid boy crap and be all macho.  Inevitably, they mess up and look ridiculous.  But I was lucky, mom taught us all since we were little.  We get into it some just because I’m a teenager, but we have always been very close, especially after dad split.  That’s when we got really tight.”


“Bryce, can I ask you a question?”  Asked Arden.


“Sure… what is it?”


“Most of the afternoon you spent your time with Grayson and my dad.  Why was that?  As a matter of fact, you all seemed to stick really close together come to think about it.”


Immediately Bryce without thinking said, “Your dad… I thought he was long gone?”


Aaron laughed and said, “Oh… Amanda never told you I guess.  Arden is my son.  That’s why Amara and her ex broke up.  He couldn’t handle that, and it was too obvious to ignore.”


Grayson laughed at the look on Bryce’s face.  “You going to be alright there buddy,” he asked Bryce.


Getting a grip he said, “Well I thought the resemblance was striking, and I thought it possible.  But nonetheless, it is a surprise having it confirmed.”


Arden said, “Well I don’t have a hunchback, I don’t drool, and I don’t drag a foot or have a goofy smile on my face, so it worked out pretty good.  Besides, dad and I still see each other a lot and it will be really good in a month or so cause dad’s moving close to us.  I still can’t figure out if it’s because of me, or my sisters.”  Then he laughed.


Aaron laughed too, “You know I love all of you, and I’m moving close so we can all be together like it should be.”


“So about you all sticking close together… what’s with that?”


Grayson answered, “In a word protection, Arden.  There were too many girls and women there to hang out with just one or two.  Females are sensitive, and especially when you are intimate with most of them, you have to share your time with them all about equally, or stay away from them all together. If you don’t, someone gets upset.  That’s infectious, so you do your best to avoid that.  Truthfully, I hadn’t even thought about it until you asked, but that’s the why of it.  You guy’s agree?”


Aaron and Bryce both agreed.


The guys got to the restaurant first and were taken to the dining room.  They all sat together as the ladies started filtering in.  When everyone was there, Amara looked at Amanda and said, “This is not going to work guys.  Amanda, Mandy, lets break up this threesome.”


Amara walked and took Bryce’s hand, as Amanda took Grayson’s pulling them out of their seats leaving Arden seated where he was.  Mandy took Amiko and followed her aunt and as Bryce was placed in a chair, Mandy told Amiko to sit next to him.  Amara took the other side of him.  Then Mandy moving quickly sat next to Arden and was followed by Sara taking his other side.  Grayson sat next to Amanda with Melody on his other side and Kasey sat across from him.
























After everyone was seated, Kasey saw that Melody didn’t look to happy stuck down at the end of the table with an empty chair across from her.  So, she just got up, took her chair with her and moved to the end of the table by Sara and Amiko and asked everybody to slide their places over some.  Melody smiled and moved to sit where Kasey had been sitting and said, “Thanks Kasey.”


Truth was that Kasey did feel sorry for her sister, but sitting next to Sara, Amiko and close to Bryce was in her eyes a perfect solution.  She wanted to be with Bryce, and thought that Amiko was really hot and wanted to get to know her better.  She also saw Sara’s look when she moved to that end of the table.  Sara’s eyes said, Amiko is for Bryce.  Kasey smiled and nodded her head to Sara.  That didn’t go unnoticed by Bryce or Amiko.  Then Kasey turned her charm on Amiko. 


As the water came with the menus, Amara put her hand on Bryce’s thigh and quietly said, “Seems that you have a few admirers.”


Bryce gave her a big smile and not quite or softly said, “Oh… I was wondering why you sat next to me.  That’s a real complement – thank you.”


Mandy and Amanda heard and saw the interaction as Amara just went totally red.  They started laughing quietly.


Smiling at Bryce, she said, “Bastard.”


Menus were handed to them just then breaking up an embarrassing moment for Amara. 


After his mom opened the menu, Arden said, “Mom… maybe something with red sauce… what do ya think?”


Dead pan, she laid her menu down and sweeping her head to look at the guys she said, “I think you guys should all behave yourselves and be gentlemen, but it would be inappropriate for us to all just get it on here…  but if you don’t, tonight you’ll be sleeping in an empty bed.  How’s that gentlemen?”


That got a laugh from the table, but the girls all talking over one another saying  something akin to, “Speak for yourself Amara.”


Bryce still smiling broadly from the comment said, “Okay… enough.  I’m starving and the smells in here are fantastic.  Let’s order.”


He saw the waiter and said, “I believe we have a drink order for you.”


Immediately, Amara said, “I’m first.  Amanda told me you make a drink called a pain killer – I want a double.”


Dinner was well on its way with small talk and chatter between the people gathered, but Amiko had been very quiet hardly speaking at all.  This caused Bryce to be concerned.    Bryce wanted to study her face and body language, but he couldn’t do that with her sitting next to him.  Her scent wafted through the air; tingling his nose with the smell of Lotus blossoms.


Kasey and Sara were in quite a conversation, and Amara and Bryce had just spent about ten minutes in a most interesting conversation.  During that conversation, he saw the serious side of Amara.  She was very grateful that he had come into her sisters life.  So much so that Grayson was back where he belonged.  She was ecstatic that her sister seemed finally back to old self again, happy and feeling complete, but with much more confidence.  And Sara and Mandy were rejoicing for several reasons.  Apparently, Amanda had confided many personal items to Amara about her and Bryce.  Bryce could tell that Amara was attracted to him, in what way he didn’t know, but he also knew he’d find out sometime this weekend.  The conversation between them ended when Amara told Bryce to talk to Amiko for awhile as she seemed to feel out of place, and sometime later to have a chat with Kasey.


