Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. IDLES By Naimlis (Fb, Fdom, bdsm, cross dressing, cd, water sports, oral, squirting) Zero Hour My van idles quietly as I watch the children getting released from school. My pussy is wet. I have to touch myself. I have to rub my clit hard and raw, shove my fingers inside to quiet my cunt. I rush to lower my jeans as the children are packed up in their Mommy's and Daddy's vehicles or school buses. I'm sure my van is rocking as I'm pounding my fingers into my hungry, salivating pussy. But I don't care. I spot my boy as I rub and scratch furiously at my swollen and demanding clit. I'm cumming now as he walks by. Squirting my lust all over my panties and dripping on my seat and floor board. My windows are darkly tented but he looks at me. Perhaps my moans made him curious. He's beautiful. His perfect face looking in my direction, his grey eyes slightly squinting to peer passed the tint. My pussy is still moist but drying, quiet and for the moment satisfied. But his face is a promise that my cunt needs to devour. I watch him walk away in my side view. I lick my juices from my fingers watching his perfect ass sway with each stride of his long legs. Pulling my jeans back on over my soggy panties I situate myself. I put the van into gear so to arrive at the location before he does. I know his route. It's the same route every time. I coast into the spot about a minute a head of the boy. It's risky but my cunt is getting hungry again. My chosen spot is statistically the best spot to reduce witnesses. This subdivision has a lot of stay-at-home soccer mom's. But my spot just so happens to be surrounded by the single parents who are still at work. I try not to think of the variables like passing cars or sick single parents as I move to the back and open the cargo doors. I lay my taser innocently next to the big bag of groceries. Behind me he comes unknowingly to the beginning of the rest of his life. My pussy awakens with anticipation as the need floods my body. Slow, long breathes. No distractions. I hear his sneakers scuff on the sidewalk grit. I pick up my bag as I exhale. He sees me and we make eye contact. I inhale as I drop my bag and fall to a knee. The bag rustles and rolls and vomits it's bowels of eggs, potatoes, and whatever I found that was round and held the promise to roll and scatter. I exhale as he comes over like the sweet innocent boy he is to help. My heart is beating so loudly that I can't hear him speak when his lips move. Inhaling as I nonchalantly grab my taser from the rear of the van in an effort to stand. My sweet boy is picking up my groceries. My pussy is wet and screaming for attention. Exhale as the taser tastes his perfect neck and his body goes limp. Inhaling as I lift him into the van. Our skin makes contact energizing my need. I forget to exhale. Grabbing the bag and tossing it into the van I slam the doors. Alone with him, finally, still holding my breath, my pussy is salivating, I need to go, I need him, my cunt screams and I give into my need. I rip off my pants and panties and straddle him. I frantically undo his belt and pants. My hands are shaking. I pull his pants and underwear down to his knees. There it is. It's perfect. I straddle it and rub my juicy cunt hard against his little boy cock and balls. I'm grabbing his shoulders for leverage as I thrust my hips. I need it to rip off so my cunt can devoir it. Squirting, I hear myself gasping out my exhale and screaming, "Yes!", over and over, drenching my boy beneath me. I taste his lips, his neck and jaw. I shove my panties in his mouth. Duct tape to seal his lips and bind him. I'm half naked and he's perfect and beautiful. I need to bite his little cock and chew on his testicles. I need to go. I slide into the drivers seat. It's still damp from earlier and my pussy is wet. I exhale, the need isn't satisfied. Inhaling I speed off to our home. I have him. He's mine. Three Hours My boy still sleeps from the chloroform I had to give him. He rests like an angel in his little cell. My pussy won't dry up and quiet. He is naked on the cot. His soft chest rises and falls. His small little nipples are hard from the chill. I breathe in the smell of his shirt as I rub his underwear against my cunt. It won't squirt. I need him again but he should be waking soon. I shove the dildo inside my empty cunt and turn it on. The vibrations sooth it but it will be demanding more soon. I bought this for him. It's two sided and comes with a harness for me. I need to shove it inside his perfect anus. I need it to stretch and rip and bleed. I need to hear him scream, cry and beg as I fuck him for days. He will grow to need it as I need him to. He will cum from the pain and pleasure as I will. I squirt on his underwear, finally. I lay in the dark breathless. I ring out the squirt over my tits and stomach. I'm cold and my pussy is wet. "Mommy?..." My moans must have awoken my boy. He calls for me again but I can't answer yet. I need him to need me. He's crying now. His innocent tears streak his beautiful face. He walks to the Plexiglas and tries to squint through the bright lights blinding him from the environment outside his cell. He can't see me like I can see him. He's so perfect. Perfect height for his age, his hips are wide like a girl as his legs are long. His torso is flat and uncorrupted with muscle. His little penis rests so delicately on his little scrotum, so small, tight and delicious. I can't wait to chew, suck and savior it. He's crying louder and I squirt again on his underwear. "Mommy?...Please let me out. Mommy. I need my Mommy." He sits in the corner hugging himself and sobbing. I need to go to him and drink his tears and tell him everything will be okay. I need to hold his naked body against my own. I need to get my cunt cock inside his boy pussy and tell him I love him. I need him to cry his love for me. My pussy squirts. His underwear is soaked. I open my mouth and quietly ring it out over my face and breasts. My cunt tastes tangy and I smell like sex. My boy and I are cold. My body glistens from the squirt. His body doesn't glisten. I need him to glisten too, but not yet. I need him to need me... ? Hours I must've fallen asleep. My body is sore from the cold concrete. The dildo still hums inside me. My pussy is wet. My body is dry. My angel is curled up on his cot to keep warm. My boy and I are cold. I see him shiver and shake with sobs. I turn our vibrating cunt cock off. My boy lifts his head, "Hello?" He tries to see through the lights but they blind him. He lays his head back down and continues sobbing. Quietly I rise and step to the edge of the shadows. He can't see me but I need him to. I need him to see my full breasts and hard nipples. I need him to see my hairless cunt and its salivation that drips down my legs for him. I need him to need it to quench his thirst. Soon, is the promise I give my cunt. And it is wet. I need to know what time it is. I should shower like my boy should shower. I should eat but only my pussy is hungry like his pussy should hunger. I'm still wearing my dildo and my pussy isn't empty. I stroke my cunt cock. I need him to bend over on all fours so I can see his virgin boy pussy. But I still