Cruel to be Kind 
© Old Nick’s Man 2005

Alice was excited. Today was the day! After weeks of
corresponding over the internet and by phone, she was finally
going to meet him – her new lover!

She had awoken with her belly aching with anticipation. She knew
she had been distracted at breakfast, but happily her husband
Steven hadn’t seemed to notice. She had been jumpy and anxious
like a schoolgirl waiting for her first date, but had fought hard
not to let it show as she drove Steven to the railway station to
catch his morning train. He would be away on business until
tomorrow night - almost two whole days in which to meet and get
to know Josef.

Alice had never really understood how Steven earned his money,
something to do with import and distribution she thought, but the
means was far less important than the end, and the end was a
healthy bank balance for him and a very generous allowance for

It had taken Alice nearly two full years to realise she had made
a mistake in her marriage. Her husband Steven was a full twenty
years older than her but at the time the age difference had
mattered less to her than the multi million pound fortune he
unquestionably possessed.

It had not been difficult for the stunningly beautiful Alice to
make Steven fall in love with her. He had, she thought, been her
willing slave ever since the first night she had allowed him into
her nineteen year old body.

Alice had seen herself as a lady of leisure; driving sports cars;
visiting health spas and expensive clubs and restaurants without
the tiresome need to work. And Steven had been her ticket to the
lifestyle she desired.

She had always been good looking in a rather obvious manner. Long
slender legs, large breasts, long flowing blonde hair and a slim,
tanned figure did much to disguise her equally obvious lack of

As a result it had taken nearly two years for her to realise what
their so-called friends called her behind her back, and to tire
of having to comply with her ageing husband’s admittedly reducing
sexual demands on a regular basis.

She had borne him two children, a boy now ten years old and girl
now nine - both of which were at boarding school so as not to
interfere with her Alice’s social schedule. And now here she was,
in her early thirties, still stunning, still rich and bored,
bored, bored!

She had taken her first lover five year ago when her husband’s
business commitments had kept him from her for weeks at a time.
Mike had been her tennis coach at the health club where she
worked out at least five days a week. There had been nearly six
weeks of hot, passionate sex in his small, untidy flat; in her
large, spotlessly clean house and in hotels which Alice always
arranged herself to avoid the risk of detection and because Mike
was broke most of the time.

She had always known it would be a temporary thing and, though
upset, was hardly heart broken when one weekend Mike sent her a
text message saying he had been transferred to the club’s
Edinburgh branch and wouldn’t be able to meet her again.

Alice had tried hard to be the perfect wife for almost a full
year after that, but found herself taking another lover the
following summer. Andy had been a business associate of her
husband’s. Recently arrived from South Africa, Steven had brought
Andy home for dinner and suggested that Alice acted as his social
secretary for a few weeks to help him settle into his new role.

In fact, within two days he had settled into his employer’s
wife’s body too and a torrid two weeks followed in which the two
had wild passionate sex on a daily basis until suddenly, Andy had
been called away on a business trip to Africa.  When the news
came back that he had been killed in a drive by shooting in
Johannesburg, Alice had been very distressed indeed. Her husband
had tried to comfort her and finally, by the judicious purchase
of a new Mercedes, he succeeded in bringing her back to what
appeared to be normal.

But Alice was not to be satisfied with cars alone. Within a year
she had found another lover. This time she did not leave things
to chance, and signed up with an internet website offering to
match would be female adulterers with perfect male partners.

Spookily also called Andrew (but never Andy), Alice had embarked
on a three month affair with a married lawyer from London whose
wealth could almost rival her husband’s. They had met almost
entirely in hotels almost every week and had enjoyed some of the
sweetest, most long lasting sex Alice had ever encountered.

Recognising they had more than a sexual bond, the two had even
begun to contemplate leaving their spouses and moving into an
apartment in the West End together.

But Alice’s dreams of escape had been shattered when the Evening
Post carried a front page article about a famous libel lawyer who
had died of a cocaine overdose in a massage parlour, leaving a
wife and three children. The paper speculated whether the
lawyer’s famous energy and endurance had been chemically
supported; an accusation his wife strenuously denied.

This time, Alice could not hide her distress, made worse by the
fact that she couldn’t tell her husband anything about it. Steven
noticed her strange behaviour and asked her many times to let him
help, but to no avail.

After this Alice became rather wild. Her children now away at
school, she had more time to herself and began to seek out
replacement lovers with more energy than she had brought to
anything in her life other than shopping.

She began a series of one night stands with highly unsuitable
men, occasionally even picked up in night clubs in nearby towns.
Her extreme behaviour began to attract the attention of her
‘friends’ who in turn began to avoid her, and being seen with

But still her husband Steven appeared completely unaware of his
wife’s increasingly rampant infidelity.