Amara said, “Both of them have been really captivated by you and Grayson looking so much alike.”  And then flippantly she said, “Besides, you’re a safe bet with them.  My guess is that all you’d do to them is make them really happy. Happy is good in this fucked-up world.”


That surprised Bryce and his face showed it. 


Amara said, “Don’t look so surprised.  You know this family is not focused on sex, but sex is a part of life.  I learned that when I was a kid, and I’m grateful.  Trouble is that you still have to be very careful.  There are a lot of sicko’s out there Bryce that would delight in harming our girls.   You’re a lover of the little ones, just like the rest of us.  Mandy and Sara, not to mention Amanda think you are amazing… of course I’ll have to confirm that myself, but I do believe them for now.  Now talk to her… damn is she beautiful or what?”


This time Bryce put his hand on Amara’s firm thigh feeling the muscle underneath through the thin raw silk of the dress and said, “And so are you in a most captivating way.  I’ve always had a thing for read heads, but you so exceed the prototype as to create another category that hasn’t been defined yet.”


Amara lightly blushed and said, “Or blondes, auburn haired beauties, blue-black Asian haired females, or just about any female of a slight build and a beautiful smile.  Hell maybe even nappy heads… but who cares.”


Bryce smiled and said, “Aha, it’s hard for you to take a real compliment, but I meant it.”


Smiling again she said, “Bastard… now talk to Amiko.”


All the time he was talking with her, actually ever since Amiko was placed next to him his olfactory sense was working overtime.  On her short hair she wore a fresh lotus blossom on the right side of her head.  The scent had a rich, intoxicating quality that evoked a warm, misty, and voluptuous atmosphere of tropical forests or gardens.  He felt like a bee wanting to pollinate the flower. 


Kasey and Sara were still going at it when Bryce turned to Amiko and said, “What are they talking about, Amiko?”


Slowly she turned her head to look at him, her eye slits were wide open wide to gaze at his face, her red lips slowly turning into a smile.


“They haven’t seen each other for so long they are just catching up.  They really like each other a lot.”


“I’m sorry you’ve been left out of the conversation. It seems that we are the only two at dinner who were not related, and I guess everyone is catching up.  So how long have you known Mandy and Sara?”


The small talk went on for a few minutes with both of them getting more comfortable with each other.  Now they were looking at each other as they had both turned their chairs a little towards each other.


Bryce, out of the blue said, “That lotus flower in your hair has an amazing scent.  It looks very pretty on you as well.”


Out of the corner of his eye he could see Sara smiling over at them as the conversation deepened.  Not that her and Kasey’s conversation had come to a lull.  He finally figured out that Sara wanted his attention focused on Amiko.


“My dad is American and my mom is from Kobe, just west of Osaka.  They met when he was stationed there and they fell in love.  My dad really loves Japan… well Asia really, and sometimes he brings me clothing and other things from there.  Mom gave me the flower for tonight.  I like eastern and western cultures, they both have their good and bad, but I really like to look at lotus flowers, and the scent is really calming too.”


As he listened to her, he found himself almost totally under her spell.  For some reason this happened to him with Asian females.  There was something unique about them.  He watched her medium thick lips moving as she spoke.  Here large almond shaped light-brown eyes were alive with clues to her emotions.  They danced as she spoke.  He knew she was looking him over as she talked, and he just opened his senses to her letting her have as much as she wanted.


“So, how much trouble did you get into when you cut off your hair?”


“My dad almost cried, and it made me feel really bad.  Mom wished I hadn’t cut off so much, but she didn’t want me to cut it because of dad.  She really did care that much.  How do you like it?”


Bryce thought for a moment then said, “Strangely, I find it very attractive in an unusual way.  It’s a conjecture really.  You are such a beautiful girl and so feminine, but your hair almost appears as if you’re a tom boy.  The contrast is definitely attractive.”


Surprisingly, Kasey interrupted laughing a little.   “What Bryce said is that it’s really sexy and it turns him on… right Bryce?”


Sara giggled really loudly shaking her head up and down in agreement with her cousin.


Amiko blushed a little tinge of pink then said, “So you think its… sexy Bryce?”


Bryce shook his head at Kasey and Sara, then looked at Amiko and said, “Very much so.”


Amiko beamed at him, then leaned in close to his ear and said, “Well I think you’re handsome too.  You’re eyes tell me you want to touch my hair, maybe more.  That would be a lot of fun for me too.  Sara told me you saw the… special movie.  That was really embarrassing cause I didn’t know about it.  Sara and Mandy actually told me a lot. Yes, I wanted to see Grayson today, but I really wanted to meet you.  I hope I’m not being to forward.”


Her hand touched his under the table cloth and gently closed on it.  Bryce held himself together but was in a near panic.  FORWARD indeed, and coming from a fifteen year old girl he was amazed.


He whispered to her, “I’ve  found that reality is so much better than any fantasy, and you’ve been a fantasy since I first saw you. And yes, you are being too forward – thank you very much.”  Then just before he sat up he lightly kissed her on her small ear.”


As he came upright he got nudged in his side by Amara.  She whispered so quietly nobody else at the table could hear her say, “You go there Bryce.”


As Amiko turned her head to look at Kasey and Sara, she took Bryce’s hand and placed it high on her thigh, then rested her hand atop his. 


Kasey leaned close to Amiko and said, “Don’t use him all up cause later I want some too.”


Sara said, “I’m glad dads home, else I’d never get any with you guy’s around.”


Amara said, “Look you three – four… keep it down, remember where we are, alright?”


She was serious and the girls got it and quieted down.


All three girls then started talking, but Amiko’s hand still paid attention to Bryce’s hand lightly caressing it.


Arden across from him said, “You’re a lucky man, maybe I should think about being an architect.”