can't speak to him yet. My cunt cock is hard and warm. My boy is soft and cold. I am cold too. He shivers slightly for warmth. I turn on the vibrator. It shivers inside me. I need him to shiver inside me. I need my cunt cock to shiver inside him. He looks up and in my direction. He hears the shivering inside me. He thinks I am here. I rub my clit. My boy begs for me. My boy begs to be where he is. "Please let me go home. I need my Mommy..." He sobs louder. His voice pleases my cunt. I stroke my cunt cock harder. He cries harder. I scratch, pinch and furiously rub my clit. I need him to see me squirt, but not yet. I squirt from the shadows. My cunt cum arcs into the light. It splatters down in little puddles for him to see. His grey eyes see but he doesn't understand, not yet. He lays his head back down, sobbing. His face is wet with tears. I am dry. My pussy is drying. I remove my cunt cock and turn off the vibrator. My boy just cries and tells me how much he needs me and begs to be where he is. He makes me happy. My pussy is quiet now. Quietly, I leave my angel in his little cell. The door bolt's are not quiet. But everything else is. 5 Hours Upstairs is bright. The sun shines through my windows. It's hard to see outside. I close the blinds. Outside isn't important. My clock tells me it's eight p.m. I should shower like my boy should shower. I am naked like my boy is naked. In the shower I lie down and put my feet on the sides of the tub. I raise my waist up and angle my cunt. I feel it coming but my pussy is dry. I close my eyes and shower myself in my warmth. It feels so comforting. I open my mouth and swallow what I can. It rains down all over me and slowly loses pressure and trickles down my ass and stomach. I relax and lay down in the shower. I rub my breasts that are glistening. I rub my cunt that is wet. I rub my fluids into my skin. I apply shampoo to my hair. I lather and soap myself. I roll over on my knees and force my fingers into my anus. The soap stings because I'm dirty inside. The pain in my ass feels good. My anus is tight. I can't get three fingers inside. I shove four fingers in my pussy to clean it out. They go in easy. My pussy is wet and empty. It needs my angel but I try and feed it my fist. I force my hand in to my third knuckles. I try to make a fist. My pussy is too tight. I piston my fingers in and out and do the same with the two fingers in my anus. I feel my cunt and anus contract as I squirt. I am clean. I turn on the water and it's cold like my boy is cold, like I am. I stand and shiver under the icy water like my boy shivers beneath me in his room. My nipples are hard like his are. My flesh has chill bumps like his. I am clean. My boy is not. I turn off the water and stand before the mirror. I am wet and my pussy is drying. My hair is long my boy's is not. I towel myself off and dry my hair. My boy is beautiful, I am not. I brush my hair and teeth. I am clean. My boy is not. I stare at myself in the mirror. My eyes are blue my boy's are gray. My hair is brown his is blond. My hair is passed my shoulders. His hair is barely above his ears. In the medicine cabinet I take the scissors. A sliver of sun gleams along the metal of the blades from the space between the blinds. I grab my hair and wrap it around my fingers. I stop just above my ears. The scissors are dull. I eat through my thick hair slowly until my hand pulls away from my head. I put my brown hair in the white porcelain sink. I wrap and cut the other sides and even it up. I snip away the stray longer hairs. Now, my hair is short like my boy's. Inside the medicine cabinet I replace the scissors. I grab the hair bleach my mother used to use. I make the paste and apply it to my hair. My hands sting and my scalp does too. I smooth the paste over my eyebrows as well. I put on the shower cap and clean the hair out of the sink before I wash my hands. The box says twenty minutes. I should eat like my boy should but I'm not hungry like my boy is. My scalp and eyebrows sting. I make a cheese sandwich. I set on the couch and I am naked like my boy is naked. I watch tv and eat. My meal and show are over as the twenty minutes are. I wash the bleach from my hair and condition it. I wrap my head in a towel and rub it dry. In front of the mirror I remove the towel. My hair is short and blond like my boy's is short and blond. My eyes are blue. My boys are grey. 6 Hours I lay out my clothes for work. I smooth the scrubs out on my bed. I don't want to get dressed because my boy is naked. My pussy is not wet. It is quiet. I don't want to wear any make up because my boy isn't wearing any. I need to get dressed and go to work. I decide to wear my scrubs but not any underwear or make up. My scrubs are comfortable. I gather my portable and necessary items. I arrange them on the bed: my beeper, wallet, phone, pen, keys and mace. My hair keeps falling in my face. I find a barrette I wore when I was younger, a little plastic purple flower that my mother loved me to wear. I part my hair on the side and clip it in place. I put my items in my backpack and leave my angel in his little cell. I shut the door and lock the bolts. Outside is loud. Outside is bright. I leave my van in the garage and use the bus. The bus is loud and smells. I arrive at the hospital. I clip on my ID badge and a smile. Here I am not a Mommy. Here I am just an employee. 19 Hours The bolts from the door click into place. Inside is quiet. My angel is in his cell beneath me. I am tired. I remove my scrubs and fold them. I place them in the laundry basket with all the other dirty clothes. I am naked like my boy is naked. I feel better but I am tired. I place my items back in their places. My pussy is dry. I wish it was wet. I lay on my bed. My bed is soft. My boy's cot is hard. Our cunt cock is hard. My pussy is empty and dry. I slap my clit it feels good. My pussy stays dry. My bed is soft. I close my eyes... 1 Day, 2 Hours It's bright outside. I stretch and yawn. I brush my teeth. In the mirror my hair is short and blond like my boy's. My eyes are blue. I am still wearing the barrette, I like it. I am thirsty I know my boy is too. I find my liter water bottle and a funnel. I hold the water bottle and funnel over the toilet I am straddling. I feel it coming. My pussy is dry. I release my warmth into the bottle. It's lightly golden and as warm as I am. My boy is not warm. I remove the funnel and wash it in the sink. Soon my boy will taste me. His lips will touch this opening. I lick the mouth of the bottle and touch my cunt. My pussy is wet. I insert the bottle into my hungry cunt. I push it in as far as I can. My pussy is tight and can't force it passed the long neck of the bottle. I slap and rub my clit and fuck myself on my boy's bottle. I quickly grab the funnel and squirt into my warm release. I let my squirt drip from the funnel. I watch the last ripple disappear. The bottle is half full. I screw the cap on. I wash out the funnel. Down stairs it is dark. The angel is illuminated in his cell. He says he is hungry. Again he begs me to be where he is and to be with me. I let him hear my voice. I whisper, "Shhhhhh." He doesn't listen. I lift my arm holding the taser into the light. He isn't paying attention whilst