She began to dress in a less refined manner – some would even
call it slutty – and paid less and less attention to her
husband’s needs, both sexually and as a companion. Twice she
forgot their children’s visits home from school, leaving Steven
to take care of them on their unexpected arrival at the front

Finally, after a particularly drunken evening in the city with a
man she only knew as Phil, Alice had gone with him to a tattoo
parlour and had her clitoris pierced. The man, who had watched
throughout,  had paid for the gold ring – 24 carat – which had a
small sphere on its rim bearing the letter A for Alice (and for
‘Available’ he had joked).

The next day when Alice woke late, she had realised her
predicament. Apart from considerable soreness, it would be
impossible for her husband not to notice the ring. She had tried
to remove it but it was solidly fixed and anyway the swelling and
pain was too great. She had tried to find the tattoo parlour,
driving uncomfortably round the city without success. The one
parlour she had dared to enter had told her nothing could be done
for a month - she had made herself too swollen by trying to get
it off herself.

In the end Alice had no choice but to show her husband. She did
the best job she could, telling him how it would help their sex
life immeasurably and how she had done it for him. Steven had
seemed to believe her, and the two of them had made love
passionately, Alice reaching a climax with her husband for the
first time in years. She resolved to keep the ring in place and
to be a good wife once again.

But her promise had been short lived.

Less than a week later, Alice received a message in her internet
dating mailbox from ‘Josef’. From the picture he sent, he was
very handsome – a Russian businessman working in England whose
wife and children were back in Moscow. He wanted a
straightforward, no involvement sexual relationship and
immediately Alice felt herself drawn to him.

Over a two week period they corresponded on a daily basis,
exchanging photos of each other and their families. Josef seemed
to know exactly what Alice was feeling and what she wanted. They
talked on the telephone, exchanging mobile phone numbers and
getting to know each other better until Alice decide it as time
for them to meet.  By now she was so relaxed with him that it
seemed only natural to invite him to her house. After all, Steven
was going away for a few days and she would b so bored otherwise.

And now today was the day. Alice had found it hard to concentrate
during her exercise class at the health club that morning, and
had taken her time washing and dressing afterwards. Trying to
find the right balance between discretion and invitation, she had
dressed in a discreet white bra and a tight yellow top, with a
mid length skirt and medium height shoes. She wore no knickers.
The thought thrilled her; feeling the fresh air around her vulva
as she moved around the house.

It seemed to Alice as if time was standing still but, finally,
the doorbell range. She almost ran to open the front door but,
remembering her dignity. She slowed down in the hallway and
checked her appearance in the wall mirror. She looked good – no,
very good! She turned the door handle and opened the door.

On the doorstep stood a tall, dark, extraordinarily handsome man
wearing a dark suit, white shirt and bright red tie. He smiled at

“Are you Alice?” He asked, his accent strong but his voice was
smooth, low and very attractive. Alice nodded, her chest suddenly
tight with excitement. “I am Josef. May I come in?”

Alice silently opened the door wide and stepped back to allow
Josef into the hallway.

“It was difficult to find you.” Josef said. “And I didn’t think
it wise to stop and ask a neighbour.”

Alice smiled, his small joke finally relaxing her enough to

“I’m glad you made it then.” She replied, her voice slightly
giggly like a teenager’s. “Would you like a…..a coffee?”

“I’d prefer a whisky.” He said, his face a broad grin. Alice
grinned back.

“Come this way.” And she led him into the lounge, Alice all the
time feeling her nakedness underneath her skirt.

She poured two large neat measures and they sat at either end of
the long leather sofa, sipping slowly. Although her knees were
kept resolutely together, Alice was acutely aware of her absence
of knickers and found Josef’s eyes straying downwards more and
more frequently as they struggled to make small talk, each
carefully avoiding the one subject they both most wanted to get
to. Josef’s eyes were large and dark and made Alice’s insides go
warm and gooey. She wriggled a little on her seat; her knees
parting a just a fraction of an inch, but enough for her to feel
cool air on her moist vulva.

Josef drained his glass and stood it on the side table. Alice
turned her legs towards him and with a big smile asked.

“Another Josef?”

“Yes please Alice. That would be nice.”

She stood up gracefully and crossed to the table to take his
glass. She made sure she passed very close to him and bent over
to pick up the glass rather than bend her legs. It was an
invitation. She hoped so much he would realise it.

He did! As Alice brushed against his trouser leg, Josef extended
his fingers until their tips touched her leg just above the knee.
She paused, and his fingers, emboldened, began to stroke her leg.
Alice turned to stroke Josef’s cheek with her free hand. He
smiled up at her and slid his hand further up her thigh. Alice
opened her legs a little to allow his hand freer access.

Josef took full advantage of the opportunity presented, He slid
his hand high up under Alice’s skirt until his fingers brushed
against her smooth, freshly shaved vulva. He ran the back of one
finger along her slit, hearing her breathing, heavy and
passionate, above his head. His finger moved slowly forwards
until it encountered the hardness of the ring that transfixed her
clitoris. He looked up in surprise.