sobbing and begging for food. I put the taser to the hole in the Plexiglas and shoot him. The taser pops and crackles and my boy shakes. He's quiet now. My taser is loud. My pussy is wet. He convulses onto his stomach. I see his virgin boy pussy. I need to fuck him with our cunt cock. I need him to scream with pleasure as I pop his cherry. I rub my clit. My taser stops and now it's silent. My boy whimpers and I change out the cartridge. His whimpering pleases my cunt. I rub my clit harder. His whimpering turns to full sob. My pussy squirts onto the concrete and my foot. I am naked as my boy is. "Please...I wanna..." "Shhhhhhhh." My boy stops speaking and curls into a ball, whimpering. At the bottom of my angels cell I had made a small drawer. My arm extends into the light and drops the bottle inside. My boy cringes and peeks out. I close the drawer and step back into the shadows. Cautiously he gets up from his cot. He is naked and perfect. I am naked. He walks towards me. I am in the shadows. The light blinds him. Less then two feet away from me is my angel on the other side of the Plexiglas. I need to feel him. He's soft and cold. I am soft and cold. He reaches tentatively into the drawer. He pulls out the bottle of my warm release and cunt squirt. "Wha..." My boy stops abruptly. He's waiting for the taser. I don't shoot him. "What is this?" My boy is curious and opens the bottle. He sticks his nose to the opening. He smells my warm release and squirt. He wrinkles up his perfect nose. "Is...Is this pee?" He screws the cap back on the bottle. "You want me to drink your pee?" I don't respond. He sets the bottle down. He tells me he doesn't want to drink it. I let him see my arm with the taser. He curls up into his little ball and whimpers. I see his boy pussy. My cunt cock is hard. I need to rip it open and gouge out his virginity. I need to hear him scream for more. My pussy is wet. "Ok," My boy cries and whimpers deliciously. He slowly unscrews the bottle. I keep my arm and taser in the light so he can see it. He brings the bottle to his lips. His lips taste the mouth of the bottle. The mouth that was inside my cunt. I touch my pussy. It is wet. He tastes my warm release and squirt. He gags. He looks at my bare arm holding the taser. His whimpering pleases my cunt. He closes his eyes and raises the bottle. He swallows deeply. My clit is swollen as I slap it. His face cringes as he forces down my liquids. I'm squirting as he finishes the bottle. He gags. My squirt is running down my legs and dripping off my cunt. The puddle is at my feet. Again he gags but he doesn't retch. My boy is accepting me inside him. He watches my arm and taser disappear into the shadows. I let him hear my voice. "That's my boy." He tries to see me through the lights. But they blind him. I tap my taser on the drawer. Startled he looks in my direction. He didn't hear me move. His drawer is open. Mine is closed. He looks in the drawer and it is empty. "It's empty." I tap the taser on the drawer again. Hesitantly he puts the bottle back into the drawer and looks in my direction, questioningly. Again I tap on the drawer. Slowly my boy realizes he is still holding the cap. He drops it into the drawer. I close his drawer opening mine. I remove the bottle and cap. I step back into the shadows. "Please ma'am I..." "Shhhhhhh." My boy is learning. He stops speaking but continues to whimper. My pussy is wet and hungry. My boy is hungry. I need to feed them. But first he must learn. "You must listen now and listen well." I pace behind the lights whilst I speak to him. My boy is listening and quiet. It is quiet. My angel is naked in his cell. I am naked. My pussy is wet. "You will do everything I need you to do, without complaint. If you do not then you will need to be punished. Do you understand?" "Y-y-yes." My boy sobs sitting on the cold concrete against the drawer. I am cold. My boy is cold. "Right. Now I need you to crawl over to me and stick your little penis through this hole." I tap on the plexiglas on the opposite side of the drawer with my taser. My boy is scared and hesitates. I stick my taser into the hole. My boy yelps and curls up into a ball, whimpering. His voice pleases my cunt. And it is wet. I pull the trigger and the taser crackles. My boy shudders on the cold concrete. I need to slap my clit and rub it to the sound of his whimpering. The crackle of my taser continues. Finally it stops and it is quiet. My boy continues to lay whimpering as I squirt onto the floor and my legs. I change the cartridge out. "When I need you to do something you need to do it immediately. Do you hear me?" "Y-y-yes." My boy cries loudly and it pleases my cunt. "Then why are you still laying on the floor?" I raise my taser and my boy jumps up and runs to the hole I indicated earlier. His perfect long legs squat onto his knees as he tries to position his little cock into the lower air hole. "Now lace your fingers behind your head. And keep your elbows back. And look up." My boy is learning. He is perfect. He's looking up at me but he can't see me. I shudder with lust looking at his perfect boy cock. I need to chew on his boy balls and cock. I need to strangle them with my lust and hear him cry with pleasure. I lower myself to my knees. He's looking above me know. I am hidden in the shadows. I reach out and grab his boy cock and balls tightly. He gasps from fright and cringes against my grip. He lets his head fall and elbows untuck. His little package feels cold in my hands. I touch my cunt. It is cold and wet. My boy tries to unlace his fingers. I squeeze him tighter. My boy cries. He begs me to let go. He says I am hurting him. "Lace your fingers behind your head. Keep your elbows back and look up!" I pull hard on his package and twist. His whole beautiful body twists and cringes. His perfect little teeth are gritted. He tries to compose himself and get back into the position. My boy is learning. "That's my boy." Tears stream down my angels face. I rub my cunt and squeeze him tighter. He cries out but stays in position. I feel his little cock harden in my tight fist. I fuck my cunt with my other hand. I can feel his pulse through his little boy penis. It feels so hard and smooth like velvet. I pull him hard against the Plexiglas. He turns his head as it thuds against the cage. He's asks nicely for me to let go. I whisper to him, "arch your back, look up and keep your head straight." His face glistens with tears as he looks up and straightens his head. He's so beautiful. Shinny gray eyes streaming tears down his perfect face. I squirt into all over my hand and the floor. I splash my face with my cunt cum. My face glistens in the dark. I let go of his boy parts. His testicles and hard little cock protrude from the air hole. His three inch erection throbs as he moans and sobs. He doesn't move. My boy is learning. "That's my boy." I tie a pink ribbon in a bow around his cute little cock, tightly. I tell him that he looks pretty wearing this as I stroke his erection. My boy is breathing deeply and lowers his eyes to see his new clothes. He nervously bites the corner of his lower lip. My boy is perfect. His hard little cock is perfect in my hand. He grunts and shoves his little package deeper into the air hole. A stream of hot boy cum shoots from his cock landing on my arm. Another one overlaps it. His boy juice drips of his little cock head. An enormous wave of gratitude surges through me to be given a gift of something so clean and pure. A tear falls from my eye. "Thank you," I whisper and lick the fluid from my arm. His sweet spice fills me. I need to bite off his cock and suck out all his boy juice. I barely rub my clit and it squirts in my hand. I rub my fluid on to his wilting boy cock. It glistens. "You need to always wear this ribbon," I whisper as I message my fluid into his skin. "Do you understand?" My boy nods his head whilst watching me rub him. I squeeze his balls together and pull him hard against the Plexiglas. He whimpers and it pleases my cunt. His elbows sag but he collects himself and holds them back. He's perfect. "You need to always use your words when you speak to me." "I-I'm sorry." "That's my boy." I feel his cock harden again in my fist. My pussy is wet. My boy's face is wet with tears. My face glistens in the dark. His little cock slips through my fingers as I rub my fluids into him. "Do you understand?" My boy nods his head. I crush his balls together and pull as hard as I can. I need to rip off his little girly balls and keep them. His screams are perfect. I yank and pull and he cries and strains. I squirt from just his voice. My boy struggles to remain in position and is screaming, "Yes! Yes! I understand! Yes!" He arches his back and I can see him clinch his perfect boy ass. He moans loudly as another jet of warm boy juice lands on my arm again. Gratitude washes over me and cleanses my disappointment. I needed his little balls to come off in my hand. I needed to keep them. But his little glistening puddle of boy juice soothes my lusts. I let him keep his little boy balls. He leans his head against the Plexiglas crying. Tears streak down the wall and puddle at his knees. My pussy drips into my squirt puddle between my knees. I taste his fluids again. Perfect, just like he is. "I feel we are coming to understand each other." I smirk privately in the darkness. I leave my boy to catch his breath. "Please, Ma'am, may I have some food?" The bolts are loud as I lock them into place. I let It be my answer. 1 Day, 5 Hours My boy is naked. I am not. I fix a pink bowed barrette in my hair. My blue scrubs are comfortable. I am naked underneath them. My pussy is dry. I leave early for work. I need to pick up some clothes and items for my angel in his cell. His taste still lingers faintly in my mouth. I lock the bolts to my door. The outside is loud and bright. I walk to the bus. 1 Day, 19 Hours The bolts are loud as they click into place. Inside is quiet. I am quiet. I strip off my scrubs and fold them neatly. I place them with the other dirty laundry. I am naked. My boy is naked. I adjust my pink bowed barrette in my hair. I put my portable and necessary items back in their places. My angel is in his cell. My pussy is dry. I arrange the items I got for my boy. He is perfect. I lay on my bed. My bed is soft. My boy was hard. His taste is gone. I need more. My pussy is dry. I close my eyes. I am tired. My bed is soft. My boy is hungry. I am hungry for him. My pussy is dry. 2 Days, 3 Hours I make my bed and I need to shower. I am thirst and hungry. My boy is more then I. I drink a tall glass of water. My boy is thirsty. I step in the shower. My boy is thirsty. I use rinse water to clean myself with. The shower sprays over me. I adjust the temperature to that of my warm release. I shampoo my hair. My boys hair is short and blond, mine is too. I soap my hands. Inside my anus is tight. I can only fit in two fingers. I force them deep within. The soap burns because I am dirty. Pain is cleansing. I force four fingers inside my cunt mouth. I feel full inside. My pussy is wet. I piston my fingers and hands forcing soap bubbles out of my anus and cunt. The stinging starts to diminish and I squirt. I am clean. My boy is not. The rinse water washes my squirt and filth down the drain. I am wet and glistening. My nipples are hard. My boy was hard. I am soft like my boy is. I brush my teeth and floss. I am dry. My pussy is wet. I quickly drink another tall glass of water. My boy is thirsty. I am naked like my boy is. I crush the pill into powder. My boy is hungry. I make him a sandwich. To the peanut butter I sprinkle the powder. I drizzle honey on top and spread. The white powder disappears. I close the sandwich and remove the crusts. My boy is hungry. My cunt is hungry for him. I gather up his new items and sandwich. I walk down into the dark. The bolts are loud as they unlock. It is quiet inside. I am quiet but the bolts were loud. He knows I am here. My boy begs me for food. He begs me for water. I am here to nourish him. "Shhhhhh..." My boy quiets. "Kneel in the center of your cell, Angel." My boy quickly responds and kneels in the center. After a moments hesitation he laces his fingers behind his head and keeps his elbows out to the side. He's perfect. His pink bow is still tied around his boy parts. "You are very pretty with that bow on you." I see him redden. The embarrassed flush colors him so innocently. "When I pay you a compliment what do you need to say?" "Thanks," he says shyly. "Tell me you like to feel pretty." I squeeze my clit in anticipation. "I like to feel pretty," he repeats without conviction. My boy is too shy and ashamed of the truth to mean what he says. My pussy drips whilst I rub my clit. Admitting it won't be enough for him. "Tell me you like to have a pretty pink bow wrapped around your boy clit." He looks up in the direction of my voice curiously and repeats what I said without emotion. I raise the taser to the air hole. He flinches and puts his hands up to shield his face. He begs no. The taster crackles to life. My boy falls over and shudders. He cries and whimpers as my cunt squirts. His voice so full of emotion, still so feminine and pure makes my cunt squirt again. The crackling stops. Everything is still and silent except for his beautiful sobs and whimpers. My squirt drips down my legs into a puddle at my feet. I change out the cartridge. I whisper, "You must never lie. And you must always mean what you say." "I-I'm sorry," he cries. "That's more like it." I let him cry a bit longer. It pleases my cunt. "Kneel in the middle of your cell, Angel." He hurries to get into position. My boy is learning. He is perfect. "Knees wider apart. Arch your back. I want you to stick out your pretty pink bow. There that's good. Elbows all the way to the side and look up. Perfect. Whenever I need you to kneel you need to get into this position. Do you understand?" "Y-yes," he sobs. How pitiful my boy looks shivering and pale with tears streaming down his face. I am cold and naked like he is. My nipples are hard like his. I need to hold him. Smother him with my affection. My cunt is hungry for him. My boy is hungry. I set the sandwich in the drawer and close it. His curiosity gets the better of him and he looks over trying to see what I gave him. He doesn't move. Sniffling he asks me what it is. "You may find out." Quickly he goes over to the drawer. He devours the sandwich greedily. Licking the peanut butter and