“I’ve never seen one of these….” He whispered, removing his hand
and standing close against Alice, whose hands lightly stroked his

As his right hand toyed with her ring, Josef’s left hand sought
out and quickly found the clasp at the side of Alice’s short
skirt. His fingers expertly flicked it open and the whole skirt
fell to the floor at her feet. Alice stood, naked from the waist
down as Josef shuffled forwards from his seat until he knelt in
front of her, his mouth moving closer and closer to her vulva.

Alice’s fingers wrapped themselves in Josef’s hair as his tongue
snaked out towards her smoothly shaven vulva. She shivered in
delight at its tip brushed lightly against the tip of her
clitoris, held proud by the ring. She felt her legs open an inch,
and his tongue suddenly dived forwards, reaching almost the full
length of her slit.

Josef lapped at Alice’s moistening pussy like a cat lapping a
saucer of cream – with fast, light strokes, but with
determination. Alice pulled his head into her vulva with her
manicured hands as his own palms cupped her firm buttocks. He
could taste her arousal on hi tongue. He could smell it He felt
his own erection straining against his trousers.

Releasing her clitoris from his mouth, Josef stood slowly in
front of Alice, drawing his fingers up the back of her thighs as
he rose. As his face drew level with hers, their mouths met and
locked in a passionate kiss. Alice could taste her juices on his
lips and it drove her mad with desire.

Josef’s hands immediately returned to Alice’s now naked buttocks
and pulled her body into his. She could feel his erection, big
and bold within his trousers pressing against her belly. His
tongue was in her mouth and she sucked on it. Her hand fell to
his waist, deftly unfastening his belt and plunging into his
underwear to grasp the erection she knew was hidden within.

Her hand closed around a huge pole of muscle. Not long, but so
thick she could barely hold it in her hand. She squeezed it; she
pumped it; she lip her fingers to it hairy base to touch the
tightly gathered sack that waited there.

Alice wanted to feel it inside her body. She wanted it now;
immediately - in her mouth, in her cunt, in her ass, and in the
darkest, dirtiest way possible. She withdrew her hand and broke
their embrace.

Taking his hand in hers, she led Josef up the wide staircase, her
shaven gold ringed nakedness never more than a few inches from
his face. Her lips glistened with the moistness of her arousal.
Which bedroom to use? Alice opened the door of her daughter’s
room and led Josef towards the pink covered double bed, sweeping
the pile of teddy bears and dolls onto the floor.

Turning to kiss him again, Alice pulled her tight top over her
head and dropped it on the floor. She lay on her back on the bed
covers while Josef hastily undressed. Alice felt her desire in
creasing more as she saw his figure. He was tall, she already
knew, but she hadn’t expected the tightly defined muscles or the
six pack stomach that emerged.

Josef climbed onto the bed next to Alice who immediately took his
cock in her fingers, their tips dancing lightly along its length.
He lay back, moaning softly while Alice took his mighty erection
into her hot mouth.

It was simply huge, she thought as she opened her mouth wider and
wider. Thick and strong and – her tongue lapped at the tiny lips
on its end – dripping with precum already. Her hand cupped
Josef’s scrotum and she played with the two full globes within.
She could wait no longer.

Alice released his cock and rolled onto her back, her legs apart.
Josef recognised his cue and lifted himself between her thighs,
the tip of his cock tapping gently against Alice’s puffy outer
lips. Alice reached down to feel its strength, its size, and
guided it into her body.

She felt the huge cock pressing against her outer lips, forcing
them apart. They yielded easily. She felt her inner lips being
stretched, they resisted, then gave way and the head of Josef’s
erection burst into her. Alice gasped, arching her back with the
shock of pleasure.

Then Josef drove himself deep into Alice’s vagina until his dark,
wiry pubic hair ground against her shaved skin. Alice’s hands
rose to his chest, his neck, his face. Then Josef began to

Alice’s arousal was so complete; her pussy so alive with desire
that she began to climax almost immediately. Josef thrust harder
and deeper into her. Her fingernails raked his back as he drove
himself in and out of her spasming pussy with increasing force.

Josef’s own excitement rose quickly to meet hers and he began to
grunt and moan.


Alice couldn’t understand the words, but the accent was creamy
and erotic. She gave up any last remnants of self control and a
tidal wave of pleasure washed over her.

“Fuck me….oh yes….. fuck me…..oh god!....”

Until finally Josef’s cock erupted and what felt like a cascade
of semen poured into Alice’s vagina. Josef’s body bucked and
throbbed as his cock pumped itself dry. Sweat dripped from his
forehead onto Alice’s face and she licked it enthusiastically.

When his cock at last stopped throbbing within her and began to
soften, Josef rolled off Alice’s spent body and lay down
alongside her, panting. It was a full ten minutes before either
of them spoke.

“Shall I get you like a drink, Suka?” Josef whispered.

Alice grasped his arm.

“As long as it’s not all over yet, darling.” She replied.

“Don’t worry. I’ve plenty of plans left for you.” He kissed her
on the breasts, then rose and left the room. Alice could hear his
naked body descending the stairs. She heard a ‘pop’ and the sound
of glasses clinking, then the footsteps grew louder and Josef
entered the room with two glasses of champagne.

He passed one to Alice whose skin was still tingling from the
aftermath of her orgasm.

“To us?” She asked, raising her glass.

“To a new beginning” Josef countered. He downed his drink in two
large gulps.

Alice took three to finish hers, then placed the two glasses side
by side on the bedside table.

They lay close together, holding each other. Alice began to feel
drowsy. She didn’t want to sleep! She wanted Josef again…and
again…. And…..But the drowsiness was irresistible.

What? Had there been something………her……drink…….?


Alice gradually awoke and immediately knew something was wrong.
She was lying down, that was no surprise; but the floor beneath
her was hard and cold, not the warm bed in which she had passed
out. She was uncomfortable; unable to move her arms and legs. As
her head slowly cleared, Alice became aware of her new and
frightening predicament.

She was in her own kitchen, lying half on her side, half on her
back on the cold tiled floor. Her mouth was gagged. Her arms were
tied behind her. They ached terribly. Her legs were spread wide
apart. Alice looked up to see her red kitchen broom tied between
her ankles with lengths of washing line. There was something
around her neck too, but she couldn’t see what it was.

She was naked. She was vulnerable.

Suddenly she noticed movement at the far end of the kitchen where
her large range-style gas cooker stood. A pair of naked legs was
moving back and forth. She recognised those legs.

Josef! What had happened to her?

“Ah! You are awake now, Alice.” The heavily accented voice was no
longer sexy. It was cold and frightening. “I’ll be with you in a

Alice wriggled to try and free her hands or her legs but it was
useless. The ropes held her firmly. She shook her head but the
gag was immoveable. She tried to cry out but no sound escaped her

Josef’s legs moved towards her and suddenly there he was, stark
naked apart from Alice’s white apron that she used on the very
few occasions she cooked dinner at home. He stood over her, an
unpleasant leer on his face.

“Hello! Welcome back, Alice.” He said. “It’s time you got up, I
think. It’s much more polite to your guest.”

So saying, he moved out of Alice’s field of view. There was a
strange fumbling sound, then suddenly, with a huge, choking jerk,
something tightened viciously around Alice’s neck and she was
hauled violently, choking and gasping, to her feet. She stood,
half hanging, half balanced, wobbling unsteadily on her tied,
splayed feet, and trying to get her breath. The noose around her
neck was tight and terrifying. The other end of the rope was
looped over one of the wooden beams in her country-style kitchen
and tied to the foot of her large wooden dresser.

She was utterly helpless, struggling to breathe past the gag that
blocked her mouth. Her neck hurt terribly, her arms ached through
lack of blood and to cap it all, she felt a small trickle of
semen beginning to run down the inside of her right thigh; fear
and humiliation together.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, Alice.” Josef said in a voice so
cold and hard that Alice actually trembled in fear. “And bad
girls need to be punished.” His accent was strong again and his
voice smooth. He stroked her face. “Sukka, sukka” He crooned.
Alice did not understand.

He ran a finger down her face, down her neck; between her breasts
and over her navel before it dived between her legs. He wiped a
little of the trickling semen onto his hand and spread it across
Alice’s face.

“Pizda.” He said, softly, then laughed aloud before turning and
crossing to the dresser. Alice watched his back and buttocks
where the apron failed to cover them. It would have been
hilarious had she not been so utterly terrified.

Josef rooted in the oddments drawer that every kitchen contains
until he found what he was looking for. Humming a tune Alice did
not recognise, her crossed back to her, his step light and almost
breezy. He ran the back of his hand over her nipples, then cupped
her right breast with his left hand. His fingers were cold and
her breast firmed under his touch. He bent over and licked her
nipple, then blew on it lightly. The cold air made it stand firm;
erect, He licked it again, then bent took the end of her nipple
between his teeth.

He pulled it back, stretching it tightly in a way which Alice
would have found truly erotic in other circumstances, but not
now. Josef smiled and released her nipple. Then, with the smile
still fixed on his face, he took a pair of kitchen tongs from the
apron’s front pocket and gripped Alice’s nipple firmly in its

Alice’s body leapt against its bonds as the fierce sharp pain
drilled through her chest. He grunted into the gag and tried to
wriggle, but Josef held her nipple tightly, stretching it as his
teeth had done before.

Alice felt tears starting to run down her cheeks but them froze
in absolute shock as almost in slow motion, Josef brought his
free hand over and thrust a long needle right through her nipple.
He sprang back and gestured like a conjuror completing a trick.