honey drippings from his hand he swallows his large mouthful. "Where are you manors?" I raise the taser to the air hole. "Tha-Thank you! Thank you!" His hands are up in front of his face. I keep the taser on him. He whimpers and asks me not to shock him anymore. His voice is beautiful. If he hadn't just ingested the pills I'd have shocked him. "Thank you for what?" "...for the sandwich." "You need to always say thank you for whatever I give you." "..o-okay." My boy lowers his hands. I let him see me lower my taser. "That's my boy." He's learning. He's perfect. My pussy is wet. "Kneel." My angel hurries to the center of the cage and assumes the position. "Now, turn around and bend over. "My boy turns around on his knees and bends over showing me his perfect boy ass. I see his pink boy cunt peeking at me from in between his cheeks. I need to gouge out his virginity with our cunt cock. I need him to beg for more and scream his pleasure. "Point your ass up and arch your back. Now grab your cute little boy clit and push it down in-between your thighs. Keep your legs together. Very good," I tell him. He's ready to get fucked. I need to fuck him. He needs me to fuck him. I tell him to look straight ahead. I exchange the taser for the tray. My tray is plastic. It holds a leash, a riding crop and a syringe. I fill the syringe with Estradiol, a progesterone and an anti-androgen. My pussy is wet. My heart is beating hard. My hands tremble as I unbolt the Plexiglas cage and walk inside. I reach out and touch his soft smooth ass. He jumps and trembles beneath my touch. I tell him he is beautiful and not to worry. My pussy is wet. My boy is breathing fast. I part his cheeks. His puffy pink boy cunt is so vulnerable. I lick my finger and caress him. I barely stick the tip of my finger inside him. He jumps and moans making my finger pop out. I see him harden between his thighs. His sensitive, tight boy cherry lies in wait for our hard cunt cock. I taste my finger. His taste is delicious. "Stay still." I inject him high on his left cheek. "All done." "What was that?" He asks in a whisper. "Your medicine." I let the silence linger for a moment. I loop the riding crop around my wrist and whip his perfect boy ass. He cries out. A red streak appears from the impact. His voice is angelic. I whip him again. He cries out and my pussy is pleased. I let the second streak redden and whip him again. I could squirt with one more whip. My boy is struggling to stay up in position. "You have a beautiful voice," I whisper. I ask him if he wants more. He pleads no. He says it hurts. I feel his hard boy clit. "You need the pain to feel good. The pain makes us good. Without it we would never be worthy of any other feelings. Do you need to feel good?" "...yes." "Do you need to be good?" "..yes" "Do you need more?" "" "No?" I caress his ass with my riding crop. He winces away from the touch. "Do you think you are good?" "...yes." "Then why didn't you thank me for your medicine?" He is silent for long enough that I begin to think the pill made him pass out. When finally he blurts out in a sob, "I don't know. Because it hurt." "Do you know why I hurt you?" "...because I'm not doing what you want me to do." "No!" I flick his ear with the riding crop. He inhales sharply and turns his head away from me. "Because you aren't doing what you need to be doing. And I need you to feel good because you are bad." My boy swallows hard and sniffles. "...tha-thank you for the medicine." "You're welcome." His voice sounded close to genuine. I have other presents for you. I affix the collar to his neck and attach the leash. His arms are shaky. He says thank you like a perfect angel. I think he means it. "Kneel." I pull on his leash. He turns around and sees me. I am naked like he is. My hair is short and blonde like his. I am wearing a pink bow like his. My eyes are blue. His are gray. He looks at my breasts. My nipples are hard. I feel his gaze roam along my flat torso and look to my hairless pussy. My pussy is wet. His cock is hard. I pull him closer. He breathes deep through his nose. He can smell my hungry cunt. He licks his lips. "I am going to let you drink from me." My angel looks up into my blue eyes with his gray ones. I spread my pussy apart and point to the top of its mouth. "Here. You need to suck here and swallow everything. Don't spill any or I will punish you." "...Ok." My boy says with sad eyes. I place my leg over his shoulder and he hesitantly places his lips against my cunt. His touch is warm. He starts sucking. He stops when he hears me moan. I grab the back of his head and force him into my cunt. His nose rubs against my clit. "Yes, just like that." I grind my clit against his nose. My boy tries to push away. He says he can't breathe. I throw him to the ground and slap him hard. He covers his cheek and look at me. I grab his hair and straddle his face. I tell him to keep sucking on my cunt. I feel his warm lips touch my cunt. I feel the suction he's making. I grind my clit against his nose and pinch my nipple. I feel it coming. My pussy tightens as I fight against the orgasm. I want this moment to last. I grind his nose harder. I release his head and grab his hands. I rub them up my flat stomach and around to my firm ass. I make him hug me. I tell him its coming. I tell him to get ready. I grab the back of his head and force him tighter against my cunt. My body goes rigid as I squirt into his mouth. I feel him sucking and swallowing. I let go of his head and he's coughing. He clears his throat and stares at my pussy. I Grab his hair tightly and make him look up at me. "Th-thank you." I smile down at him and spread my pussy lips. I let him see the color and contours of my cunt. I tell him there's more. I say, "Keep sucking, Baby." His warm breath sends shivers through my body as I feel satisfaction flow through me. My warm release starts flowing into his mouth. He jerks a little and I spray his face. I force his head against my cunt. He sucks hard and swallows frequently and loudly. The water I drank is flowing from me to him, nourishing him. My boy was thirsty. He hugs my waist tighter and positions his head for a better angle. He is moaning. I'm going to squirt. My warm release fades away and my boy begins to stop. I force his head back, "Lick me clean." I feel his warm little tongue enter me cunt. I rub my clit against his nose and I squirt. The familiar warmth dripping between my legs is absent. I feel him sucking my squirt into his mouth. His tongue slows down. I let his head go and I stand above him. His beautiful face soaked with my fluids. He looks at my pussy and up to my breasts. He looks shyly away when he makes eye contact with me. But my boy is curious. He stares at my cunt. I yank him up by his leash. I tell him to kneel. I kneel in front of him. "That's my good boy." I pull his leash closer to me and kiss his lips. His lips are soft and taste of my warm release. I open my mouth and he opens his. I rub my tongue against his warm, soft, wet tongue. I pull away as his eyes close and he falls over. The pill had taken effect. I sigh. He didn't get a chance to pick out his new clothes. I remove the leash but leave the collar. I carry him to his cot and lay him on his