Alice stared down in disbelief. The long, sharp metal transfixed
her nipple, with at least half an inch showing on either side. It
hurt her badly.

“You like to be pierced, sukka?” Josef asked. He took another
needle from his pocket and thrust this too through Alice’s nipple
so that they formed a cross. He smiled again, his eyes staring

The clock in the hallway chimed, which seemed to bring Josef to
his senses.

“There isn’t much time.” He muttered to himself. “Lunch time must
come early today.”

Alice couldn’t begin to imagine what he meant. The rope around
her neck prevented her from moving, her spread legs aching badly
now though not as badly as her tortured nipple. She watched as
Josef took her favourite le Creuset saucepan from the rack and
placed it on the gas ring, which he lit.

Taking the olive oil bottle from the windowsill, he opened it and
poured a large portion into the pan.

“I am a man of many talents.” He said. “As you already know,

The pan grew hotter and hotter until the oil began to smoke.
Alice’s eyes opened wide in fear as the masked man carried the
smoking pan towards her. She could feel the heat on her skin and
smell the hot oil as her wafted it in front of her face.

Alice could not tear her eyes away from the smoking teaspoon as
Josef held it over her left breast. The back of the spoon touched
her flesh just above the nipple. There was a tiny hiss as her
skin burnt and Alice gasped into the gag.

Then, slowly and deliberately, Josef poured the hot smoking olive
oil drop by drop onto her nipple. It hissed as the skin
immediately began to cook in the heat. Alice felt the pain stab
through her like a long needle piercing her chest. Her knees went
weak and bent, but the noose immediately began to tighten around
her neck and she fought hard against her faintness to stay

Josef took another spoon of hot oil and poured this onto her
already wounded nipple. Again there was a hissing sound and the
hot liquid flowed over her darkening nipple, around the aureole
and in a long line down the rest of her breast. Alice could smell
her own flesh burning – no, actually cooking in the heat.

The pain was initially terrible and continued as the hot flowing
oil burnt its way down the lower half of her breast. She wriggled
as much as her bonds would permit. Josef laughed at her futile

”It’s no use struggling, Alice.” He said smoothly, untroubled by
her pain. “We’ve got a long way to go yet!” He returned the pan
to the burning gas ring where it began to smoke once again with
the heat.

Alice thought hard. Her husband wouldn’t be home until tomorrow
and wouldn’t even be able to call her until much later that
night. Her children, away at boarding school, would not notice
her absence for days. The nearest neighbours were over a mile
away, and she had cancelled all her meetings with her few
remaining friends for the day in order to spend as much time in
bed with Josef as possible. Josef! The man she hoped and
confidently believed would become her new lover.

Her lover! The thought brought pain to her even over the agony
from her burnt breast. If only her mind would clear. If only she
could have a moment to think what to do!

But there was to be no such moment. Josef was even now returning
with the hot pan. Alice’s eyes wept big, self pitying tears as he
poured spoon after spoon of hot oil onto her left nipple. Again
it hissed, less loudly now, and again the oil ran down her breast
and across her belly, burning her flesh along the way.

When at long last Josef returned to the hot plate with the pan,
Alice blinked back her tears over and over again, barely daring
to look down at her abused breasts. In the right one, the wooden
cocktail stick stuck grotesquely through like aboriginal body
jewellery. There was blood over her skin and down her sides.

When she looked at her left nipple she fought to remain conscious
as she realised the truth. It was dark and discoloured. It was
deformed. It had quite literally been cooked by the oil and
stood, attached to her but no longer a part of her, on top of the
mound of red, scalded flesh that had been her breast.

Josef placed the pan back on the gas ring and crossed to Alice.
He smiled at her, an evil, triumphant smile that chilled her

Then without warning, he bent his knees, lowered his mouth and
sank his sharp front teeth deep into Alice’s cooked right nipple.
She screamed into the gag, but it just seemed to spur Josef on
further. He grunted and, with a violent tightening of his jaw,
bit the nipple cleanly from her breast.

He held it between his teeth in front of Alice’s face; her eyes
fixed in true horror on the piece of meat that had been torn form
her body. She felt faint but fought against it as the noose
reminded her of her helplessness.

Looking straight into her eyes, Josef slowly took the severed
nipple into his mouth and began to chew it, a look of almost
ecstatic pleasure on his face. Alice could feel little pain from
her nipple – the nerves endings had been too badly damaged by the
hot oil and the burning skin of her breast was too intense. But
the emotional pain of knowing that permanent damage had now been
done – damage so severe and so shocking that she could never
fully recover from this torment – was almost too much.

Her knees went weak again and she fell forwards against the
noose. It tightened as her body slumped, and she expected to

But the noose stopped tightening. It was still tight around her
neck – painfully so – but she was not being choked to death.

“Don’t think I’m done with you yet, Alice.” Josef went on. “I’m
not nearly finished yet!” He stroked his belly in a horrible
exaggerated manner. Behind him the pan sputtered a little,
smoking wildly.

“Ah!” He said. “We’re ready.”

He crossed back to Alice’s dangling frame and, bending over,
roughly thrust his fingers into her vagina. A thin trickle of
blood ran down her inside thigh. The release gave her the
strength to take some of her weight back on her legs.

“That’s my girl.” Josef said in her ear. “Might as well enjoy it
while you can.”

He took the gag out of her mouth. Alice immediately screamed for
help but Josef laughed.

“There’s nobody to hear you. Scream as much as you like. In
fact…” He put his face close to hers. “I think I rather like it!”

 “Hmm. Let’s see what’s going on down here.” He said and, without
ceremony, slipped two fingers into Alice’s gaping vagina. They
felt rough, his fingernails sharp, despite the pain from the
wooden rolling pin.

“Quite wide – you’re got a big cunt, Alice. Did you know that? I
didn’t notice when I was fucking you, but now….” He pushed his
hand deeper into her, dropping to his knees to get a better

Suddenly, with a powerful upward thrust, he twisted his arm and
rammed his entire hand into Alice’s vagina. Her body leapt
forward in pain. The rolling pin had been nothing compared with
this terrible invasion. As her body struggled to accommodate the
huge intrusion, so Josef bunched his hand into a fist, stretching
Alice still further. She felt torn apart; violated more than ever
before, she felt sick. He twisted his had left and right,
watching Alice writhe and cry out with the pain, before each
scream was choked off by the noose.

After what seemed an eternity. Josef pulled his half bunched hand
out of her vagina with brute force. Alice felt her perineum tear
as the fist was heaved from her. The pain shot through her back
and spine, and she began to urinate slightly, a small trickle
running down her leg.

Josef watched as the yellow liquid joined the blood on Alice’s
shiny white kitchen floor tiles.

“Tut, tut, Alice.” He grinned. “That’s a terrible mess you’ve
made. And that means you must be punished!”

With that, he opened the blade of a cruel, shiny cut throat

“Meet my little friend, Alice!” He said, running his finger down
the flat of the open blade.

“Mustn’t use a blunt knife!. Every Chef knows that!” He said and
moved close to her again.

Behind him the pan was smoking really badly, the smell of hot oil
now intense. Josef looked Alice in the eyes once more, then
returned his left hand to her torn vagina.

Using his first two fingers, he began to play with her clitoris,
stroking it first softly, then more firmly from the base upwards,
slipping his fingers under her hood. His touch was oddly soothing
after the violence of his fist. She could feel her clitoris
swelling at he toyed with its tip.

“Mmmm. You DO have a large clit, don’t you?” He said. “Quite
beautiful really! And with such beautiful jewellery too!” He
flicked the gold ring with his fingertip.

Alice, despite the pain, was puzzled by Josef’s intonation. Did
he really say it like that? Had he really known about her large
clit before they had…….? Who could possibly have..….

But she was not able to finish the question because with a
gentle, confident movement, Josef took Alice’s swelling clitoris
firmly between the fingers of his left hand. He teased gently it
out of its protective hood so it stood proud, erect, he tickled
it until it hardened in his fingers, he lowered his lips to its
sensitive tip and kissed it lightly.

And with a single swift, smooth motion of the razor, he sliced
the entire organ from her body, the blade passing through Alice’s
soft flesh like a hot knife through butter.

First there was shock. Then there was pain. Pain enough to make
Alice double up – at least as far as the noose and ropes would
allow. Then there was humiliation as Josef held the severed
clitoris in front of her eyes. The pink, bloody appendage dangled
grotesquely from the gold ring that transfixed it.

It looked obscene – small, pale, floppy and ugly with a jagged
red base where it had been cut from her body. Alice felt blood
running from her body, trickling down the inside of her legs and
onto the floor.

Before her horrified eyes, Josef licked the dripping blood from
the angry red base of the severed clitoris, then placed it on a
clean white plate on the kitchen table.

“Perfect. Just perfect!” He murmured.

Then without another word he knelt down again and thrust his
hands once again into the bloody mess that had one been Alice’s
vulva. He slipped his fingers into her vagina, sliding them
around its soft, moist, blood stained entrance. There was a flash
of light as the razor swept towards her again. Once, twice it
struck. Alice doubled over again as the pain shot through her.

When he stood again, Josef dangled her two inner labia
triumphantly before her face. The two delicate lips looked small,
disgusting and insignificant. Alice’s mouth filled with vomit.
Her body had never felt such pain, not even while giving birth to
their children.

But much worse than the pain was the realisation, as Josef placed
her labia alongside her severed clitoris on the plate, that she
could never be whole again. There could be no pretending now. If
she survived this, she would be permanently changed. If she

But the horror became worse.