stomach. My boy is so lite. I slide my hands against his smooth skin. His ass is cool and soft. I am cool and soft. His breathing is soft as I part his ass cheeks. I taste his pussy. I need him to feel this. I need to hear his response. He breathes softly. I pierce his opening with my tongue. He tastes perfect. He is perfect. I lightly taste him down to his balls and suck them into my mouth. They fit perfectly. I pull his cock in my mouth as well. So soft and tender. I bite down and feel their elasticity. I need to hear him. He breathes softly. My pussy is dry. I let his boy package plop out of my mouth. They're wet and glistening in the light. I roll him onto his back. I rub my tongue over his body. His smooth long legs I leave a glistening trail on. Up the ridges of his shin to the inside of his thigh, beneath his small boy sack and down the inside to his other thigh, along his shin and down to his toes. I lick his wide hips and navel. I suck his nipples one by one. They're hard like mine. I taste his slender long neck along the ridges of his trachea and feminine jaw line. I taste his lips again and kiss his cheek bones. So smooth, hairless and perfect. I get to work. I place the cotton balls between his toes. One by one I paint his nails pink. I fold his arms across his chest. One by one I paint his fingernails pink. I apply lipstick to his thick soft lips, pink. I kiss him to dab off the excess. I apply mascara to his long eye lashes and eye liner to his eyes. Pink eye shadow I fade off to his eyebrows. No need to pluck them they're thin and arched already. I step back and appraise my work. He's perfect. His pretty pink bow wrapped tightly around his boy clit. His pretty pink nails and makeup match perfectly. My boy is beautiful. I place his arms to his side. I grab my special syringe loaded with harvested fat from the lipo clinic. His breasts will be real. I put on my latex gloves and sterilize his breasts. I pinch his right nipple and pull up as far as I can. I insert the syringe into the stretched skin beneath his nipple and gently depress the plunger. The space begins to fill in. I reinsert around the nipple inflating it to a perfect budding A cup. I repeat with his left using up all the fat in the syringe. He looks so delicious laying there. So venerable and pretty. His breasts will take a little time to heal properly and form. I smooth his hair back behind his ear and kiss him on his pink lips. I lock my angels cell behind me after gathering up my items. The bolts to the door are loud. I go upstairs and get ready for work. I am satisfied. My boy is nourished. My boy has changed. I walk to the bus with a smile. He is perfect. 2 Days 19 Hours The bolts are loud as I lock them. Our home is quiet. I am tired. I remove my dirty scrubs folding them and placing them with the other dirty laundry. I drink a large cool glass of water and fall into my soft bed. I spoon my pillow. It is soft and cool. My boy is soft and cool. We are both naked... 3 Days 2 Hours Outside the sun shines against my blinds. It is bright. I walk to the shower and let the cold water spray. I shiver underneath. My nipples are hard. I wash my short blond hair. I put my leg onto the side of the shower. I soap my hands and shove my fingers in my anus. I can only get two inside me. My ass is tight and warm. My cunt takes four fingers and almost all of the knuckles. I feel full but not satisfied. The soap stings because I am dirty inside. I finger fuck myself till I squirt my cunt cum. The cold shower washes away the filth into the drain. I am clean. I brush my teeth and floss. In my hair I put the pink bow barrette. I make another sandwich for my boy. I drink another glass of cold water. I need to nourish my boy. He is hungry and thirsty. My cunt hungers for him. I thirst for his pussy. My cunt cock is hard and perfect to take his ass cherry. No pill for the sandwich. I cut off his crusts. I need him to scream out his pleasure. I need him to need it. My pussy is wet. I drape the leash around my shoulders. The riding crop loops around my wrist. I hold the sandwich in my hand. My cunt cock is downstairs with his other items. I have the next 4 days off work. I need to spend a day fucking his boy pussy raw. He will bleed and cum and scream and beg for more. The bolts are loud as they unlock. Inside it is dark and light. My angel sits up on his cot as he hears me enter. He straightens his pink bow. His face is dry. His breasts are perfect. His calm is curious. "'am," he says hesitantly. "What is wrong with me?" From the darkness I speak to him, "What do you mean?" He looks in the direction of my voice. "Why do I have..." He gestures to his breasts. "Remember what I said about using your words." His eyes widen as he remembers the shocks. "...boobs. Why do I have...boobs?" "Because you are becoming my girl. Do you like them?" His face flushes with embarrassment as he shyly admits he does. I ask him if he touched them. He looks down at his hands in his lap. Yes he says. "How do they feel?" "Sore and tingly." "Does it feel good when you touch them?" "...kind of." "Does it make your boy clit hard?" He hangs his head lower and quietly says it does. "Kneel." His eyes widen and he rushes into the center of the cell and gets into position. His boy clit is hard and sticking straight up. "Does it embarrass you that your boy clit gets hard when you play with your boobs?" "...yes" "Tell me that it makes your boy clit hard when you play with your boobies." He hesitates before responding. Fear shines in his eyes. My boy is smart. My boy is learning. "It makes my... boy clit hard when I play with... with my boobies." His honest admission pleases my cunt. "That's my girl." I see the confusion on his face. Soon he will accept it like he will accept our cunt cock into his boy pussy. "Bend over." My boy bends over and points his perfect boy pussy at me. He pushes his hard little boy clit between his thighs. His posture is a bit sloppy but will suffice. He is delicious in this pose. I unbolt my angels cage and attach his leash to the collar. I let my breasts rub against him as I set the sandwich down in front of him. He feels cool and soft against me. I need to embrace him against me. I need him to suckle from my breasts and cunt for nourishment. I need to feel his arms around me. My boy eyes the sandwich but stays in position. He's perfect. "You forgot your manners." He looks behind at me. He's scared on the verge of tears. He tells me he's sorry. He thanks me for the sandwich. "You forgot to thank me for your boobies and your makeup." He apologizes. "Shhhhhhhh." I interrupt him before he can lie to me to get out of his punishment. "You are going to get punished now because you are a bad girl to forget your manners." I spank his ass. The smack is loud. He gasps in a quick breath. His ass reddens. "Do you think it is a good thing to not do what you need to do?" He tells me no, that it isn't. He says, "It's a bad thing." I smack his ass. My hand stings and he begins to tremble. I rub his perfect ass gently. The reddening blossoms . "You have been...?" "...bad." "So?" He looks behind at me. Tears stream down his face and bead, begging to fall. His grey eyes are wide with fear and understanding. " punish me." I