Josef picked up the plate and crossed to the gas ring where the
hot oil was still smoking. Turning to smile at Alice, whose head
was beginning to loll on her chest, he casually tossed the
severed clitoris and labia into the pan.

They immediately hissed and sputtered loudly in the hot oil and
the room was filled with the smell of cooking meat. Josef picked
up a wooden spatula from Alice’s kitchen drawer and began to stir
the pieces in the oil, turning them over as they shrivelled and

Alice felt sicker and sicker as she heard and smelt her own
genitalia frying in her own favourite pan on her own kitchen
cooker. The smell was overpowering. The heat was stifling. The
pain was increasing. The blood was dripping from her.

Alice slumped heavily against the noose, her consciousness fading

The last thing she saw as the blackness overtook her was Josef’s
face, deliriously happy as, one by one, he placed the freshly
fried clitoris and labia into his mouth, chewed slowly, and

The crispy, crunchy sound followed her into oblivion.

It took a long time for the sunlight to force its way through
Alice’s deep sleep and bring her to consciousness. She opened her
eyes slowly. She was in a bright white room, in a white bed.
There was something stuck into her arm. There was someone sitting
next to her.

“Hello Alice!” A familiar soft voice whispered. Alice tried to
turn her head but the pain was too bad.

“Keep still darling!” The voice said. Steve! It was her husband
Steve! She wasn’t dead. She was alive!

“Don’t move. You’re badly bruised, but you’re going to be
alright!” Steven continued softly. “I’m here now. You’re safe.”

Alice tried to speak but her voice was choked away by the pain,
her emotion and the drugs. She felt ruined. Her body destroyed.
How could anyone, let alone her husband, ever love her or want
her again?

But Steven was holding her hand, and did not let her go.

She had been found the next day by her cleaner. She had been
dressed her in old jeans, a T shirt and jumper, lying on the
kitchen floor. Her neck was badly bruised and the noose was still
around it. The woman had called her husband straight away and
Steven had arranged for an ambulance to come immediately. Alice
had been taken to hospital – a private hospital.

Only the doctor and nurse who had received her, and now her
husband knew of her true injuries.

“It’s as if her attacker was trying to conceal her injuries.” The
doctor had told her husband. “A sanitary towel had been pressed
between her legs, apparently to stop the blood from seeping
through her jeans. The blood from her breast wounds could not be
seen through her jumper. Now why would he do that?”

With daily support from her husband, Alice made a slow but
confident recovery. Horrified by her injuries, she had hidden
from her family, her friends and even her husband. But Steven had
persevered. He had stayed at her bedside throughout her recovery.
He had kept all publicity away from her. He had bought her new
clothes which flattered her new figure.

Most of all, he had never looked at her mutilated body with
anything but obvious, genuine adoration. Slowly, Alice had
recovered her confidence. Slowly she had begun to venture outside
again. Slowly, she had rebuilt her life.

A year later, a very different Alice stood in the shower in their
en suite bathroom letting the warm water soak away the aches of
the afternoon’s exercise class. She soaped her body carefully as
the hot water ran in rivulets down her back, across her buttocks
and into the tray.

Even after all this time, she wondered how Steven could find her
so attractive and want her so much despite all that had happened.

Alice soaped her right breast and under her arm. The hole in her
nipple had healed completely, leaving no clue as to the events of
the previous summer. The same could not be said of her mutilated
left breast which bore a cruel two inch long horizontal scar
where her nipple should have been but was no longer, and the
surgeon had excised the cooked flesh. Below the nipple were
vertical lines of horribly discoloured skin where the hot oil had
run down her breast.

She soaped her arms and legs and between her thighs, running her
fingers over her vulva with care. Still ashamed at her
disfigurement, Alice’s fingers felt the smooth depression above
her vagina where her clitoris had once been, and the rough ridges
of flesh at the entrance to her vagina where her inner labia had
been sliced from her body.

The surgeon had been skilled and had fashioned a form of urethra
for her, but nothing could be done to replace the severed and now
eaten clitoris and labia.

As Alice dried herself on the thick white towel, she heard the
telephone ring.

Steven! She thought, and ran to answer it.

“Hello darling!” His voice softly came over the earpiece.” Had a
good day?”

“Just got back from my class.” She replied lightly. “I’ll collect
the kids at four.”

“That’s good. I’ll be early tonight.” Her husband continued. “Do
you fancy going out for dinner? All of us?”

“I was going to cook lasagne.” Alice said. “But it sounds good.”

“No! I’d much prefer your cooking, darling.” Her husband
insisted. “I’ll bring in some nice wine. See you later.”

“See you.” Alice replied. “I love you!”

And so she did. How had she ever wanted anything other than his
sweet, gentle nature; his generosity, his unconditional love for
her despite her deformities? Why had she ever looked at another

They made love rarely since the ordeal. Alice felt almost no
physical pleasure from her mutilated genitals; no sensitivity; no
climax; nothing but a dull pain. But she endured this pain
willingly if infrequently in order to please her husband, the man
she now understood she loved. In fact, Alice wondered if she had
ever really understood what love felt like before the attack.

Her husband on the other hand reached new heights of pleasure
with her as her newly shaped body twisted and excited him in
interesting and different ways.

Despite her discomfort, unselfishly bringing him this level of
pleasure delighted Alice though she knew instinctively that she
would never enjoy sex again.

At one time, wracked with guilt, she had even suggested that her
husband find himself a mistress to keep him satisfied, but Steven
had refused to contemplate it, his love for her being so strong.

Alice knew she would never want another lover now. She didn’t
care. She had her Steven and her family. Nothing else mattered.

In his office, her husband Steven replaced the telephone handset
and sat back in his chair. Things had really changed. Although
when dressed she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever
known, the mutilation of her outer body had brought Alice a new
inner beauty that only enhanced her attraction for him.

She had become a real mother to their children, who now attended
the local school instead of being confined far away in boarding
school. Her short, tight skirts and tight tops had been replaced
with loose fitting designer jeans and T shirts; her high heels
had been replaced with trainers; her long hair was now cut
shorter in a more homely fashion; she had even put on a little
weight, enhancing the smooth curves of her feminine figure. On
the drive was a clean, new Ford in place of the Mercedes sports
car. They ate out only once a week; Alice happily cooking for the
family most evenings.

Yes, life was good! It had been a tough decision, but the right

Steven unlocked the top drawer of his desk and removed a small
jewellery box. He opened it and took out its contents. His
fingers toyed with the small gold ring that he kept hidden from
prying eyes. It was an unusual ring, obviously not intended to be
worn on a finger. At its top was a small ball of gold embossed
with the initial A.

Steven smiled. It had been an expensive exercise but well worth
it. For not much more than the cost of the Mercedes his wife had
loved so much, he had sorted out both their lives for the better.

Much better!

Although Alice had now confessed all her infidelities, there had
in truth been no need. He had let her bare her soul to him, and
had acted the part of the shocked, cuckolded husband well, but
little she had said had been a surprise.

For Steven’s influence reached much further than his wife had

Frightening off the tennis coach to end her first affair had been
child’s play.

Arranging the South African’s shooting in Johannesburg had not
been significantly more difficult for a man with Steven’s
connections – there was no shortage of men prepared to kill in
that city.

The lawyer’s overdose had been more difficult and more expensive
to arrange, but Steven had correctly guessed that a man prepared
to commit adultery with one woman would be tempted by another and
the teenage prostitute he had sent to tempt the Lawyer had found
it easy both to get into the lawyer’s bed and administer the

But it had been the very public one night stands that had finally
convinced Steven to take drastic and permanent action. The
clitoris ring had been the final straw. It had taken all his
immense self control to pretend all was well and keep Alice in
the false state of security so vital for his main plan, but he
had succeeded.

And it had worked almost perfectly. Better than he had ever
imagined. Everyone was happy now!

Josef was back in the Moscow mental hospital in which Steven’s
Russian contacts had found him. The doctors there were richer and
happier after a visit from Steven’s Russian partner. Josef
himself was happy and had another story to tell – if he could
find anyone prepared to listen. True, cooking and eating Alice’s
clitoris and labia had definitely not been part of the plan, but
to be fair, the madman had stuck rigidly to Steven’s precise
instructions about where her body should be mutilated. Alice
could even now wear the skimpiest bikini without her mutilations
showing – not that the new Alice would want to flaunt herself
that way.

The surgeon and nurses in the private hospital to which she had
been taken were happy and surprisingly rich after Steven’s visit.
No mention of the incident had reached the papers or the police
and all records of Alice’s visit had miraculously disappeared.

Their two children were deliriously happy to be at home with a
proper mother who looked after them well and parents who
obviously adored each other.

Even Alice herself was happier; happy to be a real wife and
mother; happy to have a husband who truly loved her; happy to see
more to life than the rounds of casual sex she had fallen into.
Her old friends had warmed to the new Alice and no longer avoided
meeting her for coffee or lunch. They had a real, sincere social
life now.

And Steven was happy.

He had nobly declined Alice’s suggestion that he find himself a
mistress. Despite it being her idea, Steven knew that it would
have been too much for the even new Alice to bear and he didn’t
want his new life to be disrupted.

But in a smart new apartment in the city centre, a pretty teenage
prostitute had found her earnings greatly increased recently.

No, Alice would never even think of taking a lover again. The
problem was solved. Steven replaced the ring in its box and
closed the desk drawer, locking it firmly with his key.

Sometimes, Steven reflected, you had to be cruel to be kind!