smack his ass as hard as I can. He hangs his head and cries out in short feminine moans. My hands sting as his ass reddens. He tells me he's been bad. "So, please punish me," he cries. I slap his ass and rock his whole body left and right. He cries out loudly and begs, "Please make me good. I've been bad. Please..." "You've been a bad what?" I ask as my hand impacts with his cherry red ass. "...girl." He manages to squeak out in-between moans and squeals. "I-I've been a bad girl. Please punish me more." My cunt squirts as I hear him cry and beg for more. He lifts his head and moans. I see his hard little cock throb and spew a small jet of boy cum onto the floor. He collapses, almost smashing his sandwich with no crusts. We both try to catch our breath. I rub the sting from my hands and wrists. Looking down on my angel breathing heavy I realize why. "You didn't thank me because you wanted to get punished." I grab the leash and pull him roughly up to his knees. He slowly assumes the kneeling position as he breathes deeply. He opens his beautiful gray eyes and looks into mine. Exhausted he tells me, "...yes...thank you." He's so perfect my heart swells with joy. I caress his cheek and tell him he is welcome. I lightly stroke the hair back behind his ear. I ask him if he is thirsty. He looks at my hairless cunt and bites his lower lip. He nods his head and looks up at me, "Yes, please." I force his head down to the milky puddle of his boy cum. I tell him to lick it up. He extends his pink tongue and laps up his juice off of the cold concrete. "Don't you like the taste of your boy juice?" He sobs and admits he does. "Then tell me you like the taste of cock juice." "...I ...I like the... taste of... cock juice," he manages in between sobs. "That's my girl." I roll him over on his back. His little boy clit points rigidly out of his pretty little pink bow. I straddle his face and tell him, "since you are such a good girl I'll let you drink me." He licks his lips with anticipation and looks at my cunt. I spread my lips apart as his warm mouth presses against my wet cunt. I feel him sucking on my piss hole. I purr deliciously and stroke his head. I feel it coming and my warm release sprays into my boys mouth. I hear him swallow loudly and tighten his grip on me. I hold him closer to me as my release subsides. His smooth warm tongue enters my cunt and I squirt my cum into his eager mouth. I push him hard against me. His nose rubs against my clit. I feel my cunt squirt more cum into his mouth. I am breathing heavy as his tongue cleans out my pussy. I release his head and bend over. I gaze sternly into his glazed grey eyes. He thanks me. I pull his leash and our lips meet. We kiss and our tongues meet. I taste my cunt cum and warm release flavor in his mouth. I rub my tongue against his. I smile and stroke his cheek. I tell him he is perfect. He thanks me for the compliment. I tell him to eat. He says ok. I walk over to his cot and sit down. The door to my angels cell is open. My angel doesn't seem to notice. He picks up the sandwich and starts to take a bite. "No, no." He looks at me confused. I tell him that that isn't how girls eat. His face reddens. "You need to be a good girl, yes?" He nods his head and says he does. I detect an exhausted genuineness. I tell him to rip off little pieces and eat them. He puts the sandwich on his lap and rips off little chunks and chews them like a good girl. I tell him to sit up straight. He adjusts his posture. I tell him he's being a good girl. He swallows his mouthful and thanks me. I smile. He's perfect. I watch him steal shy glances at my body as he eats. "I have some presents for you." He swallows is nibble bite and asks me what they are. I walk through the open cell door and disappear into the shadows. I gather up his new clothes and watch him finish his meal. Bite by bite my angel chews not even so much as casting a nervous glance at his open cell door. I walk back into the light as he finishes his last nibble bite. I bend over keeping my knees straight so I can show my boy my ass and cunt. I organize his garments on his cot. He watches me curiously as he licks the tasty goo from his sandwich off his fingers. I feel his eyes roaming over my thighs, ass and cunt. My pussy is wet. I look behind me and smile at him. He lifts his eyes from my ass and his eyes meet mine. Shyly he lowers his head. I grab both pairs of stockings for him to choose from. One black the other one white. "Which color do you prefer?" Unsure and shocked he hesitates. "Don't you like them?" His face flushes, "...yes." I bring both pairs over to him. I rub the silk stockings over his breasts. I caress his face with them. "See how soft they are?" He agrees. I touch his legs with them and slowly caress up his leg to his thigh. His breathing deepens. "So soft," I whisper to him, "and beautiful. Just like you." I wrap the material around his boy clit and he moans and cringes. He shoots more boy juice. It lands onto them. "Mmmm," I purr. "See how they make you feel?" My boys eyes are glazed with pleasure, he agrees. "So which color?" He bites his lower pink lip, "The white ones." "Perfect." I tell him that these are very delicate. I show him how to roll them down and roll them up his legs. I show him how the seams should be positioned. No wrinkles or twists and should stop at the middle of his thighs. "Since you have chosen white the rest of the outfit must be white." I give him his three inch high heels, white. I have him put them on and stand. He is wobbly but soon he will learn. Next I have the garter belt, white. I help him step into it and attach it to the stockings. The transparent, white lace bra comes next. His eyes sparkle with enthusiasm. I show him how to attach the bra around the stomach first then to weave his arms through and shimmy it up around his breasts. I adjust the tightening straps for him. Then lastly I tell him how he has to pull up his breasts to sit them inside his bra. I slide my hand down his smooth chest and reach inside his bra. His soft breast rises and falls softly as he breathes. I pull it up so that it rests comfortably on the wire. I slide my hand out over his hard pink nipple. I pinch it softly and he moans lightly. I tell him to show me how to do it. He's perfect. My boy is learning. To finish it off I give him the tight chemise, sheer white with dainty thin shoulder straps. I help him pull it down over his smooth, lithe body. The material forms against every beautiful curve and spans the top of his bra to the bottom of his perfect round ass. I rub his chest through the material. He tells me it feels very good. He tells me, "Thank you." On the cot I choose from the different pairs of panties. The white ruffle boy shorts, satin. I help him into them. He steadies his self on my shoulder. His soft cool hand against my soft smooth shoulder reminds me that my pussy is wet. I slide them slowly on him. I watch chill bumps form up his legs as the material glides over his skin. I slide them slowly into place over his hard little boy clit wrapped in his pretty pink bow. He is so gorgeous. He is perfect. I look up at him holding the hem of his chemise up for me. His hard little boy clit tents the surface of his panties. "Don't move. I need to make an alteration." I walk out of my angels cell and into the dark. He stands there slightly wobbly and obedient waiting for me to return. I kneel before him again and tell him not to move. He stands still. I feel his boy package through his panties. I feel his short boy clit down to the base above his balls. I pinch the material and pull it out slightly. I raise the long metal scissors in my hand and make a small cut width wise along the seam of the ruffle. I reach inside and pull his little boy clit, bow and balls through the hole. I turn the pink bow around. I tell him when his boy clit is hard he should turn the bow around. He tells me, "Okay." His boy clit is so pretty. I tell him that his boy clit looks delicious. He thanks me for the compliment. I touch my wet pussy. My fingers slide easily inside. I tighten my lips and suck his clit inside my mouth. My cunt is warm and juicy around my fingers. I suck his clit all the way in my mouth. He lets out a cute moan. I let his glistening boy clit pop out of my mouth. I suck his small, tight sack in my mouth, so smooth. I roll my tongue against his two tiny girl balls. I hear his breathing deepen. My cunt feels full as I am feeding it four fingers. I look up at him as I slowly let his girl balls slip out of my mouth. He has one hand under his new white lace bra rubbing his breast. The other hand holds up the hem of his chemise. His eyes are closed. My hand is slick with my cunt saliva. I slip them through the leg of his satin boy shorts. I suck his clit back into my mouth as my slippery fingers find his boy pussy. I caress the puffy lips. His breathing becomes more rapid. I tease him with my fingertip. I feel his boy clit twitch. I need to hear him moan. I need to feel his boy clit twitch as he shoot his juice. I thrust my finger inside him. His moan fills the room and the emptiness inside me. I am squirting my cunt cum on his white stocking feet and ankles. He arches his back and shoves his boy clit deeper inside my mouth. His boy pussy contracts tightly around my finger. His warm juice empties into my mouth. There it is, his boy clit twitches inside my mouth. Again I squirt into the forming puddle. He slowly opens his eyes. He's wobbly on his heels. His boy pussy relaxes and I pull my finger from him. His squirt is still in my mouth. He tells me thank you. I don't want to swallow. I smile up at him and suck my finger. I clean off the flavor of his boy cunt from it and it mixes with his squirt. His clit is glistening and wilting before me. I swallow him and ask, "did that feel good, Baby?" He agrees and thanks me. I tell him to say that his boy clit felt good in my mouth. Still catching his breath he softly tells me, "...your mouth...felt great on my... my boy clit." Close enough. I smile up at him and he smiles down at me. His smile fills me. I nuzzle his boy clit against my cheek. "I'm glad." I stand up and rub off his running mascara. I kiss his soft lips. I touch up his makeup and give him the barrette I had in my hair. I make him turn around for me. He is so beautiful and feminine. I tell him, "You are my beautiful little girl." He looks down shyly and softly tells me thanks. "Do you like feeling pretty?" I ask him and pull his chin up to look in my eyes. His grey eyes sparkle. I rub my hands down his back and around and up to his breasts. "Don't you like feeling pretty?" I repeat. He whispers yes. I hold him close to me. His head lays against my breast. I stroke the back of his hair. I tell him he's my perfect angel. I tell him I have more gifts. He looks up at me over my breast. I smile at him. I say I'll be right back. The black leather restraint bracelets attach tightly to his slender ankles and wrists. They match his black collar and contrast the white lingerie exquisitely. He tells me thanks. I tell him to get on his knees. I cross his arms behind his back and attach them to his ankles. I bind his knees together with the black nylon cord. Through the O ring at the back of his collar I thread the rope down his back to his little boy balls. I tell him to straighten his back. I stretch his boy balls as far as the can go. My boy moans and cringes. I take out the slack from the nylon rope and knot it together. He's more precious then words can describe. I squeal with glee. I run up stairs and grab my camera. From the freezer I grab some ice. I'm holding my breath as I enter my angels cell. I stand above him and he looks up at me pitifully. His mascara is already starting to run again. The shutter snaps and the camera beeps. I look at the preview. Absolutely perfect. "You'd look great with the wet look." He looks at me curiously. I spread my cunt lips apart. I tell him to look at me. I feel his gaze on my cunt. I rub my clit and slap it. Standing above him I tell him to kiss me, "right here." I point to my clit and bend down. He puckers his lips together and leans in as far as the bonds let him. His warm lips make contact. I feel him start to suck on my cunt. He's perfect. I let him continue and I rub my clit furiously. I grab the back of his hair and pull his face back. I squirt my cunt cum all over his face and hair. His eyes are closed and mouth half open as my cunt cum sprays him. He isn't cringing away. He looks like he's enjoying the warm spray. His hair is wet and his mascara runs as the last of my squirt drips down my legs. I take his picture. I tell him, "Open your eyes." He looks up into the camera with his big grey eyes. The shutter snaps. He whispers, "Thank you." I take his picture and tell him he's welcome. I almost forgot about the ice. I put the camera down and grab the ice cubes and his earrings. "Aren't these pretty?" My squirt drips slowly down his face and off his chin. He licks his lips and tries to nod his head. He winces in pain from the rope pulling against his soft little boy balls. I smile at him. My boy is learning. He tells me they are pretty. "When I saw them I just had to buy them. I knew you would look so precious in them." I notice his little boy clit inflating. I apply the ice cube behind his left ear lobe. He winces and tells me it's cold. I tell him, "It's ice. It will numb you." I shove the stem of the gold studs with pink sapphire hearts through and clasp it. The light sparkles and glitters. "See, you didn't even feel it." I shove the second one through after numbing it with the ice cube. "I didn't think you could be any prettier." I sequel like the girl I use to be and take his picture. He says, "Thank you." He tells me he likes to look pretty. "You're welcome angel." He asks me if I can untie him. "No, you have bad posture and this will help you with it." He tells me it's uncomfortable. I take a picture of him in his pretty outfit with his hard little boy clit sticking out of his white ruffle boy shorts with the pink boy in front. "Mmmm, so delicious," I say as I look at the preview. "It looks like it doesn't feel that bad." He looks away shyly. I tell him I'll be right back. I say, "Don't go anywhere." I giggle as I frolic my way upstairs. He makes me happy. I leave the doors unlocked. It is quiet. I am quiet as I grab my laptop. I download the images and post them on my favorite site. The caption reads, "My Sister Comes to Visit."